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CAS Week                CAS Week
  2016                    2016
Creativity - Activity CAS Week - Sha Tin College
Welcome to                                                              CAS Week 2016
                                              CAS Week 2016                                                           The Schedule

Dear Students and Parents,
You only have to pick up a copy of the Explorer Yearbook to see how important and
                                                                                          Date                        Action
valued CAS Week is at Sha Tin College. The pages shine with the enjoyment and
                                                                                                                      CAS Week 2016
achievements of our students. Whether it’s standing on the summit of Kilimanjaro or       Tuesday 15th December
choosing to face a fear of performing by taking part in the Drama workshop, CAS                                       Brochure Launch
Week encapsulates everything that we believe in as a school. The week is built on
partnership between students and all staff; provides exciting learning opportunities;                                 MUSE opens for student
encourages everyone to develop the spirit to meet great challenge head on and             Friday 18th December
students gain a wonderful sense of personal achievement from their endeavours. All                                    sign up
this from an education experience that develops the whole person through creative,
active and empathetic engagement with the World around us.                                16:00 Tuesday 5th January   Student sign‐up closes
Preparations for CAS Week 2016 are moving forward in the school calendar this year.                                   Student allocation
This helps us to get the best deals on flights and accommodation. It helps us to secure   Friday 8th January
places on activities overseas and in Hong Kong.                                                                       announced
Students in the current Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 have 58 activities available to them ‐ a
                                                                                                                      All activities
record number of options. The sad thing is each student can still choose only three       Friday 22nd January
and participate in just one of these amazing experiences.                                                             First deposit payment
In response to feedback from students, the PTSA and colleagues, the average cost of
overseas trips has dropped; there are more local options than ever before and more                                    Overseas trips
                                                                                          May / June
service options too. We also include five CAS Weeks designed by students themselves.                                  Final deposit payment
The conversation about how to improve the CAS Week experience for all students is
always ongoing and I welcome your ideas and feedback. Ideally, this time next year, I                                 Local trips
would love to include some Parent Designed CAS Week ideas too…                            August
                                                                                                                      Final deposit payment
Year 13 students will continue to look to their future in a Group 4 Project and Higher
Education Week. Year 7 will immerse themselves in activity at Camp, which is an           21:00 Wednesday                 First groups meet to
important bonding experience as they form new relationships as part of our
community. Year 8 will work with the company, Scottish Opera, to create a truly           28th September                     check‐in at HKG
magical performance.
I invite you now to look at the proposed activities for 2016 and make your options. I’m
                                                                                          Monday 3rd October
                                                                                                                            CAS WEEK 2016
sure we are all looking forward to another year of personal success for all concerned.    Friday 7th October
Yours faithfully,
                                                                                          Sunday 9th October           Last overseas trip returns
Mr G. Morgan, Senior Leader                       
Creativity - Activity CAS Week - Sha Tin College
CAS Week 2016                                                                  MUSE
                                               The small print                                                                How to make
                                                                                                                              your choices

• CAS stands for Creativity, Activity and Service. It is an important part of the non‐
  academic life of the school and we value contributions in each of these three areas
  highly. During CAS Week, lessons are suspended for five days and students have the
                                                                                             1 Log into MUSE using your
  opportunity to take part in a broad range of activities that are not normally available
  through the usual timetable. CAS Week is a compulsory part of our broader                  Gateway Login ID and the
  curriculum and attendance is therefore mandatory.                                          default password Abcd1234
• The online CAS Week brochure contains all of the activities that are on offer to those
  of you who will be in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 during CAS Week in October 2016 (this
  year’s Years 8, 9, 10 and 11). You should look at the range of opportunities which are
  available and plan to attempt to participate in each of the areas of creativity, action
  and service, over the four years that you are in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12.
• Options and costs should be discussed as a family then students will need to register
  their choices online. This must be completed by 16:00 Tuesday 5th January at the very      2 Select CAS Week on the
  latest. Some courses will be oversubscribed and others may be withdrawn if not
  enough people sign up. For this reason you are asked to give three choices and you         right hand side of the screen
  must be prepared to accept any one of them. Please note that it is not possible to
  change your mind once you have made your choices.
• Students will be allocated to activities by Friday 8th January. Although we will attempt
  to allocate the majority of requests there may be, inevitably, a few students who will
  be disappointed in not getting their choice. Once the groups have been sorted, you
  will be contacted with details of your allocation.
• Those who are assigned an overseas activity MUST return a parental permission slip         3 Select Activity Selection on
  along with a photocopy of your passport and ID card, and a non‐refundable deposit
  by Friday 22nd January at the latest. Failure to return a deposit by this date may mean
  your place will be lost as we move to secure flights and hotel accommodation.              the right hand side of the
• Those who are assigned to a local activity will be asked to pay a flat fee deposit of      screen
  $425, which will enable us to pay deposits and secure the services of local activity
  providers. This will not be the case for those activities which are free of charge!
• Please note that all costs, especially for overseas trips, are provisional at this stage
  and may go up or down, depending on the number of students who finally sign up for
  an activity or trip. The actual number of students determines the number of
  discounted seats available on flights, and over the next eight months there are also
  likely to be changes in fuel surcharges and currency fluctuations which are out of our
  control.                                                                                   4 You are now ready to select
• If you would like further information, please approach the teachers who are                3 choices. Press Select when
  organising the activity.
• Out of the varied activities listed in the brochure, I hope there is something to
  challenge and engage everyone during CAS Week 2016.
• Full details of the activities available are shown in this brochure. Registration will
  begin on Friday 18th December. The closing date for registration is 16:00 Tuesday 5th
  January. Details of how to register online are on the previous page.
Creativity - Activity CAS Week - Sha Tin College
01 Appjamming Years 9 & 10                                11 Chengdu Giant Panda Conservation Project
             02 App Entrepreneur Bootcamp Years 11 & 12                21 HK Service: David Exodus Kindergarten
             15 Drama Fun                                              22 HK Service: Jockey Club Sarah Roe
             17 Global Feast                                           23 HK Service: Sha Tin Junior School

             27 Jewellery Making                          Service      24 HK Service: SPCA
                                                                       46 Teaching English
Creativity   35 New York
             38 Photography
                                                                       47 Thailand Medical Service
                                                                       57 Y12 Student Leaders: Year 7 Camp
             39 Pottery
                                                                       58 Y12 Student Leaders: Year 8 Scottish Opera
             42 Rock School
                                                                       05 Bhutan
             49 Tokyo
                                                                       10 Cape Town
             51 Ukulele Making
             52 Venice                                    Creativity   12 Chiang Rai
                                                                       14 Dance Around The World
Creativity   02 App Entrepreneur Bootcamp Years 11 & 12   Activity     16 Fiji

& Service    09 Cambodia
                                                          & Service
                                                                       20 Hokkaido
                                                                       37 North Korea & Beijing
             04 Berlin
Creativity   13 Croatia
                                                                       44 Seattle
                                                                       48 The Amazing Race

& Activity   30 London
             54 Wellness
                                                                       03 Austria Glacier Skiing
                                                                       06 BMX
             18 Golf                                                   07 Boxing
             29 Laos School Building Project                           08 California
             32 Madrid: Real Madrid Soccer School                      19 Hike The Wilson Trail
             33 Morocco                                                20 Hokkaido
Activity     36 New Zealand
             40 Puerto Galera: Adventure
                                                          Activity     25 Horse Riding
                                                                       26 Ice Skating & Ice Hockey
& Service    41 Puerto Galera: SCUBA Diving                            28 Krabi Climbing
             45 Sri Lanka                                              31 Mad About Sport
             50 Tree Planting & Team Building                          34 Mountain Biking
             53 Vietnam: Cycling and Service                           43 Sailing
             55 Wet & Wild Watersports in Sai Kung                     56 咏春拳 ‐ Wing Chun Kuen (Chinese Kung Fu)
Creativity - Activity CAS Week - Sha Tin College
01 Appjamming Y9 & 10                                                                02 App Entrepreneur
First code creators                                                                  Design & development
Coding tomorrow’s entrepreneurs                                                      Year 11 & 12 Design thinking bootcamp

