CAREER EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Epsom Girls Grammar School 2020

CAREER EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Epsom Girls Grammar School 2020
Epsom Girls
  Grammar School


CAREER EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Epsom Girls Grammar School 2020
2   Career Education Pathways 2020
CAREER EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Epsom Girls Grammar School 2020
 Introduction to Career Education                                   4
 Career Central                                                     5
 Where to?                                                          5
 Manufacturing & Technology                                         6
 Construction & Infrastructure                                      7
 Creative Industries                                                8
 Primary Industries                                                 9
 Services Industries                                              10
 Social and Community Services                                    11
 NCEA Levels 1-3                                                  12
 University Entrance/Approved subjects                            13
 Guaranteed Entry Score (GES) Rank Score                          14
 University of Auckland (UoA) Table A & B                         14
 UoA English Language Requirement                                 14
 Tertiary pathway requirements                                15-23
 Other admission schemes                                          24
 Vocational Pathways                                          26-27
 Courses available                                            28-29
 Subject choice – A helpful guide                                 30

                                    3       Career Education Pathways 2020
CAREER EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Epsom Girls Grammar School 2020
This booklet aims to help support our students to ensure they are able to build on
their Career management competencies and have the necessary skills to
transition effectively into the world of work or further tertiary study.

There are three career management competencies:

Developing self- awareness: Competencies that enable young people to
understand themselves and the influences on them.

Exploring Opportunities: Competencies that enable young people to investigate
opportunities in learning and work, and relate them to themselves.

Deciding and Acting: Competencies that enable young people to make and
adjust their plans, to manage change and transition, and to take appropriate

To support the decision-making process there are two evenings you might wish to

The first is the Pathways Information Evening where tertiary providers will
display their learning pathways and answer any questions.

                 Date:             Thursday 25 July 2019
                 Time:             5.30pm – 7.30pm
                 Venue:            Marjory Adams Hall

The second is the Course Information and Options Selection Evening where
teachers will be available to discuss programmes being offered in 2020:

                 Date:             Wednesday 31 July 2019
                 Time:             6.00pm-7.30pm
                 Venue:            Marjory Adams Hall

Other useful tools for helping students develop self-awareness and explore
opportunities are Career Central, an online career development management
portfolio with a number of career research mechanisms and online career tools,
the Vocational pathways posters which show the pathways available from
different learning areas and the Profile Builder which is part of the Vocational
pathways award system and enables Year 12 and 13 students to check that their
school subjects meet the recommended industry sector standards for their
intended career pathways. Please read the separate sections on these to gain
further information.

                                         4                     Career Education Pathways 2020
CAREER EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Epsom Girls Grammar School 2020

Students at Year 11 are using Career Central in their PE/Health classes, but all
students at EGGS can access this. All students have a unique logon using their
student ID and their Kamar password. Students are able to research career
pathways, complete activities to identify their strengths, values, interests, and
skills, set goals, write CV’s and much, much more. Students are also able to see
the notes and share them with you from career conversations with of the schools
two qualified Career practitioners: either Ms Lila Pulsford or Ms Philippa Leask.
We are interested in assisting our students to develop their self-awareness as a
way of finding a pathway that is best suited to them.

Our recommendation is that students select a subject because they enjoy it and
can see several pathways that they may be interested in rather than focussing on
one. The “putting all your eggs in one basket” approach can be quite stressful, if
they don’t fulfil all the criteria, or they change their mind. It is also good to look at
all the levels of ability so they can see that no matter what level they personally
are at that there is a pathway for them.

The Career Centre is open to all students at EGGS, and assists students to
develop their lifelong career competencies. Students are encouraged to develop
self-awareness as well as opportunity awareness. Our goal is for students to feel
hopeful and positive about their future opportunities, we encourage our students
to consider wide, and diverse career interests knowing that every career is of

Every Year 13 students at EGGS is invited to engage with the Career Centre; all
students are welcome to see the careers staff by request.

If you would like to make an appointment to see either Ms Pulsford or Ms Leask,
please email

