Bruins Helping Henryville


  Tri-West High School • Tri-West Middle School • Pittsboro & North Salem Elementary Schools • Pittsboro Primary

                                                                                                                        JULY • 2012

         Bruins Helping Henryville
TWHS’s student council hosts an annual
“koosh ball” tournament to raise funds
                                                 participate and donate, Mr. Linn agreed
                                                 to shave his head if the students raised
                                                                                                     DOLLARS FOR
for Riley Hospital for Children, local           a certain amount of money. Mr. Street,               SCHOLARS!!
fund pantries, and other worthy causes.          Mr. Begle, and Mr. Pemberton jumped              Nearly 80 students participated in
With the devastation to Henryville High          on board by agreeing to shave their facial       the 2nd annual Dollars for Scholars
School, the student council wanted to            hair if a certain plateau was reached. The       Phone-a-thon. Over 500 families,
donate some of the proceeds to them.             TWHS community stepped up to the                 organizations, churches and businesses
As the wheels began churning, Mr. Bob            challenge and exceeded the goal. So,             pledged and donated enough to fund
Linn, guidance director, came up with            following the conclusion of the koosh ball       18 –$1,000 scholarships this year!
additional ideas to raise funds. His idea        game, these staff members got their head
became the springboard for other male            and facial hair shaved by two young ladies       Scholarships were awarded at Senior
staff members jumping on board to                from our Area 31 cosmetology program             Awards Night on May 9th. Recipients
generate more money. The result was a            as the TWHS faculty, staff, and student          were selected based on student es-
donation of over $3,000 to Henryville            body watched! The cheers were loud,              says that answered: “If you had the
High School.                                     numerous, and often as the clippers made         authority to change Tri-West High
                                                 their locks of hair disappear!                   School in a positive way, what specific
On March 30, 2012, a semi-final game was                                                          academic, social or other change(s)
played for the koosh ball tournament. Two        TWHS faculty, staff, students, parents, and      would you make and why? And how
teams of about 20 students participated          community members made a difference              would you implement the change(s)?”
in a game of “dodge” ball while the vast         for those devastated by the tornado              Our top 18 essay responses were sub-
majority of the TWHS student body                ravaged areas of Henryville, Indiana. We         mitted to the high school admini-
donated their dollars and coins to watch         hope and pray that our small donation            strative team who are currently con-
the game during our regular Bruin                goes a long way to rebuild, rejuvenate,          sidering how we might implement
Time (activity period). Throughout the           and rejoin the Henryville High School            some of the student suggestions.
week preceding the game, each Bruin              community.
Time classroom participated in a game                                                             Our 2012 Scholarship Recipients are:
of “Penny Wars” to generate funds. As                                                             Katie Baughman           Victor Benavides
an additional motivation for students to                                                          Taylor Curtis          Jelena Cvetkovich
                                                                                                  Bonnie England            Kayla Hagemier
                                                                                                  Allison Haste                 Rachel Hott
                                                                                                  Sarah Hussey               Danielle Keers
                                                                                                  Simone Kirts                 Luke Klepper
                                                                                                  Taylor Patterson            Lauren Pfeifer
                                                                                                  Morgan Sprecher       Irina Ann Titchenal
                                                                                                  Craig Zehr            Nicole Zimmerman
                                                                                                  Congratulations to our scholarship win-
                                                                                                  ners! Thanks to all students and com-
                                                                                                  munity members who volunteered time
                                                                                                  and funding to this worthy program!
(L-R) Mr. Pemberton, Mr. Street, and Mr. Begle   Mr. Linn having his head shaved to raise funds
clean shaven.                                    for Henryville.

