BMBW & AV ADVISOR MANUAL - 2019-2020 SEASON - Alpine Valley


  2019-2020 SEASON


Intro w/contact info                          3

Club Package                                  4

Equipment                                     4

Food Service                                  5

Value Passes                                  5

Lessons                                       6

Miscellaneous                                 6

Club Cards                                    7

Advisor Club Card Privileges and Benefits     8

Personal Item Storage and Equipment Storage   11

Refunds                                       11

Registration                                  11

Ski Patrol                                    12

Skier/Rider Safety                            13

Snowcards                                     14

Warning Tickets                               14

What to Wear                                  14

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                         HAVE A GREAT 2019/2020 SEASON.
                                   WISH FOR SNOW!

                                 CONTACT INFO FOR CLUBS:

                                          ALPINE VALLEY
                                        10620 MAYFIELD RD
                                     CHESTERLAND, OH 44026
                  advisor page:
                                 shopping cart for online club sales:

                                          BOSTON MILLS*
                                            PO BOX 175
                                        7100 RIVERVIEW RD
                                       PENINSULA, OH 44264
                                        800-875-4241 x 2023
                       advisor page:
                                shopping cart for online club sales:

                                      1146 W. HIGHLAND RD
                                   SAGAMORE HILLS, OH 44067
                                       800-875-4241 x 2023
                            *send all BM or BW correspondence to BM
                       advisor page:
                                shopping cart for online club sales:


        The Club Program is for skiers, snowboarders and snowbladers ages 8 to 18 years of
         age. Club members must be 8 years old by January 1, 2020.

       - Includes Club Card, lessons (5), ski or snowboard rental and Value Passes(4).

       - Does NOT include blades. Does NOT include helmets.

       - Season Passholders are welcome to join your club for FREE and receive the lessons- all
you have to do is provide us with their first and last name and WHAT SPORT they’d like to
receive the lessons in; skiing or snowboarding? We will then verify their season pass and add
them to your club roster internally. Limit ONE CLUB per passholder. (Season Passholders do
NOT receive Value Passes w/ the club program)


          Members MUST stay on the same type of equipment for the entire season that
           they selected when they registered for the club (either online or paper form).
           Once the 5 weeks of lessons have been completed with their chosen equipment, the
           club member is free to rent whatever equipment they would like from then on. But
           the 5 weeks of lessons must be completed first.
          Members that signed up for skiing CANNOT switch to snowboarding after signing up
           or during the club’s five weeks of lessons. Members should think carefully about
           what they want to do for the season.
          Members that signed up for snowboarding CAN ONLY switch to skiing during that
           first week of lessons and prior to the second week of lessons. *Admin Fees Apply
          Helmets are available for rental at $10 per visit.

          Renters:
           - For beginners, renting is the best and most economical introduction to skiing or
              snowboarding. Members renting equipment proceed directly to the rental
              department with their Club Card. Our employees will select and distribute the
              proper equipment for each person.
           - All rental equipment is individually marked for easy identification, and its pickup
              and return is recorded each week in our database corresponding to the
              member’s Club Card. Failure to return rental equipment will result in loss of
              privileges for the following week and a replacement charge.
           - Ski Boot Sizes:
              Largest = 16
              Smallest = Child’s 7 (BMBW) - Child’s 6 (AV)
           - Snowboard Boot Sizes:
              Largest = 15
              Smallest = Child’s 13
           - Rentals include: for skiers- skis with bindings, boots and poles; for
              snowboarders- snowboard with bindings and boots

   Owners: those that have their own equipment are more than welcome to bring and
          use it each week for lessons (however rentals will be available to them if
          - For those members who have their own boards, metal edges are required.
          - Strap-on bindings DO NOT require a leash; step-in bindings DO require a leash or

         Snowblade rental is NOT available in this program, even on a one-day basis.
         Big Feet, Snowrunners, Sled Dogs, etc. are not permitted at BMBW or AV.


