AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BEIRUT - Beirut, Lebanon Head of School Start Date: July 2021 - Carney Sandoe ...

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AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BEIRUT - Beirut, Lebanon Head of School Start Date: July 2021 - Carney Sandoe ...
       Beirut, Lebanon
        Head of School
     Start Date: July 2021
AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BEIRUT - Beirut, Lebanon Head of School Start Date: July 2021 - Carney Sandoe ...
Mission Statement
  ACS empowers students to solve problems with creativity and integrity, to lead well-
  balanced lives, and to serve Lebanon and the world community with understanding and

  Identity Statement
  ACS is an accredited, not-for-profit, independent, and secular American College
  Preparatory School serving a multi-cultural international student body. ACS provides
  internationally-enriched, standards-based curricula, preparing students for the
  International Baccalaureate, the Lebanese Baccalaureate, and the American College
  Preparatory Diplomas.

 The American Community School Beirut (ACS) is an accredited and secular, not-for-profit,
 independent American college preparatory school serving a multi-cultural international student
 body from age three through grade 12. ACS provides an internationally-enriched, standard-based
 American curriculum, offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Lebanese Baccalaureate
 programs, as well as its own College Prep program. ACS students are encouraged to challenge
 themselves in the classroom, develop passion and expertise in their extracurricular interests, and
 actively seek out ways to contribute to both the ACS community and the larger world. ACS students
 in general are ambitious, caring, multi-talented, and confident in their own voices.

 ACS draws students from both the Lebanese and international communities in Lebanon and
 embraces all forms of diversity in its tight-knit community. The school focuses on helping students
 to become critical thinkers, to develop their voices, and to fulfill their academic potential. Through
 a rich and balanced curriculum, students are challenged to be their best but are also provided with
 a great deal of support from an experienced and passionate faculty. Students find balance through
 a wealth of opportunities in the arts and athletics and in an extensive community service program.
 ACS is committed to developing a lifelong engagement in learning as well as the leadership qualities
 and personal integrity needed to contribute positively in an increasingly complex global society.

 The school seeks a Head of School to lead its community of 1,080 students. The Board of Trustees
 seeks an inspiring educator who will embody the mission of the school, honor its strengths and
 traditions, pragmatically assess its needs, and who will make a long-term commitment to leading
 the school forward.

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AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BEIRUT - Beirut, Lebanon Head of School Start Date: July 2021 - Carney Sandoe ...
 ACS was founded in 1905 under the headship of Winifred Thornton (1905-1916) as the Faculty
 School of what is now the American University of Beirut. Over the next 40 years, the enrollment grew
 to include children of the foreign diplomatic and business communities. Post WWII and through a
 generous contribution by ARAMCO, the campus was moved to its current location in Jal el Bahr. In
 1955, ACS was chartered as a not-for-profit school by the Board of Regents of the University of the
 State of New York. Enrollment peaked in 1970 at 1,010. Two years into the Lebanese Civil War, in
 1977, enrollment dropped to 134 students.

 From 1975 to 1991 as the Civil War raged, the school’s very existence was tested. The American
 and foreign communities left the country, the campus was threatened, and the school’s personnel
 and programs were reduced to a wartime low. A solid core of Lebanese faculty, remaining when
 the international faculty left in the 1980s, emerged as a group of professionals with an unusual
 commitment to the School, and the leadership of W. Robert Usellis (1971-1979), Wilfred and Elsa
 Turmelle (1979-1984), and Catherine C. Bashshur (1984-2003) saw the school through this trying
 time. Historically, the school was only able to accept foreign (i.e. non-Lebanese) students. However,
 in 1988, under the guidance of Catherine Bashshur, ACS was recognized by the Lebanese Ministry
 of Education as a distinct entity and permitted, as a Lebanese private school, to provide educational
 services to Lebanese students.

 ACS is the first school in Lebanon to be fully accredited by a regional U.S. accrediting association,
 the first school in Lebanon officially authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization in
 Geneva to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and the first school in Lebanon to require
 community service as a graduation requirement.

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AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BEIRUT - Beirut, Lebanon Head of School Start Date: July 2021 - Carney Sandoe ...
 ACS attracts students from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Currently, students at ACS
 hold passports from 64 different countries. While over 50% of students are of Lebanese origin,
 there are a number of faculty children from AUB and LAU, and a number of children whose parents
 are in Lebanon as aid workers. A generous financial aid budget and a longstanding commitment to
 diversity have helped build a community that represents both the local and international communities
 in Lebanon. ACS’s large alumni community supports the school in a variety of ways, including serving
 on the ACS Board of Trustees and the Alumni Association Board of Governors, donating time, and
 supporting fundraising activities.

