Consumer /Customer Complaints Handling - Dr U K Chatterjee Oct 2013

Consumer /Customer Complaints
          Dr U K Chatterjee
              Oct 2013
Complaint related Definition
•   A complaint is consumer dissatisfaction about a Company product expressed via a Company care line
    operation (by phone, mail, e-mail, text message, web site, fax or any other accepted medium).
•   A Consumer Unit or CU is the smallest unit as bought by the consumer from the customer shelves and
    can be:
     –   A single unit of packed product as purchased by the consumer or
     –   A number of identical units bundled into a Multi-pack purchased as a single item by the consumer or
     –   Different units bundled into a Multi-pack (also called Complex pack) purchased as a single item by the consumer.
     –   Consumer Units should be identified by a unique CU specification(s) i

•   Consumer units sold is defined as the amount of consumer units sold to customers in a given period
•   Consumer complaints per million units sold or ‘cpmu’ is a normalised figure to express consumer
    complaints. The calculation is explained in the next slide. There are some companies who tries to
    differentiate Design related complaints from Delivered Quality related complaints for the purpose of
    accountability . These are defined as under:

•   Designed quality complaints are complaints associated with in-spec sensorial, functional or performance
    attributes. These may be attributable to (non-robust) product designs, artwork design (nutritional info, user
    instructions), recipe, consumer behaviour, etc

•   Delivered quality complaints are complaints associated with out-of-spec sensorial, functional or
    performance attributes. These may be caused by non-conformances in Supply Chain e.g. in raw materials,
    packaging materials, process, supplier assurance, conditions, hygiene, etc.)
CPMU Calculation Procedure

•   Absolute complaints is the sum of complaints for a given combination of geography, category and time.
    Similarly, the absolute number of ‘designed quality’ and ‘delivered quality complaints’ are calculated

•   Consumer units sold is the sum of consumer units sold for a given combination of geography, category
    and time.

•   Cpmu is the absolute number of complaints per million consumer units sold for a given combination of
    geography, category and time. It is calculated as follows:
                           Absolute number of complaints (a) (b)
•   Cpmu = ---------------------------------------------------------------- x 1.000.000
                                               Consumer units sold (a) (b)

     –   (a) is a given combination of geography & category and can be Country – single product category or cross category
     –   (b) is a given period of time and can be Month,YTD (sum of multiple months),Full year

•   Note: cpmu for a given combination of geography and category will vary significantly, based on complaint
    culture (which varies per country) and the nature of the category (some product types inherently trigger
    more complaints e.g. due to product complexity or product handling by the consumer).
Flow Diagram – to split Designed and
                  Delivered Quality

                                                Examples of this are
                                                complaints from retailers,
                                                wholesalers and
           Is the complaint              No     authorities.
            coming from a

                    Yes                         Examples of this are
                                                consumer complaints about
                                                marketing, services,
                                                promotions, promotional
                                                items, coupons, price,
                                                availability and company
           Is the complaint               No    overall complaints (corporate)
                                                                                      Not required to report in the
         related to a product
                                                                                       global reporting process
        (incl. its packaging)?



          Is the complaint
                                          No    The product is counterfeit (fake)
             related to a
          Genuine Unilever

                    Yes                                                      Packaging that is in general too weak
                                                                                to survive the Supply Chain,
                                                                                       product design that in general
                                                                                           is not suitable to survive for
                                                                     Is the complaint           the Supply Chain, etc.
           Is the complaint
                                          Yes                        attributable to a                   No
          related to a non -
                                                                   product / packaging
         conformance in the
                                                                   design which is not
            Supply Chain?
                                                                     robust enough?

                    No                                                              Yes

    Report as Design Complaint                                   Report as Execution
    (R&D) in the global reporting                            Complaint (Supply Chain) in
               process                                       the global reporting process

Examples:                                                Examples:
Complaints associated with in-spec                       Complaints associated with out-of
sensorial, functional or performance                     spec sensorial, functional or
attributes. These may be attributable                    performance attributes. These may
to (non-robust) product designs,                         be caused by  - non-conformances in
artwork design (nutritional info, user                   Supply Chain e.g. in raw materials,
instructions), recipe, consumer                          packaging materials, process,
behaviour, etc                                           supplier assurance, conditions,
                                                         hygiene, etc.
Examples of designed quality & delivered
quality complaints
Some examples of design quality complaints

A complaint about unclear information (e.g. unclear product use or ingredient declaration) on a pack of
skin cream is a designed quality complaint as it is the design process that defines what and how
information should be represented on pack.

If someone’s complaints is caused by ‘abuse’ or misuse of the product than this should be treated as a
designed quality complaint. The reason is that if there are likely ways the consumer can abuse or
misuse the product, this has to be dealt with via on-pack communication (e.g. mention that tables
margarines cannot be used for baking or that toilet cleaner must not be used in combination with other
cleaning chemicals)

If people complain about cutting themselves on the edges of a product this would classify as a
designed quality complaint as the complaint is a result of design decisions being made.

