Digest Report 2016 - FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique - FCMF

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Digest Report 2016 - FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique - FCMF
FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals
     FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique

     Digest Report 2016
 67th Annual Conference and General Meeting
Alberta College Campus of MacEwan University
              Edmonton, Alberta
              August 9-10, 2016
Digest Report 2016 - FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique - FCMF
Federation of Canadian Music Festivals
                                          THANK YOU TO OUR
                               2016 NATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL SUPPORTERS!

                                                                               Ontario Music Festivals Association
                                            37 Local Alberta Music Festivals

          Oilsands Rotary Music Festival

Digest Report 2016 - FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique - FCMF
Digest Report 2016


                            Digest Report 2016

                                MISSION STATEMENT

                                “We envision a world that
                                  appreciates music.

       We provide a step in the journey towards excellence in music performance,
               with educational opportunities for students and teachers.

 We strive to develop well-rounded individuals with positive life and performance skills
  who will give their gifts back to the community, ensuring that the arts will flourish”.

                                                            – Federation of Canadian Music Festivals,
                                                                                Incorporated in 1952

        The NRS Foundation through the Victoria Foundation, BC

We are delighted to support these gifted young musicians and wish all participants in the
        National Music Festival much success in their future artistic endeavors.

                   – NRS Foundation through the Victoria Foundation

Digest Report 2016 - FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique - FCMF
Federation of Canadian Music Festivals

                                                  Table of Contents
Officers and Committees				                                    5
President’s Message		                                          6
Significant Contributors to FCMF                               7
   Founders of the Federation		                                7
   Presidents of the Federation		                              8
   Honorary Life Members		                                     8
   Life Members		                                              8
   2016 Individual and Associate Members                       9
   2016 Supporters			                                         10
   45 Celebration Donors                                      11
Annual General Meeting – August 9-10, 2016                    12
   Welcome & Roll Call		                                      12            1st place Voice                       1st place Piano
   Business Arising from 2015 Minutes                         13           Alyssa Durnie, AB                   Jaeden Izik-Dzurko, BC
   Reports of Officers			                                     13
   Presentations		                                            16
   Committee Reports			                                       18
   New Business			                                            23
   Elections				                                              24
   Provincial Reports		                                       26
Audited Financial Statement                                   38
Federation & Festival Events                                  44
   The 46th Annual National Music Festival                    45
   2016 National Music Festival Solo & Chamber Finalists      48
   2016 National Music Festival Choral Finalists              49
2016 Festival Statistics                                      50
Festival Directory                                            53              1st place Strings                   1st place Guitar
                                                                             Eric Auerbach, AB                  Xu Kun [Alan] Liu, BC

       1st placeWoodwinds                 1st place Brass                   1st place Percussion                1st place Musical Theatre
       Rachel Tormann, ON                Quinn McGillis, ON                   Fraser Krips, SK                    Brent Raddall, NS

                                                                                      1st place Chamber Ensemble
                                                                                             Saudade Trio, AB
                                                                   Eric Auerbach [Violin], Jenny Crance [Cello], Minja McKenna [Viola]

                                                                                          Photo Credit for Competitor Photos: Steven Fielder

Digest Report 2016 - FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique - FCMF
Digest Report 2016

                                           FCMF Officers 2016
PRESIDENT        Jerry Lonsbury                                     EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR        Heather Bedford-Clooney
		               PO Box 416                                         [Fiscal Year 2015/2016]   14004 75 Avenue NW
		               Blairmore, AB T0K 0E0                              			                       Edmonton, AB T5R 2Y6
		               403-563-8954                                       			                       1-877-323-3263 [toll free]
		               president@fcmf.org                                 			                       fcmf@shaw.ca

PAST PRESIDENT   Pam Allen                                          DIRECTOR		                Tom Davidson
		               1422 Bayview Avenue, Unit A                        			                       136 Duke of Kent Ave.
		               Toronto, ON M4G 3A7                                			                       Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1X9
		               416-487-5885                                       			                       438-888-7805
		               pastpresident@fcmf.org                             			                       tom@fcmf.org

VICE-PRESIDENT   Joy McFarlane-Burton                               DIRECTOR		                Karen MacCallum
		               125-918 Heritage View                              			                       Box 175
		               Saskatoon, SK S7H 1X3                              			                       Swift Current, SK S9H 3V6
		               306-652-2960                                       			                       306-774-4857
		               vicepresident@fcmf.org                             			                       karen@fcmf.org

TREASURER        Leslie Walters                                     DIRECTOR		                Robin Norman
		               14 Elm Avenue                                      			                       206 Moran Crescent
		               Kentville, NS B4N 1Y9                              			                       Prince George, BC V2M 6N2
		               902-678-3848                                       			                       250-562-6806
		               treasurer@fcmf.org                                 			                       robin@fcm.org

                                  FCMF Committee Chairs 2016
FINANCE		                Leslie Walters                             ADJUDICATOR SELECTION Joan Woodrow

MARKETING/		             Joan Woodrow                               PLANNING		                Martha Gregory
                                                                    MEMBERSHIP		              Dianne Johnstone
HISTORY/ARCHIVES         Norma Jean Atkinson
                                                                    FUNDRAISING		             Dianne Johnstone
NOMINATING		             Pam Allen
                                                                    PUBLIC RELATIONS          Robin Norman
SYLLABUS		               Carol Donhauser
                              The President and Executive Director are ex-officio on all committees.

Digest Report 2016 - FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique - FCMF
Federation of Canadian Music Festivals

                                              President’s Message
                                   As one reads past Digests, the President’s Message has traditionally focused on saying thank you
                                   to the many people involved in the staging of the festival. I would be remiss if I didn’t follow that
                                   tradition. This was the second consecutive year that the Alberta Music Festival Association hosted
                                   the National Music Festival in Edmonton. That is dedication! Alberta’s efforts were led by co-chairs
                                   Dianne Johnstone and Norma Jean Atkinson, who in turn were assisted by a host of volunteers.
                                   As a result of their efforts, which encompassed months of work, the National Music Festival was a
                                   resounding success. The young musicians representing all provinces in Canada had the opportunity
                                   to meet, to compete with, and to socialize with one another. Some left with new friendships that will
                                   last a lifetime. My personal thank you to the Alberta Music Festival Association and its volunteers;
                                   to the Federation’s Executive Director, Heather Bedford-Clooney; and to those tireless volunteers
                                   all across Canada, who in their local communities, provide the initial opportunities for the young
                                   musicians who eventually perform at the National Music Festival.

                                  Although the primary focus of the Federation’s gathering is the National Music Festival, the Annual
                                  General Meeting sets the course for the Federation’s future. Year to year much of the business
                                  transacted is routine, but not all of it. This year the AGM was presented with a governance proposal
crafted by the Da Capo Committee (a committee authorized to examine the Federation’s governance and structure). It was accepted in
principal although refinements and required by-law changes are in process for presentation at the next AGM.

The time before the formal Federation Dinner is set aside for the presentation of choral awards and the recognition of outstanding
contributions to the Federation. This year, Dianne Johnstone was awarded “Founding Member” status. Dianne has been part of the
Federation since 1998 and fund raiser for many of those intervening years. Gloria Nickell was awarded an Honorary Life Membership
for her significant contribution to the festival movement at the local, provincial and national level. Thank you Dianne and Gloria!

