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                                                     TVET COLLEGE TIMES March 2016
TVET College Times - TVET Colleges: A community of skills - West Coast College
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December 2015.                             skills. The public therefore justifiably    time to review enrolment plans and          Best wishes for implementing
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skills. Photograph supplied by             specific practices in your own college.     Tourism and Sport. In the column Policy     of skills Page 11
Sharon Grobbelaar, College of Cape               We start with an inspiring personal   and Operational Shifts, we publish the
Town for TVET.                             message from the Minister. This is          official Schedules of NC(V) and Report                   From the Ministry
                                           followed by the statement made by           191programmes. We take a look at            Page 4 - 5
Waiver                                     the Minister to prospective students        two Department of Higher Education
                                           on the opportunities available to           and Training interventions designed to                 Cutting Edge News
The views and opinions of contributors
do not necessarily reflect those of        them in the Post School Education           underpin PSET in general and TVET in        Page 6 - 8
DHET. TVET College Times and the           and Training (PSET) system. Reading         particular. We take a look into another
DHET accept no liability with regard       this statement will reaffirm among          college’s rural development initiative                Movers and Shakers
to authorship and content of articles      professionals in TVET Colleges, what        and following our last two edition inputs
                                                                                                                                   Page 10 - 12
and photographs and present these          the public expectations are when they       on the new Lecturer Qualifications
as the bona fide contributions of          arrive at your college. In Cutting Edge     Framework, get the authoritative word                      Campus Matters
correspondents.                            News, we read of a BRICS recently           on the matter from the DHET.
                                           concluded agreement to co-ordinate                Finally, we look at interventions     Page 13 - 25
Contributors                               and co-operate among member                 that lead to improved results and this           Policy & Operational Shifts
Khaye Nkwanyana, Dr Thabo                  states in matters relating to TVET. Of      is in fact also the theme of the column
Masongoane, Busiswa Nongogo, Merseta       central interest to TVET Colleges is        Intellectual Debate. This is after all      Page 26 - 36
Marketing and Communication, Thokozani     the re-launch of the National Skills        directly related to our core business of
Ndhlovu, Claudia Albrechts, Nomusa         Authority. This is followed by the          teaching and learning. It is incumbent                  Intellectual Debate
Zulu-Mangxa, Nashveer Nemesar,
                                           Deputy Minister’s initiative to promote     of every TVET professional to be            Page 36 - 39
Matau Manye, Lame Morubane, Nadine
Moodaely, Nondumiso Khumalo,
                                           linkages between TVET Colleges and          fundamentally occupied with the issue
Patience Makhaphela, Fazyl Isaacs, Ivan    Industry. Finally, in this Column we        of improving student performance in               College Contact Details
Swart, Roshin Schmidt, Terzel Rasmus,      take heed of a cautionary issued by         terms of retention and through-put          Page 40
Tshwarelo Sebela, Fiona McFarlan, Tania    MERSETA and note again the central          (pass rates).
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               TVET COLLEGE TIMES March 2016
TVET College Times - TVET Colleges: A community of skills - West Coast College

A   s we begin the new academic year 2016
    I, on behalf of Government and the
Department of Higher Education and Training
                                                          Letters of verification are being issued
                                                     upon request; Employers are contacted directly
                                                     on behalf of students; Higher education
(DHET), wish to extend a warm welcome to all         institutions to which such students apply
returning and new students, staff and all role-      for admission are contacted on behalf of the
players in this very key sector of South African     students; and the services of a service provider
society, TVET Colleges.                              have been procured in order to ensure that a
     I have always emphasised the special            backlog in the issuing of students’ certificates,
importance of TVET Colleges in the development       does not recur.
of the South African economy. This, as statistics         With regard to bursary administration
on the country’s demand for adequately trained       and student unrest, we note that there were
personnel in industry, will attest. So it is with    a series of student protests across the TVET
a very grateful heart that I welcome everyone        College sector since the start of the 2015
back to what should be another exciting and          academic year.
productive year in our colleges.                          While the reasons for the unrest may
     That said I have to mention that we             have varied from college to college, some of
in Government and the DHET, are at this              the recurring and common origins of student
particular moment, very cognisant of the             discontent included the following:
challenges that the higher education sector
experienced towards the end of last year
                                                     l The lack of proper structures such as
                                                          bursary management systems and                    Call for active
(2015). To an extent, they led right into the
beginning of the new student registration
                                                          processes in the administration of the
                                                          bursary scheme. The absence of these              participation
period earlier this year.                                 protocols culminated in delays in the
     I want to reiterate our stand as Government          processing of applications and fund               from college
and the DHET, that we remain committed to the             disbursements;
provision of quality, equitable and affordable
TVET education and training to all South
                                                     l Student expectations that they were all
                                                          eligible for bursaries and would receive
Africans, regardless of their social status.
     As we have said before, Government
                                                          funding, regardless of whether or not they
                                                          met both the financial and the academic
remains committed to funding poor students                criteria;
in TVET Colleges within the context of a
constrained fiscal climate. Funding disbursed
                                                     l The failure of institutions to apply the
                                                          eligibility criteria consistently; and           M     inister Nzimande has written
                                                                                                                 to all TVET College Council
                                                                                                            Chairpersons (copied to Principals)
though the National Financial Aid Scheme             l Poor             communication            between
(NSFAS) has increased from R441 million                   management and students regarding the             encouraging the active participation
in 1997 to over R9.5 billion in 2015. While               bursary scheme.                                   of Colleges in the DHET publication
funding has increased considerably, it is
                                                                                                            TVET College Times. See an extract
clearly still insufficient to support all poor and        I am happy to say that these matters were
deserving students. Processes for improving          thoroughly discussed and clarified. Lasting            from the letter below.
the disbursement of funds, and concerted             solutions were sought during engagements
efforts to root out fraud, as well as sourcing       between myself, senior DHET staff and the              I would urge all TVET Colleges to
additional funding to support students, are          relevant TVET College officials in the course          actively participate in TVET College
currently being implemented.                         of last year (2015). It is our hope that proper
                                                                                                            Times by registering as a subscribing
     We are also fully cognisant of the challenges   protocols and processes have now been put in
that the sector has encountered especially with      place to ensure that these challenges are firmly       college and submitting items for
respect to administrative matters. As DHET           placed behind our backs.                               possible publication, as soon as
we have worked very hard, hand-in-hand                    Concrete steps are being taken to address         possible.
with TVET College administrations, to iron out       other pressing issues such as the shortage
issues relating for instance, to the appointment     of lecturers. In this regard the DHET has
                                                                                                            For this purpose, I would therefore
of College Council Members; the verification of      established a database of unemployed,
the qualifications of TVET College Councillors;      industry-based, retired and foreign-based              urge you to contact the editor
the remuneration of TVET College Council             lecturers with the purpose of assisting colleges       Mr K Loynes on email:
Members and Members of Committees; the               who run short of lecturers. An invitation by 
training of College Councils; the transfer of        means of an advertisement was published                or telephone 012 312 6182.
TVET College staff to the Department; and the        requesting all candidates from within South
management of examinations.                          Africa and outside its borders with the necessary
     I am pleased to say that we have managed        teaching experience and qualifications, seeking        TVET College Times provides one
to effectively address the pressing issue            employment in the public TVET Colleges in              of the building blocks for our Post
of the issuing of certificates. By 30 June           the Republic of South Africa, to complete the          School Education and Training sector
2015 the NC(V) examinations certificates             registration form that may be found on the             and for all TVET Colleges to gain from
backlog had been reduced from 103 195 to             DHET website
                                                                                                            it, they must participate. I thank you
85 417 certificates. Some of the outstanding              Finally, I take this opportunity once again to
certificates dated back to the November 2008         urge all TVET stakeholders to spread the word          in anticipation for your enthusiastic
examinations cycle.                                  about the value of the sector. TVET training is        participation in this venture.
     The unavailability of certificates leads to     the way forward for future growth and economic
graduates being denied access to the workplace       and personal prosperity for all in South Africa. I     Dr BE Nzimande, MP
and/or higher education study programmes and         wish you a successful academic year.
                                                                                                            Minister of Higher Education
the measures are designed to mitigate these
consequences. Among the interim measures                                                                    and Training
which have been put in place to both deal with       Dr BE Nzimande, MP
the consequences as well as prevent a backlog        Minister of Higher Education
from recurring are the following:                    and Training