Some examples of delivered quality complaints
If people complain about insects or other foreign bodies in a product this would classify as an

delivered quality complnt as this is most likely to have happened in the SC either at our own or 3P.
Complaints about impulse ice cream that is melted or covered in ice crystals are typical delivered
quality complaints related to the cold chain.
Other typical delivered quality complaints are complaints dealing with weighing, filling, mixing, packing,
underweight, short number of items, printed coding (e.g. best before date), improper sealing, scratches
or wrong contents.
Some examples : that can be designed
quality or delivered quality complaints
If someone complains about a damaged carton box with powder soup then in
principle this would classify as a delivered quality complaint because it is obvious
that the damage happened either in manufacturing or during transport. If many of
such complaints are received then it may appear that the design of the carton is
not robust enough to survive the distribution chain. In that case it could later be
classified as a designed quality complaint.

A complaint about bad taste of an ice cream that has been on the market for some
years could be classified either as designed quality or delivered quality. If
someone is a loyal user and complains about the taste then it is possible that
something went wrong in the manufacturing process or that one of the ingredients
was sub-standard. This would then be classified as a delivered quality complaint.
Analytical evidence can be used to confirm if the ice cream meets specifications. If
someone is a new user and simply does not like the taste than this would classify
as a designed quality complaint. If the design of this same ice cream product was
changed recently and the loyal consumer complains again about the taste then it
may very well be a designed quality complaint!
Quality Governance from Compliance to Designed and
                   Delivered Quality

                              Designed Quality                                             Delivered Quality

                            Brand                    3-Year
                                                                              Complaints                                     A/B
                         Performance                 Rolling                                      On Shelf Quality
                          Standards               Benchmarking

                                                                                          Mfg Unit /SC
                                                                       Monitoring/Feedback    Monitoring/Feedback Crisis Management

                          Brand Quality
      Output           Objectives/Standards
                                                                             Quality Improvement plans

(R) Responsible                                         Mktg/Dev (R)
                                                                                          SC Leader (R )    Mktg/Dev(A)
(A) Accountable          l SC Leader (A)
                                                    l SC Leader (A)

                        Supply Chain is the Quality Conscience and process owner
“Designed Quality” Responsibilities
•   Brand Performance Standards
     – Defined by the Brand leadership
     – Informed by consumer and customer needs ( Market Research , QFD studies)
     – Translated into parameters that can be used for product design, specification and quality
        evaluation (Brand Quality Objectives/ Standards)
     – In place for all brands with action standards of superiority on key attributes versus identified
        competitors (including private label)

•   Competitor Benchmarking
     – 3 year rolling Product Benchmarking plan by Category
         • based on prioritised SKU lists (including technical, blind and branded product testing)
     – Program integrated with Consumer Research teams

•   Quality Champion in Development ?
     – Responsible for ensuring the Brand and Quality performance standards are updated
     – Accountable for quality improvement plans by design
“Delivered Quality” Governance
•   Consumer Complaints
     – Monitoring and consumer feedback Company Chairman
          • Establish feedback system with consumers (care lines)
     – Reduction Process  SC Leader
          • Identify issues using care line data
          • Establish a program to reduce complaints closely working with Development
          • Operationalise the improvement actions

•   On Shelf Quality
     – Monitoring  Quality Leader
            • Methodology to be defined
            • Execution as appropriate for country
     – Improvement  SC Leader
            • Identify issues
            • Establish program to correct
            • Operationalise the improvement

•   Quality Incidents
     – Crisis Management  Co Chairman
             • Lead crisis team
             • Process  Q Incident Policy
     – Reducing incidents  SC Leader
             • Detailed review & corrective actions
             • e.g. Artwork Management, Hygienic Design/Processing, Supplier Approval, Product Control through
                 Finished Goods warehousing and Incident Management Processes
What do we mean by Responsibility ?
                 Responsibility                Accountability

• Embraces the main tasks of the                • Goes beyond responsibility as
  individual                                      it also includes tasks the
                                                  individual should influence, but    Acronym           Definition
• The individual can act upon
                                                  cannot directly enforce             W (Works)         - does the task
  themselves with own resources
                                                • Encompasses the areas of the                          - prepares materials/outputs
• Assumes decision-making
                                                  responsibility of direct reports    A (Accountable)   - set priorities & allocates resources
  authority and the
                                                  and/or the areas of                                   - shapes, initiates and gives direction
  competence/ability to directly
                                                  responsibility of the individuals                     - takes decisions/approves/authorises
  enforce the execution of the task
                                                  that are functionally led (dotted                     - accountable for process integrity/quality
• Is assigned to an individual and                line)                                                 - challenges assumptions/proposals/ plans/delivery
  can neither be delegated nor
                                                • Can be shared, but can not be       L (Leads)         - manages/supervises the execution of plans &
                                                  delegated                                             tasks
• Implies full accountability for the
                                                • Includes an obligation to                             - responsible for delivery of actions/projects
  related tasks
                                                  challenge and follow up on the
                                                                                      C (Consulted)     - is consulted regarding plans/tasks/outcomes
                                                  plan/actions of the responsible
                                                                                                        - provides feedback/input to plans/tasks/outputs
                                                                                                        - consulted before decisions are made
                                                                                      I (Informed)      - is informed about plan/tasks/outcomes
                                                                                                        - informed after decision taken
• Responsibility can be
  described by: Decide…, set…,                  • Accountability can be
  define…, manage…,                               described by: Propose…,
  perform…, act upon…, assume                     ensure…, support…,
  the results…                                    facilitate…, monitor…, follow

