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Equality Outcomes 2017 - 2021


                                             EQUALITY OUTCOMES 2017 -2021

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Equality Outcomes 2017 – 2021 build on the tremendous amount of progress made
and learning we have achieved since the implementation of our original Equality Outcomes in 2013, which were
subsequently refreshed in 2015.
Our Equality Outcomes demonstrate our optimism and commitment to continue to ensure that arts education is accessible
to all, for the benefit of all.
This document provides the following information:

   1. Overview of RCS Equality Outcomes 2017 – 2021, together with success measures, strategic links, and how they link
      to the general equality duty of the Equality Act 2010

   2. Action plan for Equality Outcomes 2017 – 2021

   3. Review of achievements against Equality Outcomes 2013 - 2017

For more detail about any of the information contained within this document please visit our website or contact our Equality & Diversity
Officer, Roz Caplan at r.caplan@rcs.ac.uk


                                                    OVERVIEW OF EQUALITY OUTCOMES 2017- 2021
             Equality Outcome                        Evidence             Strategic       Protected                 Lead                   Success Measure
                                                                             Link       Characteristic(s)
1.   Our learning, teaching and           Disabled Student Survey          Strategic      Age, Disability,         Board of       Increase in diversity of RCS
     administration environment is        International Student Survey    Plan 2015-      Gender, Race,           Governors       community
     supportive in relation to all        Student Leaver Survey              2020          Pregnancy &               CSMT         Improved approval rating in surveys
     students and staff.                  Library User Survey                               Maternity,           E&D Forum        Increase engagement in E&D
                                          AV Support Survey                  SFC         Religion & Belief,        HR, AAS        initiatives
                                          Staff Survey                     Outcome      Sexual Orientation,           SU          Decrease in E&D related complaints
                                          Programme Reviews               Agreement        Trans Status            All Staff      E&D embedded throughout
                                     *A C Complaints Reporting                                                   All Students     curriculum

2.   An increased diversity of students     Enrolment and matriculation    Strategic          Race            Stud. Recruitment   Increased number of BAME
     and staff involved in learning and     data for students.            Plan 2015-         Gender           Teams, LL&WA        students and staff
     teaching at the Conservatoire.         Appointment data for staff       2020           Disability            Fair Access      Increased no of female students in
                                            Equality & Diversity Annual       SFC          Trans Status          Committee         traditionally male subjects/ vice
                                            Monitoring Report              Outcome             Age               Recruitment       versa
                                                                          Agreement                                 Group          Increased number of Trans staff
                                                                            Gender                              Marketing, HR      and students due to positive and
                                      *B                                  Action Plan                                              supportive environment

3.   All of our policies, systems and       Student Attitude Surveys       Strategic      Age, Disability,            AAS         Equality Impact Assessments
     processes for students and staff       Staff Survey                  Plan 2015-      Gender, Race,               HR          completed for all policies and
     are inclusive, accessible and          Equality & Diversity Annual      2020          Pregnancy &          Policy Owners     processes
     transparent, demonstrating the         Monitoring Report                               Maternity,               E&DF         Decrease in number of related
     benefit of reflecting on previous      Annual Dialogue Discussions                  Religion & Belief,         E&DO          complaints
     performance and feedback to the        Focus Groups with Staff and                 Sexual Orientation,                       Increase in diversity of RCS
     enhancement of our practice.           Students on annual basis                       Trans Status                           community
                                   *A B C                                    EO1                                                  Improved approval rating in surveys


4.   A comprehensive set of student      Equality & Diversity Annual    Strategic     Age, Disability,    Human Resources       Improved equality and diversity
     and staff equality and diversity    Monitoring Report             Plan 2015-     Gender, Race,       Academic Admin        statistics.
     data that gives us a more detailed                                   2020       Religion & Belief,    & Support (AAS)      Enhanced reporting to E&D Forum.
     picture of our Conservatoire        HESA statistics                            Sexual Orientation,   Statistical Analyst
     community and enables us to                                          SFC          Trans Status          Information
     undertake more informed analysis                                   Outcome                                Services
     of under-representation.         *A                               Agreement                                E&DO

     *The General Equality Duty
     A: Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation and other conduct that is prohibited by the Equality Act 2010.
     B: Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a relevant protected characteristic and those who do not.
     C: Foster good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not.


    Equality                         Commitment                          Current position               Action required          Who    Deadline
    EO1: Our learning, teaching and administration environment is supportive in relation to all students and staff
    1.1         We will develop our institutional knowledge and      We are a piloting a        Training to be evaluated, with   HR1    January
                awareness relating to ethnic diversity and           full day induction         a view to including in our               2018
                engaging communities.                                session for new staff mandatory programme for all
                                                                     focussing on ethnic        new staff. Alternative
                                                                     diversity and              provision to be considered for
                                                                     equality. This will be existing staff during Learning
                                                                     run by Radiant &           & Teaching Week in
                                                                     Brighter.                  September 2017.
                                                                                                We will also review the          AAS2
                                                                                                potential for delivery to
                                                                                                incoming students.
    1.2         We will develop the capability and confidence of     Staff do challenge         We are in discussions with       HR      June
                our staff to effectively promote positive attitudes but can find it             Radiant & Brighter to jointly            2021
                within students from an early age and to             difficult to find the      produce a training package to
                challenge inappropriate language and behaviour       right approach which deal with inappropriate
                in a positive way within the learning environment. does not lead to             language and behaviour by all
                                                                     disengagement              age groups within the
                                                                                                learning environment.
    1.3         We will improve the level of staff and student       All members of staff Appropriate disability                 HR      Sept.
                knowledge and awareness relating to disability       were invited to            awareness training to be                 2018
                and mental health issues                             attend disability          identified for staff and
                                                                     awareness training

