December 2020 - 31 January 2021 - Join and read for your chance to WIN prizes! Visit Kingston Libraries to register!

1 December 2020 – 31 January 2021
Join and read for your chance to WIN prizes!
  Visit Kingston Libraries to register!
            FOR KIDS AGED 5 TO 16 YEARS
Kingston Libraries’ Summer Reading Club
is a FREE competition open for independent
readers aged up to 16 years to join, read
and collect prizes over the summer break.
   The theme of the program this year is
Dig Deeper: Read, Discover and Investigate.
    This program is a great opportunity
   to maintain your skills or boost your
summer reading. explore Kingston Libraries'
 collection, DISCOVER our huge range of
  e-Books, e-Audiobooks and take part in
  some activities and challenges. Sign up
online or visit one of our libraries to join!
How to enter
1. Register online, over the phone or        ▶    nd prize (all ages)
  with staff at the library. You can              Museums Victoria annual
  collect your kit from the library or we         household membership
  can mail it out to you if necessary.        ▶    rd prize (all ages)
  Go to
                                                  Village Family Movie Experience
  or call 1300 135 668.
                                            6. If you want to read more you can
2. Borrow items from the collection
                                              keep reading. For every Reading
  and start reading.
                                              Record Map you complete you can
3. Each time you finish a book or            enter the prize draw again. Simply
  read for 1 hour write the title on the      collect another Reading Record Map
  Reading Record Map provided and             from the library or download from
  colour in the landmark on the map.          our website.

4. Bring your Reading Record Map
  into the library to collect mini
  rewards after reading 3, 6 and 10
                                              Sign up to
  books/hours.                                the program!
5. Complete the Reading Record Map           Enter the fortnightly prize draw
  by reading 10 books or for 10 hours.        for your chance to WIN book
                                              pack prizes.
	Fill in your details on the Reading
  Record Map, get your guardian to            Each time you borrow books
  sign it, and drop it into the entry box     place your loans receipt in the
  at one of our Kingston branches to          entry box. The more times you
  go in to the major prize draw to WIN        visit the library and borrow, the
  one of the following prizes:                more chances you have to win.
  ▶    st prize for ages 11–16
      1                                       Collect a Trading Card each
      UE Wonderboom 2 speaker, plus           time you visit one of our libraries,
      a $300 voucher for Strike Bowling       including when you sign up to the
      and Holey Moley                         program, when collecting your
                                              milestone rewards, and borrowing
  ▶    st prize for ages 5 –10
                                              books. There are 10 to collect and
      LEGO® set, plus a Platinum
                                              each has a fun fact and a mini-
      Merlin Annual Pass for 4 people
                                              challenge for you to do.
      – includes a year of entry to
      LEGOLAND®, Sea Life Melbourne,
      and Otway Fly Treetop Adventures
Things to do
 hen you sign up to the
W                                           Each week over
Summer Reading Club you will                December and
                                            January Tim will
receive a free tote bag, and                post a writing
inside you will discover:                   challenge for you
                                            to do. This is an
▶   A word search
                                            interactive activity
▶   A crossword puzzle
                                            and an amazing
▶  A special bookmark embedded with        opportunity to
    seeds – follow the instructions to      engage with an
    grow daisies in your garden             author on a regular basis and get
▶  Story Garden sheet – write a story      feedback on your writing. You’ll find
    on the card provided and ‘plant’        more details at
    it in the garden pot at the library     library/src
    for everyone to enjoy. It could be
    a written story, a picture story or a   Photography Challenge
    poem, but you only have the front of    It’s time to let your artistic side shine.
    the card to do it in!
                                            Take a photo using the theme ‘Dig
▶  A Scavenger Hunt challenge –            Deeper: read, discover, investigate’ as
    can you spot everything on the list?    inspiration. Send it to us by email and
▶  A Read, Discover, Investigate           you’ll get a bonus entry to the major
    25-piece jigsaw puzzle                  prize draw. Send to library@kingston.
                                   with your name, library
Online fun!                                 membership number and contact
                                            phone number. Your photo may be
Check out what Kingston Libraries has       published or displayed across the
on offer online to keep you busy over       City of Kingston and on Kingston
the Summer holidays.                        social media accounts. Please ensure
                                            that anyone who appears in your
Virtual Story Adventure                     photo has given permission for you
with Tim Cope                               to submit the photo to us.
Join author and adventurer Tim Cope
in this weekly online story challenge.
Tim is the author of Tim & Tigon –
a book he wrote after trekking
10,000km from Mongolia to Hungary
with his dog.
Write a Book Review                           Butterfly Craft
Have you read something fun                   Make colourful butterflies out of paper
or interesting that you’d like to             and decorate your room or give to
recommend to others? Submit your              someone special. The kit will include
review via our website at kingston.           coloured paper with a template, black              paper and a wooden skewer, plus
Suggested-Reads-and-Reveiws-for-              instructions. You will need a stapler
Kids/Submit-a-Book-Review. This task          and glue to complete this activity
will also earn you a bonus entry to the       at home.
major prize draw.
                                              Fingerprint Kit
Take Home                                     Discover fascinating
                                              facts about fingerprints
Activities                                    and investigate your own.
                                              Kit includes ink pad,
Cress Head                                    chart to record fingerprints
Make your own cute character and              and an information sheet.
watch hair sprout from seeds over
the summer. The kit will include a            You can register for these
paper cup, cotton wool, seeds, nose/          crafts on our website. We’ll
mouth stickers and wiggly eyes,
                                              let you know when they are
plus instructions.
                                              ready for you to collect from
Clay Dinosaur                                 your preferred Kingston
Mold the air-dry clay to create a small
                                              Libraries branch.
and colourful 3D dinosaur. Kit includes
air-dry clay, cardboard head/tail/feet,       Go to
plus instructions.                            library/src

