EXCELLENCE 2021 Minister's and Secretary's - Awards for - Public Education Foundation

EXCELLENCE 2021 Minister's and Secretary's - Awards for - Public Education Foundation
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2021   Minister’s and Secretary’s
       Awards for

EXCELLENCE 2021 Minister's and Secretary's - Awards for - Public Education Foundation
    Once again, it is a great privilege to present the winners of the
    Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence. These Awards
    celebrate the exceptional work that occurs every day across NSW
    public education – by schools, students, teachers, employees and
    parents. In 2021, the standard is as high as ever and perhaps even

    more impressive as this work has been undertaken against the
    backdrop of a pandemic.
    The Public Education Foundation is proud to manage the Minister’s
    and Secretary’s Awards as part of our mission to showcase the
    best of public schooling. We are grateful to the Hon. Sarah Mitchell
    MLC, Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, and Ms
    Georgina Harrisson, Secretary of the NSW Department of Education,
    for entrusting us with this responsibility.
    Of course, we had been hoping that we would be meeting on 6
    September for a formal Awards ceremony, but COVID-19 means that
    for a second year running we are recognising our winners locally in
    their school environments.
    That does nothing to diminish the quality of the winners we are
    celebrating. You’ll read here about outstanding contributions and
    innovative initiatives from across NSW, from a Stage 5 Moving
    Forward program at Hoxton Park High to a Learning for Life Cafeteria
    at Moree East Public School.
    Finally, I want to share a quick reminder that our 2022 scholarship
    round for primary and secondary schools is now open. We’ve got
    hundreds of scholarships to award, including new scholarships for
    students starting high school and many new Acacia scholarships for
    regional schools in particular. Head to our website and take a look!
    We hope to see you back in person for next year’s Awards event.

    David Hetherington
    Executive Director
    Public Education Foundation

2                                                                          Public Education Foundation   2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence   3
EXCELLENCE 2021 Minister's and Secretary's - Awards for - Public Education Foundation
RECIPIENTS                                                                                                                                                     MINISTER’S AWARD
                                                                                                                                                               FOR EXCELLENCE IN
                                                                                                                                                               Recognising teachers who
                                                                                                                                                               deliver the highest quality
                                                                                                                                                               education to their students and
MINISTER’S AWARD                                                                                                                                               contribute to their professional
FOR EXCELLENCE                                                                                                                                                 communities.
IN STUDENT                                                                                                                                                     Kelly Andrews
                                                                                                                                                               Birrong Girls High School
                                                                                                                                                               Michelle Armstrong                 Kathryn Kane
Recognising outstanding Year                                                                                                                                   Albury High School                 James Fallon High School
12 students who have excelled     Rachel Harkin                     Zoe Peters
in their secondary years across   Cumberland High School            Denison College of Secondary                                                               Megan Atkinson                     Sandra Kerr
academic excellence, sports,                                        Education – Bathurst                                                                       Elderslie High School              Wagga Wagga High School
                                  Oliver James                      High Campus
cultural, community and           Wagga Wagga High School                                                                                                      Matthew Baillie                    Kylie Lenhardt
leadership.                                                         Melinda Ryan                                                                               Denison College of Secondary       Murwillumbah High School
                                  Riley Jones                       Coonabarabran High School                                                                  Education – Bathurst
Salam Adra                        Kurri Kurri High School                                                                                                                                         Veronica Manock
                                                                                                                                                               High Campus                        Denison College of Secondary
Strathfield Girls High School                                       Chloe Smith
                                  Aisa Karalic                      Lambton High School                                                                        George Betsis                      Education – Bathurst
Husain Alhashemi                  Keira High School                                                                                                            Ulladulla High School              High Campus
Cumberland High School                                              Claudia Smith
                                  Alyssa Koit                       Orange High School                                                                         Livia Bolanca                      Lisa McInally
Jasmine Blanch
                                  Fort Street High School                                                                                                      Birrong Girls High School          Clairgate Public School
Wagga Wagga High School                                             Alexa Stuart
                                  Hannah Lovlin                     Lambton High School                                                                        Deanne Bulmer                      Melanie Naylor
Erin Bloor                                                                                                                                                                                        Hunter River High School
                                  NBSC – Manly Selective Campus                                                                                                Campbellfield Public School
Elderslie High School                                               Amelie Stuut
                                  Nhi Lu                            Galston High School                                                                        Gerard Chomicz                     Ian Preston
Laura Campbell                                                                                                                                                 Campbellfield Public School        Murrumbidgee Regional
North Sydney Girls High School    Prairiewood High School           Sinduja Sureshkumar                                                                                                           High School
                                  Dineshe Mohanarajah               Penrith High School                                                                        Alison Clark
Annabel Chen                                                                                                                                                   Wadalba Community School           Carolyn Ratcliffe
North Sydney Girls High School    Girraween High School             Brodie Taylor                                                                                                                 Albury High School
                                  Lowanna Murray                    Ulladulla High School                                                                      Paul Clarke
Jack Coleman                                                                                                                                                   Merrylands High School             Michael Richards
Fort Street High School           Cowra High School                 Thinesshan Thevathasan                                                                                                        Rutherford Technology
                                                                    North Sydney Boys High School                                                              Andrew Clifton
Isabella Ennever                  Chelsea Nagel                                                                                                                                                   High School
                                                                                                                                                               Maitland Public School
Casino High School                Elizabeth Macarthur High School   Mark Tran                                                                                                                     Suzanne Sherrington
                                                                    Prairiewood High School                                                                    Danielle Demetrios
Lachlan Eshman                    Maximillian Navarrete                                                                                                                                           Doonside Technology
                                                                                                                                                               Liverpool Boys High School
Coonabarabran High School         Bega High School                  Zoe Tudor                                                                                                                     High School
                                                                    Singleton High School                                                                      Martin Douglas
Samuel Flood                      Milla Papallo                                                                                                                                                   Inoke Tuhukava
                                                                                                                                                               Corowa High School
Inverell High School              NBSC – Mackellar Girls Campus     Nicholas Whelan                                                                                                               Turramurra High School
                                                                    Penrith High School                                                                        Stacey Jones
Hanako Greuter                                                                                                                                                                                    Scott Waring
                                                                                                                                                               Denison College of Secondary
NBSC – Mackellar Girls Campus                                       Shanni Yehuda                                                                                                                 Great Lakes College
                                                                                                                                                               Education – Kelso High Campus
                                                                    Sydney Girls High School                                                                                                      Senior Campus

