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A Historic and Vibrant Community in the Lakeview Neighborhood of Chicago
Anshe Emet as a Center for Honest Dialogue

                       Michael S. Siegel
                       Senior Rabbi
                       The Norman Asher Rabbinic Chair

   There is much that we can learn from the     conversations over Zoom, and my podcast           On the Friday night of Dr. Martin Luther
Talmud. A most relevant lesson is the art of    with Jonathan Eig, “The Pen and the Yad”,         King Jr. weekend, January 13, we will join
thoughtful and passionate debate conducted      models for our community’s approach to            together with Pastor Chris Harris and
in an atmosphere of respect. The word for       thoughtful debate. Unfortunately, the             members of Bright Star Church for a special
these debates in the Talmud is Mahloket.        reality is that the notion of Mahloket, of        service and a Friday night dinner. We have
The root word of Mahloket is Helek, which       people debating issues and allowing for           invited 10 families from the church to join
means “a portion”. To use this root in a        truth on both sides, is becoming a lost           us for dinner to offer the opportunity for
word that means debate or disagreement          art in our country. Our identity politics         conversations between our communities.
is to suggest that each party has only a        along with a growing tribalism has made           Jonathan Eig has just finished a biography of
portion of the answer. The implication          meaningful and hard conversations nearly          Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Pastor Harris
is that no one is in the possession of the      impossible. We are seeing this inside the         and will I join him to discuss the meaning of
whole truth, and only through thoughtful        walls of our community and outside as well.       King’s message and its relevance today. That
dialogue will we put the parts together            In the month of January, we will be            night, a separate dinner will take place for 10
and arrive at a worthy solution.                taking two steps to address this challenging      teens from Anshe Emet and 10 from Bright
   Over the years, I have taken this approach   situation. To create a more open and              Star, allowing for meaningful conversation
to heart and worked with our professional       thoughtful dialogue on Israel in our              for their generation as well. Pastor Harris
staff and lay leadership to ensure that Anshe   community, we are working with Resetting          and I see this as another step in the
Emet is a place where open and honest           the Table, an organization that trains people     creation of a more robust and thoughtful
dialogue can take place. We have not always     in the art of thoughtful dialogue on Israel.      conversation between our communities.
been successful, but I am proud of what         Those who have been chosen for our first          We hope that you can join us for what
we have accomplished. For example, Anshe        cohort span the political left and right. It is   promises to be a very special evening.
Emet was one of the first congregations         our hope that those who participate will help       Our Rabbis believed that there are
in this country to work with the Shalom         us further our work in creating an atmosphere     debates that honor heaven itself. For
Hartman Institute on their I-Engage Program     where the spirit of Mahloket is possible. We      nearly 150 years, our congregation
to foster conversations on Israel and Jewish    hope to have other cohorts in the future          has honored the Jewish approach to
peoplehood across the political spectrum.       and if this is something that interests           Mahloket, and we are working to continue
   More recently, I have conducted hard         you, please be in touch with my office.           to build on that proud tradition.

Michael Siegel                                  Mimi Weisberg                                     Samantha Isenstein
Senior Rabbi                                    Executive Director                                Director of Adolescent Education
                                                Tamar Brooks                                      Hannah Jarvis
Rachel Brook                                    Clergy Administration Manager                     Development and Advancement Manager
Senior Cantor                                   Michelle Brown                                    Amy Karp
                                                Operations/Benefits Accountant                    Director of Engagement,
Elizabeth Berke                                                                                   The Malkin Family Program Director
Cantor                                          Mardi Caminer
                                                Director of K-7th Grade Education                 and Director of Adult Education
D’ror Chankin-Gould                             Kim Carter                                        Brian Schmidt
                                                Director of Hospitality                           Communications Manager
                                                Javier Cruz                                       Gilberto Vargas
                                                Executive Chef/Director of                        Director of Facilities
                                                Kitchen Management
                                                Maxine Handelman
                                                Director of Family Life & Learning

1 | Anshe Emet Synagogue
A Message from Our Board President

                                                                                                   Danielle Lazar
                                                                                          Anshe Emet Synagogue

    I am writing this article one day after the   relationships that cross what are, really,     anniversary. Please continue to look
glorious Kaplan concert, where Rabbi Siegel,      surface differences. Rabbi Siegel’s great      out for more information about how
and Cantor Brook hosted an afternoon              friendship and brotherhood with Pastor         you and your families can participate.
filled with stories of family, generosity of      Chris Harris comes to mind, as they planted       In the meantime, I hope you are as proud
spirit, and most of all, beautiful, soaring       and then nourished the seeds of closer ties    as I am to be part of this community. There
music. One of the many highlights was             between our two communities. Our work          is no time like the present to get involved.
when world-renowned opera singer, Angel           with Keshet is another example of planting     I look forward to seeing you soon.
Blue, shared the story of how her father,         the seeds of understanding and growing            With warmth and gratitude.
a pastor, learned Hebrew and passed               so that we can create an atmosphere
on the great love of the Jewish people            of not just inclusion but belonging. Our
through song and a tallit. Cantor Brook           continued support of immigrant and
and Ms. Blue then both donned their               refugee families as they settle here in
tallitot and sang “Oseh Shalom”, arranged         a new country shows how the seeds of
by Ms. Blue’s brother. The emotion, the           kindness can support others and show
friendship, and our collective humanity           the truth of our collective humanity.
was on full display through this music.              As we start the year 2023, I am going
One of our board members came up to me            to look for creative ways that my family
afterwards and said: This is what gives hope.     can plant these kinds of seeds within our
    There is a Chinese proverb that says,         community. One idea I am especially
“The best time to plant a tree was 20             excited to share with all of you is Anshe
years ago. The second best time is                Emet’s first community-wide Mitzvah Day,
today.” The friendship expressed through          which is scheduled for March 19. On this
music and camaraderie during the Kaplan           special day, we will, as one community,
concert was but one example of how                contribute and participate in acts of loving
Anshe Emet plants seeds and nurtures              kindness in honor of Rabbi Siegel’s 40th