    Responsibility & accountability relate to an individual, not to his
Capture of Complaints using CRM-SAP
                                Consumers / Customers

                             SMS                 Snail-Mail
               Phone                                              email

                          TechShastra           Local courier

                                                                          Consumer Call / Visit
Sample                             Agency Call Centre

               SAP              Care lines – HO/ Office           SAP


                               Corporate Lead Function
               Developm                                         Custome
                           Brand        Legal             QA
               ent/Mktg                                          r Dev

                           Careline process an example
Root Cause analysis to be standardised
                         Complaints/           Design or
Losses                   defects               execution       Root Cause Analysis                        Improvement actions (examples)
Pack (before opening)                                        Men   Material   Machine   Method

                         Missing info. on
Pack Statutory           label                 Design        a                           a       Local product approval procedure - implementation
                         pack code             Exec. (fac)   a       a          a                Change from Inkjet to laser/ on line code checker
                                                                                                 Bulk density variation/weighing scale effy./on line weight
                         Short weight          Exec (fac)    a                  a                checker
                         Printing error        (supplier)    a                  a                Supplier capability/incoming quality control

Pack Aesthetics          Damaged pack          Design                a                   a       Qii (machine/transit trial) - Pkg design (Prim./Sec.)
                                               Exec                             a        a       Storage/handling/Transp. Norm. adherance

                         Other defects         Design                a          a                Antistatic property of container, machine/conveyor design
                                               Exec (SC)     a                           a       QM Pillar make implementation
Pack functionality       Malfunction           Design        a       a                           Pkg. design/MOC etc correction
                                               Exec (SU)     a       a          a                Compliance with process specs.

Product (after opening)
                                                                                                 Product not meeting standard (MPT to commercial
Product appeal           Colour                Design                a          a        a       production)
(visual)                                       Exec          a       a                   a       Non adherance to RM/process specs.
                                                                                                 GMP/HACCP implementation & process control in
                         Foreign matter        Exec          a       a          a        a       supplier/SU
                         Texture               Design                a          a                Sieve by design
                                               Exec                  a          a                Hardware/blending capability, RM quality

Sensorial requirements   or                    Design                a                           Perfume impact by design
                                               Exec          a                  a        a       RM quality, Dosing issue, expiry date, skill gap

In use property          Contamination         Design                a          a        a       Hardware/Process design
                                                                                                 HACCP implementation, RM quality, Cleaning &
                         (Chem./Micro.)        Exec          a       a          a        a       disinfection procedure
                         Effectiveness of      Design        a       a                   a       Formulation design issue; specs not upto mark
                         (not cleaning etc)    Exec (fac)    a       a          a                Process control issue
                         Product thin/thick/   Design        a       a          a                MPT/Transit/Storage trial; Hardware process design (QM)
                         separation etc        Exec (fac)    a       a          a        a       RM quality/Process control issue

Claims                   Advt. /pack claim     Design        a                           a       Product Approval procedure

Reaction on use          Skin irritation       Design        a       a                   a       Consumer/market test, formulation

Others                   Spurious packs        Exec          a                           a       Packaging material/finished goods disposal procedure
                         Expired packs         Exec          a                                   Finished goods inventory management
Process to Identify Top Q Issues and actions
                                     CONSUMER COMPLAINTS                 Answer to the complaint owner

                                               Call Center

                                                      Country Complaints
                            answer                          answer

Proposal – How complaints                        OpCo
                                             QA CONTACT
                                                                         PRODUCTS         PRODUCER OPCO

would be analysed by                                                                   answer

Local TM and RDC to                                                                             Manufacturing
determine root cause and             DESIGN & EXECUTION SPLIT
                                                                                                 Logistics &
                                     in coordination with R&D and SC                  SUPPLY
corrective action before                                                              CHAIN      distribution
reporting to Reg QA/RCLT                               DESIGN
                                                                          Answer                         SM

                         Answer       R&D Cat TM Contact
                                        İntegrity   check            TM Team (OpCo)      Corrective actions
                                                                                         & Implementation
                                        RDC Contact

                                                                          Self assessment and Action plans
                                      DEPARTMENT SPLIT

                                Product – Packaging- Process

              Evaluation for the
              Corrective Actions                                       R&D CORRECTIVE ACTION
                Resp: Program Dir                                      PROJECT (RDCTeam- BD,SC)

                                                                       Spec changes – Procedure updates
            Self assessment and action plans

                                                                         IMPLEMENTATION BY TM
Complaints action limits -an example
Consumer Complaint ( cpmu )

 500                                                     Q Crisis
                                    Q Issue                                    Q issue



        Jan08   Feb08    Mar08    April08    May08   June08   July08   Aug08   Spet.08   Oct08   Nov08   Dec08