4                                                                               Public Education Foundation   2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence                                                              5
EXCELLENCE 2021 Minister's and Secretary's - Awards for - Public Education Foundation
                                                 SERVICE                                        SECRETARY’S
                                                                                                AWARD FOR
EXCELLENT SERVICE                                                                               OUTSTANDING
Recognising NSW Department        Ana Latu                                                      SCHOOL INITIATIVE
of Education employees            Thomas Reddall High School                                    The award is presented to NSW                    Murray High School
(teaching and non-teaching)
                                  Emma Mackenzie                                                public schools demonstrating                     Engagement and Transition
who have shown outstanding
                                  Padstow North Public School                                   via a specific program, event                    Centre
effort in improving the quality
                                                                                                or initiative their commitment
of teaching, learning outcomes    Brian O’Hora                                                                                                   Murrumbidgee Regional
                                                                                                to teaching and learning
and/or school environments        Finley High School                                            outcomes, leadership,                            High School
in the NSW public education                                                                                                                      Australia New Zealand STEM
                                  Tamlyn Phillips                                               supporting the students and/or
sector.                                                                                                                                          Education Alliance
                                  Ulladulla High School                                         creating a sustainable learning
Jannan Assaad                                                                                   environment.                                     Murwillumbah High School
Saturday School of Community      Brenda Pyett                                                                                                   Partners in Learning
                                  Endeavour Sports High School                                  Auburn North Public School
                                                                                                Use of Video for Self Reflection                 NSW School of Languages
Fiona Baillie                     Shannon Stanbridge                                            and Peer Reflection                              Stage 6 Online Languages
Campbellfield Public School       Scarborough Public School                                                                                      Courses
                                                                                                Hoxton Park High School
Simone Billinghurst               Luz Velez                                                     Stage 5 Moving Forward Program                   Prairiewood High School
Bringelly Public School           Kogarah High School Intensive                                                                                  Reaching for the Stars
                                  English Centre                                                Hunter River High School
Sahin Bostanci                                                                                  Learning Opportunities
Lindfield Learning Village                                                                      for Tomorrow
Aunty Kim Chan                                                                                  Liverpool Boys High School
Marrickville Public School                                                                      Big Picture Academy
Don Dwarte
Picnic Point Public School
Blake Graham
Ulladulla High School
Jen Greig
Merrylands East Public School
Nathan Gunter
Wagga Wagga High School
Robyn Harmon
Ballina Public School
James Harris
Heaton Public School
Matthew Johnson
Glenvale School

6                                                                 Public Education Foundation   2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence                         7
EXCELLENCE 2021 Minister's and Secretary's - Awards for - Public Education Foundation
SECRETARY’S                                                          PUBLIC SCHOOL
                                                                                                               MINISTER’S AWARD FOR
                                                                     PARENT OF
                                                                     THE YEAR
                                                                                                               EXCELLENCE IN STUDENT
This prestigious award              Caringbah North                  The Public School Parent of
recognises NSW public               Public School                    the Year Award is a prestigious
schools that have successfully
created a sustainable learning
                                    Jannali Public School            award presented to parents,
                                                                     guardians and caregivers
                                                                                                               RECIPIENT CITATIONS
                                    Miranda North Public School
environment through a                                                who have made a significant
                                    4C Community of Practice
whole-of-school project.                                             contribution to their local NSW
Schools receiving this award        Caringbah North                  public school community.
must demonstrate significant        Public School                    Dianne Bentley
improvement in learning             Connect 4 Wellbeing Program
                                                                                                                                   Salam Adra                                                Jasmine Blanch
                                                                     Bringelly Public School                                       Strathfield Girls High School                             Wagga Wagga High School
outcomes and opportunities,
                                    Glenbrook Public School          Danielle Harris                           I have known Salam Adra for over five and a half             Jasmine has consistently displayed all values of
excellence in student
                                    Quality Teaching Coordinator     Ulladulla High School                     years in my capacity as Principal, Strathfield Girls         public education. She is an outstanding student
learning, maximising learning
opportunities for all students as   Moree East Public School         Anna McFarlane
                                                                                                               High School. Salam is an all-rounder who has excelled        who is well respected by students and staff for her
well as community leadership.       Learning for Life Cafeteria                                                both within and outside academia. She is a reliable,         integrity and responsible approach to all aspects
                                                                     Rose Bay Secondary College                                                                             of her school life and within the wider community.
                                                                                                               articulate and organised young person, focused
Albury High School                  Towradgi Public School           Helen Mundy                               on making a difference to the local and global               She is an outstanding ambassador for Wagga
Pivotal Wellbeing                   School Wellbeing Framework       Wagga Wagga High School                   community. She reflects values of leadership and is          Wagga High School and public education. Jasmine
                                    – A Positive School Experience                                             passionate in her determination to make the world a          has shown through her strong sense of fairness
Auburn North Public School                                           Ben and Swannida Stewart
                                    For All                                                                    better place. I fully endorse this nomination of Salam       and social justice that she has empathy for all. This
Collaborative School Culture                                         Harrington Street Public School
                                    Winmalee Public School                                                     Adra for this prestigious award in full confidence that      is most evident in her varied volunteer work both
Callaghan College                                                                                              she is very deserving of the recognition as a student        within the school and wider community. Jasmine
                                    Whole School Achievement
– Jesmond Senior Campus                                                                                        of excellence.                                               is an exemplary student who exhibits outstanding
– Wallsend Campus                                                                                                                                                           personal qualities of honesty, integrity and
– Waratah Campus                                                                                                                                                            determination.
Faculty Leadership
Improvement Project                                                                                                                Husain Alhashemi
                                                                                                                                   Cumberland High School
                                                                                                               Husain Alhashemi has served the Cumberland High
                                                                                                                                                                                             Erin Bloor
                                                                                                                                                                                             Elderslie High School
                                                                                                               School community with absolute distinction as an
                                                                                                               outstanding student leader and school-captain elect          Erin is an outstanding all rounder who has achieved
                                                                                                               in 2020/2021. Husain has excelled both academically          excellent results academically, in multiple sporting
                                                                                                               and in the domain of sport throughout his schooling          endeavours and also in terms of sustained school
                                                                                                               as demonstrated by his commitment to and                     leadership over 6 years at Elderslie High School.
                                                                                                               pursuit of entelechy. His innovative sustainable,            Erin represents our school at an elite level in sport
                                                                                                               scientific and community-minded projects have                including netball, football, athletics and cross country
                                                                                                               promoted significant outcomes for the students               and has proven her worth at a state and regional
                                                                                                               and broader community over the past six years. As            level in many of these sports. As a leader, Erin has
                                                                                                               an inspiring leader of the Prefect body, Husain has          developed her leadership on a sustained basis having
                                                                                                               fostered effective collaboration and coordinated             served the school community as an SRC leader as
                                                                                                               fundraising initiatives in support of local not-for-profit   well as Prefect in 2020 and Vice Captain in 2021.
                                                                                                               organisations to bring about positive change within
                                                                                                               our local community.