      0–5 year olds
   Don’t forget to check out the 1000 Books Before School
   program for your own reading program, with a chance to
   collect an extra milestone prize during the summer! If you
   are not already registered, sign up now. Ask staff for details.
Other ideas                               4. 	Place your pebbles
                                             in the bottom half of
to try at home!                              the bottle so that they
                                             are about 5cms deep.
Garden in a Bottle
This activity is great for upcycling a
                                          5. 	Place your potting mix over the
                                             pebbles to about 3cms from
soft drink bottle.
                                             the top.
What You Need:
                                          6. 	Time to plant! Tuck your tiny
  2 litre soft drink bottle with lid
                                             plants or cuttings into the soil
  (label removed)                            carefully and sprinkle with extra
  Potting mix
▶                                           soil if you need to cover the roots
  Pebbles, gravel or very coarse sand
▶                                           a bit more. If you are using seeds
                                             sprinkle lightly and cover with a
  Tiny plants, cuttings from your
                                             very fine layer of potting mix. You
  garden or seeds like microgreens
                                             can even try a combination of a
  or even lawn seeds
                                             tiny plant and seeds if you want to
                                             (but try not to overdo the seeds if
▶                                           you do this).
  Rubber band
                                          7. 	Water very gently so the soil is
  Small figurines or
▶                                           moist but not soaked. A spray
  natural decorations                        bottle of water is good for
  like interesting bark,                     this step.
  stone or shell
                                          8. 	Arrange any decorations in your
                                             mini garden.
What to do:
1. 	Place the rubber band around the     9. 	Slide the top carefully back on
      bottle about 10cms from the base.      the bottom of the bottle. If it is a
                                             bit tricky try cutting a few slits in
2. 	Ask a grown up to make a hole          either the top or bottom edges to
      next to the rubber band with           help them fit together more easily.
      a knife.                               Keep the lid on the top.
3. 	Cut around the bottle with your     10. Put your mini garden where
      scissors using the rubber band as        it will get filtered sunlight and
      a guide. Now you have a top and          somewhere you can admire it!
      a bottom!                                (If it gets too much sun it will
                                               get too hot inside).
Conditions of Entry
                                           ▶    he Summer Reading
                                               Club Dig Deeper: read,
                                               discover, investigate is
                                               for children and youth up to age 16
                                               who can read independently.
                                           ▶    ou must be a member of Kingston
                                               Libraries. If you are not a member
                                               we are happy to sign you up.
                                           ▶   You do not have to be a resident of
For the first few days it may look a           Kingston Council.
bit cloudy in your bottle but then it      ▶   The competition opens on
should clear, and droplets will form           1 December 2020 and closes on
on the sides and drip down like rain.          31 January 2021.
If it gets too wet leave the top off for   ▶   You can read any book that is at
one to two days to dry out a little.           your reading level.
                                               Guardians  must sign all completed
Secret Code                                    entry forms/Reading Record Maps.

Design your own secret code and
                                               Major prizes will be drawn at
                                               Kingston Libraries on Wednesday
see if your friends and family can             3 February 2021.
decipher a message. Pick a different       ▶    inners will be contacted via
symbol, shape or character to                  phone or email within a week of
represent each letter of the alphabet          the draw.
and write a secret message. You            ▶    a major prize is not claimed within
could even use LEGO® – a different             2 weeks of the draw there will be a
                                               redraw for that prize.
piece representing each letter.
                                               Participants are eligible to win one
                                               major prize only.
Treasure Cake
                                               More than one entry form can be
You will need two basic cakes the              submitted by individuals for the
same size (purchased or home                   major prize draw.
baked), lollies and icing. Cut the         Call the library on 1300 135 668 and
center out of one cake and place it        speak with library staff if you have
on a plate. Fill the hole with treats      any questions.
such as smarties or jelly beans.
Put the second whole cake on
                                               Proudly sponsored by
top. Spread with icing mixture and
decorate with additional lollies or
sprinkles. When you cut into the cake
to serve to your family and friends the
‘treasure’ will be found.
1300 135 668


                                            TTY 9581 4506

                                               TIS 131 450

                                               kingston libraries

Chelsea Branch                      Moorabbin Community Library
1 Chelsea Road                      Shop 5, 1 Taylor Street
Chelsea 3196                        Moorabbin 3189
Cheltenham Branch                   Parkdale Branch
12 Stanley Avenue                   96 Parkers Road
Cheltenham 3192                     Parkdale 3195
Clarinda Community Library          Patterson Lakes Community Library
58A Viney Street                    54 Thompson Road
Clarinda 3169                       Patterson Lakes 3197
Dingley Village Community Library   Westall Community
Harold Box Hall, 31C Marcus Road    Hub Library
Dingley 3172                        35 Fairbank Road
                                    Clayton South 3169
Highett Community Library
310 Highett Road
Highett 3190
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