Guide for Year 6 Students 2020 21 - "A community of opportunity for all" - Alderman White School

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Guide for Year 6 Students 2020 21 - "A community of opportunity for all" - Alderman White School
Guide for Year 6 Students
         2020 – 21

“A community of opportunity for all”
Guide for Year 6 Students 2020 21 - "A community of opportunity for all" - Alderman White School
Contents                                                                           Page
 Welcome to Alderman White School                                                    2
 Introducing key members of staff                                                    3
 Our aims and values                                                                 4
 Achievement and Rewards                                                             5
 Summer induction days                                                               6
 Things to know for the first day of school                                          7
 Getting uniform right                                                               8
 Clubs and teams                                                                     9
 The Library and Accelerated Reader                                                  10
 A welcome from our students                                                         11

Welcome to Alderman White School
                         I am delighted to welcome you to Alderman White School, part of the
                         White Hills Park Trust. We are very proud of our school and the
                         wonderful students, parents and teachers who help to make it such
                         an exciting, hardworking and creative learning community.

                        We will get to know you as an individual and help you to develop your
                        own unique skills, talents and qualities, as well as supporting you to
                        overcome any challenges or difficulties that you may face, in order to
help you to develop into an inspiring young adult who is ready to go out into the world and
achieve your ambitions.

Our INSPIRE values are very important to the school – when you are taking part in induction
activities make sure you find out what INSPIRE stands for, and then make sure that you
demonstrate these values in the decisions that you make and the way that you behave and

The move to a school is a very exciting time but it can also be a little daunting. Everyone at
Alderman White can remember what it was like to be new, and there are lots of people ready
to help if you need it. We are all living through a very unusual time at the minute which may
make it feel even harder. We will all work together to help you to make the transition to
Alderman White – and we will still run our induction activities for you, even if they are in a
different format or at a different time to usual, so you will be able to get to know the school,
your teachers and your tutor group before you join us.

I look forward to getting to know all of the students and families joining our Alderman White
community; please come and say hello when you see me around school – I will try my best to
learn all of your names as quickly as I can!

Mrs Mellors: Headteacher

Guide for Year 6 Students 2020 21 - "A community of opportunity for all" - Alderman White School
Introducing key members of staff

            Mrs Holling: Assistant Head teacher
            As Assistant Head teacher in charge of transition, my role is to
            work with the Year 7 Progress Leader, a team of form tutors,
            student support workers and teachers to ensure that you make
            good progress as you begin your learning journey from Year 6, all
            the way through Alderman White School and that you feel happy
            and safe at school. I can be contacted by e-mail at:

            Ms Friend: Progress Leader - Year 7
            Hello, my name is Ms Friend and I’m really looking forward
            to supporting you on your school journey here at Alderman
            White. As your progress leader I will be here to make sure
            you achieve your very best potential and also have a great
            time along the way!

            Ms Julie Shiels: SENCO
            We may have already spoken at an open evening or review
            meeting at your primary school. My role is to make sure that
            students with Special Education Needs or Disabilities receive the
            additional support they need to give them a smooth transition
            to Alderman White School, in addition I will ensure this support is
            adapted to meet their needs as they move through the school.
            Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail:

Guide for Year 6 Students 2020 21 - "A community of opportunity for all" - Alderman White School
Our aims and values
Alderman White School exists to provide an
environment where young people develop
educationally and socially and are personally
informed by our INSPIRE values.

•   Integrity
•   Nurture                                 “Pupils’
•   Success                                conduct is
•   Perseverance                          exemplary.”
•   Innovation
•   Responsibility                          Ofsted
•   Engagement

The school seeks to provide a broad, challenging curriculum for all students
underpinned by high quality teaching and varied learning strategies designed to:
•   build on what students know already;
•   stimulate a love of learning;
•   meet individual needs;
•   help students achieve their potential as learners;
•   achieve the highest standards possible in all areas of their school life
    including the academic, social and vocational aspects;
•   celebrate and share their experiences.

The school will provide opportunities for all students to develop confidence
and skills which will allow them to:
•   contribute to society as well integrated
•   be adaptable and to lead full and satisfying lives.

Guide for Year 6 Students 2020 21 - "A community of opportunity for all" - Alderman White School
Achievement and Rewards
At Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 good work and
positive behaviour will be rewarded through
Positive Inspire Points.

Certificates, letters, phone calls and positive referrals are also used to communicate
students’ successes.

In addition, we also have the Go4Schools system which forms part of the school’s
tracking process and is used to identify those students making good progress and
working to the best of their ability. The system charts the performance of students
within a year group based on indicators which show a positive attitude to school,
excellent attendance and punctuality and progress made against targets. Go4Schools
is regularly reviewed and reward trips and events are arranged every term to reward

During the Summer Term we hold our Graduation Ceremony, where we recognise the
effort and progress of our students throughout the year, alongside involvement in
extra-curricular activities.