Delegates and friends of the Federation were saddened to learn of Marilyn Wiwcharuk’s battle with cancer. I had the honour of
representing the Federation at a memorial service in Kamloops, BC, for Marilyn, who was the Past President of the Federation at the
time of her death. Marilyn had served three years as president and had been a member of the Executive Committee for a number of
years before that. Delegates at the AGM missed her presence.

Dianne Johnstone, true to earlier stated intentions, confirmed that she was retiring from her long-held position as Fund Raiser for
FCMF. With the need to ensure continuity in maintaining the current donor base and efforts to expand it, the delegates at the AGM
voted to combine the roles of the Fund Raiser and the Executive Director, on a temporary trial basis. This effectively created a new
position for which applications were requested. The successful applicant was Barbara Long of New Brunswick who has a long history
with both NB and with the Federation. Welcome Barbara.

Executive Committee members said their farewells to Heather Bedford-Clooney in October, at their Executive Committee meeting
in Saskatoon. As I conclude this message, I would like to acknowledge Heather’s significant contribution to the Federation since her
appointment as Executive Assistant in 2011, then as Executive Director in 2012. During her tenure the organization made significant
strides in moving away from paper based to digital means of communication with Digests and Piú Mosso newsletter being primarily
distributed via electronic communication. Heather was instrumental in leading a three year trial to move away from campus based
accommodation and meals, to other options which would allow participants to make more of their own choices about accommodations
and meals. Being confined to a campus is no longer a requirement for participants. Should this continue to be the model, Heather’s
contribution will be ongoing for some years.

Co-ordinating myriad details associated with the planning and running of a National Music Festival is a huge challenge. So, as we say
farewell to Heather in her capacity as Executive Director, she goes with our best wishes for her future, and with our gratitude for a job
well, and always promptly, done. Thank you, Heather!

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Lonsbury, President
Federation of Canadian Music Festivals

Digest Report 2016 - FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique - FCMF
Digest Report 2016

                                 Significant Contributors to FCMF
The purpose of this designation is to retain the names of those individuals who are worthy of memory. These outstanding festival
leaders committed themselves to the music festival movement in Canada and, by their service to the Federation of Canadian Music
Festivals and the National Music Festival, have enriched the lives of countless young musicians.
Worthy names to receive this honour will be recommended by the Executive of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals and ratified
by the delegates at the Annual General meeting. The names of the recipients of this honour will be listed annually in the Digest.

George S. Mathieson
Federation members have always recognized the pivotal role played by this festival leader. Through his initiative the Conference of
Festival Delegates was assembled in 1926 and continued to meet regularly until 1949. It was he who established the link with the
British Music Festival Federation in order that the British adjudicator chain could be set in place. Mr. Mathieson, more than anyone,
made that “chain” work in those early years. A man of energy and foresight, Mr. Mathieson is indeed our principal founder.

Richard W. Cooke
Richard Cooke was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the newly formed Federation of Music Festivals in 1949. He served faithfully in
that position until 1978. His contemporaries knew him affectionately as “Mr. Festival”. There can be no denying the devotion and
dedication of this festival leader. Obviously he was energetic, clever and, in his own way, charismatic. He, as part of the “Winnipeg
Trio”*, created a strong and effective Federation.
*Reg Hugo and James Seaton, for years were fellow members with Mr. Cooke of the Administrative Council.

Reg Hugo
Reg Hugo, first President of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals in 1950, served in this capacity until 1964. Thereafter he
remained involved as an active member of the Administrative Committee of the Federation until his death in 1974 — altogether
nearly thirty years of conscientious service. This learned and articulate festival leader was honoured by the Federation in 1968 with
the designation of Lifetime Honorary President and Life Member. As founding President of the Federation, he built a solid foundation.

E.G. “Ted” Pridham
Ted Pridham, President of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals from 1964-1967, made his greatest contribution to the Federation
as chief organizer of the Centennial Festival of 1967 and then as coordinator of the National Music Festival in 1972. Richard Cooke
saw Mr. Pridham’s efforts on behalf of these two important festivals as essential. As well, Ted Pridham was coordinator of the National
Music Festival until 1977 and joined Reg Hugo as an Honorary President of the Federation between 1970-1987. It is quite specifically
through the vision, talents and energies of this man that a National Festival became a reality.

Marlene Cherry
Marlene Cherry was responsible for initiating significant change in the sponsorship of the FCMF Conference and its associated National
Music Festival at a crucial time. Working on a Steering Committee with colleagues Mac Jones and Dianne Johnstone, Marlene
Cherry helped create a new Conference model in which she saw the realization of the first ever city-sponsored FCMF Conference and
Competition held in Lloydminster, AB/SK in 2002, thereby ensuring that young musicians from across Canada would continue to have
the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Cora Molstad
Cora Molstad began her involvement in the festival movement in 1963 with the Edmonton Kiwanis Club and continued her involvement
in festivals throughout the next thirty years. From 1978 on, Mrs. Molstad was involved with and responsible for starting fifteen new
Music Festivals in Alberta. In 1981, she and her committee organized and programmed the first National Music Festival to be held
outside of Toronto. In 1993, she became the first woman to join the Edmonton Kiwanis Club and became the first female President
of the Kiwanis Music Festival Board.

Dianne Johnstone
At the 2016 National Music Festival, Dianne Johnstone was awarded the honour of being named as a ‘Founder of the Federation’.
Dianne began her involvement in the festival movement in 1987 with the Provost Music Festival. She sat on the Alberta Music Festival
Board for many years and through her involvement with Alberta she became involved with the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals.
It was at this time her passion grew even more for the Festival Movement and young musicians in Canada! In 2002, a time when FCMF
was transitioning from corporate sponsorship, she was asked to raise funds to host the National Music Festival in Lloydminster and thus
began her position as Fundraiser for the National Music Festival. During the years 2002 – 2016 she brought in over a $1,000,000. Her
work and commitment helped shape FCMF into the organization it is today.

Digest Report 2016 - FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique - FCMF
Federation of Canadian Music Festivals
Mr. Reg Hugo		           Manitoba           1950-1963               Mrs. Elizabeth Lupton Enns Manitoba         1989-1990
Mr. E.G. Pridham		       Ontario		          1964-1967               Mr. James Mendenhall      Manitoba          1991-1995
Mr. Gordon Hancock       Saskatchewan       1968-1969               Mr. J. Alexander Clark    Prince Edward Island 1996-1997
Mr. D. Crawford Smyth    Ontario		          1970-1971               Mr. Mac Jones		           Alberta		         1998-1999
Mr. W. Donald Goodfellow Alberta		          1972-1973               Mrs. Doris Covey Lazecki Saskatchewan 2000-2001
Mrs. Jean Crittal		      Ontario		          1974-1976               Mr. Gérald Goguen         New Brunswick 2002-2003
Lt. Col. C.O. Hunt		     Ontario		          1977                    Mr. James Harmsworth Ontario		              2004-2005
Dr. J.F.K. English		     British Columbia   1978-1979               Mrs. Dianne Johnstone Alberta		             2006-2009
Mr. R.R. Publow		        Manitoba           1980                    Mr. Steven Fielder        Ontario		         2010
Mr. H.D. Scully		        Nova Scotia        1981-1982               Mrs. Pam Allen		          Ontario		         2011
Mrs. Kathleen Keple      Saskatchewan       1983-1984               Mrs. Marilyn Wiwcharuk British Columbia 2012-2015
Mr. Barry McDell		       British Columbia   1985-1986               Mr. Jerry Lonsbury        Alberta		         2016-
Mrs. Colleen Wilson      Alberta		          1987-1988

