Council Tax 2021/22 Guide to - Hinckley & Bosworth ...

Council Tax 2021/22 Guide to - Hinckley & Bosworth ...
Guide to
Council Tax 2021/22
For details of how to pay please see the reverse of your council tax notice.

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
Hinckley Hub • Rugby Road • Hinckley
Leics LE10 0FR

Tel: 01455 238141 Fax: 01455 251172
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audio versions please telephone 01455 238141
Council Tax 2021/22 Guide to - Hinckley & Bosworth ...
Guide to              Council Tax
    What is Council Tax?                                      Paying council tax over 12
    Each year the Government expects local                    months
    authorities to raise money to help pay for                Council tax instalments can now be spread
    the cost of providing local services. Some                over 12 months instead of 10. Following
    of this money comes from residents of the                 your request the number of payments will
    borough and is collected by the council in                be dependant on the number of months
    the form of council tax.                                  remaining in the financial year. Your request
                                                              for 12 monthly instalments will automatically
    Where does the money go?                                  apply to the next financial year. If you would
    The money we collect from you is not all                  like to pay your council tax over 12
    for Hinckley and Bosworth Borough                         instalments please email your request
    Council. In fact we keep only 7.3p in                     detailing your name, address and reference
    every pound. The rest of the money is                     number to revenues@hinckley-
    collected by us on behalf of a number of        
                                                              or contact the Customer Services Team on
    other authorities who also provide
                                                              01455 238141.
    services in your area. These are:
     •Leicestershire County Council                           Council tax, benefits and
     •Combined Fire Authority
     •Police & Crime Commissioner for
                                                              business rates online
      Leicestershire                                          Once registered, customers will be able to
     •Local parish councils                                   view their own council tax account, benefit
                                                              claim or business rates account online. You
    In addition to the money collected from                   can register online at the following website
    council tax payers we also receive:
     •government grants
     •rates paid by businesses
     •fees, charges and other income                          Council tax appeals
                                                              If you do not agree with the band for your
      HOW EVERY POUND COLLECTED IS                            home and you wish to make an appeal
                                                              please contact the Valuation Office.
        Leicestershire County Council - 73 . 2 p
                                                              Tel: 03000 501501
                                                              For further information regarding banding
                                                              appeals see the Valuation Office website

   Police & Crime                      Fire Authority -
 Commissioner for                            3.6p
Leicestershire - 12.9p    Parishes - 3.0p

    Hinckley & Bosworth BC - 7 . 3 p
Council Tax 2021/22 Guide to - Hinckley & Bosworth ...
Other appeals
If you wish to appeal against any other           NB - Properties that are unoccupied
matter regarding your council tax please          and furnished do not receive a
do so in writing to the Council Tax Team.         discount. A full charge will apply.
If you are appealing against any matter
                                                  From 1 April 2020 properties that
regarding your council tax, you should
                                                  are empty and unfurnished for
continue to pay your original council tax
                                                  more than two years will now be
bill whilst your appeal is outstanding. Any
                                                  subject to an additional charge for
overpayment will be refunded to you or
                                                  empty homes premium. Further
offset against any outstanding balance.
                                                  information regarding this can be
                                                  found at: https://www.hinckley-
Discounts and                           
Council tax assumes there are at least 2
adults living in the home. If you live on
your own you are entitled to a 25%
Discounts on empty and furnished
1) Properties that are in need of, or
   undergoing major repair work or
   structural alteration -
   These properties will be entitled to a
   50% discount from council tax for up
        to twelve months.

2) Properties that are unoccupied and
   unfurnished -
   These properties will be entitled to a
   one month discount of 100%.

3) Annexe discount -
   Annexes meeting certain criteria will be
   entitled to a 50% discount. To qualify
   for a discount the annexe must be
   occupied by a relative of the person
   liable to pay council tax on the main
   home or if it is unoccupied the annexe
   must be being used as part of the main
   home. If you wish to apply we will send
   you an application form.

