Enterprise on the Go How enterprises can leverage mobile apps - Vivek Narasimhan

Enterprise on the Go How enterprises can leverage mobile apps - Vivek Narasimhan
Enterprise on the Go

How enterprises can leverage mobile apps

                                           Vivek Narasimhan
                                                  June 2012
Enterprise on the Go How enterprises can leverage mobile apps - Vivek Narasimhan

I. Project Scope

II. Consumerization of IT
    drives demand for apps

III. Enterprise App

IV. Case Study
Enterprise on the Go How enterprises can leverage mobile apps - Vivek Narasimhan
This Project examines how enterprises can leverage
Mobile Apps

         Project Background                                                                  Scope
 • Traditionally, mobility                                            This project examines
   meant anywhere                                                     the key aspects that an
   anytime email / phone                                              enterprise must consider in
   access                                                             leveraging mobile apps

 • Smartphones and
   specifically the apps on
   them have
   fundamentally changed
   this definition of mobility

 Note: This project leverages work that was done as part of a Field Study in International Business project
Enterprise on the Go How enterprises can leverage mobile apps - Vivek Narasimhan

I. Project Scope

II. Consumerization of IT
    drives demand for apps

III. Enterprise App

IV. Case Study
Enterprises are fundamentally affected by the
consumerization of IT

Consumerization of IT – the impact that personal
computing technology has on enterprises – manifests
itself in two critical ways:
   1    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Movement

      Transfer of innovation from personal computing
      environment to the enterprise environment
Enterprises have cautiously adapted to the BYOD
         era . . .

 What is your firm’s official IT policy for                                    “You can’t stop BYOD . . . You can only
 supporting personally owned mobile phones                                     prepare for it” – Vice President
 and smartphones?                                                              Information Technologies, Car Company
      Does not provide any support for
             personal devices
       IT supports all personal devices
                                                                               IT support for BYOD is cautious
                                                                               • 50% of the companies interviewed
     Supports certain types of personal
                                                                  18%              (n=8) have a BYOD policy in place
Provides limited support to all personal
    Provides limited support to certain
                                                                               • Key drivers for adopting BYOD
          types of personal devices
      Our mobile policy prohibits use of                                         include:
          personal devices for work
                                                                                   - Higher productivity
                                                                                   - Lower capex;
                                           0%   5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35%         - Lower maintenance costs; and
 Source: Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey, Q3 2010                             - Shared administrative burden

                                                                               • However security implications
                                                                                 remain a concern
2 . . . Leading to lesser control and more innovation

                                                                                      “We found that users had
                                                                                      configured email on their
                                                                                      iPhones and iPads without us
   How did you get your work-related mobile
                                                                                      even publishing instructions on
   applications on to your work smartphone?
                                                                                      how to do so. . . “ – IT Team
They came installed when I got my phone
                                                                                45%   member, Construction Company
My company installed them on my phone

             Downloaded from a PC and                       20%
               installed on my phone

         I purchased from an application              13%
                store out of pocket

         Access through the browser on                12%                             Enterprises need to balance the
          my phone, but not installed

        I purchased from an application
                                                                                      potential for innovation while
       store, and my company paid for it                                              still retaining appropriate levels
                                           0%   10%     20%       30%   40%     50%
                                                                                      of control
Source: Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey, Q3 2010

I. Project Scope

II. Consumerization of IT
    drives demand for apps

III. Enterprise App

IV. Case Study
Enterprise IT can balance need for innovation and
control by focusing on key enablers

        Mobility Enablers                                         •   Focus on delivering best-in-class UI / UX

                                                                  •   Select Platform based on cost, user
                                                                      adoption and security considerations
                                                                  •   Decide App Development strategy
                                                                      based on skillsets
               App Design


                                                                  •   Secure both devices and apps

                                                                  •   Deliver apps securely to target audience
                                                                      and track usage

                            UI / UX                               •   Define Governance measures to
                                                                      monitor the other enablers
UI / UX is key to successfully leveraging mobility

                      Mobile Optimized/
   Std. Website                                  Native App      • Users ‘educated’ by
                         Web App                                   their B2C /
                                                                   personal app

                                                                 • UI / UX drives
                                                                   adoption, ratings
                                                                   and usage

                                                                 • Criteria for
                                                                   enterprise app
                                                                   assessment and
                                                                   adoption remains
                                                                   the same

                      • Optimized
• Pinch to Zoom,                             • Complete use of   Enterprise Apps
                        rendition, limited
  same rendition as                            device            must satisfy UI / UX
                        use of device
  on laptop                                    functionalities   expectations
UI / UX, cost & connectivity considerations drive
selection of native vs. web apps
Development efforts of native vs. hybrid vs. web apps                                         User experience vs. cost and
                                                                                              time to market

 Other considerations
 • Mobile workforce (especially sales) often do not have the level                           Native vs. web apps is not an
    of connectivity required for web / hybrid apps                                           either / or choice
 • Rich UI requirements are met easier thru native apps                                      Evaluation of multiple factors
 • Web Apps would be preferable in cases where user                                          needed
    requirements demand recent information

Source: http://www.worklight.com/assets/files/Native-Web-Hybrid-Mobile-App-Dev-Webinar.pdf
Enterprises are hedging their platform bets . . .

