Council Tax 2020-21 - Wigan Council

Council Tax 2020-21 - Wigan Council
Council Tax

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Council Tax 2020-21 - Wigan Council
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    Foreword by the Leader of Wigan Council                                                 About Council Tax

    Welcome to this year’s Council Tax booklet                                              Council Tax is a property tax with a       The Valuation Office Agency decides
                                                                                            personal element.                          the band not us. You can appeal
    For another year I am pleased to let        The government                                                                         against your property’s band if you
                                                                                            Each year we send a Council Tax            have moved into the property in the
    you know that the general council           says it recognises                          bill to every domestic property in
    element of your Council Tax will be         adult social care                                                                      last six months or there has been a
                                                                                            the borough, whether it’s a house,         change in the building or physical state
    frozen once again.                          is under-funded                             bungalow, flat, maisonette, mobile
                                                and we wait in                                                                         of the local area.
    It will be the seventh year running we                                                  home or houseboat. Each dwelling is
                                                anticipation for the                        put into one of the eight bands below,     You can contact them at Valuation
    have been able to do this because of        recommendations for more long-term
    the continuing success of The Deal.                                                     based on what it would have cost to        Office Agency, Manchester Valuation
                                                plans.                                      buy on the open market on 1 April          Office, Portland Tower, Portland Street,
    The Deal was created to help us cope        In addition to this, you will also see      1991.                                      Manchester, M1 3LD.
    with the impact of austerity but also to    increases to the tax bill for the Greater                                              Phone 03000 501 501
    reshape our services and the way we                                                     Every year we set the Council Tax
                                                Manchester Mayor’s precept.                 for each band. The amounts for
    work as a council to help deliver better
    outcomes for our residents.                 It is worth emphasising though that         2020/2021 are below. The band given
                                                Wigan Borough consistently delivers         to your property is on the front of your
    You have played your part in The Deal,      amongst the lowest tax rates in             bill.
    and continue to do so, by boosting our      Greater Manchester.
    recycling rates, being involved in your
    local communities and shopping locally      This is all while we have had to cut
    to help our economy.                        £160m from our budget over the last         Band          Band Value                         Council Tax for 2020/21
                                                decade.                                     A             Up to £40,000                      £1,076.71
    This has all contributed in helping us
    to keep Council Tax as low as possible.     As we continue to implement Deal            B             £40,001 - £52,000                  £1,256.16
                                                2030 and work alongside residents           C             £52,001 - £68,000                  £1,435.61
    Once again this year central                to deliver on the priorities that you
    government has allowed councils the         helped identify, we are optimistic          D             £68,001 - £88,000                  £1,615.08
    option to introduce a two per cent rise     about the year ahead.                       E             £88,001 - £120,000                 £1,973.97
    to help fund adult social care.
                                                Through us all playing our part we will     F             £120,001 - £160,000                £2,332.88
    Our decision to do this has not been        keep on with making our borough a           G             £160,001 - £320,000                £2,691.79
    taken lightly and the funds it will         better and fairer place for all.
    generate will only go part of the way to                                                H             £320,001 and above                 £3,230.16
    covering our costs for the vital services
    in this sector.                                                                         *Additional parish precepts will apply for properties in Haigh and Shevington

                                                Councillor David Molyneux
                                                Leader of Wigan Council
Council Tax 2020-21 - Wigan Council
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    Thank you for doing your part of The Deal                                         Frozen
                                                                                                   The Deal - key statistics
    Through your support of The Deal, we’ve been
    able to freeze our service element of Council
                                                                                                    Awarded                                   78%
                                                                                                                                              of our residents supported by
                                                                                                    Council of the Year
    Tax for the seventh year running.                                                               at the 2019 Local Government
                                                                                                                                              the outstanding reablement
                                                                                                                                              services require no further
                                                                                                    Chronicle Awards
                                                                                                                                              on-going support
               Council           GM             GM            Adult        Mayoral
    Based on   Services         Police          Fire          Social       precept     Total                                                  95%
    Band A                     precept        precept         Care                                  £11million                                of people with a learning
                                                                                                    invested through the                      disability are supported to live
     2014      £794.76 £101.53                £38.42                                 £934.71        Deal for Communities                      at home or with their family
                                                                                                    Investment Fund                           – 6th best in the country