Danielle Lazar                                    Mimi Wallk                                     Deborah Brown
President                                         Vice President                                 Chika Chandler
Sam Schwartz-Fenwick                              Jay Goodgold                                   Simon Fleischmann
Executive Vice President                          Former President                               Scott Frazin
                                                                                                 Wendy Kline
Ben Kleinman                                      Lynne Schatz                                   Josh Liss
Vice President                                    Secretary                                      David Medow
Jeremy Liss                                       Marc Gould                                     Alan Mintz
Vice President                                    Treasurer                                      Ruth Rau
                                                                                                 Adam Rubenfire
Arnie Rubin                                                                                      Natalie Schneiderman
Vice President                                    TRUSTEES                                       Neil Schwartz
                                                  Tracy Ankin                                    Melissa Walny
Lindsey Seeskin
Vice President                                    Jessica Bearak
                                                                                                 Immediate Past President
                                                                                                 Art Friedson

                                                                                                 Anshe Emet Synagogue | 2
Rabbi Michael S. Siegel
    Celebrating 40 Years of Leadership
                                                  40TH Anniversary Forums
                                                               JANUARY 12, 2023:
                              A Conversation with Joshua Malina: How to Make it in Hollywood and Remain a Mensch
                                          Presented by the Sarah Danielle Goldberg Memorial Cultural Arts
                                                  Fund and underwritten by Judy and Bill Goldberg
                                                                FEBRUARY 2023:
                                          A Conversation with Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson: The State of the
                                            Conservative Movement and the Rabbinate and Its Leadership
                                                                  MARCH 23, 2023:
                                        A Conversation with Doris Kearns Goodwin: Leadership: What are the
                                          Qualities of Leadership Needed for America Today and Tomorrow?
                                                                   APRIL 2023:
                                  A Conversation with Yossi Klein Halevi: The State of our Homeland: What should
                                   Jews Celebrate and What Should We Be Concerned About as Israel Turns 75.

                    40th Anniversary Committee*                                      Honorary Committee
                                     Dani Lazar, Chair                                      *Richard and Joan Kohn
                                       Jessica Bearak                                   Michael and *Susan Weininger
                                      Deborah Brown                                            *Steve Durchslag
                                      Chika Chandler                                      *Steve Silk and Linda Weil
                                    Simon Fleischmann                                   *Art Friedson and Nancy Kohn
                                         Scott Frazin                                         *Rhoda Pomerantz
                                         Marc Gould                                         *Barry and Merle Gross
                                       Ben Kleinman                                   *Harold Hirshman and Lorie Chaiten
                                   Alan and Fran Mintz                                     *Jay and Karen Goodgold
                                          Ruth Rau                                       *Michael and Paula Perlstein
                                      Adam Rubenfire                                          *Lois Hauselman z”l
                                         Arnie Rubin                                            *Mayer Freed z”l
                                        Lynne Schatz                                      *William (Bill) J. Neiman z”l
                                  Natalie Schneiderman
                                Adrienne and Neil Schwartz                              * - Denotes Synagogue President
                                         Mimi Wallk                                      during Rabbi Siegel's 40 years.

                                * - Committee list in formation

                        SAVE THE DATE!                                                                SAVE THE DATE!
                Sunday, March 19, 2023                                                      Sunday, May 7, 2023 • 4PM

          Mitzvah Day Throughout                                                         Special Gala Honoring
            the AES Community                                                           Rabbi Michael S. Siegel’s
             in Honor of Rabbi                                                          40 Years of Leadership at
              Michael S. Siegel                                                         Anshe Emet Synagogue
               Join us as we volunteer around                                               Featuring special guests and
                  Chicagoland to fight food                                               musical tributes celebrating Rabbi
             insecurity, followed by a delicious                                           Siegel’s Legacy of Leadership.
               spaghetti dinner at AES for all.

      Mitzvah Day Chair • Elaine Seeskin
      Mitzvah Day Spaghetti Dinner Chair • Natalie Schneiderman

3 | Anshe Emet Synagogue
AES Upcoming Programs

                                                      Why the Prophet
                                                      Jeremiah Hated
                                                      Religion (and maybe
                                                      we should too) with
                                                      Rabbi Shai Held
                                                      Tuesday, January 10
                                                      In this day and age, we tend to assume that it
                                                      is ideological atheists who most hate religion.
                                                      But, according to the prophet Yirmiyahu, it
                                                      is God who actively detests religion—or at
                                                      least religion of the self-serving, hypocritical
                                                      kind. In this session, we will engage in an
extremely close reading of Jeremiah Chapter 7 and try to understand Jeremiah’s approach
to God, religion, and ethics. We’ll pay special attention to the age-old controversy over
what the prophet means when he says that God never commanded sacrifice, and we’ll talk
openly about how Jeremiah’s critique might speak to us, challenge us, and unsettle us.

