COURSE GUIDE 2018/19 - Telford College

COURSE GUIDE 2018/19 - Telford College
2018/ 19
COURSE GUIDE 2018/19 - Telford College
It’s your future. It’s our role to help you shape it, work
for it and achieve it.

Before you join us, we help you set your goals and choose
the course that’s right for your future based on your career

As a student here, you’ll receive all the support you need to
land your dream career, get into the best universities, or
simply find out what you’re REALLY good at.

Telford is now the fastest growing town in the Midlands with
thousands of new career opportunities on offer and billions
of pounds invested in the area. That’s why we work with big
name employers and renowned universities to ensure a
direct route into careers with businesses in the region.

You’ll gain work experience and learn from lecturers
with lots of industry knowledge, in a friendly campus
that is easily reached by bus and train routes throughout
Shropshire.                                                        /TelfordCollege
Define your future AND make it happen at Telford College.          @TelfordCollege
                                                                   01952 642237

COURSE GUIDE 2018/19 - Telford College
Six reasons
to choose Telford College
Telford College of Arts and Technology and New College Telford have combined to offer an
amazing learning experience at one single campus – now known as Telford College.

#1   The best student experience                       #4   Ultra-modern campus facilities
     Hear straight from our students who                    Our university-style campus is a
     can show you that whoever you are,                     vibrant and friendly place. It’s easy to
     no matter what your starting point, you                meet new friends, play sports or take
     will fit in and you will succeed at Telford            part in activities, while the latest study
     College.                                               resources and industry-standard facilities
                                           page 4-5         guarantee your success.

     95%       of students would
               recommend the college
                                                                                                 page 12-13

                                                            £2.5m isinbeing   invested
                                                                      facilities this year

#2   Extensive course choice opens
     a world of possibilities                          #5   Connect with top employers
     From the new 7th Form for A level,                     & universities
     combined and career route students, to                 Our new college combines academic
     apprenticeships, vocational and university             expertise and university links, with a long
     courses, there’s a route to suit you.                  history of collaborating with the region’s
                                          page 6-10         biggest employers. These links are the key
                                                            to your success.
     70 different industries to choose from                                                         page 14
                                                            Students went on to 70 UK universities last year

#3   All the support you need
     From financial support and help with              #6   Endless opportunities to progress
     travel costs, to mentoring, personal                   Whichever level you start at, you can
     tutors and a student services team –                   continue your journey with us by
     ensuring your personal wellbeing and                   progressing to the next level, or to
     professional success.                                  university courses and apprenticeships.
                                             page 11                                                page 15

     98%        of students praised the support
                from their personal tutor                   80% education
                                                                of students progress into
                                                                          or a career

     Getting started with Telford College                                                           page 16
     How to apply or find open event dates

COURSE GUIDE 2018/19 - Telford College
7th FORM
                                                                      Meet Emma

                                                                      For students who
                                                                      have a lot of drive
                                                                      and enjoy freedom,
                                                                      Telford College is a
                                                                      great place to study
                                                                      A levels. I achieved
                                                                      AAA* as well as an A in
                                                                      my Extended Project

Shape your
                                                                      Qualification. I’m now going to study
                                                                      Geography at Cambridge University.

                                                                      I chose Telford College because of its

                                                                      friendly, welcoming feel. All my teachers
                                                                      were highly giving with their time – they
                                                                      were willing to stay behind class or answer
                                                                      any emails whenever I needed additional
                                                                      help or had questions.
Will I make friends? Will I get the grades I need? Will I enjoy the
course? Will I get the career I want?                                 There is a very relaxed feel to the place,
                                                                      and you are given more freedom and
                                                                      independence – so it feels more like a
These are just some of the questions our students tell us they have   university than a school.
when they’re starting college. Your experience here at Telford
College is the most important thing about everything we do.

