Chadwick School Head of School Search - Educators Collaborative

Chadwick School Head of School Search - Educators Collaborative
Chadwick School
                                                        Head of School
                For July 1, 2019    26800 S Academy Dr, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA
    Deadline: October 15, 2018      Independent Day School: Grades K - 12

      AT A GLANCE                  OVERVIEW

Founded: 1835                      Chadwick School, a coed school enrolling 860 students in grades
Enrollment 2018-2019: 860          K-12 in Palos Verdes [CA], is seeking an innovative and dynamic
  Village School K-6: 320          Head of School for a position to begin July 1, 2019. Optimally,
  Middle School 7-8: 160           the school is seeking a pragmatic, entrepreneurial, and strategically
  Upper School 9-12: 380           -oriented educational leader who will strive to grow and refine the
                                   high quality student experience at Chadwick across the domains of
Faculty: 113, with an average
                                   academics, arts, athletics, and experiential education.
  tenure of 16 years; 80% with
  advanced degrees
                                   With three new centers of innovation, Chadwick seeks to integrate
Operating Budget 2015-16:          and deepen our students’ K-12 educational experience. The Center
  $30.4 million                    for Ethical Global Leadership will enhance students' knowledge and
Endowment: $32.4 million           experience of what it means to be a global citizen and leader, with
Debt: $4.6 million                 programs in Palos Verdes and all over the world. The Center for
Total Gifts & Pledges 2017-18:     Innovation and Research will provide cross-disciplinary, cross-
  $7.53 million                    divisional and real-world research opportunities to students at
                                   every grade level, in state-of-the-art laboratories on campus and
Annual Giving 2017-18:             through partnerships with businesses, colleges and universities.
  $2.68 million
                                   The Center for Community Wellness will develop a coherent K-12
Tuition, 2018-19:                  curricular approach to social and emotional wellness for students
  Village School: $31,680          and faculty/staff. Directors are already at work on plans for these
  Middle School: $35,500           three new learning hubs. Our new head will help bring the centers
  Upper School: $37,420            into their full potential and step into a community moving
Financial Aid: $4 million to 18%   energetically to an exciting future.
  of student body
Accreditations: WASC,              In addition, the new head will help pioneer a global network of
  Association for Experiential     Chadwick schools by working collaboratively with the leadership
  Education                        of Chadwick International School Songdo (CISS) in South Korea.

Chadwick School Head of School Search - Educators Collaborative
The collaborative relationship is expected to include faculty and student exchanges, shared curriculum
programming, and extracurricular innovations. It is probable that new Chadwick schools will be established
in the next 5-10 years.



Chadwick schools develop global citizens with keen minds, exemplary character, self-knowledge and the
ability to lead.

Philosophy Statement

Chadwick School is deeply committed to self-discovery through experience and reflection. Students
develop the joy of learning, self-confidence, well-being, and curiosity through interactive and practical
experiences. Our community shares the core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and

Through active participation in an intentionally diverse and inclusive environment, students make a
positive impact within and beyond their own communities. By living and learning in a student-centered,
collaborative atmosphere of excellence, integrity and trust, we come to expect the best of ourselves and


Our community shares the core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and compassion. The
Core Competencies are those behaviors and skills that Chadwick aims to develop in its students. The first
three core competencies focus on the internal
capacities of Chadwick students, while the last three
address students’ capabilities relative to others.

Critical and Creative Thinking
   Analyze information and evaluate its quality.
   Adeptly use mathematical and scientific
   Apply efficient and innovative solutions to
    complex problems.
   Synthesize new ideas in artistic and
    interdisciplinary contexts.
   Be imaginative and curious.

Chadwick School Head of School Search - Educators Collaborative
Character                                             Collaboration
   Live by Chadwick's core values.                      Contribute responsibly and respectfully within
   Recognize and respond thoughtfully to ethical         a group.
    dilemmas.                                            Listen well and demonstrate thoughtful
   Confront injustice with integrity and                 open-mindedness.
    persistence.                                         Lead and serve by example.
   Cultivate self-awareness and personal wellness.      Inspire and manage others to achieve a goal.