8                                                                                Public Education Foundation   2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence                                                                9
EXCELLENCE 2021 Minister's and Secretary's - Awards for - Public Education Foundation
Laura Campbell                                             Isabella Ennever                                                  Hanako Greuter                                        Oliver James
                North Sydney Girls High School                             Casino High School                                                NBSC – Mackellar Girls Campus                         Wagga Wagga High School
Laura Campbell embodies excellence in all she does        I have no hesitation in recommending Isabella                  Hanako has distinguished herself in every aspect of       Oliver has shown that he is a determined well-rounded
and proudly lives the values of public education. Laura   Ennever for this award. She is a determined                    her school life. As School Captain, Hanako has been       student who strives for excellence in all areas of
has dedicated herself to advocating for those who         and passionate student and displays this in her                                                                          school life. His maturity and natural leadership has
                                                                                                                         exemplary; she is the consummate role model with
cannot advocate for themselves and is most proud          academic, sporting and leadership roles. Isabella has                                                                    been evident at school as a School Leader and active
of her achievements in the leadership of our school                                                                      strong leadership capabilities matched with a most
                                                          consistently achieved outstanding academic results                                                                       and inclusive member of the school community.
animal rights group, Roar. Laura excels across all                                                                       caring, positive manner. She consistently displays
                                                          and gained recognition for her commitment to                                                                             Oliver has made significant contributions to the
subjects, public speaking, debating and her school        science and her desire to see more students involved           the strongest leadership, integrity and responsibility,
                                                                                                                                                                                   whole school community where he is a positive
leadership role as Vice Captain. Laura’s enthusiasm       in this field. She is an accomplished public speaker           and is always a proactive and productive individual.
                                                                                                                                                                                   role model for all students. He has maintained his
and contribution to the Arts programs has been            and I have no doubt that she will succeed in whatever          Hanako has distinguished herself academically and         impressive academic record while immersing himself
substantial, culminating in her role as Assistant         endeavour she pursues in the future. She is a worthy           in her sport at national level. Hanako’s exceptionally
Dance Teacher and lead in the 2019 Musical Hairspray.                                                                                                                              in all areas of school life. He has shown fairness,
                                                          recipient of this award.                                       high standards and her contributions to the               cooperation and consideration for others when
Exceptionally talented, Laura will make a positive
                                                                                                                         community make her an outstanding role model.             dealing with issues of leadership in all aspects
contribution to our future.​
                                                                                                                         Her talent is further evidenced by her varied sporting,   of his life.
                                                                                                                         cultural and community achievements and her
                                                                           Lachlan Eshman                                prolific fundraising for charity.
                                                                           Coonabarabran High School
                Annabel Chen
                North Sydney Girls High School            Lachlan is an extraordinary young man. He                                                                                                Riley Jones
                                                          is talented across a range of achievements;                                                                                              Kurri Kurri High School
An extremely talented individual, Annabel has
succeeded in all she has done with humility.
                                                          academically, on the sporting field, and in a number                               Rachel Harkin                         Riley is an exemplary student who always presents
                                                          of cultural pursuits, particularly as a musician, singer                           Cumberland High School
Her outstanding academic success has been                                                                                                                                          himself as trustworthy, hard working and mature.
                                                          and thespian. Within our community however, it has
complemented by her acclaimed achievements                                                                               Rachel Harkin is an outstanding School Captain and        Throughout his time at school, he has worked
across a range of extra curricular, leadership and        been Lachlan's concern for others and willingness
                                                                                                                                                                                   diligently to meet deadlines and always produced
                                                          to assist that has been greatly appreciated. He has            exemplary role-model, who is recognised for her
sporting accomplishments. As a prefect, leader of                                                                                                                                  work of a high standard which reflected not only
our environmental group and an executive member           mentored younger members of our Robotics team                  academic, cultural, creative and sporting excellence,
                                                                                                                                                                                   his interest in his education but also his desire to
of the Charities and Social Justice Council, Annabel      as well as junior students in need of a positive role          inspiring citizenship and exceptional commitment
                                                                                                                                                                                   achieve. The time and effort Riley has placed into
has been a powerful role model to younger peers.          model. He can always be relied upon by staff to step           to service. Within the school context, Rachel has         representing the school academically, culturally and
Her success in Taekwondo is noteworthy at a               up, lead and assist.                                           excelled academically and received prestigious            in sporting events is impressive. He contributes in
state level. A compassionate, genuine team player,                                                                       awards and scholarships for her academic                  a positive manner both within the classroom and in
Annabel is an individual of the highest integrity.                                                                       excellence and gifted oracy as reflected through her      his leadership roles within the school. Riley is well
                                                                                                                         leadership in the Mock Trial tournaments. Rachel has      respected by both staff and students and worthy
                                                                           Samuel Flood                                  contributed significantly to a number of programs,        of the award.
                                                                           Inverell High School                          not-for-profit organisations and community-based
                Jack Coleman                              Samuel Flood has shown an outstanding record                   fundraising initiatives that have positively impacted
                Fort Street High School                   of all rounder achievement over his whole schooling            Cumberland High School and the broader community.
Jack has an outstanding academic record, including        career. He has always been 1st rank in all his                 Rachel is a most worthy recipient of the Minister’s                       Aisa Karalic
ranking First in State for HSC Mathematics Advanced       subjects, named Dux for the past 5 years and has               Award for Excellence in Student Achievement.                              Keira High School
as an accelerated student in Year 11, and first in Year   a passion for high level Mathematics and Science.
11 in Music 2, Geography, Chemistry and Physics. He       Samuel has displayed a willingness to involve                                                                            Aisa Karalic is a highly committed and diligent
has been a member of the Fort Street Instrumental         himself in all activities at school immersing himself                                                                    student. In her leadership role as school captain
Music Program since 2016 in five ensembles and is         in musicals and many sporting activities. Samuel is                                                                      she demonstrates great integrity and respect for
currently in two Arts Unit ensembles. He is also an       also a selfless young man and leader, always willing                                                                     all. She has always had the highest of standards for
outstanding sportsman and swimming champion,              to mentor and coach junior students to reach their                                                                       herself and contributed to her school communuity
and a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion.     potential. He is a most impressive student who is                                                                        at every opportunity. Aisa shows great dedication to
He always demonstrates the highest personal               highly regarded by all the school community.                                                                             her studies and is maintaining an exceptional level
standards of excellence and responsibility, decency                                                                                                                                of achievement in all of her Higher School Certificate
and collaboration, and is a proud advocate for                                                                                                                                     courses. Aisa is a worthy recipient of the Minister's
public education.                                                                                                                                                                  Award for Excellence in Student Achievement.

10                                                                                         Public Education Foundation   2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence                                                             11
EXCELLENCE 2021 Minister's and Secretary's - Awards for - Public Education Foundation
Zoe Peters
                 Alyssa Koit                                                 Dineshe Mohanarajah                                               Maximillian Navarrete                                 Denison College of Secondary
                 Fort Street High School                                     Girraween High School                                             Bega High School                                      Education – Bathurst High Campus
Alyssa ranks academically in the very top cohort of          Dineshe has demonstrated the highest quality                  Max has demonstrated a strong commitment to his          Zoe is an exceptional student whose unique ability
students at this selective school. She is a collaborative    attributes as a positive role model for public                education at Bega High school. He is self motivated,     to focus intently on her own growth and positive
and supportive classmate, and a keen mentor and              education. His achievements have extended into                mature and a hard worker. Max is a well rounded          self-development of her peers within the community,
coach to others. She is an outstanding sportswoman,          the domains of academic excellence, community                 young man demonstrating skills performing musically      places her in the top echelon of young people in
and is a NSW representative in basketball. She               contributions, co-curricular and leadership                   within his band, playing a range of sports and high      Australia. Zoe is regularly the highest academic
is Sports House Captain, and has organised,                  endeavours. Dineshe's service has been exemplary                                                                       achiever in her cohort, achieving outstanding results
                                                                                                                           level academic achievement in Physics, Advanced
managed and refereed inter-school and intra-school           and his contributions to the school are meritorious.                                                                   across all subjects. Her incomparable school leadership
                                                                                                                           English, Mathematics, PDHPE and Music. Max also
competitions across a wide variety of sports. She            He has initiated and led numerous programs that                                                                        as Captain and Bathurst Youth Mayor opens doors for
                                                                                                                           performs at a high level in many sports including
has also been a leading member of several academic           have supported both students and teachers. Dineshe                                                                     many students in our public education system. As the
and social-justice co-curricular programs. In all            has actively demonstrated an outstanding ability to           Rugby League, snow skiing and soccer, and acts as
                                                                                                                                                                                    International Women’s Day Ambassador and National
roles Alyssa demonstrates sportsmanship, fairness,           balance his studies at an academically selective high         a mentor and role model for younger students in his      Lions Youth of the Year 2021 winner she has inspired
responsibility, co-operation and excellence. She and         school with a variety of other co-curricular activities       capacity as school captain.                              youth girls across our region. A worthy recipient for
her family are proud supporters of public education.         both within the school and the wider community.                                                                        Excellence in Student Achievement.
                                                             Dineshe is a most deserving recipient of this award.

