CANINEs Schedule - 2018 COMPETITIONS - Ekka

CANINEs Schedule - 2018 COMPETITIONS - Ekka
CANINEs Schedule

CANINEs Schedule - 2018 COMPETITIONS - Ekka
                               FRIDAY 10 – SUNDAY 19 AUGUST 2018

                   ROYAL QUEENSLAND SHOW
                Conducted under the rules of Canine Control Council (Queensland) Ltd
                                            Council Steward
                                            Mr Lionel Blumel
                                     Honorary Council Stewards
                                  Mr Michael Yates, Mrs Sharon Munro

APPLICATIONS TO ENTER CLOSE Monday 25 June 2018 at 5.00pm (includes Baby Puppy entries & registrations)
                            NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE MADE TO THIS DATE
                                                                Online       Non Online
                     ENTRY FEES RNA Members                     $20.00       $25.00
                                Non-Members                     $25.00       $30.00
                                Obedience, Agility and
                                                                $20.00       $25.00
                                Dances with Dogs
                                All Sweepstakes                 $20.00       $25.00
                                Greyhound Sweepstakes Registration forms are available online

        ** Discounted fees for entry into both Royal Qld Show classes & Feature Utility Show **

                                                                   Online       Non Online
                                **RNA Members                      $30.00       $35.00
                                **Non-Members                      $35.00       $40.00
                        JUDGING Friday 10 August to Sunday 19 August 2018
       ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE OF        Judging all classes: The Avenues - Building 10, 11 and Expo Place
                      EXHIBITS       Exhibitors can enter & exit the Canine Competition via Gate 2a on St Paul’s
                                     Terrace. Conformation entries will need to be benched by 8:45am daily and
                                     must remain on exhibition until 4:30pm.

                                       LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
                                  PRIZES AND PRIZE MONEY SUBJECT TO CHANGE
CANINEs Schedule - 2018 COMPETITIONS - Ekka

Please review NOTICE TO INTENDING EXHIBITORS and                     Dances with Dogs - Class 409 Rookie Class attracts no
GENERAL CANINE REGULATIONS                                            entry fee

 The Feature Utility Dogs Show will be conducted in addition          Allocated Competitor Passes will be emailed to exhibitors
to Royal Queensland Show classes. Judging to take place               in July.
Tuesday 14 August commencing not before 9:00am.
                                                                      Extra Competitor Passes are available for purchase at time
 Cocker Spaniel In recognition of the 18th National Cocker           of entry.
Spaniel Championship hosted by Qld. the Coker Spaniel
colours will be split into solid and roan for judging in each class    Please ensure your mailing and email address is kept up to
as follows:                                                           date. For more information, refer to the General Rules and
    a) Judging the solid in the class first, selecting three in no    Acceptance of Entries or contact the Competitions
         particular order                                             Department.
    b) Followed by Judging the roan class, selecting three in
         no particular order
    c) From the three solid and three roans the judge will
         award, first, second, third in the class.

 Junior Handlers are now required to complete an entry form
prior to the close of entries. Please see the regulations for more

                               The official photographer for 2018 is Ingrid Matschke Photography.
                Please order and pay for your photos directly through her website

                                               LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
                                          PRIZES AND PRIZE MONEY SUBJECT TO CHANGE
CANINEs Schedule - 2018 COMPETITIONS - Ekka
The RNA wishes to thank the following sponsors who have contributed towards prize money, prizes or product
                                        of the CANINE Competition

Aaron Spinks                                            Ingrid Matschke Photography
Adbesare Kennels                                        Leonard Reddie
Alaskan Malamute & Siberian Husky Social Club           Matrak Huskies
      Queensland                                        Queensland Afghan Hound Association
American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Queensland       Racing Queensland
      Inc.                                              Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Queensland
Andrew Ness                                                    Ronganridge
Anne and Laurie Becke                                   Sandra Mundt
Basenji Breed Network Queensland (BBNQ)                 Seasidepak Kennels
Bedlington Terrier Association Queensland               Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Queensland
Carol and David Benson                                  The Baldwin Memorial Prize
Combined Obedience Clubs of South East                  The Brittain Memorial Prize
      Queensland                                        The Cattle Dog & Kelpie Club of Queensland Inc.
Dogs Queensland                                         The Chihuahua Club of Queensland
English Springer Spaniel Association of Queensland      The Poodle Club of Queensland
Flat Coated Retriever Association of Victoria           Top Dog (Dog News Australia)
German Shepherd Dog Club of Queensland                  Top Dog Club of Queensland
Great Dane Society of Queensland Inc.                   West Highland White Terrier Club of Queensland
Guide Dogs Queensland                                   Winterspell Kennels

        If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor of the Canine Competition please contact
        Competition Sponsorship | E: | T: 07 3253 3935
CANINEs Schedule - 2018 COMPETITIONS - Ekka
                                    JUDGING TIMETABLE FOR CANINE

                                           FRIDAY 10 AUGUST
                                    JUDGING GROUP 5 – WORKING DOGS
              Mrs Liliane Stojkovic – Macedonia                               Mr. Carlos Flaquer – Brazil
                            RING 1                                                     RING 2

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)                           Australian Shepherd

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laekenois)                             Bearded Collie

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)                              Norwegian Buhund

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)                             Bouvier Des Flandres

Bergamasco Shepherd Dog                                      Border Collie

Dutch Shepherd Dog                                           Old English Sheepdog

Collie (Rough)                                               Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

Collie (Smooth)                                              Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Finnish Lapphund                                             Icelandic Sheepdog

German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog (LSC)


Polish Lowland Sheepdog




Maremma Sheepdog

Pyrenean Sheepdog Longhaired

Shetland Sheepdog

Swedish Lapphund

Swedish Vallhund

Tatra Shepherd Dog

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Kelpie

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog


Group 5 Specials

                                                  OBEDIENCE JUDGING

                                                   Mrs. Laura Schimke

Obedience Utility Dog (UD)

Obedience Utility Dog Excellent (UDX)
CANINEs Schedule - 2018 COMPETITIONS - Ekka
                                   JUDGING TIMETABLE FOR CANINE

                                    SATURDAY 11 AUGUST
                                  JUDGING GROUP 4 – HOUNDS
    Ms. Peggy Gutierrez-Otero –
                                  Mr. Fernando Marichal Caceres –Honduras                 Judge TBA
                                                  RING 2                                  ONE RING
             RING 1
Basset Fauvre de Bretagne         Bloodhound                                 Luncheon Break – Junior Handlers

Basset Hound                      Bluetick Coonhound

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen      Portuguese Podengo (Large Smooth Haired)

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen      Portuguese Podengo (Large Wire Haired)
                                  Portuguese Podengo (Medium Smooth
Dachshund (Long)
Dachshund (Miniature Long)        Portuguese Podengo (Medium Wire Haired)

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth)      Portuguese Podengo (Small Smooth Haired)

Dachshund (Miniature Wire)        Portuguese Podengo (Small Wire Haired)

Dachshund (Smooth)                Black and Tan Coonhound

Dachshund (Wire)                  Deerhound

Beagle                            Foxhound



                                  Ibizan Hound

                                  Irish Wolfhound

                                  Afghan Hound



                                  Finnish Spitz


                                  Norwegian Elkhound


                                  Peruvian Hairless Dog (Large)