      $6,210                                 Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                              Who? This year’s Year 8 & 9s
                                                                                          $8,250                          Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                                                                                           Who? This year’s Year 10 & 11
        B. Mintjens                            Number of students: 8 ‐ 16                   B. Mintjens                     Number of students: 6 ‐ 10

Creativity    Develop your own mobile apps!
              Learn Python and Java coding
                                                                           All   C
                                                                                     Creativity   Develop your own mobile apps!
                                                                                                  Learn Python and Java coding
                                                                                                                                                        Mostly     C
                                                                                                  Make your ideas a technological reality!
              Make your ideas a technological reality!
                                                                                 A   Service      Use app technology to solve problems for local NGOs              A
Transport     Make your way to and from First Code Academy, Wan Chai             S   Transport    Make your way to and from First Code Academy, Wan Chai    Some   S
                                                                                          How does technology solve
 We are looking for passionate, driven students who aspire
     to become entrepreneurs in the technology world.                                      problems in daily lives?
  If you would like to bring your ideas to reality, read on!
                                                                                     Students will not only learn app‐
Module A: Mobile Apps Development                                                    development hands‐on, but also engage
With an emphasis on fundamental computer science concepts and
hands‐on development, AppJamming is First Code Academy’s flagship
                                                                                     in the design thinking process and solve
program for beginner programmers. Build a solid foundation of                        problems for local non‐profit
concepts and theories through technically challenging app                            organizations. Students then go into a
development. Create your own mobile apps and customize them to be                                                                   "Design thinking is a
                                                                                     local NGO to discover needs, launch
your own!
                                                                                     and market an app to their target users
                                                                                                                                    human-centered approach
Module B: Programming with Python                                                    as the final project.                          to innovation that draws
Python is a modern programming language that is used by major                                                                       from the designer's toolkit
technology companies including Google, Facebook and Twitter. Both a
great technical tool as well as an excellent beginner‐friendly language,             The First Code Academy staff are               to integrate the needs of
Python is a great first syntax based language to pick up. Learn how to               trained by alumni of the Stanford              people, the possibilities of
draw with code, and build your own adventure game!
                                                                            (the Hasso Plattner Institute of      technology, and the
Module C: Jamming JavaScript                                                         Design), where the Design Thinking             requirements for business
Sometimes described as the language of the Internet, Javascript is                   methodology has been taught to
everywhere; from server side, back‐end to front end interactions, the                                                               success." — Tim Brown,
                                                                                     professionals of various industries.
language is powerful and ever‐evolving. Discover the wonders of this                                                                president and CEO of IDEO
language and create a series of web games!
Creativity - Activity CAS Week - Sha Tin College
03 AUSTRIA                                                                                                    04 BERLIN & KRAKOW
Stubai Glacier                                                                                                Two amazing cities
Snow Skiing & Ice Fun                                                                                         One cultural & historical adventure

    $21,000                                    Friday 30th Sept ‐ Sunday 9th Oct
                                                      Who? All students
                                                                                                                  $23,100                                  Thursday 29th Sept– Friday 7th Oct
                                                                                                                                                                  Who? All Students
  J. Czirok & J. Koszary                          Number of students: 12 ‐ 24                                  M. Weston & E. McAskie                        Number of students: 24 ‐ 30

Activity       Learn to Ski at one of the largest year‐round ski areas in Europe,
               the Stubai Glacier offers runs to suit all abilities.                                      C
                                                                                                              Creativity     Experience culture, architecture and history
                                                                                                                                                                                                Mostly        C
               Suitable for beginners and more advanced skiers                                                Activity       Swim and slide at ‘Tropical Islands’, Europe’s
               Après‐ski includes: Sledging, Ice skating, Curling,           All                          A                  largest indoor Waterpark                                                  Some   A
               Swimming and Ten‐pin bowling.
                                                                                                          S   Transport      Plane, Overnight sleeper train, Coach, Foot                                      S
Transport      Plane, coach, gondola, cable car and chairlifts!

                                                                                                              Bring History to life by visiting Berlin, Germany's vibrant capital city and beautiful
One of the largest year‐round ski areas in Europe, the Stubai Glacier offers runs to suit all abilities. As   Krakow in Poland. These two cities offer great opportunities for historical and
most of the skiing is above 2300m, this is one of the most snow‐sure resorts in Europe and offers a           cultural exploration. You can gain an informed insight into the impact of some of
spectacular setting, surrounded by high mountains. The facilities are excellent, including the efficient      History’s darkest events while gaining knowledge useful for IGCSE and IB History
lift‐system and there is even a terrain park, which snowboarders will love!                                   courses. Visit Auschwitz‐Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration camp and see for
                                                                                                              yourself where the horrors of the Holocaust took place. Stand at Checkpoint
The trip is a great opportunity for students to practice their German, experience a new environment, a        Charlie, where the US and Soviet Union ‘faced off’ during the Cold War and sit in an
different culture, have fun, make new friends, get fit and enjoy professional ski instruction in small        original nuclear bomb shelter from the Cold War era.
groups of similar abilities from beginners to the more advanced skiers. Après‐ski activities include
sledging, ice skating and an evening of curling, as well as indoor and outdoor swimming at the local          This trip should elicit emotion and provoke thought but it won’t be too serious for
water park and 10 pin bowling. Snowy action and adventure are the main attractions of this CAS Week           some fun not to be had. We would like you to see that Germany and Poland are
trip.                                                                                                         more than their involvement in WW2 and the Cold War so our itinerary has been
                                                                                                              customised to include time for indulgence and entertainment! You can experience
The six day ski adventure includes 5 hours daily professional tuition in English, ski equipment hire          the glitz and glamour of the ‘Las Vegas of Berlin’, at an evening show of extravagant
including helmets, ski lift passes, 7 days accommodation and meals, après‐ski activities, coach transfers     acrobatics at The Palast and visit Krakow’s medieval Wawel Castle and magical Salt
from the airport and around the resort, and insurance.                                                        Mine; an underground metropolis and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
For more details about this trip please visit our website                               A trip to Berlin and Krakow will bring many of History’s major events to life but will
                                                                                                              also be current and fun. We’ll walk through lively streets, stop for exciting
                                                                                                              experiences, shopping and wonderful food!
Creativity - Activity CAS Week - Sha Tin College
05 BHUTAN                                                                                                        06 BMX
 Happiness IS a place                                                                                             Olympic’s Newest Sport
 Discover, learn, create                                                                                          With HK National Athletes

      $27,500                                 Thursday 29th Sept ‐ Friday 7th Oct
                                                     Who? All students
                                                                                                                        $4,500                             Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                                                                                                                                Who? All students
     R. Paraschivescu                            Number of students: 12 ‐30                                                  Staff TBD                       Number of students: 6 ‐ 80