                                                                                                                                               Milla Papallo
                 Hannah Lovlin                                                                                                                 NBSC – Mackellar Girls Campus                         Melinda Ryan
                 NBSC – Manly Selective Campus                               Lowanna Murray                                Milla Papallo has distinguished herself and                               Coonabarabran High School
Hannah Lovlin is a Year 12 Student at Manly Campus                           Cowra High School                             demonstrated a commitment to excellence.                 Melinda Ryan is an outstanding young woman. She
of Northern Beaches Secondary College. She has               It is with great pride that Lowanna Murray has been           As School Captain, Milla displays the strongest          has achieved excellence in her studies through her
always been a high achiever and has demonstrated             awarded a Minister’s Award for Excellence in Student          leadership, integrity and responsibility, and is         enthusiasm for learning and willingness to work hard
her commitment to both school and the community              Achievement. Lowanna is a proud Cowra Wiradjuri               always a proactive and productive individual with        to achieve a goal. She has been an exemplary role
in a variety of ways. She absolutely embodies our            woman and school captain who achieves high levels             a keen sense of the wellbeing of others. She has         model in our community through her upholding of
school ethos of Academic Excellence, Personal                of academic success. She is an exemplary leader who           distinguished herself academically, and her highest      our school's core values of excellence, resilience and
Best and Giving back to the Community as a most              has been a member of the Student Leadership Council           level achievements at State Netball, and her State       respect. She is highly, and rightly regarded by staff as
valued and respected member of the SRC and Vice              since Year 7. Lowanna is admired for her innovative                                                                    a young woman of considerable talent and integrity,
                                                                                                                           level achievements in swimming, athletics, touch and
Captain. Her dedication to the wellbeing of those she        approaches to leadership, her ability to build a rapport                                                               and a well deserved recipient of this award.
                                                                                                                           basketball, further evidence Milla’s commitment to
encounters reflects her personal qualities, such as          and challenge students to achieve their best and
                                                                                                                           excellence and her broad talent. Milla’s exceptionally
integrity, celebrating diversity and a sense of fair play.   all this is reflected in her skills to model collective
She is highly recommended for this prestigious award.        efficacy amongst her peers across the school and              high personal standards and her contributions to the
                                                             the Cowra community.                                          community make her an outstanding role model. Her
                                                                                                                           talent is further evidenced by her varied cultural and                    Chloe Smith
                                                                                                                           community achievements.                                                   Lambton High School
                                                                                                                                                                                    Chloe is a remarkable, talented young woman whose
                 Nhi Lu                                                                                                                                                             achievements extend from a strong academic
                 Prairiewood High School                                     Chelsea Nagel                                                                                          program of study, to engagement in sport at an elite
Nhi Lu is an exceptional student who demonstrates                            Elizabeth Macarthur High School
                                                                                                                                                                                    level and as a school community leader as Senior
excellence in all she does! Academically, she                We at Elizabeth Macarthur High School have been                                                                        Prefect, SRC leader and sports coach. She takes pride
performs at the highest levels across a variety of           blessed with the skills and talents of Chelsea Nagel                                                                   in representing her school, Hunter Region and NSW,
disciplines, whilst executing her demanding duties           over the past 6 years at school assemblies, COS                                                                        whilst showcasing encouragement to students of all
as School Prefect. She is held in high esteem by             Showcases, musicals and much more with her                                                                             ages. Chloe approaches her studies enthusiastically
peers and staff alike, because of her consistent             angelic voice and assembly talks of her experiences                                                                    to achieve at the highest level and has a passion
commitment to the school community, and                      and lessons learned when faced with adversity. She                                                                     to be of service to others in the school and local
infectious energy that draws others to engage                has exceeded all expectations on her high school                                                                       community, while leading initiatives as a positive role
in matters of high social and environmental                  achievements and is on track to achieve her post                                                                       model in upholding the values of public education.
importance. Coming from a disadvantaged socio-               school destination of university. Chelsea has been
economic background, Nhi has achieved outcomes               an integral member in the CAPA faculty but also to
in her learning and leadership that can only be              the wider school community displaying ambition and
attributed to her determination and drive to succeed.        sportsmanship beyond her years and physical ability.

12                                                                                           Public Education Foundation   2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence                                                          13
EXCELLENCE 2021 Minister's and Secretary's - Awards for - Public Education Foundation
Claudia Smith                                              Sinduja Sureshkumar                                              Mark Tran                                                 Shanni Yehuda
                 Orange High School                                         Penrith High School                                              Prairiewood High School                                   Sydney Girls High School
Claudia Smith is a clear example of our school             Sinduja Sureshkumar is a highly gifted student,               Mark Tran is an outstanding Year 12 student, who             Shanni is the current School Captain and is
motto – she strives to do her best in every part of her    excelling across the curriculum. This is clearly              has achieved excellence across multiple platforms.           an outstanding leader and scholar. She is an
school life. Claudia proudly demonstrates our values       evident in her recent HSC assessments where she               Academically he ranks first in Mathematics Extension         extraordinarily gifted and dedicated student who
of safety, learning and respect in everything she does     has improved her performance in all areas. Sinduja is         2 and Chemistry having achieved Band 6 and E4 in the         is highly respected by her teachers and peers,
– academically, on the sporting field, in the arts, as a   currently ranked 1st in PDHPE, 1st in Biology and 1st         2020 HSC Mathematics and Extension 1 Examinations.           and serves as an inspiring role model for younger
school leader and in every interaction she has with        in Studies of Religion and she has received numerous          As a school prefect, Mark's leadership with and for          students in the school . She is unfailingly respectful
her teachers and her peers. She excels academically        academic recognition awards, most recently in                 others is exceptional and operating beyond self. He          and unassuming however has the capacity to
and strives to continually improve in all areas of her     English and Biology. Her dedication to her studies,           has been consistently mindful and purposeful in his          articulate and promote the views of the student
academic life as a learner who approaches every            the high goals she sets herself and her work ethic            school and community engagement, enriching school            body with courtesy and diplomacy. Shanni certainly
task with a determination to build her knowledge           have earned her excellent results in all subjects.            culture, raising awareness of critical social issues, and    matches the profile of a young leader deserving the
and Orange High School is extremely proud of her           Sinduja was successfully elected as Prefect in 2020.          encouraging others to play their part. Accordingly,          recognition of “student excellence.”
achievements.                                              She is most deserving of this award.                          Mark Tran is most worthy of the Minister’s Award for
                                                                                                                         Excellence in Student Achievement!

