School Charter Strategic and Annual Plan for South Otago High School 2019 -22

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School Charter Strategic and Annual Plan for South Otago High School 2019 -22
School Charter
                           Strategic and Annual Plan for
                             South Otago High School

                                            2019 -22

Principals’ endorsement:
Board of Trustees’ endorsement:
Submission date to Ministry of Education:
South Otago High School 2019 - 22
                                Introductory Section - Strategic Intentions

Mission Statement   South Otago High School, with the support of the community, will provide its students with a broad range of
                    educational experiences and opportunities that challenge and enable them to achieve to the best of their
Vision              A student leaving South Otago High School will:
                    ● Be a 21st century learner
                    ● Be creative, energetic and enterprising, with a positive work ethic
                    ● Seize the opportunities offered by new knowledge and technologies to secure a sustainable social, cultural,
                        economic and environmental future for our country
                    ● Work to create an Aotearoa New Zealand in which Maori and Pakeha recognise each other as full Treaty
                        partners, and in which all cultures are valued for the contributions they bring
                    ● In their school years, continue to develop the values, knowledge and competencies (especially in numeracy
                        and literacy) that will enable them to live full and satisfying lives
                    ● Be confident, connected, actively involved learners whose curiosity and passion will give them the capacity
                        for lifelong learning
                    ● Have and are able to demonstrate respect for themselves and others
                    ● Have an understanding of the world and their place within it
                    ● Look back on their involvement in their schooling and community with a sense of achievement and pride.
Values              The school values were reviewed as part of the development of PB4L in 2017. The revised school values are:
                     Respect
                     Excellence
                     Perseverance
Principles          Core belief held by our School
                     South Otago High School is a community school aiming to offer courses and activities suitable for all
                     South Otago High School is committed to academic excellence and realising all students’ potential.

   South Otago High School maintains an extensive co-curricular (e.g. sports and cultural) programme and
                          encourages students to participate at the highest level possible.
                       South Otago High School maintains and encourages links with our local community.
                       South Otago High School fosters the development of student self-esteem and encourages students to care
                          for each other and the environment.
Māori Dimensions       SOHS has 18% Maori students at school with 20% of the Y13 cohort identifying as Maori .
and Cultural           The demographics of the school are changing, partly due to the changes in visa schemes which has seen a
Diversity                 reduction in Filipino students during the last 12 months. Despite this 12% of the school population
                          identifies as being other than NZ European or Maori.
                       After following the He Kakano project the school has made good progress in re-invigorating the practice.
                          There is strong interest and growth in Kapa Haka and a we have secured a new tutor in 2018. The school
                          has hosted a regional practice event with our contributing schools and this has supported our own within
                          school work. It has also provided learning and leadership opportunities for students.
Community of          South Otago High School is committed to the Big River Community of Learning. Evidence of this commitment
Learning              is shown throughout this document with many of the CoL achievement challenges being incorporated into the
                      Annual Plan.
Positive Behaviour    The school has developed a plan to ‘roll out’ to students and the community in 2018. This is seen as a means
for Learning (PB4L)   of working to teach and positively reinforce good behaviour and to make this the norm for students. A
                      Restorative Practice model is being re-taught to staff which focuses on building and maintaining positive,
                      respectful relationships across the school community. This is an alternative to more punitive disciplinary
                      systems and procedures. There will be an aim to engage further family and whanau with the student being
                      supported to restore relationships which may have been harmed as a result of their behaviour. The
                      expectation is to maintain positive relationships and allow students to learn from mistakes.

Baseline Data or School Context
Students’ Learning
                                                    2015                 2016               2017                 2018
                      Level 1                  A      50.5          A      63.4         A     71.9          A      70
                                               M      41.1          M      13.3        M      24.7          M      20
                                               E      8.4           E      23.3         E     3.5           E      10
                      Level 2                  A      73.3          A      76.0         A     82.8          A      85
                                               M      20.8          M      16.0        M      8.0           M      12
                                               E      5.9           E      8.0          E     9.2           E      3
                                               VP     29            VP     47          VP     18            VP     19
                      Level 3                  A      81.5          A      80.3         A     82.8          A      84
                                               M      9.3           M      16.7        M      10.9          M      8
                                               E      9.3           E      3.0          E     6.3           E      8
                     NCEA achievement tracked over four years shows that whilst achievement at NCEA has improved to be
                     comparable or better that the national mean the award of endorsements has not improved by a comparable
                     rate. It should be noted that the 2017 Y11 cohort had been identified as being a group who would be
                     challenging to be successful.
Student                                 2014                 2015               2016               2017             2018

