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Welcome Class of 2029 to Glenwood Intermediate School,
We are excited that you chose us for your student’s education! Our goal is for every student to have the chance to grow academically and socially
through the various opportunities we offer. We have great teachers here at Glenwood and with your student’s hard work our reputation continues to

The following is a guide to ease the anxieties of transitioning your student into the intermediate grades here at Plain Local. While Glenwood is a
large building, we pride ourselves in providing each student with a small learning environment. This will help them feel safe and secure as they learn
and grow in the middle grades. At Glenwood we also pride ourselves in the opportunities students are offered including STEAM, Spanish, Visual &
Performing Arts, and After-school Clubs.

It is our great privilege to continue your child’s educational journey at Glenwood and we are honored to share the opportunities that await your
student at Glenwood Intermediate School. Glenwood is privileged to house all of Plain Local’s 5th and 6th graders in one building. We combine all 6
elementaries into one diverse educational experience that focuses on meeting the needs of all Plain Local’s 5th and 6th grade students.

We are excited to share our academic opportunities, exploratory arts offerings, after school clubs and activities and the scheduling process. Please take
a moment to review the following contents of this document to assist you in the scheduling process.

  •   Glenwood’s Accomplishments
  •   5th and 6th grade Art Elective Descriptions
  •   After School Clubs and Activities
  •   GWIS Rewards and Incentives
  •   5th Grade Sample Scheduling Form

Please make sure to access our on-demand videos to get a better understanding of Glenwood Intermediate School. On Tuesday, March 16, Glenwood
will host Virtual Google Meets for families:

  • Last Names A-K 6:00-7:00pm
  • Last Names L-Z 7:00-8:00pm

You will be able to voluntarily join Google Meets from Glenwood to answer your questions on specific topics:

  • Scheduling Questions and Answers: Hosted by Brett Niarchos Principal, Kristi Blankenship and Iman Grant, Counselors
  • STEAM and Visual Arts/Electives: Hosted by Amanda Arway and Rita Walbeck, Teachers
  • Instrumental and Vocal Music: Hosted by Robert Esterle and Barb Phelps-Huston, Teachers
  • Clubs and Activities: Hosted by Theresa Ackman and Ed Keoshian, Teachers
  • Special Education Services/Social Emotional Supports: Hosted by Mark Parent, Pupil Services Director, Megan Bartuseck, Special Education
    Director and Keli Yoho-Wagner, Special Education Team Leader
  • Technology Resources: Hosted by Patrick Wendell and Brian Powell, Teachers
  • The 5th Grade Experience: Hosted by Deirdre Coar Assistant Principal, Alex Buser Teacher, and Student Council Members, students

Following the sessions, the scheduling Google Form will be emailed to each family. Please complete and submit the form by March 19. If you have any
further questions please feel free to reach out to the Glenwood Counselors and administrators for all your scheduling needs.

We are proud to be your family’s first choice in education and look forward to serving your family.

                               Brett Niarchos                                     Deirdre Coar
                               Glenwood Intermediate School                       Glenwood Intermediate School
                               Principal                                          Assistant Principal

                                                                         Glenwood Intermediate School Transition Guide 2021-2022                            | 2
GWIS Achievements

Glenwood has been recognized by the State of Ohio and other Agencies for outstanding student growth over the past 4 years:

  •   2016 Earned the Soar Award from Battle for Kids for a High Progress School
  •   2017 Earned the Momentum Award from ODE for exceeding expected student growth
  •   2018 Earned the Momentum Award from ODE for exceeding expected student growth
  •   2019 Earned the High Progress Distinction Award from ODE
  •   2019 Earned the Overall A Award from ODE
  •   2019 Earned the Momentum Award from ODE for exceeding expected student growth

Course/Clubs Offerings:

  • GWIS offers students 11 different extracurricular clubs and activities to be involved
  • GWIS offers students 14 different elective/arts offerings in addition to the 4 main core classes from which to choose


  • Over 100 pieces of student work sold to Akron Children’s Hospital
  • Over 1,000 pieces of student work displayed throughout Stark County
  • Student work has been displayed at the Ohio State Courthouse as well as The State Teachers Retirement Building in Columbus, Ohio

Art Award Winners:

  •   Arts in Stark Art Splash contest
  •   2019 Law Day (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
  •   2nd place Jerry Tollifson Art Criticism State Contest
  •   Glenwood Sixth Grade students took the Grand Prize in the Trash to Treasure contest sponsored by Stark Parks in 2018. Students used recyclable
      materials to create Art sculptures that taught viewers to conserve and recycle!