       Taste complaints ( 3 year avg) + 6σ
       Taste complaints (3 year avg) + 3σ                     Formal alert of an issue = 3σ
       Taste complaints (3 year avg)
                                                              Threshold level for Crisis = 6σ
Consumer Compl. handling approach–an example
                                                                 Quality on             4               Analysis & discussions led by QA
                  1a Escalation of                            Shelf/Ex fac./non                            (presentation to Co Board)
                   urgent complaints                           conformances
                             Quality Assurance                                                   Execution                  Design related
                                                     2                                                                      issues

                                                                                                                                                          Analyse, prioritise,
                       1                                                                         related issues

                                                                                                                                                           align & commit
                              Care Line                         Consumer                             Immediate                  Discuss with

                              contacts                       Complaints Report                      actions: Unit                lSC/R&D
                                Care line                                                        Quarterly feedback on Q parameters and
                                                                Quality Assurance
                                                                                        5         monthly feedback on Top Q issues by
                                                     3                                                      Quality Team
                                                               Consumer                                 Screen/Trend analysis:
                            Complaint                        Complaint Target                             Top Quality issues
                                                                                    6       Execution related to SC         Both Design/exec related to

                                                                                                                                                          Action &
                                                                 Company Board                 Leader parallely               the Board for decision

                                                                                                        Board decisions/actions to
                                                      predict                                           be communicated by QA

                                                                                               Quarterly Quality reports with trend
                           Design                                                   7
                                        8    Embed, predict and prevent in Future               analysis, performance and actions
                           Brand               Innovation Projects and Design
                                                                                                     Full report to QA Community
                                                          R&D Programme

Embed & Prevent

                                                                                                           All QA, QC managers
                           Brand                 Embed and Prevent in Brand
                                                                                                          Report to Dev/Mktg
                                             Embed and prevent in Supply Chain
                                                (excl. Supply Management)                                      SC and R&D
                                                             All SC/Mfg
                                                 Embed and prevent in Supply                             Unitwise report to SC
                                                                                                             Unit manager/ SC
                                                         l Supply Management
For MNCs Standardise Consumer Lines - an example
                                        Summary of CONSUMER CARELINES AAC
Country     Since       Other     Software used                Coverage- Respons              Contact to          Careline           Product   Perf.      Careline   Design Standard   Safety/H Int/Ext.
            when        countries                              Con/Cust ible for              careline            timing (Mgt.       related   Evaluation nos.       /Exec  reports    ealth    (FTEs)
            Carelin     covered                                /Foods     Careline            through             after office       complai   of C/Line  printed on split             overvie
            es in                                              Soln                                               hrs)               nts %                all pkgs?.                   w/Escal
            place                                              complaint                                                                                                               ation
              2008                      SAP CRM Ver 7.0        s
                                                               Consumer/C Corp.QA             Tollfree            0900 to 2200 hrs      6         YES       YES               YES               Ext. (12)
                                                               ustomer                        Number/E            (recording)
India                                                                                         Mail/Snail mail
              2009                      CRM-BD                 Consumer/C      Brands/QA      Telephone/E         0900 to 1730 hrs                                     YES    YES               Ext. (4)
Bangladesh                                                     ustomer                        Mail/SMS
              2001                      Raabta CRM             Con./Cust.      CMI            Telephone/E         0900 to 1900 hrs      1         YES       YES        YES    YES               Int (2),
Pakistan                                                       FS sep.                        Mail/Post                                                                                         Ext(10)
              2008                      MS Access Data Base    Consumer        Corp.QA        Phone, Letters,E-   0700 to 1630 hrs     16         YES       YES        YES    YES        YES    Int. (1)
Sri Lanka                                                                                     mails,SMS           (voicemail)
              2000                      CRM SOFTWARE           Con./Custom CRM Mgr.           Email, phone,       0900 to 1700 hrs      6         YES       YES        YES    YES        YES    Int. (15)
China                                                          er/FS                          fax,                (sales staff)

              1993                      T- contect Center      Con./Cust.      QA             Phone,email,post 0830 to 1745            15         YES       YES        YES    YES        YES    Int. (2)
Taiwan                                                         FS sep.                                         (voicemail)

Hongkong      2005                      Microsoft Excel        Consumer        Marketing      Phone               0900 to 1730          5         NO        YES        NO     YES        YES    Int. (2)