                                         Pittsboro Primary In Review
Staff Attendance
                                         Wow! What a great year it has been. We have had many successes this year as a
     PITTSBORO                           school involving our students, staff, and parents. Some of the highlights include:

   PRIMARY STATS                         ■ Kelly Masters was named Hendricks County Teacher of the Year.
                                         ■ Miss Roehling was named Hendricks County Principal of the Year.
 Nothing less than our personal best;    ■ Our school was featured twice on Fox 59 News for positive things. We were
 learning together to achieve success!      featured for using technology in the classroom and full day Kindergarten.
 Four Star School                        ■ The PTA, in partnership with the staff, raised over $7,000 to purchase
 Enrollment: 297 				                       Promethean Slates. All teacher will be getting one in the fall.
 Student Attendance: 98%                 ■ All of our community resources (police and fire) have been involved in educating
 Staff Attendance 96.43%                    our students this school year through various programs designed to keep our
 Character Words: LEAP                      students safe.
   Leadership, Excellence, Attitude,     ■ Our students continue to make great gains in the areas of reading and math.
   Personal Best                     ■ We had a large turnout for our Big Buddies program. It allows incoming
 Staff: 35					 Kindergarten students to be partnered with 4th grade students from Jenny
                                        Wire’s class to experience school life for a few hours on two different days. We
      NWEA Results                      had 65 students participate this year. They do things together like taking a tour
                                        of the school, visiting the Kindergarten classrooms, and learning the rules of
 (At Grade Level or Above)              and boarding a school bus.
 Math                                Looking toward next year, we have many changes that involve our staff and
 Kindergarten: 85%                   students:
 First Grade:     90%                ■ For the first time Full Day Kindergarten will be offered to all students at no
 Second Grade: 75%                      cost to the parents. We will no longer be offering half day Kindergarten. With
 Reading                                the new Core Standards that must be taught and mastered by all Kindergarten
 Kindergarten: 79%                      students; we feel it is necessary for them to be here the full day.
 First Grade:        84%                 ■ Students will continue to track their own data and will use their data binders
 Second Grade:       84%                   to lead their own conferences with their parents. We are excited about students
                                           taking the lead in their education.
                                         ■ Students and staff will have access to Curriculum Loft. This will allow students
                                           and staff to work on school related items at home and share those lessons with
                                           others in the educational field.
                                         ■ The staff will be evaluated using our new evaluation instrument. This will require
   Students, Parents,                      a much more detailed process of collecting data and evidence to show that all
        and the                            the standards are being taught and that students are learning. This is a big
                                           change for both teachers and administration. Both teaching ability and student
      Community                            progress through data will be taken into account when evaluating teachers.
                                         ■ We will continue to utilize Smekens Educational Solutions to provide pro-
         Changes,                          fessional development in the areas of reading and writing. They will be here
                                           in October and June to provide extensive training the areas of vocabulary,
        Technology,                        comprehension, and writing. ■
         and Data
   Pittsboro Primary


