Ancient World Classics & the - New and Recent Books 2018 - I.B. Tauris

Ancient World Classics & the - New and Recent Books 2018 - I.B. Tauris
Classics & the
Ancient World
New and Recent Books 2018
Ancient World Classics & the - New and Recent Books 2018 - I.B. Tauris
Classics & the
Ancient World                                                                         2018
Message from the Editors:                                                              CONTENTS
What makes I.B.Tauris’ classical studies different? Attempting to revitalise
standard publishing models and genres, IBT’s classical list has enthusiastically
embraced variety. We have sought out introductory volumes for students
                                                                                       GREECE & ROME                                                                                         2-12
and generalists; a thriving series of short histories; classical reference books
and major works; and – alongside a solid backbone of innovative research
                                                                                        - UNDERSTANDING CLASSICS                                                                               2-3
monographs – a keenly priced list of books aimed squarely at general readers.
We have thus tried – in reflecting the energetic diversity of the discipline itself
                                                                                        - NEW DIRECTIONS IN CLASSICS                                                                                  7
– to reach out to those many different readerships who engage in all sorts
of ways with the classics: whether undergraduates of the subject, scholars, or
                                                                                        - ANCIENTS AND MODERNS                                                                                 8-9
those who simply love the antique world.
             This catalogue offers several highlights. Distinguished authorities
                                                                                       SHORT HISTORIES                                                                                           13
on Mediterranean archaeology John Bennet and Nicoletta Momigliano
introduce a marked Cretan theme with their respective A Short History of the           EGYPT                                                                                               14-16
Minoans and In Search of the Labyrinth. Further Short Histories on the Etruscans,
Babylon and Ancient China are complemented by the latest volumes in the                MIDDLE EAST & ASIA                                                                                  16-19
‘Understanding Classics’ series (including Susan Stephens’ much anticipated
book The Poets of Alexandria) and notable titles by Sylvia Montiglio (The Myth of      INDEX                                                                                                     20
Hero and Leander), Kai Brodersen (Imperial Dacia: A History of Roman Romania),         I.B.Tauris & Co. Ltd., 6 Salem Road, London W2 4BU United Kingdom
Amy C. Smith (an authoritative treatment of the Pan Painter in Master of Attic         T: +44 (0) 20 7243 1225 F: +44 (0) 20 7243 1226
Red-Figure Painting) and Lindsay C. Watson (Magic in Ancient Greece and Rome –         E:        W:
an inviting treatment of classical sorcery). Space is made, alongside these well-
established voices, for a new generation of classical talent who include Joanna        *The American University in Cairo Press and Classical Press of Wales
Day (Food in Ancient Greece) and Elizabeth Gloyn (Between Scylla and Charybdis).       titles are not available from I.B.Tauris in the USA and Canada.
Reception studies remains a particular strength at IBT.                                Front cover illustration: Grande Ludovisi sarcophagus, circa 260 CE. Photo: DEA / G. DAGLI ORTI
                                                                                       / De Agostini / Getty Images. From Roman Imperialism: A Concise History of the Rise and Expansion of Ancient
                                                                                       Rome by Dexter Hoyos, see page 10.
Alex Wright, Executive Editor –
Thomas Stottor, Editor, Monographs –                             Prices and dates: Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information in this catalogue is accurate at
                                                                                       the time of going to print, prices and dates may occasionally vary and are subject to alteration without notice.

Barbara E. Borg, Professor of Classical Archaeology, University of Exeter             Charles Martindale, Professor Emeritus of Latin, University of Bristol
Joy Connolly, Provost and Senior Vice-President, Graduate Center, CUNY                Marilyn B. Skinner, Professor Emerita of Classics, University of Arizona
Barbara Graziosi, Professor of Classics & Ancient History, Durham University          Kate Spence, Senior Lecturer in Egyptian Archaeology, University of Cambridge
Emily Greenwood, Professor of Classics,Yale University                                Richard F. Thomas, George Martin Lane Professor of the Classics, Harvard
James Howard-Johnston, Lecturer in Byzantine Studies, University of
Oxford                                                                                Hans van Wees, Grote Professor of Ancient History, University College
Richard P. Martin, Antony and Isabelle Raubitschek Professor of Classics,
 Stanford University                                                                  Greg Woolf, Director, Institute of Classical Studies, University of London

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Ancient World Classics & the - New and Recent Books 2018 - I.B. Tauris

Susan A. Stephens                   A Concise History of the          The First Complete
See page 2                          Rise and Expansion of             English Translation of the
                                    Ancient Rome                      Iskandarnama
                                    Dexter Hoyos                      Evangelos Venetis
                                    See page 10                       See page 18


OF VIRGIL                           THE MINOANS                       ANTIQUITY
Literary and Historical Studies     John Bennet                       A Greek, Roman and
Anton Powell and                    See page 13                       Christian City
Philip Hardie (Eds)                                                   Amelia R. Brown
See page 6                                                            See page 9

                              I.B.Tauris & Co. Ltd, 6 Salem Rd, London, W2 4BU
                         Tel: +44 (0) 20 7243 1225 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7243 1226

Ancient World Classics & the - New and Recent Books 2018 - I.B. Tauris

                                  Edited by Richard Stoneman, University of Exeter

     Understanding Classics is a specially commissioned series which aims to introduce the outstanding authors and
     thinkers of antiquity to a wide audience of appreciative modern readers, whether undergraduate students of
           classics, literature, philosophy and ancient history or generalists interested in the classical world.

     Each volume – written by leading figures internationally – will examine the historical significance of the writer
    or writers in question; their social, political and cultural contexts; their use of language, literature and mythology;
        extracts from their major works; and their reception in later European literature, art, music and culture.

                           VIRGIL              NEW

                           Alison Keith
2                          University of Toronto
                           Hailed in his lifetime and in every generation thereafter as the supreme Roman poet,Virgil (70-19 BCE) wrote three books
                           of hexameter verse that defined the ‘golden age’ of Latin poetry.Virgil, as Alison Keith shows, has never gone out of critical
                           or popular fashion. His ascent from the lesser genre of pastoral (the Bucolics) through a more ambitious didactic mode
                           (the Georgics) to the soaring heights of epic (the incomparable Aeneid) inspired countless other authors, starting with his
                           younger contemporary Ovid, and continuing through the medieval writers Dante and Petrarch, and the early modern
                           poets Spenser and Milton. This wide-ranging introduction illuminates how Virgil continues to inspire modern writers.
                           192 PAGES 216 X 138MM JULY 2018
                           9781848859197 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00
                           9781848859203 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00
                           e ebook available

                           SOPHOCLES                     NEW                                                 THE POETS OF
                           Stephen Esposito                                                                  ALEXANDRIA                     NEW
                           Boston University                                                                 Susan A. Stephens
                           192 PAGES 216 X 138MM JULY 2018
                           9781780769592 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00
                                                                                                             Stanford University
                           9781780769608 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00                                           192 PAGES 216 X 138MM MARCH 2018
                           e ebook available                                                                 9781848858794 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00
                                                                                                             9781848858800 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00
                                                                                                             e ebook available

                           ARCHIMEDES                        NEW                                             ARISTOPHANES
                           Chris Rorres                                                                      AND GREEK
                           Drexel University, Pennsylvania
                           208 PAGES 216 X 138MM JULY 2018
                                                                                                             COMEDY                NEW

                           9781784533632 HARDBACK £39.50 / $99.00                                            Jeffrey S. Rusten
                           9781784533649 PAPERBACK £14.99 / $24.00
                           e ebook available                                                                 Cornell University
                                                                                                             192 PAGES 216 X 138MM JULY 2018
                                                                                                             9781780769578 HARDBACK £39.50 / $95.00
                                                                                                             9781780769585 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00
                                                                                                             e ebook available

Ancient World Classics & the - New and Recent Books 2018 - I.B. Tauris

          PLUTARCH                   NEW                                ROMAN COMEDY                              NEW

          Mark A. Beck                                                  David Christenson
          University of South Carolina                                  University of Arizona
          192 PAGES 216 X 138MM JULY 2018                               192 PAGES 216 X 138MM JULY 2018
          9781848856639 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00                        9781780761886 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00
          9781848856646 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00                       9781780761893 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00
          e ebook available                                             e ebook available

          EURIPIDES                      NEW                            HORACE                  NEW

          Isabelle Torrance                                             Paul Allen Miller
          Aarhus University                                             University of South Carolina
          240 PAGES 216 X 138MM JULY 2018                               192 PAGES 216 X 138MM AUGUST 2018
          9781848856677 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00                        9781784533298 HARDBACK £39.50 / $95.00
          9781848856684 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $19.99                       9781784533304 PAPERBACK £14.99 / $24.00
          e ebook available                                             e ebook available

