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Explore Japan 2018 - Edmonton Japanese Community Association
Explore Japan 2018
       A Cultural and Educational Experience for

Grade 10 High School Students in the greater Edmonton,

             Red Deer and Calgary areas

                  March 10, 2018

                   Final Report
         Explore Japan 2018 Steering Committee
            Edmonton Japanese Community Association
              Consulate General of Japan in Calgary
                     Edmonton Public Schools
                        Alberta Education
              Alberta Japanese Teachers Association

                          April 5, 2018
Explore Japan 2018 - Edmonton Japanese Community Association
Table of Content

1. Program Objective - What is the “Explore Japan”?          p. 3

2. Background                                                p. 3
3. Steering Committee                                        p. 4

4. Project Organization Structure                            p. 5

5. Date/Time                                                 p. 5

6. Attending Representatives from Supporting Organizations   p. 6

7. News Release to Media                                     p. 6

8. Student Registration and FOIP Form                        p. 6

9. Registered Schools, Students, Teachers and Chaperones     p. 6

10. Program Details                                          p. 6

11. Funding Sources and Expenditures                         p. 9

12. Providers of Equipment and Other Supplies                p. 9

13. Facility Information                                     p. 10

14. Students’ Handbook                                       p. 11

15. Workshop Timetable                                       p. 11

16. Project Timeline                                         p. 11

17. Summary of Feedback from Students and Teachers           p. 13
18. Photos                                                   p. 16

19. Documents / Reports                                      p. 19

Explore Japan 2018 - Edmonton Japanese Community Association
1. Program Objective - What is the “Explore Japan”?

   The program provides an opportunity for Grade 10 students in the Capital Region, Red Deer and
   Calgary to explore Japanese culture first hand. Through a variety of activities facilitated by
   Japanese community members, the program will help young learners enhance their
   understanding of Japanese culture and promote friendship between Japan and Canada. High
   school Japanese programs will greatly benefit by participating in the event.

2. Background
   Edmonton Japanese Community Association (EJCA) has been promoting Japanese culture and
   language in the Edmonton area. Since 2002, it has been providing the “Japan Today” program to
   junior high schools as a Grade 8 Social module supplement. In May 2010, EJCA Culture
   Programs Committee received an inquiry from the Alberta Japanese Teachers Association (AJTA)
   if cultural presentation to Grade 10 students who would start studying Japanese Language and
   Culture in September could be organized by EJCA.

   The first “Explore Japan” was held on October 26, 2010, with 185 students from 5 high schools
   attended. The feedback from students and teachers indicated that the Explore Japan was a
   valuable program for students learning Japanese language at high school.

   Between 2011 and 2016, Explore Japan was held annually in the early November as a two-day
   event and offered a variety of cultural activities to many students as indicated below.

                            Dates                      High schools attended    Students attended
   Explore Japan 2010       October 26, 2010           5 high schools           185
   Explore Japan 2011       November 1 & 2, 2011       9 high schools           300
   Explore Japan 2012       November 6 & 7             8 high schools           256
   Explore Japan 2013       November 5 & 6             9 high schools           261
   Explore Japan 2014       November 4 & 5             7 high schools           282
   Explore Japan 2015       November 3 & 4             5 high schools           209
   Explore Japan 2016       November 1 & 2             7 high schools           292
   Explore Japan 2017       March 10, 2018             7 high schools           177
                            (held on Saturday in
                            the second semester:
                            now called Explore
                            Japan 2018)

