SEMESTER START AUGUST 2019 - #uniagder

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SEMESTER START AUGUST 2019 - #uniagder
AUGUST 2019   #uniagder
SEMESTER START AUGUST 2019 - #uniagder
                           Phone: 38 14 10 00
                           The country code in Norway is 0047

                           IN CASE OF EMERGENCY
                           Norway has three emergency numbers:

                               Fire: 110 · Police: 112 · Medical: 113

                           Emergency Room: 116 117

                           If you need a doctor during regular hours and do not
                           have a regular General Practitioner, please contact:

                           Sandens Medisinske Senter, phone: 38 00 66 90

                           Brannstasjonen legesenter, phone: 37 25 03 36

                           Please call in advance for an appointment.

                           For information on dentists who offer a student
                           discount, please see:

                           In the event of an emergency, the University of Agder
                           has a crisis plan that will go into effect.

    Please note that changes to the programme may occur.
    Photo: Jan Arve Olsen, Iris Engen Skadal, May Elin Aunli, Martin Grina, Olav Breen, Bård Ek,.
    Thomas Andersen, ESN Agder, Richard Rudat, Ali Kalib, Studentorganisasjonen i Agder and
    Aptum Kommunikasjon

SEMESTER START AUGUST 2019 - #uniagder

We are very pleased that you have chosen Norway and Agder for your studies. We
hope that you will find the information in this brochure helpful during your first weeks
at UiA. In addition to the orientation programme, you will find maps and some practical
information to help you get used to your new home.

YOUR FIRST DAYS                                                this, please contact IT-Services. We will help you with the
                                                               semester registration process on the StudentWeb. You
You will receive all the information you need at orientation   must download an app (”Studentbevis”) to access your
for international students on 9 August. This includes          semester card after registering. You cannot get access to
procedures for registering with the police, registering for    all of your information in Canvas until you have registered
classes and answers to all of the practical questions you      for classes and examinations. If you have any problems
may have. Members of the Erasmus Student Network               with this, please contact the UiA Help.
(ESN) will introduce you to life in Norway and arrange
social events the first weekend before the Norwegian           Degree-seeking students will have to pay the semester
students arrive.                                               fee and approve your individual education plan on the
                                                               StudentWeb before you receive your semester card (in
STUDYING AT UIA                                                the app).
UiA’s primary information channel is
                                                               ALL students have to register for classes and
Here you will find messages, links to the StudentWeb
                                                               examinations on the StudentWeb by 1 September.
and the Learning Management System, Canvas, practical
information, examination information, schedules, an
                                                               If you miss the deadlines you will not be able to register
overview of student associations and lots of useful links.
                                                               for exams.
Canvas is also used as an information channel by your
teachers and study programme coordinators.
                                                               STUDENT CARD
Students are expected to read the information online, in       In addition to the semester card app, you will have to
Canvas and sent by e-mail. E-mails sent from UiA will          get a physical student card. You can get your card by
go to your UiA e-mail account, not your private e-mail         using the self-operated photo booths located in Vilhelm
account. Please set up forwarding of your e-mails if           Krag’s Hall (Kristiansand) or near the main entrance
desired.                                                       and elevator (Grimstad). To get your student card, you
                                                               need a valid ID and your semester card. You will make a
SEMESTER AND EXAMINATION                                       PIN code when you order the student card in the photo
REGISTRATION                                                   booth that you can use with your card to get into certain
                                                               buildings after closing time. With the card you can also
You should already have received an SMS to your mobile         borrow books, print, copy and scan. You can also use
phone on how to get access to your UiA e-mail account,         your student card and semester card to receive special
Canvas and the StudentWeb. If you have not received            offers for students throughout Norway.
SEMESTER START AUGUST 2019 - #uniagder
    If you wish to study in Norway for 3 months or more, you
    need to apply for a residence permit as a student. The
    process varies depending on your nationality.

