Carterton School Annual Plan 2018 - Student Achievement Targets in Reading Student Achievement Targets in Writing Student Achievement ...

Carterton School Annual Plan 2018 - Student Achievement Targets in Reading Student Achievement Targets in Writing Student Achievement ...
Carterton School Annual Plan 2018
    Student Achievement Targets in Reading
    Student Achievement Targets in Writing
    Student Achievement Targets in Mathematics
    Annual objectives
Annual objectives:

Strategic goal 1: To focus on ensuring that all students will achieve to the best of their academic ability, as evidenced by their
progress and achievement in relation to the New Zealand Curriculum.

Action                                                 Responsibility / timeframe                       Outcomes
High quality assessment tools and monitoring           Class teacher, team leader, curriculum leader,   Teachers know students strengths, and can
strategies are used to identify needs of all           school leadership team. As per school            identify areas where improvement is needed.
students.                                              Assessment schedule.

Regular monitoring of progress and achievement         Termly across the school                         Reliable and comprehensive data reports
takes place. Summarised termly                         Teachers – Teams – Leadership – BOT              demonstrate progress & achievement of
                                                                                                        individuals & groups. Analysis of trends & patterns
                                                                                                        inform school future focus.
                                                                                                        Effectiveness of interventions & programmes are
Curriculum committees ensure clarification of          Curriculum leader & team                         monitored.
targets and progressions in Reading, Writing &         Terms 2-4                                        Student learning targets for the year are
Maths are documented.                                                                                   articulated and shared.
Teaching expectations are clarified and recorded.      Term 3 & 4 PLD sessions                          Students make at least one years progress over
                                                                                                        the year.
Team tracking of target students at risk in writing,   Learning teams. Twice a term. Terms 1-4.         Team minutes and tracking of students show
using ‘faces of data’ boards, or similar visual                                                         accelerated progress of targeted (and other at
representation.                                                                                         risk) students.

Review the range, availability and use of support      SENCO, Learning team leaders, teachers,          Resources are differentiated and allocated to the
and resources (physical & staff) available to          support staff.                                   areas of need. (Support and Extension)
accelerate learning of our priority learners.          Review completed end of Term 2.

Students with Tier III learning needs identified and   SENCO, class teacher, family.                    Students with Tier III learning needs identified.
specific gaps assessed using appropriate               RTLB, RTLit or support agencies.                 Specific learning needs are identified. IEP process
screening tool/s. Potential appropriate                From Term 1. Data gathered by end Term 2.        used. IEP includes clear targets for student
interventions reviewed / trialled. Interventions in                                                     achievement for the year.
Progressions in learning areas other than core         Principal / DP                                   Teachers are able to articulate their judgements
learning areas are documented.                         Curriculum leaders                               about how to best plan and implement learning.
Professional Learning provided to enable staff to      Aim to complete by end of 2019.                  Progressions in evidence in planning.
use progressions effectively.                                                                           2018: Start with Digital Technologies Curriculum.
‘Next learning steps’ are clearly articulated to
                                                                                                        students, who can explain their learning journey.
Identification of students requiring extension.       Class teachers, SENCO, lead teachers,             A variety of extension opportunities are offered to
Provision of learning experiences to meet the         community members.                                students through the year, in a range of Learning
students’ needs.                                                                                        Areas.
School procedures for G&T programmes are              Term 2 project – allocated staff member (1FTMU)   School procedures and strategies to meet G&T
reviewed and documented.                                                                                needs are documented.
Teaching and learning are focused on individual       Class teacher, team leader, curriculum leader,    Charter (‘MOE’) start of year ‘Targets for student
needs of students to achieve their potential, and     school leadership team. Ongoing monitoring and    achievement’ are met by the end of the year.
make accelerated progress if required.                support.                                          Focus students have been identified by teachers
Teacher inquiry goals are linked to student targets                                                     early in year, targets set for the end of year for
and progress.                                                                                           these students.
                                                                                                        Regular monitoring of rate of progress, especially
                                                                                                        accelerated progress.
                                                                                                        Progress reported to BOT.

Learning successes are shared in person, on           All staff & community members. Ongoing            Learning successes are celebrated across the
team FB pages, school FB page, Carterton Crier,                                                         community.
at assemblies.

