Draft Environmental Action Plan 2018-2030 - second - Waverley Council

Draft Environmental Action Plan 2018-2030 - second - Waverley Council
          Action Plan

Draft Environmental Action Plan 2018-2030 - second - Waverley Council
Draft Environmental Action Plan 2018-2030 - second - Waverley Council
Waverley Council
CONTENTS                                                                                                         Environmental Action Plan      3

OVERVIEW4                                      URBAN ECOLOGY                                11    ENERGY                                    29
Message from the Mayor                    4    Protecting and increasing our local                 Reducing our greenhouse gases
                                                bushland, parks, trees and habitat areas     12    and preparing for the impacts of
Advocacy and Policy                       6                                                        climate change                            30
                                                Key Issues                                   12
Partnerships and Collaboration            6                                                        Key Issues                                 31
                                                What are our goals?                     13-14
Leadership by example                      7                                                        What are our goals?                      32-35
                                                Partners                                     15
Strategic Context                          7                                                        Partners                                   36
Capacity-building and Behaviour change     8
                                                WATER                                        16
Progress against Targets                9-10
                                                                                                    TRANSPORT                                 37
                                                Conserving our water use and
                                                improving our water quality		                 17    Planning the future of transport           38
                                                Key Issues		                                17-18   Key Issues                                 38
                                                What are our goals?                    18-20       What are our goals?                        39
                                                Partners                                      21    How are we going to get there?            39

                                                SUSTAINABLE WASTE
                                                A zero waste community                        23
                                                Key Issues                                    24
                                                What are our goals?                     25-27
                                                Partners                                     28
Draft Environmental Action Plan 2018-2030 - second - Waverley Council
Waverley Council
OVERVIEW                                                                                                    Environmental Action Plan                    4

Message from the Mayor

              We are lucky to have a community in            I am happy to report that we have recently     will continue to advocate, support, enable,
              Waverley that is passionate and motivated      met our organisational greenhouse gas          collaborate, innovate and share knowledge
              to help protect our environment. We have       emissions target almost two years early.       as we move along this pathway to a better
              been ambitious in doing our bit for climate    This not only reflects the effort undertaken   future.
              change and as a coastal Council are acutely    by Council, but also the potential for
              aware of the potential impacts of climate      the Waverley community to reduce our           Council looks forward to working closely
              change, particularly sea level rise.           environmental impact overall.                  with residents, businesses and visitors to
                                                                                                            continue to make our area a sustainable
              Waverley Council has demonstrated              There is still much to do to achieve a         place to live, work and play.
              an ongoing commitment to positive              resilient and sustainable community in
              environmental change. Back in 2009, we         Waverley. We know the technology and
              were one of the first councils in Australia    the community will is there to support us
              to develop a consolidated environmental        reaching this vision.
              strategy which set a strong community
              vision and ambitious targets.                  This plan, the Environmental Action Plan
                                                             (2018-2030) outlines our targets beyond
              In the time since, and despite population      2020 and where Waverley wants to be
              growth, we continue to reduce greenhouse       in the future. It is our roadmap for how
              gas emissions and potable water use. We        we can get there. We have set ambitious        John Wakefield
              have developed stormwater harvesting at        goals of moving towards a zero-waste           Mayor of Waverley
              all of our beaches, installed solar power at   community and having net-zero emissions.
              our major sites, restore our bushland and      We see Waverley as having cleaner beaches
              continue to increase the waste diverted        and neighbourhoods, and increasing our
              from landfill.                                 tree cover and our coastal bushland. We
Draft Environmental Action Plan 2018-2030 - second - Waverley Council
Waverley Council
OVERVIEW                                                                                                                             Environmental Action Plan                    5


Waverley is home to over 72,000                         We aim to work in-house and together with the community
                                                                                                                        	Capacity-building and behaviour change:
                                                        to embed sustainability into our everyday and make it
residents and a thriving business                       second nature in the way we use, reuse and dispose of
                                                                                                                         Understanding the factors that inhibit change in the
community. We live and work in a                                                                                         community and strengthening skills, competencies and
                                                        resources, purchase, design and build, and care for nature.
                                                                                                                         abilities in order to enable long term change
unique and beautiful corner of Sydney
that is a stone’s throw from the city,                                                                                  	Collaboration and partnerships: Partnering with
while also enjoying world-class beaches,                                                                                 the local community, stakeholders and other change-
                                                                                                                         makers to enhance our collective impact
coastal bushland and urban pockets,
green spaces and café precincts. We                                                                                     	Leadership by example: Embedding sustainability in
are committed to keeping it this way                                                                                     our own business practices, setting high expectations
                                                                                                                         and delivering results whilst continually valuing and
and improving it for future generations,                                                                                 nurturing our critical relationships.
whilst also contributing to the wider
sustainability challenges facing the
world today.
This is our Plan for how we will achieve positive           Community members committing to making
environmental outcomes with, and for our                    changes
community. Based on detailed research and best
-practice considerations, the Environmental Action
Plan outlines the approach and steps we are taking      We recognise that Council only has limited influence,
to address the following key focus areas:               but can play a key role in reducing barriers and facilitating
                                                        change though advocacy, engagement and infrastructure
 	Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing   solutions.
  for climate change
                                                        This Plan is underpinned by key guiding principles that
 	Improving sustainable waste management and    drive our activities:                                             Community advocate and artist Marina Debris’
  recycling                                                                                                               ‘Trashion’ show
                                                         	Advocacy and Policy: Actively supporting and ensuring
 	Conserving water and improving water quality         local, State and Federal policies exist that drive
                                                           sustainability and environmental protection
 	Protecting and enhancing biodiversity
Draft Environmental Action Plan 2018-2030 - second - Waverley Council
Waverley Council
OVERVIEW                                                                                                                                   Environmental Action Plan                      6

Advocacy and Policy                                                                                                        Partnerships & Collaboration

Council actively works to improve                            State                                                         Council recognises the essential
Policy both within and beyond Council’s                       	The NSW Climate Change Policy Framework sets a          role that cross-collaboration and
boundaries. Ensuring that Policies                              target of Net Zero emissions by 2050.                      partnerships play in creating long-
maximise environmental performance                            	The NSW EPA’s Waste Avoidance and Resource              lasting environmental impact, through
at all levels of Government is key to                           Recovery Strategy sets a clear target of 70% diversion     unleashing innovative thinking,
                                                                of residential, commercial and industrial waste to 75%
achieving our environmental targets.                            by 2020/21.
                                                                                                                           overcoming challenges and mobilising
Our plan supports and contributes to                                                                                       resources.
a number of Global, Federal and State                        Local
                                                                                                                           As such, Waverley Council has been fostering long-term
strategies and goals.                                        Council advocates sound environmental protection
                                                                                                                           reciprocal partnerships with local community groups and
                                                             through a number of plans and policies, including:
                                                                                                                           community members and actively working to increase their
Global                                                        	The Waverley Development Control Plan specifies         capability to successfully deliver their own environmental
 	Our Plan supports the United Nations Sustainable          detailed guidelines and developmental standards            projects, by providing networking, knowledge-sharing and
   Development Goal 11:                                         which need to be considered in all new developments.       capacity-building opportunities.