  Creativity     Taking photos of Bhutan and creating a calendar

  Activity       Trekking and biking
                                                                                           Some         C         Activity     A comprehensive insight into BMX Sport
                                                                                                                               On track skills                                                 C
  Service        Selling the calendar to raise money for charity
                                                                                   Mostly               A                      Safety equipment
                                                                                                                               Mental preparation                                     All      A
                                                                                                                               Nutrition and sustainability
  Transport      Plane, bus, bike, by foot
                                                                                           Some         S         Transport    You must make your own way to the HKJC International BMX Park   S
                                                                                                                               in Kwai Chung every day
Do you want to visit a place that looks nothing like anywhere you have ever been before? Do you want to
see the Himalayas in its pure state? Do you want to see ubiquitous monasteries and majestic dzongs
(fortresses), snow‐peaked mountains and rich forests?                                                             This 5 day intensive training course is
Exploring Bhutan is an opportunity to discover a nation who are proud of and have retained their cultural         specifically designed by professional BMX
identity. It is a place like no other and visiting it feels like stepping into a magical vortex frozen in time.
                                                                                                                  racing athletes to provide a comprehensive
This will enhance the sense of adventure, mystery, and intrigue of a trip to this unique country. Discover the
unique architecture and the history of this kingdom where Buddhism is a way of life. Try the cuisine, admire      insight into this exciting Olympic sport. This
the national costume, enjoy the hospitality.                                                                      program caters to students of ALL abilities
Climb to Tiger’s Nest: nothing beats the sight of a monastery hanging on a precipitous cliff at 10,240            so no experience is necessary.
feet. The trail winds through pine forests, past ancient Buddhist shrines adorned with endless lines of prayer    The coaching team is made up of current
flags. Smiling pilgrims and stunning landscape views accompany every step.                                        and ex professional BMX and Off Road
We will all take pictures, select the best ones and create a calendar which we will sell after CAS week. The
                                                                                                                  cycling sport athletes.
profits will go to a charity that we chose together, combining Creativity and Service.
Bhutan is famous for measuring its growth and development using a concept of Gross Happiness. Discover
more about it. Come to Bhutan!                                                                                    The practical (on track) skills will be taught
                                                                                                                  with safety as a first priority. Students will
                                                                                                                  learn techniques in a specific order that
                                                                                                                  allows them to develop skills both quickly
                                                                                                                  and safely.
                                                                                                                  In the classroom coaches will cover
                                                                                                                  everything from correct safety equipment
                                                                                                                  and fitment, racing lines, anatomy of a
                                                                                                                  BMX bike, to human biomechanics,
                                                                                                                  mentally preparing for competition,
                                                                                                                  nutrition and athlete sustainability.
Creativity - Activity CAS Week - Sha Tin College
07 Boxing                                                                                                   08 CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                            WILD USA
                                                                                                            A High level trek through Yosemite National Park

      $4,000                                  Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                   Who? All Students
                                                                                                                $19,500                          Thurs 29th Sept – Sunday 9th October
                                                                                                                                                          Who? All students
           L. O’Leary                          Number of students: 10 ‐ 20                                             C. Taylor                     Number of students: 10 ‐ 30

Activity       Speed
               Skill                                                                                   C
                                                                                                            Activity     Trekking over three major peaks
                                                                                                                         Camping                                                                         C
               Strength                                                                                                  Backpacking
               Stamina                                                                All              A                                                                              Mostly             A
               Strategy                                                                                     R&R          Two days in San Francisco
                                                                                                       S    Transport    Air, coach and most of all on foot!                                             S
Transport      You will need to make your own way to DEF Boxing in Sheung Wan

                                                                                                            This trip is an adventurous trek through Yosemite National Park and proof that California isn’t
                                                                                                            just about Disney and shopping! We’ll fly into San Francisco and then travel to Yosemite where
Manny Pacquiao? Mohammed Ali? Nicola Adams? Rocky? Ever wondered what it wold be like to get                we’ll set off on a wild and remote trek for 6 days across the three big peaks over 8000 ft. The
in a ring and box? This week‐long intensive introductory course is perfect for anybody who is               trek will finish with an ascent of Half Dome mountain using the chain path, one of the most
interested in learning about, and trying, orthodox boxing. We will train at DEF Boxing Gym, home to         famous and dramatic peaks in the world. This trip is an adventurous and challenging hike on
Rex Tso ‐ Hong Kong's first professional boxer and current WBC AMCO Asia Continental super
flyweight champion, ranked 5th globally.
                                                                                                            rocky ground and past waterfalls and lakes.
                                                                                                            Accommodation in the national park will be in tents and students will be required to carry a
During the week, professional trainers will lead you through technique, basic boxing skills,
                                                                                                            rucksack. All equipment and food including sleeping bags, stoves, cooking gear and backpacks
strategies, rules, scoring and styles. We will watch videos of famous fights and fighters and look at the
difference between amateur and professional competition. The trainers will help you to develop the          will be provided.
fitness and conditioning necessary to apply all of this in the ring. Safe sparring trainers is optional.    At the end of the trek we’ll enjoy a pizza lunch and then travel back to San Francisco. We’ll
                                                                                                            spend two days in the city looking at the famous sites such as the Golden Gate Bridge and we
All kit (gloves, wraps, skipping ropes & water bottle) and equipment is included – just bring yourselves
and the willingness to box.                                                                                 might even reward ourselves with some shopping!
Creativity - Activity CAS Week - Sha Tin College
09 CAMBODIA                                                                                     10 CAPE TOWN
Changing lives in Cambodia                                                                      Extreme Africa
Explore Siem Reap and work with children                                                        Shark Cage Diving & Safari

     $11,000                                      Saturday 1st ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                         Who? All students
                                                                                                    $25,000                             Thurs 29th Sept‐ Sat 8th October
                                                                                                                                               Who? All students
M. Paciello & K. Griffiths                          Number of students: 20 ‐ 30                 M. Brooks & D.Worrall                     Number of students: 20 ‐ 35
Creativity      Explore the spectacular ancient sites of Angkor Wat.                            Creativity   African Cooking or African Painting
                Cook a Cambodian meal
                Watch the exciting Phare Circus
                                                                          Some              C   Activity     Shark Cage Diving
                                                                                                                                                                      Mostly            C
                See local artisans at work
Service         Working with Cambodian children on Arts & Crafts projects                   A   Service      Support Orphanage in Local Township                             Some       A
                Visit an orphanage in Siem Reap
                Spend 2 days in a local school teaching English       Mostly                S   Transport    Plane, bus, boat, truck, cable car & foot!                      Some       S
Transport       Direct flight and short bus rides

This is a busy and exciting CAS week in which you will have opportunities to visit the
spectacular world heritage sites of Angkor Wat and the temples of Bayon and Ta Phrom
                                                                                                Cape Town is a beautiful city on the south eastern coast of South Africa. We will visit
of Tomb Raider fame, experience the local cuisine and the vibrant night markets of              historic places related to it’s most famous citizen, Nelson Mandela. We will experience
Siem Reap as well as giving back to the community through a service project at a local          360o views from a revolving cable car and then have fantastic views across the city from
school.                                                                                         the World‐famous Table Mountain.
A jam‐packed itinerary includes a day at the temples of Siem Reap from sunrise to
sunset, a morning cooking and eating (!) a 3 course Cambodian meal and an afternoon’s           There will be a safari game drive where we hope to see the BIG 5 and more – rhinoceros,
boat ride visiting the floating village on the lake of Kompong Phluk. Visits will also be       lions, cheetahs, elephants, buffalo and leopards in their natural environment. We also
made to The War Museum where you will have the chance to speak to war veterans.
                                                                                                will go shark cage diving and get an up‐close experience with Great White Sharks. If that
This will be followed by a trip to artisans’ workshops to see local craftsmen at work.
                                                                                                wasn’t enough we will also go whale‐watching in Hermanus Bay
The main focus of the week is the two days devoted to working with children in a Siem
Reap school. We will design sessions to develop the children’s English language along           We will also go on a township tour and visit a local orphanage – your job will be to try and
with playing games with them and working on art and crafts projects. We will also be
involved with a renovation project at the school. For those students who took part in
                                                                                                improve living conditions in the orphanage and planning the exact details of our time
the trip last year they felt that the time spent at the local school was the highlight of       there will be a project for us to work on together, before departure.
their week.
                                                                                                              DATES WILL BE CONFIRMED ONCE FLIGHTS CAN BE BOOKED
In the evenings we will visit a variety of restaurants and one evening will watch the
famous Phare Circus which features breath‐taking dance and acrobatics. There will be
occasions too to explore the night markets for souvenir shopping. All in all this trip
promises to be a rewarding and dynamic CAS experience that is both culturally
stimulating and highly rewarding.

