DISCOVERY S'PORE CENTRE - Secondary Education Programmes 2020 - Singapore Discovery Centre

DISCOVERY S'PORE CENTRE - Secondary Education Programmes 2020 - Singapore Discovery Centre

 Education Programmes
DISCOVERY S'PORE CENTRE - Secondary Education Programmes 2020 - Singapore Discovery Centre
DISCOVERY S'PORE CENTRE - Secondary Education Programmes 2020 - Singapore Discovery Centre

The Little Red Dot and Our NS Story (Centre Visit)       4
Total Defence Day                                        5
Mid-Year Post Exams                                      6
Racial Harmony / National Day                            7
Year-End Post Exams                                      8
SIMSG                                                    9
Contemporary Sources Investigators (CSI)                 10
NE-Mazing Race                                           11
Total Defence Programme for Uniformed Groups             12
Army Days                                                13
Under Siege (New!)                                       14
Why S'pore Discovery Centre?                             15
Calendar of Events 2020                                  16
School Membership Packages                               18
Science of Warfare (Trebuchet Workshop)                  19
Counter Terrorism Paintball                              20
Operations Triple Threat (New!)                          21
National Education (NE)                                  22
  Ambassador Gallery Docent Track (Bronze)
National Education (NE)                                  23
  Ambassador Gallery Docent Track (Silver)
National Education (NE)                                  24
  Ambassador Gallery Docent Track (Gold)
Singapore - Then & Now Outdoor Trail (New!)              25
Our SG Story Films: School Assembly Programme            26
School Assembly Roadshow                                 27
Singapore Story Poster Series                            28
Educators’ Retreat                                       29
Educators’ Learning Journey                              30
The Last Light - SDC's New Theatre Show                  31

                                                     S’pore Discovery Centre   3
DISCOVERY S'PORE CENTRE - Secondary Education Programmes 2020 - Singapore Discovery Centre
The Little Red Dot and
          Our NS Story (Centre Visit)
                SDC Guided Tour + NE Film +
SAFTI (Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute) Bus Tour

                                             SDC Guided Tour + NE Film [1h 30min]
    Learning Objectives                      Discover the Singapore Story and learn how and why Singapore
    1. Learn and appreciate the              is a success today. Also, we should reflect on how everyone has a
       Singapore Story and how               part to play in shaping our Singapore and to have confidence in
       Singapore’s “Can-Do” Spirit has       this Little Red Dot’s future. Students will be led through a multi-
       helped to transform the               sensory experience that will engage their hearts and minds.
       country from a 3rd World
       Country to a First World              SAFTI Bus Tour [30min]
       Country                               Hop onto our SAFTI bus and view the 88-hectare training ground
                                             for officers-to-be (closed facility, only open for special tours).
    2. Learn more about the                  This tour will offer a unique glimpse into the life of an officer
       importance of National Service        cadet and the importance of National Service.
       and appreciate the role of
       Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)
       in the defence and security of

    3h (Inclusive of break)

    Recommended Level
    Secondary 1 – Secondary 5

    “I liked the interactive activities at
     the Singapore Discovery Centre.”
         – Secondary School Teacher

4   S’pore Discovery Centre
DISCOVERY S'PORE CENTRE - Secondary Education Programmes 2020 - Singapore Discovery Centre
Total Defence Day
                             (February to March 2020)

                                         Students will learn about the various aspects of Total Defence
Learning Objectives                      through exciting mission-based learning stations set up not
1. Understand and appreciate             only in the Permanent Exhibit Gallery (PEG), but also in the
   the importance of Total               Special TD Exhibition. The programme will cover the impact that
   Defence (TD), including the           geopolitical issues have on Singapore, what we can do to stand
   latest 6th pillar, Digital Defence,   against these threats and how we can build resilience through
   to help contribute to the             strengthening our understanding and application of Total
   building of a strong, safe            Defence as one united nation braving new frontiers together.
   and cohesive nation in times of
   troubled peace, as well as to         The learning stations will include hands-on activities such as
   learn about current and               the detection of mines in military training and other learning
   evolving threats to our nation’s      stations, which will be supported by our TD partners such as
   security                              Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)’s showcase and vehicular
                                         display, as well as activities by the Singapore Police Force and
2. Instill a sense of confidence         industry partners like POSB / DBS.
   and commitment to Singapore
   and reflect how everyone has
   to do our part in Total Defence