         Boston Mills, Brandywine, Polar Blast and Alpine Valley maintain food service
          operations offering sandwiches, pizzas, and other snacks in their lodges. BMBW and
          AV have a strict NO OUTSIDE FOOD AND BEVERAGE policy. NO PICNICING, NO
          COOLERS, NO CROCK POTS, etc... . We have full service kitchens in all of our
          facilities. If there is a member with allergies, please contact our Food and Beverage
          Manager, Rob Wierzchowski and he can provide you with our food options and
          ingredients. Phone: 330-657-2334 ext 3001 Email:
         There is no PA system in the bar/lounge areas at Boston Mills, Brandywine or Alpine
          Valley. We do not recommend advisors use the bar/lounge areas during their club
          visits at any time, as this has been known to project a negative image and has made
          it difficult for advisors to be reached by Ski Patrol.


         Each member, excluding Season Passholders, will receive four Value Passes to use at
          times other than their regularly scheduled club session. Value Pass uses include
          rental equipment as well.
         The four Value Passes will be electronically encoded on your Club Card.
         Either skis or snowboards can be rented on a Value Pass. NO LESSON INCLUDED.
         The four Value Passes can be used for snow tubing, late night sessions, or all day
          snow passes at Boston Mills, Brandywine or Alpine Valley. NO LESSON INCLUDED.
         Your Club Card must be presented at the snow pass window by the person whose
          name appears on the card (or the parent/guardian of the club member). Members
          may then use the Value Passes for themselves, friends or family members. All four
          Value Passes may be used at one time.
         Unused validations expire at the end of each season
         The four Value Passes are *$10.00/each :
          *A $10.00 Administrative Fee will be added to each Value Pass for any and all
          changes made to a registration from November 23, 2019 through the end of the
          19/20 Season.
          *A $10.00 Administrative Fee will be added to each Value Pass for any club
          registrations received January 11, 2020 through the end of the 19/20 Season.


        Communication is key between instructors, advisors and club members, especially
         during week one. All clubs should arrive at their stated time. Clubs having multiple
         buses or cars should also plan to have all members arrive at the same time as well as
         on time. An accurate arrival time is essential. Be realistic when choosing your clubs
         start time. This will help to get instructors out with your club and help to keep
         lessons running on time. The time your Club Card will be valid is the time your club
         arrives and departs and is obtained from information you provide on the advisor
         online club registration form completed in the fall.
        Lessons are an integral part of the club program and a great opportunity for each
         member to improve and/or add to his/her technique and skills. Please encourage
         your club members to take all lessons.
        Each club has 6 weeks to complete their 5 lessons. All clubs must start by the first
         week of January. (or the first week everyone is back from holiday break)
        If we are open for business, we expect clubs to come out during their five week
         session of lessons.
        No Call/No Shows will result in forfeited week’s lesson. The Club Program Office
         needs to be contacted when a club won’t be attending due to school cancellations,
         power outages, etc. If we are open, and your club cannot make it for whatever
         reason, the advisor MUST call or email AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to cancel. Failure to
         do so will result in a forfeited week’s lesson with no make-up option.
        If for any reason BMBW or AV is closed on your scheduled lesson day, we will work
         with the advisor to choose another day during that week or subsequent weeks to
         ensure that each club has a total of five lesson sessions.
        All members will be able to take lessons at every level-weeks one through five.
         Clubs will be assigned to a group and location so they will know the lesson times for
         each level and what specialty lessons may be offered on any given night.
        Lessons can go out at ANY time during your four hour session. Clubs will be grouped
         together based on arrival time and skier/rider ability to help ensure smaller group
         sizes and to facilitate a more intimate learning environment. To verify your club’s
         lesson time you can check in with the Club Program Office, hill supervisor or Snow
         Sports Office.


        Please utilize the advisor page to access general Club Program information and to
         print any club literature.
        Club Cards or Season Passes (if eligible) will be issued to advisors and co-advisors to
         serve as their snow pass and rental for the season. One Day Tags will be issued to
         chaperones as needed and at the discretion of the club program staff. A paper
         registration form must be completed to obtain a Club Card or One Day Tag.
        An advisor MUST check in with the Club Program Office within a half hour upon
         arrival to inform them of a call off time, their member count for that night and
         whether they plan on attending the following week. It is NOT enough just to check
         in with the bus greeter. If an advisor does NOT check in, we will ASSUME you are