                                                                                                             Jewish Film Series
                                                     Holocaust Cinema
                                                     Complete with                                           Where
                                                     Author and Educator                                     Life
                                                     Rich Brownstein                                         Begins
                                                     Sunday, January 22                                      Thursday,
                                                     10AM                                                    January 19
                                                     Rich Brownstein will lecture about the history of       7PM
                                                     Holocaust films, how to analyze the genre, and
                                                     his recommendations of the best, and worst,             An ultra-Orthodox Jewish family
                                                     Holocaust films ever made. After a career in            from Aix-les-Bains comes to a farm
                                                     Hollywood, Rich Brownstein has become a                 in Calabria for a brief stay every
                                                     leading international expert about the history
                                                                                                             year to carry out a sacred mission:
                                                     and use of Holocaust films. Since 2014, he has
                                                     lectured for Yad Vashem’s International School          harvesting citrons. Here Elio, the
for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem, specializing in the use of Holocaust film history and pedagogy.          farm owner, meets Esther, the
He is the author of Holocaust Cinema Complete: A History and Analysis of 400 Films.                          rabbi’s daughter, who is tired of the
                                                                                                             constraints imposed by her religion.
                                                                                                             Through this relationship, Esther
                                                                                                             will understand the importance of
                                                      Shalom Hartman:                                        freedom and find her path, and,
                                                      Aspirational Zionism                                   in the same way, Elio will find the
                                                                                                             peace he had lost for a long time.
                                                      Begins Sunday, February 5                              Register online!
                                                      A six-session class looking at the future of
                                                      Zionism for North American Jews. What are the
                                                      commitments of a morally aspirational Zionism?
                                                      How do we, as Jews, use our power to shape            Register for these events
                                                      our future? What is our hope for the relationship     and much more at
between North American and Israeli Jewries? Using Hartman videos featuring many of their scholars, Rabbi    ansheemet.org/events.
Siegel will delve into the following topics: The Zionist Idea; Zionism and Power; Zionism as Loyalty,
Citizenship and Belonging; Imagining Israeli Identity and much more. Breakfast will be provided.
                                                                                                           Anshe Emet Synagogue| 4
AES Music

                                                                      SAVE THE DATE!
                             Rachel Brook                             Sunday, April 16
                                                                           at 5PM
                             Senior Cantor                           Jewish Rock Radio
                             The Arnold H. Kaplan,                    CHICAGO SINGS!
                                                                     All Ages Welcome!
                             M.D. Cantorial Chair

                                                                                               Shireinu: AES Adult Choir
While we may be deep in our journey           No previous Shpiel experience necessary,         Meets on Select Thursdays
through 5783, we are also excited to          just a desire to make friends, sing and dance,   7PM
celebrate new beginnings with the             and rock out!
arrival of the secular new year. Happy          While we are talking about rock                Join Shireinu, our volunteer choir for
2023! Here at Anshe Emet, the arrival of      stars, we are excited to highlight two           adults of all ages. We sing for fun, and
January means it’s time to SHPIEL! Ages       special additions to the Anshe Emet              we would like to create a program to
6-106 are invited to sing, dance, and act     Music Team, whose faces may already              bring to local senior residential facilities.
your way into this year’s Purim Shpiel:       be familiar to you from services—you             With your help, we can get there!
Sunday School of Rock. Rehearsals begin       can learn more about them below!
                                                                                               Contact Cantor Liz to join:
Sunday, January 8 and will continue each
Sunday from 12:15PM-2PM until Purim
arrives at Anshe Emet on March 5 & 6.

Welcome New
Music Team
                                                                                               AES Youth Choir
                            JEREMY               Yair grew up in Jerusalem and Yerucham        Come one, come all, to the
                            RASKIN            (a small town south of Be’er Sheva). He          Anshe Emet Youth Choir!
                            Young Family      and his wife Shosh have two beautiful
                            Service           daughters, Shachar and Yuval, both Bernard       If you love to sing, consider joining one of
                            Leader and        Zell students. Currently pursuing an MBA         our Youth Choir ensembles. This coming
                            Musician          from Gies College at University of Illinois,     year, Youth Choir has two branches:
                                              Yair is also a Jewish Studies teacher at         Kindergarten–2nd grade and 3rd–6th grade.
   Jeremy has been playing Jewish music
                                              Bernard Zell. He enjoys coming to services       K-2nd Choir will sing at Friday night services
in Chicago for over 10 years. He loves
                                              at AES and schmoozing with friends at            throughout the year, with rehearsal and
sharing Jewish music & ru’ach with Anshe
                                              Kiddush lunch; playing guitar and piano;         dinner prior to the service. 3rd–6th grade
Emet’s younger congregants every Shabbat
                                              and tutoring for B’nai Mitzvah, as well as       Choir will rehearse on selected Sundays
at Shachar services. His favorite parsha is
                                              chanting Torah and Haftarah himself.             at 12:30PM, and will sing at services
Shoftim. He likes its message of fairness
                                                 Please let Yair know if you would like        and other special synagogue events.
& justice and respect & caring about those
                                              to read Torah, Haftarah or Megillah at
around us when injustice enters our world.                                                     Contact Cantor Brook to join:
                                              future services! Email him at

