BSA STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 2019 - Bendigo Student Association

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BSA STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 2019 - Bendigo Student Association
    2017 - 2019
BSA STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 2019 - Bendigo Student Association
                                                           2017 - 2019
                                                      Bendigo Student Association Inc.
                                                                 ABN: 52 625 346 529

            Dedicated to Making Student Life Better		                              03
            Our Organisation | Valuing Board, Staff and Partners

            Vision | Mission					                                                  04

   Purpose | Guiding Principles			                                 05

   Priorities			 				                                              06

   Priority 1 - Advocate to Uphold the Rights of Students
			 Objective 1 - Build Awareness			                               07
			 Objective 2 - Increase Access to Advocacy Services
			 Objective 3 - Represent Students
			 Objective 4 - Build Knowledge of 		                            08
						                   University Policies & Procedures
			 Measurement of Priority One

   Priority 2 - Represent Students with a Trusted, Informed        09
			         and Confident Voice
			 Objective 1 - Build Trust
			 Objective 2 - Maintain a Representative and Informed Voice     10
			 Objective 3 - Develop Policy Relating to Board Director
			 Measurement of Priority Two			                                 11

   Priority 3 - Engage our Student Body with Valued Services
			 Objective 1 - Increase Awareness of BSA Services
			 Objective 2 - Increase Membership of the BSA                   12
			 Measurement of Priority Three

   Priority 4 - Create Opportunities			                            13
			 Objective 1 - Deliver a Diverse Range of Services for Students
			 Objective 2 - Increase Student Awareness and Participation     14
			 Objective 3 - Increase Student Satisfaction		                  15
			 Objective 4 - Create and Foster External Relationships
			 Measurement of Priority Four			                                16

            Evaluation of Strategic Plan			                                        16

BSA STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 2019 - Bendigo Student Association

                                                                  2017 BSA BOARD

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BSA STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 2019 - Bendigo Student Association
The Bendigo Student Association Inc. (BSA) is dedicated to making student life better at
La Trobe University Bendigo. We endeavour to actively engage students, staff and other
stakeholders in campus life through the delivery of support services.

The BSA is committed to upholding our Constitution which embodies our values and
objectives. This strategic plan will guide us in achieving our goals by focusing on five
principles: the ability to be responsive, progressive, representative, fair and nurturing.

The BSA is the peak body on the La Trobe University Bendigo campus providing non-
academic and co-curricular services to students. Incorporated in 1988, the BSA is funded via
self-generated income and from annual funding received from La Trobe University through
the collection of the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). The BSA seeks to provide
students with assistance and opportunities to develop a wide range of skills and experiences
contributing to an enjoyable, inclusive, safe, and holistic university experience.

At the BSA our priority is to make student life better and we achieve this by providing
a diverse range of services on campus. Services include student advocacy, events and
activities, support for clubs and societies, volunteering opportunities, short courses, health
and wellbeing programs, discounted stationery, membership incentives and discounted
food and beverage via our cafe. We provide facilities for student use such as a parent room,
study and meeting rooms. We make available loan equipment to help students hold events,
promote clubs or fundraise. We provide an independent representative voice for students
on the Bendigo campus.

The positive impacts we seek to achieve for students rely on the strong relationships we
nurture with our key stakeholders. We appreciate the high level of commitment from our
Board of Directors, staff, local community partners and La Trobe University. We recognise
the many benefits that come from working collaboratively with those wanting to align with
our vision.

Stockroom                                                                                    3
BSA STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 2019 - Bendigo Student Association
‘To Make Student Life Better’

        ‘We provide students with a powerful and representative voice
           by fostering an inclusive community to enrich their student
               experience, enabling them to reach their full potential.’

BSA STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 2019 - Bendigo Student Association
The Bendigo Student Association was established for the charitable purposes of
encouraging social, cultural, sporting, political and intellectual activities among students
enrolled at La Trobe University Bendigo and to provide premises and other amenities for the
following purposes:

1.   The advancement of educational opportunities for all students enrolled at the La Trobe
     University Bendigo campus
2.   To conduct enterprises for the benefit of students enrolled at the La Trobe University
     Bendigo campus
3.   To foster a community spirit within the University
4.   To represent students enrolled at the University in matters affecting their interests and
     privileges, and to provide a recognised means of communication between students
     enrolled at the University and the University itself
5.   To establish and to foster relationships between the University community and the
     wider regional community

The BSA is committed to being accessible to students and creating positive change by
recognising and responding to student needs in a way that is effective, sustainable and

The BSA values opportunities, critical thought and enterprise. We see students as thought
leaders who have the capacity to foster understanding and innovation in both a campus and
community context.