From day one, we put everything in place so you feel supported,        You can be a success
encouraged, welcomed, motivated, challenged and inspired to            like Emma:
succeed. Whether you’re working towards a place at a leading
university, or you want to get away from your previous education       If you achieve five GCSE passes at
experience, your time here will deliver the future you want.           grades 9 - 4 including English and
                                                                       maths, you can choose A levels, pathway
These are real students who studied here. Reading their stories        or combined courses at our 7th Form.
should help you understand what level of study suits you, and what
kind of goals you want to set. Success will look different to each
one of you.
                                                                        Visit to see
                                                                        all the subjects available.

COURSE GUIDE 2018/19 - Telford College
LEVEL 3                                      LEVEL 2                                      LEVEL 1
                                                   Meet Karinne                                 Meet Shannon                                 Meet Oliver

                                                   I studied a level 3                          My experience                                I joined a level
                                                   course in art and                            at Telford                                   one hospitality
                                                   design, which is                             College has                                  and catering
                                                   equivalent to                                been life                                    course and did
                                                   three A levels                               changing. When                               a 36-hour
                                                   and allows me to                             I left school I                              placement at
                                                   specialise in a                              was quiet and                                the Ramada
                                                   vocational subject I know I want a career    shy with social anxiety issues. I’m not as   and Holiday Inn hotels in the town
                                                   in. The college has helped me become         shy now, and I can talk to others when       centre.
                                                   the person I wanted to be, and given me      needed.
                                                   so many skills and friends that I wouldn’t                                                As well as learning at college, I worked
                                                   have got anywhere else. My course and        I have become more confident in myself       with the front of house team on
                                                   tutors challenged me to step out of my       and my work and I feel like I have come      reception and really enjoyed it. I got
                                                   comfort zone and try out new things,         a long way in the past two years. I joined   great feedback from the guests and as a
                                                   ensuring I produced work I never             the college on a full time childcare         result, I was offered a part time role with
                                                   thought I could create.                      course.                                      Southwater Event Group, which owns
                                                                                                                                             both hotels.
                                                   I now work as a freelance designer, but I    I achieved merits and went on to an
                                                   also have the option to continue my          apprenticeship – which means I work          I’ve had a great start in a hospitality
                                                   studies at university, or I could study a    full time at a local nursery and combine     career thanks to Telford College.
                                                   foundation degree at Telford College         that with studying at the college to
                                                   part time while I work.                      further my qualifications.

                                                    You can be a success                         You can be a success                         You can be a success
                                                    like Karinne:                                like Shannon:                                like Oliver:
Picture Karinne: Simon Hadley / The Arts Society

                                                    If you have four or more GCSEs at            If you have four GCSEs at grades 3 - 1       If you’re leaving school with
                                                    grades 9 - 4 you’ll join an A level          including English or maths, you’ll           four GCSEs at grades 2 - 1 including
                                                    equivalent programme linked to a job         start a one year, level 2 course in a        English or maths, then you’ll start
                                                    you’d like to work in, alongside             subject linked to a career you want,         a one year, level 1 course like
                                                    English and maths.                           as well as studying English and              Oliver did.
                                                                                                 maths. After you successfully
                                                    After this you can go on to university,      complete the course, you can                 You’ll then get lots of opportunities
                                                    start an apprenticeship or stay on at        progress to a level 3 full time course       for work experience and to progress
                                                    college to study a degree level course.      with us, or on to an apprenticeship.         on to the next level.

COURSE GUIDE 2018/19 - Telford College
A world of
Define your future with Telford’s most extensive course choice at every level,
including an exciting range of 7th Form career routes in partnership with leading
employers and universities.

                                             A LEVELS & 7th FORM
The all-new 7th Form at Telford College    Our 7th Form centre is the first of its kind   • A direct link and clear pathway
connects your academic A level studies     in the UK. As a student here, you’ll benefit     between your programme of study
with a clear route to university or        from:                                            here at 7th Form, your place at
high-quality employment.                                                                    university, and your intended career.
                                           • The widest range of A level                  • The confidence of knowing that
Study what you love, love what you           courses anywhere in Telford.                   leading employers and UK universities
study… and have confidence that you will   • A unique university-style 		                   have worked with us to shape your
achieve what you need to get to your         community, just for A level                    study programme, giving you the best
chosen university and career.                students in your own study centre.             possible start to your career.
                                                                                          • £2.5m investment in facilities,
                                                                                            computers and software in our new
                                                                                            7th Form building.

