Your student experience is important to us!

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Your student experience is important to us!
Your student
                                                          experience is
                                                          important to us!

W W W.G M I T.I E   Galway
                    Galway Mayo
                           Mayo Letterfrack
                                Letterfrack Mountbellew
Your student experience is important to us!
Dear Student,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT).

This is an exciting time for GMIT. We are one of the largest and
most respected providers of third level education in Ireland and
are advancing plans for re-designation as a Technological
University. This will benefit our students, graduates, employers
and the region as a whole. You are now part of this success story
and of our future.

Your time spent studying at GMIT is very important to us. We have a wide range of supports in
place to help you achieve your academic and personal best during your time with us.

In order to get off to the best start, I invite you to read the information in this pack carefully and,
in particular, to visit our website ( which has all the information required to help you
register and pay your fees online.

When you arrive at GMIT you will be invited to attend a number of induction sessions. These are
important to attend as they are your chance to familiarise yourself with the campus, your course,
your lecturers and life as a third level student.

Your learning experience at college will be different to what you have experienced up to this
point. At GMIT students benefit from our very positive staff-student interactions and learn
through small classes, hands-on practical work, mentoring, internships and opportunities to
study abroad.

A significant part of our examination and assessment of your performance involves continuous
assessment and this differentiates us from other colleges. You can improve your chances of a
good end of year result by ensuring you maintain a high attendance rate throughout the year.

Finally, I would like to encourage you to engage in the many extra-curricular opportunities
available on campus. You may join a club or society, engage in community service, make a
new discovery through research and learn about other cultures by meeting students
from around the world.

When you make a success of any programme you study at third level, the
evidence shows that this will improve your chances of having a fulfilling
career, with improved earnings, and a longer and healthier life in general.
Every year, some 2,000 students who have met our high academic
standards graduate from GMIT. We can count among those graduates
many accomplished people in the areas of the Arts, Hotel and Catering,                 Letterfrack            Mountbellew
Business, Science and Engineering.
In a few short years, you will be one of those graduates.
We hope you enjoy the journey.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Fergal J. Barry / Dr Fearghal S. de Barra
President GMIT / Uachtarán ITGM
Your student experience is important to us!
WEEK 1                 WEEK 2                 WEEK 3            WEEK 4             WEEK 5

College                Equality               Get               Healthy            Be
Knowledge              & Diversity            Involved          Campus             Inspired
Introduction to your   Celebration of         Stay Safe Day     Healthy Campus     Careers Fair
School, Programme,     Equality & Diversity                     Promotions &
Lecturers &            amongst the college    Clubs &           Information on:    Inspirational
Classmates             population under       Societies Day     • Nutrition        Speakers
                       the themes of:                           • Mental Health
Learn about            • Age                  Students’ Union   • Exercise         Meet Successful
non-academic           • Disability           Activities        • Wellbeing        GMIT Graduates
supports available     • Sexual Identity                        • Drug & Alcohol
& meet the                & Orientation       Student              Awareness       Part-time Jobs
providers              • Gender               Services          • Smoke Less       & Volunteer Fair
                       • Ethnicity            Promotions
Family Afternoon       • Religion                               Free Exercise      Civic
                                              Social            Classes            Engagement
Collect your ID                               Events
                                                                Green Campus       International
                                                                Activities         Day

Your student experience is important to us!
               Week 1 - College Knowledge

                                      FAMILY AFTERNOON
                                             Tuesday 04/09
                         1pm-3pm - CCAM 3pm-5pm Galway Campus (Café Foyer)
              12pm – 1.30pm Mayo Campus (St Mary’s Hall) & 4pm – 6pm Letterfrack Campus
Stands from Schools, Student Services, Access & Disability, Students Union, Fees, International, PASS etc.
                  Library Tours, Talk on Access/Disability, Student Services, Fees, etc.

