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Dear                  Issue 3 (2020)                                           PGVP/149/2020

26 May 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians

Greetings from the PGVP family. Welcome back to Term 3!
Hope you have had a restful Mid-Year School Holidays break with your child. In this issue of the PGVP
Quarterly, we will highlight important changes for Term 3 which you need to take note of as we
transit into phase 1 of the post circuit breaker and the safe re-opening of schools on 2 June 2020. This
phase is especially important and precious to our graduating P6 cohort as it is the last stretch before
they sit for their impending Prelims and PSLE, which will start in mid-July and August respectively.

FHBL (Full Home Based Learning)
When we entered Circuit Breaker, we had to conduct full Home-based Learning for the first time. It
was a challenging time for our teachers, students, our support staff as well as you, the parents.
However, we came out stronger and more confident in planning and delivering HBL. An MOE review
showed that generally all stakeholders were satisfied and confident about FHBL. Parents were also
supportive of online lessons and in fact, the workload of students remained similar or more than
when they were in school. Generally, we were also able to complete the planned syllabus. However,
schools have concerns regarding low progress/SEN learners and the reduced opportunities for skills
development. Where PGVP is concerned, we have addressed these issues by providing increased
face- to- face engagement for this group of students during FHBL and also during the last 2 weeks of
the Mid-Year School Holidays. Moving forward, we recognise that HBL is not the complete substitute
for classroom learning and will therefore calibrate the HBL load. We will also continue to pay
attention to the mental and emotional well-being of students on HBL. In PGVP, our teachers have also
put in effort to plan the HBL and do the necessary follow-up to check on student well-being. We have
also been receiving messages from parents thanking our teachers for their hard work and dedication.
Thank you parents for your appreciation – it really affirms the teachers for their effort!

Mid-Year School Holidays Programme
To support our students, during the last 2 weeks of the circuit breaker, identified students, especially
those in the P6 cohorts, high needs students, low progress learners and students with special
educational needs requiring additional support have been coming back for the Mid-Year School
Holiday Programme. The face- to- face sessions aims to help close their learning gaps and to keep them
engaged. We have received positive responses in terms of attendance and affirmations from parents
on this matter. Our heartfelt thanks to all the teachers who are involved and also parents for your full
support of this programme.

Staff Movement
The school bids farewell to the following staff members: Mdm Uma, Mdm Tan Su San, Mrs Candice
Tu and Mrs Dorina Goh. We thank them for their contributions to the school and wish them all the
best in their future endeavors. At the same time, we would like to extend our warm welcome to the

following staff: Ms Kalai Vaani (TL), Ms Joanne Tay (Music), Mr Nur Ashriq Ferdaus (PE), Ms Nur
Liyana Bte Yahya (AED LBS) and Ms Sezhiyan Nandhini (TL). Welcome to the PGVP family!

Safe Re-Opening of school for Term 3
We have shared with you the revised academic calendar for Term 3 in a previous notification before
the start of the Mid-Year School Holidays (Ref PGVP 136/2020 dated 29 April 2020). We have also
outlined the back-to-school approach and broad mitigation measures to enable a safe return to school
in our notification on Arrangement for Schools After Circuit Breaker (Ref PGVP/148/2020 dated 22
May 2020). More details on the measures will be shared here.

Safe Management Measures for Arrival
The phase 1 of post circuit breaker focuses on the safe reopening of schools. We will look into
enhancing ring fencing and the reduction of transmission risks with safe management measures.
During this phase, the school will need to strengthen our ring fencing measures to ensure the safety
and wellbeing of our staff and students. As part of the ring fencing measures, we need your help to
ensure that students exhibiting fever, flu-like symptoms or are staying with household members
who are unwell with flu-like symptoms do not come to school. If they are in school, they will be
kept in an Isolation Room before they are picked up by their parents.

Visitor management
As part of the safe management measures, we will be minimising the number of visitors entering the
school. Only visitors with appointments are allowed into the school. All visitors with appointments
(e.g. instructors, vendors), will need to check-in to SafeEntry and the school’s Visitor Management
System as well as be screened for fever & flu-like symptoms. Parents outside the school gates must
observe the safe distancing rules and stay at least 1m apart from each other.

