Enrolment Information - 2021 Student Prospectus HAMILTON BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Hamilton ...

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Enrolment Information - 2021 Student Prospectus HAMILTON BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Hamilton ...

2021 Student Prospectus
& Enrolment Information
Enrolment Information - 2021 Student Prospectus HAMILTON BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Hamilton ...

 HAMILTON BOYS’ HIGH SCHOOL          1                    ACADEMY OF ARTS                     10

 TOP SCHOOL                          2                    ACADEMY OF SPORT                    12

 ACADEMIC CURRICULUM                 4                    ENROLMENT ZONE                      14

 CO-CURRICULAR - ARTS & CLUBS        6                    ARGYLE HOUSE                        16

 CO-CURRICULAR - SPORTS              7                    GENERAL INFORMATION                 18

 SERVICE                             8                    RECENT HIGHLIGHTS                   19

 LEADERSHIP                          9                    ENROLMENT CHECKLIST                 21

            Hamilton Boys’ High School, Private Bag 3201, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240
  Enquiries: enrolments@hbhs.school.nz Ph. +64 7 853 0440 Fax. +64 7 853 0433 www.hbhs.school.nz
Enrolment Information - 2021 Student Prospectus HAMILTON BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Hamilton ...
Hamilton Boys’ High School
                                 Hamilton Boys’ High School will provide the best academic
                                   education for boys in an environment which promotes
                                  achievement, personal excellence and a sense of pride
                                   in the best traditions of the school. Students will leave
                                 Hamilton Boys’ High School successful, confident, positive
                                   and enthusiastic in their readiness to make a valuable
                               contribution to society and to fully realise their own potential.
                                                              Mrs Susan Hassall MA (Hons), Headmaster

Hamilton Boys’ High School is situated in central Hamilton on 20        opportunities. We ensure that all school activities are conducted
hectares of magnificent playing fields, well maintained buildings       in a well-structured environment which supports and extends each
and grounds.                                                            boy’s abilities.

The school’s zone comprises a large part of the central area of         Academic Focus: Hamilton Boys’ High School will deliver a quality,
Hamilton city on both sides of the river. Out of Zone applications      balanced academic curriculum which aims at excellence, through
are welcomed.                                                           the maintenance of high standards of delivery and an emphasis on
                                                                        encouraging all students to realise their full scholastic potential.
The school has approximately 2,200 boys from Year 9 to Year 13.
Of those, 2,000 are day boys and approximately 200 of these travel      Positive Citizenship: Students take pride in the traditions and
from outlying areas. There are over thirty different nationalities      values of the school, respect the needs and rights of others and are
attending the school; most of our students are permanently              positive in their contributions to, and participation in, the life of the
resident in New Zealand, but the roll also includes a cohort of up to   school in the widest sense.
70 international fee-paying students.
                                                                        Participation and Achievement: Hamilton Boys’ High
The school boarding hostel, Argyle House, meets the needs of            School provides opportunities for participation in a wide range
families throughout the greater Waikato and North Island.               of co-curricular activities and, through quality coaching and
Argyle House is an important part of the tradition and culture of       management, ensures opportunities to compete and succeed at
the school.                                                             regional and national levels.

The school has a clear commitment amongst its academic                  Strong School Spirit: Hamilton Boys’ High School is founded on
staff on the need for effective single-sex education for boys.          core values that blend the values of the past with the challenge of
As a consequence, the school is actively developing a range of          the future, so students develop and grow in a safe, progressive and
leading-edge learning programmes for boys and young men and             nourishing environment.
offers a wide range of academic and co-curricular activities and

                                    “Sapiens fortunam fingit sibi” - A wise man carves his own fortune                                              1
Enrolment Information - 2021 Student Prospectus HAMILTON BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Hamilton ...
Top School
    Hamilton Boys’ High School, as the only state boys’ school in the            HBHS continues to develop a range of leading-edge learning programmes
    Waikato region, naturally retains a strong focus on delivering               for boys and young men combined with providing a wide range of
    effective single-sex education for boys. The school’s ethos is to            academic, co-curricular and sporting opportunities. School activities are
    strive for excellence in education and to create an environment              conducted in a well-structured social environment to support and extend
    which encourages students to strive for excellence in their own              each boy’s abilities.
                                                                                 The strong school spirit of Hamilton Boys’ High School is founded on
                                                                                 core values that blend the values of the past with the challenges of
                                                                                 the future, so students develop and grow in a safe and nourishing
    KEY SCHOOL RESULTS as of May 2020                                            environment.

    ACADEMIC                                                                     CO-CURRICULAR
    60 NZ Scholarships (8 Outstanding) 2019                                      NZSS Champions Wrestling 2013, 2015 - 2019
    Prime Minister’s Award NZ’s Top Scholar 2016                                 NZSS Condor Sevens Champions 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
    NZ Premier Scholar 2009, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018                        NZSS Inline Hockey Champions 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018
    World 1st Cambridge AS Mathematics 2019                                      NZSS Champion School – Rowing 2004 – 2010, 2013 - 2017, 2018
    World 1st Cambridge IGCSE Co-ordinated Science 2013-2016, 2018-2019          NZSS Touch Champions 2005, 2008 – 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2018 - 2019
    NZ 1st IGCSE Economics 2018, 2019                                            NZSS Triathlon Champions 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, Jnr 2018, 2019
    NZ 1st IGCSE English Literature 2019                                         NZSS Swimming 4th Overall 2017, 5th 2018, 5 titles 2019
    NZ 1st IGCSE Accounting 2017, 2018                                           NZSS Junior Cross Country Champion 2013, 2014, 2018, 3-man team 2019
    NZ 1st IGCSE Computer Science 2015, 2017                                     NZSS Football Champions 2017
    NZ 1st Cambridge AS Mathematics 2014, 2015                                   NZSS Athletics Champions 3 Titles 2016 and 2017, 2 titles 2018, 3 titles 2019
    NZ 1st IGCSE Computer Science 2015                                           NZSS Ki-o-Rahi Champions 2016, 4th 2017
    NZ 1st Cambridge AS Biology 2016, 2018                                       NZSS Maadi Cup Champions – 2005, 2007-2010, 2013 - 2015
    NZ 1st Cambridge AS Chemistry 2017                                           NZSS Duathlon Champions 2015, 2nd 2018
    NZ 1st Cambridge AS Accounting 2016, 2017                                    NZSS Shooting Champions 2015, 2nd 2016
    NZ 1st Cambridge AS Economics 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016                         World Secondary Schools Rugby Champions 2010, 2011, 2014
    NZ 1st Cambridge AS Mathematics 2014, 2015                                   NZSS Rugby Champions 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2nd 2017, 3rd 2018, 3rd 2019
    NZ 1st Cambridge A2 Level Biology 2016                                       NZSS Hockey Champions 2013, 2014, 4th 2018, 4th 2019
    NZ 1st Cambridge A2 Level Chemistry 2016                                     NZSS Champion Cycling Time Trials 2012, 2013, 2014
    NZ 1st Cambridge A2 Level Economics 2016
    NZ 1st Cambridge A2 Level Mathematics 2016
    World 1st Cambridge AS English Language 2015

    Gifted and Talented Education: HBHS and its Advanced Learning Programme (ALP) for
    educating gifted and talented boys has been identified by the Ministry of Education as a
    model of high standards. Funding is provided for leading staff professional development
    and increasing boys’ achievement.
    Learning Support: HBHS has developed a comprehensive educational programme
    of support for students assisting them to develop strategies to deal with their special
    learning needs.
    Mentoring: An ever-expanding scheme of advice and positive relationships are built
    through our mentoring programmes such as Yr 9 Peer Reading, Academic Mentoring,
    Lion Mentoring, 20/20 (where junior students are linked with prefects), A Boys to Men
    Programme involving all Yr 9 and Yr 13 students, Yr 12 and 13 Career Exploration and
    Guidance. This combined with positive staff/student relationships and strong coaching
    programmes in sports and recreational activities throughout the school leads to high
    levels of student engagement.
    Academy of Sport and Academy of Arts: HBHS has developed Junior Elite Sport and
    Arts Academy classes to ensure elite students are supported to perform at the top level in
    New Zealand whilst maintaining a sound educational programme at the school.
    Leadership & Management: The Headmaster of HBHS provides inspirational and
    visionary leadership leading a highly effective management team committed to a values
    driven school. Together staff and senior students craft a safe, successful and happy
    learning environment for all students. A structure of Executive, Faculties, departments
    and teaching staff, provides clear vision, values and systems throughout the school to
    ensure a culture of success.

