Educating the Whole Person - Calendar 2020-2021 - University of Alberta

Educating the Whole Person - Calendar 2020-2021 - University of Alberta
Educating the Whole Person

            St. Ste�hen's

  Calendar 2020-2021
Educating the Whole Person - Calendar 2020-2021 - University of Alberta
       Educating the Whole Person

       St. Stephen’s College is committed to Educating the Whole Person. Our
       faculty and students participate in learning that engages not just the
       mind, but also the body, the spirit, and the social/relational. In doing
       this, St. Stephen’s places a particular emphasis on the centrality of
       spirituality and healthy spiritual practice within every sector of our lives.
       We are a community of learners and spiritual seekers from across faith
       traditions and worldviews, welcoming each other to develop and to grow
       through the mutual giving of ourselves to each other and to our subject

       By Educating the Whole Person, St. Stephen’s centres itself upon certain
       key ideas: academic and spiritual inquiry, openness to one’s self and
       one’s neighbour, interpersonal and professional engagement, and the
       cultivation of imagination that is expansive and resilient. These are the
       foundational components of the College’s life and offerings, and they
       inform our educational and communal life together.

       Today, more than ever, St. Stephen’s is leaning into its commitment to
       inquiry, openness, engagement, and imagination. At the moment of
       writing this welcome message (late-May 2020), our world is in the
       throes of the COVID-19 public health crisis. While no part of our
       embodied, intellectual, and spiritual selves has escaped the impact of
       the coronavirus, our social/relational selves have been acutely altered.
       Physical-distancing measures are currently in place around the globe,
       and our personal and public gatherings are limited by provincial health
       directives. This has a direct impact at St. Stephen’s, where all courses
       are being delivered online until further notice, and our staff and faculty
       are working remotely until it is safe again to gather. Undoubtedly, the
       2020–2021 academic year will be unlike any other in the College’s 112-
       year history.

       To all our students, both new and returning, all of us at the College
       extend to you our warmest greetings, our highest hopes, and our full
       support through the many twists, turns, and challenges this year will
       bring. As you pursue your professional and academic goals, the entire
       faculty, staff, program committees, senate, and board of the College are
       here to support you, to encourage you, and to ensure healthy structures
       are in place to help you succeed.

       Now more than ever, the world is in need of the kind of educational
       experiences that St. Stephen’s College provides. As a theological
       college, St. Stephen’s seeks to shape ministry and therapeutic
       practitioners by fostering personal transformation in the midst of
       academic excellence and professional training. Our graduates have gone
       out from St. Stephen’s and they have made tangible contributions to
       fields as diverse as mental health, spiritual care in the public health
       system, ministry and religious leadership, education, advocacy, and
       public life more broadly.

       The tenuousness of our world requires leaders and practitioners who are
       well grounded in themselves and their faith tradition/worldview. Our
       world requires leaders and practitioners whose bodies, minds, spirits,
       and relational selves are fully engaged with the physical, intellectual,
       spiritual, and social complexities of our time. Now more than ever, St.
       Stephen’s commitment to Educating the Whole Person is contributing to
       the transformation and healing of our society and our world.

       Frederick S Tappenden, PhD
       Principal and Dean

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DEGREE-GRANTING AUTHORITY                                              MINISTRY
St. Stephen’s College is a graduate school founded by                  St. Stephen's students articulate their vision and
The United Church of Canada and an Affiliated College                  practice of ministry using the languages, symbols, and
of the University of Alberta in Edmonton. An Act to                    images of the traditions and worldviews with which they
Incorporate St. Stephen’s College (April 27, 1927;                     identify. In accordance with this diversity of tradition,
amended 1968) authorizes St. Stephen’s College to                      St. Stephen’s College has adopted the following
confer degrees in theology. The College also teaches                   definition of Ministry:
undergraduate and graduate University of Alberta credit
courses, through the Faculty of Arts. St. Stephen's is an              St. Stephen’s College understands ministry from a
Associate Member of the Association of Theological                     broad and inclusive perspective as a lifelong spiritual
Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS), and is                  exploration in which practitioners are self-reflectively
actively working toward full membership and                            aware of the nurturing quality of their activities in the
accreditation with ATS. As a divinity school, St.                      service of the human community and Earth. SSC
Stephen’s College is categorized as a private post-                    community consists of practitioners from such fields as
secondary institution. The Government of Alberta                       education, faith/religious community assignments,
Ministry of Advanced Education (Campus Alberta Quality                 chaplaincy, mediation, management, media services,
Council) does not review or approve degrees in divinity.               the arts, health care, counselling, multicultural
                                                                       relationships, and care of our planet.
The governance of St. Stephen’s College is carried out                 VISION STATEMENT
under the ‘St. Stephen’s College Act’ of the Province of               St. Stephen’s College holds a creative vision of
Alberta by The Board of Governors of St. Stephen’s                     transformative theological and professional education.
College. The Board of Governors delegates to Academic                  It is a community of people seeking to explore the
Senate responsibility for academic matters pertaining to               spiritual complexities of human life and to meaningfully
the programs of the College including the granting of                  integrate this learning in society and the world.
degrees, both earned and honorary. The Academic
Senate is accountable to the Board of Governors for the                PURPOSE STATEMENT
maintenance of the quality of instruction and the                      Consistent with the vision statement, St. Stephen’s
assessment thereof.                                                    College is an academic institution specializing in the
                                                                       exploration and understanding of the spiritual
MULTI-FAITH                                                            complexities of human life. To this end, we offer for-
       St. Stephen’s College–a Multi-faith Learning                    credit academic and professional degrees, diplomas,
                        Community                                      and certificate programs, and not-for-credit educational
  I live my life in widening circles. Rainer Maria Rilke               opportunities for the wider community.

St. Stephen’s College understands that people of all
spiritual traditions and explorations are respected and
treated with dignity, and encourages the members of its
community to experience the sacred by engaging in
enriching dialogue from diverse perspectives.

ii                 St. Stephen’s College         Phone 780-439-7311/1-800-661-4956

To be a multi-faith community that offers sacred spaces
for learning and transformation.

We are deeply committed to the values rooted in our
experience and those that shape our response to
changing rural, urban and global perspectives. These
values help define our life together and are
characterized by:
•   High standards and commitment to scholarship and
    academic excellence, with academic freedom to
    explore theology and spirituality;
•   Academic programs and policies that are grounded
    in adult learning principles and are learner-
•   Accessibility to theological education through a
    multi-faceted program that creates communities of
•   Integration of theory and practice;

We seek to achieve these values through:
•  Inclusivity and justice in language and practice for
   all persons, regardless of race, creed, gender,
   sexual orientation and gender identities or
•  Commitment to social justice and ecological
•  Honoring and understanding the need to be in care
   of one another;
•  Resiliency and creativity in the presence of a
   constantly changing social climate;
•  Consultative ethos, including academic planning and
   decision-making processes characterized by open
   communication, widespread consultation, and
•  Mutual respect for and honouring of diverse
   cultures, locally and abroad;
•  Openness to risk-taking, innovation and flexibility in
   offering of programs, in our relationship to the
   communities around us, and in supporting faith
   communities as they undertake theological
•  Shaping of our theology by the contexts in which we
   live and work and have our being, and solidarity
   with those who suffer;
•  Financial stability and accountability.