5 | Anshe Emet Synagogue
AES Affinity Groups

Sisterhood                                     Men’s Club                                      YAD
Deborah Gubin and Marcie                       We look forward to your joining with our          •   YAD First Friday Shabbat
Marcovitz, the Co-Presidents of the            Men's Club in our upcoming events: If                 January 6
AES Sisterhood, are excited about              you are not yet a member, contact Alan
Sisterhood’s upcoming programs:                Mintz, Gregg Pollack or Barry Seeskin.            •   After I Do
  • A focus on reproductive rights             •    Pickleball                                       Calling all young adult couples in
      in conjunction with National                  Join in the exciting physical and social         committed relationships, engaged
      Council of Jewish Women.                      action on the First Wednesday of                 or newly married. Join us for this
                                                    every month from 6PM-8PM and                     3-session workshop, plus a Shabbat
  • A special evening including                     enjoy the games and refreshments.                dinner with Rabbi D’ror Chankin-
      a performance of “Night                       Men's Club members only. Look for                Gould. Thursday Evenings at 6:30PM
      Table,” featuring our own                     registration information in the weekly           with dinner, January 19, 26, and
      Cantor Elizabeth Berke, with                  synagogue announcements.                         February 2.
      choreography by Lin Batsheva
      Kahn, and original music                 •    Hearing Men's Voices                         •   After Lunch and Learn
      composed by Ilya Levinson.                    Monday evening, 23 January 2023,                 Come learn with Natan Hason /
                                                    from 6:30PM-8:30PM for Men's                     Moishe House Pod on Shabbat
  • Sisterhood continues to work                    Club Members only. Share in pizza                following Kiddush lunch in January
      with AES to continue the High                 and drinks, then participate in a
      School Grad Connection. The                   discussion concerning men's issues.          •   YAD First Friday Shabbat
      program sends boxes twice a                   Specific topic TBA.                              February 3, we will partner with
      year to children/young adults                                                                  Israel Policy Forum’s ATID
      of AES members between the               •    World Wide Wrap
      ages of 18-22 with fun and                    Sunday, 12 February 2023, at                 •   Speed Dating
      meaningful reminders of their                 8:30AM. Join in celebrating the                  Saturday, February 11 at 7PM
      Jewish Heritage. The Chanukah                 mitzvah of tallit and tefillin with
      boxes have been sent.                         Jews from Sydney, Australia to
                                                    Honolulu, Hawaii, and every time
  • We continue to work with
                                                    zone in between. Participate in
      the Night Ministry under the
                                                    our learning with the clergy and
      steady hand of Janine Landow-
                                                    morning minyan followed by a
      Esser. If you are interested in
                                                    delicious bagel breakfast.
                                                                                               New at AES!
      getting involved or helping
      with their bi-monthly food

                                                    Men (and Women), Meat,
      program, let us know.
                                                    and Midrash with Milt’s
                                                    We welcome all members of our

                                                    community to join us for a stimulating
Also of Note:                                       evening of delicious dinner from
Sisterhood Book Group is alive and                  Milt’s and learning facilitated by
well. We meet three times in the                    Rabbi Jacob Cytryn, Director of Camp         Refaeini, Adonai, V'neirafeh
fall and three times in the spring                  Ramah in Wisconsin. Specific date in
with a professional facilitator.                    late February TBA.                           "Heal us, Adonai, and
                                                                                                 we shall be healed"
Last but certainly not least, a hearty todah   •    Men’s Club Shabbat
to the generous support of the following            Shabbat, 18 March 2023 at                    Join Rabbi Chankin-Gould and
people who made our Kiddush Cup Event               9:30AM. Participate in leading our           Cantor Berke for a one-hour
so successful: Georgia Cibul, Deborah               congregation for Shabbat Services            healing service with music,
Gubin, Laura Kordon, Freddrika Kammer,              and celebrating the accomplishments          meditation and an opportunity
Nancy Kohn, Lori Leib, and Lynne Schatz.            and contributions of our Men’s               to calm and center your life.
                                                    Club to Anshe Emet and the
                                                    broader Jewish community.                    Come to pray for the healing of
                                                                                                 others, the healing of yourself,
                                                   SAVE THE DATE                                 or the healing of our world.
  SAVE THE DATE                                    MIDWEST REGION
  OUR ANNUAL                                       FEDERATION OF JEWISH MEN’S                    Learn more online!
  SISTERHOOD SHABBAT                               CLUBS MAN AND YOUTH OF
                                                   THE YEAR CELEBRATION
  Saturday, March 4
                                                   Sunday, March 26

                                                                                               Anshe Emet Synagogue | 6
AES Teen Trips                                  AES Teen Life

                                                  New in 2023!                                  Tikkun Chicago
                                                  High school juniors and seniors and           Registration is
Nisiya Tova (have a good trip)!                   their parents are invited to think            now open!
   We are so excited to see fifteen 8th           about and explore life after
graders as well as two AES staff members,                                                       Classes start January 12
                                                  high school. Thursday Evenings
Mardi Caminer and Hannah Kinsella,                                                              Four Classes this trimester:
                                                  Feb 9, 16, and 23.
and one parent staffing as a doctor on
IsraelNow’s February and March trips!                                                              • A Taste of Hadar's Maimonides
IsraelNow is JUF’s community 8th grade trip                                                          Moot Court Competition:
to Israel. This year, there will be over 200                                                         Shaming on Social Media
8th graders traveling to Israel for a week of                                                      • Justice in the City:
exploring. There will be a special send off                                                          Teen Philanthropy
celebration for these 8th graders and their
families on Friday, February 10th at the                                                           • Nights at the Museum!
6PM service with an oneg to follow! We                                                               Museum Design
wish them all a Nisiya Tova, a good trip.                                                          • TikTok Talmud!