Enhanced safe management practices
    Masks and face shields: It is mandatory for all students and staff to put on either a mask or
      face shield in school. The exception will be when students are doing physical exercise as
      mentioned in the previous notification. We will continue to reinforce the need for personal
      hygiene, routines (e.g. hand washing and wipe down) and proper mask wearing during the
      CCE lessons. Our school bookshop will also stock face masks for sale should your child need
      to purchase one.

      Safe distancing in school: We will enforce the safe distancing measures in school through
       distancing markers and furniture arrangement. Classrooms will have fixed cluster/exam-
       style seating. To ensure safe distancing, teachers will also be largely conducting frontal
       teaching. Our students will also be seated at designated tables in the canteen during recess.
       In addition, students will need to observe safe distancing through the distancing markers at
       various venues.

      Supervised handwashing and wipe down routine: Teachers will be supervising students
       to ensure that they wash their hands regularly and properly. We want to encourage parents
       to help instill the habit of proper handwashing with soap and water for 20 seconds at home.
       Students will need to wash their hands minimally for the following:
           o Upon arrival in school
           o Before and after recess
           o After physical activities
           o Before dismissal

Students will also be doing recess, classroom and PE equipment wipe down. This routine should be
already familiar with them as they have been practicing this before the circuit breaker.

Minimising congestion and crowding
    Staggered Arrival and Dismissal: For students who are reporting to school during the
       scheduled weeks, the curriculum will start at 7.30 am. All students should be in their
       respective classes by 7.25 am. To prevent congestion, students will report directly to the
       classrooms. As far as possible, please help to ensure that your child reaches school
       between 7.00am and 7.25am. Similar to the arrangement during FHBL, there will be a
       group of students whose parents are in the essential service and do not have alternative care
       arrangement. These selected students will be doing their HBL in school. On days where they
       are reporting to school for school-based HBL, they will report at 8.00am to the canteen and
       they will be dismissed at 1.00pm. The HBL schedule will be given to all involved in due time.

We will also stagger the dismissal of students to prevent over-congestion at the dismissal gates. We
have to minimise the use of Gate 2 (Punggol Place) for dismissal due to the potential crowding of the
narrow pedestrian walkway along Punggol Place. As such, all students will be dismissed via the Back
Gates. (Gate 3 - Back Gate at the indoor basketball court; Gate 4 – Field Gate ; Gate 5- Annex Gate
between school field and MK block)

            Level                 In school            Dismissal Venue
             P1                                        Gate 3 (Back gate)          1.20pm
                                T3W2 and T3W4
             P2                                        Gate 4 (Field gate)         1.25pm
             P3                                       Gate 5 (Annex gate)          1.25pm
             P4                                        Gate 3 (Back gate)          1.25pm
                                T3W1 and T3W3
             P5                                        Gate 4 (Field gate)         1.30pm
             P6                                       Gate 5 (Annex gate)          1.30pm
                                T3W1 to T3W4      Canteen (for SCC students) /
 Students doing HBL in school                                                      1.00pm
                                                  Gate 5 (for non SCC students)

Please note that ALL students are strictly reminded not to loiter in school or outdoors before
and after school dismissal. We seek your help to ensure that your child come straight from home
and go directly home after school. To minimise the risk of exposure, if possible, students are
encouraged not to take public transport. If the distance permits, they should walk to and from home

      Staggered Recess for Term 3 Week 1 to Week 4: In order to reduce the intermingling
       between classes and levels, we will stagger the recess time as shown in the table below. Each
       recess will accommodate only one level. To ensure safe distancing in the canteen, students
       will be seated at the same assigned seat every day. All students, with the exception of the P3
       level will have their snack break at 11.55am in the classroom. For the P3 level, their snack
       break will be brought forward to 8.30am as their recess has been scheduled to 10.25am
       instead of the usual 9.25am slot. Students are encouraged to consume healthy snacks such as
       biscuits, sandwiches or fruits which could be packed from home.

Week                           In-School                          Recess Time
            Week 1 & Week 3              P4, P5, P6                          P4 : 8.55 am
                                                                             P5: 9.25 am
                                                                             P6 : 9.55 am
            Week 2 & Week 4              P1, P2, P3, P6                      P1: 8.55 am
                                                                             P2: 9.25 am
                                                                             P6: 9.55 am
                                                                             P3: 10.25 am with the snack
                                                                             break shifted to 8.30 am slot

To minimise the intermingling of student groups during recess play, all classes will be allocated
designated play areas.