TACITUS                                                       CICERO
Victoria Emma Pagán                                           Gesine Manuwald
University of Florida                                         University College, London
208 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2017                                    232 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2014
9781780763170 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00                        9781780764016 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00
9781780763187 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00                       9781780764023 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00

SENECA                                                        HOMER
Christopher Star                                              Jonathan S. Burgess
Middlebury College, Vermont                                   University of Toronto
208 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2016                                    192 PAGES 216 X 138MM NOVEMBER 2014
9781848858893 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00                        9781848858626 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00
9781848858909 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00                       9781848858633 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00

MARTIAL                                                       PINDAR
Lindsay C. Watson, University of Sydney;                      Richard Stoneman
and Patricia Watson                                           University of Exeter
192 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2015                                    192 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2013
9781780766362 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00                        9781780761848 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00
9781780766379 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00                       9781780761855 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00

OVID                                                          EUSEBIUS
Carole E. Newlands                                            Aaron P. Johnson
University of Colorado, Boulder                               Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee
                                                              256 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2013
208 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2015
                                                              9781780765556 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00
9781848859296 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00
                                                              9781780765563 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00
9781848859302 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00

SAPPHO                                                        LATIN LOVE POETRY
Page duBois                                                   Denise Eileen McCoskey and Zara
                                                              Martirosova Torlone
University of California, Berkeley
                                                              Miami University, Ohio
192 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2015
9781784533601 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00                        224 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2013
9781784533618 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00                       9781780761909 HARDBACK £39.50 / $65.00
                                                              9781780761916 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $20.00

Ancient World Classics & the - New and Recent Books 2018 - I.B. Tauris
    ANCIENT WORLD NEW                                                                       BETWEEN SCYLLA AND
                             Allegory and                                                   CHARYBDIS                   NEW

                             Warfare in                                                     The Ancient Monster in the Modern World
                             Contemporary                                                   Elizabeth Gloyn Royal Holloway, University of London
                                                                                            What is it about ancient monsters that popular culture finds
                             Chris Davies                                                   so enthralling? Elizabeth Gloyn here explores how mythical
                             University of Exeter                                           creatures have found renewed life and purpose. Whether on TV
                                                                                            shows like Buffy; in literature, or in cinematic portrayals such
                                                                                            as Clash of the Titans, the monstrous is omnipresent. From the
                                                                                            Cyclops to Charybdis and Scylla, this is a bold exploration of
                                                                                            what the classical monster means, to the ancients and ourselves.
                                                                                            272 PAGES 216 X 138MM NOVEMBER 2018
    320 PAGES 216 X 138MM OCTOBER 2018                                                      9781784539344 HARDBACK £59.00 / $95.00
    9781788313117 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00                                                  LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES
    e ebook available                                                                       e ebook available

                                          AMAZONS                  NEW
                                                                                                                 ISLANDS OF THE ANCIENT
                                                                                                                 SEA NEW
                                          The Legendary Warrior Women of Antiquity                                                        Aesthetics,
                                          David Braund University of Exeter                                                               Landscape
                                          The idea of the Amazons is one of the most romantic and                                         and Modernity
                                          resonant in all antiquity. Here, David Braund shows how these                                   Argyro
                                          mythical female warriors captivated imaginations, from the
                                          medieval and Renaissance eras to the present. Deftly traversing                                 Loukaki
                                          art, literature and culture, he explores portrayals by Homer,
                                          Herodotus, Aeschylus,Virgil, Chaucer, Ariosto and Mary Renault
                                          – who writes lyrically of the Amazons as muscular moon-
                                          maids of Artemis. Finally, he looks at the basis of the legend in
                                          history, locating in recent archaeology a reality as surprising and
                                          evocative as any fiction told through story or myth.
                                          224 PAGES 228 X 155MM JUNE 2018                                        256 PAGES 234 X 156MM OCTOBER 2018
                                          9781780769561 HARDBACK £20.00 / $35.00                                 9781784539511 HARDBACK £59.00 / $95.00
                                          e ebook available                                                      e ebook available

                                                                                                                  MAGIC IN ANCIENT
       THE MYTH OF HERO AND                                                                                       GREECE AND ROME
       LEANDER                                                                                                    The Sorcery and Divination
                                                                                                                  of Classical Antiquity NEW
       The History and                                                                                            Lindsay C. Watson
       Reception of an                                                                                            University of Sydney
       Enduring Greek
       Legend NEW
       Silvia Montiglio
       Johns Hopkins University
       Hero and Leander are the protag-
       onists in a classical tale of epic but
       tragic love. Silvia Montiglio here
       shows how and why this affecting
       story has proved to be one of the
       most popular mythologies in the
       history of the West. Discussing its
       singular drama, danger, pathos and
       eroticism, the author explores the
       origin of the legend and its rich
       and varied afterlives. She shows                                                                           Ancient magic was not an abstract thing.
       how it was used by Greek and                                                                               Here, Lindsay Watson shows magic was a
       Latin writers; how it developed in                                                                         practical philosophy, woven into the fabric
                                                                                                                  of everyday classical life. Concentrating on
       the Middle Ages and Renaissance;
                                                                                                                  curse magic, love spells, animal divination,
       how it inspired Byron to swim the Dardanelles; and how it has lived on in                                  literary texts and day-to-day magic, he
       representations by artists including Rubens and Frederic Leighton.                                         explores a range of antique magical activity.
       304 PAGES 216 X 138MM SEPTEMBER 2017                                                                       288 PAGES 216 X 138MM DECEMBER 2018
       9781784539566 HARDBACK £69.00 / $110.00                                                                    9781788312974 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00
       LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES                                                                               9781788312981 PAPERBACK £16.99 / $35.00
       e ebook available                                                                                          e ebook available

Ancient World Classics & the - New and Recent Books 2018 - I.B. Tauris

                         The Culinary
                                                        POMPEII                         NEW

                         Culture of the                 An Archaeological
                         Hellenic World                 Guide
                         Joanna Day                     Paul Wilkinson
                         University College
                         Dublin                         The resonant ruins of Pompeii are
                                                        perhaps the most direct route back
                                                        to the living, breathing world of the
                                                        ancient Romans.Two million visitors
                                                        annually now walk the paved streets
320 PAGES 216 X 138MM OCTOBER 2018                      which re-emerged, miraculously
9781788312271 HARDBACK £69.00 / $110.00
                                                        preserved, from their layers of
e ebook available                                       volcanic ash. This handy archaeo-
                                                        logical guide, written by an expert in
                                                        the field, explains Pompeii’s public
 IMPERIAL DACIA                           NEW           spaces and private residences. Illus-
                                                        trated throughout with maps, plans,
 A History of Roman Romania                             diagrams and other images, Pompeii:
 Kai Brodersen University of Erfurt                     An Archaeological Guide offers a
                                                        general introduction to the famous
                                                        doomed city followed by an au-
                                                        thoritative summary and survey of
                                                        the buildings, artefacts and paintings
                                                        themselves. The result is an unrivalled picture, derived from an intimate
                                                        knowledge of Roman archaeology around the Bay of Naples, of the forum,
                                                        temples, brothels, bath-houses, bakeries, gymnasia, amphitheatre, necropolis
                                                        and other site buildings – including perennial favourites like the House of the
                                                        Faun, named after its celebrated dancing satyr.
                                                        256 PAGES 216 X 136MM SEPTEMBER 2017
                                                        9781784539283 PAPERBACK £14.99 / $29.00
                                                        e ebook available
                                                                                            SENSORY EXPERIENCE AND
                                                                                            THE ROMAN HOME                              NEW

 Ancient Dacia was vital to imperial Roman                                                  Power and Space in Ancient Rome
 interests. A thorn in the side of the Roman                                                Hannah Platts Royal Holloway, University of London
 Empire until Trajan defeated the Dacian
 king Decebalus at the Second Battle of                                                     Classicists have long wondered what everyday life was like
 Tapae in 101 AD, Dacia later became in-                                                    in ancient Greece and Rome. How, for example, did the
 dispensable to the Empire. In this first                                                    slaves, visitors, inhabitants or owners experience the same
 concerted treatment of Roman Romania,                                                      home differently? For the first time, Hannah Platts draws on
 Kai Brodersen expertly traces Dacia’s                                                      a diverse range of evidence and an innovative amalgamation
 transition from hated enemy and rival to                                                   of methodological approaches to explore multi-sensory ex-
 essential breadbasket of the imperium.                                                     perience – auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustatory and visual –
                                                                                            in domestic environments in Rome for the first time.
 288 PAGES 216 X 138MM JUNE 2018
                                                                                            256 PAGES 216 X 138MM JULY 2018
 9781788312615 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00
                                                                                            9781788312998 HARDBACK £59.00 / $95.00
                                                                                            LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES
 e ebook available                                                                          e ebook available