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ST. STEPHEN’S COLLEGE                                                FINANCIAL POLICIES
 ACADEMIC CALENDAR                                                    Course and Program Fees                            26
                                                                      Fees for Special Services                          27
                                                                      Fines and Penalties                                27
 TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                    Financial Assistance                               27
                                                                      Course Withdrawal: Tuition                         27
Greetings from the Dean                                   i           Program Withdrawal: Tuition                        28
ABOUT ST. STEPHEN’S COLLEGE                                           Research Withdrawal: Tuition                       28
Degree-Granting Authority, Governance,            ii-iii              Tuition/Education Tax Credit (T2202)               28
Multi-Faith Statement, Ministry Statement,                            Full time status at St. Stephen’s College          28
Vision Statement, Purpose Statement,
Mission and Values                                                    RESOURCES AND SERVICES
                                                                      Online Database Service                            29
FACULTY                                                               Resource Centre/Library                            29
Faculty                                           1-2                 Computer Technology                                29
Faculty/Associate Teaching Faculty 2020-21        3-8                 Online Resources                                   30
                                                                      Health Care Resources                              30
ACADEMIC POLICIES                                                     Access to St. Stephen’s Theses                     30
                                                                      Accessibility-Classroom/Practicum Supports         30
Application to a Program                           9
                                                                      Student Cards                                      30
Admission                                          9
Criminal Records Check                            10
Reapplication to a Program                        10                  SUPPORTING ST. STEPHEN’S
Application for Baccalaureate Equivalency                             Donors                                             31
  or Special Admission                            10
English Language Proficiency                      10                  DISCLAIMER                                         31
Academic Writing Course Exemption                 11
Transfer Credit                                   11                  PROGRAMS
Transferring between Programs                     12
                                                                      Community Learning/Continuing Education     32
Laddering Graduate Certificates and Diplomas
                                                                      Open Studies                                32
  into a Master’s Degree                          12
                                                                      Department of Psychotherapy and Spirituality
Advanced Standing                                 13
                                                                      Graduate Certificates in:
Leave of Absence                                  13
                                                                      •   Spiritually-Informed Creative Arts      34
Academic Standing                                 14
                                                                      •   Spiritually-Informed Psychotherapy      35
Evaluation Standards and Grading System           15
                                                                      Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality    36
Code of Student Behaviour                         16
                                                                        MPS Art Therapy Specialization            38
Petitions and Academic Appeals                    17
                                                                      Post-Master’s Art Therapy Diploma           39
Research Ethics Policy                            18
                                                                      Department of Theology
Program Completion Time Limits                    19
                                                                      BA Minor in Christian Theology              41
Program Extensions                                19
                                                                      BTS in Diaconal Ministry                    42
Masters/Undergraduate Graduation Deadlines        19
                                                                      MTS in Diaconal Ministry                    43
Doctor of Ministry Graduation Deadlines           20
                                                                      Graduate Certificates in:
Thesis and Dissertation Binding                   20
                                                                      •   Spiritual Care                          44
Student Record Archiving                          20
                                                                      •   Spiritual Direction                     45
Convocation                                       20
                                                                      •   Theological Studies                     46
                                                                      Master of Theological Studies               48
REGISTRATION POLICIES                                                 Master of Theology                          50
Course Registration                               21                  Doctor of Ministry                          50
Auditing a Course                                 21                    DMin Supervisory Education Specialization 50
Course Numbering/Credits                          21
Class Attendance                                  21                  COURSES
Re-Examinations and Rewriting Assignments         21
                                                                      Course Formats: Week-long Intensive,           53
Repeating a Course                                22
                                                                      Semester, Online, Independent Study
Course Completion                                 22
                                                                      Course Titles by Subject Category              54-55
Course Extensions                                 22
                                                                             Applied Practice, Arts and Theology,
Course Withdrawal: Academic                       23
                                                                             Ethics, Methodology, Religious
Course Withdrawal with Cause                      23
                                                                             Diversity, Sacred History, Sacred Text,
Obtaining Final Grade                             23
                                                                             Spirituality, Theology
Transcripts                                       23
                                                                      Course Descriptions (alphabetical)             56-66
                                                                      2020-21 Course Schedule online at
HUMAN RIGHTS                                                
Affirming Statement of Faith                      24
Ethical Conduct Policy                            24
Student Records/Protection                        25

iv         St. Stephen’s College 2020-2021 Calendar         Ph 780-439-7311/1-800-661-4956
Fred Tappenden
                                                    Principal and Dean
                                                    Professor of Theology
                                                    BA, Taylor University College and Seminary
                                                    MA in Biblical Studies, Trinity Western University
                                                    PhD in Religions and Theology, The University of

ST. STEPHEN’S                                       Henriette Kelker

COLLEGE                                             Chair, Department of Theology
                                                    Professor of Practical Theology

                                                    MSc, Agriculture University, Wageningen
                                                    MDiv, St Andrew’s College
                                                    PhD, University of Alberta

                                                    Augustine Parattukudi
                                                    Co-Chair, Department of Psychotherapy and
                                                    Faculty Lecturer of Integrative Counselling
                                                    BA Philosophy, Andhra University, India
                                                    ThM Pastoral Counselling, University of Toronto
                                                    PhD (Cand), Lakehead University, Ontario

                                                    Olga Perju
                                                    Co-Chair    (Art    Therapy),   Department     of
                                                    Psychotherapy and Spirituality
                                                    Faculty Lecturer of Art Therapy
                                                    BA Honours, University of Guelph
                                                    MA Creative Arts Therapies, Concordia University

                                                    Micheala Slipp
                                                    Clinical Director, Department of Psychotherapy
                                                    and Spirituality
                                                    Faculty    Lecturer   in    Applied  Counselling
                                                    BFA, Concordia University
                                                    BA Psych, University of Ottawa
                                                    MA Creative Arts Therapies, Concordia University
                                                    EdD (Cand), Athabasca University

  St. Stephen’s College 2020-2021 Calendar         Phone 780.439.7311/1.800.661.4956   1
Darlene Pranke
                                                     Alberta Consortium for Supervised Pastoral
                                                     Education (AC-SPE) Program Coordinator
                                                     BAR, North American Baptist College
                                                     MTS, St. Stephen’s College
                                                     DMin, St. Andrew’s College