              1995                      U-call system          Consumer/C      CIB            Phone/Web           0900 to 1700 hrs     20         YES       YES        YES    YES        YES    Int. (11)
Japan                                                          ustomer
Korea         1993                      Cons. Inform.system    Consumer        QA Mgr.        Phone               Co. working hrs.                          YES        NO     YES               Int. (2)
Australa                New Zealand Webworks                   Con./Custom Mkt/Corp.rel phone, fax, email 0700 to 1700 hrs             25         YES                  YES    YES        YES    Int. (10)
sia                                                            er/FS       ations       and website       (emergency no.)
                                        IT 3P                  Consumer/F Mktg. Svcs. Toll-free, email,    0800 to 1800                 1                              YES    YES               Int. (13)
Indonesia                                                      S                         letters, SMS      (emergency line)
              1999                      Web -based application Con./Custom Corp. Affairs Telephone &       0730 to 1630 hrs             5         NO        YES        YES    YES        YES    Int. (3)
                                                               er/FS                     Mobile Phones, e- (3 CAS mobile
                                                                                         mails, SMS,       nos.)
Philippines                                                                              snail mail, fax
            1997 HPC                    Con. Hotline Tracking  Consumer/C QSHE           Phone/Fax         0730 to 1630 hrs            2.5        YES       YES        YES    YES        YES    Int. (3)
Thailand    & IC 2009                                          ustomer     Director                        (voicemail)
              2000                      Microsoft Excel        Con./Custom NA            Phone/Email       0900 to 1700                42         NO        YES        NA     YES               Int (1)
Malaysia                                                       er/FS                                       (voicemail)
            approx. 7                   Microsoft Excel        Con./Cust.  Admn.         Phone             0900 to 1730                           NO        YES        NA      NO         NO    Int. (1)
Singapore      yrs                                             FS sep.     Coord.                          (voicemail)
              2006                      Access                 Customer    Customer      Phone,fax,e-      0800 to 1700 hrs            12         YES        NO        NO      NO         NO    Int.
                                                                           Svc.          mail,text
Vietnam                                                                                  message,
              2001        Burkina       Microsoft-WORD         Consumer;   Con. Mkt      Phone/Post        0800 to 1700 hrs           1 to 2      YES       YES        YES    YES        YES    Int.(1)
                        Faso, Mali,                            Cust.sep.   insight mgr.                    (voicemail)
                        Togo, Niger,
Cote D'Ivoire              Bénin
              2007                      Microsoft Office       Consumer/C      Customer     Phone                 24 hrs               43         NO        YES        NA     YES               Int.
Ghana                                   Access                 ustomer         Dept.
              2007        Uganda &      MS excell Data Base    Consumer/C      Quality Ass. Emails, Phones,       0800 to 1700 hrs     40         NO        YES        YES    YES        YES    Int. (1)
                        Tanzania (All                          ustomer                      Post                  (phone to
                         within ESA)                                                                              security)
              2008                      Toll Free Line         Consumer/C      SC (Cent.  Phone/Email             0800 to 1700 hrs      5         YES       YES        YES    YES        YES    Int.
Nigeria                                                        ustomer         Qlty)                              (recording)
              2008       scope is       Microsoft Excel        Con./CCM        Corp. SHEQ Tollfree phone          1000 to 1900 hrs     8.5        YES     Launch/re-   NO     YES               Ext(1),
                         Arabia or                             for Cust. &     dept.                              (voicemail)                               launch                              Int.(2)
                         GCC (6)                               FS                                                                                          products
Arabia                   countries
              2004                      Lotus app.system QIS Consumer          Con. Svcs.     Phone/email/SM      Office hrs           64         YES        NO        YES    YES        YES    Int. (3)
                                                                               (Mktg)         S                   (security guards
Maghreb                                                                                                           trained)
              2001                      Microsoff Excel        Consumer/C      Con./Cust.     Phone               1000 to 2300 hrs      1         YES       YES        YES    YES        YES    Ext.(8)
Mashreq                                                        ustomer         Svc QA
              1993                      Remedy CRS             Consumer        Con.affairs    phone, fax, email 0800 to 1600 hrs       60                   YES        YES    YES        YES    Int. (10)
South Africa                                                   (retail & FS)   Mgr.           and post          (mobile)
            More than                   Vantive                Consumer/F      Con.relation   Phone/Fax/email 0800 to 1800 hrs         60         YES       YES        YES    YES        YES    Ext.(12)
Israel       15 yrs                                            S separate      s Mgr.
             16 yrs                     Microsoft-CRM          Consumer/C      Con./Cust.     Phone/email/web 0900 to 1700 hrs          6         YES       YES        YES    YES        YES    Ext.(5)
Turkey                                                         ustomer         Mgr.           site            (voicemail)
Standard Consumer Complaints Loss tree (for
               all categories)

 Pack related ( before opening):

 •   Statutory reqt: missing code , nutritional labelling missing,less weight etc
 •   Pack Aesthetics: poor seal, damaged pack, buckled carton, illegible code, dirty
     pack etc
 •   Pack functionality: cap not opening, difficult to tear etc

 Product related ( after opening) :

 •   Product Appeal: lumps, foreign matter, spoilage,
 •   Sensorial reqts: Sensory std not met eg poor perfume/taste, colour etc
 •   In-use property: Basic function not met eg cleaning properties,thickness etc
 •   Claims: Pack/Advertisement claims not met etc.
 •   Reaction on use: Skin irritation etc
 •   Others: Spurious packs, expired packs

To be reported Monthly along with Top Consumer Cmplaints analysis and actions
at the mthly meeting
Finalise Roles ,Resp on Complaints Handling WALCI
                                                                                     AAC Quality Information and Feedback Process:
R- Responsible for                                                                   Roles and Responsibility
X- Reports being sent to /involved in discussions/informed

                                                                                                OpCo Quality

                                                                                                                                                           Regional /Cat


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       RVS Leaders

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Regional BD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Regional SC
                                                                                                                                             Regional Q.