                                             5                      Career Education Pathways 2020
CAREER EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Epsom Girls Grammar School 2020
6   Career Education Pathways 2020
CAREER EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Epsom Girls Grammar School 2020
7   Career Education Pathways 2020
CAREER EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Epsom Girls Grammar School 2020
8   Career Education Pathways 2020
CAREER EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Epsom Girls Grammar School 2020
9   Career Education Pathways 2020
CAREER EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Epsom Girls Grammar School 2020
10   Career Education Pathways 2020
11   Career Education Pathways 2020
     YEAR 11                  YEAR 12                  YEAR 13             SCHOLARSHIP -
                                                                              YEAR 13
Numeracy:               Level 2 NCEA               Level 3 NCEA         The New Zealand
●  10 specified                                                         Scholarship
   Numeracy             To gain a Level 2          To gain a Level 3    examinations
   credits              Certificate in NCEA        Certificate in       Students may enter to
                        students must gain         NCEA students
                                                                        sit one or more
Literacy:               80 credits. At least       must gain 80
●    10 specified       60 credits must            credits. At least
                                                                        examinations as well as
     Literacy credits   be at Level 2. The         60 credits must
                                                                        their Level 3 NCEA
     which will be      other 20 credits           be at Level 3
                                                                        Standards. Scholarship
     gained at          can be at any              and 20 at Level
                                                                        examinations extend
     either Year 11     level.                     2 or above.
                                                                        very able students and
     or Year 12.                                                        offer monetary awards
                        Level 1 Literacy and                            ranging from one off
Literacy credits can    Numeracy must be                                payments of $500 right
be gained from a        achieved to gain                                up to $10,000 each year
range of subjects       Level 2.                                        for three years of
including                                                               tertiary study in New
Accounting,                                                             Zealand. The
Biology, Drama,                                                         examinations are
Economics, English,                                                     designed to extend
Geography, Health,                                                      academic students,
History, Languages,                                                     requiring them to
Music, Sports                                                           demonstrate high-level
Science and                                                             abstract and critical
Technology                                                              thinking. (Scholarship is
                                                                        not a qualification and
Numeracy credits
can be gained from                                                      does not generate
subjects including                                                      credits towards NCEA).
Biology,                                                                For further information
Geography,                                                              visit the New Zealand
Graphics,                                                               Qualifications Authority
Mathematics and                                                         website:
Physics                                                        or
                                                                        see the relevant Head of
                                                                        Department, Mr Nowell
                                                                        or Ms Dempsey
Year 11 students        Year 12 students           Year 13
study:                  study:                     students study:

●   English / ESOL      ●   English / ESOL         ● 5 option
●   Mathematics         ●   5 option                 subjects
●   Science (1 or 2         subjects               ● A
    option lines)       ●   Physical Health          tutorial/study
●   3 or 2 option           Programme                option
    (depending on
    the Science
    choice above)
●   Physical
    Education and
    Health Prog

                                              12                       Career Education Pathways 2020
 LEVEL 1 – YEAR 11        University Entrance: (UE) Numeracy

                          Students need a minimum of 10 credits at Level 1 or
                          above in specified Numeracy standards

 LEVEL 2 – YEAR 12        University Entrance: (UE) Literacy

                          Students need 10 credits at Level 2 or above, made up of:
                          ● 5 credits in Reading (UE R)
                          ● 5 credits in Writing (UE W)
                          NB: A standard that counts for both UE reading and writing will
                          be identified as UE Both.

 LEVEL 3 – YEAR 13        University Entrance: (UE)

                          ● NCEA Level 3
                          ● 14 credits each, in 3 approved subjects

                          In addition to gaining UE students also may need to meet one
                          or more of the following requirements (also see chart on
                          following pages)

                          ●      Ranked Score/Guaranteed Entry Score
                          ●      Individual Degree programme subject requirements
                          ●      Individual requirements – eg; portfolios, interviews etc.

 Accounting                        Education for Sustainability   Painting (Practical Art)
 Agriculture and Horticulture      English                        Photography (Practical Art)
 Biology                           French                         Physical Education (Sports
 Business Studies                  Geography                      Science)
 Calculus                          German                         Physics
 Chemistry                         Graphics                       Printmaking (Practical Art)
 Chinese                           Health Education               Processing Technologies
 Classical Studies                 History                        Religious Studies
 Construction and Mechanical       History of Art                 Samoan
 Technologies                      Home Economics                 Science
 Cook Island Maori                 Indonesian                     Sculpture (Practical Art)
 Dance                             Japanese                       Social Studies
 Design (Practical Art)            Korean                         Spanish
 Digital Technologies              Latin                          Statistics
 Drama                             Mathematics                    Technology
 Earth and Space Science           Media Studies                  Te Reo Māori
 Economics                         Music Studies                  Te Reo Rangatira

Make sure that you have chosen enough University Approved Level 3 subjects to gain
the University Entrance qualification.

                                            13                     Career Education Pathways 2020
A Rank Score has been added to the New Zealand University Entrance requirement to
enable universities to select students into courses. The universities who currently use
this score or a Guaranteed Entry Score are The University of Auckland, AUT, Victoria
University, Massey University, Canterbury University and the University of Otago.
Please note that Otago, Massey and Canterbury have added the rank score as a series
of guaranteed entry points that students can obtain prior to applying. It may be
possible to gain entry with basic UE but the Rank Score gives them guaranteed or
preferential entry.
Also note that individual degree programmes may have specific additional subject
and/or level requirements. Year 13 students should aim to take at least 4 approved
subjects for University Entrance to keep their options open. This means that Year 11
and 12 students need to plan subject pathways ahead so that they are able to take at
least 4 approved subjects in Year 13.

