Community 2019-2020 Guide for Students and Parents School Starts Tuesday, September 3 - Ann ...

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Community 2019-2020 Guide for Students and Parents School Starts Tuesday, September 3 - Ann ...
Community      HIGH SCHOOL
                                             Guide for Students and Parents
                                        School Starts Tuesday, September 3

                      Small School — Open Minds

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Community 2019-2020 Guide for Students and Parents School Starts Tuesday, September 3 - Ann ...
2019-2020: Our 48th Year                                   August 2019
    HIGH SCHOOL UNIQUE:                                         Welcome to Community High School, a true
                                                                leader in academic achievement and part of the
    Forum – we talk about your class                            outstanding Ann Arbor Public Schools. CHS
    schedules and what courses to take, eat                     provides multiple extraordinary opportunities to
    together, take trips, spend time talking
    about life, give back to our community, and                 personalize your educational experience and
    graduate together.                                          make sure you’re ready for college and career
                                                                success. The faculty at CHS are among the best in
    Independent and Collaborative Learners                      Michigan. Many of our alumni are nationally recognized for their
    – the atmosphere at CHS encourages
    students to become independent and to                       accomplishments and passion for their life’s work. We are committed to
    take advantage of opportunities in the                      21st-century education, teaching and learning in a small relationship-
    school and community.                                       based environment, and instruction that is rigorous and authentic.
    Location – CHS is located in downtown
    Ann Arbor across from Kerrytown and the                     Community High School values independent learning, collaborative
    Farmers Market, next door to Zingerman’s.                   learning, and personal responsibility. We hold high expectations for the
                                                                entire student body. At CHS, you will learn to balance our unique course
    Small School with Many Opportunities –
    the size of CHS facilitates tons of inter-
                                                                offerings while also engaging in the learning that comes from
    action between students and staff. We                       Community Resource classes and course work at local colleges and
    know each other and work well together                      universities.
    because everyone sees each other every
                                                                Extracurricular opportunities abound at CHS, whether it is becoming
    Community Resources (CR) – CHS                              active in our nationally recognized performing arts groups and journalism
    facilitates innovative learning in the                      programs, our state champion Mock Trial Team, or our many clubs and
    classroom as well as in the community.                      organizations. Everyone at CHS regularly and actively engages in
    Exceptional Staff - The caliber of faculty                  community service and learning. All of these things provide a depth and
    and staff and the innovative curriculum are                 richness to your high school career.
    just two more reasons CHS is such a great
    place for students to learn.
                                                                We look forward to working with each of you this school year. Let’s work
                                                                together to make this the best year ever!
                                                                Best wishes,
    Attendance ............................. 743-994-2021
    Community Resource.............. 734-994-2026
                                                                Dean Marci and the CHS Faculty and Staff
    Counseling Office.................... 734-994-2027
    FAX ........................................ 734-994-0042
    Main Office: ............................ 734-994-2025

    Administration................................... Page 3
    ACT & SAT Testing Dates................. Page 4
    2019-2020 School Calendar .............. Page 5
    Graduation Requirements ................. Page 7
    Absence Reporting Procedure........... Page 8
    Rights & Responsibilities................. Page 10
    FAQs & Helpful Resources ............. Page 11

Community 2019-2020 Guide for Students and Parents School Starts Tuesday, September 3 - Ann ...

OVERVIEW                                                             comprehensive high schools, online classes, and dual enrollment to
Community High School has celebrated the success of our              area colleges. CHS offers unique award-winning programs including
students since 1972. CHS is fully accredited with a comprehensive    Mock Trial, Creative Writing, Jazz, Journalism, Community
curriculum in Math, Science, English, Social Studies, World          Ensemble Theatre, Project Lead the Way, and a FIRST Robotics
Language, Fine Arts, Jazz, Theater and Dance. Community High         team, to name a few. Not School as Usual Day (NSAU) occurs a
prepares students for a variety of post-secondary options, sending   couple times a year, and features field trips, speakers and immersion
over 90% of our students to colleges and universities around the     in a relevant topic. Field Day allows friendly, spirited athletic
world and down the street!                                           competition among Forums. Forum Days are set aside for bonding
                                                                     and service opportunities, as well. Our veteran faculty love the subjects
YOUR FRIENDLY CHS COUNSELOR IS HERE TO HELP!                         they teach and constantly refresh and update their courses to provide
The Counseling staff can help with scheduling, drop/adds, split or   the most relevant and hands-on learning experience.
dual enrollment, standardized testing, college exploration and
application, and scholarships. They are trained to help students     SCHOOL PICTURES
with personal or family issues and see students on an individual     All students must have a school picture taken every year. School
or group basis. Your counselor works with your Forum Leader to       pictures will be taken on Friday, September 7th at CHS.
provide information on graduation requirements, course
scheduling, Career Cruising or Naviance, College & Career Fairs      EXPECTATIONS
and other activities.                                                Students are responsible for knowing the contents of the AAPS Student
                                                                     Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Copies of the handbook are in
Regular parent meetings are held to teach about college transition   the Main Office, Counseling Office and online at We
and selection, adolescent development and financial aid. The         know that we can count on all of you to follow these guidelines and
Junior Conference is a time set aside for each CHS family to plan    make our school one where an excellent education can be gained in
for high school-to-college transition.                               an atmosphere of self-discipline and respect for others. The CHS
                                                                     culture and climate precludes any harassment and/or bullying of
FORUM                                                                students, faculty and staff. Retaliation for reporting harassment and/or
Forum is your family at school – a group of about 26 students in     bullying will not be tolerated.
grades 9-12. Forums eat together, hang out, take trips, spend time
talking about life and providing service to our community. Your      VISITORS TO CHS
Forum Leader will be a four-year friend and advocate.                Creating a climate of safety takes on additional importance in a
                                                                     downtown setting. All visitors to CHS must check in with the Main Office
WE'RE A SMALL SCHOOL WITH BIG OPPORTUNITIES.                         and wear a guest pass. Students who would like to have a visitor attend
Our size facilitates strong and meaningful relationships among       classes with them must complete and turn in a Visitor Form prior to the
students and faculty. Although our course offerings are small, our   visit. The Visitor Form must be signed by parents and faculty and
course list is HUGE, because students take advantage of              approved by the Dean. The Visitor Form is available in the Main Office.
hundreds of Community Resource classes, split enrollment to the