                                                                                                                                 SC EXC.VP

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            OpCo R&D

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cluster SC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               VP/SM VP

                                                                                                                                                                            Cluster Q

                                                                                                                                                                                          OpCo SC







Process                   Process


(Level 2)                 (Level 3)

      Measure             1-Careline Contacts                                        LW          I                      A                                                                 I            I               I           I          I
                          1a- Escalation of urgent Complaints                        LW          A                      I                                                                 C                                        C          C
                          2- MCO Consumer Complaints/On shelf Quality Report
                                                                                     W          AL                                               I              I                         C                                                   C
                          3. Consumer Complaints Target Setting                                 C              L         I         I            A              C              W           C                                                   C                                                   C             C
    Analyse,              4- Analysis & discussions led by MCO QA
                          (presentation to MCO/SC Board)
prioritise, align &       - Execution related issues                                             L                       I                                                                A         C                 C            C          W
     commit               - Design related issues

                          5a- Quarterly feedback on Q parameters and monthly
                                                                                                   I            I                A              L             W               W             I                                                             I              I                         I            C
                          feedback on Top Q issues to RCLT
                          5b- Screen/Trend analysis: Top Quality issues                            I            I                A              L             W                I                                                                                         I                         I           W
Action & Monitor          6a- Design/Exec related to RCLTs (through SC contact)
                                                                                                                I                C              A              L               I                                                                                        C                          I            C
                          6b- Execution related to RVSs (through RVS
                                                                                                C                                  I            A              L              W           C                                                               I                                        I            I

                          6c- Feedback on actionFeedback on actions to be                                      A         I                      C              C               I            I                                                             I              I           I             I          LW
                          communicated to Reg. Qs to be communicated to Reg. Q
   Communicate            Quarterly Quality reports with trend analysis,
                                                                                                                                 A              L             W                I            I                                                                            I                         I            I          I
                          performance and actions
                          a-Full report to QA Community
                                                                                                   I                                            A           LW                 I                                                                                                                                           I
                          b-Category report to RCLT                                                            X                 C              A           LW                 I                                                                          I              I                                      C          I
                          c-Cluster/Country report to SC                                                                         C              A           LW                 I            I                                                                                                      I                       I
Embed & Prevent           Embed, predict and prevent in Future Innovation Projects
                                                                                                                                                 I                                                                     I           C          W                        AL           C              I                       I
                          and Design
                          Embed and Prevent in Brand                                                                                             I                                                                     I           W                                    W          AL                           I          I
                          Embed and prevent in Supply Chain (excl. Supply
                                                                                                                                   I            C                             C           C         C                  I                               W                                          C            AL          I
                          Embed and prevent in Supply Management                                                                   I            C                             C           C                                                                             W                       AL             W           I
Complaint - Complainant : Risk Categorization
             Risk Categorisation
                                                            PACK                                                      MIX                         TRADE
Complaint - Complainant                           Not      Pack      Pack                                                        Brand               Cheated
                          Foreign                                             Empty    Reaction               Claims Sensorial            Cheated              Not
Risk M atrix                        Spoilage   M eeting   Damage   Damage                         Spurious                      Promotn                 on
                          M atter                                              Pack     on Use               Not M et Prefernce           on Price           Available
(Severity, Spread)                             Standard    HPC      Foods                                                       Promise              Promotn

Individual Consumer         Hi        Me         Lo         Lo       Me         Lo        Hi        Lo         Me       Lo        Hi        ULo       ULo       ULo

Supported Consumer
                            Hi         Hi        Me        Me         Hi        Lo        Hi        Me         Hi       Lo        Hi        ULo       ULo       ULo
(Legal / PR backing)

Consumer Body               Hi         Hi        Me        Me         Hi       Me         Hi         Hi        Hi       Lo        Hi        ULo       ULo       ULo

Regulatory Official         Hi         Hi         Hi        Hi        Hi        Hi        Hi         Hi        Hi       Lo        Hi        ULo       ULo       ULo

                                    A ny o ther co mplaint to be risk assessed based o n specific details

UnIConnect Forward          Hi         Hi         Hi        Hi        Hi        Hi        Hi         Hi         ?        ?        ?          ?          ?        ?

                Risk categorization based on Consumer Safety, Brand Reputation, Consumer Satisfaction
                Further Call handling process flow will depend on the assessed risk

                Risk Escalation based on Sample FIR, Repeat Complaint (auto), Repeat Call
                Risk Escalation is for increased Visibility. Accountability for Closure does NOT migrate.
Brand FAQs : an Example
•    Brand Heritage                                     For Best Results, Use Before
                                          What Not
•    Brand ReLaunch Positioning                          For Best Results, Use with
•    Brand Variants                       Why            Dos & Donts
•    Brand Endorsement                                    Effect of In-use conditions
                                          Why Not    
•    Brand Claims on Pack                                Storage Instructions
•    Brand Claims in Advertising          When           Usage Instructions
•    Pack Text Declaration                                Disposal Instructions
                                          When Not   
•    Pack Graphic Elements                                Side Effects
•    Product Functionality                Where          Product Quality & Consumer Safety
•    Reasons to Believe                                  Product Manufacturing Process,
•    Product Science
•    Product Development                  Not
                                                         Brand Availability, Distribution Gaps
•    Product Trials                       Who            Brand Promotional Campaigns
•    Key Ingredients with functionality                  Brand Media Activity
•    Product benefits over competition    Who Not
                                                         Brand PR, Social Responsibility
•    Product benefits over home           How            Activities
    remedies                                             Related guidance – Tips, Feel good
•    Product Format benefits over other   How Not        idea, Recipe
    formats                                              Consumer specific Problem – Solution
                                                         Price Proposition, Value for Money