         Students taking school bus: All school bus drivers will visually screen students for fever or
          flu-like symptoms. If students are unwell, they will be asked to stay at home and not come to
          school. All students would have been allocated assigned seating even before the circuit
          breaker and hence this practice will continue. The school bus operator will also be stepping
          up the cleaning and disinfecting regime of their school buses. The following school bus
          guidelines will need to be followed by all students taking the school bus:
                      o Students are to sit at the assigned places
                      o Students will need to wear a mask / face shield at all times while in the bus
                      o Students are not to talk or interact with other students in the bus.

Resumption of after-school programmes for Term 3
As students are returning to school after a long break, our focus for the first few weeks of the term
must be on reintegrating students back to school with the purpose of gradually returning to the
normal intensity of teaching and learning. To help students to get used to the rigour of school life, the
following after-school programmes will gradually resume in Term 3.

        Start date                                    After School Programme
 T3W1 onwards              R3 for P6: With effect from Week 1, R3 will resume on every Tuesday and
                            Wednesday from 7.30am – 7.55am. Teachers will leverage on this pocket of time
                            to revisit topics and skills taught. Students will be using this slot to clarify their
                            doubts too.
                           LSP/LSM/RRP/SDR: These programmes will resume as soon as the school
                            reopens. More details will be provided in a separate letter for those involved.
 T3W2 onwards              P6 Remediation for selected students will start in Week 2. Identified students will
                            be informed separately.
 T3W3 onwards              P6 Starlite . Details will be given nearer to the date.
 T3W5 onwards*         P5 Starlite. Details will be given nearer to the date.
 When full cohort
 returns               P3 / P4 CARE . Details will be given to identified students nearer to the date.
* To be confirmed depending on COVID-19 situation and government posture at that time.

P6 Matters
Our P6 students will need to ramp up their momentum in these last few weeks before they sit for
their important exams. It is critical that they re-establish a study routine and schedule at home if
they have not already done so. When they are back in school, our P6 teachers will spare no effort in
ensuring that our students are prepared for the PSLE.

Schedule for Prelim and PSLE Exam
Please see below the schedule for the Prelim and PSLE Exams.
 Date             Exam                Subject
 Mon, 13 Jul –     Prelim Oral         English Language
 Tue, 14 Jul                           Chinese / Malay / Tamil
 Wed, 29 Jul       Prelim  Listening   English Language
 2020              Comprehension       Chinese / Malay / Tamil
 Thu, 13 Aug       PSLE Oral           English Language
                                       Foundation English Language
                                       Chinese / Malay / Tamil
 Fri, 14   Aug     PSLE Oral           English Language
                                       Chinese / Malay / Tamil
                                       Foundation Chinese / Foundation Malay / Foundation Tamil
                                       Bengali / Gujarati / Hindi / Panjabi / Urdu Foundation Bengali /
                                       Foundation Gujarati / Foundation Hindi / Foundation Panjabi /
                                       Foundation Urdu
 Thu, 20    Aug    Prelim Written      English Language
 Fri, 21    Aug    Prelim Written      Mathematics
 Mon, 24    Aug    Prelim Written      Chinese / Malay / Tamil
 Tue, 25    Aug    Prelim Written      Science
 Wed, 26    Aug    Prelim Written      Higher Mother Tongue Languages
 Fri, 18    Sep    PSLE   Listening    Chinese / Malay / Tamil
 2020              Comprehension       Foundation Chinese / Foundation Malay / Foundation Tamil
                                       Bengali / Gujarati / Hindi / Panjabi / Urdu Foundation Bengali /
                                       Foundation Gujarati / Foundation Hindi / Foundation Panjabi /
                                       Foundation Urdu
                                       English Language / Foundation English
 Thu, 1     Oct    PSLE Written        English Language Paper 1
 2020                                  English Language Paper 2
                                       Foundation English Paper 1
                                       Foundation English Paper 2
 Fri, 2 Oct 2020   PSLE Written        Mathematics Paper 1
                                       Mathematics Paper 2

