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                SCHOOL OVERVIEW            1               COMPLAINT PROCEDURE             7
                   ADMINISTRATION          2                         Inclement Weather     7
              MISSION STATEMENT            3                           Recruiting Policy   7
          Brief History and Ownership      3                           Grading System      7
         Student’s Pledge for Success      3                          Progress Reports     7
                      School Facilities    3                              Scholarships     7
                        Library Facility   3                  Graduation Requirements      7
       ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS              4                   ATTENDANCE POLICY           8
             Non-Discrimination Policy     4
                                                                       Student Conduct     8
                    Prior to Admission     4
                                                                        Make-Up Policy     8
            Policy on the Handicapped      4
                                                SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS             9
                       Transfer Policy     4
                                                         Academic Progress Evaluation      9
              Leave of Absence Policy      4
                                                        Attendance Progress Evaluation     9
                     Re-Entry Policy       4
                                                                Determination of Status    9
                     Student Services      4
                                                    Financial Aid Warning and Probation    9
              Drug and Alcohol Policy      4
                                                                             Absences      9
             FINANCIAL AID POLICY          5
                                                                  Courses Incompletes      9
                       Payment Policy      5
                                                                     Termination Policy    9
                Withdrawal Procedure       5
                                                                    Appeal Procedures      9
            TITLE IV Code of Conduct       5
                                                         Reinstatement of Financial Aid    9
 Ban on Revenue Sharing Agreements         5
                                                               Licensure Requirements      9
                          Ban on Gifts     5
                                                     COSMETOLOGY COURSE PA, DE             10 & 10A
     Ban on Contracting Arrangements       5
                                                              ESTHETICIAN COURSE           11
Prohibition Against Steering Borrowers     5
                                                 STUDENT TEACHER COURSE PA & DE            12
 Prohibition of Funds for Private Loans    5
                                                          NAIL TECHNICIAN COURSE           13
           Ban on Staffing Assistance      5
                                                          RULES AND REGULATIONS            14
 Ban on Advisory Board Compensation        5
                                                    CAMPUS SECURITY AWARENESS              15
                           FERPA Act       5
                                                                CLASS START DATES          16
                    REFUND POLICY          6
                                                               EDUCATIONAL COSTS           17
Federal Student/Plus Loans and Grants      6
                                                                DRESS CODE POLICY          18
           Course Cancellation Policy      6
                                                    HOW OUR STUDENTS ARE DOING             19
                 School Closing Policy     6
                                               ADDENDUM – CONSUMER INFORMATION             20
   Responsibility for Personal Property    6

 SCHOOL OVERVIEW                                         1

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Certified by State Approving Agency for Veterans’ Educational Benefits
These approvals are state and school specific and does not apply to the Aston Campus




Accreditation on probation
National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences
3015 Colvin Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 600-7600

1033 Chester Pike
Sharon Hill, PA 19079

600 Turner Industrial Way
Aston, PA 19014

State Board of Cosmetology
P.O. Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17105
(717) 783-7130
 ADMINISTRATION                                             2

           PRESIDENT, OWNER:      Janice E. Falcone (Aston - Sharon Hill

                     DIRECTOR:    Christopher Falcone (Sharon Hill Campus)
                                  Richard S. Falcone (Aston Campus)

              ADMINISTRATIVE,     Rhonda Craven (Sharon Hill - Aston Campus’)
   FINANCIAL AID OFFICER (FAO):   Christopher Falcone (Sharon Hill – Aston

             OFFICE MANAGER:      Mary Grace Bush (Aston Campus)

        ADMISSIONS PERSONNEL:     Diane Reynolds (Sharon Hill - Aston Campus’)

SCHOOL SUPERVISORS, TEACHERS:     Gloria Snyder (Aston Campus)
                                  Diane Reynolds (Sharon Hill Campus)

                    TEACHERS:     Dianne Tsekuras (Aston – Sharon Hill Campus’)

                                  Denise Ohlerking (Aston Campus)

                                  Laureen Moir (Sharon Hill Campus)

                                  Marianne Fetrow (Sharon Hill Campus)

                                  Vicki Miller (Aston Campus)

                                  Diane Reynolds- (Sub.Teacher- (S.H.)

                                  Janice Falcone- (Sub. Teacher- (Aston)

                                  Lauren Falcone-Testardi (Off Campus

                                  Kate Falcone (Off Campus Sub.Teacher-Both)

