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                                                                              Represen�ng over  900    years
non-government schools               10000 students annually   800 teachers      of Educa�onal Excellence
Representing over 900 years of Educational Excellence

                            Alliance Overview
  The Adelaide Independent Schools Alliance (AISA) consists of a group of premier
  Adelaide non-government schools who collaborate in promo�ng South Australia
  as an educa�on des�na�on for overseas students.

  AISA schools understand the need for a holis�c approach to student recruitment
  and recognise that support for the welfare of a student extends beyond the
  ini�al enrolment period. It can be daun�ng to arrive in an English-speaking
  country equipped with limited language skills and possessing only a par�al
  awareness of the local culture. This is true for all visitors, but it is par�cularly
  true for young, school-aged students.

  AISA recognises the challenges faced by interna�onal students who want to have
  a successful transi�on into their Adelaide school and so AISA uses a broad
  induc�on process from the �me they first arrive in Adelaide.

  At the core of the Alliance model is a cost-effec�ve program through which
  students become informed and prepared for their life in a new city.

  As a part of their transi�on, each student will undertake a comprehensive
  assessment of their English language skills. The results of this test will assist in
  the development of a personalised learning plan to help them meet the entry
  requirements of the Alliance schools.

Contact Informa�on
Add: Level 4, 127 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000
Tel: +61 8 8123 1786

                      About South Australia

      Adelaide is known as the educa�on paradise of Australia, providing a quiet, safe and convenient environment for interna�onal
      students to learn and socialise with other like-minded students from around the world. It is also one of the least expensive capital
      ci�es in Australia.

      Adelaide has over 170 years of delivering educa�onal excellence specialising in helping individuals fulfil their poten�al both
      academically and professionally.

      Adelaide has a proud reputa�on for being the home of a number of Nobel Laureates and Rhodes Scholars including:

      •Sir William Henry Bragg for his work in physics

      •Sir Howard Walter Florey known for his role in extrac�ng the lifesaving penicillin

      •J Robin Warren for discovering the role that the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori plays in the development of stomach ulcers.

      Adelaide is home to universi�es such as the University of South Australia, University of Adelaide and Flinders University.
      Addi�onally, a couple of the world's top universi�es - Carnegie Mellon University and University College London - now operate
      local campuses.

      Adelaide's educa�on system is highly valued by students of all ages and academic levels, offering primary and secondary school
      educa�on, voca�onal educa�on, language schools and other higher educa�onal ins�tu�ons. Studying in Adelaide will help you
      achieve your dreams as you move towards a bright future.

      Adelaide is not only the educa�onal capital but is consistently ranked 5th by the Economist Intelligence unit as one of the ‘World's
      Most Liveable Ci�es' and one of the top ten 'Tourist Ci�es in the World'.

                                                                                                      Living in Adelaide
Adelaide offers a friendly safe environment where students feel welcome and at home which will allow them to focus on their studies.
With large open spaces, clean fresh air, beau�ful mountain ranges, park lands, beaches and local wildlife including koalas and
kangaroos, students have much to explore. Home to over 400 cultural fes�vals and events held throughout the year, Adelaide is an
ideal place to live, socialise and meet others.

Adelaide is also 19% more affordable as opposed to ci�es on the east coast including Sydney and Melbourne, further reinforcing the
a�rac�veness of the state.

            Map of Australia                                                                           Weather of Adelaide
                                                               South Australia area

                  South                                   English/Australian Dollars

           South Australia

                                                                                                                        Season: Spring
                                                                                                           Month: September-November