Rank Score is based on the following:

 Top 80 credits in up to 5 approved subjects       X 2 for Achieved     = 160 points
                                                   X 3 for Merit        = 240 points
                                                   X 4 for Excellence = 320 points

The University of Auckland also has the Table A and B system for some of
their programme entry criteria requirements. Commerce, Architecture, Health
Sciences, Nursing, and Property. Please check the specific faculty requirements.

Table A                                         Table B
Classical Studies                             Accounting
English                                       Biology
Geography                                     Calculus
History                                       Chemistry
History of Art                                Digital Technologies
Te Reo Maori OR Te Reo Rangatira              Economics
                                              Mathematics *
* Cannot be used in combination with Calculus and/or Statistics

University of Auckland Academic English language requirement
All students who are interested in applying to a degree course at The University of
Auckland will need to meet the following requirement in order to be offered an
unconditional place at the University:
     ●   A minimum of 17 credits in English at Level 2 and/or 3
If an applicant does not meet this requirement, they will have a further opportunity to
strengthen their preparation in this key competency while undertaking the initial stage
of their degree studies. Otherwise qualified applicants who do not meet this standard
will still be admitted to the University but their ongoing enrolment will be conditional
on passing a specified for-credit course in academic English in their first year of
university study.

                                        14                    Career Education Pathways 2020
 Area of        Qualification         Recommended               Minimum Entry Criteria
 Study                                subjects                  GES = Guaranteed Entry
                                                                RS = Rank Score
                                                                UE = University
                                                                Pts= Points
 Architecture   Degree (3 years       Level 3 English,          Auckland: UE + RS 230 +
                plus 2                Mathematics, Physics      written statement
                professional years    Creative Arts, Design     +Portfolio + 16 credits
                in a Masters          and Visual                from a Table A and a Table
                programme)            communication useful      B subject + students are
                University of         for portfolio Digital     academically ranked
                Auckland              technology may be         Victoria: UE + Rank Score
                Victoria University   useful also               180 + selection based on
                of Wellington                                   academic results after first
                Unitec                                          year
                                                                Unitec: UE+ Portfolio may
                                                                require an interview
 Arts/          Degree: Bachelor      English rich subjects,    Auckland: GES - UE + RS
 Humanities     of Arts (BA) (3       Economics, Social         150
                years)                Sciences all useful       Massey: GES - UE + RS
                Most universities     background subjects,      120
                offer this            Languages, Statistics     Otago: GES - UE + RS
                programme             useful for Psychology,    140
                                      Political Science,        Victoria: GES - UE +RS
                                      Social Sciences,          150
                                      Sociology                 All other Universities: UE
 Aviation       Degree: (3 years)     Calculus, Physics and     Massey: UE + RS 120
                Massey                English recommended       ADAPT test, interview,
                                                                aptitude test + additional
                                                                requirements. At least 14
                                                                Level 3 credits in a
                                                                language rich subject ;L3
                                                                Physics, Calculus and
                                                                Statistics are highly

 Biomedical     Degree: Bachelor      Biology, Chemistry,       Auckland:GES - UE + RS
 Science        of Science            Physics                   280). The first year of this
                (majoring in          (recommended for          degree is one of two
                Biomedical            Otago in particular)      pathways to Medicine.
                Science) (3 year      Maths plus an English     Otago: GES - UE + RS
                degree)               rich subject useful,      140, 7 major subjects to
                University of Akld    Statistics more helpful   choose from. N.B This is
                Bachelor of           for Epidemiology          not the pathway to
                Science or            Health statistics         Medicine at Otago
                Bachelor of           Chemistry, Biology        Victoria: GES - UE + RS
                Biomedical Science    and Maths useful          150
                University of
                Bachelor of
                Science at

                                        15                      Career Education Pathways 2020
Business/      Degree: Bachelor    Level 3 Calculus         Auckland: GES - UE + RS
Commerce/      of Commerce         useful if majoring in    180 + 16 credits in each of
Property       (BCom) or           Finance and              3 subjects from Table A
               Bachelor of         Economics                and/or B
               Property (BProp)    Most universities have   AUT: UE
               (3 years)           core business papers     Massey: GES - UE + RS
               Most Universities   which could consist of   140;
               offer Commerce /    Quantitative             Victoria: GES - UE + RS
               Business            (statistical analysis    150;
               programmes          paper,) Accounting,      Otago: GES - UE + RS
                                   Marketing,               140;
                                   Management,              Canterbury: UE + RS 120
                                   Economics and IT for     Waikato: UE + 14 credits
                                   Business in order to     L3 Maths and 14 credits
                                   get international        English, Te Reo or History
                                   recognition/             *Language needed for
                                   accreditation.           International Business
                                   Diploma of Business      major
                                   English subject useful   Technical institutes offer
                                   A language would also    Diploma Level 2 Maths and
                                   be recommended for       English, Level 3 BME
                                   International Business   advantageous
Communication Degree: Bachelor     Humanities and           AUT: Preference given to
/ Journalism  of                   English rich subjects    students with rank score
              Communications       plus interest in film,   of 180 or higher with 14
              (3 years)            media, drama, acting,    credits in each of two
              AUT                  debating or speech       subjects from: Classical
              Other universities   advantageous.            Studies, Drama, English,
              ARA Institute - NZ   A language would also    Geography, Health
              School of            be useful.               Education, History, History
              Broadcasting                                  of Art, Media Studies,
              AUT and                                       Social Studies.
              Canterbury Post                               Other universities entry
              grad Journalism                               via BA entry criteria
              course ( 1-2                                  CPIT: 14 credits
              years)                                        English/English rich
                                                            subject + UE for degree
                                                            Post grad: Competitive
                                                            entry academic
Computing/     Degree (3 years)    Calculus, Physics and    Auckland: BSc Computer
IT             Most universities   Digital Technology       Science UE + RS 165
               AUT – Bach          recommended.             AUT: UE preference given
               Computer &                                   to students who have one
               Information                                  or more subjects from:
               Sciences                                     Calculus, Mathematics,
                                   Level 2 Maths and        Statistics.
                                   English                  Massey: UE + RS 140
               Diploma:                                     Victoria: UE + RS 150
               Technical                                    Otago: UE + RS 140

