English Reading Diploma grades 1-2

English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
     This HelMet English Reading Diploma is for 1-2 grade students.

     When you have read ten (10) books, you get a diploma. You can select books from this list or select books that are interesting to
     you that are not found on this list. Ask your teacher if books not on the list can be used for the Reading Diploma. You can also ask a
     librarian for ideas.

     You can also read audiobooks and e-books.

     When you have completed the Reading Diploma you can then complete a bonus diploma by reading ten (10) different books. Ask
     for help from your teacher and or a librarian. The Reading Diploma should be completed before the end of April.

     Table of contents
     Poetry, Fairy tales and Comic Books • Picture books • Easy readers • Children's fiction • Nonfiction

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English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
Poetry, Fairy tales and Comic Books

                             Billy and the Minpins                        When pigs fly
                             Billy's mum says he must never go out        Will the Angry birds win against the pigs?
                             through the garden gate and explore the
                             dark forest beyond. So, one day, that's
                             exactly what he does!

                             Coelho, Joseph                               Dahl, Roald
                             Poems aloud                                  The enormous crocodile
                             There are tongue twisters, poems to          The Enormous Crocodile is a horrid
                             project, poems to whisper, poems to          greedy grumptious brute who loves to
                             make you laugh. There are poems to           guzzle up little boys and girls. But the
                             perform to a whole class and others to       other animals have had enough of his
                             whisper in somebody's ear.                   cunning tricks, so they scheme to get the
                                                                          better of this foul fiend, once and for all!

                             Dahl, Roald                                  Donaldson, Julia
                             Revolting rhymes                             Shuffle and squelch : poems
                                                                          and rhymes for children
                             This book is filled with revolting rhymes!
                                                                          A wonderful rhyme book full of action
                                                                          and noise!

                             Duffy, Carol Ann                             Fine, Anne
                             Queen Munch and Queen                        Under a silver moon
                                                                          In a hot, faraway land, two baby boys are
                             Queen Munch loves delicious cakes and        born under the same silver moon:
                             hefty breakfasts, while Queen Nibble         Haroun, the son of the sultan, and Akil,
                             prefers making necklaces out of              the son of the gardener.
                             raindrops. What will happen when
                             Queen Munch invites Queen Nibble for a

                             Greig, Louise                                Jansson, Tove
                             The bear who did                             Stories from Moominvalley
                             Where is the bear who did? There are         Anything can happen in Moominvalley!
                             some consequences to that...

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English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
Jeffers, Oliver                            Lloyd, Sam
                             The fate of Fausto : a painted             First day at Bug School
                                                                        Welcome to Bug School! There you can
                             There was once a man who believed he       learn all you need to know about being a
                             owned everything and set out to survey     bug.
                             what was his. ""You are mine,"" Fausto
                             said to the flower, the sheep and the
                             mountain, and they bowed before him.

                             Naidoo, Beverley                           Pearson, Luke
                             Who is King? : ten magical                 Hildafolk
                             stories from Africa
                                                                        What will happen when Hilda spends the
                             This book has African fairy tales, for     night in a tent?
                             example one story tells how elephants
                             got their trunks.

                             Rissanen, Riikka                           Saint-Exupery, Antoine De
                             Green tights -18 funny rhymes              The Little Prince
                             Green Tights is a playful rhyme and        Meet the Little Prince, a young fellow
                             word-gymnastics book for young and         who hails from a tiny, distant planet. He
                             older schoolchildren and all wordniks      loves to watch sunsets and look after his
                             who take an interest in English. The       flower, to ask questions and to laugh.
                             colourful illustrations contain terms in   And now here he is on Earth, appearing
                             both English and Finnish.                  out of nowhere in the middle of the
                                                                        desert, looking for a friend.

                             Simonson, Louise                           Stevens, Roger
                             How the camel got his hump :               Apes to Zebras: An A-Z of
                             the graphic novel                          Shape Poems
                             Find out how camel got his hump            This beautiful book features a full
                             according to Rudyard Kipling.              alphabet of shape poems of different
                                                                        animals, birds, and insects.

                             Underwood, Deborah
                             Interstellar Cinderella
                             Once upon a planetoid, amid her tools
                             and sprockets, a girl named Cinderella
                             dreamed of fixing fancy rockets. With a
                             little help from her fairy godrobot,
                             Cinderella is going to the ball.

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English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
Picture books

                     , Ladybird
                     In a minute                                   Little people, big dreams series
                     What can you do in a minute?                  This series explores the lives of
                                                                   outstanding people who all began life as
                                                                   children with a dream.