                                  Peruvian Hairless Dog (Medium)

                                  Peruvian Hairless Dog (Small)

                                  Pharaoh Hound

                                  Rhodesian Ridgeback





Group 4 Specials
CANINEs Schedule - 2018 COMPETITIONS - Ekka
                                   JUDGING TIMETABLE FOR CANINE

                                            SUNDAY 12 AUGUST
                                        JUDGING GROUP 3 – GUNDOGS
    Mrs Liliane Stojkovic – Macedonia           Mr. Carlos Flaquer – Brazil          John Palmer – Australia
                  RING 1                                 RING 2                        RING 2 from 12pm
                                                                              Luncheon Break –Greyhound
Bracco Italiano                          Clumber Spaniel
Brittany                                 Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel American                  Field Spaniel

Chesapeake Bay Retriever                 Gordon Setter

Golden Retriever                         Irish Red and White Setter

Hungarian Vizsla                         Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla              Sussex Spaniel

Italian Spinone                          Labrador Retriever

Curly Coated Retriever                   Irish Water Spaniel

Lagotto Romagnolo

Large Munsterlander

Welsh Springer Spaniel


Weimaraner (Longhair)

English Setter

English Springer Spaniel

Flat Coated Retriever

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer

Irish Setter


Group 3 Specials
CANINEs Schedule - 2018 COMPETITIONS - Ekka

                           MONDAY 13 AUGUST
                        JUDGING GROUP 6 – UTILITY
    Mrs Liliane Stojkovic – Macedonia                  Mr. Carlos Flaquer – Brazil
                  RING1                                         RING 2

Bullmastiff                               Dobermann

Mastiff                                   German Pinscher

Neapolitan Mastiff                        Leonberger

Pyrenean Mastiff                          Boxer

Spanish Mastiff                           Canadian Eskimo Dog

Tibetan Mastiff                           Portuguese Water Dog

Dogue De Bordeaux                         Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Cane Corso                                Rottweiler

Akita                                     Russian Black Terrier

Akita Japanese                            Samoyed

Alaskan Malamute                          Shiba Inu

Anatolian Shepherd Dog                    Siberian Husky

Bernese Mountain Dog

Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Estrela Mountain Dog


Schnauzer (Giant)

Schnauzer (Miniature)

St Bernard

Group 6 Specials

                                 OBEDIENCE JUDGING

                                   Mrs. Lisa Kaddatz

Obedience Companion Dog (CD)

Obedience Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)
CANINEs Schedule - 2018 COMPETITIONS - Ekka
                                  JUDGING TIMETABLE FOR CANINE

                                       TUESDAY 14 AUGUST
                                JUDGING FEATURE GROUP 6 – UTILITY
                                                                                 Mr. Fernando Marichal Caceres –
  Mrs Liliane Stojkovic – Macedonia             Mr. Carlos Flaquer – Brazil
                RING 1                                   RING 2
                                                                                        First Available Ring
Boxer                                 Bullmastiff                             Akita

German Pinscher                       Mastiff                                 Akita Japanese

Leonberger                            Neapolitan Mastiff                      Alaskan Malamute

Canadian Eskimo Dog                   Pyrenean Mastiff                        Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Newfoundland                          Spanish Mastiff                         Bernese Mountain Dog

Portuguese Water Dog                  Tibetan Mastiff                         Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Pyrenean Mountain Dog                 Cane Corso                              Estrela Mountain Dog

Russian Black Terrier                 Dogue De Bordeaux                       Schnauzer

Samoyed                                                                       Schnauzer (Giant)

Shiba Inu                                                                     Schnauzer (Miniature)

Siberian Husky                                                                St Bernard

Dobermann                                                                     Rottweiler

                                                                              Group 6 Specials
CANINEs Schedule - 2018 COMPETITIONS - Ekka
                                     JUDGING TIMETABLE FOR CANINE

                                          WEDNESDAY 15 AUGUST
                                         JUDGING GROUP 1 – TOYS
                                             Mr. Fernando Marichal Caceres –
     Mrs Liliane Stojkovic – Macedonia
                                                        Honduras                               Lunchtime
                   RING 1
                                                         RING 2
Griffon Bruxellois                        Affenpinscher                         Grand Parade

Australian Silky Terrier                  Bichon Frise

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel             English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan)

King Charles Spaniel                      Miniature Pinscher

Russian Toy (Smooth Haired)               Yorkshire Terrier

Russian Toy (Long Haired)                 Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Chinese Crested Dog                       Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Coton De Tulear                           Lowchen

Japanese Chin                             Maltese

Havanese                                  Pekingese

Papillon                                  Pug

Pomeranian                                Italian Greyhound

Tibetan Spaniel

Group 1 Specials

                          THURSDAY 16 AUGUST
                     JUDGING GROUP 7 – NON SPORTING

       Ms. Peggy Gutierrez-Otero –
                                                        Mr. Carlos Flaquer – Brazil
                                                                 RING 2
                RING 1
Boston Terrier                               British Bulldog

Dalmatian                                    Canaan Dog

Great Dane                                   Eurasier

Chow Chow                                    Keeshond

German Spitz (Klein)                         Lhasa Apso

German Spitz (Mittel)                        Schipperke

Japanese Spitz                               Shih Tzu

Poodle (Miniature)                           Tibetan Terrier

Poodle (Standard)                            French Bulldog

Poodle (Toy)                                 Shar Pei

Xoloitzcuintle Hairless Dog (Intermediate)

Xoloitzcuintle Hairless Dog (Miniature)

Xoloitzcuintle Hairless Dog (Standard)

Group 7 Specials
                                      JUDGING TIMETABLE FOR CANINE

                                               FRIDAY 17 AUGUST
                                          JUDGING GROUP 2 – TERRIERS
                    Ms. Peggy Gutierrez-Otero –                               Mr. Fernando Marichal Caceres –
                             Mexico                                                      Honduras
                             RING 1                                                       RING 2
 Fox Terrier (Smooth)                                         American Staffordshire Terrier

 Fox Terrier (Wire)                                           Australian Terrier

 Glen of Imaal Terrier                                        Bull Terrier

 Irish Terrier                                                Bull Terrier (Miniature)

 Jack Russell Terrier                                         Cairn Terrier

 Kerry Blue Terrier                                           German Hunting Terrier

 Lakeland Terrier                                             Manchester Terrier

 Norfolk Terrier                                              Scottish Terrier

 Norwich Terrier                                              Sealyham Terrier

 Parson Russell Terrier                                       Skye Terrier

 Tenterfield Terrier                                          Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

 Welsh Terrier                                                Staffordshire Bull Terrier

 West Highland White Terrier                                  American Hairless Terrier

 Airedale Terrier

 Bedlington Terrier

 Border Terrier

 Chesky Terrier

 Dandie Dinmont Terrier

 Group 2 Specials

                                        SATURDAY 18 AUGUST
                                RNA SWEEPSTAKES AND GENERAL SPECIALS
                                                                                                  Mr. Carlos Flaquer – Brazil
      Miss. Pauline Suhr – (NSW)                  Mrs. Stefanie Smith – (NSW)                         After Sweepstakes
               RING 1                                       RING 2                                        ONE RING
RNA Puppy Sweepstakes                        RNA Baby Puppy Sweepstakes

