LEADERSHIP 2018 New Titles - Edward Elgar Publishing

LEADERSHIP 2018 New Titles - Edward Elgar Publishing
2018               New Titles

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LEADERSHIP 2018 New Titles - Edward Elgar Publishing

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 Mastering the Ethical Dimension                                                        Competing Values Leadership
 of Organizations                                                                       Second Edition
 A Self-Reflective Guide to Developing                                                  Kim S. Cameron, Robert E. Quinn, Jeff Degraff,
 Ethical Astuteness                                                                     University of Michigan and Anjan V. Thakor,
                                                                                        Washington University in St. Louis, US
 Donna Ladkin, Plymouth Graduate School
 of Management, UK                                                                      Praise for the first edition:
 Engaging and accessible, this book is ideal for anyone                                 ‘Both the framework and the book make notable

 striving to understand ethics in organizations – from                                  contributions to both theory and practice. The book

 upper-level students of management and leadership to                                   will be of value to scholars and organization leaders

                                                                                        in understanding the concepts of value creation

 professionals and managers.
                                                                                        and organizational effectiveness. It will be an aid to
 With the use of exercises, reflective prompts and case                                 consultants in conceptualizing strategies for organizations and in counselling
 studies, Mastering the Ethical Dimension of Organizations offers a practice-based      leaders on how to operationalize the concepts in their organizations.’
 approach to developing the skills critical to responding ethically to organizational
 dilemmas. Engagingly and accessibly written by a leading communicator in                                                                 – S.R. Mohnot, Global Business Review
 the field, this book will be essential for postgraduate students of business,
 management or leadership.                                                              ‘This is a very readable and excellently presented volume. It will interest anyone
                                                                                        concerned with organizational effectiveness and the competing values model.’
 2015 240 pp Hardback 978 1 78195 408 9 £75.00
 2015 Paperback 978 1 78195 409 6 £35.00                                                                                                – Economic Outlook and Business Review
 eTextbook                                                                              2014 208 pp Hardback 978 1 78347 710 4 £70.00
                                                                                        2014 Paperback 978 1 78347 712 8 £25.00
 Research Handbook on
 Entrepreneurship                                                                       Leadership, Popular Culture and Social Change
 and Leadership                                                                         Edited by Kristin M.S. Bezio, University of Richmond and Kimberly Yost,
                                                                                        Lourdes University, US
 Edited by Richard T. Harrison, University of
 Edinburgh Business School and Claire M. Leitch,                                        The newest generation of leaders was raised on a steady diet of popular culture
                                                                                        artifacts mediated through technology, such as film, television and online gaming.
 Lancaster University Management School, UK
                                                                                        As technology expands access to cultural production, popular culture continues to
 This Research Handbook argues that the study                                           play an important role as an egalitarian vehicle for promoting ideological dissent
 of entrepreneurs as leaders is a gap in both the                                       and social change. The chapters in this book examine works and creators of
 leadership and the entrepreneurship literatures.                                       popular culture – from literature to film and music to digital culture – in order to
 With conceptual and empirical chapters from a                                          address the ways in which popular culture shapes and is shaped by leaders around
 wide range of cultures and entrepreneurship and leadership ecosystems, the             the globe as they strive to change their social systems for the better.
 Research Handbook for the first time produces a systematic overview of the
 entrepreneurial leadership field, providing a state of the art perspective and         Jan 2018 c 272 pp Hardback 978 1 78536 896 7 c £90.00
 highlighting unanswered questions and opportunities for further research. It           eBook • Elgaronline
                                                                                        New Horizons in Leadership Studies series
 consolidates existing theory development, stimulates new conceptual thinking
 and includes path-breaking empirical explorations.
 Dec 2017 c 592 pp Hardback 978 1 78347 375 5 c £160.00
 eBook • Elgaronline                                                                    Field Guide to Leadership
 Teaching Leadership                                                                    Edited by Steve Kempster, Lancaster University
 Gama Perruci, Marietta College, McDonough Center and Sadhana W. Hall,                  Management School, Arthur F. Turner, University of
 Dartmouth College, US                                                                  the West of England and University of South Wales
 This book addresses important questions that educators must face when teaching         and Gareth Edwards, University of the West of
 leadership: Why is it important to teach leadership? What is the intellectual          England, UK
 history of the field? How do leadership programs add value to Higher Education         ‘This has a powerful list of authors, with new-comers
 institutions? What are we doing well programmatically? What gaps do we need to         complementing big and established names. It is good to
 address? What are some techniques that will enhance our teaching of leadership?        see that this book is about developing leadership and
 Where are we headed in the field of Leadership Studies? The authors outline the        not about developing ‘leaders’. It is also good to see ethics featuring prominently.
 intellectual challenges, resources, and pedagogical tips for undergraduate and         Too many ‘leadership’ books concentrate on making money for the C-Suite, almost
 graduate-level leadership programs to expand instructional capabilities of those       irrespective of ethics and social responsibility. This book takes this crucial issue
 tasked with teaching this growing field.                                               seriously. The dramatic and discursive tone to the book is potent. So, if you are at
 June 2018 c 184 pp Hardback 978 1 78643 276 6 £65.00                                   the top, you now have fewer excuses.’
 eBook • Elgaronline                                                                                                                – Ken Parry, Deakin Business School, Australia
 New Horizons in Leadership Studies series
                                                                                        Nov 2017 c 288 pp Hardback 978 1 78536 990 2 £90.00
                                                                                        eBook • Elgaronline
                                                                                        Elgar Field Guides

