Parents of students in grades 5-7

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Parents of students in grades 5-7
Parents of students in grades 5-7
Parents of students in grades 5-7
• Silence your cell phones
• At the conclusion of the
   presentation, if you have
   questions unique to your child,
   please contact the Accelerated
   Programs office directly for
Note: Presentation is posted on the Accelerated Programs web page.
Parents of students in grades 5-7
Heather Sanchez    Director, Accelerated Programs, Choice &

Amy Bucy           Evergreen Middle School Quest
Barbara King       Evergreen Middle School Quest

Britt Galen        Accelerated Programs Psychologist
Diane Durant       Accelerated Programs Supervisor
Suzanne Hurd       Accelerated Programs Administrative Secretary

Elizabeth Walkey   Gifted Education Advisory Council
Parents of students in grades 5-7
Heather Sanchez
Parents of students in grades 5-7
Each student
   will graduate
   prepared to
lead a rewarding
 responsible life
as a contributing
 member of our
 community and
  greater society
Parents of students in grades 5-7
Every Student
Future Ready:
 •Prepared for  College
•Prepared for the Global
 •Prepared for Personal
Parents of students in grades 5-7
Parents of students in grades 5-7
Opportunity & Equity
   Improvement         Values
Parents of students in grades 5-7
Parents of students in grades 5-7
Highly capable students are students who perform or show
potential for performing at significantly advanced academic
levels when compared with others of their age, experiences,
or environments.

✓   Outstanding abilities are seen within students' general
    intellectual aptitudes, specific academic abilities, and/or
    creative productivities within a specific domain.

✓   These students are present not only in the general
    populace, but are present within all protected classes
    according to Chapters 28A.640 and 28A.642 RCW.
The legislature finds that, for highly
capable students, access to accelerated
learning and enhanced instruction is
access to a basic education.
There are multiple definitions of highly capable. The
research literature strongly supports using multiple
criteria to identify highly capable students, and therefore,
the legislature does not intend to prescribe a single
method. Instead, the legislature authorizes school
districts to identify through the use of multiple, objective
criteria those students most highly capable and eligible to
receive accelerated learning and enhanced instruction in
the program offered by the district.
Districts shall make a variety of
appropriate program services available
to enrolled students who participate in
the district's program for highly capable
students. Once services are started, a
continuum of services shall be provided
to the student from K-12.
K-5          2-5                                              High
                                  2-5           Middle
    Highly         Pull-                                           School
                               Full -Time       School
   Capable         Out
                  Quest          Quest                           Enrollment

Once a week   Once a week   Self-           Self-
30 min.       full day      contained       contained        Options to
math and/or   enrichment    classroom       Middle           include Honors,
                                            School core      College in the
reading       at specific   at specific                      High School,
enrichment    sites         sites           classes at       Running Start,
at home                                     specific sites   Advanced
school                                                       Placement (AP)
•   The middle school Quest program provides our most highly
    capable students the opportunity to engage in rigorous and
    challenging curriculum with their academic peers.

•   The program is designed to meet the needs of students
    who have been identified as having exceptional cognitive
    and academic ability by accelerating and enriching the
    district curriculum.

•   Classes include greater breadth and depth of subject
    matter, a wide variety of learning processes and teaching
    methods and high expectations for student work and
For 6th grade students, Middle School Quest consists
of a two-period integrated language arts and social
studies block, one period of science and one period of
math, leaving them two additional periods for required
and elective classes.