Great Things Happening at Pittsboro Elementary
This has been another exciting year at Pittsboro Elementary School! In order to           students perform, view their artwork,
emphasize outstanding student performance, we recently updated our “look” with            and indulge in some “goodies” provided
student recognition graphics in our main hallway. In addition to displaying Language      by the PTA; over $500.00 was raised for
Arts, Mathematics, and Attendance data, we also list our Students of the Week from        our Promethean board technology.
each grade, and the most recent 9-weeks Honor Roll. We are proud of the work our
                                                                                          The All-Pro Dad breakfast meetings—
students and staff are doing!
                                                                                          for both PPS and PES students and
We are getting used to being a 3-5 school     Afternoons ROCK was an after school         their fathers—were held at Pittsboro
building, yet retain a close relationship     group (funded by a grant from Purdue        Elementary School this year. This first
with the staff and administration at          University) which entertained and edu-      year chapter was organized for the
Pittsboro Primary School. With our            cated our students. Student Council         benefit of all dads and students. The
shared campus concept, we share               members helped with our recycling           meetings were well-attended and we
many groups and activities. This shared       program, coordinated class contests, and    hope to continue this program next year!
concept extends to our PTA , allowing         sponsored special days (Hat Day, etc.) to   We are lucky to live in a very generous
them to schedule numerous events for          improve student morale and raise money      community...Mrs. Griffith’s 5th grade
students and to provide terrific incentives   for special causes. During the holidays,    class participated in a community-wide
for staff.                                    the group also organized a food drive       “Reuse a Shoe—Heart and Sole”
                                              with the collected food donated to the      program, where the class collected
Our LEAP card character education             Pittsboro Christian Church food pantry
program (Learning, Excellence, Attitude,                                                  several large bags of shoes which were
                                              for local families in need. This year our   donated to third world countries. In
and Personal Best) continued this             Student Council sponsored a “Magazine
year with wonderful success. Students                                                     addition, students donated many unused
                                              Tower Recycling Contest” to help the        items for students in Kenya, Africa.
“caught” doing something positive were        environment and raise money. Camp
given a LEAP card, which they used for        Invention took place again this year,
a chance to win a prize. Each week, 5-10                                                  Pittsboro Elementary School has been
                                              where enrolled students enjoyed creative    very fortunate to have many wonderful
cards were drawn out and those students       problem solving in a new and exciting
won a special prize. Students were not                                                    parent and guardian volunteers, who
                                              way. Whatever his or her interest, a        have proved to be invaluable to teachers
only rewarded for their efforts—but           student could find a fun and interesting
also enjoyed the satisfaction of a job                                                    and staff alike. Each year we host a
                                              activity in which to participate.           Volunteer Reception to thank our
well done.
                                              We are always thankful for the Tri-West     parents for their efforts. They are truly a
Pittsboro Elementary School has always        High School students who come to            dedicated group and we appreciate each
fostered a culture of respect, kindness,      our school during the year. This year,      and every one of them! We hope you will
and integrity for our staff and students.     the National Honor Society students         consider volunteering in the 2012-2013
Bullying has never been tolerated,            became “Literacy Leaders” and helped        school year!
and with recent bullying incidents in         our younger students. In addition to
the news, we have became even more                                                        We hope you will have a chance to
                                              reading to the students (and allowing       visit Pittsboro Elementary School next
proactive. This year, we implemented          the students to read to them), the high
several anti-bullying initiatives to bring                                                school year to see what we are all about!
                                              schoolers helped with light tutoring        Please review the calendar insert to note
the subject to the foreground and make        in Math, Language Arts, and other
students aware of the consequences.                                                       special dates coming soon. ■
                                              subjects. These committed Tri-West
Students at Pittsboro Elementary have         students were dedicated to their cause!
many opportunities to participate in
extra-curricular activities. The Spell
Bowl and Math Bowl teams provided
                                              The PTA Science Fair & Fun Night pro-
                                              vided a night of fun for the whole               PITTSBORO
opportunities for students to push
themselves to excel academically.
                                              family. Our 5th grade students proudly
                                              displayed their Science Fair projects
                                              in the gym; visitors were able to vote
                                                                                            ELEMENTARY STATS
Study Table provided students with            for their favorite projects. We were          Four Star School
additional help with homework or              impressed by these and all other projects     Enrollment: 297
class projects. Good News Club is             at the Science Fair!                          Student Attendance: 97%
a faith-based after school activity.
The Newspaper Club was made up                Our Fine Arts Night Open House and            Staff Attendance: 97.18%
of selected students who submitted            Music Program was a great success!            Excellent Spring 2012 ISTEP Scores
articles for the quarterly newspaper.         Many families came out to watch