                                                                                                           TVET COLLEGE TIMES March 2016
TVET College Times - TVET Colleges: A community of skills - West Coast College
The following statement, though targeted at students
entering the PSET system, is published here so that
professionals in the TVET sector can take cognisance
of the role of TVET colleges within the wider system.

Statement by Minister Nzimande on opportunities
for the 2015 matriculants in the post-school
education and training system in 2016
F  irst and foremost, I congratulate the 2015
   matriculants who have passed their examinations
and especially those who fared particularly well.
                                                             Many of those who have met the entrance
                                                        requirements for university study will be pursuing
                                                        degrees, diplomas and higher certificates at one
                                                                                                                     Those who have completed Grade 12 with
                                                                                                                a minimum of a higher certificate achievement
                                                                                                                can consider studying further at a TVET college
At the same time, I encourage those who have            of 26 public universities. This includes the Sol        for a National Diploma with 133 551 study
not succeeded to rewrite their examinations or to       Plaatje University (SPU) and the University of          opportunities available for Engineering and
pursue opportunities in the Post-School Education       Mpumalanga (UMP), both of which are new                 Business Studies. The National Development Plan
and Training (PSET) system.                             universities entering their third year of operation.    requires that by 2030 at least 30 000 qualified
     As the Department of Higher Education and          These two new universities started with a               artisans be produced per year. In South Africa
Training, we are aware that the matriculation           modest enrolment of 130 students at SPU and             there is a growing trend of matriculants utilising
examinations are a very important milestone             140 students at UMP in 2014. This year their            learnership or apprenticeship opportunities
in the lives of young people. We would like to          enrolment will increase to 797 at SPU and 940           to become artisans in the Civil, Mechanical,
make matriculants aware of approximately 517            at UMP. The Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences             Electrical, Manufacturing or Support Services
402 opportunities available to them within the          University (SMU), will be entering its second year      career fields.
post-school system. These opportunities are in          of operation with an intake of 1 300 students.               Matriculants who wish to become an artisan
our 26 Universities, 50 Technical and Vocational             South Africa’s recently established ninth          in disciplines such as a motor mechanic, plumber,
Education and Training (TVET) colleges, and             medical school and the first in democratic South        electrician, chef, hairdresser, among others, can
various workplace-related training opportunities        Africa will open its doors for the first intake of 60   register at the National Artisan Development
supported by the 21 Sector Education and Training       new students at the University of Limpopo during        Support Centre (NADSC) in Kwa-Thema by going
Authorities (SETAs). SETAs help to promote and          January 2016. This is the second historically           to the website link:, by
fund occupational and skills programmes linked to                                                               contacting the NADSC Call Centre on 011 736
educational institutions and workplaces.                                                                        4400 or by emailing copies of their qualifications
     These opportunities can further be broken
                                                               It is critical to note                           to They can also approach
down as follows:                                                that in order to be                             any of the student support services offices at any
l 212 472 new admission opportunities                                                                           public TVET college for more information.
    at Universities for prospective students;                    accepted into an                                    It is critical to note that in order to be accepted
l 133 551 Engineering and Business Studies                                                                      into an artisan programme, matriculants must
    opportunities at TVET colleges which operate              artisan programme,                                have completed mathematics and science with a
    on more than 264 campuses across SA;                                                                        minimum of 50% in each of these subjects. Artisan
l 88 794 occupationally-directed (apprenticeship            matriculants must have                              work has become much more technologically
    or learnership) opportunities in collaboration                                                              advanced and requires a higher skill level. Those
    with TVET colleges, SETAs and employers;
                                                            completed mathematics                               matriculants who do not have mathematics and
l 30        750      new      learner    -    artisan              and science.                                 science, but who have passed and wish to consider
    registration opportunities; and                                                                             a career as an artisan, can also register at NADSC
l 51 835 learning programme opportunities                                                                       for the Generic Trade Preparation Programme,
    in the form of 5 087 apprenticeships,               disadvantaged university to be involved in the          which is a bridging course being implemented
    9 073 bursaries, 20 138 learnerships,               training of medical doctors and is linked, over the     at public TVET colleges. This bridging course
    17      537     skills    and     work-readiness    longer term, to the Presidential Project of building    includes Mathematics, Engineering Science, a
    programmes supported through the SETAs.             an academic hospital in Limpopo.                        technical subject such as electronics for example,
     This is the second cohort of 644 536 Grade              The 26 public universities offer a diverse         life orientation and computer skills, and a short
12 learners who have written the Curriculum and         range of degrees, diplomas and higher certificates      course on artisan development legislation.
Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) aligned final        to prepare the matric class of 2015 to take their            Out-of-school youth who wish to enter
examinations for the National Senior Certificate.       rightful place in the country’s economy. The            the world of work, or who need to increase
They achieved a pass rate of 70.7%, with 455            national annual average increase over the next five-    their skills capabilities, can consider the
825 learners satisfying the requirements of the         years in the number of first-time students entering     options of learnerships, apprenticeships and
National Senior Certificate with the following          higher education institutions is targeted at 4.7%.      skills programmes.
further notable achievements:                           First-time students will make up approximately               TVET colleges also offer occupationally directed
l 166 263 learners qualify for admission to             25% of the undergraduate student population.            programmes that are accredited by the Sector
    bachelor studies at higher education                In 2016, public universities will provide access        Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) under
    institutions;                                       to approximately 212 472 new entrants wishing           the auspices of the Quality Council for Trades and
l 183 720 learners qualify for admission to             to pursue their studies across general, technical       Occupations. Among these, are programmes that
    diploma studies at higher education                 and professional fields, including Business and         are offered through apprenticeship or learnership
    Institutions; and                                   Management, Science, Engineering, Agriculture,          agreements concluded between the student, a
l 105 770 learners qualify for admission to             Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences, the Arts       TVET college and an employer. TVET colleges
    higher certificate studies.                         and Education.                                          have set aside 88 794 study opportunities for this