                                                                                                                 Temperature: 20-25

                                                                                                                       Season: Summer

                                                                                                                 Temperature: 25-35

                                                                                                                       Season: Autumn

                                                                                                                 Temperature: 20-35

                                                                                                                        Season: Winter

                                                                                                                 Temperature: 10-15

     Message                                                                  Message
     from the Honourable Jing Lee                                             from the Former Lord Mayor of Adelaide
     South Australia is a unique and wonderful des�na�on to live, to          Adelaide is globally recognised for its high-quality
     work, to visit and to study. As a migrant who came to Australia          educa�on providers.
     with my family in 1979, I know Adelaide and South Australia
     in�mately. I obtained my professional qualifica�on, built my              Adelaide's schools, and their teachers, are
     community network and developed my extensive career here in              focussed on delivering op�mum study outcomes,
     Adelaide.                                                                with a goal to providing students with pathways
                                                                              into Adelaide's globally recognised higher educa-
     As a Member of Parliament from a rich cultural background, I             �on ins�tu�ons.
     have the honour and privilege to represent South Australian
     residents and ci�zens from culturally and linguis�cally diverse          Adelaide is a safe, affordable and op�mum study
     backgrounds.                                                             loca�on and the number of families choosing
                                                                              Adelaide as the city to progress their children's
     Our beau�ful city of Adelaide is a vibrant and mul�cultural city         future con�nues to grow every year - an honour
     that offers a harmonious, safe and conducive environment that             and responsibility we take very seriously.
     welcome and embrace interna�onal students.
                                                                              I have no doubt that a�er hearing about the
     We are proud of our schools, colleges and universi�es that               quali�es and strengths of Adelaide, you will have
     provide the best facili�es, teaching staff, suppor�ve network,            even greater confidence in Adelaide as a study
     caring environment and quality educa�onal outcomes for                   des�na�on. I look forward to welcoming your
     students.                                                                children to Adelaide soon.

     As the Assistant Minister to the Premier of South Australia, I
     extend my warmest welcome to students and young people to                Message
     come to Adelaide as your study des�na�on.

     Assistant Minister to the Premier of South Australia

                                                     Messages from VIPs
                                                      ADELAIDE INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS ALLIANCE | 04


As a parent, I know that making decisions about
our children's educa�on can be difficult. We want
them to receive an excep�onal educa�on in a safe
and caring environment.

We want them to be challenged, to learn
independence, and to thrive as they take each
step closer to adulthood. And we want them to
have the best possible chance of success in their
future careers.
                                                       Like your child's new school, StudyAdelaide is here
We want the best for our children.
                                                       to offer support to your child before they arrive,
                                                       and while they're studying in Adelaide. When your
Adelaide can give them the best.
                                                       child arrives, they'll receive a 'welcome backpack'.
                                                       There is also a free StudyAdelaide app, available
Adelaide is Australia's premier learning city. We
                                                       on Google Play and the Apple store.
are home to excellent schools, and educa�on
ins�tutors, including universi�es that rate highly
                                                       This App provides your child with informa�on
in world rankings. We are a city if thinkers and
                                                       about living and studying in Adelaide at their
innovators. In Adelaide, your child will receive an
                                                       finger�ps. They will also receive regular updates
educa�on that will set them on a path towards
                                                       on our event and ac�vi�es, including the official
futures success.
                                                       welcoming ceremony hosted by the Lord Mayor of
                                                       Adelaide, social events such as sports days and
Adelaide is Australia's premier learning city. We
                                                       beach safety programs.
are home to excellent schools, and educa�on
ins�tu�ons, including universi�es that rate highly
                                                       Adelaide is a city that offers your child a
in world rankings. We are a city of thinkers and
                                                       high-quality educa�on in one of the most liveable
innovators. In Adelaide, your child will receive an
                                                       ci�es in the world. I hope to welcome your child
educa�on that will set them on a path towards
                                                       into our city of Adelaide. I know they will love it
futures success.
Our city is safe, affordable, mul�cultural and
vibrant. When your child a�ends school in
Adelaide, their school community will welcome
them with open arms. Their boarding house or
homestay will become their home away from
home. Here, they will be encouraged to succeed
academically, and to grow as a capable and
confident young person. They will learn
independent thinking and experience new
cultures with the support and care of their school
friends and family.

                                                                               Each state in Australia has its own

with curriculum content in each learning area and the cross-curriculum

Eight Learning Areas are:

             Representing over 900 years of Educational Excellence

                   EPET English Assessment

              understand the real language level of the student and then match the

at 3:45pm and ending at 6:00pm), and the tutor will provide guidance and assistance
1. Adelaide Interna�onal School

2. Blackfriars Priory School

3. Concordia College

4. Loreto College

5. Mercedes College

6. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

7. Pembroke School

8. Pulteney Grammar School

9. Scotch College Adelaide

10. St George College

11. St Peter’s Girls’ School

12. Trinity College

13. University Senior College

14. Wilderness School


                           Trinity College




     13                                              7

                                                 4           11






             SCHO OL
           CRICOS Provider Code: 03133G


Adelaide Interna�onal School (AIS) provides a quality learning pathway for interna�onal and Australian students who
aspire to complete their primary and/or secondary school educa�on in Adelaide in prepara�on for enrolment at an
Australian university or other ter�ary educa�on ins�tu�on.

