APPOINTMENT OF HEAD SEPTEMBER 2021 - CANDIDATE BRIEF - IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54 acres of woodland for children ...

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APPOINTMENT OF HEAD SEPTEMBER 2021 - CANDIDATE BRIEF - IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54 acres of woodland for children ...
IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54
acres of woodland for children aged 3-13 years

                                                    APPOINTMENT OF HEAD
                                                       SEPTEMBER 2021

                                                            CANDIDATE BRIEF
APPOINTMENT OF HEAD SEPTEMBER 2021 - CANDIDATE BRIEF - IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54 acres of woodland for children ...
    Background                                                 3
    History and School Grounds                                 4
    Vision and Values                                          5
    Governance, Strategic Development Plan, School Finances    6
    Leadership and staff                                       7
    Structure of the School                                    8
    Senior Schools Results and Scholarships                   10
    Co-Curricular Activities                                  11
    Extra-Curricular Opportunities                            13
    The Great Outdoors                                        14
    Pastoral Care, Boarding                                   15
    The School Community                                      16

    Key Responsibilities                                      17
    Key Accountabilities                                      18

    Qualifications and Experience                             20
    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities                           20
    Personal Attributes                                       21

    Terms and Conditions                                      22
    Spouse/Partner                                            22
    Application Process                                       23

APPOINTMENT OF HEAD SEPTEMBER 2021 - CANDIDATE BRIEF - IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54 acres of woodland for children ...
The current Head of St Andrew’s, Jon Bartlett,          The next Head will be responsible for ensuring
has made an enormous and important impact               that St Andrew’s remains highly successful and
on the continuous development of the                    ambitious academically, that it offers a thriving
School, and it is with much regret that he has          sports and diverse outdoor programme, a range
announced his intention to move for family              of cultural and recreational opportunities, and is
reasons to a new post in the United States in           a happy, inclusive and collaborative community
September 2021.                                         of pupils, staff and parents. The new Head will
                                                        work with his or her Senior Leadership Team
Consequently the Governors are seeking to               and Governors to deliver the school’s strategic
appoint a charismatic, strategically minded, and        objectives and the School Development Plan.
inspirational leader for the School.
                                                        The next Head will need to be dynamic,
St Andrew’s is a leading IAPS co-educational            decisive and bring the personal attributes and
school with around 280 pupils aged 3 to 13. It is       skills required in order to inspire confidence
principally a day school (Monday to Friday) that        throughout the school community. The
has retained a boarding ethos with weekly and           Governors are looking for an exceptional
occasional boarders. The School is set in 54 acres of   individual who recognises and supports the
magnificent playing fields and woodland three miles     School’s ethos, values and qualities that make it
from Pangbourne in the Berkshire countryside.           the special place it is today whilst also bringing
                                                        the ambition, tenacity and resilience required
St Andrew’s combines the highest standards of           to ensure the School continues to thrive in a
a traditional prep school with forward-thinking         market environment that presents a range of
plans and aspirations. In recent years there has        challenges as well as opportunities.
been substantial investment in both the fabric
of the school and the curriculum, with further          The successful candidate should be determined
developments planned. The environment is                to leave the School even stronger than when he
purposeful and happy, with a strong sense               or she arrived.
of the unique St Andrew’s identity. With a
commitment to academic rigour and pastoral
care, developing intellectual character and
independent thinking are at the forefront of all
that the School provides.

APPOINTMENT OF HEAD SEPTEMBER 2021 - CANDIDATE BRIEF - IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54 acres of woodland for children ...
History and School Grounds
    St Andrew’s was founded in 1934 with just two staff and eight boys, RW
    Robertson Glasgow and W Ward Clarke were joint Headmasters when
    the School opened its doors for the first time. Since then St Andrew’s has
    steadily grown to its present size of just under 300 boys and girls.

    The original Victorian Gothic building was Buckhold, an 1885 house
    designed by Alfred Waterhouse, which still forms the core of the School
    today. Over the years it has been converted and significantly extended.
    Additions include a modern Pre-Prep, Nursery, Music Centre, Art
    and Design Facilities, Drama Studio, teaching block including science
    laboratories, and a new Sports Centre with indoor swimming pool, climbing
    wall and drama and dance studio.

