Company Pro le 2021 - ARCOGLOBAL.COM

Company Pro le 2021 - ARCOGLOBAL.COM
Company Profile 2021

arcoglobal     arcoglobal   ARCOGLOBAL.COM
Company Pro le 2021 - ARCOGLOBAL.COM
ABOUT ARCOGLOBAL                                                                                   Company Profile


               Table of
               Contents                                     From İstanbul to The
                                                            Entire Globe

                                                            arcoglobal believes in the power of innovation,
               ABOUT arcoglobal            01               craftsmanship, and expertise for 14 years. As luxury
                                                            retail shopfitters, our expertise in contracting and
                                                            millwork has paved the way to tell our success story
               SOLUTIONS                   02
                                                            today. It started in our Istanbul office and expanded
                                                            all over the globe, Dubai, London, New York and Moscow.
               GLOBAL OFFICES              04
                                                            We currently work in 6 offices, with 130 team players
                                                            and 50+ global clients at 17+ countries.
               BRANDS                      06
                                                            Paris to Tokyo, Doha to Australia
               SELECTED PROJECTS           08               We are specialized in luxury retail along with F&B and
                                                            have been giving services to the most prestigious
               OBJECTIVES                  16               international brands. Instead of working “for” them,
                                                            we always prefer to work “with” them. We stand by
                                                            them from the beginning to the end. Our approach is
               ARCOGLOBAL BY THE NUMBERS   17
                                                            to become a loyal partner. We have served brands in
                                                            numerous countries and regions such as Russia,
               TIMELINE                    18               Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

               GROUP COMPANIES             20               Together all along the way
                                                            We carry out the whole process of a turn-key service
                                                            from production to assembly, from planning to
                                                            logistics and always be present to provide for the
                                                            needs of our customers.

Company Pro le 2021 - ARCOGLOBAL.COM
SOLUTIONS                                                                                                                                                                         Company Profile

                                                                                     GENERAL CONTRACTING                                        MILLWORK

                                                                                     Sketching Stage to The End of Construction                 Wisdom of Craftsmanship
                                                                                     We provide customized services and our main priority is    The wisdom of craftsmanship is one of the things we

                                                                                     to give the flexibility required throughout the process    honor in our work as our roots come from the land of
                                                                                     according to our client’s needs. Our key account           old handcraft masters. This cultural inheritance is our
                                                                                     management plans and directs each stage and                guide paving the way of cutting-edge results by
                                                                                     updates you 24/7 for smooth delivery on the right time.    interpreting this tradition with our latest technology.
                                                                                     Our project team connects the customer, the                We teamed up and improved our skills to become an
                              We listen carefully to the brands                      architecture and the technical team. They manage the       independent company which is capable of
                              with which we work, sharing their                      entire business and process calendar sharing               managing all kinds of millwork to transform our

                              passion and vision to be able to                       responsibilities in terms of cost and quality standards.   client’s passions and dreams into perfect realities. This
                                                                                                                                                has always been one of our secrets that carries us to
                              respond to all demands with our                        From A to Z                                                our next project.
                              experienced team.                                      Our experienced team of architects, engineers, project
                                                                                     managers, workers, and office crew turn ideas into         Our R&D and engineering teams provide solutions
                                                                                     three-dimensional realities. From project management       from tailor-made to bulk-order to meet all the needs
                              arcoglobal's expertise in the retail and
                                                                                     to planning, evaluation to approval procedures and         of our clients in a timely and budget-friendly manner.
                              F&B sectors after following all the latest trends in
                                                                                     construction services...
                              the luxury retail industry: fit-out applications,
                              custom and bulk-order furniture manufacturing,         Discover Our Exclusive Cycle of Construction               Every Stage is Carried Out According to The
                              installation and maintenance, prototyping and          We work with extraordinary project managers who can        Highest Industrial Standards
                              mock-up direct account management /                    handle all the process on behalf of you. Then we plan      Thanks to our 6,000 m2 production area and our
                              dedicated account management.                          everything, including mock-ups and detailed                extensive network of supplies along with our
                                                                                     architectural drawings to be followed during the           woodworking, metalworking, electrical and painting
                                                                                     construction process. We work for approval procedures,     workshops, each stage of production and assembly,
                                                                                     services, and evaluation as well as construction           packaging and quality control are carried out
                                                                                     because arcoglobal sees it as a whole package.             according to the highest industrial standards. The
                                                                                                                                                feasibility of each project is evaluated through
                                                                                     Our Expertise                                              drawings and prototypes. Our project managers work
                                                                                     Meanwhile, we offer and invent systems, services, and      in cooperation with the R&D and engineering
                                                                                     materials that increase productivity, control costs and    departments to make sure every product and set of
                                                                                     add value to each project. We put together the most        materials are approved.
          ROLEX                                                                      complex designs into practice with our craftsmanship          LOUIS VUITTON
          İSTİNYE PARK MALL                                                                                                                         ISTANBUL AIRPORT
          ISTANBUL, TURKEY                                                           and commitment.                                                ISTANBUL, TURKEY