	Goal 11: Make cities and human                              	The Waverley Local Environmental Plan (LEP) regulates   As a result, we have collectively delivered initiatives that
                                                                land use including building controls and provides          are more innovative and focused leading to positive
  settlements inclusive, safe resillient                        guidance as to how we use our land.                        environmental outcomes and higher engagement rates.
  and sustainable.                                                                                                         We will continue to work together with residents, local
                                                                                                                           community groups and businesses to make sustainability
 	It also supports the Australian Federal Government’s                                                                 in our area second nature.
   commitments to the environment as a signatory of the
   historic global climate agreement arising from the 21st
   Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris, 2015. This
   commitment requires all signatories to “hold average
   temperature increase to well below 2 degrees and
   persure effforts to keep warming below 1.5 degrees
   above pre-industrial levels”.

 	The updated Federal Renewable Energy Target seeks to
   secure 23.5% of Australia’s electrical generation from       Community members pledging their support
   renewable sources by 2020.
Draft Environmental Action Plan 2018-2030 - second - Waverley Council
Waverley Council
OVERVIEW                                                                                                               Environmental Action Plan          7

Leadership by example                                         Strategic Context

We aspire to lead by example and ensure                       The Waverley Environment Action Plan
environmental sustainability is systemic                      is part of Waverley Council’s Integrated
and embedded across Council’s day-to-                         Planning and Reporting Framework. It is
day business, services and operations.                        one of a suite of plans that inform Waverley
The drive for environmental sustainability is changing        Council’s Resourcing Strategy, Delivery
the way local governments around Australia and the            Program and Operation Program.
world operate, and we are no exception. We play an
increasingly pivotal role in showcasing leadership and
delivering positive outcomes in this space, in response
to our local community expectations, current legislation
                                                                Our integrated
and according to Australia’s National Principles for            planning
Sustainable Development.                                        and reporting     Integrated
                                                                framework         Engagement
In the short-term we are focusing efforts on:                                     Strategy
 	Nurturing and enabling a supportive internal culture;
                                                                Waverley Local    Waverley          Resourcing
 	Refining our procurement processes to positively      Environmental     Together 3        Strategy
   influence the supply chain;                                  Plan              Strategic Plan
 	Ensuring our projects are designed and delivered                                               Action Plan
   to high sustainability standards; and                                                             Strategic Asset
 	 Implementing staff behaviour change programs                                              Plan
    to reduce resource use and increase recycling.                                Operational
                                                                                                     Long Term
                                                                                                     Financial Plan
                                                                                                     Workforce Plan

                                                                                                                           Bondi to Bronte Coastal walk
                                                                                  Annual Report
                                                                                  Including EAP
                                                                                  Progress Report
Draft Environmental Action Plan 2018-2030 - second - Waverley Council
Waverley Council
OVERVIEW                                                                                                                             Environmental Action Plan         8

Capacity-building and
Behaviour change

Effective education, knowledge-building                     Guided by our Sustainable Communities Framework
and behaviour change programs are key                       and supported by our award-winning Second Nature
                                                            program, we will continue to actively support, enable
to us achieving our environmental goals                     and empower our local community and employees
at an organisation and community level.                     to embed sustainability in the way they live and work.
We strive to deliver such change initiatives according      What the community told us:
to international best practice, which recognises:

 	Understanding community’s needs and values;
                                                                  Our Environment
 	Considering best practice theory;

 	Employing traditional and innovative methodologies;
 	Undertaking extensive social and environmental                                                                                 Keeping
                                                                                                                                         things clean
   research; and                                                  of us volunteer
                                                                                             We’re especially
 	Careful monitoring and evaluation.                         There are                                                 healthy                       helping the


                                                                                                                making a

    Tools, theory and approaches we
    use for engagement and program
    design include: Theory of Change,                            groups
    IAP2 Public Participation model,
                                                                  engaged in
    Co-design and participatory
                                                                                              The local                We don’t
    practices (face-to-face and online),                                                      environment              always know          We don’t
    Changeology, Community-Based                                  share economies,            is important to          what is              always know
                                                                                              almost all of us         available            what we can do

                                                                                              94% 43% 33%
    Social Marketing, as well as
                                                                  change campaigns,
    capitalising on emerging trends                               and marine and
    in the digital space.
Draft Environmental Action Plan 2018-2030 - second - Waverley Council
ON              ON TRACK WITH   WORK         Waverley Council
PROGRESS AGAINST TARGETS                                      TRACK           WORK NEEDED     NEEDED       Environmental Action Plan             9

 Waste                                          Water and                                     Transport
                                                Water Quality                                 Progress against EAP3 targets

 No net increase in                             Minimise sediments                            40% of total daily distance
 waste generation                               and suspended soils,                          traveled by Waverley residents
 from 2004/05 levels                            in storm water discharged                     to be by public transport,
                                                into waterways by 2020                        cycling or walking by 2020

 2004/05               2017/2018
                                                Beach Watch Ratings:                           2005/06           2017/2018     Target for 2020
   29,877                  29,877
                                                2005/06      2017/2018      Target for 2020
   tonnes/pa               tonnes/pa                                                               25%               35%               40%
                                                   Good         Good            Good

 75% resource recovery of                                                                     Average kilometers traveled by
 residential and commercial                                                                   Waverley residents by private
                                                Minimise bacterial pollution
 waste by 2020                                                                                car to decline by 15%
                                                in storm water discharged
                                                                                              of 2007 levels
                                                into waterways by 2020
 2005/06       2017/2018      Target for 2020
                                                Beach Watch Ratings:
     28%            61%             75%
                                                2005/06      2017/2018      Target for 2020    2005/06
                                                   Good         Good            Good
                                                                                               Target for 2020
Draft Environmental Action Plan 2018-2030 - second - Waverley Council
ON                                         Waverley Council
PROGRESS AGAINST TARGETS                                     TRACK
                                                                             ON TRACK WITH
                                                                             WORK NEEDED
                                                                                             NEEDED     Environmental Action Plan               10