      “The school occupies a rather delicious gothic revival pile designed by Alfred
      Waterhouse. Lawns roll down to meadows and woodland, in total 54 acres of
      greenest Berkshire” 					                              Good Schools Guide

    School Grounds
    The approach to the School is a half mile driveway through a 54 acre site,
    surrounded by horses and woodland, from which can be seen the School
    pitches, astro-turf, the Chapel, music rooms and Sports Centre. Behind the
    main buildings is the South Lawn, with zip wire, climbing wall and adventure
    play area and the many woodland copses, loved by pupils for years and
    home to innumerable dens. The modern buildings blend seamlessly with the
    old, on a beautifully maintained campus, and pupils enjoy the great outdoors
    as red kites fly overhead and pheasants stroll along the paths.

    The School is 3 miles from Pangbourne in the depths of the Berkshire
    countryside, 15 minutes from both Reading (with imminent Crossrail) and
    Newbury. It is well-placed to attract pupils from a wide catchment area and
    the increasing number of families relocating from London.

APPOINTMENT OF HEAD SEPTEMBER 2021 - CANDIDATE BRIEF - IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54 acres of woodland for children ...
Vision and Values
The vision and aims of St Andrew’s are to provide an all-round and forward-
thinking education which cherishes each child’s individuality whilst nurturing
their happiness, confidence and passion; preparing children to be positive
contributors in life. Pupils are actively encouraged to strive in all areas of
their learning and to uphold the School motto, ‘Altiora Petimus’ (‘to seek
higher things’).

Six core values are promoted in everything the School does:

       Compassion - kindness, respect, empathy, manners
       Collaboration - teamwork, flexibility, communication
       Commitment - resilience, perseverance, motivation, determination
       Courage - honesty, confidence, initiative, leadership
       Curiosity - enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, interest
       Creativity - originality, reflectiveness, risk taking, observation

To achieve this, the School aims to:
 • Give all pupils, whatever their ability, the opportunity to flourish
 • Teach the children to be independent learners with enquiring minds; to
   create a joyful learning environment where pupils can engage fully in all
   aspects of discussion and take pride in their work.
 • Provide a breadth of opportunity including innovative sports provision,
   outstanding creative, music and performing arts opportunities and a full
   programme of fun and challenging activities.
 • Have a high emphasis on pastoral care, social skills and developing good
   manners. The School’s codes of conduct permeate daily life and children
   develop the skills to become positive members of society.
 • Create an environment where boys and girls discover their passion and
   leave filled with a zest for learning.
 • Build a supportive, cohesive and open-minded environment of pupils,
   parents, staff, alumni and community.
 • Prepare pupils to be well-rounded individuals and move on to the senior
   school of their choice.

APPOINTMENT OF HEAD SEPTEMBER 2021 - CANDIDATE BRIEF - IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54 acres of woodland for children ...
Governance                                          refurbishment of Year 3 and 4 classrooms and
    St Andrew’s benefits from a Board of 11             the building of the new Sports Centre including
    Governors with a wide range of experience           an indoor pool and dance/multi-purpose studio.
    and expertise in education, finance, legal/HR,
    medical, marketing, buildings, ICT and business.    Current development plans include extending
    The relationship between the Governors              the outdoor learning opportunities for all age
    and the Head, Bursar and staff is warm and          groups and introducing ICT both within the
    supportive.                                         curriculum and the School operation; increasing
                                                        the range of parents’ workshops; an increased
    There are two main Governors’ committees            emphasis on the environment; the creation of a
    which meet each term - Finance (attended by         mountain bike course and the development of a
    the Head and Bursar) and Education & Welfare        Performing Arts Centre.
    (attended by the Head and senior members
    of staff as required). They report and make         The Strategic Development Plan is updated
    recommendations to the termly meetings of           annually.
    the Governing Body, which also holds an annual
    Strategy Meeting. The Committees are further
    divided as required into Property, ICT, Bursaries   School Finances
    and Governance (which includes Nominations),        Financial management is strong, with the healthy
    and in addition individual governors have           balance sheet and pupil numbers enabling the
    responsibility for safeguarding and Health &        School to build the new £4m Sports Centre.
    Safety. The Bursar is Clerk to the Governors        Fee income balances expenditure and has
    and acts as Secretary.                              provided a surplus adequate for loan servicing
                                                        and future development.