                 Alexa Stuart                                               Brodie Taylor
                 Lambton High School                                        Ulladulla High School                                            Zoe Tudor
                                                           Brodie is an exceptional young person in all aspects.                             Singleton High School
Alexa is an outstanding, highly motivated student
                                                           He is the Vice School Captain and truly committed             Zoe is a perfect example of the values and qualities
who embodies the values of public education.
                                                           to his school and his studies achieving outstanding           that underpins public education. Zoe is the product of
She approaches her studies with dedication and
                                                           results across a range of rigorous subjects. Along            six years of consistent diligence, sustained effort and
an enquiring mind, reflected in her outstanding
                                                           with this he is a caring, strategic and inventive school      commitment to herself and her school community.
achievements in all HSC subjects, including
                                                           leader, enabling the voice of all students through his        This is reflected in exemplar academic, sporting
distinguished achievement in accelerated                   leadership role on the SRC. His invention of QR Codes
Mathematics and Visual Arts. Alexa shows                                                                                 and leadership success through to her election as
                                                           on bins, to improve student engagement in recycling           school captain, 2021. Zoe personifies the values of
determination to be of service to others in the school     for the school has been outstanding, with both staff
and local community, and has led initiatives as a                                                                        respect, cooperation, responsibility, participation,
                                                           and students embracing this remarkable initiative.            care, fairness and most importantly, integrity in all
positive role model through her leadership in the          Brodie has a passion, commitment and aptitude for
SRC and as School Captain. A community role model,                                                                       that she does. She has represented her school in
                                                           IStem. A well deserving student of excellence.                the community and showcases the importance of
Alexa is passionate about the environment and is
                                                                                                                         student voice. Zoe is deserving of the Minister’s
recognised for her advocacy and inspiring youth
                                                                                                                         Award for Excellence in Student Achievement. ​
awareness and climate action.

                                                                            Thinesshan Thevathasan
                                                                            North Sydney Boys High School

                 Amelie Stuut                              Thinesshan is a true all-rounder, a young man with                                Nicholas Whelan
                                                           enthusiasm, a love of learning and natural leadership                             Penrith High School
                 Galston High School                       skills. He is a most deserving candidate for this             Nicholas Whelan is a high-achieving student who
Amelie Stuut is an exceptional young woman who             important award and represents what is good                   has maintained an excellent standard across the
holds the position of school Vice Captain at Galston       about public education. He is a valued member of
                                                                                                                         curriculum. His dedication to learning and work
High School. Amelie demonstrates exemplary                 our school community and exemplifies falcon pride
                                                                                                                         ethic have earned him excellent results in all areas.
interpersonal and leadership skills on a daily             and the Falcon Code, the set of values held dear in
                                                                                                                         Nicholas is currently ranked 5th in his year group – an
basis and is a highly valued member of the school          our school, preparing young men to be the future.
                                                                                                                         outstanding achievement for a student completing
community. She has an outstanding reputation as a          As his mentor for the past year, I am confident in
                                                                                                                         his HSC year in an academically selective high school.
student representative and is held in high esteem by       Thinesshan being a most worthy recipient for this
                                                                                                                         He is ranked 1st in English, 1st in Modern History, 1st in
her prefect peers, younger students and teachers for       prestigious award.
                                                                                                                         Studies of Religion and 4th in Mathematics. Nicholas
her leadership skills. Amelie Stuut is the embodiment                                                                    was successfully elected as Prefect in 2020, earning
of the values we espouse in public education and is                                                                      the respect of his teachers and peers. Nicholas is a
an outstanding recipient of the Minister’s Award for                                                                     most worthy recipient of this award.
Excellence in Student Achievement.

14                                                                                         Public Education Foundation   2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence                                                             15
EXCELLENCE 2021 Minister's and Secretary's - Awards for - Public Education Foundation
MINISTER’S AWARD FOR                                                                                                                                                          pedagogical practices through evidence-based
                                                                                                                                                                              literacy and numeracy practices. Deanne builds

                                                                                                                                                                              a mentally healthy learning community where
                                                                                                                                        George Betsis                         students feel connected, resilient and independent,
                                                                                                                                        Ulladulla High School                 by embedding the Be You mental health framework
                                                                                                                                                                              school-wide. Deanne has an outstanding work ethic,
                                                                                                                    George Betsis is a passionate, very experienced and       acts with compassion and empathy and strives
                                                                                                                    highly skilled mathematics teacher. For his entire        for excellence.
                                                                                                                    career he has been authentically committed to
                                                                                                                    ensuring all students access the benefits and rigor
                                                                                                                    of learning maths, with a particular focus on those
RECIPIENT CITATIONS                                                                                                 who disengage. George has successfully led the
                                                                                                                    COVID Numeracy Strategy and QT Rounds firmly                              Gerard Chomicz
                                                                                                                    grounded in quality teaching. George is the pivotal                       Campbellfield Public School
                                                                                                                    contributing factor for the inspirational culture         Gerard Chomicz is a passionate, leading learner who
                                                                                                                    of learning within a large mathematics faculty,           embeds evidence-based teaching practices. He is
                                                                                                                    and enlivening mathematics for all. He prioritises
                Kelly Andrews                                          Megan Atkinson                               learning, despite the high demands placed upon him
                                                                                                                                                                              driven to achieve the highest standards of success
                Birrong Girls High School                              Elderslie High School                                                                                  for every student, staff member and parent/carer.
                                                                                                                    as a deputy principal in a large rural high school.       His high expectations drive continuous improvement,
Kelly Andrews teaches with passion, as if there is an   After over 25 years as our most prominent
                                                                                                                                                                              increasing student achievement. His professionalism
emergency in pursuit of equity and student success.     Agriculture teacher, Megan Atkinson has developed
                                                                                                                                                                              is of the highest calibre and is underpinned by
This has led to incredible, above state average         a school farm that is second to none, ensuring                                                                        integrity and respect, as he strives for social equity.
results over the past seven years without fail. Her     a highly engaging space for students. She is the                                                                      As a special education teacher, Gerard ensures that
whole school contributions to professional learning     creator of our Animal Nursery Program in which                                  Livia Bolanca
                                                                                                                                                                              diverse learners flourish. His leadership enables
                                                        she runs around 12 community petting nurseries for                              Birrong Girls High School
have modelled consistent best practice in explicit                                                                                                                            culturally responsive learning for our Aboriginal
quality teaching, formative assessment and ALARM.       small children annually, giving up her Saturdays to         Livia Bolanca is an exceptional instructional leader,     students. Gerard motivates others to achieve
The results have included the Birrong Girls High        allow students to showcase their animal handling            full of energy and passion for pedagogy and               personal excellence. His relentless commitment to
School being recognised repeatedly for ‘punching        skills. She develops displays for Agricultural Shows        education. Her vibrant discussions with her peer          public education is inspiring, impressive and should
above its weight’ in HSC performance, and in 2020,      (Sydney Royal, Camden and Penrith) to give students         colleagues focus on student achievement and               be celebrated.
                                                        opportunities to interact with the Agricultural             ensuring that every lesson is rich with impact. Her
placing in the top four comprehensive high schools
                                                        community. Over more than 20 years, our students            work across the state as Teacher Quality Adviser is
for excellence in HSC English results. She leads by
                                                        have won many parading competitions due to                  an extension of the long term work she has done
example. She leads by excellence.
                                                        Megan's leadership.                                         within her faculty, alongside executive and senior
                                                                                                                    executive members and across KLAs within Birrong                          Alison Clark
                                                                                                                    Girls High School. She has modelled collaborative                         Wadalba Community School
                                                                       Matthew Baillie                              efficacy at its finest and has played a pivotal role in   Alison Clark has demonstrated qualities of a world
                                                                       Denison College of Secondary                 the celebrated HSC English results at BGHS and has
                Michelle Armstrong                                     Education – Bathurst High
                                                                                                                                                                              class teacher. This is demonstrated through her
                                                                                                                    transformed lives forever.                                support of highest level academic achievement by
                Albury High School
                                                                       Campus                                                                                                 her students, coupled with their appreciation for
Michelle Armstrong lives and breathes teaching
                                                        Matthew Baillie is an extremely popular and                                                                           her commitment to supporting their excellence
and Albury High School. She is an exceptional,
                                                        highly effective teaching and learning expert. His                                                                    and growth as learners. Ms Clark’s pedagogical
expert teacher who excels in getting the best from      students’ outstanding results are a testament to his                                                                  practice is a model of excellence. Her practice is
her students. Her HSC results in Mathematics and                                                                                        Deanne Bulmer
                                                        impeccable subject knowledge, his dynamic and well                                                                    student focussed, innovative and shared beyond
Software Development and Design include multiple                                                                                        Campbellfield Public School
                                                        informed pedagogy and his deep care for all of the                                                                    her classroom. This includes sharing of her practice
Band 6 over multiple years. She is equally passionate   students he engages with as a classroom teacher,            Deanne Bulmer is a passionate educator with a             across school, local, state and national levels. Her
at supporting students with learning difficulties and   a year advisor, a mentor and a sporting coach. His          strong moral imperative to watch all students             quality practice prior to COVID-19 and innovative
differentiating learning. Her commitment to our IT      humble and affable nature make him an invaluable            succeed. As an exemplary teacher, she actively            practice during and post “learning from home” is an
system and 21st C learning means that Albury High       member of the teaching team where his unwavering            shapes our school culture leading to innovation and       exemplar of next practice for the teaching profession.
School is well placed in the digital world. I cannot                                                                inclusivity. Deanne drives continuous improvement,
                                                        commitment to public education and his willingness
recommend her highly enough. Michelle is a worthy                                                                   supporting staff to develop agency and adaptive
                                                        to embrace change and challenge inspire other
recipient of this award.                                                                                            expertise. She refines practices through coaching,
                                                        teaching professionals. He is exceptionally worthy
                                                                                                                    mentoring and collaborative planning. She improves
                                                        of this recognition.

