Academy Improvement Plan 2019 2020 - (last updated January 2020) - Aspirations Academies Trust

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Academy Improvement Plan 2019 2020 - (last updated January 2020) - Aspirations Academies Trust
Improvement Plan
       2019 - 2020
      (last updated January 2020)
Academy Improvement Plan 2019 2020 - (last updated January 2020) - Aspirations Academies Trust
Key performance indicators

    FFT Estimates for the                                   FFT50                     FFT 20   FFT 5

          Attainment 8                                           4.9                   5.2      5.6

    Attainment 8 English                                         5.1                   5.5      6

     Attainment 8 Maths                                          4.8                   5.1      5.5

     Attainment 8 Ebacc                                          4.8                   5.2      5.6

      Attainment 8 Open                                          5.1                   5.4      5.7

     Attainment 8 Ebacc                                          2.9                   2.9      2.9

      Attainment 8 Open                                          2.9                   2.9      3

        %5+ GCSE’s 7-9                                           17                    23       30

Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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% Grade 4+ BASICS                                           66                                    73                   80

          % 5 + BASICS                                           46                                    53                   61

                Attendance                    95% minimum attendance.

            Persistent Absence                Not exceeding 10%.

               Destinations                   99%.

            Careers interviews                100%.

           Teaching standards                 95% Good or better.

           Inadequate teaching                No inadequate teaching.

          Fixed term exclusions               Below 4% %FTE and better than national average for similar schools (4.53%).

          Permanent exclusions                Not above 1%.

    Attendance at Parents’ Evenings           85%.

  Recruitment into Year 12 Sept 2020          85% of all eligible students will return into Year 12.

Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Recruitment into Year 7 Sept 2020          Full pan of 260.

Priority 1:                                                                                 Quality of Education

Objectives                              Lead     Specific Actions                                  Impact                               Monitoring

We want to …….                                                                                                                T1   T2   T3   T4      T5   T6

                                                 Each dept to create a logically sequenced 85% of all groups of students
                                                 coherent curriculum plan that has a       in all year groups are at least
                                                 foundation built on knowledge and skills. on track for FFT 50 targets.

                                                 No limits ATL and Core curriculum is      90% Work scrutiny shows
1.     Design and implement an                   designed and planned to be coherent,      progress in learning,
ambitious 7-year curriculum.              PH     sequential and include 21 century skills. sequencing, coherence and

                                                                                           evidences challenge.
                                                 Facilitate training and planning time for
                                                 ATL teaching staff and monitor delivery. 90% of Student Voice can
                                                                                           make connections in learning
                                                 Ensure curriculum design is challenging between lessons and between
                                                 and engaging for every learner and        topics and articulate challenge.

 Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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meets the needs of disadvantaged and     80% of Y7 Student Voice
                                                 SEND students.                           articulates skills development
                                                                                          and project learning based
                                                 Implementation of a metacognitive skills principles in their learning.
                                                 focus across all years.
                                                                                          85% of lesson observations
                                                                                          evidence high quality
                                                                                          application of skills and
                                                                                          engagement in a rich

                                                 September INSET Day outlines               95% of teachers will be
                                                 Budmouth’s vision for teaching, learning   regarded as good or better by
                                                 and assessment and Directed CPD time       the end of the academic year
                                                 addresses key aspects of the vision and    through triangulation process
                                                 supports teachers in implementation.       and SLT RAG.