  • Since 2010, over 1,700 6th graders have passed the Ohio Boater Education course and received their lifetime boater’s license in conjunction with our
    Outdoor Education program.
  • Virtual reality lab to bring in real world experiences
  • Outdoor learning lab with an interactive aquatic ecosystem for kinesthetic learning
  • 4 different mentor/social groups for emotional and social growth and support
  • 3-day, 2-night outdoor education program/camp for 6th grade students
  • 3, 3D printers for student design and engagement

School Wide Activities:

  •   Fall Fun Day
  •   Sock Hops (Winter and Spring)
  •   Winter Dodgeball Tournament
  •   Arts Explosion Night
  •   Band/Choir/Strings Concerts
  •   Spring Basketball Tournament
  •   Spring Chess Tournament
  •   Core+ Earned Recess
  •   Spring Carnival
  •   GWIS Student Section at Varsity football games

                                                                           Glenwood Intermediate School Transition Guide 2021-2022                         | 3
GWIS Arts-Elective Course Offerings

3-Dimensional Coding (Grades 5 & 6):                                               String Orchestra (Grades 5 & 6):
3D coding combines CAD (Computer Automated Design) and block coding                Students will learn the basic fundamentals of musicianship through
into a fun exploratory arts course. This technology-based course teaches           performance on instruments of the orchestra string family: violin, viola,
basic CAD, coding, and math concepts, so that students can create three            cello, and double bass. Participation in the String Orchestra also helps
dimensional designs of their own. A class 3D printer allows the students           develop individual independence, confidence and leadership skills in
to eventually print a design of their own!                                         addition to increasing students overall musical fluency.

Visual Art (Grades 5 & 6 + Immersion for Grade 6):                                 Music Appreciation (Grade 6):
The art class consists of opportunities for students to learn self-                Students will develop a basic understanding of music and music history.
expression, collaboration, experience gains in core classes and more. This         Every student will become familiar with the basic elements of music
innovative class assists students in creativity and exposure to the real           including music theory, notation, music history, musical terminology,
world of arts through painting, drawing, sculpting and more.                       proper concert etiquette, various instruments and music from different
Creative Movement (Grades 5 + Immersion for Grade 6):
Creative Movement is a kinesthetic class focusing on specific and                  Choir (Grades 5 & 6):
purposeful movement. It is designed to provide strategies and guidelines           Choir is a class that will guide students in finding their voices. Students
to increase the quantity and quality of physical activity, self-expression         must multitask as they focus on lyrics, sound, learn different languages
and skill.                                                                         and read notes. This class focuses on team building and working together
                                                                                   to make beautiful music!
Physical Education (Grades 5 & 6):
Who doesn’t like physical education? This structured class stresses                Health (Grade 6):
self-esteem, physical fitness, building muscle strength, cooperation and           Health education builds students’ knowledge, skills and positive
teamwork.                                                                          attitudes about health. Health education teaches about physical, mental,
                                                                                   emotional and social health. It motivates students to improve and
Spanish/World Cultures (Grades 5 & 6 + Immersion for Grade 6):                     maintain their health, prevent disease, and reduce risky behaviors. Health
Did you know that 20% of Americans speak Spanish as their first                    education curricula and instruction helps students learn skills they will
language? It is the second leading language in the world. Research shows           use to make healthy choices throughout their lifetime.
that learning Spanish has a positive effect on intellectual growth and
enhances a child’s mental development. Knowing Spanish opens the door              Musical Keyboarding (Grade 5 + Immersion for Grade 6):
to other cultures and helps children understand and appreciate people              Students will be introduced to the piano and the basics of reading music.
from all ethnicities and backgrounds.                                              All students will develop basic music reading skills, piano technique and
                                                                                   will demonstrate these skills using the keyboard.
STEAM/Robotics (Grades 5 & 6):
STEAM/Robotics provides students a hands-on look and exposure to                   Drama (Grade 5 + Immersion for Grade 6):
engineering. Students work together to brainstorm, design, construct               Research reveals the positive impact of drama on a student’s physical,
and test their products. The result is a fun, exciting and stimulating             emotional, social and cognitive development. This class allows students
environment in which students discover the important connection                    to use their imagination, gain self-confidence, increase communication
between classroom lessons and real-world applications through                      skills and work collaboratively with others.
collaboration and cooperation.

Band (Grades 5 & 6):
Band Rocks! Students in the GWIS Band learn the basics of playing a
musical instrument and how to read music. The choice of instruments
include: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and percussion.
Students who participate in band are more successful in their academics,
able to work as a team and become positive leaders in our school.
Students are rewarded with band parties each semester, chosen MVP’s
and given fun performance opportunities.

                                                                             Glenwood Intermediate School Transition Guide 2021-2022                             | 4
Clubs & Activities

