Entry Pack The New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety Awards 2019 - Thomson Reuters NZ

Entry Pack The New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety Awards 2019 - Thomson Reuters NZ
The New Zealand
                Workplace Health &
                Safety Awards 2019

                Entry Pack

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Entry Pack The New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety Awards 2019 - Thomson Reuters NZ
• The NZ Workplace Health & Safety Awards have run each year since 2005.
• They are New Zealand’s only nationwide all-sector health and safety awards.
• They are easy to enter, and entry is free.
• T
   hey are run by Safeguard magazine (published by Thomson Reuters),
  with the active support of WorkSafe New Zealand.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE                                       WHEN ARE THE
OF THE AWARDS?                                            WINNERS ANNOUNCED?
To celebrate the best health and safety initiatives       The awards will be presented at a gala dinner on
and the dedicated people working to improve health        May 28, 2018 at SKYCITY Convention Centre in
and safety outcomes in New Zealand.                       Auckland, the social highlight of the year for everyone
                                                          involved in health and safety. The gala dinner coincides
                                                          with the two-day Safeguard National Health and
WHO JUDGES THE AWARDS?                                    Safety Conference.
The Awards are judged by a panel appointed each year.     Finalists receive a complimentary ticket to the dinner.
The panel includes representatives from Safeguard,
WorkSafe New Zealand, ACC and a union. It also includes
an experienced health and safety practitioner.

ARE THERE?                                                    KEY DATES:
There are 9 categories for organisations and                  ENTRIES OPEN .................. LATE 2018
4 categories for individuals.
                                                              ENTRIES CLOSE ................. 27 MARCH 2019
Details of each category appear on page 6.
                                                              FINALISTS NOTIFIED ........ 12 APRIL 2019
                                                              GALA DINNER .................... 28 MAY 2019
• Any organisation which operates in New Zealand.
• Any person who works in New Zealand.
• An organisation can submit multiple entries, so long
   as each entry describes a substantially different
   health and safety initiative.                                                                               Page 2

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Entry Pack The New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety Awards 2019 - Thomson Reuters NZ
OPPORTUNITY FOR REFLECTION                                  ENGAGEMENT
The act of writing and submitting an entry is an            Finalists and winners have the opportunity to
opportunity to pause, put day-to-day matters to one side,   acknowledge and reward the efforts of the teams
and reflect on what has worked well over the last year      and individuals involved, which is an opportunity to
or so, and the lessons learned. This process of critical    reinforce key messages to staff and others across your
analysis is valuable in evaluating your strengths (and      supply chain around health and safety engagement.
ongoing challenges) in health and safety - and may
spur further improvements.
                                                            NETWORKING AND LEARNING

PUBLIC RECOGNITION OF GOOD WORK                             Finalist or not, the gala dinner provides great learning
                                                            and networking opportunities for people at all levels,
The successful initiatives or personal qualities of all     from frontline workers to directors.
finalists are acknowledged publicly at the gala dinner
in front of a large audience of influential experts,
executives and politicians. Further acknowledgement
occurs as part of a post-awards media campaign.

                                                                                                                 Page 3

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Entry Pack The New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety Awards 2019 - Thomson Reuters NZ
CATEGORIES?                                               Pick the category you think best fits your initiative, but
We suggest you answer the following questions:            don’t worry about getting it wrong – the judges reserve
•	What does the organisation do?                         the right to move your entry to a different category.
    (eg: industry sector, size, key activities)
•	What specific issue or problem did you face?
    (include the risks involved)                          WHAT IS THE ENTRY PROCESS?
•	What solution did you come up with                    Entrants are encouraged to submit their entries
    to solve the problem?                                 in PDF format via email to:
•	When did you start work on this initiative?            safeguardawards@thomsonreuters.com
•	What evidence is there that your initiative           Each entry requires two documents:
    has been successful?                                  • A completed entry form (downloadable)
                                                          • The entry itself
HOW SHOULD I WRITE AN ENTRY FOR                           Please note that there are separate entry forms for
ONE OF THE INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES?                         organisational and individual categories.
                                                          If you have essential supporting evidence which cannot
We suggest you answer the following questions about
                                                          be sent via PDF (eg: video or physical objects closely
the person you nominate:
                                                          related to the entry) then please send via courier to:
•	How do you know the nominee?
•	What does the nominee’s organisation do?              Safeguard Awards
    (eg: industry sector, size, key activities)           Level 1, 16 College Hill
•	What is the nominee’s role?                           Freemans Bay
•	Why have you nominated this person?                   Auckland 1011
•	What has the individual achieved within the last 12   Or via post to:
    months that has made a difference to the health and
    safety of their organisation or industry              Safeguard Awards
                                                          PO Box 147245
                                                          Auckland 1144
Most entries should be able to be described in no more    ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS?
than three or four A4 pages.
                                                          Please contact us via email:
CAN I ENTER MORE THAN ONE                                 Or by phone to Annette Vao, ph 09 361 8925.
                                                              ENTRIES CLOSE
Yes, so long as you submit a new entry for each one.
                                                              5pm, March 27 2019
Each entry requires a separate entry form.