Some properties may be exempt from council tax and the following is a broad
Class Unoccupied properties                                 Entitlement
  B     Owned by a charity                                  Up to 6 months
  D     Left empty by someone who has gone to
  E     Previously occupied by a person in permanent
        residential care
  F     Waiting for probate or letters of                   Up to 6 months after probate is granted
        administration to be granted
  G     Empty because occupation is forbidden by law
  H     Waiting to be occupied by a minister of
  I     Left empty by someone who has moved to
        receive personal care by reason of old age,
        disablement or illness
  J     Left empty by someone who has moved to
        provide personal care to
        another person
  K     Owned by a student and last occupied by a

  L     Subject to a Repossession Order
  Q     The responsibility of a bankrupt's trustee
  R     A site for a caravan, mobile home or mooring
  T     Granny annexes or similar type of property

Class    Occupied properties
M /N     All the residents are students
 O       Used for UK armed forces accommodation
 P       At least one liable person is a member of a visiting force
 S       All residents are less than 18 years old
 U       All residents are severely mentally impaired
 V       At least one liable person is a foreign diplomat
 W       It is annexed to a family home and occupied by that family's elderly or disabled relatives

If you think you may be entitled to a            Are you struggling to pay
discount or may be exempt please contact
the council tax section on 01455 238141.         your rent and council tax?
If you receive a discount/exemption then         If you would like to check if you would be
you must tell the council tax section            entitled to any assistance please call the
within 21 days of any change of                  Benefits Section on 01455 238141 or check
circumstances which affects your                 out our website for more information at
If the property remains unoccupied and           On our website we have a benefits calculator
unfurnished after any exemption expires          so you can work out your entitlement
then it will attract a 100% council tax          without having to reveal any of your income
                                                 to a third party. It will not ask for your name
If the property remains empty for more           or your address, you just put in details of
than two years you will now be subject           your income and within a few minutes you
to an additional charge for empty homes          will know whether you are entitled to any
premium.                                         help with your rent and council tax bills.
                                                 Claim what is rightfully yours!
How to pay
Please see the details on the reverse of         Have your circumstances
your bill.
Council tax support                              If you receive benefits, you must inform the
                                                 benefits section at Hinckley and Bosworth
scheme                                           Borough Council immediately of any change
If you are under state pension age you           in your or your household’s circumstances
will have to pay some of your council tax.       which may affect your benefit entitlement.
If you are working age the maximum               Advising another Government department,
amount you will have to pay is 12%. It is        such as the Department for Work and
important that you contact us as soon            Pensions or the Inland Revenue, does not
as you receive your Demand Notice, if            mean that we will be notified of your
you need help and advice on how to               changes.
pay your charge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All changes in
circumstance should be reported
within a month of the change
occurring. Failure to do this will be
dealt with as an act of Fraud.

BENEFIT FRAUD                                         Citizens Advice Bureau
We are committed to fighting fraud in your            Contact the CAB for impartial and
area but want your help, so if you suspect            independent advice which is free and
that someone may be claiming benefits                 confidential.
that they’re not entitled to, please call the
National Benefit Fraud Hotline on                     Advice line: 0300 3302111. These advice
                                                      lines are open from Monday to Friday
0800 854 440                                          from 9am to 4pm
or use the DWP website                                Citizens Advice Leicestershire website
                                                      (              )
or write to
NBFH, PO Box 224, Preston, PR1 1GP

