Benefits Guide - Rutherford County, TN Open Enrollment begins October 15th and will end November 5th at noon

Benefits Guide - Rutherford County, TN Open Enrollment begins October 15th and will end November 5th at noon
Benefits Guide

 Open Enrollment begins
Action Required
 October 15th and will end
 November 5th at noon
Rutherford County, TN
Benefits Guide - Rutherford County, TN Open Enrollment begins October 15th and will end November 5th at noon

THINGS TO DO:                                                        WHAT’S NEW FOR 2019? (cont.)
    REVIEW benefits offered                                          MEDICAL
        • Medical
        • Dental
                                                                     COPAY PLAN
        • Vision
                                                                         • In‐network deductible is increasing to
        • Life Insurance
                                                                             $1,250\individual and $2.500\family.
        • Voluntary Benefits
                                                                         • Employer contribution is decreasing by 1%.
        • Short Term Disability
                                                                         • 1% Increase to total premium.
        • Flexible Spending Account / Dependent Care
                                                                     HRA PLAN
                                                                         • No changes to current plan design.
    REGISTER for an online account in the new ADP WorkForce
                                                                         • No change to the Employer contribution.
    Now benefits enrollment system (if not completed in
                                                                         • 8% Increase to total premium.
    September) at Instructions
    on how to register as a first‐time user are located in Section
    2 of this Benefits Guide.                                        DENTAL

    ENROLL/CHANGE/DROP benefits at                                   OPTION 1 Instructions on how to                 • Calendar year maximum is increasing to $1,500.
    Enroll/Change/Drop benefits are located in Section 2 of this         • Dental implants are included in coverage.
    Benefits Guide.                                                      • 4% Increase to total premium.

    PRINT AND SAVE the Benefit Summary for your records.             OPTION 1 BUY UP
                                                                         • No longer available to new enrollees.
    SUBMIT the Dependent Verification Information, if                    • Plan will remain available for one year for existing
    applicable.                                                              enrollees.
                                                                         • Plan will not be available as of January 1, 2020.
                                                                         • 4% Increase to total premium

                                                                     OPTION 2
WHAT’S NEW FOR 2019?                                                     • Calendar year maximum is increasing to $1,500.
                                                                         • Dental Implants are included in coverage.
                                                                         • 4% Increase to total premium.
                                                                     DENTAL HMO (DHMO) ‐ NEW PLAN
    • No longer available to new enrollees.                              • Review the DHMO information in this Benefit Guide
    • Those currently enrolled in the Deductible plan can                    in Section 1 for more details.
       remain enrolled in the plan.
    • Once an existing enrollee elects another medical               VISION
       insurance option, they cannot return to the                       •    No changes to plan design.
       Deductible Plan.                                                  •    6% Increase to total premium.
    • Employer contribution for Employee Only coverage
       reduced from 90% to 82%. All other insurance tiers            VOLUNTARY BENEFITS
       (EE+Spouse, EE+Child, and EE+Family) reduced to                   •    MetLife is replacing Unum for the Critical Illness and
       80% employer contribution.                                             Accident Policies. Refer to Section 1 of this Benefit
    • 16% Increase to total premium.                                          Guide for additional information.

Benefits Guide - Rutherford County, TN Open Enrollment begins October 15th and will end November 5th at noon

Benefits Guide - Rutherford County, TN Open Enrollment begins October 15th and will end November 5th at noon
Your Medical Coverage
Rutherford County offers a choice of medical plan options, the Copay
plan and the HRA plan, so you can choose the plan that best meets
your needs – and those of your family. Each plan includes
comprehensive health care benefits including free preventive care
services and coverage for prescription drugs.

Both Are Open Access Plus plans (OAPs) which center around a
network of providers and facilities that provide medical services at a
discount. These are known as in‐network providers.

Here are some key differences between the plans:
• The Copay plan covers office visits and certain other services at
    100% after you pay a copay (generally $30 or $50 per visit).
• The HRA plan offers lower payroll deductions and has a County‐
    funded account, in which the County contributes $750/single or
    $1,500/family, that you can use to pay for qualifying medical        PRESCRIPTION DRUG COVERAGE
    expenses that helps meet your deductible.                            Both medical options (HRA & Copay Plans) include coverage for
                                                                         prescription drugs. You have two ways to buy prescription
HOW DOES THE HEALTH REIMBURSEMENT ACCOUNT (HRA) WORK?                    drugs: at a retail pharmacy that is part of Cigna’s network or
The HRA is a medical plan. It is not a medical reimbursement plan, or    through mail order.
FSA, which allows you to contribute towards it.
                                                                         RETAIL PROGRAM
Here’s how the HRA works in four easy steps:                             For your short‐term medication needs, you can buy up to a
• The money in your HRA automatically pays for your eligible             30‐day supply at one of Cigna’s participating retail
    medical expenses, such as doctor visits and prescription drugs.      pharmacies. If you use a pharmacy that is not part of the
• You are responsible for 100% of eligible charges until the             Cigna network, you must pay for the prescription, then
    deductible is satisfied. Your County‐funded HRA can help offset      submit a claim for benefits up to the plan’s contracted
    these costs.                                                         amount.
• Once you meet your deductible the plan pays 90% of the cost of
    eligible medical services when you use in‐network providers; you     For maintenance medications that are taken regularly, you
    pay the other 10%. The family deductible and out‐of‐pocket           can choose to fill your prescription in a 90‐day supply at one
    maximum can be met by one or more family members.                    of the 90‐day retail pharmacies in the new pharmacy
• If the amount you have spent (including the deductible and your        network or through the Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy, as
    HRA money) reaches the out‐of‐pocket maximum the plan pays           noted below.
    100% for the rest of the year.
                                                                         If you choose to fill your maintenance medication at a retail
                                                                         location, please visit for a list of
                                                                         participating pharmacies. Remember, for the HRA Plan, all
                                                                         medications are paid out at retail cost during the medical
                                                                         deductible accumulation.

                                                                         MAIL ORDER PROGRAM
                                                                         The mail order program saves you money when you take
                                                                         medication for any ongoing or chronic condition. You can
                                                                         purchase up to a 90‐day supply and have your prescriptions
                                                                         shipped directly to your home. Visit or the
                                                                         mycigna app to get started.