Courage                                               Cultural Competence
   Take responsible risks, both personally and          Embrace and respect cultural differences and
    intellectually.                                       alternative perspectives.
   Persevere through academic and non-academic          Understand factors that shape individual,
    challenges.                                           national, and global identities.
   Adapt and thrive in a changing world.                Develop a complex awareness of global issues.
   Appreciate the learning that comes with              Think and act as a global citizen.
   Develop initiative, resilience, and confidence.

   Read, write, listen, and speak effectively in
    varied contexts.
   Communicate clearly, persuasively, and
    respectfully through digital technologies.
   Understand and use symbolic, non-verbal, and
    artistic communication.
   Learn other languages.


Founded in 1935 by visionary educator Margaret Lee Chadwick, Chadwick has grown and evolved
throughout its 83-year history, but the progressive vision of its founder remains a driving force behind the
school’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Thanks to generous donations of land and financial
support from the Vanderlip and Roessler families, Chadwick opened on its current campus in 1938 with
75 students. In 1963, the Roessler-Chadwick Foundation (RCF) was created to ensure Chadwick’s
long-term sustainability. In 2010, Chadwick International School Songdo (CISS) was formed in South
Korea, which expanded opportunities for students around the globe to benefit from a world-class Chadwick
education. CISS has been a spectacular success, growing in eight years from an opening enrollment of 270
to its current population of 1,200 students in grades Pre-K through 12. In 2014, the Roessler-Chadwick
Foundation Group (RCFG), was created as a parent entity for RCF and the two Chadwick schools in Palos
Verdes, USA, and Songdo, South Korea.

Chadwick School Head of School Search - Educators Collaborative
Signature features of the Chadwick experience include the following:

   A deeply held belief in the educational aims and core values of the institution that are widely shared by
    all constituencies and that serve as the touchstone for the entire program.
   A commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.
   A comprehensive and integrated K-12 curriculum designed to provide Chadwick graduates with six
    Core Competencies that are highly desired by colleges and professions.
   An innovative spirit that has positioned the school as a national leader in numerous areas, most notably
    including its outdoor education and global programs.
   A remarkably cohesive community of students, teachers, staff, administrators, and parents who respect,
    support, and enjoy one another


Fifty neighborhoods are represented in Chadwick’s diverse student body, drawn from throughout the
Palos Verdes Peninsula and the South Bay, and from communities extending from Inglewood to Seal
Beach. As the only K-12 independent school in the region, Chadwick is a popular choice. This year, 612
families account for the 860 students, many of whom will attend the school throughout their entire K-12
career. Reflecting the rich diversity of Southern California, 45 percent of the students are persons of color.

To support economic diversity in the
student body, Chadwick offers need-based
scholarship assistance, totaling more than
$4 million this year. A $2 million
endowment grant in 2003 from the
prestigious Malone Family Foundation
and generous gifts from the MacFarlane
family enable the school to offer assistance
to talented students with financial need. In
2013, a group of 20 families spearheaded
the creation of the Delphinus Fund for
Financial Aid, which has already raised
more than $540,000 in endowment and
operating funds to increase the school’s
capacity to assist students. Eighteen
percent of the student body received aid this year.

Chadwick’s holistic mission attracts bright and ambitious students who are seeking a truly well-rounded
education. Students are engaged, curious, confident, articulate, adventurous, and accomplished. The
63-member Class of 2018 included 16 National Merit Scholars and Commended Students. Mean SAT
scores for that class were 710 Evidence Based Reading and Writing and 730 Math. The Mean ACT
Composite was 31. In May of 2018, Upper School students took 407 AP exams, earning scores of 3 or
better on 89.4 percent of the tests.

Chadwick School Head of School Search - Educators Collaborative

Chadwick boasts a senior administrative team that includes a mix of veterans and relative newcomers who
work together in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

   Senior academic administrators include the Assistant Head for Academic Affairs; the Directors of the
    three divisions; the Dean of Faculty and Staff; the Director of Athletics; and the Dean of Admission
    and Executive Director of College Counseling. Three dynamic senior staff members will lead the
    Center for Ethical Global Leadership, the Center for Innovation and Research and the Center for
    Community Wellness.
   Department Chairs, whose responsibilities cover grades 6-12, assist with curriculum planning and
    faculty evaluation.
   The senior operations team includes the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications,
    the Chief Financial Officer, the Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations, the
    Director of Planning and Construction, and the Director of Risk Management and Transportation.