1   Human Resources
    Academic & Admin Support


                    We will develop a community of support for staff     and this will be          students (e.g. autism
                    in front facing roles to deal confidently with all   reintroduced.             awareness)
                    types of diversity                                   All audition panel
                                                                         members received
                                                                         equality awareness
    1.4             We will educate staff and students on trans issues   We are participating      We will work with leaders in    E&DO3   July 2018
                    and provide a positive and supportive space for      in the Trans-Edu          the field of trans arts to       SU4
                    anyone who identifies as trans or non-binary         project.                  educate both staff and
                                                                         We have SU                students, and to ensure that
                                                                         LGBTQIA+                  due consideration is given to
                                                                         representatives           trans issues from an
                                                                                                   employment perspective and
                                                                                                   as both educators and
                                                                                                   creative artists
    1.5             We will achieve Silver Award in the Healthy          We have achieved          We will continue our work in     HR       Dec.
                    Working Lives programme, run by NHS Scotland         the Bronze award          this area by maintaining our              2018
                                                                         through a number of       existing work and developing
                                                                         activities, including     further our support for staff
                                                                         information               and students in terms of
                                                                         campaigns and             health promotion, healthy
                                                                         interactive activities.   eating, mental health,
                                                                                                   wellbeing and stress

3   Equality & Diversity Officer
    Students Union


                                                                                             We will run 2 Wellbeing Days,
                                                                                             initially for staff, during
    1.6          We will provide a sample range of Mindfulness        We will provide        Pending feedback on the            HR      June
                 activities to promote health and wellbeing           taster block sessions taster sessions, we will                    2019
                                                                      for staff and students introduce ongoing provision
    1.7          We will become a recognised Dementia Friendly        Dementia Friends       Key frontline staff will attend   E&DO   July 2019
                 organisation                                         Scotland has run a     dementia awareness
                                                                      successful workshop workshops
                                                                      for Community          There is the potential for        CMC5     TBC
                                                                      Music students         BMus2 students to be
                                                                                             offered dementia awareness
                                                                                             workshops as part of their
                                                                                             Music in Society 2 module
    1.8          We will forge partnerships with local Students       We have established Explore opportunities to              SU      Dec.
                 Unions to provide a broader range of support to      a partnership with     develop further partnerships               2017
                 our students with protected characteristics          Glasgow Clyde          with student societies from
                                                                      College’s LGBT         other colleges and HEIs
    1.9          We will provide students with critical information   In discussion with     Sexual Health Symposium to         SU      TBC
                 and advice relating to sexual health                 Umbrella Lane, Rape be organised and hosted by
                                                                      Crisis Glasgow and     RCS SU, bringing together
                                                                      Terence Higgins Trust students from around

    Community Music Coordinator


    Equality           Commitment                        Current position                       Action required           Who       Deadline
    EO2: An increased diversity of students and staff involved in learning and teaching at the Conservatoire
    2.1        We will take action to          This is an area that was focused       We will develop and                 SR6       September
               address the gender              on in our original Equality            implement a Gender Action           HR           2018
               imbalance on identified         Outcomes and continues to be a         Plan in line with SFC
               programmes.                     key priority for us.                   requirements
    2.2        We will facilitate the          We will actively participate in the We will achieve the Athena             HR        April 2019
               development of a more           ECU’s Athena Swan Charter              Swan bronze level award            CSMT7
               equal workplace for staff by
               working to eliminate gender
               based occupational
    2.3        We will extend our range of                                            We will source and deliver         Modern     July 2019
               summer school dance                                                    training that embraces Chinese      Ballet/
               provision over the next 2                                              traditional dance and Indian       Lifelong
               years to encourage more                                                traditional dance.                Learning/
               engagement from our local                                                                                  Junior
               BAME communities                                                                                            Con.
    2.4        By 2020 we will have            In the academic year 2016/17,          We aim to increase the             Lifelong   September
               increased the proportion of 9.6% of the Transitions student            number of BAME to approx.         Learning       2020
               Transitions students from a body identified as BAME                    12% of total Transitions
               BAME background                                                        student body
    2.5        By 2020 we will have            In the academic year 2016/17,          We aim to increase the            Lifelong    September
               increased the proportion of 4.3% of the Transitions student            number of care experienced to     Learning       2020
               Transitions students from a body identified as having a care           approx. 5% of total Transitions
               care experienced                experience.                            student body