We value and recognise achievement by our students, both in and out of school and
like to hear about their successes. If a student makes a significant achievement within
school, or contributes notably to the life of the school, we like to honour this and
celebrate in an appropriate manner.

100% attendance at school is recognised through certificates and half-termly prizes.

                 “Pupils want to
                succeed because
               school leaders and
                teachers believe
                 that they can.”
Guide for Year 6 Students 2020 21 - "A community of opportunity for all" - Alderman White School
Year 6 Summer induction days:
Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th July 2020
8:50am – 3:10pm
Year 6 students are invited to Alderman White School for three induction days to give
them a chance to learn their way around the school and to meet their new teachers,
form tutor and the other students in their tutor group.

                                     Our Senior Students will work with each tutor
                                     group to make sure Year 6 students know where
                                     they are going at lesson change over time and at
                                     break and lunch-time and of course, where the
                                     toilets are!

                                     During the induction days, students will enjoy a
                                     range of lessons including some which may be
                                     new to them, such as, Design and Food
                                     Technology, Performing Arts and Citizenship and
                                     more familiar subjects like History, Geography,
       “The quality of
                                     Art, PE, Science and of course Maths and English.
         teaching is                 Year 6 students will be given a timetable for all
      consistently good              three days on the first day so they will know if
         or better.”                 they need trainers on Wednesday or Thursday for
            Ofsted                   PE.

                                      There will also be plenty of time spent with their
                                      new tutor.

Should schools remain closed, these dates will be unavoidably cancelled as a matter of
course. In this case, we will contact you again to re-arrange and keep you informed of any
updates. Thank you for your understanding during these uncertain times.

Induction Evening for parents:
Thursday 9th July 2020, 6:30pm until 8:00pm
The evening will give you a chance to meet form tutors and other significant members
of staff, as well as the opportunity to buy uniform and sports kits and have any
questions answered.

Guide for Year 6 Students 2020 21 - "A community of opportunity for all" - Alderman White School
Things to know for the first day of Year 7 in
The first day of school is:
Thursday 3rd September 2020.

The school day starts at 8:50am
(however, students are welcome at
school before that). Reception is
closed to students until 8.30am.

On the first day, Year 7 students will
meet their tutors in the Hall for a
welcome assembly.

After the assembly, Year 7 students will go with their tutor to their form
room for an extended tutor-time. During tutor-time students will receive
a student planner (diary) and their new timetable. Students will also be
taken on a tour of the school by their form tutor to remind them of where
everything is.

Year 7 will go for an early lunch throughout the year so that they have a
chance to get used to the canteen and dining hall. We will be sending out
more information about school lunches and how to pay for them, as well
as arrangements for free school meals in an information pack in the
summer term.

Students might have PE on their timetable for the first day, however, there
is no need to bring PE kits on the first day of school. After that, students
should bring their PE kit on days when they are timetabled to have PE.
Students can request a locker in September by collecting a letter from
reception, in which they can store their personal belongings in.

  The school day ends at 3:20pm and hopefully your son/daughter will
                  have enjoyed a wonderful first day!
Guide for Year 6 Students 2020 21 - "A community of opportunity for all" - Alderman White School
Getting uniform right
We believe it is important that all our students
have a smart appearance and are appropriately
dressed for school.

Our school uniform is:
• School blazer.
• Alderman White school tie.
• Plain, white shirt which buttons up to the collar.
• Optional black Alderman White school jumper or cardigan with school logo, to be
   worn underneath blazers.
• Plain, black school trousers, which are tailored but not skinny fit, or knee length
   skirt (not tight fit / fabric).
• Plain, black, sensible (low heeled) shoes. No trainers are to be worn on site,
   except in PE lessons.
• Plain black or white socks or plain black tights with a skirt.
•   If headscarves are worn for religious reasons they should be plain black or navy
•   No jewellery except for one small plain gold ear-stud or small sleeper in each ear
    lobe and a watch. No nose studs or facial piercings.
•   Coats should be plain (no large logos) and waterproof.
•   No Hoodies or sports tops.
•   No caps or hats of any kind can be worn in the school building.
•   Plain black belts can be worn but no fashion belts.
•   We do not expect make-up to be worn and only clear nail varnish is allowed. No
    false or acrylic nails.
•   A suitable bag large enough to carry books and equipment for the day.
•   No extremes of dress e.g. extreme hair styles, overly tight or short shirts or skirts.
•   PE kits include a WHP Federation PE T-shirt and fleece, tracksuit bottoms or shorts
    with football socks, or leggings and trainers.