                                                                                                More info and registration online.

                                                  Laser Tag                                     Sign up online today!
                                                  at Whirly Ball                                ansheemet.org/
                                                  Sunday, February 12                           tikkun-chicago
                                                  Open to all 5th-7th graders

Israel Teen Israel Adventure Trip June 2023
   Calling all current 9th, 10th and 11th
graders! Want to go to Israel for the
first time this summer? Or maybe for
your return trip? Looking for something
exciting to do in June? Anshe Emet
is going to Israel this June 8-27!                Starting in January all SHMUSY/USY          Thursday, February 2
   For nineteen days, enjoy all the sights,       Events are open to 8th graders!             Words to Action- Everyday anti-Semitism
sounds, smells and tastes of Israel with                                                      with the ADL- open to all 8th-12th
other teens from Anshe Emet and Chicago!          Tuesday, January 17
                                                                                              graders. 7PM
   A trip info session to learn more will         Israel Trip Info Night, and Dinner!
be held at Anshe Emet on January 17               Learn about the Israel trip with a          Monday, February 13
at 6:30PM with Dinner! Trip costs are             homemade Israeli dinner! 6:30pm.            Tu B’shvat succulent program! 7PM
$6,200, including airfare and there is a          Monday, January 23                          Tuesday, February 28
special voucher available from RootOne for        Monday Lounge Night – SHMUSY is             Tie dye event! 7PM
$3,000 bringing the trip total to $3,200!         trying a new night for 2023! Bring your
For more information, please contact              homework, hang out, chill in the youth
Samantha Isenstein:                               lounge for a low-key evening with lots of
sisenstein@ansheemet.org.                         snacks! Open to all 8th-12th Graders.

                                                For more information, please contact Samantha Isenstein: sisenstein@ansheemet.org.
7 | Anshe Emet Synagogue
AES Religious School                                                                                PURIM!

                            Mardi Caminer
                            Director of K-7th Grade Education

   Hello Families,                                  • Wednesday, March 29
In our last bulletin, I communicated some             School Day Out - Your students
of our “chai”lights thus far and as we                JK-8th are invited to join me
think about 2023, I would like to share
some dates to save in your calendar!
                                                      offsite! I will be having a CPS
                                                      Day-Off Birthday Party and hope
                                                                                                Save the Dates!
   • Monday, January 16                               your kids can help me celebrate!
     Martin Luther King Jr. Service                 • Sunday, April 16                           PURIM CARNIVAL
     Project Opportunities. We are                    Ice Cream Social for kids K-2nd            Sunday March 5, 2023
     inviting you to join us, in lieu                 grade who participate in 9
     of a day off program, for our                    services during the year.
     mitzvah projects on Monday,
                                                                                                MEGILLAH READING
                                                    • Sunday, April 23
     January 16. Please be on the
                                                      CUBS game for 3-5 grade students
                                                                                                   AND SHPIEL
     lookout for more information.
                                                      who attend 9 tefillah opportunities.       Monday, March 6, 2023
   • Friday, February 10
                                                 Looking forward to many wonderful
     Join us in the sanctuary for Friday
                                                moments together in 2023!
                                                                                                MEGILLAH READING
     night Shabbat services which
     will showcase our JK-2nd grade              Warmly,                                        MINYAN & PANCAKE
     students and also celebrate our                                                               BREAKFAST
     8th graders leaving for Israel!                                                             Tuesday, March 7, 2023
     We hope you can join us!
   • Sunday, February 12
     Family Lunch with Keshet in
                                                                                                    Don’t miss all of our
     celebration of Jewish Disability                                                            ROCK n’ ROLL
     Awareness & Inclusion Month.                                                                   Purim celebrations
                                                                                                      at Anshe Emet!
                                                                                                  Keep a look out for more
                                                                                                   information online at
                                            TEFILLAH INCENTIVE REMINDER:                         ANSHEEMET.ORG/PURIM
                                            With the start of the new year, I would
                                            love to remind you about this year’s season
                                            of tefillah. We invite each K-5th grade
                                            family to join us for at least nine tefillah
                                            opportunities! For students in 3rd-5th
                                            grade who attend or “sticker in” to at
                                            least nine innings (services) of Tefillah at
                                            Anshe Emet Synagogue, you can join us
                                            at a Cubs game on Sunday, April 23rd
                                            at 1:20pm! Our K-2nd grade kids who
                                            make it to at least 9 tefillah opportunities
                                            are invited to join us for an ice cream
                                            party on Sunday, April 16 at noon!