ADMINISTRATION                                                       994-2025    
Marci Tuzinsky                    Dean                               994-2025    
Rebecca Westrate                  Assistant Dean                     994-2026    
Jefferson Bilsborrow              Secretary to the Dean              994-2025    
Katy Sanderson                    Registrar                          994-2026    
TBD                               Attendance/Book Secretary          994-2021
COUNSELING OFFICE                                                    994-2027
Amy McCloughlin                   Counselor                                      
Brian Williams                    Counselor                                      
Gretchen Eby                      Secretary to Counselors                        
COMMUNITY RESOURCE PROGRAM                                           994-2026
Danelle Mosher                                                                   

Community 2019-2020 Guide for Students and Parents School Starts Tuesday, September 3 - Ann ...

    STUDENT INTERVENTION                                                    COMPUTER USE AGREEMENT AND INTERNET PERMISSION
    The CARE team is available to convene and share concerns about          In return for the privilege of using the resources of the AAPS
    student achievement, behavioral, substance abuse, and/or                Computing Environment, students agree to abide by the Rules and
    emotional issues. The CARE team generates ideas to assist               Regulations for Use of the AAPS Computer. Students understand that
    students to be more successful at school. Typically, the team           failure to follow these rules can result in having their privileges
    includes representatives such as appropriate faculty, Forum             restricted or taken away. All students, faculty and staff must follow the
    leader, counselor, administrative designee, the parent, and the         AAPS Technology Use Agreement. The agreement can be found
    student. A parent or member of the school faculty or staff can make     online at
    referrals. Progress is reviewed and the members of the team meet
    to discuss results and determine next steps. Those steps may            BUS SERVICE FOR COMMUNITY HIGH STUDENTS
    include an ongoing general education plan or permission for             All students who live within access of an AAATA bus route should use
    further evaluation, which may lead to a Section 504 plan or             that option instead of taking an AAPS school bus in the morning. The
    evaluation for Special Education Services. Forum leaders and            AAATA provides a more direct route to downtown, and usually runs
    Counselors are available throughout the school year to work with        every 30 minutes to allow students to flex their schedule (visit
    students on problems both at school and outside of school. Our for AAATA bus routes and schedules). AAATA bus passes
    faculty is dedicated to assisting students with realizing their         are provided to any family with financial need. For more information
    dreams and aspirations.                                                 about AAATA bus passes, contact Jefferson Bilsborrow at 734-994-
                                                                            2025 or
    Capsule Night is the annual opportunity to meet your student’s          Dean Marci works with Durham Transportation to transport students
    teachers by following a shortened schedule. Capsule Night will be       to Community who live outside of the AAATA service areas, and do
    held on Tuesday, September 10th at 6:30 p.m. with a new parent          not already have a plan for transportation to and from school. These
    orientation beginning at 6:00 p.m.                                      school bus routes are designed to accommodate students who need
                                                                            transportation to Community in the morning. As we receive feedback
    2019 PARENT CONFERENCE INFORMATION                                      from families in the fall, route adjustments will be made as necessary.
    Fall conferences, by appointment with staff, are OCTOBER 10,            A scheduled school bus shuttle departs at 2:20 p.m. to transport
    2019, 3:30-6:30 p.m. and OCTOBER 14, 4:30-7:30 p.m. You will            Community students to Pioneer, Huron and Skyline who need to take
    receive instructions in early October on how to schedule your           a school bus home. See the district website for AAPS bus stops
    appointments with your student’s teachers. Spring conferences           and times:
    will be MARCH 14, 2020, 4:30-7:30 p.m.