3. Learn about the causes and
   consequences of the new and
   evolving threats to the security
   of Singapore

3h (Inclusive of break)
                                         Students discussing about the   Students practising life-saving skills for
                                         importance of Social Defence    Civil Defence
Recommended Level
Secondary 1 – Secondary 5

No. of Participants
Min. of 25 pax (per session)

Cohort visits are highly

“We have a deeper understanding          Students preparing for          Students learning about Military
   of defending our nation.”             their activity to learn about   Defence through game-based activity
  - Secondary School Teacher             Psychological Defence

                                                    "Students were engaged through hands-on,
                                                              experiential learning.”
                                                           - Secondary School Teacher

                                                                                     S’pore Discovery Centre      5
DISCOVERY S'PORE CENTRE - Secondary Education Programmes 2020 - Singapore Discovery Centre
Mid-Year Post Exams
                                         (April to May 2020)
          *The programme is offered in commemoration of International Friendship Day (IFD) in the month of April.

    Learning Objectives
    1. Reflect on what it means to
       be a global citizen against the
       backdrop of the latest
       geopolitical changes, economic
       and cultural developments

    2. Learn how an open and
       connected Singapore can bring
       new opportunities and growth
       in a globalised world

    3. Reflect on how a global                     Solving tasks at the interactive learning station
       outlook will impact Singapore’s
       survival and success                        Join us for an exciting food-themed trail and learn about the
                                                   importance of living in an interconnected and interdependent
    Duration                                       world. Understand the need for Singapore to have good relations
    3h (Inclusive of break)                        with countries in ASEAN and around the world.

    Recommended Level                              Students will get to explore various interactive learning stations
    Secondary 1 – Secondary 5                      to discover Singapore’s place vis-à-vis the rest of the world,
                                                   through a variety of learning experiences.
    No. of Participants
    Min. 25 pax (per session)                      ‘SG & The World’ Food Trail
                                                   How much do you know about how the food that we consume
    Cohort visits are highly                       reaches us in its various forms? How does a global city like
    recommended.                                   Singapore ensure its food security and stay connected with the
                                                   rest of the world? Students will work in teams to take on a series
                                                   of challenges, exploring ‘The World Supermarket’ and reflect on
                                                   how globalisation has impacted their lives.

                                                   SG Story Film & ‘Cuisine Challenge’
                                                   Watch a film that will allow students to reflect on the importance
                                                   of having an open mindset and appreciate the diversity of views
                                                   in our cosmopolitan society. Students will be facilitated through
                                                   a post-activity that will see them create their own fusion dish!

                                                   Combat Bites!
                                                   Be a soldier for the day and discover how combat rations from
Problem-solving as a group                         around the world tell us interesting aspects of the countries’
                                                   cultures and the importance of friendship between countries.
                                                   Students will get to sample some combat rations in this
                                                   immersive learning station.

                                                        "I got to try different                   “The students were
                                                      food we normally do not                engaged and doing learning
                                                       see and we got to learn                 on their own during the
                                                      more about the world and                      Trailblazers and
                                                            globalisation.”                    Trendsetters Challenge.”
                                                     – Secondary School Student              – Secondary School Teacher
6   S’pore Discovery Centre
DISCOVERY S'PORE CENTRE - Secondary Education Programmes 2020 - Singapore Discovery Centre
Racial Harmony / National Day
                                (July to August 2020)