6   Student Recruitment


                                               Please refer to our Fair Access
                                               Plan for detailed information
                                               relating to our commitment to
                                               care experienced students. This
                                               will be available online shortly.
    2.6         We will develop our                                                We will work in partnership with       SR         AY
                partnership work to ensure                                         BEMIS (Scotland) to develop an                  2018/19
                that we are effectively                                            engagement programme to reach
                engaging with our diverse                                          grassroots arts communities and
                                                                                   schools with high BAME
                local and national
                                                                                   We will set up a rolling
                                                                                   programme of engagement
                                                                                   events with the Young Vic
                                                                                   Theatre, London (rUK)

                                                                                   We will implement a pilot project   SR/WA8/       AY
                                                                                   with Glasgow schools to engage      BA Acting   2018/19
                                                                                   and develop talent within our
                                                                                   local, ethnically diverse
    2.7         We will continue to seek                                           We will aim to progress this        Lifelong     Ongoing
                and foster partnerships with                                       work through our partnership        Learning     but will
                arts organisations who work                                        with Focus West and other key                   report on
                with groups with protected                                         arts organisations including                     progress
                characteristics and                                                Scottish Youth Theatre,                         April 2018

7   Conservatoire Senior Management Team
    Widening Access


                 individuals/ groups who face                                       National Theatre for Scotland
                 additional barriers                                                and Scottish Ballet.
    2.8          We will extend our use of    All staff in the Brass Department     We will enhance and maximise        SoM9     2018
                 technology to widen access have been trained in video              use of our video conferencing
                 to our music programmes      conferencing and have engaged in      facilities to enable live           Junior
                                              a range of projects both in the UK    streaming of masterclasses and       Con.
                                              and abroad, including the Cayman      workshops to students in less
                                              Islands and the Cleveland Institute   accessible locations; potentially
                                              of Music.                             this could be extended
                                                                                    throughout the School of
                                                                                    We will explore the
                                                                                    opportunity to establish a brass
                                                                                    programme at a music school
                                                                                    in Chennai, India.

                                                                                    We will extend the Junior Con
                                               We are running online/blended                                            Junior   2018
                                                                                    programmes to the Outer
                                               music sessions in the Junior                                              Con.
                                                                                    Hebrides in partnership with
                                                                                    the education department (E-
                                                                                    Sgoil) as part of its ‘virtual
                                                                                    school’ development.

                                                                                    Develop online provision as
                                                                                                                        Junior   TBC
                                                                                    part of our regional arts centre
                                                                                    development in Fraserburgh in

9   School of Music


                                                                               partnership with
                                                                               Aberdeenshire Council.

 2.9            We will extend our Third     We currently offer weekly drama   We will extend our provision to   Lifelong    Sept. 2018
                Age programming to           classes                           dance and potentially             Learning
                provide more opportunities                                     filmmaking. We will liaise with
                for people over 55 to                                          the Luminate Festival to
                engage in the arts                                             promote our provision.
 2.10           We will develop an open                                        The choir will explore a wide     Lifelong    Sept. 2018
                access Community Choir,                                        range of musical genres,          Learning
                which will require no                                          including musical theatre and
                previous experience.                                           world music.
 2.11           We will seek additional                                        Additional funding to be           Lifelong   June 2019
                funding to establish more                                      sought from private funders       Learning/
                bursaries to enable a                                          and donors                          Junior
                broader range of                                                                                    Con.
                participants who face
                barriers to engaging with
                the arts to benefit from
                Lifelong Learning activities
 2.12           We will develop and support                                    Students with a PC to deliver       SU/         2018
                student led activities to                                      relevant workshops within          FAM10
                promote widening access,                                       their own communities to
                promoting “real models”                                        promote RCS in an economic
                rather than “role models”                                      way, whilst challenging their
                                                                               own privilege

10   Fair Access Manager

Equality                       Commitment                          Current position              Action required          Who         Deadline
EO3: All of our policies, systems and processes for students and staff are inclusive, accessible and transparent, demonstrating the benefit of
reflecting on previous performance and feedback to the enhancement of our practice
3.1          We will review our Equality Impact              Research has been              Refined process to be         E&DO        July 2018
             Assessment process and ensure that it is fit    undertaken into                designed and agreed.
             for purpose                                     approaches to EIA by           Training to be designed
                                                             other HEIs, to enable a        and delivered to all
                                                             refined process to be          policy owners.
                                                             implemented and                Review mechanism to
                                                             relaunched                     be established and
3.2          We will ensure that we make events,             We have increased from         All parts of the RCS to        ALL           TBC
             performances and information accessible to 3 to 10 the number of               have mainstreamed
             our d/Deaf students (and audiences where        interpreted performances accessibility for d/Deaf
             applicable)                                     each year. Many                students into their
                                                             departments are now            practice
                                                             automatically making
                                                             their work accessible.
3.3          We will develop the Inclusive Education         Innovative Pathway has         Recruit students for       Academic      September
             module of our M.Ed. for Arts Pathway 5 for      now been approved and          2017/18 intake            Innovation        2018
             dance professionals, to ensure that learners accredited by General
             at all levels have the appropriate support.     Teaching Council Scotland
3.4          We will improve how we administrate and                                        Prospectus to be made       Lifelong     September
             market our Lifelong Learning courses to                                        more accessible in         Learning/        2018
             ensure that they are more accessible                                           terms of layout, font     Marketing
                                                                                            etc. Applications to be
                                                                                            accepted in BSL and