Explore Japan 2018 - Edmonton Japanese Community Association
Explore Japan 2018 was held in a new format in which teachers, students and other participants
      played key roles throughout its planning and implementation stages. The event was held only on
      one day in March (second semester) during a weekend at Harry Ainlay High School instead of
      the previous venue, Woodcroft School (or iisle: Institute for Innovation in Second Language
      Education, Edmonton Public Schools) on 2 weekdays in the first semester. The reasons for the
      changes were as follows:

      funding decrease

      possible steering committee member changes

      the difficulty in finding instructors, assistants and volunteers for 2 days on weekdays

      financial burden on each school on weekday due to the need of substitute teachers

      teachers need to plan substitute lessons on weekdays

      the new site allows the event to serve foods during the event other than a Bento lunch

      the new site allows a commercial vendor with popular Japanese goods

   Since the event has become a one-day event on Saturday, fewer number of Gr. 10 students registered
   in the event. However, with more active involvement of participating teachers and students as well as
   many volunteer students from Harry Ainlay High School, the steering committee believes that, overall,
   the event was a success. The student volunteers created many MATSURI booths with Japanese food
   and games, and the retail shop called MINISO in south Edmonton held a booth with Japanese goods
   throughout the event. As a result, the Explore Japan created a revitalized atmosphere.

3. Steering Committee

   Daniel Ito (Co-Chair)     Teacher, Alberta Japanese Teachers Association (AJTA) / Harry Ainlay
                             High School
   Sanae Ohki (Co-Chair) President, Edmonton Japanese Community Association
   Yoshifumi Murakami        Japanese Language Advisor, Alberta Education / Japan Foundation
   Mai Tomori                Vice-Consul, Consulate General of Japan in Calgary
   Angela Hernandez          Language Consultant, Edmonton Public Schools
   Mieko Fedrau              Retired Teacher, AJTA / Victoria Nikkei Cultural Association
   Amy Kikuchi-Klatt         Teacher, AJTA/ Bishop Carroll High School
   Emma Crossley             Teacher, AJTA / Jasper Place High School
   Miriam Irons              Teacher, AJTA / Lindsay Thurber High School
   Erika Oshiki              Teacher, AJTA / Memorial High School
Explore Japan 2018 - Edmonton Japanese Community Association
Laura Allan                Teacher, AJTA / Paul Kane High School
   Corbin Musselman           Teacher, AJTA / Spruce Grove High School

4. Project Organization Structure

                                           Note: Yujin Kang from the host high school student group later resigned.

   Supporting Organizations
       1.   Consulate General of Japan in Calgary
       2.   Edmonton Japanese Community Association (EJCA)
       3.   Alberta Education
       4.   Edmonton Public Schools
       5.   Alberta Japanese Teachers Association (AJTA)
       6.   Japan Foundation Toronto

5. Date/Time
   Saturday, March 10, 10:00 – 16:15

6. Attending Representatives from Supporting Organizations

Explore Japan 2018 - Edmonton Japanese Community Association
   The Consul-General Kunihiko Tanabe and Mrs. Tanabe, and the Consul Kohei Sakamoto from
         Consulate General of Japan in Calgary
        Ms. Patti Christensen, Supervisor, Curriculum & Resource Support, Edmonton Public Schools
        Dr. Olenka Bilash, Faculty of Secondary Education, the University of Alberta
        Mr. Yanick Jean-Proulx, Assistant Principal, Harry Ainlay High School

7. News Release to Media
     Since the new format is still at the trial stage, the committee decided not to invite any media this

8. Student Registration and FOIP Forms
     Student registrations were conducted on line in mid-February and closed in the early-March.
     Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) form was sent to each school in the
     early March. Students who did not approve the use of their pictures in public were identified by
     wearing Japanese Happi coats during the event.

9.    Registered Schools, Students, Teachers and Chaperones

                             School                          City         students     chaperones

                     Harry Ainlay High School             Edmonton           43             4

                Spruce Grove Composite High School       Spruce Grove         1             1

                     Jasper Place High School             Edmonton           26             2

         Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School        Red Deer           36             4

                       Memorial High School               Stony Plain        19             1

                 Paul Kane Composite High School           St. Albert        31             2

                    Bishop Carroll High School             Calgary           19             2

                                                             Total           177           16

10. Program Details
   A) In the homeroom: 9:45-9:55
         When students arrived at the facility around 9:45, they were directed to a homeroom where
         they could leave jackets, boots and large bags. They also had lunch in the room.

