535 Marriott Drive                            GREEN PROGRAM CONTACT
     Nashville, TN 37214
                                                   Tim Bent
     Phone: (615) 937-1000
                                                   Environmental Affairs, Director

     Nashville, TN (HQ)
     Bridgestone Americas consists of an
     international family of enterprises with 55
     production facilities and more than
     53,000 teammates throughout the

What types of green programs has your company implemented?
• ISO certification
• Company carpools
• Energy conservation
• Green facilities
• Eco-friendly packaging
• Solar energy
• Waste reduction programs
• Discussing eco-friendly products and facilities at career centers, workshops, etc.
• Emphasizing eco-friendly business practices on company website
• Educational seminars during company hours
• Supporting endangered species
• Reducing our carbon footprint: Bridgestone Americas (BSA) is a company
  dedicated to environmental conservation. BSA strives to be not only an
  environmentally conscious company, but also a leader in environmental initiatives.
  Our global company utilizes an overarching theme that is intended to focus all
  Bridgestone group teammates worldwide on creating a positive environmental
  impact: One Team, One Planet. We’re working to increase our positive impact on
  our environment and our communities by leading and engaging in a variety of
  efforts, some of which are described below. Bridgestone Americas is determined

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    to become one of the most respected companies in the Americas. One way of
    achieving this goal is by continuing to hold a leadership position in environmental

• Other:

              • All Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC (BATO) tire plants and four
                Firestone Diversified Products, LLC (FSDP) plants qualified for the United
                States Environmental Protection Agency’s former National Environmental
                Performance Track (Performance Track) initiative, a voluntary federal
                environmental excellence program recognizing those companies with the
                best environmental management practices. BATO is the first tire
                company as well as the first insulation company to be accepted into the
                USEPA Performance Track program.

              • Bridgestone Americas was the first U.S. tire and rubber company to
                implement ISO 14001, the international standard for Environmental
                Management Systems. Today, all Bridgestone Americas’ facilities are ISO
                14001 certified or will be within two years of start-up or acquisition.

              • Firestone Building Products Company, LLC (FSBP) recently announced
                an alliance to provide sustainable commercial roofing solutions,
                LiveRoof®, LLC. The LiveRoof “pre-vegetated” invisible-modular green
                roof system offered by FSBP offers many long-term benefits including
                improved energy efficiency, reduced thermal and UV degradation,
                decreased heat-island effect in surrounding areas, and purified and
                reduced storm-water run-off.

              • Firestone Liberia recently opened the first phase of its operation to
                process rubber wood, a value-added, ecologically sustainable product of
                its natural rubber operations in Liberia. Rubber trees will be processed
                after they reach the end of their lifecycle for producing latex, which is
                typically around 30 years. The air-dried product is a durable hardwood
                that is often used in furniture and flooring throughout the world. In
                addition, Firestone Natural Rubber recently announced a venture to
                provide renewable electricity to Liberian citizens, using waste wood as
                fuel. This renewable energy source will provide the opportunity for
                hundreds of jobs and other economic development opportunities for the
                struggling Liberian economy.

              • BATO’s Warren County, Tenn., and Aiken County, S.C., plants now use
                hydrogen fuel cells to power their automated material handling vehicles.
                Using this environmentally friendly technology enables efficiency
                improvements, reduces down-time for the vehicles and ultimately saves
                money. Bottom line: good environmental performance is also good

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Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

           • BATO's Warren Co, TN and Aiken Co., SC plants are the world's first
             LEED certified tire manufacturing plants. Our commitment to the
             environment goes beyond operational excellence. Bridgestone Americas
             is actively engaged in a variety of partnerships to promote conservation
             initiatives aimed at preserving nature and helping children connect with
             their natural surroundings.

           • Our Warren County, Tenn., Wilson, N.C., and Aiken County, S.C., tire
             plants all have wildlife habitat areas certified by the Wildlife Habitat
             Council. These lands are community resources used by the Boy Scouts
             and other groups as nature learning and activity centers. Our Wellford,
             S.C., roofing plant is also working with the Wildlife Habitat Council to set
             up a project on its land.