 Biodiversity                                  Green House Gases                             Waverley Council
                                                                                             Water Use

 Ensure no loss of remnant                     30% reduction of                              50% reduction of 2005/06
 vegetation based on 2009/10                   2003/04 green house gas                       levels of mains water
 numbers                                       emissions levels by 2020                      consumption by 2020

  2004/05              2014/15                  2005/06    2017/2018      Target for 2020     2005/06                 2017/2018

      59,347m2             59,921m2                                                                61,785kL                  70,586kL
                                                478,725     475,763        335,126
                                                tonnes      tonnes         tonnes
                                                CO2 -e      CO2 -e         CO2 -e

                                                                                             Waverley Community
 40% of remnant vegetation                                                                   Water Use
 in good condition by 2020
                                               30% reduction of 2003/04                      Zero increase of 2005/06
 2005/06     2014/15         Target for 2020   council generated green house                 levels of mains water
                                               gas emissions levels by 2020                  consumption by 2020
     4%           4%              40%

                                                2005/06    2017/2018      Target for 2020

                                                7,612       5,594          5,328
                                                tonnes      tonnes         tonnes
                                                CO2 -e      CO2 -e         CO2 -e
                                                                                                2005/06         2017/2018     Target for 2020

                                                                                               6,208,951kL     6,564,106kL      6,208,951kL
Waverley Council
URBAN ECOLOGY                                                                                                                                 Environmental Action Plan                12

Protecting and increasing                                                                         Key Issues

our local bushland, parks,
trees and habitat areas
                                                                                                  Urban development                           Native Species

Despite Waverley being                      also found throughout Waverley on                     The urbanisation of Waverley has            There are 123 native plant species
densely populated, it has a                 private property, in street trees, nature             resulted in less than 2% of pre-European    indigenous to the local area still
                                            strips and in our parks and pocket parks.             bushland remaining. Our remaining           present in the area. This represents
range of biodiversity such as                                                                     bushland areas are fragmented               around 6% of plant species from
coastal heath bushland. Our                 In our most recent fauna survey , 66                  and impacted by urban weeds. As             the Sydney basin. There is a small
                                            native terrestrial vertebrate species
parks and bushland protect                                                                        development continues there is a            population of the threatened species
                                            including 4 frog species, 11 reptile                  further loss of vegetation and habitat on   Sunshine Wattle Acacia terminalis
our local animals, prevents                 species, 38 native bird species and                   private properties.                         subsp. terminalis remaining at
erosion, absorbs carbon                     4 mammal species were recorded.                                                                   Loombah Cliffs in Dover Heights.
dioxide and reduce the urban                One threatened animal species, the                    Continuing to develop and plan our tree     A changing climate is also likely to
                                            Grey-headed Flying Fox, Pteropus                      canopy cover in order to reduce heat,       increase pressures on our local plants
heat island effect. Our green               poliocephalus, and one regionally                     improve conditions for wildlife and         due to potential changes in rainfall
spaces are well loved and                   significant bird, the Yellow-rumped                   improve amenity is key to reducing the      and temperature.
provide peace, beauty and                   Thornbill, Acanthiza lineata, were also               impact of urban development.
                                            recorded.                                                                                         Waverley supports a wide range of
solace to our residents and
                                                                                                                                              birds, insects, reptiles and mammals
visitors.                                                                                                                                     such as possums and bats. These rely
                                                                                                                                              on trees and vegetation as both a
Our bushland includes the critically
                                                                                                                                              food resource and as habitat. Our
threatened ecological community of
                                                                                                                                              coast supports a thriving marine
Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub at Queens
                                                                                                                                              biodiversity that relies on us to
Park, and non-remnant parkland such as
                                                                                                                                              maintain as pollution free.
at Bronte Gully, Tamarama Gully, Thomas
Hogan Reserve and Waverley Park. Planted                                                              Spotted Pardelote
                                            Australian Museum, 2011, ‘Biodiversity Study of the
native vegetation and wildlife habitat is   Waverley Local Government Area’
Waverley Council
URBAN ECOLOGY                                                                                                                                    Environmental Action Plan            13

What are our goals?                                                                                 Remnant bushland protection
                                                                                                    and improvement

                                                                                                    Protect and improve the
                                                                                                    condition of Waverley’s                         Key Deliverables
            Ensure no loss of remnant                                           On track to meet
                                                                                     2030 target
                                                                                                    5.99ha of remnant bushland.
            vegetation based on                                                                     Waverley’s remnant bushland is mainly                Implementation of the
            2009/10 numbers                                                                         on our coast such as at Diamond Bay,                 Biodiversity Action Plan
                                                                                                    Hugh Bamford Reserve, Tamarama and                   Remnant sites 2015-
                                                                                                    at Waverley Cemetery. Bush regeneration
                                                                                                    works to promote growth and control
                                                                                                    weeds aim to improve the quality and                Continue to build
              2004/05                               2017/2018
                                                                                                    diversity of plants. Council will continue
                                                                                                    to protect and improve the condition of
                                                                                                                                                        community capacity
                      59,347m2                              59,921m2                                Waverley’s 5.99 ha of remnant bushland.             to protect bushland
                                                                                                                                                        remnants by supporting
                                                                                                                                                        and expanding Council’s
                                                                                                                                                        Bushcare volunteering
                                                                                                                                                      	Undertake Flora Survey
            40% of remnant vegetation                                  On track with work needed
                                                                              to meet 2030 target
            in good condition by 2030

              2005/06                           2017/2018              Target for 2030

                           4%                                   4%                   40%

                                                                                                        Waverley remnant bushland

1, 2
       Preliminary Draft Healthy Coastal Bus Discussion Paper
Waverley Council
URBAN ECOLOGY                                                                                                                   Environmental Action Plan                      14

Coastal bushland restoration                                                     Improved habitat across Waverley