RNA Intermediate Sweepstakes                 RNA Junior Sweepstakes

RNA Champion Sweepstakes                     RNA Non-Champion Sweepstakes

RNA Veteran Sweepstakes                      RNA Open Sweepstakes

                                             RNA Neuter Sweepstakes

                                                                                           General Specials
                                    JUDGING TIMETABLE FOR CANINE

                                 SUNDAY 19 AUGUST – ALL SPORTS

   RALLY OBEDIENCE             DANCES WITH DOGS                       AGILITY                    JUMPING

                            Mrs. Barbara Murfet (QLD)
   Mrs. Kay Hutt (QLD)       Ms. Gaybrielle Westmore
                                                              Ms. Moira Bruce (QLD)       Ms. Moira Bruce (QLD)
         RING 1                        (QLD)
                            Mrs. Vyvyian Mannion (QLD)
                                 After Rally Obeidience        After Dances With Dogs            After Agility


Advanced Rally A

Advanced Rally B

Excellent Rally A

Excellent Rally B


                            Heelwork to Music Starter

                            Heelwork to Music Novice

                            Heelwork to Music Intermediate

                            Heelwork to Music Advanced

                            Freestyle Starter

                            Freestyle Novice

                            Freestyle Intermediate

                            Freestyle Advanced

                            Rookie Classes

                                                             Novice (AD)

                                                             Excellent (ADX)

                                                             Open (ADO)

                                                             Master (ADM)

                                                                                        Novice (JD)

                                                                                        Excellent (JDX)

                                                                                        Open (JDO)

                                                                                        Master (JDM)

                                                                                        Novice (JD)

       Mrs Liliane Stojkovic (Macedonia)
       Judging: Parts of Group 1, 3, 5, 6, 6 Feature & RNA Group Specials

       Liliane Stojkovic has been a French breeder of Siberian husky dogs under the affix
       “Morava Valley” since 1987 and has been Best Breed of France from 1999 to 2015
       under the patronage of the French Centrale Canine. Liliane has been a kennel judge
       for the Macedonian Kennel Association since 2005 and an ALL ROUND judge since

       She has been invited to judge around the world (Belgium, Russia, France, Macedonia,
       Italy, San Marino) since 2007 and has judged for one of the biggest international
       exhibitions - EUROASIA in Moscow in 2010.

       Mr Fernando Marichal Caceres (Honduras)
       Judging: Parts of Group 1, 2, 6 Feature & RNA Group Specials

       Fernando Marichal Caceres has been an active member of the Association Canofila of
       Honduras since 1987 and in 1988 Honduras was accepted at the FCI. On several
       occasions he held the positions of President and Chief Generalogic Registry of
       Honduras. Mr Caceres participated in creating the Honduras clubs affiliated to the
       Association with great success. He is currently the President of the Association of
       Honduras and President Canofila UNCACEN and also participates in the incorporation
       of Honduras to SICALAM.

       Mr Caceres was the founder of Marichal’s Kennel breeder of the following breeds:
       English Cocker Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Pekingese, Boxer, Doberman, German
       Shepherd, Rottweiler, Fila Brasileiro Pincher Miniature and French Poodle. Over the
       past 33 years he has bred several Hondurans Champions offspring and is currently
       raising a Rottweiler. He has judged at national, international and specialised
       exhibitions in the following countries – Mexico, USA (Houston), Guatemala, El
       Savador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Cuba, Sicalam,
       Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Honduras.

       Mr Carlos Flaquer (Brazil)
       Judging: Parts of Group 5, 3, 6, 7 & 6 Feature, General Specials

       Carlos Flaquer is a Veterinarian specialising in giant breeds general and orthopaedic
       surgery and he is also an expert in legal veterinary medicine. Dr Flaquer is the owner
       of the Chaputepek Mastiffs Kennel in Brazil, where since 1975 he became the Best
       Mastiff Breeder in Brazil, winning every year straight since 1996.

       He is the first and only Latin American Breeder to be invited to and win titles at the
       Mastiff Club of America, where in its second year of competition he obtained the title
       ‘Best of Winners and second runner up Breeders Cup’ for his group of dogs. Dr
       Flaquer is also the first Brazilian breeder to have won the ‘Best of Breed by Exhibitor’
       at the Eukanuba Cup 2004 and first Brazilian breeder/owner to be an American
       Champion and three World Champion Dogs (2004, 2007, 2011, 2012) and the
       breeder of the best mastiff in the Eurodogshow in France in 2013. All the animals were
       bred by Dr Flaquer’s kennel Chaputepek Kennel.

       Dr Flaquer is the Founder and President of the Mastiff Club of Brazil (1998-2013). He
       has been a judge of the Mastiff breed in Brazil (CBKC) associated with the (FCI)
       Federaacion Cinologique de Cinofilia Belgium since 2000. As a CBKC, the Brazilian
       Kennel Club and FCI Federacion Cinologique de Cinofilia he is not only a Mastiff judge,
       but obtained his ‘All Breeds Judge’ specialising in Mollosers of the Working Group
       Breeds and Terrier Group. He continues to be invited for judging all over Brazil and
       also in Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala and the USA
       (judge at the Mastiff Club of America 2010).
Ms Peggy Gutierrez-Otero (Mexico)
Judging: Part of Group 2, 4, 5, 7 & RNA Group Specials

Born into a dog loving family (father, mother and a twin sister), since childhood Peggy
Gutierrez-Otero has been involved in breeding, showing and taking care of family
dogs, mainly at the time, Cocker Spaniels and wire-haired Fox Terriers, showing family
dogs and competing in Junior showmanships for many years. Later on, the family
started to breed Dalmatians and in 1962 changed their residence to Mexico, bringing
with them a Dalmatian and an Am Cocker Spaniel. At the beginning of the 70’s they
started breeding Basset Hounds, doing so for over 35 years. At the beginning of the
80s they also had Whippets for about 10 years. Ten years ago, Ms Gutierrez-Otero
started to breed Miniature Wire Dachshunds.

Ms Gutierrez-Otero has belonged to the Mexican Kennel Club (Federacion Canofila
Mexicana) since the early 60s. She was president of the Mexican Basset Hound Club
during the 80s. At the moment she also belongs to the Basset Hound Club of America
and the Dachshund Club of America. She was a ring steward for many years and has
been an F.C.I. International all-breed judge for more than 28 years, starting judging
overseas in 1989.

Ms Gutierrez-Otero has judged all-breed shows as well as breed specialties in most of
the countries of the American continent, as well as in Australia, New Zealand,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Japan, Russia, Ireland and South Africa and she
judged the Wire variety at the Dachshund National in 2015 in the USA.

Miss Pauline Suhr (New South Wales)
Judging: RNA Sweepstakes

Pauline Suhr’s first involvement in the sport of dogs was with the purchase of a
Labrador Retriever in 1969. While it was not a show dog, Pauline attended a local
Parade and was introduced into the world of pedigree dog breeding and showing.
Pauline has bred and showed Labradors under the Khajah prefix with a high degree of
success until the 1990s. She has also campaigned Jack Russell Terriers and Siberian

Pauline’s involvement in club administration began in 1972 and her roles have
included Secretary of the Combined Northern Canine Committee, President of The
Lake District Kennel Club and Newcastle Toy and All Breeds Kennel Club, Secretary
for the Singleton Agricultural Society Dog Section and Breed Historian for The
Labrador Retriever Club of NSW. Pauline is called upon regularly to be the DogsNSW
(ANKC) Representative at Championship Shows.