                                                 Departmental Meeting Agendas and           The results of work scrutiny
                                                 Improvement Plans to focus more            will show that the quality of
2.      Support teachers to become                                                          students’ work, and their pride
                                                 explicitly on developing the quality of
expert practitioners in developing                                                          in it, has increased.
                                                 teaching, learning and assessment.
student learning and long term            MJC
memory.                                          Personalised internal and external         Learning Reviews will indicate
                                                 support provided for individual teachers   that 95% of teachers are
                                                 and Subject Areas arising from 2019        setting a higher level of
                                                 outcomes and Learning Reviews.             challenge for students at all
                                                 Establish excellent practitioner team to
                                                 work with staff on 1:1 level as identified. Student feedback will indicate
                                                                                             that they feel they are being
                                                 Subject Coordinators complete teacher more appropriately
                                                 triangulation review and quality            challenged.
                                                 assurance processes to help identify
 Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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individual teachers’ areas for               Middle leaders feel more
                                                 development.                                 empowered to lead on
                                                                                              improvements of the quality of
                                                 SLT provide a very visible presence          teaching and its impact on
                                                 around the Academy to reinforce              learning.
                                                 standards, expectations and support
                                                 classroom practice.

3.      Implement a homework                     Homework Policy launched in March            100% of staff and subjects set
strategy that supports and enhances              2019.                                        homework as per the policy.
learning for all students.
                                                 Re-launch Bud mouth Homework Policy 90% of students complete all
                                                 in Sept 2019 and advertise a Spring Term homework.
                                                 2020 Homework review.
                                                                                            Work samples show
                                                 Learning Booklets will be used to set      improvements in homework
                                                 high quality homework by all Subject       setting and completion.
                                                                                            Learning Review reports will
                                          MJC    Subject Coordinators to prioritise setting show improvements in
                                                 of homework in departmental meetings homework setting and
                                                 and quality assurance processes.           completion.

                                                 Homework to be embedded into SOW by
                                                 Subject Areas.

                                                 SLT links will discuss outcomes of quality
                                                 assurance processes with Subject
                                                 Coordinators and identify bespoke CPD
                                                 for identified staff.

 Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Implementation of Learning Booklets in    Learning Reviews show that
                                                 classrooms and in homework supports       students act on verbal and
                                                 students in developing metacognitive      written feedback and self-
                                                 skills.                                   improve.

                                                 AfL feedback policy outlines the          The results of work scrutiny
                                                 strengths of whole class feedback and the will show that the quality of
                                                 need for regular DIRT in classrooms.      students’ work, and their pride
                                                                                           in it, has increased.
                                                 Yr7 Transition Plan includes assemblies Learning Reviews will indicate
                                                 exploring the importance of ‘knowledge that 95% of teachers are
4.    Give students the skills to                and self quizzing’; ‘self control and     setting a higher level of
become self-regulated learners.           MJC    perseverance’.                            challenge for students at all
                                                 Subject Coordinators ensure that the      Student feedback will indicate
                                                 development of metacognitive skills is    that they feel they are being
                                                 embedded in Schemes of Work and           more appropriately challenged
                                                 departmental meeting agendas.             through in-class AFL,
                                                                                           modelling and sequencing.
                                                 September INSET Day outlines
                                                 Budmouth vision for teaching, learning
                                                 and assessment and Directed CPD time
                                                 addresses key aspects of the vision and
                                                 supports teachers in the development of
                                                 students’ metacognitive skills.

5.      Ensure that academy targets          Year 11 Rapid Raising Achievement Plan        GCSE
are met in relation to the progress of       in place.                                     Attainment 8 5.2
all students and groups.               DH/PH                                               BASICS 5+     53%.
                                             Year 13 Rapid Raising Achievement Plan        BASICS 4+     73%.
                                             is in place.                                  A8 EBacc      5.2
                                                                                           Progress 8 ‘Average’.

 Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Ensure new ‘SWS’ system is enabling     Post 16
                                                 better line management of subjects in   A Level Attainment Grade C.
                                                 relation to progress.                   A Level Value Added Positive.
                                                                                         Applied Learning Average
                                                 Ensure new KS3 assessment programme Grade Merit
                                                 is setting more demanding standards for Applied Learning Positive
                                                 students to be benchmarked against      Value Added.
                                                 GCSE outcomes.

                                                 Termly Reviews of progress at SLT.