16                                                                                    Public Education Foundation   2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence                                                          17
EXCELLENCE 2021 Minister's and Secretary's - Awards for - Public Education Foundation
Veronica Manock
                 Paul Clarke                                               Danielle Demetrios                                               Kathryn Kane                                            Denison College of Secondary
                 Merrylands High School                                    Liverpool Boys High School                                       James Fallon High School                                Education – Bathurst High Campus
Paul Clarke is a true public education champion            Danielle Demetrios has been a valued member of               Kathryn Kane is the Teacher Librarian at James Fallon       Veronica Manock’s unwavering enthusiasm, passion
since 1985. He is an educational leader who selflessly     our school community since 2009. She has built               High School. She excels at this role, connecting with       and positivity for teaching make her a popular and
serves young people through applying professional          deep relationships with students, staff and external         each student to ensure they feel safe and cared             extremely successful educator. She is a wholly
knowledge and exemplary practice. Paul is expert           partners. Danielle demonstrates a work ethic way             for. Students enjoy working with her on a variety of        committed and dynamic practitioner who acts as a
at engaging students, employing his remarkable             beyond what is expected and has dedicated herself            creative and innovative projects that are inclusive and     positive mentor to others in her profession. Veronica
interpersonal skills to build rapport and connection       to a range of pursuits including being Head Teacher          engaging. Her expertise, particularly in literacy and       holds extremely high expectations of herself, her
with all students. His humility, professionalism and       of HSIE & Big Picture, Year Adviser, VET Teacher             technology, has provided students with the tailored         colleagues and her students and thus achieves
patience ensures that he is also a colleague who is        and Big Picture Adviser. Her deep professional               support they require to meet their evolving learning        excellence in both her own classroom and in those
cherished by all staff. Paul continues to serve public     knowledge, exemplary practice and ongoing                    needs. Kathryn’s willingness to cater to the diversity      around her. She is an invaluable member of the
education through his role as a mentor to beginning        engagement make her an asset not only to our                 of all learners and her cheerful approach to building       leadership team where her ideas, her informed
teachers pursuing a career through their tertiary          school but to public education.                              relationships with students and their families, make        understanding of educational research and her ability
                                                                                                                        her a highly respected teacher in the school.               to evaluate practice have been essential to school
education and wider sporting communities as
                                                                                                                                                                                    evaluation and planning. She is simply one of the best!
reflected through his life memberships to athletics
and swimming.
                                                                           Martin Douglas
                                                                           Corowa High School                                               Sandra Kerr
                                                                                                                                            Wagga Wagga High School                                 Lisa McInally
                                                           Martin Douglas represents the best of the teaching                                                                                       Clairgate Public School
                 Andrew Clifton                            profession. He is an exciting teacher with a real
                                                                                                                        Wagga Wagga High School considers Sandra Kerr
                 Maitland Public School                                                                                 to be an outstanding teacher who demonstrates               Lisa McInally is dedicated to promoting a warm
                                                           passion for History; he is an inspiring leader who
                                                                                                                        personal qualities of collaboration, inclusivity, and       and welcoming environment at Clairgate where all
Andrew Clifton’s connection with the students he           supports and enables his colleagues to flourish;
                                                                                                                        empathy with all members of the school and wider            children, parents and staff feel supported and valued.
teaches exemplifies his professional capacities.           and he is unstintingly generous with his time,
                                                                                                                        teaching community. Her contribution to the special         Her generosity of spirit and warm manner are evident
As Learning and Support Teacher, he combines a             knowledge and resources. The beneficiaries of
                                                                                                                        education community at WWHS and regionally                  on a daily basis and she is integral to the smooth
broad curriculum knowledge with outstanding data           Martin's exceptional teaching extend beyond his own
                                                                                                                        show her commitment to all students achieving               running of the school. Lisa is an amazing teacher and
management skills to best support students with            classroom and can be found across our student, staff                                                                     mentor to staff, she is warm and caring to all children
                                                                                                                        their potential educationally and socially. Sandra
learning difficulties in improving their knowledge         and parents communities and, indeed, in schools              ensures all students are known and cared for and            and a font of wisdom and common sense for parents.
and understanding and extending Stage 3 gifted             across the state where his knowledge and resources           that their contributions are valued. She represents         She is a large part of the heart of our school and we
and talented students in maths. Further, he leads          have been used in the creation and implementation            public education with dignity in all her endeavours         simply cannot imagine a more deserving recipient
professional learning across the school through his        of the new HSC History Syllabuses. In short, Martin is       and WWHS are proud of her Minister’s Award for              of an award for Excellence in Teaching.
capacity to use technology to support learning and         an excellent teacher.                                        Excellence in Teaching.
data literacy for staff, vital to our school improvement
plan and building capacity for more than twenty
teaching staff. Andrew is a deserving recipient                            Stacey Jones
of this award.                                                                                                                                                                                      Melanie Naylor
                                                                           Denison College of Secondary                                     Kylie Lenhardt                                          Hunter River High School
                                                                           Education – Kelso High Campus                                    Murwillumbah High School                Melanie Naylor has demonstrated exemplar
                                                           Stacey Jones is an exceptionally intelligent, capable        Kylie Lenhardt is an outstanding teacher who is             leadership within her own faculty and across the
                                                           and committed teaching professional. Her deep                achieving above the Australian Professional Standards.      school. She is a trusted leader, who through her
                                                           knowledge and understanding of her teaching                  She holds exceptional rapport with her Y7-12 students       passion for public education and personal integrity,
                                                           syllabi, the Australian Professional Standards for           whom she inspires to grow as learners and parents           has achieved the highest HSC value-added data
                                                           Teachers and a wide range of important educational           and colleagues hold her in high regard. As leader of        across multiple subjects in the past ten years.
                                                           research makes her an invaluable leader across the           Stage-4 Kylie is influential in the re-imagining of our     Melanie’s innovative approach to teacher quality
                                                           entire school community. Stacey's high expectations          team-based program; a catalyst for transformation           is foregrounded in evidence-based professional
                                                           drive best practice within and beyond the school             of learning across the school. Kylie's passion and          learning. Through a coaching instructional leader
                                                           gates, ensuring that the positive impact her work            commitment is influencing whole-school impact on            model, Melanie upskilled the executive team
                                                           has on student outcomes spreads far beyond                   learning, assessment and the development of student         which has created the conditions for sustained
                                                           her classroom walls. Stacey makes teaching and               led showcases. One of her students recently described       improvement in student outcomes with a collective
                                                           learning exciting and her dynamic and curious nature         Kylie as 'paving the way for young female teachers and      staff efficacy that we can all make a difference if we
                                                           makes her an invaluable collaborator.                        leaders.' Kylie Lenhardt is an asset to public education.   work together as a team.