    Students from non EU/EEA countries
    If you come from a non EU/EEA country you need a
    visa/residence permit. You are advised to contact the
    Norwegian Embassy or Consulate General in your home
    country for information on procedures, or check the
    webpage of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration: For the
    visa/residence permit you need the Letter of Acceptance
    from the University of Agder. There is a fee connected to
    the visa process.

    If you are a citizen of one of the countries on this list
    you can apply for a visa (as soon as possible) after
    your arrival to Norway:
    norway-/#link-708. However, since the visa process in
    Norway may take a couple of months, we recommend
    that you apply from your home country. If your nationality
    is not on the list, you need to apply for a visa to Norway
    from your home country.

    Once in Norway you are required to go to the local police
    station. More information about the procedure on page 7
    and 9.

    Students from EU/EEA countries
    EU/EEA students do not have to apply for a residence
    permit, but do have to register with the police if staying
    in Norway for more than 3 months. Please register online
    before you leave your home country:

    Once in Norway you are required to go to the local police
    station. More information about the procedure on page 7
    and 9.

    Most students do not need a Norwegian ID number,
    but if you would like to work or open a bank account
    you may apply for one by reporting a move to Norway
    at the Population Registry in Kristiansand: Kjøita 42, or
    Arendal: Friergangen 4.

    You must be insured while you are in Norway. European
    students should order a European Health Insurance
    Card. You will then be treated as a Norwegian citizen
    when seeking health services. Students from outside
    of Europe will need proof of insurance from their home
    countries in order to register with the police, and to apply
    for reimbursement after receiving Norwegian health

SEMESTER START AUGUST 2019 - #uniagder
SPECIAL NEEDS                                                      SCHEDULES/TIMETABLES
UiA has several resources available if you have special            You may look up the schedules for your courses at:
needs. In Kristiansand, the Office for Students with      
Special Needs is located in Sigrid Undsets Hus, building
50, Gimlemoen. In Grimstad it is located on the fifth floor
(room C5 068).                                                     IT-SERVICES
                                                                   IT-Services is located in the library. IT-Services will offer
Phone: Kristiansand: 38 14 10 75 · Grimstad: 37 23 33 38           a mandatory introductory course on Monday 12 August.
E-mail:                                     Online courses are also available. It is possible to reserve
                                                                   certain rooms (videoconferencing, multimedia, etc.)
SPECIAL EXAMINATION                                                and equipment (cameras, projectors, etc.) through IT-
If you need to apply for special examination arrangements
for medical or other reasons, be sure to do this by 15             Five ways to contact IT-Services:
October for autumn or 15 March for spring. More information
on how to apply can be found online.                               • Facebook:
                                                                   • On campus: Help desk opening hours: Monday to
                                                                     Thursday 8:00-20:00 and Friday at 08:00-18:00
                                                                   • Chat:
Canvas is the Learning Management System used at UiA.
                                                                   • E-mail:
In order to get all of the necessary information about your
classes through Canvas, you must register for classes              • Phone: 38 14 17 00
and examinations. We recommend that you do this as                 General information:
soon as possible after arrival.

UIA HELP                                                           CAREER SERVICES
UiA Help is one of the first places you will go. Here you          UiA Career Services support the students in connecting
may find information about your studies, examinations,             with opportunities to explore their co-curricular and
admissions, etc.                                                   professional interests, gain relevant experience and
                                                                   achieve their personal and professional goals.
Opening hours (both campuses):                                     E-mail:
Monday to Friday: 9:00-15:00                                       General information:
Phone: 38 14 10 00                                       

PRINTING, SCANNING AND                                                 Please note that from 1 November there will be
                                                                       some changes: The Library, UiA Help and IT-
COPYING                                                                Services will emerge to one front-line service and
Your student ID card is also your priniting and copying                will be called UiA Help. The opening hours and the
card. The price for printing black and white pages is NOK              contact addresses will change. Please check our
0,40 per page and colour copies are NOK 0,70 per page.                 web page on for more information.
To refill your account, go to or
contact IT-Services.