                TVET COLLEGE TIMES March 2016
TVET College Times - TVET Colleges: A community of skills - West Coast College
mode of delivery. SETAs will further be providing      to be allocated to NSFAS to provide for loans to         they will be telephoned back free of charge. They
51 835 learning programme opportunities in the         assist 71 753 identified students. These students        can also access the system via the website http://
form of 5 087 apprenticeships, 9 073 bursaries,        are those who qualified for NSFAS funding but   The CACH service will verify the
20 138 learnerships, and 17 537 skills and work-       were either partially or not funded at all over          learner’s information and forward it to institutions
readiness programmes.                                  the past three academic years. This means that           that still have unfilled places. Where places exist
    In pursuit of the Department’s mandate             these deserving students will not be barred from         and applicants meet the requirements, institutions
to increase access to and success in TVET              continuing with their studies because they owe           will contact learners to offer them available places.
College learning programmes, and to transform          universities outstanding fees. A further R2.039               The 2016 CACH service is also linked
TVET colleges into institutions of choice, the         billion will be allocated to NSFAS in the 2016/17        to the Career Development Helpline, which
construction of three of the 12 planned new            financial year to ensure that these students, still in   provides general career information services,
TVET college campuses started in 2014. These           the university system, are supported financially to      and assists anyone interested in pursuing further
are at various stages of completion. This month,       continue and complete their qualifications.              education and training opportunities or other skills
January, will see the first student enrolment at the         In addition to the funds that NSFAS                development opportunities in the PSET system.
Thabazimbi campus. Student enrolment at the            received from the funds voted by Parliament, the         Learners will also be offered free career advice
Bhambanana and Nkandla campuses will start in          National Skills Fund (NSF) makes further annual          and be guided through possible alternative options
April for the second trimester. The development        allocations aimed at funding the full cost of study      at TVET colleges, artisan training and other skills
and refurbishment of TVET college infrastructure       towards critical skills programmes. These are the        development opportunities.
will include student accommodation facilities,         programmes most needed for the growth and
modern teaching and learning lecture rooms,            development of the economy. NSFAS has been
workshops, simulation rooms, resource and              allocated over R700 million for full bursaries for             My Department, in
recreational centres.                                  scarce and critical skills for the current year from         line with government’s
    The Department is committed to realising           the NSF. This funding is made available through
the right to further education in the form of          the financial aid offices at universities, and               programmes, remains
Higher and Technical and Vocational Education          students wishing to make use of these bursaries             committed to expanding
and Training, as enshrined in our Constitution.        are advised to enrol for critical skills study
This implies ensuring that further education           programmes, which include science, commerce,
                                                                                                                     diversity and creating
opportunities are available and accessible to all      health science, engineering and many others.                more opportunities in the
and that academically deserving students are                 The Department is committed to expanding               post-school education
not denied access due to financial need. We            access and success in our institutions for students
need to ensure, over the medium to long term,          who have special needs. At our TVET colleges, for           and training system. We
that sufficient financial aid is made available to     example, government pays 80% of the programme                can move away from a
support all academically deserving but financially     cost of the student’s choice with an additional
needy university students. This could be attained      allocation being made dependent on the type and             post-school system that
                                                       severity of the disability. In addition, NSFAS has            is disproportionately
                                                       earmarked R72.9 million in the 2016 academic
       The construction of                             year to provide financial aid to disabled students          dependent on access to
     three of the 12 planned                           in universities.                                                    university.
                                                             The Department, in collaboration with
        new TVET college                               Department of Basic Education, launched the
                                                       “Apply Now” campaign with the aim of creating                 As Minister of Higher Education and Training,
        campuses started                               awareness of career options, study opportunities         I have no doubt that these initiatives and
                                                       and application procedures for PSET. In 2015,            campaigns create awareness of and provide useful
                  in 2014.                             we reached out to Grades 9 to 12 learners in             information about career and funding options for
                                                       6 812 public secondary and combined schools              post-school education and training. I take this
through income contingent loans and bursaries          in the country, distributing one million “Apply          opportunity to urge those who have not passed
while striving to keep university fees affordable.     Now” booklets.                                           matric to rewrite their examinations or to access
     One of the most successful schemes                      This campaign complements the Career               all the sources of relevant information that the
established by government to assist students,          Development Services Helpline (Call 0860 999             Department has created specifically for them and
who display academic ability but come from             0123 for advice or send an SMS or “Please                to choose from a range of options available within
poor disadvantaged families, is the National           Call Me” to 072 204 5056); the Khetha radio              the PSET system.
Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). NSFAS            programmes that are broadcast weekly on 10                    My Department, in line with government’s
provides loans and bursaries to students at            SABC African languages radio stations, including         programmes, remains committed to expanding
all 26 public universities and 50 public TVET          Afrikaans; social media platforms and career             diversity and creating more opportunities in the
colleges throughout the country. NSFAS will be         awareness events. The National Career Advice             post-school education and training system. We
funding 205 000 first-time and continuing eligible     Portal (NCAP) (            can move away from a post-school system that
students at universities and 200 000 students          provides access to career information on career          is disproportionately dependent on access to
at TVET colleges in 2016. This will be achieved        pathways, occupations and relevant education             university. We urge those who have not been
by providing student loans and bursaries totalling     and training opportunities.                              accepted at universities to explore all the post-
R10 billion.                                                 The Department is again operating the Central      school education and training options. We urge all
     Government has committed an additional            Application Clearing House (CACH) this month             students who have been accepted in institutions to
R6.912 billion in the form of funding to support       (January) and next month. The CACH service has           go and register so that they can secure their spaces
the university system. This is a strong indication     been developed to assist learners who qualify for        and not risk losing the opportunities provided to
that Government has listened to the concerns           higher education studies and have applied for a          them by Government.
raised by university students. As an immediate         space at an institution, but have not been offered            The Department of Higher Education and
measure, we have resolved the 0% fee increment         a place at the institution of their choice after the     Training welcomes the Class of 2015 to the
for 2016 with universities, which is valued at         matric results were released. It is also accessible to   Post-School Education and Training system
R2.33 billion.                                         those learners who did not apply before the closing      where learning and growth can take place in
     It is important to emphasise that university      dates last year and now find that they are eligible      26 Universities and 50 TVET colleges, and
students who meet the NSFAS means test                 for higher education studies.                            through 21 Sector Education and Training
will not be required to pay upfront payments                 Learners looking for spaces in the university      Authorities (SETAs).
when registering for the 2016 academic year.           education system can contact the toll free call               Issued by Government Communications
Government has also reprioritised R2.543 billion       centre on 0800 356 635, or send an SMS with              (GCIS) on behalf of the Ministry of Higher
of State funding in the 2016/17 financial year         their name, ID and contact number to 49200 and           Education and Training on 11 January 2016