                                          North Salem Elementary
    NORTH SALEM                           Enjoys Successes
  ELEMENTARY STATS            The students and staff at North Salem Elementary School have a lot of things to
                              be proud about. First, we were notified by Dr. Tony Bennett, Superintendent of
 Four Star School             Public Instruction, that we were given the honor of being a Four Star School for
 Enrollment: 248				          the second year in a row! That means our students scored in the top 25% of all the
 Student Attendance: 97.6%    schools in the state of Indiana on their ISTEP+ assessments. We also were given
 Staff Attendance: 97.2%      the grade of an “A” for our students for their academic growth. Wow! We’ve got
 Exemplary Spring 2012 ISTEP+ smart kids! And, a great staff that works so hard to help them achieve this honor!
                                          We are so grateful for the support of our Parent Teacher
                                          Organization (PTO). Each year, our PTO sponsors our
                                          annual Walk-a-thon fund raiser. They make it fun for
                                          our students and staff. We all receive matching t-shirt
                                          to show our school pride. The money that is generated
                                          helps our students go on field trips and buy school in-
                                          structional materials. The PTO sponsors Movie Night,
                                          Roller Skating, and our annual Spring Carnival. And,
                                          they give our teachers grant money to fund a project for
                                          their classrooms. Our PTO consists of many hard working
                                          parents and friends who help us so much. Thank you for your support!
                                          This year, our Student Council sponsored a “Pie in the Face” contest. The students
                                          put money into buckets to vote for the staff member who would have the honor
21st Century                              of receiving the pie in the face. They raised a lot of money and yours truly got the
Technology Skills                         “Pie in the Face” honor. It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed this event.
                                          Our Math Bowl and Spell Bowl teams did very well, too. The kids looked fantastic
Initiative Update                         in their matching shirts and represented themselves and our school in a great way!
As we continue working towards We are very proud of you!
our 21st Century Skills initiative all The Nature Garden Club worked very hard to maintain our Nature Garden at the
teachers were given a Lenovo tablet school. You can tell that our students know how to work hard. And, from that hard
slate at the end of the school year. All work, comes great results. The Nature Garden looks beautiful. A big “Thank You”
next year teachers will be building their goes out to their sponsors and the students for all of your efforts.
curriculum “in the cloud” through
Curriculum Loft. The following year Overall, it was a GREAT year. We have so many things to be grateful for. Our
we hope to be ready for a B.ring Y.our school is truly filled with “Shining Stars”!! ■
O.wn T.echnology model.
We are also finishing the building of our
wireless infrastructure throughout the
District which enables more technology
access in each classroom.                 North Salem Shining Stars!
As we look to the future we continue North Salem Elementary has continued with our theme song entitled, “Shining
the process of working with the Board Stars,” which was originally performed and recorded by Earth, Wind, and Fire back
of Education and the Administrative in the 1970s.
team to formulate our 21st Century
Skills vision for our District. This is a We have passed out well over 375 Shining Star awards for math, writing, and our
slow process but our desire to achieve special "Super Star" award. The students love to hear their name announced over
excellence within our educational the intercom and then have a special celebration ceremony during their lunchtime
environment will help keep us on track. in the cafeteria with our principal. We love seeing the smiles on their faces as they
Continue to watch us as we grow and receive their awards. And for some, we even love seeing the color of their face when
strive to ensure our students have the they turn red! It is a fun time of celebration as we "show off" our very smart, hard-
knowledge and tools required to exist working students. Congratulations to all of our Shining Star award winners! And
in our technology driven world! ■         remember: “MY PRINCIPAL THINKS I'M A STAR PERFORMER!’ ■