The library has a full range of information services as well
as access to books, magazines, films, computers and
quiet areas to study. See the library’s separate brochure
or website for more information:

Opening hours (both campuses):
Monday to Thursday: 08:00–20:00                                                   The campuses are within easy reach of the city
                                                                                  centres by bike or on foot. There are also good
Friday: 08:00–18:00                                                               bus connections between the campuses. For
                                                                                  a small daily fee you may also park your car on
Saturday: 09:00–15:00
                                                                       campus, but please note that places are limited and that you
                                                                       can only park on clearly marked parking spaces.

   More information about:
   Booking of group rooms · IT - Library · Canvas and more:

SEMESTER START AUGUST 2019 - #uniagder
                                                                           		            • Students taking most classes at the School of
                                                                                           Business and Law: Room B3 007
    Orientation programme for new International
                                                                           		            • Students taking most classes at the Faculty of Social
    exchange- and full degree students                                                     Sciences: Room H1 058
                                                                           		            • Students taking most classes at the Faculty of Fine
    Please bring this brochure with you to the                             		              Arts: Room H2 024
    orientation meeting.                                                   		• Students taking biology and chemistry with Alfred
                                                                           		  Christy: Room J1 060

    Changes to the programme may occur.                                    18:00		       ESN Welcome dinner in the cafeteria

    THURSDAY 8 AUGUST                                                      SATURDAY 10 AUGUST
    Arrival and pick-up day from 12:00 to 24:00                            10:00-11:00 Welcome to Kristiansand!
    Please see:                            		          Meet in Kristiansand Town Hall, downtown
                                                                           11:00-14:00   City tour with your ESN buddies
    FRIDAY 9 AUGUST                                                        		            Meet outside Kristiansand Cathedral, downtown
                                                                           22:00-02:00 Welcome Party at “Østsia”, Campus Kristiansand.
                                                                           		          The international students from Campus Grimstad
    09:00		     Welcome by the International Education Office              		          will also be joining!
    09:05		     Welcome by Rector Sunniva Whittaker
                                                                           SUNDAY 11 AUGUST
    09:10		     Accommodation: SiA, Hege Reinertsen
                                                                           16:00		       Sunday hike to Jegersberg with ESN for all buddy
    09:20		     IT-services: Arve Ebeltoft                                 		            groups. Wear good shoes!
    09:30		     Examination Office: Linda Greftegreff Bø                   		            Meet outside the main entrance
    09:45		     What to do if you need someone to talk to: Eli Stålesen,
    		          Hans Jørgen Wennesland and Erland Grøtberg                 MONDAY 12 AUGUST
    10:00		     The Student Organisation in Agder (STA): Olea Norset       08:00-11:00   Information from the IT-services, examination
                                                                           		            office and the library: Room B1 018
    10:15		     Coffee break                                               		            Bring your username and password as well as your
    10:30		     Practical information from the International Education     		            laptop if you have one
    		          Office: Mette Høgbråt Pedersen
    11:15		     Erasmus Student Network (ESN): ESN Board                   Semester Start Festival begins today. There will be an ESN stand
                                                                           outside UiA, where you can make inquiries about the programme of
    11:35		     Fadder Scheme: Sunniva Børresen
                                                                           the day and get more information about ESN and their events
    11:45		     Group photo
    12:00		     Lunch in Kafé Kampus with the buddy groups                 TUESDAY 13 AUGUST
    12:45-13:30 For Global Mobility students and students from             10:00-11:30 Office hours, International Education Office in
    		          India receiving a scholarship from UiA only:               		          Global Lounge
    		          Meeting with the International Education Office
                                                                           12:00-15:00   Non-EU/EEA students: Visit the Health Centre/
    		          (Elisabeth Ose) and faculty representatives: 		            		            Vaccination Office for the obligatory health check for
    		          Room A4 019                                                		            students with nationality from A-K.
    12:45-13:30 For degree seeking students only:                          		            Address: Gyldenløves gate 23 (not students from USA,
    		          Meeting with Tonje Kløkstad: Room B3 004                   		            Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan)
    13:30-14:20 Tour of campus: meet in Vilhelm Krag’s Hall
    		          Your buddies will guide you around campus
                                                                           WEDNESDAY 14 AUGUST
    14:20		     Everybody meets back in Vilhelm Krag’s Hall and your
    		          buddy will take you to your supervisor                     10:00-14:00   Register at the Police Station in Kristiansand for
                                                                           		            students with surname from A-K.
    14:30		     Meet your academic supervisors:                            		            Address: Tollbodgata 45, ground floor by the main
    		          • Students taking most classes at the Faculty of           		            entrance (see red margin on page 9 for details)
    		            Humanities and Education: Room B2 004
                                                                           10:00-11:30 Office hours, International Education Office in
                                                                           		          Global Lounge