                      Stand down          47                  55                 39                 45                  26

Suspension           5                3                 24                    34                  4

      Exclusion           1                2           3 (1 re-directed   5 (1 re-directed back        1
                                                             back)          and subsequently
                                                                             excluded again)
    There has been a dramatic shift in stand downs and suspensions. Further evidence in terms of withdrawal from
    class confirm a school wide change in performance. 2019 will be a year of consolidation and embedding the
    changes which have been introduced such as:
         PB4L
         Restorative practice
         Instruction as to the meaning of the school values
         Consistent approach to expectations

Our 2018 attendance data shows that there has been a continued improvement in attendance up to the end of
    the year. There has also been more consistent positive attendance when compared with other years. Whilst a
    gender gap still exists this is reduced. A trend is starting to develop where the Y13 cohort attendance, in
    particular, deteriorates as the year progresses. Further research needs to be undertaken to look for a
    correlation between this cohort and movement to employment or further/ higher study. Interesting to note
    that by T3 the Y11 cohort have the highest rates of attendance of any senior year group. Of concern 20+% of
    students are absent for the equivalent of one day or more per week across the school year. Whilst we do see an

improvement over time for student attendance this is a pleasant contrast to what is happening nationally
                    where attendance rates are in decline.
School              Data, anecdotal evidence and feedback suggest that the year has been very settled. ERO, during their visit in T2,
Organisation and    2018 agreed with the school that the next step was to embed the practice that has been developed. This means
Structures          that the school will not be looking to introduce new structural changes in 2019.

Review of Charter   In 2019 there will be a formal review conducted with our community to determine the next steps for
and Consultation    development. In 2019 we will also review our school vision statement. The aim will be to raise the awareness
                    with staff, students and to ensure the vision statement fits with our community expectations which may have
                    changed since first being initiated.

Strategic Goal 1: To continue to raise the engagement of all students
                                     2019                       2020                       2021                     2022
Students’ Learning       ●   Review of revised       ●   Action plan for future   ● Action plan for        ● Develop new action
● Focus quality              inquiry process and         development in;            feedback from            plan for school
   teaching through          the impact for              option structure,          NZCER, Me and My         development
   PLG’s                     learners                    timetable and              School survey          ● Develop strategies
● Invest in PLD for      ●   Review of progress in       providing for at risk    ● Review progress with     and goals for
   differentiated            achievement and             students                   differentiated           classroom
   learning                  specifically students   ●   Review of class            learning in the          development of
● Involvement with           who are identified as       profile system and         classroom situation      learning strategies
   primary                   at risk                     implementation of
   colleagues to raise   ●   Develop strategies          any changes that may
   achievement in            around differentiated       be necessary
   writing both at           learning.               ●   Repeat NZCER, Me
   primary and           ●   Determine action            and My School survey
   secondary level.          points based upon       ●   Continue work to
● Review and refine          feedback from NZCER         reinforce inquiry
   option structure          Me and My school            learning
● Review how                 survey. Plan to be      ●   Embed practice for
   students work             implemented during          differentiated
   towards NCEA L2           2019 and into 2020          learning and
                         ●   Review changes that         classroom practice
                             have been made
                             during the previous
                             three years and the
                             impact that these
                             have had upon
                             student learning
                         ●   Review of Learning
                             support teacher role
                             and determine what
                             further resources are
                             required to support
students who need
                             additional support
                         ●   Development work
                             for curriculum based
                             upon the work
                             conducted with
                             contributing schools
Student Engagement       ●   Review of stand down ● Review of stand down        ● Review of PB4L          ● Review of progress
                             and suspension rates.     and suspension rates.      progress                  targeting the 1-5%
● Continuation of
                         ●   Plan for new            ● Plan for new             ● Target behaviour of     ● Refine and review
   the internal
                             strategies when            strategies when           1-5% who provide          early intervention
   surveys for
                             reviewing trends.          reviewing trends.         the greatest concern      programme
   students started in
                         ●   Action plan for future ● Review of progress        ● Review of progress      ●
                             development of PB4L        and determination of      with learning support
● Development of
                         ●   Review ways to best        next steps for            and where to next.
   student council
                             engage the 5%              development in:         ● Review early
   involvement to
                             identified as ‘at risk’ ● PB4L                       intervention
   create a positive
                             in PB4L                 ● Mentoring                  programme and the
   environment for
                         ●   Initiate graduation       programme                  benefits and
   all students
                             awards for junior       ● Graduate profile, is       challenges
● Introduction of
                             students up to Y10        this still meeting the
                         ●   Review of mentoring       needs of our
   mentoring for all
                             programme to better       learners?
                             meet the needs of the ● Graduate
● Development of
                             graduate programme        programme, is this
   graduate profile
                         ●   Continue                  meeting the needs of
● Reduction of stand
                             redevelopment of          our community?
   down and
                             restorative practice    ● Implement plan for
                         ●   Teaching of values for    early intervention
                             PB4L                      programme
● Review of at risk
                         ●   Embed reporting
   learners and how
   we engage and