                     Bishop, Poppy                                 Bright, Rachel
                     Bear's House of Books                         The Way Home for Wolf
                     Rabbit loves adventure stories,               Wilf is as strong and independent as a
                     Hedgehog adores happy endings, and            wolf cub can be. He doesn't need help
                     Mouse and Fox enjoy reading together.         from his friends and family - whatever it
                     So when the friends discover a                is, he can do it all by himself.
                     mysterious house full of books, it's a
                     dream come true!

                     Brill, Calista                                Brown, Peter
                     The Secret garden                             My teacher is a monster! : (no,
                                                                   I Am Not)
                     The classic story is retold and beautifully
                     illustrated! Open the door to a world of      Are all monsters what they seem?
                     wonder and enter the secret garden...

                     Easton, Grace                                 Ferry, Beth
                     Cannonball Coralie and the                    Swashby and the Sea
                                                                   Captain Swashby loves the sea, his oldest
                     Coralie longs to join the circus - but the    friend. And he loves his life by the sea
                     Man in the Big Hat says her tricks just       just as it is: salty and sandy and
                     aren't good enough. With the help of her      serene.One day, much to Swashby's
                     new friend, Lion, Coralie realises she's      chagrin, a young girl and her granny
                     perfect just the way she is.                  commandeer the empty house next
                                                                   door. All Swashby wants is for his new
                                                                   neighbors to GO AWAY and take their
                                                                   ruckus with them.

                     Havukainen, Aino                              John, Jory
                     This is Finland                               The Bad Seed
                     Tatu and Patu’s guide contains hard facts     This is a book about a bad seed. A
                     couched in hilarious form. Those wacky        baaaaaaaaaad seed. How bad? Do you
                     Oddville brothers Tatu and Patu do not        really want to know?
                     leave a stone, a sauna, or even a Santa
                     unturned in their quest to get to the
                     bottom of Finland, its history, its wild
                     natural landscape, or even its quirky

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English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
Kemp, Anna                                  King-Chai, Sharon
                     The worst princess                          Starbird
                     A princess story with a twist.              Starbird's songs weave the richest
                                                                 dreams and delight all who hear him, but
                                                                 when the Moon King traps him in a cage,
                                                                 the colour and life in his voice begin to
                                                                 drip away. What follows is a story with
                                                                 the feel of a timeless myth, with the
                                                                 message that that captivity dims even
                                                                 the brightest star.

                     Klassen, Jon                                Kowalczuk, Brayden
                     I Want My Hat Back                          The mole and the hole
                     This hilarious book tells the story of a    Mole is stuck inside his hole. Every day
                     bear who's hat has gone. And he wants it    he tries to leave, and every day the rocks
                     back.                                       block his way. Mole can't understand it.
                                                                 After all, he's never been any trouble to
                                                                 anyone. Has he?

                     Leonard, M.G.                               Litchfield, David
                     The tale of a toothbrush                    The bear and the piano
                     Children use their toothbrush each          What happens when the bear learns to
                     morning and evening, and get new ones       play the piano?
                     every few months.That's billions of
                     toothbrushes! What happens to them all
                     when they're no longer needed?

                     McCardie, Amanda                            Smith, Alex T.
                     A book of feelings                          Little Red and the very hungry
                     Feelings. We all have them, all the time.
                     This book is about them.                    What if Little Red Riding Hood lived in

                     Sperring, Mark                              Yoshitake, Shinsuke
                     The astro naughty naughty                   It might be an apple
                                                                 It might be an apple, but if it’s not? What
                     The Naughty Naughty Baddies are             else could it be?
                     wickedly wicked, awfully awful and
                     diabolically dreadful, and they have just
                     come up with a mischievous plan to blast
                     off to the moon and to stitch up the

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English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
Easy readers

                     Reading champion series                      Usborne first reading series
                     Exciting stories and beautiful artwork.      An exciting series of for children who are
                                                                  just starting to learn to read.

                     Little Gems series                           Read it yourself
                     Fun, colorful pictures and easy to read      Reading these Ladybird's books is fun.

                     Green Bananas series                         Blue bananas series
                     Three easy and fun stories in each book      Blue Bananas are exciting short stories
                     to learn reading.                            for beginner readers that bridge the gap
                                                                  between picture books and fiction.

                     Red bananas series                           Early Reader series
                     Red Bananas helps students progress          Early Readers are fun stories that help
                     from the first stages of fluent reading to   starting readers go from picture books to
                     the demands of a chapter book.               reading books.