02                                                                                                                                                                                                          03
Company Pro le 2021 - ARCOGLOBAL.COM
GLOBAL OFFICES                                                                                                         Company Profile

     All Around                                                                                            MOSCOW OFFICE

     The World
                                                                                 LONDON OFFICE

                                                               NEW YORK OFFICE                   ISTANBUL OFFICE

     We convey our ever-growing international know-how
     in Turkey to several locations around the World. We
     expand our business and communication network
     globally with our offices in Dubai, London, New York
     and Moscow.                                                                                             DUBAI OFFICE

     In the field of millwork, we provide our customers with
     the highest quality standards and best practices from
     all over the world. We can provide services from one
     center to the whole world, first and foremost from our
     head office in Istanbul. Our portfolio continues to
     expand day by day, from Paris to Doha, and from
     Hawaii to Tokyo.

     In the field of General Contracting: We are focusing
     on Russia, Middle East, Europe, and North America
     where we can offer maximum benefits to our
     employees and customers in line with arcoglobal's
     high standards.

04                                                                                                                                            05
Company Pro le 2021 - ARCOGLOBAL.COM
BRANDS                                                        Company Profile

     Everything we do as arcoglobal
     is designed to help our clients
     share their passion and vision.

     In our 14 years of partnering with some of
     the world’s leading brands, we delivered
     with the highest quality standards and best
     practices from all over the world.

                                                   HAMAD AIRPORT
                                                     DOHA, QATAR
06                                                                                   07
Company Pro le 2021 - ARCOGLOBAL.COM
SELECTED PROJECTS                                  Company Profile

     LOCATION                       LOCATION

     CITY, COUNTRY                  CITY, COUNTRY

     AREA                           AREA
     212M2                          9000M2

08   SCOPE                          SCOPE                                 09
     MILLWORK                       GC & MILLWORK
Company Pro le 2021 - ARCOGLOBAL.COM
SELECTED PROJECTS                               Company Profile

     LOCATION                     LOCATION
     LONDON                       ISTANBUL AIRPORT

     CITY, COUNTRY                CITY, COUNTRY

     AREA                         AREA
     355M2                        195M2

10   SCOPE                        SCOPE                                11
     MILLWORK                     GC
Company Pro le 2021 - ARCOGLOBAL.COM
SELECTED PROJECTS                        Company Profile

     LOCATION            LOCATION


     AREA                AREA
     500M2               18M2

12   SCOPE               SCOPE                                  13
     GC                  MILLWORK
Company Pro le 2021 - ARCOGLOBAL.COM
SELECTED PROJECTS                                Company Profile

     LOCATION                      LOCATION
     DUBAI MALL                    ISTANBUL AIRPORT

     CITY, COUNTRY                 CITY, COUNTRY

     AREA                          AREA
     360M2                         273M2

14   SCOPE                         SCOPE                                15
     MILLWORK                      GC & MILLWORK
Company Pro le 2021 - ARCOGLOBAL.COM
SELECTED PROJECTS                         Company Profile