The key cornerstones of the AIS program are 'English for Academic Purposes' courses for Primary and Secondary School
students that provide them with the necessary skills and confidence to be successful in mainstream classes in Adelaide
schools. These are registered ELICOS (English Language for Intensive Course Overseas Students) courses.

Staff at AIS understand that young people who have newly arrived in Australia require a school environment that
matches their learning needs while providing suitable academic challenges for them within a caring, suppor�ve
educa�onal se�ng. Regular communica�on with parents helps to assure families that the students at AIS receive the
support they need.

The central loca�on of AIS, in the heart of the city of Adelaide, provides easy transport access to students wherever they
may live in Adelaide. Our loca�on also allows the city of Adelaide to become part of the learning environment for AIS,
assis�ng students to be�er understand the unique culture of this city and country.

Adelaide Interna�onal School is a member of AISA which allows graduates of the ELICOS program to move to established
and highly regarded Non-government schools throughout Adelaide. Alterna�vely, students may choose to stay at AIS to
undertake a South Australian Cer�ficate of Educa�on (SACE) course that specialises in Business Educa�on.

The Adelaide Interna�onal School program provides students with the confidence needed to move forward in their lives,
endowing them with skills for their future and assis�ng them adapt to an increasingly globalised world.

Mo�o: Pathway to Global Ci�zenship

                                                                Adelaide Educa�on Group Pty Ltd | CRICOS Provider Code: 03133G


                                                       Student Number: 700


               CRICOS Provider Code: 02485B

                                                       Featured service: Extensive pastoral care program, interna�onal students
                                                       exchange program, specialist football (soccer) academy

                                                       Extra-curricular ac�vi�es: badminton, cricket, tennis, volleyball,
                                                       swimming, water polo, basketball, football (soccer), Australian Rules
                                                       football, squash, table tennis, pedal prix, UN Youth Associa�on, robo�cs
                                                       club, concert bands, stage bands, vocal groups, instrumental ensembles,
                                                       deba�ng, chess, media club, art club

Blackfriars is an independent Catholic school under the governance of the Dominican friars, commi�ed to providing a
well-rounded educa�on – academically, socially, emo�onally, physically and spiritually – that caters specifically to the
needs of boys. We develop young men who seek truth in life, walk with confidence and purpose and are inspired by the
four pillars of Dominican life – Prayer, Study, Community and Service.

Blackfriars provides over 700 students from Recep�on to Year 12 with modern facili�es, outstanding resources,
world-class tui�on and opportuni�es to explore and ques�on, develop confidence in their abili�es and iden�fy and
excel in their natural strengths.

Blackfriars is situated on 4.5 hectares of land in Prospect, 3 kilometres from the centre of Adelaide and adjacent to the
parks and ovals of the city’s northern parklands. Since its establishment in 1953, Blackfriars has provided an inclusive
and progressive educa�onal environment where boys have every opportunity to find their way in the world.

We are a diverse, mul�cultural school and welcome students from across the globe who wish to study in Australia. Our
Interna�onal program adds an extra dimension to life at Blackfriars enabling local and overseas students to think beyond
boundaries, form las�ng global friendships and develop an informed perspec�ve of the world.

Blackfriars offers both long and short-term homestay programs hos�ng students from China, Hong Kong, South Korea,
Vietnam, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, Japan as well as from across Europe.

                                                                    Blackfriars Priory School | CRICOS Provider Code: 02485B

              CRICOS Provider Code: 00360J
                                                      Students gender: Co-educa�onal (boys and girls)

                                                      Student number: 1350


                                                      Interna�onal Student enrolled from: Years 1-12 (students from Years 1-7
                                                      require a guardian)

                                                      Featured Services: Interna�onal Baccalaureate Programs, Wellbeing
                                                      Program, Specialist Programs in Music, STEM and Sport, Homework Club

                                                      Extra-Curricular Ac�vi�es: A wide variety of sport and music opportuni�es,
                                                      plus over 20 clubs & ac�vi�es, including Chess, Coding, Deba�ng, Duke of
                                                      Edinburgh Award, PedalPrix, Sailing, Spanish etc.

Concordia College is a leading co-educa�onal school where students love to learn. Supported by excep�onal teaching
staff, students are inspired to succeed. We focus both ar�s�cally and academically, ensuring each student develops true
talent, determina�on and individual passion.

Our students become truly global ci�zens. We cherish our diverse student body which enables an understanding and
apprecia�on of our many cultures. Everyone is involved in crea�ng a caring College community with intellectual and
social confidence to make their mark on the world.