there and will count that week towards your 5 weeks of lessons. So please be sure
          to check in EVERY week.
         If for any reason your club will not be attending as an “organized group” on your
          scheduled day, within the five-consecutive week timeframe, members MUST use
          one of their Value Pass validations (or pay full price at the ticket windows) to obtain
          a snow pass and rental, if needed for that day.
         Please review the Responsibility Code and Smart Style Guide with your club
          members. See safety section for further details.
         Tables are for the convenience of all of the guests at the resort, not just clubs. A few
          seats may be reserved for advisors to check in clubs that come by cars and need a
          central check in location, however do not reserve a whole table.
         If one of our resorts is closed, every effort will be made by BMBW or AV to contact
          the advisor by email and/or by telephone. We encourage all advisors to start their
          club day with or for updates. The Club
          Program Manager will also try to send out a newsletter with any resort closures.
         Please notify the Club Program Office with any advisor contact information changes
          (i.e.: phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses).
         You as the advisor, need to read the member sign- up information to be familiar
          with all of the information the club members will be reading and using for the club
          sign- up. Please be familiar with how the ONLINE registration process works, so that
          if members have any questions, you’ll be able to walk them through it.
         Advisors can contact the Club Program Office to have their club password for online
          registration changed to a password of their choice.


         All members are given a RFID Club Card for the season which bears the member’s
          name, club name, ability level and rental information. This Club Card MUST be kept
          in a chest pocket at all times (so that the RFID scanners can read at any time) and
          serves as the member’s snow pass, lesson ticket and rental.
         Your Club Cards are valid ONLY for the specific day and four hour session time that
          your club signed up for. They will NOT validate beyond your four hour session and
          any other day of the week.
         Club Card usage is restricted to the person whose name it bears. Club Cards are
         Club Cards are not valid and cannot be used prior to the first official club start date
          in January, therefore are not valid and cannot be used in December.
         All Club Cards are the responsibility of the member and will not be replaced without
          good cause. In the event that a Club Card is replaced, the member will be assessed a
          $25.00 fee. (This can occur only during the first 5 weeks that the club is taking
          lessons and only at the request of the club advisor.)
         A one-time only printed snow pass (or One Day Tag) will be issued should a member
          forget his/her Club Card and is accompanied by the advisor. Any stickers earned and
          placed on the one-day snow pass will be transferred to the regular Club Card by Club
          Program staff the following week. No one-day snow passes will be issued for
          members of a club that has completed its five weeks as an organized group.

   NO replacement Club Cards and NO one-day snow passes will be issued after the
          club’s fifth visit. If a member forgets or loses his or her Club Card after that date,
          they can use their Value Passes or purchase a regular snow pass and rental if
         After the five weeks of lessons as an organized club are complete, members can ski
          or ride using their Club Cards at Boston Mills, Brandywine or Alpine Valley on the
          club’s designated day only. Your Club Card will still only be active during the club’s
          selected day. However it will be valid ALL DAY, the four hour time slot restriction
          will be removed.
          This will NOT include any of our Late Night sessions. You will have to pay the $10.00
          upgrade fee to ski or ride during our Late Night sessions. (Or use a Value Pass)


         Many factors are considered when determining these benefits for advisors and co-
          advisors – number of members in the club, number of years as an advisor, number
          of busses transporting members, school required student to chaperone ratios, etc..
         If an advisor has had certain benefits in previous years, it is not a given that the
          advisor/co-advisor will retain the same benefits the following season, if there are
          changes in the criteria.
         Each club’s advisor benefits are decided on an individual basis as there are many
          different variables within each club. The general advisor to member ratio is 1:10.
         The Club Program Manager has the final say as to what each advisor/co-advisor will
          receive each season.