     2015      £794.76 £101.53                £38.42                                 £934.71
                                                                                                                                              One of the best
                                                                                                    Over 1,200                                in the North West at getting
                                                                                                    new homes built in 2018-19,
     2016      £794.76 £104.87                £39.18       £15.89                    £954.70        up 30% on last year
                                                                                                                                              people home from hospital
                                                                                                                                              and better than the England
     2017      £794.76 £108.20                £39.96       £40.21                    £983.13
                                                                                                                                              Launch of a
     2018      £794.76 £116.20                £39.96       £65.26          £5.33     £1021.51       Our Town                                  5 YEAR
                                                                                                    district centre improvement               Cultural Manifesto to increase
                                                                                                    programme launching in 2020    OUR TOWN
                                                                                                                                              cultural engagement across
     2019      £794.76 £132.20                £39.96       £65.26          £11.33    £1043.51       - worth £600k                             the borough

     2020      £794.76 £138.86                £44.13       £82.46          £16.50    £1076.71
                                                                                                    52%                                       99%
                                                                                                    of household waste recycled               of Day Nurseries and
    Additional parish precepts will apply for properties in Haigh and Shevington                    in 2018/19, up 4% on last                 Pre-Schools are OFSTED rated
                                                                                                    year’s figures                            outstanding
    Council Services                                    Adult Social Care precept
    This covers council services such as                This is a charge to cover the cost
    bins and recycling centres, schools and             of Adult Social Care services within
                                                                                                    TOP PLASTIC
                                                                                                    RECYCLING TOWN                            91%
    Start Well centres, street lights and               councils due to the budget cuts being       in the UK – Recycling almost              of schools are OFSTED rated
    road repairs.                                       imposed by central government.              double that of the next                   good / outstanding
                                                                                                    closest area
                                                        On your Council Tax bill the cumulative
    GM Police                                           effect of the Adult Social Care precept
    This is a charge levied on behalf of the            will be shown.
    Greater Manchester Police Service.
                                                        Mayoral precept
    GM Fire Service                                     This is a charge levied on behalf of the
    This is a charge levied on behalf of the            Mayor to pay for the running of the         Further information regarding the gross expenditure of the council, relevant
    Greater Manchester Fire Service.                    Mayor’s office and to meet the Mayor’s      precepting authorities and levying bodies (including their Council Tax
                                                        priorities in Greater Manchester.           requirements) can be found at
                                                                                                    A hard copy is available free of charge, upon request.
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    Our Town
    Last year we launched Our Town to          • Vacant shop improvement fund; a
    help build on our residents’ sense           pro-active approach to engage with
    of community pride and recognise             owners and encourage them to apply
    the many areas that make up our              for grants to improve the condition of
    wonderful borough.                           the shop fronts.
                                               • Locally identified priorities; key
    Feedback from the Big Listening
                                                 projects highlighted in the Big
    Project consultation highlighted             Listening Project. For example, it
    how attached residents feel to their         could be additional car parking or
    local community and the individual           street lighting, having engaged with
    characteristics of our districts.            ward members.
    Improvements to public realm and           • Event budget; an opportunity to
    the environment are therefore a              celebrate local heritage through
    major part of Our Town, as a result of       providing a funding stream for one-
    residents telling us what is important       off community-led events.
    to them.
                                               In addition, the Our Town awards
    Throughout 2020, council teams will        has been launched, encouraging
    work in each of the 12 district centres    residents to nominate their local hero
    delivering the following:                  or neighbour. It may be someone
                                               who goes above and beyond for their
    • Deep clean and public realm              community, from taking out their
      improvements; jet washing, weeding,      neighbours’ bins, nipping to the shops
      pruning and removal of fly posting.      for a friend or caring for others when
      Replacement or additional bins,
                                               they need it most.
      replacement street furniture, new
      planters or new trees, improved          Winners will be picked from across the
      street lighting, signage and bollards,   districts and will be unveiled at the
      if required.
                                               Our Town awards later in 2020.

                                                                                          For more information about Our Town
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    When you may not have to pay Council Tax                                             Ways to pay less Council Tax