                                                                                             Anshe Emet Synagogue | 8
AES Welcomes New Executive Chef, Javier Cruz

                                Javier Cruz
                                Executive Chef
                                Director of Kitchen Management

   Javier—or Javy—Cruz has been                     on Food Network—in Tampa, Florida. This was       Upon leaving Sage, always looking for new
professionally cooking since 2008. You              Javy’s first taste of the cooking industry. He    experiences and challenges, Javier spent a
might remember having seen him around               quickly began to build his skills and knowledge   brief stint as a sales representative for Sysco,
Anshe Emet, during his prior work with              in the kitchen. He soon attended the French       the national restaurant food distributor.
Sage Dining Services at Bernard Zell.               Institute of Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu. He    His time in sales was short-lived and he
   Javy grew up with a love for cooking. In         even studied for a brief period in France.        once again heard the call of the kitchen.
Cuba, many in his family, including his mother,        Upon graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, Javy         Javier is excited to be back at Anshe Emet
loved to tinker in the kitchen, creating new,       found himself in Orlando, Florida with another    and looks forward to creating delicious dishes,
delicious dishes. Sundays were for family and       opportunity before him. He was asked by an        and bringing the community together through
dinners together. Though food has always            industry friend to help open the first Fogo       food. He is eager to enhance Shabbat meals,
been a passion, Javy’s studies initially took him   de Chão in the city. Here, Javier worked as       Kiddush lunches, and all of our other offerings
toward the fields of engineering and calculus.      both the in-house pastry chef and butcher.        throughout the year. From his travels and
   After graduating from school in Cuba,               In 2016, now living in Chicago, Javy toyed     experiences, and the distant memory of family
Javier spent time as a calculus teacher.            with returning to the field of engineering.       gatherings at the dinner table sharing a savory
However, he soon gained the opportunity             But, after a brief reprieve, he found he just     meal together, he is eager to bring his skills and
to indulge that initial passion—cooking.            could not stay out of the kitchen, and began      ideas for new dishes and flavors to Anshe Emet!
   Javier moved to the United States to work        answering want ads for chefs. He soon found
for a friend at Taco Bus restaurant­­—­featured     work at Bernard Zell with Sage Dining Services.

A Good Night to Leave the Nest!

 SHABBAT!                                                                                                Sunday, January 29
                                                                                                         Register online at
  Friday, February 3, 2023                                                                               ansheemet.org/blood-drive

  5:45PM - 8PM

  Wear your PJ's and join us for a special Friday night event!
  For families with children 0-8 years of age!
  Enjoy a meaningful service, delicious dinner, and fun activities!
  Learn more at ansheemet.org/pigeon-shabbat
9 | Anshe Emet Synagogue
AES Community Announcements

                                                                                             FOR Seniors

                                                                                            Mondays at 1PM
                                                                                            HaZaK is an Anshe Emet
                                                                                            daytime program for mature
                                                                                            adults with active minds.
ANSHE EMET                               CAMP SCHOLARSHIP                                   Co-taught by our clergy, and
VOLUNTEER CORPS:                         INFORMATION:                                       other community educators.
We are looking for members               The Joseph and Ruth Tumpeer                        Join us in person or via Zoom at
who are passionate about                 Scholarship Fund encourages Jewish                 ansheemet.org/livestream
volunteerism and Tikkun OIam             summer experiences for youth by                    Meeting ID: 663 098 957
to join Anshe Emet’s Volunteer           offsetting a portion of the cost of                Password: Hazakclass
Corps. Throughout the year, there        Jewish summer camp attendance. The
are several opportunities for our        scholarship is need-based. Application              1/2 - No HaZak (Building Closed)
congregants to lend a helping            deadline is Friday, February 10, 2023.              1/9 - Cantor Liz Berke
hand within our community.                                                                   1/16 - No HaZak (MLK Day)
                                         To apply, visit:
If you are interested in being on the    ansheemet.org/camp-scholarships                     1/23 - Elie Berkman
contact list, please contact                                                                 1/30 - Rabbi Michael Siegel
Hannah Jarvis: at hjarvis@
                                         Questions?                                          2/6 - Cantor Liz Berke
ansheemet.org or 773.868.5143.
                                         Please contact Hannah Jarvis: at                    2/13 - Cantor Liz Berke
                                         hjarvis@ansheemet.org or 773.868.5143.              2/20 - No HaZak (President’s Day)
                                                                                             2/27 - Rabbi D’ror Chankin-Gould

Sincerest                                 Sponsorship                                       Monthly Online
                                                                                            Bereavement Group
Condolences                               Opportunities                                     January 23 & February 27
                                                                                            7:30PM via Zoom
Anshe Emet expresses its sincerest        Anshe Emet is blessed to celebrate
condolences to the families of:                                                             Please join us online for our monthly
                                          many special occasions, s’machot, in our
Adriane Harlem                                                                              support group for adults who have
                                          community. Anshe Emet is now offering
Barbara Wolin Kirshner                    several sponsorship opportunities for             experienced the death of a loved

Dr. Debra Kate Tillinger                  you to consider in memory or honor of             on within the past two years.

Neil Handelman                            someone you love or in celebration of a           Learn more and join us at:

Renee Schwartz                            simcha. Please fill out our form (the link is     ansheemet.org/bereavementgroup

Robert Benjamin Rodgon                    listed below) or visit our website to make

Thomas Francis Meagher
                                          arrangements. For any questions, please           Misheberach List
                                          contact Mimi Weisberg at mweisberg@               If you would like to have a name placed
                                          ansheemet.org or 773.868.5123.                    on the misheberach (prayer for healing)
                                                                                            list, contact Antoinette Nunez. at
                                          Fill out our form at:                             773.868.5120 anunez@ansheemet.org
                                                                                            Names will be kept on the list for two
                                                                                            weeks unless otherwise requested.