     B) Opening ceremony: 10:00-10:30
         i: Welcome speech by Consul General Kunihiko Tanabe
         ii: Welcome speech by Ms. Patti Christensen
         iii:    Kita-no-Taiko’s Performance
         iv:     Guest Speech by Miss Danielle Roy, a U of A student (Harry Ainlay graduate)
Explore Japan 2018 - Edmonton Japanese Community Association
“My experience of the Alberta-Hokkaido High School Student Exchange Program”

C) Workshop sessions: 10:35-14:45

  i:     Tea ceremony (40 minutes, Room 171)
          Instructor: Tamara Sutherland and
         Assistants: Yoriko Nagata.

         The room was prepared in the tearoom settings with Tatami mats. After a tea ceremony
         was demonstrated by Mayuka, all students made pairs with classmates and enjoyed
         pastries, and then made tea for each other.

  ii:    Calligraphy 1 (40 minutes, Room 333) and 2 (40 minutes, Room 335)

          Because calligraphy activities required extra assistance and a large space, a group
          was divided in 2 smaller groups and each group used a separate room. After the
          instructors explained the fundamentals of Japanese calligraphy and tools, students
          quietly practiced a few kanji characters using samples and made one good copy. When
          there was enough time, students made bookmarks with their own names written in
          Japanese. All their works were dried and packaged for taking home.

  Iii:   Kimono (40 minutes, Library)
          Kimono Instructor: Emiko Kinoshita and Akiko Ogata
          Kimono Assistants: Atsuko Bartsch
          Purikura Assistants from the Lindsey Thurber High School

         Looking at slides and sample Kimonos, students were introduced to the traditional
         Japanese garments and how to wear Yukata. After the introduction, each student wore
         a Yukata and took individual and groups photos. A Purikura station was set up for group
         photos this year, which was a very popular addition to the session.

  iv:    Taiko (40 minutes, Large Gym)
          Taiko Instructors: Omar Amer, Carley Okumura, Yukiko Isaka, Jody Crilly
           and Emilie Chartrand
          The instructors first introduced the Taiko and basic beats, and then, demonstrated key
          techniques. All students took turns drumming the Taiko. Since each group was made

Explore Japan 2018 - Edmonton Japanese Community Association
smaller this year than the previous years, students had more turns and enjoyed playing
              the Japanese traditional instrument.

      V:     Karate (40 minutes, North Gym)
              Karate Instructor:
              Karate Assistants: Michaela Rafferty

             At the Karate session, the instructor guided students into the “Karate world.” The
             important Japanese values and behavior, i.e. politeness, concentration, and respect for
             others were introduced as students enjoyed practicing basic Karate movement.

  D) Lunch: 12:00-12:35
      Students had the option of ordering a Japanese bento box for $13.00 (regular, vegetarian or
      gluten free) from the Mikado Restaurant or bringing their own lunch. Many students enjoyed
      the Bento lunch.

  E) Festival: 14:45-16:15
      Student and teachers from each participating school initiated a booth(s) and they were run
       simultaneously at various locations. The following is the list of the booths and the schools
       that were in charge of them.

      i) Purikura                     — Lindsay Thurber Composite High School (library)
      ii) Chopstick race              —     Memorial High School(library)
      iii) Origami                    — Jasper Place High School(library)
      iv)   Yo-Yo balloon fishing*    —     Paul Kane High School(cafeteria)
      v) Goldfish scooping*           —     Bishop Carroll High School(cafeteria)
      vi) Manga drawing               —     Harry Ainlay High School (Room 301)
      vii) Giant Jenga                —      Harry Ainlay High School(cafeteria)
      viii)Cosplay contest            — Harry Ainlay High School(library)
      ix) Karaoke                     —     Harry Ainlay High School(Room 307)
      x) Festival Café**              —     Harry Ainlay High School(cafeteria)

      *Participants paid $1.00 to play Yo-Yo balloon fishing and Goldfish scooping in order to
      redeem the costs of the activities.
      **Food and drink items were sold for $4.50(pancake), $4.00(Onigiri Curry) and
      $2.50(Calpico drink) to pay for the ingredient costs.