enable them to      ● Review of progress
   achieve                 with learning support
● Develop strategies       teacher and where to
   to work with            next.
   family/ whanau to   ● Develop plan for
   improve student         targeting at risk Y9
   attendance at           students to provide
   school.                 an early intervention
School Organisation    Review progress with :        ● Community               On-going review and       ● Refine and determine
and Structures          ● Mentoring                    consultation            development of              value and benefits of
● Development of        ● Conferencing                 undertaken to review    initiatives implemented     existing programmes
   PB4L for the         ● Changes to the               whole school            so far.                     and initiatives.
   school as a whole        senior curriculum          developments during                               ● Develop plan based
● Review of                 option structure           previous three years.                               upon revised needs
   assessment           ● Vertical tutor groups      ● Ensure
   practices and the    ● Targeting students           representation of
   value to student         as part of the inquiry     Maori and Pasifika as
   learning                 model to ensure            well as our migrant
● Changes to Tutor          consistency of             population in the
   group structure          approach and               review
● Embed timetable           accountability.
   and option           ● Student
   structure                endorsement results.
● Develop              Action plan developed on
   mentoring as a      the basis of review
   means of raising    ● Introduction of live
   achievement             reports across whole
Review of Charter      ● Initiate community           Develop plans for        Review and plan for        Implement plan
and Consultation         consultation meetings         implementation based      next stage of               based upon needs
                         with our wider                upon the previous         development
● Development of      ● Evaluate the changes          community                Aim to be starting tier
    school values in     that have been made           consultation              2 of PB4L
    consultation with    with the senior              Adjust and modify
    community            curriculum to ensure          school curriculum to
 ● Review with our       that they are still           meet the needs of the
    Maori community      meeting the needs of          cohorts going through
    as to how we can     our community.                the school
    best engage our     Teaching PB4L values         Evaluate progress
    Maori learners and    across the school            with PB4L
    enhance school as  Implement Tier 2 of
    a place to attend     PB4L
    and gain
 Personnel             ● Induction of new staff    ● Review of resourcing ● Continue planning for
                         into school culture         for Learning Support       future needs of the
                       ● Gather feedback from        to ensure that staffing    school
                         exit interviews             is utilised effectively. ● Ensure induction
                         carried out at the end    ● Act upon feedback          process meets the
                         of 2018 (if available)      from exit interviews       needs of staff and
                         then develop action       ● Evaluate progress          students
                         plan                        with learning support    ● Ensure that PB4L and
                       ● Newly appointed             and prepare for future     RP is included in the
                         Learning Support            needs and                  induction process
                         teacher provided            expectations
                         support to initiate       ● Review support
                         change to practice for      structure for support
                         T&L                         staff
                       ● Look for career
                         opportunities for staff
                         who are looking to
                         progress their
● Develop support
             structure for new
             support staff
Property   ● Review of progress
             against plan.
           ● Plan for next areas of
           ● Ensure programmed
             maintenance is kept
             up to date or at least
             justified decisions are
             made to ensure that
             the school is well
Finance    ● Setting of budget in      ● Review of financial   ● Ensure budget meets
             conjunction with this       planning                the needs of the
             strategic plan            ● Review of planned       strategic plan
           ● Review accountability       expenditure from
             for budget holders          three year plan.
             and curriculum            ● Determine new areas
             leaders.                    for expenditure.
           ● Develop financial plan
             for expenditure for
             projects over the next
             three years which will
             improve student
           ● Ensure the school is
             resourced within the
             financial parameters

Annual School Improvement Plan – SUMMARY

      Domain                       Strategic Goal                            Target                 Short Report
      Students’     Improve student achievement in NCEA to       Raise NCEA endorsement to
      Learning      support students to gain endorsement at      35% at L1, 2 and 3
                    L1,2 and 3

                    Improving literacy of Y9 and Y10 in          Raise literacy (writing) for Y10
                    particular improvement for Boys and Maori    Maori boys by more than one
                    students                                     chronological year of progress

       Student      Continued reduction of stand down and        Reduce stand down and
     Engagement     suspension numbers through the ongoing       suspension numbers and also
                    development of PB4L and use of restorative   referrals from class.
                                                                 Maintain and improve
                    Continue the good practice to maintain the   attendance rates set in 2017-18
                    positive attendance records for students.