                                 GALWAY CAMPUS: SCHOOL OF SCIENCE
 Applied Biology & Pharmaceutical Science                              Forensic Science & Analysis
    Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science                                   Physics & Instrumentation
   Applied Freshwater & Marine Biology                                  Science (Undenominated)
             Wed. 05/09 at 9.30am in Theatre 1000 - Student Services Induction Programme
                  Thurs. 06/09 at 9am in Room 903 - School Introduction & Activities

       Computing & Digital Media                                            Medical Science
        Digital Media & Society                                         Sports & Exercise Science
    Computing Software Development                                       Public Health Nutrition
        Software Development
             Wed. 05/09 at 10.30am in Room 903 - Student Services Induction Programme
 Thurs. 06/09 at 10am in Room 994 - Medical Science/Sports & Exercise Science/Public Health Nutrition
                                   School Introduction & Activities
     Thurs. 06/09 at 11am in Room 994 - Computing Programmes - School Introduction & Activities

                              GALWAY CAMPUS: SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING
         Architectural Technology                                      Construction Management
             Civil Engineering                                Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics
              Wed. 05/09 at 12pm in Union Square - Student Services Induction Programme
                 Thurs. 06/09 at 10am in Room 903 - School Introduction & Activities

         Agriculture Engineering                                         Mechanical Engineering
         Biomedical Engineering                                     Manufacturing Engineering Design
           Energy Engineering                                       Software & Electronic Engineering
       Engineering (Common Entry)
               Wed, 05/09 at 1pm in Union Square - Student Services Induction Programme
                  Thurs 06/09 at 11am in Room 903 - School Introduction & Activities

       Hotel & Catering Management                                    Food Innovation & Enterprise
      International Hotel Management                              Event Management & Public Relations
       Hotel & Hospitality Operations                                      Business in Tourism
Culinary Arts – Professional Chef Programme                        International Tourism Management
         Culinary Arts Management                                          Retail Management
      Culinary & Gastronomic Sciences                                       Heritage Studies
Thurs. 06/09 at 9.30am in Theatre 1000 - School Introduction & Activities and Student Services Induction
            Fri. 07/09 - Individual Programme Activities will be timetabled by Departments
Your student experience is important to us!
            3rd-7th September
                                GALWAY CAMPUS: SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
              Accounting                                                      Finance
     Business Information Systems                                       Finance & Economics
           Entrepreneurship                                              Marketing & Sales
               Thurs. 06/09 at 11am in Theatre 1000 - School Introduction & Activities
              Fri 07/09 at 9am in Theatre 1000 - Student Services Induction Programme

               Thurs. 06/09 at 12pm in Theatre 1000 - School Introduction & Activities
               Fri. 07/09 at 10am in Room 903 - Student Services Induction Programme

                                     OTHER CAMPUSES
                            CENTRE OF CREATIVE ARTS & MEDIA (CCAM)
                  All CCAM Programmes - Thurs. 06/09 at 10am in Room 111 (CCAM)
                          Fri 07/09 at 11am in Room 994 (Galway Campus)

                                       LETTERFRACK CAMPUS
      All Letterfrack Programmes start Wednesday 5th September at 9.30am in LT1 (Letterfrack)

                                           MAYO CAMPUS
        All Mayo Programmes start Wednesday 5th September at 10am in St. Marys Hall (Mayo)

                                      MOUNTBELLEW CAMPUS
Agriculture & Environmental Management                            Rural Enterprise & Agri-Business
                     Start Wednesday 10am – Reception Area GMIT Mountbellew

                          SPECIALIST INDUCTION SESSIONS
          All Mature Students                                  Transfer & Further Education Students
                   Mon. 03/09/18 at 10am in Room 994 - Special Induction Session
  Wed – Fri 05-07 Sept - Mature Students to attend relevant scheduled School & Induction activities
   Mon 10/09/18 - Transfer and Further Education Students commence with Continuing Students

                                     INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
                      All Students coming to GMIT through the International Office
             Tues 04/09/18 at 10am in Room 939 – Student Services Induction activities
                 Wed – Fri 05-07 Sept – Activities organised by International Office
                 Mon 10/09/18 - Commence programmes with Continuing Students

                                    STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES
Mon – Tues 03-04 Sept - Individual Induction Sessions and Tours organised by Access & Disability Office
Your student experience is important to us!
Before you arrive...
Fast Track your registration by registering online at and also complete the HEA survey. You can then
pick up your ID during your first few days on campus