                                                                                                             THE HELLENISTIC COURT
                                      GREED, LUXURY AND                                                      NEW
                                      IMPERIAL DEGENERACY                                   NEW
                                      The Rhetoric of Vice and Virtue in Late                                                         Power and Elite
                                      Antiquity                                                                                       Society from
                                      Tim W. Watson                                                                                   Alexander to
                                      Examining the writings from the period of four figures with
                                      diverse religious backgrounds, Tim Watson shows how                                             Andrew Erskine,
                                      their emphasis on virtuous conduct over wealth and birth                                        Lloyd Llewellyn-
                                      created a space for ‘new men’ in the hierarchies of church                                      Jones and Shane
                                      and state: but on their terms. It was this focus on virtue and
                                      vice that helped established discourses adapt to the fluid
                                                                                                                                      Wallace (Eds)
                                      worlds of Western Christendom and the Byzantine Empire.
                                      304 PAGES 216 X 138MM JUNE 2018                                        600 PAGES 270 X 156MM DECEMBER 2017
                                      9781784533656 HARDBACK £69.00 / $110.00                                9781910589625 HARDBACK £90.00
                                      LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES                                           THE CLASSICAL PRESS OF WALES
                                      e ebook available                                                      e ebook available

Ancient World Classics & the - New and Recent Books 2018 - I.B. Tauris
    HASTINGS NEW                                                                      CLASSICAL RECEPTION AND
                             Classical                                                CHILDREN’S LITERATURE                                   NEW

                             Oratory and                                              Greece, Rome and Childhood Transformation
                             Reception in                                             Helen Lovatt, University of Leeds; and Owen
                             Eighteenth-                                              Hodkinson, University of Nottingham (Eds)
                             England                                                  Books written for children now comprise one of the largest and
                                                                                      most prominent bodies of texts to engage with the classical world,
                             Chiara Rolli                                             with an audience that constantly changes as it grows up.This innova-
                             University of Parma                                      tive volume wrestles with that very characteristic of change which is
                                                                                      so fundamental to children’s literature, showing how significant the
                                                                                      classics, as well as classically-inspired fiction and verse, have been in
                                                                                      tackling the adolescent challenges posed by metamorphosis.
    256 PAGES 216 X 138MM APRIL 2018                                                  320 PAGES 216 X 138MM DECEMBER 2017
    9781784539221 HARDBACK £59.00 / $95.00                                            9781788310208 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00
    LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES                                                      LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES
    e ebook available                                                                 e ebook available

                                                                                                             XENOPHON AND SPARTA
                                         CICERO IN DRAMA                          NEW
                                         From the Ancient World to the Early                                                           Access, Biases
                                         Modern Stage                                                                                  and Literary
                                         Gesine Manuwald University College London                                                     Genres
                                         The influence of Cicero is everywhere to be found. His rhe-                                    Anton Powell
                                         torical writings have, over many centuries, made an inescap-                                  and Nicolas
                                         able impact on the history of Western culture. However, no
                                         book has yet offered a history of the multiple ways in which                                  Richer (Eds)
                                         the great orator shaped dramatic art.. This volume is the
                                         first to discuss every instance in which Cicero has been the
                                         protagonist in a play.
                                         288 PAGES 216 X 138MM APRIL 2018
                                         9781788312967 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00                              300 PAGES 216 X 136MM NOVEMBER 2017
                                         LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES                                        9781905125371 HARDBACK £65.00
                                         e ebook available                                                   THE CLASSICAL PRESS OF WALES
                                                                                                             e ebook available
                                                                                                             ALEXANDER THE
       THE ANCIENT                                                                                           GREAT IN THE EARLY
       LIVES OF                                                                                              CHRISTIAN TRADITION
       VIRGIL NEW                                                                                            Classical Reception and
                                                                                                             Patristic Literature NEW
                                                                                                             Christian Thrue Djurslev
       Literary and                                                                                          University of Edinburgh
       Historical Studies
       Philip Hardie and
       Anton Powell (Eds)
       The Ancient Lives of the poet Virgil,
       written in prose (and sometimes
       in verse), have long enjoyed great,
       though controversial, influence.
       Modern critics have often been
       scornful of these Lives, for trying to
       construct biography of the poet
       from allegorical reading of his verse.
       The present volume, from a distin-
       guished international team, aims
       to revalue the Ancient Lives of Virgil
       from a variety of angles and in a variety of scholarly genres. The allegory
       within the Lives is here studied for its own sake, and shown to be part of a                          Djurselv demonstrates that the early
                                                                                                             Christian adaptations of the Alexandrian
       developed Graeco-Roman school of interpretation. Ideas of Virgil received                             myths created a new tradition that has
       and developed with brio in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance are here                               continued to develop and expand ever since.
       traced back to the Ancient Lives of the poet composed in Antiquity.
       280 PAGES 270 X 156MM DECEMBER 2017                                                                   272 PAGES 216 X 138MM JULY 2018
       9781910589618 HARDBACK £64.00                                                                         9781788311649 HARDBACK £59.00 / $95.00
       THE CLASSICAL PRESS OF WALES                                                                          LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES
       e ebook available                                                                                     e ebook available

Ancient World Classics & the - New and Recent Books 2018 - I.B. Tauris

                        NEW DIRECTIONS IN CLASSICS
                                Edited by Duncan F. Kennedy and Charles Martindale
                Published in association with the Institute of Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition
                                                   University of Bristol

In the last generation Classics has changed almost beyond recognition. The subject as taught thirty years ago involved
enormous concentration on just two periods: fifth-century Athens and late Republican Rome. There was no reception,
virtually no study of women or popular culture, and little attention given to late antiquity. Today, Classics at its best again
has an unusually broad interdisciplinary scope, and reaches out to the arts and humanities generally as well as beyond. It
is just such a ‘New Classics’ that this exciting series seeks to promote – an open-minded Classics committed to debate
and dialogue, with a leading role in the humanities; a Classics neither antiquarian nor crudely presentist; a Classics of
the present, but also of the future. ‘New Directions in Classics’ seeks to do something fresh, and showcase the work
of writers who are setting new agendas at the frontiers of the subject. It aims for a wide readership amongst all those,
both within the academy and outside, who want to engage seriously with ideas.

                          IN SEARCH OF THE
                                                                                      THUCYDIDES AND THE IDEA OF
                          LABYRINTH NEW                                               HISTORY
                          The Cultural Legacy of                                      Neville Morley
                          Minoan Crete                                                University of Bristol
                                                                                      256 PAGES 234 X 156MM 2014
                          Nicoletta Momigliano                                        9781848851696 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00
                                                                                      9781848851702 PAPERBACK £15.99 / $25.00
                          University of Bristol
                          From appropriations by European intel-
                          lectuals to feminist identifications with the
                          Mother Goddess, Nicoletta Momigliano
                          here offers the most complete history of
                          the rediscovery of Minoan culture and its
                          reception from Evans to the present day. She                ANTIQUITY AND THE MEANINGS OF
                          situates Bronze Age Crete and its material                  TIME
                          remains in a broad intellectual context,                    A Philosophy of Ancient and Modern
                          exploring in depth the enduring imaginative                 Literature
                          legacy of the Minoan civilization.
                                                                                      Duncan Kennedy
                          240 PAGES 234 X 156MM SEPTEMBER 2018
                          9781784538545 HARDBACK £59.00 / $95.00                      University of Bristol
                          e ebook available                                           288 PAGES 234 X 156MM 2013
                                                                                      9781845118150 HARDBACK £69.00 / $110.00
                                                                                      9781845118167 PAPERBACK £17.99 / $29.00

                        EMPIRE WITHOUT END                        NEW

                        Postcolonialism and the
                        Ancient World                                                 THE MODERNITY OF ANCIENT
                        Phiroze Vasunia                                               SCULPTURE
                                                                                      Greek Sculpture and Modern Art from
                        University College London                                     Winckelmann to Picasso
                        208 PAGES 234 X 156MM DECEMBER 2018
                        9781848850378 HARDBACK £59.00 / $95.00                        Elizabeth Prettejohn
                        9781848850385 PAPERBACK £16.99 / $27.50                       University of York
                        e ebook available
                                                                                      320 PAGES 234 X 156MM 2012
                                                                                      9781848859029 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00
                                                                                      9781848859036 PAPERBACK £18.99 / $32.00

Ancient World Classics & the - New and Recent Books 2018 - I.B. Tauris

                 ANCIENTS AND MODERNS
               General Editor: Phiroze Vasunia, University College London