Benefits Guide - Rutherford County, TN Open Enrollment begins October 15th and will end November 5th at noon
Medical Plan Comparison
                                                                   OAP Copay Plan                                                        HRA Plan
 Plan Provision
                                                         In‐Network                   Out‐of‐Network                   In‐Network                       Out‐of‐Network

 County Contribution to HRA
                                                                      (not applicable)                                                  $750/$1,500

 Annual Deductible                                                                                                   $2,000/$4,000                       $3,000/$6,000
                                                       $1,250/$2,500                  $2,000/$4,000
 (Individual/Family)                                                                                                Family Collective                    Family Collective

 Out‐of‐Pocket Maximum                                                                                              $5,000/$10,000                 $10,000/$20,000 Family
                                                       $4,000/$8,000            $8,000/ $16,000
 (Individual/Family)                                                                                                Family Collective                         Collective

 Lifetime Maximum                                                                                       Unlimited

 Preventive Care                                            100%                         Not Covered                       100%                              Not Covered

 Primary Physician Office Visit                     100% after $30 copay                   60%*                            90%*                                60%*

 Specialist Office Visit                            100% after $50 copay                   60%*                            90%*                                60%*

 Inpatient Hospital Services                                80%*                           60%*                            90%*                                60%*

 Outpatient Hospital Services                               80%*                           60%*                            90%*                                60%*

 Urgent Care                                                        100% after $60 copay                                                     90%*

 MedPoint Medical Clinics                                   100%                            N/A                            100%                                 N/A

 Chiropractic Care
                                                             80% after separate $150 deductible                                              90%*
 (26 visits per year)

 Emergency Room Care                                           100% after $300 per visit copay                                               90%*

 Prescription Drug Out‐of‐Pocket Max
                                                                      $1,250/$2,500                                            Included in Medical Maximum

 Retail Prescription Drugs                                                                                        Note: Prescriptions are paid at retail cost during the medical
                                                                                                                                   deductible accumulation.
 (30‐day supply)
       Generic                                                           $5 copay                                             70% after medical deductible
       Brand Preferred                                                  $30 copay                                             60% after medical deductible
       Brand Non‐preferred                                              $60 copay                                             50% after medical deductible

 Mail Order Prescription Drugs
 (90‐day supply)
      Generic                                                            $12 copay                                            75% after medical deductible
      Brand Preferred                                                    $75 copay                                            65% after medical deductible
      Brand Non‐preferred                                               $150 copay                                            55% after medical deductible

Note: This is a summary of your coverage only. Please refer to your summary plan description for the full scope of coverage. In‐network services are based on negotiated
charges; out‐of‐network services are based on reasonable and customary (R&C) charges.
*After deductible is satisfied.

Benefits Guide - Rutherford County, TN Open Enrollment begins October 15th and will end November 5th at noon
Affordable Patient‐Centered
Care is available to…
Active Employees, retirees, their spouses and dependents (age 3 and older)
who are enrolled in a Rutherford County medical plan are eligible for FREE
services offered by MedPoint.

PERSONABLE CARE                                                    LOCATIONS

The clinics are managed by Premise Health, an independent          MedPoint at Walter Hill
company, and staffed by highly qualified, board certified
                                                                   6309 Lebanon Pike
physicians and licensed nurse practitioners with expertise in
                                                                   Murfreesboro, TN 37129
the areas of primary care, family practice and women’s health.
                                                                   Mon 12p‐7p
Most services you receive from your primary care doctor are
                                                                   Tues 7a‐1p
available at the clinics, including:
                                                                   Wed 1p‐5p
                                                                   Thurs 7a‐12p
           Acute and chronic condition care
                                                                   Fri 7a‐5p: Closed 12p‐1p
           Lab services                                           Sat 7a‐12p
           Minor surgical procedures
           Immunizations and vaccinations                         MedPoint at Blackman Elementary
           Allergy management
           Sports physicals                                       588 Fortress Blvd.
           Minor complaints about pain/sprains/strains            Murfreesboro, TN 37128
           Annual preventive exams (men and women)                Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 7a‐6p
           Injections (allergy, hormones, etc.) even when they    Thurs 6:30a‐6:30p
            are prescribed by your primary care doctor             Sat 7a‐1p
           EKG’s
           Telemedicine Service                                   MedPoint at Stewarts Creek Elementary

MedPoint also stocks many generic medications to be                202 Red Hawk Pkwy.
dispensed at no cost to you when it is prescribed by a             Smyrna, TN 37167
MedPoint board‐certified physician or licensed nurse               Mon‐Fri 7a‐6p
practitioner.                                                      (Closed 12p‐1p for lunch)
                                                                   Scheduled appointments and Walk Ins seen 7a‐11a
WE ARE HERE FOR YOU                                                and 1p‐5p
MedPoint’s qualified staff can meet many of your medical
needs. To schedule an appointment, call 615‐904‐6770, email or visit our patient portal at          In addition to the three employer clinics available,                                                you can also visit all in‐network convenience care
                                                                   centers at no cost.

                                                                   Please visit to locate all in‐network

Benefits Guide - Rutherford County, TN Open Enrollment begins October 15th and will end November 5th at noon
                                                                                            You can download your existing
INNOVATION IS IN                                                                         health information from the current
                                                                                         patient portal anytime between now

THE WORKS!                                                                                and November 5, 2018. But, don’t
                                                                                          worry, after that date it will still be
                                                                                          available at MedPoint. If you have
                                                                                           more questions, or need help, be
MedPoint is undergoing a new electronic health record (EHR)
transformation and launching your new patient portal, My                                    sure to check out the frequently
Premise Health, on November 5, 2018.                                                       asked questions below or contact
My Premise Health will connect you with your healthcare
experience by providing convenient virtual visits, access to your
providers, health records, visit history, test results, and more. It is
a secure online and mobile tool that will put your health
information in your hands.
                                                                          Frequently Asked Questions about your new patient portal,
With My Premise Health you will be able to:
                                                                          My Premise Health:
     Conduct Virtual Visits
     View your health record
                                                                          Do I have to create a new login for My Premise Health?
     Book and manage appointments
                                                                          Yes. Effective 12:00 a.m. CST, November 5, 2018, you will
     View your immunization history and health reminders                 have to create a new login to access My Premise Health.
     Review lab results
     Request medication refills                                          How do I complete sign up for My Premise Health?
     Message your providers and care team                                My Premise Health is offered only to users who are 18 years
     Complete forms and eCheck‐In                                        of age or older and reside in the United States. Effective
                                                                          November 5, 2018, you can call or visit the center to receive a
Stay tuned for more details on how to register for My Premise             personalized link via email or text that allows you to register.
Health after November 5, 2018. Thank you for your patience                You also have the option of emailing
during this transition!                                         , or registering
                                                                          at the time of your visit by using the welcome tablet.