For 7th and 8th grade students, Middle School Quest
consists of a two-period integrated language arts and
social studies block and one period of science.
Students are placed at the appropriate math level for
one other period, leaving them two additional periods
for required and elective classes.
In Middle School Quest classes
•   learning pace is faster than in the regular education
•   work exceeds grade level standards
•   emphasis is on
      •   advanced academic thinking skills and strategies
      •   strong communication and collaboration skills
      •   an increased awareness of local and global
Middle school Quest programs are currently
located at:
•   Evergreen Middle School, Redmond
•   Kamiakin Middle School, Kirkland
•   Redmond Middle School, Redmond

The district assigns a student to attend a middle
school Quest school based on his / her home
address. School assignment is subject to change.
Math/Science Evergreen Middle School
LA/SS Evergreen Middle School
Middle School Quest
Amy Bucy
Evergreen Middle School
Sample Quest Math Mapping
6th      7th       8th        9th        10th        11th         12th
  7th                                      Math      Calculus     Calculus
         Algebra   Geometry   Advanced                  or           or
 Grade                         Algebra    Analysis
 Math                                                Statistics   Statistics

Once Quest students reach high school there are other
choices for upper level math:
❖ Probability & Statistics
❖ Microeconomics
❖ Engineering
❖ Computer Science

In order to be college ready students need only 3 years of
high school math. To gain access to University of
Washington they need four years of “Quantitative
How do I help my student with math?

Current research shows that our brains grow most when we
do 2 things:
1. Extend effort – struggle is really good!
2. Correct our mistakes and practice the correct way.
Encourage your student to work at the edge of their
understanding. If something is easy for them, make it
more challenging – add fractions, decimals and negative
numbers to the mix.

         Practice makes permanent!
Middle School Math Teams

❖ Encourage your student to participate in Math Club or
  Math Team at their school.
❖ Most teams participate in district, state and national
  competitions that help solidify problem-solving skills, team
  work and thinking fast on your feet.
❖ Math Olympiad
❖ Math is Cool
❖ AMC 8
❖ Math Counts
Science-Ambitious Science
Teaching (AST)
 6th grade Focus:
    Using models to share their thinking and understanding of
     phenomena (ex: Why does glass shatter when a singer reaches
     a certain note?)
    Extensions on district standards (designing sunglasses from
     recycled materials)
 7th grade Focus:
    Engineering Projects (solar cookers, spring scales, trebuchet)
    In-depth exploration of District Standards (designing a periodic
 8th Grade Focus:
    Processing Expository Texts (Higher levels texts on Space,
     forces in space)
    Designing and Engineering in teams (Exploravision)
Middle School Quest
Language Arts / Social Studies
   Barbara King
   Evergreen Middle School
Humanities – Language Arts
• Common Core State Standards are met through use of:
  • Complex texts (non-fiction and fiction)
   • Novels are selected to meet the advanced reading levels of the Quest
      • 6th grade: Schooled, The Odyssey, The Maze Runner
      • 7th grade: Nothing But The Truth, NightJohn, The Fifth of March
      • 8th grade: The Lord of the Flies, Of Beetles and Angels
 • Literary analysis
 • Writing
   • Narrative (NaNoWriMo)
   • Expository (Project Writing)
   • Argumentative (Research-based)
Humanities – Social Studies
• Common Core State Standards are met through use of:
  • Complex texts
  • Grade Level curriculum texts and scope and sequence
  • Primary Source Readings: (Examples)
      • 7th grade: Hobbes & Locke – philosophy of the Constitution
      • 8th grade: Census Analysis, famous speeches and their impact
 • In-Depth projects that focus on research, presentation, and
   • 6th grade: Model United Nations
   • 7th grade: Project Citizen
   • 8th grade: National History Day
Strategies used across the Middle School
Quest Content Areas
•   Thematic Instruction
•   Applying a growth mindset (Carol Dweck, Ph.D.)
•   Using Depth and Complexity (Sandra Kaplan, Ph.D.)
•   Team collaboration
•   Project-based learning
•   Interdisciplinary projects
•   Pre-Assessment, formative and summative assessments to
    monitor student progress and growth
Why Quest at Middle School
“Once a musician has enough ability to get into a top music
school, the thing that distinguishes one performer from
another is how hard he or she works. That's it. And what's
more, the people at the very top don't work just harder or
even much harder than everyone else. They work much,
much harder.”
       ― Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

   We want our students to find school engaging, to be
 challenged in their thinking and to reach new heights. We
want them to be engaged citizens in our schools and in our
Heather Sanchez/Diane Durant
Nominating students
•   Parents, staff or community members may nominate
    students in 5th, 6th and 7th grade for Middle School
    Quest. Parents must complete an online application.
    Please contact the Accelerated Programs Office if a
    paper application or a translated application is needed.