Improve the condition of            Waverley, with the local community has
                                    undertaken significant works to restore
non-remnant native vegetation       native bushland to Bronte Gully, Tamarama
                                                                                                                                   Key deliverables
on public land in the LGA           Gully and adjacent to our remnants. These                                                        	Develop and implement
and reinstate indigenous            works have created habitat for our birds
                                                                                                                                         Urban Forestry/Canopy
                                    and animals and brought back green
vegetation characteristic of                                                                                                             Strategy
                                    space to our urban environment. Council
natural coastal landscapes in       has mapped an additional 12 ha of steep
Councils’ Parks and Reserves.       slopes and difficult to access sites where
                                                                                                                                     	Identify additional
                                    coastal bushland could be restored with                                                                      locations for habitat
                                    coastal heath vegetation.                                                                                    improvement on Council
                                                                                                                                     	Engage the local
                                                                                                                                                     community in the
                                       Key Deliverables
                                                                                     Private property vegetation and
                                                                                                                                                     Habitat Stepping Stones
                                         	Prepare a ‘Healthy                     nature strips                                                   and Living Connections
                                             Coastal Bush’ plan                                                                                      program
                                             to increase coastal                 Vegetation on private properties, street
                                             bushland in Waverley.               trees, verges and nature strips play a key
                                                                                 role in supporting our biodiversity. As
                                         	Continue implementing              well as cooling our streets, these plants
                                             Bronte and Tama ERFAP               provide the linkages for animals to travel
                                             and commence Thomas                 through the area and maintain Waverley’s
  Coastal Bushland at Diamond Bay            Hogan ERAP                          connection to nature. Our main habitat
                                                                                 corridor is all along the coast with further
                                         	Undertake the second             links at Tamarama and Bronte.
                                              Biodiversity Survey of
                                              the LGA 2019
Waverley Council
URBAN ECOLOGY       Environmental Action Plan   15


                  Bushcare volunteers

                  SSROC & SCCG

                  CPRBG Trust

                  Office of Environment
                  and Heritage

                  Greater Sydney

                  Local Land Services
Waverley Council
CHAPTER TITLE           Environmental Action Plan   16

Waverley Council
WATER                                                                                                                                                  Environmental Action Plan                     17

Conserving our                                                                                                                            Key Issues

water use and
improving our
water quality                                                                                                                             Water Scarcity

Waverley is known for beautiful                                                                                                           Water is a scarce resource in Sydney. While the
                                                                                                                                          greater Sydney catchment of rivers, creeks and
 beaches and coastline. Preserving                                                                                                        storage is large, it is sensitive to Australia’s drought
our water resources and ensuring                                                                                                          and flood cycle. Our water supply can also be
our coasts and beaches are clean                                                                                                          impacted by bushfires and pollution. This cycle
                                                                                                                                          and its effect of unpredictable rainfall are likely to
whilst keeping Waverley green and                                                                                                         be further exacerbated by climate change into the
cool is an ongoing challenge.                                                                                                             future.
Despite very large population increases, total water                                                                                      Waverley’s sports fields, beachside parks and
consumption in Sydney has remained stable for almost 50                                                                                   amenities are very popular but require significant
years. This is due to water being treated as the precious                                                                                 amounts of water. Irrigating our parks and turf is
resource that it is. In Waverley, many of our residents           Hollywood Avenue Raingarden before (left) and after (right)
                                                                                                                                          important as it allows people to enjoy the open
now use water saving appliances and toilets, and have                                                                                     spaces experiences in our area but it does increase
installed rainwater tanks to reduce their mains water use     The majority of the Waverley area’s water use is from                       pressure on our water supplies.
and reliance. At council we use non-potable (not drinking)    local residences, which includes household gardens. 1
water to keep our turf pristine, our toilets flushing clean   per cent is from open space activities such as irrigation of
and our plants green. We use pollution traps, raingardens     parks and golf courses .Ongoing recycled water and water
and street cleaning to minimise pollution into our coast,     efficiency programs on Council assets ensures that potable
beaches and the ponds in Centennial Park.                     mains water use in Council operations represents a small
                                                              proportion of community mains water use (1.16 per cent
Recycled water from our stormwater, ground water and          in 2016/17).
rainwater harvesting and reuse systems is treated (to
a fit for purpose standard i.e. not potable standard for
drinking) and used where possible for irrigation, toilet
                                                              Kinesis, 2017, ‘CCAP City based on Sydney Water community water use data’
flushing and public cleansing.
Waverley Council
WATER                                                                                                                         Environmental Action Plan              18

 Key Issues                                                What are our goals?

 Water Quality                                               Minimise sediments            On track to meet     Council and                  On track with
                                                             and suspended                      2030 target
                                                                                                                                      work needed to meet

 and Solutions                                               soils, in storm water                              Zero increase of 2005/06
                                                                                                                                              2030 target

                                                             discharged into                                    levels of mains water
                                                             waterways by 2030                                  consumption by 2030
 Urban run-off, construction sites and sewer overflows
 can all result in pollution in our stormwater system        Beach Watch Ratings:
 that ends up in our coasts. Urban run-off includes
 litter, viruses, bacteria and nutrients from pet waste,     2005/06        2017/2018        Target for 2030
 green waste, oil and toxic chemicals from vehicles,
 heavy metals and sediment. Construction sites can              Good            Good               Good
 be a major source of sediment pollution through soil
 running off sites into stormwater drains.
                                                                                                                    2005/06         2017/2018     Target for 2030
 Heavy rainfall can cause sewer systems to overflow,
 causing untreated or partially treated human and                                                                 6,208,951kL      6,564,106kL      6,208,951kL
 industrial waste to flow into our coastal waters.
 A major source of pollution are Sydney Water’s
                                                             Minimise bacterial            On track to meet
                                                                                                2030 target
 sewer outfalls at Diamond Bay and Vaucluse which            pollution in storm
 discharge untreated wastewater.                             water discharged into
                                                             waterways by 2030                                  Our previous council target to reduce water use by
                                                                                                                30% was highly ambitious and unrealistic due to
                                                                                                                our requirement to maintain parks and greenspace.
                                                             Beach Watch Ratings:                               An updated target of no net increase in use from
                                                                                                                2003/04 levels - despite population growth -
                                                                                                                is ambitious and will contribute to an overall
                                                              2005/06        2017/2018        Target for 2030   reduction in water use per capita.