 The heart of the ACS education is not the programs or the campus, but the relationship between
 the faculty and students and the bond they establish as they engage learning. As one parent notes,
 “Both by children have attended ACS and they are cared for and nurtured.” ACS’ diverse faculty is
 valued for its experience, academic standards, enthusiasm, and understanding of students. The
 majority of the faculty hold advanced degrees. ACS teachers are remarkable for their commitment
 to professional development and ongoing curricular review, as well as their contribution to the larger
 education community in Lebanon. The result is a dynamic international faculty, dedicated to a liberal,
 American-style education and committed to ACS. “Working at ACS is something I look forward to
 every day,” says one teacher.

 ACS values the critical role of parents in their children’s education and development and strives for
 clear communication between school and home. Regular events, such as curriculum nights, teacher
 conferences, town halls, and parent education programs, ensure that faculty, staff, and parents are
 effectively collaborating to support students well. The Parents Committee, a voluntary parent body
 holding advisory capacity, serves as an effective interface between the ACS parent body and the
 Head of School to address school-wide issues of general concern in a supportive and positive manner.

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AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BEIRUT - Beirut, Lebanon Head of School Start Date: July 2021 - Carney Sandoe ...
ACS is accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Middle States Association
 of Colleges and Schools (MSA). The school is an IB World School offering the IB Diploma Program
 (IBDP) and holds memberships with the Near East and South Asia Council of Overseas Schools
 (NESA), the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), The Middle East IB Association
 (MEIBA), the American Society for Curriculum and Development (ASCD), the International Society for
 Technology in Education (ISTE), and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

 Focused on student learning, the curriculum at ACS is designed around a set of standards that
 outlines what students should know and be able to do at the end of their learning journey. These
 standards are adopted from the AERO (American Education Reaches Out) curriculum sponsored by
 the U.S. State Department Office of Overseas Schools, aligned with American common core, and
 adapted by committees of overseas faculty and administrators to meet the needs of international
 schools and their students. To ensure success, ACS has a regular cycle of curricular review every
 five years and the school engages the faculty in on-going learning and professional growth.

 The language of instruction is English while Arabic and French are offered as secondary language
 courses at all levels.

 Early Years (Nursery, KG1 and KG2)
 The Early Years program embraces the Reggio Emilia philosophy while following the AERO
 standards (starting in KG2) to create a joyful and child-centered learning environment. Daily
 interactions with children are grounded in the interconnected practices of active listening, facilitation,

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AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BEIRUT - Beirut, Lebanon Head of School Start Date: July 2021 - Carney Sandoe ...
and documentation. All areas of development are addressed equally to foster the development of
 the whole child, and 21st century skills and learning dispositions are embedded in all aspects of the
 program. Children express themselves and make their learning visible through art, music, dance,
 construction, math, and writing.

 Elementary School (Grades 1-5)
 The Elementary School program provide a caring educational program that nurtures and inspires
 each child to reach high levels of personal success. The focus is truly on the development of the
 whole child as students are not only challenged but supported in achieving academic, physical, and
 social/emotional growth.

 A caring and highly talented group of teachers provide innovative and state-of-the art instruction
 based on the AERO standards and learner outcomes that provide an aligned and coherent curriculum.
 The instructional program develops critical thinking, problem solving, and strong communication
 skills across a range of disciplines with daily instruction in literacy, math, and science/social studies.
 Arabic is taught daily for both heritage speakers and those new to the language. Basic French begins
 in grade 3. Specialists provide instruction in music, art, and physical education several times each
 week, and technology and library/media are integrated with core academic subjects.

 Middle School (Grades 6-8)
 At ACS, the Middle School supports each student’s academic and socio-emotional needs during
 this very intense period of change and development. The program is designed so that students
 feel comfortable pursing academic opportunities and exploring who they are as individuals and a
 community. This is accomplished by creating a school climate that is safe, trusting, inviting, and

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AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BEIRUT - Beirut, Lebanon Head of School Start Date: July 2021 - Carney Sandoe ...
The curriculum is challenging, integrative, and exploratory with varied teaching and learning
 approaches. Students are drawn to learning by caring, understanding, and supportive teachers who
 understand and appreciate the unique developmental stage of the middle school child.