      ‘The books are direct and engaging in style and cutting edge in
     content, which makes them especially well-suited to students. An
                excellent and highly recommended series.
                                      – ALEX PURVES, Professor of Classics, UCLA

                       MEDICINE                             NEW

                       Antiquity and its Legacy
                       Caroline Petit University of Warwick
8                       The extent to which classical theories about, and practices of, medical knowledge have shaped and
                        continue to define medicine today is remarkable: but not always widely appreciated. Caroline Petit
                        here offers a concise yet comprehensive account of medicine in antiquity which explores precisely
                        that fascinating legacy. Discussing topics such as medical ethics, diagnostic explanations of illness
                        and disease, matters of sex and gender, the ancient division between body and soul, interpretations
                        of madness and melancholia, and methods of medical teaching and dissemination, the author draws
                        fascinating parallels between the ancient, early modern and modern periods. Discussing a variety of
                        ancient texts, from the Hippocratic era to the late Roman Empire, and examining contested literary
                        evidence and interpretations, Petit skilfully traces the trajectory of medical practice from its magical
                        and religious origins to a rational science of pathology, physiology, surgery and anatomy.
                        256 PAGES 216 X 138MM JUNE 2018
                        9781845118464 HARDBACK £59.00 / $95.00
                        9781845118471 PAPERBACK £12.99
                        e ebook available


             SCIENCE                                              SEX                                     WAR
             Antiquity and its                                    Antiquity and its                       Antiquity and its
             Legacy                                               Legacy                                  Legacy
             Philippa Lang                                        Daniel Orrells                          Alfred S. Bradord
             Emory University                                     University of Warwick                   University of Oklahoma
             240 PAGES 216 X 138MM                                256 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2015              192 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2014
             ILLUSTRATED 2015                                     978184885 519 9 HARDBACK                9781848859340 HARDBACK
             9781780761718 HARDBACK                               £59.00 / $95.00                         £59.00 / $95.00
             £59.00 / $95.00                                      9781848855205 PAPERBACK                 9781848859357 PAPERBACK
                                                                  £12.99                                  £12.99

                   SLAVERY                                  THE ART OF THE                                    LUCK, FATE &
                   Antiquity and its                        BODY                                              FORTUNE
                   Legacy                                   Antiquity and its                                 Antiquity and its
                   Page duBois                              Legacy                                            Legacy
                   University of California, San            Michael Squire                                    Esther Eidinow
                   Diego                                    King’s College London                             University of Nottingham
                   168 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2009               160 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2011                        160 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2011
                   9781845119263 HARDBACK                   9781845119300 HARDBACK                            9781845118426 HARDBACK
                   £59.00 / $95.00                          £59.00                                            £59.00 / $95.00
                   9781845119270 PAPERBACK                  9781845119317 PAPERBACK                           9781845118433 PAPERBACK
                   £12.99                                   £12.99                                            £12.99

                   POLITICS                                 DEATH                                             RACE
                   Antiquity and its                        Antiquity and its                                 Antiquity and its
                   Legacy                                   Legacy                                            Legacy
                   Kostas                                   Mario Erasmo                                      Denise McCoskey
                   Vlassopoulos                             University of Georgia                             Miami University, Ohio
                   University of Nottingham                 192 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2012                        160 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2012
                                                            9781848855564 HARDBACK                            9781848851573 HARDBACK
                   192 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2009
                                                            £59.00 / $95.00                                   £59.00 / $95.00
                   9781845118440 HARDBACK
                                                            9781848855571 PAPERBACK                           9781848851580 PAPERBACK
                   £59.00 / $95.00
                                                            £12.99                                            £12.99
                   9781845118457 PAPERBACK

                   RELIGION                                 GENDER
                   Antiquity and its                        Antiquity and its
                   Legacy                                   Legacy
                   Jörg Rüpke                               Brooke Holmes
                   University of Erfurt                     Princeton University
                   192 PAGES 216 X 138MM                    160 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2012
                   ILLUSTRATED 2013                         9781845119287 HARDBACK
                   9781780761695 HARDBACK                   £59.00 / $95.00
                   £59.00 / $95.00                          9781845119294 PAPERBACK
                   9781780761701 PAPERBACK                  £12.99

                                                                                                        GREECE & ROME
                                                                                         MASTER OF ATTIC
CORINTH                                                                                  RED-FIGURE
IN LATE NEW                                                                              PAINTING               NEW

ANTIQUITY                                                                                The Art and Legacy of the
                                                                                         Pan Painter
                                                                                         Amy C. Smith University of Reading
A Greek, Roman
and Christian City
Amelia Brown
The University of Queensland
Late antique Corinth was on the
frontline of the radical political,
economic and religious transfor-
mations that swept across the
Mediterranean world from the
second to sixth centuries CE.                                                            Developing in Athens around 520 BC, Red-
Drawing on evidence from literary                                                        figure vase painting had supplanted within
                                                                                         a few decades the previously hegemonic
sources, extensive archaeological                                                        black-figure painting which preceded it.
excavations and historical records,                                                      Amy Smith discusses arguably the greatest
Amelia Brown here surveys this                                                           of all the red-figure painters: the Pan
period of urban transformation.                                                          Painter, so-called after the krater vase, now
Brown demonstrates the many ways Corinthians responded to internal and                   in Boston, attributed to his hand which
external pressures by building, demolishing and repurposing urban public                 shows the god Pan in aroused pursuit of a
                                                                                         goatherd.The author reveals her subject as
space, thus transforming Corinthian society, civic identity and urban infra-
                                                                                         a genius who combined an artist’s flair and
structure. In a departure from isolated textual and archaeological studies, she          technical brilliance with an acute and ir-
connects this process to broader changes in metropolitan life, contributing              reverent sense of the human predicament.
to the understanding of urban experience in the late antique Mediterranean.              200 PAGES 246 X 189MM JULY 2018
272 PAGES 216 X 138MM DECEMBER 2017                                                      9781788310192 HARDBACK £75.00 / $120.00
9781784538231 HARDBACK £59.00 / $95.00                                                   LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES
e ebook available                                                                        e ebook available


     THE GREEK                                    ROMAN IMPERIALISM                                    NEW

     SUPERPOWER                         NEW       A Concise History of the Rise and
     Sparta in the Self-Definitions               Expansion of Ancient Rome
     of Athenians                                 Dexter Hoyos
     Paul Cartledge and Anton                     In this comprehensive new survey, the first to span the full
     Powell (Eds)                                 four and a half centuries of Roman power, Dexter Hoyos
                                                  traces what drove imperial expansion up to AD 212 and
                                                  what impact it had on the peoples she subdued. The author
                                                  shows that while Rome’s rule could be harsh, it was also
                                                  culturally flexible: and therein lay its success. Local commu-
                                                  nities ran their own affairs, spoke their own languages and
                                                  maintained their own beliefs and cults.
                                                  256 PAGES 216 X 138MM JULY 2018
                                                  9781780762746 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00
                                                  9781780762753 PAPERBACK £14.99 / $28.00
                                                  LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES
                                                  e ebook available

                                                  FLAME OF MILETUS
                                                  The Birth of Science in Ancient Greece
                                                  (and How it Changed the World)
                                                  John Freely NEW IN PAPERBACK
                                                  Miletus was one of the wealthiest and most important
     For Greeks, Sparta was the greatest          towns in ancient Greece. It was here, on the Aegean coast
     Hellenic military and moral power for        in the 6th century BC, that the great traditions of Greek
     most of the fifth and early fourth century.   science and philosophy sparked into life that would change
     This book examines the attempts by           the world forever. This is the extraordinary story of Greek
     Athenian writers – Xenophon, Plato and       science from its earliest beginnings through its development
     others – to apply Spartan principles to      in classical Athens and Hellenistic Alexandria and its subse-
     reformed or ideal states.                    quent diffusion to the wider world.
     280 PAGES 216 X 136MM APRIL 2018
                                                  256 PAGES 226 X 155MM MARCH 2018
     9781910589632 HARDBACK £65.00
                                                  9781788312455 PAPERBACK £12.99 / $15.95
     e ebook available                            e ebook available

                                                                    THE HERO CULTS OF
      ANCIENT GREECE AND NEW                                        SPARTA               NEW

      AMERICAN CONSERVATISM                                         Religion and Private Worship
                                                                    in a Greek Polis
      Classical Influence                                           Nicolette Pavlides
      on the Modern Right                                           University College Cork, Ireland