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LEADERSHIP 2018 New Titles - Edward Elgar Publishing

Jepson Studies in Leadership series                                                    KEY TITLES

NEW                                                                                    NEW

Leadership and Sexuality                                                               Handbook of Methods in Leadership Research
Power, Principles and Processes                                                        Edited by Birgit Schyns, NEOMA Business School, France and Durham University
                                                                                       Business School, Durham University, Rosalie J. Hall, Durham University, UK and
Edited by James K. Beggan, University of Louisville and Scott T. Allison,
                                                                                       Pedro Neves, Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal
University of Richmond, US
                                                                                       ‘Interest in leadership continues to grow, as does research on this complex and
‘The interplay between sexuality and leadership is a provocative topic that            fascinating topic. This book provides a much-needed guide to conducting (and
people tend to give a wide berth to, like a gorilla in a room. Not surprisingly,       deciphering) leadership research. Every student of leadership needs to have this
Jim and Scott climb on the gorilla, and bring along some collaborators to              detailed guidebook in his or her reference library.’
show us what can happen when leaders shy away from confronting sexuality-
based issues within the group, or misinterpret the sexual intent of a behavior,                                             – Ronald E. Riggio, Claremont McKenna College, US
and draws on real-world events many of us would like to forget. Far from               This Handbook brings together experts in the field of leadership to provide insights
sensational, this volume gives us the opportunity to move past the skittishness        into methods for leadership research. It serves to motivate them to use new research
and finally address sexuality as an influence on social behavior.’                     methods to further our knowledge of the leadership field.
                                      – Craig Parks, Washington State University, US
                                                                                       Dec 2017 c 512 pp Hardback 978 1 78536 727 4 c £150.00
Feb 2018 c 256 pp Hardback 978 1 78643 864 5 c £90.00                                  eBook • Elgaronline
eBook • Elgaronline                                                                    Handbooks of Research Methods in Management series