 The Middle School program is designed to promote a smooth transition between Elementary and
 High School, academically and socially. It is during this time that most students experience dramatic
 cognitive, social, emotional and physical changes. The Middle School strives to provide a nurturing
 environment so that students may thrive during this tumultuous time in their development. In support
 of this goal, a traditional American Middle School curriculum is followed, with the addition of language
 programs in Arabic and French.

 Each year of Middle School, students complete courses in Arabic, English language arts, French,
 math, physical education, science, social studies, and fine arts.

 High School (Grades 9-12)
 The High School at ACS offers a rigorous academic program for students in grades 9-12. Students
 generally take seven or eight courses each year depending on their grade and program, including
 English language arts and literature, math, science, social sciences, visual and performing arts, and
 world languages (French and Arabic).

 Within the High School, there are three different diploma programs. The Lebanese Baccalaureate (LB)
 Programme prepares students for the government exams, which would qualify Lebanese students to
 study and practice law, engineering, and other professions in Lebanon. The LB Programme is open
 to all students but is the required course of study for students who carry only Lebanese nationality.
 LB students sit for a government-issued exam at the end of grade 9 and grade 12 and must pass
 both exams to earn the LB diploma.

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AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BEIRUT - Beirut, Lebanon Head of School Start Date: July 2021 - Carney Sandoe ...
College Matriculation
 The following is a selection of the colleges
 and universities to which members of the
 Classes of 2018-2020* are matriculating
 (*due to the COVID-19 crisis, some 2020
 graduates are still undecided):

 American College of Greece
 American University of Beirut
 Boston University
 Brown University
 Carleton College
 City University of London
 Columbia University
 Concordia University - Montreal
 Cornell University
 Escola Superior de Disseny Barcelona
 George Mason University
 Georgetown University
 Harvard University
 IE University – Madrid, Segovia
 Johns Hopkins University
 King’s College London
 Lebanese American University
 London School of Economics
                                                Before entering grade 11, non-LB students choose to pursue
 Loyola Marymount University
                                                an IB Diploma or an American College Prep (ACP) diploma.
 McGill University
 New York University
                                                The ACP diploma is based on the American model and
 Northeastern University                        prepares students for admission to colleges and universities
 Ontario College of Art and Design              in the U.S. While all students must take certain classes, ACP
 Pomona College                                 students enjoy a wide range of course options including fine
 Rochester Institute of Technology              arts and physical education electives.
 Simon Fraser University
 Syracuse University                            Widely accepted at universities in the US, Canada, and
 The American University in Cairo               Europe, as well as other universities throughout the world,
 Trinity College Dublin                         the IB Programme at ACS is non-selective. Students engage
 Tufts University                               in an academically challenging but balanced course load
 University College London                      for grades 11 and 12 in preparation for IB external exams.
 University of Amsterdam                        Since its inception in 1995, 97.56% of all IB candidates have
 University of British Columbia                 successfully completed the Diploma requirements.
 University of California, Berkeley
 University of Chicago
 University of Edinburgh
 University of Exeter                           THE ARTS
 University of Iowa
 University of Manchester                       ACS is firmly committed to arts education as an integral part
 University of Michigan                         of its curriculum. Arts education is an important means of
 University of Southern California              stimulating creativity in problem solving. Learning through the
 University of Sussex
                                                arts often results in greater academic achievement and higher
 University of Texas, Austin
 University of Toronto                          test scores. Participation in arts education is an important
 University of Wisconsin, Madison               tool for preparing students to live and work in a world that is
 Wheaton College                                increasingly team-oriented rather than hierarchical.
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AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BEIRUT - Beirut, Lebanon Head of School Start Date: July 2021 - Carney Sandoe ...
ACS’ youngest students express their creativity and imaginations through a variety of media. As
 students move through the Elementary and Middle Schools they continue to work in drawing,
 painting, sculpture, collage, video and electronic design, and photography. High school courses
 include 2D and 3D Art, Graphic Design, Digital Photography, and grade 11 and 12 students also
 have the opportunity to engage in the IB Visual Arts coursework.

 The Elementary School music program incorporates singing, movement, percussion, and instrument
 playing. As part of the Middle School program, all students build their musical and performance
 confidence through playing and listening, percussion in drum circles, singing, and composition. High
 School students can elect to continue in Choir or Band.