                                                                          Is there an app for My Premise Health?
                                                                          Yes. You can download the My Premise Health app from the
                                                                          App Store or Get it on Google Play. You must first register
                                                                          (using your legal name) for a new My Premise Health account
                                                                          via the website on a desktop, laptop or mobile browser, and
                                                                          then you can download and log in to the mobile app using
                                                                          that same login created via the website.

Benefits Guide - Rutherford County, TN Open Enrollment begins October 15th and will end November 5th at noon
Frequently Asked Questions (Continued)

What is My Premise Health?                                            Will my future appointments be visible in the new EHR and
My Premise Health is your new patient portal. It is a secure online   the new portal?
and mobile tool that puts your health information in your hands.      Any future appointments will be handled with an appointment
My Premise Health connects you with your healthcare experience        conversion effort. All appointments will show up for any
by providing convenient access to book and manage                     patients who have a My Premise Health account. Please note
appointments, message your providers, conduct virtual visits, view    that at this time you may only schedule appointments in the
visit history, test results, and more.                                existing portal,, through October 5,
                                                                      2018. If you need an appointment for after this date and want
When is the last day patients can access their health information     to pre‐book, please contact your preferred center.
on the current portal?
The current portal at will be accessible until
11:59 p.m. CST, November 4, 2018. At that point, the current          What is the new EHR platform?
portal will redirect to My Premise Health – stay tuned for direct     The new EHR and patient portal platform is Epic, the nation’s
URL for access.                                                       leading ambulatory electronic medical record provider for
                                                                      nearly 20 years. Epic offers a fully integrated suite of leading
Can I download my health information from the current portal?
                                                                      technology products, has the distinction of being the #1
Yes. You can create a PDF of your Consolidated Clinical Document
                                                                      Overall Software Suite in KLAS , and 50% of the U.S. Health
Architecture (CCDA) – which includes visit history, Rx history, and
                                                                      Systems are actively using the Epic Network.
vitals. Remember to complete these downloads prior to 11:59
p.m. CST, November 4, 2018 – after this date you will need to
contact the center to request a copy of your health records.

Will my past health information be visible in My Premise Health?
No historical patient data will be available on My Premise Health
on day one. However, as you have encounters with providers and
information is documented in the new EHR, your personal health
record data will be available in My Premise Health.

Will my past health information be visible to my healthcare
Yes. Your historical patient data will be accessible by your
healthcare provider and health center team in order to ensure
continuity of care.

Do I have a right to and how do I obtain a copy of my health
records from Premise Health?
Yes. To obtain a copy of your individual patient record from
Premise Health, you will be asked to complete an Authorization
for Release of Medical Information Form, with the purpose stated
“for Individual’s Use” if no other purpose is given.

Benefits Guide - Rutherford County, TN Open Enrollment begins October 15th and will end November 5th at noon
Your Dental Plan
It is important to have regular dental exams and cleanings
so problems are detected before they become painful—and
expensive. Keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy
will help prevent most tooth decay and periodontal disease
and is an important part of maintaining your medical health.

You have a choice of three dental plans this year, each
administered by Cigna. You can see any dentist you choose,
but benefits are highest when you use a provider in Cigna’s
network. Option 1 uses the Cigna DPPO Advantage Network,
Option 2 uses the Cigna DPPO Network and Option 3 uses
the Cigna DHMO Network.

Regardless of the dental option you elect, you and each
covered family member get one free dental exam/cleaning
and x‐ray every six months. This benefit alone can offset a
significant portion of the cost of coverage, and it helps keep
your smile healthy. For Option 1 and the DHMO you must            Provision                        Option 1*                Option 2*                 DHMO
use an in‐network provider for free preventive care.

ORTHODONTIA BENEFIT/RESTORATIVE SERVICES                          Annual deductible
The covered person must have 12 consecutive months of                                            $50/$150                     $50/150                   None
coverage in a County dental plan before he/she can receive
benefits for orthodontia or major restorative services.
                                                                  Annual maximum
                                                                                                                   $1,500                               None
NEW THIS YEAR – CIGNA DHMO                                        per individual
Your Cigna DHMO plan is a copayment plan. When                                                                                                    Routine Cleaning,
you receive a dental service, Cigna allows your                   Diagnostic and                      100%, no                100%, no           x‐rays, oral exams,
network dentist to charge a certain amount. Then                  Preventive Care                    deductible              deductible           topical fluoride –
you pay a fixed portion of that cost and your plan                                                                                                    No Charge
pays the rest. There are NO annual deductibles or
                                                                                                                                                    Refer to your
maximums.                                                                                             80% after               80% after
                                                                  Basic Services                                                                   Patient Charge
                                                                                                     deductible              deductible
    You must choose a network general dentist to                 Major Services
                                                                                                      50% after               50% after
                                                                                                                                                    Refer to your
      manage your overall care. Services will not be              (Dental Implants                                                                 Patient Charge
                                                                                                     deductible              deductible
      covered if you go to a dentist that is not in the           Included for 2019)                                                                  Schedule
      Cigna DHMO network.                                         Orthodontia                         50% after               50% after             Refer to your
    Each family member may choose their own dentist              (Child only up to age             separate $50            separate $50           Patient Charge
    Referrals are required for specialty care services.          26)                                deductible              deductible               Schedule
      Exceptions are pediatric dentists for children under
      7, orthodontics and endodontics.                            Orthodontia
    Additional details are included on the insert of your        Lifetime Maximum                                 $1,000                               None
      packets.                                                    (per person)
                                                                 *Out‐of‐Network benefits are subject to reimbursable limits
FIND PARTICIPATING PROVIDERS                                     *Bitewing x‐rays are covered at each preventive visit; panoramic x‐rays are covered every 5 years
                                                                 *Major restorative and orthodontia benefits are payable after enrollee has been in the plan for 12
Visit or call 1‐800‐244‐6224.                      consecutive months.
                                                                 NOTE: This is a summary of your coverage only. Refer to the Summary Plan
                                                                 Description for the full scope of coverage and plan eligibility.

Benefits Guide - Rutherford County, TN Open Enrollment begins October 15th and will end November 5th at noon
Your Vision Plan
Your vision plan is provided through Cigna Vision. It provides coverage
for routine eye exams and pays for all or a portion of the cost of
glasses or contact lenses. You can see in‐ or out‐of‐network providers;
however, you always save money if you see in‐network providers. In‐
Network providers will also file claims for you.

