Youth Showcase Awards 2020 - Mole Valley Voice - Mole Valley District Council

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Youth Showcase Awards 2020 - Mole Valley Voice - Mole Valley District Council

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Youth Showcase Awards 2020 - Mole Valley Voice - Mole Valley District Council
Mole Valley Youth Voice Members
       Rebecca Cleary (Leader)
       Mary Nevins (Chairman)
       Noah Cripps (Vice Chairman)
       Emma Friend
       Daniel Evans
       Ruby Barrett
       Diana Adams-Fuller
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Line Up
Welcome and Introduction by Rebecca Cleary, Youth Voice Leader

Music Award presented by Ethan Hodges, ‘X Factor the Band’

Dance Award presented by Helena Pardey-Yaralli, professional dancer
of the Italia Conti Arts Centre

Drama Award presented by Diana Adams-Fuller, Youth Voice Member

Artist Award presented by Claudia Cartwright, Arts and Community
Officer at Mole Valley District Council

Sporting Achievement Award presented by Ruby Barrett, Youth Voice

Chef Award presented by Daniel Evans, Youth Voice Member

Team Award presented by Emma Friend, Youth Voice Member

Volunteer Award presented by Councillor Mary Huggins, Chairman of
Mole Valley District Council

Outstanding Achievement Award presented by Danesh Amin, Director
at Cocoa Island, Chairman of South Surrey Young Enterprise

Close by Mole Valley Youth Voice
Music Award
For displaying musical ability in any instrument or voice.
Oscar Belfrage Bordoli - The Priory School
A brilliant trumpet player who has dedicated time to performances in and out of school
whilst currently on-track to get his Grade 8 Trumpet qualification.

Cameron Booth - The Priory School
An excellent drummer who has performed in the jazz band, the steel drum band and
often forms his own ensembles for various performances in and out of school.

Luis Lu – Therfield School
An exceptional pianist and a fully committed member in the last two school productions,
learning extensive and demanding repertoire for the shows.

Molly Palmer - The Priory School
A very versatile musician, she is currently working towards grades in guitar, keyboard
and singing. Molly has been an incredible part of the school.

Billy Rosser – Therfield School
An outstanding performance of the Last Post, Billy has been a prominent, and moving,
part of the school’s Remembrance service.

Callum Simms – The Ashcombe School
A dedicated musician, who has reached Grade 4 in his music theory with the euphonium.
He plays in the school orchestra and is a member of the Mole Valley Silver training band.

Rachel Smith – Therfield School
She has risen to the challenge to running the Wind Ensemble, organising rehearsals,
sourcing suitable music and arranging it to suit the instruments available.

Shannon Stirling-Loyer – Howard of Effingham School
A dedicated musician, pianist, composer of music and lyrics and a performer who has
supported events in her community.

Josie Wakefield - The Purcell School for Young Musicians
A member of the National Childrens’ Orchestra and a finalist in the international
British Flute Society Young Player competition. Josie has won a full scholarship to the
prestigious Purcell School for Young Musicians.
Dance Award
For creative ability within any dance genre.
Ross Black – The Brit School for Performing Arts
A natural talent but totally committed to his craft, dedicating many hours of practice. Incredibly
focused, he tries very hard to continue to improve himself.

Macey-Grace Cain – The Ashcombe School
A fantastic and inspiring leader who has confidently achieved Dance Leader Level 1 Award in Year 10.

Poppy Chave - The Ashcombe School
An exceptional dancer who volunteers her time and helps teach the Year 7 dance club which
performed in this year’s school show.

Olivia Godiksen – Box Hill School
Passionate about dance, she has taken part in a number of national and international
competitions, often achieving success in qualifying for the finals.

Daisy Sewell-Knight - The Ashcombe School
An exceptional member of the group who has led numerous activities and was nominated for
the Spirit Award at school.

Rhiannon Thomas – The Priory School
Her work ethic is strong and she is able to confidently but sensitively lead her peers. Her natural
dance ability, creative complexity, passion and drive make her a fantastic dancer.

Drama Award
For outstanding talent in the dramatic arts.
Madison Cunnington – Therfield School
An invaluable member in a range of KS3, KS4 and KS5 lessons who is consistently encouraging
younger students to achieve their best.

Caitlin Keenan – Therfield School
Currently co-directing the whole school Musical ‘Bugsy Malone’, Caitlin has choreographed the
entire show.

Cameron Snook – The Priory School
Not only a performer but also spends his spare time writing shows filled with laughter, witty
lines, jokes and songs that will make people happy.

Mya Sweeney – The Brit School for Performing Arts
Through uncertainty and changes, Mya has been commended for her performance in ‘Songs for
a New World’ in which she performed a solo piece.
Artist Award
For a special contribution to visual arts or crafts.
Mia Bavington – The Ashcombe School
Exceptional commitment to developing her artistic ability, the quality of her work and her
attitude to learning.
Sahara Beugnet – The Ashcombe School
A gifted artist who has discovered the work of abstract artists to develop her own ideas for a
mixed media three dimensional artwork.
Toby Farrant – The Ashcombe School
Working with infectious enthusiasim he has explored a range of drawing methods and painterly
techniques through his ‘Sense of Place’ coursework project.
Verity Johnston – The Ashcombe School
Explores materials confidently and always enthusiastic to learn new techniques and processes
and extends her learning outside of the classroom.
Daisy Streeter – Therfield School
An outstanding artist who draws elegantly and flawlessly with particular interest in Japanese
manga drawings, in pencil, pen and on her tablet.
Stacia Toupikov – The Ashcombe School
A highly enthusiastic pupil who has produced superb prints and mixed media work as part of her
GCSE portfolio.