    You may not have to pay if only the      You may not have to pay for your            The full Council Tax bill assumes that       •   Students in full time education.
    following people occupy your property:   property whilst it is:                      there are 2 or more adults living in a
                                                                                         property.                                    •    iplomats and members of
    •   Full time students,                  •    eft empty by the owner or tenant,
                                                 L                                                                                        international organisations with
                                                 who was the last occupier, and who      If you are the only adult living in your         headquarters in the UK (and their
    •   Care Leavers up to the age of 25,        has moved to receive or provide                                                          non British spouses).
                                                                                         property your bill can be reduced
    •   People under the age of 18, or           personal care in either a hospital or   by 25%. We can also consider local
                                                 home elsewhere.                                                                      •    embers of religious communities
                                                                                         discounts for other reasons as well.
    •    eople who have a severe mental
        P                                                                                                                                 such as monks or nuns.
        impairment and would otherwise       •    epossessed by a mortgage
                                                 R                                       When we work out if you are entitled
                                                 company.                                                                             Certain qualifying conditions apply.
        be liable to pay Council Tax.                                                    to a discount we don’t count these
                                             •    mpty because occupation is
                                                 E                                       people:                                      People with disabilities
    You may not have to pay for a limited
                                                 forbidden by law.                       •   Children under 18.                       If you, or a person that lives with you,
    time if your property is not occupied
                                                                                                                                      has a disability you may qualify
    because it is:                           •    aiting to be occupied by a
                                                 W                                       •    eople over 18 that still qualify for
                                                                                             P                                        for a reduction.
    •    ewly built and not yet occupied
        N                                        minister of religion.                       Child Benefit.
        (no charge for 1 month); or                                                                                                   Your home will need to have an
                                             •    he responsibility of a
                                                 T                                       •    8 or 19 year olds who leave school
                                                                                             1                                        extra bathroom, kitchen or other
    •    ubstantially unfurnished (no
        S                                        bankrupt’s trustee.                         after 30 April are not counted until     room that is used mainly to help with
        charge for 1 month); or              •    eft empty by a student owner
                                                 L                                           1 November of the same year.             the person’s disability. You can also
                                                 who lived in it immediately before                                                   qualify if the disabled person uses a
    •    wned by a charity (exempt for 6
        O                                                                                •    eople with a severe mental
                                                 leaving to study elsewhere.                                                          wheelchair in the home.
        months).                                                                             impairment.
                                             •    n empty caravan pitch or
                                                 A                                       •   Apprentices.                             If you qualify we will work out your
    You may not have to pay for any of the
                                                 houseboat mooring.                                                                   Council Tax charge again using the
    following types of properties even if                                                •   Youth Training Trainees.                 valuation band below the one your
    they are occupied:                       •    noccupied because the last
                                                 U                                                                                    property is in.
                                                 occupier, who was also the owner,       •   Care Workers.
    •   Armed Forces’ accommodation.
                                                 had died and probate or letters of                                                   The Council have additional
                                                                                         •   Carers.
    •   Visiting Forces’ accommodation.          administration have not yet been                                                     discretionary powers to reduce the
                                                 granted (and for 6 months after).       •    eople in residential care homes,
                                                                                             P                                        Council Tax liability where national
    •   A self-contained annexe.                                                             nursing homes and hostels that           discounts and exemptions cannot be
    •    ccupied by someone who has
        O                                    For further information, and to make            provide a high level of care.            applied.
        diplomatic, commonwealth or          an application for discount, exemption      •   Resident hospital patients.              For further information, and to make
        consular privilege or immunity.      or reduction please visit www.wigan.                                                     an application for discount, exemption
                                                     •   Student nurses.                          or reduction please visit www.wigan.
                                                                                         •    risoners in detention (unless
                                                                                             for non payment of fines or Council
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    Council Tax for empty dwellings and second homes                                       Council Tax Reduction