Priority 2:                                                                              Behaviour and Attitudes

Objectives                             Lead       Specific Actions                               Impact                            Monitoring

We want to …….                                                                                                           T1   T2    T3   T4     T5   T6

1.     Build a learning community              Clear routines and expectations     Student questionnaires will report
in which every classroom is a                  established with staff and students improved behaviour in lessons in
purposeful learning environment.               (higher standards and expectations 2019/20.
                                               insisted upon).
                                       JW/HoS/                                     Student Voice will report
                                         SC    ‘The Budmouth Way’ and ‘Putting improved behaviour in lessons in
                                               the B in Budmouth’ posters around 2019/20.
                                               the Academy and known by staff
                                               and students.                       20% reduction in the number of
                                               Embed BfL cards.                    formal warnings from 201/19.

 Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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On-call to patrol the corridors        25% reductions in number of class
                                                  during lesson time, visiting every     exits from 2018/19.
                                                  classroom to support where
                                                  needed.                                20% Reduction in number of
                                                  Co-ordinators to inform JW of ‘hot     students referred to BfL from
                                                  spots’. On call to visit these         2018/19.
                                                  classrooms first.
                                                                                         Learning Walks will evidence a
                                                                                         better climate for learning in

2.      Reduce the amount of lost                 Staff informed of updated         30% Reduction in the number of
learning time due to internal and                 Behaviour Policy during September FTE from 2018/19.
fixed term exclusions.                            INSET days.

                                                  AM and PM tutor routines to be       20% reduction in the number of
                                       JW/HoS     focused on addressing all            internal exclusions from 2018/19.
                                                  behaviour events (positive and
                                                  negative) to reinforce expectations.

                                                  On call to collect any student given
                                                  a ‘subject removal’.

 Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Daily behaviour report emailed to
                                                  all staff. Info shared in AM reg and
                                                  HoS and PSL to analyse trends and
                                                  ensure early interventions.

                                                  Implement and embed Academy
                                                  Inclusion strategy – Wave 0 – 3.

                                                  COA assemblies to highlight and
                                                  incentivise desirable behaviours.

                                            Students complete class booklet in
                                            BfL room.
3.      Ensuring a safe and positive        ALL staff and students informed of           Student questionnaires will
environment for all students during         BfL cards.                                   highlight improved culture at
non-lesson time: before school,             ALL staff consistently sign BfL              break and lunchtime.
break, lunch and after school.              cards for both positive and
                                            negative behaviours.                         Staff Voice will highlight improved
                                            New lunch extra-curricular                   culture at break and lunchtime.
                                            programme to use 45 min longer
                                                                                         New lunchtime will see a greater
                                     JW/PML                                              offer and take up of extra-
                                            SLT on duty before school, break,
                                                                                         curricular lunchtime clubs and
                                            lunch and after school.
                                                                                         provide positive opportunities.
                                            Co-ordinators on duty twice a week
                                            before school, break, lunch and
                                                                                         Break and lunchtime behaviour
                                            after school.
                                                                                         referrals will reduce by 40% from

 Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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4.      Improve attendance of all              To track & monitor rigorously the     Attendance for the whole cohort is
groups.                                        attendance of all, specifically       at or above NA 95%.
                                               focusing on disadvantaged and SEN     Differences between PP/SEN
                                               pupils.                               students and ‘non’ will be less
                                               Increase awareness of the             than 2%.
                                               importance of attendance through      Students subject to attendance
                                               dedicated time activities and issue   plans will see improved
                                               parents and students with half        attendance of at least 5%
                                               termly attendance figures.            following intervention.
                                               New portal will display attendance    % of students being celebrated for
                                               in real time.                         over 97% attendance increases by
                                        JW/HoS Reward improved attendance for        5% from 2018/19.
                                               individuals and form
                                               groups/classes as well as
                                               attendance of 97% of above.
                                               Increased visual awareness of
                                               importance of attendance through
                                               posters around school.
                                               Increase communication to parents
                                               on a termly basis outlining
                                               attendance comparison of pupils’
                                               attendance from previous term to
                                               current term.
5.     Reduce levels of persistent             Use whole school attendance           Persist Student absence of whole
absence.                                       strategy (see objective 4 actions).   cohort is below 11%.
                                               ESWAS attendance panels for
                                        JW/HoS targeted students and families.       Persiste Student absence of PP
                                               Ensure Inclusion Centre is            students is below 15%.
                                               targeting PA students for bespoke
                                                                                     Persist Student absence of SEN
                                                                                     students is below 13%.

 Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Use the fines and warning letters to
                                                 target PA students with no medical
                                                 reason for absence provided.

Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Priority 3:                                                                                Personal Development

Objectives                              Lead       Specific Actions                                 Impact                            Monitoring

We want to ……..                                                                                                             T1   T2   T3   T4      T5   T6

                                                   Plan and implement a coherent      Students and staff have a clear
                                                   and high quality curriculum that   curriculum and the curriculum plan
                                                   integrates PSCS lessons with the   demonstrates a clear and coherent
                                                   tutor curriculum and assembly      sequence in developing PSCS skills
                                                   programme.                         and understanding mental health and
                                               Plan and implement the
                                               scheduled Development Days to All students are supported in their
                                               enhance and enrich students’      personal development – 80% of
1.      Create a high quality                  personal development and          Student Voice feedback is positive.
personal development curriculum,
                                         KW/PH mental health.
including mental health and well-                                                80% of student and staff feedback
being.                                         Ensure that Budmouth is a         after development days is positive.
                                               beacon for PSHE, Citizenship
                                               and SMSC delivery across the      Monitoring evidence demonstrates
                                               academy and that all staff invest improvements in delivery and
                                               in students’ personal             consistent quality in provision.
                                               development and well-being.
                                                                                 Uses of external agencies compliment
                                               Monitor the quality of delivery the personal development curriculum.
                                               of the personal development
                                               curriculum and support staff in
                                               areas to be developed.

 Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Liaise and work with external
                                                  providers to enhance the
                                                  provision of PD curriculum,
                                                  mental health and well-being.

                                                  To embed the Dorset Resilient
                                                  Young Minds principles into our
                                                  daily practice.

                                                  Ensure staff are trained to add   100% of students are given the
                                                  careers interactions on to        opportunity and support to engage in
                                                  Unifrog, monitor the use.         valuable work experience in Y10
                                                                                    including mock interviews with local
                                                  Increase the number of guests     business partners.
                                                  and video-link interactions
2.     Develop a high quality                     within subject areas, including100% of students have the
careers programme to meet Gatsby                  ATL                            opportunity to develop their
benchmarks.                                   Add a trip to a university for all employability portfolio from Y7.
                                              students in lower school – Year
                                                                                 Compass self-assessment results
                                                                                 show full coverage of the Gatsby
                                              Increase number of trips that      benchmarks.
                                              visit and acknowledge

                                                  BM to train as careers advisor.

Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Introduce the 8 Conditions to all   Student questionnaires will highlight
                                                   staff and complete exercise to      the SWS system as providing greater
                                                   look at areas we meet, or could     opportunities for the conditions:
                                                   develop further.                    Heroes, Belonging, Leadership and
                                            Introduce the 8 conditions to all
                                            students and repeat self-         Summer Term 2020 completion of my
                                            assessment exercise.              voice will enable a benchmark for
                                                                              further improve in 2020 academic
                                            Use the new ‘SWS’ system to       year and beyond.
3.     Develop the ‘8 conditions’ for       promote 8 Conditions,
high aspirations across the academy. DH/HoS especially ‘heroes’, ‘belonging’, Via work over 2019/20 we will aim
                                            ‘leadership’ and ‘fun and         for positive responses over 50%
                                            excitement.’                      ‘agree’ in 80% of the areas.

                                                   Introduce the Pixl Edge for Y7
                                                   and 8 as part of the
                                                   development of LORIC                70% of Y7 have completed 5 Edge
                                                   competencies that link to 8         activities for apprentice level.
                                                                                    70% of Y8 have completed 5 Edge
                                                   Complete the ‘My Voice’ survey Activities for apprentice level.
                                                   at the end of the academic year.