Meaningful student-faculty relationships lie at the heart of the Chadwick experience. With a school-wide
8:1 student-faculty ratio, small class sizes, and one college counselor for each 24 advisees, students are both
challenged and warmly supported. Beyond the classroom, the majority of faculty have significant
involvement as coaches, mentors, advisors, club sponsors, and trip leaders. A wide array of curriculum
specialists and support staff augments the work of the faculty.

Eighty percent of the faculty hold advanced degrees and, with an average tenure of 16 years, our teachers
are clearly passionate about Chadwick. In addition to their dedicated work with students, Chadwick
teachers contribute to a vibrant professional culture that promotes excellence and collaboration.
Professional Learning Communities meet twice monthly to explore topics of mutual interest; every Middle
and Upper School faculty member participates in at least one. Weekly meetings bring faculty together to
discuss issues of school culture and policy, while scheduled informal gatherings throughout the week
encourage community building. Curricular review and revision is an ongoing process, approached via the
                                                               well-respected Understanding by Design
                                                               process. The Folio system is being used for
                                                               both faculty and staff evaluations.

                                                                The eight-year process of bringing Chadwick
                                                                International to life has been a remarkable
                                                                professional development experience on both
                                                                campuses, with many Chadwick teachers and
                                                                administrators involved in the design and
                                                                execution of the CISS program. Several
                                                                teachers and administrators have worked at
                                                                CISS for a year or more, while many others
                                                                have participated in week-long exchanges.

Chadwick School Head of School Search - Educators Collaborative

The parent community at Chadwick is highly engaged and a vital component of the school culture. All
parents are automatically members of the active Chadwick Parents Association, and many also join
additional parent groups that specifically support athletics, theater arts, the library, and the Annual Fund.
These organizations tap the resources of the parent body to support the curricular and co-curricular
objectives of the school. Parents contribute in a wide range of ways: helping young students choose library
books, driving students to community service activities every week, and providing additional research and
internship opportunities at their places of business, for example. Grade-level coffees and social events
organized by parents build the bonds of community. Important school milestones are celebrated, families
are generously supported in times of personal crisis, and parent education is encouraged and provided
through outside speakers.


Chadwick’s hilltop campus is located on the scenic Palos Verdes Peninsula, which forms the southern end
of Santa Monica Bay. The Peninsula encompasses the communities of Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos
Verdes, Rolling Hills, and Rolling Hills Estates. Although situated in Los Angeles County, the Peninsula
offers a pastoral setting renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle.

With stunning views of Los Angeles below, the Chadwick campus offers a beautiful, peaceful, and safe
setting for learning. At the heart of the college-like campus, Vanderlip Lawn provides a comfortable
gathering and study space. An open-air amphitheater seats the entire school.

A private canyon adjacent to campus functions as an outdoor classroom for science, English, and art
classes in all three divisions. A long-term canyon restoration project has helped hundreds of students
develop an understanding of and commitment to environmental sustainability. Close proximity to the
beach also allows Chadwick to incorporate activities such as sea kayaking and tide pool exploration into
its educational programs.

Twenty-two buildings dot the campus. Each division occupies its own dedicated spaces, with the Village
School separated into a Lower Village (for grades K-2) and an Upper Village (grades 3-6). Athletic facilities
include the Pascoe Pavilion Gymnasium, two fields, a track, and a swimming pool.

Chadwick School Head of School Search - Educators Collaborative
Chadwick’s former incarnation (from 1938 to 1968) as a boarding school provides an opportunity for 24
faculty members and administrators to live on campus. This is an important recruitment and retention
tool, given the high cost of housing surrounding the school. Housing is also available for the Head of

Facilities also include:
 The 400-seat Geoffrey Alan Laverty Center for the Performing Arts, with indoor theaters, classroom
    space, and dedicated dance and music studios that support the school’s award-winning arts program.
 The Cisco TelePresence (Videoconference) Room, which plays a key role in connecting Chadwick in
    Palos Verdes with Chadwick International for collaborative student activities and lessons, and faculty
    sharing of best practices.
 A Technology Center with eight fully equipped computer labs. Wireless access is available, indoors and
    out, throughout the campus.
 The Leavenworth Library Learning Center, housing 28,000 volumes and extensive online catalogues,
    as well as classrooms, lounges, and study room. Three full-time librarians staff the facility, which
    includes a separate age-appropriate library for Village students.
 Pascoe Pavilion Gymnasium and Swimming Pool; Commander Chadwick Football/Soccer/Lacrosse/
    Track Athletic Field; Baseball and Softball Athletics Fields

A number of facilities projects are planned as part of Boldly Forward: The Campaign for Chadwick School.