    Strategic Development Plan                          The School has emerged well from the effects
    During the last five years there have been          of Covid-19 so far but nevertheless sensible
    developments in the Academic curriculum,            steps are being taken to protect the financial
    dramatic improvements in Information                position of the School, and capital projects are
    Technology, increased environmental awareness,      likely to be delayed.
    and major improvements to communications.
    The most significant facilities developments have   The School is a registered charity that is
    been a refurbished boarding house, new surgery      committed to providing public benefit.
    and sickbay, a full-sized astro turf, a seminar
    room for small class teaching and meetings,

APPOINTMENT OF HEAD SEPTEMBER 2021 - CANDIDATE BRIEF - IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54 acres of woodland for children ...
Leadership and Staff
Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
The Senior Leadership Team is responsible for the day to day running and
strategic development of the School. It consists of the Headmaster, Deputy
Head (Academic), Deputy Head (Pastoral), Head of Pre-Prep and Bursar

Senior Management Team (SMT)
The main focus of the Senior Management Team (SLT plus 7 or 8 senior
staff) is the week to week operations and planning of the School.

Committees and Meetings
There are two principal committees, Teaching & Learning and Pastoral &
Welfare. The Heads of Department and the Communication, Marketing and
Admissions team both meet regularly.

The Head leads a committed and dedicated staffroom of 43, including some
part time, and in addition 18 teaching assistants many of them part time.
They are a strength of the School, an exciting blend of the experienced
with the newly qualified. In addition, there are 15 visiting music specialists
teaching instrumental music. The Head is supported by a P.A. who is also the
Registrar. Two teachers are OSAs (former pupils), as are gap students and
many current parents. 12 members of staff are currently resident on site,
including the Headmaster and his family.

The Head is supported by a strong administrative team led by the Bursar.
The Bursar is responsible for the management of the Finance, Catering
and Domestic, Estates, ICT, Administration and HR functions and also
has primary responsibility for Health & Safety and compliance, excluding
safeguarding; this amounts to 20 support staff, in addition to the outsourced
catering function with 8 staff.

With the support of the staff the School withdrew from the Teachers
Pension Scheme in May 2020 and all staff were enrolled in the flexible
alternative pension scheme for teachers in Independent Schools (APTIS).

APPOINTMENT OF HEAD SEPTEMBER 2021 - CANDIDATE BRIEF - IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54 acres of woodland for children ...
Structure of the School
    From Nursery to Year 8 there is an emphasis on academic enquiry to keep
    the inquisitive mind busy and develop independent learning. The School
    provides stimulating, challenging lessons delivered by inspiring teachers.

    Teaching and Learning is at the forefront of life at St Andrew’s, and the
    Enrichment programme is designed to add to the breadth of the curriculum
    with a carousel of Co-Curricular Activities. Individualised one-to-one
    teaching is offered by teachers who are qualified in Specific Learning

    The School is organised in two sections, Pre-Prep and Prep. Pre-Prep is
    further organised into two stages of Early Years (Nursery and Reception)
    and Years 1& 2, and Prep into two stages, Juniors (Years 3 to 5) and Seniors
    (Years 6 to 8). Pupils move seamlessly from one stage to the next.