 Beginning in Middle School, all students take part in drama classes as a part of their elective rotations.
 Grade 9 and 10 students can elect to participate in Drama I and II while grade 11 and 12 students
 can track into IB Theater or Advanced Theater. Students learn the fundamentals of acting and stage
 production and can expand their learning by participating in instructor-led productions or creating
 their own projects. Students may also participate in International Schools Theater Association (ISTA)

 The physical education program develops an understanding of the importance of physical activity,
 health, and well-being to overall lifelong wellness. Students in the Early Years participate in a PE
 program that promotes a commitment to daily physical activity and provides a foundation of basic
 movement skills. PE students in grades 1-5 continue to build on the fundamental motor skills they were

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AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BEIRUT - Beirut, Lebanon Head of School Start Date: July 2021 - Carney Sandoe ...
taught in Early Years, while progressively being introduced to more team games. PE in the Middle
 School years includes a variety of sporting opportunities, developing skills and sportsmanship while
 striving for excellence and fostering friendships. The challenges of athletic competition complement
 the rigors of the High School academic courses and encourage athletes to grow intellectually, socially,
 and physically. Grade 10 students also participate in specific health instruction covering topics such
 as anatomy, nutrition, substance abuse, and sex education.

 The ACS Athletic Program is an important partner in the educational process of students. Student
 athletes take with them the lessons of high standards, fair play, discipline, sportsmanship, and
 teamwork when they move on from ACS. ACS athletes compete and play at three levels: Middle
 School (intramural-development for grades 6-8), Junior Varsity (competitive/intramural-development
 for grades 9-10), and Varsity (competitive for grades 10-12). Teams include swimming, Ultimate
 Frisbee, volleyball, football/soccer, basketball, cross country, track and field, badminton, golf, and

 Activities and Clubs
 ACS believes that a vital component of learning is the transfer of skills and knowledge beyond the
 classroom. To this end, the school offers a variety of after school activities to support its mission as
 well as extend and enhance students’ learning. Students in grades 6-12 can participate in academic
 games, debate and forensics, Model United Nations, robotics, Student Council, and more.

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Community Service
 A component of the ACS mission is “to serve Lebanon and the world community with understanding
 and compassion.” With this in mind, ACS students engage in service activities with the goal of
 becoming global citizens that are able to improve the community and world in which they live. Middle
 School students have purchased a new water system and painted classrooms for a local school
 in Sri Lanka, and planted trees in Turkey. High School students invest in the local community in
 multiple ways, including volunteering at orphanages, building homes, providing disaster relief, and
 participating in schools for the handicapped to name a few. All High School students are required to
 complete a minimum of 100 hours of community service during their four years.

 Field Studies
 As ACS students strive to meet the goals of balance, service, and compassion, they engage
 in multiple field studies over the course of their time at ACS. These studies take many different
 forms and are directly connected to the curriculum. The school takes advantage of its immediate
 surroundings to offer students experiences at the neighboring American University of Beirut, local
 businesses and cultural locations, science centers, as well as a dedicated field experience camp in
 Deir Al Qamar, to name a few.

 Week Without Walls
 The goal of the Week Without Walls (WWW) program is to promote experiential learning and
 educational opportunities for Middle and High School students to develop stronger connections and
 understanding between the classroom and the wider world. WWW courses are varied in nature and
 often include academic components, personal exploration and growth, service learning, appreciation
 of nature, respect for local communities, international mindedness, and positive relationship
 development among peers. Students might travel to Iceland to explore lava caves, build houses for
 underprivileged families, explore technology in Tokyo, or learn cooking skills.
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Outdoor Education
 The Outdoor Education program at ACS is rooted in the belief that using the outdoors as a classroom
 is a powerful learning tool. Through the program, students acquire new skills, build confidence, and
 develop a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors. ACS has an Outdoor Education center located in
 the historical city of Deir Al-Qamar in the middle of a pine tree forest. The center has facilities needed
 for camping field trips and outdoor activities, as well as a small farm and an area for plantation. The
 center serves as a point of departure for many hiking trips in the nearby areas like the famous Shouf
 Cedar Reserve. ACS is the only school in the region that has its own outdoor education facility.

 The ACS campus is in the heart of Ras Beirut, with the Mediterranean Sea on one side, and the
 American University of Beirut, the preeminent university in the Middle East, on the other. Four
 buildings, an athletic field, and several outdoor spaces are spread over three city blocks to make up
 the compact 16,000-square meter campus.

 The primary building, built in the late 1940s, houses all Middle School classrooms, computer labs,
 administrative offices, student services, a portion of the High School language classrooms, and the
 Upper School infirmary. The Upper School library and teachers’ professional library, housed on the
 fourth floor, were renovated in 2009. The building has its own auditorium and houses the school’s
 cafeteria. Adjacent to the building are two outdoor spaces inclusive of an outdoor stage.