Principal to liaise with Senior Adviser, MoE.         Principal / MoE Term 1                            The ‘Carterton School Curriculum’ document is
Group formed to lead development of the               Action Group Term 1                               easily accessible by all staff and community.
document. Action plan developed. Resources            Action Plan Term 1                                It outlines expectations for teaching and learning
collated to support development.                      Review current situation. Term 1                  across the curriculum, including Key
Draft to staff and BOT. Final document published.     Describe preferred state. Term 1-2                Competences and values from NZC.
Gather data on current role of curriculum leader.     Draft Term 4
(Leaders & other staff). Set goal for the role of     Aim to complete end of 2019                       Curriculum leader role is clarified and
curriculum leader. Group of curriculum leaders                                                          strengthened in relation to the Carterton School
revise expectations for the role. Share with staff,                                                     curriculum.
amend and publish.                                                                                      All teachers are supported by knowledgeable and
Curriculum leaders have opportunity to undertake                                                        effective curriculum leaders.
PLD related to their areas of leadership. (On line,
other schools, face it face)
Staff attend Kāhui Āko (KĀ) meetings as               Term 1 teacher appointments.                      Carterton School teachers participate a range of
appropriate.                                          Term 1 T as I started.                            Kāhui Āko sessions.
Within and Cross school roles are available to        Meetings attended.                                ‘Teaching As Inquiry’ focus feeds into Kāhui Āko
Carterton School staff.                               Principal attends leadership meetings             Achievement Challenges. Within School teacher
Teachers ‘Teaching as Inquiry’ (T as I) goals are                                                       is appointed. Within school teacher supports
related to KĀ achievement challenges.                 NB This action will support many other            teachers to achieve their T as I goals.
                                                      actions in the Annual Plan                        Principal informs all community of development in
Strategic goal 2:
To provide and engaging learning environment where students’ languages, cultures and identities are supported and celebrated.

Action                                               Responsibility / timeframe                         Outcomes
2018 focus for inquiry (Carterton School Learning    Nov 2017 plan (Inquiry Team & staff)               Tataiako / Ka Hikitia outcomes are reflected in our
Model) is ‘Culture’ throughout the year.                                                                school.
Teams share their work and student learning each     Termly – Learning Team leaders & leadership        Teacher Job Descriptions include Tataiako
term.                                                team.                                              competences and revised Practicing Teacher
Provide regular opportunities for students and       Class teachers, team leaders, school leadership,   Criteria.
community members to share and celebrate their       PTA, BOT, community.                               Students and school community members
cultures at school.                                                                                     demonstrate confidence in their language, identity
                                                                                                        and culture.

Cultures represented in our school are identified    Term 1 Each team (team leader) and across          Cultures represented at our school are identified
and ‘acknowledged’ in central space.                 school (principal).                                in a central area eg foyer
                                                                                                        Community members have a link with our school,
                                                                                                        whichever culture they identify with.
PLD session to share current knowledge & best        Teachers Term 2
practice regarding ‘student agency’                                                                     Student and teacher agency guide learning.
Implement at least 1 new strategy to increase        Term 2 – 3
student agency in learning.
Some teachers focus on enhancing student             Term 2 - 4
agency as their ‘Teaching as Inquiry’ focus. Share
Group of student participate in Kahui Ako students   Principal / students Term 1-4
Use 2017 NZCER ‘Wellbeing @ School’ results to       Term 4                                             Student interests and passions are known, and
discuss with students.                               Principal.                                         used as context for learning experiences.
Teaching plans in each learning team respond to      Team Kowhai and Team Kahikatea teachers.           Improved % of Yr 5-8 students report they are
knowledge of student interests and abilities.        Share with all staff.                              interested and engaged with their learning
Across the school plan extension opportunities                                                          programme.
(related to ability and interest)                                                                       Extension opportunities provided across the
                                                                                                        school in a range of learning areas.

MoE funded PLD: ‘Culturally Responsive               Lynette Bradnam. To Dec 2018                       See MOE PLD Journal (application details and
practices’ led by Lynette Bradnam.                   BOT                                                outline of programme)
Working with Leadership Team, BOT and Ākonga         Leadership Team
māori kaiako.                                        Ākonga māori kaiako
BOT parent survey completed Term 4. Update            BOT                                                  Positive tracking of responses over 3 years.
questions from previous 2 years.                      Parents                                              Individual areas of need are identified and
Results inform 2019 focus for BOT and school                                                               become part of 2019 planning.
Use of Ngāti Kahungunu Curriculum across the          Lesley Standish / Jo Taia: Curriculum champions      All learning teams when planning inquiry for the
school to plan learning experiences.                  for the Kahungunu Curriculum                         coming term refer to Kahungunu Curriculum
                                                      Team leaders                                         document and integrate aspects into their
                                                      Teachers                                             teaching and learning.
Key personnel develop indicators using available      Lesley Standish                                      Indicators for ‘Success as māori at Carterton
resources and personnel to be able to describe        Jo Taia                                              School’ are published
what Success as māori will look like in Ākonga        Lynette Bradnam
Māori.                                                Draft 1 by end of 2018
PB4L and Restorative Practice continue to             Wendy Taylor                                         There are shared and clear guidelines for
support school systems and policies to include all    All staff                                            behaviour across the school. Rewards and
learners in our school, with success.                 PB4L Team                                            consequences support appropriate relationships.
                                                      Leadership (SENCO) team.                             Restorative Practices are