                      Faruqi, Saadia                              Cobb, Amelia
                     Yasmin series                                Zoe's Rescue Zoo series
                     Yasmin is a spirited second-grader who's     Zoe lives at her uncle’s rescue zoo that
                     always on the lookout for those "aha"        takes care of lost and homeless animals.
                     moments to help her solve life's little      But Zoe also has a secret: she can
                     problems.                                    understand what animals say and talk to

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English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
Davies, Jacqueline                           Donaldson, Julia
                     Sydney and Taylor Explore the                Swallows and spiders : two
                     Whole Wide World                             stories in one
                     Sydney is a skunk and Taylor is a            Two delightful animal tales that are just
                     hedgehog, but no matter how odd the          right for young readers.
                     pairing may seem, their friendship comes

                     Fine, Anne                                   Gallo, Tina
                     Gnomes Gnomes Gnomes!                        Batman Has a Plan
                     Sam loves making gnomes out of clay.         Batman Has a Plan was written for
                     When Sam's mum says the gnomes will          children who have learned the alphabet
                     have to go, he plans a send-off for his      and are ready to start reading!
                     clay friends.

                     Hargreaves, Roger                            Hart, Caryl
                     Reading Ladder series                        The Beast of Bramble Woods
                     Level 1 Reading Ladder titles are perfect    Nell and Freddie go camping and have
                     for new readers who are beginning to         the best time ever! But the Beast of
                     read simple stories with help.               Bramble Woods wants to join in the

                     Jenner, Caryn                                Meadows, Daisy
                     Dorling Kindersley readers                   Rainbow magic series
                     Fiction and nonfiction titles from DK for    These fairy books are divided to smaller
                     early and emerging readers.                  book series. You can read any book from
                                                                  this series.

                     Philpott, Ellen                              Stock, Lisa
                     Read it yourself with Ladybird               Battle for Naboo
                     A renowned series featuring non-fiction      A reading book based on the climatic
                     as well as modern and traditional stories.   battle of Naboo from ""Star Wars
                     Designed so that children can read them      Episode 1"". Learn about the characters
                     for themselves, the stories are carefully    and their weapons and vehicles.
                     graded into five reading levels.

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English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
Webb, Holly                             Woodfine, Katherine
                     Animal Stories series                   Sophie Takes to the Sky
                     These beautifully illustrated stories   Scaredy-Cat Sophie is afraid of
                     introduce a host of lost and lonely     everything! So when a balloonist comes
                     puppies and kittens. These books are    to the town fair, Sophie is left behind
                     guaranteed to melt your heart!          while everyone else goes to watch him
                                                             fly in his marvellous balloon.

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English Reading Diploma grades 1-2
Children's fiction

                     Atinuke                                       Bird, Pip
                     Too Small Tola                                Super Cute series
                     Three delightful stories about Too Small      Prepare to enter a whole world of cute!
                     Tola, a young girl who, though small, is      Pip Bird's laugh-out-loud, heart-warming
                     very determined.                              stories celebrate the differences in us all.

                     Colfer, Eoin                                  Corderoy, Tracey
                     Anna Liza and the happy                       Willow Valley series
                                                                   Perfect for children who are just starting
                     Anna Liza likes to cheer up her mother's      to read alone. Willow Valley is a very
                     psychiatric patients.                         special place. Nestled in a hidden valley,
                                                                   trees of all shapes and sizes grew on the
                                                                   rolling green hills and pretty flowers
                                                                   dance in the meadows.

                     Davidson, Zanna                               Gough, Julian
                     Billy and the Mini Monsters                   Rabbit and Bear series
                                                                   This is a brilliantly funny series of a rabbit
                     Billy is an ordinary boy until one night he   and a bear who discover that things are
                     finds five mini monsters living in his sock   always better when they're shared with a
                     drawer.                                       friend. Ideal for readers moving on from
                                                                   picture books.

                     Hale, Shannon                                 Harrison, Paula
                     The princess in black                         The secret rescuers series
                     When trouble raises its blue monster          Can Sophy and the other children
                     head, Princess Magnolia becomes the           manage to keep their rescued baby
                     Princess in Black!                            dragons and other mythical animals

                     Harrison, Paula                               McCall Smith, Alexander
                     Kitty series                                  Freddie Mole, lion tamer
                     Kitty is a superhero-in-training with         Freddie is an ordinary boy who joins the
                     feline superpowers. She dreams of being       circus one day. He can't believe his luck
                     like her superhero mum one day, but           as he is asked to understudy some of the
                     she's still got a lot to learn.               acts. But is he brave enough to go into
                                                                   the lions' cage?