As we return to Hong Kong on Thursday night, students will be in school on Friday for a
shortened day. They will watch the Y8 Scottish Opera, Drama, Dance and Rock School
performances as well as have time to edit photos and reflect on a wonderful week.
Creativity - Activity CAS Week - Sha Tin College
11 CHENGDU                                                                                            12 CHIANG RAI
Panda Conservation                                                                                    Tantalising Thailand
Meet China’s iconic symbol                                                                            Mesmerising Maekok

   $14,900                               Sunday 2nd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                              Who? All students
                                                                                                             $9,500                                   Saturday 1st ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                                                                                                                            Who? All students
          Staff TBD                       Number of students: 12 ‐ 24                                     L. Stein & J. Loebig                          Number of students: 25 ‐ 40

Service     Three days at a Panda Conservation Centre                                                 Creativity     Learn Thai cooking
            Feeding pandas and monitoring their diet
            Cleaning and maintaining Panda living space                                        C      Activity
                                                                                                                     Umbrella painting with local experts
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Some       C
            Observing Panda behaviour to contribute to ongoing research work                                         Rafting
R&R         Chengdu city tour                                                                  A                     Hiking                                                                      Some       A
            Visit to the Leshan Buddha                                                                               Ride elephants across the Golden Triangle
                                                                              All              S      Service        Volunteer and leave a lasting legacy at a local school.                     Some       S
Transport   Plane, bus and by foot                                                                    Transport      Plane, bus , river raft, long boat and elephant!

                                     Donate your time to adorable, endangered Giant Pandas by         The Maekok River Village Resort is a stunning 4 star property located 3 hours north of Chiang Mai,
                                     helping staff at a Panda Conservation Centre in Sichuan.         situated on the banks of the Maekok River and flanked by mountains on one side and vast rice fields on
                                                                                                      the other. Exuding rural Thai charm, this will be our home during our memorable week.
                                     You will spend three days working directly with Pandas at a                               The resort offers a host of activities including biking, hiking
                                     conservation centre near Chengdu. This will involve you                                   and climbing. Improve your communication and team
                                     feeding and monitoring the diet of Pandas. You will get hands                             building through raft building and high ropes courses.
                                     on experience of cleaning and maintaining the living space of
                                     the Panda and your observations will contribute to ongoing                                Come away with cultural skills, honed by local
                                     research at the Centre.                                                                   artisans. Thai cooking and umbrella painting classes are
                                                                                                                               offered on site.
                                     You can sample the delights of Sichuan cuisine and practice
                                     your Putonghua. The week will end with a tour of the area                                 Experience a bit of Thai adventure, rafting down the
                                     around Chengdu including a visit to the World’s largest stone                             Maekok River to an elephant camp.
                                     Buddha statue at Leshan.
                                                                                                     Leave a lasting positive impression on the Thaton community by teaching English to local children
                                                                                                     and/or doing a local community improvement project.

                                                                                                     This trip offers an array of enticing activities, which is certain to appeal to everyone. Experience
                                                                                                     tantalizing Thailand and the marvelous Maekok River!
13 CROATIA                                                                            14 Dance Around The World
Discover Croatia                                                                      Without leaving HK!
An action packed week in the majestic land of Croatia                                 5 days – 5 dance styles

     $19,950                               Thursday 29th Sept – Saturday 8th Oct
                                                   Who? All students
                                                                                            $1,500                                Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                                                                                                       Who? All students
        G. Thornton                            Number of students: 12 ‐ 30                         D. Yang                         Number of students: 10 –20

Creativity     Photo competition throughout the trip                                  Creativity    Learn various dances , e.g. Irish dance, Asian dances .
               Exploring historical buildings and fortresses
               Experiencing traditional meals and regional specialties
                                                                           Some   C
                                                                                                    5 days’ dynamic dancing course
                                                                                                    The opportunity to perform for various                    Mostly     C
Activity       Rock Climbing and Trekking at the island of Hvar                                     occasions in and outside school
               Snorkelling at the island of Brac
                                                                         Mostly   A
                                                                                                                                                              Mostly     A
               White water rafting and zip lining in the Cetina River                 Transport     Based at Sha Tin College
               Biking on Uglijan island
                                                                                  S                 School buses will run to their usual schedule                 Some   S
               Hiking along the enchanted trails of Plitvice Lakes
               Horse Riding at the Plitvice lakes national park
Transport      Plane, ferry, bike, and horseback                                      Dance is coming to STC CAS week 2016.
Croatia is a land where the mystical remains of the Roman empire
and the magical beauty of nature cross paths. Blessed with a                          We will learn and explore various dances from all
wealth of natural riches; Croatia has an extraordinary island‐                        over the world including Irish dance and different
speckled coastline, along with plenty of pristine waters for sailing,                 Asian dance styles
canoeing and diving, or just enjoying the mild Mediterranean
climate. This remarkable land is home to several UNESCO World                         No experience is needed. As long as you enjoy music
Heritage sites, including the Diocletian palace and the Plitvice                      and dancing and want to have fun, then please come
Lakes park. Croatia truly is a spectacular place to explore.                          and join us.

“Beautiful” is long mundane. “Breath‐taking,” somewhat cliché.                        Boys and girls are all welcome.
“Compelling,” on the other hand might do the natural
phenomenon of Plitvice National Park semantic justice.                                The professional dance teacher will come to teach us
During your hike, soak up dazzling landscapes of the network of 16                    the fun, dynamic and beautiful dances.
azure lakes, tumbling waterfalls and forested mountains. You
could also learn about the naturally formed travertine dams, and
make sure to keep your eyes peeled for brown bear and lynx
prowling through the woodlands.
We will island hop our way through some of the islands in Croatia
dotted with medieval villages and blanketed in lush vegetation.
This CAS week would give you the opportunity to witness and
explore the treasures of Croatia through many exciting activities
such as zip‐lining, snorkelling, rock climbing, horse riding and
much more! Be ready to have a taste of great blend of culture,
tradition and outdoor fun. For a draft itinerary click here.
15 Drama Fun!                                                                                               16 FIJI
Creative Workshop                                                                                           Highlands Adventure
Three languages, one fun performance                                                                        South Pacific service & adventure

      $1,800                                Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                 Who? All students
                                                                                                                $23,000                                   Friday 30th Sept ‐ Friday 7th Oct
                                                                                                                                                                 Who? All students
           C. Chung                           Number of students: 10‐30                                               M. Astill                             Number of students: 12 ‐ 24

Creativity     Perform a magnificent tri‐lingual drama                                                      Creativity: Participating in local cultural activities.
               “Who Stole My Rainbow?”
               A five day school‐based drama workshop
                                                                           All                        C     Activity    2 hour trek over sand dunes,
                                                                                                                        Kayaking, swimming and snorkeling.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Some     C
               Training in the use of body language, trust games, play reading and                          Service:    Two days in the highlands building, and planning village
               analysis, observation and imagination exercises, stage design,                         A                 activities whilst living with a local family.                Some     A
               rehearsals and performance.                                                                              Cooking local dishes to share with the community
Transport      On the school site                                                                     S                 in Nadi.                                                 Mostly       S
               School buses will run to their usual schedule                                                Transport: Plane, 4 wheel drive, kayak, boat.