FAQ’s                                                 I want to let you know about a change of
                                                      address/change in occupancy.
I want to set up a Direct Debit to pay
                                                      Please contact customer services or you can
my council tax / business rates.
                                                      log onto
You can set up a Direct Debit using the
instruction within this leaflet. Alternatively        and complete an on-line form.
telephone customer services on 01455                  What is an applicable amount?
238141 who will arrange this without the              This is a weekly figure set by the
need to complete any paperwork. You can               Government and represents the basic living
also set up a Direct Debit online at                  needs of the customer and family. All
                                                      authorities will use this amount when
My bill states I pay by Direct Debit do I             calculating entitlement to benefit.
need to do anything?                                  I have received my Council Tax Support
No - the payments will automatically be               award letter and the amount of savings
taken from your account on the dates                  (capital) quoted is different to the
shown on your bill.                                   amount I now have in my account(s).
I have received a council tax bill and I              The figures used in the calculation will be
don’t understand why the amounts                      based upon the amount of savings you had
have changed?                                         when you last applied. If you are of working
There may be various reasons why the                  age savings below £6,000 will not be taken
amounts have changed. Your entitlement                into account when assessing entitlement.
to a discount or Council Tax Support may              This figure is £10,000 in respect of
be different. If it is not clear from your bill       pensioners.
or the accompanying letter please contact
customer services.                                    The state retirement pension/welfare
                                                      benefit amount shown on my benefit
My bill says I’m in a special expense
                                                      award letter is not quite what I receive.
area. What does that mean?
                                                      Most DWP benefits are increased by a
An urban area such as Hinckley does not
                                                      certain percentage each year which we work
have a Parish Council therefore the
                                                      out for the new financial year. If your figure
Borough Council takes on this role.
                                                      is not accurate please bring in your
Residents in other areas of the Borough
pay their Parish Council for certain                  pension/benefit award letter so that we may
services and residents of Hinckley pay                adjust our records.
‘special expenses’ to the Borough Council.
How we will use your information
Your information will be used so that we can administer your account and collect Council
Tax from you in accordance with the Local Government Finance Act 1992. Under Article
6(1) (e) of the General Data Protection Regulations, we are permitted to use data for our
tasks. It will be used by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council and our partners to deliver
and fulfil our statutory duties. We will not disclose any personal information to any other
third parties unless required or allowed to do so by law. Read more about how we use
personal data on our privacy notice page:

Paying by Direct Debit
Easy to Arrange - To start paying Direct Debit is simple, just complete and return the instruction below. We will inform your bank
or building society to set up the arrangement . Alternatively, you can telephone our customer services team on 01455 238141 during
normal working hours and provide your bank or building society details i.e. account name, number and sort-code and (subject to
certain safeguards) be immediately set up for this payment option without completing any paperwork.
The Direct Debit Guarantee
• This Guarantee is offered by all Banks and Building Societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits.
• If there are any changes to the amount, date or frequency of your Direct Debit, Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council will notify
  you 10 working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If you request Hinckley & Bosworth Borough
      Council to collect a payment, confirmation of the amount and date will be given to you at the time of the request.
• If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council or your Bank or Building Society,
  you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your Bank or Building Society.
• If you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council asks you to.
• You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time simply contacting your Bank or Building Society. Written confirmation may be required.
  Please also notify us.

                 Instruction to your Bank or Building Society to pay by Direct Debit
Please fill in the form and send it to:                                           Originator’s Identification Number
Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, The Leicestershire Partnership,
PO Box 10004, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 9EJ
                                                                                   9 9 5 9 9 8
Name & full postal address of your Bank or Building Society                       Local Authority Reference Number
 To : The Manager                         Bank /Building Society

                                                                                  Instruction to your Bank or Building Society
                                                                                  Please pay Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
                                                                                  Direct Debits from the account detailed in this
                                                                                  instruction subject to the safeguards assured by
                                                                                  the Direct Debit Guarantee. I understand that this
Name(s) of Account Holder(s)                                                      instruction may remain with Hinckley & Bosworth
                                                                                  Borough Council and, if so, will be passed
                                                                                  electronically to my bank or building society.
Branch Sort Code                                                                   Signature(s)

Bank/Building Society account number

This is not part of the instruction to your bank or building society. However, the information is required by
Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council. Please complete accordingly.
Name & Address


Payment Frequency, tick the appropriate box, with monthly there is a choice of 1st, 15th or 28th of the month.

Monthly -      1st                           15th          28th                Half yearly           Annually

Do you want to pay over 10 months or 12 months? (please tick box)                                 10 months
                                                                                                         12 months

What is the money spent on?
       2020/21                                                                       2021/2022                     Per Band
                            Net                                                                          Net     D Equivalent
 Expenditure Income      Spending                                              Expenditure Income      Spending after funding
    £’000     £’000        £’000                                                  £’000     £’000          £’000          £

      864         699       165        Highways                                     871         694          177           2.12
    7,054        5,224     1,830       Planning &                                  6,912       5,170        1,742                 20.97
                                       Economic Development
    2,181        1,239      942        Recreation & Tourism                        2,142       1,153         989          11.92