                                                                                     other formats. New
                                                                                     pre-HE tracking system
                                                                                     to be finalised and
3.5   Where possible, we will mainstream                                             Explore opportunities     Lifelong   September
      individuals with specific learning needs into                                  to incorporate classes,   Learning     2018
      mainstream Lifelong Learning classes rather                                    via staff training and
      than accommodate them in separate                                              awareness, additional
      programmes                                                                     workshop support etc.
3.6   The Students Union will review its               We have begun the             Undertake review of         SU       December
      committee structure to ensure that it is as      process of review of          Students’ Union Officer                2017
      inclusive and accessible as it possibly can be   Students’ Union               roles; build equality
                                                       committee structure and       and diversity into new
                                                       creating clear job profiles   Strategic Plan
                                                       for liberation officers.


Equality                        Commitment                                Current position             Action required           Who           Deadline
EO4: We have a comprehensive set of student and staff equality and diversity data that gives us a precise picture of our Conservatoire community and enable
us to undertake accurate analysis of under-representation
4.1         Develop our staff monitoring data to enable us        We currently monitor             We will introduce a            HR         Sept. 2018
            to analyse all access to training and                 most stages of the               mechanism to
            development opportunities                             employment relationship          ensure that all
                                                                  and record most training         attendance at
                                                                  activities, but this does        training events is
                                                                  not always happen if             captured and
                                                                  arranged locally                 recorded
4.2         Increase our understanding about access to            We have staff working            We will introduce a            HR         July 2017
            flexible working at all levels within the institution flexibly at all levels but       mechanism to
            to assess whether it is impacting upon the career recognise that there may             ensure that all
            development of any staff (this can include part       be requests that are dealt       requests and
            time hours and full time hours worked on a            with locally without being       agreements for
            flexible pattern)                                     recorded                         flexible working are
                                                                                                   captured and
4.3         Reduce the overall gender pay gap within the            We currently have a            Identify policies and          HR         July 2018
            Conservatoire                                           gender pay gap of 12.6%        practices to redress
                                                                                                   the balance
                                                                                                   Ensure female staff
                                                                                                   are aware of the
                                                                                                   available to them


4.4   Investigate and address the increasing gender     The current pay gap for    Implement policies            HR        April 2019
      pay gap for part time staff                       part time staff is 15.2%   to address the pay
4.5   Investigate and address the pay gap relating to   We currently have a race   Identify policies and         HR        July 2018
      BAME staff                                        pay gap of 19.6%           practices to redress
                                                                                   the balance
4.6   Review the allocation of hours to hourly paid     We currently have a        Ensure that there is          HR        July 2019
      staff to ensure there is no gender bias           gender pay gap of 26%,     no gender bias in
                                                        based purely on the        allocation of hours
                                                        number of hours worked
                                                        by hourly paid staff
4.7   Explore the areas where there is evidence of      We have identified         Review of applicant           HR        July 2018
      occupational segregation to review what action    occupational segregation   data in first instance.
      can be taken to address the situation             in the following areas:
                                                          o Student Welfare        Review of
                                                          o HR                     recruitment process,
                                                          o Library                including where and
                                                          o Administration         how vacancies are
                                                          o IT                     advertised.
                                                          o Client Services
4.8   Introduce a new system to track all pre-HE        Our current systems are    We will be                  Lifelong     April 2018
      students to enable better monitoring of           not adequate and need      implementing the           Learning/
      protected characteristics and socio-economic      to be updated              “Ensemble” system         Junior Con.
      backgrounds                                                                  to track all PCs of
                                                                                   leaners from Pre-HE
                                                                                   into UG study


           Review of progress against Equality Outcomes 2013 -2017
The following pages provide details of:
   o Our original Equality Outcome commitments
   o The details of the outputs and actions we pledged to undertake to achieve each individual Equality Outcome
   o Our achievements in the identified areas
   o Where things did not go as planned
   o Which activities are being carried over to our Equality Outcomes for 2017 - 2021