      John Bloxham
      University of Nottingham
      US conservatives have repeatedly
      turned to classical Greece for inspi-
      ration and rhetorical power. Using
      Plato to defend moral absolutism,
      Aristotle as a means to develop a
      uniquely conservative social science;
      and Thucydides to justify a more
      assertive foreign policy. By tracing
      this phenomenon and analysing
      examples of selectivity, subversion
      and adaptation within their broader
      social and political contexts, John
      Bloxham here employs classical                                Nicolette Pavlides here capitalizes on
      thought as a prism through which                              the hero cults phenomenon to explore
      to explore competing strands in                               this unique religious practices of citizens
      American conservatism. Bloxham                                in ancient Sparta and, in the process,
      illuminates the varied and diverse                            challenge numerous common scholarly
      ways that Greek thought has rein-                             misconceptions surrounding their habits
                                                                    of worship.
      forced and invigorated conservatism.
                                                                    320 PAGES 216 X 138MM NOVEMBER 2018
      288 PAGES 216 X 138MM APRIL 2018                              9781788313001 HARDBACK £69.00 / $110.00
      9781788311540 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00                        LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES
      e ebook available                                             e ebook available


GREECE & ROME                       THE HORSE IN THE                 ART & ARCHITECTURE
                                    ANCIENT WORLD
                                    From Bucephalus to the
   ANCIENT                          Hippodrome                             SYRACUSE, CITY OF
   GEOGRAPHY                        Carolyn Willekes                       LEGENDS
   The Discovery of the             288 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2016             A Glory of Sicily
   World in Classical               9781784533663 HARDBACK £64.00
                                    / $99.00                               Jeremy Dummett
   Greece and Rome                  LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES
                                                                           272 PAGES 234 X 156MM 2016
   Duane W. Roller                                                         9781784533069 PAPERBACK £12.99
   Ohio State University                                                   / $19.50

   304 PAGES 216 X 138MM APRIL
   9781784539078 PAPERBACK £17.99
   / $29.50

                                    APPIAN’S ROMAN
                                    Empire and Civil War
   YOU WIN OR YOU DIE                                                         MASTER OF ATTIC
                                    Kathryn Welch (Ed)                        BLACK-FIGURE
   The Ancient World of
   Game of Thrones
                                    330 PAGES 234 X 156MM 2015
                                    9781910589007 HARDBACK £69.00
   Ayelet Haimson Lushkov           THE CLASSICAL PRESS OF WALES              The Art and Legacy
                                                                              of Exekias
   University of Texas at Austin
   256 PAGES 198 X 129MM APRIL
                                                                              Elizabeth Moignard
   2017                                                                       University of Glasgow
   9781784536992 PAPERBACK £12.99
                                                                              200 PAGES 246 X 189MM 2015
   / $15.95
                                                                              9781780761411 HARDBACK
                                                                              £75.00 / $120.00
                                                                              LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES

                                    ARISTOCRACY IN
                                    Redefining Greek and                       THE SACRED
    A DICTIONARY OF                 Roman Elites
    CLASSICAL GREEK                                                            ARCHITECTURE OF
                                    Nick Fisher and Hans                       BYZANTIUM
    QUOTATIONS                      van Wees (Eds)
    Marinos Yeroulanos                                                         Art, Liturgy and
                                    400 PAGES 234 X 156MM 2015
    (Ed)                            9781910589014 HARDBACK £75.00
                                                                               Symbolism in Early
    Foreword by Oliver              THE CLASSICAL PRESS OF WALES               Christian Churches
                                                                               Nicholas N. Patricios
    920 PAGES 246 X 171MM 2016                                                 University of Miami
    9781784534929 HARDBACK                                                    512 PAGES 246 X 185MM 2014
    £35.00 / $55.00                                                           9781780762913 HARDBACK
                                                                              £45.00 / $75.00
                                                                              LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL
                                    KING AND COURT IN                         STUDIES, VOL. 4

                                    ANCIENT MACEDONIA
                                    Rivalry, Treason and
   AFRICAN AMERICANS                Conspiracy                           LITERATURE
   AND THE CLASSICS                 Elizabeth Carney
   Antiquity, Abolition and         400 PAGES 234 X 156MM 2015
   Activism                         9781905125982 HARDBACK £75.00          HUMAN AND ANIMAL
   Margaret Malamud
                                    THE CLASSICAL PRESS OF WALES
                                                                           IN ANCIENT GREECE
   New Mexico State University                                             Empathy and Encounter
   304 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2016
                                                                           in Classical Literature
   9781784534950 HARDBACK £64.00                                           Tua Korhonen and Erika
   / $99.00
                                                                           University of Helsinki
                                    SHIPS AND SILVER,                      272 PAGES 216 X 138MM MARCH
                                    TAXES AND TRIBUTE                      2017
                                                                           9781784537616 HARDBACK £62.00
                                    A Fiscal History of                    / $99.00
                                    Archaic Athens                         LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES

   PRIAM’S GOLD                     Hans van Wees
   Schliemann and the               University College London
   Lost Treasures of Troy           224 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2015
   Caroline Moorehead               9781784534325 PAPERBACK £16.99         THE LAST TROJAN
   Royal Society of Literature
                                    / $25.00
   320 PAGES 198 X 129MM 2016                                              A Cultural History of
   9781784534875 PAPERBACK £11.99                                          Virgil’s Aeneid
   / $19.00
   TAURIS PARKE PAPERBACKS                                                 Philip Hardie
                                                                           University of Cambridge
                                                                           264 PAGES 234 X 156MM 2015
                                                                           9781784534837 PAPERBACK £14.99
                                                                           / $24.50


                     THE SPELL OF                                          PHILOSOPHY                                            LATE ANTIQUITY
                     Sleep and Sleeplessness
                     in Ancient Greek
                                                                                MILITARY LEADERS                                     LOST CAPITAL OF
                     Literature                                                 AND SACRED SPACE                                     BYZANTIUM
                     Silvia Montiglio
                                                                                IN CLASSICAL GREEK                                   The History of Mistra
                                                                                WARFARE                                              and the Peloponnese
                     Johns Hopkins University
                                                                                Temples, Sanctuaries                                 Steven Runciman, New
                     336 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2015
                     9781784533519 HARDBACK £69.00
                                                                                and Conflict in Antiquity                            Foreword by John Freely
                     / $110.00                                                  Sonya Nevin                                          152 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2016
                     LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES                                                                                    9781845118952 PAPERBACK £9.99
                                                                                University of Roehampton                             TAURIS PARKE PAPERBACKS
                                                                                320 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2016
                                                                                9781784532857 HARDBACK £64.00
                                                                                / $99.00
                                                                                LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES
                     THE RETURN OF                                                                                                       THE CHURCH OF
                     ULYSSES                                                    THE LAWS OF SOLON                                        THE EAST
                     A Cultural History of                                                                                               An Illustrated
                                                                                A New Edition with
                     Homer’s Odyssey                                                                                                     History of Assyrian
                                                                                Introduction, Translation
                     Edith Hall                                                 and Commentary                                           Christianity
                     King’s College London                                      DF Leão and PJ Rhodes                                    Christoph Baumer
                     304 PAGES 234 X 156MM 2012                                                                                          352 PAGES 289 X 237MM 2016
                                                                                224 PAGES 234 X 156MM 2016
                     9781780762357 PAPERBACK £14.99                                                                                      9781784536831 HARDBACK
                                                                                9781784536688 PAPERBACK £25.00
                                                                                                                                         £29.00 / $55.00
                                                                                / $45.00
                                                                                LIBRARY OF CLASSICAL STUDIES

                        REFERENCE WORKS BY WILLIAM SMITH
                      DICTIONARY OF CHRISTIAN ANTIQUITIES                                       NEW
                      William Smith and Samuel Cheetham
                      Introduction by Michael Ledger-Lomas, King’s College London
                      A Dictionary of Christian Antiquities provides a detailed and comprehensive account of all aspects of the early Christian Church.
                      Remarkable in their range and depth of scholarship, the volumes cover the organization and history of the church, its legisla-
12                    tion and revenues; church worship and ceremonial; music, vestments, objects and insignia; sacred places and symbolism; saints
                      and ecclesiastical figures; church architecture; church art; graves, catacombs and tombs; and the religious calendar. With a new
                      introduction by leading authority on the history of Christianity, these impressive volumes form a unique and valuable resource.
                      2 VOLS: 1096, 1008 PAGES 244 X 172MM FEBRUARY 2018
                      9781780768038 HARDBACK £325.00 / $495.00

                                          A DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE
                                          Antiquities, Biography, Geography and Natural History
                                          William Smith Introduction by Michael Ledger-Lomas, King’s College London
                                          A Dictionary of the Bible provides a truly comprehensive companion to the Bible. 5,000 entries and more than
                                          3,000 pages offer detailed authoritative accounts of the people, places, cities, customs, plants and animals in
                                          the Bible. Entries provide a wealth of historical, cultural and etymological insight. The dictionary contains a
                                          complete listing of every name in the Bible and entries are cross-referenced to passages in the Bible.
                                          5 VOLS: 976, 936, 1016, 864 PAGES 244 X 172MM 2016
                                          9781780768052 HARDBACK £475.00 / $750.00