                                     16                     Career Education Pathways 2020
Criminology     Bachelor of Arts      Legal studies will be     Victoria: UE + RS 150
                (major in             helpful as would          Otago: UE + RS 140
                Criminology) at       English rich subjects.    AUT: UE
                AUT and Victoria;
                can now be done
                as a minor at
                Bachelor of
                criminal justice at
                Canterbury new
                degree                Arts degree - stage 1     Auckland: GES UE+ RS
                Auckland              Sociology, stages 2       150
                                      and 3 Criminology
Dental          Degree: (3 years)     Level 3 Biology and       Otago: UE + RS 140 (first
Therapy/        University of         English recommended       year is Health Sciences
Hygiene, Oral   Otago                 AUT: Level 3 Sports       First Year)
health          AUT: Oral Health      Science                   AUT: High rank score,
                Diploma: Unitec /                               interview.
Dentistry       Degree: (4 years)     Level 3 Physics,          Otago: UE + RS 140 then
                including HSFY        Biology, Chemistry,       competitive entry into
                (Health Science       English rich subject      Dentistry 2nd year based
                First Year)           and Statistics            on Academic marks in
                University of         recommended.              HSFY + UMAT + interview
                Otago only
Design          Degree: Bachelor      Portfolio is required     Auckland: UE + RS 180 +
                of Design/ Visual     with different artistic   min 16 credits from a
                Arts (3-4 years)      media included, so        Table A subject and min
                Different majors      more than one arts or     16 credits from a Table B
                including fashion,    technology subject is     subject
                Photography,          recommended also          Unitec and AUT: UE +
                Interior, Graphics,   enough approved           portfolio, may require an
                Digital, Spatial      subjects for UE           interview also
                AUT, Victoria,        English rich subjects     Victoria: UE+ RS 150
                Unitec,               helpful.                  Massey: UE+ RS 140
Engineering     Degree: (4 years)     Level 3 Calculus,         Auckland: UE + RS 260 +
                Auckland, AUT,        Physics, English rich     17 external credits Level 3
                Canterbury            subject would be          in Calculus and 16 external
                Victoria and          helpful, Level 3          credits Level 3 in Physics
                Massey software /     Chemistry for some        Canterbury: UE + RS
                Robotics/Mechatr      majors.                   120+ 18 credits L3
                onics                                           Maths( calculus) L3 14
                                                                credits Physics and
                                                                Chemistry (for some
                                                                Massey UE + RS 140 + 16
                                                                credits in level 3 Calculus
                Bachelor of                                     and Physics 14 credits
                Engineering                                     L3 Chemistry also required
                Technology (3                                   for Chemical and
                years) is also                                  Bioprocess Engineering
                available at a                                  AUT: UE + Calculus &
                number of                                       Physics

                                        17                      Career Education Pathways 2020
Fine Arts     Degree : Bachelor      Level 3 practical         Auckland: UE + RS 150 +
              of Fine Arts ( 3-4     Visual arts subjects      portfolio + written
              years)                 + English rich            statement
              Various                subjects (Art History     Massey: UE + RS 120 +
              programmes at          especially) useful, all   portfolio + interview
              Auckland, AUT,         advantageous to           Canterbury: UE + Ilam
              Massey,                portfolio                 special entry via Visual
              Canterbury, MIT,                                 Arts AS 3.3 + RS 120+
              Unitec, Whitecliffe                              portfolio

Food          Degree: (3 years)      Level 3 Chemistry         Auckland UE + RS 200
Science/      AUT, Massey,           recommended,              Otago UE + RS 140
Nutrition     Auckland               Biology and Statistics    competitive entry into
              Otago has              useful                    Dietetics only from Otago
              Bachelor of            Dietetics Master’s        Human nutrition courses
              Applied Science        degree at Auckland,       must do a certain paper
              Sports and             Otago and Massey          Massey UE + RS 140 pts
              Exercise Nutrition                               AUT: UE