                                                                                                                TVET COLLEGE TIMES March 2016
TVET College Times - TVET Colleges: A community of skills - West Coast College

BRICS Education Ministers sign a joint declaration
and Memorandum of Understanding
         KHAYE NKWANYANA                vocational and technical education;        BRICS Network of Universities. The         role of the Working Group on TVET,
                                        and of ensuring inclusive and              12 universities will act as anchor         in serving the interests of BRICS

T   he Minister of Higher Education
    and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande,
together with his BRICS counterparts
                                        equitable, quality education and
                                        lifelong learning opportunities for all.
                                              The agreement is inclusive of
                                                                                   universities for the collaboration. “The
                                                                                   department has established a national
                                                                                   co-ordinating committee comprising
                                                                                                                              member countries, will be to develop
                                                                                                                              national reports, share concepts,
                                                                                                                              and identify or develop methods and
signed a significant and far-reaching   general education, educational policy      of government and members of the           instruments of analysis for matching
agreement late last year. The           strategy, Technical and Vocational         academic community. The national           workforce demands and supply.
agreement focuses on co-ordinating      Education and Training (TVET) colleges     co-ordinating committee will play an            South Africa is on the whole
areas of mutual interest and the        and higher education. It commits           oversight role in the establishment of     satisfied with the issues tabled. I
development of a solid framework        partners to support joint research         the BRICS network,” he said.               think that we should also find a way
for future co-operation in education    projects, encourage collaborative               Significantly, the agreement          of foregrounding matters relating to
among member states.                    programmes        at    post-graduate,     stresses the role of TVET colleges         TVET. This is one of the key strategic
     This agreement follows a           doctorate and post-doctoral levels and     in attracting young people to              areas for BRICS. The TVET sector
meeting held in Brazil earlier where    the co-publishing of scientific results    the labour market. “We want to             has the potential to unlock economic
member states agreed to promote         by BRICS universities.                     collaborate to improve the quality of      opportunities for our young people.
specific areas of co-operation.               Minister Nzimande said that          teaching and lecturers’ education.         In doing so it will assist in addressing
These include the strengthening of:     a process is already underway              The collaboration means that we            the challenges of unemployment,
the internationalisation of higher      to nominate 12 South African               recognise the establishment of the         inequality and poverty that affect our
education and academic mobility;        universities to participate in the         BRICS Working Group on TVET. The           communities,” he added.