Check out Student Fees and Grant Information online -
www.gmit.e/fees-and-grants which contains details of fees, online
payment system & instalment payment plans. If you have a fee
payment query, e-mail or for general fee
queries, email

Most programmes in GMIT have annual material fees to cover the
cost of equipment and class materials. These are not covered by the
SUSI grant. Check out the Material Fee liability for your programme

FUNDING                                                                         INDUCTION TARGETED AT MATURE STUDENT, FURTHER is a useful site for funding available. If                 EDUCATION AND TRANSFER STUDENTS
eligible, ensure you have applied to SUSI for a grant.             If you fit into this student group, you are invited to a more specialised
                                                                                induction session on Monday 03/09/18 at 10am in room 994. Mature
ACCOMMODATION                                                                   students and Further Education students coming into first year will
If you haven’t sorted out accommodation yet, regularly check out the            also join their programme induction later in the week. Transfer
accommodation page managed by the Students’ Union                               students will join their programmes with the continuing students on as well as local papers and                   Monday 10/09/18
accommodation providers online.
                                                                                INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
GARDA VETTING                                                                   International Students will commence their Welcome Programme in
A number of programmes are offered subject to satisfactory Garda                 conjunction with the International Office on Tuesday 04/09/18 at
Vetting Clearance. This is because they contain placements where the            10am in Room 939
student may be in regular contact with children or vulnerable adults.
The vetting invitation is distributed to students who have accepted             COMPETITIONS
an offer on such programmes. For some other programmes, vetting                  We will have several competitions during our #First5weeks
may be carried out at a later stage where the placement specifically             programme. Some of these you can prepare for even before you leave
requires Garda Vetting.                                                         home. For example: take a photo of what “Home” means to you for
                                                                                our Ethnicity Day exhibition and e-mail it to
FAMILY DAY                                                            ; pack some clothes that indicate your
GMIT welcomes the families of our first year students on Tuesday                 ethnic origin, be it an Irish rugby jersey or your national costume if you
4th September to all of our campuses. The times for each campus                 have one; design a logo for GMIT Healthy Campus. All of these will be
family day are listed in the first week schedule. On the Galway                  promoted during the Welcome programme and you could win a prize.
campus it is on from 3pm-5pm. Bring your family along to see where
you are going to study. It is also an opportunity for them to meet              SOCIAL MEDIA
some of our staff and attend information talks which will hopefully              Make sure you follow GMIT on Social Media. Below are some you
answer any queries they may have.                                               should follow before you arrive for relevant updates.

Join us
     us on
        on Social
           Social M
                   edia Search for

   alway C
           ampus              CCentre
                                entre ffor Creative
                                        or C         Arts
                                             reative A rts   LLetterfrack
                                                               etterfrack C
                                                                            ampus              Mayo
                                                                                               Mayo Campus
                                                                                                    Campus                         Mountbellew
                                                                                                                                   Mountbellew C
    @ GMITOfficial
    @GMITOfficial             aand Media
                                nd M edia ((CCAM)
                                             CCAM)               @OfficialGMITLetterfrack
                                                                 @OfficialGMITLetterfrack          @ GMITMayo
                                                                                                   @GMITMayo                          @GMITOfficial
    @ GMIT.SU1
    @GMIT.SU1                      @ GMIT.CCAM
                                   @GMIT.CCAM                    @GMIT.SU1
                                                                 @GMIT.SU1                         @ SUGMITMayo
                                                                                                   @SUGMITMayo                        @GMIT.SU1
    @ GMITStudentSrvs
    @GMITStudentSrvs               @ GMIT.SU1
                                   @GMIT.SU1                     @GMITStudentSrvs
                                                                 @GMITStudentSrvs                  @ GMITMayoStudentServices
                                                                                                   @GMITMayoStudentServices           @GMITStudentSrvs
    @ GMITOfficial
    @GMITOfficial                                                @ GMITLetterfrack
                                                                 @GMITLetterfrack                  @ GMITMayoCampus
                                                                                                   @GMITMayoCampus                    @GMITOfficial
    @ GMITStudentSrvs
    @GMITStudentSrvs               @GMITCCAM
                                   @GMITCCAM                     @ GMITStudentSrvs
                                                                 @GMITStudentSrvs                  @ GMITMAYO
                                                                                                   @GMITMAYO                          @GMITStudentSrvs
    @ GMITSU
    @GMITSU                        @GMITStudentSrvs
                                   @GMITStudentSrvs              @ GMITSU
                                                                 @GMITSU                                                              @GMITSU
                                   @GMITSU                                                         G MIT
    G MIT
    GMIT                                                         G MIT L
                                                                 GMIT    etterfrack
                                                                       Letterfrack                 M ayo C
                                                                                                   Mayo    ampus S
                                                                                                         Campus    tudent U
                                                                                                                 Student    nion
                                                                                                                          Union       GMIT
    G MIT Students'
    GMIT  Students' Union
                    Union          G MIT
                                   GMIT                          G MIT S
                                                                 GMIT    tudents' U
                                                                       Students'    nion
                                                                                  Union                                               GMIT S
                                                                                                                                      GMIT   tudents' U
                                                                                                                                           Students'    nion
    G MIT Student
    GMIT  Student S ervices
                  Services         G MIT Students'
                                   GMIT  Students' Union
                                                   Union         G MIT Student
                                                                 GMIT  Student S  ervices
                                                                                 Services                                             GMIT S
                                                                                                                                      GMIT   tudent S
                                                                                                                                           Student    ervices
                                   G MIT Student
                                   GMIT  Student S ervices