                                                     John Carr
                                                     Professor Emeritus
                                                     ThM, Princeton Theological Seminary
                                                     PhD, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
                                                     and Northwestern University
                                                     DD (HC), Knox College

                                                     Mona-Lee Feehan
                                                     Professor Emerita
                                                     BEd, University of Alberta
                                                     MEd, University of Alberta
                                                     MTh, St. Stephen’s College
                                                     DMin, St. Stephen’s College

2   St. Stephen’s College 2020-2021 Calendar         Phone 780.439.7311/1.800.661.4956

Allan, Blaine                                                         Butler, Marie
Blaine J Allan, BA, MDiv, is a Certified Spiritual Care               Marie Butler is a Creative Arts Psychotherapist who
Practitioner at Grey Nuns Hospital, Edmonton. He is also              operates her own private practice, The She Shed Studio,
a CASC/ACSS Provisional Spiritual Care Supervisor-                    in Edmonton, Alberta. Her business motto, ‘where soil
Educator. Blaine studied Philosophy at the University of              meets with soul' speaks to Marie’s passion in life and
Alberta, Theology at Newman Theological College in                    work. Nature’s ever-present offerings connect her to
Edmonton, and Interfaith ministry at All Faiths Seminary              both the physical and mystical aspects of Creation,
in New York. Having a special interest in grief and loss,             where she finds her most authentic expression. Her
Blaine also completed multiple grief and loss programs                passion to co-create with the land, especially the willow
from The Centre of Loss and Life Transition in Fort                   tree, takes her outside of the studio. For years, she
Collins, Colorado. A lifelong learner, he is currently                visited schools as the character of ‘Grandma Willow’
pursuing doctoral studies at St. Stephen’s College.                   offering story-telling and creative projects with the
                                                                      willow tree. She also performed at The International
Bell, Brigidda                                                        Children's Festival in St. Albert. Recently she began
Brigidda Bell, MA, PhD Cand., University of Toronto, is               working for the Northern Counseling and Therapy
an historian of religion and a biblical scholar whose                 Services. She is a grateful alumni of St. Stephen's where
research focuses on early Christian prophets and                      she completed her MPS-Art Therapy specialization. She
Graeco-Roman divination under the Roman Empire. Her                   began her professional career as an Art Therapist at the
current project looks beyond speech to ask what makes                 Cross Cancer Institute where she supported children
prophets and diviners, people who claim to                            and their families who were faced with a cancer
communicate with gods, compelling and persuasive to                   diagnosis as well as facilitating the Arts in Medicine
their audiences. Taking seriously the ways that bodies                Program.
communicate information, her research brings the
embodied nature of human experience into a long                       Carr, John C.
history of biblical textual interpretation. As an award-              John C. Carr's PhD (1980 - Pastoral Psychology &
winning teacher, Brigidda has taught and developed a                  Counseling) is from Garrett-Evangelical Theological
range of religion courses at the University of Toronto                Seminary and Northwestern University, Evanston, ILL.
and the University of Calgary. She has been involved in               He earned a BD (1962 - Old Testament concentration)
setting up various mentorship and pedagogy initiatives,               from Knox College, Toronto and a ThM (1971 - Pastoral
and this extends into her classrooms, where students                  Theology) from Princeton Theological Seminary in
learn how to learn.                                                   Princeton, NJ. In 2017, Knox College honoured him with
                                                                      a Doctor of Divinity degree, honoris causa. John is a
Bogert O’Brien, Daniel                                                former AAPC Diplomate; former CASC/ACSS Teaching
Daniel Bogert O’Brien, MDiv, PhD, has taught, created                 Supervisor in CPE and PCE; retired member of AAMFT
courses and done Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research                  (former Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor) and
with people across faith, culture, and gender divides. As             was a Registered Psychologist until he retired that
a cleric, teacher and artist he has worked in isolated                credential in 2019. He is retired after five decades of
First Nation Villages as well as large research                       professional practice as a parish minister, pastoral
universities. He has been influenced in his thinking by               psychotherapist, and clinical pastoral educator. John
the wisdom of scholars such as John Cobb, Catherine                   was a member of St. Stephen's DMin Program
Keller and Ivan Illich, Elders from two West Coast                    Committee (1975-2018) and MPS/ Psychotherapy &
Peoples, and the insights and penetrating questions of                Spirituality Department Program Committee (1999 to
the people he worked with. His research and thinking                  2018). He guided DMin and Master's dissertations and
has been an attempt to understand the often hidden                    theses. He taught therapy theory and practice courses
constructs that shape our worldviews and their                        in the Master's program and assisted, in various ways,
meanings for the church, human community, eco-                        with courses for DMin students. John has a longstanding
systems and cultures we live in.                                      interest, and has published extensively, in research
                                                                      methodology, professional formation, and cross-cultural
Breckenridge, Gillian                                                 and pastoral theory/theology and practice. He spent 15
Gillian Breckenridge has a MA from the University of                  months as Visiting Fellow, Pastoral Counselling &
Edinburgh, an STM from Union Theological Seminary,                    Education at the Campbell Centre in Christchurch,
and a PhD from the University of Virginia. Her work                   Aotearoa New Zealand and has taught therapy theory
engages the theology of Karl Barth, contemporary                      and research methodology at the Mar Thoma Seminary
Christian conceptions of sin, and critical social theory.             in Kottayam, Kerala, S. India. John was installed as
Gillian has particular interest in the impact of sin on the           Professor Emeritus at St. Stephen's College's Fall 2018
practice of theology; the study of feminist thought in an             Convocation.
interfaith context; and in critical theological hospitality.
Gillian is active in the Anglican Church and works in the
graduate school at the University of Lethbridge.

        St. Stephen’s College 2020-2021 Calendar         Phone 780.439.7311/1.800.661.4956   3