Five 8th Graders Maintain Perfect
Attendance All Three Years at TWMS
Not only did the 8th grade class lead the entire school in attendance this year at         TRI-WEST MIDDLE
a 98.3% rate, there were five, 8th graders, recognized at the annual honors and
awards night on May 17, 2012 for having perfect attendance during their entire              SCHOOL STATS
three year career at the middle school. These students are to be commended for           2012 Schools to Watch
their hard work and dedication in making it to school for 3 straight years. The          Student Attendance: 97.90%
students recognized for this accomplishments were; Amber Carlton, Luke Hatton,           Staff Attendance: 97.65%
Danielle Snyder, Drake Stahl, and Cara Storms. Mr. Nickoli and Mr. Martin                Students on the Honor Roll: 65%
would like to thank all students and parents for ensuring that students are present      Student Recognition: 100%
each and every day at the middle school. The middle school once again had an
outstanding attendance rate, posting an average daily attendance rate of 97.9%
for the school year! ■
                                                                                         TWMS Welcomes New
TWMS Names Outstanding Male and                                                           Assistant Principal
Female Student Athletes of the Year                                                         Tiffany Cox
There were over fifty, eighth grade student athletes recognized at the annual awards
night for being “Scholar Athletes” this school year. In order to be a scholar athlete,
students must maintain an A/B average while participating
in their sport of choice. The scholar athletes are excellent
representatives for their team and school. Their commitment to                              TWMS Fall
excellence both on and off their respective playing surfaces is both
appreciated and noticed by the staff and administration at Tri-
                                                                                         Athletic Practice
West Middle School. Two students in particularly stood out for
their outstanding work in the classroom and competitive nature                           Fall athletic practices will start on the
in athletics. In doing so, they were named the top male and female “Student              following dates:
Athletes of the Year.” Danielle Snyder was chosen as the Top Female Student                • football practice (July 30),
Athlete of the year. Danielle participated in volleyball, basketball, and Track and        • volleyball practice (Aug. 6),
Field. The Male Athlete of the year was Wesley Cook. Wesley participated in                • cross-country practice (Aug. 6).
football, wrestling, and Track and Field. ■                                              Parents and athletes are encouraged
                                                                                         to check the school web page for
                                                                                         additional information regarding
Academic Super Bowl Team Has Strong                                                      starting times.
Performance at State Competition                                                         Athletes are reminded that athletic
                                                                                         physicals are required before they
Members of the middle school Academic Super Bowl team performed at the State             can participate in any practice session.
Competition in late April at Southmont Junior High School. The Interdisciplinary         Athletic forms are available in the
team finished 3rd in the state and Social Studies had a Top Ten finish as well,          school office and can be found on
finishing 10th in the State. The English, Math, and Science teams finished 11th,         the school website.
24th, and 42nd respectively. Members of each team are listed below.
                                                                                         In addition, all parents and athletes
Interdisciplinary: Wyatt Althoff, Emily Griffith, Kelly McClung and Ian Williams         will receive concussion information
   (8th graders only)                                                                    from their coach. Parents and athletes
Science: Wyatt Althoff, Emily Griffith and Grant Wagner (8th graders only)               will be required to sign the proper
                                                                                         documentation indicating they
Math: Abby Bridwell, Maggie Burgess, Mason Cox, Dakota Davisson, Destiny                 received the concussion information
   Davisson, Ashley Fair, Katelyn Fife, Emily Griffith, Elizabeth Michael, Mackenzie     this year.
   Miller, Logan Moulder, Payton Nickoli, and Ryan Starnes                               All paperwork will need to be
English: Michaela Althoff, Kadie Burgess, Morgan Burnicle, Lee Cloar, Lauren,            completed prior to participation in
   Duckett, Alex King, Kelly McClung                                                     any practice. ■
Social Studies: Jackson Benner, Jaiden Owens, Bri Pickens, Maya Sears and Ian
   Williams ■