Have you experienced            Welcome to this drama workshop which will be held at Sha Tin College.         This is a once in a lifetime South Pacific island experience.
using THREE languages in        Excellent opportunity for participants to have an experience of using the
ONE play? You might well        THREE most popular languages commonly spoken in Hong Kong ‐                 Spend a week fully immersed in Fijian culture, working and playing alongside
wonder how such a thing         Cantonese, English, and Putonghua ‐ demonstrating three different           local Fijians. We will stay in the Nausori highlands in a remote village,
can possibly work! Come         cultures in this play.                                                      sleeping for a couple of nights in local homestays and spending our day
to this drama workshop                                                                                      helping construct a local school. In the evenings we will participate in local
and you will indeed have        A thirty minutes tri‐lingual drama ‐‐ “Who Stole Our Rainbow?” The          cultural entertainment.
the experience of using the     story is about a world of a depletion of resources; the earth is polluted
THREE important                 and the climate becomes extreme. Under the stormy icy century,              Then we’ll move on to travel across the coastal vistas, hiking over the
languages spoken in Hong        heating supplies are limited; families need to search for fire to get       Sigatoka sand dunes, relax on beaches, chill with beach volleyball and soak
Kong ‐ Cantonese, English       warmth. Whilst on the other side of our world, some live under the          up the sun whilst kayaking.
and Putonghua ‐ which will      severe sun, they are trying to survive with restricted clean water. Can
be used to demonstrate          people change the destiny by going green and protect the Earth?             After island hopping, visiting white sandy beaches, and swimming and
three different in this play.   Through this storyline, multiculturalism is experienced and explored.       snorkeling off the Viti Levu coast, we’ll enjoy some hot springs and mud
                                 The workshop is suitable for all students, regardless of the
                                                  language background.                                      Finally in the town of Nadi we will learn how to cook Fijian dishes to serve to
                                                                                                            others in the community, before saying goodbye to our hosts and boarding
                                                                                                            our plane back to HK.

                                                                                                            As we return to Hong Kong on Thursday night, students will be in school on
                                                                                                            Friday for a shortened day. They will watch the Y8 Scottish Opera, Drama,
                                                                                                            Dance and Rock School performances as well as have time to edit photos
                                                                                                            and reflect on a wonderful week.
17 Global Feast                                                                             18 Golf in Sai Kung
Culinary Extravaganza!                                                                      Golf and conservation
Cook your way around the World                                                              Kau Sai Chau island

       $1,200                                   Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                     Who? All students
                                                                                                 $3,000                             Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                                                                                                         Who? All students
           J. Letters                            Number of students: 12 ‐ 44                          R. Overens                    Number of students: 10 ‐30 Max

Creativity      Learning new techniques in the kitchen
                to create dishes from around the world
                                                                           All          C   Activity     Lesson from golf professional on the driving range and on the course.
                                                                                            Service      Look at a help with some environmental and
                                                                                        A                green‐keeping work.
                                                                                                                                                                    Mostly          A
Transport       Based in STC, school buses will run according to their usual schedule
                Using local public transport for trips out of school                    S   Transport    Students make their own way to and from Sai Kung               Some        S
                                                                                                         ferry pier each day. Ferry to KSC included in the price.

                                                                                            This activity is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a week developing your golfing skills in
    Learn to create taste sensations                                                        the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Kau Sai Chau, Sai Kung. The lessons are ideal
        from around the World                                                               for complete beginners, or those who have hit a few balls at the driving range or
                                                                                            existing players who want to improve their game. You can take advantage of expert
Activities include visits to international restaurants,                                     tuition from the professional coaches before going out on the golf course to practise
watching chefs in action and planning and                                                   the skills you have developed. The cost will be around $3000. This will cover the golf
preparing your own gastronomic feasts. Every day                                            tuition, use of clubs and ferry transport.
you will be given the opportunity to make and
sample the flavours, aromas and diverse delights of
exotic cuisine. Who knows, you could be the next                                            We will also have a break on one day to look at the conservation work going on at Kau
Jamie Oliver, Madhur Jaffrey or Kylie Kwong!                                                Sai Chau. This involves looking at the mangrove planting, water desalination and
                                                                                            management & wild boar management etc.
19 Hike The Wilson                                                                                            20 HOKKAIDO
Sha Tau Kok to Stanley                                                                                        Adventure Japan
On foot!                                                                                                      All‐Adventurous Niseko

             $0                              Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                  Who? All students
                                                                                                                  $22,000                                   Sat 1st Oct – Sat 8th Oct
                                                                                                                                                              Who? All students
           Staff TBD                           Number of students: 12‐30                                                 Staff TBD                        Number of students: 12 ‐ 24

Activity      Hiking 78km in 5 days is a tough physical challenge
                                                                                                       C      Creativity   Survival para‐cord making
                                                                                                                           Play Taiko drums
                                                                                                                                                                               Some     C
                                                                                                              Activity     See below
                                                                                     All               A      Service      Help local farmers prepare for Winter           Mostly       A
Transport     MTR, Local buses and on foot.
              You will provide your own packed lunch each day                                          S      Transport    Plane, bus, bike and on foot                        Some     S

The Wilson Trail's route lies almost entirely within the park system. Indeed, along its entire 78             This is an amazing opportunity to explore the beauty and culture of Japan in
      kilometres, only 15 kilometres run through non‐park countryside or other areas.
                                                                                                              an adventurous setting. The stunning mountainous region of Hokkaido and
In all, the Wilson Trail traverses eight of the Country Parks. Taking the trail in reverse, to begin the      Niseko will be your personal adventure playground for this wonderful trip.
journey we explore some abandoned villages and the trail climbs into the majestic Pat Sin Leng Country
Park. In the central New Territories, the Wilson Trail heads south through Tai Mo Shan Country Park and
                                                                                                              Highlights include:
Shing Mun Country Park. Then come the three parks named Kam Shan, Lion Rock and Ma On Shan. On
Hong Kong Island, we hike from Quarry Bay through Tai Tam Country Park over The Twins and down to             • Hiking Mount Yotei
Stanley for a well‐deserved celebratory lunch together. After 78km, the sense of achievement in walking       • Biking forest trails and towns
from the mainland to the South of Hong Kong Island will be great!                                             • Kayaking on Lake Toya
                                                                                                              • White water rafting
Each of the Country Parks the Wilson Trail traverses has its individual character and appeal ‐ offering, as   • Kendo
one proceeds from north to south, changing settings with much of interest.
                                                                                                              • Taiko drums
                                                                                                              • Visiting Volcanic Museum
                                                                                                              • Japanese cultural activities
                                                                                                              • Sushi making with the local community
                                                                                                              • Ice Cream Making
                                                                                                              • BBQ and cooking
21 Hong Kong Service                                                                22 Hong Kong Service
David Exodus Kindergarten                                                           Jockey Club Sarah Roe
Work with young children                                                            Support children with specific learning needs

            $0                         Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                         Who? This year’s Year 11
                                                                                                $0                              Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                                                                                                  Who? This year’s Year 11
          C. Imeson                      Number of students: 1 ‐ 2                            C. Imeson                           Number of students: 2 ‐ 4

Service     See below
                                                                                C   Service      See below
Transport   There is no cost for this trip apart from personal travel costs.        Transport    There is no cost for this trip apart from personal travel costs.
            You will make your own way to and from DEK.                         A                You will make your own way to and from JCSR.                        A
                                                                          All   S                                                                              All   S
 This promises to be a hugely
 exciting and worthwhile
 activity and should appeal to
                                                                                    This promises to be a hugely exciting
 anybody considering a career
 in Education.                                                                      and worthwhile activity and should
                                                                                    appeal to anybody considering a
 The activities you will be                                                         career in Education.
 taking part in include:
 • Helping students with                                                            The activities you will be taking part in
     classroom‐based                                                                include:
                                                                                        Helping students with classroom‐
 • Helping with the
                                                                                         based activities.
     production of resources.
                                                                                        Helping with the production of
 • Interacting with students
     during breaks.
                                                                                        Interacting with students during
23 Hong Kong Service                                                                 24 Hong Kong Service
Sha Tin Junior School                                                                SPCA
Support students in primary school                                                   Work with animals