Food          Degree: 4 years        Level 3 Chemistry,        Massey UE + RS 120 +
Technology    Massey                 Physics, Calculus         min. 16 credits Level 3
                                                               Calculus and Physics +
                                                               min. 14 credits Chemistry

Health        Degree:3 years         Level 3 Biology,          Auckland: UE + RS 250 +
Sciences      Auckland: can be       Chemistry,Physics;        min. 18 credits in one
              first year for entry   Statistics and English-   Table A and one Table B
              via Health             rich recommended;         subject. The first year of
              Sciences pathway       Table A and B for         this degree is one of two
              into Medicine or       Auckland especially       pathways to Medicine.
              Pharmacy; also         Chemistry                 Otago: UE + RS 140
              Otago : HSFY
              Health Sciences
              First Year
              pathway into
              Med Laboratory
              Science, Dentistry
              and Pharmacy

Hospitality   Degree: (3 years)      English, Mathematics,     AUT: UE
Management    AUT plus other         Commerce,                 PHIMS, Queenstown
              tertiary providers     Hospitality useful        Resort College, Crown: L2
              Diploma:                                         English literacy + Level 2
              Institutes and
              Private Training
              (PTE’s)(1-2 years)

                                        18                     Career Education Pathways 2020
Law          Degree: (4 years)    English rich subjects    Auckland: UE + RS
             Auckland, AUT,       ie History, Classics,    dependent on other
             Waikato, Victoria,   Geography,               bachelor’s degree (1st year
             Canterbury,                                   students take 3 law
             Otago                                         courses and 5 non-law
                                                           Victoria: UE + RS 150
                                                           Otago: UE + RS 140
                                                           AUT: UE + min.18 credits
                                                           in an English rich subject,
                                                           direct entry
                                                           Waikato: UE direct entry
                                                           into first year

Medical      Degree: (4 years)    Level 3 Biology,         AUT: UE + min. 14 credits
Laboratory   AUT, Otago,          Chemistry, Statistics,   Level 3 Mathematics with
Science      Massey               Physics and English      Statistics, Biology and
                                  all useful               Chemistry
                                  Chemistry required at    Otago: UE + RS 140 in to
                                  Massey                   HSFY then academic entry
                                                           from HSFY into 2nd year
                                                           based on academic marks
                                                           and UMAT
                                                           Massey: UE + RS 120 +
                                                           Level 3 Chemistry

Medical      Degree: (3/4         Level 3 English,         Unitec: UE plus interview
Imaging      years)               Mathematics and any      for suitability + min. 12
             Unitec 3 years       Science helpful          credits in Level 3 English,
             Auckland 4 years                              Maths + 1 Science subject
                                                           Auckland: first year
                                                           Biomedical Science UE +
                                                           RS 280, or other
                                                           bachelor’s degree - must
                                                           check with UoA.
                                                           Competitive entry into 2nd

Medicine     Degree: (6 years)    Level 3 Biology,         No direct entry to Medicine
             +, (7 years + to     Chemistry, Physics,      in NZ.
             become a             (Stats or Calculus),     Auckland: First year UE +
             specialist)          English rich subject     RS 250 or 280 * for Health
             Auckland             (Chemistry important)    Science or Biomedical
             Otago                                         Science pathway (see
                                                           these degree
                                                           requirements) During first
                                                           year - excellent academic
                                                           ranking + UCAT +
                                                           Otago: UE + RS 140 then
                                                           competitive entry via HSFY
                                                           * Excellent academic
                                                           ranking + UCAT + NO

                                    19                     Career Education Pathways 2020
Midwifery   Degree: (3 years)    Biology, Chemistry       AUT: UE + 18 credits in
            AUT                  and Language rich        Biology or Chemistry and
            Can also study at    subject recommended      16 credits in a language
            Wintec, CPIT and                              rich subject. May also
            Otago Polytechnic                             require an interview

Music       Degree (can be a     Level 2 and 3 music      Auckland: UE + RS 150 +
            Bachelor of Music    theory as well as        audition for performance,
            or a BA with a       performance helpful      + CV including music
            music major): (3                              certificates, referees and
            years)                                        reports (Jazz, Performance
            Programmes                                    and Popular Music)
            differ for                                    Otago: UE + RS 140 +
            performance,                                  audition for performance
            composition,                                  classical (includes voice)
            technology,                                   and contemporary
            ethnomusicology                               Massey: UE + RS 120 +
                                                          audition performance Jazz
                                                          and Classical
            NASDA at ARA
            Institute                                     ARA Institute: UE +
            (Bachelor of                                  audition
            Musical Arts or
            Bachelor of
            Performing Arts in
            Music Theatre)