                                  Rhonda Craven (Off Campus Sub.Teacher-Both)
               STUDENT’S PLEDGE                                                                                          3
MISSION STATEMENT                                                      education for my success. This behavior will prove that I
                                                                       am a professional who can work effectively with my future
As a Private School, the mission of Venus Beauty Academy is            co-workers and employers.
to prepare and provide our students with an excellent education
with experienced instruction. We provide our students with the     STUDENTS
technical and professional edge needed to succeed and                 As a professional, I will cooperate and get along with my
become a skilled licensed professional.                               fellow students. I will maintain a positive, helpful
                                                                      relationship with all students. My association with my
BRIEF HISTORY AND OWNERSHIP                                           fellow students are an indication to employers that I can be
                                                                      a team player.
Venus Beauty Academy was founded in 1960 by renowned
colorist and stylist Michael R. Falcone, his wife Josephine, and   SCHOOL
their son Richard. Not content with being a master in the            As a student, I am expected to take a personal
beauty field, the Falcone family felt a need for instructional        responsibility for the appearance and cleanliness of the
excellence in the industry and opened their first school in           school facilities, showing pride in my school. This will
Collingdale, PA. The beauty school moved to a larger location         indicate that I will take care of my future employer’s place
in 1964 to Sharon Hill, PA, where the main campus is currently        of business.
located. It is now owned and operated by Richard and Janice
Falcone with the same commitment to excellence that Venus          CLIENTS
Beauty Academy was founded. In November of 2002, Richard              I will work to my maximum ability and take advantage of all
and Janice Falcone opened the Aston campus of Venus                    learning opportunities to ensure that my clients look and
Beauty Academy. This latest addition to Venus Beauty                   feel their best. I understand that employers look for the
Academy is a state-of-the art-facility and is on a beautiful two       technical skills as well as people skills. These two points
acres. The Aston campus has the same dedication to                     are what will make me a success in the beauty industry.
excellence in training that Venus Beauty Academy was
founded. The Sharon Hill location provides training for PA
Cosmetologists, Student Teachers, and Nail Technicians. The        SCHOOL FACILITIES
Aston campus provides training for PA Cosmetologists, DE
Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Student Teachers and Nail            The total area of Venus Beauty Academy, Sharon Hill
Technicians.                                                       Campus is 8,570 square feet. The classroom area is 7,900
                                                                   square feet. The remaining space is utilized for offices, library,
STUDENT’S PLEDGE FOR SUCCESS                                       lunchroom, locker area, and restrooms. The classrooms are
                                                                   fully equipped for beauty training, including visual aids, etc. The
PROFESSIONALISM                                                    clinic area is a fully equipped facility where students may
  To be successful, a positive, mature, and enthusiastic          practice in a professional setting. The total area of Venus
   attitude is necessary. I will always be professional so that    Beauty Academy, Aston Campus is 10,000 square feet. The
   I will be sought out by employers. My professional              classroom areas are a total of 6,700 square feet. The
   attitude will be incorporated in these five areas:              remaining space is utilized for offices, library, lunchrooms,
                                                                   locker area, and rest rooms. The classrooms are fully equipped
ATTENDANCE                                                         for cosmetology training, including visual aids, etc. The clinic
                                                                   area is a fully equipped facility where students may practice in a
  As a student at Venus Beauty Academy, I must be in
   school on time and commit myself to attend school as            professional setting.
   required. Consistent attendance ensures that I am
   responsible and am receiving the training that I need to be     LIBRARY FACILITY
                                                                   Venus Beauty Academy (both campuses) maintains libraries
                                                                   containing supplementary training and reference material;
ADMINISTRATION AND INSTRUCTORS                                     however, for a student to use these materials, they must check
  I must treat the Administration, Teachers, and Student          the material out and back in with their teacher. The current list
   Teachers with the utmost respect and cooperation. I             of materials is posted on the library cabinets.
   understand that these people are here to give me the best
         RE ENTRY POLICYSTUDENT SERVICES                                                                                  4
              DRUG & ALCOHOL POLICY  ( Continued)
                                                                           1)  All requests for leaves of absence will be submitted in
PRIOR TO ADMISSION                                                             advance in writing, include the reason for the student’s
Students must be a minimum of 16 years of age, have                            request, and include the student’s signature unless
completed a 12th grade education or obtained a G.E.D.                          unforeseen circumstances prevent a student to apply in
diploma to be eligible to attend Venus Beauty Academy.                         advance.
Venus Beauty Academy does not accept Ability to Benefit                    2) A leave of absence may be granted to a student who did
                                                                               not provide the request prior to the leave of absence due
All students who are accepted to begin classes at Venus                        to unforeseen circumstances if the school documents the
Beauty Academy must return the following to the school prior                   reason for its decision and collects the request from the
to enrollment:                                                                 student at a later date. In this example, the beginning
                                                                               date of the approved leave of absence would be
   State Issued ID, Birth Certificate or Passport                             determined by the school to be the first date the student
                                                                               was unable to attend the school due to the unforeseen
   A High School Diploma or its equivalent (GED).                             circumstance.
                                                                           3) If the student is a Title IV loan recipient, the school must
 (The school must have evidence that verification of a foreign
student’s high school diploma has been performed by an                         explain to the student, prior to granting the leave of
outside agency that is qualified to translate documents into                   absence, the effects that the student’s failure to return
English and confirm the academic equivalence to a U.S. high                    from a leave of absence may have on the student’s loan
school diploma).                                                               repayment terms, including the expiration of the
                                                                               student’s grace period.
   Financial Aid paperwork completed (if applicable).                     4) The student must follow the school’s policy in requesting
                                                                               the leave of absence.
    $100.00 Application Fee. This fee is not included in
    the cost of tuition.                                                   5) There must be a reasonable expectation that the
                                                                               student will return from the leave of absence to
POLICY ON THE HANDICAPPED                                                      continue his/her education.
Venus Beauty Academy complies with all provisions of                       6) The school must approve the student’s request for a
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 in that no                       leave of absence in accordance with the school’s policy.
qualified, handicapped person, because of the handicap or                  7) The student will not be charged any additional fees, and
disability, will be excluded from enrolling in a course of                     they are not eligible for any additional federal student
instruction. However, any handicapped or disabled person                       aid.
seeking admission should be aware that the course requires a               8) The leave of absence and any additional leaves may not
