Page created by Bobby Lyons

    his edition of Bronco Guide was produced during
    a unique time in history. For the first time ever, Cal
    Poly Pomona went entirely virtual due to the global
COVID-19 pandemic. Everything on campus came to a
complete halt - something that the school hadn’t seen since
World War II, when CPP closed its campus for three years.

Lectures were taught by professors through video
conferencing and all CPP events and sport seasons were
canceled. Residents moved out of their dorms, parking
permits were refunded and the campus became a ghost
town, with staff, faculty and students practicing social
distancing at home. For many seniors, this unfortunately
meant their time on campus was cut short.

Throughout this stressful time, The Poly Post, CPP’s student-
run newspaper, continued to report and produce timely
news stories for the weekly paper and create the pages of
Bronco Guide magazine, all from home.

For those entering CPP, our advice for you is to make every
moment count. Join clubs and organizations, make time
to meet with your professors and try to attend the various
events on campus. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing a
cap and gown and walking out of CPP with your degree!

We hope the Bronco Guide magazine will serve as a helpful
resource for you as you start your journey at CPP. We have
stories ranging from information about campus Greek life to
exciting places to visit around Southern California. Whether
you’re new to CPP or a returning student, know that how
you spend your time at CPP is all up to you, so make the
most out of it.

Congratulations and welcome to Cal Poly Pomona!



                                  The Poly Post
6 About the Poly Post              16 Popular Events on Campus
 8 Meet the Presidents              18 Bronco Pride
10 Campus Map                       20 Parking 101
12 8 Colleges                       22 Campus Safety
14 Learn by Doing                   24 Fun Facts

26 W.K. Kellogg Horse Center        40 The Study Abroad Experience
28 Cool and Creative Classes        42 Rose Float
30 Go Green                         44 Live on Campus
32 Get Into Greek Life              46 Campus Pad Essentials
34 Club Spotlight                   48 Swipe Smart
36 Cultural Centers                 50 Helpful Partying Tips
38 Bronco Student Center            52 Conquer Finals Week

54 Meet at the University Library
56 Centers on Campus
58 Financial Aid Resources
60 Career Center
62 Living Healthy
64 Ditch Parking

66 Points of Interest on Campus
68 Explore Southern CA
70 Downtown Pomona
72 Local Hiking Spots

74 Bronco Athletics
78 Intramural Sports
80 Esports
82 Mamba Mentality

84 Campus Food
86 Local Cafes
GUIDE                                               WRITERS

STAFF                                               Michael Acevedo
                                                    Elizabeth Aquino
                                                    Daniela Avila
                                                                               Amber Li
                                                                               Jovian Lin
                                                                               Zuvanny Macias
                                                    Jacqueline Ayala           Desiree McClean
                                                    Lauren Bruno               Anela Miki-Han
                                                    Jannett Diaz               Grace Mikuriya
                                                    Dennis Erturk              Christian Moya
                                                    Steven Everett             Carlos Olivares
                                                    Andy Foreman               Kimberly Ramirez
                                                    Carla Ghafari              Kristy Ramirez
                                                    Joanne Guintu              Julissa Sanchez
                                                    Sarah Han                  Jizelle Saucedo
                                                    Kelcie Hartley             Lauren Scheer
                                                    Elizabeth Hernandez        Nicholas Talamante
                                                    Nicolas Hernandez          Cheyenne Thomas
   Elizabeth Aquino             Jovian Lin
    Editor-in-Chief          Creative Director      Taylor Johnson             Georgia Valdes
                                                    Nouk Keovyphone            Alexandra Wilder

                                                    Elizabeth Aquino           Nick Lamborn
                                                    Sismanov Barron            Cameron Matchinsky
                                                    Lauren Bruno               Desiree McClean
                                                    Patrick Castro             CJ Nartia
                                                    Joanne Guintu              Eddie Rangel
                                                    Sarah Han                  Georgia Valdes
                                                    Alyssa Kimble
    Angely Flete            Esteban Villanueva
Lead Graphic Designer     Senior Graphic Designer
                                                    ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES
                                                    Valerie Sarkis             Tovin Schwartz

                                                    Associated Students Inc.   Tyler Lobe
                                                    Ben Anderson               Kalea Vizmanos
                                                    CSUSM Athletics            Tom Zasadzinski

     Eddie Rangel            Julianna Verdugo
Senior Graphic Designer      Graphic Designer


          al Poly Pomona’s student-run
          newspaper, The Poly Post,
          has been supplying news
    coverage to students, faculty, staff
    and alumni for the past 80 years.
    The paper is free and located all over
    campus in the green newsstands.
                                                        YEARS OF COVERAGE

                                             The writers and editors of the paper
                                             are hard at work each week, with
                                             a new issue being published every
                                             Tuesday. The Poly Post is a required
                                             class for communication journalism
                                             students. While most writers
                                             and editors are enrolled in either
                                             newspaper practices or advanced
                                             newspaper practices, The Poly
                                                Post also welcomes freelance
                                                         writers interested
                                                                                    The Poly Post staff consists of eight
                                                                                    editors and several staff writers.
                                                                                    Most students develop a niche, or
                                                                                    beat, early on in the semester and
                                                                                    devote themselves to covering one
                                                                                    specific subject. The class meets
                                                                                    every Monday and Wednesday
                                                                                    in Building 1, Room 210 where they
                                                                                    brainstorm and pitch story ideas,
                                                                                    meet with their editors and go
                                                                                    over the recent issue. The class
                                                           in getting their         is overseen by its new faculty
                                                           work published.          advisor, Dr. Jason Turcotte, who has
                                                                                    several years of journalism and
                                                          The paper is made         newsroom experience.
                                                         up of four main
                                                         categories: news,          Writing for The Poly Post is a great
                                                         arts & entertainment,      way for students to get hands-on
                                                         opinion and sports.        experience in the journalism field.
                                                        Journalists at The Poly     Students learn vital skills such as
                                                        Post focus on campus-       conducting interviews, working
                                                        re l a te d c ove ra ge     with a team, capturing images to
                                                        such as the annual          help tell a story, utilizing Associated
                                                       CPP pumpkin patch,           Press (AP) style and working
                                                       new exhibits at the          with deadlines.
                                                       Kellogg Art Gallery and
                                                       Bronco Athletics.            “It was a great hands-on experience.
                                                                                     It helped me use the skills that I
                                                      The paper is also              learned in class and put them into
                                                      digital. Every article         effect,” CPP alumnus and former
                                                      gets published online          sports editor Jesse Tovar says.
                                                      at           “Being an editor taught me how to
                                                     The class also focuses          be organized and be a team leader.
                                                     on video components             I learned a lot and I’m glad I decided
                                                     and releases a new              to take the position.”
                                                     video each week on its
                                                     YouTube channel.               If a student is interested in
                                                                                    journalism, The Poly Post is the
                                                                                    best place to start and it’s right
                                                                                    on campus.