    Information, applications and registration materials are available in the Counseling office or on line. You must register to take these tests.
    To register for ACT and SAT, mail in the forms or register on line. You can also register at the Counseling Office for AP Tests.
    National ACT (American College Test):
    TEST DATES                     REGISTRATION DEADLINE              LATE REGISTRATION (Late Fee)
    October 26, 2019*+             September 20, 2019                 October 4, 2019       COMMUNITY CODE: 230084
    December 14. 2019#*            November 8, 2019                   November 23, 2019     HURON CODE: 230086
    February 8, 2020#+             January 10, 2020                   January 17, 2020+     HURON ACT TEST CENTER:17767
    April 4, 2020#                 February 28, 2020                  March 13, 2020        PIONEER CODE: 230088
    June 13, 2020#*+               May 8, 2020                        May 22, 2020          PIONEER ACT TEST CENTER: 191910
    July 18, 2020                  June 19, 2020                      June 26, 2020         SKYLINE CODE: 230089
                                                                                            SKYLINE ACT TEST CENTER: 235370
    *Huron Test Center             #Pioneer Test Center               +Skyline Test Center

    National SAT Test:
    TEST DATES                    REGISTRATION DEADLINE              LATE REGISTRATION (Late Fee)
    August 24, 2019               July 26, 2019                      August 13, 2019      COMMUNITY CODE: 230084
    October 5, 2019*              September 6, 2019                  September 24, 2019   HURON CODE: 230086
    November 2, 2019*             October 3, 2019                    October 22, 2019     HURON/PIONEER TEST CENTER
    December 7, 2019#             November 8, 2019                   November 26, 2019    CODE 23-110
    March 14, 2020#+              February 14, 2020                  March 3, 2020        PIONEER CODE: 23088
    May 2, 2020#,                 April 3, 2020                      April 21, 2019       SKYLINE CODE: 230089
    June 6, 2020#                 May 8, 2020                        May 27, 2020
       *Test given at Huron            #Test given at Pioneer             ~No Ann Arbor Site       ^Language with Listening      +SAT 1 Only

Community 2019-2020 Guide for Students and Parents School Starts Tuesday, September 3 - Ann ...
2019-2020 CALENDAR

   Aug 12        Secretaries Return                                    Feb 6        Incoming 9th Gr. Information Meeting
   Aug 14        CR Application Opens                                 Feb 10        NAAPID/Social
   Aug 15        Counselors Return                                     TBA          Incoming 9th Gr. Information Meeting
   Aug 20        Split Enrollment Begins                              Feb 12        Count Day – Friday Schedule
   Aug 26        Teachers Return                                      Feb 14        Lottery Applications Due
   Sep 2         Labor Day – No School                                Feb 17        Student Numbers Posted on Website for Lottery
   Sep 3         Opening Day Ceremony at St. Andrews                  Feb 18        Lottery Random Selection
   Sep 6         Picture Day - Mandatory for ID                       Feb 21        End of Interim – 3rd Quarter
   Sep 7         CR Deadline - Friday Schedule                        Feb 25        Early Release - Shortened Friday Schedule
   Sep 10        CHS Capsule Night 6:00-9:00pm                        Feb 27        Connect with Community
   Sep 11        Senior Meeting                                       Feb 28        Tuesday Schedule
   Sep 12        New Student Orientation                               Mar 6        Lottery Commitment to CHS
   Sep 13        Drop/Add District Deadline for Classes               Mar 10        Election Day - No School
   Sep 13        Lunch Time Club Fair - Altered Friday Schedule       Mar 12        Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:30pm - 6:30pm
   Sep 16        Junior Meeting                                       Mar 13        Pi Day
   Sep 25        Early Release - Shortened Friday Schedule            Mar 21        WMU Jazz Fest
   Sep 28        End of Interim – 1st Quarter                         Mar 27        End of 3rd Quarter
    Oct 2        Count Day – Friday Schedule                       Mar 28 - Apr 5   Spring Break – No School
    Oct 4        FORUM DAY – CHS Students Only                         Apr 6        School Resumes
    Oct 7        CHS Flu Shot Clinic                                  Apr 10        No School for Students & Staff
   Oct 10        Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:30 - 6:30pm             Apr 14        SAT for 11th Grade
                  (FAFSA Night for Seniors at 6PM)                    Apr 14        PSAT for 9th Grade
   Oct 11        Wednesday Schedule                                   Apr 14        No regular classes meet (classwork make-up day)
   Oct 14        Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:30 – 7:30pm             Apr 15        ACT WorkKeys for 11th Grade
   Oct 16        PSAT for Juniors - Shortened Wednesday Schedule      Apr 15        PSAT for 10th Grade
   Oct 18        Picture Retake Day                                   Apr 15        Late Start for 9th & 12th Grades - Modified Friday Schedule
   Oct 23        Early Release - Shortened Friday Schedule            Apr 17        Wednesday Schedule
   Oct 25        Halloween Dance                                      Apr 22        MSTEP Testing for Juniors - Friday Schedule
   Nov 1         End of 1st Quarter                                   Apr 22        Arts, Science & Letters Night
   Nov 5         Election Day – No School                             Apr 24        Wednesday Schedule
   Nov 8         Tuesday Schedule                                     Apr 29        NHS Induction
   Nov 12        Food Gatherers Kick-Off                               May 5        Election Day - No School
   Nov 22        Monday Schedule                                       May 7        Community Service Work Day (NSAU) - Early Release
   Nov 25        Tuesday Schedule                                      May 7        Early Release for Transition Day
   Nov 26        Multi-Culti Celebration                               May 8        End of Interim (4th Quarter) - Tuesday Schedule
 Nov 27 - 29     Thanksgiving Break – No School                        May 8        CHS Prom
    Dec 2        School Resumes                                       May 15        FORUM DAY – CHS Students Only
    Dec 2        CR Pre-Registration                                  May 18        Jazz Band at the ARK
    Dec 6        End of Interim - 2nd Quarter                         May 19        Senior Meeting
   Dec 13        Junior Pizza Lunch                                   May 20        Early Release - Shortened Wednesday Schedule
   Dec 13        CR Deadline                                          May 20        Communicator Banquet
   Dec 17        Winter Jazz Concert at the Neutral Zone              May 21        Senior Celebration
   Dec 20        Registration for 2nd Semester                        May 22        Field Day – CHS Students Only
Dec 23 - Jan 3   Winter Break – No School                             May 25        Memorial Day – No School
    Jan 6        School Resumes                                       May 28        CET Banquet
    Jan 6        CR Pre-Registration                                  May 29        Monday Schedule
   Jan 14        Lottery Application Period Opens                      Jun 5        Graduation at Hill Auditorium at 7:00pm
   Jan 16        Incoming 9th Gr. Information Meeting                  Jun 5        End of 4th Quarter
   Jan 16        Split Enrollment Begins - 2nd Semester                Jun 8        Registration for Fall 2021
   Jan 17        MLK Day Assembly - Altered Friday Schedule         Jun 9 - 12      Final Exams
   Jan 17        CR Deadline                                          Jun 12        End of 2nd Semester
   Jan 17        End of 2nd Quarter                                   Jun 12        Make-Up Exams by Appointment Only
   Jan 20        No School for Students & Staff (MLK Day)
 Jan 21 - 24     Final Exams
   Jan 24        End of 1st Semester
   Jan 27        2nd Semester Begins
   Jan 31        Drop/Add District Deadline for Classes