Pauline began judging in 1989 when she attained her License for Labrador Retrievers
and in 2000 became an All Breeds Judge of the Australian National Kennel Council,
licensed to judge All Breeds and Best in Show. She has enjoyed judging assignments
extensively in Australia and New Zealand as well as many prestigious shows
internationally, both at Specialty and All Breeds level and has judged on all continents,
except Antarctica!

Mrs Stefanie Smith (New South Wales)
Judging: RNA Sweepstakes

Stefanie Smith has been involved in the dog world since 1958, initially with two very
mediocre Australian Terriers who were great dogs to learn from. She used to ‘borrow’
as many breeds as she could to show in Child Handlers (now Junior Handlers). In
1967 she acquired her first Chihuahua and was hooked. Stefanie has had Chihuahuas
ever since, breeding and showing under the Mexicatl prefix. Having dabbled in many
other breeds over the years, Bichon Frise, Min Pins, Chihuahuas (long and smooth)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Chinese Crested Dogs, Australian Terriers, Border
Collies, Bearded Collies, German Shepherds and Shih Tzu, her true loyalty is to her
beloved Chis.

Stefanie has been an ANKC All Breeds Judge since 1980 and has judged in all states
of Australia and also in New Zealand, Taiwan and the Philippines.
Mrs Kay Hutt (Queensland)
Judging: Rally Obedience Competition

Kay Hutt has been a member of Dogs Queensland since 2005. Kay has a keen
interest in the dog world and has been judging Rally O for the last couple of years in
Queensland. She is a member of the Caboolture Sports Dog Club where she is an
active committee member. Kay has competed in Rally O, Obedience, Agility,
Endurance and obtained many titles with her German Shorthaired Pointers and
Cocker Spaniels. These titles include RN, RA, RE, RAE, CCD, AD, ET, JD, JDX and
GD. She also shows her dogs at conformation shows where they have won best in
shows and multiple wins in group and show.

Kay currently owns three German Shorthaired Pointers and four Cocker Spaniels.

Mrs Laura Schimke (Queensland)
Judging: Obedience Utility Dog (UD) and Obedience Utility Dog Excellent (UDX)

Laura Schimke first became involved with dogs at a very young age, going to all the
dog competitions with her father. The family bred German Shepherds from 1978 to
1992. She commenced training her first GSD in 1993 at the age of 13 and gained her
CD title in 1993, CDX title in 1994 and obtained a UD title in 2000. Laura has since
trained other GSD’s to different levels in Obedience, Rally O and Agility/Jumpers/
Games and is currently trialling an Australian Shepherd in Jumpers.

At the age of 13 she became the youngest instructor at Logan All Breeds Dog
Obedience Club Inc, instructing all levels from Puppy to Trialling Class. She has also
held various positions within the club ranging from Vice-President, Secretary, Trial
Secretary, 2 O/C Trainer, Head Agility Instructor, Demonstration Instructor and
Committee Representative just to name a few. Laura has also been a steward at the
Ekka for more than 15 years, resulting in being presented with a RNA Long Service

In 1998, Laura was accepted on the Judges Trainee Panel, making her one of the
youngest trainee judges in Australia. She was accepted on the Agility Training Panel in
2005 and elevated to full Status (Agility, Jumpers and Games) in 2007.
Laura has judged in many places across Australia and she has also judged Agility and
Jumpers in Malaysia.

Lisa Kaddatz (Queensland)
Judging: Obedience Companion Dog (CD) and Obedience Companion Dog Excellent

Lisa joined the Gold Coast Dog Obedience Training Club Inc in 1990 to train her first
dog Jemma (a BC x) and started agility training the following year. She achieved AD -
the only title available at that time.

She is a breeder of Border Collies under the prefix Agislepaws, with many competing
around Australia. Lisa currently has five Border Collies, three of which are competing.
She has titled two of her BCs to ANKC Agility Champion status as well as obtaining
every ANKC agility/jumping and games titles with them.

Lisa has been chief instructor of agility at Gold Coast DOTC for around 20 years,
teaching weekly. She has also been agility trial secretary, is a life member of GCDOTC
and has her own agility school, Agilepaws.

Lisa has judged agility at various Royal shows around Australia, as well as judging at
some of the Agility Nationals. She is a member of the Dogs Queensland Agility
Committee, Dogs Queensland Dog Sports Committee and is now on the ANKC Agility
Committee as the Queensland representative.

Lisa has competed at all except one of the ANKC Agility Nationals and has
represented Queensland at four of the recent Nationals. Her dogs have made finals at
States and Nationals and have also won Royal events.
Ms Gay Westmore (Queensland)
Judging: Dances with Dogs Competition

Gay Westmore has been involved in obedience training and trialling since 1980.
She was first introduced to Dances with Dogs (DWD) through a workshop with Mary
Ray (UK) in 2006. She began working in DWD with her Golden Retriever, who went on
to gain ADVANCEd Heelwork to Music and ADVANCEd Freestyle titles, as well as her

Ms Westmore initiated discussions leading to the formation of the Dances with Dogs
Club Queensland in 2009, the same year in which DWD commenced as an ANKC
accredited sport. She was President of the club from 2009 to 2015 inclusive and is
currently Club Secretary. She has been a DWD judge since the inauguration of the
sport in 2009.

Ms Westmore currently competes with three Kelpies in Obedience, Rally O and DWD,
having taken her dogs through to ADVANCEd and Championship levels in both
Freestyle and HTM. She was also awarded the 2016 Heelwork to Music Dog of the

Mrs Barbara Murfet (Queensland)
Judging: Dances with Dogs Competition

Barbara Murfet is a respected Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility and Dances with
Dogs (DWD) judge, with international experience. She was appointed Councillor of
Dogs Queensland in 2007, of which she has been a member of since 1976. She was
elected Director in 2013 and again in 2015.

Mrs Murfet has been stewarding at the RNA for more than 23 years and was
presented with a Long Service Badge. Earning the title of Chief Steward, her
stewarding has included being the coordinator for dog sports activities. She has also
judged at the Ekka many times over the years.

Mrs Murfet’s other roles include Chairperson of the Dogs Queensland Dog Sports
Committee covering the disciplines of Agility, Obedience, Rally Obedience,
Endurance, Tracking, Track and Search, Herding, Lure Coursing and DWD and she
has been the Chairperson of the ANKC National Dances with Dogs Committee since
2009. Over many years, she has shown and trialled Irish, English and Gordon Setters
and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Ms Vyvyan Mannion (Queensland)
Judging: Dances with Dog Competition

Vyvyan Mannion first became involved in the dog world in 1983, when she attended
obedience classes conducted by Murrumba Dog Obedience Club - now known as
Caboolture Dog Sports Obedience Club.

It wasn’t long before she became an Instructor and Committee Member at the club
and in 1997 she applied and was accepted as a Trainee Obedience judge, attaining
licences to not only judge Novice to UDX obedience but also Endurance Tests and
Dances with Dogs (DWD).