           • Bridgestone Americas and its retail subsidiary Bridgestone Retail
             Operations, LLC (BSRO) have been national sponsors of the Keep
             America Beautiful (KAB) program for seven years, and have participated
             continually in cleanup activities across the country. In 2007 alone, the
             KAB campaign collected and disposed more than 2 million scrap tires.

           • Bridgestone Americas has been the title sponsor for Team Green in
             Nashville since 1996. Team Green, Middle Tennessee’s only outdoor
             adventure club, organizes environmental community service projects and
             adventure activities for members. By connecting the community to the
             great outdoors and instilling respect for the environment, the organization
             engages in numerous cleanup activities throughout each year in addition
             to helping develop fitness and a love of nature in the Nashville
             community. In May 2008, Team Green and Bridgestone Americas
             helped organize Nashville’s largest volunteer cleanup project: over 350
             volunteers removed over 10 tons of trash from the islands of Percy Priest
             Lake, a Nashville area water supply, power generation and recreational

           • Bridgestone Americas donated 10,000 acres of pristine wilderness to the
             State of Tennessee’s Wildlife Resources Agency for preservation as a
             wildlife habitat, including public use for hiking, camping and wildlife
             viewing. The Bridgestone Firestone Centennial Wilderness is a treasure
             that will be enjoyed by the people of Tennessee for generations to come.

           • When Bridgestone Americas opened its newest tire manufacturing plant
             in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, in November 2007, the company
             distributed a new bilingual book that was developed by the company’s
             environmental team, the local bird watching club and local natural
             resource officials. The 200-plus page book, La Guia Para La Observación
             De Aves En Nuevo León (Guide for Bird Watching in Nuevo Leon),
             introduces the birds of the region and provides neighbors, families and
             visitors a way to connect with the local environment. At the plant’s grand

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                  opening, the book was presented as a gift to symbolize partnership
                  between the company and community. The book has since been
                  distributed to new teammates, the natural resource regulatory agency,
                  Department of Tourism and local schools.

              • Bridgestone Americas has sponsored two simultaneous doctoral fellows
                in multidisciplinary environmental management (science, engineering
                and legal) at the Vanderbilt University Center for Environmental
                Management Studies (VCEMS) since the late 1990s. Bridgestone
                Firestone Fellows have held such influential positions as environmental
                law professors and sustainability consultants.

              • Our environmental managers and other teammates are engaged with our
                communities at all levels. From working on Keep America Beautiful
                projects to working with Scouts to improve wildlife habitats to serving on
                local environmental quality boards (Tennessee and North Carolina) to
                serving on boards of directors for wildlife habitat improvement NGOs (the
                Wildlife Habitat Council (international) and Tennessee Wildlife Habitat
                Trust), our teammates understand the importance of environmental

              • Beginning in early 2008, BSRO began making steel wheel weights
                available to customers. Wheel weights can fall off and may get thrown
                onto the edges of roadways, but BSRO’s program will replace millions of
                lead wheel weights each year with more ecologically sensitive steel wheel

              • Going green just got easier in the greater Portland, Ore., area where
                motorists can buy the nation’s first environmentally friendly oil change
                service, now offered at 17 Firestone Complete Auto Care store locations.

              • BSRO stores throughout the country recycle tires, car batteries, oil and oil
                filters, antifreeze, Freon and many other automotive products.
                Community members also have the opportunity to drop off used oil and
                automotive batteries from do-it-yourself projects for proper reprocessing.

              • Firestone Liberia is constructing a two-stage water treatment facility at our
                operation in Liberia, consisting of tank filtration and constructed
                wetlands. Water treatment is a serious issue facing Liberia, a country
                with no sanitary sewage system and limited access to potable water.
                Scheduled for completion in the first half of this year, our new system will
                clean the water so it can be recycled for use again in rubber processing
                as well as other uses.