     LOCATION               LOCATION


     AREA                   AREA
     190M2                  115M2

16   SCOPE                  SCOPE                                17
     GC&MILLWORK            GC
OBJECTIVES & STRATEGY                                                                                      ARCOGLOBAL BY THE NUMBERS                                        Company Profile

     Objectives                                                                                                                   14
     & Strategy                                                                                                                   14
                                                                                                                            Years of Experience
                                                                                                                                                       Team Players

     Becoming a world-wide brand that inspires            OBJECTIVES
     everyone with its craftsmanship, detail-oriented     To become a world brand in the sector
     expertise and dedication.                            that was founded in Turkey.

     Augmenting the quality of service with our           STRATEGY
     flexibility policy, smart solutions, communication   Expanding our geographical coverage, identifying
     strategies, expert team, mobility and insight.       new countries as target markets and setting up new
                                                          offices in these regions.                                              50+                  130K M2
     Increasing the number of our offices worldwide       To specialize in 2 main areas based on our new                      Global Clients           Total Areas
     and become a trendsetter brand shaping the           business strategy developed as millwork and contract
     dynamics of millwork and general contracting.        and to have in-depth knowledge in these areas.

     Making it possible for our clients to follow their

                                                                                                                          4 REGIONS                   6 OFFICES
                                                                                                                         Europe, Russia, USA, MENA   WORLDWIDE

                                                          LORO PIANA
                                                          ISTANBUL AIRPORT
                                                          ISTANBUL, TURKEY

18                                                                                                                                                                                                  19
TIMELINE                                                                                                                                                          Company Profile

                2007                                                                  2014
                       Founded                   LORO PIANA ISTANBUL                         Founded                          ARMANI ISTANBUL
                       YOO ARCHITECTURE          ARCHIMEDE ISTANBUL                          ARCO ADVANCED SHOPFITTING        FENDI ISTANBUL
                                                 GIZIA ISTANBUL                                                               MICHAEL KORS GRANADA
                                                                                                                              MICHAEL KORS MALAGA
                                                 + OTHERS
                                                                                                                              + OTHERS

                2008                                                                  2015
                                                 NTV MEDIA ISTANBUL                          ISO 9001, ISO 18001, ISO 14001   BOBBI BROWN ISTANBUL          MICHAEL KORS DUBAI
                                                 DOĞUŞ GROUP HQ ISTANBUL                                                      CRATE & BARREL ISTANBUL       MICHAEL KORS ISTANBUL
                                                                                                                              CRATE & BARREL ANKARA         MAJE ISTANBUL
                                                 + OTHERS                                                                     DKNY ISTANBUL                 RALPH LAUREN OUTLET ISTANBUL
                                                                                                                              DKNY ANKARA
                                                                                                                                                            + OTHERS

                2009                                                                  2016
                                                 D-MARIS MARMARIS                            Opened                           DIOR ISTANBUL                 SALVATORE FERRAGAMO ISTANBUL
                                                 GARANTI BANK LOUNGE ISTANBUL                DUBAI OFFICE                     GHAWALI MANAMA                WEPUBLIC ISTANBUL
                                                 BRANDROOM ISTANBUL                                                           LOUIS VUITTON ISTANBUL        NUSR-ET MEAT FACTORY ISTANBUL
                                                 MOTHERCARE ISTANBUL                                                          MICHAEL KORS DOHA             ZUMA ISTANBUL
                                                                                                                              MICHAEL KORS DUBAI
                                                                                                                                                            + OTHERS
                                                 + OTHERS