The five main capacities of the Chadwick mission —global citizenship, keen minds, exemplary character,
self-knowledge, and the ability to lead -- serve as the foundation of the educational program in all three
divisions. Teachers, advisors, and staff members support students on a journey of learning and personal
development, with an emphasis on earned self-confidence. Peer collaboration and teamwork are
encouraged and promoted at an early age in the Village School. As students move into the upper grades,
courses are designed to encourage classroom inquiry, sharing of ideas, mentorship, and thoughtful debate.
The new centers of innovation will strengthen the K-12 learning experience and deepen the educational
program at every level.

Upper School graduation requirements include 4 years of English; 3 years of history, math, and lab science;
completion of level-3 language study in Spanish, French, or Mandarin; and 1.5 years of arts. All students
participate in the outdoor education program every year, and physical education or interscholastic athletic
participation is required every season. AP courses are offered in 20 subject areas. As a member of the
Malone Schools Online Network, Chadwick also offers students the opportunity to take advanced courses
beyond AP-level courses.

For an in-depth look at the Chadwick educational experience, visit

Chadwick School Head of School Search - Educators Collaborative
Chadwick’s next Head will lead a mission-centered independent school with an 83-year legacy established by
the forward-thinking Margaret Chadwick, who, in 1937, said, “The purpose of this school is to habituate
children to ways of living that are satisfying and worthwhile.” Solidly grounded in the mission and core
values, teachers and administrators enjoy the freedom to experiment and adapt the educational experience to
the requirements of an evolving world.

The next Head of School will have the privilege of joining a warmly connected community that embraces the
school’s adventurous spirit. Members of the school family are eager to welcome a leader who will continue to
inspire, engage, and strengthen the already remarkable connections that define this unique school. We are
seeking a dynamic and engaged leader who will bring strategic insights and fresh energy to Chadwick School,
and who is excited to help us contribute to and benefit from a global network of schools. As Margaret Chad
wick herself said, “Pioneering must be present in every school that is striving to meet the changing conditions
of life. Chadwick has done some little pioneering and has a great deal more of it ahead!”

Among the specific opportunities and challenges awaiting the next Head of Chadwick are the following:

Pioneering a Global Network of Chadwick Schools

   Chadwick School in Palos Verdes is one of two campuses overseen by the Roessler-Chadwick
    Foundation Group (RCFG), Chadwick International School Songdo (CISS) being the other.
   The RCF Group (RCFG) operates as a holding company board, responsible for overseeing the operating
    boards for PV & Songdo.
   The RCF Group (RCFG) owns the assets (real estate, investments, intellectual property) and promotes
    the mission of Chadwick in PV and internationally. There are 19 Directors on the RCFG Board, and
    by-laws require that at least 50 percent are also Trustees of the Chadwick PV operating company board
   Each Head of School reports to its respective operating board in a traditional reporting relationship.
   The Chadwick PV Head of School reports to a 21-person Board of Trustees (RCF), with responsibility
    for strategic planning, budget and oversight of the PV campus.
                                                                     The Chadwick Songdo Head of School
                                                                       is Ted Hill, who was the former Head
                                                                       of School for PV. In addition to leading
                                                                       Songdo, he is responsible for
                                                                       coordinating with RCFG to expand
                                                                       campus opportunities for Chadwick
                                                                       International (CISS) outside of Korea.
                                                                     Mr. Hill serves on the RCFG Board,
                                                                       and is an ex-official member of the RCF
                                                                       Board of Trustees and the CISS
                                                                       governing board, per each operating
                                                                       board's by-laws.

Chadwick School Head of School Search - Educators Collaborative
As a result of the success of CISS, the RCF
Group has received numerous inbound
opportunities to expand Chadwick’s reputation,
influence, and leadership by opening new
schools. As RCF Group President, Mr. Hill is
leading the response to inquiries in conjunction
with the RCF Group Board of Directors.
Chadwick is actively exploring opportunities to
open another school in East Asia within the next
five years.