high level of dexterity and coordination.
                                                                               exceed a total of 180 days in any 12-month period.
NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY                                                  9) A student granted a leave of absence that meets the
Venus Beauty Academy, in its admission, instruction, and                       criteria in this section is not considered to have
graduation policies, practices no discrimination based on age,                 withdrawn, and no return calculation is required.
race, color, ethnic origin, religion, sex, financial status, area of       10) The school must extend the student’s contract period by
origin or residence. However, we teach in English only –                       the same number of days taken in the leave of absence.
translators will not be supplied by the school.                                Changes to the contract period on the enrollment
                                                                               agreement must be initialed by all parties or an
TRANSFER POLICY                                                                addendum must be signed and dated by all parties.
A student must first submit a transcript of hours from the                 11) A student returning from a leave of absence must
previous institution. Venus Beauty Academy has the right                       resume training at the same point in the academic
to accept all, part, or none of the transfer hours                             program and in the payment period or period of
accumulated at said institution.                                               enrollment that he/she would have been in if he/she had
                                                                               not been on leave.
LEAVE OF ABSENCE POLICY                                                    12) The school has the right to approve or disapprove
A Leave of Absence (LOA) is a temporary interruption in a                      the student’s leave of absence.
student’s program of study. Leave of absence refers to the
specific time during an ongoing program when a student is
not in academic attendance. It includes non-attendance for             Upon the student’s return from the leave, he/she continues to
                                                                       earn the Title IV aid previously awarded for the period. However, if
an institutionally scheduled break in a student’s program. A
                                                                       a student does not return to the school by his/her expiration of the
leave of absence must meet certain conditions to be counted
                                                                       approved leave of absence, the student’s withdraw date is the
as a temporary interruption in a student’s education instead
                                                                       student’s last day of attendance, and a withdraw calculation will
of being counted as a withdraw. If a leave of absence does             be performed.
not meet the conditions, the student is considered to have
ceased attendance and to have withdrawn from the school,
and the school is required to perform a return calculation
(see Refund Policy). Conditions to qualify for the leave of
absence are as follows:
            RE ENTRY POLICYSTUDENT SERVICES                                                                                 4
                 DRUG & ALCOHOL POLICY  ( Continued)
                                                                        beverages and illegal drugs. The school also calls attention to
RE-ENTRY POLICY                                                         the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and although
If for any reason a student must withdraw temporarily due to            not an enforcement agent of the state, the school will not impede
illness, pregnancy, personal reasons, etc., and they are a student      the legitimate efforts of the Commonwealth to enforce the
in good standing (making satisfactory progress), the student may        Pennsylvania State Law.
re-enter Venus Beauty Academy. If the student receives financial
aid, payments will be postponed and will be resumed when the            Venus Beauty Academy has institutionally developed policies
student returns to school. If the financial aid student is absent for   regarding the possession, use, or sales of alcoholic beverages
an extended period of time, the loan will be cancelled, and the         or illegal drugs as follows:
student may re-apply upon re-entry. Any Pell Grant monies will
be sent back to the Department of Education. The remainder of           1.   The possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs, narcotics,
Pell Grant monies will have to be re-ordered upon the students               and other controlled substances is a federal and state
return and if eligible.                                                      offense subject to mandatory heavy fines and
                                                                             imprisonment. Any student who has in his/her
                                                                             possession, or uses narcotics or illegal drugs or drug-
STUDENT SERVICES                                                             related paraphernalia (not specifically prescribed by a
EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE                                                        physician), and without the knowledge of the
Venus Beauty Academy maintains a placement service to assist                 Administration, or brings such narcotics or illegal drugs or
the graduate in obtaining employment. Venus Beauty                           drug-related paraphernalia, or causes them to be brought
Academy does not guarantee placement in employment as                        onto the school premises, will be dismissed.
an incentive to start school. Venus Beauty Academy is not
responsible for any failure to obtain a placement for the student       2.   Applicable federal law states that students convicted of
or for any problem, which should arise upon placement in any                 various alcohol and illegal drug offenses will lose their
employment. There is no charge for this service.                             student aid eligibility for specified periods of time
                                                                             depending upon whether the conviction was for use or
It is understood, however, that the school cannot guarantee                  sale, and how many times the student has been convicted.
employment to any student or graduate. We post job
opportunities on the bulletin board and a file is kept in the main      3.   Venus Beauty Academy has a zero-tolerance policy
office. Upon successful completion of the Cosmetology,                       toward drug and alcohol use or abuse on the school
Esthetician (Aston), Student Teacher or Nail Technician, the                 premises. If a student is suspected to be “under the
graduate receives a diploma, and an application is sent to the               influence”, the student will be sent home in an appropriate
testing service so that the student can take their student boards            manner. The Academy has the right and is solely in
for licensure. Most of our graduates enter employment as                     discretion to discharge any student appearing to be under
hairstylists or specialists in many phases of the beauty industry.           the influence or distributing an illegal substance, and need
Future earnings depend on the operators’ ability, ambition,                  not be supported by any proof. (Students taking
eligibility, attitude, and interest in pleasing the client. Venus            prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications that
Beauty Academy conducts periodic surveys of its graduates to                 could impair/affect functioning ability must inform the
obtain placement information and to be sure that graduates are               school’s Administration Office).
properly trained for success.
                                                                        4.   Each student will receive an alcohol and drug abuse
COUNSELING                                                                   educational packet at the school orientation. This packet
The staff at Venus Beauty Academy is available during the                    is also located in the main office and the student bulletin
working day for counseling purposes upon request regarding                   board. They are available upon request. This packet will
any problem which the student may encounter regarding                        also have a list of rehabilitation centers with programs
practical work, theory, time schedules, payments, or in the                  related to drug and alcohol abuse education and
general policies of the school, also, for student referrals                  prevention.
pertaining to professional assistance. Counseling is available if
any problem arises with fellow students or with teacher- student        The drug and alcohol policies are distributed annually to
relationships.                                                          students and employees, or upon request either written or
                                                                        verbal to any staff member.
All students are covered by student professional liability
insurance while they are in school. The policy is provided by
Venus Beauty Academy during the entire time the student is in