    When a dwelling first                        A property in need of, or                 Our Council Tax Reduction scheme           Who can apply for Council
    becomes empty                                undergoing, major repairs                 helps households on low incomes to         Tax Reduction?
                                                                                           pay their Council Tax bill.
    A dwelling that becomes newly empty          If you own a property that is either in                                              To apply for Council Tax Reduction you
    will be given a maximum 1 month full         need of, or undergoing, major repairs     1. T
                                                                                               he National Council Tax               must be the person whose name is on
    exemption followed by a 25% discount         you may be entitled to a reduction           Reduction Scheme – pensioner            the Council Tax bill.
    for a maximum of 5 months.                   of 75% from your bill for a maximum          households and households with
                                                 of 12 months, or until the work is           children under 5                        You may qualify if you are:
                                                 completed if that is sooner. You will
    Long term empty dwellings                    be asked to provide evidence of the
                                                                                           These households:                          • On Income Support, Jobseekers
                                                                                                                                        Allowance, Employment Support
    Dwellings left empty and unfurnished         extent of the works required to render    • Can apply for support.                     Allowance or Universal Credit;
    for longer than 6 months, or have            the property habitable. Only one major
                                                                                           • Can apply for Second Adult Rebate        • On Pension Credit, Guaranteed
    already been empty for between 6             repairs reduction can be given for
                                                                                             if the only other adult living in the      Credit and in some cases
    months and 2 years, will be charged          any period during which a property is       property is on a low income.
                                                 continuously empty. Certain qualifying                                                 Saving Credit;
    100% Council Tax.
                                                 conditions apply for all reductions.      • Can apply for backdated support.         • Working and on low pay (including
                                                                                             This will only be awarded if there         people who are self employed);
    Empty homes premium                                                                      is good cause why the claim wasn’t
                                                 Family annex                                made from the earlier date.              • On a low income. For example you
    Long term empty dwellings that remain                                                                                               might only get a retirement pension
    empty and unfurnished for longer than        If your property has an annex which       2. T
                                                                                               he Local Council Tax Reduction          or be getting social security benefits;
    2 years will attract an Empty Homes          has a separate Council Tax band and          Scheme – working age
    Premium. The premium will be an              is occupied by a relative, they may          households with no children             • A working age household with capital
    extra 50% charge in addition to the          be entitled to a reduction from their        under 5                                   / savings under £12,000; or
    100% charge for a long term empty            Council Tax.
                                                                                           These households:                          • A pensioner household, or
    dwelling.                                                                                                                           household with a child under 5,
                                                 For further information, and to make
                                                 an application for discount, exemption    • Can apply for support under our local      with capital/savings under £16,000.
                                                 or reduction please visit www.wigan.        Council Tax Reduction Scheme.
    Second homes
                                                       • Will have their entitlement calculated
    Dwellings that are unoccupied but                                                        using the national scheme but
    furnished are classed as second                                                          support will be reduced by 20%.
    homes. There is no discount for these
    dwellings. The charge for a second                                                     • Cannot apply for Second Adult
    home is 100%.
                                                                                           • Can only get support from the date a
    If your property becomes empty,                                                          claim for reduction is made.
    contact us straight away and we can
    tell you if you qualify for any reduction.
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     In April 2018 the government made        •    he Applicable Amounts we use to
                                                  T                                        The following agencies can give advice     • You can also get Welfare Rights
     changes to all Local Council Tax             work out how much Council Tax            about your application:                      Advice from us by emailing
     Reduction schemes that may affect            Reduction you are entitled to;                                              
     how much Council Tax Reduction we                                                     • Citizens Advice
                                              •    imit the length of time you are
                                                  L                                          Tel: 0344 826 9713                       These facilities are available to all
     can award you.
                                                  allowed to leave the country and           Email:                customers:
     These include changes to:                    keep your claim active to 4 weeks.
                                                                                                                                      • A
                                                                                                                                         ccess for wheelchair users at our
     •    imit the child premium to two
         L                                    For a full list of these changes             • A
                                                                                              ge UK (for those over 50) Wigan          Life Centres in Wigan, Marsh Green,
         children for new claims or where     and for more information on this               Tel: 01942 241972                          Atherton, Leigh Town Hall, Ince and
                                                                                             Email: enquiries@                          Platt Bridge.
         you become responsible for a third   please visit:
         child;                               CouncilTaxReduction                               • ReciteMe is available on our website
                                                                                                                                        so that you can have the information
     •    he amount of the Non Dependant
         T                                                                                 • Wigan & Leigh Carers Centre                on our web pages read aloud to you.
         Deductions for some customers                                                       (For registered Carers)
         who have another adult (not their                                                   Tel: 01942 705959
         partner) living with them;                                                          Email:

     How to apply                             Need help to make an                         Changes you need to
                                              application?                                 tell us about                                You can tell us online at
     You can find out more information and                                                                                    
     apply online at        • You can get help and use our online        Tell us straight away if you are getting     BenefitsReportAChange
     CouncilTaxReduction                        facilities at our Life Centres in Wigan,   Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction
                                                Marsh Green, Atherton, Leigh Town          or have a discount or exemption
     You cannot make a claim for Council        Hall, Ince and Platt Bridge.               applied and have a change in               You can get face-to-face help with any
     Tax Reduction through Job Centre Plus
                                              • If you are a tenant of Your Housing,       circumstances.                             enquiry about a council service at our
     or the Pensions Service.
                                                Adactus Housing, or Riverside                                                         Life Centres in Wigan, Marsh Green,
                                                                                           If you do not tell us about a change       Atherton, Leigh Town Hall, Ince and
     For more information about                 Housing, your landlord can help you
                                                fill in and check your benefit claim       as soon as it happens, you could pay       Platt Bridge.
     Council Tax Reduction visit
                                                online.                                    the wrong amount of Council Tax,
                                                                                           lose benefits or we could pay you too
     CouncilTaxReduction                      • If you do not have access to a             much. If this happens you may have to      Complaints or compliments
     If you rent your home you might also       computer or are unable to visit            pay any overpaid amount back and pay
                                                us at any of the above places,                                                        Fill in an online form at
     be entitled to Housing Benefit. For                                                   any underpaid Council Tax amount.
                                                contact us 01942 489002.
     more information about Housing
                                                                                           It is an offence not to tell us about
     Benefit visit
                                                                                           any change in circumstances that
                                                                                           affects your entitlement. We may
                                                                                           take court action against you.
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     Universal Credit