          Clubs with 40+ Members:

          -   Head advisors with at least 40 members are entitled to a complimentary VIP
              Family Season Pass. This pass is valid for you, your spouse and your immediate
              family who are under the age of 24, unmarried and living in your household.
              VIP passes include rental if needed. A registration form will need to be
              completed and a picture ID- RFID Direct to Lift pass will be created for each
              family member.
          -   Free labor and parts at cost for repairs in the Boston Mills Equipment Service
              Center for the advisor and your immediate family.
          -   “VIP Discount” at all Buckeye Sports Center locations of 20% off regular prices.
              Discount applies to items of $10.00 or more and cannot be used toward prior
              purchases. To receive your discount, present your current year Advisor VIP Pass
              to the cashier prior to making your purchase.
          -   Pass is NOT valid at Polar Blast. In lieu of the Season Pass, you can elect to
              choose a Club Card and Value Passes. This would then allow admission to Polar
              Blast for $0.00 using your Value Passes as advisor Value Passes have a $0.00

Clubs with 20+ Members:

    -   Head advisors with between 20-39 members receive a complimentary Advisor
        Individual RFID Direct to Lift Season Pass to use for themselves. This pass
        includes rentals, if needed. A registration form will need to be completed and a
        picture ID pass will be created. In lieu of an Individual Season Pass, the head
        advisor can receive complimentary Club Cards -Direct to Lift RFID passes (only
        valid on their club’s specific day and times) along with the four $0.00 Value
        Passes) for themselves and family members.
    -   50% discount on labor and parts at cost for repairs in the Boston Mills Equipment
        Service Center for the advisor.
    -   “Advisor Discount” at all Buckeye Sports Center locations of 10% off regular
        prices. Discount applies to items of $10.00 or more and cannot be used toward
        prior purchases. To receive your discount, present your current year Advisor
        Pass to the cashier prior to making your purchase.
    -   Pass is NOT valid at Polar Blast. In lieu of the Individual Season Pass, you can
        elect to choose a Club Card and Value Passes. This would then allow admission
        to Polar Blast for $0.00 using your Value Passes as advisor Value Passes have a
        $0.00 charge.

    Additional Pass Privilege Information:

    -   Additional VIP Family Season Passes can be earned for each additional 40 club
    -   Additional Individual Advisor Season Passes can be earned for each additional 20
        club members.
    -   In lieu of VIP Passes and Season Passes, head advisors may elect to offer Club
        Cards and Value Passes to their assistants.
    -   For Clubs with less than 20 members, pass privileges will be at the discretion of
        the Club Program Manager. 20 members is our club minimum.
    -   Members receive a Club Card with four ($10 or $20) Value Passes, however if the
        advisor receives a complimentary Club Card and Value Passes, the value passes
        are free when used.

    Equipment and Lessons:

    -   The opportunity to use BMBW and AV equipment (based on availability) and
        take ski or snowboard lessons with the members at no cost.


   Meal cards are available for club advisors. The amount of the card is based on $2.00
    per paid member and is created based on the membership numbers at the
    December deadline. Add-ons after the December deadline will not be included.
   Meal cards will be processed only once and are only good for the current season.
    Any funds remaining on these cards at the end of the season are forfeited.
   Meal cards cannot be used in the bar/lounge at any of our resorts.
   Meal cards are ONLY valid in the cafeteria at Boston Mills/Brandywine and Alpine

   Please note that BMBW is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
   Advisor lockers are available at no cost to advisors should you desire to store
    anything. Locks/combinations are available for use on those lockers at the club
    check in counter. You can pick up a lock/combination when you check in your club
    each week. These lockers are only available to you on your club day, they are to be
    emptied at the conclusion of each night.
   Alpine Valley only has coin lockers available


    Four complimentary general show tickets.
   The Club Program Manager will send out an informational Newsletter either at the
    end of May or beginning of June asking if you’d like complimentary tickets to either
    weekend of the Artfest’s GENERAL SHOW. (Preview Night tickets are NOT
    complimentary, but are available for you to purchase at full price.)


   The Advisor Rewards Program has been structured and designed to increase Club
    Program participation through incentive based rewards targeted toward our
    respective advisors. The goal of this program is to progress and continue to
    maintain the ski area’s relationship with our club advisors, impressing on them the
    importance of keeping young people engaged in our sport. The introduction of this
    Rewards Program will give momentum to an already successful Club Program by
    expanding the advisor’s motivation to bring more members into their clubs. In turn
    the exposure to the sport and the effectiveness of the lessons and camaraderie
    provided by our Club Program’s format ensures a greater rate of long term
    conversion of skiers and snowboarders.
   Advisors will earn “Reward Points” (1 point = $1) through enrollment increases. A
    qualifying “NEW” member must be a first time participant in the Club Program or
    was not a participant the previous season. Points are calculated off new generated
    revenue per club equaling 5% of each package cost.