      School        Develop tier 2 of PB4L in the school.        School wide values have been
 Organisation and                                                established and these will
    Structures                                                   frame discussion when talking
                                                                 to students about behaviour
                                                                 The values are:
                                                                      Respect
                                                                      Excellence
                                                                      Perseverance

Teachers will both teach and
     model these values and
     highlight the importance of
     these values both in their
     teaching and co-curricular

     Staff will be recognising and
     acknowledging positive
     behaviour and will actively
     seek to not this in their dealings
     with students. In particular
     they will be looking to ensure
     that all values are endorsed

     Students will be recognised by
     the principal and senior
     leadership for positive work
     and development.

     Teachers will build upon their
     training to further develop
     their understanding and
     expertise in the restorative

     Kamar evidence to show that
     staff are using processes that
     are developed by PB4L team

Further development of mentoring to            Increase engagement through
     support students to be successful.             higher community involvement
                                                    in the school eg attendance at
                                                    course confirmation,
                                                    conference day

                                                    Continue to build upon the
                                                    success of achievement at Merit
                                                    and Excellence from 2018

     Re-introduction of Graduation Certificate at   Year 9 students, family and
     Year 9 and improved monitoring of              whanau will be introduced to
     progress by mentor teachers.                   the graduate profile and the
                                                    expectations for the year.

                                                    Students are expected to
                                                    demonstrate the PB4L values
                                                    through their participation in
                                                    school work, activities and
                                                    community involvement.

                                                    Each component will be
                                                    monitored by the mentor and
                                                    provide a framework for
                                                    guidance and development.
                                                    Students will negotiate
                                                    individual targets aimed to
                                                    extend themselves and show

Each component must be
     completed satisfactorily in
     order to be awarded a
     graduation certificate at the
     end of the year.

Strategic Goal : Targeting student learning at Y9+10 through inquiry learning to raise the achievement for both at risk of not achieving and at
risk of not reaching their full potential.
Annual Goal: Raising the numbers of students in Y9+10 who gain          Annual Target: Year 10 cohort to maintain or improve the
merit and excellence endorsements in their junior courses               endorsement rate that they currently hold at Y9 (2018)
Baseline data:
                                     Merit                              Excellence                            2019 prediction
 2018 Y9                             42 (44%)                           4 (4%)                                36M 4E
 2018 Y10                            43 (40%)                           14 (13%)                              40M 5E

Key Improvement Strategies

When             What (examples)                                        Who             Indicators of Progress

Term 1-3         Departments identify at risk students and add them     HOD’s           Students removed from list when target has been
                 to their at risk list                                                  reached
Term 1-3         Identification of at risk students in learning teams   Deans           Students removed from list when target has been
Term 1           Introduce class profiles to highlight students and     SLT             Teachers identify, name and select target students
                 their learning needs                                                   for support work. SOAP targets at or above.
Term 1           Identification of buddy teacher to share work with     Teacher with Teacher identifies their buddy teacher. Buddies to be
                 and peer review                                        support from from a different department to promote cross
                                                                        SLT          curricular circulation of ideas and strategies.

Term1            Targeted students are identified and strategies to       Teachers/       Teachers have a plan of action to support learning for
                 meet individual needs are formulated                     Learning        target students, this should be documented. TAI as
                                                                          support         part of appraisal to assist with this.
                                                                          for appraisal
Term 1           Peer review of target intervention and discussion        Teacher/        Review of plan at start of intervention, discussion
                 with parent/ caregiver/ whanau as well individual        buddy           with parent and student