            $0                              Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                               Who? This year’s Year 11
                                                                                                 $0                          Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                                                                                               Who? This year’s Year 11
          C. Imeson                           Number of students: 2 ‐ 12                       C. Imeson                       Number of students: 1 ‐ 2

Service      See below
                                                                                 C   Service     See below
Transport    There is no cost for this trip apart from personal travel costs.        Transport   There is no cost for this trip apart from personal travel costs.
             Sha Tin College School buses will run to their usual schedule       A               You will make your own way to and from the SPCA                     A
                                                                           All   S                                                                             All   S
                                                                                      The SPCA – Society for the Prevention of
                                                                                      Cruelty to Animals works with vulnerable
                                                                                      animals in Hong Kong.
This promises to be a hugely exciting and
worthwhile activity and should appeal to
                                                                                      This promises to be a hugely exciting and
anybody considering a career in Education.
                                                                                      worthwhile activity and should appeal to
                                                                                      anybody considering a career working
The activities you will be taking part in
                                                                                      with animals.
                                                                                      The activities you will be taking part in
•   Helping students with classroom‐based
                                                                                      • Helping care for the animals at the
•   Helping with the production of
                                                                                      • Helping with paperwork and other
•   Interacting with students during
                                                                                      Be warned that you will get very dirty
                                                                                      and tired doing this activity

                                                                                      You must be at least 16 years old to do
                                                                                      this activity
25 Horse Riding School                                                                     26 Ice Is Nice
Heaven is horses!                                                                          Blades of Glory
Riding and stable management                                                               Figure skating & ice hockey lessons
                                            Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
      $3,900                                 Who? All students but would                         $2,200                                 Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                                                                                                             Who? All students
                                                   suit beginners
       E. McIntyre                                                                                    Staff TBD                           Number of students: 12‐30
                                              Number of students: 12‐30

Activity       Spend a challenging, but enjoyable week learning to ride and care for
               beautiful and amazing horses!                                           C   Activity      Lessons in figure skating
                                                                                                         Lessons in ice hockey skills and strategy                                                   C
                                                                                                         Practice and create routines and play games
                                                                        All            A                                                                                        All                  A
Transport      Make your own way every day, to and from the
               Tuen Mun Public Riding School                                           S   Transport     Provide your own transport to and from the venue every day                                  S

In 2008, Hong Kong hosted the Equestrian events in the                                     This activity is for Year 9 to 12 students who are interested in learning how to ice‐skate or improving
Olympic Games and since 2009 young riders from more than                                   their ice‐skating skills. This could include figure skating and or ice hockey.
17 schools have competed in the Hong Kong Equestrian
Federation Inter‐School Challenge. Teams from Sha Tin College                              We will have lessons and practicing time from Monday to Friday (Oct. 7th to 11th), from 10:00am to
have participated since the competition began.                                             2:00pm.

Now it’s your chance to get involved by signing up for the CAS                             The venue is yet to be decided according to the number of participants but most likely to be either at
Week Equestrian Challenge! Tuen Mun Public Riding School is                                Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong or Mega Box, Kowloon Bay. Estimate cost will be around HK$2,200.
home to more than 60 wonderful horses and ponies and during
our week there, you will receive expert instruction and learn
how to mount, walk and trot correctly. Your new found skills
will be put to the test on the final day when we will have
Mounted Games with rosettes to be won. We can then all
enjoy a well‐earned pizza lunch!

As well as having two daily lessons in the saddle, you will also
learn how to groom your horse or pony, tack up properly and
be taught how these lovely animals should be cared for. There
will be daily quizzes and opportunities to have plenty of hands‐
on experience. Who knows? You might turn out to be a future
member of the Sha Tin Equestrian team or even a budding
Olympic champion!

Any surplus funds will be donated to Riding for the Disabled.
27 Jewellery Making                                                                       28 KRABI
Silversmithery                                                                            Rock‐climbing
Silversmithery in Sheung Wan                                                              Scale the heights in Thailand

     $5,000                             Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                             Who? All students
                                                                                              $12,500                                    Friday 30th Sept ‐ Friday 7th Oct
                                                                                                                                                Who? All students
        Staff TBD                         Number of students: 5 ‐ 12                                 M. Morris                              Number of students: 8 ‐ 15
                                                                                          Activity       Rock climbing
Creativity   Work with copper to practice metalworking
             Use silver to create your own bespoke jewellery
                                                                           All        C
                                                                                                         Abseiling                                                                             C
                                                                                                         Deep water soloing
             Develop skills in silversmithery such as soldering, filing & polishing
                                                                                      A   Service        Awareness raising about the Thai‐Tanium bolt                     Mostly               A
                                                                                                         replacement project that supports the employment
Transport    Students must make their own way to Hatton Studios
             in Sheung Wan every day.                                                 S                  of local climbing guides                                                 Some         S
                                                                                          Transport      Plane, boat and rockface
                                                                                                         You will need to bring two pairs of climbing shoes

Based in the heart of Sheung Wan,                                                         This CAS trip is aimed at the experienced climber or for
                                                                                          any students prepared to commit to acquiring the
Hong Kong, Hatton Studios offers                                                          necessary climbing experience between now and
courses to learn the art of fine                                                          October 2014. This could be experience gained through
jewellery‐making and design.                                                              the weekly climbing group at Sha Tin College.
                                                                                          The accommodation, food and instruction will be
Students will spend the week                                                              provided by the Basecamp Tonsai organization
learning skills such as saw piercing,                                                     ( who are
soldering, filing, and polishing                                                          very experienced at working with school groups. During
                                                                                          the course of the week there will be the opportunity to
techniques. The $5,000 cost covers                                                        improve your top roping and lead climbing skills and try
tuition and the cost of copper and                                                        Deep Water Soloing (DWS).
silver. Students will develop their
                                                                                          The outline itinerary is as follows :
skills using copper and progress to                                                       Friday 30th Sept                Depart HK                  Thailand's south is a beach‐lover's paradise,
create their own silver jewellery.                                                        Saturday 1sth October           Top Roping                 and Krabi is one of its most popular
                                                                                          Sunday 2ndh October             Top roping                 destinations. This seaside province in the
                                                                                          Monday 3rdh October             Deep Water Soloing         Andaman Sea boasts stunning beaches and
•   Students spend a week in a                                                            Tuesday 4th October             Bouldering and rest day    some of the best rock climbing in Southeast
    creative space.                                                                       Wednesday 5th October           Lead Climbing              Asia. The unique limestone rock formations
•   Learn how to make jewellery.                                                          Thursday 6th October            Lead Climbing              that sit near the sea draw experienced
                                                                                          Friday 7th October –            Depart Thailand for HK     climbers from around the world.
•   Develop creativity and other
29 LAOS                                                                                                          30 LONDON
School Building                                                                                                  Creative
School‐building service project                                                                                  Theatre, Art & History Tour