                                        Calendar Items are subject to change.
                 Please see the CHS website for the most up-to-date information:

Community 2019-2020 Guide for Students and Parents School Starts Tuesday, September 3 - Ann ...

    District provided materials are expected to be returned to the school     • Student will sign and date receipt indicating return of material
    in satisfactory condition. These materials include such items as            and a copy will be mailed home with the final report card.
    textbooks, library books, calculators, band and orchestra
    instruments, and other tools loaned to students during the academic       Determining and resolving obligations
    year. If school personnel determine materials to be in unsatisfactory
                                                                          •   If district material is returned and it is determined to be damaged, or
    condition upon its return, the school has the right to collect an
                                                                              beyond reasonable wear, fees will be assessed and student and
    amount equal to the replacement of the material.
                                                                              parent notified in writing.
    Alternative arrangements can be made for the collection of                • Fees for unreturned books or other materials will be based on
    replacement value of the item. Until collection is complete, this is         replacement cost and on depreciation or age of the item.
    considered an outstanding fine or obligation, which must be               • The price list and depreciation schedule will be made available in
    resolved before the end of the school year.                                  the school’s main office.
                                                                              • Principal is responsible for notifying the student and parent in
At NO TIME will a student be denied access to educational                        writing that fees are owed.
facilities or resources directly related to the free and                      • Parents should be informed that the final report card will be held
appropriate public education of that student pending the                         for pick up from the school until the obligation is met or
resolution of outstanding fines or obligations.                                  arrangements are made to meet the obligation.
                                                                              • Outstanding obligations must be resolved by June 30 of the current
    Materials include, but are not limited to:                                   school year.
    • Textbooks
    • Supplies and books from the media center                                Alternative arrangements to meet the obligation
    • Musical scores (sheet music)                                            If materials are not returned or are returned in unsatisfactory
                                                                              condition, the principal may:
    • Musical instruments
    • Reference publications                                                  • Seek an agreement with the parent or student to reimburse
    • Maps                                                                       incrementally over an agreed upon period of time.
    • Films, filmstrips, tapes, slides, photos                                • Accept a modified reimbursement due to hardship.
    • Computers and computer software and other electronic media              • Accept a reason given for non-return or non-payment involving
    • Recorders, projectors, cameras                                             hardship or other special circumstance.
    • Calculator
    • Any district property that is on loan to the student                    Consequences of unresolved obligations
                                                                              • Students will be prohibited from participating in non-educational,
    Definition of “Satisfactory Condition”                                      extra-curricular activities such as athletics, performing arts, etc.
    Textbooks or other materials that are returned in comparable              • Parents of 12th grade students (seniors) with outstanding
    condition to the time they were issued to the student, allowing for         obligations will be notified in writing that their student is prohibited
    ordinary wear.                                                              from participating in senior activities such as prom and graduation
                                                                                ceremonies unless the obligation is resolved prior to the time of
    Who makes the decision on the condition of returned material?               the events.
    The principal or designee who is responsible for issuing or collecting
    the material is responsible for making the determination on the           • NO student shall miss instructional time nor will a student’s grade
    condition of the material based on replacement costs and                    be affected due to outstanding obligations.
    depreciation.                                                             • Unresolved obligations can be appealed to the appropriate level
    Procedure for issuing material:
    • All issued materials will be inscribed with a unique
    • The unique identifier, condition of material, date issued and
      name of student will be recorded.
    • Student will sign and date receipt for material indicating
      agreement of the condition of the material.
    • A copy of the document signed by the student will be sent
      to the parent/guardian.

    Procedure for return of material/item:
    • Students and parents are informed of the procedure to return
      the material.
    • All materials should be returned to the issuing or designated
      staff member, if possible.
    • The staff member receiving returned material will record
      condition of material.