6    BRONCO GUIDE 2020
Our mission is to empower students towards
success through engagement, leadership development,
              and diversity enrichment.
A Message From
         President Coley

          Welcome to the Bronco family!

          The term “polytechnic” originates from the Greek word polytechnos, meaning “skilled in many
          arts.” For more than 80 years, Cal Poly Pomona has built on this foundation to create an immersive
          educational experience that is inclusive and engaging, and where learning by doing serves as the
          foundation of everything we do in the classroom, laboratory, and beyond. The end result is that our
          students leave our campus uniquely prepared to succeed in their careers and in life.

          As president of Cal Poly Pomona, my highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our campus
          community. Like every other campus across the state and nation, we have felt the impact of
          the pandemic caused by coronavirus. I am pleased to share that our university has risen to this
          challenge, keeping our collective sights on the success of our students and their path to graduation.

          Whether learning remotely, or on in-person on campus you will be connected with the people,
          places, tools, and resources that you need to be successful, and when you begin classes you will
          discover additional opportunities for engagement, with future employers, and in our surrounding
          communities. I encourage you utilize all the opportunities a Cal Poly Pomona education offers.

          On behalf of the entire university, I thank you for choosing Cal Poly Pomona!

          Soraya M. Coley, Ph.D.

                                             Hello and welcome to Cal Poly Pomona! You
                                             have now entered into a new, and one of the best,
                                             chapters of your life. My name is Lucy Yu and I
                                             am your Associated Students Incorporated (ASI)
                                             President. I am a senior in Hospitality Management
                                             with a minor in Chinese. Along with your ASI Vice
                                             President, Manshaan Singh, a senior in Environment
                                             Biology, we are excited to welcome you into the
                                             Bronco family and look forward to serving you this
                                             academic year.

                                             My journey at Cal Poly Pomona truly began to thrive
                                             when I found and built my personal community. My
                                             one tip for you is to get involved on our campus.
                                             Your primary focus is going to be your academics,
                                             but extra curricular activities will bring a different
                                             level of fun and interest to your college experience.
                                             I promise you, whether it is a club, organization, or
                                             society, joining something outside of the classroom
                                             will enrich your journey.

                                             We look forward to being your Student Government
                                             Leaders during the 2020-2021 academic year,
                                             along with our dynamic Board of Directors and
                                             Cabinet members. As an organization we will have
                                             three main goals: to focus on student needs, student
                                             clubs and organizations growth, and student
                                             success. We will pride ourselves on creating change
                                             and having an open line of communication with our
                                             student community.

                                             I welcome you to connect and contact me with any
                                             comments or concerns. I also hope that you stop
                                             by our office just to say hi and meet our team. The
Instagram: @asicpp                           Student Government Main Office is located on the
Lucy’s Email:           first floor of the Bronco Student Center (Bldg. 35,
Manshaan’s Email:   Rm. 1339), directly across from Round Table Pizza.
                                             You can also catch us via Instagram or direct email.

                                             Again, welcome to Cal Poly Pomona!

                                             Lucy Yu
                                             ASI President

                                                                              BRONCO GUIDE 2020       9

                                                      163         162

            30 MILES TO

            21 MILES TO

            44 MILES TO   82




                                         University Plaza

                                                                        45   Apparel Merchandising and
                                                                        46   Student Health Services
                                                                        47   Agricultural Engineering Tractor Shop
                                                                        48   Custodial Offices
                                                                        49   Training Center
                                                                        52   The Den & The Vista Market
                                                                        54   Vista De La Estrellas Res, Suites
                                                                        55   CPP Foundation
                                                                        56   Storage Building
                                                                        57   Palmitas Residence Hall
                                                                        58   Cedritos Residence Hall
                                                                        59   La Cienega Center
                                                                        60   Vista Bonita Res, Suites
                                                                        61   Vista Del Sol Res. Suites
                                                                        62   Vista Del Las Montanas Res. Suites
                                                                        63   Vista Del La Luna Res. Suites

10   BRONCO GUIDE 2020

                            ROUTE                             HOURS

                           Bronco Express operates when school is in session. It does not
                           operate on University holidays or break periods.

              CAMPUS FOOD
              BRONCO STUDENT CENTER                                         FOOD TRUCK
              BLDG. 35                                                      Poly Trolley
              Saddles Cafe                                                  Pony Express
              Poly Fresh
              Qdoba Mexican Grill                                           INNOVATION VILLAGE
              Round Table Pizza                                             BLDG. 220A
              Subway                                                        Innovation Brew Works
                                                                            KELLOGG WEST
              CAMPUS MARKET PLACE                                           BLDG. 76
              BLDG. 97                                                      Kellogg West Conference
              Carls Jr.                                                     Center & Hotel
              Fresh Escape
              International Grounds                                         LIBRARY
              Panda Express                                                 BLDG. 15
              Pony Express                                                  Starbucks
              Taco Bell
                                                                            POLY EXPRESS
              CBA                                                           BLDG. 7
              BLDG. 164                                                     BLDG. 60
              Einstein Bros. Bagels                                         BLDG. 70
                                                                            BLDG. 97
              CENTERPOINTE                                                  BLDG. 98
              BLDG. 72                                                      BLDG. 164
              Centerpointe Dining Commons
              Lollicup Fresh                                                RESIDENTIAL SUITS
              Jones Coffee Roasters                                         BLDG. 52
                                                                            The Den
              COLLINS COLLEGE                                               Vista Market
              BLDG. 79B
              Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch                                   THE BRIC
              H Cafe                                                        BLDG. 42
                                                                            Jamba Juice
              FARM STORE
              BLDG. 211
              Farm Store




                                                                          BRONCO GUIDE 2020              11
                                                                 by ANELA MIKI-HAN

 The Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture provides
 hands-on experience for students in the fields of
 agricultural sciences, m a n a g e m e n t , technology,
 merchandising and nutrition. This college is the
 only four-year agricultural program in Southern
 California. With CPP’s 700-acre farm, agriculture
 students operate the farm, take care of the university
 animals and conduct research.

 The College of Business Administration (CBA) cultivates
 students to be future global leaders by providing them
 with necessary skills and knowledge, required into the
 career fields of cybersecurity, real estate, marketing,
 finance, accounting and management. The college
 offers eight undergraduate concentrations and three
 graduate programs, and has been recognized by the
 Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business           CPP
 (AACSB-International) as an accredited business school.