The new head of Chadwick School in Palos
Verdes will be expected to function in this highly
collaborative environment and will have the opportunity to design, create, and execute collaborative
programs with CISS and any other Chadwick school the organization may open around the world.

Positioning Chadwick for Long-term Sustainability

Though financially stable and well managed, like many independent schools Chadwick relies heavily on
tuition revenue, which accounts for 90 percent of the operating budget. Chadwick’s deeply connected
community constitutes an immense strength, but that asset remains largely untapped relative to its
tremendous potential. The newly launched $25 million Boldly Forward: The Campaign for Chadwick
School is changing that.

The goals of the Boldly Forward campaign are to:

   Provide research-based impetus to teaching and learning through the launching of three research-based
    educational centers: The Center for Innovation and Research; The Center for Community Wellness;
    and The Center for Ethical, Global Leadership.
   Build endowment support for financial aid.
   Increase on-campus faculty housing, which is a strategic advantage for our school in a market where the
    cost of housing is skyrocketing.
   Invest in Chadwick School’s infrastructure. The campaign includes new buildings to expand academic
    classrooms; renovation of Roessler Hall, the historic heart of the campus; and updates to athletic
    facilities, including a new weight room, locker rooms, and pool.

The campaign is managed by a seasoned fundraiser, Kerry Toolan, Chadwick’s Executive Director of
Development and Alumni Relations, and Ruth MacFarlane, a long-time Chadwick Trustee and donor.
The campaign launched the “quiet” (confidential) phase in spring 2018 under the guidance of Campbell &
Company consultants.

As the leader of a school deeply rooted in relationships, Chadwick’s new Head of School can help serve the
institutional advancement effort through personal outreach to prospective campaign donors.

Chadwick School Head of School Search - Educators Collaborative
The Head will also be expected to take the lead on annual giving, which generated $2.68 million last year
with a 90% family participation rate. Alumni participation increased to 12% compared to 7% the prior
year and represents an opportunity for continued growth.

More than 3,000 strong, the alumni body would welcome enhanced and more personal outreach that taps
into their love for the school and that extends beyond requests for donations. The school has recently
launched new initiatives to re-engage with alumni, including a professional networking group and
supporting app called Chadwick Connect that allows Chadwick alumni to network nationally and globally.
Recently instituted regional meetings with alumni have also been well received.

Chadwick’s stunning hilltop campus is both a defining strength and an operational challenge. The sole
point of access to the campus traverses a neighborhood whose residents are not always enthusiastic about
the school’s impacts on the neighborhood. Under the terms of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), vehicular
traffic is regulated. Students must arrive by bus or carpool, and CUP restrictions limit Chadwick’s ability to
sponsor community events that would bring many visitors to the campus. The CUP is due for renewal in
2020 and the new Head will be part of the school’s efforts in this regard.

                                          Responding to an Increasingly Competitive Landscape

                                          Although it enjoys the distinction of being the only K-12
                                          independent coeducational day school in the greater South Bay
                                          Area, Chadwick operates in a competitive educational market-
                                          place. The affluent, diverse Palos Verdes Peninsula is served by
                                          excellent public schools and, increasingly, other Los Angeles
                                          independent schools that are broadening their outreach. The
                                          combination of declining birth rates and rising home prices has
                                          heightened awareness at Chadwick that the school must be more
                                          proactive in articulating its signature strengths. With the launch
                                          of the three new centers, and a deep commitment to K-12
                                          cross-curricular design, Chadwick has clearly articulated its
                                          unique vision and mission. In addition to its very strong
                                          academic program, prospective families will be drawn to its
                                          emphasis on exemplary character, self-knowledge, student
                                          wellness, and what it means to be a globally-minded ethical leader.

                                          The next Head of School will be called upon to offer both
                                          strategic leadership and a compelling public presence as an
advocate for the school in the admissions arena. In addressing these challenges, the new leader will have
strong support from two seasoned professionals. The highly experienced Executive Director of Marketing
and Communications, who joined Chadwick in 2015, has overseen the redesign of the school’s website and
publications to better highlight Chadwick’s signature strengths. The Dean of Admission and Executive
Director of College Counseling, a former Vice President and Dean of Admissions at Pomona College,
offers invaluable perspectives in both admissions and college counseling.