11. Funding Sources and Expenditures

Explore Japan 2018 - Edmonton Japanese Community Association
Grants           Consulate-General                               $ 2500.00
                    Alberta Education                                $ 750.00
                    Participating schools                            $ 240.00
                                                  Sub total                              $ 3,490.00
                    Honorarium for instructors and
   Expenditures                                                    $ 2,550.00
                    Teaching materials and some food                 $ 743.51
                    Transporting materials                            $ 20.00
                                                  Sub total                              $ 3,313.51
   Balance                                                                                $ 176.49*
                      *Surplus carried forward for the next year: new tea whisks are to be purchased.

12. Providers of Equipment and Other Supplies (No charge was made to the project.)
            Tea ceremony equipment, furniture and tatami mats, calligraphy equipment, calligraphy
             samples, 36 Kimono sets (Yukata, footwear, sash, belts, and bins), mirrors, cherry
             blossom trees, a wedding gown and Kimono, Kimono display stands and Happi coats.
            Transportation of the above equipment between the EJCA Centre and Harry Ainlay High
    Harry Ainlay High School:
        Facility, furniture, PC and projectors
        Technology assistance
        Security of facility during the event
        Photo copying paper as practice paper at the Calligraphy sessions
   Alberta Education:
            Hardcopies of the student handbooks for special guests
            Gifts and gift bags for students, teachers, session instructors, assistants and student
   Japan Foundation
            Gifts and information flyers for students, teachers, session instructors, assistants and
             student volunteers
   Consulate General of Japan, Calgary
            Anime maps of Japan for all students

            Post-it pads for all students

Explore Japan 2018 - Edmonton Japanese Community Association
13. Facility Information
   Harry Ainlay High School is located at 4350–111 Street NW, Edmonton. The following diagram
   shows rooms used for the event.

   Explore Japan Events      Location
   Opening Ceremony          Main Gymnasium
   Taiko                     Main Gymnasium
   Karate                    North Gymnasium
   Tea Ceremony              Room 171
   Calligraphy 1             Room 333
   Calligraphy 2             Room 335
   Kimono and Purikura       Library
   Festival Events           Location              Home Room & Lunch Room     Location
   Anime Drawing             Room 301              Bishop Carroll             Room 329
   Karaoke                   Room 307              Lindsay Thurber            Room 327
   Chopstick Race            Library               Memorial & Spruce Grove    Room 429
   Purikura                  Library               Jasper Place               Room 320
   Cosplay Contest           Library               Paul Kane                  Room 424
   Festival Café             Cafeteria             Harry Ainlay               Room 402 & 421
   Goldfish Scooping         Cafeteria
   Yo-yo Balloon Fishing     Cafeteria
   Giant Jenga               Cafeteria

14. Students’ Handbook
        A students’ handbook was prepared in advance with the following contents. Softcopies were
        distributed to all teachers so that it was used at the Japanese language classes for preparation in
        attending the event.
                 Introduction of key Japanese values such as attentiveness, quietness, cleanliness/tidiness,
                  and harmony
                 Event Program
                 Event Map
                 Japanese language list to be used by instructors and students
                 Background information of all sessions and MATSURI activities