Venus Beauty Academy does not maintain dormitory facilities.

Venus Beauty Academy complies with federal, state, and local
laws, including those that regulate the possession, use, and
sale of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances. Venus
Beauty Academy discourages the unlawful use of alcoholic
        WITHDRAWAL PROCEDURE                                                                                                5
FINANCIAL AID POLICY                                                9.    Venus Beauty Academy has established an appeal
1. Venus Beauty Academy has the ability to design a                       process for students who may feel that their student
   program of financial aid to assist qualified students to               financial aid application was not given proper
   meet the expenses of their education. Venus Beauty                     consideration. The appeals procedure is as follows:
   Academy has been approved by the U.S. Department of
   Education for the following programs:                                        The student submits an appeal to the Director.

          Pell                                                                 The Director schedules a personal interview with the
          SEOG (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant)                     student.
          Direct Federal Loans
         1. Subsidized                                                          The Director reviews the appeal, the results of the
         2. Unsubsidized                                                         interview, and forwards a recommendation to the
         3. PLUS                                                                 Financial Aid Officer for a final action.

2.   Financial Aid is broken down into two Academic School                      The Director makes the final decision and notifies the
     Years. The student will fill out a FAFSA Application (Free                  student accordingly.
     Application for Federal Student Aid) for the first Academic
     Year of 900 hours of training and again for the second         10.       Transfer students must provide a Financial Aid Transcript
     academic year of training (350 hours for PA students or                  for each previous institution that was attended.
     600 hours for DE students.)
                                                                    11. All students are given a specific completion date on their
3.   The Financial Aid Officer makes an evaluation of each              enrollment contract. Students who do not complete their
     student’s needs and then designs a package of financial            course by the contract graduation date will be charged, at
     aid (where qualified) including, finding financial aid from        the school’s discretion, an hourly rate for the remaining
     one or more of the above programs, to help the student             hours of instruction.    (See Educational Costs)
     meet his/her total educational expenses.
                                                                          Venus Beauty Academy has the right to suspend any
4.   The package of financial assistance and the amount                   student who is late or has not made their monthly tuition
     thereof, is determined according to the guidelines set up            payment on time. The suspension is not an
     by the U.S. Department of Education, and it is necessary             excused absence. If the suspension(s) cause the student
     for the student to provide the school with the information           to go over contract and pass their graduation date, the
     on the family income, family size, etc., and to fill out the         student will be charged over contract fees and the student
     appropriate applications honestly and accurately. All                will not graduate until all outstanding debts are paid.
     information given to Venus Beauty Academy by the                     No student shall be permitted to complete contracted
     applicant will be held in the strictest confidence and will          hours, graduate, or receive a diploma until all debts are
     only be used to obtain the greatest amount of financial aid          paid in full. The student acknowledges that he/she under-
     available to meet individual needs.                                  stands that reasonable attorney’s fees and costs shall be
                                                                          awarded in any action taken on the signed contract or any
5.   During the admission process, the Financial Aid Officer              part of it. If you attend irregularly, your course will cost
     will explain all programs offered.                                   you more and you could also be in danger of losing your
                                                                          financial aid and/or scholarship.
6.   Venus Beauty Academy is approved by the Bureau of
     Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) and Veteran’s                  12. All tuition and fees are due and payable on the first day of
     Administration (Sharon Hill Campus only), through whom             class, however, payment plans and financial aid is
     eligible students may receive funding.                             available to those who qualify.
                                                                        For Financial Aid Recipients, understand that all monies
7.   Scholarships are offered to high schools and are given out         received on their behalf from Student Loans, Pell Grant,
     at the discretion of the individual high school.                   etc., are applied to tuition costs first. Any remaining
     Scholarships may be revoked at the Academy’s discretion            funds available will be paid to the student only when the
     for the following: Excessive absence, poor academics, or           costs of tuition, kit, books, supplies, overcharges, etc.,
     inappropriate conduct.                                             have been paid in full, at the end of the academic period
                                                                        or upon graduation.
8.   Any student who has received financial aid whom
     withdraws from training, and a refund is due because of                                                           Continued
     the refund policy shall have that applied directly to the
     financial aid programs. Identified refunds will
     automatically be returned to the various aid programs on a
     priority basis up to the amount of the award.
      WITHDRAWAL PROCEDURE  (Continued)                                                                                      5
PAYMENT POLICY                                                              as long as that training contributes to the professional
A student receiving financial aid with balances owed to the                 development of those individuals attending the training;
school and students that have no aid and have payment                      Favorable terms and benefits to the student employed
balances will follow the payment schedule on the student’s                  by the institution as long as those same terms are
contract. Payment plans are scheduled monthly. The first                    provided to all students at the institution;
payment is to be paid on the first day of classes. The payments            Entrance and exit counseling as long as the institution’s
are based on the total amount owed, divided by the months                   staff are in control and they do not promote the services of
needed to complete the course being attended. Payments are                  a specific lender;
to be made promptly by the date stated on the contract.                    Philanthropic contributions from a lender,
                                                                            guarantee agency or loan servicer unrelated to
VENUS BEAUTY ACADEMY WITHDRAW PROCEDURE                                     education loans;
Students wishing to officially withdraw from Venus Beauty                  State education, grants, scholarships, or financial aid
Academy must provide the office with notification of their intent           funds administered by or on behalf of the State.
to withdraw. Initial notification can be made in person, writing,          A gift to a family member of an officer or employee of the
fax or telephone. This notification will be recorded in the                 Institution, to a family member or an agent, or to any
student’s folder and used for notification purposes for the                 other Individual based on that individual’s relationship
federal government. Repayment of any federal funds will be                  with the Officer, employee, or agent, shall be considered
based on the date of notification. The student will also be                 a gift to The officer, employee or agent of the gift is given
required to have an exit interview which will consist of loan               with know- ledge and acquiescence of the officer,
repayment obligations, information on the average monthly                   employee, or agent: and the officer, employee, or agent
repayments of loans, information on debt management                         has reason to believe the gift was given because of the
strategies, information about the student’s borrower and lender,            official position of the officer, employee, or agent.
obtaining the student’s current address, expected employers
name and address, and next of kin. The school will also verify        BAN ON CONTRACTING ARRANGEMENTS
the student’s social security number and driver’s license             Venus Beauty Academy Financial Aid Office employees (or
number.                                                               employees who otherwise have responsibilities with respect to
A Student will be considered as withdrawn when one of the             education loans) will not accept, from any lender or affiliate of
following occurs:                                                     any lender any fee, payment or financial benefit (including any
1. The Student officially notifies the Administration, of his/her     opportunity to purchase stock) as compensation for any type
intent to withdraw.                                                   of consulting arrangement or contract to provide services to or
2. A Student will be automatically withdrawn if he/she is absent      on behalf of a lender relating to education loans.
for 8 consecutive calendar days from the last day of physical         EXCEPTIONS: An officer, employee or agent who is not
attendance.                                                           employed in the institutions financial aid office and who does
3. The School officially notifies the Student of dismissal            not have responsibilities with respect to educational loans from
from the program.                                                     performing paid or unpaid service to a board of directors of a
                                                                      lender, guarantor, or servicer of educational loans; or an
TITLE IV CODE OF CONDUCT IN (HEOA) HIGHER                             officer, employee, or agent of the institution who is not
EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY ACT                                             employed in the financial aid office but who has responsibility
                                                                      with respect to education loans as a result of a position held at
BAN ON REVENUE SHARING AGREEMENTS                                     the institution from performing paid or unpaid service on a
Neither Venus Beauty Academy, nor any of its officers,                board of directors of a lender, guarantor, or servicer of
employees or agents will enter into any revenue-sharing               education loans, if the institution has a written conflict of
arrangements with any lender, which is defined by the Higher          interest policy that clearly sets forth that officers, employees,
Education Opportunity Act of 2008, amending the High                  or agents must recuse themselves from participating in any
Education Act of 1965, Pub. L #110-315 (2008), (HEOA) as any          decision of the board regarding educational loans at the
arrangement between a college and a lender that results in the        institution or an officer, employee, or contractor of a lender,
lender paying a fee or other benefits, including a share of its       guarantor, or servicer of educational loans from serving on a
profits, to the college, or its officers, employees or agents, as a   board of directors, or serving as a trustee, of an institution, if
result of the college recommending the lender to its students or      the institution has a written conflict of interest policy that the
families of those students.                                           board member or trustee must recuse themselves from any
                                                                      decision regarding education loans at the institution.
Venus Beauty Academy Financial Aid Office employees (or               INTERACTION WITH BORROWERS
employees who otherwise have responsibilities with respect to         Venus Beauty Academy and its officers, employees or agents
education loans or financial aid) will not accept gifts from any      shall not for any first-time borrower, assign, through award
lender, guaranty agency or loan servicer. A “gift” is defined as      packaging or other methods, the borrower’s loan to a particular
any gratuity, favor, discount, entertainment, hospitality, loan, or   lender or refuse to certify, or delay certification of, any loan
other item having monetary value of more than a minimal               based on the borrower’s selection of a particular lender or
amount. This prohibition is not limited just to those providers of    guaranty agency.
Title IV loans but includes lenders of “private educational loans”
as well. HEOA does provide for some exceptions related to             PROHIBITION AGAINST STEERING BORROWERS
specific types of activities or literature. This includes:            Venus Beauty Academy and its officers, employees or agents
  Brochures or training material related to default aversion or      will not steer borrowers to particular lenders or delay loan
       financial literacy;
  Food, training or informational materials as part of training
       WITHDRAWAL PROCEDURE  (Continued)                                                                                       5