                                                                 Good               Good           Good
Waverley Council
WATER                                                                                                               Environmental Action Plan       19

Increase water harvesting through                                    Improve water efficiency of
stormwater harvesting schemes and                                    new and existing buildings
rainwater capture
Stormwater harvesting infrastructure at                              We will work with our community to
Bronte and Tamarama will continue to                                 reduce its reliance on the mains water
provide water for irrigation, cleaning and                           through smart leak detection efficient use
                                                                                                                       Key deliverables
for our amenities. Council will expand                               of water and, increasing access to recycled          Deliver a water leak
water harvesting schemes to increase the                             water (from our stormwater, groundwater
availability of recycled water. The Bondi                            and rainwater systems).
                                                                                                                          detection program
stormwater harvesting system will be                                                                                      to increase water
extended to supply water for irrigation                              As well as promoting best practise water             efficiencies on all
and amenities at North Bondi. This will                              efficiency in new developments, Council              Council’s buildings
also contribute to improved ocean water                              is developing a residential water saving
quality as stormwater is filtered and                                assessment program for high water                    Facilitate water efficiency
discharged to the beach.                                             users, where we have identified scope for            and recycled water use
                                                                     significant savings. The pilot program is to
                                                                     be trialled in Bondi Junction, and expanded
                                                                                                                          in new developments
                                                                     if successful.
                                                                                                                          Deliver a program to
   Key deliverables                                                  Council will also install a smart leak               support energy and
                                                                     detection monitoring across 40 Council               water efficiencies in
      Continue water                                                 sites, so that we can reduce our own                 apartment buildings.
      harvesting across our                                          water consumption.
      beaches and Council sites
      Extend the Bondi                       Stormwater harvesting
                                             at Tamarama
      stormwater harvesting
Waverley Council
WATER                                                                                                        Environmental Action Plan   20

Reduce or minimise the pollutants
entering into waterways

Council has identified
10 sites for additional        Key deliverables
stormwater improvement
                                 Construct additional
devices throughout Waverley.     stormwater quality
Additional stormwater            improvement devices
improvement devices such         (SQIDs) in parks and
as rain gardens, and other       locations to remove
pollution traps will be          sediment and pollutants
installed in order to            Remove pollutants to
continue to improve our          improve stormwater
ocean water quality.             quality from Council
                                 infrastructure into
                                 waterways                         A family at Bronte Beach

                                 Work in collaboration
                                 with Sydney Water to          The discharge of approximately 4
                                                               megalitres daily of untreated wastewater
                                 minimise risks to users       from cliffside outfalls at Diamond Bay
                                 and pollution from            and Vaucluse is unacceptable. Sydney
                                 the Diamond Bay and           Water has identified risks from this legacy
                                 Vaucluse Cliffside outfalls   infrastructure to local users such as
                                                               fisherman, swimmers and scuba divers.
                                                               Waverley Council will work in collaboration
                                                               with Sydney Water to minimise risks to
                                                               users in the short term and rectify this
                                                               problem in the medium and long term,
                                                               reducing the pollution on our coast.

  Swimmer at Bondi Beach
Waverley Council
WATER       Environmental Action Plan   21


          Sydney Water

          Centennial Parklands

          Office of Environment
          and Heritage

          Sydney Coastal
          Council's Group
Waverley Council
SUSTAINABLE WASTE                                                                                                                               Environmental Action Plan              23

A Zero Waste

                                                                                                 Litter fragments at Bronte Beach (Plastic Free Bronte)

Council collects and                            Council aims to transition toward            cent diversion of waste from landfill (when        and cardboard, plastics, glass and metals),
manages several waste and                       a zero waste community. Through              added to recycling and other forms of              ready for further reprocessing. Residential
                                                waste avoidance, reuse, and recycling        recovery).                                         and parks garden waste is also recovered
recycling streams within the                    the Waverley community can further                                                              and sent to a facility for mulching.
Waverley local government                       reduce their reliance on raw materials       Paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium,
                                                and minimise waste sent to landfill.         and plastic containers from residential,           Council continues to research and
area, including household                                                                    commercial and public places are sent to           implement the optimal processes for
                                                Composting and other processing and
and commercial waste and                        treatment methods are equally important      a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) where         meeting our waste and recycling targets to
recycling, a selection of                       to ensure council is on the forefront of     the materials are sorted by type (paper            ensure the best result for our community.
problem wastes, and litter                      technologies that minimise the impact on
                                                our environment.
and dumping from our public
places.                                         Presently, waste from residential,
                                                commercial and public places is sent to an
The rate at which waste and recycling are       Alternative Waste Facility (AWT) located
generated is influenced by population           at the Woodlawn Facility in Goulburn.
growth, housing density and purchasing          On arrival, waste is sorted to remove and
behaviour, amongst others. The                  recycle items such as plastic containers,
Sustainable Waste Strategy - 2015 to 2020,      glass bottles, and any contaminants. The
demonstrates Council’s commitment to            remaining waste enters a mechanical
manage waste sustainably. This strategy         and biological processing system and is
details Council’s vision for reducing waste     turned into compost. This compost can
generation and increasing diversion to          then be used for mine site rehabilitation
landfill through a set of targets and actions   and other uses. This process is expected         E-waste drop off day
to achieve them.                                to help Waverley achieve almost 60 per
Waverley Council
SUSTAINABLE WASTE                                                                                                                    Environmental Action Plan                 24

 Key Issues

 Waste generation                                                                                                    Keeping it Clean
 and Recycling

 Waste generation in Australia and around the world                                                                  Waverley’s beaches and commercial centres attract
 is strongly coupled to economic growth. Products are         Waste Bin Audits                                       large numbers of local residents and visitors. This puts
 frequently purchased that can’t be recycled or reused.                                                              pressure on our waste and cleaning services and it is an
 There is an opportunity to minimise Waverley’s own                                                                  ongoing challenge to prevent overflowing bins, excess
 waste footprint by embedding sustainable purchasing      Recycling is an ongoing challenge for our community.       waste and dumping in our streets.
 and the use of sustainable materials into Council        Recyclable plastics, paper and glass continue to be
 operations, as well as to influence and build capacity   misplaced in the red bin, and waste often ends up          Despite the availability of public place garbage bins
 in the community to do the same.                         in our recycling bins. When waste and recycling is         and regular cleaning, cigarette butts, food packaging
                                                          not sorted correctly it undermines the ability of the      and plastic bags are still commonly littered, polluting
                                                          recycling industry to turn these materials into valuable   our local environment. This causes significant impacts
                                                          products.                                                  on our terrestrial and marine environments. Plastics,
                                                                                                                     in particular, persist in our coastal beaches and
                                                          Other items that offer an opportunity to be reused or      waterways and can be ingested by marine animals.
                                                          recycled include bulky household items, textiles and
                                                          electronic waste. These items are frequently found in      The density and streetscape of Waverley leaves little
                                                          the kerbside bins, when they could be recycled through     space for the storage of bins and bulky waste and
                                                          Council drop off locations and other state-wide            presenting these for collection. This creates pollution
                                                          programs.                                                  and is a significant eyesore on our local area.