                                       Join us for an immersive learning experience to celebrate Racial
Learning Objectives                    Harmony Day and National Day. Explore how we can stay
1. Appreciate and reflect on           united and be proud of our Singaporean identity. Students will
   how our diverse cultures            get to reaffirm their commitment to preserve a cohesive and
   makes us uniquely Singaporean       harmonious society, as well as celebrate all the things that make
   and also how we should come         us uniquely Singaporean.
   together to celebrate Singapore’s
   achievements as a nation            National Day Special Exhibition
                                       Happy 55th Birthday Singapore! Discover new perspectives
2. Pledge together how we can          about our country and take pride in our unique diversity. Join
   contribute to build a cohesive      us in celebrating our unity and find out how we can all build an
   and united Singapore regardless     exciting future together!
   of race, language or religion
                                       SG Stories Film Screening
Duration                               Enjoy a short film produced by our own local student talents.
3h (Inclusive of break)                Identify with some of the latest contemporary issues that we face
                                       in our daily lives as Singaporeans. Students will be facilitated to
Recommended Level                      reflect on how progress involves forging our future together as
Secondary 1 – Secondary 5              an inclusive and united nation.

No. of Participants                    Other learning stations will include a quiz game about our
Min. 25 pax (per session)              national identity and cultural diversity as well as an exciting
                                       team-based quest to get students to learn about the shared
Cohort visits are highly               values, ideas and experiences that have shaped us as one
recommended.                           Singapore.

 “The activities are very fun and
      educational. As a Pure
History student, I learnt more and
 expanded my knowledge about
   – Secondary School Student

                                                                                 S’pore Discovery Centre   7
DISCOVERY S'PORE CENTRE - Secondary Education Programmes 2020 - Singapore Discovery Centre
Year-End Post Exams
                                  (October to November 2020)

                                          Exams are over! Join us for fun and interactive activities in
    Learning Objectives                   our ‘I-nnovate SG!’ programme to explore and learn about the
    1. Understand what it takes           importance of innovation, and how we can push boundaries to
       to create a Smart Nation and       create a more vibrant and Smart Nation for everyone to live,
       how Smart Nation initiatives       work and play in.
       are transforming the way we
       live, work and play                I-nnovate SG! Quest
                                          Explore the latest contemporary issues in our nation’s drive to
    2. Be aware of how innovation         be ‘Smart Nation-ready’. Students will work in teams to explore
       has played a key role in shaping   various learning stations to complete this quest.
       Singapore’s future
                                          Defence Challenge
    3. Inspire students on how they       Students will address one of the most recent challenges and
       can contribute to a future-        design a solution using materials provided.
       ready Singapore

    3h (Inclusive of break)

    Recommended Level
    Secondary 1 – Secondary 5

    No. of Participants
    Min. 25 pax (per session)

    Cohort visits are highly

                                          Introduction to the topic of a ‘Smart Nation’

                                               “Activity is well-paced, clear explanation is provided;
Solving a task while on a quest                              – Secondary School Teacher

     “I was able to learn about Smart
      Singapore through games and
           activities which were
            interesting and fun.”
        – Secondary School Student

8   S’pore Discovery Centre
DISCOVERY S'PORE CENTRE - Secondary Education Programmes 2020 - Singapore Discovery Centre
                                     This programme aims to provide an authentic environment
Learning Objectives                  for students to learn and experience trade-offs in governance
1. Explore issues related to the     and be involved in decision-making. Jointly developed by SDC
   governance of Singapore           and MOE’s Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Branch,
                                     students will role-play as mayors of Singapore districts and
2. Appreciate and understand         compete in teams to develop the most productive and effective
   priorities in policy-making and   district in Singapore.
   decision-making for
   Singapore’s development and       Briefing [15min]
   progress                          Role-play as mayors and understand the resources that you
                                     would have to manage within the limited land space.
4h (Inclusive of break)              SimSG Gameplay [3h]
                                     The game is played over a few rounds and each team will collect
Recommended Level                    resources to negotiate and trade with other teams at every
Secondary 2 – Secondary 5            round. Teams will decide on which infrastructure to construct
                                     as well as the deployment of manpower within their districts. In
No. of Participants                  addition, they will have to strategise to avoid receiving penalties
Min. 3 classes / Max. 4 classes      from resource shortage or unemployment issues. Eventually,
(Max. 40 pax per class)              the team that manages their resources most effectively will win
                                     the game.

                                     Debrief and Reflection [30min]
                                     The students will reflect on their learning experiences and gain
                                     insights into the complexities of governance.