Equality                           Commitment                                           What we Achieved 2013 -17                  Carry over to 2017-
Outcome                                                                                                                                   2021?
EO1: Ensure institutional ability to evidence progress towards equality
1.1        We are seeking to extend monitoring and meaningful annual       We extended our monitoring provision through the           Yes – specific
           reporting on student equality data in relation to the           establishment of the role of Statistical Analyst,        elements will be
           following areas by 2016:                                        which sits within our Academic Admin & Support           contained within
             a. Student admissions process (applications/offers            Department. This post carries particular                EO4 of our Equality
                 made/acceptances)                                         responsibility for ensuring the integrity and quality   Outcomes 2017-21
             b. Attainment of formal qualifications and classifications    of the Conservatoire’s student-related data and has
             c. Numbers of students in different study modes               enabled the conservatoire to broaden the scope of
                 (including part-time or full-time) within protected       monitoring and reporting.
                 characteristic categories
             d. Withdrawals/retention rates                                Unfortunately, not everything is within our sphere
             e. Instances of bullying, harassment, complaints and          of direct influence, and we have continued to have
                 grievances; disciplinary action taken; academic           difficulties obtaining applicant ethnicity data from
                 appeals                                                   CUKAS (now known as UCAS Conservatoires), the
                                                                           Conservatoires UK admissions service. For several
           We are considering how best to capture data to allow            years we have lobbied for changes to their practices
           meaningful future annual reporting on the following:            to ensure we get this in future, and have been
                                                                           assured that this will be the case.
             a.   Positions of responsibility held, such as course
                  representatives, students’ union positions
                                                                           Some of the areas of data which we initially
             b.   The extent to which students within protected
                                                                           identified for monitoring, we have over time
                  characteristic categories take up extra-curricular
                                                                           recognised that it would be difficult and invasive to
                  opportunities, such as clubs and societies, mentoring
                                                                           record protected characteristics, so we have
                                                                           decided not to pursue the monitoring of take up of
             c.   Student leaving data – first destinations of
                                                                           extra-curricular opportunities, such as clubs and


                                                                          societies, although mentoring is an area that we will
                                                                          continue to monitor.

1.2   Disclosure rates for some of the protected characteristics          Our disclosure rates continue to be disappointing,            Yes
      are disappointing (specifically sexual orientation and religion     although no different to other comparable
      & belief), so we will continue to do everything in our power        institutions. We are running a disclosure campaign
      to instil adequate trust and confidence in staff and students       to encourage increased confidence rates prior to
      which will hopefully lead to fuller disclosure, whilst              the end of the life span of this EO, along with an
      recognising that individuals have the right to not disclose this    anonymous diversity survey of all students and
      information should they so choose.                                  staff. Following this we will be asking everyone to
                                                                          update their personal data directly onto the system,
                                                                          but will need to review carefully when will be an
                                                                          appropriate time to launch this request.
1.3   Enhance statistical reporting of part time hourly paid staff        This ties in with above; enhanced disclosure will             Yes
      across all protected characteristics and analyse findings,          enable enhanced reporting and analysis of work
      including breaking down findings into categories of work and        groups by protected characteristics.
      performance disciplines to determine if a specific pattern/
      focus exists within aspects of performing arts disciplines

1.4   Further develop monitoring mechanisms at recruitment and            Monitoring mechanisms have been created to              Ongoing practice,
      interview stage to identify where prospective applicants with       identify where applicants/ shortlisted candidates       which need not be
      protected characteristics find out about vacancies to               with PCs hear about vacancies – this is regularly        included within
      determine if there are any patterns or whether                      monitored but has yet to indicate any significant       revised document
      improvements could be made to our communications                    pattern or point to any potential areas for
1.5   Investigate and utilise, where appropriate, new and                 Ongoing desk research and consultation is               Ongoing practice,
      alternative methods/ sources of advertising for recruitment         undertaken with other HEIs, conservatoires and          which need not be
      purposes with specific target audiences based on the                other relevant organisations to learn from their         included within
      findings of the statistical analysis.                               best practice.                                          revised document


                                                                       It has been extremely successful for some focused
                                                                       areas, such as the recruitment to our ground-
                                                                       breaking BA Performance in BSL and English, whilst
                                                                       less so in other areas, but continues to be an area
                                                                       of importance.
1.6   We will sustain, and where possible develop, our efforts to      Our Transitions 20/40 programme has assisted the           Yes
      enhance the diversity within the student body, increasing        development of a high number of young people in
      the proportion of Scottish BAME applicants and students,         recent years:
      through initiatives such as Transitions 20/40 and others e.g.    2015/16 Cohort: 153 students of whom:
      through the Widening Access to the Creative Industry                 o 11 identified as BAME
      programme, our BA Acting course takes Shakespeare to                 o 3 identified as having care experience
      schools on the Southside of Glasgow that have high                   o 4 declared they were carers
      proportions of BAME pupils.                                          o 4 declared a disability
                                                                       2016/17 Cohort: 188 students of whom:
                                                                           o 18 identified as BAME
                                                                           o 8 identified as having care experience
                                                                           o 4 declared they were carers
                                                                           o 11 declared a disability
                                                                       11 students transitioned onto undergraduate
                                                                       programmes at RCS in 2016/17, and a further 14
                                                                       transitioned onto undergraduate programmes at
                                                                       other HEIs.
                                                                       This is also a central focus of our Attracting Diversity
                                                                       project with the ECU with a number of initiatives
                                                                       continually developing to support the aims of this
                                                                       A key output in the first year of the project was a
                                                                       series of workshops for BAME artists and


                                                                        performers who wanted to embark on or return to
                                                                        the arts after a break, which was jointly funded by
                                                                        RCS and delivered by the BOOST project, a Scotland
                                                                        based initiative aimed at boosting Black, Asian and
                                                                        Minority Ethnic representation in Film, Television
                                                                        and Theatre.
                                                                        A wide range of supporting activities continue to be
                                                                        maintained and/ or developed, and this continues
                                                                        to be a priority area for us in the coming period and
                                                                        will be further detailed in our Equality Outcomes
                                                                        2017 – 2021.