2                                                        Hamilton Boys’ High School Prospectus
Enrolment Information - 2021 Student Prospectus HAMILTON BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Hamilton ...
Top School
  NCEA Level 1 (Year 11)                    HBHS                  National Mean
  Year 11 who gained Level 1                85.7%                 70.6%
  Level 1 Literacy requirement              94.5%                 85.5%
  Level 1 Numeracy requirement              92.3%                 83.4%

  NCEA Level 2 (Year 12)                    HBHS                  National Mean
  Year 12 who gained Level 2                91.3%                 77.4%

                                                                                               Top Three Year 13 Scholars 2019
  NCEA Level 3 (Year 13)                    HBHS                  National Mean
  Year 13 who gained Level 3                75.7%                 67.2%                        Joseph Licht - Seven Scholarships with Two Outstanding
                                                                                               SCHL - Accounting (O)
  NZ Scholarships                                                                              SCHL - Classical Studies
  No. of scholarships		                     52                                                 SCHL - Economics (O)
  No. of Outstanding scholarships            8                                                 SCHL - English
                                                                                               SCHL - Health and Physical Education
  Total Number of Scholarships              60                                                 SCHL - History
                                                                                               SCHL - Statistics
  IGCSE Cambridge (Year 11)                 HBHS % Pass           HBHS Mean
  Accounting			                             100%		                75.8%		                      Henry Yao - Six Scholarships
  Computer Science			                       93.8%		               74.2%                        SCHL - Economics
  Economics			                              100%		                82.4%
                                                                                               SCHL - English
  English Literature			                     100%		                82.9%
  Mathematics			                            100%		                80.4%                        SCHL - Geography
  Science				                               100%		                89.5%                        SCHL - Health and Physical Education
                                                                                               SCHL - History
  AS Level Cambridge (Year 12-13) HBHS % Pass                     HBHS Mean                    SCHL - Statistics
  Accounting		           91.7%                                    71.6%
  Biology		              69.6%                                    70.0%                        Luke Peters - Four Scholarships with Two Outstanding
  Chemistry		           100%                                      63.0%                        SCHL - Biology (O)
  Economics		            90.0%                                    76.0%                        SCHL - Calculus
  English Literature		   95.0%                                    71.2%                        SCHL - Physics
  Mathematics		          79.4%                                    64.8%                        SCHL - Statistics (O)


8 Ball          NZSS Champions 2018, 2019                                          Hockey            WSS Champions 2007, 2008, 2009 - 2014, 2015, 2017 - 2019
Athletics       NZSS 3 National Titles 2016 & 2017, 2 National Titles 2018,        Inline Hockey     NZSS 1st 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018
                3 Titles 2019                                                      Ki-O-Rahi         NZSS Champions 2016 4th 2017
                NZSS 3 National Titles 2016                                        Motorcross        NISS Champions 2012, 2017, 2019
Badminton       NZ Super 8 Champions, 2005, 2009-2015                              Multisport        NZSS Duathlon Champions 2012
                NZSS 3rd 2010, 2011, 2nd 2015, 3rd 2016, 2017                                        NZSS Triathlon Champions 2010 - 2012, 2018
Basketball      Regional Champions 2016, 2017, 2018                                Rowing            Top NZ Overall School 2005, 2007-2009, 2013 - 2017
Chess           NZSS NZCF Championships 3rd= 2018, 3rd 2019                                          NZSS Champions (Maadi Cup) 2005, 2007–2010, 2013- 2015
		              NZSS Power Chess Championships 2nd 2018, 1st 2019                                    NZSS Champions (Springbok) 2005– 2010, 2013, 2018
                WSS 1st 2012 - 2018                                                Rugby             Sanix World Schools 1st XV Champions 2010 - 2011, 2014
                Super 8 Chess Champions 2014, 2015, 2018                                             NZSS 1st XV Champions 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2nd 2017, 3rd 2018,
                NZSS 4th 2015, WBop Champions 2017                                                   3rd 2019
Cricket         NZ Super 8 Champions 2009, 2010, 2013 - 2020                                         NZSS 1st XV Top 4 2007, 2010, 2012 - 2014, 2016 - 2019
                NZSS (Gillette Cup) Finalist 2006 – 2010, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019                     NZ Super 8 1st XV Champions 2006 – 2010, 2012 - 2015, 2017 - 2019
Cross Country   NZ Junior SS Cross Country Champion 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019                           NZ U15 Champions 2013, 2014, 2nd 2016, 2nd 2017, 2018
                NZ Super 8 Champions 2013, 2014, 2015                                                NZSS Condor Sevens Champions 2006 & 2008, 2015, 2016 - 2019
Cycling         NZSS Time Trial Champions 2012, 2013, 2nd 2017                     Sailing           WSS Champions 2007, 2010
                5 Gold Medallists NZSS Championship 2017                           Shooting          NZSS Clay Target Champions 2006, 2009, 2015, 2nd 2017
Debating        NZ Waikato Champions 2011, 2012, 2016                              Swimming          NZSS 4th 2017, 2 National Titles
Football        NZSS Champions 2017                                                                  Waikato Top Boys School 2015 - 2019
                NZ Super 8 Champions 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018                  Tennis            NZ Super 8 Champions 2004, 2010 - 2012, 2018, 2019
Futsal          NZSS Jnr Champions 2nd 2017, 3rd 2019                                                NZSS 5th 2018, 6th 2019
                NZSS Snr Champions 5th 2017, 4th 2018, 3rd 2019                                      WSS Champions 2017, 2018, 2019
                WSS Champions 2016, 2017                                           Touch             NZSS Champions 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017 - 2019
Golf            NZ Super 8 Champions 2007, 2009, 2012, 2017                                          NZSS Runners-up 2007, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017
                WSS Champions 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2019                         Wrestling         NZSS Champions 2013, 2015 - 2019
Hockey          NZSS Champions 2013, 2014
                NZ Super 8 Champions 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017,
                2nd 2018, 2nd 2019

                                          “Sapiens fortunam fingit sibi” - A wise man carves his own fortune                                                         3
Enrolment Information - 2021 Student Prospectus HAMILTON BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Hamilton ...
Academic Curriculum
    FACULTY           YEAR 9                    YEAR 10                       YEAR 11                               YEAR 12                              YEAR 13

    ENGLISH           Drama                     Drama                         Alternative English                   Alternative English                  Alternative English
    (EN)              English                   English                       Drama                                 Drama                                Drama #
                      Future Thinking                                         English *                             English *                            English #
                      Reading                                                                                                                            Media Studies #

    HEALTH &          Elite Sports              Adventure Based Leadership Outdoor Education (u/s)                  Outdoor Education (u/s)              Outdoor Education (u/s)
    PHYSICAL          Health Education          Elite Sport                Physical Education                       Physical Education                   Physical Education #
    WELL-BEING        P.E                       P.E                        Sports Studies                           Sports Studies (u/s)                 Sports Studies (u/s)
    (HPW)                                                                  Well-Being & Rec (u/s)                   Well-Being & Recreation (u/s)        Well-Being & Rec (u/s)

    LANGUAGES, Aotearoa Studies                 Art                           Art                                   Art                                  Art - Painting #
    ARTS & MUSIC Art                            Chinese                       Chinese (As First Language)           Art Design                           Art Design #
    (LAM)        Arts Academy                   English Language Learning     Chinese (As Second Language)          Chinese (As First Language)          Art History #
                      Chinese                   Film & Television             English Language Development (u/s)    Chinese (As Second Language)         Chinese (As First Language)
                      English Lang. Learning    Foundation English            English Language Learning (u/s)       English Language Development (u/s)   Chinese (As Second Language)
                      German                    German                        Film & Television                     English Language Learning (u/s)      English Language Learning (u/s)
                      Music                     Music                         German                                Film & Television                    English Language Development (u/s)
                      Spanish                   Spanish                       Māori Performing Arts (u/s)           German                               Film & Television
                      Te Reo Māori              Te Reo Māori                  Music                                 Māori Performing Arts (u/s)          German #
                                                                              Performance Music (u/s a/s)           Music                                Māori Performing Arts (u/s)
                                                                              Photo Design                          Performance Music (u/s a/s)          Music #
                                                                              Spanish                               Photography                          Performance Music (u/s a/s)
                                                                              Te Reo Māori                          Spanish                              Photography #
                                                                                                                    Te Reo Māori                         Spanish #
                                                                                                                                                         Te Reo Māori #