                         AN ATLAS OF ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY,                              A DICTIONARY OF GREEK AND ROMAN GEOGRAPHY
                         BIBLICAL AND CLASSICAL                                      William Smith (Ed)
                         Maps of the Ancient World                                   2 VOLS 1128 & 1392 PAGES 246 X 189MM
                                                                                     9781845110017 HARDBACK £415.00 / $775.00
                         William Smith
                         Introduction by Richard Talbert,
                         University of North Carolina                                SMITH’S COMPLETE CLASSICAL DICTIONARIES
                         240 PAGES 495 X 319MM MARCH 2013                            The Biography, Mythology, Culture and Geography of
                         9781848853522 HARDBACK £295.00 / $490.00                    Ancient Greece and Rome
                                                                                     William Smith (Ed)
      A DICTIONARY OF GREEK AND ROMAN BIOGRAPHY                                      7 VOLS 8376 PAGES 246 X 189MM

      AND MYTHOLOGY                                                                  9781845119928 HARDBACK £895.00 / $1795.00

      William Smith (Ed)
      3 VOLS 1120, 1232 & 1416 PAGES 246 X 189MM
      9781845110024 HARDBACK £499.00 / $990.00

      W. Smith, W. Wayte and G. Marandin (Eds)
      2 VOLS 1080 & 1080 PAGES 246 X 189MM
      9781845110000 HARDBACK £341.50 / $675.00


          THE MINOANS                      NEW

          John Bennet
          University of Sheffield
           The Minoans have long tantalized all those who have tried to understand this most enigmatic people of the ancient
           world and the riddles to which their mysterious culture gives rise. What is contained in their earliest writing script,
           the still un-deciphered Linear A? Did their likely extinction by volcanic eruption shape the Atlantis legend? Why was
           their religion so thoroughly matriarchal? What was the purpose of their great palaces at Knossos, Phaestos and Malia?
           The archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans controversially ‘rediscovered’ and then restored the Minoan civilization in the
           early twentieth century, tying it to King Minos, builder of the famous labyrinth and keeper of the legendary Minotaur.
           In this lucid and absorbing new history of Crete from the 9th millennium BCE to 1000 BCE, John Bennet expertly
           draws on the latest archaeological and textual discoveries to separate fact from imagination, history from myth.
           288 PAGES 216 X 138MM SEPTEMBER 2018
           9781780763255 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00
           9781780763262 PAPERBACK £10.99 / $17.95
           e ebook available

          A SHORT HISTORY OF                                                               A SHORT HISTORY OF

          THE ETRUSCANS                            NEW                                     BABYLON               NEW

          Corinna Riva                                                                     Karen Radner
          University College London                                                        Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
          256 PAGES 216 X 138MM SEPTEMBER 2018                                             256 PAGES 216 X 138MM SEPTEMBER 2018
          9781780766164 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00                                           9781788310345 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00
          9781780766157 PAPERBACK £10.99 / $17.95                                          9781788310352 PAPERBACK £10.99 / $17.95
          e ebook available                                                                e ebook available

         A SHORT HISTORY OF                                                               A SHORT HISTORY OF

         ANCIENT CHINA                        NEW                                         NEW KINGDOM
         Edward L. Shaughnessy                                                            EGYPT            NEW
         256 PAGES 216 X 138MM SEPTEMBER 2018
         9781784533489 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00                                           Robert Morkot                              13
         9781784533496 PAPERBACK £10.99 / $17.95                                          University of Exeter
         e ebook available
                                                                                          256 PAGES 216 X 138MM SEPTEMBER 2018
                                                                                          9781780764733 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00
                                                                                          9781780764740 PAPERBACK £10.99 / $17.95
                                                                                          e ebook available

A SHORT HISTORY OF                                                                A SHORT HISTORY OF
THE PHOENICIANS                                                                   THE NEW TESTAMENT
Mark Woolmer                                                                      Halvor Moxnes
Durham University                                                                 University of Oslo
256 PAGES 216 X 138MM MAY 2017                                                    256 PAGES 216 X 138MM OCTOBER 2014
9781780766171 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00                                            9781780766072 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00
9781780766188 PAPERBACK £10.99 / $17.95                                           9781780766089 PAPERBACK £10.99 / $17.95

A SHORT HISTORY OF                                                                A SHORT HISTORY OF
THE BYZANTINE EMPIRE                                                              ANCIENT GREECE
Dionysios Stathakopoulos                                                          P.J. Rhodes
King’s College London                                                             Durham University
256 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2015                                                        256 PAGES 216 X 138MM SEPTEMBER 2014
9781780761930 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00                                            9781780765938 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00
9781780761947 PAPERBACK £10.99 / $17.95                                           9781780765945 PAPERBACK £10.99 / $17.95

                                                                                             THE RELIGIOUS NILE                               NEW

                              River of History                                               Water, Ritual and Society Since Ancient
                              Terje Tvedt
                              University of Bergen
                                                                                             Terje Oestigaard
                                                                                             Uppsala University, Sweden
                                                                                             The Nile is arguably the most famous river in the world. For
                                                                                             millennia, the search for its source defeated emperors and
                                                                                             explorers. Yet the search for its source also contained a religious
                                                                                             quest – a search for the origin of its divine and life-giving waters.
                                                                                             Terje Oestigaard reveals how the beliefs associated with the
                                                                                             river have played a key role in the cultural development and
                                                                                             make-up of the societies and civilizations associated with it.
     400 PAGES 244 X 172MM OCTOBER 2018                                                      460 PAGES 234 X 156MM FEBRUARY 2018
     9781784531485 HARDBACK £45.00 / $69.00                                                  9781784539788 HARDBACK £69.00 / $110.00
     e ebook available                                                                       e ebook available

                                           ABUSIR              NEW
                                           The Necropolis of the Sons of the Sun                                                            The Human
                                           Miroslav Verner                                                                                  Environment
                                           Long overshadowed by the more familiar pyramids at Giza                                          Approach
                                           and Saqqara, this area has nonetheless been the site, for the                                    Carlos
                                           last fifty years, of an extensive operation to discover its past.
                                           This thoroughly updated in-depth study documents the un-                                         Cordova
                                           covering of a hitherto neglected wealth of ancient remains
                                           dating from the Old Kingdom to the Late Period. This is
                                           Abusir, realm of Osiris, God of the dead, and its story is one
                                           of both modern archaeology and the long-buried mysteries
                                           that it seeks to uncover.
                                           448 PAGES 230 X 150 MM AUGUST 2017
                                           9789774167904 HARDBACK £45.00                                          336 PAGES 244 X 172MM NOVEMBER 2018
                                           THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO PRESS                                 9781788313018 HARDBACK £75.00 / $120.00
                                           e ebook available                                                      ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY AND GLOBAL CHANGE
                                                                                                                  e ebook available
                                                                                                                    THE GREAT BELZONI
        ARISTOCRATS AND                                                     NEW                                     The Circus Strongman who
        ARCHAEOLOGISTS                                                                                              Discovered Egypt’s Ancient
                                                                                                                    Treasures NEW IN PAPERBACK
        An Edwardian                                                                                                Stanley Mayes
        Journey on the Nile
        Toby Wilkinson and
        Julian Platt
        A collection of treasured letters
        bring to life a lost world of Edwardian
        travel, of Egypt on the brink of the
        modern age, of the great figures of
        Egyptology. In 1907/08 Ferdinand
        Platt travelled as personal physician
        to the ailing 8th Duke of Devon-
        shire, recounting his adventure
        in letters home. Throughout the
        journey Ferdinand reported the
        people he met (including Howard
        Carter and Winston Churchill) and                                                                           The truly extraordinary life story of
        recorded his intimate observations                                                                          Giovanni Belzoni – engineer, barber, monk,
        of a formal and stratified society,                                                                          actor and circus strongman (where he
                                                                                                                    earned his title, ‘The Great Belzoni’), who
        soon to be witness to its own ex-
                                                                                                                    became one of the giants of 19th century
        tinction. Introduced by Egyptologist                                                                        Egyptian archaeology. Giovanni Battista
        Toby Wilkinson, the letters open                                                                            Belzoni is perhaps the most important
        an intriguing window onto travel in                                                                         and yet least remembered explorer and
        Egypt during the Belle Epoque and the golden age of Egyptology.                                             archaeologist of the last 200 years.
        216 PAGES 220 X 160MM NOVEMBER 2017                                                                         360 PAGES 198 X 129MM OCTOBER 2017
        9789774168451 HARDBACK £24.95                                                                               9781845113339 PAPERBACK £11.99 / $21.00
        THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO PRESS                                                                      TAURIS PARKE PAPERBACKS
        e ebook available                                                                                            e ebook available