 The College of Education & Integrative Studies (CEIS)
 shapes their students into future teachers and education
 leaders. Students undergo interactive classes that
 require them to learn different techniques and ways to
 get involved with education in all types of environments.
 CEIS includes six different departments and students
 can earn the required credentials to become a teacher at
 any level of education.

 The College of Engineering pushes their students to be
 innovative, creative and persistent in their education
 to be an engineer. Students gain first-hand experience
 in the fields of aerospace, chemical and materials, civil,
 electrical and computer, electromechanical technology,
 industrial and manufacturing and mechanical. Students
 of the College of Engineering develop teamwork,
 innovation and entrepreneurship skills that will help
 them strive in the industry.

12    CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0
The goal of the College of Environmental Design is for
students to think creatively and create ways to improve
our community’s surrounding and natural environments.
Students learn by designing their own structures and spaces
and presenting their designs to their professors and peers.
The college offers programs in architecture, landscape
architecture, urban & regional planning, art history, visual
communication design and regenerative studies.

The Collins College of Hospitality Management creates
hands-on experiences for students in class and in their
state-of-the-art facilities. Students can practice their
hospitality skills in the Kellogg West Conference Center
and Hotel. The college also offers the Restaurant at Kellogg
Ranch, where students serve and cook meals for hungry
customers. The nationally recognized Collins College of
Hospitality Management is the first four-year hospitality
management program in California and the only hospitality
management college on the West Coast.

The College of Science promotes an innovative environment
for students to learn, discover and research. Students are
guided by their professors to find solutions that embody
real life situations in the field of science. This college offers
seven undergraduate programs and six graduate programs,
all helping advance science and foster real-world education.

The College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences (CLASS)
provides students with hands-on experience in the world
of humanities, social sciences and performing arts. CLASS
cultivates students to acquire skills necessary to develop
into an intellectual, personal and professional persona. With
17 undergraduate programs and six graduate programs,
CLASS helps all students tap into their most creative and
passionate selves.

                                         CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0   13
E                       N Y
                                              O NG                                by TAYLOR JOHNSON

           Cal Poly Pomona’s learn by doing initiative helps integrate a more hands-on style of learning,
           which allows students to gain real world experience and prepare for the workforce. This
           involvement varies throughout departments, but the one thing that remains constant is the
           practical component of engaged learning.

           If you have yet to take a stroll through our very    “As a service-learning course, they are learning
           own rainforest stimulated gardens, then you           how to run and operate a public garden while
           are missing out. With the overall purpose to          learning how to take care of a public garden,”
           promote conservation, BioTrek’s mission is to         Brown says.
           take care of the environment while providing
           interactive learning for all students.               Whenever the door is unlocked, all are welcome
                                                                to take a stroll through the gardens, located in
           Once starting as a small greenhouse, BioTrek         building 4A.
           has grown and expanded its footprint through
           different areas on campus such as Project Blue
           and the Mesozoic Gardens.

           This facility is the foundation to several service
           learning courses and internships that allow
           students to gain experience dealing with exotic
           plants and animals.

           BioTrek curator Michael Brown believes these
           opportunities allow students to gain first hand
           experience and secure jobs after graduation.

14   CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0
Being able to take a hands-on approach to the care
of animals is a natural occurrence for students
majoring in animal and veterinary science.

Cord Brundage, assistant professor for animal
and veterinary sciences takes pride in the animals
and the experience they provide through their
outdoor classrooms.

“We embrace learn by doing completely,” Brundage
 says. “We couldn’t have our program without
 being able to have our outdoor classroom. They
 just wouldn’t learn the same way.”

With the exposure to x-ray machines, ultrasound
equipment, anesthesia machines and more,
students are able to be involved in every aspect of
what they are learning.

HOSPITALITY                                           KINESIOLOGY
One of the many things that separates CPP’s           Not all students are able to say that they have
hospitality program from others around the            access to the materials and resources within their
country is its functioning hotel and restaurant on    career field integrated into their course curriculum.
campus, primarily run by students.
                                                      However, kinesiology student Ashley Clemente
Hospitality student Jacob Alcala says being           says she is fortunate to partake in the course
involved in a program that is oriented towards        KIN 3030: Exercise Physiology, a lab that has
field experience has allowed him to build his         gone hand in hand with an internship she had at a
resume and professional career. As an assistant       physical therapy clinic.
supervisor to the front desk at the Kellogg West
Conference Center and Hotel, Alcala has received      “In our lab we perform exercises and experiments,
many opportunities since becoming involved with        and use machines that help us,” Clemente says.
the department.                                       “The tests are able to measure things like peak
                                                       anaerobic power.”
“I have developed amazing people skills and
 amazing networking skills that are a lot more        With machines such as the Bod Pod, Biodex,
 beneficial than being able to sit down and read a    treadmill and Monark bike, Clemente says she
 book,” Alcala says.                                  is able to directly see what the body does while
                                                      exercising. Hoping to work in the sports field after
                                                      college, Clemente says this lab has definitely
                                                      helped prepare her for her future.

                                                                                        CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0   15
       EVENTS                              by THE POLY POST

                                  If you’re looking to make the most out of your time at
                                  Cal Poly Pomona, try attending these popular events!

                                  1. BRONCOFUSION: FALL
                                  At the start of every school year, students, faculty and staff are
                                  welcomed back to campus with CPP’s biggest event, BroncoFusion.
                                  This concert is a great time to meet new people, enjoy food from
                                  the food trucks and dance with your friends to the live music. Some
                                    notable headliners from past years include Aminé, Goldlink,
                                     and Tinashe.

                                       2. HOT DOG CAPER: FALL
                                        The Hot Dog Caper is an annual event hosted by Cal Poly
                                         Pomona Foundation and its partners. All members of the CPP
                                         community are invited to attend this fun and free event held at
                                          University Park. Though the theme changes every year, you
                                          can always expect hot dogs, frozen treats, photo booths and
                                           live entertainment.

                                             3. CAL POLY POMONA PUMPKIN PATCH: FALL
                                            For two days every October, the Pumpkin festival is held
                                             at the AGRIscapes Agricultural Outreach Center. The
                                             College of Agriculture grows 40,000 pumpkins for this
                                             event every year. The festival features many fall-time
                                             activities like a corn maze, pony rides and a petting farm,
                                            and is open to both the campus community and the public.