1.7   Whilst the overall gender balance of students is satisfactory,    This is another area we have focussed on as part of     Conducting is an
      there are specialist areas that have been identified as having    the Attracting Diversity project with the ECU.          ongoing area for us
      a gender imbalance which should be addressed. Specifically,       Conducting                                              to focus on with the
      we intend to address this imbalance in Conducting, Jazz and       In Spring 2016, Morley College in London were           summer school
      Composition over the next 2 years.                                commissioned by us to run a workshop for aspiring       programme, and as
                                                                        women conductors. Due to its success we are             part of the ECU
                                                                        running a Conducting Summer School in the               Attracting Diversity
                                                                        summer of 2017, and our E&D Forum will be               project.
                                                                        sponsoring two free places for female students to
                                                                        encourage more women to participate in this area.
                                                                        The intake of students onto our UG Jazz course is       It is not intended to
                                                                        only 6 each year and competition is consequently        retain a focus on Jazz
                                                                        fierce. In some of the early years of the programme,    in the coming years
                                                                        there were no females on the course, but in the last    as objectives have
                                                                        two years, we have increased the numbers of             been achieved and
                                                                        female students in the Jazz department (one of          practice will be
                                                                        these students took starring place on the cover of      sustained.


                                 our 2016/17 prospectus and features in our 2015-
                                 2020 Strategic Plan document. In both 15/16 and
                                 16/17, one third of the intake has been female, in
                                 addition to a masters student.

                                 Our UG Composition programme has seen a marked
                                 increase in female students over recent years. In
                                 2013 only 11% of all BMus Composition students
                                 were female, but by 2016 this figure had more than
                                 doubled to 25%.
                                 At the time of reporting, the proportion of female
                                 students the intake for academic year 2017/18
                                 stood at two thirds female, although it is possible
                                 that this may level out prior to the commencement
                                 of the academic session. We also have a significant
                                 number of female PhD composition students.
                                 Judith Weir (Master of the Queen’s Music) is
                                 scheduled to be a visiting professor at the
                                 Conservatoire and is an excellent role model for all
                                 The Head of Department is hoping to engage in
                                 mentoring of school pupils in the coming year,
                                 having recognised several barriers he would like to
                                 address, including difficulties experienced by
                                 females transitioning into composition in tertiary


Equality                           Commitment                                              What we Achieved 2013 -17                    Carry over to 2017 -
Outcome                                                                                                                                        2021?
EO2: Ensure a supportive learning, teaching and administration environment in relation to all individuals
2.1        To work alongside Who Cares? Scotland to host the Buttle          We hosted the Legacy Commitment Event and were                     No
           UK Legacy Commitment Event in June 2015                           cited as an example of good practice for care leavers.
                                                                             The Buttle UK Quality Mark ceased to exist at the
                                                                             beginning of academic year 2015/16. We worked
                                                                             with colleagues from CELCIS, Who Cares? Scotland
                                                                             and other key stakeholders to create the Scottish
                                                                             Care Leavers Covenant:

2.2        To trial fortnightly Breathing Bones classes for the next         We successfully trialled Breathing Bones classes but               No
           academic year in addition to the existing health and              unfortunately could not continue them due to the
           wellbeing classes, again highly subsidised for staff              lack of tutor availability. We continue to run weekly
                                                                             yoga classes which are extremely popular.
2.3        To introduce Mindfulness activities at a variety of levels for    A range of Mindfulness activities have been trialled for           No
           staff: Introduction to Mindfulness; Mindfulness for               both staff and students, including a range of taster
           Professionals; and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction             sessions, which included indoor and outdoor
                                                                             mindfulness. Based on feedback, we have supported
                                                                             a graduate through their mindfulness training in
                                                                             exchange for some free training once qualified
                                                                             (which takes 6 months). The training has now been
                                                                             completed and we are rolling out our first blocks of
                                                                             mindfulness classes (some for staff and some for
                                                                             students) in 4 week blocks. If these prove successful
                                                                             and popular, we will continue to offer these
                                                                             throughout the next academic session.


                                                                      The Student Union has also established a Silent Space
                                                                      on campus, which has been much in demand for
                                                                      some time. They have also developed a student
                                                                      meditation programme and facilitated vouchers for
                                                                      free access to sessions at the Kadampa meditation
                                                                      centre in Glasgow.

2.4   To introduce Mental Health First Aid training programmes        After investigating the programme for MHFA training       No
      on an annual basis at key points throughout the year            and its relevance to staff across the Conservatoire, it
                                                                      was agreed that the training was relevant to certain
                                                                      key staff, and some key staff have attended training.
                                                                      For more widely delivered mental health awareness
                                                                      and support training, the RCS is working with NUS
                                                                      Scotland to roll out a programme of training for both
                                                                      staff and students. The item of Mental Health
                                                                      Awareness training is also an agenda item at the
                                                                      Board of Governors Away Day.