                                         Early College, Dual Credit Courses
                                         Coming to TWHS
TRI-WEST HIGH                            TWHS and Ivy Tech have teamed up to offer six early college, dual credit courses
SCHOOL STATS                             at TWHS beginning in August. TWHS seniors will have the opportunity to earn 18
                                         college credits before stepping foot onto a traditional college/university campus.
Attendance Rate:                         The class of 2010 graduates had 82% of the students planning to attend college,
 • Student Attendance 96.55%             and the class of 2011 looks to surpass them. With the additional opportunities of
 • 45 students with perfect attendance   the early college, the class of 2012 should set an all time high for the percentage
 • Staff Attendance 96.14%               of students planning to attend college.
Graduation Rate:
 • 81.4% in 2008                         The Ivy Tech Professor-on-Loan (POL) program will begin in August with
 • 85.6% in 2009                         almost 100 seniors scheduled to complete at least one of the six courses. Seniors
 • 93.0% in 2010                         will have the opportunity to enroll and complete courses in English, Psychology,
 • 92.1% in 2011                         Sociology, Government, and Communications. Students will be instructed in these
                                         courses by master teachers assigned by Ivy Tech. Upon successful completion
                                         of the course requirements and syllabus, students will earn 3 credits for each
                                         course. The courses offered are typical entry level courses which college-bound
  Welcome to the                         students would complete their freshmen year regardless of their chosen field of
                                         study. The courses allow those students eager to begin college an opportunity to
New TWHS Principal                       record several credit hours in the friendly confines of TWHS! With the success
  ADAM BENNER                            of the POL program, we would anticipate the addition of courses in the science
                                         and math curriculum.
                                         Another benefit of the POL program is the cost to our students and
                                         parents. Each of these courses is available at a cost of $125 per three hour course
                                         including the course materials. These courses typically cost over $175 per credit
  IMPORTANT                              hour when competed on campus in the traditional college setting. As you can
                                         see, our students and parents are succeeding and benefitting from the Ivy Tech
 TWHS SCHOOL                             POL program academically and financially!
 INFORMATION                             MORE TWHS NEWS– This year many different student groups banned together to raise
                                         money for additional causes. Our girls soccer team held a breast cancer awareness
                                         game in October, and raised $442.65 which was donated to the Susan G. Komen
New students to TWHS and                 Race for the Cure, Indianapolis Affiliate. The boys and girls swimming teams held
NWHSC need to schedule an                a senior night and asked for donations to support Sheltering Wings in Danville;
appointment with our guidance            they raised over $100! Our students and community also came together to help
counselors to enroll and register on     raise support for Mr. Bontreger’s family, and students held a “hat day” to raise
August 2 or 3 by calling 994-4000.       money for one of our students who was recovering from car accident injuries.
Non-resident transfer students are       This winter, Y.E.P. (Youth Encouraging Philanthropy) raised money for Suzy’s
NOT accepted after the May 8             Place and Sycamore Services by selling “Swishin’ for Hope” basketball t-shirts.
school board approval.                   The Service Club is always looking for ways to get students involved in helping our
                                         community. They have helped raise money for Sheltering Wings, held coat drives,
     Regular school hours:               food drives, and most recently collected donations of shoes for the Hendricks
       8:15 am – 3:20 pm                 County Heart and Sole shoe drive for those without shoes around the world.
    Late Arrival Wednesdays              Serving the community is not a “project” that our students take on but only once
          as scheduled:                  a year. TWHS students have continually stepped up to serve their community in
       8:50 am – 3:20 pm                 various, creative ways. Serving has brought a sense of humanitarian ownership and
                                         responsibility to our student body. Student groups include Y.E.P., Go M.A.D.,
Important school phone numbers           Service Club, Student Council and athletic teams which have all helped. It is
Main			994-4000                          our hope our clubs will continue to grow and involve every student in making
Attendance 		         994-4080           a difference!
Athletics 		          994-4090           We are always working toward improvement. TWHS is consistently measuring its
Guidance Office       994-4060           improvement from such resources as test scores, attendance and graduation rates.
                                         Please take note of our TWHS’s most recent improvements and accomplishments. ■