                                                          By working with residents, visitors and businesses to
                                                          avoid waste, reduce our waste generation, increase
                                                          reuse and recycling we are confident that our
     Garage Sale Trail                                    ambitious waste targets can be met.
Waverley Council
SUSTAINABLE WASTE                                                                                                      Environmental Action Plan   25

 Bondi Unwrapped                                       What are our goals?

 In 2016, Waverley Council launched ‘Bondi
 Unwrapped’ a multidisciplinary education and
 engagement program working to prevent take-            No net increase in                      On track to meet
 away packaging litter in Bondi. The program was                                                     2030 target
 part funded by the NSW Environment Protection
                                                        waste generation
 Authority (EPA) and supported the installation of      from 2004/05 levels
 Solar Bins as well as working with the community
 and businesses to prevent litter at the source,                                               Target for 2030
                                                         2004/05          2017/2018
 patrol litter hotspots and maintain the cleanliness
 of those areas. The program won the Keep NSW
 Beautiful Award for litter prevention in 2017.           29,877              26,876                29,877
 The program has plans to expand in 2018/19. It           tonnes/pa           tonnes/pa             tonnes/pa
 demonstrated what can be achieved by working
 together, as a community, to prevent litter
 entering our waterways.

                                                                                                                       + Reduction of litter
                                                        90% resource recovery of                    On track with
                                                                                             work needed to meet
                                                                                                                          and illegal dumping
                                                        residential and commercial                   2030 target
                                                        waste by 2030

                                                         2005/06      2017/2018   Target for 2020    Target for 2030

                                                            28%           61%             75%                 90%
Waverley Council
SUSTAINABLE WASTE                                                                                                     Environmental Action Plan      26

Actively reduce the amount                                              Keeping our streets, beaches
of waste generated                                                      and parks clean and free of litter,
                                                                        rubbish and pollution
Council has an important                                                Council will continue to work
role to play in facilitating                Key deliverables            with community groups and                       Key deliverables
programs that reduce waste                                              the EPA to engage with
                                              Develop and deliver                                                           Continue litter prevention
generation and promote                        targeted engagement       residents, visitors and                             programs that engage
diversion from landfill.                      programs to facilitate    businesses to reduce litter                         with residents, visitors
This includes waste avoidance programs        re-use, repair and        items from the source.                              and community groups
to minimise waste, extending the life of      sustainable purchasing    Groups such as Blue Bondi Green and                 to reduce litter at our
consumer goods through reuse and repair                                 Plastic Free Bronte are working to reduce           hotspots and undertake
and raising awareness about sustainable       Work with businesses,     single use plastics, such as straws and             litter enforcement when
consumer choices.                             government and industry   coffee cups, at our beaches.                        required
Council will work with local businesses,
                                              stakeholders to realise
                                              waste recycling and       Council provides recycling and waste                Review and improve
government and industry stakeholders and                                infrastructure at strategic positions in
community groups to develop and deliver       reduction principles      Bondi Junction, Bondi, Tamarama and
                                                                                                                            public place cleansing and
programs that encourage our community                                   Bronte. The distribution and design of              beach cleaning services
to reduce the use of single use plastics.     Research and deliver                                                          to meet community
                                                                        these will continue evaluated to ensure
                                              sustainable waste         they are optimal and fit for purpose.               expectation
                                              management guidelines     Council will continue to ensure that all of
                                              for Council and the       our urban and open spaces are regularly             Build strategic
                                              community                 cleaned to a high standard.                         partnerships with strata
                                                                                                                            managers, building
                                                                                                                            managers, real estate
                                                                                                                            agents, cleaners and local
                                                                                                                            businesses to improve
                                                                                                                            presentation and storage
                                                                                                                            of bins

   Rubbish dumped illegally                                                 Clean Up Australia Day
   on the street
Waverley Council
SUSTAINABLE WASTE                                                                                       Environmental Action Plan   27

Best practice in waste management
to increase recycle and recovery

Council will deliver actions
within its Sustainable Waste                 Key deliverables
Strategy and monitor the
outcomes to ensure best
                                               Identify and deliver        Got waste?
                                               targeted engagement
practice waste management                      programs to residents,      Sort it out...
is adopted in all that we do.                  schools and businesses
                                                                           it’s second nature.
Council is guided by the NSW                   to increase recycling and
Environmental Protection Authority’s           lower contamination
overarching strategies to ensure                                            waverley.nsw.gov.au/waste

efficient kerbside collection, appropriate     Provide services and            #secondnatureimin

infrastructure for multi-unit dwellings,       programs that recover as
and dumping and litter prevention.             much problem waste and
Council works strategically to provide         bulky waste as possible
cost-effective and high impact programs
that tackle waste issues on a regional         Partner with regional
level, such as reducing illegal dumping.       stakeholders and
The Waste industry and its technology is       state government
constantly evolving. Council will continue     to investigate and
to partner with regional stakeholders and      implement new waste
state government to investigate new and        technologies to maximise
innovative waste recovery and recycling        resource recovery
practices such as Energy from Waste,
in order to reach our ambitious waste
Waverley Council
SUSTAINABLE WASTE       Environmental Action Plan   28


                      Blue Bondi Green

                      Plastic-Free Bronte

                      Transition Bondi

                      Responsible Runners

                      Protection Authority

                      Sydney Regional
                      Organisation of

                      SSROC Regional
                      Illegal Dumping
                      (RID) Squad

                      Australian Packaging
Waverley Council
CHAPTER TITLE              Environmental Action Plan   29

                ENERGY &
                CLIMATE CHANGE
Waverley Council
ENERGY                                                                                                                       Environmental Action Plan                           30

Reducing our                              In line with global action to reduce greenhouse gas
                                          emissions, the Australian Government has a target to
                                          reduce national emissions to 26–28 per cent on 2005

greenhouse gases                          levels by 2030. The NSW Renewable Energy Action Plan
                                          outlines the transition to reliable, affordable and clean
                                          energy, and the aspirational NSW target of net-zero
and preparing for                         emissions by 2050.