The BSA is an independent organisation that is committed to representing a diverse and
continuously changing student body.

The BSA recognises the importance of acting in a way that is consistently equitable, ethical,
inclusive and responsible in all of its dealings and activities.

The BSA is committed to providing support and facilitating student success. We see the
value in empowering students to become active and engaged citizens.

BSA STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 2019 - Bendigo Student Association
The focus of the Strategic Plan is to ensure that we:

1.   Advocate to uphold the rights of students
2.   Represent students with a trusted, informed and confident voice
3.   Engage our study body with valued services
4.   Create opportunities for our student body

PRIORITY            Advocate to Uphold the Rights of Students

                    The BSA will advise students and advocate for them with integrity and
                    diligence where issues arise between them and the University. We will
                    inform and guide students in regards to the service and support available
                    to them by advocating for students’ rights and by being proactive
                    in identifying and resolving problems, whilst supporting students
                    throughout their university experience.

BSA STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 2019 - Bendigo Student Association
Objective 1 - Build Awareness
Step 1   Employ a diverse range of communication channels to inform students of services
         available e.g. YouTube, posters, flyers, social media, screens.
         Implementation Strategy: The BSA to develop a diverse marketing strategy.

Step 2   Simplify the terminology associated with ‘Advocacy’.
         Implementation Strategy: The BSA to develop literature that clearly explains what
         advocacy is e.g. “Did you know that the BSA can help you …..”

Step 3   Create 100% awareness for students and staff of advocacy services delivered by
         the BSA.
         Implementation Strategy: Responsibility of all BSA Staff and Board to promote
         advocacy services within the BSA to students as per the marketing strategy.

Objective 2 - Increase Access to Advocacy Services
Step 1   Provide multiple access methods to engage advocacy support/advice.
         Implementation Strategy: The BSA to implement an online booking system and
         advertise this system to students. Drop in sessions to be promoted, e.g. ‘Advocate
         now free’ and to also utilise the BSA website and Facebook page by creating an
         FAQ for student advocacy matters, incorporating short videos.

Step 2   Enhance advocacy support via training peer support student advocates.
         Implementation Strategy: The BSA to establish a student to student peer support
         advocacy program to assist in meeting demand during periods such as show
         cause, academic misconduct and unsatisfactory progress.

Objective 3 - Represent Students
Step 1   Ensure that students receive the best advocacy support available from the BSA.
         Implementation Strategy: The BSA to provide training and support to staff and
         student peer advocates as required. The BSA to collect data on student cases to
         help guide and identify any gaps in knowledge.

Step 2   Nuture relationships between the BSA and other relevant bodies.
         Implementation Strategy: The BSA to liaise and collaborate with University
         policy makers, University Ombudsman, other LTU student advocates,
         Student Wellbeing, Accommodation Services, external advocacy agencies and
         any other organisations or individuals that may help in making advocacy more
         effective for students.

BSA STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 2019 - Bendigo Student Association
Objective 4 - Build Knowledge of University Policies & Procedures
Step 1            Ensure that the BSA Advocates remain fully versed in all relevant University
                  policies, procedures and codes of conduct and that they take all action to remain
                  up-to-date with changes.
                  Implementation Strategy: The BSA to ensure they remain informed of any policy
                  and or procedural changes via the General Manager in consultation with the
                  University’s Senior Advisor of Policy and associated staff.

Step 2            Maintain and enhance relationships with the University, whilst remaining an
                  independent voice for students.
                  Implementation Strategy: The BSA Staff and Board of Directors to represent the
                  BSA and to uphold respectful relationships with the University.