16   CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0
Though midterms and finals can be a stressful time
on campus, ASI aims to help students relieve stress
by encouraging them to cuddle with puppies in the
University Park. They set up various pens in the
middle of the park with puppies of all different breeds      Due to COVID-19, Fall events may be subject to change.
and give each participant a set amount of time to
hang out with the fluffy creatures.
                                                          7. GEEK WEEK: SPRING
                                                          Geek Week is a full week dedicated to celebrating all
5. MIDNIGHT MADNESS: FALL, SPRING                         things “geeky”. This past year’s Geek Week offered a
Midnight Madness is a classic CPP event, held twice       range of events like a cosmetics tutorial, K-pop dance
a year, before every finals week. Every year, this        workshop and even a magic show. The events lead
late-night event begins at 10. P.M. and runs until        up to BroncoCON, which includes an artist alley for
midnight in the Bronco Student Center. Students love      budding artists to showcase their work. Geek Week
attending Midnight Madness for the free treats and        events vary every year and are sure to appeal to all
fun activities.                                           kinds of Broncos on campus.

                                                          8. BRONCO SPIRIT WEEK: FALL
                                                          Bronco Spirit Week is a fun-filled week, meant to
Bronco Family Day is the perfect time to introduce        spark school spirit on campus. In past years, the
your family to CPP, your home away from home!             events included a Bronco Spirit Parade, Homecoming
The campus is turned into a mini carnival with rides,     concert, Bronco Basketball Madness and various
games and live performances. Students and their           themed parties. Students also enjoy participating in
families also have the opportunity to learn more          Bronco Spirit Week for the chance to win free CPP
about various resources offered by the university.        swag and socialize with other fellow broncos.

                                                                                               CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0   17
BRONCO PRIDE                                    by DENNIS ERTURK

      With Cal Poly Pomona being such a diverse campus, filled with students of all different majors,
      backgrounds and interests, it’s no surprise that there isn’t just one way to show BRONCO PRIDE.
      For some, it’s coming to campus decked out in their favorite CPP hoodie or shirt. While for others, it
      could be supporting the home team at athletic events or getting involved on campus. Whatever it
      is, one thing is certain: BRONCO PRIDE is loud and its everywhere.

18   CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0
The lively energy found at games and events are
created by the three most spirited groups on
campus: the Bronco Pep band, the Bronco Cheer
team and the Broncettes. Students count on these
organizations to spread school spirit and hype up
the crowd at all the major events on campus.

The Bronco Pep Band is an essential part of
Bronco pride. The band is made up of students of
a variety of majors who are dedicated to providing
music and creating a fun, lively setting for the
campus community.

“(Bronco pride) is about coming out and supporting
 our fellow broncos. When we get our group            The Bronco Cheer team and the Broncettes help
 together, it’s a really positive environment that    to create school spirit and spread Bronco pride.
 encourages us to encourage our teams and the        “We encourage students to come out and be part
 fans in the arena,” says business student and        of the campus and get people to attend sporting
 Bronco Pep Band member Andrew Welch. “It’s           events and other events that are hosted by ASI,”
 about letting everyone know we’re all here and       says Madison Clark, microbiology student and
 we’re all broncos.”                                  cheer team member.

You can catch the Bronco Pep Band performing         They attend various university events and
during CPP sporting games or listen to them          rallies and have competed at local and national
rehearse on Wednesday nights in front of the         championships.     Throughout      the   athletic
Kellogg gym.                                         seasons, you can catch them cheering in the
                                                     sidelines at our soccer, volleyball, baseball and
Dancing alongside the Bronco Pep Band are the        basketball games.
Broncettes. The Broncettes are our school’s
official dance team. Though they mainly perform      Amber Huerta, liberal studies student and cheer
jazz-style dances, the Broncettes also blend         team member says Bronco pride means “coming
it with modern dancing and hip-hop routines,         out every single week and rooting for our team.”
encouraging other Broncos in the crowd to get
on their feet and move with them.                    Unleash your Bronco Pride at the next event
                                                     and make some noise!

                                                                                    CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0   19
Parking 101: Intro to Parking
                                                                    by CARLA GHAFARI and KIMBERLY RAMIREZ

                                                              CHOOSE YOUR PARKING LOT WISELY
                                                              Be careful when looking for a parking spot in lots J
                                                              and M. They are the two closest parking lots to the
                                                              University Quad, leaving them entirely full by 9 a.m.
                                                              However, parking structure 1, which is close to the
                                                              CLA building and only steps away from the library, and
                                                              parking structure 2, located near the BRIC, typically
                                                              have plenty of available spots.

                                                              DOWNLOAD THE CPP MOBILE APP
                                                              Cut time on driving around the parking lots by staying
                                                              informed and downloading the CPP mobile app. The
                                                              app allows students to sign up for parking alerts,
                                                              receive real-time updates on parking availability
                                                              during the first week of every new semester and track
                                                              the Bronco Express Shuttles.

      arking at Cal Poly Pomona has become a
      struggle that all students know too well. But
      with CPP having 15 parking lots, two parking
 structures, two overflow lots and over 14,000 parking
 spots on campus, finding parking doesn’t have to be
 a hassle. Avoid wasting time circling the same lots by
 parking more strategically.

 A parking permit is required at all times. Daily permits
 can be purchased at several kiosks located around
 the parking lots. But, students are encouraged to
 purchase parking permits for the semester, which
 allow them access to park on any student designated
 lot on campus. These permits can be purchased online.
 Parking without a permit will result in a ticket.

 COME TO CAMPUS EARLY                                         TAKE ADVANTAGE OF RIDESHARE SERVICES
 On weekdays, peak traffic time begins at 7:30 a.m.           An eco-friendly and time-efficient way to find parking is
 However, most of the parking lots reach capacity by 10       by utilizing rideshare services and clean vehicle spots.
 a.m. To secure a parking spot, always come to campus         Rideshare parking is available in Parking Structure 2,
 at least 45 minutes before the start of your class time.     Lot F9, and Lot J, from 7 a.m. to noon. Monday through
 Allowing yourself plenty of time to find a parking spot      Thursday. To park in a rideshare spot, you must have at
 will help you avoid rushing to class or being late.          least one other passenger in the car and obtain the daily
                                                              rideshare permit. You can acquire the required permit by
                                                              visiting the Student Rideshare Booth, located outside
 MAKE USE OF THE OVERFLOW LOTS                                Parking Structure 1 and the University Police Station.
 The two overflow lots help to limit parking congestion and
 aid traffic flow. Though they are a brief walk away from
 the main campus, the Bronco Express Shuttle (routes A        All parking lot locations are listed on the campus
 and D) drives students to and from the overflow lots and     map on page 10
 conveniently brings them right to the center of campus.