15. Workshop Timetable
Homeroom              9:45 - 9:55      Room 320      Room 421      Room 327          Room 424            Room 329        Room 402      Room 429      Room 421
Opening session       10:00 - 10:30                                                     Large Gym all together
                                       Calligraphy   Calligraphy
Session 1             10:35 - 11 :15                                                 Karate North Gym          Taiko Large Gym          Tea Ceremony Room 171
                                       Room 333, 335 Room 335      Kimono Library
                                                                                                                                       Calligraphy   Calligraphy
Session 2             11:20 - 12:00           Kimono Library       Karate North Gym Taiko Large Gym         Tea Ceremony Room 171
                                                                                                                                       Room 333      Room 335
Lunch                 12:00 - 12:30    Room 320      Room 421      Room 327         Room 424            Room 329           Room 402    Room 429      Room 421
                                                                                    Tea Ceremony        Calligraphy Room Calligraphy
Session 3             12:35 - 13:15         Karate North Gym       Taiko Large Gym                                                           Kimono Library
                                                                                    Room 171            333                Room 335
                                                                   Tea Ceremony     Calligraphy Room
Session 4             13:20 - 14:00          Taiko Large Gym                                                     Kimono Library             Karate North Gym
                                                                   Room 171         333, 335
                                                                   Calligraphy Room Kimono
Session 5             14:05 - 14:45      Tea Ceremony Room 171                                                  Karate North Gym            Taiko Large Gym
                                                                   333, 335         Library
Festival              14:45 - 16:15                                                         Various rooms

16. Project timeline
      The steering committee had 3 planning meetings on May 2, 2017, October 24, 2017 and January
      24, 2018 (some members attended with Skype) prior to the event and a debriefing on March 20,
      2018.       Majority of the members participated in the debriefing with Zoom.

      Following schedule shows Explore Japan 2018 activities, “start” and “end” dates, and responsible
      person of each action item.

 Action                                           Task                                          Start date                        End date
    All           Yoshi: Send registration form to teachers                                      Anytime                     January 8, 2018
teachers          Teachers: Register students to the program                                 January 2018                    February 2, 2018
and Yoshi         Teachers: Finalize students’ registration including                      February 5, 2018                 February 28, 2018
                  approval forms and bento registrations
                  Teachers: Confirm # of registered students to                            February 2, 2018                 February 28, 2018

Action                             Task                             Start date           End date
           Yoshi: Compile an attendance chart, contact            February 2, 2018      March 2, 2018
           Mikado with the final # of bento boxes
           Teachers: Make name tags for all students with         February 2, 2018      March 9, 2018
           student names in Japanese – this is required for a
           Calligraphy session
           Yoshi:     Design    online   feedback*   (teachers,    March 5, 2018        March 8, 2018
           students and presenters)
           Teachers: Coordinate feedback by students and           March 10, 2018      March 16, 2018
           Yoshi: Table feedbacks                                  March 19, 2018      March 23, 2018
 Mieko     Review the student’s handbook 2016 and compile             Anytime         February 26, 2018
           a student’s handbook 2018.
           Send softcopies to the teachers                        February 26, 2018   February 26, 2018
           Compile an Explore Japan report in Japanese             March 11, 2018      March 31, 2018
           Compile an event report in English                      March 11, 2018      March 31, 2018
Teachers   Discuss the student’s handbook with students           February 26, 2018     March 9, 2018
  Mai      Confirm the attendance of Consul-General Tanabe            Anytime         Final meeting date
                                                                                         (January 24)
 Daniel    Reserve 5 classrooms, 2 gyms and cafeteria for             Anytime         Final meeting date
           the event                                                                     (January 24)
           Invite guests: Alberta Education, Superintendents          Anytime         Final meeting date
           and others if any.                                                            (January 24)
           Make 5 groups by schools and schedule groups for       February 2, 2018    February 26, 2018
           5 sessions
           Reserve volunteers for setting rooms up for            February 2, 2018      March 2, 2018
           Calligraphy, tea ceremony and Kimono
 Sanae     Confirm with EJCA resource people and Gigi for         October 25, 2017    November 18, 2017
           Manga. Confirm equipment usage with EJCA
           Purchase items for Yo-yo and Kingyo-tsuri                  Anytime         December 10, 2017
           Design classroom floor plans for Calligraphy, Tea          Anytime         February 26, 2018
           Ceremony and Kimono sessions
           Manage finance of the Explore Japan                    October 25, 2017     March 31, 2018
           Make a budget estimation for the next meeting              Anytime         Final meeting date
                                                                                         (January 24)