              • Team Joliette, at Bridgestone Americas’ Quebec manufacturing plant,
                initiated a project to transform a dry materials landfill site owned by the
                City of Joliette into a multifunction public park equipped with various
                installations to benefit citizens of all ages. Each year the team

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Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

              coordinates activities for the young and old and new equipment and
              attractions are added to the park. The park is now equipped with the
              following: ice skating ring, slides, hockey rink, pedestrian footpath, roller
              blade trail, playground, skate park, washrooms, cycle track, pavilion for
              teenagers and a municipal drinking water storage tank.

           • Bridgestone Americas cross-LLC Human Resources team implemented
             “Payroll Goes Green” initiative to reduce current processes that use
             20,000 pounds of paper, 21,000 gallons of gasoline, and create 630,000
             gallons of wastewater. This “go paperless” action will save money and
             reduce our carbon footprint. The list goes on and on. Bridgestone
             Americas’ ongoing commitment to “One Team, One Planet” continues to
             help the company earn the trust and pride of the communities
             Bridgestone Americas calls home. The consistent improvement in
             environmental management is the result of a lot of hard work by
             teammates across all business units.

Who is accountable for helping your company meet its green-related goals?
Bridgestone Americas’ environmental accountability starts at the very top and is the
responsibility of each one of our teammates. Upon becoming Bridgestone Americas’
CEO in 2003, Mark A. Emkes immediately developed and implemented a CEO Policy
that was communicated across the company’s 53,000 teammates in the Americas.
One of his guiding principles is to enhance environmental initiatives, and his guiding
principles are the heart of all that the company does. Mr. Emkes has an Executive
Environmental Committee to ensure that environmental issues are considered at the
highest levels of the company.

Bridgestone Americas’ Environmental Affairs Department works with Emkes and the
Environmental Executive Committee to implement the company’s Global
Environmental Policy by working with all LLCs, divisions and facilities to maintain legal
compliance, reduce our environmental footprint, and improve customer and
community relations through positive environmental activities. The Environmental
Affairs Department supports the work of numerous facility level environmental
managers, and a volunteer employee environmental group—Team Environment—
meets regularly to engage in environmental activities to improve environmental
performance in the office.

How have you responded to growing consumer demand for green/eco-friendly
products and services?
• Active distribution of information on green products on public website
• Eco-friendly policies in place at factories
• Eco-friendly policies in place at warehouses

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• Eco-friendly policies in place in the manufacturing process
• Certifications:

              • 37 Bridgestone Americas facilities, including all of our manufacturing
                plants, are ISO 14001 certified.

              • Two of our manufacturing plants are currently in the process of
                certification for LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

              • Three Bridgestone Americas plants were charter members of the EPA’s
                National Environmental Performance Track (Performance Track)
                program, and today, all of the company’s U.S. tire plants and four
                diversified products plants have qualified for Performance Track.

              • Following the 2001 Wildlife Habitat Council certification of our first facility
                habitat, we’ve certified five more for a total of six WHC-certified sites
                covering over 1,300 acres of land, in addition to the more than 10,000
                acres donated by BSA. Still more certified wildlife areas are planned.

              • At Bridgestone Americas manufacturing plants, we’ve improved our
                operations by reducing emissions and increasing efficiency. Our
                accomplishments include eliminating hazardous ingredients from the
                marking inks we use to make tires, and connecting local landfills to
                capture methane gas for energy and making numerous other
                improvements in energy efficiency.

• Donations: Donated (completed in 2000) 10,000 acres of Tennessee wilderness.

• Other:

              • In 1931, Bridgestone Corporation was founded on the mission of “serving
                society with superior quality.” Bridgestone Firestone tires keep getting
                better. Longer tire life means fewer scrap tires. Today’s high-tech tires
                also help improve fuel efficiency.