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Meadows, Daisy                               Morpurgo, Michael
                     Magic Animal Friends series                  Mimi and the mountain
                     In this magical world animals can talk
                     and play just like us. Read about their      A Christmas tale from Switzerland about
                     magical adventures.                          a brave little girl and a terrible mountain

                     Murphy, Jill                                 Nadin, Joanna
                     The worst witch series                       Penny Dreadful series
                     Mildred Hubble is a trainee witch at Miss    Penny’s name is not actually Penny
                     Cackle's Academy, and she's making an        Dreadful. She just happens to be a
                     awful mess of it.                            magnet for disaster…

                     O'Shea-Meddour, Wendy                        Parvela, Timo
                     The secret railway                           Bicycling to the moon
                     Leo and Ella move to a new house and         Purdy the cat and Barker the dog live
                     think it's boring... until they stumble to   together in a sky-blue house on top of a
                     an adventure!                                hill.

                     Taylor-Smith, Claire                         Vulliamy, Clara
                     The dragon's song                            Marshmallow Pie series
                     Looking after a world of fairytale           Marshmallow Marmaduke Vanilla-Bean
                     creatures!                                   Sugar-Pie Fluffington-Fitz-Noodle is a big,
                                                                  fluffy (and grumpy) cat.

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                     , Stella Gurney
                     Everyday journeys of ordinary                Around the world in 80 ways
                                                                  Travel around the world by yacht, tram,
                     Why does a light come on when you flick      train, jetpack, camel...
                     a switch? How can cheese from the
                     supermarket have come out of a cow?
                     What happens when you send a text?

                     Usborne pet guides series                    Let's read and find out series
                     Looking after cats, dogs, rabbits or         Find out about the skeleton inside you or
                     gerbils is fun. But what do they need?       the simple machines that help the work
                                                                  go easier.

                                                                  Barr, Catherine
                     100 Things to Know About...                  The story of people
                                                                  When did the first humans live? How did
                     These richly illustrated books are perfect   humans spread all over the world? What
                     for broadening knowledge of an essential     will happen to humans in the future?
                     subject, away from the classroom.

                     Barr, Catherine                              Bone, Emily
                     The story of space                           Usborne Young beginners
                     Read about the big bang, what happened
                     then and afterwards...                       You can read about woodland creatures,
                                                                  dinosaurs or seashore.

                     Brett, Anna                                  Davies, James
                     Daredevil's guide to outer                   Meet the Ancient Egyptians
                                                                  What did the Ancient Egyptians wear?
                     Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Blast off!      How did they build the pyramids? These
                                                                  and many other questions are answered
                                                                  in this book!

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Daynes, Katie                                 Dickins, Rosie
                                                        What is a virus?                              Usborne lift-the-flap
                                                                                                      computers and coding
                                                        All the big questions children are asking
                                                        about viruses (and adults are struggling      Learn how computers and coding works.
                                                        to answer) are covered in this
                                                        much-needed addition to the
                                                        ever-popular First Questions & Answers

                                                        Durley, Natasha                               Graham, Ian
                                                        Dinosaurs                                     Stephen Biesty's books
                                                        This is a dinosaur book with a difference!    Biesty's illustrations open a world of
                                                                                                      wonder. The artwork will have children
                                                                                                      and adults alike poring over every detail.

                                                        Helsby, Genevieve                             Hunt, Wendy
                                                        My first orchestra book                       What do animals do all day?
                                                        There are all kinds of instruments in the     What do animals do on a tropical island
                                                        orchestra, do you know them all?              or in a desert? This book introduces
                                                                                                      animals from 14 different habitats from a
                                                                                                      jungle to a coral reef.

                                                        Lomax, Dean R.                                Packham, Chris
                                                        My Book of Dinosaurs and                      Amazing animal journeys
                                                        Prehistoric Life
                                                                                                      Many animals migrate to other places
                                                        From the first living cells to fearsome       each year. Find out more about them.
                                                        dinosaurs and giant mammals, take a
                                                        journey through prehistory to find out
                                                        about the supersized, the scary, and the
                                                        downright bizarre animals and plants
                                                        that inhabited Earth in ancient times.

                                                        Sanchez Vegara, Isabel                        Zommer, Yuval
                                                        Big Dreams series                             The big book of bugs
                                                        Discover the lives of outstanding people,     "Just how slow does a snail go? Are bugs
                                                        from designers and artists to scientists      afraid of the dark?" Find the answers to
                                                        and activists. All of them achieved           these questions and even more from this
                                                        incredible things, yet each began life as a   book.
                                                        child with a dream.

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