Sporting Achievement Award
For outstanding effort and dedication in any sport as an individual or team.
Anna Lewis – The Priory School
Selected and played for the Surrey Girls U14 Cricket team. Anna led and nurtured the girl’s cricket
team, helping a number of them through their first ever cricket matches.
Dominic Morgan - The Ashcombe School
Only been swimming competitively since 2014, but in the 2019 South East Regionals he won Golds
and Silvers and qualified for the British Nationals, English Nationals and the National Open Water
Huw Morgan – The Ashcombe School
Winning the Surrey Schools Championships 100m freestyle four times, he is a dedicated and
committed swimmer.
John Spillane – St Andrew’s Catholic School
Excellent dedication to his boxing, John is the Southern Counties Champion.
Archie Stevens – Therfield School
Currently the captain of the U14 Surrey team. Archie has also captained AFC Wimbledon in a vast
amount of games due to his strong leadership qualities.
Chef Award
For creative cooking or baking.
Courtney Dawkins – Therfield School
Developed strong practical skills over a short period of time whilst mastering an
understanding of flavour combinations and her overall passion for cooking.

Team Award
For working together as a group to achieve a goal.
Mid Surrey Wind Band
A dedicated, hard-working and supportive team that bring together musicians of a range
abilities from many local schools to recently perform the complete score of The Snowman

The Priory School Percussion Ensemble
Excellent musicians that have performed at nearly every concert the school has put on since
the band formed as well as in assemblies, at Priory Fest, and at the recent Winter Concert.

The Priory School Steel Drum Band
Achieved well-rehearsed and mature performance at many out-of-hours events such as the
Dorking Christmas Festival and the Dorking town-twinning event.

2018-2019 Year 9 Language Leaders – Therfield School
An effective group, who worked well together to produce lessons and activities for younger

Priory Racing Team (Greenpower) – The Priory School
Built kit cars and raced in Greenpower events across the south of England and won seven awards
including first place in a race. They secured a place in the International final in October 2019.

Humanitarian Society - Ashcombe School
A genuine desire for change and to lead a mission to ultimately make a more eco-friendly
environment and to eliminate plastic waste from the school.

Box Hill School Dance Company
Fully supported one another in the creation and execution of inspirational dance routines, one
being ‘Hunger Games’, which uses a contemporary approach to explore the theme of female

Leatherhead and Dorking, Team Gym Women’s National Youth 10-14
Hard work and commitment to their sport resulted in them winning a Bronze Medal at the
British Team Gymnastic Championships.
Volunteer Award
For helping others/having a positive effect on the community.
Samuel Bulloch – The Ashcombe School
A shining example of a good Scout, who thinks of others. He is trustworthy, loyal, friendly and
considerate, he has courage and leads by example.

Ismail Daidoun – The Ashcombe School
Ismail raised money for the Christmas lights and summer hanging baskets with the Friends of

Imogen Edwards – The Ashcombe School
Cycled 200 miles in 2 days from Weston Super Mare to Rochester Castle, raising over £2,000 for
the charity Build Africa.

Joe Hendy – Therfield School
Completely dedicated to his role and is always full of ideas for how the school can run the
Learning Resource Centre smoother.

Leo Riley – The Ashcombe School
Gives up hours of his time to run the lighting, music and all technical areas of the school’s shows.

Outstanding Achievement Award
For achieving something great or inspiring others in challenging circumstances.
Fraser Acomb – Therfield School
Developed self-belief and confidence through the production and planning of his own radio
show at Surrey Hills Community Radio.

Jesse Hopper – The Priory School
Overcoming personal challenges to make a great start in a new school.

Mia Rumbold – The Priory School
An inspiration to those who know her, a daily reminder of how to live with dignity and hope.
Diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma at 10 years old, her attitude and work ethic is to be

Rhys Wallis – Howard of Effingham School
He contributes a huge amount to many people’s lives and richly enhances them. Rhys has
excelled academically, is a talented musician and determined to excel in all he does.
Charity Partner
Hello! We are Leatherhead Youth Project and we are so
happy to have been chosen as the Mole Valley Youth Voice’s
Charity of the Year 2020. What a privilege!
At LYP we are passionate about helping local young people. We offer innovative
youth services in Leatherhead, Bookham and across Mole Valley which aim to
respond to local needs and help young people to be safe, happy and making
positive changes in their lives.
Whether that’s through one of our daily open access drop-in sessions, our one to
one counselling service or our many projects such as Making Good, a social action
project that sees young people help out in the local community for two days
during half term, all of our projects aim to support young people in their journey
to adulthood.
Do you know what we did last year?
•   We provided 1,530 hours of youth work in Leatherhead and Bookham
•   We delivered 603 hours of one to one sessions to 57 different young people
•   We enjoyed 2 wilderness adventures with young people climbing a mountain
•   71 girls regularly attended our weekly girls groups

To find out more and to see how you can support LYP and the services we offer
to young people, please visit or call the
office on 01372 383345 where we’d be more than happy to have a chat!
Leatherhead Youth Project, BFree Youth Café, Kingston Road, Leatherhead,
Surrey. KT22 7BT
Twitter | Instagram: @wearelyp
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