                Advocacy Issues by Type                          Measurement
                                                                 of Priority One
                              10           1
                                                                 The BSA via the Advocacy Officer and
                                                                 General Manager shall collect data
                                                                 on all cases for advocacy services and
                                                                 support. Clear and concise case notes
        8                                                        using appropriate technologies will
                                                                 help inform the demand, identify trends
                                                                 and highlight any gaps. Analysis of
        7                                                        data will help determine changes or
            6                                                    advancements required to guide future
                                                                 service provision.
                  5                                              Increased awareness will be monitored
                                       4                         and students will be surveyed as to
                                                  2016 Figures   their knowledge and understanding of
                                                                 advocacy via the SSAF survey and
        Academic Misconduct        Academic Progress             any relevant BSA surveys.
    1       Academic Misconduct    2       Academic Progress
        Appeals                    Assessment
    3       Appeals                4       Assessment
        Complaint                  Course Planning
    5       Complaint              6       Course Planning
         Miscellaneous             Remission  ofofDebt
                                      Remission    Debt
    7                              8
     Special Consideration
    9 Special Consideration
                                   Course/Uni Transfer
                                   10 Course/Uni Transfer

BSA STRATEGIC PLAN 2017 2019 - Bendigo Student Association
PRIORITY          Represent Students with a Trusted, Informed

                  and Confident Voice
                  The BSA will strive to be representative of all students. Who we are and
                  what we do must reflect the needs and aspirations of students. We will
                  raise the profile of students and keep their interests at the forefront of
                  what we do by proactively representing them to all stakeholders with a
                  trusted and confident voice.

Objective 1 - Build Trust
Step 1 The Board of Directors and Staff within the Association must strive to be
       identifiable and approachable within the University community.
       Implementation Strategy: The Board of Directors and staff to remain visible
       around campus and make themselves readily available to students whilst ensuring
       that we follow through with requests for help, information or action and also
       feedback outcomes.

Step 2 Increase student awareness of Board Directors and BSA staff.
       Implementation Strategy: Using current social media platforms e.g. screens and
       website, highlight Board and staff profiles and increase their presence around the
       University via face to face contact, listening posts and live streams.

Objective 2 - Maintain a Representative and Informed Voice
Step 1   Promote the Board of Directors and staff’s positions within the University and to
         highlight their duties as student representatives.
         Implementation Strategy: By using effective and informative marketing
         strategies, educate the student body as to our roles and responsibilities and how
         we may support them whilst at university.

Step 2   Position the BSA as a primary stakeholder within the University.
         Implementation Strategy: The General Manager and President with support of
         the Board of Directors and staff to ensure that the BSA is not overlooked in any
         matter that may have an adverse or negative implication/outcome for students.

Step 3   Identify student issues.
         Implementation Strategy: Gather information about current student expectations
         and needs via surveys, focus groups, advocacy trends and individual feedback.

Objective 3 - Develop Policy Relating to Board Director
Step 1   Ensure that all Board of Directors are trained and mentored to uphold Association
         and University policies and procedures, including codes of conduct where
         Implementation Strategy: The General Manager and President shall work
         collaboratively with the Board of Directors to ensure that policy and procedure
         compliance is adhered to. This will form part of annual training programs.

Measurement of Priority Two
The Board of Directors and staff to continually monitor the level of knowledge and
awareness of the BSA within the student body. Increases in students requesting
representation either individually or as a group will indicate if this has been achieved either
formally via surveys or informally via increase in student cases presented to the BSA.

  PRIORITY           Engage our Student Body with Valued

                     The BSA will provide a diverse range of services for the benefit of all
                     students. These services will be delivered in a fair and accessible way that
                     fosters a sense of community spirit and inclusion within the University. The
                     BSA will continually renew and improve these services to ensure that they
                     meet the needs and desires of students both now and in the future. New
                     services will be introduced in response to the needs of students as they are

Objective 1 - Increase Awareness of BSA Services
Step 1   Renew marketing strategies and channels of communication to meet student
         needs and desires.
         Implementation Strategy: The Marketing Department in consultation with General
         Manager and President will incorporate the four p’s of marketing being Product, Place,
         Price and Promotion to reach all students. Various methods of communication must be
         adopted and not be limited to electronic marketing.

Step 2   Seek to involve students in service development and renewal processes.
         Implementation Strategy: Via annual SSAF Survey, focus groups, listening posts
         and various other forms of consultation, listen to student feedback and incorporate
         possible changes identified to enhance the student experience.

Step 3   Recognise the diverse student body on the Bendigo campus and provide opportunities
         to develop services specific to them.
         Implementation Strategy: Conduct reviews of BSA services, research service gaps
         and seek and obtain funding to address gaps.