Ancient Jewelry from Sudan                         WONDERFUL
and Egypt
Peter Lacovara and Yvonne                          THINGS NEW
J. Markowitz Emory University                      A History of
                                                   Egyptology: Vol. 3:
                                                   From 1914 to the
                                                   Twenty-first Century
                                                   Jason Thompson
                                                   The discovery of ancient Egypt and
                                                   the development of Egyptology
                                                   are momentous events in intellec-
                                                   tual and cultural history. The history
                                                   of Egyptology is the story of the
                                                   people, who constructed the picture
                                                   of ancient Egypt that we have today,
The fabled land of Nubia, whose very               recovered the Egyptian past while
name means ‘gold’ was famous in ancient
times for its supplies of precious metal,          inventing it anew, and made a lost
exotic material and intricate craftsman-           civilization comprehensible to gen-
ship. Although these unique treasures are          erations of enchanted readers and
among the most stunning to have survived           viewers thousands of years later.This,
from antiquity, they remain little known.          the third of a three-volume history of Egyptology, follows the progress of
Richly illustrated with beautiful pho-             the discipline from the trauma of the First World War, through into Egyptol-
tographs, many of them never before
published, Nubian Gold also places the             ogy’s new horizons at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Wonderful
jewellery within the cultural contexts in          Things affirms that the history of ancient Egypt has proved continually fasci-
which it was manufactured and employed.            nating, but it also demonstrates that the history of Egyptology is no less so.
                                                   448 PAGES 230 X 150 MM MARCH 2018
224 PAGES 250 X 250MM MARCH 2018                   9789774167607 HARDBACK £24.95
9789774167829 HARDBACK £39.95                      THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO PRESS
THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO PRESS             e ebook available
e ebook available
                  PROTECTING                                        THE EARLY COPTIC                          WONDERFUL THINGS
                  PHARAOH’S                                         PAPACY: THE                               A History of Egyptology:
                  TREASURES                                         EGYPTIAN CHURCH                           2: The Golden Age:
                  My Life in Egyptology                             AND ITS LEADERSHIP                        1881–1914
                  Wafaa El Saddik. With                             IN LATE ANTIQUITY                         Jason Thompson
                  Rüdiger Heimlich.                                 The Popes of Egypt,                       388 PAGES 230 X 150MM 2016

                  Translated by Russell Stockman                    Volume 1                                  9789774166921 HARDBACK £24.95
                                                                                                              THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN
                  248 PAGES 230 X 150MM 2017                        Stephen J. Davis                          CAIRO PRESS
                  9789774168253 HARDBACK £19.95                     272 PAGES 230 X 150MM 2017
                  THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN                        9789774168345 PAPERBACK £20.00
                  CAIRO PRESS                                       THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN
                                                                    CAIRO PRESS
                                                                                                              WONDERFUL THINGS
                     RESURRECTION IN                                                                          A History of Egyptology:
                     ALEXANDRIA                                     TOMBS OF THE                              1: From Antiquity to 1881
                     The Painted Greco-                             SOUTH ASASIF                              Jason Thompson
                     Roman Tombs of                                 NECROPOLIS                                376 PAGES 230 X 150MM 2015
                     Kom al-Shuqafa                                 [VOLUME 2]                                9789774165993 HARDBACK £24.95
                     Anne-Marie Guimier-                            New Discoveries and                       THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN
                                                                                                              CAIRO PRESS
                     Sorbets, André Pelle                           Research 2012–2014
                     & Mervat Seif el-Din                           Elena Pischikova (Ed)
                     Translated by Colin Clement                    400 PAGES 240 X 170MM 2017
                     176 PAGES 240 X 240MM 2017                     9789774167249 HARDBACK £49.50
                     9789774168291 HARDBACK                         THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN
                     £35.00                                         CAIRO PRESS                                  THE TOMB CHAPEL
                     THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN
                     CAIRO PRESS
                                                                                                                 OF MENNA
                                                                                                                 The Art, Culture and
                                                                    THE TOMB-BUILDERS                            Science of Painting in
                  DEATH AND BURIAL                                  OF THE PHARAOHS                              an Egyptian Tomb
                  IN ANCIENT EGYPT                                  Morris Bierbrier                             Melinda Hartwig (Ed)
                  Salima Ikram                                      160 PAGES 230 X 150MM 2016                   Georgia State University,
                  252 PAGES 230 X 150MM 2015                        9789774167461 PAPERBACK £12.99               Atlanta
                  9789774166877 PAPERBACK £14.95                    THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN
                                                                                                                 232 PAGES 300 X 250MM 2013
                                                                    CAIRO PRESS
                                                                                                                 9789774165863 HARDBACK
                                                                                                                 134 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS
                                                                                                                 THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN
                                                                                                                 CAIRO PRESS

                       DIVINE CREATURES                                       GODS AND MYTHS                                      ANCIENT EGYPT
                       Animal Mummies in                                      OF ANCIENT EGYPT                                    INVESTIGATED
                       Ancient Egypt                                          Robert A. Armour                                    101 Important Questions
                       Edited by Salima Ikram                                 Virginia Commonwealth                               and Intriguing Answers
                       American University in Cairo                           University                                          Thomas Schneider
                       296 PAGES 240 X 170MM 2016                             224 PAGES 230 X 150MM 2016                          University of British Columbia
                       9789774166969 PAPERBACK £16.95                         9789774167485 PAPERBACK £12.99
                                                                              THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN                          296 PAGES 216 X 135MM 2013
                                                                              CAIRO PRESS                                         9781780762302 HARDBACK £18.99

                       FROM BYZANTINE TO                                      MONARCHS OF THE                                     CONTESTING
                       ISLAMIC EGYPT                                          NILE                                                ANTIQUITY IN EGYPT
                       Religion, Identity and
                                                                              New Revised Edition                                 Archaeologies,
                       Politics after the Arab
                                                                              Aidan Dodson                                        Museums, and the
                       Conquest                                                                                                   Struggle for Identities
                       Maged S. A. Mikhail                                    248 PAGES 230 X 150MM 2016
                                                                              9789774167164 PAPERBACK £16.95
                                                                                                                                  from World War I to
                       California State University,                           THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN                          Nasser
                       Fullerton                                              CAIRO PRESS
                                                                                                                                  Donald Malcolm Reid
                      448 PAGES 216 X 138MM 2016                                                                                  452 PAGES 230 X 150MM 2015
                      9781784534813 PAPERBACK £16.99                                                                              9789774166891 HARDBACK £39.95
                      / $28.00                                                                                                    THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN
                                                                                                                                  CAIRO PRESS

                            DISCOVERING                                           SCANNING THE
                            TUTANKHAMUN                                           PHARAOHS                                        ANTIQUITY IMAGINED
                            From Howard Carter                                    CT Imaging of the                               The Remarkable
                            to DNA                                                New Kingdom Royal                               Legacy of Egypt and
                                                                                  Mummies                                         the Ancient Near East
                            Zahi Hawass
                                                                                  Zahi Hawass and                                 Robin Derricourt
                            Foreword by Jaromir Malek
                                                                                  Sahar N. Saleem
                            264 PAGES 280 X 220MM 2013                                                                            304 PAGES 226 X 155MM 2015
                            9789774166372 PAPERBACK                               Cairo University                                9781784532758 HARDBACK £25.00
                            £29.95                                                336 PAGES 240 X 190MM 2016                      / $40.00
                            160 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS                              9789774166730 HARDBACK
                            THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN                            £40.00
                            CAIRO PRESS*                                          THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN
                                                                                  CAIRO PRESS

                                         THE HISTORY OF CENTRAL ASIA                            NEW

                                         The Age of Decline and Revival (Vol 4)
                                         Christoph Baumer
                                         For many years, Central Asia was the heartland of the mightiest military power on the planet. But after the
                                         fragmentation of the Mongol polity, the region began to decline. During the nineteenth century, the former
                                         territories of the great khans were overrun by Tsarist Russia. In the last volume of his acclaimed quartet,
                                         Christoph Baumer shows how China and Russia became the masters of their previous rulers. He suggests that,
                                         as traditional trade routes declined, it was the cold war between Imperial Russia and Great Britain which brought
                                         Central Asia back into play as a region of strategic importance.This epic history concludes with an assessment of
                                         the transition to independence of the Central Asian states and their struggle to contain radical Islamism.
                                         352 PAGES 289 X 237 MM MAY 2018
                                         9781788310499 HARDBACK £30.00 / $39.50
                                         e ebook available