APPOINTMENT OF HEAD SEPTEMBER 2021 - CANDIDATE BRIEF - IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54 acres of woodland for children ...
Pre-Prep                                                                           Prep - Years 3 to 8
The Pre-Prep occupies its own purpose-built buildings, with the addition of        As a pupil moves up the School there are significant changes in the tenor
safe and secure gardens, adventure playground, bicycle play area and giant         and pace of lessons to ensure that intellectual growth and challenge are
sand pit, as well as the School woods. A good start is key and Pre-Prep            maintained. The curriculum covers a wide range of academic subjects as well
provides a strong foundation for pupils to achieve academically.                   as an enrichment programme. There are classes for potential scholarship
                                                                                   pupils as well as Learning Skills lessons for those who need a helping hand.
Early Years: In the Nursery children are given unpressurised time to develop
as individuals, form relationships, and develop their innate creativity and love   Juniors: From Year 5, pupils are introduced to prep (homework) to learn
of learning. In Reception the growth of social skills and empathy towards          the important skill of independent study. Pupils are also helped along the
others is actively encouraged, in addition to a strong sense of self-belief and    way by a series of study-skills lessons and to introduce them to revision
independence. Solid foundations are laid for the pupils’ future at St Andrew’s     techniques.
and for a smooth transition into Year 1.
                                                                                   Seniors: The majority of children stay at the School for Years 7 and 8 where
Years 1 and 2: In Years 1 and 2, life becomes a little more formal, though         they take on positions of leadership within the School and where the
the emphasis is still on learning through investigation. Some areas of the         School is currently exploring an alternative curriculum in response to the
curriculum are taken by subject teachers. This, together with the increasing       changing approach to Common Entrance. Senior school assessment classes
use of Prep School facilities, helps to ensure a smooth transition into Year 3.    begin in Year 6.

APPOINTMENT OF HEAD SEPTEMBER 2021 - CANDIDATE BRIEF - IAPS coeducational day and boarding prep school set in 54 acres of woodland for children ...
Senior Schools Results and Scholarships
     Whilst entry to the School is non-selective,
     pupils invariably move on to a wide range of
     leading senior schools. The staff are extremely
     skilled in preparing pupils for the 13+ Common
     Entrance, pre-tests and other entrance tests or
     assessments to ensure a smooth transition to
     senior school.

     There is also an outstanding record of
     scholarship success. A significant number of
     pupils have been awarded scholarships each
     year; including academic, music, drama, sport, art
     and all-rounder.

     In 2019 and 2020, all leavers achieved a place at
     their school of choice.

     Recent destinations included:
      • Abingdon
      • Bradfield College
      • Canford
      • Downe House
      • Eton
      • Magdalen College School
      • Marlborough College
      • Pangbourne College
      • Queen Anne’s School
      • Radley
      • Shiplake College
      • St Edward’s Oxford
      • St Helen and St Katharine
      • The Oratory
      • Wellington

Co-Curricular Activities
The balanced timetable combines academic lessons with daily co-curricular

‘Music for All’ is a fundamental principle at St Andrew’s. Two hundred
individual lessons are timetabled each week, with fifteen visiting music
teachers. The School Orchestra and 8 bands and instrumental groups offer
opportunities for pupils to perform in a wide variety of styles. The Senior
and Junior Chapel Choirs maintain the School’s strong choral tradition, and
there is also a Pre-Prep Choir,Year 3 Choir and the St Andrew’s Singers
(which focuses on non-liturgical repertoire).

Performance opportunities abound with formal and informal concerts each
term and the annual Section Music Competition. The Senior Choir sings
Evensong at a cathedral each year.

Sport is a vital part of the pupils’ lives. They play hard with healthy
competition encouraged, but being gracious in defeat is just as important
as winning. The combination of wonderful grounds and committed staff
enthuses the pupils to strive for their best, but most of all to enjoy their
sport each and every day.

St Andrew’s punches above its sporting weight. Both boys’ and girls’ teams
have consistently achieved county, regional and national success in a variety
of sports, and the newly built Sports Centre is inspiring the pupils to yet
dizzier heights.

The ‘Sport for All’ mantra gives each of the pupils the opportunity to
flourish and live a healthy and active life, not only at St Andrew’s but at their
chosen senior schools.


     This is a tradition of St Andrew’s, and all children learn the basic skills during
     a weekly Enrichment activity in Year 3. Every year the School takes part in
     the British Schools’ Orienteering Championships, and for seven of the last
     eight years has been British Middle/Prep School Champions.

     The School was one of hosts for the first ever World Orienteering Day in
     2016, when the world record for the number of children and young people
     worldwide taking part in an orienteering event on the same day was well
     and truly broken.

     Performing Arts
     The School has its own purpose built drama studio and is planning to
     develop a Performing Arts Centre. Drama is in the timetable/curriculum
     for all age groups, and pupils have opportunities to perform in Poetry
     Competitions, Public Speaking Competitions and Balloon debates.