Ms. Norma Jean Atkinson		         Fort McMurray     AB              Mr. George S. Mathieson [D]      Winnipeg          MB
Mrs. Vivienne Bennie		            Port Coquitlam    BC              Mr. E.R. McCrimmon [D0		         Toronto		         ON
Mr. Paul Bourret [D]		            Edmonton          AB              Mr. Barry McDell [D]		           Vancouver         BC
Mr. G. Murray Campbell [D]        Winnipeg          MB              Mrs. Cora Molstad [D]		          Edmonton          AB
Mrs. Gail Carleton		              Dalhousie         NB              Mr. Robert Murray		              Antigonish        NS
Mrs. Marlene Cherry		             Calgary		         AB              Mrs. Gloria Nickell		            Rosetown          SK
Mrs. Doris Covey Lazecki		        Regina		          SK              Mr. H.W. Patterson [D]		         Toronto		         ON
Mrs. Ada English [D]		            Victoria 		       BC              Mrs. Sharon Penner		             Moose Jaw         SK
Mr. R. Donald Fullerton [D]       Toronto		         ON              Dr. David Peters [D]		           St. John’s        NL
Mr. Gérald Goguen		               Fredericton       NB              Mrs. Dorcas Plant			             Kitchener         ON
Mrs. Mossie Hancock [D]		         Regina		          SK              Mrs. Donna Quinton-Schonfield    Calgary		         AB
Mr. Reg Hugo [D]			               Winnipeg          MB              Ms. Cindy Rublee			              Winnipeg          MB
Mrs. Dianne Johnstone		           Provost		         AB              Mrs. Rosemary Short		            Victoria		        BC
Mrs. Penny Joynt			               Saskatoon         SK              Mr. D.G.W. Sutherland [D]		      Lethbridge        AB
Mrs. Kathleen Keple		             Cobble Hill       BC              Mr. J. Page Wadsworth [D]		      Toronto		         ON
Dr. Lois Marshall [D]		           Toronto		         ON              Mrs. Shirley [Baker] Whiston     Halifax		         NS

The Federation of Canadian Music Festivals may, from time to time, award a person an Honorary Life Membership. The nomination for
an Honorary Life Membership is initiated by the Executive of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals, and approved by the voting
delegates at the Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals.

Dr. Catherine Allison [D]		       Ottawa		          ON              Mrs. Hectorine Lauzier [D]		     Shippagan         NB
Mrs. Marion J. Andrews		          Grand Falls       NL              Mrs. Margaret Long [D]		         Burns Lake        BC
Dr. A.D. Bona [D]			              Saint John        NB              Mrs. Angela Matheson		           Charlottetown     PE
Mr. R.W. Cooke [D]		              Winnipeg          MB              Mrs. Vera Mattson		              Prince Albert     SK
Miss Mary Donahue [D]		           Charlottetown     PE              Mr. E.G. Pridham [D]		           Toronto		         ON
Mrs. Ada English [D]		            Victoria		        BC              Mr. John Rooke [D]		             Ottawa		          ON
Mr. William Fairbairn [D]		       Lethbridge        AB              Mr. James Seaton [D]		           Winnipeg          MB
Mrs. Yolande Fitzgerald		         South Surrey      BC              Mr. Jan Simons [D]		             Westmount         QC
Mr. Benjamin R. Guss [D]		        Saint John        NB              Dr. D. Seyward Smith		           Victoria		        BC
Mrs. Thos Guy [D]		               Saint John        NB              Mr. D. Crawford Smyth [D]		      Scarborough       ON
Mr. Gordon Hancock [D]		          Regina		          SK              Mrs. Iris Sproule [D]		          Peterborough      ON
Mrs. Carole Helfter		             Holland		         MB              Mrs. Joan Tuckey			              Edmonton          AB
Mrs. Thomas Howden		              Prince Albert     SK              Mr. Wilbert Ward			              Brampton          ON
Lt. Col. C.O. Hunt [D]		          Toronto		         ON              Mrs. A.E. White [D]		            Toronto		         ON
Mrs. Polly Krasnoff [D]		         Medicine Hat      AB

Life Memberships may be purchased for oneself or for any other person at the cost of $500. The request, in writing, for any Life
Membership is made to the President of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals by June 30th of each year, and approved by
the Executive prior to the Annual General Meeting. The delegates at the Annual General Meeting will ratify the recipients of this
designation.                                                                                                 [D] denotes deceased

Digest Report 2016 - FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique - FCMF
Digest Report 2016

                         Members 2016 Liste de membres
                         The Federation of Canadian Music Festivals extends sincere thanks
                             to the following 2016 National Music Festival supporters.
                     La Fédération canadienne des festivals de musique remercie sincèrement
                  les personnes suivantes qui ont soutenu le Festival national de musieque 2016.

   Patron Members [$200]                   Members [$50]Membres                   Associate Members [$50]
  Membres du patron [200 $]                          Jennifer Bell, ON            Membres associés [50 $]
            Mac Jones, AB                       Susan Belleperche, ON           Annapolis Valley Music Festival, NS
                                                      Beth Cook, AB               Bridgewater Music Festival, NS
 Associate Patron Members                       Lisa Cosens Brillon, ON       Federation of Music Festivals for Nova
 Membres du patron associés                       Diane Campbell, PE                        Scotia, NS
           [200 $]                                Carol Donhauser, SK         Miramichi Regional Music Festival, NB
                                                  Wendy Durieux, AB            Newfoundland Federation of Music
  Oilsands Rotary Music Festival, AB
                                                   Darlene Ewing, ON                       Festivals, NL
  Sustaining Members [$100]                        Steven Fielder, ON        Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival Society,
  Membres soutenant [100 $]                          Kathy Fuller, NS                           BC
                                                 William Gordon, MB             [D] denotes deceased/désigne décédée
            Pam Allen, ON
                                                 Martha Gregory, ON
      Rhéal & Isabel Fournier, NB
                                                    Melvin Hurst, ON
         Jerry Lonsbury, AB
                                             Catherine Isaac-Jamieson, NS
        Karen MacCallum, SK
                                                 Christopher Lane, NB
          Sue Reedman, BC
                                                    Barbara Long, NB
            Jean Robin, AB
                                                  Sheila Lonsbury, AB
            Keith Robin, AB
                                                  Antonia Mahon, BC
         Dr. Ireneus Zuk, ON
                                                  Wayne Madden, AB
Associate Sustaining Members                  Joy McFarlane-Burton, SK
Membres soutenant associés                          Gloria Nickell, SK
                                                   Robin Norman, BC
           [100 $]                                   Gerry Punke, NS
 Camrose & District Music Festival, AB              Evelyne Reid, ON
Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators’                 Mary Ross, AB
          Association, CAN                         Sherry Sproule, SK
Grande Prairie & District Music Festival          Nancy Toppings, SK
           Association, AB                           Karen Unger, SK
                                                  Judith Urbonas, MB
                                                  Lynn van Zanten, BC
                                             Heilwig von Koenigsloew, BC
                                                    Leslie Walters, NS
                                              Marilyn Wiwcharuk, BC [D]
                                                   Joan Woodrow, NL