              • We also make great building products. Our energy conserving roofing
                systems keep water out while our new permeable recycled rubber paving
                allows rainwater to replenish the groundwater instead of running into

              • Additionally, we make pond and irrigation liners that help conserve water
                and control erosion. Bridgestone Americas customers get longer tire life
                and lower utility bills—now, that’s working together for a good
                environmental payoff

              • At Firestone Complete Auto Care store locations, our car and tire
                maintenance service enables better fuel efficiency, also reducing air
                pollution per mile. Additionally, we recycle tires, oil, used batteries and
                antifreeze from our car care customers, and we welcome do-it-

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Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

              yourselfers to drop off used oil for recycling as well. We continue to find
              new uses for old tires, and now more than 85 percent of America’s scrap
              tires are beneficially used.

How does the company communicate its environmental goals to its employees
and its stakeholders?
•    Company-wide newsletter
•    Email memos
•    Workshops
•    Seminars
•    Company intranet

What mechanisms does the company have to allow employees to innovate or
provide feedback about ways in which the company can meet its goals?
• Open-door policy with executives
• HR solicitation for feedback
• Annual competitions/prizes for best green practices ideas
• Other: Through our Team Environment program, employees can provide feedback
  to the company by contacting the Team Environment coordinator. Teammates
  provide suggestions that will positively impact our bottom line as well as improve
  our green footprint through a link on the TeamBSA homepage titled Economic
  Response Suggestion Program.

How does your business model promote sustainable practices?
The Executive Environmental Committee and Environmental Affairs Department
oversee all green initiatives. Together they implement the company’s Global
Environmental Policy by working with all business units and facilities to maintain legal
compliance, reduce the environmental footprint, and improve customer and
community relations through positive environmental activities. At each plant we
employ an environmental professional. In each of our corporate headquarters we
employ a team of environmental specialists that oversee regulatory compliance, plant
operations, environmental legal issues and green business initiatives.

Please share any measurable results detailing the effectiveness of your green
Our environmental policy sets high standards for continuous improvement in
minimizing our footprint on the natural world. We focus on minimizing waste,
emissions, and energy use, while also seeking opportunities to improve the
environment in our communities. Key indicators of our environmental footprint are:

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Total waste (amounts recycled and discharged) water usage energy usage and CO2
emissions: We are proud to say that since we began systematically recording
company-wide data in 2003, we have significantly reduced these footprint measures
for each unit of production, as the numbers below illustrate.

• Total waste, producing less waste, recycling more: Bridgestone Americas family of
  companies is focused on reducing waste from all sources. Reduction of waste can
  be accomplished by increasing the amount of waste that is recycled, i.e., using it
  again for another purpose, and by decreasing the amount of waste in all forms.
  Between 2003 and end of 2008, Bridgestone Americas has reduced the amount
  of waste discharged per ton of product by 43 percent, while increasing the amount
  of waste recycled by 28 percent.

• Conserving water: Bridgestone Americas facilities also strive to reduce the amount
  of water used in manufacturing processes as well as the amount of waste water
  discharged. Between 2003 and end of 2008, Bridgestone Americas has reduced
  the amount of water used per ton of product by over 14 percent. An example of
  creativity in water conservation is the floor scrubbing water recycling system at the
  Warren County, Tenn., tire plant, which reuses water up to three times. This
  system has cut soap usage in half and allows for the recycling of 2000-4000
  gallons of water per month. Continuous improvement projects like this help drive
  year-to-year savings of thousands of dollars in resource costs, while reducing the
  burden on publicly-owned wastewater treatment plants and streams.

• Energy: Less energy used means les emissions: Bridgestone Americas has long
  recognized that every bit of energy saved benefits the bottom line for both our
  company and our communities by saving money, reducing emissions and reducing
  the burden on power infrastructure and scarce natural resources.

• CO2 emissions: Our goal is improving carbon efficiency: Bridgestone Americas
  teammates focus on energy efficiency by tracking all forms of energy use in
  manufacturing, warehousing, retail stores, owned distribution fleets, and office
  buildings. With improved energy efficiency, Bridgestone Americas has reduced
  the amount of energy used per ton of product by over 4.5 percent between 2003
  and end of 2008. The search for improvements in energy efficiency is never-
  ending for Bridgestone Americas—it’s just the right thing to do. Examples of
  individual Bridgestone Americas plants’ efforts to reduce net carbon footprint are
  too numerous to mention here. However, one example is the Laverne, Tenn., tire
  plant’s change from using steam to transfer heat for curing tires to using nitrogen,
  which transfers heat much more efficiently.