    MATHEMATICS Mathematics            Mathematics                            Mathematics*                          Mathematics *                        Mathematics with Calculus #
    (MX)        Mathematics Foundation Mathematics Foundation                 Mathematics Foundation                Mathematics Foundation               Statistics & Modelling #
                                                                                                                                                         Mathematics #
    SCIENCE           Science                   Science                       Agriculture (u/s)                     Agriculture                          Biology # *
    (SC)              Horticulture              Horticulture                  Alternative Science                   Biology *                            Chemistry # *
                                                Electronics                   Co-ordinated Science*                 Chemistry *                          Electronics (u/s)
                                                                              Electronics (u/s)                     Electronics (u/s)                    Physics #
                                                                              ESOL Science                          Foundation Electronics (u/s)
                                                                              Horticulture (u/s)                    Horticulture (u/s)
                                                                              Science                               Physics *

    SOCIAL            Social Studies            Accounting                    Accounting *                          Accounting *                         Accounting #
    SCIENCES                                    Business Studies              Business Studies                      Agribusiness                         Business Studies #
    (SS)                                        Economics                     Economics *                           Business Studies                     Classical Studies #
                                                Geography                     Geography *                           Classical Studies                    Economics #
                                                History                       History *                             Economics *                          Geography #
                                                History/Geography             Psychology                            Geography                            History #
                                                Social Studies                                                      History                              Legal Studies
                                                                                                                    Legal Studies                        Psychology #
                                                                                                                    Psychology                           Tourism (u/s)
                                                                                                                    Tourism (u/s)

    TECHNOLOGY        Food Technology           Advanced Information Tech.    Advanced Information Technology*      Advanced Information Technology      Advanced Information Technology #
    (TECH)            Graphics                  Food Technology               Carpentry (u/s)                       Building Construction (u/s)          Building Construction (u/s)
                      Information Technology    Graphics (Design & Visual     Hospitality (u/s)                     Carpentry (u/s)                      Carpentry (u/s)
                      Materials Tech Metal      Communications)               Food & Nutrition                      Engineering (u/s)                    Food & Nutrition
                      Materials Tech Wood       Information Technology        Graphics (Design & Visual Comms)      Food & Nutrition                     Graphics (Architectural Design) #
                                                Materials Tech Metal          Information Technology                Graphics (Architectural Design)      Graphics (Product Design) #
                                                Materials Tech Wood           Information Tech. Practical (u/s)     Graphics (Product Design)            Information Technology #
                                                                              Materials Technology Wood             Hospitality (u/s)                    Information Technology
                                                                              Mechanical Engineering (u/s)          Information Technology               Practical (u/s)
                                                                                                                    Information Technology Practical     Materials Technology Metal #
                                                                                                                    (u/s)                                Materials Technology Wood #
                                                                                                                    Materials Technology Wood
                                                                                                                    Materials Technology Metal
      Codes: u/s =      A unit standards assessed subject
             *   =      Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) qualification able to be studied at this subject/level
                        (IGCSE at Year 11 and AS Level at Year 12 and 13)
              #   =     Approved University Entrance subject

4                                                                   Hamilton Boys’ High School Prospectus
Enrolment Information - 2021 Student Prospectus HAMILTON BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Hamilton ...
Academic Curriculum
Hamilton Boys’ High School recognizes, respects and responds                 New students have their strengths and weaknesses assessed
to the educational needs of all students including those with                through standardized diagnostic testing and profiling data (e.g. from
exceptional, different and special needs.                                    contributing schools and parents enrolment information). This
                                                                             information is carefully analysed and students are placed in classes
All teaching programmes at Hamilton Boys’ High School are focused            that offer differentiated programmes which cater for their educational
upon the specific learning needs of boys.                                    needs, providing work at the relevant speed, depth and complexity.

The Advanced Learning Programme (or ALP) identifies and caters for our       Within this broad group, students who have exceptional abilities in one
most able academic students. In Year 9 and 10, these boys are placed         or more areas are placed on individualised programmes (IEPs) which
in a programme that both extends and enriches them academically and          may involve the full range of strategies recognized as catering for highly
personally.                                                                  gifted students.

Selected Year 9 ALP classes have a compacted Social Studies and              Selected Year 11 ALP students have the option of studying towards the
Science curriculum (covers Year 9 and 10 curriculum). In Mathematics,        IGCSE qualification through the Cambridge International Examinations
2 classes follow an accelerated programme, completing the Year 10            (CIE). This is in addition to completing their Level 1 NCEA.
Mathematics course. Enrichment and extension activities are offered in       Selected Year 12 ALP students are able to choose to study towards their
English. They also undertake an intensive one day Learning Retreat and       AS Level qualification through the CIE, as well as completing their Level
enter in various competitions.                                               2 NCEA.
Selected Year 10 ALP students study towards their NCEA Level 1               In Year 13 the focus is on completing Level 3 NCEA and attaining N.Z.
qualifications, in a range of subjects.                                      Scholarship Awards.

This programme caters for students, identified from our entrance             All strategies implemented (e.g. reading assistance) are based on
testing and profile information, as requiring additional support for their   thorough and proven research and are delivered by well trained
learning. They are accommodated in our supported learning classes,           professionals.
which have smaller student numbers and a teacher aide in all the core        Learning support continues in Year 11, 12 and 13. This can include
subjects, to allow specific and direct assistance.                           assistance for those needing special examination conditions (e.g. reader
                                                                             and writer assistance), based upon strict educational criteria, evaluated
                                                                             each year.

                                      “Sapiens fortunam fingit sibi” - A wise man carves his own fortune                                                  5
Enrolment Information - 2021 Student Prospectus HAMILTON BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Hamilton ...
Co-Curricular - Arts & Music,
    Clubs & Activities
    Hamilton Boys’ High School places a strong emphasis on co-curricular participation and achievement. The school strives to achieve
    balance between Academic, Cultural and Sporting endeavours. The co-curricular life of the school has an essential role in developing
    the character both of individuals and of the school through growth of pride, loyalty, self-esteem and confidence.
    Hamilton Boys’ High School provides extensive co-curricular activities and hundreds of sports teams for students of the school. These
    teams and groups give the opportunity for boys to meet challenges, learn teamwork, better themselves and strive to achieve goals.
    The school actively encourages all boys to participate in co-curricular activities and this is seen as complementary to the school’s
    academic focus.
    Hamilton Boys’ High School has a strong tradition of excellence and achievement and students regularly attain success at regional
    and national levels. The school is proud of our traditions and history but is also aware of the need to continually evolve and develop.
    New sporting and cultural groups are regularly introduced, encouraging greater participation. Existing teams and groups are
    constantly challenged to improve their standards and level of achievement.