Action                          Task                            Start date          End date
           Prepare     EJCA   materials,   and     schedule   March 9, 2018      March 9, 2018
           transportation of equipment between EJCA and          3:30 pm            5:00 pm
           Harry Ainlay. Coordinate the set ups of class
           Coordinating the tear down of classrooms and       March 10, 2018     March 11, 2018
           returning all materials to EJCA after the             5:00 pm

17. Summary of Feedback from Students and Teachers
  The post event survey was conducted with the teachers, students, session presenters and session

  Out of 177 students attended, 109 students (62%) from 7 schools responded by March 21.
     Overall, how did you find the event?
             Evaluation                Responses                   %
              Excellent                    77                      71
                                                                                 100 %
                Good                       32                      29
                Fair                       0                       0
             Grand Total                   109

         Did the event make you understand more about Japan?
             Evaluation                Responses                   %
              Excellent                    42                      39
                                                                                  90 %
                Good                       56                      51
                Fair                       9                       8
                N/A                        2                       2
                Poor                       0                       0
             Grand Total                   109

     Did the event make you interested in visiting Japan or studying in Japan?
Evaluation                      Responses                   %

            Excellent                         64                      59.3
                                                                             92.6 %
              Good                            36                      33.3

               Fair                            7                      6.4

               N/A                             1                       1

              Poor                             0                       0

           Grand Total                       108

  Would you recommend this program to your friends?
          Evaluation                    Responses                     %
              Yes                            108                      99
               No                             1                        1
         Grand Total                         109

   Which program and/or activity did you enjoy most?
                         Program                               Count

                        Calligraphy                            13 (2)

                         Chopstick                               1

                        Everything                               3

                          Kimono                               24 (1)

                          Taiko                                33 (2)

                           Tea                                 10 (1)

                         Festival                              6 (1)

                        Workshops                              2 (1)

                          Karate                               11 (2)

                          Kingyo                                 1

                         Purikura                               [1]

                Part after main festival                         1

                           Food                                  1

                           Total                                106

Note: Numbers in brackets are 'honorable mentions',
   i.e. second or third activity stated after the first
             (assumed favorite) program

6 teachers responded to the survey.

Please comment on the overall programming?
Went well

Overall the programming was great because of the wide variety.

It was excellent, well-organized, and an engaging day. Students loved it!

Overall program was excellent! Students enjoyed the workshops and the matsuri
as well.

Thought it was really well done!

Really great!!

   Was the event meaningful for your Japanese program?
            Evaluation                Responses                          %
           Excellent (5)                    5                            83
            Good (4)                        0                            0
             Fair (3)                       1*                           17
             N/A (2)                        0                            0
             Poor (1)                       0                            0
           Grand Total                      6

   Please elaborate on your evaluation above.
Got kids to love Japanese culture

*In the past I would have rated it as 5 but this year, being on a Saturday, not all my
students were able to participate as quite a few have jobs or other commitments.

Students get really pumped up about Japanese culture while having a blast.

Students enjoyed the whole day. Lots of opportunities to try things that they would
usually not be able to try (yukata, taiko, tea ceremony)

I thought the cultural events were a great way for students to buy in!

Students said it motivated them to study!

18. Photos

A ) Opening ceremony

        participating students           welcome message           welcome message
                                         Consul General Tanabe      Ms. Christensen

               performance by KITA-NO-TAIKO                guest Speech
                                                             Miss Roy

B) Workshops
                                          Taiko Drumming



                                        Tea Ceremony


C) Festival
              Students and Teachers preparing for their booths

Fishing Yo-Yo balloons               Chopstick race


                                   Making Calpico Drinks


                                                  Onigiri Curry

19. Documents/Reports
   The following documents are available upon a request to Sanae Ohki, sanaeohki@shaw.ca,
   Some viewing restrictions may apply.
         Students’ handbook
         Feedback responses
         Report of the event to the Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary, written in Japanese,
          dated March 26, 2018

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