certifications. This prohibition includes assigning any first-time         Parents or eligible students have the right to inspect and
borrower’s loan to a particular lender as part of the award                 review the student’s education records maintained by
packaging process or through other methods.                                 Venus Beauty Academy. Venus Beauty Academy is not
                                                                            required to provide copies of records unless for reasons
PROHIBITION ON OFFERS OF FUNDS FOR PRIVATE                                  such as a great travel distance or it is impossible for
LOANS                                                                       parents or eligible students to review the records. There
Venus Beauty Academy and its officers, employees or agents                  may be a charge for copies.
will not request or accept from any lender any offer of funds to
be used for private education loans. This prohibition includes             Parents or eligible students have the right to request that
any offer of funds for loans to students ( section 140 of Truth In          Venus Beauty Academy correct records which they believe
Lending Act) including funds for an opportunity pool loan, to               to be inaccurate or misleading. If Venus Beauty Academy
students in exchange for providing concessions or promises to               decides not to amend the record, the parent or eligible
the lender for a specific number of loans made, insured, or                 student then has the right to a formal hearing. After the
guaranteed under this title or specified loan volume of such                hearing, if Venus Beauty Academy still decides not to
loans, or a preferred lender arrangement for such loans.                    amend the record, the parent or eligible student has the
                                                                            right to place a statement with the record setting forth
DEFINITIION OF OPPORTUNITY POOL LOAN                                        his/her view about the contested information.
Opportunity Pool Loan is a private educational loan made bt a
lender to a student attending the institution or the family                Generally, Venus Beauty Academy must have written
member of the student that involves payment, directly or                    permission from the parent or eligible student in order to
indirectly, by the institution of points, premiums, additional              release any information from a student’s education record.
interest, or financial support to such lender for the purpose of            However, FERPA allows Venus Beauty Academy to
such lender extending credit to the student or the family.                  disclose those records, without consent, to the following
                                                                            parties or under the following conditions:
Venus Beauty Academy and its officers, employees or agents
will not request or accept any assistance with call center staffing   1.   School officials with legitimate educational interest;
or financial aid office staffing. However, HEOA does not
prohibit schools from requesting or accepting assistance from a       2.   Other schools to which a student is transferring;
lender related to:
     Professional development training for financial aid             3.   Specified officials for audit or evaluation purposes;
     Providing educational counseling materials, financial           4.   Appropriate parties in connection with financial aid to a
      literacy materials, or debt management materials to                  student;
      borrowers, provided that such materials disclose to
      borrowers the identification of any lender that assisted in     5.   Organizations conducting certain studies for or on behalf of
      preparing or providing such materials.                               the school;
     Staffing services on a short-term, non-recurring basis to
      assist the school with financial aid-related functions during   6.   NACCAS;
      emergencies, including State declared or federally declared
      natural disasters, and other localized disasters and            7.   To comply with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena;
      emergencies identified by the Secretary.
                                                                      8.   Appropriate officials in cases of health and safety
                                                                           emergencies; and
Employees of Venus Beauty Academy will not receive anything           9.   State and local authorities, within a juvenile justice system,
of value from a lender, guarantor, or group in exchange for                pursuant to specific State Law.
serving on an advisory board. They may however, accept
reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred while                  Venus Beauty Academy may disclose, without consent,
serving in this capacity.                                             “directory” information such as a student’s name, address,
                                                                      telephone number, date and place of birth, honors and awards,
                                                                      and dates of attendance. However, Venus Beauty Academy
 ACCESS TO STUDENT FILES/FERPA ACT                                    must tell parents and eligible students about directory
 The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a
                                                                      information and allow parents and eligible students a
 Federal law that protects the privacy of student education           reasonable amount of time to request that the school not
 records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under     disclose directory information about them. Venus Beauty
 an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.           Academy must notify parents and eligible students annually of
 FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their             their rights under FERPA. Notifications may include a special
 children’s education records. These rights transfer to the           letter, school catalog, or newspaper article. More information
 student when he/she reaches the age of 18 or attends a school        about FERPA can be found on
 beyond the high school level. Students to whom the rights have
 transferred are “eligible students”.
 REFUND POLICY  ACCESS TO STUDENT FILES                                                                                     6
REFUND POLICY                                                                  % Time of                      Total Tuition
Any monies due the applicant or student shall be refunded                    Total of Course              Owed to the School
within 45 days of official cancellation or withdraw. Official                                                20% & $150.00
cancellation or withdraw shall occur on the earlier of the dates              0.01% - 4.9%                  Termination Fee
that:                                                                                                        30% & $150.00
1. An applicant is not accepted by the school. This applicant                   5% - 9.9%                   Termination Fee
      shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid with the                                              40% & $150.00
      exception of a non-refundable application fee of $100.00.                10% - 14.9%                  Termination Fee
                                                                                                             45% & $150.00
2.   A student (or in the case of under legal age, his/her parent              15% - 24.9%                  Termination Fee
     or guardian) cancels his/her contract and demands his/her                                               70% & $150.00
     money back in writing, within three (3) business days of                  25% - 49.9%                  Termination Fee
     signing the contract. In this case, all monies collected by                                          100% of Total Tuition
     the school shall be refunded with the exception of the non-               50% - 100%                 (No Termination Fee)
     refundable application fee. This policy applies regardless of
     whether or not the student has actually started training.        FEDERAL STUDENT/PLUS LOANS AND GRANTS
                                                                      Those students receiving Title IV funding shall be entitled to a
3.   A student cancels his/her contract after three (3) business      refund determined by the Department of Education refund
     days after signing, but prior to entering classes. In this       calculation. This refund is calculated according to the Federal
     case, he/she shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid    Return of Title IV Funds Calculation procedure. Students under
     to the school less the application fee $100.00. This fee is      60% in attendance for the Financial Award Period will have a
     applicable for all classes.                                      percentage of their loan and/or grant monies refunded to the
                                                                      Federal Agencies where they originated. The monies shall be
4.   A student notifies the institution of his/her withdraw so the    refunded in the following order: Unsubsidized, Subsidized, Plus
     student may receive exit counseling pertaining to loan           Loan, Pell Grant, and SEOG. Those students 60% or greater
     withdraw calculation procedure. The student is obligated to      will have no money refunded to the Federal Agencies and are
     pay back loan amounts borrowed as a result of the                responsible for all the loans borrowed and will be responsible
     withdraw calculation. The withdraw calculation is based on       for repayment of the loans.
     the student scheduled hours of attendance. If the students
     attendance falls under 60% according to the withdraw             COURSE/PROGRAM CANCELLATION POLICY
     calculation, the student will be obligated to pay back on the    If a course and/or program is cancelled subsequent to a
     loan amounts that were needed to pay for the time in             student’s enrollment and before instruction in the course has
     attendance. If the calculation performed is 60% or higher,       begun, the school shall at its option:
     the student will be responsible for the entire loan borrowed.
                                                                                Provide a full refund of monies paid, or;
                                                                                Provide completion of the course and/or program
5.   A student on an approved Leave of Absence notifies the
                                                                      If the school cancels a course and/or program and ceases to
     school that he/she will not be returning, the date of
                                                                      offer instruction after students have enrolled and instruction has
     withdraw shall be the earlier of the date of expiration of the
                                                                      begun; the school shall at its option;
     Leave of Absence or the date the student notifies the
     institution he/she will not be returning. Unofficial withdraws             Provide a pro-rata refund for all students transferring
     are determined by monitoring clock hours every thirty (30)                  to another school based on the hours accepted by the
     days.                                                                       receiving school, or;
                                                                                Provide completion of the course and/or program, or;
6.   A student is expelled by the school.                                       Participate in a Teach-Out Agreement, or;
                                                                               Provide a full refund of all monies paid.
7.   In case of illness, disabling accident, death in the
     immediate family, or other circumstances beyond the              SCHOOL CLOSING POLICY
     control of the student, the school may consider a                If the school closes permanently and ceases to offer instruction
     settlement, which is reasonable and fair to both parties.        after students have enrolled, and instruction has begun, the school
                                                                      must make arrangements for students. The school shall at its
7.   In type 2, 3, 4 or 5, official cancellations or withdraws, the   option:
     cancellation date will be determined by the postmark on                   Provide a pro-rata refund, or;
     written notification or the date said information is delivered            Participate in a Teach-Out Agreement
     to school administration in person. Any monies due to a
     student who unofficially withdraws from the institution shall    COLLECTION POLICY
     be refunded within 45 days of a determination by the             Any collection procedures reflect good taste and, sound, ethical
     institution that the student has withdrawn without notifying     business practices. Any third parties involved in collection efforts
     the institution. Refunds are calculated based on the             are aware of the existence of Venus Beauty Academy’s Refund
     student’s last day of attendance. Any cash paying student        Policy.
     that withdraws after starting classes, the withdraw
     calculation will be based on the contract price for the          RESPONSIBILITY FOR PERSONAL PROPERTY
     course and shall include all fees, application fee, and the      Venus Beauty Academy does not assume responsibility for loss
     $150.00 termination fee. Fees will be charged for the kit,       or damage to personal property through fire, theft, or premises.
     items, and books received and are then property of the           The Academy will not retain articles left in school longer than
     student. (All refunds are based on scheduled hours and           (30) days after termination or graduation. The Academy will
     monies paid to the institution). (See Withdraw Chart)            dispose of any such articles after a (30) day period.
          RECRUITING POLICY  GRADING SYSTEM                                                                                  7