18                                                                                        Public Education Foundation   2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence                                                            19
Suzanne Sherrington
                                                                                                                        SECRETARY’S AWARD FOR
                                                                                                                        EXCELLENCE SERVICE
                Ian Preston
                Murrumbidgee Regional                                     Doonside Technology
                High School                                               High School
Ian Preston has been an educational leader and            Suzanne Sherrington is a passionate and skilful
innovator for the past 30 years. His work to establish    early career teacher who exemplifies the Australian
the Murrumbidgee Academy of STEM Excellence and           Professional Standards for Teachers. Her deep
the NSW Virtual STEM Academy in the Riverina has          knowledge of her students and the way they learn,
positioned the region as STEM educational leaders.        inclusive of their cultural and family context, enables
He has demonstrated excellence in all areas of
teaching, leadership, and engagement with the broader
                                                          her to ensure that each and every student is known,           RECIPIENT CITATIONS
                                                          valued and cared for. Suzanne’s classes are vibrant
educational community. Ian’s commitment to the ideals     learning environments in which students are
of public education makes him a most suitable recipient   encouraged to strive for personal and group success,
of the Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.       resulting in both academic and personal growth.                                   Jannan Assaad
                                                                                                                                            Saturday School of Community                        Simone Billinghurst
                                                                                                                                            Languages                                           Bringelly Public School
                                                                                                                        Jannan Assaad is an outstanding educator, who is        Simone Billinghurst is a passionate educator
                Carolyn Ratcliffe                                         Inoke Tuhukava                                driven by her passionate commitment to ensuring         dedicated to improving the education opportunities
                Albury High School                                        Turramurra High School                        the best learning experiences for all students to       for students, bringing positive change to their futures
Carolyn Ratcliffe is an inspirational leader in the                                                                     develop their language skills and deepen their          and to their communities in the 21st century. She
                                                          Inoke Tuhukava has a passion for the holistic
classroom and across the school. She is an expert                                                                       intercultural understanding in a rich and dynamic       has devoted her time in increasing the professional
                                                          development of students and a strong understanding
teacher who has mentored staff members to replicate                                                                     school environment. She supports over 3,000             skills of others, particularly in the understanding
                                                          of the connections between physical development,
her excellent HSC results across the faculty. Her                                                                       students across 14 campuses and has developed           and development of Aboriginal Education. Her
                                                          learning and emotional wellbeing. Among other
input has her subject regularly above state average                                                                     and implemented intensive training programs for         commitment has been demonstrated in advancing
                                                          programs and initiatives, Inoke has developed the Big         teachers in the use of innovative and effective
in HSC results. Her passion for teaching is evident.      Hill fitness and physical development program. Twice                                                                  educational leadership through action research and in
She is also as passionate about student wellbeing                                                                       technologies to enrich their teaching and learning
                                                          a week students come to school early to participate                                                                   partnership with Western Sydney University through
working as HT Wellbeing where she supports staff                                                                        programs in face-to-face and remote contexts.
                                                          together in group and individualised programs. With                                                                   the EPIC initiatives and working with other executive
and students equally in a complex world. Carolyn is                                                                     She fosters ingenuity and models this to all staff
                                                          a great sense of camaraderie and a positive culture,                                                                  teachers in three networks. Simone is very respected
an expert in mediation and developing resilience in                                                                     while encouraging them to take risks with their own
                                                          students are comfortable to push the limits of what                                                                   amongst her fellow teachers and executives in
students and this impacts on the learning climate for                                                                   professional learning and growth through technology.
                                                          they think they are capable of. Inoke has the students’                                                               creating pathways to improve students outcomes.
all staff, improving educational outcomes. She is an
                                                          respect and admiration and he exemplifies passion
exceptional award recipient.
                                                          and commitment for students and the school.

                                                                                                                                            Fiona Baillie
                Michael Richards                                                                                                            Campbellfield Public School                         Sahin Bostanci
                Rutherford Technology
                                                                          Scott Waring                                                                                                          Lindfield Learning Village
                                                                                                                        Fiona Baillie’s passion and dedication to public
                High School                                               Great Lakes College                                                                                   Within the brief to develop a New Educational Model
                                                                                                                        education shines through in her daily work as a
                                                                          Senior Campus                                 School Learning and Support Officer. She is a fierce    and the opportunity to thrive in repurposed and
Michael Richards is an excellent classroom practitioner
                                                          Scott Waring is an exceptional Highly Accomplished            advocate for all children, but particularly for those   rejuvenated spaces we need exceptional people
attempting to always gain high student outcomes
                                                          Teacher who has achieved significant results                  with disabilities and complex needs. She uses her       to curate and shape the way we inhabit them.
through an innovative and engaging classroom
                                                          across the science and mathematics curriculum                 expertise developed over 14 years of service, to        Sahin Bostanci cares deeply about both the spaces
environment. As well as being an exceptional classroom
                                                          areas. Students in his class, despite their social and        empower children, staff and families to work in a       and the people in them. He works tirelessly to
practitioner, Michael is a leader in professional
development and inclusiveness within the school. He       environmental disadvantage, have performed above              partnership, leading to happy, successful students.     solve challenges that are impacting on the work
is extremely supportive of his CAPA colleagues and        state average. This is due to his ability to develop          Fiona has been pivotal in improving student             of teachers, and the learning of students. Sahin
models exemplary skills to lead initiatives within the    meaningful relationships with his students, foster a          engagement and wellbeing through innovative             is invested in the culture of Lindfield Learning
Faculty. He supports colleagues using current and         culture of high expectations and an ability to engage         whole school initiatives such as the establishment      Village and imbues his attitude with our values of
comprehensive knowledge of content and teaching           learners. As our Head Teacher Secondary Studies,              of our sensory room, supporting families through        collaboration and creativity, and he uses this mindset
strategies to develop and implement engaging learning     Scott has strategically planned, facilitated and              Campbellfield Connex and implementing the Be You        to beautify and lift our village.
and teaching programs. Michael is an advocate             evaluated whole school professional learning activities       Mental Health framework.
for, participates in and leads strategies to support      that have increased staff capacity to engage with high
high-quality professional learning opportunities for      impact, evidenced based teaching strategies.
colleagues that focus on improved student learning.