    ARTS & MUSIC                                                             CLUBS & ACTIVITIES
    Visual Arts Club                                  Ms Hudson              Air Modelling & Radio Control                   Mr Hepburn
    Book Club                                         Library                Design and construct aeroplanes
    Creative Writing                                  Ms Weston              Aviation Club                                   Mr Matthews
    * Local and National competitions                                        Chess                                           Mr Nolan
    Debating                                          Mr Kearney             * NZSS NZCF National Championships 4th 2015, 3rd= 2018, 3rd 2019
    * Weekly practices to prepare for Local and                              * NZSS Power Chess National Championships 2nd 2018, 1st 2019
       National competitions                                                 * WSS Chess Championships 1st 2012 - 2019
    Drama                                             Mr Ashton              * Super 8 Chess Championships 1st 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019
    * Annual full scale production with HGHS                                 Christian Fellowship                            Mr Hohneck
    Kapa Haka                                         Matua West             * Weekly meetings, Wednesdays & Fridays
    * Provides cultural identity for Maori students Whaea Barton             * Promotion of faith and fellowship
    * NZSS Kapa Haka 2018 5th                                                Computers                                       Mr Devitt
    * NZ Super Eight Schools Champions 2016                                  * Lunchtime access to computer facilities
    * Tainui Kapa Haka 2nd 2017                                              * Student work base
    Magazine                                          Ms Moffitt             * Also available for recreational use
    * Writing articles editing and production.                               Computer Programming Club                       Mr Silvester
    Mooting                                           Mrs Wallace            Duke of Edinburgh                          Mr Winslade/Dr Charteris
    * Highly contested competition run by Waikato University,                * 5 Gold, 13 Silver, 90 Bronze Medals 2015
    * Champions 2015, 2017                                                   * A range of community activities both practical and
    Music                                             Mr Botting                theoretical to work towards the DOE Award
    * Tuition on a range of instruments                                      ESports                                         Mr Devitt
    * Regular performances of classical and modern music                     Gaming Club                                     Mr Abbott
    * Orchestra                                                              * Yu-Gi-Oh, Rubik’s Cube
    * Choir                                                                  Gliding Club                                    Mr Matthews
    * Jazz Band, Gypsy Pickers                                               Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS)            Ms Ellis
    * Chamber Music Choir and Vocal Ensembles                                * 2018 National Finals, 2nd in Dramatic Presentation division.
    * Guitar Group Rock Bands                                                Kayaking                                        Mr Lannam
    * Ukulele group                                                          * Multisport training & Canoe Polo
    * Barbershop Group                                                       * Teaching kayaking both in the school pool and rivers
    * Recording Studio                                                       Leo Club                                        Ms Dobbyn
    * Regular Overseas tours                                                 * Affliated to Lions International
    * Annual NZ Super Eight Schools Cultural Festival                        Library                                         Mrs P Schmidt
    * Percussion Group                                                       * Service for students within the Library
    * Pipeband                                                               Live for Tomorrow - Chapters              Mrs Bower/ Ms Van der Toorn
    Oratory                                           Mr Kearney             * Promoting positive wellbeing
    * Regular regional and national competitions                             Monetary Policy/Fiscal Policy                   Mr Emery
    * NZ Super Eight Schools Cultural Festival 2016 1st                      * National Competitions
    Polynesian Group                                  Mr Teokotai White      Philosophy                                      Mrs McGirr
    * Group performs at festivals and local competitions                     * 1st in Waikato Philosophon 2018
    Sheilah Winn, Shakespeare Competition             Mr Ashton              Photography                                     Mr Coyle
    Studio Orchestra                                  Mr Botting             Politics and Current Affairs Club               Ms Ellis
    Theatresports                                     Ms Hudson              Robotics Club                                   Mr Hepburn
    * Improvised Drama in a competitive environment                          Rock Climbing                                   Mr Basel
    * Junior and senior teams                                                Science Club                                    Ms Basi
    * Monthly Waikato Tournaments                                            Scuba Diving                                    Mr V Johnson
                                                                             * Courses offered throughout the year
                                                                             * PADI Certification and professional tuition
                                                                             Strategy Games                                  Ms Dobbyn
                                                                             Weekly games during winter terms
                                                                             Waikato Culinary Fair                           Mrs Stoner
                                                                             Young Farmers                                   Mrs Cumming

6                                                      Hamilton Boys’ High School Prospectus
Enrolment Information - 2021 Student Prospectus HAMILTON BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Hamilton ...
Co-Curricular - Sports
Adventure Racing                                              TBC                                                                         Mr Basel
Archery                                                       TBC            * NZSS Championships 6th in 2019
* NZ Jnr Champion 2013                                                       * WSS Champions 2018, 2019, Runners-up 2017
Athletics                                               Ms Heeps/Ms Weston   Rowing                                                    Mr Ross/Mrs Ross
* NZSS 3 Titles 2016, 3 Titles 2017, 2 Titles 2018, 3 Titles 2019            * Maadi Cup Champions 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015,
Badminton                                                     Ms Varma         Runners-up 2016 & 2018, 3rd 2017, 21 NZSS National Titles 2016 - 2019
* NZ Super 8 Schools Champions 2004, 2005, 2009-2013, 2015,                  * NZ Champion School 2010, 2013 - 2017, 2018, Runners-up 2019
  Runners-up 2016, 3rd 2019                                                  * Springbok Shield Champions 2005 - 2010, 2013, 2018, Runners up 2015
* NZSS Runners up 2015, 3rd 2016, 2017                                       * NISS Champions 2015, 2016, 2018 - 2020, Runners-up 2017
Basketball                                                    Mr Singh                                                                Mr Steel/Mr Miller
* Regional Champions 2016 - 2018                                             * 1st XV World Sanix Champions 2010, 2011, 2014
* Junior Regional Champions 2014-2017, 2019                                  * 1st XV NZSS National Champions 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2nd 2017,
* NZSS 6th Place 2018                                                          3rd 2016, 2018 & 2019
Canoe Polo                                                    TBC            * NZ Super 8 1st XV Champions 2006-2010, 2012-2015, 2017-2019
* WSS and NZSS Competitions                                                  * NZ Super 8 2nd XV Champions 2005-08, 2010, 2011, 2013 - 2015, 2017
Cricket                                                       Mr Aughton     * Holders of Moascar Cup - 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013
* NZSS ‘Gillette Cup’ Champions 2002, 2003, 2008,                            Sailing                                              Mr Tizard/ Mr Hepburn
  Runners up 2009 & 2019, 3rd 2018                                           * Keelboat Sailing Camps in Hauraki Gulf
* NZ Super 8 Champions 2012 -2017, 2018, 2019, 2020                          * Burgess Trophy - inter-school regatta, Winners 2008, 2010, 2018, 2019
* ND Champions 2008, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019                      * Spirit of NZ - 5 day voyages for Year 10, 10 day voyages for Year 11 & up
Cross Country                                                                Sevens                                                  Mr Asplin/Mr Miller
* NZSS Y9 3 man team Champions 2013, 2016, 2018              Mr Allen        * NZ Condor Sevens Champions 2006, 2008 & 2015 - 2019
* NZSS Y9 6 man team Champions 2013                                          * NZ U15 Champions 2018, 3rd 2019
* NZSS Junior 3 man team Champions 2019                                      Shooting                                                  Mr Winslade
* NZSS Individual Champions 2005, 2010, 2nd 2017 & 2018, 3rd 2019            * NZSS Champions Clay Target Shooting 2005, 2009, 2015
* Super 8 Champions 2013, 2014, 2015, 3rd 2016 & 2019                        * NZSS Individuals Clay Target Shooting 2017, 2018
Cycling                                                       Ms Brown       * NZ Super 8 Champions 2017, 2018, 2019
* NZSS Time Trial Champions 2012, 2013, Runners-up 2017                      Snowsports                                                Mr Salsano
* NZSS 5 titles 2016 & 2017, Runners-up 2019                                 * Compete NISS championships for skiing and snowboarding
* World Champions: Jared Gray, 4000m Team Pursuit (Track) 2016,                                                                        Mrs Cloete
  Kiaan Watts Madison (Track) 2019                                           * NZSS Championship Div 1: Runners-up 2011, 3rd 2010, 4th 2012
Equestrian                                                    Mr Moore       * WSS Champions 2018 - 2019
* Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country                                   Squash                                                        Ms Van der Toorn
Football                                             Mr Hakeney/Mr Scott     * NZSS Nationals 6th, 2008, 5th 2009, 7th 2017
* NZSS Champions 2017                                                        Surfing                                               Mr Harnish/Ms Wallace
* NZ Super 8 Champions 2010, 2013, 2016, 2018, Runners-up 2017,              * School represented at Waikato Scholastics
  3rd 2019                                                                   Swimming                                                  Mr Teokotai-White
* WSS Premier Champions 2017 & 2019                                          * NZSS National Titles: 11 in 2014, 4 in 2016, 2 in 2017, 5 in 2019
Futsal                                                        Mr Wood        * NZSS 3rd place overall 2013
* NZSS Seniors 4th 2018, 3rd 2019                                            * WSS Champions 2006 - 2008, 2010 - 2014, 2018 & 2019, 17 titles in 2019
* NZSS Juniors 2nd 2017 3rd 2019                                             Table Tennis                                              Ms Barton
Golf                                                          Mr Cooley      * WSS Champions 2012, 2015
* NZSS Runners Up 2016, 6th 2019                                             * NZSS Teams Championships 3rd 2009, 5th 2015, 8th 2018
* WSS Inter-Collegiate Champions 2017 & 2019                                 * NZSS Individual Championships, 1st place 2018
* WSS Teams’ Champions 2012 - 2019                                           Tennis                                                    Mr Erceg
* NZ Super 8 Champions 2007, 2009, 2012, 2017, 3rd 2018 & 2019               * NZ Super 8 Champions 2004, 2010 - 2012, 2018 - 2020
Hockey                                                        Mr Basel       * NZSS Teams’ Championships 5th 2012 & 2014, 5th 2018, 6th 2019,
* National Champions - Rankin Cup 2013, 2014, 4th 2018 & 2019                   7th 2016 & 2017
* WSS Champions 2006, 2008, 2011-2013, 2015-2019                             Touch                                                     Matua Graham
* NZ Super 8 Champions 2008, 2009, 2011-2013, 2016, 2017,                    * NZSS Champions, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2018, 2019
  Runners-up 2018 & 2019                                                     * NZSS Runners-up 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017
Inline Hockey                                                 Mrs Wallace    Triathlon/Duathlon                                        Mrs Morgan
* NZSS Champions 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, Runners-up 2019                     * NZSS Triathlon Individual Championships 2010, 2011, 2012,
Karate                                                        Dr Blackburn     2 x NZSS Titles 2019
* After school instruction, compete in local competitions                    * NZSS Triathlon Teams’ Championships: 1st place 2010 - 2012, 2015, 2019
Ki-o-rahi                                                     Matua S West     (2 teams), Runners-up 2019 (2 teams)
* NZSS Champions 2016, 3rd 2015, 4th 2017                                    * NZSS Triathlon Individual Championships: 3rd 2015, 3rd 2016
Lacrosse                                                     Mrs Cooley      * NZSS Duathlon Individual Championship: 1st Place 2015, 2018
* WSS Champions 2017                                                         * NZSS Duathlon Teams Championship 1st Place 2018, Runners-up 2017
Lawn Bowls                                                    TBC            Ultimate Frisbee                                         Ms Weston
* Compete in Waikato/BOP Competition                                         * NZSS Nationals 3rd 2018, 2019
Motocross                                                     Mr Vassella    Volleyball                                                Ms Booth
* NISS Champions 2012, 2017, 2019                                            * NZ Super 8 Schools Tournament, 6th 2018 - 2020
Mountain Biking                                               Mrs Morgan     * WSS Runner Up 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
* NZSS U15 Champion 2010,                                                    Waikato Swords                                            Mr Bair
* NZ U17 Champion 2018                                                       Waka Ama                                                  Mr Harnish
* NISS U20 Enduro Champion 2019, NISS U20 Cross Country 3rd 2019             * School competes locally and nationally
Multi-Sport                                                   TBC                                                                      Mr Teokotai-White
* NZSS Champions 2009                                                        * WSS Champions 2007-2008, 2010, 2013, 2017 - 2019
* Includes runners, kayakers, cyclists, swimmers                             * NZSS Championships Division 1: Runners Up 2019
* 9 National titles 2008, 2009                                               Wrestling                                                 Mr Bair
Pool/8 Ball                                                   Mr S Emery     * NZSS National Champions 2013, 2015 - 2019
* NZSS Champions 2016, 2018, 2019                                            * 14 NZSS National Titles 2016 - 2019
* WSS Champions 2015 - 2019