    Android’s market share of smartphone sales                                  . . . However, developers have initiated more
    has rapidly increased over the past three                                   projects on iOS than on Android
    years . . .
                                         12%                   8%
                       23%                                     10%
                       44%               21%

       20%             24%               42%

                       2009              2010              Jan-Oct 2011
                        Others     RIM         iOS     Android
  To what extent does your firm’s IT department currently officially
  support the following mobile operating systems?
    BlackBerry (RIM)                                                      66%

                iOS                                  37%
                                                                                         •       Enterprises are supporting
            Android                      24%
                                                                                                 multiple platforms
                                                                                         •       However, the level of support
   Windows Phone 7                16%
                                                                                                 across different platforms may
   Windows Mobile                        24%
            Palm OS          6%

             webOS      3%                                                      Sources:
                                                                                1. http://blog.flurry.com/bid/79061/App-Developers-Bet-on-iOS-over-Android-this-Holiday-Season
           Symbian                                                              2. http://www.engadget.com/2011/12/14/shocker-android-grew-us-market-share-after-q2-ios-was-static/
Source: Forrsights Networks And Telecommunications Survey, Q1 2011
. . . and supporting platforms based on user adoption
and security concerns
                                                                               Our sales force is older . . .their
              Platforms Supported (n = 8 companies)                            adoption of iPads is very high . . .” –
                                                                               VP Global Director Technology
                                                                               Architecture & Innovation,
        iOS                                         7                          Beverage Distribution Company

    HTML 5                     3                                               “I struggle to build anything on
                                                                               Android . . . It is a cesspool where
                                                                               anybody with $99 can distribute
 Windows 8                 2                                                   malware” – Global Head of Mobile
                                                                               Technology, Information Service
    Android        1
                                                                               “We wouldn’t consider rolling out
              0        2           4         6          8         10           Android without MDM . . . It is too
                                                                               much of a Wild Wild West” –Director
                                                                               of Critical Infrastructure for IT, Cable

Enterprises are unable to ‘choose’ platforms based on careful and formal evaluation of platforms. In most cases,
they are playing catch up based on user adoption and racing to define security policies and practices
Business needs and UI/UX considerations drive
definition of app design
• Four of the eight companies we spoke to are developing single purpose atomized apps. However their
  rationale is driven more by business needs and UI / UX considerations than an application design concepts

    Atomized                                                     Integrated
     Quicker development                                           Complex functionalities
     Easier maintenance                                            Easier change management
     Difficult change management                                   Easier deployment
     Difficulty in managing distribution and                       Sandboxing limitations
      deployment                                                    Less agile development
     Not possible to share information                             More regression testing
      between apps                                                  Greater dependencies
     Requires multiple apps to be created to                       Complex UI / UX
      match required functionalities
     “I want my apps to be instantly on,                         “I can’t envision a situation where there are
     provide good UI and address specific                        three or four apps for my sales force” – VP
     functionalities” – Senior business                          Global Director Technology Architecture &
     application architect, Packaging                            Innovation, Beverage Distribution Company
                                                                 “I see a trend towards integrated apps” – Vice
                                                                 President Information Technologies, Car

    While UI / UX considerations and practical limitations may drive app design considerations in the
    current period, using published APIs can enable enterprises to retain flexibility to integrate apps in the
Enterprises adopt different app development
   strategies based on skillset availability
                                            Internal & External      External development
                         Internal             (resource based       based on guidelines and      Off-the-Shelf (OTS)
                                                outsourcing)                policies
 Number of
 companies               3 (30%)                  1 (10%)                   5 (50%)                   1 (10%)

     Key         • Outsourcing did not   • Have internal            • No UI / UX experience   • Does not see value in
Considerations     work well               resources; priority is   • Multiple legacy           developing solutions
                 • Security concerns       to deploy them first       platforms – do not        when OTS solutions
                                                                      have competencies to      can fulfill need
                                                                      address all of them