Visit or call 1‐877‐478‐7557.

 Benefit                                                                     In‐Network              Out‐of‐Network

 Exam                                                                          $10 copay                Up to $45

 Hardware                                                                      $15 copay                See below

    Exam                                                                      12 months                12 months
    Lenses                                                                    12 months                12 months
    Frames                                                                    24 months                24 months

                                                                       Plan pays up to $100 retail
 Frames                                                                                                 Up to $55

    Single vision lenses                                                                               Up   to $32
    Bifocal lenses                                                                                     Up   to $55
                                                                           You pay $15 copay
    Trifocal lenses                                                                                    Up   to $65
    Lenticular                                                                                         Up   to $80

 Medically necessary contact lenses                                         Covered at 100%             Up to $210

                                                                              Up to $100
 Elective contact lenses in lieu of glasses                                                             Up to $87
                                                                         (copay doesn’t apply)

 *Only one copay is required when you buy frames and lenses together
  NOTE: This is a summary of your coverage only. Refer to the Summary Plan Description for
 the full scope of coverage and plan eligibility.

Flexible                                                            Eligible Expenses
                                                                                                    Contribution Limits
Spending                                                            Health Care FSA
                                                                    Most medical, dental
Accounts                                                            and vision care
                                                                    expenses that are not           Minimum contribution           Saves on eligible
                                                                    covered by your health          is $100 per year               expenses not
                                                                    plan (such as                                                  covered by
                                                                                                    Maximum contribution           insurance; reduces
A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a program that helps you       coinsurance,
pay for health care and dependent care costs using tax free         deductibles, eyeglasses         is $2,650 per year             your taxable income
dollars. Each pay period, you decide how much money you             and doctor‐prescribed
would like to contribute to one or both accounts. Your              over the counter
contribution is deducted from your paycheck on a pretax
basis and is put into the Health Care FSA, the Dependent Care       Dependent Care FSA              Minimum contribution
FSA, or both. When you incur expenses, you can access the                                           is $100 per year
                                                                    Dependent care
funds in your account to pay for eligible health care or            expenses (such as day
dependent care expenses.                                            care, after school              Maximum contribution           Reduces your
                                                                    programs or elder care          is $5,000 per year             taxable income
This chart shows the eligible expenses for each FSA; how            programs) so you and
                                                                    your spouse can work            ($2,500 if married and
much you can contribute to each FSA each year, and how you
                                                                    or attend school full‐          filing separate tax
benefit by using an FSA.
                                                                    time                            returns
IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT FSAs                                   *For a detailed list of eligible expenses, visit
Your FSA elections are effective from January 1 through
December 31. Please plan your contributions carefully. The
County’s Medical Reimbursement Account allows you to
carryover $500 in unused funds to the 2020 plan year. Any          EXAMPLE
money remaining in your Medical Reimbursement Account              Here’s a look at how much you can save when you use an FSA to pay
over $500 and any amount in your Dependent Care                    for your health care and dependent care expenses.
Reimbursement as of December 31, 2019 will be forfeited.
This is known as the “use it or lose it” rule and it is governed    Account Type                                    With FSA             Without FSA
by IRS regulations. You have until January 31, 2020 to submit
claims to Wage Works for eligible expense incurred in 2019.
                                                                    Your taxable income                               $50,000               $50,000
BOTH CONTRIBUTE TO THE FSA?                                         Pretax contribution to Health Care
                                                                                                                       $2,000                   $0
Yes, you can both contribute to the Medical Reimbursement           and Dependent Care FSA
Account (FSA). You may each contribute up to the $2,650
annual limit.                                                       Federal and Social Security taxes*                $11,701               $12,355

Note: FSA elections do not automatically continue from year         After‐tax dollars spent on eligible
                                                                                                                         $0                  $2,000
to year; you must actively enroll each year. If you click “I do     expenses
not want to make any changes” during Annual Enrollment,
your FSA participation has NOT been renewed for 2019.               Spendable income after expenses
                                                                                                                      $36,299               $35,645
                                                                    and taxes

                                                                    Tax savings with the Medical and
                                                                                                                        $654                   N/A
                                                                    Dependent Care FSA

                                                                   *This is an example only; not your actual experience. It assumes a 25% federal income
                                                                   tax rate marginal rate and a 7.7% FICA marginal rate. State and local taxes vary, and are
                                                                   not included in this example. However, you will save on any state and local taxes as

Your Life and Accidental                                                           Short Term Disability &
Death & Dismemberment                                                              Long Term Disability
(AD&D) and Disability                                                              Insurance Coverage
Insurance Plans
BASIC LIFE & AD&D INSURANCE                                                       SHORT‐TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE
Life insurance is an important part of your financial security,                   Disability insurance provides income replacement should you
especially if you support a family. Accidental Death &                            become disabled and unable to work due to a non‐work‐related
Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance is designed to provide a                           illness or injury. Rutherford County provides eligible employees
benefit in the event of accidental death or dismemberment.                        with optional short‐term disability coverage through Cigna. To
                                                                                  get a quote, log into your ADP/WorkForce Now account.
Rutherford County provides all benefit eligible employees
Basic Life and AD&D Insurance equal to $35,000 at no cost                         LONG‐TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE
to you through The Standard.                                                      Additionally, Rutherford County provides long‐term disability
                                                                                  coverage to all benefits eligible employees at no cost, with no
SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE & AD&D INSURANCE                                                enrollment required. Long‐term disability coverage, provided
In addition to the company paid insurance, Rutherford                             through Cigna, continues a portion of your paycheck if a
County provides you an opportunity to purchase                                    disabling illness or injury keeps you from working for longer than
Supplemental Life Insurance for yourself, spouse and                              180 days.
children through payroll deductions. Additional coverage
options are shown below.                                                          There is a pre‐existing limitation for STD and LTD disability
                                                                                  coverage. If you become disabled during your first year of
                                                                                  coverage as a result of a condition you had in the 12 months
Supplemental Life
                                         Schedule Amount                          prior to your disability effective date no benefits are available for
    & AD&D
                                                                                  that disability.
                            Up to 5x your base annual salary or $500,000
Employee1                    (in $10,000 increments), whichever is less
                                                                                    Coverage                                Benefit
Spouse1,2                      Up to $250,000 (in $5,000 increments)
                                                                                                          Benefits are paid based on a percentage of
                                                                                                          your income – you may select from 30%‐
Children3                         $5,000 or $10,000 – Without EOI                   Short‐Term            60%, up to a $1,250 weekly maximum.
                                                                                    Disability/Salary     Benefits begin on 8th day of disability due to
                                                                                    Continuation          illness, or on the first day due to an
1 Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is required if you elect more than $350,000 in
                                                                                                          accident. Benefits generally continue up to
employee supplemental life and/or more than $50,000 in supplemental
spouse/domestic partner life when first eligible; or increase/add any amount as
                                                                                                          26 weeks. Certain rules apply.
a late entrant.
2 You must elect supplemental life for yourself in order to elect it for your
spouse/domestic partner; however, your spouse/domestic partners total life                                Covers 66.67% of your monthly pre‐
insurance amount cannot exceed 50% of your supplemental life insurance                                    disability earnings – up to a $6,000 monthly
amount.                                                                                                   maximum. Benefits begin after 180 days of
3 From birth through age 25 (age 26 and older if child is disabled and became                             disability or illness and continue to the
disabled prior to age 26; you must submit proof of child’s disability)                                    earlier of recovery or retirement age.