Objective 2 - Increase Membership of the BSA
Step 1   Promote the benefits to students of joining the BSA.
         Implementation Strategy: Increase incentives to become a financial member of
         the BSA by providing member only discounts, entry to events and subsidies via
         commercial businesses. Create events, services and opportunities that offer
         diversity and opportunities for students to engage socially in their student life.

Step 2   Raise awareness of BSA membership.
         Implementation Strategy: Utilising different marketing strategies and continually
         developing services to respond to member demand.

           BSA                                                                                                  on
           MEMBERSHIP                                                                                       D rinks

                Semester 2


                                                                                                        O  NT
                                                                                                        a bsa HE SU DEC
                 MEMBER NIGHTS
                 Includes free food
                 and beverages
                 (one per semester)                                                                           membe       K
                                                                                                                    r even
                                                                                                 Kick                      t
                                                                                                on theyour shoes o
                 CAR PARKING
                 Save $10 on your
                 Uni parking permit
                                                                                                 live mudeck with so and relax
                 (students only)

                 WELCOME PACK
                                                                                                        sic and      me
                                                                                                                a few friends,
                 Pencil Case | Karma
                 Cup | Stationery |
                 Vouchers worth
                 $16.30 and more                                                                                       drinks
                 SWEENEY’S CAFÉ
                 Every 5th coffee      BSA EVENTS
                 free + discounts on   Discounts for BSA
                 selected food and     events
                 beverages                                          THURSD

                                                                  BINDING &
                 CLUBS & SOCIETIES     CINEMA TICKETS             LAMINATING       • Free
                 $5 off memberships    Discounted tix to          25% off binding kits      Entry
                 to BSA affiliated     Bendigo Cinemas            and laminating at •Finger
                                                                                    Live Ent od
                 Clubs & Societies     from BSA Stockroom         the BSA Stockroom•
                 WEEKLY DRAW
                 Automatic entry
                                       LOCKER HIRE
                                       $5 off personal             PRIL • (b3 x Compliminenment
                 into the draw for     locker hire
                                                                 Buy 4 prepaid       eer, cide
                                                                                               r, pr
                                                                                                     tary Drin
                 $10 Sweeney’s         $10 off bike locker
                                                                 vouchers, get the
                                                                  5th class free                        emix sp           ks
                 voucher               hire                                                                    irits or
                                                                                                                          soft dr
                                                             5:00pm                                                               ink)
                                                                        - 8:00
                                                                  JOIN NOW
                                                                    ent or atIDthe m | SU DE
                 MEMBER LUNCHES        SHORT COURSES         18+ ev
                 2 free lunches        Discounted RSA            BSA Info| Desk  and          CK
                 per semester          and Barista courses POA require
                                                                                               d | BS
                                                                                                      Am          embers

Measurement of Priority Three
Monitor and record the number of students utilising services.
Attain a target for annual BSA membership of 25% of total Bendigo enrolments.

PRIORITY          Create Opportunities

                    The BSA will develop new initiatives that advance the educational,
                    professional and personal opportunities of students. We will cultivate
                    strategic relationships with a range of key organisations within the
                    wider community in a sustainable way, either by our own undertaking
                    or together with our strategic partners.

Objective 1 - Deliver a Diverse Range                                              TRAINING

              of Services for Students
Step 1   Evaluate current BSA services.                                            Get your responsible serving of alcohol
                                                                                   (RSA) certificate right here on campus

         Implementation Strategy: BSA to respond                                    MONDAY

         to feedback in regards to the current 		                                   21
                                                                                                     Business Building Rm 226
                                                                                                     La Trobe University, Bendigo

         services offered and to look at opportunities
         to address any identified shortfalls.                                     BSA Member: $ 50

                                                                             THE CO
                                                                                   LTUB:             $ 60
                                                                                   GEN PUB:
                                                                                         CTED C
                                                                                                I R C$U S 65     & BEND
                                                                                                                          IGO STU
                                                                                                                                  DENT A

                                                                                   Places limited | Book at the BSA Info Desk            SSOCIA

Step 2   Deliver a diverse range of short courses.
                                                                          COMMUN E
         Implementation Strategy: BSA to		                              COMMUNIC
                                                                         LEARN SKI
                                                                                   LLS IN VER
                                                                                    ATION TO
                                                                                              BAL & VISU

         investigate short course opportunities for
                                                                        WITH CLIE             HELP CON
                                                                                  NTS, COL              NECT

                                                                        CUSTOM             LEAGUES
                                                                                ERS.                 OR

         students and effectively facilitate

         courses that are diverse, of high quality,
         meet current demands from students, and
         fit within budget constraints.