    Students taking a full degree at the University of Agder               Information about time and place:
    must go to the mandatory Study Start Meeting.                
                                                                           See Kristiansand campus map on page 18

SEMESTER START AUGUST 2019 - #uniagder
15:15-16:00   Information meeting about Norwegian Language
		            Course, NO 133: Room B1 001
16:15-17:00   Information meeting about “Speak Norwegian1”
		            (no credits): Room B1 001
                                                                        Orientation Kristiansand:
                                                                        Members of the Erasmus Student Network
10:00-14:00   Register at the Police Station in Kristiansand for
		            students with surname from L-Z.
                                                                        (ESN) will meet you and bring you to
		            Address: Tollbodgata 45, ground floor by the main         campus.
		            entrance (see red margin on page 9 for details)
10:00-11:30 Office hours, International Education                       Meet outside your student
		          Office in Global Lounge
FRIDAY 16 AUGUST                                                        08:00: Roligheden and Kristian 4. gate
09:15-12:00 “In search of Norwegian values”, Andreas Aase:                      (departure 08:15)
		          Room B2 001
                                                                        08:15: St. Olavs vei and Kongsgård allé
12:00-15:00   Non-EU/EEA students: Visit the Health Centre/
		            Vaccination Office for obligatory health check for 		             (departure 08:30)
		            students with nationality from L-Z.
                                                                               Please be on time!
		            Address: Gyldenløves gate 23 (not students from USA,
		            Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan)
15:00-16:00 Julien Bourelle: “Cracking the Norwegian Code”:             We trust that those of you who live on
		          Room B1 018                                                 campus can find your way on your own.
16:00-18:00 Picnic with Sunniva: Lawn in front of main entrance         From the main entrance turn right.
		          (free food)

                                                                        During the orientation meeting you will get
13:00		 Sunday hike with ESN and Fadder Scheme to 		                    a lot of valuable information regarding your
		      “Vaffelbua” (Cafè) in Jegersberg. Meet outside the main         stay in Norway, as well as the opportunity
                                                                        to meet your fellow students and your
TUESDAY 20 AUGUST                                                       academic advisors.
15:00-16:00 Coffee Hour in the Employee Canteen (free coffee and
20:00-21:30 International pub at Østsia with ESN.
		          Presentation of Norway                                      Obligatory visit to the Health
THURSDAY 22 AUGUST                                                      Centre for Non-Eu/EEA
13:15-16:00 Meeting for those who need to change courses or             students:
		          have their revised Learning Agreement signed
		          Waiting room: F1 024                                        Students with nationality from A-K:
		          • Faculty of Humanities and Education: Room F1 001
		          • School of Business and Law: Room F1 004
                                                                        13 August 12:00-15:00
		          • Faculty of Social Sciences: Room F1 002
                                                                        Students with nationality from L-Z:
FRIDAY 1 SEPTEMBER                                                      16 August 12:00-15:00
Deadline for semester and exam registrations on the StudentWeb

During the semester, ESN will organise
more events!