                                                                                             Visit for
                                                                                             7th Form and A level information.
                                                                                             Visit our 7th Form Official
                                                                                             Launch & Open Events:
                                                                                             Wed 18 Oct 5pm - 7.30pm
                                                                                             Tue 21 Nov 5pm - 7.30pm
                                                                                             Haybridge Road Campus

COURSE GUIDE 2018/19 - Telford College
COURSES                    7th FORM CAREER ROUTES
                                                                         Our 7th Form career routes
                                                                         group relevant A level and
                                               A LEVELS                  combined options linked to
                                               • Biology                 your chosen career &
                                               • Business Studies        university.
                                               • Chemistry
                                               • Computing               • Business & Financial
                                               • Economics               • Childcare & Early Years
                                               • English Combined        • Computing & IT Industries
                                               • English Language        • Creative & Design
                                               • English Literature      • Engineering, Manufacturing
                                               • Extended Project          & Construction
                                                 Qualification (AS)      • Health & Social Care
                                               • Film Studies            • Medical & Science
                                               • Fine Art                • Multimedia & Marketing
                                               • French                  • Politics & Legal
                                               • Further Maths           • Public Services & Sport
                                               • Geography
                                               • History                 COMBINED
                                               • Law                     Combine one or two
                                               • Maths                   A levels with one or two
                                               • Media Studies           vocational courses.
                                               • Philosophy & Ethics
                                               • Photography             • Business
                                               • Physics                 • Criminology
                                               • Psychology              • Childcare & Education
                                               • Sociology               • Computer Graphics
DOMINIC’s story                                • Theatre Studies         • Health & Social Care
                                                                         • IT
  I would absolutely recommend Telford         NEW A LEVELS              • Law
College. Everybody is so friendly and          FOR 18/19                 • Media Production
encouraging, wanting you to be the best you    • Accounting              • Music Performance
can possibly be. It’s a fantastic bridge       • Geology                 • Music Events Management
between school and university life and         • Government & Politics   • Music Technology
my teachers were outstanding.                  • Medical Science         • Outdoor Education
                                               • PE                      • Performing Arts
       Dominic Rogers, 18, achieved            • Product Design          • Science
              A*AB and now studies                                       • Sports
         history at Exeter University                                    • Travel & Tourism

COURSE GUIDE 2018/19 - Telford College
                                            ACCOUNTING & BUSINESS                        ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING
                                            Accounting courses can lead to careers in    Our electrical courses will train you for a
                                            financial services, corporate finance,       career as an electrician in domestic or
                                            auditing, accountancy or consultancy.        industrial settings.
                                            Business courses can lead to careers in
                                            marketing, law, HR, operations, finance      ENGINEERING & ROBOTICS
                                            and management.                              Our electro-technical or mechanical
                                                                                         engineering courses can train you for roles
                                            ART & DESIGN                                 in automotive, aerospace, aviation, marine,
                                            Our £2.5m Creative Hub is a perfect          civil or environmental engineering and
                                            launch pad for careers in graphic design,    robotics.
                                            product design, artists, textile design,
                                            fashion design, ceramics, printing and       GAMES TECHNOLOGY
                                            more.                                        Train to develop the next big gaming trend.
 ENTRY REQUIREMENTS*                                                                     Our courses will help you learn 3D
                                            CAD & MANUFACTURING                          modelling, script development, game
         5 GCSEs at grades                  Computer Aided Design (CAD) has              engine integration and programming.