20   CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0
Open  All Summer
   DAILY    10am to 6m
                                                      S traight
Custom Gift Packs and Baskets for
                                                       Fresh d
               Bring in this ad for
                                                      Sque nge
                                                      CPP O ce
                   All food items
            $20 minimum, excludes alcohol & nursery

                                   TIPS                                 by AMBER LI

                                         1. CONTACT UNIVERSITY POLICE

                                         University Police can be reached at (909) 869-3070 on your mobile
            avigating a large college    device or 911 on a campus phone. The Blue Light Emergency
            campus with thousands        Phones on campus are directly connected to the police department
            of other students can        if you find yourself without a means of contact. The police station
      be intimidating. The best          is located at Building 109 next to Parking Services on Cypress and
                                         Magnolia Lane.
      way to protect yourself is
      to stay educated about your
      campus resources. Here are         2. UTILIZE SAFETY ESCORT SERVICES
      5 safety tips that can help keep   If you’re ever feeling unsafe when walking around campus, you can
      you safe and well-informed as      always request the safety escort service to safely take you to your
                                         destination. “Having (an escort service) out there is really good.
      a CPP student.                     (It) makes me feel just a little safer,” says Josafina Sieve, accounting
                                         student. The service is available Monday - Thursday, after 6 p.m.
                                         and can be contacted at (909) 869-3070.

22   CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0
Our campus has an emergency messaging system             Be alert and observant when walking around campus,
connected to phones, email addresses and other           especially at night. Not being oblivious can help reduce
SMS devices. In the case of an emergency, the school     the chance of you being attacked or taken advantage
will immediately alert students, faculty and staff.      of. Watch out for others as well. If you see someone
                                                         being harassed, notify campus police or film the event
                                                         to prevent further escalation.
 Choose well-lit and populated areas when walking
 around at night rather than non-lit shortcuts through
 deserted areas. “Always walk with people around
 you,” says Leo Preciado, urban planning student.
“Walk in open spaces if you can, so you have a chance
 to take another route if you see someone coming
 toward you.”

                                                                                           CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0   23

                                                Since the College of Hospitality’s logo is a pineapple,
                                                all of the hand soaps in their restrooms have
                                                a pineapple scent. “A pineapple means welcome
                                                and hospitality,” says Lucy Yu, ASI president.

        Underneath the College of Hospitality
        there is a wine library of over 8,000
        wine bottles.

                                                The Bronco Peak in the Bronco Recreational
                                                and Intramural Complex (BRIC) is the tallest
                                                indoor rock-climbing wall in the California State
                                                University (CSU) system, standing at 51 feet tall.

24   CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0
King John’s all-white Arabian Horse is
                                        buried underneath the Rose Garden,
                                        located near the business buildings.

Famous television producer, Forest Whitaker, is a
Cal Poly Pomona alumnus. He has appeared in popular
movies such as Rogue One; A Star Wars Story and
Black Panther.

                                        CPP’s campus is formed around the former horse
                                        ranch and house of cereal tycoon, Will Keith Kellogg,
                                        the founder of the Kellogg Company.

W.K. Kellogg had an obsession with the number 7.
He was born on April 7 and was the seventh child of
his family. The Kellogg House, located on campus,
has seven French windows, seven bedrooms and
seven bathrooms.

                                        Cal Poly Pomona has a llama named Poncho that
                                        protects the herd of sheep and goats from coyotes.
                                        You can meet him at the cross section of Temple
                                        Avenue and South University Drive.

                                                                          CA M P U S L I F E 2 0 2 0   25

                                                                                               by DESIREE MCCLEAN

             eautiful, elegant Arabian horses gallop
             through the meadows at the W.K. Kellogg
             Arabian Horse Center, located on Eucalyptus
             Lane at Cal Poly Pomona.

     Will Keith Kellogg of Battle Creek, Michigan, founded
     Cal Poly Pomona by establishing the horse center
     years before the university was considered a school.
     In 1925, on an adventure to fulfill his childhood
     desires, he searched for the best Arabian bloodlines
     to begin his breeding program at his winter home in
     Pomona, California.
                                                                 They made a deal with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to
     Kellogg gathered many horses from all over the              create the College of Agriculture. Cal Poly Pomona was
     U.S. and beyond. The ranch became so popular that           officially separated from San Luis Obispo and became
     Hollywood stars from the 1920s traveled to visit the        a stand-alone university in 1972.
     extraordinary creatures. The Arabian horses even
     appeared in several films.                                  Students and staff are key elements to keeping
                                                                 Kellogg’s dream alive.
     The ranch was eventually given to the U.S. army during
     World War II, with the plan to breed war horses. Once the   The Horsemanship Club gives students the opportunity
     war ended, the ranch was given to the U.S. Department       to socialize with other students of the same interests.
     of Agriculture, which decided to sell everything.           Students from all majors and class levels are encouraged
                                                                 to join the Horsemanship Club to participate in training
     In 1949, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation worked hard to         and showcasing the horses.
     keep the ranch running.

26   STUDENT LIFE 2020
Once students have completed chores, such as caring
for the horses and cleaning the stables, they earn points
to allow them to ride the horses and be more involved
with the showcases.

“They don’t have to have any experience,” says Megan
Bryant, animal science student. “It’s great if they do,
but every barn does something different, so even
students who come in with a lot of experience, will still
learn different things that we do here.”

The Foal Watch class at CPP has been considered
a favorite among students because they get the               Around 60 purebred horses call the horse center home
opportunity to be a part of the horses giving birth.         and every year, 10-15 horses are bred through the
Students from any major can take the class and learn         center’s breeding program, which is run by staff and
all about how to care for the mare and her foaling.          volunteers. The program is dedicated to forming athletic
                                                             show horses to be presented at the showcase facility.
Participating in the life of a foal before birth and after
birth is a breathtaking experience and should be taken       The historic showcase, which originated in 1926, as a
advantage of if interested.                                  part of Kellogg’s legacy, takes place on the first Sunday
                                                             of every month at 2 p.m. from October-May.

                                                                  Arabian Horse Center Hours
                                                                       8 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week
                                                                           (excluding major holidays)

                                                                         Horse Center Office
                                                                           Phone: (909) 869-4988

                                                                     CPP Horsemanship Club

                                                                                              STUDENT LIFE 2020         27
COOL & CREATIVE CLASSES                                                                           by THE POLY POST

                                                              HRT 3120- BEER AND CULTURE (3)
                                                              (fee required and min age 21 by day one of class)
                                                              To all the beer lovers and even the non-beer drinkers,
                                                              this fun and engaging class will expand your knowledge
                                                              of America’s favorite alcoholic beverage.

                                                              ENG 2803- FANTASY AND THE FANTASTIC (3)
                                                              Dragons, fairies, princesses, oh my! This course explores
                                                              fantasy in the literature sense, as well as its significance
                                                              in our society and humans’ everyday thoughts.

                                                              DAN 2700A- HIP-HOP DANCE ACTIVITY (2)
                                                              In between lectures and studying, why not give your
                                                              brain a break by enrolling in a Hip-Hop course held in
                                                              CPP’s very own dance studio? The class is open to
                                                              anyone at any skill level and can be taken as many
                                                              times as you please.