HOME ACCESS VIEW RIGHTS                                            VIEWING THE CHECKOUT RECORD
Students and parents may now view their Community Media            By default, the screen opens to search the catalog of CHS Media
Center and Book Depository loan records from home. Utilizing       Center. In the top navigation bar on the left side, beneath
Destiny, a web-based program, and their student login name         Community High School, Ann Arbor MI, is the MY INFO button.
and student ID number, students and parents may now review
at any time what items are still on loan and what fines or         Clicking on this button will allow you to view the ITEMS OUT from
obligations, if any, have been applied. Please note: obligations   both the Media Center [Library Materials] and Book depository
must still be cleared from wherever the item was borrowed –        [Textbooks].
either the Media Center or the Book Depository – from the
school that the item was checked out; Community, Pioneer,          It will also give you information on fines posted to your account.
Huron or Skyline.                                                  Media Center fines are 5 cents per day and max out at $5.00 for
                                                                   each book that is late, while textbook fines represent replacement
DIRECTIONS FOR HOME ACCESS                                         cost for a damaged or lost textbook. Both our Media center and
From the Community High School website home page:                  Book Depository charge for lost or damaged books. Receipts are                                                provided for payment by cash or check only. Checks must be
• Click on the MEDIA CENTER tab at the top of the webpage          payable to: Community High School. No credit cards are
                                                                   accepted at this time.
• Click on the LIBRARY CATALOG tab at the top of the
                                                                   Under ITEMS OUT you will see: date due, title of item, book price
• Click on the DESTINY QUEST link on the left side of the          and date checked out. The Community High School and
  webpage                                                          Textbook Depository utilize different due dates.
• Click on the LOGIN link in the upper right-hand corner of the
  webpage.                                                         Questions or inquiries are always welcomed so please feel free
                                                                   to contact us during the school day at the following phone
LOGIN using the same information that students use to access       numbers for assistance - Community High School Media Center:
student server space. Remember that it is case sensitive:          (734) 994-2025 Extension #36428. Community High
Graduation year-last name-first name-middle initial                School Book Depository: (734) 994-2021
[2012SmithJohnM] - Password: Student ID number


 Each student must earn 18 Credits distributed among the required areas of study as specified below:

 TOTAL CREDITS NEEDED TO GRADUATE - 22                             WORLD LANGUAGE 2.0
                                                                   (2 YEARS OF CONSECUTIVE LANGUAGE)
                                                                   PHYSICAL EDUCATION .5
 ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS 4.0                                         .5 PERSONAL FITNESS
 3.5 ENGLISH & LIT ELECTIVES                                       HEALTH       .5

 MATH 4.0                                                          ALSO REQUIRED: ONLINE LEARNING AS DESCRIBED IN
 1.0 ALGEBRA           1.0 GEOMETRY                                SCHOOL CODE SECTION 280.1278A
                       OR MATH RELATED COURSE                      ELECTIVES         4.0
 1.0 FOS I                                                         OTHER WAYS TO EARN CREDIT – Dual Enrollment in college
 1.0 FOS II                                                        classes (per District guidelines), Split Enrollment at Huron, Pioneer
 1.0 FOS III                                                       or Skyline, Community Resource Classes, or Online Classes.

 SOCIAL STUDIES 3.0                                                Michigan Merit Exam (MME) - Participation in the Michigan Merit
  .5 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT (CIVICS)                             Exam is required for graduation from the Ann Arbor Public
  .5 ECONOMICS                                                     Schools. The test is offered in the Spring of 11th grade. Students
 1.0 WORLD HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY                                     who do not have a valid score from 11th grade have another
 1.0 UNITED STATES HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY                             opportunity to take the exam in the 12th grade.

    Generally, to earn a high school diploma, a student must satisfy      For all students, a personal curriculum must incorporate as much
    the requirements of Michigan's Merit Curriculum. The District         of the Michigan Merit Curriculum content expectations as is
    may modify those requirements, however, by developing a               practicable for the student, must include measurable goals for the
    personal curriculum for a student. All students are entitled to a     student to achieve while in high school, must include a method to
    personal curriculum. A parent or guardian of a student who has        evaluate whether the student met those goals, and must align
    completed 9th grade (or the student is at least 18 years old or       with the student's educational development plan.
    emancipated), or a student's teacher or counselor, may request
    a personal curriculum by contacting your student’s counselor.         Before a personal curriculum becomes effective, school
                                                                          administration, the SISS Department, and the student’s parent or
    A group that includes the student, the student's parent or            guardian (or the student if at least 18 or emancipated) must agree
    guardian, a teacher, and guidance counselor, or person acting         to its terms. Once effective, the student’s parent or guardian (or
    in a counseling role, will consider the request. If the personal      the student if at least 18 or emancipated) must communicate with
    curriculum request is made by a student who is at least 18 or         each of the student’s teachers to monitor the student’s progress
    who is emancipated, or by a parent or guardian, the group will        on the personal curriculum goals.
    grant the request and will develop a personal curriculum for the
    student. For all other requests, the group will develop a personal    A student who successfully satisfies his or her personal
    curriculum if the group determines one is appropriate. For most       curriculum may earn a high school diploma even if the student
    students, the group that develops the personal curriculum may         does not otherwise satisfy all of the Michigan Merit Curriculum
    make only certain modifications to the Merit Curriculum.              requirements. For more information see the district website:
                                                                 under “Students and Families”.
    For students with disabilities under the Individuals with
    Disabilities Education Act and for certain students transferring to
    the District from a nonpublic school or from out of state, the
    group may make additional modifications.