                2010                                                                  2017
                                                 CARIBOU CAFE ISTANBUL                                                        GALERIES LAFAYETTE ISTANBUL   MICHAEL KORS JEDDAH
                                                 RALPH LAUREN ISTANBUL                                                        GHAWALI RIYADH                RALPH LAUREN JEDDAH
                                                 BRANDROOM ISTANBUL                                                           GUCCI ISTANBUL                TED BAKER ISTANBUL
                                                 LORO PIANA ISTANBUL                                                          INGIE PARIS DUBAI
                                                                                                                              LA PETITE MAISON              + OTHERS
                                                 + OTHERS

                2011                                                                  2018
                       Redesign of               DOĞUŞ MEDIA TV STUDIOS ISTANBUL             Founded                          GHAWALI ABU DHABI             RICHARD MILLE ISTANBUL
                       COMPANY BRANDING          ESTEE LAUDER ISTANBUL                       H+Y CONTRACT                     LOUIS VUITTON MOSCOW          TRYNO ABU DHABI
                                                                                                                              LOUIS VUITTON ISTANBUL        WOJOOH JEDDAH
                                                 + OTHERS                                    Founded                          MICHAEL KORS DUBAI
                                                                                             MIMAR HOLDING                    MICHAEL KORS MUSCAT           + OTHERS

                2012                                                                  2019
                       Founded                   MICHAEL KORS ISTANBUL                       arcoglobal as Incorparation of   BALLY HANKYU                  LONGCHAMP ISTANBUL
                       SERVICE 365 CO.           H&M ISTANBUL                                YOO RETAIL (GC) TEAM &           BALLY FUKUOKA                 LORO PIANA ISTANBUL
                                                 DOĞUŞ MEDIA RADIO STUDIOS ISTANBUL          ARCO ADVANCED SHOPFITTING        BVLGARI ISTANBUL              MICHAEL KORS ISTANBUL
                       Founded                                                                                                FENDI ISTANBUL                MICHAEL KORS BAHRAIN
                       RAFINE PROJECT MGMT CO.   + OTHERS                                    Opened                           LOUIS VUITTON ATHENS          MICHAEL KORS JORDAN
                                                                                             LONDON OFFICE                    LOUIS VUITTON MONACO          PRADA ISTANBUL
                       Founded                                                                                                LOUIS VUITTON ISTANBUL        RALPH LAUREN DEAD SEA MALL
                       OFIX OFFICE SUPPLY INC.                                               Founded                          LOUIS VUITTON SALZBOURG       RALPH LAUREN LIVERPOOL
                                                                                             HIPPOSOFT                        LOUIS VUITTON MALL OF THE     RALPH LAUREN PARIS
                                                                                                                              EMIRATES                      RALPH LAUREN KIEV
                                                                                             Opened                           LOUIS VUITTON PARIS           RICHARD MILLE DOHA
                                                                                             NEW YORK OFFICE &                CHARLES DE GAULLE AIRPORT     RICHARD MILLE DUBAI MALL
                                                                                             2ND. DUBAI OFFICE
                                                                                                                                                            + OTHERS

                2013                             LANVIN ISTANBUL
                                                 FENDI ISTANBUL
                                                 GQ BAR ISTANBUL                      2020                                    LOUIS VUITTON SOCHI
                                                                                                                              FENDI TSUM
                                                                                                                              RICHARD MILLE RIYADH
                                                 EATALY ISTANBUL                                                              LONGCHAMP DOHA
                                                                                                                              MICHAEL KORS RIYADH
                                                 + OTHERS                                                                     HARRODS LONDON
20                                                                                                                            BALLY GALLERIES LAFAYETTE                                    21
GROUP COMPANIES                                                                                                                                                                                   Company Profile

     Group                                                                                         Interior Design and                                       Turkey’s First Chain Facility

                                          Founded in 2018 as Turkey’s new global
                                          company, the foundations of Mimar Holding                Fit-Out Services                                          Management Service
                                          were laid when Alparslan Özarpat,Orçun Özkan,
                                          Alptekin Yıldız and Mete Buyurgan established            The interior design and fit-out projects we have          Established in 2012, Servis365 produces fast,
                                                                                                   undertaken since our establishment in 2007,               comprehensive solutions for all our customers'
                                          YOO Architecture in 2007.
                                                                                                   particularly in the luxury store and commercial           technical needs from a single point, for everything
                                                                                                   categories, have made us one of Turkey’s leading          from individual businesses to large retail chains, and