          If you wish to enroll or make a change to
             your existing life insurance election,
                  contact Risk Management.

Additional Benefits
You can’t always plan for accidents or a serious illness, but you can
be better prepared financially when they do happen with accident
and critical illness insurance.

Rutherford County has teamed up with MetLife to bring you this
opportunity to enroll for coverage, during this enrollment period,
with competitive employee rates and guaranteed coverage for you
and your eligible family members!

Quality health and disability insurance plans aren’t always enough.
There may still be coverage gaps. For example, your medical
coverage may have deductibles and copays and may not fully
cover out‐of‐network treatments. And if you’re out on disability,
only a portion of your income may be covered. Most people will
need the means to cover these extra medical and daily living
expenses, such as groceries, housing expenses, car payments, and
more. You pay the cost through convenient payroll deduction.
                                                                        YOUR EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
                                                                        (In person or virtual)
Critical Illness insurance assists with out‐of‐pocket expenses
following the diagnosis of a covered illness, including heart attack,   If you find yourself in need of some professional support to
stroke, kidney failure, life‐threatening cancer and more. This          deal with personal, work, financial or family issues, your
benefit helps pay expenses not normally covered under traditional       Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help. You and your
health insurance, which means you and your family can                   immediate family (spouse, dependent children, parents and
concentrate on getting well without worrying about money. This          parents‐in‐law) receive up to six free counseling sessions with
coverage also pays a once‐a‐year $50 cash reimbursement to each         an EAP professional.
covered person for completing a covered health screening test.
                                                                        EAP counselors will assist you with concerns such as:
Coverage is available in your choice of $10,000 or $20,000 all at            Marriage and family problems
guarantee issue. This means no medical questions asked. Spouse               Alcohol and drug abuse
coverage is available at 50% of the employee elected amount as               Stress management
well as child(ren) at 25% of the employee elected amount.                    Parent and child relationships
                                                                             Legal assistance
A 12‐month pre‐existing condition clause will apply to all new               Wellness information
applicants.                                                                  Work relationships
                                                                             And much more

While you can count on health insurance to cover medical                Our provider is LifeServices EAP. If you need help or guidance
expenses, it doesn’t usually cover indirect costs that can arise with   you may reach out to the EAP at 1‐800‐822‐4847 or visit
a serious, or even a not‐so‐serious, injury. You may end up paying
out of your own pocket for things like transportation, over‐the‐        (username: Rutherford; password: employee)
counter medicine and day care or sitters. With accident insurance,
the benefit you receive can help take care of these extra expenses.
It pays a lump‐sum benefit for on‐ and off the‐ job accidents, in
addition to other insurance you may have. To get quotes on
coverage, log into your ADP/WorkForce Now account.

Employee Rates
All contributions are pre‐tax. Monthly Medical, Dental, and Vision premiums are below. Premiums for Life and AD&D, short‐term
disability and voluntary critical illness and accident plans are shown on the online enrollment system.

*For those enrolled in the grandfathered Deductible / Option 1 Buy‐Up plans, your rates will be visible in the
online enrollment system.

    Medical                                                   County                                                       Board of Education
    Monthly Premium                                  (based on 12 months)                                                 (based on 10 months)

                                           OAP Copay                          HRA Plan                         OAP Copay                           HRA Plan

 Employee Only                                $89.86                            $25.00                           $107.84                            $30.00

 Employee + Spouse                           $270.19                            $74.91                           $324.23                            $89.89

 Employee + Child(ren)                       $240.99                            $60.17                           $289.19                            $72.21

 Family                                      $363.59                           $107.70                           $436.30                           $129.24
 *Employees hired before August 1, 2018 and their covered spouses on the 2018 Medical policy, who completed the Know Your Numbers (Biometric
 & Health Risk Assessment) campaign, will receive a monthly premium reduction of $30 for BOE employees and $25 for all others. Employees hired
 on or after August 1, 2018 will receive the premium reduction through the upcoming plan year (2019).

    Dental                                                     County                                                      Board of Education
    Monthly Premium                                  (based on 12 months)                                                (based on 10 months)

                                       Option 1                Option 2               DHMO                 Option 1               Option 2                DHMO
 Employee                               $21.06                 $35.28                 $13.90                $25.27                 $42.34                 $16.68
 Family                                 $65.46                 $109.74                $43.21                $78.55                 $131.69                $51.85

   Vision                                                   County                                                         Board of Education
   Monthly Premium                                   (based on 12 months)                                                 (based on 10 months)

 Employee Only                                                  $7.40                                                               $8.88

 Employee + Spouse                                             $15.54                                                              $18.65

 Employee + Child(ren)                                         $13.70                                                              $16.44

 Family                                                        $21.47                                                              $25.76

 NOTE: Board of Education (BOE) employees pay their insurance premiums over 10 months (September‐June) for 12 months of coverage (September‐August). BOE
 employees may be subject to collection of back premiums, known as “arrears.” This is the amount needed to fully pay up July and August insurance. This occurs if an
 employee changes his/her medical or dental option or coverage tier, resulting in a higher monthly premium than previously enrolled. It can also occur if premiums
 increase for the new calendar year, or if an employee not enrolled in 2018 adds coverage for 2019. Alternatively, a refund will be issued is an employee makes a
 coverage change resulting in a lower monthly premium or drops coverage for 2019. Arrears/refunds will be administered through the payroll function by July 1, 2019.