                   Create Database ~ Brand FAQs and train
Complaint Investigation Rigor
                    Inspection, Spurious/Genuine Confirmation, Complete Analysis
Complaint Sample    (physical, chemical, microbial, sensorial)
Factory counter     Inspection, Complete Analysis ( physical, chemical, microbial,
sample              sensorial)

RM/PM Records       Input QC , Supplier COA, Storage & issue , CCP, Truck check list

                    Batch cards, CCP, In process analysis, Finished bulk analysis, RM
                    traceability, Sanitation, Rework Addition, Mixing Log Book, Mixer
Records             maintenance
Packing Line        Line AQL, Line AOQL, PM traceability, Packing log book,
Records             Sanitation, CCP, Line Maintain ace

Storage& Dispatch   Warehouse audit , Micro clearance , QC clearance for FG, Truck
Records             checklist

General GMP
                    Process audit, Hygiene audit, CCP audit, PHC audit, Pest Control
Forward Supply
                    Depot audit, Traceability
Chain Records
New Product         Micro/Tox Safety clearance, Micro clearance, Storage study, Transit
protocols Records   trial, Claim Support document
Consumer Engagement Preparation
                                               Supporting Docs
                       BIS, CODEX

 Technology Access     Company Technology, R&D structures, State of Art Labs

                       Toxicological Safety Clearance, Micro Challenge Testing, Storage
 Design Rigour         Study, Transit Trial, Scientific Claim Support, Clinical Evaluation
 Consumer              Blind Product Tests, Consumer MR by independent 3P agency,
 Validation            Expert Consumer QDA Panel Test

 Statutory Approvals   FDA, PFA

                       Batch Cards, CCPs, Batch Clearances, QC, Process Audits,
                       Traceability, Change Initiation thru controlled Manufacturing
 Controls              Approval Documents
 Manufacturing         Pharma-standards for PP/Foods, HACCP, 5s, Sanitization, Cleaning
 Hygiene               & Disinfection

 Accredition           TPM, ISO

 Endorsements          Institutional Edorsements

 Levercare             Voice of consumer, Response Time, Investigation Rigour, Internal
                       Actions, Factory Visits
Clarity on
Complaint    Threshold
          Bunching     Level for
                   Escalation    Fast Tracking
                                        Threshold Limit Threshold Limit
              Nature of Complaint
                                         1st Escalation 2nd Escalation
       Brand Promotion Promise                 10             15
       Claim not met                            5              8
       Sensorial Preference                    20             30
       Foreign Matter                           3              5
       Reaction on use/consumption              3              5
       Spoilage                                10             15
       Not meeting standard                    10             15
       Pack Damage                             10             15
       Empty / Shortage                         3              5
       Spurious                                 3              5

                                                          SC , MFG Head, QA Head,
 1st Auto
                                    Auto Emails           Legal HO, Marketing
 2nd Auto                                                 Manager
                                                          SCDir, Legal Dir, Mktg/Dev H
    Risk Escalation is for increased Visibility only. Accountability for Closure
    does NOT migrate.
Compensation Policy- An Example

    Compensation             Schedule             of
    Product exchange         Call centre
    One to One

    Product exchange         Head office
    One to Many (max 10)

    Cheque Voucher         Senior Legal Manager
    Upto Rs. 5,000         Marketing Manager
    on non-Consumer Safety

    Cheque Voucher on        Legal Head
    Consumer Safety issues   Bus/ Mktg/Dev Head
Complaint KPI Targets for Complaint
  Handling Team – an Example
      Indicator    Element             KPI Metric                  Unit      Target
                                       Call (Me-Hi) Closure Time   Weeks     90
        Leading    Consumer
        (Month)                        Survey Score                %         >80
                   Consumer Database   New Additions               Numbers   >200

Normally Overall Consumer Complaint ( cpmu ) will be the target at the
                          Company level
Analysis Call Centre Performance an exam
Channel Distribution

              Complaints   Queries   Feedback
                                                Follow up
                                                                       Lever Care
                                                                           Others   Total
                                                                                                Category FAQ

                                                                                                Category       Querry
                                                                                                                                                To Chng
                                                                                                                                                          Tag Age

Toll free        277        1467       116          98            1272     8070     11300       Bus cat         203     379     18

                  9          79         13           1             0        490     592         Bus cat         707     359     18

Email            62          32         28          43             0        466     631         Bus cat         163     178     11

Snail mails       5           0         0            0             0         0       5          Bus cat          61     147     13

Total            353        1578       157         142            1272     9026     12528       Bus cat          31      84     1

                                                                                                Bus cat          83      53     2

Call Distribution                                                                               Bus cat          32      47     3

Day              Mon         Tue       Wed         Thu             Fri      Sat     Week        Bus cat          26      40     3