    $14,000                                     Friday 30th Sept ‐ Friday 7th Oct
                                                      Who? All students
                                                                                                                  $25,000                     max
                                                                                                                                                                Friday 30th Sept ‐ Friday 7th Oct
                                                                                                                                                                       Who? All students
           Staff TBD                              Number of students: 12‐30                                      M. Wilson & A. Gibbons                           Number of students: 20 ‐ 24
Activity       Swim in the beautiful Tad Sae Waterfall pools                                                     Creativity     Experience the best of London’s culture through:
               Soft trek to and through local hill‐tribe villages
               Zipline through the lush rainforest                                                       C                      World class theatre shows
                                                                                                                                Art galleries                                           Mostly                          C
               Kayak down the Mekong river                                                                                      Museums
Service        A two day school‐based building project
                                                                                            Some         A                      Create your own magic at ‘Harry Potter World’               Some                        A
               A visit to the Laos bear sanctuary                                                                Activity       Trekking through the gardens and parks of historical London
Transport      Plane, bus, and by foot!                                             Mostly               S                      Battling the crowds at London’s renowned markets                                        S
                                                                                                                 Transport      Plane, train, bus, boat, tube & foot.
Rising at dawn to feed the Monks of Luang Prabang; purchasing souvenirs from local hilltribes; teaching
and maybe even learning from local schoolchildren as you build and refurbish their school…                              Soak up everything that London, the world’s capital of culture, has to offer.
                                                                                                                  This trip will take you on a whistle stop tour through London’s most iconic attractions.
Laos is the country nearest to HKG not served by a direct flight. It is just 790 miles from Sha Tin, but it is
arguably SE Asia’s most remote and least discovered country. This CAS Week will give you the chance to           Expect to gaze upon some of the most famous pieces of art ever created at the Tate Modern and
explore the rugged beauty, Buddhist culture, wonderful cuisine and kind hospitality of Northern Laos in a        National Portrait Gallery. Expect to witness Shakespeare’s original theatre in its birth place‐ The Globe
number of ways.                                                                                                  Theatre. Expect to create your own magic at ‘Harry Potter World’. Expect to be entertained at some of
                                                                                                                 the best theatre and shows the world has to offer at the renowned ‘West End’. Expect to be spoilt for
The highlight of the Week is the two day Service Project. You will be involved in refurbishing or rebuilding     choice at the best markets and shopping centres such as Brick Lane and Westfield. Expect to be blown
classrooms; installing water supplies or building dormitory accommodation for students. You will stay in         away by museums that will teach you more than you ever knew about the world around you like the
the village you are serving and get to know the families and children your work is helping. In the months        Natural History Museum and Science Museum. Expect to stroll leisurely through and taste the fresh air
running up to the CAS Week, you will be expected to lead fundraising activities and you will discuss and         of London’s Hyde Park and Hampton Court. Expect to have the option of visiting a top tier University
decide what you want to spend your funds on too.                                                                 such as Imperial College, London School of Economics and King’s College.

You will also be active, trying things out such as hiking, ziplining and river kayaking. Through supporting                                        Expect to be amazed by London.
local schoolchildren, wildlife sanctuaries and businesses, you will also leave your own mark on Laos.
                                                                                                                 Once numbers have been finalised for this trip, you will be invited to collaborate upon the final itinerary
                                                                                                                 for this incredible experience. In short, whatever you want to do, we can do it.
31 Mad About Sport                                                                              32 MADRID
HK Football Club                                                                                Learn with the best
Sports focused week                                                                             Real Madrid Soccer School

     $3,350                            Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                            Who? All students
                                                                                                    $19,000                                  Friday 30th Sep ‐ Friday 7th Oct
                                                                                                                                             Who? This year’s Years 8, 9 & 10
           J. Barton                    Number of students: 20 ‐ 30                                 L. Ta & C. Ortega                         Number of students: 18 ‐ 24

Activity     Coaching and games in a wide variety of sports, such as squash, tennis,
             golf, hockey, football, and ten pin bowling.                                C      Activity      Train with Real Madrid Coaches at the club’s training ground!
                                                                                                              6 x 2 hour training sessions                                                            C
             Plus a casual swim.                                                                              Play matches against local school sides
                                                                         All             A                    Watch a Real Madrid fixture                               Mostly                        A
                                                                                                Service       Take a day excursion with Real Madrid Fundacion
Transport    Students make their own way to and from the venue                           S      Transport     Plane, bus and foot                                           Some                      S
                                                                                                       Whether you like football or just sports in general, this is an opportunity for you to train
          Love sport? Or want to gain more passion for it?                                                    at one of the most respected football clubs in the world – Real Madrid!
   A week of immersion can lead to a lifetime of love... and health.                            Madrid are one of only three clubs never to have been relegated from top flight Spanish football and the
                                                                                                only team to win the European Cup and Champions League an astounding 10 times. This CAS trip is
Although a range of sports are proposed, our focus is planned to be small ball sports with      availible for year 9 – 11 students and to both boys and girls of all abilities.
qualified squash, tennis and golf coaches (simulator coaching likely) signed up.
                                                                                                You will be training with Real Madrid coaches at the Valdebebas Sports Complex (Real Madrid’s Training
You will receive intensive instruction in a range of sports with opportunities to simply play   ground). There will be a maximum of 6 of these 2 hour training sessions. We will also be playing a
                                                                                                minimum of 2 matches agaisnt other similar ability teams. You will also get a behind the scenes tour of
and enjoy other sports (eg 10 pin bowling) in Asia's premier club venue, the Hong Kong
                                                                                                the Santiago Bernabeau. If our dates match we will also watch a live Spanish football match!
Football Club. The week will culminate in a multisport tournament.
                                                                                                              Besides football there will also be an opportunity to tour the city of Madrid.
Price around $3350 including a substantial lunch and a snack (shoe hire costs around an         The lively, bustling capital city of Spain has many cultural highlights and wonderful cuisine to explore.
additional $350 if you haven’t got plain white or light brown soled indoor shoes).
33 MOROCCO                                                                                                34 Mountain Biking
Cultural Exchange                                                                                         Explore HK on wheels
Imperial cultural heritage                                                                                Try Hong Kong’s fastest growing sport

    $20,999                              10pm Wed 27th Sept ‐ Sun 9th October
                                           Who? This year’s Year 9, 10 & 11
                                                                                                                $4,100                                 Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                                                                                                                            Who? All students
       M. Khalfaoui                          Number of students: 20 ‐ 40                                             Staff TBD                           Number of students: 12‐30

                                                                                                          Activity      Learn to mountain bike – Hong Kong’s fastest growing sport
Activity       Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
               Discover the Sahara Desert
               Explore the Atlas Mountains
                                                                                                      C                 Trail ride, jump obstacles
                                                                                                                        Gain confidence and proficiency                                       C
                                                                                                                        Explore and discover trails all over HK
               Breakthrough the Souks of Medieval Marrakech
               Local school cultural exchange project
                                                                                         Some         A                 Learn basic bike maintainence                            All          A
                                                                                                                        Set camp and BBQ your dinner on an overnight trail expedition
               A visit to the Crocs Farm
               Plane, Coach and Camels!
                                                                                         Some         S   Transport     Bicycle!                                                              S
This adventure offers an intriguing combination of beauty and contrasts in scenery and cultures.
Admire ancient ruins and amazing architecture as you explore Souks, Museums, Mosques and                  Mountain Biking is Hong Kong’s fastest growing participation sport. Find out
Mausoleums on this captivating journey.                                                                   why! You will start on day one by achieving the Bikeability Level 1 qualification
                                                                                                          in cycling proficiency. After two days building skills and confidence, you will
Highlights:                                                                                               end the week with a two night trail biking expedition, complete with camping
• Lose yourself in the Souks of medieval Marrakech                                                        out and BBQ dinner!
• Visit the impressive Hassan II Mosque
• Swim in the Atlantic Ocean                                                                              Learning from your mistakes is one way to start but as with any sport involving
• Explore the Atlas mountains                                                                             high speed and balance, it's much better to be told where you’re about to go
• Discover the Sahara Desert                                                                              wrong in the first place. Having an instructor ensures a focus on your safety
                                                                                                          and developing the right skills to a good standard. We take training back to the
Experience Morocco’s highlights in style whilst staying in some of the most luxurious hotels in the       absolute basics of bike riding starting with a proven framework of balance
country. This fantastic trip is for 11/12 days in 5* hotels accommodation.                                skills taught by experienced & qualified MTB instructors.