Retiring to Nanango saw Ms Mannion become involved with the local Kennel Club,
where she was appointed Club Secretary in 2006. She has gained numerous titles
competing with her dogs in Obedience, ETs, DWD and Rally O and is currently
training to be a Rally O Judge.

Ms Mannion has judged at competitions in south-east Queensland, along
Queensland’s coastline, in country New South Wales, at the Ekka (Obedience and
DWD) and in the Northern Territory. This year marks 20 years in Obedience judging for
Ms Mannion.
Ms Moira Bruce (Queensland)
                                Judging: Agility and Jumping

                                For as long as she can remember dogs have been a huge part of Moira’s life. At
                                around 12 years old she saw an agility demonstration at a local Pet Expo and from
                                that moment it became her goal to one day get a chocolate Border Collie and take
                                part in such an incredible team sport. Moira got her chocolate Border Collie “Fly” in
                                2006 and has been a member of Dogs Queensland since then. She has been heavily
                                involved in Agility over the years and has also competed in Conformation Showing,
                                Rally O and Obedience – titling her dogs in all these disciplines.

                                Moira is proud of her results as an agility handler and the success of her dogs. Her
                                dogs have placed in the top 10 South East QLD Agility and Jumping Dog of the Year
                                6 times since 2010, and have placed in both State and National events.

                                She is always looking to further her knowledge and skills in agility. She attends
                                courses and keeps up to date with the latest handling techniques and course design
                                and is always happy to pass on her knowledge and has instructed agility for many
                                years at her local ANKC clubs. She has also assisted the Border Collie Club of QLD to
                                organise the dog sports events at the 2016 4th Border Collie Nationals.

                                In 2015 she decided to become an Agility Judge and has judged at many
                                competitions locally and has travelled interstate for numerous judging appointments.
                                She feels that judging is an incredible experience; being able to develop a course and
                                then stand in the middle judging the skills and teamwork of the dogs and handlers.
                                Moira has competed at the Royal Brisbane Show many times over the years with her
                                own dogs and is now looking forward to judging at such a fabulous event where
                                handlers can showcase their beautiful dogs across all the disciplines.

                                She wishes all the best to everyone competing this year.

                                Mr John Palmer (New South Wales)
                                Judging: Racing Queensland – Greyhound Sweepstakes

                                John Palmer has been showing dogs since 1975. His first involvement was with
                                Boxers and he started showing Afghan Hounds in 1981. John has been involved with
                                other breeds, such as American Cocker Spaniels, Pugs, English Cocker Spaniels,
                                Miniature Poodles and he has handled German Shorthair Pointers and Weimaraners
                                with great success.
                                John has mainly been involved with Greyhounds, since importing the first Greyhounds
                                from America in 1987 from the famous Huzzah Kennels. His Greyhounds have
                                enjoyed enormous success with Champions and BIS winners around the world. John
                                also has Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, though rarely shown here they have enjoyed
                                Group and BIS wins in the USA.
                                John has been judging since 1993 with his first group being Hounds, attaining his All
                                Breeds Status in 2010. He has also been honored to judge the Greyhound club
                                shows in America, Sweden and Norway. John has officiated at Dog of the Year events
                                in Sydney and most recently Dog of the Year in Auckland and South Africa. He has
                                been fortunate to judge in many countries including Sweden, Norway, Japan, New
                                Zealand, the USA and Thailand, with upcoming appointments in Malaysia and China.

JUDGE TO BE CONFIRMED      - RNA Junior Handler
The RNA reserves the right at all times at its absolute discretion without assigning any reason to:
(a) substitute a Judge when necessary;
(b) re-allocate Judging days for a particular breed.
(c) if entries numbers require an extra Judge, appoint an additional Judge if necessary.
Notification of any changes will be posted on the Royal Queensland Show website (
GENERAL REGULATIONS AND                             Your information will not be disclosed without your consent for
                 ACCEPTANCE OF ENTRIES                              any other purpose unless required by the law. For full privacy
                                                                    details visit
Judging will be performed by a panel of Judges appointed by         You may request access to your information and request that
the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of       our records of that information be corrected by contacting our
Queensland conducted under the rules of Canine Control              Privacy Officer (07) 3253 3900 or by writing to the RNA, Locked
Council (Queensland) Ltd.                                           Bag 1010, ALBION QLD 4010.

The attention of Exhibitors is drawn to the fact that entries are                    GOODS AND SERVICES TAX
accepted subject to the Royal National Agricultural and                            The RNA’s ABN is 41 417 513 726
Industrial Association of Queensland Act 1971, and to the
Rules, By-Laws and Regulations of the Association, and also                                 ENTRY FORMS
conducted under the Rules of the Canine Control Council
(Queensland) Ltd. This also is in addition to the Special           Exhibitors must complete “STATEMENT BY EXHIBITOR”
Regulations which appear in this schedule applicable to the         section on the front page of the entry form advising their
Canine Section. Copies of the Rules and By-Laws may be              taxation status.
obtained upon application to the Competitions Department.
                                                                    For more detailed information on applicable entry gates and
No refunds (entry or car parking) will be made after close of       parking maps please visit our website