Carverhill, Phil                                                       Dykshoorn, Kristy
Philip Carverhill, PhD, is a Registered Doctoral                       Kristy L. Dykshoorn is a Registered Provisional
Psychologist and former music therapist in independent                 Psychologist and a fifth-year doctoral student in the
practice in Saskatoon. He is an invited member of the                  Counselling Psychology program at the University of
International Workgroup on Death, Dying and                            Alberta. Previously, she earned her Masters of Arts in
Bereavement and facilitates a number of grief support                  Counselling Psychology at Trinity Western University.
groups. Phil has taught at St. Stephen's College for over              She has over eight years of experience providing
10 years and also teaches in the College of Medicine at                individual, couples, family, and group counselling to
the University of Saskatchewan. His counselling and                    children, adolescents, and adults. Kristy has begun her
assessment practice also focuses on artists, musicians                 training in Existential Analysis psychotherapy and
and the religious.                                                     specializes in working with trauma, mood disorders,
                                                                       anxiety, and interpersonal relationships.
Clark, Margaret
Margaret B Clark, DMin, is an Instructor in Practical                  Feehan, Mona-Lee (Professor Emerita)
Theology at St. Stephen’s College. She is a CASC/ACSS                  Mona-Lee Feehan, BEd, MEd, MTh, DMin, is a graduate
certified Spiritual Care Practitioner and Spiritual Care               of St. Stephen’s College Doctor of Ministry program. She
Supervisor-Educator. Margaret studied Theology at both                 was made Professor Emerita at the 89th Convocation of
Newman Theological College (MDiv eq) and St.                           St. Stephen’s College in 2013. In addition to her work
Stephen’s College (DMin) in Edmonton, and has trained                  with SSC, she also teaches at St. Joseph’s College at the
in spiritual direction through studies at Creighton                    University of Alberta. Mona-Lee has worked in Christian
University (MChSp) in Omaha, Nebraska. Margaret                        marriage and relationship ministries for over 25 years
enjoys opportunities to serve others through teaching,                 and has authored several international programs
CPE mentoring, spiritual care, and spiritual direction.                preparing young couples for marriage. She has a
                                                                       passion for women's stories and is working towards a
Clarkson, Peggy                                                        more inclusive understanding for all women in all
Peggy Clarkson holds an MA in Art Therapy, a BA in                     denominations.
Psychology, and is a registered clinical counsellor,
clinical supervisor, trauma informed therapist and                     Fekete, David
registered art therapist. Peggy has 20 years of direct                 David J. Fekete, MTS, PhD, is a member of the St.
experience spanning all aspects of care, including both                Stephen’s College Academic Senate and Doctor of
acute and community health contexts. She is currently                  Ministry Program Committee, and is interested in
an art therapy professor at Adler University, St.                      systems of meaning that are expressed in literature and
Stephens College, and the Vancouver Art Therapy                        poetry. His research specialization is in literary and
Institute, and a consultant, specializing in resilience and            theological articulations of love and spirituality.
vicarious trauma. Peggy worked in an Indigenous health
leadership capacity for over a decade, and utilized a                  Gardner, Leslie
variety of trauma-informed clinical care support and art               Leslie Gardner, PhD, is on the Doctor of Ministry
therapy paradigms in both urban and rural contexts. In                 Program Committee at St. Stephen’s College, and
her capacity as clinical supervisor, Peggy has specialized             teaches the course ‘Inquiry, Research and Evaluation’.
in training and supporting staff, teams and survivors of               She has over 20 years’ experience in program
relational violence, sexual abuse, and critical incidents—             evaluation, assisting public sector and voluntary
including those in recovery from addictions and post-                  organizations in process and outcome evaluation.
traumatic stress disorder. Peggy studied art and art
history and works out of her art studio in North                       Goa, David J.
Vancouver, BC, where she strives to ensure balance                     David Goa is a founding Director of the Chester Ronning
through an active painting practice.                                   Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life. He
                                                                       studied history, philosophy and the history of religions
Comeau, Thea                                                           in Chicago. He counts the eminent philosophical
Thea L. Comeau MEd, PhD (Cand) is a provisional                        theologian Paul Tillich, the scholar of religion Mircea
psychologist who works in private practice and the not-                Eliade, the historian Zenos Hawkinson, the political
for-profit sector in Edmonton. She is currently                        philosopher Hannah Arendt, and Jaroslav Pelikan,
completing her PhD in Counselling Psychology at McGill                 Sterling Professor of History, Yale University, among the
University in Montreal. She has taught a variety of                    scholars who have most influenced his work. David has
courses and invited lectures across Canada and the                     been involved in various research and documentation
United States. Thea's research focuses on growth and                   and communications projects in Canada and abroad. He
positive changes in values following victimization                     built the program for the study of culture through his
through violence. In her clinical work, Thea provides                  field research work over 30 years at the Royal Alberta
support for couples and individual survivors of trauma.                Museum. He lectures widely and is the author of
                                                                       numerous books and scholarly articles and is a regular
                                                                       contributor to the media. His work focuses on religious

4         St. Stephen’s College 2020-2021 Calendar         Phone 780.439.7311/1.800.661.4956

tradition and modern culture, culture and civil life, and             Canada. She remains deeply curious about               the
public institutions in service to cultural communities and            engagement of spirit in science and culture.
modern civil society.
                                                                      Killoran, Sheila
Guenther Trautwein, Sherri                                            Sheila Killoran, BMT, MTA, MA, has a Masters in Creative
Sherri Guenther Trautwein, BTh, MTS, ThD Cand,                        Arts Therapies from Concordia University, Montreal. An
currently serves as a pastor in the Anabaptist tradition.             Accredited Music Therapist, she specializes in palliative
Her academic studies have focused on social memory                    care, bereavement, and the use of guided imagery and
theory and the challenges of reading the stories of                   music at end-of-life. Sheila is a Fellow with the
women in ancient texts. Sherri has taught in both                     Association of Music and Imagery.
academic and congregational contexts, with experience
in Introductory Greek and a wide range of New                         Krumins, Norbert
Testament literature. She has published in the areas of               Norbert Krumins, DMin, is the former Chair of the
feminist biblical criticism and recovering the obscured               Department of Theological Studies at St. Stephen’s
voices of women scholars of the 19th century.                         College. His background includes prison chaplaincy,
                                                                      social service project management, and journalism.
Hildebrandt, Darlynne                                                 Norbert is passionate about the arts and is interested in
Darlynne Hildebrandt, RSW, MSW, RCAT, FOT, is a                       the relationship between creativity and spirituality. His
Registered Art Therapist and social worker practicing in              arts-based doctoral dissertation was in the field of
Edmonton, AB and Vancouver, BC. She has worked                        contemplative education.
throughout Western Canada in a variety of therapeutic
positions. She has also held many volunteer roles with                McAlister, Jenny
the Canadian Art Therapy Association, the St. Stephen's               Jenny McAlister is a registered psychologist in Alberta.
Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality program                      She provides therapy to individuals, couples and
Committee and other professional and community                        families in her private practice in Edmonton, AB. Jenny
organizations. Her particular interest and focus is                   also enjoys the opportunity to provide clinical
supporting and training emerging art therapists. She                  supervision to Registered provisional psychologists as
has been an adjunct instructor with the St. Stephen's                 they complete the requirements of registration in
College Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality, Art                 Alberta. She is an active member of the mental health
Therapy stream since 2010.                                            community and sits as a public member on the
                                                                      province’s Mental Health Review Panel and is a past
Imgrund, Nicole                                                       member of the Oral Ethics Committee of the College of
Nicole Imgrund, MPS, MDiv, teaches and supervises                     Alberta Psychologists.
practicum students in the MPS Program. She is the
Founding Director of River's Edge Counselling Centre in               Nathoo, Jasmine
St. Albert. In her psychotherapy practice, she works                  Jasmine Nathoo, MSc, is a fourth year doctoral student
primarily from a psychodynamic perspective with adults                in the Counselling Psychology program at the University
and couples. As an ordained minister with the United                  of Alberta. Her research focuses on integration
Church of Canada, Nicole has worked as a hospital                     experiences of newcomer youth in Canada, and includes
chaplain and congregational minister. As past-president               the use of arts-based participatory research methods.
and longstanding board member of the Canadian                         In her clinical work, Jasmine provides counselling to
Counselling and Psychotherapy Association's AB/NWT                    individuals, couples, families, and groups for a range of
Chapter, she has devoted her efforts to promoting the                 concerns,     including   depression,    anxiety,    and
counselling profession in Alberta and supporting                      interpersonal conflict.
colleagues in practice. She is also an active member of
the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care.                          Olabimtan, Kehinde
                                                                      Kehinde Olabimtan, PhD, holds a Master of
Kelker, Henriette                                                     Environmental Design degree in Architecture from the
Henriette Kelker, MSc, MDiv, PhD, grew up in the                      University of Lagos and a Doctor of Philosophy in
Netherlands, where she attended the Agriculture                       theology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South
University in Wageningen. After immigrating to Canada,                Africa. He spent one-year postdoctoral studies
she completed her PhD in the Faculty of Science at The                contributing to the online Dictionary of African Christian
University of Alberta, followed by several years as a                 Biography (DACB) at the Overseas Ministries Study
fulltime home maker and community volunteer before                    Centre, New Haven, Connecticut, a project he
re-entering the academic world. The path that followed                coordinated in Ghana from 2002 to 2004. He taught at
led through several years in the Museum and Heritage                  Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and
world exploring religious and immigrant history, and                  Culture in Ghana and at Bowen University in Nigeria.
further studies in theology at St. Andrew’s College in                Kehinde’s teaching and research works have essentially
Saskatoon. As an ordained minister, she has served                    been on the interactions between Christianity, Islam
rural and urban congregations of The United Church of                 and African religion in the 19th century. His doctoral