Our uniform and PE kit suppliers are Morley’s, Bramcote Avenue, Chilwell, NG9 4DR
     or online through Big Fish School Wear at
                         Username: Alderman Password: AW123

    Our uniform suppliers will be at the Year 6 induction evening selling blazers, ties,
                        school jumpers / cardigans and PE kits.

       If you wish to wear items of non-uniform due to any religious or cultural
               background please speak to Mrs Mellors, Head of School.
Guide for Year 6 Students 2020 21 - "A community of opportunity for all" - Alderman White School
Clubs and teams
An amazing range of extra-curricular activities
are available to students both in school hours
at break and lunch times and after school.

Performing Arts:
• Dance Club - students can become dance-
  leaders, and work with primary schools at the
  annual dance festival, or even have a go at
• Music and Drama - talented and hopeful musicians, singers and actors can join an
  array of groups, including the Alderman White swing band; The School Choir and
  of course everyone is welcome to get involved with the many amazing productions
  throughout the year at Alderman White.
A whole range of sports are available at lunch-time and after school just for fun or for
•    Basketball, badminton, table tennis, trampolining netball, girls’ and boys’ football
     teams, rugby teams and athletics.
•    The Alderman White Language College has a dazzling array of languages on offer
     both as after-school clubs and at the weekend. Alderman White students can
     choose to study French and German during the day and then Latin and Mandarin
     after school! Students can also study Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and Urdu.
Other clubs:
•    Homework Clubs; Carnegie Book-Shadowing Scheme; Animation Club; Maths;
     Video Games Club; Warhammer; Language Leaders and Duke of Edinburgh Award.
Residential Trips:
•    Walesby Y7 (a fantastic opportunity to get to know your new tutors and peers in
     the first term of Year 7!!); Hagg Farm Y8; Cologne German Christmas Market and
     Phantasialand; Paris and Disneyland Paris; Madrid; German Exchange (Gütersloh);
     and finally, opportunities to travel as far as China!

       Students who get involved in extra-curricular events earn points which count
    towards the summer Graduation Ceremony in which they can graduate the year at
                         a bronze, silver, gold or platinum level.

Guide for Year 6 Students 2020 21 - "A community of opportunity for all" - Alderman White School
The Library and Accelerated Reader
When your son or daughter joins us, they will
automatically become a member of the Trust
Library Service. This gives them access to
20,000 items across the Trust, not just those
in stock at Alderman White School.

We start every afternoon lesson with Drop
Everything and Read (DEAR) across all year
groups, so all students are expected to have a
reading book with them. At Key Stage 3,
English classes have a timetabled lesson in the
Library once a fortnight. We use Accelerated Reader to motivate all students to read
for enjoyment. It enhances our ability to make appropriate book recommendations
and rewards students for effort and progress, through taking online quizzes. We have
a wide range of books covering all interests and abilities.

Year 7’s who are keen readers can get involved in The Brilliant Book Award which is a
local book award voted for by students. Year 8 and 9 readers are invited to join the
Carnegie Shadowing group. They have weekly meetings to discuss the shortlisted
books and take part in a variety of activities which include Staff Night, Musical
Inspiration and Instagram. We also join another school for a day in Matlock and
prepare book trailers on the final day.

                                     The Library is open at break and lunchtimes for
                                     those wishing to read, play games and change
                                     their books.      Homework support is also
       “All groups of                available.
     pupils are making
      good progress.”
                                     Each student is welcome to borrow up to four
           Ofsted                    items for up to four weeks at a time.

                                     Book suggestions/requests are always
                                     welcome so please keep us informed!

A welcome from our students

“I love being at Alderman White
because of the independence and
choice it gives me as I get older and
move up in the school.”
Year 10 student

“Alderman White has a huge range
of activities to get involved with in
and out of school.” Year 8 student

“The staff at Alderman White are supportive and friendly. They have helped me
to move forward with work and what I want to do in the future.” Year 9 student

“The move from my primary school to Alderman White was fun because I made
new friends at the induction days before the summer and I’m still friends with
them now.” Year 7 student

“Over the past five years I have learnt a lot in lessons and the teachers have also
taught me key skills for life.” Year 11 student

                                         “I think Alderman White is amazing
                                         because of all of the really nice people
                                         and the opportunities you get.”
            “Leaders are
                                         Year 7 student
         relentless in their
         determination to                “The Language College is brilliant; I’m
        improve the quality              learning Latin which I think is really
           of education.”                cool.” Year 9 student

We look forward to meeting you in the summer
 and working with you over the coming years.

                 Getting in touch
        Please feel free to email queries to:

         Address: Chilwell Lane, Bramcote
                  Nottingham, NG9 3DU

            Telephone: 0115 917 0424

             Follow us on social media:
            Facebook: AldermanWhite1
             Twitter: @aldermanwhite
         Instagram: aldermanwhite_school

     Download our app for your mobile phone:

                  Search for MyEd
         in iTunes or the Google Play Store

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