                                                                                          Anshe Emet Synagogue | 10
Your Donations ­— Thank You!
SUSTAINING FUND TREE OF LIFE        SOFRIM                             Barbara Miller
                                    $0-$540                            Alan & Fran Mintz
                                    Chip & Elizabeth Appelbaum         Michael Newman
NER TAMID                           Chuck & Sara Aron                  Phyllis Post
$25,000+                            Nina Bell                          Eamonn Reider
Joan & Linda Friedman               Neil & Jill Benchell               Gary Rifkin
Mary & Michael Silver               Steven & Liz Berke                 Sharon Rosen
                                    Rickey & Marla Briskman            Ari & Lital Rosenberg
ARON HA’KODESH                      Vickie Brodersen                   Steven Sacks & Robin Newberger
$18,000+                            Brian & Irene Caminer              Alvin & Susan Schonfeld
Tony & Laura Davis                  Terry G. Chapman                   David Schwartz & Miriam Aronin
Carlen & Robert Katz                 & Susie Spier Chapman             David & Marim Schwartz
Ami & Miki Pissetzky                Michael & Sandra Cohen             Zachary & Lindsey Seeskin
Phillip & Nancy Resnick             Margaret Deitch                    David Stone
Arnold & Kimberly Rubin             Paul & Sally Edelsberg             Abraham Trieger & Cheryl Klehr
Howard & Judy Tullman               Boni Fine                          William Waltuch
Jeremy & Stephanie Liss             Phillip Goldstick                  David Weininger
Cheryl Kreiter                      Marla Gordon                       Kalva Zabarko-Rudminsky
                                    David & Gail Gotskind              Alan & Jeanette Zemsky
ETZ CHAYIM                          Adam & Stephanie Grais
$10,000+                            Richard & Andrea Grostern          GENERAL DONATIONS
Crown Family Philanthropies         Maxine Handelman
Steve Durchslag                     Cheryl Heisler                     SIMON SYNAGOGUE FUND
Betsy Gidwitz                       Deborah Irwin                      Sandra Carleton
Karen & Jay Goodgold                Hannah & Will Jarvis               Sherry Caro
Ruth Kahn                           Richard Kahn                       Robert & Sarah Garoon
Roz Lax                             Aaron Kamins & Julie Ann Sklaver   GMS Financial
Barry Malkin & Jodi Block           Lily Kanefield                     Martin Hauselman
Judd & Katherine Malkin             Noah Kaplan                        Nancy Schmidt
Avner & Joan Porat                  Julie Katz                         Sam & Susan Tenenbaum
David & Jamie Schwartz              Michael & Mary Fran Klein          Dianne Tesler
Allan & Bonnie Sweet                Wendy Kline                        Fred & Elaine Weil
David Brown & Suzanne Muchin        Bob & Sharon Krakowsky
Chris Coetzee & Lindy Hirschsohn    Sue Ellen Krause                   SUSTAINING FUND
Adam Rifkin & Laura Neiman Rifkin   Robert Kravitz                     In honor of:
Edwin & Susan Katz                  David Kurlander                    ARLA AND MARC SILVERSTEIN:
                                    Wendy Labrum                       Adam & Stephanie Grais
MAGEN                               Julie Lakonishok                   MIMI WEISBERG: Hannah & Will Jarvis
$3,600+                             Cary Latimer & Julie Lasin         PETER GANONG: Richard Kahn
Larry & Marilyn Fields              Howard & Beryl Levin               In memory of:
Brian & Marsha Nagorsky             Thomas Levin                       ROBERT RODGON:
                                    Vitaly Rindner & Allison Leviton   Brian & Irene Caminer
KLAF                                Mark Litow                         A. SIDNEY KATZ: Julie Katz
$1,080+                             Richard Lufrano                    MICHAEL COHEN.: David Kurlander
Howard & Jeri Cohen                                                    ROBERT BENJAMIN RODGON:
Bennett Kaplan & Faye Kroshinsky                                       Wendy Labrum
Ilya Valkovsky & Mimi Wallk                                            ROBERT RODGON: Jane Lippow
Stephen Wolff & Marla Mendelson                                        NEIL HANDELMAN: Jane Lippow
                                                                       RENEE SCHWARTZ: Jane Lippow
OTIOT                                                                  HARVEY LIPPOW: Jane Lippow
$540+                                                                  SALLY BERGER: Avner & Joan Porat
Jane Lippow                                                            HANNAH RAY WEISS:
                                                                       Esther Rosenbloom
                                                                       CHARLOTTE NEWBERGER:
                                                                       David Schwartz & Miriam Aronin
                                                                       ROBERT RODGON:
                                                                       Zachary & Lindsey Seeskin
11 | Anshe Emet Synagogue
Contributions listed
                                                                                             were received between
                                                                                 October 1, 2022 - December 5, 2022.