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thesis Samuel Johnson of Yorubaland: Identity, Change                  bike, or weaving creative networks with other arts
and the Making of the Mission Agent was published by                   practitioners.
Peter Lang (Oxford) in 2013 in the Africa in
Development Series. He is currently enrolled in the DMin               Pranke, Darlene
program at St. Stephen’s College, exploring theology                   Darlene Pranke, DMin, is a CASC/ACSS Spiritual Care
and the environment.                                                   Practitioner and a Certified Spiritual Care Supervisor-
                                                                       Educator. Darlene studied Theology at both North
Olfert, Ryan                                                           American Baptist College (BAR) and St. Stephen’s
Ryan Olfert is a PhD Cand in the Study of Religion at the              College (MTS and DMin) in Edmonton. Her specialization
University of Toronto. His scholarly research primarily                in the DMin studies was on Suicide Grief. Darlene
focuses on materiality and ritual in the ancient                       currently works in the Healthcare sector (for 16 years)
Mediterranean, including Christianity and Judaism. He is               in both capacities, as a Spiritual Care Practitioner and in
also interested in the intersections of ancient traditions             Supervisory Education. She also has experience in the
and modern culture, political theology, and religion in                technical sector of health care as an X-ray Technologist.
the public sphere. He teaches courses in the study of
religion, the history of Christianity, and religion and pop            Pritchard, Zinia
culture among others.                                                  Zinia Pritchard, DMin, is a Contemplative Practical
                                                                       Theologian and leads the profession of Spiritual Care at
Parattukudi, Augustine                                                 Alberta Health Services as Practice Director, Provincial
Augustine Parattukudi holds a BA in Philosophy,                        Spiritual Care. She is committed to building capacity for
Master’s level Theological studies from India, and a                   spiritual health care across health professions. Zinia is a
Masters in Pastoral Counselling (ThM) from the                         CASC certified spiritual care practitioner, a seasoned
University of Toronto. He is currently pursuing a PhD in               palliative practitioner, and a medical educator with a
Education from Lakehead University in Ontario. His                     prior appointment as a Research Associate within
research focuses on the possibilities of teaching and                  Medicine. Her specialty area is the spiritual suffering of
learning compassion and understanding the problem of                   Dark Night within the palliative and end of life
compassion fatigue in caring professions. He has                       population.
extensive training in psychotherapy and spirituality with
a strong foundation in philosophy, psychology,                         Radil, Amanda
education, and ethics. He is a registered member of the                Amanda Radil holds an MEd and PhD in School and
College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario                      Clinical Child Psychology from the University of Alberta.
(CRPO), a registered member with the B.C. Association                  Her research focus is on motivation and emotion in
of Clinical Counselors (BCACC), a Certified Psycho-                    educational environments while her clinical focus is on
Spiritual Therapist with the Canadian Association of                   using a strengths-based perspective to work with youth.
Spiritual Care (CASC) and an associate member of                       Additional areas of interest include evaluation, mixed
Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy                    methodology, neurodevelopmental disorders, and
(CAMFT). Augustine spent several years of his life in                  positive psychology. Amanda brings over seven years of
contemplative and religious experiences, both in                       experience in a variety of research and applied settings
Eastern and Western traditions. He is often fascinated                 to her work at St. Stephen’s College.
at the intersection of spirituality, psychology and
altruistic emotions in his clinical practice and academic              Radler, Karola
pursuit.                                                               Karola Radler holds a PhD in Systematic Theology from
                                                                       Stellenbosch University, South Africa where she is
Perju, Olga                                                            currently also a Research Associate in Systematic
Olga Perju is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist,                     Theology and Ecclesiology. She is a graduate of St.
Registered Psychotherapist (Ontario) and Canadian                      Stephen’s College’s MTS (Honours) Program and holds
Certified Counsellor - Supervisor. She is Co-Chair (Art                a Certificate in Adult Education from Mount Royal
Therapy), in the Department of Psychotherapy and                       University in Calgary. With further law degrees from
Spirituality, and Faculty Lecturer of Art Therapy at St.               Goethe University in Frankfurt and the Ministry of
Stephen’s College. Olga knows firsthand that art making                Justice in Germany Karola’s academic interests focus
can have meaningful, positive impacts on individuals                   overall on the interfaces between the theological and
and communities. Since moving to Edmonton, she has                     jurisprudential paradigms of thought and specifically on
been getting curious about what that looks like in                     ethical decision-making with a view to interdisciplinary
Alberta and how to best support students, clients and                  and intercultural cross-overs. Her international and
other clinicians. Recently launching into private practice             diverse academic background has provided for work
at Sparrow Creative Counselling Centre, her work with                  experiences in the legal field and in theology as well as
children, youth and communities is continuing to                       for opportunities for presenting conference papers in
develop and blossom. When she isn't making art or                      Sweden, South Africa, Canada and the United States.
teaching, you can find Olga playing outside, riding her                Karola enjoys exploring and sharing with others the