Offering educa�on from ELC (early learning) to Year 12, our campus is contemporary, sharing innova�ve and
state-of-the-art learning spaces in leafy grounds.

As an Interna�onal Baccalaureate World School, we recognise and nurture a culture of interna�onalism and allow every
student the opportunity to grow, learn and excel. Our specialist programs in music, mul�-media, sport and STEM engage
our students offering ambi�on and leadership.

Concordia College is proud to be a test centre for university admissions, including Biomedical (BMAT), Thinking Skills
Assessment (TSA) for the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College of London and other leading
universi�es across the globe.

Concordia students strive to achieve every opportunity and complete their schooling as well-rounded, engaging, global

                                                                   Concordia College Inc | CRICOS Provider Code: 00360J

           CRICOS Provider Code: 00629G

A leading Independent girls' school based in the heart of Adelaide. Loreto comes from a 400-year-old global tradi�on to
inspire and empower girls and women through educa�on. Our students consistently achieve strong academic results in
an environment that balances academic rigour with a wide range of extra-curricular opportuni�es including camps and
retreats, interna�onal trips, music, performing arts, sport voca�onal training and a variety of clubs and compe��ons.

With a focus on student voice and independence, we recognise the need to equip our girls with skills for their
post-school life. We concentrate on building leadership and confidence, a strong work ethic and the ability to take risks
in a safe environment.

The Boarding House is located on-campus and is well serviced by public transport and is only five minutes from
Adelaide's CBD and 30 minutes from Adelaide's Domes�c Interna�onal Airport.

Our Boarding staff are empathe�c to the needs of girls and young women. Our senior Boarding students, led by our
student Boarding leaders, ensure that young and new students feel a sense of belonging.

To further support boarding students, we provide:

•Individual rooms for all girls.
•Academic support, including supervised study sessions by teachers and tutors.
•Spor�ng facili�es including tennis, basketball and netball courts, gym and cardio facili�es.
•Health and wellbeing programs including an on-site Clinical Psychologist.
•Head Chef who provides nutri�ous meals and caters for any specific dietary needs.
•An on-site Health Care Centre staffed by a Registered Nurse.
•A school environment that is conducive to high academic achievement through structured support.

Student Achievement

Our Year 12 students consistently accomplish high results including many girls who achieve SACE Merits across a broad
range of subjects. Likewise, in the Australian Ter�ary Admissions Rank (ATAR), Year 12 students achieve excep�onal
results with approximately fi�y percent of girls performing in the top ten percent in South Australia, and approximately
twenty-five percent achieving in the top five percent. In 2019, the median ATAR for Loreto College was 91.4. The ATAR
provides access to universi�es across Australia and interna�onally.

A strong culture of achievement extends to our students' professional lives. We are proud to have recently educated two
Rhodes Scholars, who are both contribu�ng significantly in the field of Medicine and a past student who won the
pres�gious Schwarzman Scholarship, which will see her take part in a compe��ve global master's programme hosted in
Beijing, in collabora�on between China's top universi�es and the Ivy League tradi�on.

Mo�o: Educa�ng strong, passionate and confident girls and young women.

                                                                        Loreto College | CRICOS Provider Code: 00629G

              CRICOS Provider Code: 00365D


                                                      Intensive English program: On Campus English for Secondary School
                                                      Prepara�on course available

Mercedes College is centrally located, only 15 minutes from the City centre, white sandy beaches and the picturesque
Adelaide Hills. It is a Recep�on to Year 12 co-educa�onal school, which accepts Interna�onal students from Year 6.

In a deligh�ul loca�on with historical and contemporary buildings, and wide-open spaces, students can enjoy studying in
a park like se�ng at a school with up-to-date facili�es and expert teaching staff. Students experience Drama, Sport,
Music, Arts, Camps, Excursions and guest speakers in addi�on to their Academic studies.

The College is a member of the Council of Interna�onal Schools, the Interna�onal Baccalaureate Organisa�on and the
Interna�onal Schools Associa�on.

Curriculum and Interna�onal Focus: Long term students can study either the Interna�onal Baccalaureate Diploma or The
South Australian Cer�ficate of Educa�on. Subjects include Music, Arts (including Film and Drama�c Arts), ICT, Languages,
various Science op�ons, Psychology, Legal Studies, Business and Enterprise, Mathema�cs, Design and Humani�es
subjects as well as Physical Educa�on, Outdoor Educa�on and Religious Educa�on. A range of remedial and extension
classes are available to assist students to reach their poten�al. The school has an on-campus Language Centre located in
the centre of the school community.