     There is a play or performance for every year group each year, culminating
     in the Year 8 musical, and Drama Clubs for all age groups.

     In addition to performing, there are also opportunities to learn about
     stage management and operating the School’s professional sound and light

        “Pupils’ excellent achievements are firmly supported by a diverse range
        of co-curricular activities that enable them to develop exciting new skills.”
                                                                  ISI Report 2017

Extra-Curricular Opportunities
The pupils’ love of life and zest for learning is supported by providing
them with opportunities outside the curriculum that create lifelong, happy
memories. They are given the freedom to play or explore the woods during
their breaks, often spending their time climbing trees and making dens.

The range of activities includes Enrichment, Clubs, Educational Visits,
Residential Trips, Theme Days and other Events.

School clubs include gymnastics, ballet, chess, choir, dance, drama, golf,
handwriting, horseriding, orienteering, taekwondo, tennis, typing and first aid.

When a child starts at St Andrew’s, they will be placed in one of four
Sections (Houses). They have regular Section meetings and compete against
each other in a variety of competitions throughout the year, Each Section is
associated with a different colour.

The Great Outdoors
     Valuing the outdoors and experiencing it whatever the weather is the
     fundamental essence of St Andrew’s.

     Pre-Prep pupils learn outside on part of every day, with Forest School each

     Further up the School pupils have numerous opportunities to experience
     the great outdoors. The new Outdoor Learning Area - tucked away in the
     far corner of the woods - supports the Forest School activities and the PE
     and Games curriculum for ages 3 to 13. It is also used for extra-curricular
     activities and for holiday camps.

     Crucial life skills of communication, collaboration, problem-solving and
     developing initiative and leadership are fostered in this exciting new facility.
     The woods already have their own canopied area and fixed campfires, but
     this area will be further developed and will include a mountain bike track
     and an activity trail of problem-solving activities.

Pastoral Care                                                              Boarding
St Andrew’s is renowned for providing the very highest level of pastoral   St Andrew’s offers flexi-boarding, with separate boarding wings for boys
care from Nursery through to Year 8. The availability of flexi-boarding    and girls and a total of 25 beds organised into 4 dormitories. The ethos
means all children benefit from access to matrons and staff on-site at     of boarding is one of extending the family atmosphere of the School with
all times. In the most recent ISI report pastoral care was deemed to be    an emphasis on activities, including camp-fires, cycling, climbing, bake-off
of the very highest calibre with pupils’ moral development described as    cookery sessions, crafts, trampolining, sports tournaments and playing hide-
outstanding.                                                               and-seek around the School and grounds.

With a breakfast club, early morning drop-off, a late club and the         The boarding offered by the School is an ideal introduction to living with
availability of supper, as well as flexi-boarding, the School supports     others away from home and an excellent preparation for senior school.
working families as much as it can.
                                                                           The boarding ethos is valued by all, including parents of day pupils. There is
St Andrew’s believes wholeheartedly in the academic, social and            an opportunity to expand this aspect of the School. (It has been suspended
developmental benefits of co-education. with girls and boys taught         during the Coronavirus pandemic.)
together throughout the School.
                                                                             “Boarders love the experience – hot chocolate and toast in the common room,
There are four School Councils which give the pupils a chance to             summer evenings playing tennis, swimming or ‘just lying on the grass talking”
discuss any ideas for improvement.                                                                                                   Good Schools Guide

The School Community
     FOSA: All parents, staff and governors are members of FOSA (Friends of
     St Andrew’s), which fosters the School’s strong community spirit with a
     programme of social events, parents’ fitness classes and the immensely
     popular coffee shop. It provides an opportunity for parents and children to
     mix whilst raising money for non-essential items, most recently an entire
     outdoor classroom situated in the woods.

     Wider Local Community and Community Outreach: St Andrew’s shares
     resources and facilities with local primary schools and local sports clubs.

     Global Community: The School has long-standing relationships with two
     partner schools, The Grace School in South Africa and St Peter’s in Uganda,
     with groups of pupils from St Andrew’s visiting both in recent years.

     Charities: The pupils are impressively committed to fundraising for charity,
     supporting a variety of local, national and international causes.