Meeting at 10pm on Wednesday 29th September to depart, this price icludes return flights, Private         Not every trail in HK is geared up for beginners. So we make sure we take you
coach and guide. All inclusive buffets on full board.                                                     to areas suitably challenging but not overly intimidating in terms of your
                                                                                                          personal skills development.

                                                                                                          Lessons using hired bikes and equipment is also a great way to get a taste of
                                                                                                          Hong Kong’s fastest growing outdoors activity. Students will have both Full
                                                                                                          Suspension models and Hardtail bikes in a variety of sizes, plus body armor
                                                                                                          available to them.
35 NEW YORK                                                                                                    36 NEW ZEALAND
Creativity                                                                                                     South Island
Experience the Big Apple                                                                                       Action and Adventure

    $20,000                                  Thursday 29th Sept – Friday 7th Oct
                                                    Who? All students
                                                                                                                   $28,000                                    Friday 30th Sept – Sunday 9th Oct
                                                                                                                                                                     Who? All students
           R. Cottam                            Number of students 20 ‐ 30                                     E. Shields, R. George                            Number of students: 12 ‐ 36

Creativity    Broadway Shows, Art galleries, Architecture                                                      Activity       Experience the world’s most exciting jet boat ride
              NBC TV studio tour, Empire State Building
              Food tours around neighborhood's of NYC
                                                                                 Mostly                C                      Rock climbing                                                                            C
                                                                                                                              Riding a Luge
Activity      NBA preseason game or Yankees baseball game
              Walk the famous high‐line and Brooklyn Bridge                              Some          A                      Hiking
                                                                                                                              Camping and much more…
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mostly               A
              Madison Square Gardens,.
              Bus, Subway, Boat and feet!                                                              S       Service
                                                                                                                              Choose an environmental service project
                                                                                                                              Plane, Bus and the ship, MV Wanderer
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Some         S
                              Start spreading the news…..we’re leaving today!                                      New Zealand has been described as ‘Godzone’ and this 8 day trip will show you
Home to some of the most famous sports teams (Knicks, Yankees), movie stars, TV shows, movie sets –                    all the reasons why. From its people and its way of life through to its
it’s the city that has everything; a metropolis where dreams are made of!                                                  beaches and scenic beauty; you will be amazed at this country.
See Manhattan from low to high, through their iconic buildings; head up the Empire State building at           We will fly into Auckland ‘the City of Sails’, New Zealand’s largest and most dynamic city. We will take
dusk, take the ferry over to the statue of liberty, go to top of the Rockefeller and take part in our own TV   you straight to Queenstown ‐ the adrenaline capital of the world for all of your action activities. No trip
show at the NBC studios tour.                                                                                  to this region is complete without a trip to Milford Sound where you will stay overnight on the MV
                                                                                                               Milford Wanderer. Finally, a short trip from Queenstown to Wanaka where you will meet with other
Practice your vocals at one of the shows on Broadway and eat our through the boroughs of this foody            Kiwis in a laid back environment and get in some fantastic hiking and camping. We then return to
city. Or join in at the all American singing diner!                                                            Auckland to get a taste of the largest Pacific city. We will stay beachside, then do a high ropes course in
                                                                                                               a pine forest, before shopping, dining and returning home.
Mesmerise the art at the MOMA then compare it to the bright lights of Times Square and savour a
thought for those who risked their lives at the moving Ground Zero memorial.                                   Throughout the trip you will get to know and love New Zealand’s friendly and laid‐back culture and
                                                                                                               beautiful countryside. You will be challenged mentally and physically, stepping outside your comfort
Just a flavour of what we will be doing on this epic trip to New York City! So much more…..                    zone to meet new friends, exchange cultures, work together in different situations and importantly...
We will be staying in a hotel in 4* Mid‐town Manhattan so close to all the popular shopping districts –        have a LOT of fun!
(price includes meals.)
37 NORTH KOREA & BEIJING                                                                                        38 Photography
Communist CAS                                                                                                   Develop DSLR skills
An Experience Like No Other!                                                                                    School based with daily excursions

    $23,900                                     Wed 28th Sept ‐ Fri 7th October
                                                     Who? All students
                                                                                                                      $3,500                                Monday 3rd ‐ Friday 7th October
                                                                                                                                                                 Who? All students
P. Zhou and A. Service                           Number of students: 20 ‐24                                               B. Hagan                           Number of students: 10 – 20

Creativity     Create the delights of North Korean Cooking
               Experience architecture, culture and history
               See DPRK propaganda
                                                                                    Mostly                C     Creativity    Learn to control your DSLR camera
                                                                                                                              Use photography to creatively explore and
                                                                                                                                                                                                All               C
Activity       Walk the Great Wall                                                                                            showcase the space and city around you
Service        Local school Cultural Exchange Project
                                                                                            Some          A     Transport     Based at Sha Tin College                                                            A
                                                                                                                              School buses will run according to their usual schedule
Transport      By Air, Bus and over‐night sleeper Train
                                                                                            Some          S                   Trips around Hong Kong will use public transport                                    S
The greatest possible adventure, the trip of a lifetime… until you have been it is difficult to tell just how
mind – blowing wonderful it all is. See the workings of one of the last “Totalitarian States” in existence          Do you have a DSLR camera... but always have it on automatic setting?
and follow the Doctrine of Marxism Leninism and the Cult of Kim Jong Un for 7 days.
                                                                                                                How about the light reader and ISO?                 This CAS Week you can learn about camera
This is a jam‐packed itinerary which brings History Alive and will include 2 days of sight‐seeing in China’s    Do you want to learn what manual settings like TV   controls and how to use them, whilst exploring
capital Beijing exploring it’s Culture and Antiquities. This will include a unique walk on the Great Wall of    and AV are and how to use them?                     Hong Kong and having loads of FUN!
China at Mutianyu which can be seen from the Moon, before embarking to Pyong Yang the capital of the            AND have FUN learning all these skills and more?!
Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea.                                                                          If yes then this is the course for you              A professional outside photographer will teach
                                                                                                                                                                    you all of the above whilst giving you time to
                                                                                                                COURSE CONTENT COURSE STRUCTURE
You will be staying in the finest hotels that the DPRK has to offer which will involve the traditional way of                                                       absorb the information and practice the skills
sleeping on mattresses on a heated floor, you will get the chance to taste and create the delights of                                                               learnt. During the week you’ll have the
                                                                                                                • Camera controls and how to use them
North Korean cooking and the traditional bibimbap. You will experience DPRK propaganda with visits to                                                               opportunity to build a portfolio of work; some of
                                                                                                                • Exposure
the Arch of Triumph, the Mansudae Grand Monument, Kim Il Sung Square, the Juche Tower and ride on                                                                   which will be displayed in and around school.
                                                                                                                • ISO
the Pyong Yang equivalent of the MTR. You will also visit the De‐Militarised Zone and look over the             • Shutter Speed
border to see South Korea. You will also visit a local school to meet students and teachers and to                                                                  This is a comprehensive course designed to give
                                                                                                                • Aperture
participate in lessons. You will return to Beijing in comfort, travelling on an overnight sleeper train.                                                            students a thorough understanding of their
                                                                                                                • Focus settings
                                                                                                                                                                    cameras and the fundamental principles of
                                                                                                                • Light Metering
             In your time there “You will not succumb to indoctrination and brain‐washing”.                                                                         photography
                                                                                                                • White balance
                       Instead, sign up and relish this once in a lifetime adventure.                           • Studio sessions in the mornings filled with
                                                                                                                  activities, games & quizzes!
                                                                                                                • Followed by mini field trips out and about in
                                                                                                                  Hong Kong in the afternoons to consolidate
                                                                                                                  skills learnt.
                                                                                                                • Assembling portfolio
                                                                                                                • Compiling exhibition
You can also read