                                    “Sapiens fortunam fingit sibi” - A wise man carves his own fortune                                                 7
Enrolment Information - 2021 Student Prospectus HAMILTON BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Hamilton ...
    Hamilton Boys’ High School boasts high levels of student and staff engagement in all fields of endeavour. Service and leadership
    opportunities abound.

    HBHS Service Awards                                                           Mentoring
    The award provides students with the opportunity to gain a Bronze,            The school places great emphasis on mentoring students. A large
    Silver, Gold and Platinum Premier Award in Year 13 for those who              number of staff and Senior Student leaders help guide students
    display outstanding service.                                                  by developing a supportive learning relationship and sharing their
    A challenging and rewarding programme of personal development,                knowledge, wisdom and experience. Elite sports students, at risk
    providing service to individuals and the community. The award rests           students and academic students are involved in specific mentoring
    on the idea that service is a profoundly important part of intellectual       programmes.
    development as well as the foundation of good citizenship.

     Students provide public service and volunteer work. Our school-wide programme allows students to gain credits in the schools service award
     scheme, Duke of Edinburgh, and also raises both money and time in the service of local, national and international charitable organisations.

      Programme                                                                                                        Teacher in Charge
      40 Hour Famine                     Raising money to bring hope to thousands of children living in poverty in    Service Prefects
                                         more than 40 countries
      Academic Mentoring                 Helping students succeed and maximise their full potential                   Mr Wood
      Clothing and Sportswear            The school holds limited clothing for students in need.                      Parents Assoc / Deans / Guidance
      Community Fruit Waikato            Surplus fruit distributed and some processed to families in need. Regular    Mr Graham
                                         weekend fruit picking.
      Duke of Edinburgh                  An internationally recognized award programme of service, physical           Mr Winslade
                                         recreation, adventure and skill development.
      Food Bank                          Food and Holiday Gift drive/Salvation Army                                   Deputy Headmasters
      Gully Restoration                  A conservation initiative of Landscape improvement.                          Mr Winslade / Mr Harnish
      Habitat for Humanity               Local, Regional an National Projects                                         Mr Steele
      HBHS Service Awards                Students gain credits and awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold level            Mr. Aughton
      Programme                                                                                                       Service Prefects
      Headmaster’s Fund                  A fund available for parents to donate money for students in need within     Headmaster
      In School Service                  School, teacher and student assistance                                       Mr Aughton
      Leo Club                           Multiple Community Initiatives                                               Ms Dobbyn / Mr Horne
      Librarians                         Rostered assistance                                                          Mr Vincent
      Mathematics Tutoring                                                                                            Mr Thompson
      Mufti Days
                                         Starship Foundation (March), Youthline (April), Ronald McDonald House (May), Mental Health Foundation
      The school holds two mufti days
                                         (June) Daffodil Day, CanTeen NZ (August), Hospice Waikato Rainbow Place (September)
      per term tagged to National
                                         Waikato Air Ambulance (October), Christmas Charity (November), Circus Quirkus, Attitude, SADD,
      New Zealand Blood Service          NZ Blood Donors for 16+ yrs                                                  Service Prefects
      Nga Mangai Tama Toa                Maori Homework Centre                                                        Mr Richards-Coxhead
      NZ Cadet Forces                                                                                                 Mr Aughton
      NZ Fire Service                    Jnr Fire Service Programme (on request)                                      Mr Katene
      Relay for Life                     12 Hour Cancer Society Fundraiser                                            Service Prefects
                                                                                                                      Mr Aughton / Mr Hotham
      S.A.D.D                            Senior Student Initiative                                                    Mr Abbott / Service Prefects

      Service Work Day                   All junior students work in the community for one day to raise money for     Deputy Headmasters
                                         landscaping and seating projects within the school.
      Shave for a Cure                                                                                                Service Prefects
      Showing Waikato                    Waikato Show and A&P Show Volunteers                                         Mr Aughton
      S.P.C.A.                           Local volunteer service and fundraising                                      Mr Aughton
      St. John’s Ambulance               Youth Training Programmes                                                    Mr Aughton
      Volunteer Waikato                  Community Volunteering                                                       Service Prefects

8                                                          Hamilton Boys’ High School Prospectus
Prefects and Year 13 students also mentor younger students helping        Prefects
them plan, set goals and provide support and reading mentoring to         Year 13 students are selected as Prefects. Special positions of
junior students who require assistance.                                   responsibility include Head Prefect, Deputy Head Prefect, Sports
                                                                          Captain and Arts Captain. Prefects are involved in the Academic,
Leadership                                                                Cultural, Service, Leadership and Sports committees, where they
Leadership is developed through providing an extensive and varied
                                                                          organise and support important school events, plan student activities
list of leadership opportunities. Formal and informal leadership
                                                                          and assist staff in the organisation of programmes throughout the year.
opportunities, allow students to gain valuable leadership experience.

 Programme                                                                                                   Teacher in Charge Mr Hotham
 Academic Mentor                      Senior academic students assisting other students                      Mr Wood
 Assembly Readings                    Volunteers provide readings                                            Mr Kirkham
 Captains/Vice Captains of Groups/    Leaders of individual teams and groups                                 Coaches and Teachers in Charge
 Captain of Code                      Assist with organisation and report on code developments to            Teacher in Charge
 Duke of Edinburgh                    Internationally recognized award programme of service, physical        Mr Winslade
                                      recreation, adventure and skill development
 House Captain and Deputy             Lead House organisation                                                Mr McKenzie
 International Student Leaders        Assists International Dean in leadership of International Dept.        Ms Heeps
 Junior House Captain                 Lead Junior House organisation                                         Mr McKenzie
 Leo Club Senior and Junior           Undertaking community Initiatives                                      Ms Dobbyn & Mrs Weston
 Library Leader                       Assist Head Librarian                                                  Mr Vincent
 Lion Programme                       Yr 13 Mentor Yr 9 Students                                             Mr Kirkham / Mr Hakeney /
                                                                                                             Mr Horne
 Literacy Mentor                      Year 13 students assisting juniors with reading mileage                Learning Support
 Nga Mangai Tama Toa                  Maori senior leadership group                                          Mr Graham / Mr West
 Prefects                             Year 13 Leadership, Service, Academic, Cultural and Sport              Mr Hotham
 SASH Programme                       Senior Academic Excellence boys supporting Junior 9 ALP Students       Mr Wood
 Service Awards Programme             Students gain credits and awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold level      Mr. Aughton / Service Prefects
 Sports Mentor                        1st team members who mentor Year 9 and 10 sports students              Mr Asplin
 Student Representative on BOT        Represents the student body on the Board of Trustees                   Headmaster
 Toastmasters                         Public Speaking                                                        Mr Kearney
 Tutor Group Leader and Deputy        Assists Tutor Group teachers in organization of tutor group            Tutor Group Teachers
 20/20 Mentor                         Mentors of Year 9 & 10 “at risk students”                              Mr Katene / Mr Hotham
 Year 10 Leader                       Formal Year 10 leaders selected in Term 3                              Mr Hotham
 Year 13 Leadership Camp              Compulsory for all Year 13s                                            Yr 13 Dean