                        Regular Price new member = 10 points
                        Premium Price new member = 11 points

           *there are no points rewarded to season passholders in your club

EXAMPLE: The John Rider Club (a Tuesday night club) enrolled 6 qualifying NEW
   members valued at 10 reward points each (10x6=60). The total of NEW member
   enrollment reward points for The John Rider Club is 60 points which equates to $60
   (1 reward point=$1).
 The advisor will submit a list of NEW members to the Club Program Office NO LATER
   THAN JANUARY 1st for verification, once verified reward compensation will be given.
   Absolutely NO late entries will be accepted.

    Reward compensation will be given in the form of a Visa/Mastercard/AMEX style gift
           card that will be prepared and distributed hopefully before the end of the current
           winter season if not they will be mailed to the head advisor’s home address or pick
           up arrangements can be made.


          BMBW and AV are not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.
          NO EQUIPMENT IS PERMITTED IN THE LODGES. Equipment is to be kept on racks
           outside or in equipment lockers. We do NOT provide locks for the racks and highly
           recommend purchasing locks to prevent equipment theft. Buckeye Sports Center at
           BMBW or the ticket office at AV offer a few different gear locks--like bike locks,
           which range from about $10.00-$20.00--that you can purchase.
          Stowing items under tables and benches is NOT permitted. Tables and benches
           should be open and free of articles of clothing and/or equipment so that others can
           have a place to eat, relax and enjoy their day at the resort.
          Items not stowed properly in table areas and left in the walking path of customers
           are considered a safety hazard and will be moved.
          Lockers should be used to store any items that are brought into the resort. Lockers
           at BMBW are operated by tokens only. The cost of each token is $1.00. A token is
           needed EVERY time the locker is opened. Token machines are located near the
           rental departments and can convert one dollar bills only. There is a $10.00 fee for
           lost locker keys. AV has coin operated lockers which require $1.00 in coins. You can
           get change from the rental department for the coin lockers. We do not open lockers
           because a friend has the key and you cannot find them, we will only open the locker
           with a lost locker key form or in case of an emergency.
          Boston Mills and Brandywine have open compartments or cubbyholes for gear


          There are NO REFUNDS on this already heavily discounted Club Program for any
           reason. However we do understand that injuries can occur. If an injury should
           happen to occur, we will ONLY issue pro-rated Snowcard refunds up to week 3 of
           lessons. (January 24, 2020 will be the last day we will accept any injury refund
           requests) In order to receive a pro-rated Snowcard refund, we will need a doctor’s
           note along with your issued Club Card.
          Reminder: all changes made starting November 23, 2019 through the end of the
           season will be charged an administrative fee-which is applied to the member's Value


          We are trying to phase out the paper registration forms for club members
                 - It is the advisors responsibility to make sure all members are accounted for
                 online and that full payment is given to BMBW or AV for the club.

Advisors/advisor family/co-advisors:

       All advisors, advisor family, and co-advisors MUST fill out a paper registration form at
       the start of every season. This must accompany the advisor sign-up sheet. All areas of
       the form must be completed. No one will be permitted to ski/snowboard without a
       completed form. All advisor paperwork is due no later than January 1, 2020.


          Online Registration:
           - All club members MUST register and pay BMBW or AV online each year. The
              information provided by the parent/guardian will be the information that flows
              to the member record in the system and onto their Club Card. Due to the
              increase in Value Pass pricing if any changes are made to a registration- please
              make sure parents are REVIEWING their order before final submission.
           - If a member does not have access to the internet or does not have a credit card
              to pay online, they will simply fill out a paper registration form and submit it to
              BMBW or AV along with check or cash as payment. Checks made payable to
              BMBW or AV. The forms and payment can be mailed or dropped off in person.