            NOTICE TO INTENDING EXHIBITORS                                                  PRIZE MONEY

The 2018 Royal Queensland Show Championship Canine                  Prize Money stated in the Schedule excludes GST.
Competition is conducted under the rules of Canine Control
Council (Queensland) Ltd.                                           GST will be added to the Prize Money for Exhibitors who are
                                                                    registered for GST purposes. Prize money will be paid into your
Entries for 2018 can be made either on the Application to Enter     nominated bank account in October 2018.
Form or online at Entries submitted other
than on the correct form or online will be returned to the          The Association will provide a “Recipient Created Tax Invoice”
Exhibitor and, unless all requirements are complied with and the    to Exhibitors who are registered for GST purposes.
form is returned to the office by 5.00pm on the Application to
Enter closing date, as shown in the Schedule, they will not be      All cash prizes and trophies must be claimed within six months
considered. Please ensure that the entry form is read and           from the closing date of the Royal Queensland Show. Prizes not
understood before signed by the exhibitor or parent/guardian.       claimed and prize cheques not presented by that date will be
                                                                    considered to have lapsed, and the amount will become a
As a condition for acceptance of my entry: Neither myself           donation to the Association. (RNA by-Laws)
or the handler of my exhibit/s will indulge in any social,
professional or other interaction with an official or judge                     WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY
contracted or sub-contracted by the RNA before or during
the Royal Queensland Show.                                          1.      The Brisbane Showgrounds are a designated Workplace
                                                                         within the meaning of the Workplace Health and Safety Act
The Brisbane Showgrounds is subject to a Special Facility                2011 and exhibitors/competitors are required to ensure
License issued under the Liquor Act 1992 and strict laws                 that they and all persons under their direction or control,
related to the consumption and possession of liquor across the           including their contractors or sub-contractors, comply with
Brisbane Showgrounds site. The consumption or possession of              all requirements of the Act and the RNA holds each
liquor outside of the licensed bar areas is not authorised by the        exhibitor responsible to discharge its obligations to provide
RNA and in many cases may be an offence for which on the                 and maintain a safe place and system of work during
spot fines can be issued by Police and Liquor Licensing                  occupation by the exhibitor/competitor of any area of the
Investigators. Alcohol is not permitted in the benching and              Showgrounds.
marshalling areas under any circumstances.
                                                                    2.      Each exhibitor/competitor will assess the risk to
                     PRIVACY STATEMENT                                   themselves, staff, volunteers, family, other exhibitors, RNA
                                                                         staff, show visitors, children and any person foreseeably
You can be assured that the privacy of your personal                     affected by the presentation of their exhibit.
information is of the utmost importance to us. The information
provided by you in any application for membership or                3.      Risks identified by exhibitors/competitors will be
application to enter is used by the Royal National Agricultural          eliminated or controlled by the exhibitor/competitor and
and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA) to offer member           particular attention will be paid to ensuring public safety
services or to organise and conduct competitions at the Royal            and safety of other exhibitors/competitors.
Queensland Show. By applying for membership or entering
such competitions you consent to provide such details as your       4.     Exhibits will only be held and handled by competent
name, address and exhibit details. Competition information               persons whose experience is known to the
may be made available to the media, event sponsors and                   exhibitor/competitor.
included in RNA publications. By providing your email address
you are consenting to receive communications from the RNA           5.     A “No Smoking Policy” will be strictly adhered to and
relating to the Royal Queensland Show.                                   Policed by exhibitors/competitors and exhibitors and/or
                                                                         competitors are advised that the use of Primus stoves, any
                                                                         heating or lighting appliances of a like character, or any
                                                                         naked light, is strictly prohibited in the pavilions.
6.       Any exhibitors/competitors intending to bring electrical                 (c) Where feasible to do so, contain soiled bedding
      equipment to the Showgrounds will be required to ensure                        from the animal/s within its/their accommodation
      that such equipment is fitted with residual current                            area.
      protection and that all electrical leads, tools and appliances
      have been inspected by a licensed electrical contractor and       60.    Council may at its discretion require to have any biological
      currently tagged. The use of double adaptors is prohibited              tests carried out on any animal exhibited at the Royal
      and all power boards must also be tested and tagged.                    Queensland Show or to have materials collected from such
                                                                              animals in order to have tests carried out, after such
7.       All exhibitors/competitors will comply with the                      animals arrive at the Showgrounds.
      requirements of the Act and its Regulations and Standards
      in every other respect. This is essential for the safety of all   61.    If in the opinion of a Council Steward of a Section, an
      exhibitors/competitors and the general public. The Act                  Exhibit in such Section requires Veterinary treatment then if
      imposes very severe penalties in the event of                           the Exhibitor cannot be contacted immediately, the Council
      noncompliance with its provisions. Any                                  Stewards may instruct a Veterinary Surgeon to treat such
      exhibitors/competitors who do not comply will not be                    Exhibit and the costs of such Veterinary Surgeon shall be
      allowed to exhibit at the Brisbane Exhibition.                          paid by the Exhibitor to the Association. The Association
                                                                              shall not be in any way liable to an Exhibitor for any
                                                                              damage to or injury to such Exhibit.
The attention of Exhibitors is drawn to the following extracts
from the RNA By-Laws.                                                   62.    Where, in the opinion of the Association, an Exhibit, being
                                                                              an animal, should be destroyed or removed from the
                       EXCLUSION OF ANIMALS                                   Showgrounds, the Association’s Veterinary Surgeon or the
                                                                              Association may destroy or remove the Exhibit from the
11.     Any animal which in the opinion of the Council Stewards is            Showgrounds, or both. Alternatively, the Association may
      not in a fit state to be exhibited may be rejected by them              require the Exhibitor to destroy or remove the Exhibit from
      and debarred from competing in the class or classes for                 the Showgrounds, or both. Any costs incurred by the
      which it is entered. Any animal rejected must be removed                Association pursuant to this By-Law must be reimbursed
      from the Showgrounds as soon as the exhibitor is notified.              by the Exhibitor.
      No animal showing signs of any disease or illness
      particularly warts, ringworm and pinkeye will be allowed          63.    The Association shall not be responsible for any loss or
      onto the grounds.                                                       damage caused (inter alia) through disease or infection
                                                                              howsoever arising.
                                                                                             UNETHICAL CONDUCT
12.    If, in the opinion of a Council Steward of a Section, an
      exhibit in such section requires veterinary treatment, then if    105. The Exhibitor, the Owner or any person in charge of an
      the exhibitor cannot be contacted immediately, the Council             animate Exhibit shall not engage in unethical conduct. The
      Steward may instruct a Veterinary Surgeon to treat such                Exhibitor, the Owner or any person in charge of an animal
      exhibit and the costs of such Veterinary Surgeon shall be              to which unethical conduct relates are deemed to have
      paid by the exhibitor to the Association. The Association              acted in breach of this By-Law, whether or not having been
      shall not be in any way liable to an exhibitor for any damage          knowingly concerned in the unethical conduct. The Council
      to or injury to such exhibit.                                          or relevant Sectional Committee shall decide whether or
                                                                             not any conduct constitutes unethical conduct but without
13.     No pharmaceutical shall be administered to any animal                in any way restricting the meaning of that expression,
      exhibit except under the direction of the Association's                unethical conduct may include the presentation as an
      Veterinary Surgeon who shall advise the Council Stewards               exhibit for judging:
      if in his opinion such pharmaceutical is likely to have any
      effect upon the animal which would be material to its                       (a)       of an animal other than in its natural
      chances of being awarded a prize and in such case the                             conformation after normal feeding and grooming,
      Council Stewards may debar the animal from competing. A                           except as otherwise provided either expressly or
      Council Steward may at any time direct the Association's                          by necessary implication in the regulation or in
      Veterinary Surgeons to take a sample of blood, saliva or                          the definition of a class in which the animal is
      urine from an exhibit for testing.                                                entered;
                                                                                  (b)       of any animal having undergone any operation
                      DISEASE OR DANGER                                                 or procedure materially altering the structure or
                                                                                        natural conformation of any part of its body,
58.    Should there be any reason to suspect that any Exhibit is                        whether by the introduction of any substance or
      either diseased or dangerous, or objectionable, the Council                       thing subcutaneously, or by any surgery, or by
      through its Officials, reserves the rights of removing the                        the administration of any substance or chemical
      same from or refusing its admittance to the Royal                                 or by the attachment of any object or thing;
      Queensland Show.                                                            (c)       of any animal having undergone any operation
                                                                                        or procedure that changes by exaggeration,
59.    An Exhibitor who detects or suspects any illness amongst                         minimisation or otherwise in natural conformation
      any of his entries whilst the animals are at the                                  or physical constitution or appearance;
      Showgrounds must:                                                           (d)       of an inanimate object, that is created,
                                                                                        constituted, formed or includes goods,
           (a) Report     this   fact    immediately  to    the                         substances or things not normally found in
              Superintendent responsible for that particular                            objects of like nature;
              section;                                                            (e)       that is not the animal or the object or thing
           (b) Ensure that the animal/s is/are contained within                         entered for the Class to be judged;
              its/their accommodation area/s unless advised                       (f)        in breach of the Regulation.
              otherwise by the Superintendent or the
              Association’s Veterinary Surgeon; and
106. An exhibitor, or person in charge of an animate exhibit           129.      Any exhibit which has been brought to the
     must:                                                                       Showgrounds and is found to have had administered
                                                                                 to it any prohibited substance as defined above may,
        (a)   use all reasonable steps to ensure that the exhibit                without prejudice to any other action which may be
              is housed and cared for in accordance with the                     taken in respect of the matter, be debarred by the
              Association’s current animal welfare policy;                       Council Stewards from competing in any event for
        (b)   obey any direction from a member of the                            which it may have been entered.
              Association’s Council, or from any other official of
              the Association, relating to the care and welfare        130.      The exhibitor, the owner and any person in charge of
              of that or any other exhibit;                                      an animal to which a prohibited substance has been
        (c)       if called upon to do so, surrender the exhibit                 administered, by any person, and whether or not with
              to the Association, in circumstances where in the                  the knowledge of the exhibitor, owner or person in
              reasonable opinion of the Association’s                            charge, is deemed to have acted in breach of this By-
              Veterinarian, the exhibit is in need of urgent                     Law.
              veterinary attention.
                                                                      130a. No person shall have in his possession on the
107.    An exhibitor must not use, or have in his possession,               Showgrounds any prohibited substance, syringe,
        any electric or electronic apparatus or any improper                needle or other instrument which could be used to
        contrivance capable of affecting the performance of an              administer a prohibited substance to an animate
        exhibit.                                                            Exhibit, unless that person shall have obtained the
                                                                            permission of the Association to be in such
              EXHIBIT UNWORTHY OF AWARD                                     possession, or satisfies the Association that such
                                                                            possession is lawful and proper use.
108.    An exhibit shall not receive an award if in the opinion of
        the Judge it is unworthy of such award.                        131.      The Association and any Council Steward servant or
                                                                                 agent of the Association shall not be liable to an
                PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES                                            exhibitor for the death of or for injury damage or
                                                                                 infection which may be sustained by his exhibit
122.    A person must not administer a Prohibited Substance                      occasioned by or arising out of any act or omission of
        or cause one to be administered to an Exhibit, except                    any Council Steward, servant or agent of the
        as permitted by the By-Laws or the Regulations.                          Association during the course of the testing of the
                                                                                 exhibit whether due to the negligence of any such
123.    The Exhibitor, the Owner and Attendant of any Exhibit                    Council Steward, servant or agent or otherwise.
        to which a Prohibited Substance has been
        administered is in breach of the By-Laws unless the                      PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES - DEFINITION
        Prohibited Substance is permitted by the By-Laws or
        Regulations to be administered.                              'Prohibited Substance' means any substance originating
                                                                     externally to an animal (and whether or not endogenous to the
 124.   An Exhibit to which a Prohibited Substance has been          animal) capable of affecting the performance or behaviour of the
        administered in breach of the By-Laws must be                animal by its action upon:
        removed from the Showground upon demand by the
        Association.                                                       (a)       the central or peripheral nervous system;
                                                                           (b)       the cardiovascular system;
 125.   The Association may in its discretion and at any time,             (c)       the respiratory system;
        cause an examination to be made of an Exhibit by a                 (d)       the alimentary digestive system;
        Veterinary Surgeon who, in the course of such                      (e)       the musculo-skeletal system;
        examination, may:                                                  (f)       the urogenital system; or
                                                                           (g)       the endocrine system.
        (a)   take such samples (including, without limitation,
              urine, blood, saliva and faeces) from such Exhibit     and includes without limitation:
              as he considers necessary or advisable;
        (b)    have such samples tested by such methods and                (i)       analgesics;
              procedures as he considers appropriate; and                  (ii)      anti-histamines;
        (c)   examine the Exhibit for desensitised limbs.                  (iii)     anti-inflammatory agents;
                                                                           (iv)      blood anti-coagulants;
 126.   Any Exhibit found by a Veterinary Surgeon to have a                (v)       diuretics;
        limb (or part thereof) desensitised is deemed to have              (vi)      hormones and their synthetic counterparts;
        had administered to it a Prohibited Substance in                   (vii)     cortico-steroids;
        breach of the By-Laws.                                             (viii)    anabolic steroids;
                                                                           (ix)      local anaesthetics;
 127.   Where, prior to an event, a Veterinary Surgeon is of               (x)       muscle relaxants;
        the opinion that a Prohibited Substance may have                   (xi)      tranquillisers;
        been administered to an Exhibit, the Veterinary                    (xii)     vitamins;
        Surgeon may require that the Exhibit be examined                   (xiii)    antibiotics;
        prior to competing in that event.                                  (xiv)     stimulants;
                                                                           (xv)      glues and bleaches;
 128.   The Association may publish procedures relating to                 (xvi)     silver compounds;
        the examination of Exhibits. Such procedures are                   (xvii)    schedule drugs.
        binding on Exhibitors, Owners and Attendants.
DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE                                                          Conduct of Proceedings