                                                                                       BOOK RENTAL
                                                                                         FEES AND
                                                                                      High School Registration for the
                                                                                      2012-13 school year is scheduled for
                                                                                      Wednesday, August 1, 2012 from:
                                                                                         9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                         2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                      New Student Registration is sched-
                                                                                      uled for August 2-3, 2012 (by appoint-
                                                                                      ment only). Please contact Mrs. Keers,
                                                                                      our Guidance Office Secretary at 317-
                                                                                      994-4060 to set up an appointment.
                                                                                      Book Rental/ Registration: State-
                                                                                      ments will be available at the time of
                                                                                      registration. Book rental fees should
IMPORTANT SPORTS DATES                                                                be paid in full when registering your
                                                                                      son/daughter. However, if not paying
Please note the following important sports registration dates and team photo          in full a Payment Plan must be set up
dates as noted below:                                                                 making monthly payments through-
    July 30		            All fall sport practices start                               out the year. Please see Mrs. Nolan,
                                                                                      our treasurer, at the time of registra-
    August 1		           Registration from 9-1 and 2-7                                tion for the appropriate forms to
    August 2 & 3         Registration for new students by appointment only
                                                                                      complete. We accept checks, money
    August 13		          First day of school for students
    August 15		          Sport pictures (all but football) 3:30 pm                    orders, cash and credit card in paying
    August 18		          Sport picture football only 9:00 am                          your book rental fees. Credit card pay-
                                                                                      ments can be made thru café prepay
Every Student participating in Athletics or Dance MUST have a current Physical        @ and set up an
on file in the Athletic office. The physical must have been performed after APRIL     account for your student(s). If mak-
1, 2012 to be current for the 2012-2013 school year. A student NOT having a
                                                                                      ing a payment by credit card there is
complete physical will not be allowed to participate in that sport. You can obtain
a copy of the physical by going to and clicking on Schools, then Physical   a small transaction fee for processing
Evaluation Form. You can also obtain a copy in the Athletic office. If you have       with café prepay.
any questions, please contact us at 994-4090.                                         Any questions regarding book rental
Every Student participating in Athletics or Dance MUST have a Completed               can be addressed to Mrs. Nolan at
CONCUSSION FORM on file in the Athletic office by JULY 1, 2012 before                 317-994-4007 or e-mail at nolanl@
they may participate in any athletic event. Those forms are available outside the
Athletic office door. You may slide the completed form under the athletic door if
no one is available. If you have any questions, please contact us at 994-4090. ■


                              Fall 2012 Registration Information
                       Thursday, August 2: Elementary Schools
               Wednesday, August 1: Tri-West Middle School & High School
BOOK RENTAL:                                                                       STUDENT SCHOOL HOURS:
Registration and collection of book rental fees for North Salem and                     Primary/Elementary: 		         8:00 am - 2:30 pm
Pittsboro Primary & Elementary Schools (K-5) for the 2011-2012 school                   Middle School:			              8:05 am - 3:10 pm
year will be at the respective schools on: AUG. 2, 1- 8 P.M.                            High School:				               8:15 am - 3:20 pm

                                                                                   REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS FOR NEW STUDENTS:
                                                                                   For new enrollees, parents need to bring the following items with them
      K		                 $ 148.00              Gr 3		      $ 139.00               to the school for registration:
      Gr 1		                167.00              Gr 4		        129.00
      Gr 2		                160.00              Gr 5		        125.00                     1. birth certificates
                                                                                         2. health/immunization records
                                                                                         3. proof of residency (rent receipt, utilities, etc.)
Parents are reminded that students in grades K-8 are not allowed to attend               4. custody/guardianship papers, if needed
school without updated immunizations forms as required by the state.                     5. information about former school (address, phone and/or FAX numbers)
Middle and High School book rental and fee prices are based on each stu-                 6. demographics (form to complete)
dent’s class schedule. Both book rental and fee price lists are available in the         7. emergency release information (form to complete)
General Office at each school. Middle School and High School registration                8. proof of grade and/or credits
and collection of book rental fees will be at their respective schools on: AUG.          9. grades for the past years
1st: 9AM-1PM, & 2-7 P.M. Students can make schedule adjustments and                     10. most recent testing information
changes by calling their school’s Guidance Department after August 1, 2011.
                                                                                   EXCHANGE STUDENTS:
STUDENT LUNCH PRICES:                                     Milk     $ .50           Youth for Understanding is the State Approved organization from which
   Elementary Lunch $ 2.10                Middle School Lunch      $ 2.30          Tri-West will accept exchange students. A maximum of three students per
   Adult Lunch      $ 3.00                High School Lunch        $ 2.30          academic year will be accepted at Tri-West Middle and High School.

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                    P. O. Box 70
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                    Serving the North Salem, Pittsboro & Tri-West Schools
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     Board of
  School Trustees
    Connie Bowman
      Judy Pingel
    Steve Sprecher
      Kathy Waite
     Brad Williams
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    Richard G. King

    Ronald L. Ward
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