                                                          ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE SERIES:

      THE HISTORY OF CENTRAL                               THE HISTORY OF CENTRAL                              THE HISTORY OF CENTRAL
      ASIA                                                 ASIA                                                ASIA
                               The Age of                                           The Age of                                          The Age of
                               Islam and                                            the Silk Roads                                      the Steppe
                               the Mongols                                          (Volume 2)                                          Warriors
                               (Volume 3)                                           Christoph                                           (Volume 1)
                               Christoph                                            Baumer                                              Christoph
                               Baumer                                                                                                   Baumer

      392 PAGES 289 X 237 MM MAY 2016                      408 PAGES 289 X 237 MM AUGUST 2015                  384 PAGES 289 X 237 MM 2014
      9781784534905 HARDBACK £30.00 / $45.00               9781780768328 HARDBACK £30.00 / $45.00              9781780760605 HARDBACK £30.00 / $45.00
      e ebook available                                    e ebook available                                   e ebook available


                         Russia, Turkey
                         and the
                         Archaeological          FROM THE
                         Claim to the
                         Middle East             OXUS NEW
                         in the 19th             The Art and
                         Pinar Ure
                                                 Civilization of
                                                 Central Asia
                                                 Massimo Vidale
272 PAGES 216 X 138MM MAY 2018
9781788310123 HARDBACK £59.00 / $95.00
                                                 University of Padua
e ebook available                                The great river civilization of the
                                                 Oxus is one of the forgotten jewels
                                                 of the ancient world. Histori-
 THE EASTERN                                     cally, this grand arterial 1500-mile
 FRONTIER                NEW
                                                 waterway was central to many
                                                 empires and a succession of skilled,
 Limits of Empire in Late                        yet still elusive, Bronze Age cultures
 Antique and Early Medieval                      flourished here well before the 6th
 Central Asia                                    century BCE. This richly illustrat-
 Robert Haug University of Cincinnati            ed book explores the fascinating history, art and archaeology of the region,
                                                 including its primal trade in silk and foodstuffs; the mineral wealth of the Oxus
                                                 basin; its exotic myths and beliefs; and the converging tribes and peoples which
                                                 led to a new stability, economic growth and urbanism. The volume contains
                                                 150 full-colour photographs of notable artefacts, including 25 ‘Bactrian Prin-
                                                 cesses’: remarkable statuettes made in chlorite and limestone. Most of these
                                                 rare objects have never been seen before.
                                                 240 PAGES 289 X 237MM JUNE 2017
                                                 9781784537722 HARDBACK £30.00 / $45.00
                                                 e ebook available
                                               THE RUINS OF PALMYRA                                  THE RUINS OF BALBEC
                                               NEW                                                   NEW

                                                                        Otherwise                                             Heliopolis in
                                                                        Tedmor in the                                         CoeloSyria
                                                                        Desart                                                Robert Wood
                                                                        Robert Wood
 Transoxania, Khurasan, and Tukharistan,
 which comprise large parts of today’s
 Central Asia, have often been portrayed on
 the margins of empires. Here, Huag argues
 for a pre-modern and discrete identity, a
 region that is not just the far-flung corner
 of empires, but its own historical entity.
 352 PAGES 216 X 138MM MAY 2018                304 PAGES 246 X 189MM MAY 2018                        224 PAGES 246 X 189MM OCTOBER 2018
 9781788310031 HARDBACK £75.00 / $120.00       9781788311847 HARDBACK £150.00 / $195.00              9781788312172 HARDBACK £150.00 / $195.00
                                               e ebook available                                     e ebook available
 e ebook available

THE CITY OF BALKH                                                                   THE ARMENIAN-BYZANTINE
                                                                                    FRONTIER                NEW
                         The History and
                         Culture of a                                               The Cultural Politics of Empire in the
                         Great Islamic                                              Medieval World
                         Capital                                                    Anna Linden Weller Uppsala University
                         Edmund Herzig,                                             The tenth-century Byzantine expansion into eastern
                                                                                    Anatolia was a challenge both to the imperial conquerors
                         Arezou Azad,                                               and their subjects. Drawing on various historical texts, Anna
                         Philippe Marquis                                           Linden Weller demonstrates how a variety of actors created
                         and Paul                                                   authoritative claims of universal empire. Across several case
                         Wordsworth (Eds)                                           studies, Weller applies the methodologies of narratology
                                                                                    and network theory to form a nuanced exploration of the
                                                                                    cultural capabilities and limitations of medieval empires.
368 PAGES 246 X 189MM JULY 2018
9781784538170 HARDBACK £75.00 / $120.00                                             256 PAGES 216 X 138MM AUGUST 2018
LIBRARY OF MIDDLE EAST HISTORY                                                      9781788310284 HARDBACK £59.00 / $95.00
e ebook available                                                                   e ebook available

     ANCIENT IRAN NEW                                                                          THE PERSIAN ALEXANDER
                              Commodities                                                      The First Complete English Translation of
                              and Cultural                                                     the Iskandarnama NEW
                              Exchange                                                         Evangelos Venetis (Trans.)
                              from 1000 BC                                                     Society for Hellenic-Iranian Studies in Athens
                              to Medieval                                                      The first Iskandarnama, or ‘The Book of Alexander’, is the
                              Times                                                            oldest prose version of the Alexander romance in the
                              Berthold                                                         Persian tradition. This new English translation is the first
                                                                                               to be presented unabridged and sheds fresh light onto this
                              Laufer                                                           vital document. Evangelos Venetis, the translator, also offers
                              Introduction by Brian                                            a textual analysis, providing much-needed context and ex-
                              Spooner                                                          planations on both content and subsequent reception.
     480 PAGES 234 X 156MM SEPTEMBER 2017                                                      544 PAGES 244 X 172MM SEPTEMBER 2017
     9781784532017 HARDBACK £75.00 / $120.00                                                   9781784538798 HARDBACK £75.00 / $120.00
     e ebook available                                                                         INTERNATIONAL LIBRARY OF IRANIAN STUDIES
                                                                                                e ebook available

                                                                                                                MONUMENTS OF JORDAN
                                           GOD      A New Biography NEW                                          NEW
                                           Philip C. Almond University of Queensland
                                                                                                                                           An Historical
                                           The story of God is the story of a paradox. Here, Philip                                        Guide
                                           Almond reveals that – whether in Judaism, Christianity or
                                           Islam – God is seen to be at once utterly beyond our world                                      Rami Khouri
                                           yet at the same earnestly desiring to be at one with it. The
                                           way this and other metaphysical tensions have been under-
                                           stood is, the author demonstrates, the key to unlocking the
                                           entire history of religion in the West. Expertly placing the
                                           narrative of divine presence within the wider history of
                                           ideas, Almond suggests that the notion of a deity has been
                                           the single greatest conundrum of medieval and modern civi-
                                           264 PAGES 216 X 135MM AUGUST 2018                                    400 PAGES A5 NOVEMBER 2018
                                           9781784537654 HARDBACK £20.00 / $29.50                               9781860644245 HARDBACK £35.00 /
                                           e ebook available                                                    e ebook available

                                                                                                                THE ART AND
        ALEXANDER THE GREAT IN                                                                                  ARCHAEOLOGY OF
        THE PERSIAN TRADITION                                                                                   ANCIENT PERSIA
                                                                                                                New Light on the Parthian and
        History, Myth and                                                                                       Sasanian Empires
        Legend in Medieval                                                                                      Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis, Robert
        Iran NEW                                                                                                Hillenbrand and Michael
        Haila Mantaghi                                                                                          Rogers (Eds) NEW IN PAPERBACK
        University of Münster
        Alexander the Great was trans-
        formed into a legend by all he met,
        leaving an enduring tradition of
        romances across the world. Aside
        from in Europe, the Alexander
        romance arguably had its greatest
        impact in the Persian language. Haila
        Manteghi here offers a complete
        survey of that deep tradition,
        ranging from analysis of classical
        Persian poetry to medieval Arabic
        historiography. She explores how
        the Greek work first entered the
                                                                                                                This book brings together an international
        Persian literary tradition and traces                                                                   panel to assess the state of knowledge of the
        the development of its influence,                                                                        Achaemenis, Parthian and Sasanian empires,
        before revealing the remarkable                                                                         to cover a range of subjects relating to the
        way in which Alexander became as                                                                        art and archaeology of Iran.
        central to the Persian tradition as any other hero or king.
        304 PAGES 216 X 138MM JANUARY 2018                                                                      208 PAGES 234 X 156MM DECEMBER 2017
        9781788310307 HARDBACK £64.00 / $99.00                                                                  9781788311328 PAPERBACK £30.00 / $45.00
        e ebook available                                                                                       e ebook available

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