                                                                      HAVE A TASTE OF
                  You get the wristband                               KRISTIANSAND!
                  for the concerts at the
                    stands on campus                        
SEMESTER START AUGUST 2019 - #uniagder
    Orientation programme for new International
    exchange students

    Please bring this brochure with you to the
    orientation meeting.

    Changes to the programme may occur.

    THURSDAY 8 AUGUST                                                         MONDAY 12 AUGUST
    Arrival day                                                               09:00-12:00 Information from the IT-services, examination office
                                                                              		          and the library. Bring your username and password as
    Please see:
                                                                              		          well as your laptop if you have one: Room C2 040

                                                                              THURSDAY 15 AUGUST
                                                                              16:15-18:00   Information meeting about “NO-133 Norwegian for
    NOTE: Bring your own laptop if you have one                               		            International Students” (10 credits): Room A3 023

    09:30 Welcome to the University of Agder by Dean Michael R.
                                                                              FRIDAY 16 AUGUST
                                                                              13:00-14:00 Julien Bourelle: “Cracking the Norwegian Code”
    09:45 Erasmus Student Network (ESN):
          Benjamin Lindberg/Mats Skulstad
    10:00   Fadder Scheme: Rebecca Vestheim                                   WEDNESDAY 21 AUGUST
    10:15   SiA Accommodation: Ingrid Tennfjord
                                                                              09:00		       Non-EU/EEA students: Register at Kristiansand
    10:30   Examination Office: Tormod Dalane                                 		            Police Station. Address:
    10:45   Short break                                                       		            Tollbodgata 45, ground floor by the main entrance (see
                                                                              		            red margin on page 9 for details). There will be a bus
    11:00   Low Threshold Services for Students: Stian Braathen               		            from Campus Grimstad at 08:00 and return at 13:00.
    11:15   Practical information and semester registration from              11:00-13:00   Picnic with Sunniva at the lawn outside Bluebox (free
            the International Education Office: Sissel Gjennestad and
            Terje Thorsdalen                                                  		food)

    12:00   Student Organisation in Agder (STA): Olea M. Nordseth             15:00 -16:00 Coffee Hour in Bluebox

    12:15   Group photo
    12:20   Lunch in Kafé Kampus (Campus Grimstad)                            FRIDAY 1 SEPTEMBER
    13:00   Tour of the campus                                                Deadline for semester and exam registrations on the
    17:00   Welcome dinner on campus (free food) in Uglandsstua               StudentWeb (all students) and changing of Learning
                                                                              Agreements (Erasmus+ only)
    11:00-12:00   Welcome to Grimstad at Grimstad Town Hall
    12:00-13:00 City Tour                                                     During the semester, ESN will organise
    21:30-02:00 Welcome Party at “Østsia”, Campus Kristiansand. 		            more events!
    There will be a bus from Grimstad to Kristiansand
    before the party and back after                                                 esnagder


    Students taking a full degree at the University of Agder must go to
    the mandatory roll calls and special information meetings for their                     Info about time and place:
    study programme.                                                              
    *Roll call for Development Management: Monday August 19, 09:15. Room: HU 062            See Grimstad Campus map on page 19

SEMESTER START AUGUST 2019 - #uniagder

Non EU students:
Make sure you have applied for a residence permit and
paid the application fee here:
You must have filled in the whole application online
before you go to the police. Bring along your insurance
policy, your letter of acceptance, your passport/national
ID card and a colour copy of the information page of
your passport. Bring the checklist to the appointment
with the police.

If you have applied for a residence permit from your
home country, the police will issue your residence card.

If you have NOT applied for residence permit, you
must book an appointment and choose first available
You do NOT meet on 14 or 15 August (or 21 August for
Grimstad students).