National Skills Authority Re-Launched
                                                                                   evaluation will serve to pre-emptively
                                                                                   identify blockages in the system. The
                                                                                   White Paper goes on to say that the
                                                                                   monitoring and evaluation has to
                                                                                   take place against the indicators in
                                                                                   the Minister’s delivery agreement
                                                                                   with the President.
                                                                                        These sentiments were echoed               He cautioned that the NSA
                                                                                   by the Deputy Minister of Higher           is still faced with the challenge
                                                                                   Education and Training, Mr Mduduzi         of empirically and practically
                                                                                   Manana who commended the NSA               addressing      capacity    challenges
                                                                                   for the work it is doing. The Deputy       through effective monitoring and
                                                                                   Minister cautioned of the challenges       evaluation. He continued that apart
                                                                                   that still lay ahead. He said that         from the fact that there are systemic
                                                                                   there are still numerous challenges        weaknesses in reporting and analysis
The National Skills Authority Acting Chairperson, Mr Thulani Tshefuta was          bedevilling the skills system. He          as well as in the integrity of data on
interviewed on SABC’s Morning Live on the occasion of the re-launch                said that it is important to note          targets and indicators a need existed
                                                                                   that there are very different levels       to strengthen the capacity of the
     DR THABO MASONGOANE                link between the NSA and their             of capacity within the 21 SETAs in         SETA system.
                                        constituencies.                            terms of governance, management,                The Deputy Minister also

L  ate last year, the National Skills
   Authority (NSA) was re-launched
at the Midrand Conference Centre
                                             The NSA Acting Chairperson,
                                        Mr Thulani Tshefuta took to the
                                        platform to speak at length about
                                                                                   responsiveness and financial status.
                                                                                   This fact holds true of the skills
                                                                                   development system as a whole. For
                                                                                                                              thanked the former NSA Chairperson
                                                                                                                              Mr Eddie Majadibodu for the work
                                                                                                                              he foregrounded in the NSA before
in Gauteng.                             the achievements of the NSA since          this reason, it is not helpful to make     his appointment as Special Advisor
     In attendance at the re-launch     its inception. He then highlighted         blanket generalisations about SETA         to the Minister.
were various delegates from             the challenges in skills development       capacity, since there are those SETAs           The launch provided a platform
government, NSA constituencies,         and the role that the NSA has to           that “do a good job”.                      for the NSA to release its new logo
Sector Education and Training           continue playing in making sure that                                                  and website which will promote
Authorities    (SETAs),    Colleges,    these challenges are addressed. He                                                    the marketing and enhancement
Universities, the Human Resource        added that some SETAs are plagued                                                     of communication not only of the
Development Council (HRDC) and          by challenges such as the failure                                                     NSA and the Department of Higher
Quality Councils.                       to achieve pre-determined training                                                    Education and Training, but of the
     A further purpose of the re-       targets as well as governance                                                         entire skills development system.
launch was to officially introduce      issues. Mr Tshefuta also spoke of the
the     newly     elected   National    NSA’s new role of Monitoring and                                                           For more information on the NSA
Skills Authority Board to skills        Evaluating the SETAs as envisaged                                                     you may visit the new website:
development stakeholders and the        in the White Paper for Post-School                                          
general public. The board members       Education and Training.                                                               Twitter and Face-book accounts:
serve a dual purpose. Namely, that           The White Paper states that the                                                  • The Twitter link is https://twitter.
of advising the Minister of Higher      monitoring and evaluation of SETAs                                                    com/skillsauthority
Education and Training in terms         must make it possible to understand                                                   • Your Facebook link is https://
of the Skills Development Act, as       the levels of efficacy that are being                                       
well as serving as a communication      achieved. Furthermore monitoring and                                                  Authority-1727503367470656/

               TVET COLLEGE TIMES March 2016
TVET College Times - TVET Colleges: A community of skills - West Coast College
Deputy Minister Manana promotes linkages
between TVET Colleges and Industry

T   he Deputy Minister of Higher
    Education and Training Mr
Mduduzi Manana, recently visited
the captains of industry’s workplaces
in Polokwane Limpopo Province, in
a bid to bring to the fore the need for
employers to play a significant role
in artisan development and training.
The mechanism for this is of course
through their partnering with nearby
TVET colleges.
     “The     relationship     between
colleges and industries are, with some
exceptions weak. Some students at
colleges are unable to find workplace
experience. Workplace experience
is required in order to complete
National Diplomas but is valuable
for all students. Furthermore, most
colleges have almost no formal
linkages with industry, except where
they are offering apprenticeships,
learnerships      or    other     skills
programmes that have inherent
practical workplace requirements”
said the Deputy Minister.
     Currently, the workforce is
lagging behind with the skills
required to remain competitive in
an increasingly knowledge-based
economy. There is a need to ensure
the continuous upgrading of skills.
Doing so would ensure a measurable
increase in the intermediate skills
pool, especially in the artisan,
technician, and related occupations.       learning opportunities. The Deputy           By opening up your workplace doors         TVET colleges is integral to advancing
Such an increase in skills can be          Minister said, “It is for this reason that   for experiential learning for the young    artisan development. We need to
achieved through increased capacity        the Department of Higher Education           people of our country, you will be         meet the 30 000 artisans required
at education and training institutions     and Training (DHET) deems it fit to          making a significant contribution”.        per annum by 2030 as stipulated in
and increased workplace experiential       engage employers to partner with us.              The campaign forms part of            the NDP,” said the Deputy Minister.
                                                                                        the Limpopo leg of Deputy Minister              In response to the Deputy
                                                                                        Manana’s flagship project ‘Decade          Minister’s appeal, Ms Rhulani
  About the Decade of the Artisan                                                       of the artisan (2014-2024)’.               Matshidze, General Manager of
  There is a continuous need for suitably qualified artisans to sustain                 The Deputy Minister travels each           Eskom Limpopo, committed to
  industry and to support economic growth within South Africa. In a                     quarter to provinces to advocate for       working closer with the Capricorn
  range of national strategies the need for artisans has been identified                artisanship to employers, youth not        TVET College. She pledged that
  and elevated as a priority area for skills development. While the                     in employment education or training        “Eskom will provide N6 experiential
  National Development Plan indicates that by 2030 the country should                   (NEET) and high school learners.           training and apprenticeships to
  be producing 30 000 qualified artisans per year, this target has been                 The need for the development of            Capricorn TVET College students.
  brought forward by the 2014 – 2020 Medium Term Strategic Framework                    qualified artisans to support the          In addition, we will assist College
  to 31 March 2026. At present the country is producing an average of                   economy remains a high priority. This      lecturers with technical workplace
  13 000 qualified artisans per year. It is therefore clear that the number             is especially true when considering        exposure over college recess periods”.
  has to more than double over the next ten years leading up to 2026.                   that a large number of qualified and            Taking the lead, Ms Matshidze
       To achieve a significant growth of more than 130%, not only requires             competent artisans are required for        echoed the call to employers in all
  considerable investment and commitment by all artisan development                     government’s Strategic Infrastructure      sectors, to support the Decade of the
  role-players, but will also require sustained, committed and high profile             Projects (SIPs). The SIPs include          artisan campaign.
  leadership. This leadership challenge has been accepted through the                   road-building, the construction of              The Sector Education and Training
  personal intervention of the Minister of Higher Education and Training,               new schools, sea-ports, universities,      Authorities (SETAs) play a vital role
  Dr Blade Nzimande, and the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and                    colleges, electrical power stations        in facilitating workplace learning
  Training, Mr Mduduzi Manana. In responding to the challenge, the                      and the like. The SIPs projects are an     partnerships between employers and
  Minister and Deputy Minister are engaging with employers to ensure                    integral component of the National         educational institutions. The Deputy
  that more workplaces are opened for artisans. Another intervention                    Development Plan (NDP), 2030.              Minister thanked TETA (Transport
  aims to target the training of life orientation practitioners, community                   Government        expects      that   Education and Training Authority)
  development workers, ward councillors and college career guidance                     Technical, Vocational Education            for hosting the event together with
  advisors, on artisanal career options. Basic Education learners from                  and Training (TVET) colleges will          Capricorn TVET College. He also
  academic schools will be introduced to technical and vocational study                 increasingly become the cornerstone        thanked host employers, Toyota,
  opportunities from as early as Grade 6 through interactive “try-a-skill”              of a national strategy to address the      Prime Furniture, Eskom and Tsogo
  exhibitions and similar initiatives.                                                  country’s acute skills shortage. “The      Sun for opening their boardrooms for
                                                                                        partnership between employers and          this noble cause.