     All absences are entered in the computerized system as               Daily attendance in class is an important factor of student
     unexcused unless a parent/guardian reports the absence               success in school to keep up with class work, class participation,
     properly. Unexcused absences will affect student grades and          and the contribution students make to each other’s learning.
     may jeopardize student enrollment at Community High School.          Students are expected to attend class daily and on time.
     Please follow the instructions below when reporting a student
     absence (you may want to cut the box out and keep it near your       Excused absences are those that are reported to the school by
     telephone for quick reference):                                      the student’s parent/guardian (or Dean) within 48 hours of the
                                                                          absence. The following are acceptable reasons for a student to
                                                                          be absent from school with an excused absence:
           Community High School Absence                                        •   Personal illness of student or family member
               Reporting Procedure                                              •   Death of an immediate family member
                                                                                •   Verified medical or dental care
    Whenever a student is absent from school, the parent/
    guardian should call 994-2021 before 8:00 AM of the                         •   Observance of religious holiday
    day of the absence to notify CHS of the reason for a                        •   Verified legal proceeding
    student’s absence. A voice mail message can be left. A                      •   Emergency childcare situation
    written explanation signed by the parent/guardian can
                                                                                •   Unexpected transportation difficulties
    also be brought to the Main Office within 48 hours of the
    absence.                                                                    •   Emergency removal for administrative reasons
                                                                                •   Approved school-sponsored or school-related activity
    Be sure to include all of the information below:                            •   Suspension from school
    1. Student’s first and last name (If not a full-time CHS                    •   Other activities approved by school administration
        student, please also leave the student’s ID #)
    2. Parent/guardian’s first and last name, and                         Pre-Planned Activity/Vacation Forms must be completed and
        relationship to student                                           returned in advance if a student is absent 3 school days or more.
    3. Dates and times of absence (i.e. all day, Blocks,                  The forms are available from the Attendance Office, which is
                                                                          located in the Main Office.
        AM classes, PM classes, or specific times absent)
    4. Reason for absence                                                 Any absences, unexcused or excused will result in loss of valuable
    5. Phone number for verification                                      instructional time.

    The Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education recognizes              •   Adversely affecting the ability of a student to participate in or
    that a safe and civil environment within the school community is            benefit from the school district's or public school's educational
    necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic                   programs or activities by placing the student in reasonable
    standards. The District finds that bullying/cyberbullying, like other       fear of physical harm or by causing substantial emotional
    disruptive or violent behavior, is conduct that disrupts both a             distress.
    student's ability to learn and a school's ability to educate its        •   Having an actual and substantial detrimental effect on a
    students in a safe environment.             This policy prohibits           student’s physical or mental health.
    bullying/cyberbullying "at school" as defined below, as well as off-    •   Causing substantial disruption, or substantial interference
    campus conduct that could likely lead to a material or substantial          with, the orderly operation of the school.
    disruption of the school learning environment for one or more
    students. This policy is intended to protect all students from          Responsible School Official
    bullying/cyberbullying regardless of the subject matter or              The principal of each school building is primarily responsible for
    motivation for the behavior.                                            implementing this policy for the school to which he or she is
    This policy prohibits bullying/cyberbullying against students in
    any form, regardless of its subject matter or motivating animus.        Reporting
    Retaliation or false accusation against a target of                     Any student who believes they have been, or are currently, the
    bullying/cyberbullying, a witness or another person with reliable       victim of bullying/cyberbullying or retaliation, should immediately
    information about an act of bullying/cyberbullying, is also             report the situation to the school principal. The student may also
    prohibited.                                                             report concerns to a teacher or counselor who will be responsible
                                                                            for notifying the building principal.
    The Superintendent shall ensure implementation of this policy
    and develop ongoing strategies for environmental change that            Investigation
    are shared annually with all district staff.                            All reports about bullying/cyberbullying behavior, or other
                                                                            complaints that may violate this policy, shall be promptly
    The Board of Education delegates to the Superintendent the              investigated.    The Board of Education delegates to the
    function of implementing administrative procedures which                Superintendent the responsibility of establishing and implementing
    provide for notification of the parents/guardians of both victims       a procedure for the prompt investigation of a report of bullying or
    and perpetrators of bullying.                                           related complaint to be followed by a school principal or assistant
                                                                            principal who receives a report of a violation of this policy.
                                                                            If the investigation concludes that bullying/cyberbullying behavior
    "At School" means in a classroom, anywhere else on school               or other prohibited activity has occurred, it will result in prompt and
    premises, on a school bus or other school-related vehicle, and at       appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.
    a school-sponsored activity or event, whether or not the activity       Individuals may also be referred to law enforcement officials.
    or event is held on school premises. "At School" includes the off
    premises use of a telecommunications access device or the               The complainant shall be notified of the findings of the
    telecommunications service provider if the device or service            investigation, and as appropriate, that remedial action has been
    provider is owned by or under the control of the District. "Bullying"   taken.
    means any written, verbal or physical act, or any electronic
    communication, that is intended or that a reasonable person             A person who reports an act of bullying/cyberbullying will be
    would know is likely to harm one or more students either directly       assured confidentiality as allowed by law. Those individuals
    or indirectly by doing any of the following:                            investigating any complaints of bullying/cyberbullying will follow
                                                                            protocols to assure confidentiality as allowed by law.
    •   Substantially interfering with educational opportunities,
        benefits, or programs of one or more students;                      Record-Keeping
    •   Adversely affecting the ability of a student to participate in or   The Board of Education delegates to the Superintendent the
        benefit from the school district's or public school's educational   function of establishing a procedure to document the report of any
        programs or activities by placing the student in reasonable         prohibited incident.
        fear of physical harm or by causing substantial emotional
        distress;                                                           Verified incidents of bullying/cyberbullying and the resulting
    •   Having an actual and substantial detrimental effect on a            consequences, including discipline and referrals, shall be reported
        student’s physical or mental health;                                to the Board of Education on at least an annual basis.
    •   Causing substantial disruption in, or substantial interference
        with the orderly operation of the school.                           This policy and related information will be published and
                                                                            disseminated annually as part of the Rights & Responsibilities
    Cyberbullying-"Cyberbullying"        means    any      electronic       Handbook, the Board Policy Book, all website references, and in
    communication that is intended or that a reasonable person              any other media in which it may appear.
    would know is likely to harm 1 or more students either directly or
    indirectly by doing any of the following:                               Reporting to MDE
                                                                            The Superintendent or designee shall report incidents of
•       Substantially interfering with educational opportunities,           bullying/cyberbullying to MDE on an annual basis through the
        benefits, or programs of 1 or more students.                        School Infrastructure Database (SID) end of year submission.