A levels 9 - 4 including                    become a key skill in careers such as
		       English and maths.                 architectural consultancy, manufacturing,    HAIR & BEAUTY
                                            product development and construction.        Our on-campus salon is a great training
            4 GCSEs at grades               Manufacturing is one of the biggest          environment for any aspiring hair or beauty
		          9 - 4 including                 growth industries in Shropshire with         professional. Whether your ambition is to
		          English and maths.              several big brand names on our               start your own business, work for a salon or
                                            doorstep.                                    even work on a cruise ship, there are plenty
            4 GCSEs at grades                                                            of opportunities after you qualify.
		          3 - 1 including English         CARING PROFESSIONS
		          or maths.                       Careers in care are varied, including        HOSPITALITY & CATERING
                                            childcare, youth work, elderly care,         Shropshire is a leading conference and
            4 GCSEs at grades               hospice work and caring for vulnerable       tourism destination thanks to major
		          2 & 1, including                people. Study childcare as a route to        attractions and employers like the
		          English or maths.               nursery work or primary teaching, or         Southwater Group, who we work closely
                                            health and social care university routes     with. You can train to be a chef or to work
                                            include nursing, midwifery, speech           in hotels and restaurants worldwide.
*Full entry requirements vary for each      therapy, occupational health and more.
course. Equivalent qualifications and/or                                                 IT
relevant experience may also be             CONSTRUCTION                                 Digital skills are needed everywhere. It’s
accepted. Please visit our website for
detailed entry requirements. This guide
                                            Our workshops offer the perfect practical    one of the world’s fastest growing
was correct at the time of print and some   and technical training for careers as a      industries, covering a vast range of careers
courses may be subject to change.           woodworker, joiner, carpenter, bricklayer,   from coding to cybersecurity, network
                                            painter and decorator, electrician or        administration to website building,
                                            plumber.                                     software and app development.

COURSE GUIDE 2018/19 - Telford College
Media courses can launch careers in
broadcasting, video production,
photography, journalism, PR, and

Our motor vehicle maintenance courses
prepare you for a career repairing cars,
vans and motorcycles, which could
include mechanical, transmission or
engine issues, or in car electronics.

Want a career where you can really make
an impact, serving your community or
your country? Our public services courses
can lead to careers in the armed forces,

emergency services, local government or

Science is the foundation to a wide range
of careers, which could include biomedical    Accounting                L3 L2 L1   Motor Vehicle             L3 L2 L1

science, engineering, forensic science,       Art & Design           L
                                                                     4/3 L3 L2 L1   Music                        L2

medicine, healthcare and many more.           Barbering                    L2      Painting & Decorating        L2

                                              Beauty Therapy            L3 L2 L1   Plumbing                  L3 L2 L1
SPORT & FITNESS                               Business                  L3 L2 L1   Professional Chef         L3 L2 L1

If you’re a sporty type, what could be        Business Administration   L3 L2      Public Services           L3 L2

better than a career in sports development,   CAD & Manufacturing       L3 L2      Science                   L3 L2

sports science, sports coaching, fitness or   Construction              L3 L2 L1   Sport                     L3 L2 L1

being a professional athlete?                 Childcare                 L3 L2 L1   Sport & Exercise Science  L3
                                              Electrical Engineering    L3 L2      Travel & Tourism 		       L3 L2
TRAVEL & TOURISM                              Engineering & Robotics  L3 L2 L1
A career in travel isn’t just about being a   Games Technology          L3 L2

rep or air steward. Studying travel also      Hairdressing              L3 L2 L1

includes events, hospitality and business     Health & Social Care      L3 L2 L1     Visit
skills so you can become an event             Hospitality Management L3              for a full list of vocational
manager, conference organiser, resort         IT                        L3 L2 L1     courses and details.
manager, or work for hotels, spas and         Media                     L3 L2 L1

leisure attractions.

COURSE GUIDE 2018/19 - Telford College
                                                                                                ENTRY LEVEL
                                                                                         If you’re not quite ready for a level one
                                                                                         course, our entry level awards will help
                                                                                         you find what you really enjoy, what
                                                                                         you’re good at, and take important next
                                                                                         steps in your training and education.
                                                                                         Choose from:

                                                                                         • Art & Design
                                                                                         • Hair, Beauty, Health & Social Care &
                                                                                         • Land-Based, Construction &
                                                                                           Motor Vehicle
                                                                                         • Retail & Employability
                                                                                         • Sport & Public Services
                                                                                         • Travel, Tourism, Hospitality & Catering