                                                                                                                      TVET COLLEGE TIMES March 2016
TVET College Times - TVET Colleges: A community of skills - West Coast College
Cautionary against bogus apprenticeship
and learnerships recruitment processes
                                                                                                                                  l The learning programme and
Editor’s note: The following statement was issued by merSETA                                                                      process is discussed and agreed to
late last year. Colleges may wish to note the cautionary while being                                                              with the training provider;
reminded of merSETA’s Apprenticeship and Learnership processes.                                                                   l The employer funds the
The merSETA can be contacted directly should further information be                                                               learnership, which may be through
required. Alternatively email:                                                                     grants obtained from the merSETA;
The article also clearly articulates the route to train qualified Artisans.                                                       l Upon successful completion of the
Colleges are reminded of the target of producing 30 000 artisans per                                                              learnership, a National Qualification
year by 2026 as determined by the Medium Term Strategic Framework                                                                 is awarded to the learner;
2014-2020.                                                                                                                        l The learner receives a statement
                                                                                                                                  of results for unit standards achieved

It has come to the attention of the
 Manufacturing, Engineering and
Related Services SETA (merSETA)
                                          the correct application processes for
                                          apprenticeship and learnerships.
                                                                                     Apprenticeship wages
                                                                                          A percentage of the artisan
                                                                                     minimum rate is determined by the
                                                                                                                                  if the learnership is not successfully
                                                                                                                                  completed; and
                                                                                                                                  l Once the learnership is
that a scam is presently underway in      Apprenticeship process                     relevant industry bargaining council         completed, the employer can decide
which unsuspecting learners looking        l The apprentice is registered in a       per level (4 levels).                        whether to sign the learner on for a
for apprenticeship or learnership          listed trade in terms of the prescribed        Admission requirements are              new learnership, employ the learner
opportunities are asked to deposit         training provisions;                      chamber-specific, whilst the duration        or release the learner for future
money at a Shoprite or Spar                l An agreement is signed by               of apprenticeship programmes is              employment by another organisation
supermarket as well as a bank in           the employer and the apprentice           determined by each trade and level.          if he/she was originally unemployed.
order to access training. The matter       (guardian if under 18 years of age);           For chamber-specific admission
had been reported to the South             l The apprentice is indentured in         requirements        and   programme         Learner allowance
African Police Service.                    a designated trade in terms of the        duration, visit the merSETA website              The unemployed/pre-employed
     The merSETA wishes to state           Training Act provisions;         or call your             learner is paid an allowance. The
that a learner wishing to undergo          l A four-subject N2 certificate           nearest merSETA Regional Office.            minimum allowances for learners
merSETA-funded        training    does     with the relevant trade theory has                                                    are regulated.
not need to pay to undertake their         to be completed at a TVET college.        Learnership process                              Please note that merSETA
apprenticeship      or     learnership.    Employers pay for classes and             l Training providers are accredited to      only pays for apprenticeships
Sector Education and Training              assessment fees at the TVET College;      provide the chosen learnership by the       and learnerships registered with
Authorities (SETAs), the merSETA           l A Trade Test application is made        merSETA ETQA;                               the organisation and NOT for
in this case, may fund the training        to the merSETA once all relevant          l Application by the learner is made        internships outside the merSETA.
and, in return, the employer pays          training has been completed;              to the training provider registered with         The merSETA cautions all
wages or an allowance to the learner       l A trade test/assessment is              merSETA against qualifications;             learners that any other application
undergoing training. The merSETA           conducted at a merSETA-accredited         l The learner is selected;                  process that deviates from these
member companies or merSETA-               trade test centre; and                    l A tripartite learnership agreement is     as noted above could potentially
accredited training providers provide      l If successful, the learner is           signed between the training provider,       be a bogus scam and should be
apprenticeship/learnership training.       awarded a National Trade Certificate      employer and the (employed/                 investigated before engaging in
     Please note that the following are    and deemed to be a qualified artisan.     unemployed) learner;                        the process.