                                     “Sapiens fortunam fingit sibi” - A wise man carves his own fortune                                             9
Hamilton Boys’ High School
                                                                                                                            Academy of Arts
     Academy of Arts
              Based on a strong and proud arts tradition and a history of success at the highest level, the
             Hamilton Boys’ High School Academy of Arts continues to develop fine young artists. The role
             of the Academy, and the Junior Specialist Arts Programme, is to provide our talented young
            artists with the guidance, tuition and coaching they need to reach their considerable potential.
               Not only do our artists improve at their chosen discipline, they also learn to balance their
                       artistic commitments with their academic pursuits and their personal lives.

     Mission Statement
     To identify, support and maximise the development of talented visual and performing artists within Hamilton Boys’ High School.
     To create an environment that encourages artistic and personal excellence, one that develops creative thought and commitment through high
     performance programmes.
     Hamilton Boys’ High School has an enormous talent base and a strong sense of pride in the School and the artistic success it has achieved.
     The School believes in the ideal of the ‘right people delivering the right message,’ and has been fortunate to secure the services of some of New
     Zealand’s finest teachers, coaches and mentors.

     Academy of Arts Specialist Staff and Tutors
     Mr Adrian Botting Head of Music, Head of Arts Languages and                 Mr Galbraith has published tutor books for bass guitar, and he is an
     Music Faculty                                                               accomplished luthier whose distinctive instruments sell world-wide. Mr
     Waikato’s foremost music teaching specialist with over 30 years’            Galbraith oversees entry to Smokefree Rock Quest each year of which
     experience in Waikato schools, Mr Botting is a current band leader          students enjoy considerable success.
     and professional musician in a wide range of genres. Mr Botting is
     the former Music Advisor and Arts Curriculum facilitator at Waikato
     University.                                                                 Mr Timothy Dent Director of Culture, Arts Coordinator, Percussion,
                                                                                 Advanced Drums and Pipe Band Instructor.
                                                                                 Mr. Dent, an old boy of HBHS (2005-2009) is an internationally
     Mr Dwight Ashton Drama, Dance and Theatre Sports                            recognised drumming champion, having won several national and
     Mr Ashton has over 25 years experience working in the performing arts.      international solo and group championship titles. He is the Drum
     Having lived and worked in the United States, Japan and South Korea         Sergeant for the current 2018 grade three national champion pipe
     for more than a decade, Mr Ashton brings an international perspective       band, Hamilton Caledonian. In 2017, as a soloist, Mr. Dent won the
     on the Arts to our school. Mr. Ashton holds a degree in Theatre and Film    Musicworks Drum Off Final in Auckland. Mr. Dent regularly performs
     from Victoria University and worked for several years as a professional     around the North Island as a member of several music groups. He has
     actor both here and abroad. As well as directing his inaugural school       a wealth of percussion-based knowledge and he enjoys nothing more
     production of Dracula, Mr Ashton also aims to collaborate with students     than to pass on this knowledge to enthusiastic students.
     and staff to create an original musical production that showcases
     the immense talent within our school from play writing and music
     composition to performance.                                                 Mr Nathan Koretz Saxophone
                                                                                 Mr Koretz is a prolific and multi-talented musician with over 15 years
                                                                                 experience in rock and jazz. He is involved with many groups locally
     Mr Rob Wilson Guitar                                                        and has experience as a “session” musician in America.
     Mr Wilson is a contemporary fingerstyle guitar player who also plays
     and teaches electric guitar and bass. He originally trained as a Physics
     and Chemisty teacher and then moved to the Itinerant Music Scheme.          Miss Amber Evemy Choir, Barbershop and Jazz Band
     Mr Wilson has experience in teaching overseas and has played                Miss Evemy has been involved in musical theatre, choirs, orchestra
     professionally and semi-professionally for over thirty years.               and bands since a young age. She has worked as a vocal coach, musical
                                                                                 director, and musician nationally and internationally.

     Mr Bevan Galbraith Rock, Drums and Ukulele
     Mr Galbraith is an old boy of the school who has over 15 years of           Mr Quentin West Film and Television
     experience as class teacher and itinerant teacher of bass guitar, drums     The school has an extensive video and audio programme. Students
     and ukulele. He runs his own recording studio and has extensive             document the life of the school, as well as creating their own film and
     knowledge in working with student bands. Mr Galbraith has performed         television works.
     in a wide range of musical styles, both nationally and overseas.

10                                                        Hamilton Boys’ High School Prospectus
Hamilton Boys’ High School
                     Academy of Arts
Mrs Sharon Stephens Stringed Instruments                                    Mr Phil Broadhurst Jazz Performance
Sharon Stephens is a free-lance violinist with 21 years of experience       Mr Broadhurst teaches jazz performance, piano, composition
teaching and has an excellent record of student examination success. As     and history at the New Zealand School of Music. He is active as a
a contract violinist for Opus Orchestra, Mrs Stephens brings a wealth of    professional jazz pianist and composer, and writes and presents The Art
performance experience to the school which is supported by her work         of Jazz weekly on Concert FM. In 2001 he became the first jazz musician
with Trust Waikato Orchestra where she held the position of Concert         to be awarded the MNZM for services to jazz.

                                                                            Mr Pete France Saxophone and Improvisation
Mr Aaron Kearney Debating & Speech                                          Expert in jazz improvisation and theory, saxophonist Mr France has
Aaron Kearney is an enthusiastic English teacher who has 10 years           played at jazz festivals and concerts throughout New Zealand with the
experience as both a student and a teacher in regional and national         Rodger Fox Big Band, One Million Dollars, Natalie Cole, Randy Crawford.
debating competitions, guiding HBHS teams to success at both regional       He has performed around the globe, notably at the Monterey Jazz
and Super 8 level.                                                          festival.

Ms Jamieson Hudson Photography and Design                                   Mr Mike Booth Trumpet
Ms Hudson holds a Bachelor of Media Arts specialising in Photography.       An ex-student of HBHS, Mr Booth is a highly regarded musician with
As a practising artist, she is an expert in digital and analogue formats.   over thirty years experience. He is recognised internationally as a
Ms Hudson views Visual Arts as a pathway to convey and understand           performer, clinician and tutor. Mr Booth has tutored at various National
ideas in a much wider, and more enlightened way than we may have            Jazz clinics and was Big Band Director at the Alkmaar Conservatory in
previously.                                                                 the Netherlands. Mr Booth is a tutor at the renowned New Zealand
                                                                            School of Music, and currently leads the Auckland Jazz Orchestra.

Mr Andrew Simmonds Art
Mr Simmonds has recently joined the school; he holds a Bachelor of          Dr Thomas Botting Jazz Rock
Media Arts with honours specialising in painting. He has been a finalist    Dr Botting is an old boy with a Masters degree in Jazz and works with
in a wide range of Arts Awards including the New Zealand Painting and       the school’s Jazz Band and Combos.
Printmaking awards, New Zealand Youth Art Awards and the annual
Wallace Arts Awards. His art work has been displayed in a multitude
of art galleries across New Zealand. Mr. Simmonds is an accomplished        Performance Workshops
artist, who is passionate about working with the art students in the Arts   HBHS is fortunate to have hosted the New Zealand School of Music in
Academy.                                                                    2014, allowing students to further develop their skills under the tutelage
                                                                            of pianist Phil Broadhurst, drummer Jonothan Sawyer and saxophonist
If your son in interested in joining the Academy of Arts, please            Pete France. This relationship is set to continue into the future.
    ensure you complete the Academy of Arts section in the
                 accompanying enrolment form.
Specialist Visiting Lecturers and Clinicians

                                         “Sapiens fortunam fingit sibi” - A wise man carves his own fortune                                              11
Hamilton Boys’ High School

                                                                                                                       Academy of Sport
     Academy of Sport
       Based on a strong and proud sporting tradition and a history of success at the highest level, the
     Hamilton Boys’ High School Academy of Sport continues to develop fine young athletes. The role of
      the Academy, and the Junior Elite Sport Programme, is to provide our talented young sportsmen
      with the guidance, tuition and coaching they need to reach their considerable potential. Not only
      do our athletes improve at their chosen sport, they also learn the disciplines required to balance
             their sporting commitments with their academic pursuits and their personal lives.