Science Olympiad (Nov-March, Mon 3:15-4:15)                                                Yearbook Club (Oct-Feb, Mon & Tues, Application/Selection Process)
Science Olympiad is an exploratory, after-school, science club. Students will spend        This club is for creative, artistic students who work to put together our school
time having hands-on fun with science! Club members will compete in several                yearbook. Organization, photography, and computer skills are helpful. A
building challenges and complete activities in various fields of science (physics,         software-based design program is used to design, organize and create our school
crime scene detectives, etc.) This club is geared toward students who like to work         yearbook. Students interested must apply. This is a 6th grade club.
together and want to learn more about science. *Note: Students will not be                 Advisor: Jessica Logan (
competing at regional and state competitions during 5th and 6th grade.
Advisors: Theresa Ackman ( & Amy Wise                               Soap Box Derby (Nov-May, Tues 3:15-4:45)
(                                                                     This is a 6th grade club were 40 students (10 per car) will spend the year
                                                                                           designing and creating a soapbox derby car. Students will utilize their knowledge
Math Club (Nov-Feb, Thurs 3:15-4:00)                                                       of science, technology and math to design and test full size soapbox derby cars.
Our Math Club builds a competitive team of students, called Mathletes. We meet             The club will then race the cars at the national soapbox derby race in Akron in
and practice weekly, preparing for our tournament in March. Students explore               May.
different math topics weekly, to select one topic for competition. This club is            Advisor: Patrick Wendell (
geared toward our advanced math students, preparing them for competition with
Math Counts in 7th & 8th grade.                                                            Summer Book Blog Bash (May-August)
Advisors: Halie Harris (                                            A summer reading program for incoming 5th and 6th graders for the 2016-2017
                                                                                           school year. Choose three books to borrow over the summer based on your
Student Council (Sept-May, Elected Positions)                                              Lexile level. Blog with Glenwood Intermediate staff about the exciting events
Student Council is a group of students who are interested in serving as leaders            happening in your summer reading and celebrate with everyone in August at our
within our building. We will be involved in several community service projects             Summer Reading Bash. Watch for registration information in the month of May.
throughout the year such as, adopted families, canned food drive and Akron                 Advisor: Angela Farwick (
Children’s Hospitals campaign. We will also host several social events for students
and families. Each homeroom will elect one Student Council Representative to               Girls on the Run (March-May)
attend a monthly meeting and communicate information to their homeroom.                    Meeting twice a week in small teams, we teach life skills through conversation-
Advisor: Alex Buser (                                                based lessons and running games. The curriculum includes three parts:
                                                                                           understanding ourselves, valuing relationships/teamwork, and understanding
Academic Challenge (Dec-April, Tues/Thurs @ Oakwood until 5:00)                            how we shape the world. Running is used to inspire and motivate girls, encourage
Academic Challenge is a great, fun way to test your knowledge, and learn about             lifelong health/fitness, and build confidence through accomplishment. At the
many different topics like sports, math, science, space, history, and language             end of the season girls will run in the GOTR 5k Run/Walk at Walsh University.
arts. You will compete on a team with students from Oakwood against other                  Registration opens in February, and the practices begin March - May.
middle schools in this fast pace high-energy game. Academic Challenge is only              Advisor: TBA
for students in the 6th grade, and you must try out to be on the team. More
information will be available soon about tryout times and dates.
Advisor: Brianna Parrish (                                         Drama Club
                                                                                           Glenwood Drama Club members meet weekly in the fall for drama games, skits,
                                                                                           mime, creative movement and improv. The season ends with a Mystery Dinner
Chess Club (Oct-Feb, Mon 3:15-4:30)                                                        Party, where students come in costume and role-play assigned characters while
Students compete against other schools in either intermediate or advanced                  solving a mystery. The club is limited to 60 students both grades.
groups. All are welcome to join, from those who don’t know how to play to those            Advisor: Wendy Martens (
who are very experienced.
Advisor: Ed Keoshian (

Art Cares Club (Sept-May, 1st Tuesday of every month)
Art Cares Club is a group of students who want to make art for the betterment of
the community. Students work together to create projects to donate. Students
work as teachers by offering mini lessons in art techniques at Canton Christian
Home and Bethany Nursing home. Students try out for the club by submitting a
drawing and completing a club contract, interest form and essay.
Advisor: Amanda Arway (

                                                                                      Glenwood Intermediate School Transition Guide 2021-2022                                  | 5
Glenwood Intermediate School

                          5th Grade Scheduling Form
                                                Click here to complete
Step 1:
All Students must request to take at least one semester of physical education (but can request to take it both semesters) or
creative movement.

______Physical Education—GW5700 (sem 1) ______Physical Education—GW5702 (sem 2)

______Creative Movement—GW5720 (beginning dance) (one semester course)

Step 2:
Students must request to take one of the four music ensemble courses.

______Band—GW5750 (all year) ______Choir—GW5770 (all year) ______Strings—GW5760 (all year)

______Musical Keyboard—GW5740 (one semester course)

Step 3 - STEAM:
A semester course that infuses Science, Technology, Engineering (Robotics), Arts and Math. This hands-on class focuses on
“Problem-Based Learning” as students use the engineering process design to analyze and create solutions to real-world

Step 4 - Fundamental Arts:
In addition to a student’s four core classes (Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies) and a Blended Learning Lab,
students will be enrolled in three Fundamental Arts classes each semester from above and/or below. The below classes: (one
semester courses)

                         Course                            Course #                           Rank 1-4
                        Visual Art                         GW5710
                         Spanish                           GW5820
                         Drama                             GW5730
                       3D Coding                           GW5790

Click here    to complete or scan the QR code to the right
Your selections DO NOT guarantee placement in the above classes. We will do our best to meet your requests.

Questions may be directed to the Glenwood School Counselors: 6th grade 2021-22- Iman Grant
(; 5th grade 2021-22- Kristi Blankenship (

Forms are due by Wednesday, March 24.

                                                             Glenwood Intermediate School Transition Guide 2021-2022           | 6
Intermediate School

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