Term 2           Review of progress and evaluation of strategy            Teacher/        Discussion and documentation of review and
                                                                          buddy           evaluation. Data analysed as to progress
Term 2           Peer share and discussion starts                         Teacher/        Sharing of strategies and results as part of staff
                                                                          buddy           meeting
Term 2           Review and determination of future target students, Teacher/             Decision made to continue with target students or if
                 possibly during mid year option rotation            buddy                other higher priority students need intervention
Term 2/3         Next strategy developed and review as above              Teacher/        Progress completed can be indentified and what the
                                                                          buddy           next steps for the student or identify the next cohort
                                                                                          of target students.
Term 3 /4        Review of progress through the year                      Teacher         Discussed with appraiser as part of the growth and
                                                                                          development for students and identification of
                                                                                          support needed in the future, if necessary.
As part of appraisal the review will be included as part of the strategy to support individual learners.
Time and money with responsibility for oversight distributed amongst SLT.
Dedicated Inquiry time to be part of Friday late starts.

Improvement Plan - Domain: Learning
Strategic Goal: Raising Merit and Excellence endorsement rates at NCEA L1, 2 and 3
Annual Goal: Raising Merit and           Annual Target: Students to gain endorsements at least equivalent to the national mean for
Excellence endorsement rates at          similar decile Co-ed school
NCEA L1, 2 and 3 to at least the
national mean in 2019. Also to raise
the achievement rates of students
gaining a vocational pathway
endorsement at L2
Baseline data 2017-19 data
  NCEA Level       Merit 2017        Excellence 2017       Merit 2018      Excellence 2018       Expected Merit           Expected
                 (National data)     (National data)     (National data)    (National data)           2019            Excellence 2019
       1           23.6(34.7)           3.4(20.0)                                                      24                    12
       2            7.6(26.4)           8.7(16.4)                                                      20                    10
       3            8.5(27.2)           7.0(15.5)                                                      10                    5

                          SOHS Vocational       SOHS Vocational        2018 Vocational        2019 Expected
                             pathway                pathway               pathway           Vocational pathway
                         endorsement rate      endorsement rate       endorsement rate       endorsement rate
                               2016              2017 FEB(OCT)
         NCEA L2        47%                        18% (29%)                 19%                    22%

Key Improvement Strategies
When               What (examples)       Who                  Indicators of Progress

Term 1             Student voice on      SC                   SC to get agreement from staff on what to include in student voice (this
                   mentoring                                  will include M / E endorsements)

Term 1       Refinement of Friday   MD             Students are able to select and develop a strategy to complete their
             option patterns                       studies (Snr) Student progress with longer learning episodes monitored
             Counselling for                       to see if there is a change in performance.
                                    MD / SC
             suitable options are                  Review of Friday options by mentors end of each term
             followed by students
Term 1       Ensure that options    MD and TiC     Courses to have accurate description and ensure rigour of assessment
             provide best                          and opportunities for learning. Clear definition of further/ re-assessment
             opportunities to                      opportunities.
             engage students and
             meet their needs
Term 1       Promotion of live      SC             Letter to go home / newsletter
             reports / portal
Term 1 and   Monitoring of          Attendance/    Student actively monitored to ensure attendance at school. Contact with
ongoing      attendance for         Deans/ tutor   home.
             Friday options         teachers
Term 1       Course conferencing    SC             After course counselling students to make notes on the portal of what
             and data from 2018                    has been discussed
             to inform goal                        Mentors to have data on Y10 Merit and Excellence students to aid with
             setting for 2019                      goal setting. 1st Conference to set goals for the year

Term 1       Live reports school    SC             Live reports introduced for seniors - KAMAR set up, pd for staff,
             wide                                  improved tracking of credits with a view to improving endorsements and
                                                   promotion to the community of live reporting.
                                                   Expectations for what will be in the comments to be discussed by staff.
Term 1       1st Conference         SC             Aim for 85% attendance across the school to discuss mentoring
                                                   programme and discuss family/ whanau involvement.
                                                   Goal setting and follow up from course conferences.