•   Students must reside in LWSD boundaries to apply for
    and participate in Quest programs.

•   Students must go through the district's highly capable
    assessment process for selection.
Placement process for current 5th-7th grade
students applying for Middle School Quest
•   All students who qualify for Quest will be offered
    placement in the appropriate Quest program.

•   For Middle School Quest, the location of the Quest
    school is based on a student’s home address.

•   School assignment is subject to change.
Frequently Asked
•   Can out of district students apply?
      •   Students must reside within the Lake Washington School
          District at the time of application to be eligible for Highly
          Capable Services. Students must remain residents of the
          district to continue to receive services.

•   What documents do I need to provide proof of residency
    in LWSD?
      •   Proof of residency is required for families whose child
          attends a private school, a school outside of the LWSD, or
          who is homeschooled.
      •   Families typically provide documents including current
          mortgage statements or current utility bills.
•   How can I talk with parents of students in Highly Capable
      •   The Gifted Education Advisory Council (GEAC) is a good
          source of information about Highly Capable programs
          from the perspective of parents.

•   Can I observe a middle school highly capable program?
      •   We are unable to schedule classroom observations as
          part of the application process. With high interest in
          programs, this would create a distraction to the learning
          environment. Our website provides a thorough overview
          of our programs to enable families to get a sense of what
          the day-to-day experience is like for students.
•   How are eligibility decisions made?

All eligibility decisions are made using a body of evidence
(or multiple objectives). Assessment criteria, including
typical ranges for eligibility, are published on the
Accelerated Programs web page. A Multi-Disciplinary
Selection Committee (MSC), which includes at a
minimum a psychologist, department administrator and
instructional specialist review all evidence for each
student together to make an eligibility decision.
•   How will I know if my child meets the screening criteria?
      •   All applicants will be scheduled to take the CogAT
          screening form. Families will receive an email status
          notification following the completion of the CogAT
          screening form.

•   What if my child gets sick or we have a family emergency
    and cannot take the CogAT or IOWA assessment?
      •   If your child is ill or your family experienced an emergency
          on the day of the assessment, please email
 before the test begins. Students with a
          documented illness or family emergency are provided one
          make up date set by the district.
•   I had my child privately tested. Can I submit these
    results with my application?
      •   LWSD does not accept private testing results in place of or
          in addition to district assessment results. Accepting
          private evaluations creates potential inequity based on
          the ability of parents to pay for a private evaluation.
          Instead students participate in the district assessment
          process at no cost.

•   I had previous teachers write letters of recommendation.
    Can I submit these with the application?
      •   Letters of recommendation are not a part of the body of
          evidence reviewed by the Multi-Disciplinary Selection
          Committee (MSC).
•   How do I learn more about the assessments used as
    part of the eligibility process?
     •   All information about the assessment process can be
         found on the department web page. Parents are
         welcome to explore these resources.

•   Should my child study or “prep” for assessments?
     •   We do not recommend or endorse “prepping”
         students for the assessment process. The
         information reviewed for each student includes
         information about current classroom performance,
         academic achievement and ability measures to
         provide a robust learner profile.
•   What if my child has an IEP or 504?
     •   If your child had a current IEP or 504 please
         make note of that on your application.
         Documented testing accommodations are
         provided during the assessment process.

•   How many times can my child be nominated
    or apply?
     •   Students can be nominated/apply for highly
         capable services each year.
•   If my child applies multiple times, can we
    use scores from a range of years?
     •   Each year eligibility decisions are made
         based on the most current and full body of
         evidence for each student for that year. Data
         from previous years is not utilized. Criteria
         and assessment tools can change from year-
         to-year. To ensure equal access for each
         applicant each year, that student’s current
         body-of-evidence is reviewed in consideration
         of the current eligibility criteria.
•   My child is in private school. What
    should we do?