Before You Enroll…
WHO CAN I ENROLL IN BENEFITS?                                                             What if I need more information than
If you are eligible for coverage, you can also enroll your eligible spouse                         this guide provides?
and eligible dependents for medical, dental, vision, spouse and/or child
life insurance, spouse AD&D, and the voluntary insurance plans. You
must provide documentation proving that your spouse and/or                                                Visit:
child(ren) meet eligibility requirements. See page 31 for further                
Dependent Verification information.                                                         for more details on benefit plans,
                                                                                                including summary plan
    Eligible dependents include:                                                              descriptions. (click Employee
     Your legal spouse (for medical coverage: your spouse is                             Insurance Benefits on the left side of
          only eligible if he/she does not have access to employer
                                                                                                       the screen)
          group medical coverage through his/her employer;
          regardless if they take their employers insurance or not).
     Your domestic partner (for life insurance only)
     Your children (or stepchildren) by birth, marriage, legal
          adoption or legal guardianship.
              o Up to age 26 for medical
              o Up to age 19 (25, if unmarried and a full‐time
                    student) for dental and vision                           WHEN CAN I MAKE CHANGES?
     Your children, of any age, who become totally and                      What if I change my mind about benefits I elected?
          permanently disabled before age 19 while covered by the            You may only make or change your existing benefit elections
          plan(s).                                                           during the open enrollment window. However, you may
     Dependents covered under a Qualified Medical Child                     change your benefit elections during the year if you
          Support Order (proper documentation required).                     experience a qualified life event such as:
                                                                                  Marriage
   Once your benefit elections become effective, they remain in                   Divorce or legal separation
   effect until the end of the year. You may only change coverage                 Birth of your child
   within 30 calendar days of a qualified life event.                             Death of your spouse or dependent child
                                                                                  Adoption of or placement for adoption of your
   My spouse and I both work for Rutherford County and/or                             child
   Board of Education. What options do we have for Health                         Change in employment status of employee,
   coverage (Medical/Dental/Vision)?                                                  spouse or dependent child
     If you are NOT covering eligible dependent children:                         Qualification by the Plan Administrator of a child
     You may each enroll in Employee Only coverage                                   support order for medical coverage
     One employee may enroll in Employee + Spouse coverage                       New entitlement to Medicare or Medicaid
         and the other decline coverage.
     If you ARE covering eligible dependent children:                        You must notify the Risk Management Department
      One employee may enroll in Family coverage and the                    within 30 calendar days of the qualified life event. You
          other decline coverage.                                            will be asked to provide documentation of the event. If
      One employee may enroll in Employee + Child(ren) and                  you do not contact the Risk Management Department
          the other enroll in Employee Only coverage.                        within 30 days of the qualified event, you will have to
      Each employee may enroll in Employee + Child(ren)                     wait until the next annual enrollment period to make
          coverage if you are covering more than one eligible                changes (unless you experience another qualified life
          child.                                                             event). For more information about your benefits, visit
   You are NOT allowed to duplicate medical, dental, or vision
   coverage on any family member. If you are currently violating
   eligibility rules you must correct this to prevent further action,
   including loss of insurance. Contact Risk Management for
   assistance. 615‐898‐7715


Rutherford County is announcing a new enrollment portal with ADP‐WorkForce Now.

This is a two‐step process to gain access to enroll, cancel, change, or confirm benefits during the Annual Enrollment period.

You will need to register for access to the enrollment portal and activate your online account. If you have not previously
registered for a NEW ADP‐WORKFORCE NOW account, you will need to complete the following Registration Instructions.

Login to your NEW account at
Follow the Enrollment Instructions to walk you through the benefits options offered for 2019.

    •   You will need a working email address that you can access before you begin. You cannot register or enroll in benefits
        unless you have a working email address.

    •   The latest version of Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser.

    •   Initial activation code in Step 1 is ruthcounty‐benefits

    •    You will need to retain the user ID and password you create during this process. We will not be able to retrieve it for
         you, if forgotten or lost.

Skip the Registration Process if you registered for your account at an earlier time. Login in to the URL listed
below with the user ID and password you created at that time, then proceed to the Enrollment Instructions.


From any computer go to URL:

Click “First Time Users” to get started.

                                                                                           Click here to register!

Enter the Registration Code ruthcounty‐benefits

                                                                   Enter the Registration Code
                                                                        exactly as shown

Step 2:
                                                                                               Use legal first
Enter your personal data as shown.
                                                                                               and last name.
                                                                                               Do not use a

Step 3:

Verify your identity: Your email                                 Choose email or
address and/or cell phone number will                              text on file to
                                                                 receive Personal
display in this step; choose the method                         Registration Code.
in which you wish to receive your
personal activation code.
Note: The code will come from ADP Security

Step 4:

Retrieve code from selected source in
Step 3, and then enter in the box             Enter the code
indicated.                                   you receive here


Step 5:
                                                                   Update any
Review and update personal and/or                               incorrect contact
work contact information.                                         information.

Step 6:

Create your user name and password for your account. (Retain your User ID and password to access
the online benefits portal)

                                                                                You may now use
                                                                                your user ID and
                                                                               Password to access
                                                                               your online benefits

 Note: You may receive a text or email to confirm your registration.


                         Click Start This Enrollment
                         to begin.

                  1. Review Dependents and
                  Information on file will be displayed in
                  this section.
                  (Skip to the next page for instructions on
                  how to add an individual not listed, before
                  clicking Continue.)

                  2. Status
                  Choose “Walk Me Through My Benefit
                  Options” to proceed through each category
                  available, then click Continue.

Instructions to Add a Dependent/Beneficiary not listed
                                                         Click ADD
                                                         DEPENDENT/BENEFICIARY and
                                                         select the type of individual you wish
                                                         to add that is not already listed.

                                                         Please note the following

                                                         Dependent/Beneficiary – Choose
                                                         this option for a child and/or spouse
                                                         you wish to enroll in any benefit
                                                         plan(s) and assign as a beneficiary to
                                                         a Life or Accident Plan.

                                                         Beneficiary Only (Person) – Choose
                                                         this option to name a person as a
                                                         beneficiary only to a Life or Accident

                                                         Beneficiary Only (Organization) ‐
                                                         Choose this option to name an
                                                         organization as a beneficiary only to a
                                                         Life or Accident Plan.