     Universal Credit is a payment paid          payment yourself. If you are on a low        Information about the Adult Social Care Precept
     by the Department for Work and              income you may qualify for Council Tax
     Pensions to help with your living costs     Reduction.                                   Wigan Council has responsibility for Adult Social Care functions under Part 1
     if you are on a low income or out of                                                     of the Care Act 2014. The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and
     work.                                       Apply at
                                                                                              Local Government has given Wigan Council the option to charge an annual
                                                                                              ‘precept’ of 2% on its Council Tax for the financial year 2020/21 without holding
     It replaces existing benefits and credits
                                                 Find out more about Universal Credit         a referendum, to assist the authority in meeting its expenditure on Adult Social
     into a single monthly payment.
                                                 on the government website                    Care for the financial year 2020/21. For Adult Social Care authorities, Council
     From 18 April 2018 most people                      Tax bills show two percentage changes: one for the part of the overall change
     making a claim for working age                                                           attributable to the Adult Social Care Precept, and one for the part attributable to
     benefits and help with housing costs        If you don’t have a computer at home         general expenditure.
     in Wigan Borough will be placed in          you can use one for free at your local
     Universal Credit Full Service.              library or Life Centre. There are also       Information about the Mayoral Precepts
                                                 drop-in sessions for residents that
     You will be automatically transferred       need extra help to get online. For           The Mayor of Greater Manchester has taken on the responsibilities of
     to Universal Credit in Wigan Borough        more information about help and              the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner and the Greater
     if you have a change of circumstances       support for Universal Credit claimants       Manchester Fire and Rescue services. From 2018/2019 the precept on Council
     that affects your current benefits.         visit            Tax bills for Police services was replaced with the Mayoral Police and Crime
                                                 credit                                       Commissioner Precept Component and this precept funds Police services. The
     You will have to pay your Council Tax                                                    precept for the Fire and Rescue Services was replaced with the Mayoral General
     from your monthly Universal Credit                                                       Precept Component (including Fire Services). This precept includes an amount
                                                                                              for Fire and Rescue Services and an amount to fund the Greater Manchester
                                                                                              Mayor and the work he wants to do in Greater Manchester. The information
     Don’t be excluded                           In a crisis?                                 provided by the Mayor indicates that the precept will pay for the running of the
                                                                                              Mayor’s office and to meet the Mayor’s priorities in Greater Manchester which
     If you are struggling to pay your bills     If you find yourself in a crisis our Local   are:
     or need help and advice, get in touch       Welfare Support Advisors can help
                                                                                              • Recruiting more police officers
     with those you owe money to as soon         support customers to:
                                                                                              • Provide increased resources for fire service and support for recruiting
     as you can.                                                                                  over 100 firefighters
                                                 •   access financial help and advice,
     You can nominate a friend or                                                             • Do more for young people in care and Our Pass pilot for 16-18 year olds
                                                 •    ain appropriate referrals e.g.
     representative to help you if you find it       food parcels, white goods, and           The table below shows the cost of the Mayoral Precepts per household for 2020/21.
     hard to manage it yourself.
                                                 •   build self-reliance.                     Mayoral Police and Crime Commissioner Precept
                                                                                              Council      A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H
                                                 For further information go to
                                                                                              Tax Band
                                                 visit our Life Centres in Wigan or Leigh     Precept
                                                                                                           138.86   162.01   185.15   208.30   254.58   300.87   347.16   416.60
                                                                                              Charge (£)
                                                 Avoid doorstep loan companies.
                                                                                              Mayoral General Precept (including Fire)
                                                 Their interest rates can be extremely
                                                 high.                                        Council
                                                                                                               A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H
                                                                                              Tax Band
                                                                                                            60.63    70.73    80.84    90.95   111.16   131.37   151.58   181.90
                                                                                              Charge (£)
We can make the information in this booklet available in other formats
and languages on request.
Contact us at:
Wigan Council, PO Box 100, Wigan, WN1 3DS. 01942 489001
Printed March 2020
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