EU/EEA students:
You must register on this site first:
Make sure you have filled in the application online
before going to the police. Bring along your insurance
policy or your European Health Insurance card, your
letter of acceptance, your passport/national ID card,
a colour copy of the passport information page and a
confirmation from your home university that you are part
of the Erasmus+ programme.

Appointments at the police station:
Students with surname from A-K:
14 August 10:00-14:00
Students with surname from L-Z:
15 August 10:00-14:00
All students from campus Grimstad: 21 August 09:00

                                               HAVE A TASTE OF
          You get the wristband for the
           concerts at the stands on
SEMESTER START AUGUST 2019 - #uniagder
     THE STUDENT ORGANISATION 		                                    THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION
     IN AGDER (STA)                                                 OF AGDER (SIA)
     The Student Organisation in Agder is the association for       SiA is the welfare and cultural organisation for
     all students at the University of Agder.                       students in Agder. SiA contributes to a safe and
                                                                    comfortable atmosphere so that students can have the
     STA is working for the students’ academic, social, cultural,
                                                                    best possible foundation for success. SiA runs day care
     economic and welfare related interests. Through the
     democratically elected Student Parliament, STA is the
                                                                    centres, housing services, bookshops, cafeterias, pubs
     official consultative body in matters that affect students     and the gym (in Kristiansand), and supports festivals
     at UiA. All registered students are members of STA,            and 50 student organisations.
     including all international students. STA runs more than
     60 student activities in both Kristiansand and Grimstad.       Student Venues
     The main contact in STA for international students is the      Students have their own meeting places – Bluebox in
     Vice President. You can always contact the vice president      Grimstad and Østsia in Kristiansand. They are run by
     on e-mail:, or by phone: 38 14 21 77.      SiA in cooperation with the students and are home to
                                                                    concerts, student evenings, quizzes and many other
                                                                    events. It is a great way to get to know other students!
     Teams, clubs and organisations                                 Find out more here:
     You will find over 60 student activities at UiA. There is
     something for everyone: newspaper, orchestra and choirs,
     sports teams, academic clubs etc. Find out which one is        Bookstore
     right for you at
                                                                    SiA Bok is southern Norway’s largest academic
     Contact STA:                                                   bookshop, with outlets on campus in Kristiansand and
     Kristiansand: Universitetsveien 24                             Grimstad.
     Grimstad: Bluebox, E2 024

     General contact:
     Phone: 38 14 20 10                                             SiA operates student housing on, near and off-campus.
     E-mail:                                             SiA’s housing offices are at Universitetsveien 32 in
                                                                    Kristiansand and inside SiA Bok at Campus Grimstad.
                                                                    Cafeteria – SiA Mat og Drikke
                                                                    With more than 3 000 visitors every day, Kafé Kampus
                                                                    is the most important meeting place at UiA, both in
                                                                    Kristiansand and Grimstad. The café in Kristiansand
                                                                    has been voted the country’s best student cafeteria
                                                                    several years in a row.

                                                                      Contact STA:
                                                                      Kristiansand: Universitetsveien 24
                                                                      Grimstad: Bluebox, E2 024
                                                                      E-mail: · Phone: 38 14 20 10

    Spicheren in Kristiansand is southern Norway’s largest     FURTHER QUESTIONS?
    fitness centre, and one of the most progressive places
    to work out in the country. With more than 5 000           Check out:
    members, Spicheren offers a diverse and positive
    place to work out. The gym is open to the public, and
    about half of the members pay full fees. It is therefore
    possible to offer students one of the best gyms in the     Need help to find your way around
    country at student prices.                                 campus?