A Maths pass with 40% in Matric is a
requirement for artisan training
                                                                                     are the ones in short supply and in            The entire pathway ends with
                            BUSISWA NONGOGO
                                                                                     high demand in industry. To name           a trade test at a national trade
                                                                                     a few, the following occupations are       test centre that is accredited by

T   he Deputy Minister of Higher
    Education and Training Mr
Mduduzi Manana recently motivated
                                          with the Skills Development Act.
                                          The Deputy Minister said, “You too
                                          can be an artisan. You only need to
                                                                                     needed and are in high demand:
                                                                                     bricklayer, carpenter, electrician,
                                                                                     millwright, boilermaker, plumber,
                                                                                                                                the Quality Council of Trades and
                                                                                                                                Occupations (QCTO). In order to
                                                                                                                                call yourself a qualified artisan,
over 1200 high school learners and        follow your passion and talent.            fitter and turner, plasterer, welder,      you must pass the trade test.
youth not employed or in education             The shortage of artisans in the       and pipe fitter”.                          Ms     Maphefo     Anno-Frampong,
or training (NEET) to consider career     country is an obstacle to economic               The requirements for becoming        the CEO of TETA (Transport
paths in artisanship. “The Decade         growth. For you to become a                an artisan are a minimum pass of           Education and Training Authority)
of the Artisan campaign aims to           qualified artisan, you need to have        40% in Mathematics (excluding              told school learners to be on the
encourage more young people (high         proper career guidance. Grade 9 is         mathematical literacy) at Grade            look-out for various opportunities
school learners and unemployed            a pivotal year in determining your         9 level or National Certificate            like learnerships. All the Sector,
youth) to see artisanship as a career     career as it will be the time that you     (Vocational) Level 2. In the case          Education and Training Authority’s
of choice”, said the Deputy Minister.     make subject choices.                      of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical        (SETAs) are offering learnerships.
The campaign slogan is, ‘It’s cool to          To choose a good career, you          categories of trades, a minimum                The        Deputy       Minister
be a 21st century artisan’.               must know what career path you want        of 40% in the relevant N2 trade            encouraged school learners to
     An artisan is a person who           to take. An important consideration        theory or the relevant vocational          consider TVET Colleges when they
has been certified as competent to        is to choose careers that are in the       subjects of the National Certificate       seek post-school opportunities in
perform a listed trade in accordance      scarce and critical list since they        (Vocational) Level 2, is required.         the near future.

                TVET COLLEGE TIMES March 2016
TVET College Times - TVET Colleges: A community of skills - West Coast College
TVET College Times - TVET Colleges: A community of skills - West Coast College

Student sets a new record
with 20 distinctions
     THOKOZANI NDHLOVU                                                                                                       emphasis the college places on
                                                                                                                             student academic performance.

S   imphiwe Given Hlophe, a student
    from the Sibanesetfu Campus
of Gert Sibande TVET College, has
                                                                                                                             He also expressed his gratitude
                                                                                                                             to the Government for creating
                                                                                                                             opportunities for rural students from
achieved the extraordinary academic                                                                                          financially poor homes. “I would
feat of obtaining 20 distinctions out                                                                                        not have been able to achieve these
of a possible 21 in the National                                                                                             results without the DHET bursary
Certificate (Vocational) programme,                                                                                          and the amazing support that I
Electrical Engineering.                                                                                                      received from the college, especially
     This is a new record for Gert                                                                                           my lecturers”, he said. For this
Sibande TVET College and possibly                                                                                            outstanding achievement Simphiwe
the whole country. Simphiwe                                                                                                  was presented with a laptop at the
obtained 7 distinctions in his first                                                                                         campus awards ceremony held in
year, 7 distinctions in his second                                                                                           the middle of February.
year and 6 distinctions and a                                                                                                     “On behalf of Sibanesetfu
B in his final year. His average                                                                                             Campus        students,    staff   and
percentage per subject over three                                                                                            management, it is a privilege and
years stands at a remarkable 87%.                                                                                            pleasure to congratulate Simphiwe
In his second year he obtained                                                                                               who is one of our best performing
100% for Mathematics which was                                                                                               students for such an incredible
another record for the college.                                                                                              academic achievement. Having
     Expanding the footprint of Gert                                                                                         secured 20 distinctions out of 21
Sibande TVET College to the rural                                                                                            subjects is a new record for the
areas of the province has been a                                                                                             college. This will go a long way to
strategic priority for the college.                                                                                          instilling a sense of confidence in our
Sibanesetfu Campus was opened                                                                                                students to believe in themselves. It
in 2005 with a few classrooms and                                                                                            will inspire them to work against
22 students. Today, with the support                                                                                         the odds, such as financially poor
of all three tiers of Government, the                                                                                        backgrounds, lack of family support
campus has close to 1100 NCV and                                                                                             systems, and other socio-economic
500 Report, 191 students with a staff                                                                                        conditions.
complement of 95. Infrastructure                                                                                                  Simphiwe is the epitome of
development was prioritised and the                                                                                          hard work commitment and self-
campus now boasts state-of-the-                                                                                              discipline,” said Mpho Ramulifho,
art facilities that include a student   Simphiwe Hlophe with Principal Nick Balkrishen, Gert Sibande TVET College            Sibanesetfu      Campus       Manager.
support centre, 34 classrooms, 7                                                                                             “I would also like to appreciate
computer labs and 11 staff quarters.    empty stomach and at some point           awards that he received from the           the support provided by all our
Over 90% of the students from           I went for many days without food,”       College and the support that he            lecturers, student support services
Sibanesetfu Campus are recipients       said Simphiwe. While working at           received from Sibanesetfu Campus           and the college management.
of DHET bursaries. The performance      a local butchery, he realised that        faculty who sometimes assisted him         With such good results, a bright
of students at Sibanesetfu Campus       if he wanted to improve his career        with food and other small expenses.        future is certain for Simphiwe. I
has always been very good.              prospects he needed to further his              His family background and            would therefore call upon potential
In 2012, Sibanesetfu Campus             studies.                                  adverse situation motivated him to         sponsors in business and industry to
received the prestigious “Best                In January 2013, he enrolled        persevere even though at times he          assist him in realising his dreams.
Campus” award from Gert Sibande         for       Electrical    Infrastructure    felt like giving up. “I wanted to better   We wish him the best in all his
TVET College. However, this latest      Construction at the Sibanesetfu           my family’s situation and that was         future     endeavours,”      concluded
achievement by Simphiwe is the          Campus of Gert Sibande TVET               the only thing that kept me going.         Campus Manager Ramulifho.
greatest achievement to date. What      College. This opportunity was made        It is said that before dawn it gets             Dr Enrico Pedro, the acting
makes this achievement even more        possible by the DHET bursary that         darker,” he said. Simphiwe’s secret        Department of Higher Education
remarkable is that it was achieved in   he received. It covered his class fees    to academic excellence is “Do what         and Training Regional Manager,
the Engineering faculty.                and accommodation. In the first           you love and enjoy.” His future plans      was ecstatic when he heard of
     Simphiwe is 25 years old and       year, he obtained seven distinctions.     include studying further and to own        Simphiwe’s achievements. “I would
was raised by a single parent. He is    “I surprised myself with my results       and manage his own company that            like to congratulate Simphiwe
one of four children. He completed      because I did not expect to get so        will specialise in electronics.            Hlophe of Gert Sibande TVET College
his matric in 2009. His dream was       many distinctions,” he said with                When         discussing       his    on his 20 out of 21 distinctions
to study Chemical Engineering at        a smile. The college awarded him          achievement with the College               over the three years of the NCV
University after matric, but due to     with a tablet for this achievement.       Principal,        Nick      Balkrishen,    Electrical Engineering Programme.
financial problems and his poor         This award spurred him to aim even        Simphiwe remained humble. He               This is indeed an outstanding and
matric results, he could not further    higher. According to Simphiwe,            thanked the College for opening up a       promising achievement. Simphiwe,
his studies. Simphiwe was forced        the second year proved to be more         campus in such a remote, rural area.       you have done all of us proud. We
to seek employment so that he           difficult although he still managed       He indicated that his success was          will follow your future career with
could provide for his mother, who is    to obtain 7 distinctions and was          linked to the tremendous support           interest, as we are certain your
wheelchair bound, and his siblings.     awarded with a second tablet. He          that students at Gert Sibande TVET         achievements will soon be many
“I sometimes went to bed on an          appreciated the recognition and           College receive and especially the         more,” commented Dr Pedro.