Beth Berlin                      Fran Abramson
                                                                          RABBI MICHAEL S. SIEGEL
Michael & Erin Krasman           Susanne Glink
                                                                          Elliot Cohen
Ricca Slone                      Shayna Roth
                                                                          Harold & Judith Duckler
                                 Michele & Joel Shoolin
                                                                          Sharon Epstein
RELIGIOUS SCHOOL                 Aaron Weiss
                                                                          Richard & Andrea Grostern
SCHOLARSHIP FUND                 In memory of:
                                                                          Esther Hellman
In honor of:                     ROBERT RODGON:
                                                                          Alan & Judy Isenberg
EMMA DUBNER: Jill Kasle          Aaron Kamins & Julie Ann Sklaver
                                                                          Riki Lippitz
RENEE SCHWARTZ: Diane Bortnick   ROBERT RODGON: Erica Taschler
                                                                          Leslie Phillips
                                                                          Dianne Tesler
                                                                          In honor of:
Roz Lax                          Chuck & Sara Aron
                                                                          CORINNE: Rebecca & Joe Fahndrich
In memory of:                    Dena Balzano
                                                                          RABBI SIEGEL:
MICHAEL COHEN: Steve Machlin     Nadine Cohen
                                                                          James Hausler & Caitlin Groh
RENEE: Sandra Wilner             Phil Dunn & Jill Stein
                                                                          DR. AND MRS. ROBERT KATZ’S
                                 Burt & Marion Fainman
                                                                          50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY:
ZEV & SHIFRA KARKOMI             Betsy Gidwitz
                                                                          Michael Markman
MUSIC FUND                       Ann Glazer
                                                                          OUR GRANDSON DREW:
RENEE SCHWARTZ: Sandra Wilner    Stuart E. & Andrea B. Grass
                                                                          David Rosenberg, D.o. &
                                 Stuart & Diane Grauer
                                                                          Ann Rosenberg
KID’S FUND                       Roz Lax
                                                                          In memory of:
Carolyn Schwarzkopf              Marsha & Michael Lerner
                                                                          RENEE SCHWARTZ:
Barbara Shlossman                Ida Levina
                                                                          Milton & Sydney Esbitt
                                 Roselind Lindau
                                                                          ROBERT RODGON: Michael Tuchman
ISRAEL PROGRAMMING FUND          Benjamin & Carol Mackoff
David Lenrer                     Judith Nelson
                                                                          CANTOR RACHEL BROOK
                                 Ronald & Susan Nick
                                                                          Michael Cohen & Lisa Goldberg
AZ YASHIR MUSIC FUND             Edward & Elaine Pierson
                                                                          David & Gail Gotskind
FOR THE FUTURE                   Donald Schwartz
                                                                          Lynn Kapiloff
Karyn Hurwich                    Matthew Spagat
                                                                          Riki Lippitz
Nitsana Lazerus                  Mera Yanovskaya
                                                                          Toby Usenheimer
                                 In memory of:
                                                                          In honor of:
                                 ANNIE ARBETMAN: Sylvia Arbetman
                                                                          CANTOR BROOK: Bruno
                                 DANIEL STEINBERG: Mitchell & Merri Ex
                                                                          & Brooke Herszage
                                 IRVING MOSS: Phil Moss
                                 BILL SALLERSON: Sam Sallerson
                                                                          RABBI D’ROR CHANKIN-GOULD
                                 JULIUS SALZMAN: Gerald
                                                                          Randall & Renanah Lehner
                                 Salzman & Judith Levin
                                                                          In honor of:
                                 DOROTHY BEIGEL: Gena Usenheimer
                                                                          ANSHE EMET: Steven & Shari Davis
                                                                          JULIE ANN SKLAVER: Lois Feinberg
                                                                          RABBI D’ROR: Bruno &
                                                                          Brooke Herszage
                                                                          In memory of:
                                                                          ROBERT RODGON: Fran Abramson

                                                                          CANTOR LIZ BERKE
                                                                          David & Gail Gotskind
                                                                          Seymour & Maureen Levy
                                                                          Riki Lippitz
                                                                          In Memory of:
                                                                          RENEE SCHWARTZ: Roger Weisberg

                                                                         Anshe Emet Synagogue | 12
Mazel Tov to Our B’nai Mitzvah Students!


                  Zack Barrett        Sadie Ankin
                  Son of              Daughter of
                  Ronit & Brian       Tracy
                  Barrett             & Howard Ankin
                  January 14, 2023    January 21, 2023

                 Daughter of
                 Dr. Natalie
                 & Tod Schneiderman
                 January 21, 2023


                  Nathan Massel       Lilah Bloomberg
                  Son of              Daughter of
                  Susan               Robyn
                  & Joel Massel       & Michael Bloomberg
                  February 4, 2023    February 18, 2023

                 Eli Goodman          Kavita Brown
                 Son of               Daughter of
                 Wendy Diamond        Geeta Nagpal
                 & Matt Goodman       & Michael Brown
                 February 11, 2023    Febrauary 25, 2023

13 | Anshe Emet Synagogue
                                                                                                 1ST CLASS MAIL
                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
                                                               CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED                PAID
                                                                                                 Skokie, IL. 60077
                                                                                                  Permit No. 269
3751 N. Broadway Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60613

Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

                                                                               Save the date!
                                                                                  PURIM CARNIVAL
                                                                                  Sunday March 5, 2023

                                                                                MEGILLAH READING
                                                                                   AND SHPIEL
                                                                                 Monday, March 6, 2023

                                                                               MEGILLAH READING
                                                                               MINYAN & PANCAKE
                                                                                 Tuesday, March 7, 2023

                                                                                   Don’t miss all of our
                                                                                ROCK n’ ROLL
                                                                             Purim celebrations at Anshe Emet!
                                                                                 Keep a look out for more
                                                                                   information online at
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