Nursing     Degree: (3 years)    Level 3 generally at     Auckland: UE + RS 230 +
            Auckland, AUT,       least one of Biology,    min. 16 credits in one
            Unitec, MIT,         Chemistry or Physics     Table A subject and min
            Massey and other     (check individual        16 credits in either
            tertiary providers   university req’s)        Biology, Chemistry or
            Bridging and         Statistics and English   Physics
            stair-casing         rich subject useful      AUT: UE + highest level of
            certificates and     Biology not required     academic achievement, +
            diplomas available   at MIT or Unitec but     at least one English-rich
            but not at           highly recommended       subject and at least one
            Auckland or AUT                               science subject, may
                                                          require interview, NB
                                                          Midwifery is taught at AUT
                                                          only see requirements for
                                                          Massey: current first aid
                                                          certificate, Health
                                                          screening + 14 credits in
                                                          Biology, Chemistry at
                                                          Level 3, Supporting credits
                                                          in Physics, Statistics
                                                          English, History and
                                                          Geography taken into

                                   20                     Career Education Pathways 2020
Occupational    Degree: (3 years)    Level 3 Biology,        AUT: UE + highest level of
Therapy         AUT                  Chemistry , Physics,    academic achievement
                Otago Polytechnic    Health and Sports       plus police clearance. May
                in Dunedin or        science useful          also require an interview
                Wintec in                                    Otago: UE + RS 140, first
                Hamilton                                     aid certificate and
                                                             interview maybe required
                                                             for both programmes

Optometry       Degree: (5 years     Level 3 Biology,        Auckland: UE + RS 280 for
                total, 1st year      Chemistry, Physics,     Biomedical Science in first
                Biomedical           Maths, English useful   year. Then academic
                Science or HSFY                              ranking entry into
                + 4 years                                    Optometry for second
                Bachelor of                                  year.
                Auckland only
                Can do HSFY at

Performing      Degree: (3 years)    Any programme           Most universities, UE +
Arts            Most universities    Drama, Music helpful    performance audition may
                do Theatre, Media                            be required
                and Drama;
                Toi Whakaari
                entry via

Pharmacy        Degree: (5 years     Level 3 Biology,        Auckland: UE + 1st year
                total 4 year         Chemistry, ( both       Bachelor of Health Science
                degree + 1 year      important) Physics,     (RS 250) or Bachelor of
                clinical for         Maths and an English    Science (Biomedical
                registration)        rich subject helpful    Science RS 280)
                Auckland                                     Otago: entry through
                Otago                                        HSFY. Competitive entry
                                                             into 2nd year Pharmacy via
                                                             academic ranking only.

Physical        Degree (4 years)     Biology and Sports      Otago: UE + RS 140+
Education ( +   + 1 year graduate    Science to Level 3      Level 2 min of 16 credits
Teaching) *     diploma if           recommended but not     in 4 approved subjects the
                interested in        essential. Statistics   more merits and
                teaching             useful for Sports and   excellences the better
                Otago                Exercise Science        chance of getting in
                Auckland and         major                   Auckland: UE + RS 150 +
                Canterbury                                   interview re suitability for
                university (4                                teaching
                years), Faculty of                           Canterbury: UE +
                Education                                    interview
                teaching diploma

                                       21                    Career Education Pathways 2020
Physiotherapy   Degree: (4 years)   Level 3 Biology,          AUT: UE + high rank score
                AUT                 Chemistry, Physics,       Otago: UE + RS 140 +
                Otago               Mathematics, English      selection into 2nd year
                                    rich subject mainly for   based on HSFY academic
                                    Otago, Sports Science     results + UMAT +
                                    and Health also useful    interview
                                    AUT preference for
                                    high rank score +
                                    interview (possibly).

Planning -      Degree: (4 years)   Level 3 Geography         Auckland: UE + RS 230 +
Urban,          Auckland (Urban     useful.                   written statement
Resource and    Planning)                                     Massey: UE + RS 120
Environment     Massey(Resource                               Lincoln: UE
al              and

Radiation       Degree: (3 years)   Level 3 Physics or        Otago: UE + RS 140 +
Therapy         Otago but located   Biology, Statistics or    interview * must have
                in University of    Calculus, plus an         visited a Radiation
                Otago’s             English rich subject,     Therapy unit before
                Wellington          Te Reo Maori              applying.
                medical school.     /Rangatira                Completion of Level 3 with
                2nd and 3rd year                              one of the following
                earn as you learn                             (English rich subject or Te
                via DHB.                                      Reo) and
                                                              Maths ( Statistics or
                                                              Calculus), Biology and

Science         Degree: (3 years)   Level 3 Biology,          Auckland: UE + RS 165
                All universities    Chemistry,                AUT: UE
                                    Mathematics, Physics      Otago: UE + RS 140
                                    depending on the          Victoria: UE + RS 150
                                    degree major - check      Massey/Canterbury: UE +
                                    requirements at each      RS 140
                                    university.               Lincoln: UE
                                                              Waikato: UE