What initiatives has the company encouraged its employees to participate in
that help to limit carbon emissions on an operating basis?
• Recycling electronics
• Green cleaning products

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Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

• Recycling paper
• Using alternative energy sources
• Donating surplus supplies
• Other: Our company’s Team Environment encourages employees to recycle at
  work and at home, carpool, engage in community improvement activities, practice
  energy conservation at their desk (computer turn off program), utilize material
  conservation (double sided printing), encourage water conservation (some
  waterless urinals installed), and by bringing in outside lecturers to discuss
  environmental oriented topics.

Do you have any goals with a short-term timetable in place to ensure
measurable progress?
As part of our new One Team One Planet program, we will set specific goals on water
conservation, carbon/energy conservation, land conservation and waste elimination.
We have not publicly released these goals.

Please list any awards or recognition your environmental program(s) have
In 2008, Bridgestone Americas received 24 awards for environmental improvement
activities, as listed below:

• Tire Manufacturing at Aiken, S.C. received South Carolina Department of Health
  and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) Spare the Air Recognition for promoting and
  practicing air quality improvements.

• Tire Manufacturing at Aiken, S.C. received US EPA Performance Track Wildlife
  Habitat Council Special Commendation.

• Tire Manufacturing at Des Moines, Ia. received US EPA Region 7 Performance
  Track Awards for achieving hazardous materials use and air emissions reduction

• Tire Manufacturing at Monterrey, Mexico received Tennessee Wildlife Federation
  (TWF) Industrial Conservationist of the Year for developing the Monterrey, Mexico
  area bird identification and bird-watching book for all Bridgestone Teammates and
  local community members, in partnership with Monterrey Institute.

• Tire Manufacturing at Warren Co., Tenn. received TN Chamber of Commerce and
  Industry Air Quality Award.

• Tire Manufacturing at Warren Co., Tenn. received Tennessee Governor’s
  Environmental Stewardship Award for Pollution Prevention for use of hydrogen fuel
  cells, also included other environmental activities (energy efficient lighting, high
  volume low speed fans, green restrooms).

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                                                                                       Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

• Tire Manufacturing at Warren Co., TN received US Green Building Counsel
  Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification (first tire
  plant in the world and second US existing industrial building to be LEED certified)

• Tire Manufacturing at Wilson, N.C. received HONDA Corporate Citizenship
  Recognition for corporate citizenship including: ethics and compliance, health and
  safety, community involvement, government relations, diversity and environment.

• Tire Manufacturing at Wilson, N.C. received City of Wilson Bronze Compliance
  Award for POTW compliance.

• Tire Manufacturing at Wilson, N.C. received EPA Performance Track Outreach
  Award for promotion of the Performance Track program through public outreach
  (including letter US Representative)

• Tire Manufacturing at Wilson, N.C. received Environmental Stewardship Initiative–
  Rising Environmental Steward recognition for voluntary environmental leadership

• Tire Logistics received US EPA Smartway Certification for Greatec Drive Radials
  being at least 3 percent better fuel economy than average new tire.

• Corporate Environmental Management received Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC)
  Signature of Sustainability Award for its outstanding commitment to biodiversity
  and conservation education at the Woodlawn New Beginnings site.

• Tire Manufacturing in Mexico received 2008 Business for Social Responsibility
  Award from Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) and Alliance for Social
  Responsibility (AliaRSE).

• Tire Manufacturing in Buenos Aires, Argentina received Environmental Aptitude
  Certification From the Organismo Provincial Desarrollo Sostenible (OPDS)

• Retail Operations received National Partnership for Environmental Priorities
  (NPEP) Award for lead wheel weight recycling, switching to steel wheel weights.