Key Responsibilities
To lead, inspire and enhance the School so that it fulfils the academic,
pastoral and social needs of pupils, meets the high expectations of parents
and staff and maintains and further reinforces the School as a happy place.
More specifically the key roles are to:
  • Fill the school with pupils through the recruitment of whole families.
  • Ensure that all pupils achieve levels of attainment that maximise their
    abilities, and progress to the school of their choice.
  • Protect the School family culture, in particular the pastoral support for
    which the School is well-known.
  • Recruit exceptional teaching staff and lead them with vision and
    motivation, ensuring that they receive professional development and
    career-enhancing opportunities.
  • Communicate regularly, and be available to meet with parents wherever
  • Work with the Governors and the Senior Leadership Team to develop
    and deliver the School’s Strategic Development Plan.
  • Act as an energetic ambassador for the School, working both locally and
    nationally with the wider community and consolidating a reputation of a
    school of national repute.

Key Accountabilities
The Head is responsible directly and by delegation for the strategic
leadership and day-to-day management of the School, through the use
of plans and structures which have been appropriately researched and
developed. He or she must:
  • Ensure the core values of the School continue to underpin its ethos and
    inform its policies and culture.
  • Plan and implement an effective curriculum, timetabling and the
    academic organisation of the School, and review these regularly as

• Create the appropriate balance between all areas of school life and
        activity, including those areas such as art, drama, music and sport not
        leading to formal examinations.

       • Ensure every child can develop his or her unique talents.
       • Oversee the care and development of each pupil, maintaining excellent
         academic standards within the School.
       • Monitor pupils’ progress and ensure parents are provided with regular
         and appropriate feedback.
       • Provide appropriate pastoral care and welfare for all pupils.

       • Develop excellent professional relationships with the parents of pupils.
       • Promote the School through events and other forms of effective
         communications, including personal networking, in order to establish
         positive relations with prospective and current parents.
       • Establish and maintain good relationships through regular contact with
         senior and secondary schools, and advise parents on suitable choices for
         their children.

       • Ensure that the School is staffed by high calibre professionals who are
         well trained, motivated, engaged and retained to deliver the School’s
       • Lead, manage and motivate the Senior Leadership Team, and with them
         all other staff.
       • Oversee the appointment of all teaching and some support staff
       • Encourage the continuing professional development of staff through
         regular appraisal and inset.
       • Ensure that a well-developed performance management system is
         implemented within the School in order to monitor performance and
         support the development of all staff.
       • Build on and protect the staff wellbeing programme.

Management                                                                        • To attend (with the Bursar) meetings of the Board of Governors and its
 • Provide operational leadership that inspires confidence across the               committees.
   School.                                                                        • Undertake other duties appropriate to the general purpose of the post
 • Set an example of continuous personal development, participating in              which may from time to time be reasonably assigned by the Chair of the
   appropriate training in order to maintain an up-to-date professional             Board.
 • Monitor the overall financial performance of the School and take              Development and Ambassadorial
   ultimate responsibility for meeting the annual budget agreed by the            • Be aware of trends in education, the requirements of the senior
   Governors, in both of which the Head will be assisted by the Bursar.             and secondary schools and of the National Curriculum and, where
 • Ensure that the School enjoys productive relationships with regulatory           appropriate, recommend changes to policy and practice.
   authorities and external accrediting bodies. Undertaking ongoing               • Be a member of the IAPS and BSA and will represent the School on
   evaluation and implementation of systems and practices to ensure that            other bodies which the Board deems suitable.
   the School receives successful inspection outcomes.                            • Maintain good relationships and communications within the School and
 • Develop an admissions and marketing strategy which is based on a                 with key stakeholders outside the School, including local schools, the
   realistic appraisal of the local market and the changing needs of families.      local community, professional bodies and former pupils.
 • Recruit and retain pupils, in line with agreed targets, and oversee
   admission and entrance procedures.