Digest Report 2016 - FEDERATION of Canadian Music Festivals FÉDÉRATION canadienne des festivals de musique - FCMF
Federation of Canadian Music Festivals

                       Thank you to our 2016 Supporters!
                       Merci à tous no supporteurs 2016!
                     PRESTO $10,000                                Kamloops Festival of the Performing Arts, BC
               Chateau Lacombe Hotel, AB†                                        Kathleen Keple, BC
           The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation, ON                   Kiwanis Music Festival of Greater Toronto, ON
                                                                Kiwanis Music Festival, National Capital Region, ON
                VIVACE $5,000 – $9,999                              Lakehead Festival of Music & the Arts, ON
  Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators' Association, CAN                            Liz Lupton, BC
   NRS Foundation through the Victoria Foundation, BC                 Marek Jablonski Endowment Fund, AB
               ALLEGRO $1,000 – $4,999                                      Stephen & Penny McCain, NB
         Alberta Music Festival Association, AB                       Miramichi Regional Music Festival, NB
          Gail Asper & Michael Paterson, MB                         La Fédération des festivals de musique du
                Norma Jean Atkinson, AB                                          NouveauBrunswick/
                    Gail Carleton, NB                              New Brunswick Federation of Music Festivals,
         Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival, AB                              New Glasgow Music Festival, NS
                  The Flag Shop, AB†                                              Gloria Nickell, SK
                 Dr. Phyllis Forsyth, ON                              Performing Arts BC Festival Society, BC
   Grande Prairie & District Encana Music Festival, AB                    Pickering GTA Music Festival, ON
             Wendy & Harley MacCaull, NS                                      Provost Music Festival, AB
  MacEwan University | Alberta College Conservatory of                         Jean & Keith Robin, AB
                       Music, AB†                                           Mary Ross & Jim O’Keefe, AB
                   Mike Malone, AB†                                Saskatchewan Music Festival Association, SK
       Joy McFarlane-Burton & Rick Burton, SK                           Stettler & District Music Festival, AB
           Oilsands Rotary Music Festival, AB                          Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival, BC
       Olds & District Kiwanis Music Festival, AB                                Dr. Ireneus Zuk, ON
        Ontario Music Festivals Association, ON                             ANDANTINO $1– $99
                       Ricoh, AB†                                            Nadine Harshenin, AB
           The Shean Piano Competition, AB                                      Barbara Long, NB
          The Shean Strings Competition, AB                                   Wayne Madden, AB
                 ANDANTE $100 – $999                                        Wilber & Joyce Ward, ON
                         Anonymous                                           Friends of Paul Bourret
                   2015 FCMF Delegates                                            M. Akerboom, AB
                       Pam Allen, ON                                          Norma Jean Atkinson, AB
                     Bedford Family, AB                                         Darlene Downing, AB
                                                                                  Lynn Edwards, AB
                    Brenda Bauman, AB
                                                                                 Dennis Fedeyka, AB
                      Dilys Bourret, AB                                         Bernie Huedephoi, AB
                      June Chittick, AB                                          Diana Kroetsch, AB
                     Barbara Clark, ON                                       Jerry & Sheila Lonsbury, AB
                Cold Lake Music Festival, AB                                     Barb Maddigan, AB
                       Beth Cook, AB                                              Sherry Rempel, AB
                     Tom Davidson, QC                                               Mary Ross, AB
          Drumheller & District Music Festival, AB                               Kent Sutherland, AB
            Dr. Deon & Antoinette Erasmus, AB                                   Rhonda Sylvester, AB
                 Family of Paul Bourret, AB                                    Marilynn Thornton, AB
                                                                               Maryan Threndyle, AB
                     Steven Fielder, ON
                                                                                 Veronica Weber, AB
                Rhéal & Isabel Fournier, NB
              Fredericton Music Festival, NB                               NATIONAL TRUST FUND
                     Gérald Goguen, NB                                      Norma Jean Atkinson, AB
                      Jayne Hayes, BC                                         Wayne Madden, AB
                    Janet Scott-Hoyt, AB
                   Dianne Johnstone, AB                                  + in kind donations/dons en nature
                       Mac Jones, AB
Digest Report 2016

                                  Célébration 45 Celebration
The 45 Celebration - Just $45 keeps music alive!” - was a special fundraising project to recognize the 45th consecutive
national Music Festival. Each of these supporters donated $45 [or a multiple of $45, shown in parenthesis]. Of the $45,
$15 was directed back to their provincial or local music festival, if requested, thereby strengthening the festival movement
across the country.
L’événement intitulé « Célébration 45 - Juste 45 $ maintient la musique vivante! » était un projet spécial de collecte de fonds
visant à reconnaître le 45e Festival national de musique consécutif. Chacaune de ces personnes a donné 45 $ [ou un multiple
de ce montant en parenthèse] et lorsque les donateurs en ont fait la demande, 15 $ de ce montant ont été remis au festival
de musique provincial ou local désigné, ce qui a contribué à le mouvement des festivals de musique partout au pays.

Alberta                                    British Columbia                            Prince Edwarde Island
Airdrie Festival of Performing Arts        Colombie-Britannique                        Île-du-Prince-Édouard
Norma Jean Atikinson [12]                  Kathleen Keple                              East Prince Music Festival [2]
Brenda Baumna                              Robin Norman                                Saskatchewan
Cardston Elementary School Choirs [2]      Powell River Festival of the Performing
Anne Carrier                               Arts                                        Sharon Apland [2]
June Chittick                              Sue Reedman [2]                             Fran Atkinson [2]
Ursula Church                              Heilwig von Koenigsloew                     Fred Atkinson [2]
Beth Cook                                  Marilyn Wiwcharuk [D]                       Carol Donhauser
Barbara Donkin [2]                                                                     Karen MacCallum
                                           Manitoba                                    Joy McFarlane-Burton
Linda Ellis
Dennis Fedeyko [3]                         Judith Urbonas                              Goria Nickell [2]
Sandra Fisher                              New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick             Sharon Penner [3]
Jo-Dell C. Forestier                                                                   Sask Valley Music Festival
                                           Gail Carleton                               Marielle Schafer [3]
Catherine Claser-Climie
                                           Rhéal & Isabel Fournier                     Sherry Sproule
Jennifer Harbour
                                           Barbara Long [2]                            Susan & Wade Sumner
Nadine Harshenin
Greg & Roxane Ibach [2]                    Newfoundland and Labradour/Terre-           Nancy Toppings
Dianne Johnstone                           Neuve et Labrador                           [D] denotes deceased/désigne décédée
Cathy Kennedy                              Joan Woodrow
Lacombe & District Music Festival
Wolfram Linnebach [2]                      Nova Scotia/Nouvelle-Écosse
Jerry & Sheila Lonsbury [2]                Bridgewater Music Festival
Marian MacLeod                             Patricia Bryson
Wayne Madden [5]                           Ontario
Barbara Maddigan
Charles Neill [2]                          Pam Allen
Ann Newman                                 Darlene Ewing
Carol Paulgaard [2]                        Rachel Ewing
Joanne Paulgaard                           Steven Fielder
Norma Paulgaard                            Melvin Hurst
Donna Paulgaard-Johnson                    Pickering GTA Music Festival
Debbie Regehr                              Wilbert Ward
Jean Robin
Keith Robin
Mary Ross
Sylvia Shadick Taylor [2]
Robin Stuart                                     A life without music is unthinkable,
Bev Sweet
Jennifer Thomas                           so thank you for being part of this wonderful event!
Christine Van Boom [2]
Janet Ying
                                                                 -Dr. Phyllis Forsyth, Ontario

Federation of Canadian Music Festivals

                               2016 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                         The Federation of Canadian Music Festivals
                                               67th Annual General Meeting

                                                     Chateau Lacombe Hotel
                                                       Edmonton, Alberta
                                                       August 9-10, 2016

The 67th Annual Meeting of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals was called to order at 9:06 am on Tuesday, August 9, 2016.