             Ann Arbor Public Schools will abide by all legislation that may be passed after the printing of this document.
RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES for Students, Teachers, Staff, Parents, Guardians

     Controlled Substances/Alcoholic Beverages                            Action Levels for Violation of the Controlled Substance/
     The Ann Arbor Public School district is dedicated to providing
                                                                          Alcoholic Beverage Code of Conduct
                                                                          A. Use and/or possession of tobacco products and/or smoking
     a healthy, comfortable and productive environment for all
                                                                          paraphernalia Level 1-2
     members of the school community. Because possession or use
     of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs by students is a deterrent
                                                                          B. Use and/or possession of alcohol and/or any illegal or
     to learning, disruptive to every aspect of school life and
                                                                          unauthorized medicines, inhalants, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or
     detrimental to the health and safety of the students, the district
                                                                          narcotics including marijuana, hallucinogen, stimulant, depressant
     is committed to providing a safe school environment that is free
                                                                          or other controlled substance or counterfeit substances not
     of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, which eliminate
                                                                          intended for human consumption or controlled substance
     disruptions to the learning environment and health/safety risks
                                                                          analogue intended for human consumption (not medically
     caused by substance abuse behaviors.
                                                                          prescribed for individual and administered according to the
                                                                          district’s medication policy). This includes nonprescription over-
     Because the negative and disruptive impact of alcohol,
                                                                          the-counter medications.
     tobacco, and other drugs is not limited to conduct which solely
     occurs on school property or at school activities, a student is
                                                                          I. First Offense – 10-day suspension can be mitigated to 3 days if
     subject to disciplinary consequences for violating the behavior
                                                                          evidence is provided of scheduled appointments of 4-6 hours of
     and safety regulations regardless of the date, time, or place of
                                                                          drug treatment and education classes. (The District can provide
     the violation.
                                                                          resources for this treatment and classes). The remaining 7 days of
                                                                          the suspension will be held to be served if agreed-upon
     As partners with the district in promoting healthy behavior,
                                                                          intervention is not completed within 6 weeks. Proof of attendance
     parents should encourage their child to comply with the student
                                                                          is required and to be provided to the school administrator upon
     behavior and safety regulations related to alcohol, tobacco,
                                                                          completion of the classes and/or treatment. At that time, the
     and other drugs.
                                                                          remaining 7 days of the suspension will be waived.
     The school district is committed to a three-part approach to
     controlled substances: 1) prevention, 2) intervention and            II. Second Offense – 10-day suspension can be mitigated to 5
                                                                          days if evidence is provided of scheduled appointments of 4-6
     3) support. Consequences of the unacceptable behaviors listed
                                                                          hours of drug treatment and education classes. (The District can
     in the Code of Conduct and Consequences under “Controlled
                                                                          provide resources for this treatment and classes). The remaining
     Substances/Alcoholic Beverages” section regarding alcohol
                                                                          5 days of the suspension will be held to be served if agreed-upon
     and other drugs will include disciplinary actions. Those levels
     of action are listed to the right in the next columns.               intervention is not completed within 6 weeks. Proof of attendance
                                                                          is required and to be provided to the school administrator upon
                                                                          completion of the classes and/or treatment. At that time the
     The district shall offer families a referral to a drug counseling
                                                                          remaining 5 days of the suspension will be waived.
     program at the expense of the family.
                                                                          III. Third Offense – Recommendation of long-term suspension by
     See the AAPS Rights & Responsibilities handbook for
                                                                          administrator. See “Level 4” for description of “long-term
     complete Code of Conduct and Due Process available at
     school office or online at                             suspension,” rights of student, and district process.