                                                           Click the drop‐down arrow
                                                           to choose Tax Information
                                                           Type (Tax ID Type most
                                                           commonly used is an SSN)

                                                           *The SSN is required for
                                                           dependents enrolled in a

                                                            If the dependents address
                                                            is different than the
                                                            employee, uncheck Use
                                                            Employee Address box
                                                            and enter the correct

You must click through each benefit option to
                                 proceed to the next plan category. If you do
                                 not wish to enroll in a benefit, you may click
                                 the next option without enrolling.

Medical Plans

                                                                      To view the cost for other Tier
                                                                      options, click on More Info on
                                                                      each plan.

                                                                                  1. Choose your Coverage Level
                                                                                  2. Choose Dependents
                                                                                  Select the name of any
                                                                                  Dependent you wish to enroll in
    If you wish to enroll in a
                                                                                  the benefit plan chosen.
    Medical benefit plan you
    must Click ENROLL IN

    (If you DO NOT wish to
    enroll in a plan click the
    next plan category)

Dental and Vision Plans

                                     To view the cost for other
                                     Dental and Vision Tier
                                     options, click on More Info
                                     on each plan option.

 If you wish to enroll in a Dental
 and/or Vision benefit plan you
 must click ENROLL IN THIS
 PLAN on the plan category

 (If you DO NOT wish to enroll in
 a plan click the next category)

 1. Choose your Coverage Level
 2. Choose Dependents
 Select the name of any
 Dependent you wish to enroll in
 the benefit plan chosen.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

                                                If you wish to enroll in a Medical
                                                and/or Dependent Care Flex
                                                Spending Account, you must
                                                click ENROLL IN THIS PLAN on
                                                each plan option.

                                                (If you DO NOT wish to enroll in
                                                a plan click the next category)

                                   From the drop‐down menu,
                                   Select the Per Pay Period or
                                   Per Year option and enter
                                   desired amount to be
                                   withheld from your

                                             From the drop‐down menu,
                                             Select the Per Pay Period or
                                             Per Year option and enter
                                             desired amount to be
                                             withheld from your

MetLife Accident and Critical Illness Plans
                                              If you wish to enroll in an Accident and/or Critical
                                              Illness benefit plan you must click ENROLL IN THIS
                                              PLAN on each plan category.

                                              (If you DO NOT wish to enroll in a plan click the next

  1. Choose your Coverage Level
  2. Choose Dependents
  Select the name of any Dependent you
  wish to enroll in the benefit plan
  3. Assign Beneficiaries
  (Designations must equal a total of
  100% each.)

                                                                             Use the scroll arrow to
                                                                             view more coverage
                                                                             options available.

  Critical Illness is available in $10k and
  $20k amounts. Choose the coverage
  amount and coverage level that meets
  your needs.

  Click “Enroll In This Plan”, then select
  your age range, as of January 1, 2019,
  for your premium cost per pay period.

Life Insurance Plans

                                           Employee Basic Life is free to the
                                           employee, this amount cannot be

                                           To Review/Change beneficiary
                                           assignments to this plan, click on
                                           EDIT PLAN.

   Designate a Beneficiary and
   the percentage desired for
   each beneficiary listed. (Total
   percentage combined must
   equal 100%.)

  Employee Supplemental, Spouse Basic
  and Spouse Supplemental Life benefits
  are not available for changes
  online. To add/drop/change any
  amount to these benefits, contact Risk

Life Insurance Plans (cont.)

                                  If you wish to enroll in a
                                  Child Life benefit plan you
                                  must click ENROLL IN
                                  THIS PLAN.

                                  (If you DO NOT wish to
                                  enroll in a plan click the
                                  next category)

1. Choose Coverage Level
You may view the cost for
Child Life benefits by clicking
on the drop‐down menu. Click
on the amount you wish to

2. Choose Dependents
Select the name of any
Dependent you wish to enroll
in the benefit plan chosen.

                                    Long Term Disability
                                    (LTD) is free to the
                                    employee, this amount
                                    cannot be changed.

Short Term Disability Plans

                                              If you wish to enroll in a
                                              Short‐Term Disability
                                              (STD) benefit plan or
                                              inquire about plan cost,
                                              you must
                                              click ENROLL IN THIS

                                              (If you DO NOT wish to
                                              enroll in this plan go to
                                              Review & Complete in the
                                              top right corner of this

Select your coverage
option, available up to
60% of your earnings.
The cost for each
coverage option will
appear by clicking on
the desired percentage.

                              You must click Review & Complete to
                              finish the enrollment process when final
                              selections are made.

                              If you fail to click Review & Complete, any
                              changes or new elections you made will not
                              be recorded. Therefore, the changes will
                              not be in effect January 1, 2019.

Print and retain a copy of
                                                                  the elections made during
                                                                  this process for your

Review the elections made during this process. If you wish to make changes, click on RETURN TO
CHOOSE PLANS. Once you have reviewed your elections for accuracy, click on COMPLETE
ENROLLMENT. You must complete this step to record any changes made during this process. If you
fail to click COMPLETE ENROLLMENT, any changes or new elections you made will not be recorded.
Therefore, the changes will not be in effect January 1, 2019.

For a list of required documentation, go to: and click on the link “List of Acceptable Documents for Verification”.
Documentation is required for newly added dependents only.

Yes, documentation for a newly added spouse and/or any eligible dependent child must be received in the Risk Management
Department by December 5, 2018. You may submit your documentation via upload to a secure website at The password for the secure upload website is oeverify2019. You
may also fax your information to 615‐867‐4602. Keep a copy of the successful fax transmission for your records. Include your
name, email address, and best telephone contact number on ALL information sent to Risk Management.

IMPORTANT! You will NOT be contacted by the Risk Management Department requesting this documentation. It is your
responsibility to ensure it is submitted in a timely manner. Eligibility documentation is not required again for dependents
already enrolled and verified in the current plan year.

If documentation is not provided by the deadline, coverage for the dependent will be denied.


Retirement Plans
Rutherford County is a member of the Tennessee
Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS), a program that
provides a pension to eligible County retirees. The plan
you participate in is determined by when you become a
TCRS member as follows:

County General and BOE Classified employees will participate in
the TCRS Legacy Plan. Additionally, teachers who were TCRS
members as of 06/30/2014 will participate in the Legacy Plan.
Visit or call 1‐800‐770‐8277 for
more information.