Jerry Lonsbury, President of FCMF, welcomed delegates to the 2016 AGM.
It was announced that motions would be recorded as Carried or Defeated. Vote count will be recorded only if requested before the
vote is called; The request for a secret ballot vote will need to be made prior to the vote being called. Abstentions will not be called
for, or recorded.
Dianne Johnstone, Co-Chair of Host Committee, welcomed delegates to Edmonton.
It was noted that Marilyn Wiwarchuk, sitting FCMF Past President, passed away February 1, 2016. Delegates miss her presence.
Jerry asked delegates to declare any conflicts of interest. None were declared.

The Executive Committee and Executive Director were introduced:
Jerry Lonsbury – Blairmore, AB [President]
Joy McFarlane-Burton – Saskatoon, SK [Vice-President]
Leslie Walters – Kentville, NS [Treasurer]
Pam Allen – Toronto, ON [Past President]
Tom Davidson, Montréal, PQ [Director]
Robin Norman – Prince George, BC [Director]
Karen MacCallum – Swift Current, SK [Director]
Dianne Johnstone – Provost, AB [Fundraiser – ex officio]
Heather Bedford-Clooney – Edmonton, AB [Executive Director – ex-officio]

British Columbia - Sue Reedman, Antonia Mahon, Lynn Van Zanten, Heilwig Von Keonigsloew
Alberta - Wendy Durieux, Norma Jean Atkinson, RJ Chambers, Beth Cook
Saskatchewan - Nancy Toppings, Karen Unger, Sherry Sproule, Carol Donhauser
Manitoba - Judith Urbonas, William Gordon [Proxy]
Ontario - Sue Belleperche, Lisa Cousens Brillon, Darlene Ewing, Steven Fielder, Martha Gregory, Jennifer Bell [Proxy]
Québec - Tom Davidson [already listed under Officers]
New Brunswick - Barbara Long, Rheal Fournier, Christopher Lane [Proxy]
Nova Scotia - Kathy Fuller, Catherine Isaac Jamieson, Gerry Punke [Proxy]
Prince Edward Island - Diane Campbell [Proxy]
Newfoundland and Labrador - Joan Woodrow

The Fund Raising Committee report was added to the agenda under Standing Committees.
The Agenda was adopted as amended.

Barbara Long was appointed as recording secretary.
The minutes of the 2015 AGM were accepted as circulated in the Digest.
That the delegates ratified all decisions made by Executive Committee throughout the year. It was requested by delegates that motion
results be included in next year’s report.

The Provincial Reports were received and are attached as an addendum to these minutes.

Digest Report 2016
   a. Choral Submissions
In order to simplify the choral submission process, MP3 or MP4 formats of recordings and a copy of the scores will be uploaded into
a specially designated Dropbox folder. The Executive Director will then code them for anonymity and place into a different Dropbox
folder for the adjudicators.
  •The front cover of music must be included to be considered a legal copy.
  •If preferred, the files may be submitted by email from locals to provincials, and from provincials to national Executive Director.
  •Include a copy of the receipt for downloaded music, if available.
  •According to consultation with a Copyright Canada representative, it is legal to record for educational and archival purposes
  •OMFA used the model this year and it worked very well.

MOTION #1: That FCMF adopt the Ontario model for choral submission by MP3 as described above. Robin Norman/Pam Allen. Carried.


What an eventful past year this has been. It really began last year when then President Marilyn Wiwcharuk was able to persuade the
delegates to accept a plan to invest our long standing “National Trust Fund” in the Victoria Foundation. That move was accompanied
by a gift from the Foundation itself and from another Foundation Donor with an interest in supporting our goals. The return on that
investment allows us this year to present a 2nd prize at the Grand Award Competition.
Sadly, Marilyn’s health which was not especially good at the 2015 AGM continued to deteriorate and after a significant effort at
continuing to teach her pupils and participate in the affairs of the Federation, Marilyn required and requested hospice care. The
Federation was represented by the President of the Federation at her “Celebration of Life Service.” It was indeed a tribute to Marilyn’s
involvement in music in her home town of Kamloops, in her province and, through her contributions to the Federation, in all of Canada.
After many, many, many years of active involvement in the Federation, as delegate, Vice-president, President, Past President and fund
raiser, Dianne Johnstone advised that she will leave her work in the organization effective October 31, 2016. Quite apart from the
official offices she has held, Dianne has become the “go-to” person for all – all members, all the reminders, and all the little details she
seems to have her finger on. Each of you will appreciate how much she will be missed even though the writer is at a loss to find the
appropriate words. To simply say thank you seems woefully inadequate.
An outcome of last year’s AGM was the authorization of a committee to examine the Federation’s goal, purpose, and ability to move
into the future. Some of the results of the committee work will be shared with delegates at this AGM. The committee will want an
extension to its term as there still remains much to be done.
Each of you as this year’s delegates will have a unique opportunity to have a voice and hand in moving the Federation into the future.
Your voices and votes are at the heart of the Federation.
Jerry Lonsbury
FCMF President

It has been a joy to serve the FCMF as Executive Director for the past year. We have been looking forward to the future, a future that
is most exciting. I thank Jerry Lonsbury and the Executive for their help and encouragement as I went about my daily tasks. I would
especially like to thank Pam Allen, Dianne Johnstone, Joan Woodrow and Steven Fielder- they give a great deal to the organization and,
I am fortunate they share their talents with me.
Respectfully submitted,
Heather Bedford Clooney

We are never completely certain of the outcome of the finances but always optimistic that revenue will come pouring in and we will
find the deal of the century to keep our expenses low. To be honest, I am always overwhelmed by the generosity that comes our way.
The net gain over loss this year was once again on the plus side and our investment in the Victoria Foundation has seen growth that
would not have been possible had we continued to keep our funds in GICs.
Working on the budget this year was a bit challenging. We are faced with the retirement of our very successful fundraiser, Dianne
Johnstone. Will our revenues be affected as a result? Will we be affected by the devastating loss of the wild fires in Fort McMurray to
which Alberta and the rest of the country has responded by reaching out with donations?
Dianne and I have often discussed the hours that are spent not just finding donors but maintaining and nurturing the relationships that
allow us year after year to be the recipients of their generosity and the beneficiaries of their loyalty to our organization.
In 2017 without Dianne at the helm, we are not certain of the outcome of the donations that will be received but I do know that
Dianne is going to make sure that the new Fundraiser is introduced to each and every one of our donors and will re-assure them that
Federation of Canadian Music Festivals
we are still a worthy cause.
Ottawa’s host committee is working diligently on raising funds and forming partnerships in the city to assist us with the cost of the
festival. The host committee has already shown that they are committed to helping us to produce another successful National Music
My term has ended however, as passed by a motion at last year’s AGM, if there is a new Treasurer elect, I will continue to work and
complete this fiscal year for the year-end audit with the incoming Treasurer.
Leslie Walters
FCMF Treasurer

  a. Audited Statement
MOTION #2: That the audited financial statements for year ending 31 October, 2015 as prepared by Key Financial [formerly Monroe
and Company] be accepted. Leslie Walters/Barbara Long. Carried by email vote.

   b. Review of bank account summaries and investments.
In 2015 we were notified that there were 2 dormant accounts:
Business Investor Account $94.66 Transferred to chequing account
Business Investor Account $4,019.33

2015 Motion #14: That the FCMF move the $4,019.33 in the dormant savings account to our chequing account by fiscal year end.