          2019/2020 Registration Deadlines:

           -   Friday November 22, 2019- 1st Registration Deadline (for those clubs wishing to
               receive their Club Cards prior to December 20, 2019 so that they may use their
               Value Passes over Holiday Break-pending we’re open for the season) Club
               packets can either be mailed out or picked up at Boston Mills during office hours
           -   Friday December 20, 2019- 2nd Registration Deadline These Club Cards will NOT
               be mailed out due to limited mailing time. You can either get them your first
               night of club or you can pick them up at Boston Mills during our office hours
               (only ADVISORS can pick up the club cards, we will not release them to individual
               club member or parents)
           -   Administrative Fees:
                       All registrations received January 11, 2020 through the end of the season:
               a $10.00 administrative fee will be added to each Value Pass associated with that
               club member
                       Any changes made to a registration for any reason on or after November
               23, 2019: a $10.00 administrative fee will be added to each Value Pass
               associated with that club member


          Please advise members they need to go to Ski Patrol with any and all injuries
           whether they need a band aid or they need more serious medical attention.
          It is the Ski Patrol’s responsibility to contact the member’s club advisor, assess the
           injury and contact the member’s parent/guardian. NO ONE, INCLUDING THE
   The member’s Club Card will be collected and is attached to the paperwork
           documenting the incident. The Club Card is then returned to the Club Program
           Office and is placed in the club’s folder for their subsequent visit.
          Patrol cannot dispense medications, including Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.


Ultimately, safe skiing and snowboarding on the mountain is each person's responsibility.

Following Your Responsibility Code will help ALL skiers and snowboarders have a safer
mountain experience. For freestyle skiers and riders, the Smart Style Guide is a must-read
before you enter any of our parks or freestyle terrain.

On the Slopes:

          Always ride or ski in control and within your ability. Do not ride or ski too fast or
           recklessly. Do not ski slopes too difficult for your ability.
          When walking or climbing always keep to the side of the trail or slope.
          If you have a collision resulting in an injury to another person it's your responsibility
           to stay at the collision site until the Ski Patrol arrives. All injuries must be reported
           before leaving BMBW or AV.
          Inverted aerial maneuvers (flips) are not recommended.
          It is your responsibility to control your body on the ground and in the air. Always
           clear the landing area quickly. Never jump blindly. Use a spotter when necessary.
           Look before you leap! One user on a terrain feature at a time. Inspect terrain before
           using and throughout the day.
          Do not ride or ski beyond CLOSED AREA signs into a closed area.
          Do not build up jumps, schuss, or ski out of control. Schussing means skiing straight
           down the hill extremely fast and/or recklessly.
          Do not ski/ride out of bounds. Boundaries may be identified by posts and rope,
           ribbon and bamboo, bamboo only, pop up fence or even a natural boundary of

On the Lifts:

          Do not jump off of chairlifts.
          Club Cards must be kept in a chest pocket so that scanners can easily read them
           while on the mountain.
          A skier/rider who is alone when entering the lift line should call out "single" so that
           others may ride the chairlift with him on double, triple or quad lifts.
          Remove pole straps from wrists before loading on chairlifts. Stand close together in
           the loading area.
          Absolutely no cans or bottles are to be taken on ski lifts or ski slopes.
          Do not cut lift lines. Only BMBW and AV Ski Patrollers and Instructors are allowed to
           enter the lift line ahead of those already waiting.
          Get on and off lifts only at loading and unloading areas. Do not swing or bounce
           chairs while riding chairlift. Do not cross operating rope tow tracks.
Etiquette and Behavior:

          Be courteous and respect others. Do not use rude language or misbehave.
          No carry-in beer or alcoholic beverages will be allowed on BMBW or AV premises.
           Such beverages may be confiscated.
          Do not bring skis, snowboards or poles into the lodge.
          BMBW and AV have a no picnicking policy.
          Snowboarders must follow the Responsibility Code. Do not sit at the top of the run
           in such a way as to block the starting area or otherwise obstruct any area of the
          Do not abuse rental equipment. Do not go on dry pavement with skis/snowboard.
          Snowball throwing, foul language and food fights will NOT be tolerated while on
           BMBW or AV property.
          We expect all customers, including advisors and club members to bus their own
           table and leave the food service area clean.