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richness that continuous learning adds to life and                    St. Arnaud, Kevin
assisting Adult Learners in their efforts.                            Kevin St. Arnaud, MEd, is a registered provisional
                                                                      psychologist and doctoral candidate in Counselling
Scott-Alexander, Markus                                               Psychology at the University of Alberta. His clinical and
Markus Scott-Alexander, PhD, REAT has been a                          research interests centre on transpersonal psychology
psychotherapist for 30 years, beginning in New York and               and positive adult development. He has taught
currently practicing and teaching in Edmonton, where                  undergraduate and graduate level courses on
he is the director of World Arts Organization                         psychology and psychotherapy at the University of
(, training students in Expressive Arts              Alberta since 2015.
Therapy. This program is in cooperation with the
European Graduate School, Saas Fee, Switzerland,                      St. Arnault, David
where he is senior faculty. His arts-based, cross-cultural            David St. Arnault, PhD, teaches Systems Psychotherapy
approach to the teaching of psychotherapy has recently                Skills, in the MPS Program. He holds a PhD in
taken him to Norway, Peru, Hong Kong, China, Ireland                  Counselling Psychology from the University of Alberta,
and Malta.                                                            an MEd in Counselling Psychology from the University of
                                                                      Western Ontario, BEd (secondary) and BA degrees from
Slipp, Micheala                                                       the University of Alberta, and works as a Registered
Micheala Slipp holds a BA in Psychology, a BFA in Fine                Psychologist in private practice. Dr. St. Arnault
Arts, a Master’s Degree in Creative Arts Therapies and                maintains a diverse clinical practice, providing
is an EdD (candidate). She is a registered Counsellor                 psychotherapy and formal assessment to various
and Clinical Supervisor with the Canada Counselling &                 populations with a specialized focus on the healing and
Psychotherapy Association and also holds registration as              growing with trauma and working systemically: with
an Art Therapist with the American Art Therapy                        couples, families and groups. He has also been a
Credentials Board. Micheala is a candidate for the Doctor             teaching assistant and sessional instructor for several
of Education in Distance Education at Athabasca                       undergraduate and graduate courses at the University
University with mixed methods dissertation focus in the               of Alberta. Dr. St. Arnault enjoys sharing his passion for
role of video-conferencing clinical supervision for                   social justice and his appreciation of human
counsellors working in northern, rural and remote                     development and resilience through his teaching.
communities to mitigate compassion fatigue risk.
Micheala’s clinical specializations include wellness and              Tappenden, Frederick
healing across cultures, technology in counselling and                Frederick S. Tappenden is Principal and Dean, and
clinical education, complex trauma and the integration                Professor of Theology, at St. Stephen’s College. His
of Somatic Experiencing Trauma therapy with creative                  scholarly work focuses on issues of embodiment,
arts therapy modalities. She brings a strong passion for              cognition, social memory, and metaphor in religion, with
the development of counsellor wellness through                        a particular emphasis on ancient Christianity and
effective clinical supervision practice. Micheala has                 ancient Judaism. Dr. Tappenden has published and
taught graduate-level course work in child and                        taught widely in the fields of Biblical and Religious
adolescent development for counsellors, diversity and                 Studies. His 2016 book, Resurrection in Paul: Cognition,
ethnicity in Art Therapy and ethics and law for school                Metaphor, and Transformation (SBL Press), was
counsellors. She is Clinical Director, Department of                  awarded a 2017 Lautenschläger Award from the
Psychotherapy and Spirituality at St. Stephen’s College.              University of Heidelberg. Prior to coming to St.
                                                                      Stephen’s he was a Faculty Lecturer at McGill University.
Sobon, Sonia                                                          He has also taught and/or researched at the University
Sonia Sobon, PhD, RPsych holds a Doctorate Degree in                  of British Columbia, The King’s University, and
Educational Psychology and a BSc in Human Ecology                     Concordia University of Edmonton.
(Textiles, Clothing, and Culture). In 2006, she
completed Certified Play Therapy Training. Sonia has                  Thiessen, Roger
taught at St. Stephen’s College since 2009 and at                     Roger Thiessen, MPS, MDiv, teaches the Introduction to
the University of Alberta since 2002. She is a Registered             Psychotherapy and Spirituality course for University of
Psychologist in private practice, and weaves together                 Alberta undergraduates. He is a co-director of
her careers as a Psychologist, Adult Educator,                        Community Counselling Centre, a trauma-informed and
Researcher, and Fibre Artist. She developed the                       spiritually-integrated practice in downtown Edmonton.
course Being Through Fibre © in 1997 to utilize the                   In his psychotherapy practice, he works primarily from
medium of fibre therapeutically to facilitate personal                client-centred and mindfulness-based perspectives with
exploration, healing, and growth. Sonia is a life-long                adults and couples. As a former pastor, Roger
learner, and enjoys sharing her experiences and                       appreciates the integration of psychotherapy and
expertise with other Adult Learners to assist them in                 spirituality. He loves exploring the rich histories of
their personal and professional development.                          contemplative      traditions,   including Christianity,
                                                                      Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism and First Nations

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Toll, Haley
Haley Toll, MA, CCC, RCAT, RP (inactive) is the Co-
Convener of the Arts & Health Research Exchange Group
for the NLCAHR and a PhD student in the Faculty of
Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland,
Canada. As a Registered Canadian Art Therapist,
Certified   Canadian     Counselor,    and    Registered
Psychotherapist in the Province of Ontario (currently
inactive) she has worked with children and adults
internationally and across Canada in primarily trauma-
care related to cancer diagnosis, sexual abuse, and
other psychological and emotional challenges. Haley has
also trained mental health practitioners in Botswana,
Thailand, and Mongolia in arts-informed and crisis
intervention practices. Her primary research focus
intermixes multicultural and international art therapy
and arts-based research. Haley Toll is also the President
and Board Chair of the Canadian Art Therapy
Association but is on leave due to becoming the Acting
Editor in Chief of the Canadian Art Therapy Association

Waring, Dawn
Dawn Waring has a PhD in Hebrew Bible and has taught
in both graduate and undergraduate settings for over 30
years. She has also led numerous travel study tours to
the Middle East, and lived in occupied Palestine for three
terms of three months each as an Ecumenical
Accompanier with the World Council of Churches. Dawn
is an active member of Southminster-Steinhauer United
Church where she co-chairs adult education,
participates in the music program, and is part of the
Earth Charter Team.

Wilfong-Pritchard, Geoffrey
Geoffrey Wilfong-Pritchard, DMin, teaches courses in
Christian Scriptures and Narrative Theology. He has a
special interest in the use of story in organizational
change, and is the minister of St. Andrew's United
Church in Edmonton.