COMPLAINT PROCEDURE                                                   PROGRESS REPORTS
1. Student complaints will be resolved in a timely manner if          Cosmetology: three (3) report cards
   the student will discuss the complaint honestly and openly         Esthetician (Aston) two (2) report cards
   with the instructor. This is the first step in the complaint       Student Teacher: two (2) report cards
   procedure.                                                         Nail Technician: two (2) report cards
2.   If the student is not satisfied with the discussion, then the    With each progress report, awards are given according to
     student should request to speak to the office personnel.         grades and attendance. In addition, technical excellence
                                                                      awards are given at the instructor’s discretion.
3.   If the student is still not satisfied with the discussion with
     the office personnel, the Director will have the student         SCHOLARSHIPS
     submit a written complaint.                                      Scholarships are made available to high school seniors and
                                                                      other students who wish to pursue or continue a career in the
4.   Should the student still remain dissatisfied, he/she may         cosmetology field. An individual must submit an application for
     contact either NACCAS or the State Board of Cosmetology.         a scholarship to his/her guidance counselor/vo-tech supervisor.
                                                                      If the individual does not receive a Scholarship through his/her
INCLEMENT WEATHER                                                     school, eligibility for a Scholarship may be offered directly from
In the case of inclement weather, Venus Beauty Academy may            Venus Beauty Academy or through ACE Grant. Contact the
close for the day if weather conditions are not favorable.            office for more information. A scholarship is not redeemable as
Students should watch the designated station (Fox 29) posted          cash and cannot be used to cover fees or down payments. A
by the school for closings and late openings. The school              student must maintain satisfactory progress and satisfactory
closings can be downloaded to your cellular phone by                  attendance, school rules and regulations, and complete course
going to                                          requirements to have their Scholarship honored.
RECRUITING POLICY                                                     GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS
Venus Beauty Academy does not recruit students from other             In order to receive a diploma from Venus Beauty Academy, the
beauty schools.                                                       student must complete the required steps:
GRADING SYSTEM                                                        1.   The student must have satisfactory completion of the
Every student’s progress is reviewed consistently by each                  required subjects in the prescribed curriculum.
instructor and examinations are given periodically. Grades and
ratings are provided as a continuous record of each student’s         2.   The student’s grade point average must meet the minimum
progress according to the following scale:                                 grade requirements of 75%.
                A         93-100         Excellent                    3.   The student must have fulfilled all financial obligations to
                B         85-92          Very Good                         the Academy.
                C         75-84          Passing
                D         70-74          Poor                         4.   The student must have completed the minimum attendance
                F         0-69           Failure                           requirements of the Academy, State, and Federal Laws
                                                                           and Regulations.