     The Elite Sport classes at Year 9 and 10 level have helped to further develop the quality and depth of talent at Hamilton Boys’ High School. This
     programme has provided selected students with instruction in physical training methods, injury prevention and rehabilitation, sports nutrition and
     sports psychology, as well as providing regular coaching sessions in their chosen sport.
     The positive feedback from parents and students alike, suggest that the Elite Sport programme is providing an opportunity for athletes to reach
     their full potential, an opportunity that is not available elsewhere.
     A position in this programme is based on a student’s ability, potential, attitude and general citizenship within the School and he must maintain high
     standards in these areas as well as represent the school within this code in the team he is selected for, to remain within the programme.
     Parents who would like to have their son considered for a place in the Year 9 Elite Sport classes for next year should complete the Elite Sports
     section in the accompanying ‘Enrolment Form’.
     Full Elite Sport application forms will be sent out to those students who have been accepted to the School and have expressed an interest in being
     part of the programme. Students short listed for the Elite Sport programme will be required to attend trial days in November.
     Recent successes have given even greater promise for progress and achievement in the future. The School will continue in its endeavours to
     produce outstanding athletes, champion sports teams and well rounded young men.
     												                                                                                                            Mr Todd Miller
     												                                                                                                            Head of Elite Sport

     Academy of Sport Specialist Elite Team Coaches:
     Mr Todd Miller                                                               Mr Nigel Hotham
     Under 15 Rugby Coach & Elite Sport Rugby Coach                               1st XV, Premier Touch, Premier Sevens Coach & Elite Sport Rugby Coach
     Mr Miller has represented Waikato, the Chiefs, Maori All Blacks, and the     Mr Hotham is one of New Zealand’s foremost secondary school rugby
     All Blacks as a player and is now Head of the Health, Physical Education     coaches. The 1st XV have been Waikato Secondary School Champions
     & Well-Being Faculty at Hamilton Boys’ High School. Mr Miller has been       since 2003, Super 8 Champions, National Champions and World
     in charge of the Elite Sport programme since 2008 and he is the current      Champions winning the ‘Sanix’ World Schools Tournament (Japan).
     coach of the Under 15A Rugby team.                                           The Premier Sevens Rugby team and the Premier Touch Team have both
                                                                                  won multiple national titles and are New Zealand’s most successful
                                                                                  school teams in their respective codes.
     If your son in interested in joining the Elite Sport Programme,
     please ensure you complete the Elite Sport Application section
     of the enrolment form.

12                                                       Hamilton Boys’ High School Prospectus
Hamilton Boys’ High School

                     Academy of Sport
Mr Glenn Ross                                                                 Mr Simon Foy
Director of Rowing                                                            1st XI Football Coach
Mr Ross has led rowing at Hamilton Boys’ High School as Director of Rowing    Mr Foy is a highly qualified coach, holding a UEFA ‘A’ Licence. He has
since 2001. He has coached the HBHS Under 15 Eights to win multiple           coached elite teams in the UK, Canada, and NZ at school, academy and
national titles. Hamilton Boys’ High School has won numerous North Island     club level. He has been a successful coach of WaiBOP age group and senior
and New Zealand national age-group titles including the prestigious Maadi     teams, Senior Men’s Federation teams and within the Waikato Premier
Cup and Springbok Shield. It has reigned supreme as the Champion Sweep        League. He has coached the NZSSFA Under 19 team and is a previous
Oar and best overall performing school, regularly winning the Executive and   WaiBOP Coach of the Year.
Star Trophies
                                                                              Mr Rahiti Teokotai-White
Mr Bruce Holden                                                               Waterpolo Coach
Head Rowing Coach                                                             Mr Teokotai-White has an impressive coaching record. He has coached
Mr Holden is a former New Zealand World Championship and Olympic              the Waikato Under 16 and 18 teams, the NZSS team and the NZ Under 18
rowing representative. He has coached our Under 18 Eight and Four to          and Under 20 Men’s teams to World Championship tournaments. With his
multiple wins of the prestigious Maadi Cup and Springbok Shield. During       guidance, our school team is rated in the top echelon of school Waterpolo
this time he has also coached the New Zealand Under 18 Junior Eight and       teams nationally.
Junior Four to compete at the Junior World Championships.
                                                                              Mr Mita Graham
                                                                              Touch Coach
Mr Chris Kuggeleijn                                                           Mr Graham is a former captain of the HBHS Premier Touch Team, the first
1st XI Cricket Coach and Elite Sport Cricket Coach                            HBHS team to win the New Zealand Secondary School National title in
Mr Kuggeleijn is a former Northern Districts Captain and a New Zealand test   2005. He is the captain of the NZ Touch Blacks and Waikato Men’s Open
and one–day player. He has coached Northern Districts and the NZ Under        and coach of the NZ Under 20 Mens team.
19 Cricket team and he has previously been named NZ Cricket Coach of the
Year. He is also an Academy mentor for our elite athletes.
                                                                              Mr Brendon Cooley
Mr Kuggeleijn has led the HBHS 1st XI Cricket team to three NZSS Gillette
                                                                              Master in Charge of Golf
Cup titles.
                                                                              Mr Cooley is responsible for the selection and organisation of the schools
                                                                              golf teams. This involves preparing their training programmes and readying
Mr Aaron Scott                                                                our best players for traditional exchanges, competitions, Super 8 and
Elite Sport Football Coach                                                    national qualifiers. Elite players retain their individual coaches and are
Mr Scott was a member of the NZ Secondary School’s team and captained         supported by the school.
the NZ Olympic Under 23 team. He played for the NZ All Whites in Olympic
qualifying games and in the Confederation Cup. He also coached the HBHS       Mr Michael Erceg
1st XI to a NZSS title in 2017.
                                                                              Master in Charge of Tennis
                                                                              Mr Erceg is responsible for the selection and organisation of the schools
Mr Stephen Smith                                                              tennis teams. This involves preparing their training programmes and
1st XI Hockey Coach & Elite Sport Hockey Coach                                preparing our best players for traditional exchanges, competitions, Super 8
Mr Smith played domestic hockey in the English National Premier league.       and national qualifiers. Elite players retain their individual coaches and are
He brings with him a wealth of international playing and coaching             supported by the school.
experience not only from Europe, but also Australia and the USA. In New
Zealand, Mr Smith represented Midlands Hockey in the New Zealand              Mr Dean Peterken
National Hockey League and is a Midlands High Performance coach. He
                                                                              Cycling Coach
has more recently been recognised as an Advanced Coach by New Zealand
                                                                              Mr Peterken is a former New Zealand Road Cycling Champion and
                                                                              Olympian. He has been coaching athletes from Under 17 to elite level
                                                                              since 1996 and currently holds a role with BikeNZ in Junior Development.
Mr Riki Strother                                                              Mr Peterken leads the HBHS cycling programme with a dual focus on
Head Basketball Coach & Elite Sport Basketball Coach                          development and performance.
Mr Strother played first division basketball, winning 3 National
Championship titles. He was a member of the New Zealand Tall Blacks and
is the Head Coach of our Premier Basketball team.                             Elite sports students in other disciplines retain their individual
                                                                              coaches and are supported and encouraged by the school.

                                       “Sapiens fortunam fingit sibi” - A wise man carves his own fortune                                                      13
Enrolment Scheme School Zone

 The geographical outer boundaries of the Hamilton Boys’ High School      Applications for enrolment from out of zone enrolments will be
 in-zone area:                                                            prioritised in the following order:
 Those who live within the Home Zone have right of entry.                 Priority 2:        Brother of current student
 Boundary Road, Fifth Avenue to the intersection of Fifth Avenue and      Priority 3:        Brother of previous student
 Tramway Road, a line from Tramway Road to Bisley Road and Knighton       Priority 4:        Son of previous student
 Road, Ruakura Road intersection, then down Knighton Road and Clyde       Priority 5:        Son of an employee, board member
 Street to Grey Street, along Grey Street to Cobham Drive, along Cobham   Priority 6:        Living outside the Home Zone
 Drive to the Waikato River, along the Waikato River to Selwyn Street,
 along Selwyn Street and Lake Crescent, through Innes Common to           If there are more applicants than there are places available, selection
 Killarney Road as far as Queen’s Avenue, along Queen’s Avenue and        within the priority group will be by ballot conducted in accordance with
 Lake Road to the Commerce Street Corner, then Mill Street to Boundary    the instructions issued by the Secretary of Education under Section
 Road.                                                                    11G(1) of the Education Act 1989.