Wong, Philiana
Philiana Wong is a graduate of the MA in Drama Therapy
program at Concordia University in Montreal. She is
also a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC) and is part
of the executive committee in the Creative Arts in
Counselling chapter of the Canadian Counselling and
Psychotherapy Association. As a program manager at
an agency, she assists individuals transitioning out of
homelessness to maintain housing. She also works with
cancer patients at the Cross-Cancer Institute, using
mask work to explore the impact of illness with the self.
She has experience doing performance storytelling with
seniors and GeriActors exploring creative aging through

8        St. Stephen’s College 2020-2021 Calendar         Phone 780.439.7311/1.800.661.4956

APPLICATION TO A PROGRAM                                               for which it is submitted. Incomplete applications are
Inquiries about programs from prospective students                     kept on file for one year; if applicant re-applies,
should be addressed to the Registrar's Office                          documentation and transcripts from the previous year
( Completed applications to                   will be accepted. Qualified applicants, if accepted, are
degree, diploma or certificate programs, together with                 offered admission to the program. Admission decisions
applicable fees in Canadian funds, should be submitted                 are valid for one year. Applicants who are admitted
to the Office of the Registrar for processing. Payment is              normally begin work in their program immediately;
acceptable by cheque, cash, Interac, Visa, Mastercard                  however, upon request, successful applicants may have
and Amex. Students must comply with deadlines for                      their admission deferred for one academic year.
application to programs. Incomplete applications to                    Students accepting the offer of admission are required
degree, diploma, or certificate programs, where the                    to pay a non-refundable deposit of $565 upon
process is not completed (documents not all received,                  admittance; this will be applied against the first program
or application fee not received) will be kept on file for              fee invoice payable July 31.
one year only.
                                                                       Students seeking admission to Graduate and Doctoral
Prospective program students must arrange to have                      Programs at St. Stephen’s College must have obtained
official transcripts of their education at other institutions          a baccalaureate degree or graduate degree or its
sent to the Registrar; they must arrive at the College by              academic equivalent from a recognized academic
the application deadline for the application to be                     institution. Degree programs can vary greatly from
considered complete. Fax, e-file or copies are not                     institution to institution. Consequently, the College is
acceptable. Applicants whose transcripts are in a                      obliged to examine in detail the content of courses
language other than English must submit certified                      completed elsewhere by students seeking to enroll in a
translations of all transcripts being submitted as part of             graduate program in order to establish equivalencies
the application.                                                       between these courses and those offered at St.
                                                                       Stephen’s College. This examination has as its goal the
International applicants should begin the application                  establishment of curricular equivalencies, and can
process for degree programs well in advance, as it                     entail, among other things, a comparative assessment
normally takes a few months to make arrangements to                    of syllabuses, consultation with departments, and
enter Canada. The application deadline for international               discussions with other institutions. St. Stephen’s College
applicants is November 1, with intake interviews (where                strives to optimize the opportunity for students to
applicable) and acceptance decisions completed                         succeed academically, while maintaining a high
by February 1. Admitted students are invited to the                    standard in its graduate programs.
Orientation Day the following year, normally in early
June. St. Stephen’s College will enroll only those                     Minimum academic requirements from Canada and the
international students who have study permits issued by                USA: The grade point average (GPA) obtained during
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for                           the last 60 credits of course weight of undergraduate or
Designated Learning Programs. St. Stephen’s College                    graduate study must be at least 72%, a B, or a 3 on
Designated      Learning    Institution    number     is               most 4-point grading systems, or an equivalent
O19391057115. International students are strongly                      standing from another recognized institution. When it is
encouraged to obtain appropriate health care coverage                  not possible to evaluate a grade point average or
and should refer to the International Students Guide on                equivalent, the evaluation will be based on the overall
the College website.                                                   coursework completed for the degree(s). Failing marks
                                                                       and re-examination marks are included in the GPA
Admissions policies are regulated by St. Stephen’s                     Minimum academic requirements from other countries:
College Academic Senate. Applicants may be admitted                    St. Stephen’s College follows, as a general guideline, the
provided they satisfy the requirements for admission                   minimum requirements as listed in the publication
and the application procedures of the program for which                “Online Guide to Educational Systems Around the
they are registering. The decision of the Program                      World”, published by the National Association for
Committee in an admissions matter is final. There is no                Foreign Student Affairs ( Transcripts
formal appeal from this Committee to any other body or                 and mark sheets may provide additional information on
person within St. Stephen’s College. Applicants who                    grading systems.
wish to improve their qualifications for admission in a
subsequent year may seek advice from the Department

The application form and fee for admission to a degree
or certificate program is valid only for the intake year

         St. Stephen’s College 2020-2021 Calendar         Phone 780.439.7311/1.800.661.4956   9

INFORMATION CHECK)                                                    EQUIVALENCY OR SPECIAL ADMISSION
Students will be required to satisfy a Criminal Records               Applications to Master’s degrees and graduate
Check and Vulnerable Sector Check at entrance into the                certificates from persons who do not possess a
MPS and Post-Master’s Art Therapy Diploma programs                    Baccalaureate Degree will be considered if the applicant
in order to meet practicum requirements; an original                  possesses satisfactory alternate educational and/or life
document must be submitted to the College upon                        experience.    In such cases, the Dean will require
acceptance to the program. Under the Protection for                   evidence of readiness to proceed; the Dean's decision
Persons in Care Act, subsequent Criminal Records                      whether or not to accept an application is final.
Checks may be required by any site providing clinical                 Applicants must submit all documentation listed under
practice. The clinical practice site will determine the               the admission requirements for the program they are
criteria for acceptance/denial of a placement. The                    applying for, together with additional assessments,
clinical instructors will notify students if a Criminal               transcripts, and certificates earned.
Records Check is required for their specific clinical                 Baccalaureate       Equivalency       status shall    be
placement, and students are then responsible for having               determined by an evaluation of the applicant’s formal
the check completed prior to commencement of clinical                 postsecondary education consisting of general and
practice, and presenting it to the clinical agency.                   specialized studies comparable to a three-year 90-credit
Criminal Records Checks are considered valid for 90                   baccalaureate degree. Baccalaureate equivalency status
days, so additional checks may need to be acquired                    may be granted for applicants to any of the Master’s or
throughout the program. Criminal Records Checks can                   Graduate Certificate programs.
be obtained through the Edmonton or Calgary Police                    Special Admission status may be granted to persons
Service, a community police station, or any RCMP                      with education and/or life experience that has prepared
detachment. Students must familiarize themselves with                 them for theological study at the graduate level. The
the requirements and process before going in for their                process and criteria for evaluating academic ability will
Criminal Records Check (fees, identification to bring,                be rigorous, and educationally appropriate for a
processing times, etc.). Depending on various factors,                Master’s-level program. The granting of Special
processing time for routine checks can be up to 12                    Admission status is restricted as follows:
weeks.                                                                 Program             Possibility of Special Admission
                                                                       MPS and MPS-        Special Admission status may be
REAPPLICATION TO A PROGRAM                                             AT                  granted.
Students, who have previously been in a degree,                        MTS                 Special Admission applications are
diploma or certificate program at St. Stephen’s College                                    not accepted.
may apply for re-admission. Such applicants will be                    GCSIP               Special Admission status may be
required to:                                                           GCSICA              granted. Special Admission
1.      Submit a new application for admission; paying                                     students may ladder to the MPS.
the application fee currently in effect. Application                   GCTS                Special Admission status may be
materials from the first application may be used in                    GCSC                granted; however, Special
subsequent application(s) if documents are less than                   GCSD                Admission students are unable to
one year old.                                                                              ladder to the MTS.
2.      Participate   in   a  readmission    interview;               Students who are applying for Baccalaureate
attendance at Orientation Day is encouraged.                          Equivalency or Special Admission must send complete
                                                                      applications and all documents to the College and pay
Students reapplying to programs who hold previously                   the equivalency fee ($225). If Baccalaureate
earned credits may be able to use them; courses should                Equivalency or Special Admission status is granted,
be no older than three years in the area of specialization            applicants will then be required to pay the normal
or five years outside the area of specialization.                     application fee.
Acceptance of individual courses will be at the discretion
of the Department Chair. Refer to program completion                  ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY
time limits policy. Upon readmission to the program the               English is the primary language of instruction and
student will receive a financial credit, in the amount of             communication and all applicants must be proficient in
program fees already paid, toward current total                       English prior to admission. Proficiency is demonstrated
program fees. If any program fees were outstanding at                 by:
the time of withdrawal from the degree program, those                 1.      Possession of a degree or its academic
fees must be paid in full before reapplying.                          equivalent from an institution recognized by St.
                                                                      Stephen’s College where the language of instruction is
                                                                      English. Proof that the instruction for the degree was in
                                                                      English will be required; or
                                                                      2.      Demonstration of sufficient English language
                                                                      coursework at the secondary school level from select