Extra-Curricular Ac�vi�es and Sports: Opportuni�es to join a range of choirs, bands and orchestras are available. The
school holds regular Drama produc�ons, Art Exhibi�ons, School Camps and Concerts.

Curriculum based sports include: Golf, Surfing, Cycling, Rock Climbing, and Canoeing. Compe��ve sports include: Cricket,
Cross Country running, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Water Polo, Volleyball, Basketball, Australian Rules football,
Soccer, Field Hockey, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, So�ball, and Netball. Other ac�vi�es include Chess, Social Jus�ce
Commi�ee, Student Representa�ve Council, World Culture Club, Deba�ng and a variety of compe��ons including the
Australian Share Market Compe��on and yearly Athle�c and Swimming compe��on days.

Student support services and programs: For interna�onal students, there is a Student Welfare Co-ordinator available
24-hour a day, an Academic Adviser, a school Psychologist and a Careers Guidance Co-ordinator, in addi�on to Home
Group teachers and other support staff.

Mo�o: Loyal in All

                                                                 Mercedes College Springfield | CRICOS Provider Code: 00365D

                                                     Student number: 450

             CRICOS Provider Code: 02209M

                                                     Featured service: Strong Pastoral Care Program, English as an Addi�onal
                                                     Language support, Voca�onal Educa�on Opportuni�es, Outstanding
                                                     Facili�es including Technology Suites, Commercial Kitchen, Independent
                                                     Learning Area, State of the Art Dance Studio, Performing Arts Centre

                                                     Extra-curricular ac�vi�es: Homework Club, STEM Club, Science Club, Earth
                                                     Care, Student Leaders, Soup Kitchen, Dance Enrichment, Musical, Band,
                                                     Saturday morning sports including Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College is an all-girls Catholic High School from years 7 to 12. We are located in Enfield,
South Australia, only 7.5 kms from the Adelaide Central Business District.

OLSH College provides a world class high/secondary school level educa�on as a pathway to Australian and Interna�onal
Universi�es through academic success, support and guidance. We offer a wide range of subject choices and co-curricular
opportuni�es giving every girl the opportunity to excel. Our strengths are in the Sciences, Mathema�cs and Informa�on
and Communica�on Technologies to ensure specialist op�ons. Our outstanding academic achievements lead graduates
to a diverse range of ter�ary courses including Commerce, Law, Business, Medicine, Engineering, Journalism, Nursing,
Teaching, Hospitality and Avia�on.

Your daughter will be part of a safe, secure and encouraging environment as part of the OLSH College community in
which we provide expert individual academic advice, language support in all subject areas, small class sizes and genuine
individual a�en�on, support and guidance. Our Interna�onal team work closely with individual girls to maintain
networks of care in which she will build her self-assurance and develop her personal and spiritual growth. They work
closely with Homeroom teachers and Year Level Co-ordinators who have special concern for the progress of all girls in
their care.

Our facili�es are modern and well-equipped built around courtyards to create a strong sense of community. These
include excep�onal Informa�on Communica�on Technology Labs, specialised Science Laboratories, Art/Design spaces,
Music rooms, research based integrated learning areas and a Performing Arts Centre. An extensively resourced Library
and rich technologies in every classroom enable dynamic learning possibili�es for all girls within the curriculum. Our
Senior Campus reflects the vital importance the senior years play in your daughter’s learning, encouraging academic
success and the beginnings of lifelong learning. The Language Centre allows girls to be globally connected in the space
and lives out our spirit of welcome.

We are proud to know each of our girls and we support and guide them when making important choices for the future.
Your daughter’s educa�on, wellbeing and success are at the heart of all we do.

Mo�o: May Christ Reign

                                                             Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College | CRICOS Provider Code: 02209M

                                                                  English name: Pembroke School


                                                                  Address: 342 The Parade, Kensington Park, South Australia 5068

                                                                  Distance to city centre: 4.5km

                                                                  Established: 1974

                  CRICOS Provider Code: 00367B                    Student gender: Coeduca�on

                                                                  Student number: 1680
                                                                  Boarding: Yes
                                                                  Intensive English program: Yes, Pembroke offers an in-house Intensive
                                                                  English Program called Pembroke Connect

                                                                  Interna�onal student enrolled from: Recep�on to Year 12

                                                                  Extra-curricular ac�vi�es:
                                                                  Sport, Music, Outdoor Educa�on, Scouts, Robo�cs, Film Making, Visual
                                                                  Art, Trips and Exchanges

                                     Pembroke School

Pembroke is a vibrant and exci�ng School catering for a diverse community of students. The School was established in
1974 through the amalgama�on of two neighbouring schools – Girton Girls’ School and King’s College, a school for boys.