This transfer did not take place. The National Trust Fund Investment account, with a balance of $96931.63, was closed and the funds
were transferred to the savings account that held the balance of $4,019.33, in order to have the $100,000.00 required to invest in the
Victoria Foundation.

MOTION #3: FCMF move $950.66 [current balance of savings account] to current chequing account and close the savings account.
Leslie Walters/Robin Norman. Carried

Balance in TD Operating Reserve GIC is $53,735.63. This is funded by the $0.10 per entry each year.

Victoria Foundation Funds
   1. Federation of Canadian Music Festivals Fund
Investment September 2015        $100,000.00			                         Interest earned September – June $4,273.74

   2. National Music Festival [FCMF] Fund
Investment September 2015 $30,000.00 [Gifted]
         Contribution by: NRS Fund                    $22,500.00        Interest earned September – June $1,391.60
         Victoria Foundation                           $7,500.00

Total Return on investments, September, 2015 to June, 2016: $5,665.34

ACTION #1: That the FCMF Treasurer investigate moving our current Operating Reserve GIC from a 100-day revolving GIC Investment
earning 0.55% to a Market Growth Investment.

Rationale: In this type of investment, the principle is guaranteed and interest rates can be as high as 5% per annum.

MOTION #4: That FCMF re-invest the interest earned from the Victoria Foundation by adding it to the capital, for this year. Pam Allen/
Robin Norman. Carried.

  c. Review of last fiscal year’s Revenue and Expenses
FCMF Treasurer, Leslie Walters, presented a working copy of the last fiscal year’s Revenue and Expenses which showed details of how
money was received and spent.
  • AGM Conference revenue and expenses - significantly higher in 2014 because meals were included
  • Gifts-in-kind equivalent amounts included as revenue and expenses

MOTION #5: That the competitor entry fee be raised from $175 to $200. This will include a complimentary MP3 file of their performance.
Robin Norman/Sue Reedman. Carried.

Digest Report 2016

MOTION #6: That the Conference Registration fee be raised from $175 to $200. Robin Norman/Lynn Van Zanten. Carried.

   • There was a discussion about the FCMF’s VISA card and whether it is the best type of card for the Federation. There is an annual fee
   with accumulated points available to help provinces with competitor travel. Do the points collected off-set the annual fee? Should
   we use the card as much as possible to collect more points?

ACTION #2: Track this year’s FCMF expenses paid by VISA credit card as a test to study whether the cost of the card is covered by the
value of the points earned.

   • It was noted that Air Mile points are accumulating and should be used soon before they expire.

ACTION #3: Use expiring Air Miles points for fall Executive Meeting travel.

   • Website - Executive looking at alternatives to lower website maintenance costs.

   • Cost of Ottawa venues can be reduced from $27,000 to $5,500 if all local and provincial festivals include a University of Ottawa ad
   in their program. There was unanimous consent from delegates that this initiative should be undertaken. The University of Ottawa
   will prepare the ads in various sizes.

ACTION #4: – That the Executive Director send the University of Ottawa ads to Provincial Administrators to distribute to their locals, as
quickly as possible.

   d. NOTICE OF MOTION: AFFILIATION FEE INCREASE - [submitted by Norma Jean Atkinson]

Whereas: the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals will soon be without its current fundraiser and,
Whereas: some donors have already expressed an intent to withdraw their financial support and,
Whereas: financial resources available in many areas of the country and in many corporations is dwindling:
Therefore: BE IT RESOLVED that: affiliation fees be increased by $0.75 per music entry for a three year period beginning with the levy
calculated on the statistical reports for the 2017 local festivals.

   • It was clarified that the proposal is one $0.75 raise with no further raise for at least three years
   • This increase would result in $90,000 extra revenue per year which could be used to:
       o build cushion in reserve fund
       o enable FCMF to add value by extending competitor time with adjudicator
   • Since awards are approximately $40,000, would this increase result in eliminating the fund-raiser position? Would the revenues
   be used to cover partial competitor expenses again?
   • Concern expressed that many festivals [large and small] are struggling and this increase is not affordable and would force them to
   withdraw from the federation.

MOTION #7: That the Notice of Motion to raise affiliation fees by $0.75 as presented above be accepted. Norma Jean Atkinson/RJ
Chambers. Defeated.

The affiliation fees remain at $0.90 per entry for the 2017 budget.

   e. History of Gain/Loss

Annually         To Date
2004 $         -91             -91
2005 $     +10,749       +10,658
2006 $      -1,545           9,113
2007 $      +6,070          15,813
2008 $     -13,631           1,552
2009 $     -18,439        -16,887
2010 $     -54,705        -71,592
2011 $     +17,852       -53,740
2012 $      +1,797         -35,769
2013 $      +1,685         -34,084

Federation of Canadian Music Festivals
2014 $      +26,925         - 7,159
2015 $      +11,074         + 3,915

Net Gain/Loss       +3915

   f. Appointment of the auditor

MOTION #8: That FCMF appoint Heather Robinson [Key Financial Group] as the auditor for the fiscal year ending 31 October 2016.
Leslie Walters/Sue Reedman. Carried.

   g. Adoption of the budget

The second draft of the 2016-2017 budget reflecting the suggested revisions and motions passed was presented and reviewed on

MOTION #9: That the 2nd draft of the proposed budget for 2017 be accepted. Leslie Walters/Steven Fielder. Carried.



Mel Hurst, President of CMFAA presented the following report:

Thank you for the opportunity to speak at your AGM. We appreciate being included on the Agenda.
I would like to bring you up-to-date on the directions we are taking in the Association.
1. Executive: John Hanson, Acadia U. Nova Scotia - Past President
           Mel Hurst, Toronto – President melvinhurst@gmail.com
           Gregory Butler, Windsor – Vice President, Membership
           Greg Caisley, Vancouver – Secretary
           Ireneus Zuk, Queen’s U. – Treasurer
           Sheri Wilson, Queen’s U. – Registrar [Ex officio] sheriwilson48@gmail.com

2. Web-site: CMFAA has a new web-site, as of last year. I hope you have all seen it, and hopefully, used it! We are in Phase III of its
development. Dues can now be paid on-line using PayPal. Phase IV will include our ongoing improvement to the membership profile by
adding a members on-line picture and, if they have a web-site, a corresponding link will be available. Fourteen Festivals have up-dated
their info using the ‘online update Form”. I would encourage you to access this service.