• Retail Operations received Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Green Star Status
  given to six Minnesota retail stores for participation in voluntary environmental
  audit program.

• Retail operations received Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)
  Green Shops certification.

• Arizona Complete Auto CareTM locations receive the green shops certification for
  participation in the ASA’s Voluntary Green Business Automotive program
  administered in conjunction with ADEQ)

• Building Products in DeForest, Wis. accepted into US EPA Performance Track

• Building Products in Youngwood, Pa. accepted into U.S. EPA Performance Track

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Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

• Tire Manufacturing in Buenos Aires, Argentina received recognition from the
  pediatric hospital foundation of Dr. Juan P. Garrahan for paper recycling program
  (donating/recycling 350,000 lbs of paper)

• Tire Manufacturing in Valencia, Venezuela received recognition for Constancy of
  Regulatory Fulfillment to the Environmental Norm in the matter of Dangerous
  Remainders by the Ministry of the Popular Power for the Atmosphere

• Tire Manufacturing in Valencia, Venezuela received recognition for participation in
  celebration of the World-wide Day of Beaches by the National Institute of Parks

• Tire Manufacturing in Valencia, Venezuela received recognition for invaluable work
  carried out in Shared Environmental Management (cleaning of the National Park
  San Esteban) by the National Institute of Parks.

Bridgestone Americas has also won numerous environmental awards over the last
decade, including:

• Green Partner Award from Honda of America Manufacturing

• Industrial Conservationist of the Year Award from the Tennessee Conservation

• Kodak American Greenway Award from the National Geographic Society &
  Eastman Kodak

• National Heritage Conservation Award from the Tennessee Department of
  Environment & Conservation

• National Stewardship Award from The Conservation Fund

• Outstanding Environmental Performance & Wildlife Enhancement Certificate from
  the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Wildlife Habitat Council

• Two plants certified as Corporate Lands for Learning by the Wildlife Habitat Council

• Recognition for participation in the US EPA’s SmartWay Transportation program

• Tennessee Trails Awards from the Tennessee Trails Association

• Recognition of Achievement Award for Environmental Leadership from the Ford
  Motor Company

• National Performance Review (Hammer Award 33/50 Program) from the US EPA

• Named Industrial Conservationist of the Year by the Tennessee Wildlife Federation

• Annual Recognition Award from Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

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                                                                                       Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

Please provide your sustainability mission statement if you have one.
To help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations … We, the
Bridgestone group, are committed to achieving ever higher levels of society’s trust
and employee pride. We consider the environment and health and safety matters to
be integral and important parts of all our business activities, as we work towards a
sustainable society.

Please provide any additional relevant information on your firm's
environmental goals and programs.
Environmental management is commonly viewed as reducing the negative impact on
our natural surroundings. For Bridgestone Americas, that’s simply not good enough.
We’re working to increase our positive impact on our environment and our
communities by developing, improving and protecting wildlife habitats on land we
own or manage. The company’s donation of 10,000 acres of pristine wilderness to
Tennessee—completed in 2000—set the stage for a world-class wildlife habitat
program that continues to spread throughout the company.

Bridgestone Americas teammates are partnering with the Wildlife Habitat Council
(WHC) in cooperation with local, state and federal agencies to create wildlife
management areas on lands surrounding our manufacturing facilities. These wildlife
areas have become a resource for hiking, learning and environmental conservation
for community organizations, school groups and local Boy Scout and Girl Scout

Bridgestone Americas sponsors the areas and leads teams that plant beneficial native
species and eradicate invasive species while promoting the value of wildlife through
environmental education. Beyond helping these species flourish, the teams also find
innovative ways to achieve other community environmental benefits. They transform
landfills from a community problem into a highly valued wildlife preserve; they provide
green space to offset development; and they provide a place for children of all ages
to learn about wildlife and help it thrive. Unique among tire manufacturers in the
United States, only Bridgestone Americas maintains wildlife habitat areas certified by
the WHC.