Students develop skills and a�ributes that help manage the demands of their educa�on now and in the future: academic
exper�se, perseverance, self-discipline, resourcefulness, collabora�on, independence, eloquence, grit, spark, crea�ve
and cri�cal thinking, cra�smanship, adapta�on to change, and engagement with technology. Students are guided and
inspired by outstanding teachers who are ac�vely encouraged to explore new and emerging thinking in educa�on gener-
ally, and in their areas of exper�se.

Our educa�onal philosophy recognises that students and staff thrive when all aspects of their life are acknowledged.
Pembroke challenges students to deepen and broaden their intellectual, social, physical, crea�ve, emo�onal and spiritu-
al nature. Pembroke challenge students to understand each aspect of their nature and how one relates to another.
Pembroke believes that a healthy and fulfilled life strikes a balance across these characteris�cs.

All students can find their place at Pembroke, and students support one another in their individual and collec�ve

Towards achieving student fulfillment and understanding, we offer an extensive array of academic programs including
SACE and IB, co-curricular opportuni�es, and pastoral and wellbeing programs in each of the Junior, Middle and Senior

Pembroke School’s Year 12 academic results are consistently excellent, and outstanding compared with state, na�onal
and interna�onal (IB) averages.

The tone of our School is underpinned by an egalitarian, engaged community encompassing staff, students, parents and
old scholars.

Mo�o: Ex Unitate Vires (Out of Unity, Strength)

                                                                    Pembroke School Inc | CRICOS Provider Code: 00367B


                                                     Students gender: Co-educa�on
             CRICOS Provider Code: 00369M            Student number: 1000

                                                     Boarding: No

                                                     Featured service: Personalised learning program, electronic interac�ve
                                                     learning, summer/winter sports compe��on, bilingual support, English
                                                     Extra-curricular ac�vi�es: Basketball, cricket, tennis, volleyball, boa�ng,
                                                     so�ball, football, Australian rules football, hockey, badminton, Venture

A contemporary, co-educa�onal school, Pulteney Grammar School has proudly been shaping the lives of young women
and men since 1847 with a vision towards preparing them for their future.

Educa�on at Pulteney takes many different shapes and forms. Our students are challenged to be curious, to ask ques�ons,
to seek understanding and develop an apprecia�on for our community, our country and our world. As global ci�zens, our
students exercise their agency through their strong sense of purpose by venturing forth into their city and the world to
develop confidence, insight, empathy and compassion and to prosper.

Our students learn through ac�on: be it in the science lab, on the spor�ng field, in the recital hall, or amongst nature, a
Pulteney educa�on seeks to provide students with opportuni�es to engage with the breadth of what life holds.

At 1,000 students and located within the City of Adelaide, Pulteney is a welcoming, cosmopolitan and personable
community where the interests and needs of each and every student are nurtured towards their becoming the best they
can be. Rela�onships offer the founda�on for authen�c educa�on. Our teachers thus serve as both mentor and facilitator
of learning, guiding students in their decision making and along the path to adulthood. Wellbeing is thus paramount to a
Pulteney educa�on; suppor�ve and inclusive pastoral care a feature at every stage of schooling.

The connec�on to Pulteney is one enjoyed well beyond the days of school: a Pulteney educa�on is for life.

Mo�o: 0 Prosper Thou Our Handiwork

                                                                   Pulteney Grammar School | CRICOS Provider Code: 00369M


             CRICOS Provider Code: 00615B

                    Scotch College Adelaide

Scotch College Adelaide was established in 1919 and is situated in the picturesque foothills of Adelaide in South

                                                                   Scotch College | CRICOS Provider Code: 00615B

               Est. 1983               Address: ELC to Year 4: 54 Rose Street Mile End, SA 5031
                                                Year 5 to Year 12: 75 Rose Street Mile End, SA 5031


    CRICOS Provider Code: 02799F

                                       Boarding: NO

                                       Interna�onal student enrolled from: Recep�on to Year 12

                                       Extra-curricular ac�vi�es: Football, Basketball, Volleyball. Soccer, Chess, Homework
                                       Club, Dancing, Serbian, Cooking, Fitness, Deba�ng