                                                                      The Conservatoire has introduced a series of
                                                                      Therapets events, where dogs and their handlers
                                                                      come into the Conservatoire to provide relaxation
                                                                      and stress relief for students who are in the middle
                                                                      of, or preparing for, exams.

                                                                      In 2015 the Conservatoire embarked on an 18 month
                                                                      research study to explore the prevalence of mental
                                                                      health disabilities (MHD) amongst its student body
                                                                      and to understand better the impact it has for


                                                                           the students and the staff teaching them. In May
                                                                           2017, we are hosting a symposium for the sector to
                                                                           come together and share key findings, identify gaps,
                                                                           and inform future theory and practice in supporting
                                                                           transitions for students with MHD for the duration of
                                                                           their studies and beyond.

2.5   To develop the visibility and quality of information on the          Our new student and staff portal gives us the           No
      staff intranet regarding the Wellbeing Forum and ‘Hot                opportunity to provide an extended range of
      Topics’ section, including links to other sources of                 information.
      information and highlighting resources available to all staff        At the end of 2016 we established the new post of
      and students.                                                        Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager, to ensure
                                                                           that wellbeing issues are embedded across the
2.6   To develop the monitoring of statistics relating to disabled         This is now a standing item in the annual report of     No
      student applicants – this is an area that will be reported on        the Conservatoire Counsellor & Disability Advisor,
      in future years and trends will be highlighted and, where            which is received and responded to by both the
      appropriate, addressed.                                              Director of the School of Music and the School of
                                                                           Dance, Drama, Production and Film.
2.7   To explore ways to roll out the innovative voice/video               Evaluation undertaken and identified as a positive      No
      feedback mechanism, once the pilot has been evaluated.               feedback option for some students who benefit from
                                                                           an alternative method, thereby creating a more
                                                                           democratic learning space. This well received
                                                                           research on technology-enhanced feedback was
                                                                           published in the Journal of Perspectives of Applied
                                                                           Academic Practice, Vol 5, No 1 (2017)


Equality                          Commitment                                          What we Achieved 2013 -17                    Carry over to 2017 -
Outcome                                                                                                                                   2021
EO3: All policies, systems and processes for staff and students are inclusive, accessible and transparent
3.1        Ensure our ongoing commitment is even more deeply              Our Strategic Plan 2015-2020 “Delivering a                This is now fully
           rooted within the Conservatoire and will be more fully         Defining Performance” has established Equality &           integrated and
           articulated when the Strategic Plan is published in            Diversity as one of its four pillars, upon which          does not need to
           December 2015                                                  everything else is based.                                  be carried over

3.2        Working with the Student Union, the Equality and Diversity     These meetings took place with individual                   Activity will
           Officer will be meeting with both individual students and      students from under-represented groups and               continue but need
           groups of students to explore new and challenging ways to      provided the opportunity to identify additional           not be included
           bring diversity into everyday Conservatoire life. The          support initiatives for students, such as: a broader       within revised
           sessions will also provide an opportunity to discuss any       range of activities for freshers, especially more not        document
           issues of concern in a safe and confidential setting.          including alcohol and during the daytime (i.e.
                                                                          afternoon tea events and bus tours)
                                                                          One to one meetings also enabled individuals to
                                                                          discuss specific issues that they did not wish to
                                                                          raise in other forums or via the range of other
                                                                          support mechanisms available. As a result they
                                                                          were able to receive immediate and/ or ongoing
                                                                          support as appropriate to their needs.
3.3        The introduction of action learning sets for managers, to      Action Learning Sets are being piloted by the Child              No
           enable Conservatoire policies and practices to be reviewed     Protection Contacts Group, using case studies to allow
           and discussed through the use of case studies, and where       members of the group to share practice, concerns,
           appropriate inform revisions to improve their effectiveness    experiences and any impact that the learning may have
                                                                          on our existing policies, procedures, and practice
           and accessibility.
                                                                          which may result in changes. This provides an
                                                                          opportunity to refresh learning for individuals who


                                                                   may not have been involved in cases, whilst offering
                                                                   support for those who have been involved and ensures
                                                                   a reviewing cycle is in place.
3.4   Develop and formalise cross-conservatoire approach to        An audit was undertaken of all stages of the             No
      identifying and implementing support requirements for        student journey, specifically those with disabilities,
      staff and students (currently this is undertaken             to ensure that individual needs and support
      departmentally without a holistic overview of the            requirements were identified, communicated and
      individual’s needs)                                          delivered appropriately. Consideration was given
                                                                   to giving monitoring responsibility to one
                                                                   individual but it was decided this was