NEW                                                                                    Handbook of Research on
                                                                                       Leadership and Creativity
Reconstruction and the Arc of Racial (In)Justice
                                                                                       Edited by Michael Mumford, University of Oklahoma,
Edited by Julian Maxwell Hayter and George R. Goethals, University of                  US and Sven Hemlin, University of Gothenburg,
Richmond, US                                                                           Sweden
‘Julian Maxwell Hayter and George R. Goethals have edited an outstanding               The rapid pace of technological change and globalization
collection of essays dealing with the repeated efforts to forge a more inclusive       of products, competition and services have conspired to
republic in the decades after the American Civil War. In elegantly-crafted pieces      place a new premium on innovation for firms across the
ranging from the war years to the heights of the first Reconstruction era, and         world. Although many variables influence creativity and
from the 1960s to the troubled present, these established scholars weave               innovation, the effective leadership of creative teams
together often-forgotten stories of struggles for racial justice. Tragically, many     has proved especially important. This timely Handbook
of them remind us that old victories are rarely permanent, and that the fight          presents the state of the art for what leaders must do to
continues. An important volume for all studying the long arc of Reconstructions        lead creative teams and how they should do it.
in America.’
                                                                                       Handbook of Research on Leadership and Creativity is divided into three major
                      – Douglas R. Egerton, author of The Wars of Reconstruction:      sections. The first section on leadership functions identifies key activities that
                       The Brief, Violent History of America’s Most Progressive Era    must be executed by leaders if creative efforts are to prove successful. The next
Jan 2018 c 224 pp Hardback 978 1 78811 284 0 c £85.00                                  section explains creative leadership using available theoretical models, examining
eBook • Elgaronline                                                                    the effects of leader behaviors on follower creativity. The final section investigates
                                                                                       specific domains where organizations seek creativity. It covers the creative domains
                                                                                       of research and development as well as military and academia, which have not
Cultural Icons and Cultural                                                            traditionally been viewed as domains where creative leadership is critical.
Leadership                                                                             2017 512 pp Hardback 978 1 78471 545 8 £180.00
Edited by Peter Iver Kaufman and                                                       eBook • Elgaronline
                                                                                       Research Handbooks in Business and Management series
Kristin M.S. Bezio, University of Richmond, US
Contributions to this book probe the context – both
social and spiritual – from which select iconic figures                                Handbook of Research on
emerge and discover how to present themselves                                          Gender and Leadership
as innovators and cultural leaders, as well as draw
material into forms that subsequent generations                                        Edited by Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley University, US
consider innovative or emblematic. The overall                                         ‘Anyone seeking to help women leaders develop their
import of the book is to locate producers of culture                                   skills and capabilities to the fullest will benefit enormously
such as authors, poets, singers, and artists as leaders,                               from this book. By gathering the best current research
both in their respective genres, and of culture and society                            on women’s leadership and organizing it as a Handbook,
more broadly through the influence exerted by their works.                             Susan Madsen has done women – and the world – a great
2017 208 pp Hardback 978 1 78643 805 8 £75.00                                          service.’
eBook • Elgaronline                                                                                   – Sally Helgesen, Author, The Female Vision,
                                                                                                  The Female Advantage and The Web of Inclusion
NEW                                                                                    ‘Susan Madsen, the editor of this volume, is on the cutting edge of all recent scholarly
                                                                                       work on gender and leadership. No surprise, then, that this edited collection of
Leadership and the Unmasking of Authenticity                                           original essays is a must-read – no, a must-own – for anyone with an enduring
                                                                                       interest in the subjects of women and power, women and authority, and women and
Edited by Brent Edwin Cusher, Christopher Newport University and                       influence. The book has twenty-seven different chapters, which means it roams far
Mark A. Menaldo, Texas A&M University, Commerce School of Liberal Arts,                and wide, though not at the expense of depth. These are highly accomplished essays
US                                                                                     by highly accomplished contributors, which is precisely why the book is indispensable.
Leadership and the Unmasking of Authenticity presents a philosophic                    Indispensable especially now, when questions that we thought, perhaps foolishly,
treatment of the core concept of authentic leadership theory, with a view              were almost settled, palpably are not. Why in the second decade of the twenty-first
toward illuminating how authors in the history of philosophy have understood           century are so many men still at the top? Why in the second decade of the twenty-
authenticity as an ideal for humanity. Such an approach requires a broader view        first century are so few women in leadership roles? Why some forty years after the
of the historical origins of authenticity and the examination of related ideas         inception of the leadership industry do answers to questions about gender and power
such as self-knowledge and deception. The chapters of this volume illuminate           remain still so elusive?’
the conflict between the contemporary understanding of authenticity and                                                      – Barbara Kellerman, Harvard Kennedy School, US
traditional philosophy by revisiting the ideas of thinkers who express self-
knowledge as a cornerstone of their philosophy.                                        2017 496 pp Hardback 978 1 78536 385 6 £180.00
                                                                                       eBook • Elgaronline
March 2018 c 224 pp Hardback 978 1 78643 098 4 c £85.00                                Research Handbooks in Business and Management series
eBook • Elgaronline
New Horizons in Leadership Studies series

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LEADERSHIP 2018 New Titles - Edward Elgar Publishing