Continuing to Refine Academic and Co-Curricular Programs

Leading the fine minds and remarkably creative energies of the teachers who deliver Chadwick’s expansive
educational program surely ranks among the best aspects of the head’s job. Programmatic excellence
abounds at the school, as do a steady stream of new ideas for strengthening an already exemplary
curriculum. Among the key challenges for the new Head of School will be marshalling and focusing that
creative energy in key strategic areas.

Among the current topics of discussion regarding the academic and co-curricular programs:

   How to recruit and retain a world-class faculty that is reflective of the world’s diversity.
   How to integrate the three Centers to create a cohesive K-12 learning experience, and how to best
    deliver it.
   How best to capitalize upon the connections between
    Chadwick and CISS.
   How to develop a community that is inclusive for
    students of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds,
    sexual orientations, and gender identities.
   How to most effectively use and integrate educational
   How to ensure that Chadwick’s ambitious students
    are not overburdened and unduly stressed by the
    myriad requirements and opportunities available to
   How to elevate environmental sustainability in the
    day-to-day lived experience of community members.


Chadwick School is seeking a pragmatic, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, and strategically-oriented
educational leader with an extensive background in teaching and administration, ideally including
experience in independent schools of high quality. Candidates should offer excellent academic credentials,
evidence of a commitment to lifelong learning, and demonstrated success in collaboration. Ideally, the
successful candidate will possess the following profile:

A Passionate and Articulate Advocate for Chadwick’s Mission
   Demonstrated professional commitment to the cornerstones of the Chadwick mission: developing
    global citizens with keen minds, exemplary character, self-knowledge, and the ability to lead.
   A role model for Chadwick’s core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and compassion.
   A champion for Chadwick’s core competencies of critical and creative thinking, courage, character,
    communication, collaboration and cultural competence.
   An effective communicator and compelling public speaker.
   The ability and willingness to participate actively in institutional advancement efforts, including
    fundraising, marketing, and community outreach.

A Thoughtful and Inspiring Educational Leader
   An educator who is well-versed in and supportive of student-centered and inquiry-based curriculum and
   A globally-minded educator with an appreciation for diversity.
   A motivating leader of faculty who is eager to collaborate respectfully with talented teachers to nurture
    excellence and thoughtful innovation.
   An academic leader with an understanding of the specific needs of the lower grades as well as
    experience in the design and execution of an excellent secondary school program, including an
    understanding of the expectations of highly selective colleges and universities.

A Skilled and Strategically Focused Leader and Manager
   An intelligent and analytical strategist who can articulate a unified vision, set clear priorities, and
   A record of success in attracting, recruiting, retaining, and developing global talent.
   A well-organized manager who focuses on top-level issues, delegates appropriately, and holds
    subordinates accountable for the timely achievement of goals.
   A proven consensus-builder with skill in change management.
   A critical thinker and problem solver who is appropriately decisive and able to say no.
   An open-minded partner with a deeply committed and caring Board.

A Warm and Open Relationship Builder
   An engaged, approachable, and compassionate leader who is eager to be present in the school
    community and who will be visible among all constituencies.
   A collegial and collaborative team player who will promote a genuine spirit of partnership with the
    faculty, staff, and administration.
   A diplomatic, patient, flexible, and open-minded person who is adaptable, respectful of the ideas of
    others, and not ego-driven.
   A natural teacher who enjoys engaging with students across the K-12 spectrum.


Acting on behalf of Chadwick School, Educators’ Collaborative is actively recruiting exceptional
educational leaders for this uniquely appealing position. The preferred start-date is July 2019 but the school
is willing to consider July 2020 in exceptional cases.

Candidates interested in this position are asked to submit the following materials:

   EC Candidate Summary Sheet (contact Jo Butler or Marcus Hurlbut for that document
   Letter of Interest addressed to the Search Committee
   Current résumé
   Personal Statement or Statement of Educational Philosophy
   A list of five or more references with contact information (including phone numbers and email
   Up to three letters of reference (optional)

Please address any inquiries or expressions of interest to:

                                Jo Butler, Partner, Educators’ Collaborative, LLC
                              ( 609-577-2473)


                    Marcus Hurlbut, Co-Managing Partner, Educators’ Collaborative, LLC
                          ( 949-279-3084)


Application deadline:              October 15, 2018
Selection of semifinalists:        October 21, 2018
Semifinalist interviews:           November 3 & 4, 2018
Finalist visits begin:             November/December 2018
Starting date:                     July 2019

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