Social Work     Degree: (4 years)   Level 3 English rich or   Auckland: UE + RS 150 +
                Auckland (Epsom     social science            interview
                campus)             subjects helpful but      Canterbury: UE +
                Canterbury          not essential.            interview
                Massey                                        Massey: UE + RS 120
                Otago                                         Otago: UE + RS 140
                                                              NB all require suitability re
                                                              police check + referees

                                      22                      Career Education Pathways 2020
Speech and      Degree: (4 years)    Level 3 Biology,          Canterbury: UE + RS 140
Language        Canterbury           Chemistry, Health,        + selection into 2nd year
Therapy         Massey               English and Sports        based on academic
                                     Science useful.           ranking
                                                               Massey: UE + 140
                                                               Post graduate studies
                                                               entrance via academic

Sport and       Degree: (3 – 4       Level 3 Sports            Auckland: UE + RS 200 for
Exercise        years)               Science, Biology          Sports Science
Science/        All universities     useful, strong Science    Massey: UE + 140 + two
Recreation /    except Victoria      base for Auckland and     of the following L3 Biology,
Leisure/        Unitec               Statistics                Physics, Chemistry or
Coaching                             recommended;              Maths
(see Physical                        Sporting background       AUT / Lincoln: UE
Education                            also advantageous.        Canterbury: UE + RS140
Surveying       Degree: (4 years)    Level 3 Geography         Otago: UE + RS 140 +
                Otago                and Calculus              entry into 2nd year based
                                     recommended but not       on academic ranking from
                                     essential.                1st year course

Teaching        Degree: (3- 4        All subjects useful for   UE + interview
                years)               Primary teaching          Auckland UE + RS 150 +
                Faculty of           Secondary teachers        Police check & referees
                Education at most    need to do a specialist   report
                universities         degree, then one year
                Unitec               of teacher training.
Tourism         Degree: (3 years)    Travel and Tourism        AUT: UE
                at some              helpful but not           Otago: UE + RS140
                universities         essential Level 2         ITC, NZ School of travel
                Diploma/Certificat   English literacy for      and Tourism, Crown and
                es at PTE’s          diploma and               Travel careers PTE’s: May
                                     certificates.             require Level 2 including
                                                               literacy - check
Veterinary      Degree: (5 years,    Level 3 Chemistry,        Massey: UE + RS 120 +
Science         1 semester pre       Physics and Biology       competitive entry into 2nd
                Vet + 4.5 years to   highly recommended,       semester based on
                complete the         Statistics or Calculus    academic ranking of 1st
                actual degree)       recommended also.         semester papers +
                Massey only                                    interviews - 50% each

Vet Nursing     Diploma (2 years)    Level 3 Maths,            Unitec: Level 2 60 credits
                Unitec               Biology. Experience       in 4 subjects including
                Wintec               with animals              Biology

                                       23                      Career Education Pathways 2020
Many tertiary providers offer alternative pathways that are designed to bridge the gap
between secondary school studies and tertiary education. These include English language
preparation courses, general foundation courses and foundation courses designed for
specific faculties.

Institutions are also committed to providing equal opportunities to all who have the
potential to succeed at tertiary level and have a range of admission schemes to improve
access for equity groups such as students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds,
refuges, students with disabilities and Maori and Pacific Island students.

For many Australian universities Level 3 English is a prerequisite as is the need
for excellence in some courses. There are exceptions so please check Australian
university websites in advance.

To find out more:
   ● Come to the Pathways Information Evening on Thursday 25 July where a variety
       of tertiary providers will be present.
   ● Come to the Options Evening on Wednesday 31 July
   ● Visit the Career Education Centre to gather hardcopy information and speak to the
       Career education staff.
   ● Look up the profile builder on the Youth guarantee website

                                        24                    Career Education Pathways 2020

Vocational Pathways give a new and clearer framework for vocational options and
programmes. The pathways help students thinking about their future options to see
which subjects and standards they should study to achieve their career goals. They are
designed to improve relevance of learning for students, support programme design and
careers advice, and improve the links between education and employment. The
Vocational Pathways have been developed through a partnership between government
agencies, the industry training sector, secondary and tertiary educators, and industry
and employer representatives.

                                        25                   Career Education Pathways 2020
Achieving credits towards Vocational Pathways means students are developing foundation
skills and knowledge in areas that employer’s value. Students can work towards the
vocational pathway(s) by gaining credits from the achievement standards and unit
standards recommended by the sectors. The Vocational Pathways will also make it easier
for prospective employers and others to see when students have the strengths, abilities
and qualities they are looking for.

Year 13 students will have this information on their NZQA record of learning. Year 11
and 12 can use the profile builder to check what sector/industry their subject
standards/credits fit into.