Foundation Mathematics Paper 1 Foundation Mathematics
                                      Paper 2
 Mon, 5     Oct   PSLE Written        Chinese / Malay / Tamil Bengali / Gujarati / Hindi / Panjabi /
 2020                                 Urdu Paper 1
                                      Chinese / Malay / Tamil Bengali / Gujarati / Hindi / Panjabi /
                                      Urdu Paper 2
                                      Foundation Chinese/ Foundation Malay/ Foundation Tamil
                                      Paper 1
 Tue, 6     Oct   PSLE Written        Science
 2020                                 Foundation Science
 Wed,   7   Oct   PSLE Written        Higher Chinese / Higher Malay / Higher Tamil Paper 1
 2020                                 Higher Chinese / Higher Malay / Higher Tamil Paper 2

Removal of Common Last Topics (CLT) for the 2020 PSLE
In light of the impact that the extended CB period has on curriculum time and to further allay
students' concerns and anxiety about catching up with the curriculum (as mentioned by Minister
Ong), Common Last Topics (CLT) will be removed from the PSLE this year. From the dipstick
conducted with schools on content-based subjects, schools, including ours, will be able to complete
the syllabus for all graduating levels with the removal of the Common Last Topics (CLT). Do note that
there is no common last topic for the language papers. The following are the details of the CLT

       Mathematics (Standard and Foundation): The Common Last Topics for PSLE Standard
        Mathematics are only the Primary 6 content of the following topics: Speed, Volume, Pie
        Charts, Solid Figures and Nets.
        The Common Last Topics for PSLE Foundation Mathematics are only the Primary 6 content
        of the following topics: Volume, Geometry and Pie Charts.

       Science (Standard and Foundation): The Common Last Topic for PSLE Standard Science
        is Interactions within the Environment.
        The Common Last Topic for PSLE Foundation Science is Interactions within the

Direct Schools Admission (DSA)
We have previously notified parents on DSA via the notification on DSA (PGVP/146/2020) dated 13
May 2020. Since then, some additional information from DSA schools has also been disseminated to
you via PG. A reminder that the annual DSA-Sec exercise is ongoing and applicants only need to fill
in one online form to apply to multiple schools and talent areas. Parents may submit
applications for DSA-Sec via the centralised online portal from 12 May to 5 June 2020. We strongly
encourage you to consider applying to DSA schools with programmes that is a good fit for your child.
Do approach your child’s form teacher if you need any advice or help in the application.

Upcoming Events in Term 3
Please refer to the attached a summary of the Calendar of Events for Term 3 school activities. Please
note that the actual details of some of these programmes may change due to the prevailing COVID-
19 conditions and government posture at that time. We will keep you updated if there is any change.
Below are some of the key events we would like to highlight:

P1 to P6 Revised Assessment Plan for Semester 2 (Terms 3 & 4)
Due to the CB and the revised academic calendar for Term 3, the Assessment Plan for Semester 2 will
be adjusted to ensure that we are able to adequately assess the learning progress of each child. Please
refer to the table below for the revised assessment plan which will supersede the earlier version. For
the well-being of our students, the revised plan will ensure that the weighted assessments
correspond to the demand of the assessment tasks and are not scoped such that it is similar to the
demand of SA1. The school will also ensure appropriate pitching of content, format and mode of
assessment guided by curriculum coverage. We will issue the details of the coverage in a separate

                       Overview of the Revised Assessment Plan for Terms 3 and 4
 EYE:End of Year Exams      MYE:Mid-Year Exams          EYE:End of Year Exams
         Level                                    Term 3                                      Term 4
                                2 Jun – 14 Jul                27 Jul – 4 Sep              14 Sep – 20 Nov
      Primary 3                  WA – 15%                      WA – 15%                      EYE – 70%
      Primary 4                       NA                       WA – 30%                      EYE – 70%
      Primary 5                       NA                       WA – 30%                      EYE – 70%
      Primary 6                       NA                    PRELIM – 100%                        PSLE
* To help P6 students get used to the rigour of sitting for the full exam paper for PSLE, we will provide them with
a timed practice under non-exam conditions before their Prelim exam. This will be held in Term 3 Weeks 6 & 7
during curriculum time. More details will be given to the students when they are back in school.

