Annual marketing plan - For photographers and photo studios

Annual marketing plan
For photographers and photo studios

   For professional photographers only 1
Annual marketing plan

With help of selected promotions you can significantly increase your turnover and get new customers. Those who have an intuition for the best suitable
promotion at the perfect point in time can even achieve a surprisingly unexpected success and become common talk. Unfortunately those promotions cannot be
looked up in guidebooks. If they were, they would be well-known and no sensational idea any more. Whenever planning a coup always try to combine funny
ideas with current, local events. And imagine you have a friend working at a local newspaper…

In the mid term, you already belong to the successful photo studios if your customers are offered regular promotions. These are basic marketing skills and don't
request much creativity but consistency and effort. Execute a new promotion every single month and draw a balance after each promotion. Has the promotion
been successful repeat it in the upcoming year. If the promotion hasn't met your expectations, replace it by a new one in the upcoming year. Thus, your
promotions will get better and better and your turnover will continuously increase.

There are different channels for communicating your promotions. The easiest and cheapest are: E-Mail to your customers, announcement on your website and
facebook page or (old-fashioned but effective) via postal letter or card.

On the following pages you will find seasonal and year-round promotion possibilities. Take those occasions in order to promote a certain product. You can
combine the promotions with a special price, but you don't have to. Another alternative is the addition of services and products. Best would be to start promoting
your photo studio the upcoming month. Additional ad materials will be available on

Good luck with your photo studio

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                For professional photographers only                                                                            2
Annual marketing plan

January                                               February
New Year                  Winter sales                Carnival                 Valentines Day                 Britain's Next Topmodel

   Redeem Christmas         Winter prices              Carnival clubs           Nude shooting                Be a star
    voucher now              freezing prices            Clowns photography       Couple photos                Sedcard
   Annual shooting          Big Sale                   Party/event              photo love story             Acrylic glass special
    subscription for         price reductions            documentation            Night shoot for lovers       Glamour-Shooting
    quarter shootings         20 % discount              Outfit promo             Valentines cards             Barbie-Shooting
   Pregnancy sub            Ice princess               Fairy tales              Red roses shooting           Make-over shooting
   Application special      Outdoor shooting in                                  First time – first love       with make-up artist
    few new job in the        snow                                                  shooting
    new year                                                                       b/w-Shooting with
                                                                                    retouch -red roses
                                                                                   Canvas-special


                For professional photographers only                                                         3
Annual marketing plan

March                                                April
Spring                    Eastern                    April Fool's Day         Start summer semester     Confirmation

   Outdoor shooting in      Special prices            Special prices          Student promotion        Angel photo promo
    a sea of blossom         Family photos/-party      Cube promotion          Photo for passport/      Thank you cards
   Trend make-up            Granny and Grandpa        Photo compositions       online platforms         Confirmation photo
    shooting                 Canvas photo special      Pop-Art                 Facebook-Day             Group photos
   Style shooting           Eastern cards                                                                Event photos
    Fashion 2013             Bunny shooting


               For professional photographers only                                                   4
Annual marketing plan

May                                                                                   June
May 1st                    Mother's Day                 Father's Day                  Children's Day                Whitsuntide

   Documentation of          Mummy is the best           Daddy is the best             Fairy/elves shooting        Family shooting
    May celebrations           shooting                     shooting                      Princesses                  Outdoor shooting
   Outdoor shooting          Mum/Dad and Baby            Large format promo            Dragons/pirates
   Traditional costumes      My parents                  Mum/Dad and Baby              What-I-wanna-be-
    shooting                  Mummys darling              My parents                     when- I´m-a-grown-up
                              Canvas photo special        Daddy and his car/hobby        shooting
                              Wellness day for mommy                                     Crazy-Youngster (Kids'
                              New interpretation of                                       make-up)
                               kids' photos


               For professional photographers only                                                               5
Annual marketing plan

                                July                                                           August                         September
Wedding                         Prom Night                       Summer sale                   Summer                         Start of school
Consider lead time!

    All-inclusive offers             Event photography            Alles muss raus              All-over summer tan            My first day at school
    Trash your Dress                 Couple/friends shooting      Hot photos - hot prices      Photo serieson the beach       Me and my godfather
    Engagement shooting              School photos                Hot fruits (nude)            Water splash shooting          Family shooting
    Boudoir shooting                 Prom night                   Summer-sun-happiness         Bikini shooting                My class mates
    Bachelor party                   Stay-friends photos          Price promos for photo       XXL photo prodcuts             What-I-wanna-be-
    Event photography                Graduation pranks             products                      special                         when- I´m-a-grown-up


                      For professional photographers only                                                                6
Annual marketing plan

October                                                                                November                        December
Start winter semester      Octoberfest                Halloween                        Autumn                          Christmas

   Students promo            Traditional costumes      Scary shooting                  Romance shooting                Family/group photos
   Photos for passport        shooting                  Anne Geddes Special             Close-nude                      Christmas gifts promo
    and online platforms      Event photography         Family hooting                  Homestory                       Large format special
   Friedns special           Dirndl special            Horror styling shooting         50s/60s/70s-special             Santa-Baby shooting
   Facebook-Day                                         Scary couple shooting           Pin-Up                          Nude shooting
                                                         Fairytale shooting              X-Mas early bird discount
                                                         Night shooting at witching
                                                         Black/white special


               For professional photographers only                                                                7
Annual marketing plan

Birthday                     Pets                           Birth                               Others

   Annual birthday sub            Me and my best friend       Pregnany belly                    Elderly day
   Kids birhtday in photo         Paw-Day                      documentation                     Facebook-Day
    studio                         Pets-Day                    Pregnancy bodypainting            Home-Story
    Kids theme party                                           Photo series on birth ward        Industry shooting
                                                                Baby pass – my first 6 years      Gays/lesbian
                                                                Daddy-child shooting              Fetish photos
                                                                                                   Markmen's festival
                                                                                                   Wine queen
                                                                                                   Night of witches
                                                                                                   Sex and the City
                                                                                                   Wild Wild West


               For professional photographers only                                                              8
Annual marketing plan


        For professional photographers only 9
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