132.     It there is any inconsistency between By-laws 133 -           139.         The Disciplinary Committee may conduct proceedings
         153 and any other By-laws of the Association, By-                          at any time between 6.00am and 11.00pm on any
         laws 133 - 153 will prevail.                                               day.

             Functions of the Disciplinary Committee                   140.         All persons who constitute the Disciplinary Committee
                                                                                    for the purposes of any proceedings must be present
133.     The functions of the Disciplinary Committee shall be to                    at any hearing conducted by the Disciplinary
         hear and determine all complaints, allegations and                         Committee.
         other matters relating to:
                                                                       141.         A person whose conduct is called into question in any
         (a)      prohibited substances, as defined in these By-                    proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee must
                  laws or Sectional Regulations.                                    be given notice of a hearing. It shall be sufficient for
         (b)      any alleged breach of the Rules, By-Laws and                      such notice to be given orally and by any such person
                  Regulations of the Association by an exhibitor                    acting with the apparent authority of the Association.
                  and relating to an exhibit or to a competition,
                  except if the alleged breach is of a kind that the   142.         The Disciplinary Committee may conduct proceedings
                  Chairman of a Sectional Committee considers                       notwithstanding that any person who has been given
                  is of a less serious nature and should properly                   notice fails to attend the proceedings.
                  be dealt with by the Sectional Committee, and
         (c)      any other alleged breach of the Rules, By-Laws       143.         The Disciplinary Committee shall not be bound by any
                  and Regulations of the Association that may be                    rules of evidence and shall conduct the proceedings
                  referred to Disciplinary Committee pursuant to                    with the minimum of formality and in such a manner
                  By-Law 137 (a).                                                   as it sees fit.

         Constitution of the Disciplinary Committee                    144.         The Disciplinary Committee may require any member
                                                                                    or exhibitor to attend at any proceedings of the
134.      The Disciplinary Committee shall comprise of such                         Disciplinary Committee and to furnish such information
         members of Council as are appointed by the Council                         and evidence and to produce such documents
         from time to time.                                                         relevant to the proceedings as to the Disciplinary
                                                                                    Committee deems fit.
135.     The Council shall appoint a member of the Disciplinary
         Committee as Chairman of the Disciplinary                     145.         The Disciplinary Committee may, at its discretion, call
         Committee.                                                                 for and hear expert evidence.