                                                                                                                Page 4

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The judges will consider the following factors.               ABOUT THE JUDGING
They do not expect every factor to apply to each entry,
so do not worry if some factors do not apply to your          • The judges assess each entry using the above criteria.
initiative or nominee.                                        • T
                                                                 hey reserve the right to move an entry to
                                                                a different category.
                                                              • T
                                                                 hey accept each entry on good faith as a fair and
FOR THE ORGANISATIONAL                                          accurate description. However they have the ability
CATEGORIES:                                                     to contact the entry’s nominated referee to seek
A.	Credible detail (is the initiative sufficiently             clarification.
   well described?)                                           •	
                                                                The judges’ deliberations are confidential.
B. R
    isk reduction (to what extent has people’s                 No correspondence will be entered into.
   health or safety benefited?)                               •	
                                                                This means that we are unable to give any feedback on
C. Innovation (how clever/original is this?)                   reasons why an entry may not have been successful.
D.	Beyond compliance (how much beyond
   ‘business as usual’?)                                      HOW DO THE JUDGES MANAGE
E. Wider application (could others adopt this initiative?)   CONFLICTS OF INTEREST?
   Organisation size (how does this rate given                •	
                                                                The organisations which supply judges may not enter
   the resources available?)                                    the organisational categories. Nor may their staff be
G. T
    ime period (was the initiative mostly done                 nominated for any of the individual categories, except
   within the last year or two?)                                for Lifetime Achievement.
                                                              • H
                                                                 owever, staff within these organisations may
FOR THE INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES:                                  nominate people outside their organisation for the
                                                                individual categories.
A. M
    ade a difference (how have his/her actions
                                                              • If an entry is received from an organisation
   specifically benefited people?)
                                                                 substantially funded by a judge’s organisation, then
B. E
    xceeded expectations (to what extent has he or she          the judge will absent himself or herself from the
   gone the extra mile?)                                         assessment of that entry.
C. Inspired others (have they encouraged others to           • S
                                                                 imilarly, if an entry is received for an initiative in which
    engage in health & safety?)                                 a judge was involved, or for a person with whom the
D. T
    ime period (have their actions taken place in the last     judge has worked, that judge will absent himself or
   year or two).                                                herself from the assessment of that entry.

                                                                                                                       Page 5

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ORGANISATIONAL                                                 Category 5: Innovation
Category 1: Work-related safety                                3M best use of innovative New Zealand design or
Kensington Swan best initiative to address a                   technology to eliminate or manage a risk.
work-related safety risk.                                      This award is given to the New Zealand-originated design
This award is given to an organisation which has identified    or technology initiative which best demonstrates an
a specific occupational safety risk and developed              effective solution to a specific health & safety issue. This
an initiative to address it. The judges appreciate             could include new designs or control methods which help
improvements in productivity or wider business                 to eliminate or minimise a risk.
effectiveness.                                                 Category 6: Small business
Category 2: Work-related health                                Site Safe best health or safety initiative by a business
WorkSafe New Zealand best initiative to address a              of no more than 50 staff.
work-related health risk.                                      This award is given to an organisation with no more than
This award is given to an organisation which identified        50 employees in recognition that smaller organisations
and managed a specific work-related health risk. This          face similar health and safety challenges as the bigger
could include, but is not limited to, risks such as airborne   players but have far fewer resources to deal with them.
substances, infectious diseases, sprains and strains,          Category 7: Collaboration
hazardous substances, thermal comfort, and noise.
                                                               Impac best collaboration between PCBUs.
Category 3: Wellbeing                                          This category recognises that many worksites are used
Vitae best initiative to promote better worker health          by a number of different organisations at the same time.
and wellbeing.                                                 The winner will be the best initiative to facilitate effective
This category includes broader initiatives to improve the      communication and collaboration between two or more
health and wellbeing of workers. These could include the       PCBUs on the same work site.
design of work, psychosocial health, mental and physical       Category 8: Governance
health monitoring, and initiatives to improve the ongoing
                                                               Simpson Grierson best board level engagement in
mental health, physical fitness and nutrition of workers
                                                               health & safety.
and their communities.
                                                               Boards play a vital role in health and safety leadership
Category 4: Engagement                                         and governance. This award recognises the organisation
NZ Safety Blackwoods best initiative to encourage              whose board of directors or equivalent has best
worker involvement in health & safety.                         demonstrated leadership and engagement on health
This award recognises efforts made by an organisation          and safety. This category recognises overall engagement
to create a strong culture of safety which engages             and leadership in health and safety, not necessarily one
contractors, employees and management to seek                  specific initiative.
improvements in health and safety performance.                 Category 9: Leadership
                                                               ACC best leadership of an industry sector or region.
                                                               This award is given to the organisation whose initiative
                                                               and leadership has helped to lift workplace health and
                                                               safety standards and practices in its industry sector,
                                                               geographic region or nationally.