Visit our website for useful information on starting college in GMIT.
Find out about GMIT Students’ Union at
Your student experience is important to us!
When you arrive...
ASK ME                                                                    IT ACCESS
If you have any questions or feel lost over the first few days, just ask   New students will receive their IT passwords by SMS and e-mail prior
for assistance from any students wearing Student Ambassador               to commencing in GMIT so will have IT access as soon as they start.
t-shirts, staff wearing Student Services tops or anybody wearing an        Existing students use the same login details from previous years.
“Ask Me” badge.
                                                                          SOCIAL MEDIA
COLLEGE KNOWLEDGE, WEEK ONE                                               If you have not already done so, follow us on Social Media.
The schedule in this brochure shows each programme’s start date,          We have loads of sites for you to follow for all sorts of
times and venues. On arrival at GMIT there will be Student                information and updates.
Ambassadors to assist you and lots of signage showing where to go
for Week 1 activities of our #First5weeks. These first days are very       PARKING
important because you will:                                               Parking permits are required at the Galway & Mayo Campuses. An
• Get an introduction to the programme of study you have chosen.          electronic parking permit system is in place which assigns a virtual
• Meet your lecturers.                                                    permit following an online application on
• Receive your timetable.                                                 In the Galway campus, green parking areas are for students with
• Familiarise yourself with the layout of your campus and the             permits. To avoid penalties, students should only park in these areas.
    location of your classrooms, labs, library and the location of the    Checking of student parking permits will commence in mid-
    various services.                                                     September. Parking information can be found on:
• Get to know the other students you will be studying with.     
• Learn about the supports available on campus, from Student
    Services to Students Union, IT, Library, Financial Assistance and     PUBLIC TRANSPORT
    much much more.                                                       To find out about available public transport connections to and from
                                                                          campus visit: or
STUDENT ID & REGISTRATION                                       
If you have registered online ( you can collect
your ID in room 509 (Galway campus) during your first days on
campus. Time slots have been arranged per programme but there is
also a drop-in service to pick them up. If you are still awaiting
confirmation of your grant approval, you can still register online by
selecting the “Pay Later” option. Separate arrangements for ID
collection will be made in each of our other campuses.