Provide time on Friday morning to follow up on issues arising from
Term 2 start    Letter to parents   SC                 Letter to be sent home to remind parents to look at the portal for live
                                                       reports and facebook reminder
Term 2          Parent teacher      Teachers / HoD /   Ensure that students have a plan for the remainder of the year for their
                interviews          MD                 subjects, ensure Merit and Excellence and attempting externals is
                                                       included in this.
Term 2          Live reports        SC and HoD         SC to check live reports for seniors are being completed.
                monitoring                             Check in with HoD’s regarding workload and any issues arising
Term 2          Information to      SC and mentors     SC to provide information on NCEA credits to mentors on the 5 weekly
                mentors and                            cycle around credits
                monitoring                             Mentors to use this information as a basis for conversations and goal
                                                       setting / review.
Term 2 (after   Student voice       SC                 Start to gain student voice on mentoring.
Term 3 start    Letter to parents   SC                 Letter to be sent home to remind parents to look at the portal for live
                                                       reports and facebook reminder
Term 3          Conferences         SC                 Aim for increased attendance on the 50% last year.
                                                       Review of the year with mentors and goal setting for the remainder of
                                                       term 3 and 4.
Term 2          Information to      SC and mentors     SC to provide information on NCEA credits to mentors on the 5 weekly
                mentors and                            cycle around credits.
                monitoring                             Mentors to use this information as a basis for conversations and goal
                                                       setting / review.
Term 3          SOAP achievement    MD (and SC)        SOAP achievers breakfast for students who are above in SOAP (or are
                breakfast                              gaining Excellence)

Term 4            Review of changes      Mentors, class      Evaluate achievement data (and at start of 2019 when external results
                  and adaptations        teachers, SLT and   are in).
                  prepared for 2019      students

Oversight from SLT. Review of student progress against SOAP and NCEA achievement undertaken as part of review and monitoring.
Time and money with responsibility for oversight distributed amongst SLT.
KAMAR pd for staff around live reports.
Attendance at KAMAR conference to look at the implications of moving into the cloud

Improvement Plan - Domain: Learning
Strategic Goal: Raising student achievement in writing at Y9+10 in particular Maori students and boys
Annual Goal Raising student achievement in writing with a particular Annual Target For Year 9 students the target will be to raise this
emphasis in improving Maori boys writing. The aim to set students up to the achievement of all students from the E-asttle baseline data
so that they can be successful in their future education and not be     by at least 1 level
disadvantaged in their future studies.                                  For Year 10 students the target will be to raise this to the
                                                                        achievement of all students from the E-asttle baseline data by at
                                                                        least 1 level

Baseline data
2019 data E-Asttle writing term 1
             3B        3P       4A      4B       4P       4A       5B       5P       5A      6B+
 Year 9

2019 data E-Asttle writing term 4
            3B         3P       4A      4B       4P       4A       5B       5P       5A      6B+
 Year 9

Key Improvement Strategies

When            What (examples)                                       Who            Indicators of Progress

T1, ongoing     Application for further PLD to support teacher        Principal/      PLD application complete and submitted
                development                                           Literacy

T1/4            Al Year 9 and 10 students sit an E-Asttle writing     MD/JO           Comparison of data from T1 - T4
                piece to be marked by mentors
T1              Whole staff PD on how to mark and use E-Asttle        TBC             Mentors able to mark E-Asttle writing and meet
                writing                                                               moderation requirements with the writing
T1              Appointment of within school teacher roles            Principal/      Appointment of within school teacher(s) to support
                                                                      SLT             this work and lead within school development.

T2              Developing a common language for expectations         Cttee with   Combined input from departments, within school
                across curriculum areas                               support from teachers and the literacy committee
T2              Engage in PLD to develop writing within and across    SLT/Departm Work within and across departments to provide
                departments                                           ents        support in developing quality writing strategies.
T3              Monitor progress and develop next steps               SLT/ Literacy   Report back to SLT for planning for 2020.
Monitoring Review at Mid Year and end of year to monitor progress and effectiveness of work undertaken. Also review of the PLD provided
to determine if this is meeting our needs.

Time and money with responsibility for oversight distributed amongst SLT.
PLD for staff to familiarise with literacy expectations.
Development of shared understanding
Review of facilities, such as the library, which will support this work.

Other 2019 Key Improvement Strategies to Achieve Strategic Vision
Property   (summarised from property         Short Report                     Finance                 Short Report

     ● Pomahaka                                                       ● Maintain and further
     ● Update painting plan                                              develop financial
     ● SLT/ Deans/ Finance                                               reporting
       office space                                                   ● Better information for
     ● New student lockers                                               budget holders
                                                                      ● Improve financial
                                                                         planning capability for
                                                                         budget holders
           Personnel                         Short Report             Community Engagement            Short Report
     ● Undertake external                                             ● Introduction of live
       appraisal of long                                                 reporting for whole
       standing SLT and offer                                            school
       to new SLT staff.                                              ● Involvement in Clutha
     ● Induction of new staff                                            development with
       into South Otago HS.                                              interest in education and
                                                                         opportunities and

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