 • Work with the Chair to enable the Board of Governors to fulfil its
   duties and responsibilities for the proper governance of the School and
   to ensure the Board receives timely advice and appropriate information
   on all relevant matters.
 • Ensure that the School meets all its legal obligations including
   compliance with Safeguarding and Health and Safety regulations and
   other legislation as appropriate.
 • Submit policy proposals for the approval of the Board; assisting
   the Board in the development of tactical and strategic policies, and
   implementing and monitoring these policies.
 • Report regularly to the Board of Governors on progress towards the
   strategic priorities and implementation of Board policies, and of the
   achievements, events, strengths, weaknesses and KPIs of the School.
 • Ensure, in partnership with the Chair, that the Board receives sufficient
   and timely information and advice in order to make informed decisions.

THE PERSON                                                                       Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
     The successful candidate will be an inspirational leader capable of taking        • Clarity of vision with an ability to articulate such vision and translate it
     the School forward with clear vision, compassion and determination. The             into meaningful specific plans and objectives, gaining commitment from
     successful candidate will understand, value and nurture the School’s ethos          staff, parents, pupils and Governors.
     and values whilst building on its many achievements to date.                      • Ability and willingness to delegate and devolve responsibility to staff.
                                                                                       • A strong work ethic and commitment to all areas of school life.
     It is likely that the successful candidate will have the following key skills,    • Excellent communication and presentation skills (both written and
     experience and attributes:                                                          verbal) to engage in private or public with several different audiences
                                                                                         including children, parents, staff, peers and members of the wider school
     Qualifications and Experience                                                       community.
      • A University degree, with any management and leadership qualification          • Excellent decision-making and problem solving abilities including
        an advantage.                                                                    evidence of having dealt successfully with a range of challenges both
      • A proven track record of successful whole school leadership and                  strategic and operational.
        management experience and developing an open, inclusive and                    • Good financial and resource planning skills.
        collaborative working environment, probably gained in a leading                • Proficient ICT skills with an understanding of and genuine commitment
        independent preparatory or senior school.                                        to the role digital technology can play in education.
      • An in-depth understanding of the coeducational school environment              • Ability to work with conflicting demands and timescales.
        and of education for the 3-13 age group, and current opportunities and         • Excellent up to date knowledge of, and ability to manage, risk and
        challenges in the independent prep school sector.                                regulatory issues including inspection, legal compliance, child protection,
      • A love of teaching and substantial experience in curriculum development          safer recruitment and health & safety.
        and innovation.
      • An understanding of the particular features and pressures of the
        School’s catchment where both maintained and independent options
        offer strong alternatives to St Andrew’s.
      • Demonstrable experience of engaging and building relationships with the
        whole school community, both internally and externally.
      • Experience of developing, implementing and monitoring strategic plans
        in support of the aims, mission and values of a school.
      • Experience of, or the potential capacity to supervise, the full range of
        staff management processes e.g. recruitment, development, retention
        and performance management.
      • Experience of, or the potential capacity to supervise, resource
        management (financial, human and physical).
      • Detailed knowledge of the most recent safeguarding legislation and an
        understanding of whole school safeguarding policy.

Personal Attributes
 • Inspirational, determined and enthusiastic leader with a sense of gravitas
   and ability to motivate others.
 • Strategic and forward-looking with the ability to design and
   communicate effectively a clear and compelling vision.
 • A strong commitment to the academic, personal and social development
   of pupils, understanding the needs and concerns of their age group
   and having a natural empathy with them. A proven track record in
   developing pastoral excellence.
 • Open, participative, and collegiate by nature, receptive to new ideas and
   thoughts, with an ability to listen, consult, discuss and then act.
 • An excellent communicator able to establish good relationships with
   staff, pupils, Governors and parents, including prospective parents.
 • Be personable, professional, tenacious and reasonable, able to conduct
   themselves with a positive, optimistic outlook and a good sense of
 • Create a safe and happy environment within which the School
   community can work and learn. Put the welfare and best interests of the
   pupils at the forefront of all that they do.
 • An inclusive and empowering approach to management, building trust,
   inspiring confidence and fostering team spirit. Excellent judgement and
   integrity and sense of fairness.
 • Hold themselves and those under their leadership to the highest work
   ethic and standards of achievement and conduct.
 • Able to act as a visible and accessible ambassador and professional
   advocate for the School, with strong personal credibility.
 • Calm and collected under pressure. Demonstrate patience, resilience,
   energy, enthusiasm, creativity, resourcefulness, reliability and integrity.
   Approach problems thoughtfully and consultatively before reaching a
   measured conclusion and course of action.
 • Embrace respectful challenge from the Governing Board and work co-
   operatively with them in a transparent, purposeful and strategic manner.