20                                                                                        Public Education Foundation   2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence                                                        21
Aunty Kim Chan                                           Jen Greig                                                        James Harris                                          Emma Mackenzie
                 Marrickville Public School                               Merrylands East Public School                                    Heaton Public School                                  Padstow North Public School
Aunty Kim Chan is the heart of our school. She            Jen Greig is an outstanding Instructional Leader. At         James Harris is an outstanding contributor to            Emma Mackenzie is an exceptional educator and
knows and cares for every single student, and every       Merrylands East Public School her leadership has             public education. His work as an SLSO to support         students are the centre of her practice. Her true
member of staff and the school community. Kim             contributed to the shifts in Merrylands East Public          our diverse community has been second to none.           passion is wellbeing and building confident, resilient
makes everyone feel welcome and always makes              School summative assessment results over the                 He has formed relationships with all our EAL/D and       and self directed young people. Emma is the schools
time for those who need it, in spite of her significant   past three years. In 2019, 56% of Year 3 students            refugee students and has gone above and beyond           learning and support coordinator and enriches the
workload as a busy admin manager. As a proud              in NAPLAN were in the two top bands in Writing               to learn his craft to become a classroom teacher all     lives of students and families through her contact.
Wiradjuri woman, Kim mentors and encourages our           with 57% in the top two bands in Spelling and our            whilst managing his fulltime studies. James has a        She builds strong collaborative partnerships with
Aboriginal students to be their very best, and holds      Year 3 girls were above state average in NAPLAN              huge career ahead of him and we are so proud of him      colleagues, families, support organisations and
high expectations of them. She also shares her            Writing and spelling compared to the state cohort.           receiving this award.                                    students resulting in a school culture that nurtures
culture and knowledge with the whole community            Jen shares this skill set with her staff and the wider                                                                and cares. She has implemented a whole school
which inspires and guides us to better connect with       educational community through her leadership of the                                                                   social and emotional program, lst framework that
Country and Culture.                                      Instructional Leaders network.                                                                                        captures and tracks the needs of students and
                                                                                                                                                                                her wellbeing knowledge is sought across schools.
                                                                                                                                           Matthew Johnson                      She is an exceptional leader.
                                                                                                                                           Glenvale School
                                                                                                                       Matthew Johnson is an excellent principal within the
                 Don Dwarte                                               Nathan Gunter                                Mooney Mooney Principal Network, Regional North.
                 Picnic Point Public School                               Wagga Wagga High School                      He has a strong commitment to serving students in
Don Dwarte, the General Assistant at Picnic Point         Wagga Wagga High School considers Nathan                     complex settings and pursuing quality outcomes.                           Brian O'Hora
Public School, has worked here for 18 years. Don is a     Gunter to be an outstanding teacher and Deputy               Matthew has extensive experience and knowledge                            Finley High School
humble, dedicated and hard working member of staff        Principal who demonstrates the personal qualities            in the area of special education. His experience and     Brian O’Hora always goes beyond to ensure Finley
who gives above and beyond to support improving           of collaboration, inclusivity, and empathy with all          dedication to serving students with disabilities and     High School is a safe and engaging environment.
the school environment for students, staff, parents       members of the school and wider community.                   complex needs has formed a significant part of his       He continually works with staff, students and wider
and the community. Despite his small stature, no          Nathan is committed to improving the educational             career. Currently Matthew is leading a complex multi     community to provide the utmost of outcomes in
job is too big for Don. He has done everything from       and wellbeing outcomes of all students and has used          site special school. He is committed to equity and       every area. He is a positive member of staff who over
building puppet shows to creating new garden              data and technology to support staff and students            inclusive practices and is a proud Department of         the years has built great rapport with those working
beds, assembling basketball hoops to building             to achieve these outcomes. He is held in high regard         Education public school leader.                          with him. There is never a task too big for Brian, he
bespoke furniture and more. Don is an amazing             by all members of the community and ensures that                                                                      thinks holistically to benefit all involved. He is greatly
asset and we appreciate everything he does, and the       every student is known and cared for. Nathan aims                                                                     appreciated within his role as General Assistant and
numerous hours that he volunteers above his work          to ensure all students are responsible, resilient,                                                                    also in our community.
requirements. Thank you, Don!                             happy and well rounded global citizens.
                                                                                                                                           Ana Latu
                                                                                                                                           Thomas Reddall High School
                                                                                                                       Ana Latu is an outstanding educational leader who
                                                                                                                       has made a significant contribution to improving                          Tamlyn Phillips
                 Blake Graham                                             Robyn Harmon                                 teaching and learning in Mathematics and Numeracy.                        Ulladulla High School
                 Ulladulla High School                                    Ballina Public School                        She has transformed educational programs to              Tamlyn Phillips, our extraordinary and hardworking
Blake Graham has been an exceptional TSO at all           Robyn Harmon is a passionate and dedicated                   ensure they are inclusive, engaging and rigorous.        Senior Psychologist, Education has been an
levels. He embraces new and emerging technologies         educator who models exemplary integrity and                  As an outstanding teacher and role model, mentor         incredible support to our school for many years. Her
which has allowed the school to be agile in its           professionalism in all areas of her life. She is a           and leader, Ana has made significant improvements        work has had a tremendously positive impact on
response to meeting the learning needs of our             steadfast advocate for human rights and improving            to the teaching practice and capacity of those she       our school through her ability to empower schools
students. He has brilliantly supported implementation:    young people's outcomes in every way. As Assistant           supervises. This has led to exceptional growth in        and provide us with the tools we need to build safe
Telstra Edge, ET4L rollouts, device use, COVID            Principal Learning and Support, Robyn works shoulder         the areas of Mathematics and Numeracy. Ana’s             communities. Her service and care on wellbeing
Learning at home help desk, our Canteen Flexi-            to shoulder with a variety of staff across different         exceptional interpersonal skills and strong work ethic   measures is significant. Despite the slow wearing
schools, School Bytes, our School App, and all the        settings to support students to ensure their needs           mean that she is well respected by her students,         impact of COVID 19, bushfire impact, tragic loss of a
learning platforms that have been initiated over the      are met, and potential outcomes are exceeded. She            colleagues, parents and the wider community. Ana is      student and growing demands of wellbeing issues
last several years. The school’s reputation as being      embodies the Department of Education's values, and           very deserving awardee.                                  in our schools/community, Tamlyn has always been
a technology innovator is largely due to Blake’s          takes on challenges with dedication and commitment                                                                    superb in the support of our students. A wonderful
incredible ability to support the school community.       to overcoming disadvantage and adversity to improve                                                                   person, deserving of this recognition.
A team player, hardworking, helpful and enthusiastic!     the community we live in.

22                                                                                       Public Education Foundation   2021 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence                                                           23
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