                                                   National Lead for Pixl Edge (AD) 70% of Y7 have completed 5 Edge
4.     Increase opportunities for                  to launch scheme with staff at activities for apprentice level.
students’ character development via AC             September INSET.
                                                                                     70% of Y8 have completed 5 Edge
implementation of the Pixl Edge.
                                                   AC to meet with AD and plan for activities for apprentice level.
                                                   roll out Pixl Edge with Y7 and 8.

 Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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AC to launch Pixl Edge with Y7
                                                  and 8 students via assembly.

                                                  Half of yr7 and 8 tutor team
                                                  trained to support further
                                                  training of colleagues.

                                                  AC to incorporate the
                                                  apprentice level into the tutorial

                                                  BM to work alongside AC and
                                                  PiXL to blend PiXL Edge and
                                                  Unifrog systems to promote
                                                  belonging and a sense of

                                                  Develop, support and monitor
                                                  speaking activity within Tutor
                                                  and Careers Curriculum to
                                                  verbalise and develop
                                                  explanations of own
                                                  achievements and skills
                                                  inputted into Unifrog/PiXL

Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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5.       Developing a new Inclusion                Student Support to be renamed       Attendance of students using the
 Centre and using the new                           ‘Inclusion Centre’ and relocated.   Inclusion Centre will improve by 5%
 off-site GROW provision to ensure an               Inclusion Strategy embedded         compared to 2018/19.
 inclusive environment that meets                   fully (Wave 0 – 3).
 the needs of all students.                         Inclusion Centre staffing needs     The new Inclusion Centre will support
                                                    to be directed by PBM as            the reduction of persistent absence to
                                                    needed using the whole TA           below 10% for students who engage
                                                    staffing as appropriate.            with this support.
                                                    Inclusion Centre to be able to
                                                                                        90% of students who receive GROW
                                                    accommodate students for
                                                                                        provision will make a successful
                                                    greater periods of time.
                                                                                        return to the mainstream.
                                                    GROW cohort 1 to be identified
                                                    by JW/PBM and provision set
                                                    up in liaison with staff at
                                                    Atlantic Academy.

Priority 4:                                                                                  Leadership and Management

Objectives                              Lead      Specific Actions                                                 Impact                  Monitoring

We want to……..                                                                                                                       T1 T2 T3   T4   T5   T6

1.     Ensure that disadvantaged                  Produce clear action plan for disadvantaged            Diminish differences
students are better supported to           JW
                                                  pupils’ participation in the wider curriculum.         between disadvantaged and
maximise their potential.

  Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Track attendance to extracurricular activities.     non-disadvantaged
                                                  Where timetables allow, disadvantaged pupils are
                                                  taught by experienced teachers. Review Pupil     School tracking data shows
                                                  Premium Strategy.                                all disadvantaged pupils
                                                                                                   have participated in a range
                                                                                                   of activities linked to the
                                                                                                   wider curriculum. Survey
                                                                                                   data confirms positive
                                                                                                   experience of

                                                  New Staff Induction Programme outlines the           95% of teachers will be
                                                  requirements of teaching, learning and assessment regarded as good or better
                                                  at Budmouth.                                         by the end of the academic
                                                                                                       year through triangulation
                                                  TDG/MJC run the ‘Outstanding Teacher                 process and SLT RAG.
                                                  Programme’ – bespoke in-house training for
2.      Plan and deliver a CPD                    ‘volunteers’ and staff identified as needing support Learning Reviews will
programme focussed on developing                  from Learning Reviews and QA systems. TAP            indicate that 95% of
the highest quality teaching and                  programme replaces this                              teachers are setting a higher
learning and students' knowledge          MJC                                                          level of challenge for
and skills.                                       TDG/MJC to establish ‘Open Door’ Mutual Lesson students at all levels.
                                                  Observation Programme. TAP programme
                                                  replaces this
                                                                                                       Student feedback will
                                                  September INSET Day outlines academy vision for indicate that they feel they
                                                  teaching, learning and assessment and Directed       are being more
                                                  CPD time addresses key aspects of the vision and appropriately challenged.
                                                  supports teachers in implementation.
                                                                                                       By the end of the academic
                                                                                                       year, all teachers will
  Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Departmental meeting agendas and Improvement demonstrate their own self-
                                                Plans to focus more explicitly on developing the reflection skills and
                                                quality of teaching and learning.                individual CPD outcomes.