Step 3   Ensure all services offer skills development           31                 4pm - 6pm
                                                                                   Room: IBC

         for students.                                         AUGUST                           R: VERN

         Implementation Strategy: BSA to ensure
                                                             All LTUB
                                                                                             | Register
                                                                                                        at   the BSA Info

         that all short courses are accredited and

         provide the necessary skill based training
         relevant for students seeking to enhance
         employment opportunities.                                                                                                             Enhance your
                                                                                                                                                potential for
                                                                                                                                               cafe work with
Step 4   Involve student data in evaluation 		                                                                                                    training*

         processes.                                                           *Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee is a unit of Cert IV Tourism, Travel and Hospitality

         Implementation Strategy: BSA to seek

                                                                                                 Borough Club

         feedback from students that undertake                                      SEPT
                                                                                                 2-4 High St Eaglehawk

         short courses and gauge success by 		                                BSA Member: $ 50
                                                                              LTUB:       $ 80
         enrolment numbers, comments and other                                GEN PUB:    $130

         relevant data.
                                                                              Registraton and payment at the BSA Info Desk

Objective 2 - Increase Student Awareness and Participation
Step 1   Renew marketing strategies to target an awareness campaign.
         Implementation Strategy: BSA Marketing Department when looking at future
         programs, will consider student feedback and liaise with others to create a strong
         awareness campaign.

Step 2   Create channels of communication with students to heighten awareness about
         what services the BSA offer.
         Implementation Strategy: Utilise different marketing strategies to continually
         develop services to respond to student demand.

Step 3   Ensure all opportunities are accessible for all students.
         Implementation Strategy: BSA to deliver programs that would equally be of
         benefit to all students, ensuring that they are accessible, achievable and realistic.

Objective 3 - Increase Student Satisfaction
Step 1   Survey student participation and satisfaction regularly.
         Implementation Strategy: In consultation with staff, regularly survey students
         via the Board Listening Posts and general conversations and to monitor this
         feedback, responding where necessary.

Step 2   Review all aspects of services and utilize student feedback to actively inform all
         services designs and implementation to increase involvement.
         Implementation Strategic: BSA Board and staff to continually update and modify
         initiatives and programs after taking into account feedback gained.

Step 3   Plan events with current student cohort in mind.
         Implementation Strategy: BSA to invite students to provide ideas of possible
         events to enhance their student experience. This will allow students to have a
         stronger sense of ownership and build a strong supportive culture within the

Objective 4 - Create and Foster External Relationships
Step 1   Maintain and build on key external relationships.
         Implementation Strategy: BSA to ensure when working with the University and
         wider community that we uphold a high level of professionalism and integrity
         expected within the Association.

Step 2   Maintain and build on partnerships with external organisations providing new
         services/programs for students.
         Implementation Strategy: The BSA to identify external organisations that may be
         of benefit and enhance student life.

Step 3   Increase community awareness of the BSA
         Implementation Strategy: The BSA to have an active voice in the community and
         to extend our actions beyond the University.

Step 4   Build recognition and brand awareness
         Implementation Strategy: BSA to be active in university life and beyond
         the campus community to foster strong working relationships
         with other organisations.

Measurement of Priority Four
The Board of Directors and staff to continually create and foster relationships with students
and community groups to guide the Association as to how best to support students at
Bendigo. A focus will be to build on our reputation as a strong student representative body
within the University and broader community.

Evaluation of Strategic Plan
The Board of Directors in consultation with the General Manager and BSA staff will review
this strategic plan to ensure that the Association is tracking to achieve the objectives
detailed herein. This evaluation will be conducted annually to ensure that the strategic
intent remains aligned with its purpose and that the BSA responds accordingly to the
changing and/or expanding needs of students on the Bendigo campus.

As this is a three year strategic plan, the above mentioned and other stakeholders identified
by the BSA will begin to prepare a draft plan for the next Strategic Plan 2020 – 2022 in

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