3. Directory: Although anyone can access the site, the Password to enter the Directory is cmfdir18. We are currently trying to achieve
parity in the length of each profile! They should be limited to 80 words.
 A new hardcopy of the Directory was printed last year, and is available to any Festival upon request. An email to our Registrar will get
you a hardcopy! We did mail a copy to each Festival for whom we had an address.

4. New Members: [ie new Adjudicators on the roster] There are approximately 70 new adjudicators on our roster over the last five
years! They come with excellent academic qualifications and truly superb recommendations from at least three different Festivals. We
use a standard Evaluation Form to create a level playing field for all applicants. Applications are now handled on-line. Thank you to all
who have helped in this process by completing the Form. Your response is totally confidential, and is seen only by the Vice-President.
Our total membership is 192 adjudicators.

5. Mentorship Program: After much discussion over several years, the Executive has decided to work towards a mentorship program.
This program will be instituted with new members as part of their application to join CMFAA as of September 1, 2016. Prospective
members who have their applications underway but who have not yet been approved for membership will be strongly recommended
to take the mentorship courses. The executive agrees that having a mentorship program would be helpful for all adjudicators, but at
this time it is not feasible to create for current members.
New members will be expected to join a senior adjudicator for a day at a music festival. This will give all new members clear ideas on
techniques of adjudication, understanding the code of conduct, the philosophy of the festival, and the organization’s expectations.
The workshops will be based on interest, and geographic need, and could happen as early as Fall 2016. Greg Butler will draw up
workshop evaluation questions for these sessions. He will also draw up questions for the senior adjudicator to discuss with applicants
should they choose to spend a day with an adjudicator.

Digest Report 2016
6. Awards: The CMFAA is giving a total of $7,000.00 to the National Festival this year.
   • For 2017 we will continue to offer the First Prize in the Chamber Music category in the amount of $1,500.00
   • For 2017 we will continue to offer the Provincial Award of $500.00 to assist travel of competitors to Nationals, for a total of
   • For 2017 we will continue to offer the Piano Duet Prize of $500.00
   • Note: We are looking at procedures to possibly change the allocation of the $5,000.00 for the 2018 Festival.

7. New Initiatives: Finding the Duet Capital of Canada! The CMFAA has initiated the Duet Challenge this year, with an annual award of
$500.00. This Prize has generated a good deal of interest, with increased correspondence with Festivals across the country.
There were 22 Entries this spring, from across Canada. The winning Festival this year is the Norfolk Musical Arts Festival of Simcoe,
Ontario. They had 154 entries, of which 26 were duets.
Note from the Minutes: The Executive believes that Duet playing is highly desirable, and therefore the executive is starting the “Duet
Challenge” Festival Scholarship. The “Duet Prize” will be awarded, starting in 2016, to the Music Festival with the highest percentage
of duet entries relative to the total number of piano solo entries in that festival. The prize will be $500 per year to be presented to the
winning festival, which will then be able to offer as a Scholarship the following festival season. Each festival can submit their numbers
to the CMFAA through our website beginning after the festival season in 2016. The executive has made a special webpage available on
our website regarding this.

8. Code of Conduct: Festival Administrators from across the country have spoken to me in confidence, about various concerns they
have had re adjudicators. I have brought these concerns to the Executive, resulting in several additions to our Code of Conduct.
The Executive feels it is time to update the Member’s code of conduct to deal with the growing importance of social media, so that the
following will be added to the Code of Conduct:
         Code of Conduct [update 8]
Adjudicators should never use social media to discuss music festivals or any performer/ performance. Furthermore, they should not post
pictures of any students involved in festivals.
Clarification of Conduct - guidelines regarding the sanctioning of adjudicators failing to maintain professional standards at all times.
        Addendum to 7
Adjudicators must be professional in all dealings with music festival committees. In addition, they need an excellent ability to
communicate in the spoken language of the festival. Membership should never use profanity in their adjudications.
By applying and being a member of the CMFAA, you agree to uphold the code of ethics of the organization, or risk sanctions.

9. Reminder:
- The Executive feels there two factors critical to the development of young musicians. One is Sight-Reading and the other is Quick
Study. These two classes add interest and stimulus to a Festival. We recommend that these two classes be included in a Festival,
wherever possible.
When these are included, two parameters are suggested:
-We are recommending that the Quick Study class should only be a 24 hours study, and without teacher intervention.
- We recommend that participation in any combination of Sight-reading or Quick study classes be a prerequisite of senior students
being able to receive scholarships in local festivals.

10. Adjudication Fees: The executive is concerned about the challenges that adjudicators have in maintaining their professional
standards, as well as with the loss of regular pay, schedules of teaching being changed/cancelled, travel days to and from, not to
mention the expense of comparable expertise in other areas, and no increase for several years, [I believe seven or eight years] the
following motion was passed:
Motion: That adjudicator’s fees be increased from $300 per day to $400 per day effective the beginning of the music festival season
in 2017. Further, that a working day might consist of 1, 2, or 3 sessions, and that there would be no partial payment days [to allow
adjudicators to be compensated for travel time]. Finally, the CMFAA is not changing the existing guideline that states that adjudicators
would be given no more than 5 sessions in a row without a break. Moved by Mel Hurst, Seconded unanimously.
Assistance: If there are ways that CMFAA could be more relevant, useful or helpful to the festival committee at the local level, please
contact us, and let us know!
Respectfully submitted,
Mel Hurst, President CMFAA

Federation of Canadian Music Festivals


   a. Life Membership

MOTION #10: that Gloria Nickell be granted Life Membership. Pam Allen/Rhéal Fournier. Carried.

MOTION #11: that Dianne Johnstone be granted the honour of ‘Founder of the Federation’ status in recognition of her significant
contributions to FCMF. Pam Allen/Beth Cook. Carried.

   b. Creation of new position

Delegates accepted the president’s request for an addition to the agenda. Jerry then presented the following on behalf of the Executive

Dianne Johnstone is retiring from the fund Raiser position, and the Federation needs to ensure the continuity of those duties, the
Executive Committee recommends a new position be created to include all the responsibilities of the Executive Director, the maintenance
of the current donor list, and the duties of the office assistant. All responsibilities are detailed in the Policy and Procedure Manual,
which is subject to annual revision.

Salary range: $30,000 to $35,000 annually.

We thank all of these ladies for their dedication, hard work, and excellent service in their roles. All three of these ladies are invited to
apply for the new position, along with other qualified applicants. Duties will begin November 1, 2016.

   • Proposed salary is combination of the current pay for the three positions combined; range allows for flexibility depending on
   experience of the person hired.
   • The proposal is about what FCMF needs administratively, not personalities.
   • Having the administrative position maintain current donor database provides stability in transition during search for a new
   • Does not preclude continuing with search for fundraiser.
   • Concern about Fundraising salary used without having it available for a new fundraiser that would be responsible for finding new
   • Some felt the concept needs to be better prepared and costed out.
   • Do we want an Executive Director that oversees all the operations of the federation or an Office Administrator?
      o Current ED job description is more consistent with those of an Office Administrator.
      o Going to Office Administrator would require By-law changes.
   • Should we get legal advice for the contract?

Discussion was tabled for a day to give delegates opportunity to think and discuss this new proposal.

MOTION #12: To accept the creation of a new administrative position as outlined above. Robin Norman/RJ Chambers. Carried.

A Secret Ballot was held. Dianne Johnstone and RJ Chambers were appointed as scrutineers.
Ballots were destroyed.