Parent Teacher Conference (PTC)
We will be conducting our 2nd PTC for P1 to P5 and selected P6 students on Thu (16 July) and Fri (17
July) before we go for our 1 week mid-term 3 break. In order for the PTC to be conducted in a safe
manner for all, we will be putting in place social distancing measures for the PTC session. We will
share more details with you in a separate notification.

Thank you for your patience and support over the CB period. My teachers and I look forward to
receiving your child as he / she returns to school on Tue, 2 June 2020. Together with my staff, we will
continue to monitor the progress of your child and be in regular contact with you and your child to
provide support during this transition. Should you have any further queries, feel free to contact the
School Leaders or your child’s form teacher. In the meantime, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

Yours in partnership,

Dr Vivien Ang Wek Cheng

----------------------------  Parent’s/Guardian’s Acknowledgement Slip ------------------------------
                         PGVP/149/2020 Punggol View Quarterly (Term 3/ 2020)
   (This acknowledgement slip will only need to be completed for parents who do not have PG)

I, ________________________(name of parent) of _________________________(child) from Primary _________ (class)
have read and noted the content of the Term 3/2020 PGVP Quarterly.

2020 Term 3 Calendar of Events
 Day / Date      Level           Event / Activity     Remark(s)

Mon, 22 Jun –                                         Activities conducted during MT
                 P1-P6        MTL Fortnight
Fri, 3 Jul                                            Lessons

Wed, 1 Jul –                  Health Promotion        Activities conducted during
                 P1-P6                                curriculum time
Thu, 30 Jul                   Month

Mon, 6 Jul                    Youth Day
                                                      To be conducted during
Thu, 9 Jul –                  Timed practice for      curriculum time. A separate
Tue, 14 Jul                   PSLE for all subjects   notification will be issued.

                                                      After curriculum hours.
Mon, 13 Jul –                 Prelim Oral
                   P6                                 A notification will be duly posted
Tue 14 Jul                    EL & MTL
                                                      on PG.

Mon, 13 Jul –                                         Commemorative Exhibits
                 P1-P6        Racial Harmony Day
Wed 15 Jul

Wed 15 Jul       P1-P6        Class VIA day

                                                      P1-P5 and selected P6.
Thu, 16 Jul –                 Parent Teacher
Fri 17 Jul                    Conference 2            A notification will be duly posted.

Mon, 20 Jul –    School
                              Mid-Term 3 Break
Sun 26 Jul      Holidays

                                                      A notification will be duly posted
Wed, 29 Jul        P6         Prelim LC (EL/MTL)      on PG.

Fri, 31 Jul                   Hari Raya Haji
                                                      School will end at 10.30am.
                              National Day
Fri, 7 Aug       P1 - P6                              A notification will be duly posted
                                                      on PG.

                Public        Holiday in lieu of
Mon, 10 Aug
                Holiday       National Day

2020 Term 3 Calendar of Events
 Day / Date         Level          Event / Activity     Remark(s)

                                                        School is closed for PSLE.
                                                        P1-P5 students need not report
                                                        to school.

                                PSLE Oral               Student Care Centre (SCC) will be
Thu, 13 Aug –
                     P6                                 open from 1.00pm to 7.00pm.
Fri, 14 Aug                     EL & MTL                SCC students are to report no
                                                        earlier than 1.00pm.
                                                        A notification will be duly posted
                                                        on PG.

                                Prelim – English
Thu, 20 Aug

Fri, 21 Aug                     Prelim – Mathematics

                                Prelim – Mother         A notification will be duly posted
Mon, 24 Aug          P6                                 on PG.
                                Tongue Languages

Tue, 25 Aug                     Prelim – Science

                                Prelim – Higher
Wed, 26 Aug                     Mother Tongue

Thu, 3 Sep          P1-P6       Class VIA day

                                Teachers Day            A letter will be issued nearer the
Thu, 3 Sep          P1-P6
                                Celebration             date

                   School                               SCC / KCare are closed (annual
Fri, 4 Sep                      Teachers’ Day
                   Holiday                              closure)
                                                        School starts as per normal at
                                                        7.30 am. Students are to report to
Mon, 14 Sep       P1 – P6    First day of Term 4
                                                        the respective assembly area at
  * A separate exam schedule will be issued nearer the date.

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