     The best part of architecture is     As a holding company, Mimar Holding has 400              architecture offices.                                     offices to medium-sized facilities.
                                          employees and 5 subsidiaries. The business areas of
     to experience an interdisciplinary   the companies under Mimar Holding include:               Through effective project, time and budget                Our technical infrastructure and technical team
     work life and gain deepening         interior design and fit-out services through             management, we provide unparalleled coordination          across Turkey allow us to offer a broad range of
     knowledge every day in               YOO Architecture; general contracting and millwork       of fit-out and design processes across the globe from     services, including online tracking and reporting,

     numerous fields that require         services for the luxury retail segment through
                                          arcoglobal; chain facility management in the retail
                                                                                                   our Turkey, U.S.A. and MENA offices. We carry our
                                                                                                   international experience through to each of our
                                                                                                                                                             and our focus is to create maximum client
                                                                                                                                                             satisfaction through our service quality.
     expertise.                           sector through Servis365; hospitality industry fit-out   projects, and we are proud to be a Turkish brand
                                          services through H+Y Contract; and purchasing            with global prominence.
                                          management systems for everything from electronics
                                          to stationary through

                                          The fundamental business and communications
                                          principles of Mimar Holding and its subsidiaries are a
                                                                                                   We Have Made Experts                                      We Provide Solutions
                                          focus on continual development, high efficiency,
                                                                                                   Part of The Game                                          to Office Needs
                                          turnkey project management, and an unparalleled
                                          360-degree understanding of service provision.           A joint venture between YOO Architecture and Hitit        While our interior design projects have provided
                                          Leaders in each of their business areas,                 Mobilya, H+Y Contract was established in 2018 to          vitality to the retail sector, we have also implemented
                                          Mimar Holding companies carry out their work to          meet the needs of the high-end hospitality sector on      time-saving solutions for the business world.
                                          international standards and are proud to be Turkish      a global scale. Combining the strength and resources      is an online store for offices which provides stationery,
                                          brands which provide services around the world.          of two of Turkey’s leading brands has allowed us to       consumer electronics, technology consumables, food
                                                                                                   focus on deepening our already extensive                  products, cleaning products, packaging, hygiene
                                                                                                   experience.                                               products, hardware and furniture.

                                                                                                   Through this partnership, we can effortlessly integrate   Our slogan “If it’s not in the office, it’s at Ofix” has
                                                                                                   our design process experience into all projects, reach    helped us establish our fast-growing service, and we
                                                                                                   the highest levels of price and quality performance,      are quickly becoming one of Turkey’s leading brands.
                                                                                                   and put our name to projects which really make a
22                                                                                                 difference in the sector.                                                                                             23
ISTANBUL, TURKEY                     ISTANBUL, TURKEY                           NEW YORK, USA
Visnezade Mah. Bayıldım Cad. No:6    Ikitelli OSB Mah. Hurriyet Bulvari No:54   54W 40th Street
Macka, Besiktas, Istanbul / Turkey   Basaksehir, Istanbul / Turkey              New York, NY / USA
Tel: +90 212 227 7133                Tel: +90 212 485 0860                      Tel: +1 917 294 2253

Suite 101a Business Design Centre
                                     DUBAI, UAE
                                     Ibn Battuta Gate Office Building 211F
                                                                                MOSCOW, RU
                                                                                119002, Moscow, Karmanitskiy per.,
                                                                                                                     Company Profile 2021
52 Upper St. London / UK N1 0QH      Dubai / UAE                                9 Arbat Business Center Office 403
Tel: +44 20 7688 8444                Tel: +971 4 587 8623                       Moscow / RU
                                                                                Tel: +74995051804

    arcoglobal          arcoglobal                                                                              ARCOGLOBAL.COM
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