On a very practical level, the wildlife habitat areas use land for a worthwhile purpose
that benefits the environment and the community. Local interest and ecological
settings determine the type of projects undertaken. They range from outdoor
classrooms and nature trails, to small butterfly gardens or bluebird boxes, to 500
acres of dedicated space and native tree species’ reintroduction.

Here are just a few examples of the projects taking place at Bridgestone Americas’
WHC-certified habitats:

• In Warren County, Tenn., our team planted 300 Chestnut trees to help re-establish
  the rare American Chestnut. Once the heart of Eastern forests, the trees were

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Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

     nearly wiped out by a lethal fungus blight. Our habitat volunteers include a local
     “Kids of the Community” at-risk youth program who help us work with the
     Tennessee American Chestnut Foundation to monitor the progress of the trees on
     our site.

• Our Aiken County, S.C., facility teamed up with dozens of local school children to
  plant 5,000 Longleaf pine trees (another declining species) at our plant location.
  This was the first step in a program that earned certification by WHC as a
  “Corporate Lands for Learning” site.

• Our Wilson, N.C., team restored a picnic shelter and is building a hiking trail, while
  working with local schools to plan for a wildlife education center that includes an
  aquatic habitat study area. The Wilson team has reintroduced Bobwhite Quail in
  the enhanced habitat to help re-establish this waning native bird.

• In Oklahoma City, Okla., the focus was on education and projects with local Boy
  Scouts, as well as long-range city planning to tie the plant’s wildlife area to the
  Oklahoma City River Trails. Part of the habitat at Oklahoma City was farmland that
  teammates maintained as a vegetable garden. They donated tons of turnips and
  peas to the Greater Oklahoma City Food Bank to feed local families in need. Since
  ceasing plant operations in Oklahoma City in 2006, Bridgestone Americas donated
  the wildlife area to the local school district and a land conservancy for the site of
  the district’s next elementary school under the condition that 40-plus acres will
  remain in use perpetually for wildlife habitat and public education.

Our wildlife habitat management activities have had a significant and measurable
impact on the community. Published articles convey our high level of commitment to the
environment by capturing the company’s initiative to create and improve wildlife habitat
areas. We have also received recognition from organizations applauding these wildlife
initiatives. Since 2000 we’ve been honored by groups that include The Conservation
Fund; state departments of environmental quality in Tennessee, Oklahoma and South
Carolina; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; and the Tennessee Chamber of
Commerce and Industry. Further, and more importantly, the wildlife habitats have done
exactly what they were designed to do. They provide a place for plants and animals to
thrive. Bluebirds, Tree Swallows and Screech Owls are flourishing on these lands. Native
grasses provide food and cover for grassland birds. Butterfly bushes and other pollinator
plants are increasing pollinator populations. And, what makes us the most proud, is that
children from all walks of life work side-by-side with our teammates to learn about nature
and everyone’s role and responsibility to protect, preserve and enhance our natural

For Bridgestone Americas, what started as one donation to honor the Firestone brand’s
centennial has become a way of life. Every Bridgestone Americas facility has the
opportunity — and is encouraged—to create a wildlife habitat area for the benefit of its
community and teammates. At each location, the WHC is invited to visit the habitat area
to evaluate opportunities for habitat improvement. Bridgestone Americas teammates,
fully supported by the company, are invited to be involved and many spend their personal

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                                                                                       Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

time helping to organize and implement selected projects. Further, we have designed
programs for facilities that may not have the acreage for on-site habitats. For example,
the Monterrey, Mexico, team worked with local university and bird watching groups to
publish and distribute the first Spanish-language bird watching guide for the Nuevo Leon
province. The book project earned the company the honor of being named Industrial
Conservationist of the Year by the Tennessee Wildlife Federation. For Bridgestone
Americas, developing, improving and protecting wildlife habitats on our property is an
essential part of running our business and making a positive impact on our communities
and environment. Giving back to the community is the foundation upon which
Bridgestone Americas was built. And it’s the only way we plan on conducting our
business in the future.

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