    Health services                                            Kristiansand:
    SiA offers a low-threshold psychological health service
    where you can talk to a trained counselor about
    anything that is causing you difficulties.
    Eli Stålesen 38 14 13 54                                   OR CONTACT:
    Hellen Saga 38 14 20 65
                                                               Academic questions: ·
                                                               Your academic advisor at the Faculty
    Student priest
                                                               Social questions:
    You may contact the student priest regardless of your      Your ESN buddy
    religious affiliation.
                                                               Housing questions (SIA):
    E-mail:                             Kristiansand:
    Phone: Kristiansand 38 14 21 40 · Grimstad 37 23 39 24

    NEED POTS AND PANS?                                        International Education Office:
    There are local shops and second hand shops both in
    Kristiansand and in Grimstad. Also buses leave regularly
    to IKEA from Kristiansand Central Bus Station.

Contact SiA:
Campus Kristiansand:       Campus Grimstad:
Phone: 400 01 018          Phone: 400 09 007
E-mail:         E-mail:

     ESN Agder is a volunteer student organisation which works
     primarily to optimize the exchange students’ stay here in Agder. In
     addition to the board members, there are many volunteer buddies.
     Throughout the year ESN organizes trips, parties and other social
     events. ESN’s main goal is to give international students a semester
     abroad where they have experienced Kristiansand, Grimstad
     and other parts of Norway at their best, and made friends for life.
     ESN also focuses on integration through activities that match
     Norwegian and international students.

     The Buddy Programme
     ESN provides a buddy programme for all new international
     students. The students are divided in buddy groups with several
     buddies (in Grimstad there is normally just one group). Belonging to
     a buddy group makes it easier getting to know your fellow students
     and joining the social events.

     You are welcome to join the events committee and contribute to
     make your stay at UiA a memorable one!

     During the semester, ESN will organize more events!		 esnagder

The buddy group program
worked well, and with that as a
support it is easy to find good

Because there was an ESN
organization, integration was
very easy. They prepared a lot
of parties and activities where
everyone could come and get to

know others.

     All international students:

            AND E-MAIL
            You should already have received an SMS to your mobile phone
            on how to get access to your UiA e-mail account, Canvas and
            and the StudentWeb. If not, please contact IT-Services.

            You must download an app (”Studentbevis”) to access your
            semester card after registering. Order your student card through
            the self-operated photo booths located in Vilhelm Krags’s
            Hall (Kristiansand) and near the main entrance and elevator
            (Grimstad). The card will be issued within two days at UiA Help.
            Remember to bring an ID.

     3. REGISTER
           Register for classes and exams on the StudentWeb as soon as
           possible and before the deadlines (Autumn: 1 September/Spring:
           1 February).

     4. ADDRESS
            Register your correct addresses (both home address and
            Norwegian address) and phone number on the StudentWeb.

     To avoid excessive use of paper cups, please use a thermo mug
     when buying coffe or tea.
     Do remember to sort and recycle your waste whenever possible!

5.      CANVAS
        Canvas is the Learning Management System at UiA.
        Check your UiA e-mail account and Canvas at least once a
        week for important information.

        Make sure you register any changes in your courses on your
        Learning Agreement, get it signed by your academic coordinator
        and return it to your home university.

        Register with the police. Students who enter Norway with a visa,
        must visit the police within 7 days of their arrival.

Bring your username and password as well as your laptop.
Campus Kristiansand: Monday 12 August · 08:00-11:00 · Room: B1 018

Campus Grimstad: Monday 12 August · 09:00-12:00 · Room: C2 040

     In addition degree-seeking
     students need to:

     1.      DOCUMENTATION
             Original documents should be presented at Uia Help upon
             arrival: Bachelor’s Diploma and Proof of English skills.

             Please pay your semester fee as soon as possible. When you pay
             your semester fee you will be able to download the app/get your
             semester card and your student ID card.

     3. ID NUMBER
             Report a move to Norway as soon as possible in order to receive
             a Norwegian ID number.

             Open a bank account after receiving your Norwegian ID


     Want a cheap, easy and eco-friendly way to get around? Come to
     the bicycle auction of used bikes on campus Kristiansand!

     22 August · 13:00 · Main entrance, Vilhelm Krag’s Hall
Bring your username and password as well as your laptop if you have one.