10         St. Stephen’s College 2020-2021 Calendar         Phone 780.439.7311/1.800.661.4956

countries (eg. Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany,                    depend on how applicable the previous course work is
Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden,                     to the particular program applied for, and in no case is
Switzerland); or                                                      a student permitted to transfer more than half of the
3.      A satisfactory score on one of the following                  total course or other credits required for their program
approved English language examinations:                               from another institution. Courses approved for transfer
a) Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT):                 must have a minimum grade of 66%, and must not have
minimum score 600 (paper-based), or a total score of                  been used as part of the basis for admission to the
88 with no less than 21 on each of the individual skill               program. Transferred courses must not have been taken
areas (internet-based) [SSC TOEFL Code: B640]                         as part of any previously awarded degree, with the
b) International English Language Testing System                      exception of co-requisite requirements. Courses used
(IELTS): minimum overall band score of 6.5, with at                   for transfer credit should be no older than three years
least 5 on each band                                                  in the area of specialization or five years outside the
c) Canadian Academic English Language Assessment                      area of specialization; however, acceptance of individual
(CAEL): overall minimum score of 70, with at least 60                 transfer credit will be at the discretion of the
on each subtest                                                       Department Chair. Students taking courses at other
d)      Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE                         post-secondary institutions for transfer credit may be
Academic): overall minimum score of 59                                eligible for classification as Visiting Students at these
e)      Michigan English Language Assessment Battery                  other institutions. Letters of Permission will be provided
(MELAB): minimum score of 85                                          by the Registrar's Office upon request. Transfer credits
If you need to complete one of these English language                 from other institutions are not normally accepted into
examinations, you should do so as soon as possible and                St. Stephen’s College Graduate Certificate programs.
arrange for the results to be sent to the Registrar’s
Office at St. Stephen’s College. Scores more than two                 Masters students may not transfer for credit any
years old cannot be verified; therefore the applicant                 undergraduate courses in their field of study and/or area
normally would be required to re-take the test.                       of specialization to satisfy the core program
                                                                      requirements; however, in some instances, a senior
ACADEMIC WRITING COURSE                                               undergraduate course (300-400 level) may be
EXEMPTION                                                             transferred in to satisfy one elective requirement, with
                                                                      the permission of the Department Chair. Doctoral
A non-credit graduate course – either ‘Academic Writing
                                                                      students may not transfer for credit any 500-level
SS071V’ or ‘Academic Skills: Writing, Research and
                                                                      courses in their area of specialization; however, in some
Presenting SS074V’ is a requirement for some degree
                                                                      instances, a 500-level course may be transferred in to
programs at St. Stephen’s College. In order to receive
                                                                      satisfy program requirements, with the permission of
an exemption for this course, a scholarly paper of at
                                                                      the Department Chair.
least 20 pages is required for review. The paper should
clearly convey the student’s ability to both critically
                                                                      Applicants to programs should submit the transfer credit
review and synthesize literature in a specific area, and
                                                                      request after formal application to the degree, diploma
to develop the student's own thinking in that area. The
                                                                      or certificate program has been made, and arrange for
paper should also demonstrate a clear grasp of the
                                                                      official transcripts to be sent directly to the College.
formatting and referencing style appropriate to their
                                                                      Evaluation of transcripts and other application
program (i.e. APA or Turabian). This writing sample
                                                                      documents will be conducted prior to the admission
should be accompanied by an application for exemption
                                                                      interview, and a list of courses approved for transfer
letter to the Department Chair outlining the basis on
                                                                      credit will be provided to the applicant.
which the exemption is being requested. The submission
will be examined by the Department Chair and decisions
                                                                      Students currently enrolled in a St. Stephen’s College
will be conveyed to the student and Registrar’s Office
                                                                      program who wish to transfer credit to their program for
within 30 days.
                                                                      course work at another institution should submit a
                                                                      transfer request and receive approval prior to enrolling
TRANSFER CREDIT                                                       in the course in question. In order to receive credit,
Transfer credit refers to the formal transfer of credit for           upon completion of the course an official transcript must
a course(s) that has been earned outside of the College.              be forwarded from the institution directly to St.
Transfer credit may be granted to applicants who have                 Stephen’s Registrar’s Office.
completed courses at a recognized degree-granting
institution. Students applying for approval of transfer               A number of other theological colleges throughout
credit must complete a Transfer Credit Request form                   Canada accept transfer credits from St. Stephen’s
and submit it to the Registrar’s Office along with a non-             College; however, public universities will most likely not
refundable evaluation fee of $110; each application can               accept transfer credits from a divinity school. Students
include a maximum of 3 courses for transfer. If the                   planning to transfer to other institutions should be
transfer credits are approved by the Department Chair,                aware of the specific program requirements at the
a transfer credit statement will appear on the student's              institution to which they plan to transfer.
transcript. The amount of transfer credit granted will

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