    1,189         154      1,035       Environmental Health                        1,240        154         1,068         13.08

    6,065        1,854     4,211       Refuse Collection & Street                  6,185       2,119        4,066         48.90
   17,121     15,233       1,888       Housing                                    17,157      15,549        1,608         19.34

   11,155     11,155                   Housing
                                       0       Revenue Account                    11,191      11,191                  0    0.00

   17,300     15,951       1,349       Other Services                             17,119      15,688        1,431         17.22

   62,929     51,509      11,420       Gross Expenditure                          62,817      51,718       11,099             133.55

                                   (568)Transfer to (Use of ) Reserves                                       528           6.32
                          10,852       Borough Net Expenditure                                             11,627             139.87
                                       Borough Funding *                                                   (6,211)
                                       Band D Council Tax                                                   5,416

                                                   Per Band D         Costs of Refuse Collection & Recycling
* BOROUGH FUNDING                        £’000                      £ Funded from Council Tax 2021/22
Business Rates                                4,752      122.73    This table shows the annual net costs for the
                                                                   refuse and recycling services for 2021/22 that are
New Homes Bonus                            892         23.05
                                                                   being funded from council tax, expressed as cost
Collection Fund Surplus/(Deficit)          567         14.64       per household and at each property band. Council
                                           6,211            160.42 tax only funds 42.9% of our total net spending.

                                                                                      per     Band D    Band          Band
                                                                                   Household Equivalent  A             B
How the charge is made up                                                             £p        £p       £p            £p

                                                   Per Band D         Recycling       14.74        19.59      13.06   15.24
                                                   Equivalent         Refuse          10.05        13.37       8.91   10.40
            2021/2022                            £’000         £      Total
 Borough Council Tax                       5,416         139.87       Refuse &        24.79        32.96      21.97   25.64
 Parish Councils                           2,209         57.04
 Budget Requirement                        7,625         196.91                    Band Band Band Band Band Band
                                                                                     C   D     E    F   G    H
 Leicestershire County Council            54,625      1,410.78                      £p   £p   £p   £p   £p   £p
 Combined Fire Authority                   2,683           69.29      Recycling    17.41 19.59 23.95 28.30 32.66 39.19

 Police & Crime Commissioner               9,611               248.23 Refuse       11.88 13.37 16.33 19.31 22.27 26.73
 for Leicestershire
                                          74,544      1,925.21        Total
                                                                      Refuse &     29.29 32.96 40.28 47.61 54.93 65.92

Why has the Borough Council’s spending altered?
 2020/21                                        2021/22             Movement            Flood Defence Levy
     £m                                            £m                   £m
 11.420      Gross Expenditure                  11.099                 (0.321)       The Midlands and Anglian
  ( 0.568)   Transfer to (Use of) Reserves        0.528                  1.096
                                                                                     Regions of the Environment
 10.852      Borough Net Expenditure            11.627                  0.775
    2.180    Parish Precepts                      2.209                 0.029
                                                                                     Agency charge levies to the
 13.032      Budget Requirement                 13.836                  0.804        County Council for their flood
  (3.966)    Business Rates                      (4.752)               (0.786)       defence functions which are
  (1.642)    New Homes Bonus                     (0.892)                   0.750     included in the County’s
    0.015    Collection Fund (Surplus)/ Deficit (0.567)                (0.582)       precept.Total gross expenditure
    7.439    Demand on Collection Fund            7.625                 0.186        for the Midlands Region for
             Funded By:
                                                                                     2021/22 is £86.046m (2020/21
   4.504     Borough Taxpayers                    4.666                 0.162
   0.755     Special Expenses Taxpayers           0.750                       (0.005)is £82.525m) and for the
   2.180     Parish Taxpayers                     2.209                 0.029        Anglian region £88.045m
    7.439                                          7.625                0.186        (2020/21 is £71.875m)