               TVET COLLEGE TIMES March 2016
TVET Colleges: A community of skills
                          CLAUDIA ALBRECHTS

Editor’s note: Claudia Albrechts is a Lecturer at the College of
Cape Town for TVET.

A   nele Ngxongo, a young mother
    from Kwa-Zulu Natal, has again
proven that one’s circumstances do
                                         easy life. As a conscientious young
                                         girl, she was dedicated to her duties,
                                         a trait that is very much part of her
not define one’s success.                character today. Every day she and
     Anele completed her studies in      her fellow schoolmates walked the
Jewellery Manufacturing at the College   five kilometres to school. After school
of Cape Town for TVET in 2015. She       they were responsible for collecting
did so with the support of a bursary     the wood in the forest that would be
from the Mining Qualifications           used for boiling water or cooking food
Authority (MQA). Through dedication,     for the following day. She managed to
passion and the financial assistance     complete Grade 12 through hard work
of the MQA, Anele’s achievements far     and determination and a vision that
outshine her humble background.          would carry her closer toward success.
                                               Studying Jewellery Manufacturing
                                         was her dream. She had always
                                         admired her mother’s jewellery and
                                         wondered how they were made.
                                         Earrings, rings and necklaces
                                         became fascinating objects to Anele.
                                         Finally she unexpectedly obtained         Anele Ngxongo, wears one of the pieces she designed and manufactured during
                                         an MQA bursary to study Jewellery         her studies
                                         Manufacturing at the College of Cape
                                         Town for TVET. This not only gave         she dedicated her efforts to achieving     village one day, a company which
                                         her a chance to study at post-matric      her dream, namely that of entering the     will open opportunities for other
                                         level, but to study something that she    jewellery industry as a skilled artisan.   people. I want to give back to my
                                         truly loves. She was excited when              Studying Jewellery Manufacturing      community and empower those that
                                         community leader, Mr Mthokozisi           at the College of Cape Town not only       do not have the chances I had”.
                                         Mchunu, called her in and told her        gave Anele the skills and knowledge             We value how one single person,
                                         about this opportunity. A dream           needed to manufacture jewellery in         with a passion and a dream can
                                         became reality and it was not long        various metals, including platinum,        change the lives of many others. One
                                         before she found herself on a bus to      but it also enabled her to learn           person who steps into an unknown
A beautiful diamond ring designed        Cape Town - a big city brimming with      how to set stones in tube, claw,           world, leaving behind everything
and manufactured by Anele                wonderful possibilities. Leaving young    pavé or channel settings. These are        she knows to gain the necessary
                                         Owami back in the village was tough       techniques that will guide her on her      skills and knowledge that can also
     Anele is the 24 year-old mother     and there were many times when            pathway towards success.                   help those that are in need. This is a
of five-year old Owami. She grew         she missed her life and family back            We asked Anele “What’s next?”,        victory of human spirit that can only
up in the large village of Nkandla in    home. But her passion for jewellery-      as she reflected on what she has           blossom into something greater than
deep, rural KwaZulu-Natal. She was       making drove her to complete her          achieved. She is proud to have come        can be imagined. Let it be a beacon
raised by her grandmother, Sakhephi      studies. Determined to succeed and        this far, and proud of her strength        of what can be achieved through
Gabela, while her mother was busy        to bring her newly acquired knowledge     and determination that drove her to        hard work, endurance and a vision
working piece jobs in Johannesburg.      back to her village was a driving force   where she is now. But with a humble        of the betterment of lives in this
Growing up in a large family with        greater than could be imagined. With      expression Anele responded: “I see         country. It is a great success story
only one breadwinner was not an          the strength and support of her family    myself having a big company at my          that can inspire many others.

                                                                                                                 TVET COLLEGE TIMES March 2016
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