                                        26                    Career Education Pathways 2020
27   Career Education Pathways 2020
              YEAR 10             YEAR 11                   YEAR 12                    YEAR 13
ARTS          Art (half year)     Art                       Design                     Design
              Art (full year)                               Painting                   Painting
                                                            Printmaking                Printmaking
                                                            Sculpture                  Sculpture
                                  Photography               Photography                Photography
                                                            Art History                Art History-Modern
                                                                                       Art History-
              Drama (half year)   Drama                     Drama                      Drama
              Drama (full year)                             Drama/Dance
              Music (half year)   Music                     Performance Music          Performance Music
              Music (full year)                             Music Studies              Music Studies

ENGLISH       English             English                   English                    English
                                                                                       English Shakespeare
                                                            Foundation English         English Foundation
              English for         English for               English for                English for
              Speakers of Other   Speakers of Other         Speakers of Other          Speakers of Other
              Languages           Languages                 Languages                  Languages
                                                            Media Studies              Media Studies
                                  Writing for Publication

LANGUAGES     Chinese Second      Chinese Second            Chinese Second             Chinese Second
OTHER THAN    Language            Language                  Language                   Language
ENGLISH                                                     Chinese Heritage           Chinese Heritage
                                                            Language                   Language
                                                            Classical Studies          Classical Studies
              French              French                    French                     French
              Japanese            Japanese                  Japanese                   Japanese
              Latin               Latin                     Latin                      Latin
              Spanish             Spanish                   Spanish                    Spanish
              Te Reo Māori        Te Reo Māori              Te Reo Māori               Te Reo Māori

MATHEMATICS   Mathematics         Mathematics               Mathematics Calculus       Calculus
                                  Core Mathematics          Mathematics Combine Mathematics
                                  Foundation                Mathematics                Statistics A
                                  Mathematics               Statistics                 Statistics B

                                            28                            Career Education Pathways 2020
                        YEAR 10                    YEAR 11               YEAR 12             YEAR 13
                                                                     Child Development       Early Childhood Ed
 PHYSICAL            Health                  Health Sociology &      Health Sociology &      Health Sociology &
 EDUCATION                                   Investigations          Investigations          Investigations
 AND HEALTH          Physical Education      Physical Education &    Physical Health
                                             Health Programme        Programme
                                             Sports Science          Sports Science          Sports Science

   SCIENCE           Science                 Science - 2 or 4 of
                                              * Biology              Biology                 Biology
                                              * Chemistry            Chemistry               Chemistry
                                              * Earth & Space
                                              * Physics              Physics                 Physics
                                             Human Biology
                     Environmental           Environmental           Education for           Education for
                     Studies                 Science                 Sustainability          Sustainability

  SOCIAL                                     Accounting              Accounting              Accounting
  SCIENCES           Business Studies                                Business Studies        Business Studies
                                                                                             Business Enterprise
                                                                                             & Legal Studies
                     Social Studies          Economics               Economics               Economics
                                             Geography               Geography               Geography
                                             History                 History                 History
                                                                     Legal Studies
                                                                     Travel & Tourism        Travel & Tourism

 TECHNOLOGY          Technology               Design Technology      Design Technology       Design Technology
                     Digital Technology       Digital Technology     Digital Technology      Digital Technology
                     Food Technology          Food Technology        Food Technology         Food Technology
                                                                     Hospitality             Hospitality
                     Graphics                Graphics                Graphics                Graphics
                                                                     Graphics (Beginner)     Graphics (Beginner)
                     Textiles & Design       Textiles & Design       Textiles & Design       Textiles & Design

 LEARNING            Learning Skills Prog   Learning Skills Prog     Learning Skills Prog    Learning Skills Prog

                                                                     Vocational Pathways     Vocational Pathways

A subject printed in italics is compulsory
A subject printed in heavy type has a pre-requisite, and at certain levels will require a minimum standard for
achievement in the previous year.
There is a reception class for students with little familiarity with English.
There may be changes to this list for 2020. Availability of subjects will depend on sufficient student numbers
and staffing.

                                                    29                         Career Education Pathways 2020

Talk to your friends and family            If you have a career in mind, consider if it
 about your career ideas, but              matches with your skills and abilities, your
remember that the decision is                      values and your interests.                        Read about the career/s you
yours – your career should be             might be interested in,
     the ‘best fit’ for you.                 sure-what-to-do/what-are-your-work-values/
                                                                                                     especially What Will I Do In
                                                                                                     This Job.
                                          Think about the subjects that you might need
   Read about all the                            to help you reach your career.
    subjects you are               
  interested in taking
       next year.

                 Are you taking subjects that you                                         Check with your subject teacher at
                enjoy, are good at and are useful?                                          Options Evening to see if they
                                                                                                   agree with you

                                                                     Now take another look at your subject selections
                                                                     – will you enjoy taking these subjects? Are they
                          Are all these things                       broad enough to keep your options a bit open in
                             matching up?                                      case you change your mind?

                                             If you are still unsure about your choices, talk to the Careers
                                                 Dept at Options Evening in the school library, or email
                                                               30                                              Career Education Pathways 2020
You can also read