Going forward:
  • Deadline for applications – September 23 with a start date of November 1.
  • The position will be advertised through Provincial Administrators to local festivals.
  • The personnel committee will be the hiring committee.

MOTION #13: That the Personnel Committee be the Hiring Committee as mandated in the draft Policy & Procedure Manual.
This committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, and one other member of the Executive Committee, appointed by the

The responsibilities of this committee are the following: to create job descriptions, performance standards, and evaluation forms for
the contracted employees, to conduct the hiring of staff, and periodically review and revise, if necessary, the Policy and Procedures
Digest Report 2016
Sue Reedman/Sue Belleperche. Carried.

   • Discussion that the Executive Committee by responsible for determining job description and contract details.
   • The newly created position will be evaluated at the next AGM.


   a. Percussion Class

NOTICE OF MOTION: PERCUSSION REQUIREMENTS - [Submitted by Carol Donhauser for Syllabus Committee]
Notice of Motion Regarding Percussion
Below is a Notice of Motion for changes to the Syllabus [Percussion - Provincial and National level only]. These changes were brought
to me by our percussion Prof. [Darrell Bueckert] at the U of S, reviewed by New Brunswick percussion teachers [2], and Bill Gordon
[Manitoba] who was on my Syllabus committee last year.

Provincial Festival
Competitors must perform two selections. This deletes the requirement of a multi-movement selection.
   1. One work for Keyboard Percussion [eg. marimba, vibraphone, xylophone]
   2. One work for Timpani or Multi-percussion or Snare Drum
National Festival
Competitors must perform three selections, works must include:
1. One work for Keyboard Percussion [eg. marimba, vibraphone, xylophone]
2. One work for Timpani or Multi-percussion or Snare Drum
3. One own choice
For multi-instrument works and snare drum, memorization is encouraged but not required. All other works must be memorized.
Rationale: At the provincial level, competitors are required to play TWO selections, and must include works on ‘Marimba’ and on
‘Timpani or Snare Drum’, yet note #2 says that one of them has to be a multi-percussion work. This can’t really work because multi-
percussion is actually another instrument category like marimba, timpani or snare drum. Some multi-percussion pieces may include
marimba, some may include timpani and some may include snare drum, but the current wording almost eliminates the possibility
of performing on marimba AND timpani, as the requirements suggest. Competitors will end up having to play “marimba and multi-
percussion” or “timpani and multi-percussion” because there are very few multi-percussion works that include marimba or timpani. A
greater percentage of multi-percussion works do include snare drum.
It seems as if we may be mistaking the multi-percussion [an instrument category] for multi-movement [a composition category]. You
can ask for a marimba piece that is ‘multi-movement’ but it is silly to ask for a marimba piece that is ‘multi-percussion’.
The winning Percussionist at nationals should be the one to show greatest proficiency on ‘Marimba’ [or other keyboard percussion]
AND ‘Timpani’ AND ‘Multi-percussion or Snare Drum’. They could demonstrate ONE of these at the local level, TWO at the provincial
level, and all THREE at the national level, but it is very confusing to say that one of the national level pieces should be multi-percussion
without mentioning that one should also be marimba and one should also be timpani.

MOTION #14: To accept the Notice of Motion regarding Percussion classes. Robin Norman/Sherry Sproule. Carried.

ACTION #5: To change percussion entry process from DVD to MP4 or YouTube submission.

There was discussion about allowing a clip of the 1st place percussion video be included in the Grand Award Competition.
  • They would be at a disadvantage against live performers but they wouldn’t be excluded.
  • Would involve additional expense of hiring a percussion specialist for the GAC.

No change will be made in the current rule on the issue.

   b. Musical Theatre Class

NOTICE OF MOTION: to amend class 9 musical theatre syllabus to clarify that the time periods refer to the whole musical — not
merely the excerpted selection - [Submitted by Robin Norman]

All selections are to be sung from a published score, in any published key [no transposition], of a staged musical and be gender/voice

Federation of Canadian Music Festivals
type appropriate. Competitors may use: costumes, one [1] hand prop per selection [a table, chair, and coat rack is provided]. Spoken
passages are allowed only if published in the script/score provided. The original copy can be the Broadway score, from an Anthology,
or purchased online. Proof of purchase must be shown for all online purchases. Please note: the time periods stated should represent
the period in which the musical was published, not the individual piece.

         After discussion, the Notice of Motion was WITHDRAWN.

NOTICE OF MOTION: to remove any reference to gender or age from the class 9 musical theatre syllabus. - [Submitted by Robin

All selections are to be sung from a published score, in any published key [no transposition] of a staged musical. Competitors may use:
costumes, one [1] hand prop per selection [a table, chair, and coat rack is provided]. Spoken passages are allowed only if published in
the script/score provided. The original copy can be the Broadway score, from an Anthology, or purchased online. Proof of purchase
must be shown for all online purchases.

MOTION #15: that the requirements be changed to read, “… in any published key [no transposition] of a staged musical and be gender
identification appropriate”. Students would need to be consistent in their gender identification through all their performances. Robin
Norman/Sue Belleperche. Carried.

It certainly has been an interesting year as the fundraiser! The downturn in the economy touched many businesses which in turn
touched our festivals. Alberta as the host for this year’s National Festival not only suffered the energy sectors job loss but also the
catastrophic Fort Mac Murray fire has definitely affected our donations.
For the first time in many years not all of our prizes had a sponsor and our donations to the Celebration were down. We were fortunate
to be able to take money from the Celebration money to cover the prizes.
The $45 Celebration Fund brought in roughly $4,820 dollars which was down from last year, approximately $2,500 of this was used to
cover the shortfall of sponsorship of the awards.
A total of $35,800 was donated to the prizes. Lloyd Carr Harris continued to sponsor $10,000 towards adjudicator’s fees. A total of $250
was donated to the general operating fund and $100 toward the trust fund.
In 2012 I mentioned I would retire in 2015 but as Alberta was hosting in 2015 and 2016 I decided to stay on as fundraiser. I gave
considerable thought to the position I have held since I started to fundraise which was in 2002. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time
with this organization and am proud of the fact that since 2002 I have brought in roughly $900,000 dollars and probably another
$100,000 in gift in kind donations. I know there are many people who are upset by the fact a corporate sponsor was not found but
I was not a professional fundraiser and just started doing this because I had a passion for the National Music Festival and the gifted
young musicians of this country! I focused on award money and other expenses such as costs for sponsored events such as receptions,
venues, bussing and whatever else we needed.
Although I still have the passion for the Festival Movement I feel it is time to pass on the torch and let someone else have the
opportunity to try their hand at it. I have not completely left the Festival Movement as I will still work for the Alberta Music Festival.
I have made wonderful friends over the years not only with executive and donors but I have made lasting friendships also with some
of the competitors. I would like to thank all the donors for their support during my term.
I would also like to thank FCMF for enriching my life by giving me this opportunity. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this journey
and wish all the best to the future of FCMF.
Dianne Johnstone



Heilwig Koenigsloew presented a summary of the committee’s discussions throughout the year.

   a. Governance Model Proposal – the following was submitted as a Notice of Motion of By-Law change, but the Committee preferred
   to present it as a proposed governance model. Additions to the proposal appear in red.

1. Proposed Governance Model
[Submitted by the DaCapo Committee with amendments noted in red for clarification] The ammended version appears below.

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