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In the early 1950s, a second major building was constructed to serve as a residence for international
 boarding students, the Head of School, and some faculty. It now houses the Physical Plant
 department, Nursery classrooms, Elementary infirmary, bookstore, IT department, and print shop,
 the Development and Alumni Affairs office, the Business and Admissions offices, the Head of
 School’s office, and nearly all the High School classrooms.

 Built in the late 1950s, the gymnasium comprises a hardwood-floor basketball court (the first of its
 kind in Lebanon at the time), the Physical Education offices and fitness rooms, boys and girls locker
 rooms, and the fine arts offices and classrooms.

 The Lower School building houses kindergarten to grade 4, the Elementary School library, auditorium,
 and multi-purpose room, as well as the Early Years and Elementary administrative wing. Adjacent to
 the building are several playgrounds. The addition of a rooftop athletics area in 2005 provided much
 needed outdoor space to facilitate play and physical education.

 In 2015, ACS opened its first new building in 60 years, located between the Elementary School
 and gymnasium. The lower floors of the building house music rooms, language classrooms for
 the Elementary School, and four Middle School classrooms. The upper floors accommodate 16
 beautiful faculty apartments, all with sea views, and the penthouse is the home for the Head of
 School, complete with entertaining space suitable for both official and personal gatherings. There is
 a roof deck that is also equipped for school events and serves the residents of the building.

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 Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon with a population of nearly two million. Located on
 a peninsula at the midpoint of Lebanon’s coastline with the Mediterranean Sea, it serves as the
 country’s largest and main seaport and also forms the Beirut District area, which consists of the city
 and its suburbs. The first mention of this metropolis is found in the ancient Egyptian Tell el Amarna
 letters, during the 15th century B.C., and the city has been continuously inhabited over the centuries.

 Beirut serves as Lebanon’s seat of government and plays a central role in the Lebanese economy.
 The city is also the focal point of the region’s cultural life, renowned for its restaurants, theatres,
 and cultural activities. After the Lebanese civil war, Beirut underwent major reconstruction, and the
 redesigned historic city center, marina, pubs, and nightlife districts have once again rendered it a
 popular tourist attraction.

 The following are seen as opportunities for the next Head of School:

 •   100+ year tradition as a premier liberal arts educational institution in Lebanon and the Middle
     East more broadly.
 •   Highly accomplished alumni global network that values the school’s role in the community;
 •   The committed Board;
 •   The sense of family and community;
 •   Lebanese resilience and toughness;

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•   The community’s pride in the school;
 •   A growth mindset for teachers and students.

 Challenges for the next Head of School will include:

 •   Navigating the uncertain political and economic times ahead;
 •   Identifying and hiring expat teachers and administrators who are passionate about the school’s
     mission and Lebanon;
 •   Staying true to the school’s mission of combining the best of American educational values and
     Lebanese culture;
 •   Unifying the four divisions as a single school with an articulated curriculum;
 •   Finding additional revenue streams to support the overall program and facilities improvement;
 •   Openly involving all leaders in decision-making in a timely manner;
 •   Balancing the needs of local community with those of the expat community;
 •   Able to make timely decisions and act swiftly, under difficult circumstances;
 •   Understanding ACS’s blend of U.S. and Lebanese education, uniquely positioning its students to
     succeed in international universities, particularly in the U.S.

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•   A strong leader and decision maker who knows how to empower colleagues and inspire stakeholders;
•   A natural ambassador for the school who has experience fundraising and development;
•   Excellent time management and crisis management;
•   High emotional intelligence, relational, and empathetic;
•   A collaborative community and team builder;
•   Strong leadership skills and ethos;
•   Culturally aware and embraces diversity; understands Lebanon and Lebanese culture
•   Resilient, adaptable, and positive;
•   Delegates and empowers;
•   An open-minded good listener;
•   A forward-thinking instructional leader;
•   International experience.
•   The captain of the ship. She or he must convey a sense of stability to the community;
•   A strong work ethic;
•   A leader who embraces challenge and brings determination and imagination to crafting solutions.
    Courage will be essential and finding satisfaction in making it all work with a high functioning team.

Interested and qualified candidates should submit electronically in one email and as separate documents
(preferably PDFs) the following materials:

•   A cover letter expressing their interest in this particular position;
•   A current résumé;
•   A one-page statement of educational philosophy and practice;
•   A list of five professional references with name, phone number, and email address of each (references
    will not be contacted without the candidate’s permission) to:

John Chandler
Senior Consultant

Art Charles
Managing Associate, International Search

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