Campus Kristiansand: 12 August · 8:00-11:00 · room B1 018
Campus Grimstad: 12 August · 9:00-12:00 · room C2 040

                                                    14        10         8
                                                                             SiA Hokus Pokus
                        SiA Bolig        18    16
                      24 22 20                                     12                    4
                             36                                                                                                32
28        30   32      34                     15                   46                          E
                                     48                                                                F
                    21-75                                                                                  D       A                                      24     24
                                              48                        47                     G                       C          B
                                               50                                    H                                                                                22 22
                              50                                                                                                                     26                  20
                                                                                                                            Du står her                                P
                                                     P                                                                                                                                   10

                                                                   P                                                                                19
                                                                                                                       16 15


                                                                                                                                                                                P             Buss
                                                                                                                           13 13


               GIMLEMOEN 25 A-K                                                                                         OTHER ADDRESSES: GIMLEMOEN
               A     Henrik Wergelands hus					                                                                         1         Spicheren fitness centre and grocery store
                     Central administration
                                                                                                                        10        Senior centre, Agder Academy of Sciences and Letters
               B     Auditoriums, reading rooms, group rooms, printing press
                                                                                                                        13        Group rooms
                     Lower ground floor (U): Østsia student pub
                                                                                                                        15        Group rooms
               C      Vilhelm Krags hall
                                                                                                                        17        Offices
                     Entrance to: Service centre and Library
                                                                                                                        19        School of Business and Law, Sørlandet
               D     Jacob Aalls hus						                                                                                        kunnskapspark, Agderforskning m.m.
                     Lower ground floor (U): Cafeteria, Bookstore, exit to the lawn
                                                                                                                        20        Stiften (student activities)
                     2nd and 3rd floor: Classrooms, reading hall, group rooms
                                                                                                                        22        Alibiet (student activities)
               E-F F aculty of Humanities and Education
                   Camilla Colletts hus (east wing in building E)			                                                    24        The Student Organisation in Agder (STA)
                   Kristian Schjelderups hus (west wing in building E)		                                                26        Offices
                   Andreas Feragens hus (building F)
                                                                                                                        32        SiA - Student Association in Agder, administration
               G     F aculty of Fine Arts
                     Kirsten Flagstads hus                                                                              46        Sigrid Undsets hus
                                                                                                                                  Teacher Education Unit
               H     Faculty of Social Sciences
                     Eilert Sundts hus                                                                                  47        Group rooms

               I     Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences			                                                            48        Jørgen Løvlands hus - classrooms
                     Ketil Moes hus                                                                                     50        Offices
               J     Faculty of Engineering and Science				                                                             51        Offices og classrooms
                     Niels Henrik Abels hus
               K     Faculty of Fine Arts					                                                                          KASERNEVEIEN
                     Sigurd Køhns hus                                                                                   4     Hokus Pokus kindergarden
                                                                                                                        8 -36 Student accommodation

                                                                                                             SiA Bolig
                                                         P                                      P
                                      P                       A
                                                                       B    C
                                                    N   Bluebox                                                    J
             51   46
                   JBU                                       Hovedinngang
                                                                                P   Gjesteparkering

                                                                                                           SiA Hokus Pok
         47            Hovedinngang

                                                    P                                    SiA housing

The Global Lounge at Campus Kristiansand is
a meeting point for students, employees and
guests. As a newcomer, you can drop by to ask
questions and get advice about practical matters.
This is the place to hang out, play board games
and meet people. You can also meet staff from the
International Office for counselling every Tuesday-
Thursday at 10:00-11:30.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 09:00-15:00
Phone: 38 14 24 68

At UiA Help you may seek information
regarding anything related to your studies:
schedules, examinations, admissions, etc.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 08:00-15:30
Phone: 38 14 10 00

For more information:

  /University-of-Agder-International-Students   /uiagder
You can also read