                                                                                         We also offer programmes to help
  SAMMY’s story                                                                          students with learning difficulties to
                                                                                         develop their independence and
     I work as an apprentice                                                             working skills.
  business administrator at
  Bespoke Computing. I am
  learning new skills all the time
  and am really enjoying being part                                APPRENTICESHIPS
                of the ‘engine
                   room’ that
                     supports          Get into a career and go far with an           • Engineering
                      the whole        apprenticeship. You’ll start work with a       • Financial Services
                      organisation.    local or national company and learn on         • Hairdressing
                       Sammy Davies,   the job, as well as studying a qualification   • Hospitality
                                                                                                                    We have over
                                       at college. 93% of all our apprentices are     • Health & Social Care
                             age 18
                                       offered a full time role after they complete
                                       their apprenticeship in subjects such as:
                                                                                      • IT User/Professionals
                                                                                      • Leisure Operations
                                                                                      • Management                  working with
                                       • Accounting                                   • Motor Vehicles               employers
    Follow /TelfordCollege for all     • Beauty                                       • Retail
  the latest apprenticeships news      • Business Administration                      • Supporting Teaching &
  and vacancies.                       • Childcare                                      Learning
                                       • Customer Service                             • Warehousing

All the
you need
From financial support such as bursaries and help with travel costs,
to mentoring, personal tutors and our student services team. It’s all
here to ensure your personal wellbeing and professional success.

 Experience & lifestyle
 You’ll take part in student trips,
 competitions, employer visits, clubs and
                                                  Travelling to college
                                                  There are extensive free parking facilities on
                                                  site for those who drive.
                                                                                                     of our students
 activities as part of your studies.                                                                feel treated fairly
                                                  We work closely with transport companies          and with respect
 You’ll also have lots of opportunities to have   so you can get to the campus by direct bus

 your say on the future of the college, such      routes throughout Telford as well as from
 as becoming a student rep or joining the         Market Drayton, Bridgnorth, Shifnal,
 student council.                                 Shrewsbury, Newport, Gnosall, Stafford,
                                                  Shifnal, Pattingham, Madeley, Dawley and
 You’ll be given an ID badge when you enrol       more.                                               of students say
 and become part of the college community.                                                             that staff are
                                                  Wellington station provides easy access by       friendly and helpful
 You’ll also be eligible to join the NUS extra    train service from Telford, Wolverhampton
 student discount scheme.                         and Shrewsbury.

                                                                                                   of students surveyed
  Grants may be available to help with bus pass, equipment, uniform and trip costs as well              praised their
  as free meals. Call our student services team on 01952 642523 to see if you are eligible.           personal tutors

campus experience
Make friends for life and achieve your career goals at our safe, friendly and vibrant university-style campus.

Meet & mingle: At our lively and stylish     Sports: Take up free gym
café, Rendezvous – serving Starbucks         membership, enjoy organised sports
coffee, hot and cold drinks and snacks.      or dance and fitness classes, or a
                                             kick about with friends. Our
Eat with friends: Enjoy hot meals, salads,   extensive indoor sports dome and
sandwiches and drinks at The Haybridge       outdoor facilities are amongst the
Restaurant for those looking for a great     best college sports facilities in
choice, at affordable prices.                the country.

Learn in the best facilities
Our lively and supportive campus has been
purpose-built to offer the best resources, study
centres and training zones.

1  NEW £2.5m 7th Form Centre for A levels,
   including virtual reality. Our highly
experienced A level team will teach in a new
                                                   £3.5m                    CENTRE
bespoke facility at Haybridge Road campus.         CENTRE

2   £3.5m Automotive Centre includes three
    specialist workshops and strong links with
dealerships and garages.

3   £2.5m Construction Centre teaching
    painting and decorating, plastering,
bricklaying, tiling, plumbing, electrical
installation and carpentry. The centre will
expand in 2018 due to demand and careers
on offer in Telford.                                                                    CREATIVE
4    £3m Discovery Centre with technology
     including CAD suite, welding bays, milling
stations, robotics and computer numerical
control machines.