136.     For the purposes of any proceedings of the                    146.         No person will be legally represented without the leave
         Disciplinary Committee, the Disciplinary Committee                         of the Disciplinary Committee.
         shall comprise, subject to By-law 137, no less than
         three of its members and those persons shall                                   Decisions of the Disciplinary Committee
         constitute the Disciplinary Committee for the purpose
         of those proceedings.                                         147.         The Disciplinary Committee may announce its decision
                                                                                    orally or in writing. A decision that is announced orally
137.     If a member of the Disciplinary Committee dies or                          shall have effect in accordance with its terms.
         becomes otherwise unable or unwilling to participate
         in proceedings, then:                                         148.         If the opinion of the Disciplinary Committee is not
                                                                                    unanimous, the decision of the majority shall prevail. If
         (a)      if this occurs prior to the commencement of                       the Disciplinary Committee are equally divided on any
                  any hearing in relation to the matter, the                        question concerning the guilt or innocence of a
                  Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee shall                      person, the question shall be resolved in that person’s
                  appoint a replacement; and                                        favour.
         (b)      if this occurs after the commencement of any
                  hearing in relation to the matter, the remaining                                     PENALTIES
                  members of the Disciplinary Committee shall
                  constitute the Committee for the purposes of         149.         If the Disciplinary Committee considers that there has
                  concluding the proceedings.                                       been a breach of the rules, By-laws or regulations of
                                                                                    the Association, it may impose such a penalty as it
   Initiation of Proceedings before the Disciplinary                                considers to be appropriate, including without
                      Proceedings                                                   limitation:

138.     Proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee may                    (a)        a reprimand;
         be initiated:                                                        (b)              a monetary fine (payable at such time/s as
                                                                                         the Disciplinary Committee may determine);
       (a)      upon the request, orally or in writing, of the                (c)        withdrawal or withholding of any award or ribbon;
                President, any Chairman of a Sectional                        (d)             disqualification in respect of any class;
                Committee or Chief Executive.                                 (e)        expulsion from the Showground;
       (b)      upon receipt by the Chairman of the Disciplinary              (f)        where the person concerned is a member, a
                Committee of a written complaint relating to a                           suspension or termination of that membership;
                matter referred to in paragraphs (a) or (b) of By-            (g)         a ban;
                law 133.                                                      (h)        exclusion;
       (c)      by the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee on              (i)        prohibiting a Person from exhibiting or competing
                his or her own motion.                                                   at the current Show or at any future Show;
                                                                              (j)        a direction that an Exhibit be removed from the
Showground;                                                  promotion or guessing competition must ensure they
            (k)        any other mandatory requirement; and                         comply with the relevant legislation.
            (l)        any other penalty provided for in             other
                       regulations of the Association.                        1.2 No person under disqualification recognised by this
                                                                                  Association may exhibit or handle an exhibit.
     150.         There shall be no appeal from any decision of the
                  Disciplinary Committee.                                     1.3 Should any question arise for which no specific guidance
                                                                                  is provided, the matter shall be referred to the Councillor
              Publication of Results of Disciplinary Procedures                   or Honorary Council Steward whose decision on the
                                                                                  matter shall be final.
     151.         The Association may publish to:
                                                                              1.4 Should any exhibitors have any queries please contact the
            (a)        all Royal Show Societies in Australia;                     Competition and Events Coordinator for clarification.
            (b)        the relevant Breed Societies;
            (c)        the body with which the exhibit is registered, or is   1.5 Titles gained after the catalogue has been prepared will
                       eligible for registration;                                 not be altered and will remain as per the original entry
                                                                                  once judging takes place.
              the result of any proceedings before the Disciplinary
              Committee in which a person has been found guilty of            1.6   Exhibitors will ensure that a standby handler is available
              a breach of any Rule, By-Law or Regulation.                           should any Exhibitor be required in two rings or any one
                                                                                    ring at the same time. Judging will NOT be held up in
     152.         The Association shall have no liability to any person in          either ring. This is applicable to all breed judging and
                  respect of any publication referred to in paragraph (a).          handlers’ classes.

No person shall have any claim against the Association or                     1.7   All handlers must be registered with the Canine Control
against any Councillor, member, employee or agent of the                            Council (Queensland) Ltd or another state controlling
Association in respect of any act, matter or thing done in good                     body.
faith during or in connection with the proceedings before the
Disciplinary Committee.                                                       1.8   No puppies under the age of 3 months are allowed on the
                                                                                    Showgrounds unless prior approval is obtained through
                                                                                    the RNA. Any Exhibitor acting in contravention of this
                                                                                    regulation will have all exhibits withdrawn from the Show.
                                                                              1.9 Due to health and safety of exhibits, exhibitors, public and
      Please read the following General Regulations carefully.                    staff; there will be no hot water available to exhibitors
                                                                                  within the pavilion. Exhibitors will be able to purchase hot
Subject to the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial                         beverages from nearby leasing exhibitors.
Association of Queensland Act 1971 and to the Rules and By-
Laws of the Association the following Regulations shall apply.                2     JUDGING

1.     NOTICE TO INTENDING EXHIBITORS                                         2.0 Conformation Breed Judging will commence not before
                                                                                  9.00am. The surface of the judging rings is artificial grass
1.0 Entries will only be received on the Association’s                            and is the same as what was used in 2014 to 2017.
    “Application to Enter” Form or via the online portal. All
    applications on the “Application to Enter” Form must be                   2.1 Obedience judging will commence at the conclusion of the
    completed in its entirety; signed and dated; and                              group judging on Friday 10 August and Monday 13
    accompanied by such additional material as required by                        August 2018
    the form, the By-Laws, or the Regulations of the Canine
    Section.                                                                  2.2   Agility, Dances with Dogs, Jumping and Rally Obedience
                                                                                    will be held on Sunday 19 August. Please refer to judging
       Entries not submitted, either online or on the correct form,                 timetable for more information.
       will be returned to the exhibitor and, unless all
       requirements are complied with and the forms returned to               2.3 With the concept of judging a Group per day the Canine
       the office by 5.00pm on the closing date for entries, they                 Section is also introducing class judging as well as per
       will not be considered.                                                    2016 and 2017. It is primarily the same that is conducted
                                                                                  at any All Breeds Championship Show. The following is
       By-Law 30 requires that the Applicant represents and                       the format in which it will take:
       warrants to the Association that the information set out on
       the Entry Form is complete, accurate and not misleading                         Baby Puppy in Group - Each Baby of Breed will
       in any way. By-Law 31 requires that the Applicant must                           compete for Baby in Group at Group Specials on the
       not make any Misstatement or Misdescription in an                                day. The winning Baby Puppy of Group will then return
       Application for Entry or accompanying documentation                              on Saturday 19 August to compete for Baby Puppy in
       lodged by or on behalf of an Applicant. Action will be                           Show.
       taken against any person submitting an Application for
       Entry in breach of By-Laws 30 and 31.                                           Champion Puppy in Group – The winner of the
                                                                                        Champion Puppy in Group, which will compete for the
1.1     The Licensee shall not conduct or operate any gambling                          Champion Puppy in Show, will be decided from the
       game (s) or games of chance or dispose of any article by                         winner of the Best Minor in Group and Best Puppy in
       lot or chance, or sell any raffle tickets of any nature                          Group Exhibits.
       whatsoever unless these activities have been approved by
       RNA Management. Exhibitors and competitors wishing to                           Other classes will be judged accordingly with the
       conduct a competition, including a give-away                                     Best in Group eliminating a class, the same as Runner
                                                                                        Up. Should either come from Puppy then this would
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