14                                                  Hamilton Boys’ High School Prospectus

                                                                                Zone by Street
This alphabetical listing of streets needs to be read in conjunction with the map and geographical outer boundaries of the Hamilton
Boys’ High School Zone. Some streets listed have only a part that falls within the zone and these are indicated by street numbers.
For further information please contact the school on 07 853 0440.

A       Albert Street 1 - 38        F   Fergusson Street           L    Lake Crescent                   Rochford Court
        Alexander Street                Fifth Avenue                    Lake Domain Drive               Rostrevor Street
        Alma Street                     Finchley Place                  Lake Road 40+                   Rothbrook Street
        Anglesea Street                 Ford Street                     Little London Lane              Ruakiwi Road
        Anzac Parade                    Fow Street                      Littler Place                   Ruakura Road
        Archer Court                    Fowlers Avenue                  Liverpool Street            S   Salisbury Place
        Argyle Street                   Fox Street 268-276, 261         Locksley Lane                   Sandringham Road
        Armagh Street                   Frances Street                  London Street                   Sapper Moore-Jones Place
        Ashgrove Court                  French Street              M    Manning Street                  Scott Avenue
B       Bailey Avenue                   Freyberg Street                 Marama Street                   Seddon Road 1 - 105
        Bains Avenue                G   Gadsby Place                    Masons Avenue                   Selwyn Street
        Barton Street                   Galway Avenue                   May Street                      Short Street
        Beale Street                    Garden Place                    MacFarlane Street               Sillary Street
        Beaumont Street                 George Street                   Melody Lane                     Snead Place
        Bell Street                     Gillet Lane                     Memorial Drive                  Somerset Street
        Bevan Lane                      Gillies Avenue                  Mill Street                     St Johns Avenue
        Bisley Road                     Graham Street                   Moana Street                    St Olpherts Street
        Bledisloe Terrace               Grantham Street                 Myrtle Street                   St Winifreds Avenue
        Bond Street                     Greensboro Street          N    Naylor Street 1 - 21            Stanley Street
        Boundary Road                   Grey Street                     New Street                      Substation Road
        Brookfield Street 1 - 38        Griffiths Place                 Newall Street                   Sullivan Crescent
        Brooklyn Road               H   Halifax Street                  Newport Place               T   Tainui Street
        Bryce Street                    Hamilton Parade                 Nisbet Street                   Te Aroha Street
C       Cameron Road                    Hammond Street                  Nobleman Place                  Thackeray Street
        Caro Street                     Hardley Street                  Norton Road 1 - 28              Thames Street
        Cassidy Street                  Harwood Street                  Nottingham Drive                Thistlewood Avenue
        Chancery Close                  Heaphy Terrace 791 - 901   O    O’Neill Street                  Tidd Street
        Chiefs Court                    Hill Street                     Oakley Avenue                   Tisdall Street
        Clarence Street                 Hillsborough Terrace            Old Farm Road                   Tralee Place
        Claudelands Road                Hogan Street                    Old Mill Street                 Tramway Road 1 - 109
        Clifton Road                    Hood Street                     Onslow Terrace                  Tristram Street 1 - 384
        Clyde Street                    Horne Street                    Opoia Road                  U   Ulster Street 1 - 86
        Collingwood Street              Hunter Street                   Orchard Avenue                  Union Street
        Colonial Lane               I   Inverness Avenue           P    Palmer Street               V   Valley Terrace
        Commerce Street 1 - 92      J   James Street                    Palmerston Street               Vialou Street
        Cook Street 2 - 12              Jebson Place                    Park Terrace                    Victoria Street 1 - 1105
        Cumbria Way                     Jellicoe Drive                  Patricia Avenue                 Von Tempsky Street
D       Daisy Street                    Joffre Street                   Peachgrove Road 1 - 240     W   Waikai Close
        Dawson Street                   John Street                     Pearsons Avenue                 Ward Street
        Denver Place                    Joshua Lane                     Pembroke Street                 Warr Street
        Devon Road                      June Place                      Pembroke Lane                   Watts Crescent
        Dey Street 281+            K    Kelvin Place                    Piako Road                      Wellington Street 1 - 21
        Dillon Place                    Kennedy Lane                    Pinfold Avenue                  Whyte Street
        Domain View Lane                Killarney Road 1 - 14           Plunket Terrace                 Willoughby Street 1 - 22
        Dunsford Mews                   King Street 1 – 40              Princes Street                  Willscarlet Lane
E       Earlswood Avenue                King Royal Lane            Q    Queens Avenue 1 - 106           Wilson Street
        East Street                     Kingsford Mews             R    Radnor Street                   Wiremu Street
        Emmadale Lane                   Kitchener Street                Rigter Place                    Woodgreen Way
        Enderley Avenue                 Knighton Road 87+, 98+          Riro Street                     Worley Place
        Enderley Lane                   Knox Street                     River Road 1 - 390          Y   York Street
                                                                        Robert Grigg Place              Young Street

                                   “Sapiens fortunam fingit sibi” - A wise man carves his own fortune                                 15
Argyle House - Residential Hostel
                                  Argyle House is the Hamilton Boys’ High School’s residential
                                    hostel. Located within the school grounds it has facilities
                                   to accommodate 170 boarding students. Argyle House is a
                                  central part of the school community with a long tradition of
                                              academic and co-curricular excellence.

     Accommodation Facilities                                                       Student Care
     The two-storey hostel has a range of excellent accommodation facilities        The daily life of the boarder is under the direct personal supervision of
     which include three-bed cubicles and modern twin rooms for junior              the Head of Boarding, six Masters, three Assistant Masters, one week
     students to motel-style units and single rooms for senior students. The        day Matron residing on-site and one weekend Matron residing off-site.
     accommodation is of a very high standard. All rooms each have their own        The Matrons take care of any medical needs which the boys may have.
     study facilities.                                                              A qualified Catering Manager and staff provide all meals to ensure the
                                                                                    boys’ nutritional needs are met.

     Juniors (Year 9 and 10) have a spacious lounge, a large TV room
     with Sky and DVD facilities and a games room for pool and table
     tennis. Juniors also have a ‘prep’ room where they can complete their          Evening studies and prep are an important part of life at Argyle House.
     homework or study, and access computers networked to school.                   They are supervised by three masters each night during the week who
                                                                                    provide help to the boys where they need it to complete their homework
                                                                                    or study. Year 9 and 10 students study in the Prep Room, Year 11 students
     Seniors (Year 11 and 12) have their own separate lounge with Sky TV            in the Dining Room, while Yr 12 & Yr 13 students work in their own room.
     and other facilities, a relaxation area, laundry and kitchen facilities. All   The hostel has computers available for prep and wi-fi access.
     seniors have facilities to complete their ‘prep’ in their units.
                                                                                    Team Building
                                                                                    Argyle House is one of the six Houses of Hamilton Boys’ High School.
     Grove (Year 13) The Grove offers Year 13 students accommodation
                                                                                    House competition at the school is strong and generates tremendous
     adjacent to Hamilton Boys’ High School. Each student has their own
                                                                                    pride and team spirit amongst the boys and in the hostel. Argyle House
     self-contained room with a kitchenette, ensuite bathroom, toilet,
                                                                                    also has its own in-House competition for the Matthew Allen Memorial
     shower, a study desk and shelving, fridge, king-single bed, couch/
     chair. Rooms are positioned off a central hallway. There is a communal
     laundry, kitchen and lounge.
     Residing at The Grove is a privilege for a maximum of 27 Year 13
                                                                                    School Clubs and Activities
     students. Lunch and dinner are provided at Argyle House. Breakfast is          A vast range of opportunities are available to boarders to join in sports,
     self-catered. One Master and two Assistant Masters are in residence at         clubs and activities available both within and outside school. The hostel
     The Grove.                                                                     has its own mini-van to transport boys to venues to attend music
                                                                                    lessons, sports training and numerous other activities. At school the boys
                                                                                    can participate in any of more than twenty cultural activities and forty
                                                                                    different sporting codes.

16                                                           Hamilton Boys’ High School Prospectus
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