                                                                      5.   Complete an exit interview with a school administrator.
ATTENDANCE POLICY                                                     STUDENT CONDUCT
1. Regular class attendance is mandatory.                             Conduct and moral character of our students is very important
                                                                      so that all students may train in an atmosphere that is pleasant.
2.   Attendance is taken twice daily. An exact record of              For this reason, each student is given a set of Rules and
     attendance becomes part of the student’s permanent               Regulations. Any breech of these Rules and Regulations may
     record.                                                          subject the student to disciplinary action up to and including
                                                                      suspension for a term determined by the Director, and
3.   The student must call in no later than 10:00 a.m. to report      subsequent probation. Further breeches while on probation or
     their absence.                                                   otherwise may subject the student to expulsion. Students that
                                                                      are under scholarship will lose their scholarship award if they
4.   Students must be on premises ten (10) minutes prior to           breech these rules and regulations or do not maintain
     class in order to prepare and ensure a prompt start.             satisfactory progress. The Academy reserves the right to
                                                                      dismiss any student whose personal conduct is deemed
5.   Any student arriving after the scheduled start time of their     unsatisfactory by the Director.
     class without a valid excuse will be sent home. If the
     excuse is accepted, you will not clock in until 10:00 a.m.       MAKE UP POLICY / LEAVE OF ABSENCE
     Any student that is continually late will be subject to          Classes at Venus Beauty Academy are ongoing. Any student
     suspension or expulsion.                                         missing classes due to approved absences or an extended
                                                                      Leave of Absence are responsible for finding out what theory
6.   No student may leave the school premises before                  classes were missed during their absence. They may attend
     scheduled end time unless prior arrangements have been           any theory class given on any day to make-up missed classes
     made with the office.                                            and are responsible to make up all testing. A student’s practical
                                                                      classes will be resumed from the point at which their absence
7.   Students are required to make up all assignments due to          took place.
     lateness or absence.                                             The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen items during
                                                                      an absence or a Leave of Absence or at any time. It is the
8.   If a student must be absent from school for an extended          students’ sole responsibility for their belongings, i.e., kit, books,
     period of time, he/she may be granted a Leave of Absence,        manikins, etc. All items must be taken home by the student at
     without charge, providing a written request has been             the start of the Leave of Absence or extended absence or the
     submitted in advance and approved by the office.                 school will discard the items after 30 days.

9.   If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from the
     Academy, it is the student’s responsibility to immediately
     notify the office in writing. There is a $150.00 withdraw fee.
     (See Refund Policy Section 6).

10. If you have excessive absences, you will have to bring your
    account up-to-date by paying the hourly rate that was
    agreed to when your contract was signed. This policy will
    go into effect on your first day of attendance. The school
    has the right to suspend any student and the student will
    not be allowed to return to school until these fees are paid.

11. If a student’s payments are behind and they are nearing
    completion of their course, they will not be permitted to
    finish their hours until payments have been made.
                                                                                                                      9
The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is consistently          COURSE/COURSE MAXIMUM TIME ALLOWED/WEEKS/
applied to all students enrolled in a specific program and         SCHEDULED HOURS
scheduled for a particular category of attendance (part            The maximum time for students in a clock hour program is
time/full time). It is printed in the catalog and also discussed   150% of the time it would take the student to complete the
during the initial interview and orientation to ensure that all    scheduled hours in a clock hour school program. All hours of
students are aware of this policy. The policy complies with        attendance are based on the scheduled clock hours of
the guidelines established by the National Accrediting             completion.
Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) and the
federal regulations established by the United States
                                                                   Example: The student whose program can be completed in
Department of Education.
                                                                   42 weeks without absences, the maximum time frame of
                                                                   150% of 42 weeks would be 63 weeks. The maximum time
EVALUATION PERIODS                                                 allowed for transfer students who need less than the full
Satisfactory Academy Progress evaluation periods are based         course requirements or part-time students will be determined
on actual contracted hours at Venus Beauty Academy.                based on 67% of the scheduled hours. Students who do not
Students are evaluated for Satisfactory Academic Progress          complete within the Maximum of the required timeframe will
as follows:                                                        be permitted to continue to graduation. However, any student
                                                                   not completing the course within their contracted time will be
Cosmetology 450 / 900/ 1250 clocked (actual) hours                 charged the hourly fee as stated on their enrollment
                                                                   agreement for each hour needed to complete the course.
Cosmetology DE (Aston) 450 /900 /1500 clocked (actual)
                                                                   Cosmetology -                $15.00 per hour
Esthetician (Aston) 175/ 350 clocked (actual) hours
                                                                   Cosmetology Delaware (Aston) $14.00 per hour
Student Teacher 300 / 600 clocked (actual) hours
                                                                   Esthetician (Aston) -        $12.00 per hour
Nail Technician 100 /200 (actual) hours
                                                                   Student Teacher -            $13.00 per hour
                                                                   Nail Technician -            $12.00 per hour
Evaluations will determine if the student has met the
minimum requirements for satisfactory academic progress.
The frequency of evaluations ensures that students have            ACADEMIC PROGRESS EVALUATIONS
ample opportunity to meet both the attendance and academic         The policy on Academic Progress is given to each student on
progress requirements of at least one evaluation by midpoint       the first day of class and discussed during orientation. The
in the course.                                                     academic progress evaluation is scheduled at the mid-point of
                                                                   the program. If a student’s academic progress is
This policy sets forth minimum standards and should not be         unsatisfactory and below the minimum requirement of 75%,
viewed in any other context. Venus Beauty Academy’s goals          the student may lose eligibility for financial aid from Title IV
and objectives strive for excellence, therefore, the               HEA programs. Students will academically be evaluated on
orientation, the school, and its curriculum develops skills and    testing, lab work, projects, etc. Student will be evaluated on
habits substantially higher than the minimum standards.            their cumulative academic progress according to the progress
Venus Beauty Academy has established these grading                 report schedule for that course. Students must pass a Final
procedures to help provide students with a consistent              written and practical exam prior to graduation. Students must
standard of training.                                              make up failed or missed tests and incomplete assignments.
                                                                   Numerical grades are considered according to the following
Students are required to attend a minimum of 67% of the
                                                                   A     93-100   Excellent
hours possible based on the applicable attendance schedule
in order to be considered maintaining satisfactory attendance      B     85-92    Very Good
progress. Evaluations are conducted at the end of each             C     75-84    Passing
evaluation period to determine if the student has met the          D     70-74    Poor
minimum requirements. The attendance percentage is                 F     0-69     Failure
determined by dividing the total hours accrued by the total
number of hours scheduled. At the end of each evaluation
                                                                   DETERMINATION OF PROGRESS STATUS
period, the school will determine if the student has
maintained at least 67% cumulative attendance since the            Students meeting the minimum requirements for academics
beginning of the course which indicates that, given the same       and attendance at the evaluation point are considered to be
attendance rate, the student will graduate within the              making satisfactory academic progress until the next
maximum time frame allowed. These periods will be adjusted         scheduled evaluation. Students will receive a hard-copy of
if the school is closed for inclement weather, any other           their Satisfactory Academic Progress Determination at the
unforeseen circumstances, or the student is granted a leave        time of each of the evaluations. Students deemed not
of absence.                                                        maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress may have their
                                                                   Title IV Funding interrupted, unless the student is on warning
                                                                   or has prevailed upon appeal resulting in a status of
MAXIMUM TIME FRAME                                                 probation.
The maximum time (which does not exceed 150% of the
course length) allowed for students to complete each course
at satisfactory academic progress is stated below:
                                                                       INTERRUPTIONS, COURSE INCOMPLETES,
WARNING                                                                WITHDRAWALS
                                                                       If enrollment is temporarily interrupted for a Leave of
Students who fail to meet minimum requirements for
                                                                       Absence, the student will return to school in the same
attendance or academic progress are placed on warning and
                                                                       progress status as prior to the leave of absence. Hours
considered to be making satisfactory academic progress
                                                                       elapsed during a leave of absence will extend the student’s
while during the warning period. The student will be advised
                                                                       contract period and maximum time frame by the same
in writing on the actions required to attain satisfactory
                                                                       number of days taken in the leave of absence and will not be
academic progress by the next evaluation. If at the end of the
                                                                       included in the student's cumulative attendance percentage
warning period, the student has still not met both the
                                                                       calculation. Students who withdraw prior to completion of the
attendance and academic requirements, he/she may be
                                                                       course and wish to re-enroll will return in the same
placed on probation and, if applicable, students may be
                                                                       satisfactory academic progress status as at the time of
deemed ineligible to receive Title IV funds.