                          Galway Campus Map
                          (Map of other campuses available on day 1)
Your student experience is important to us!
•   PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) – Trained student leaders
When you are here...                                                           from other years facilitate a weekly 1 hour timetabled study
                                                                               session with first year students. PASS enhances the experience
                                                                               of first year and eases the transition to third-level by helping first
#First5weeks                                                                   year students cope better with all the aspects of life at third level
Get involved with the #First5weeks activites. They are designed to             including integration; engagement and accessing relevant
welcome you and help you settle in, make new friends and get to grips          supports.
with all the changes that encompass starting college, both
academically and socially. Each of our five weeks are themed and            •   LIS (Learning & Innovation Skills) - The LIS module helps
have a variety of offerings. The themes and some of the activities are          students develop independent learning skills including time-
listed on the #First5weeks information page in this brochure but               management and problem solving skills. It also has online
daily activities will be promoted widely on campus and on social               learning resources.
media on a daily and weekly basis. We are excited about what we are
planning for you so we hope you immerse yourself in the programme          •   The Academic Writing Centre – This centre offers focused
of events and reap the benefits of doing so.                                    academic writing tuition in pre-bookable one-to-one sessions,
                                                                               each lasting 30 minute, to students in all disciplines, levels and
E-mail Address                                                                 years to enable them to fulfil their potential in their academic
Your GMIT e-mail address is your GMIT ID number                       writing tasks.
eg (It can be linked to your existing
e-mail address). Once you have registered, this will be your official        •   The Maths Learning Centre – This centre offers free drop-in
e-mail address which all GMIT correspondence will be sent to. It is            maths tuition to all students who are experiencing specific
your responsibility to check it regularly and to use it when e-mailing         difficulties with maths.
GMIT staff or services.
                                                                           •   Access & Disability Service – Students with disabilities or long-
Awaiting your Grant                                                            term medical conditions (including mental health difficulties) are
if you have registered using the “Pay Later” option because you have           advised to register with the Access & Disability service as early in
not yet received grant confirmation, your IT access may be disabled             the term as possible (if not already registered pre-arrival) to
after 31/10/18. To reactivate IT access, e-mail          ensure that they receive the range of supports and
indicating that you are still awaiting your grant.                             accommodations which they require.

Key Supports                                                                   Contact:, phone 091-742392
The following are all valuable resources available to first year                or call to the Student Services Office (Room 162).
• Student Services –Student Services provides a range of non-                  If you have a long-term illness, please also register with the
   academic services to support students’ wellbeing and welfare                Student Health Unit as you may require some medical support
   while in college and prepare them for their future careers. It              during your time in GMIT.
   encompasses Counselling, Careers, Student Health Unit,
   Chaplaincy, Access & Disability and Financial Supports. Student         •   Smart Consent Workshops – Smart Consent workshops are
   Services are represented in each campus.                                    being rolled out to students on all first-year programmes.
                                                                               Consent involves feeling, saying and showing agreement to take
•   Students’ Union – The Students’ Union team represent the                   part in intimacy and the activities of these workshops help
    student body on all levels throughout the institute and are                participants explore all the different dimensions of consent.
    involved with education, welfare, finance, clubs & societies,
    accommodation, entertainment and other services. They also run         •   Drop in Before you Drop Out – If you are having problems
    a stationery shop, a café, a fitness suite, offer discounts on a local       (personal, financial, academic etc) and as a result are thinking
    gym and have lockers to rent.                                              about leaving your programme, please ensure you seek advice
                                                                               from the relevant departments before you make the final
•   Financial Supports – The Student Services Office coordinates                 decision to leave.
    applications for funding.                                                  - For academic support/advice, meet with your Programme
    - The Student Assistance Fund (SAF) is designed to support                     Chair, Head of Department or drop into the Careers Service.
       students from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds                  - For support with personal reasons, please visit or contact the
       to help with the expenses of rent, transport, books/materials,              Student Services Office to make an appointment with one of
       childcare, utilities or food. The SAF form will be available from           our Counsellors (
       the Student Services offices in each campus, from the                     - For financial advice contact the Fund Administrator
       Students’ Union and to download from the Student Portal                     ( or call into the Student Services Office to
       from the beginning of the academic year.                                    check what financial supports are available within GMIT.
    - The Student Support Fund provides Emergency Funding                      - For fee implications if leaving the programme and also if
       (usually in the form of a short-term loan) to students                      intending to return to third-level at a later stage, e-mail
       experiencing an unexpected financial crisis or awards partial                ( and contact SUSI (
       Fee Waivers for students with exceptional circumstances                     for advice on the implications of cancelling/reapplying for
       who have fee liabilities.                                                   grants if returning to the same programme or commencing a
                                                                                   different one.

                                                                                                  GMIT (Official)   @GMITOfficial   GMIT   GMIT Channel

Your student experience is important to us! Your student experience is important to us!
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