Summary of Council Tax 2021/2022
                                                               VALUATION BAND
                                  A (6/9)
                       Amount required               B (7/9)     C (8/9)  D (9/9)     E (11/9)    F (13/9)    G (15/9)    H (18/9)
 Area/Parish             £           £                  £           £        £            £           £           £          £
Hinckley            749,999.00 1,278.25             1,491.30    1,704.34 1,917.38     2,343.47    2,769.56    3,195.63    3,834.76
Bagworth            117,000.00 1,311.21             1,529.76    1,748.29 1,966.83     2,403.91    2,840.98    3,278.04    3,933.65
Barlestone           85,000.00 1,304.02             1,521.37    1,738.71 1,956.04     2,390.72    2,825.41    3,260.07    3,912.08
Barwell             258,430.00 1,295.52             1,511.45    1,727.37 1,943.29     2,375.13    2,806.98    3,238.81    3,886.57
Burbage             427,043.99 1,279.94             1,493.27    1,706.59 1,919.91     2,346.56    2,773.21    3,199.85    3,839.82
Cadeby                     4,550.00
                                 1,260.96           1,471.13    1,681.28 1,891.44     2,311.77    2,732.10    3,152.40    3,782.89
Carlton                    8,300.00
                                 1,264.29           1,475.02    1,685.73 1,896.45     2,317.88    2,739.32    3,160.74    3,792.89
Desford             132,974.00 1,286.14             1,500.50    1,714.86 1,929.21     2,357.93    2,786.65    3,215.35    3,858.42
Earl Shilton        279,047.00 1,291.08             1,506.27    1,721.45 1,936.63     2,367.00    2,797.37    3,227.71    3,873.26
Groby               186,001.00 1,279.63             1,492.91    1,706.19 1,919.46     2,346.01    2,772.56    3,199.09    3,838.91
Higham on the Hill   14,783.00 1,264.92             1,475.74    1,686.56 1,897.38     2,319.03    2,740.67    3,162.30    3,794.76
Market Bosworth     107,967.54 1,311.05             1,529.57    1,748.07 1,966.58     2,403.60    2,840.62    3,277.63    3,933,16
Markfield           138,693.00 1,287.44             1,502.02    1,716.59 1,931.16     2,360.31    2,789.46    3,218.60    3,862.32
Nailstone            20,565.00 1,296.42             1,512.49    1,728.56 1,944.63     2,376.77    2,808.92    3,241.05    3,889.26
Newbold Verdon       84,876.00 1,286.63             1,501.07    1,715.51 1,929.94     2,358.63    2,787.71    3,216.57    3,859.89
Osbaston                   6,750.70
                                 1,280.66           1,494.12    1,707.56 1,921.00     2,347.89    2,774.79    3,201.66    3,842.00
Peckleton            34,627.00 1,280.82             1,494.30    1,707.77 1,921.24     2,348.19    2,775.14    3,202.07    3,842.48
Ratby               108,098.55 1,281.03             1,494.54    1,708.05 1,921.55     2,348.57    2,775.58    3,202.58    3,843.10
Shackerstone         26,429.00 1,274.61             1,487.05    1,699.49 1,911.92     2,336.80    2,761.68    3,186.53    3,823.84
Sheepy               35,000.00 1,274.43             1,486.84    1,699.24 1,911.65     2,336.46    2,761.28    3,186.08    3,823.30
Stanton under Bardon 12,235.14 1,260.42             1,470.49    1,680.56 1,890.63     2,310.77    2,730.92    3,151.05    3,781.26
Stoke Golding        55,531.00 1,279.46             1,492.72    1,705.96 1,919.20     2,345.69    2,772.19    3,198.66    3,838.40
Sutton Cheney           14,577.741,274.46           1,486.87    1,699.28 1,911.69     2,336.51    2,761.34    3,186.15    3,823.38
Twycross             22,198.00 1,272.72             1,484.85    1,696.97 1,909.09     2,333.34    2,757.58    3,181.81    3,818.18
Witherley            27,944.40 1,261.86             1,472.18    1,682.49 1,892.80     2,313.43    2,734.06    3,154.66    3,785.60
Council Tax Bills will vary according to the amount which local parish councils instruct us to collect and the special expenses which
are levied solely in the urban area of Hinckley. These variations cover the costs of cemeteries, parks and poop scoop schemes.

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