          These versatile cards are great, whether you're looking for a gift or just an easy way
           to pay for purchases at our resorts. They can be purchased and reloaded online or
           in person at any of our resorts.
          These prepaid cards can be used for ALL goods and services provided by BMBW and
           AV; excluding Buckeye Sports.
          The new RFID Club Cards will also be capable of loading money onto them to be
           used at our sales points throughout the resort; excluding Buckeye Sports. You can
           load money in person or over the phone.(subject to change)


          Warning tickets may be issued to club members for disciplinary reasons, including
           skiing or riding out of control.
          Snowball throwing and foul language will NOT be tolerated while on BMBW or AV
           property and could result in immediate expulsion from the club and our resorts.
          If a warning ticket is issued, both the club member and the advisor must be present
           to claim the member’s Club Card at the Club Program Office on the following
          If a second warning is given, the Club Card will be permanently revoked with no
          BMBW and AV reserve the right to suspend or revoke ski/snowboard privileges for
           any reason with no refund at any time and without warnings issued.

WHAT TO WEAR: If you need to buy anything, it should be a pair of waterproof shell pants and
warm long underwear.) Follow our guidelines to help make your first experience skiing or
snowboarding a comfortable one, from head to toe:


          Ultimately, the choice of whether to wear a HELMET on the slopes is one of personal
           and/or parental choice. It's up to you to educate yourself about the benefits and
           limitations of wearing a helmet. NSAA, the trade association for ski areas across the
           country, has set up a good informational website called Lids on Kids. If you do decide
           to wear a helmet, make sure that you wear one specifically designed for winter
           sports! For more information on helmet usage and FAQs, visit
          If you choose not to wear a helmet, HATS are a definite must! Look for hats that are
           waterproof and windproof for maximum comfort.
          SUNGLASSES and GOGGLES are optional, but can make you more comfortable by
           reducing sun glare and keeping any natural snow out of your eyes. Look for 100
           percent UV protection in sunglasses, and make sure that they fit snugly behind your
           ears. Clear or yellow lenses are recommended for night skiing/boarding. Goggles
           should form an uninterrupted seal on your face--watch for gaps, especially around
           your nose--and extend above your eyebrows and below your cheekbones.
          Don't forget SUNSCREEN! Snow is reflective, and magnifies the sun's rays the same
           way that water in a pool or the ocean does. Putting on sunscreen at least a half hour
           before you hit the slopes is a great way to protect your skin.

CLOTHES - LAYER UP: Layering up gives you the flexibility to add or remove layers as needed,
depending on the weather and your activity. Follow a three-layer system for the best results:

          WICKING LAYER: This is the layer worn next to your skin. It should fit snugly (but not
           tightly) in order to keep moisture away from your skin. Avoid wearing cotton in this
           layer, as it will absorb sweat and snow, and make you cold! Turtleneck shirts, long
           underwear, footless tights, etc, work well in this layer.
          INSULATING LAYER: This is the middle layer(s) that helps to keep the heat in and the
           cold out. On a warm, sunny day you may not need an insulating layer... but bring
           one anyway, just in case. (It's better to be prepared, and you can store any
           unnecessary layers in one of our token-operated lockers.) Make sure that your
           insulating layer is loose enough to trap air between layers, but not so bulky that you
           have trouble moving. Comfort is key, and either fleece or wool sweaters work well in
           this layer.
          PROTECTIVE LAYER: This is your outermost layer, which guards against the elements.
           It should be waterproof, always fit comfortably and never restrict your range of
           motion. Don't wear jeans or street pants! Denim is not waterproof, so water will
           soak into the fabric and you will end up being cold, wet and miserable. Waterproof
           outer pants are recommended instead.


          Wear waterproof GLOVES or MITTENS. Don't wear gloves or mittens that are too
           tight. There should be a little air space at the tips of your fingers, which acts as
           additional insulation. Snowboarders may want to wear wrist guards as well, to help
           protect hands and wrists in a fall.

   Wool or acrylic SOCKS are better than cotton athletic socks--again, because cotton
    soaks up water and holds it close to your skin. Ski and snowboard boots are
    designed to be warm, so you only need to wear one, thin pair of socks. Multiple
    layers of socks, or one pair that is too thick, will only give you blisters and may not
    allow for a proper fitting boot. Multiple pairs of socks may also restrict your
    circulation and cause your feet to be colder.
   As most members are coming to BMBW and AV from other activities, we
    recommend bringing an extra pair of socks to change into before you begin

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