                                                "They got to plan practical activities that
                                        are related not just to what they are learning in school,
                                                  but to what is relevant for Singapore
                                                          and its development."
                                                       - Secondary School Teacher

                                                                               S’pore Discovery Centre   9
DISCOVERY S'PORE CENTRE - Secondary Education Programmes 2020 - Singapore Discovery Centre
Contemporary Sources
                   Investigators (CSI)
     Learning Objectives
     1. Investigate and evaluate
        information gathered from
        authentic sources within the
        Singapore context

     2. Explore how we can become
        active citizens

     3. Better understand and
        appreciate different
        perspectives, contemporary
        issues and current challenges
        to Singapore

     3h (Inclusive of break)

     No. of Participants
     Min. 1 class / Max. 4 classes
     (Max. 40 pax per class)

                                        Apply the skills learnt from source-based case studies to
                                        understand contemporary issues that are closely related to
                                        active citizenry. After appreciating the challenges that Singapore
                                        faces, students will collaborate to design solutions to address
                                        these issues.

                                        Briefing [15min]
                                        As a team, students will explore and learn some steps to guide
                                        them to interpret the sources based on the themes that are

                                        Classroom-based SBQ Investigation [1h 15min]
                                        Learn to unpack and make sense of different sources in specific
                                        contexts. Students will put into practice how to piece together
                                        different perspectives in order to form a well-rounded view of
                                        the issue at hand.

                                        Design and Propose Solutions [1h 15min]
                                        Devise possible solutions to address the issue. The process of
                                        “solutioning” allows students to explore and understand their
                                        roles and responsibilities of being active citizens in Singapore.

                                        Debrief and Reflection [15 min]
                                        Students will be guided through a meaningful discussion and
                                        reflection of the key learning points regarding active citizenry.

10   S’pore Discovery Centre
NE-Mazing Race
                                     Ideal for an entire cohort of students, the NE-Mazing Race
Learning Objectives                  provides a competitive element as students work with one
1. Appreciate the importance         another in teams, to learn more about the Singapore Story and
   of teamwork through               improve teamwork.
   hands-on activities by
   providing opportunities for       Briefing [15min]
   students to achieve common        Students will be briefed about their team challenges which
   goals through teamwork            will be conducted at different locations around SDC. Latest NE
                                     contemporary issues / active citizenship will be subtly woven
2. Enable the students to explore    into the exciting stations, which can range from team bonding
   SDC’s Permanent Exhibits          games to quizzes.
   Gallery (PEG) and Special
   Exhibitions (if available) in a   NE-Mazing Race [2h 30min]
   fun and engaging manner           Students will strategise and collaborate in teams to complete
                                     all the stations in the shortest period of time. The top 3 teams
Duration                             to complete the race will bring home some prizes for the day.
3h (Inclusive of break)
                                     Prize Presentation and Debrief [15min]
Recommended Level                    The facilitator will highlight the key learning takeaways before
Secondary 1 – Secondary 5            announcing the winners of the race.

No. of Participants
Min. 100 pax / Max. 320 pax

                                                                             S’pore Discovery Centre   11
                                                     Part 1: Bronze Badge (3h)
     Learning Objectives                             Students will recognize that there are many things they can do
     1. To deepen understanding of                   to keep Singapore secure.
        Total Defence:
        • Increasing relevance of TD                 Part 2: Silver Badge (3h)
     		 in today’s complex threats                   Students will understand how to prepare for complex threats
        • Clarify that TD goes                       and start to actively advocate for Total Defence by teaching the
     		 beyond counter-terrorism                     Guardians of the City (GOTC) card game.
     		 and SGSecure
                                                     Part 3: Gold Badge (3h)
     2. To create a meaningful learning              Students will learn how to design a meaningful Total Defence
        experience:                                  lesson that addresses Singapore’s security challenges.
        • Appreciation, application and
     		 advocacy model

     3h (Inclusive of break)

     Recommended Level
     Secondary 1 – Secondary 5
     (Uniformed Groups)

     No. of Participants
     Min. 25 pax / Max. 40 pax
     (per class)