the impacts of
climate change
Our climate is changing and it is
largely due to increases in atmospheric
greenhouse gases caused by human
activities. These activities include
                                              Rooftop solar panels at Tamarama
the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil,
and natural gas), agriculture and land
clearing. Changes seen over the 20th      As a community, we need to continue to power our
century include increases in air and      homes, workplaces and schools but in doing so we have
                                          a choice as to where that power comes from. Waverley
ocean temperature, widespread melting
                                          Council has been working to reduce greenhouse gas
of snow and ice and rising global sea     emissions from our operations and our community since               Council has a number of electric bikes for
levels. In Australia, each decade has     2009, which was when we committed to our first GHG                  internal operations
been warmer than the previous decade      reduction targets.
since the 1950s.                          As the risks from a warming world intensify, we will need   not on track to meet our 2020 Waverley Community
                                          to plan how we build resilience to extreme changes in       target; Waverley Community has only achieved a 3.9 per
Scientists agree that the worst effects   weather and how we will ensure our community has the        cent reduction in GHG emissions since baseline year. Our
                                          capacity to adapt.                                          community GHG emissions still needs to decrease by 27
of this climate change can largely be
                                                                                                      per cent (129,263 tonnes CO2-e) by 2020 in order to meet
avoided if greenhouse gas emissions       We are on track to surpass our 2020 Waverley Council        our target.
(GHG), particularly carbon dioxide,       operations target. Since 2003, emissions from our own
                                          organisation have been reduced by 28 per cent. We are
are very significantly reduced.                                                                       1
                                                                                                          NSW Government, 2017, ‘NSW Renewable Energy Action Plan – Annual Report 2016’
Waverley Council
ENERGY                                                                                                                                  Environmental Action Plan                  31

 Key Issues

 Carbon Footprint                                          Impacts of Climate Change
 Australia’s historic and continued reliance on coal to                                                                  There is a risk that intense rain periods (that is, the
 generate the majority of their electricity is a major                                                                   number of 1 in 40 year one day rainfall events) will
 driver of our greenhouse gas emissions. Changing                                                                        increase between -3 per cent to +12 per cent by 2050.
 our energy mix to one with a lower carbon footprint
 is both an obstacle due to the scale of infrastructure                                                                  By 2050 days are projected to be hotter over all
 involved, but also an opportunity with the falling                                                                      seasons, with the greatest warming in winter and
 prices of renewable power.                                                                                              spring (2 to 3°C).

 Built Environment
 How the public spaces, households and workplaces
 of Waverley are built, function and perform is vital in
 reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also improving
 liveability and resilience to a changing climate.
 Integrating building insulation, green walls or roofs
 and rooftop solar panels are some of the key issues
 in mitigating and adapting to climate change.                 Climate change is forecast to impact both
                                                               sea levels and biodiversity

                                                           The NSW Government has modeled a series of impacts
                                                           from climate change. The Sea Level Policy projects a sea
 Transport                                                 level rise along the NSW coast for a rise, relative to 1990
                                                           mean sea levels, of 40 cm by 2050 and 90 cm by 2100.
 Emissions from transport is Australia’s third largest
 source of emissions. Travel to and from work,             Spring and summer rainfall is projected to increase across
 school and from visitors coming to our beaches            the region by 20 – 50 per cent, while winter rainfall is
 are responsible for 85% of transport emissions.           projected to decrease. Extreme daily rainfall events are
 Developing viable, low energy transport networks          expected to become more common, particularly in the               The June 2016 east coast low storm event
 for our community are vital to reducing our emissions.    summer months, and there is a slightly greater likelihood         caused widespread damage
                                                           of increased storm events.
Waverley Council
ENERGY                                                                                       Environmental Action Plan                 32

Where do we                                                                      Solar my school
want to get to?

                                                                                 Solar my School is a free Council program to help
                                                                                 local schools navigate a path to solar power.

   70% reduction in Green                 Work needed to                         Run as an Eastern Suburbs initiative, Solar My
   House Gas emissions of               reach 2030 target                        School provides independent support and
                                                                                 guidance to primary and secondary schools looking
   2003/04 levels by 2030                                                        to power their buildings with cheap green energy.

                                                                                 Schools are ideal for solar because they use energy
   2005/06     2017/2018    Target for 2020 Target for 2030                      during the day when the sun is pumping out its
                                                                                 energy-generating rays.

    478,725     475,763       335,126            143,618                         Switching to solar energy helps reduce our local
    tonnes      tonnes        tonnes             tonnes                          environmental impact, and also helps schools cut
    CO2 -e      CO2 -e        CO2 -e             CO2 -e                          energy expenses.

                                                                arbon neutral
                                                               by 2050
  70% reduction of 2003/04                On track to meet
                                               2030 target
  council generated green house
  gas emissions levels by 2020

   2005/06     2017/2018    Target for 2020 Target for 2030

    7,612       5,594         5,328              2,284
    tonnes      tonnes        tonnes             tonnes
    CO2 -e      CO2 -e        CO2 -e             CO2 -e
Waverley Council
ENERGY                                                                                                                      Environmental Action Plan         33

Improve energy efficiency of                                                   Vehicle fuel emissions
buildings and infrastructure

Council will improve the                                                       Within our community and
energy efficiency of its                       Waverley LGA                    our own operations the future                   Key Deliverables
buildings through a range                                                      take-up of electric vehicles
                                                 The Bondi Junction                                                               Monitor, manage and
of measures including the                                                      would save about 22,000
                                                 Green Infrastructure                                                             report on Council assets
installation of LED lighting                     Masterplan identified         tonnes CO2e/year or 4.4%                           water and energy use.
and optimisation of building                     large savings from existing   decrease in GHG emissions
control systems to improve                       large commercial and          compared to a BAU 2030                             Develop and deliver
operational performance.                         apartment buildings. The      scenario when charged from                         a program to support
                                                 Buildings Future program      renewable electricity                              energy and water
Street lighting contributes significantly to                                                                                      efficiencies in existing
Council’s greenhouse gas emissions and           will assist these buildings
                                                 to reduce their energy,
                                                                               Waverley will enable electric vehicle              multi-story buildings.
presents an opportunity to considerably                                        recharging at Council buildings and within
reduce our emissions. Council recently           water and waste use.                                                             Launch the pilot program,
                                                                               the LGA to encourage the use of electric
upgraded 760 of our street lights to LED,                                                                                         Building Futures, in Bondi
reducing annual CO2 emissions by 200                                                                                              Junction.
tonnes. Council will continue to implement
an LED street lighting upgrade program.                                                                                           Continue building energy
                                                                                                                                  efficiency works and LED
                                                                                                                                  street lighting roll out.
                                                                                                                                  Reduce Council’s fleet
                                                                                                                                  vehicle emissions through
                                                                                                                                  procurement of low
                                                                                                                                  emission/fuel efficient
                                                                                   Waverley Council electric vehicle              vehicles, alternative fuel
                                                                                                                                  types, and transport

    LED lights installed in Waverley Park
Waverley Council
ENERGY                                                                                                                                 Environmental Action Plan                34