     Non-Discrimination Policy 5010                                        Smoking Policy 5500
     No student shall be excluded from participation in, be denied         In order to protect students and employees from an
     the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any             environment noxious to them and potentially damaging to
     educational program or activity available in any school on the        their health, and in accordance with state law, the Board
     basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed, political belief, age,    prohibits smoking of any kind, to include the use of tobacco,
     national origin, immigration status, linguistic and language          tobacco products, electronic, "vapor", or other substitute
     differences, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender      forms of cigarettes or devices, on school district property, on
     expression, socioeconomic status, height, weight, marital or          property under the control of the school district, in school
     familial status, disability or veteran status. The superintendent     buildings, grounds, indoor facilities or in school district
     or designee will handle inquiries regarding this                      vehicles, and at any district-related event.
     nondiscrimination policy.

     Medication Policy 5600
     All medications, prescription or non-prescription, are required to have written authorization by a Health Care Professional, renewed
     at the beginning of each school year. Documentation must be on file before the school district can dispense medication. “Medication”
     includes prescription, non-prescription (over-the-counter), and herbal medication, and includes those taken by mouth, by inhaler,
     emergency medication given rectally, those that are injected, and those applied to eyes, nose, or the skin.


  I want to take classes at Huron, Pioneer, or Skyline and            How do I catch a shuttle bus to Huron, Pioneer, or Skyline
  Community. How is this done?                                        Schools?
  It’s just a matter of working it out with your Forum leader and     Shuttle buses do not run during the school day. A scheduled
  counselor. The counselors here at Community will add these          school bus shuttle departs at 2:20 p.m. to transport Community
  classes. It is hard for some students to do all the traveling and   students to Pioneer, Huron and Skyline who need to take a school
  some students don’t get the full benefit of the small school        bus home. AAATA is a great option for students who need
  experience when they split schedule. Lunch and Forum are            transportation to school and during the day.
  two very important times to be at Community and really be a
  CHS student. If there is a class that isn’t offered at CHS, like    If something I own gets stolen, who do I see?
  orchestra, then it is fine to split.                                It’s best to let the Dean or Community Assistant know. Also ask
                                                                      around and some student might know what's going on. Complete
  There are so many choices, who can I ask for help?                  a loss form in the Main Office.
  Your Forum leader is the first stop. He or she will talk to you
  about what you want to do and help point you in the right           What's the smoking policy at CHS? What happens if I get
  direction. Since it’s a 1 to 27 ratio, the Forum leader gets to     caught? It’s the same as in all schools...NO SMOKING. Since we
  know you and can suggest plans for you.                             are downtown you may also get a ticket from the local beat
  How do I take AP classes?
  Why take a simulated college class when you can do the real         Can I go to the restroom during class?
  thing through the local universities? The CR department and         We don't have passes at Community and try to treat each other as
  your Forum leader will help you arrange dual enrollment.            adults. Students must follow a teacher’s guidelines, but usually we
  Students can go to Huron, Pioneer, or Skyline for the               assume everyone will act responsibly.
  Advanced Placement (AP) classes.
                                                                      If I don't like something about the school, or want to suggest
  How do I play sports at Huron, Pioneer or Skyline?                  a change, who do I see?
  Students can play sports at the high school in their attendance     Forum Council meetings are a good time to do this. Student input
  area. It’s up to the student to arrange transportation back and     is very important to the vitality of our school.
  forth for sports.
                                                                      POWERSCHOOL WEB-BASED STUDENT INFORMATION
  Is there a lunch program?                                           SYSTEM - Go to for detailed
  There are 45 minutes for lunch. This is an important time to        information and instructions.
  meet friends and to meet with teachers. We offer a small lunch
  service; many students bring their lunch or put together a
  lunch from the merchants around the school. Since CHS is an
  urban school, we consider the whole city our campus and your
  behavior in shops is considered the same as in classes.

                                                                        Corner Health Center 734-484-3600
Call 9-1-1 for Emergencies                                              Alcoholics Anonymous 734-482-5700
The Neutral Zone for education, fun and help 734-214-9995               Alateen 734-995-4949
Counseling                                                            Domestic Violence
   Ozone House 734-662-2222                                             Safe house & Assault Crisis Center 734-995-5444
   Community Support & Treatment Services 734-544-3000                  LBGTQ Youth
   or 734-544-3050                                                      Affirmations line 800-398-4297
   Suicide, Emotional Crisis Intervention 734-996-4747                  PFLAG 734-741-0659
Abuse/Neglect                                                           Neutral Zone 734-214-9995
   Ozone House 734-662-2222                                             Ozone House 734-662-2222
   Child Protective Services 855-444-3911 (24 hours)                  Affordable Healthcare
Homelessness                                                            Corner Health Center 734-484-3600
   Ozone House 734-662-2222                                             Packard Clinic 734-971-1073
   Education Project for Homeless Youth (WISD) 734-994-8100             HIV/AIDS Resource Center (HARC) 734-572-9355
   Ext 1518                                                           Pregnancy, Birth Control
   SOS Housing Access of Washtenaw County 734-961-1999                  Planned Parenthood 734-973-0710                                                        Corner Health Center 734-484-3600
   National Runaway Hotline 800-786-2929 (1-800-RUN-AWAY)             School Problems
   Safe House 734-995-5444 (24 hours)                                   Student Advocacy Center 734-482-0489
Alcohol/Drugs                                                         Tutoring
UMATS (Addiction Treatment Services) 734-764-0231                       826 Michigan 734-761-3463
                                                                        Neutral Zone 734-214-9995

Community   HIGH SCHOOL
                                               401 N. Division
                                    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
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