                                                                                                                       Page 6

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INDIVIDUAL                                                 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT
Category 10: Practitioner
                                                           Countdown lifetime achievement award
NZISM health & safety practitioner of the year
                                                           This special award gives the judges the opportunity to
This award is open to people with formal responsibility    recognise a person who has devoted a significant portion of
for health and safety, and goes to the person whose        their working life to advancing the cause of health and safety
enthusiasm, knowledge and drive over the last 12 months    in New Zealand, and whose specific achievements have
has made a substantial contribution to workplace health    clearly benefited many people, regionally or nationally.
& safety in their organisation.
                                                           To nominate someone for this award, please submit a
Category 11: Representative                                citation of no more than 500 words explaining how the
Edenfx HSE Recruitment health and safety rep of the year   nominee fits the above criteria. Please do not advise the
                                                           nominee that he or she has been nominated. Note that it
This award is open to an elected health & safety
                                                           is in the nature of lifetime achievement awards that they
representative who has acted as a champion of health
                                                           are given to people who are in the latter stages of their
and safety and who has had a significant positive
                                                           career. The judges reserve the right to hold nominations
influence on the health and safety culture of his or her
                                                           over for consideration in future years.
Category 12: Leader
Business Leaders’ Health & Safety Forum health
                                                           SUPREME WINNER
& safety leader of the year                                WorkSafe New Zealand/ACC best overall contribution to
This award recognises a member of a senior executive       improving workplace health and safety in New Zealand
team or director who is not a health and safety            The winners of the organisational categories will be
practitioner but whose leadership has helped transform     considered for this award.
their organisation’s health and safety culture.

                                                           FONTERRA JUDGES’
                                                           One or more commendations may be awarded to entries
                                                           that are of particular merit, but do not comfortably sit in
                                                           any of the existing categories.

                                                                                                                  Page 7

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•	A correctly completed entry form is required to            •	Entrants are expected to have all necessary approvals
  accompany each entry.                                         from within their organisation to enter.
•	Entries received after the closing date will not be       •	All entries are regarded as confidential and will not be
  accepted and will be returned unopened.                       passed on to third parties; however, initiatives of category
•	Entries for designs and/or inventions must be the           winners and finalists may be described in summary or in
  entrant organisation’s original concept over which the        detail at the awards dinner and in Safeguard magazine
  organisation or entrant has intellectual property rights.     or other Thomson Reuters publications.
•	Entries which the judges believe to be false or           •	All category winners are expected to work with
  exaggerated or unverifiable will not be rewarded.             Safeguard and Awards sponsors to help publicise
                                                                their achievements, and agree to participate in
•	The judges have complete discretion in determining
                                                                publicity activities following the award presentations.
  finalists and winners. Their decision is final. No
  correspondence will be entered into.                        •	Thomson Reuters is not responsible for any loss or
                                                                damage to entries.
•	Thomson Reuters reserves the right to publicly revoke
  an award should we learn of information that, had it        •	An award does not constitute an endorsement by
  been disclosed to the judges, would have materially           Thomson Reuters, WorkSafe New Zealand or any
  affected the panel’s decision.                                other sponsor.
•	The assessment, conduct and results of the                •	For the individual categories (not including Lifetime
  awards shall not create any legal obligations or duties       Achievement), if a person is nominated by someone
  between entrants and Thomson Reuters and any                  outside the nominee’s organisation, we reserve the
  Awards sponsor.                                               right to inform the nominee’s organisation that they
                                                                have been nominated. We also reserve the right to show
•	An award entry may be withdrawn from consideration
                                                                the nominee’s organisation the entry. This is in line with
  only by the person who submitted it.
                                                                our ‘no surprises’ policy.

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