Increase uptake of renewable energy in
                                                                                              Key Deliverables
Waverley through rooftop solar panels
                                                                                                  Deliver programs to increase the amount of solar and
and offsite wind and solar energy.                                                                battery storage installed on council properties, community
                                                                                                  buildings, schools and residential properties.
Rooftop solar panels                         Offsite wind and solar
and storage                                                                                       Collaborate with other Councils and stakeholders to increase
                                             Waverley Council is currently participating          the proportion of cost effective renewable electricity
Council operates and maintains solar         in a regional renewable energy Power
                                             Purchase Agreement tender.
                                                                                                  purchased by Council.
PV systems across 12 Council buildings,
generating 353,000kwh annually and           This approach involves numerous Councils             Solar for rental and apartments – trial innovative models
reducing 322 tonnes of CO2 emissions per     guaranteeing to jointly purchase the                 of unlocking the solar potential for rentals and apartments
year.                                        electricity generated by a wind or solar             which make up 55% Waverley properties.
Council will continue to investigate new     farm. If this model proves successful,
solar PV installations and battery storage   Council will increase the percentage of our          Provide planning support, controls and incentives to drive
across all of our assets, including social   electricity sourced from renewable energy.           innovation and better environmental outcomes in new
housing stock and commercial properties.     Council will also work with neighbouring             development
                                             Councils, State and Federal government to
Council will continue to promote solar       increase the share of renewable energy
installations and storage across Waverley    fed into the grid.
through programs such as ‘Solar my                                                         Waverley has conducted modelling to assess the most effective methods to reach the
School’ and solar power to residents in                                                    2030 target as seen in Figure 1, below.
homes and apartments.

    LED Lighting Upgrades                        Solar My School
Waverley Council
ENERGY                                                                                                                           Environmental Action Plan      35

Plan and respond                            Development of an                           Flood management
to the impacts                              Urban Tree Strategy
of climate change
The specific impacts of                     Council know that it has a                  Council is currently
climate change for our LGA                  small number of Urban Heat                  undertaking updated                         Key Deliverables
are difficult to accurately                 Islands- areas in our LGA                   modelling of our stormwater
predict.                                    with a higher than average                  drainage network and                           Development of Climate
                                            temperatures.                               capacity to manage different                   Risk Assessment and
Council will refine our knowledge of                                                                                                   Adaption Plan
the risks of a changing climate and plan    In order to counteract the effect of        high flow events including
effective strategies so that Waverley and   these Council will develop an Urban Tree    with climate change                            Development and
the local community can become more         Strategy, in which consideration will be                                                   delivery of Urban Tree
resilient and prepared for the effects of
climate change. However, there are a
                                            given to the potential shade provided by                                                   Strategy
                                            street trees. This will build on the work
number of known effects which Council       undertaken by Council to continually                                                       Updated modelling of
will commence planning to counteract.       increase the number of trees and                                                           stormwater drainage
                                            greenspaces in Waverley.

                                                                                          Council will continue to monitor and
                                                                                          update water infrastructure

                                                Street trees can help counteract
                                                Urban Heat Island effects
Waverley Council
ENERGY       Environmental Action Plan   36



           Office of
           & Heritage

           Greater Sydney
Waverley Council
TRANSPORT                                                                                                                     Environmental Action Plan                  38

Planning the                                                                                       Key Issues

future of transport

                                                                                                   Changing Demographics
                                                                                                   Waverley has the highest population density in Australia. This is,
                                                                                                   and should continue to be, supported by high frequency public
                                                                                                   transport, and quality walking and cycling infrastructure.

Emissions from transport is Australia’s
third largest source of greenhouse gas
emissions. Travel to and from work,                                                                Traffic congestion and parking
school and from visitors coming to our
beaches are responsible for 85 per cent                                                            Twice as many people use the Bondi Junction interchange as
                                                                                                   Syd Einfeld Drive. If they switched to driving instead, our streets
of transport emissions locally.
                                                                                                   would be gridlocked. Whilst our passenger car ownership levels
Waverley’s People, Movement and Places was adopted in                                              have remained stable, there has been an increase in the number
2017 and is the blueprint for how we improve the quality                                           of SUVs and scooters, leading to an overall increase in the
of our streetscapes to not only help achieve a better                                              number of vehicles on our roads.
environment, but also a community and economy. The
plan prioritises pedestrians first, followed by people riding
bicycles, using public transport, service vehicles, shared
mobility and private motor vehicles.

We anticipate that changes to transport over the next
20-30 years will be as dramatic as the transformation from
horses to cars. Driverless vehicles (for goods delivery,
                                                                Council has a number of electric
drones, buses and cars), electric vehicles (including           bikes for internal operations
e-bikes) and shared mobility (share cars, share bikes, on-
demand ride-sharing) will all be part of the transport mix.
                                                                                                       Buses and other public transport are an
Planning functioning transport that protects our                                                       important part of our community
environment is a key priority for Council.
Waverley Council
TRANSPORT                                                                                                                    Environmental Action Plan                39

What are our goals?
Please refer to People, Movement and
Places for targets

                                                                                    PEOPLE FIRST
                                                                                    Pedestrians are our top priority    A third
                                                                                                                       of all trips

How are we going to
                                                                                                                         are on
                                                                                                                          foot                                    2
                                                                                                                                            THEN BICYCLES
get there?
                                                                                                                                           Bikes are
                                                                                                                                           good for
                                                                                                                                          and health

Signature projects                                                              3                                                      There are
Waverley Council has identified twelve                                              PUBLIC TRANSPORT                                  86,500
signature projects that will make the                                                                                                 passengers/
biggest impact on improving transport                                                                                                 day at Bondi

                                                                                    SERVICE VEHICLES
across our area for the whole community
and follow the transport hierarchy
developed (see right). These include:
                                                                                4            i
   Implement better streetscapes across

   Provide safe cycling infrastructure
   across Waverley and beyond                                                                                                            Each
                                                                                                   Only half

                                                                                                                                      share car
                                                                                                 of all trips in
                                                                                                                                       replaces         SHARED
   Improve transport and access along                                                            our LGA are
                                                                                                                                      12 private       MOBILITY
   Bondi Road corridor                                                          PRIVATE              by car
These projects include a Cycling Strategy,
a walking strategy and shared and electric
vehicles. For more information see
Waverley’s People, Movement and Places.
                                             Safe pedestrian routes are vital
                                             to our community
55 Spring St, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
PO Box 9 Bondi Junction NSW 1355

Telephone enquiries
General business 9083 8000
General fax 9387 1820
TTY/voice calls for hearing/speech impaired 133 677
After hours emergencies 9083 8000
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