                                                              IGE 3300- DEMONS, THE UNDEAD, AND THE
                                                              MONSTROUS OTHER (3)
                                                              Are you intrigued by the darker side of life? This course
                                                              discusses topics such as evil in time and cultures,
     College is a great place to discover new interests and   supernatural horror and demonic encounters, by
     expand your knowledge in various subjects. Why not       analyzing film, literature and theoretical works.
     take advantage of your time at Cal Poly Pomona by
     enrolling in one of these cool and creative classes?

 With the Hollywood foothills looming in the distance,
 your big break to stardom starts on campus. This
 course offers students a hands-on, interactive
 approach to acting, through improvisation exercises
 and character practices.

 MU 1310- GUITAR CLASS (1)
 Ever had the interest to pick up a guitar? Here at CPP,
 you can learn the basic fundamentals of playing guitar,
 develop the skills needed to read chords, and various
 strumming and finger-picking techniques.                                           RIP
 PLT 3360 AND PLT 3360L
 Bees are wildly important to agriculture and this
 unique class offers students the opportunity to
 understand why. The course dives into topics such
 as care and management of bees, maintenance of
 apiaries, recognition of bee diseases and much more.

28    STUDENT LIFE 2020

 As Broncos, it is our job to make sure that we do our                 UTILIZE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION
 part to keep the campus clean and nice. Whether                        The free Bronco Shuttle service provides hourly
 it be small changes to our daily habits or becoming                    rides to students from the Student Services
 more knowledgeable about sustainability through                 Building (SSB) to the Pomona North Metrolink Station.
 academics, it’s safe to say that CPP students have a            The shuttle service schedule can be found on the
 broad range of opportunities to make their campus,              CPP Transportation Services website. By finding
 and their world, a more sustainable home.                       alternative solutions for getting to campus, students
                                                                 can alleviate themselves from the hassle of parking
                                                                 and do their part in creating a sustainable future.

 1                                                               5
     Reusable straws are a great way to cut down on                    LEARN ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY
     our school’s plastic usage. CPP has already made                  Sustainability Student Assistant and environmental
 an effort, by initiating a campaign called “Skip the                  biology student, Kaila Moraga suggests
 Straw” which encourages students to ditch single-use            incorporating academics into student sustainability
 plastic straws and purchase reusable straws instead.            efforts. The Sustainability Course Guide authored by
 Environmentally friendly compostable straws can also            Moraga and Martha Rosario, another sustainability
 be found at various dining locations on campus.                 student assistant, allows students to find a wide range
                                                                 of courses that focus on sustainability efforts. “Instead
                                                                 of doing sustainability on the side, you’re integrating
                                                                 it more into your future and your major,” Moraga

                                                                 says. The course guide highlights classes ranging
           CARRY A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE                         in disciplines from plant science and engineering to
            CPP has numerous filtered water fountains
                                                                 business administration and history.
            throughout the campus. Bringing a HydroFlask
     or a similar reusable water bottle is a great way to keep
     wasteful plastic bottles from littering our campus. A
     huge benefit of the reusable water bottle is that it
     keeps your beverages cold for hours and can be refilled
     as many times as needed throughout your school day.

       CPP offers perks for students who carpool to
       campus. There is currently a rideshare program
 that reserves Clean Air Vehicle spaces in Parking
 Structure 2 and rideshare spaces in lots J and F9.
 Students who commute together to campus can
 receive Rideshare passes from the Student Rideshare
 Booth and park in these spaces from 7 a.m. to noon on

30    STUDENT LIFE 2020
“Greek life has impacted my

     Get into
                                                                                 life in so many ways I wouldn’t
                                                                                          have imagined.”
                                                                                       - Colleen Shamalian
                                                                                    (member of Chi Omega)

         Greek Life
                                                                                        by DANIELA AVILA

            Interfraternity       National Panhellenic   National Pan-hellenic   Multicultural Greek
            Council (IFC)         Conference (NPC)       Council (NPHC)          Council (MGC)
            Nu Alpha Kappa        Alpha Xi Delta         Alpha Kappa Alpha       Alpha Phi Gamma
            Phi Kappa Tau         Chi Omega              Delta Sigma Theta       Alpha Pi Sigma
            Pi Kappa Alpha        Kappa Delta            Sigma Gamma Rho         Chi Rho Omicron
            Pi Kappa Phi          Sigma Kappa                                    Gamma Zeta Alpha
            Sigma Alpha Epsilon   Zeta Tau Alpha                                 Lambda Theta Alpha
            Sigma Chi                                                            Lambda Theta Phi
            Sigma Phi Epsilon                                                    Sigma Delta Alpha
            Tau Kappa Epsilon                                                    Sigma Lambda Beta

32   STUDENT LIFE 2020
      ollege is a great time to leave your comfort
      zone, create long-lasting friendships
      and undergo self-growth. With all of the
opportunities for philanthropic involvement and
the chance to meet new people, being a part of
Greek life can be a great way to make the most out
of your time at CPP.

Many students on campus feel very passionate about
their organizations. Joining Greek life can not only
make your college experience memorable, but it can
also help shape you into the individual you’ve always
hoped to become.

“Greek life has impacted my life in so many ways I wouldn’t
 have imagined. It’s shaped me into the leader I am today,
 giving me a support system throughout my years at Cal
 Poly (Pomona),” says Coleen Shamalian, liberal studies
 student and member of Chi Omega sorority. “It taught me
 how to grow personally and professionally.”

Greek life is separated into four sub-councils.
InterFraternity Council (IFC) is reserved for male
fraternities, while National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)
is reserved for women organizations. While Multicultural
Greek Council (MGC) and National Pan-hellenic Council
(NPC) are composed of both men fraternities and women
sororities that have cultural foundations.

Each organization is unique and carries a set of values
that make them who they are. They also all focus on a
specific philanthropy which provides the organization
with purpose. Throughout the year, each organization
holds their own “philanthropy week” or “founders week,”
which is filled with fundraising events dedicated to raising
money and spreading awareness for their cause.

Before joining an organization, one must go through
a process of recruitment. Each subgroup hosts their
own recruitment process, designed to make sure the
individual ends up with the right group of people and finds
their “home.”

Once you find the organization that’s your perfect fit,
there is so much to look forward to as an active member.
Aside from philanthropy weeks, you will have sisterhood/
brotherhood events to attend, the opportunity to receive
your very own mentor and the chance to create long
lasting bonds.

“The Greek life community has helped me network, meet
 and connect with people from all walks of life,” says
 Antoine Boada, hospitality management student and
 member of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. Though Greek life
 is something you can only experience in college, it will be
 a part of you for the rest of your life. If you are searching
 for a tight-knit community to call family and a fun outlet
 outside of school work, Greek life could be the perfect
 place for you.