Avg #s           535         474       521         499            516       336     2881        Bus cat          2       0      0

Time (hrs(       9-11       11-13     13-15        15-17          17-19    19-21    Day         Bus cat          5       0      0

Avg #s           22          44         49          58             60        72     305         Bus cat          0       0      0

                                                                                                Bus cat         265      25     1

Call Agent Quality                              Courier Performance                             Total           1578    1312    70       0         0         0

               Agency      Company              Total Calls assigned        217

                                                                                             MQ experience – 1500 querries p.m. + 500 complaints
                 140          0                 Defective Retrived          135
Monitored                                                                                   p.m.
Avg. Score       87%          0                 % Retrival rate             62%

# Agents
                  8           0                 Avg. Retrival time(Days)     6
                                                                                                60% queries relate to Bus cat ……
Grade B/C
# Fatal
                  4           0
                                                                                               Dropped calls investigated thru call backs to 562 callers.
                                                                                                95% proved non-productive. No technical issue.
                                                                                                Courier performancec improved thru MQ
Complaint Summary- an example
MQ Complaints Category
                                                    Pack                                                           Mix                             Trade                   Other   Total

          Foreign              Not matching Pack damage Pack damage              Reaction              Claims    Sensorial             Cheated    Cheated on     Not
                    Spoilage                                        Empty Pack              Spurious                         Promtn                                         ---
           Matter                Standard       HPC        Foods                  on use               not met   prefernce             on Price   Promotion    Available

Bus Cat    11          0           30          1            0           2          22          7         2          6          0          0          11           9                101

Bus Cat     3          6          424          23           0           0          81         10        22          1          32         1           8          23                634

Bus Cat     0          2           4           1            0           1          19          9         3          1          1          0           0           3                 44

Bus Cat     5          0           6           6            0           2           6          0         3          1          0          0           1           3                 33

Bus Cat     0          1           9           6            0           0           5          7         0          0          0          0           1           2                 31

Bus Cat     5          0           92          2            0           1          24          0         7          2          9          0          20           6                168

Bus Cat     4          1           44          0            3           0           0          0         0          4         161         0           4           3                224

Bus Cat     0          0           7           0            1           0           0          0         0          0          0          0           1           3                 12

Bus Cat    12         39           32          0            2           0           0          0         0          2          0          3           2           4                 96

Bus Cat     4          1           12          0            0           0           2          0         0          0          0          3           0           0                 22

Bus Cat     3          1           5           0            0           0           1          0         0          0          0          0           0           2                 12

Bus Cat     1          0           0           0            0           0           0          0         0          0          0          0           0           0                 1

Bus Cat     0          0           0           0            0           0           0          0         0          0          0          0           0           0                 0

Total      48         51          665          39           6           6         160         33        37          17        203         7          48          58         0      1378

Highlight High-Med Risk Complaints and
              monitor trend
       Pack Related Me-Hi Risk Complaint Trend
                 Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec

       Bus Cat   12    11     8                                                           31

       Bus Cat   21    44    25                                                           90

       Bus Cat    5     9     6                                                           20

       Bus Cat    4     2     6                                                           12

       Bus Cat    3     5     1                                                           9

       Bus Cat    7     8    19                                                           34

       Bus Cat    0     4     4                                                           8

       Bus Cat    0     0     1                                                           1

       Bus Cat   12    23    18                                                           53

       Bus Cat    2     2     3                                                           7

       Bus Cat    0     3     1                                                           4

       Bus Cat    0     0     0                                                           0

       Bus Cat    2     0     0                                                           2

       Total     68    111   92    0      0     0    0      0     0    0      0     0    271

   COMMENTS on investigation ,trend, actions on
   Repeatative ones
Consumer Satisfaction Survey post an Incident
                                                         Summary of an Incident ( high no of complaints
                                                                leading to an incident/recall)

 Total Complaints - 373                                                                                     Consumers Surveyed                              : 224
 Every consumer compensated                                                                                 Satisfaction Survey Score                       : 87%
 with 2 Packs (courier)                                                                                     Brand Loyalty Score                             : 90%

  No. of Complaints - 10 day period                                   Jan             Feb          Mar      SATISFACTION SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE                        Avg. Score
                                                                                                                                                                     (5 pt Scale)
100                                                                       88          202          83
                                                                                                            (Source: Brand)
80                                                                                                          Have your received replacement ?                             4.5

60                                                                                                          Ease of access for providing feedback to Company ?           4.4

                                                                                                            Time taken for Company to acknowledge your complaint ?       4.2
                                                                                                            Quality of interaction with Company Representatives ?        4.3

                                                                                                            Time taken by Company to provide replacement ?               4.2
      Jan 1-10   Jan 11-20   Jan 21-30   Feb 1-10   Feb 11-20 Feb 21-29    Mar 1-10   Mar 11-20 Mar 21-31   Quality of Replacement pack ?                                4.2
                                                                                                            Overall response of Company in dealing with your             4.3
                                                                                                            Will you continue to buy Vaseline in future ?                4.5
                                                                                                            Overall                                                      34.7

      Recall Stock Salvage to be actioned in …….
“Earn the love & respect of
 Consumers and Customers
By making a real difference”
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