     Terms and Conditions                               Spouse/Partner
      • Appointment to this post will be subject to     If a candidate has a spouse or partner who is
        receipt of three suitable written references    keen to play a role within the School, we would
        (including one from the candidate’s current     welcome details. Although this is by no means
        employer).                                      essential there may be an opportunity for him/
      • The Governors of St Andrew’s School are         her, dependent on qualifications and experience
        seeking someone of exceptional ability and      and on the School’s needs, and this will be
        will remunerate the successful candidate        suitably remunerated.
      • Medical insurance for the Head and his/her      If appropriate, candidates should refer in their
        dependents is available as part of a flexible   covering letter to this aspect. Their spouse/
        benefits package under the APTIS pension        partner would also be interviewed at the final
        scheme.                                         stage, and would be subject to DBS and other
      • For the better performance of the Head’s        regulatory checks. He/she should complete a
        duties it is a requirement to live on-site in   separate Application Form (suitably amended
        the rent-free seven-bedroomed family house.     to show that the application is being made
      • There is a generous fee remission for the       as the spouse/partner of an applicant for the
        Head’s children (if applicable).                Headship) and would need to provide the
      • The post will be offered subject to the         details of at least two referees in their own
        necessary pre-employment checks, including      right. These may be the same as those for the
        medical fitness and enhanced DBS check.         candidate for Headship.

The Application Process                               The Process
The recruitment and search process is being            • All applications will be acknowledged
managed by the Governors’ selection panel,               by email. If you have not received an
which consists of five governors and an external         acknowledgement within two working
adviser, Mr Andrew Nott.                                 days of sending it please contact the Head’s
                                                         PA, Mrs Carolyn Reeves (0118974 4276;
Confidential Discussion                        
If they wish, interested candidates are invited        • Candidates selected for the long list will
to contact Andrew Nott for a confidential                be contacted by 27 October or shortly
discussion prior to making an application                afterwards and invited, if they wish, to make
(; 07799 411406).               a confidential appointment to visit the
                                                         School with Mrs Reeves.
Application Documents                                  • Long list interviews with members of the
Candidates should send a completed application           Governors’ selection panel will take place
form (available here) together with a CV                 at St Andrew’s (if possible) in the week
and a covering letter (maximum 750 words)                beginning 2 November, and subsequently
addressed to Mrs F M Rutland, Chair of                   there may also be a virtual interview with
Governors, explaining their reasons for applying         members of the selection panel.
and addressing the key attributes required.            • Final round (short list) candidates will be
                                                         contacted by 9 November and interviews
These documents should be emailed as PDF                 with the Governing body will take place at
files to the recruitment panel at                        St Andrew’s (if possible) on Tuesday 17 and              Wednesday 18 November.
                                                       • In the week prior to the final interviews
Closing Date: 5.00pm, Monday 19 October 2020.            there will be an opportunity for the
                                                         candidates and their spouse/partner (if
All applications will be treated in accordance           applicable) to meet the Headmaster and his
with the Data Protection Act 2018.                       wife, to visit the Headmaster’s house, and to
                                                         meet members of the SLT/SMT.
                                                       • During that week members of the selection
All visits to the School and interviews will comply      committee would like to visit candidates at
with Covid-19 social distancing regulations, and         their current school (subject to agreement).
it may be necessary for the interviews to be held      • Final round candidates will be given details
elsewhere. Candidates will be informed of the            of the interview process, to include a
current requirements in advance of a visit.              presentation to Governors, on 11 November.

St Andrew’s School is committed to safeguarding and
       promoting the welfare of children. Applicants must share
      this commitment and be willing to undergo child protection
     screening appropriate to the post, including checks with past
         employers and subject to a successful enhanced DBS.
             St Andrew’s is an equal opportunities employer.

      St Andrew’s School, Pangbourne, Berkshire RG8 8QA • 01189744276
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