                                                                       NONCREDIT AND REMEDIAL COURSES
Students who fail to meet minimum requirements for
                                                                       Noncredit, remedial courses, and repetitions do not apply to
attendance or academic progress after the warning period
                                                                       this institution. Therefore, these items have no effect upon the
will be placed on probation and considered to be making
                                                                       school's satisfactory academic progress standards
satisfactory academic progress while during the probationary
period, if the student appeals the decision, and prevails upon
appeal. Additionally, only students who have the ability to            TRANSFER HOURS
meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy standards               Transfer hours from another institution that are accepted
by the end of the evaluation period may be placed on                   toward the student’s educational program are counted as
probation. Students placed on an academic plan must be                 both attempted and completed hours for the purpose of
able to meet requirements set forth in the academic plan by            determining when the allowable maximum time frame has
the end of the next evaluation period. Students who are                been exhausted. SAP evaluation periods are based on actual
progressing according to their specific academic plan will be          contracted hours at Venus Beauty Academy.
considered making Satisfactory Academic Progress. The
student will be advised in writing of the actions required to       PENNSYLVANIA LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS
attain satisfactory academic progress by the next evaluation.       Requirements for Cosmetology, Esthetician or
If at the end of the probationary period, the student has still     Nail Technician
not met both the attendance and academic requirements                    Be a minimum of 16 years of age
required for satisfactory academic progress or by the                    Must have proof of high school graduation or GED
academic plan, he/she will be determined as NOT making
                                                                            completion to test. (Unless you are over 35 years of age
satisfactory academic progress and, if applicable, students
                                                                            however, this school requires a high school diploma or
will not be deemed eligible to receive Title IV funds.
                                                                            GED) If your high school diploma, transcripts or GED are
                                                                            not in English you must have them translated and evaluated
 If a student is determined to not be making satisfactory                   prior to testing.
academic progress, the student may appeal the                            Cosmetology - Complete 1250 hours of instruction in
determination within ten calendar days. Reasons for which                 cosmetology, within a period of no less than 8 consecutive
students may appeal a negative progress determination                     months as a daytime student or completed 1250 hours of
include death of a relative, an injury or illness of the student,         instruction in cosmetology.
or any other allowable special or mitigating circumstance.
                                                                         Esthetician (Aston) - Complete 300 hours of instruction in skin
The student must submit a written appeal to the school on
                                                                          care in a licensed school of cosmetology
the designated form describing why they failed to meet
satisfactory academic progress standards, along with                     Nail Technician – Complete 200 hours of instruction in nail
supporting documentation of the reasons why the                           technology in a licensed school of cosmetology
determination should be reversed. This information should                Complete a criminal background check
include what has changed about the student’s situation that              For all, pass your state licensure exam
will allow them to achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress by        Requirements for Student Teacher
the next evaluation point. Appeal documents will be                      Be a minimum of 18 years of age
reviewed and a decision will be made and reported to the                 Completed 12th grade or the equivalent
student within 30 calendar days. The appeal and decision                 Hold a current cosmetology, esthetics, or nail technology
documents will be retained in the student file. If the student              license
prevails upon appeal, the satisfactory academic progress                 Must complete 500 hours of instruction in a teacher program
determination will be reversed and federal financial aid will be            at a licensed school of cosmetology.
reinstated, if applicable.                                               Complete a criminal background check
                                                                         Pass your state licensure exam
RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC                           Note: Graduates must have completed all required hours,
PROGRESS                                                            attended an exit interview, and completed all financial obligations
All students may re-establish satisfactory academic progress        to Venus Beauty Academy before paperwork will be completed for
and Title IV aid, as applicable, by meeting minimum                 state licensure. For complete laws and regulations go to:
attendance and academic requirements by the end of the    
probationary period.
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