Mandarin Language Assistant available one day a       Principal to co ordinate.                            Year 7&8 students have weekly Mandarin
week for 2018.                                        All year – each Tuesday                              lessons. Develop L1 language proficiency.
                                                                                                           Other class have blocks of 4 lessons. Learn
                                                                                                           greetings & about lifestyle.
                                                                                                           MLA integrated into school.
Digital Technologies PLD for all teachers.            Term 1-2 Principal co ordinate PLD / school visits   Digital Technologies curriculum development plan
Curriculum                                            for all teachers.                                    for Carterton School is documented clearly and
STEM is introduced across all year groups.            Team leaders & teams introduce an aspect f           coherently for 2018-2020
Teacher Only Day visit to Whakarongo School.          STEM to their team.                                  2018 Practical, investigative experiences for all
                                                                                                           year groups are undertaken.
                                                                                                           All teachers attend PLD.
The background and approach to collaborative          Andrea Harvey (Sabbatical Term 4)                    The background and approach to collaborative
teaching and learning at Carterton School             Start of Term 1 2019                                 teaching and learning at Carterton School is
                                                                                                           documented. Key to the document is the purpose
                                                                                                           and targets for using a collaborative approach.
Principal link with NZSTA, review current policies.   Principal / PA                                       All school policies and procedures are in line with
Delete / update / renew as required.                  BOT                                                  best practice.
Self review schedule updated.                         NZSTA                                                Self review schedules are in place and
                                                      By end of Term 1                                     maintained.
Active Whānau Hui reintroduced to school culture.                                                          Regular Whānau Hui have informed school
                                                                                                           organisation and focus/
Strategic goal 3:
For our students and our school to be at the heart of a culture of learning in Carterton that develops skills and capabilities now and
in the future.    (Kāhui Ako will provide strong context for this goal.)

Action                                               Responsibility / timeframe                          Outcomes
Principal contacts REAP offers venue.                Principal Term 1.                                   School is used as a resource for a range of
Principal attends Carterton Community Network        Principal ongoing.                                  community members.
Host network meetings for school and other           Ongoing
Host community groups eg dance, choir
Parenting courses etc offered at our school.         Principal / local providers.
MOE ‘Reading Together’ courses offered.              Deputy Principal / Lesley Standish
Action plan for developing ‘Carterton School         Principal                                           Carterton School Student Profile finalised by end
Student profile’ is developed Term 1.                                                                    of 2018.
Ideas and data gathered in Term 2.                   Leadership team / BOT / students / whānau /         2019 begin to document progressions through the
Format and circulate draft Term 3.                   community                                           school.
Published Term 4.                                    Principal
Invite community into school for specific tasks eg   All staff                                           Community members part of school life.
Barry’s Club, art specialists, sports coaches.       Ongoing – at least termly                           Community members are around school during
PTA & other family members encouraged to be                                                              and after school hours, they engage with
part of school day to day life.                                                                          students.
Teachers involve community members in learning
at least x1 per term.
Students involved in community eg Pre schools,
rest homes, R to R, Community Garden,
citizenship ceremonies, Resilient Carterton

New Entrant teacher maintains regular contact        NE teacher                                          Transitions between schools and within school are
with pre school and ECEs.                            Teachers                                            positive and smooth.
Teachers contact new or previous school when         SENCO                                               Transition programme for Year 7&8 students is in
children move during the year.                       Whanau, 4 year olds.                                place, linked to Kuranui College.
Yr 7&8 programme documented by end Term 3            Team Kahikatea leader, principal, Kuranui College
SENCO is informed of any students possibly                                                      High needs students have a transition plan as part
requiring supplementary support.                                                                of their IEP.
Whanau invited to pre school visits.

                                                     Staff                                      New students & whanau report positive welcome.
School powhiri to welcome new adults and             BOT                                        Pre school programme and visits are regular.
students to our community.                                                                      A range of cultural ‘welcomes’ options / resources
Cultural norms of ‘welcome’ are investigated for                                                are available.
different groups.
Informal and formal communication every term         BOT                                        BOT communication plan is in place and actioned.
between BOT and community.                                                                      Feedback from students, parents, whānau and
Eg BOT survey, Wellbeing @ School Survey,                                                       community groups inform school next steps.
coffee mornings, sports events., BBQs, info
sessions, Pool Parties involve BOT members
Review of school EOTC programme                      Principal / Team kahikatea leader Term 1   School EOTC programme provides progressive
External providers engaged for programmes as                                                    challenge and experiences through the school.
Learning teams undertake termly EOTC
5YPP contingency is used 2018-19.                    Principal / Property consultant Term 1     5YPP in place for 2019
Condition assessment of school completed.            Term 2                                     5YPP is used to support learning and teaching.
Principal / Property committee / BOT seek input
into possible new projects.
As part of Kahui Ako work: Liaise with other         All teachers.                              Students and teachers are connected to the wider
Carterton & South Wairarapa Schools to share         Principal                                  education community.
resources, events, workshops, PLD etc
Across and within school teacher roles are
clarified. Within school teacher appointed.          Principal Term 1                           Student agency is a feature across the school.
Our students are involved in collaborative student   Principal Term 1, ongoing
inquiries across S Wai.
School finance & property
NAG 4 Resources