Equality                         Commitment                                       What we Achieved 2013 -17                 Carry over to 2017
Outcome                                                                                                                          – 2021?
EO4: Staff (FT, PT & PTHP) and students are engaged in the development and implementation of organisational priorities
with particular regard to equality and diversity
4.1        We have committed to making the Cultural Café an            This is now an established event, which has now             No –
           annual event, as the first event was a tremendously         taken place for 3 years.                                 Established
           successful initiative for promoting diversity across        In 2016 the Cultural Café was combined with an          institutional
           various protected characteristics, and particularly         African Culture Showcase, which included music,           practice
           between international and home students.                    song, spoken word and poetry.
4.2        We are incorporating Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD)           We have continued to hold an annual HMD                     No –
           into our calendar of events, to ensure that the             commemorative event and this year featured a             Established
           Conservatoire has both official and student led events      holocaust survivor in our concert programme on          institutional
           each year and are reviewing the possibility of including    HMD.                                                      practice
           other important events, such as Black History Month         We held a range of events for BHM, including a
           (BHM), within the calendar of events.                       joint event with the Coalition for Racial Equality
                                                                       and Rights, and were featured in a double page
                                                                       spread in the national BHM event publication.
4.3        We will review the possibility of allocating part of the    We now allocate a proportion of the annual                  No –
           Equality and Diversity budget that is available for staff   budget to events for BHM and have allocated              Established
           and students to bid for events or initiatives that relate   funding to bids relating to LGBT History Month,         institutional
           specifically to events on the diversity calendar.           Women’s History Month, Deaf Awareness Week                practice
                                                                       and IDAHO Day
4.4        Establishing an online archive of the LGBT Human            We have an established archive of the LGBT                  No –
           Library event from this and subsequent years, to            Human Library which we intend to build on with           Established
           provide a source of information, comfort, support and       “books” relating to other protected                     institutional
           general reference for years to come.                        characteristics over future years.                        practice

Equality                                       Commitment                                                      What we Achieved 2013 -17                         Carry over to
Outcome                                                                                                                                                          2017 – 2021?
EO5: Graduates will be more equipped to engage artistically and professionally within an increasingly diverse performing arts
5.1             We are currently developing the opportunity for students to be                   BSL Foundation is now being offered to students                  No – We are
                able to take BSL Level 1 as a choice module with credits towards                 through choice as a 20 credit choice module.                     revising this
                their final degree, to enable them not only to develop a new skill                                                                                  Equality
                but open up greater future opportunities within Choice through                   As part of the design of the programme our core                   Outcome
                attendance at Choice Modules which will be delivered in both                     BA Performance students will be delivering
                BSL and English. The programme will also provide the                             workshops with schools/communities in their
                opportunity for students to work collaboratively to prepare                      second year of study.
                workshops for delivery in schools across Scotland to raise the
                profile of visual and deaf performance and engage young people
                at an early age with this area of work.

5.2             We aim to further develop our Community Placement                                During the 2015-16 session:                                      No – We are
                Programmes in Healthcare Settings. Our future plans take                           A 3 month residency in Forth Valley Royal                     revising this
                account of the findings of Staricoff and Clift (2011)11 who                         Hospital (FVRH) and associated Community                        Equality
                acknowledge that “the contribution of music to healthcare is of                     Hospitals from November 2015 – January                         Outcome
                a great importance in creating a humanised environment,                             2016, offering sessions in the hospital atrium
                decreasing levels of stress, anxiety and depression, reducing                       and clinical areas.
                drugs consumption, and shortening length of stay in                                Music in Society student placements held at
                hospital.” Immediate and longer-term plans include:                                 Forth Valley Royal Hospital (Integrated Care
                    o the development of a music audio archive for use in the                       and Elderly Care); Beatson Cancer Charity
                         renal unit, to be established in consultation with current                 Wellbeing Centre; Stobhill Hospital Stroke
                         patients and staff;                                                        Rehabilitation Unit; Queen Elizabeth University
                                                                                                    Hospital – Atrium; Royal Hospital for Children,

      Staricoff, R., & Clift, S. (2011). Arts and Music in Healthcare: An overview of the medical literature: 2004-2011. London: Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity


o   a 2 week summer residency (subject to availability of       Glasgow – Atrium. In addition to consolidating
    funding) to consolidate work established during weekly      partnerships from previous placements, this
    placement sessions;                                         enabled RCS to pilot new work in partnership
o   the development of a longer-term placement                  with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.
    programme commencing in 2015-16, planned in                Funding was secured for a 30 day residency in
    consultation with the FVRH Arts Co-ordinator, staff and     late September 2016, which was shared by two
    patients;                                                   recent RCS graduates, providing them with an
o   development of similar programmes of work with NHS          early stage career opportunity to develop their
    Greater Glasgow and Clyde, to coincide with the opening     participatory practice in Forth Valley’s
    of the new South Glasgow University Hospital.
                                                                healthcare settings.
                                                               The RCS Community Music Co-ordinator is
                                                                representing RCS on the recently established
                                                                Arts and Health Network, Scotland. As well as
                                                                developing a forum for Arts and Health
                                                                practitioners and managers Scotland-wide, the
                                                                Network is also connecting with the All Party
                                                                Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Arts, Health
                                                                and Wellbeing.

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