 Est. 1983

St George College is located near the heart of Adelaide and is a private co-educa�onal school offering educa�on from ELC
to Year 12. The school is located in a mul�cultural community and is proud of a diverse community of culture and
St George College offers a holis�c and personalised educa�on that allows students to have a good learning experience,
encouraging them to pursue excellence and become the best they can be. In addi�on to the delivering the Australian
curriculum, the school offers a wide range of courses to give students the opportunity to conduct in-depth studies in
areas of interest such as entrepreneurship, project management, soccer academy, advanced mathema�cs, arts and
Students are taught in small classes which are staffed with dedicated teachers who enable each student to complete
their studies to the best of their ability. St George has a rigorous academic style and values the noble sen�ments of
students. All teachers are quality teachers with rich teaching experience. The school is well-equipped to support the
learning of students.
The college provides an extensive support structure for our interna�onal students which includes addi�onal language
support, cultural ac�vi�es and team bonding exercises.

                                                                     St George College Inc | CRICOS Provider Code: 02799F

                                       English name: St Peter’s Girls’ School

       CRICOS Provider Code: 00373D

                                           Junior Choir, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Junior Jazz, Senior Vocal Ensembles,
                                           Junior Strings, Intermediate Strings, Senior Strings, String Extension Group, Junior
                                           Orchestra, Junior Percussion, Intermediate Percussion, Senior Percussion, Guitar
                                           Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, Chapel Band,
                                           Concert Band, Stage Band, Developmental Band, Rock Band

                                           Aerobics, Athle�cs, Basketball, Rowing, So�ball, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football,
                                           Volleyball, Water Polo

                                           Australian Rules Football, Badminton, Cross Country, Hockey, Lacrosse, Netball, Soccer

                     St Peter’s Girls’ School

Founded 125 years ago, St Peter's Girls' School is a prestigious early learners to Year 12 Anglican and International
Baccalaureate World School located in leafy Stonyfell, just 5km from Adelaide's city centre. It is one of the oldest and most
respected schools in Adelaide, with a rich history of outstanding education which combines the best of traditional and
contemporary techniques.

Spanning 44,000 square metres, the school is surrounded by green areas and parks, and has superior facilities including a
new Science Centre, Middle School, Junior School classrooms, Library, Maker Space and Media Hub, alongside multi-purpose
lecture halls, music and dance rooms, tennis courts and a gymnasium.

The school offers a comprehensive education from two year olds in the Early Learners' Centre all the way through to Year 12.
With a quality team of award-winning teachers, the school is renowned for academic excellence in the SACE and the
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. In 2019, 40% of our SACE students achieved an ATAR of 95+, placing them
in the top 5% nationally. In 2012, the school introduced the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, a challenging
course that opens the door to world-leading universities. St Peter's Girls focuses on the education and development of
students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), with girls achieving remarkable results and winning
prestigious national competitions. To strengthen its STEM focus, the school opened its new Science Centre in late 2019,
featuring seven state-of-the-art laboratories.

Generations of Saints Girls have made their mark on the world, with high-profile graduates including Australia's former
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who ascended to the role of Acting Prime Minister during her illustrious political career.

St Peter's Girls is a powerhouse in education, empowering the learners and leaders of tomorrow.

                                                                  St Peter's Collegiate Girls' School | CRICOS Provider Code: 00373D

                                                                       English name: Trinity College
                                                                       Address: Alexander Avenue, Evanston South, SA 5116
                                                                       Distance to city centre: 30km
                                                                       Established: 1984
                                                                       Student gender: Coeduca�on
                                                                       Student number: 3700
                                                                       Boarding: No
                                                                       Intensive English program: No
              CRICOS Provider Code: 00374C / 02709B
                                                                       Interna�onal student enrolled from: Years 8-Year 12
                                                                       Featured service:
                                                                       Voca�onal Educa�on & Training, extensive pastoral care program, netball
                                                                       and soccer academies, career & ter�ary course pathway counsellor,
                                                                       Interna�onal student coordinator, College Psychologist, Lion Dance Troupe.
                                                                       Extra-curricular ac�vi�es:
                                                                       Over 200 spor�ng teams (Athle�cs, Netball, Hockey, So�ball, AFL Football,
                                                                       Basketball, Cricket, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Equestrian), Instrumental & Vocal
                                                                       lessons, Whole College musical, Bands & Ensembles, Choirs, Art Club, Drama
                                                                       Produc�ons, Curiosity & Crea�vity Club, Ca�le Club, Coding Club, Deba�ng,
                                                                       Extended Learning Programs, Goat Club, Lion Dancing, STEM & Robo�cs. Overseas
                                                                       cultural trips to France, China and Cambodia, Snow ski-ing and Australia wide