                                                                 STUDENT LIFE 2020   33
                                                                                    by JACQUELINE AYALA

 ACTORS COLLABORATING                                        BRONCO RUNNING CLUB
 WITH TECHNICIANS (A.C.T.)                                      cppbroncorunningclub
 Actors Collaborating with Technicians (A.C.T.) is CPP’s     The Bronco Running Club encourages students to run
 musical theater club. Their main goal is to create a fun    and socialize in an open and inviting atmosphere.
 and safe environment to teach fellow theater lovers
 how to run a professional theater production. Every         “Throughout the year, we do end of the year races so
 spring, A.C.T. produces a musical. Theater student and      at the end of each semester, we have races like the
 A.C.T.’s treasurer, Veronica Cortez says that auditions     Turkey Trot in San Dimas,” says Meri Krier, hospitality
 are open to every student, no matter their major.           management student and Bronco Running Club’s
                                                             social media manager.
 “Auditions are open to anyone… All we look for are
 people with an enthusiastic attitude and professional       The end of the year races take place every semester,
 work ethic,” Cortez says. “We at A.C.T. welcome all         with the paths being between two and a half to three
 and hold a high expectation of maintaining a positive       miles long. A membership fee is not required to join,
 learning community while creating fun memories and          but members do receive discounts on race fees.
 close bonds with members.”                                  The club meets in front of the Bronco Recreation
                                                             and Intramural Complex (BRIC) and their running
 If you’re interested in joining, A.C.T. meetings are held   schedules are posted weekly on their Instagram.
 every Tuesday in Building 24-1421.

34   STUDENT LIFE 2020
CPP Rocketry serves as a space for CPP engineering
students to learn and practice safe and effective techniques
in order to successfully build and fly high power rockets.

The club actively participates in the annual NASA Student
Launch (NSL) competition, which is a national competition
sponsored by NASA. Their NASA Launch Team is composed
of 25 students who work together to create a full-scale
rocket. This eight-month long project requires members to
research, develop and design a rocket from scratch.

Aerospace engineering student and lead recovery
engineer for the team, Katarina Aguayo joined without
prior experience, but was interested in learning to
build a rocket. “If you have an interest (in creating) and
you want to learn more about it, then you could totally
join,” Aguayo says. “I have learned so much from this
project that I have yet to learn in my classes.”

                                                               INNER ESSENCE DANCE CO.
                                                               Inner Essence Dance Co. was founded by civil
                                                               engineering student, Raymond Tran and economics
                                                               student, Ariel Munoz with the goal of bringing urban
                                                               dance classes to the general public. The club has space
                                                               for dancers of all skill level or experience, looking for a
                                                               place to come together and dance.

                                                               “We want Cal Poly Pomona to become a central hub for
                                                               dancing, where dancers from everywhere can just come
                                                               and feel welcome,” Munoz says.

                                                               Classes are held every Wednesday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
                                                               at the Student Services Building.


In March 1994, the Neo Anime Club came to CPP with the
purpose of teaching members about Japanese animation,
manga and informing them about cultural awareness in a
fun and educational environment for all members.

Neo Anime Club Vice President and computer science
student, Joseph Tuazan believes the club is a good place
to hang out, network and discuss anime.

“Anyone can join the club by showing up, however, if you
want to share a little bit of love through your wallet, you
can sign up for a premium membership,” Tuazan says.
Those who pay the optional membership fee, will receive
a number of perks like a free club T-shirt, prizes and even
a birthday package. The club meets every Thursday from
6 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Building 163, room 1029.

                                                                                                 STUDENT LIFE 2020       35
                                                                                           by JOVIAN LIN

                   In 1995, the cultural centers first opened on campus to provide a sense of
                   belonging to students who had historically been marginalized by the education
                   system. All members of the campus community are invited into the centers
                   and are welcome to engage with the spaces through cultural exchange and
                   social justice education.

     The African American Student Center (AASC)                If you’re looking for a place to relax between classes, get
     celebrates Black heritage through diversity and equity    some advice on school and work or get more involved
     programming, community dialogues and student              with the community, the Asian & Pacific Islander Student
     leadership development. Whether one is looking to         Center (APISC) is the place for you. Looking for a
     connect with Black organizations, learn about the         community? Join their peer mentor program, a student
     heritage of Black people in African Diaspora or discuss   organization or participate in exciting events! Looking for
     issues impacting the Black community, the AASC is the     opportunities to give back? Volunteer with The APISC on
     perfect place to start. IG: @aasc_cpp                     events like Lunar New Year and the APISC After Hours
                                                               Community Spotlights. IG:@cppapisc

36   STUDENT LIFE 2020
              HIGHER EDUCATION
The César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education              The Native American Student Center’s central focuses
(CECCHE) offers a welcoming space for students to            are to bring cultural visibility to the community, increase
study, receive support and build community. Students         awareness and empower students to grow through
can get involved by participating in the La Familia          unique experiences and events, like the annual
Volunteer program, joining different La Union Student        Harvest Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The Monthly
Organizations and attending programs like the Café con       Indigenous Mxn’s Talking Circle and Native Womxn’s
CECCHE, which provides students with a space to speak        Wellness Circle are great ways for students to learn
freely and openly about issues impacting them and their      about unique stories and share cultural perspectives.
community. IG: @cesarechavezctr                              IG: @cpp_nasc

                    PRIDE CENTER                                        WOMXN’S RESOURCE CENTER
The Pride Center seeks for the liberation, social justice,   The Womxn’s Resource Center (WRC) promotes gender
equity and support for all LGBTIQQ (Lesbian, Gay,            equity through empowerment and strives to establish
Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer and Questioning)      a space that encourages discussion and awareness of
students on campus. The Pride Center actively engages        various issues. The WRC is a space to build community,
with other areas on campus to create intersectional          meet new friends and cultivate a support system while
experiences and programs for students. Students              here at CPP. Students can get involved by participating
can get involved in the Pride Center by attending            in programs like the Womxn’s Leadership Institute,
Queer Chats, applying to be a part of the annual Queer       #Grrrlsquad and the weekly Student Parent Support
Leadership Retreat, attending programs and more.             Group. IG: @cppwrc
IG: @cpp.pridecenter

                                                                                                STUDENT LIFE 2020      37
         CENTER                              by JANNETT DIAZ

                         Stuck with a long gap in between your
                         classes, and unsure how to spend it? Push
                         the hassle aside and head to the Bronco
                         Student Center (BSC), located in front of
                         University Park, the University Library and
                         Bronco Bookstore. It’s the social hub on
                         campus for food, games, studying and more.