  Role of IT     • End to end            • Resource                 • Policy development      • Product / app
                                           management               • Vendor relationship       evaluation
                                         • Policy development         management
                                         • Vendor relationship      • Product / app
                                           management                 evaluation
                                         • Product / app

  Speed to

 Cost / App               $$$$                      $$$                       $$                         $

 Coverage of
BYOD environment requires a calibrated security
 •      While basic security measures are in
        place, advanced security measures are                        Mobile security policy should be
        lagging app development                                      calibrated differently to match the
                                                                     BYOD environment
what are your firm's plans to adopt the following mobile security    • Employee owned devices:
                                                                         • Sandbox enterprise apps and
        Password Policy enforcement                            52%
                                                                            data, enabling security features
               Device Loss Protection                    40%
              Antivirus / Antimalware                  37%
                                                                         • Ensure that security policy is not
                        Web Security               34%                      in conflict with local laws
                  Application Control            31%

                   Device Encryption             30%                 •   Enterprise provided devices:
 Strong Authentication (e.g. biometric…    12%                           • Where possible, exercise full
                 Data Loss Protection     10%                               control over device and data
                                                                            (remote wipe, device encryption,
 •      Evolution of BYOD will result in greater                            anti-virus / malware solutions)
        conflict between an enterprise’s desire to
        manage the entire device and the
        employee’s ownership of the device
 •      Some countries’ data protection / privacy
        laws prevent enterprises from exercising
        complete control over employee devices
Robust app level risk assessment should determine
app security measures
Nature of the app determines the level of security required

            Application                   Risk                     Implications
Non-transactional applications
These apps do not have the ability                  Focus on ensuring that security policy /
to transact with an enterprise (e.g.                guidelines issued are followed in app
place orders, change ERP / CRM                      programming and deployment. Such
databases etc..).                      Reputation   policies may include
                                                    - Not accessing personal data on device
                                                    - Non storage of credentials

Transactional applications
These apps allow the customer /                     In addition to following security measures
partner to interact with the                        above, possible security measures include:
enterprise – e.g. place orders with    Reputation   - Multi-level Authentication
Hilti, change ERP / CRM databases,         +        - Penetration testing
access inventory at a particular        Financial   - Restricted distribution mechanisms
location etc..)                                     - Transaction limits
Private app stores are best placed to cater to an
enterprise’s needs; however they are evolving
 1     Device Ownership                              2       Enterprise Requirements
     Enterprise-owned device                             •    Catalogue
     • Enterprise-owned and developed                    •    Multi-platform support
        applications                                     •    Capability to distribute both internally
     • Third party, enterprise-owned applications             developed and off-the-shelf applications
     • Third party, employee-owned applications          •    Directory interfaces
     Employee-owned device (BYOD)                        •    Device / employee required push
     • Enterprise-owned and developed                    •    Inventory apps on devices
        applications                                     •    Promotion of suggested apps
     • Third-party applications

 3                                                   4
       App Stores                                             Implications
     • Immature market, high growth expected             Instability in the vendor market implies that
     • Vendors are small, with small number of           an enterprise will have to be prepared with
       employees and customers                           contingency plans
     • Some level of consolidation of products /         Consolidation of product features implies that
       platforms expected                                an enterprise will have to closely monitor
     • Functionalities across products are rapidly       application development roadmap to take
       being built in                                    advantage of any opportunities
Governance should focus on both processes and

             Platform      App Design      Development     Security       Delivery

             Select app                                      Detail
                           Build APIs to     Develop
              platform                                      security
Best                          enable        guidelines                   Assess user
              based on                                    policies for
Practices                 integration of   for choosing                   feedback
                need                                       both apps
                               apps         developers
            assessment                                    and devices

                                # of
                           interactions    Time / Cost                    App and
            User base      required per    to develop      Security        feature
            coverage      functionality;       # of       Exceptions        usage
                              Level of     developers                     statistics

I. Project Scope

II. Consumerization of IT
    drives demand for apps

III. Enterprise App

IV. Case Study
Case Study: Telco uses improves productivity by
leveraging apps

Front line managers of field staff spent 70% of their day in office. Goal: flip this
to 30% by delivering a mobility solution

Approach & Lessons Learned:
• Windows Mobile 6.5 vs. iPhone: 87%+ users preferred iPhone
• Outsourcing development failed due to difficulties with interaction and
  iteration with overseas developers
• Created encrypted “work container” on phone using Good company MDM
• Smartphone solution: tablet fits “uncomfortably” between phone & laptop

Final Solution:
“oPhone” currently rolling out to 1400 line managers & 2500 engineers
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