Teachers who became TCRS members on or after 7/1/14 will
participate in the TCRS Hybrid Plan. This plan is a combination
of a defined benefit plan and a state of Tennessee 401(k) plan.
It is administered by Great West. To enroll or set a meeting      HOW DO I START A VALIC 403 (B) OR 457(B) ACCOUNT?
time with a financial advisor call 1‐800‐922‐7772 or visit        Call VALIC at 615‐221‐2541 to make an appointment with a                                           financial advisor who can guide you in setting up an account.
                                                                  You can also visit to get
Teachers and other BOE employees can participate in the 401(k)    information on available investment options, enroll online,
plan via employee contributions. Visit                            and view prospectuses. For the Portfolio Director’s Choice for more information.               annuity program, follow the annuity links. For the Profile
                                                                  Retirement mutual fund program, follow the mutual fund
403 (B) AND 457(B) RETIREMENT PLANS                               links. VALIC also offers the Schwab Personal Choice
A 403(b) or 457(b) plan is a tax‐deferred retirement plan         Retirement Account (PCRA), a self‐monitored brokerage
available to educational institution employees. There are two     investment program for more experienced investors.
types of accounts available with each plan:
• Traditional account – with pre‐tax contributions. You’ll pay    CONTRIBUTIONS
     taxes as you withdraw funds during retirement.               To participate in either plan, there’s a required minimum payroll
• Roth account – with after‐tax contributions. Funds are not      deduction of $20/month for salaried staff and $10/payday for
     subject to federal income taxes as you withdraw during       classified staff. You can start your 403(b) or 457(b) account at any
     retirement.                                                  time during the year. If you want to change your contribution
                                                                  amounts, BOE employees must contact Central Office Payroll
All Rutherford County School employees are eligible to            (615‐893‐5812) and County General employees must contact
participate in the 403(b) or 457(b) tax‐deferred retirement       Human Resources (615‐494‐4480). A revised payroll deduction
savings plans through VALIC. Contributions to both plans are      form must be received no later than 10 days before the payday
made through payroll deductions.                                  you want the change to begin. The 2019 limit for 403(B) or 457(B)
                                                                  contribution is $19,000.
PLANS?                                                            WITHDRAWALS
• BOE employees ‐ Board of Education employees can save           There are withdrawal limitations on both plans until you reach
   for retirement through Traditional or Roth 403(b) or           age 59 ½ or are no longer employed by Rutherford County. In the
   457(b) plans, offered through VALIC. To enroll or set a        event of financial hardship, death or disability, hardship
   meeting time with a financial advisor, call 615‐221‐2541       withdrawals are possible. There is a 10% IRS surcharge on early
   or visit                             403(b) withdrawals. Short‐term needs can sometimes be met by
• County Employees ‐ The County offers an optional                non‐taxable loans.
   457(b) deferred compensation plan. Contact HR at 615‐
   494‐4480 for more information. This plan is not                This information is not intended as tax or legal advice. Neither
   available to BOE employees.                                    your employer nor the investment providers that offer products
                                                                  under the plan can provide you with tax or legal advice.

Glossary of
Medical Plan
Brand Name Drugs—Drugs that have trade names and are
protected by patents. Brand name drugs are generally the
most costly choice.

Coinsurance—The percentage of a covered charge paid by
the plan.

Copayment (Copay)—A flat dollar amount you pay for
medical or prescription drug services regardless of the
actual amount charged by your doctor or health care
                                                                Mail Order Pharmacy—Mail order pharmacies generally
Deductible—The annual amount you and your family must           provide a 90‐day supply of a prescription medication for the
pay each year before the plan pays benefits.                    same cost as a 60‐day supply at a retail pharmacy. Plus,
                                                                mail order pharmacies offer the convenience of shipping
Generic Drugs—Generic drugs are less expensive versions         directly to your door.
of brand name drugs that have the same intended use,
dosage, effects, risks, safety and strength. The strength and   Inpatient—Services provided to an individual during an
purity of generic medications are strictly regulated by the     overnight hospital stay.
Federal Food and Drug Administration.
                                                                Outpatient—Services provided to an individual at a hospital
Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)—A fund you can               facility without an overnight hospital stay.
use to help pay for eligible medical costs not covered by
your medical plan. Funds are contributed to the HRA by          Out‐of‐Pocket Maximum—The maximum amount you and
your employer.                                                  your family must pay for eligible expenses each plan year.
                                                                Once your expenses reach the out‐of‐pocket maximum, the
In‐Network—Use of a health care provider that participates      plan pays benefits at 100% of eligible expenses for the
in the plan’s network. When you use providers in the            remainder of the year, except for prescriptions under all
network, you lower your out‐of‐pocket expenses because          medical plans except the HSA Plan.
the plan pays a higher percentage of covered expenses.
                                                                Primary Care Physician (PCP)—physician (generally a family
Out‐of‐Network—Use of a health care provider that does          practitioner, internist or pediatrician) who provides ongoing
not participate in a plan’s network.                            medical care. A primary care physician treats a wide variety
                                                                of health‐related conditions.

                                                                Specialist—A physician who has specialized training in a
                                                                particular branch of medicine (e.g., a surgeon,
                                                                gastroenterologist or neurologist).

           Plan                       Provider                Phone Numbers                               Website

General                           Risk Management                                     
                                                              615‐867‐4602 (fax)

                                       Cigna             800‐285‐4812 (Cigna Tel‐Drug)       
                                   MedPoint Clinics             615‐904‐6770               

Dental                                  Cigna                    800‐244‐6224                

Vision                                  Cigna                    877‐478‐7557                

Flexible Spending Accounts           Wage Works                  877‐924‐3967              

Short‐Term & Long‐Term                                   800‐362‐4462 (STD claims only)
                                        Cigna                                                                N/A
Disability Insurance                                     LTD: Contact Risk Management

COBRA                                 Allegiance                 800‐259‐2738                                N/A

Life & AD&D                         The Standard           Contact Risk Management        

Employee Assistance
                                     Life Services               800‐822‐4847                       User Name: Rutherford
Program (EAP)
                                                                                                     Password: employee

Critical Illness and Accident          MetLife                   800‐438‐6388             

                                Retirement Plan (TCRS)           800‐770‐8277          
                                     403(b) (Valic)              615‐221‐2541           

                                      SmartSteps                 615‐898‐7715   
Wellness Program
                                Health Risk Assessment           615‐898‐7715               

Rutherford County 2019 Benefits Guide

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