Action                                           Responsibility / timeframe                         Outcomes
Follow school internal finance procedures and    Finance & Operations Executive                     All internal finance management is according to
policies.                                        Office manager                                     the Internal Control Policy.
                                                 Principal & staff
Budget set to build surplus.                     Monthly.                                           The school operates within annual grants. Surplus
Regular monitoring of all ledgers.               Principal. Finance & Operations Executive, BOT     funds are to be built up if possible.
Regular finance committee meetings to monitor    sub committee
profit / loss.
Review and update school condition assessment.   Term 1 Principal & Property manager                The BOT will continue to work with project
                                                                                                    manager to support the development of all 5 and
Plan for use of 5YPP contingency 2018-19         Term 1 Principal, Property manager, property sub   10 year property matters.
2019-23 5YPP drafted                             Term 1/3 Principal, Property manager, property
                                                 sub committee, BOT
10 YPP projects are completed within budget
School external paint completed.                 Contractors.                                       A well ordered physical environment is
Regular review of school condition               Principal & caretaker                              maintained.
3Rs relate to all school community members       Caretaker
School ‘tidy areas’ for each class.              Staff & students
Review mowing contract – purchase mower?
Health & Safety
NAG 5 Health & Safety

Action                                             Responsibility / timeframe                Outcomes
Weekly admin meeting agenda item ‘Health and       Principal / teachers                      Risks, hazards & potential hazards to staff and
safety’.                                           All staff                                 students are regularly reviewed and minimised.
H&S notifications reported to BOT each meeting.    Principal
                                                   Caretaker H&S rep
St John First Aid training for max of 20 staff     Principal - Term 1                        Adequate number of First Aid trained staff at
                                                                                             school and on EOTC events.
Review and document police vetting procedures.     Principal, BoT                            Carterton School Health & Safety documentation
Medication in school procedures reviewed and       Term 1                                    reflects current best practice regarding Police
documented.                                                                                  Vetting and medical systems.
All new staff read & sign school H&S               Principal                                 School H & S documentation read and agreed to
documentation.                                                                               by all staff.

PB4L Tier I, II and III systems and strategies     Deputy Principal & PB4L teams             School takes account of student wellbeing,
across the school focus on wellbeing for all       Termly meetings and feed back to staff.   physical and emotional safety.
students. Implement Restorative Practices across   Student voice involved each term.
the school. Termly meetings.
Complete Wellbeing @ School survey at end of
Term 3 / start of Term 4. Compare to previous
results. Respond to findings.
Involve parents / whānau early if any issues.
NAG 3 Employer responsibility

Action                                               Responsibility / timeframe            Outcomes
New staff are provided with a structured induction   Teacher, team leader, DP              New staff are quickly integrated into the life of the
programme by team leader and / or DP, with                                                 school and are make a positive contribution to
support from Principal.                                                                    teaching and learning at Carterton School.
Regular meetings to review progress and clarify

New Practicing Teacher Criteria are integrated       Term 1                                Performance management procedures are
into teacher job descriptions.                                                             implemented against Education Council Practicing
School appraisal and attestation procedures are      Term 1-4                              Teacher Criteria and teacher job descriptions.
completed and documented.                            Principal
Kāhui Ako within school teacher (WST) appointed.     Term 1 Principal                      Within School teacher appointed and active in
WST attends Kāhui Ako training and meetings.         Term 1-4                              school and within Kāhui Ako. Other teachers are
Role of WST developed, clarified and                 Term 2-3                              supported in their inquiries.
WST supports teacher inquiries.                      Term 2-4
All teachers undertake ‘Teaching as Inquiry’         Term 1-4                              Teachers are up to date and able to adapt new
cycles through the year, with a focus on                                                   learning to their teaching.
accelerating student achievement.
Some teachers participate in cross-Kāhui Ako         Term 2-4
Teachers participate in whole school Teacher         January, April, July, October.
Only Day sessions.
Teachers have opportunity to attend PLD related      As available and resourcing allows.
to their areas of inquiry.
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