5  £2.5m Creative Hub with Apple Macs, art
   and design studios, media suites, printroom,
dark rooms and gallery space.
                                                   LEARN & SUCCEED
6   The Retreat is home to hair and
    beauty courses with salons, whirlpool,
steamrooms and massage bays.

7   The Orange Tree is our exclusive on-site
    restaurant which is open to the public and
has two professional kitchens to put your skills
to the test.
8  NEW Music & STEM facilities featuring              THE                      ORANGE
   music and performance facilities                 RETREAT
and a science, technology, engineering and
maths hub.

Telford College has
                                                                                                offered a fantastic service
                                                                                              to ABP, reacting to the needs
                                                                                               of the company really well.
                                                                                               We can see the skills learnt
                                                                                              at college coming through in
                                                                                             the work the students are now
                                                                                                  doing at our company.
                                                                                                      Graeme MacLeod,
                                                                                                   Technical Manager at ABP

Get connected
Get connected with our links to top employers and universities. Telford College combines academic expertise and
university links, with a great reputation for working with major employers to create career opportunities.

 University links                              Employer partnerships                      Apprenticeships
 Our new combined 7th Form career              Students benefit from training             Apprentices from Telford College start
 routes offer subject combinations             opportunities, work experience             their career with leading local
 supported by key university partners,         placements and our strong                  employers in the public and private
 providing a more defined study route          partnerships with leading employers        sectors. These include the Princess
 to undergraduate programmes at a              such as Müller, GKN, Faccenda, ABP,        Royal and Royal Shrewsbury Hospitals,
 number of universities. Students on           McPhillips, Carnell, Fujitsu, Southwater   Coverage Care, Denso Manufacturing,
 A levels and vocational courses               Event Group, Amey, Keysight                Heart of England NHS Trust, John
 progress to more than 70 UK                   Technologies, Makita, Bischof and          Reilly, Radis, Ricoh and Telford and
 universities each year.                       Klein, Pork Farms and Viessmann.           Wrekin Council.

Telford’s growth is your future                                                           THERE ARE LOTS OF
Did you know that Telford is the fastest growing town in the Midlands? Telford and        OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU
Wrekin is home to some of the UK’s most well-known companies. With 13,000                 TO LIVE AND WORK HERE
                                                                                          IN SHROPSHIRE & BEYOND
new houses being constructed, several new developments underway and £1 billion
invested in the area, new career opportunities are being created at a very fast rate.

Stay and
Whichever level you join us at, you can continue your
journey with university courses and apprenticeships at
Telford College.

University courses at our campus offer
lower course fees, small class sizes,
industry-standard facilities and links with
regional employers.

You can also study at the University
Centre Telford in Southwater Square. The
centre is a partnership between Telford
College, the University of Wolverhampton
and Telford and Wrekin Council.                                KIRSTIE’s story
After your full time course, you could start a                   After my level 3 course,
career as an apprentice working up to four                   I wanted to keep studying. I
days a week and earning a salary, while                      chose a university course at
continuing your qualifications at college.                  Telford College because of the
                                                         friendly learning environment and
                                                          I’ve had two promotions at work
                                                             since I started the course.
             ALASTAIR’s story                                 Kirstie Shelley, university
                                                             student at Telford College
                My time at Telford College
           has equipped me with a sound
   knowledge and understanding of
   mechanical engineering, and has
   enabled me to progress my desired
   career path at GKN.
      Alastair Beaman, former Telford College
    student now quality assurance Manager at
                                 GKN Telford

Here are five essential steps to get started at Telford College

                                                            Apply online or visit
                       On our website you can find out which course type suits you, find full course information,
                           read about entry requirements and find open event dates. You can also read more
                                        inspirational stories from current and former students.

                               Contact our friendly careers advisors if you’re not sure which route to take.

                        Attend an open event - meet tutors, have a go at taster activities, talk to employers and
                   universities, and meet existing students to find out what studying with Telford College is really like.

               Apply online or at our open events, attend an interview and taster days before you join us in September.

                                             Enrol at Telford College and
                                          DEFINE your future
                                       with successful career opportunities.

You can also read