                                                Personalised Internal and external support
                                                provided for individual teachers and Subject Areas
                                                arising from 2019 outcomes and Learning

                                                Establish excellent practitioner team to work with
                                                staff on 1:1 level as identified.

Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Provide clear timelines for data                   Data collection deadlines
                                                  collection and the expectations                    are met and a decrease in
                                                  within departments/schools to                      variation between
                                                  ensure accuracy.                                   predictions and results.

                                                  Provide all data for staff within 4Matrix and      All key staff become familiar
                                                  support their analysis and accurate interventions. and successful in using
                                                                                                     4Matrix to target
                                                  Meet with each Subject Coordinator with HoS to     departmental intervention
3.       Ensure that data is being                analyse outcomes and target areas that need        as interventions have
used effectively to track the progress            development, with agreed actions and expected      greater impact on outcomes.
of all students and manage
                                           PH     outcomes. Monitor the overall progress of each
intervention programmes where
                                                  year group and intervene to ensure high            Subject Coordinators and
                                                  expectations and levels of progress. Put in place  link HoS have a clear
                                                  the raising achievement strategy for Y11 to ensure understanding of priorities
                                                  each individual achieves and academy targets       and expected actions,
                                                  are met or exceeded.                               leading to improved
                                                                                                     outcomes. Evidence in data
                                                                                                     collections shows improved
                                                                                                     Data targets in 1.5 above are

  Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Meeting schedule has directed time for              Leadership will be sharper
                                                  Heads of School to meet their school staff.         in supporting the whole
                                                                                                      academy performance
                                                  Line management of Subject Coordinators             targets.
                                                  by HoS will focus more greatly on subject
                                                  performance against targets.                        Staff voice will show greater
                                                                                                      confidence in the leadership
                                                  Intra-School competitions calendared.               of the academy to support
                                                                                                      teaching and learning and
                                                  Weekly attendance and behaviour reports             outcomes for students.
                                                  showing school leader board.
4.     Successfully implement the       DH/JW/                                                        Students will show an
new ‘schools within schools’            MJH/PH                                                        increased allegiance to their
                                               HoS and Co-ordinators to visit every tutor
leadership structure.                    /HoS                                                         ‘school’ via involvement in
                                               group every morning.
                                                                                                      Student Voice, competition
                                                  Assemblies to take place in schools.                and intra-age group
                                                  New ‘school’ leadership groups and Student Voice
                                                  networks will contribute to students belonging to
                                                  a smaller SWS.

  Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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On a termly basis, workload is monitored through Sickness absence of staff is
                                                  staff voice via monthly meetings with trade union lower
                                                  reps.                                             than 2018/19.

                                        DH/ADJ Create staff well-being group to develop social      Retention of staff improves
5.      Ensure that staff well-being is
                                        /MS/S_R activities.                                         in 2019/20 so that staff only
a high priority in all that we do.
                                         /HMS/                                                      leave for promotion or for
                                           ZG   GISA Conditions meeting ideas to be developed       unavoidable reasons such as
                                                with staff.                                         relocation.

                                                  Train 5 staff to become champions for mental
                                                  health and well-being at work.

  Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Priority 5:                                                                    Post 16 Provision

Objectives                               Lead      Specific Actions                                  Impact             Monitoring

We want to …….                                                                                                T1   T2    T3   T4     T5 T6

  Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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All subjects to produce Learning Booklets to      Learning Walks demonstrate
                                                   support study.                                    that 90% of students are
                                                   Shared requirements for all subjects from         engaging with their subjects at
                                                   learning review findings.                         a high level in class.
                                                   Evidence that students are responding to
1.     To ensure that teaching                     feedback (Green).                                 Subject SOW will evidence how
enables students to develop detailed               Student Voice, Learning Review, Learning Walks    students are being made to
knowledge of the curriculum and that       MJH/    and Work Scrutiny to inform progress.             complete demanding work and
they complete demanding work.               SL     Student Support Plans for those not reaching      how this is being assessed.
                                                   Requirements shared with study room supervisor    Focused student’s interviews
                                                   so that students can be directed to appropriate   show that 90% of students are
                                                   work outside of lessons.                          able to discuss their
                                                                                                     curriculum in detail and
                                                                                                     understand how they make

  Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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High expectations on the organisation of work. Focussed Pupil interviews
                                                   Shared standards at the beginning of term.     indicate that 90% of students
                                                                                                  are presenting their work in
                                                   CEIL program supporting personal development
                                                                                                  subject folders and books in a
                                                   recorded in the CEIL Dossier.
                                                   VESPA program used in tutor time to develop    highly organised manner.

2.      Ensure that students develop               study habits and encourage a “Growth Mind-set.
                                                                                                  95% of students are using the
excellent personal study habits that               UNIFROG will be rolled out.
                                                                                                  CEIL and study areas as
will prepare them well for higher                  Develop a reading culture.
                                           MJH/                                                   positive places to work outside
education and/or vocational                        Attendance monitoring to improve.
                                           ADoS                                                   of timetabled lessons.
                                                                                                    95% of students ending Y12
                                                                                                    made the necessary progress
                                                                                                    to be able to progress into Y13.

                                                                                                    90% of students in Year 13 will
                                                                                                    be successful in making a UCAS
                                                                                                    and/or vocational application.

3.      To ensure that study                       CEIL Programme development to include ‘Project   90% of students engage in
programmes are complete with                       Work’ for some.                                  CEIL programme.
appropriate non qualification activities           Enrichment Programme.
that enhance students skills and                   Student Union events eg RAG week, Helping        30 students engage in a trial
experience.                                        within Schools etc.                              ATL No Limits assignment.
                                                   Development Days.
                                                   Develop ‘No limits curriculum’ for 2020.         100% students take part in
                                                                                                    whole school enrichment

  Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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Work with MC to develop Budmouth Brand                  Intake into Year 12 in 2020 will
                                               Identity.                                               be 85% of all eligible students
                                               Develop Prospectus for 2020.                            from year 11.
                                               Provide taster opportunities for Y10.
4.      Develop a positive marketing           Involve Sixth Form as much as possible with
strategy of the sixth form that enables        “School System” so lower school aspire to come
                                         MJH/                                                          The number of students joining
numbers to increase in September               to Sixth Form.
                                        ADoS/M                                                         year 12 will increase by 10%
2020.                                          Develop   Sixth Form Block.
                                          C                                                            from other schools.
                                               Share good news stories through all forms of
                                               Develop idea of exceptional performance in all
                                               areas. e.g. National Level Sport.
                                               Re-establish notable opportunities e.g. Kenya
                                               Expedition, CERN and NASA.

                                                   Write and oversee a Y13 Raising Achievement         A Level Attainment Grade C.
                                                   Plan.                                               A Level Value Added Positive.
                                                   Ensure all staff are familiar with the use of 4     Applied Learning Average
5.      Ensure that academy targets                Matrix and ALPs and are able to analyse the         Grade Merit
are met in relation to the progress of     MJH/    performance of their own groups.                    Applied Learning Positive
all students and groups.                    DH     Set and share challenging targets.                  Value Added.
                                                   Assess regularly and ensure data is collected and
                                                   processed on time.
                                                   Prompt Intervention for individuals and groups
                                                   not meeting targets.

  Key: Red (not yet started), Amber (ongoing), Green (completed)
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