NEW                                                                                          NEW

Global Women Leaders                                                                         Handbook of Middle Management
Breaking Boundaries                                                                          Strategy Process Research
Regina Wentzel Wolfe, Catholic Theological Union and                                         Edited by Steven W. Floyd and Bill Wooldridge, University of Massachusetts,
Patricia H. Werhane, DePaul University, US                                                   Amherst, US
‘Global Women Leaders transports the reader into the                                         ‘Floyd and Wooldridge’s edited volume is a literal tour-de-force that guides the
fascinating lives of trailblazers in four very different                                     reader through the “wilds” of middle manager strategy process research. Chapters
countries. All were change-makers in their professions, and                                  from top scholars examine all aspects of this complex field: from reviewing and
all of them confronted the challenges women everywhere                                       updating its foundations; to evaluating current conflicts, gaps and methods; to
will recognize as their own. How they succeeded, despite                                     identifying new, insightful theoretical and empirical directions that illuminate
roadblocks, is both inspiring and instructive. Each gives                                    exciting paths forward. The Handbook of Middle Management Strategy Process
us sound advice on a range of familiar hurdles from those associated with work and           Research is an essential source for newly minted scholars, who should read it
family to lack of confidence and sexism. If you want to know how to achieve authentic        straight through, and for “old hands” at strategy process who want the very latest
leadership, this is the book for you.’                                                       thinking.’
                                                                                                                                  – Richard L. Priem, Texas Christian University, US
                                            – Melanne Verveer, Georgetown University, US
                                                                                             Dec 2017 c 544 pp Hardback 978 1 78347 324 3 £150.00
Nov 2017 c 200 pp Hardback 978 1 78536 870 7 £70.00                                          eBook • Elgaronline
eBook • Elgaronline                                                                          Research Handbooks in Business and Management series
New Horizons in Leadership Studies series
Research Handbooks in Business and Management series
                                                                                             The Chinese Strategic Mind
NEW                                                                                          Hong Liu, University of Manchester, UK
                                                                                             This book addresses the fundamental issue: does the Chinese strategic mind have
Decision Making and Business Performance                                                     its own idiosyncrasies which differ considerably from those of the Western mind? It
Eric J. Bolland, Viterbo University, US                                                      expounds and unravels the particular characteristics of the Chinese strategic mind:
and Carlos J. Lopes, Eastern Kentucky University, US                                         what they are, how they are evolved and what strategic implications they have.
This breakthrough study examines how business decisions explain successful                   2015 224 pp Hardback 978 1 78347 413 4 £75.00
and unsuccessful performance. Real world and academic research is evaluated,                 2017 Paperback 978 1 78643 759 4 £30.00
including interviews and cases studies, to create a model of how decisions and               eBook • Elgaronline
performance are connected for businesses of all sizes. Recommendations are made
to optimize decision making and projections about the future of decision making and
performance are provided.                                                                    Politics, Ethics and Change
April 2018 c 220 pp Hardback 978 1 78643 015 1 c £70.00                                      The Legacy of James MacGregor Burns
eBook • Elgaronline                                                                          Edited by George R. Goethals, University of Richmond and Douglas Bradburn,
New Horizons in Management series
                                                                                             The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington, US
                                                                                             ‘This is an excellent collection that critically engages with the tremendous legacy
NEW IN PAPERBACK                                                                             of an outstanding leadership scholar. The editors have brought together world-
                                                                                             class writers from various disciplinary backgrounds, all of whom knew Jim Burns
Thinking Differently                                                                         personally and have been significantly influenced by his ideas. The result is a volume
about Leadership                                                                             that provides a definitive statement on Burns’s key ideas on politics, ethics and
                                                                                             change. I thoroughly recommend this text to anyone interested in the potential
A Critical History of Leadership Studies                                                     of leadership to transform relationships, organizations and societies. It is a fitting
Suze Wilson, Massey University, New Zealand                                                  testament and a must-read.’

‘The field of leadership studies is generally characterised                                                        – David Collinson, Lancaster University Management School, UK
as one that is in a state of late adolescence. This ambitious                                2016 208 pp Hardback 978 1 78536 892 9 £70.00
book shows compellingly that the field has a considerably                                    eBook • Elgaronline
lengthier and richer pedigree. We need to recognise,                                         New Horizons in Leadership Studies series
prioritise and instill a historical appreciation into our
teaching and our research of leadership in the critically
reflexive and genuinely interdisciplinary manner that the
author models so brilliantly in this wonderfully original book.’
                                                       – Brad Jackson, Victoria University
                                                             of Wellington, New Zealand
2016 288 pp Hardback 978 1 78471 678 3 £80.00                                                   Leadership and the Humanities
Nov 2017 Paperback 978 1 78811 680 0 £24.95
eBook • Elgaronline                                                                             Editor in Chief: Michael Harvey
New Horizons in Leadership Studies series                                                       Associate Editors: Antonio Marturano
                                                                                                & Terry L. Price

                                                                                               A peer-reviewed international journal dedicated
                                                                                               to advancing understanding of, research on, and
                                                                                               applications concerning leadership. The journal
                                                                                               offers rigorous but readable scholarship on
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LEADERSHIP 2018 New Titles - Edward Elgar Publishing LEADERSHIP 2018 New Titles - Edward Elgar Publishing LEADERSHIP 2018 New Titles - Edward Elgar Publishing LEADERSHIP 2018 New Titles - Edward Elgar Publishing LEADERSHIP 2018 New Titles - Edward Elgar Publishing LEADERSHIP 2018 New Titles - Edward Elgar Publishing
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