                                      Trinity College

At Trinity College students get the best of all worlds. They have access to amazing opportuni�es and wonderful facili�es.
Located on the Northern urban fringe of Adelaide, Trinity College offers an excep�onal learning environment with diverse
opportuni�es for involvement in rural and city events. The College is set on 140 acres, across three sites and includes:
• A 50 acre working farm with agricultural laboratories, working machinery, livestock and vineyards.
• An Equestrian centre.
• A 535 acre bushland property for camping, orienteering, conserva�on study, fauna and flora exploring.
• An Innova�on & Crea�vity School with a 360 degree projec�on room, podcast studio, virtual reality equipment, film
making studios and robo�cs laboratories.
• Heated swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, synthe�c hockey pitch, 4 indoor courts, mul�ple gymnasiums,
football ovals and athle�cs track to prac�ce all spor�ng codes.
• We have 3 libraries, a performance theatre that seats 1,200 people, lecture theatre, school halls, a College Psychologist
and Counsellors.

Students reap the benefits of being part of a large modern college, along with the personalised and individual a�en�on
tradi�onally associated with smaller schools.
Trinity is divided into five schools (North, Blakeview, South, Gawler River) for students in Recep�on to Year 10 and a
customised Senior School for students in Years 11 and 12. This is to ensure there is individual a�en�on for every student. In
the Senior school we offer over 47 SACE subject choices and Cer�ficates I – IV in a variety of Voca�onal Educa�on & Training
(VET) Courses. At Senior School we have a Trade Training Centre, professional catering facility and a Technical Studies Centre
so students can learn skills for life. VET courses can be undertaken whilst at school and in conjunc�on with your SACE
Trinity College is open to all who want their children educated in a liberal and Chris�an tradi�on, regardless of their religious
affilia�on. High standards through a commitment to excellence and a focus on quality rela�onships are cri�cal dimensions
to the College. Beginning in the mid-1980s, the College has become Australia's largest leading independent school, widely
recognised for its high quality academic, voca�onal, spor�ng and co-curricular programmes. The College is a thriving
community that stretches all the way from the Preschool to an ac�ve Old Scholar program.
The College has a Homestay program for Interna�onal students which allows you to board with local families who o�en
have a current student at Trinity.
Mo�o: In God is my Faith

                                                                  Trinity College Senior School | CRICOS Provider Code: 00374C / 02709B

             CRICOS Provider Code: 02375G



                                                     Featured service: Language program, academic tutorial, Head start
                                                     Program at University of Adelaide

University Senior College at Adelaide University Inc | CRICOS Provider Code: 02375G

           CRICOS Provider Code: 02375G

                                                    Interna�onal students enrolled from: Year 1 - 12
                                                    (students in Years 1-7 require a guardian)

Wilderness School is a highly regarded, pres�gious day and boarding school for girls. We are proudly an academic school
and jus�fiably ambi�ous for our girls.

Our girls' commitment to learning across a range of academic subjects is consistently evident in their outstanding
achievements year a�er year. These outcomes are a tes�mony to the wonderful opportuni�es offered to our girls and to
the dedica�on and professionalism of their teachers.

Wilderness School was founded in the belief for unlimited kindness in rela�onships, joy in learning, a spirit of humility
and the balance between seeking individual excellence and generous service to the community. These values guide
every part of Wilderness School's culture, rela�onships, teaching and learning programs. We aim to prepare girls for
successful par�cipa�on in a society in which knowledge is a key resource and in an economy which is becoming
increasingly globalised.

Developing confidence, independence and resilience, where our young women are able to respect others and work
collabora�vely are key capabili�es for the 21st century. Each day as we walk alongside our girls, they learn about the
world and their place in it. It is important that we engage them in courageous conversa�ons and that we challenge them
to be bold and brave.

Intercultural sensi�vity and competence and responsible ci�zenship are also important factors in their future.

At Wilderness, we welcome and value the contribu�on our interna�onal students bring to the School community and
respect their courage as learners in their second language. At Wilderness, we are dedicated to providing each individual
girl with a firm founda�on and inspira�on for a challenging, demanding and fulfilling life.

                                                                      Wilderness School | CRICOS Provider Code: 00375B


Representing over 900 years of Educational Excellence

                                                     Contact us
Address: Level 4, 127 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000 Australia | Email: | Phone: +61 8 8123 1786
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