Students residing in LWSD and attending private schools
may apply for and receive Highly Capable services.
Complete the online application, complete the Application
Supplement for Private School Students, and submit
proof of residency during the open application period.
Qualifying private school students would need to be
present in their assigned LWSD school when the services
are offered. School assignment for Highly Capable
Services is subject to change based on enrollment
•    If my child becomes eligible for service, how will we know the
     time/location of services?
        •     Students who become eligible for services are offered placement based on home
              address within an established feeder pattern. School assignment is subject to
              change based on overall district and program enrollment.

•    Can my child participate in both the Choice School Lottery and the
     Middle School Quest Assessment Process?
Yes. Students may concurrently participate in the choice school and Quest application
processes. Should a student be offered placement at a choice school, he/she may continue
with the Quest selection process. Should the student be offered and accept placement in full-
time Quest, he/she will be removed from the choice school and will not be placed on the

If a student in Middle School Quest applies for a choice school and is offered placement at
the choice school, the student may transfer to the choice school and relinquish the Quest
•   What if my child becomes eligible for service, but we
    are not sure whether or not we want to participate?
      •   We are here to work with families. Our office staff
          and our department psychologist frequently talk with
          families regarding program participation decisions.

•   What are the typical class/group sizes for students
    in highly capable programs?
      •   Class and group sizes in highly capable programs
          aligns with class and group sizes across the district.
•   Is transportation provided for students?
     •   Shuttle transportation is provided for middle
         school Quest.

•   If my child participates in highly capable
    programs and we have a concern/question,
    who should we talk to?
     •   Please start with the teacher. If you feel the
         matter has not been fully addressed, next speak
         with the school counselor and principal. If the
         matter continues to remain unresolved the
         Accelerated Programs office may be contacted.
•   I still have some questions. Who should I
     •   If you have a question unique to your child,
         please call our office at (425) 936-1238 or email
     •   This presentation is posted on the Accelerated
         Programs web page.
     •   The FAQ document can be located on the
         Accelerated Programs web page.
     •   Video FAQ series is posted on the Accelerated
         Programs Web page.

What is                                        2018-2019
          Who we are              What we do
GEAC?                                            Board
What is GEAC?

o501c   3 started in 1989 to support the highly
capable community in LWSD

oWorks   in coordination with the LWSD and the
highly capable community, similar to a local PTA

oOur   operating budget is funded 100% by annual
donations and corporate matching.
Who we are

o   GEAC membership consists of families in the
    LWSD highly capable community, primarily
    current or past Quest families.

o   Educators and other community members are
    welcome and encouraged to join.

o   All are volunteers
What we do

 To support the unique needs of highly capable students enrolled
            in the Lake Washington School District.

Outreach           Enrichment            Education             Advocacy
Fostering communication and connection
amongst highly capable stakeholders
Supporting highly capable student
learning in the classroom, making available
funding for enhancements
Total GEAC Grants 2017-2018
Soy Grants Disbursed                      $11,113.89

Application Grants Disbursed               $8,849.34

Application Grant Categories
Field Trips                                $1,822.40

Classroom Supplementary Material           $1,852.24

Conference and Professional Development    $2,553.41
Offering information about and/or access to
relevant education and support opportunities
for parents, students, and educators in the
highly capable community
Panel Discussion on Middle School Options

Board Game Nights

Julia Robinson Math Festival

Austin DeBonte Guest Speaker on “What Parents Need to Know About Smart kids”

Newly Qualified Parents Meeting in May

Panel Discussion on Twice Exceptional
Board Info

Officers of GEAC
                                           17 Board Members at
Jaya Ramesh President
Anusha Rao    President-Elect
                                             Grants committee
Daval Davis   Treasurer
                                            Education committee
Anhaita Jamula Secretary                    Advocacy Committee
Elizabeth Walkey VP Outreach               High School Student on
Pronita Mehrotra VP Grants                         board

Rathi Sudhekar and Sangeetha Jagadeesan-
CO VP of Advocacy
Thank You!

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