38   STUDENT LIFE 2020
The BSC is home to Associated Students Inc.           If you’re in need of printing services, stop by the
(ASI), CPP’s student leadership. ASI hosts major      Bronco Copy ‘N Mail, located on the first floor
events in the BSC like Midnight Madness and           of the BSC. They have services such as printing,
Focus on Finals week, as well as various galas        lamination, shipping and more. It’s regularly open
for students to come and dress up. Every week,        Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
they offer fun activities and workshops that vary
throughout the semester and are open to all           ASI STUDENT GOVERNMENT
students. Plant ‘N Sip is a popular event held by
ASI, where students come to the BSC to sip tea        Looking to get involved in student government?
while building personal terrariums.                   The BSC also holds the ASI Student Government
                                                      main office. The ASI Student Government,
ASI is also in charge of programs such as the Art     elected by the student body, works to serve the
Program, Bronco Events & Student Team (BEAT),         campus community, by planning exciting and
Alumni Program and Poly Pantry.                       enriching events and improving campus services.
                                                      Students are welcome to speak with the student
                                                      leaders about any questions or concerns they
The Poly Pantry, established in 2019, is a            may have.
valuable resource for students affected by food
insecurity. The pantry offers students in need        GAMES ROOM ETC.
the opportunity to grab canned goods and non-
perishables, as well as basic necessities like        The Games Room Etc. is the most laid-back place
toiletries or feminine hygiene products. Students     on campus to lounge around with friends and
are not asked to prove proof of income or             take a break from the classroom environment.
residency to use the pantry, but they will be asked   Inside, you can find classic arcade games, pool
to self-certify that they fall below the income       tables, bowling, karaoke, air hockey, gaming
guidelines set by the California Department of        consoles and spare couches to just sit and relax.
Social Services. It’s open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.     Fun events like $1 Pool, Pingpong, Foosball &
and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday - Friday.            Bowling and Donut Worry Monday are also held
                                                      inside The Games Room Etc.
Another important resource in the BSC is
                                                      For students seeking to gain leadership
Financial Services. Students can walk up to the       opportunities, build community or just
Financial Services desk to receive answers to         relax in between classes, the BSC is the
questions regarding student club budgets, cash        place for you.
handling for their organizations and more. It’s
located upstairs and open from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday - Friday.

                                                                                    STUDENT LIFE 2020       39
                                                                                      by KELCIE HARTLEY

       magine walking the cobblestone streets of               Study abroad 101 sessions are available during
       Paris, France on a peaceful, cloudy morning             U-hour Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Wednesdays
       as you head to class, or grabbing dinner in the         at 4 p.m. inside the International Center. Students
     buzzing, lively night markets of Taipei, Taiwan after     should have a better understanding of what study
     studying with friends. Taking classes towards             abroad is, and which program interests them by the
                                                               end of the session.
     your major, in a country you have always dreamed
     of visiting, is the perfect opportunity for you to
                                                               Students can choose from the following four
     grow intellectually and culturally.                       programs: exchange student program, faculty-
                                                               led programs, CSU international program and
     For CPP students, the first step to finding the perfect   independent program.
     study abroad adventure is by exploring all of what
     the International Center, located in Building 1, room
     104, has to offer.

     Stephanie Richardson, psychology student and
     student assistant at the International Center, is
     grateful she studied abroad in London.

     “It was eye opening; you don’t know until you go,”
      she says. “I got to see culture. There were so many
      experiences that I never thought I would have gotten
      by going abroad.”

     The International Center provides students with
     information and assistance with starting and

     planning their study abroad experience.

     Richardson advises students to start planning long
     before their trip. “Usually what we do is advocate for
     students to prepare a year in advance. Depending on
     the program you choose, it could take much less time,
     or it could take the whole year.”

40   STUDENT LIFE 2020
The exchange student program offers options for students
to study abroad in spring, summer, fall, or an entire year.
Students are often surprised by how affordable studying
abroad can be. One benefit of choosing the exchange
student program is that students pay regular CPP tuition.
The exchange student program also allows CPP students
to earn course credit towards their major.

The faculty-led program is the most popular option among
CPP students. It counts towards college credits and is
the most affordable program offered by the International
Center. These trips usually last a few weeks, but can go up
to a few months.

The CSU International Program (CSUIP) is available for all
CSU graduate and undergraduate students. The year-long
program offers an abundance of courses to choose from, in
more than 15 different countries. The prices vary depending
on which program students choose. For students curious
about the affordability of studying abroad, the International
Center provides financial assistance through scholarships,
grants and sponsorships.

Students can choose to study abroad from a non-CPP
program, through the school’s affiliated partners. The
programs offered vary in length, allowing students to study
in another country for the summer, a semester or even an
entire academic year.
The International Center is open five days a week and is
ready to help you embark on your next great adventure.

       “Studying abroad really opened
        up my eyes to other opportunities”

       - Christopher Meade, computer
         engineering student

                                                                STUDENT LIFE 2020   41

                hen CJ Nartia, mechanical engineering            The construction phase becomes more serious as the
                student and Cal Poly Pomona Rose Float           fall semester continues and nears winter break.
                social media coordinator, saw the orange
     submarine towering over Aquatic Aspirations as it           Design week, the week before Christmas, is when
     made the first turn of the Tournament of Roses Parade,      the larger elements and mechanisms including the
     his voice cracked and he could not take his eyes off the    submarine and the turtles on the float are finished and
     award-winning float.                                        deco-week is when the float is in Pasadena and the
                                                                 floral decorations are added before New Year’s Day.
     As the only student self-built float, Aquatic Aspirations
     won the 2020 Director Award for the most outstanding        The final product displayed a playful underwater
     artistic design and use of floral and non-floral            voyage of a submarine that found itself surrounded
     materials marking their 60th award out of 72 rose           with turtles and colorful fishes and discovered a
     parade appearances.                                         shipwreck and a friendly octopus that waved to
                                                                 the crowd.
     Before the champagne bottle is cracked open on
     the float, weeks and months of planning and building        Since 1949, the Cal Poly Universities have participated
     took place to get the float from the previous year from     in the Rose Parade in Pasadena to showcase their
     the deconstruction phase to the decoration phase.           campus’ “learn by doing” philosophy in front of an
                                                                 international audience.
     The Rose Float teams at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
     and Cal Poly Pomona collaborated on the design for          “What makes this so special is that the students organize,
     the float and worked on it throughout 2019 to bring          design, (and) build (the float),” President Coley says. “It’s
     their underwater idea following the parade’s theme           just a continuous experience of recognition of what it
     of “The Power of Hope” to life.                              means to be a polytechnic university.”

42   STUDENT LIFE 2020
You can also read