 Students demonstrating their skills in the the
 GOTC card game

                                                     Students playing GOTC card game
                                 "I learnt about
                                potential threats
                                that can happen
                                 to Singapore in
                               our everyday life."                                       “There is a good mix of
                                   - Secondary                                             hands-on activities”
                                 School Student                                        – Secondary School Teacher

 Students consolidating learning
 points of the card game
                                                     Student recording learning
12   S’pore Discovery Centre                         points of the card game
Army Days

   Learning Objectives
   1. Appreciate the reasons behind
      the need for National Service
      (NS) and the Army’s role in
      maintaining Singapore’s
      continual security

   2. Understand the experiences
      of our NS men through basic
      soldiering experience

   3. Understand the role of NS
      in the future and the role
      that citizens play in Singapore’s
      defence through engaging

   3h (Inclusive of break)

   Recommended Level
   Secondary 1 – Secondary 5
                                                 Army veterans sharing with the students about their experiences
   No. of Participants
   Min. 100 pax / Max. 160 pax                   Through the programme, students will learn how to appreciate
                                                 the significance of National Service (NS) and the Army’s role
                                                 in maintaining Singapore’s security. Students will interact with
                                                 Army veterans and gain valuable insights into national service
                                                 training and basic soldiering. Students will also learn about the
                                                 role of NS and the importance of NS in safeguarding Singapore’s
                                                 national interest.

                                                 CLASSROOM-BASED EXPERIENCE
                                                 Students will go through a hands-on basic soldiering experience
                                                    a) Uniforms and Cover Concealment
                                                    b) Combat Rations and Health & Hygiene
Samples of army rations that participants will
get to sample                                    TOUR / SHORT FILM
                                                 Students can either go on a bus tour of the SAFTI military
                                                 institute, gaining first-hand knowledge of how an Officer Cadet
                                                 Army-training institute looks like, or interact with Army Veterans
                                                 over the screening of a short film – “Blood-Sweat and Tears”, to
                                                 understand the early years of the Singapore Armed Forces and
                                                 the difficulties they faced.

                                                  “The army days programme was fun and I have learnt more
                                                   about national service… feels more prepared for my NS”
                                                                 – Secondary School Student

Explaining about army uniforms and inviting
students to try wearing them                                                                   S’pore Discovery Centre   13
Under Siege (New!)

     Learning Objectives
     1. To gain insights into how
        various defence agencies work
        collaboratively in ensuring
        Singapore national security

     2. To understand that maintaining
        our national security relies on
        the Total Defence framework,
        whereby everyone plays an
        active part in defending

     3. To practise playing an active
        role in defending Singapore
        using SGSecure tools and


     Recommended Level
     Secondary 1 – Secondary 5
                                              Students practicing SGSecure skills during Anti-Terror drill
     No. of Participants
     Min. 1 class / Max. 2 classes
     (Max. 40 pax per class)                  Students will engage in a scenario game-based learning session
                                              to uncover the meaning behind SGSecure messages. These are
                                              the two different sets of gameplay highlights:

                                              1. How counter-terrorism measures begin with staying united
                                                 as a cohesive society and being on guard against
                                                 self-radicalisation and self-radicalised individuals.

                                              2. When confronted with a terrorist attack, how effective
                                                 response from the citizenry would help various government
                                                 authorities address the threat swiftly.

                                              The workshop is suitable for:

                                              • Uniform Groups’ students tasked to lead in SGSecure
 Students applying CPR living saving skills     initiatives. A customised “Train-the-Trainer” package can
 during Anti-Terror drill                       also be prepared for UG student leaders.

                                              • National Education-based team building exercise for students.

14   S’pore Discovery Centre
WHY S’pore
The mission of S’pore Discovery Centre (SDC) is to share the Singapore
Story and inspire a desire to contribute to Singapore’s future. SDC
provides a mind-and-heart-engaging and multi-sensory learning
      experience which spans a selection of integrated themes.

SDC is committed to educating students and educators about what
makes Singapore tick and gain insights into Singapore’s challenges,
                     dreams and aspirations.

                                                S’pore Discovery Centre   15
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