Fall 2021 50 FARMINGTON CONTINUING EDUCATION - Farmington Public Schools

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Fall 2021 50 FARMINGTON CONTINUING EDUCATION - Farmington Public Schools
Celebrating   50 Years (1971-2021)
            Fall 2021
          September - December

Fall 2021 50 FARMINGTON CONTINUING EDUCATION - Farmington Public Schools
                                            Hello Lifelong Learners,
     FARMINGTON CONTINUING                  This past year has been uncertain and
           EDUCATION                        challenging for us all. FCE will monitor current
    1 Depot Place, Unionville, CT 06085     health trends and follow the up-to-date
         Phone: (860) 404-0290              mitigation and prevention advice from the
          Fax: (860) 404-0294               Farmington School District, the CDC, and FVHD.
            www.fpsct.org/fce               Now is the time to explore the many NEW and
                                            popular in-person and online course offerings
             8:30 AM - 4:30 PM              and day trips for youth and adults. Visit our
              Monday - Friday               website at www.fpsct.org/fce for updates and
          (closed major holidays)           additional course offerings not included in
                                            this catalog. Don’t delay - register TODAY!

                                            “Notice how the trees do not cling to their leaves.
                                            Fall is about releasing the old to make way for the
          Kathleen C. Greider               NEW!” (Anonymous)
        Superintendent of Schools
                                            All aboard to lifelong learning!
              Kimberly Wynne
     Assistant Superintendent of Schools    Lori Wyrebek
               Alicia Bowman                wyrebekl@fpsct.org
    Assistant Superintendent of Finance &

             Ellen Siuta, Chair
     Elizabeth Fitzsimmons, Vice-Chair
              Christine Arnold
             Williams Beckert
               Sylvie Binette
               Kristi Brouker
               Sarah Healey
                Beth Kintner
              Andrea Sobinski

             Lori Wyrebek                       Courses will be held on Tuesdays at
              Coordinator                     Lewis Mills High School and Lake Garda
                                                         Elementary School.
                Amy Ferrari
       Supervisor and Catalog Design
                                             Look for these course offerings throughout
                                                        the fall 2021 catalog!

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                COURSE LOCATIONS
State Mandated Courses.....................................4-5                     Claudette’s Creative Clippin’s Pet Salon
                                                                                   22 Main Street              Unionville, CT 06085
Adult Enrichment Courses                                                           DOT Commuter Lot
Art, Games & Hobbies..........................................6-8                  475 Hartford Road         New Britain, CT 06053
Career Development..................................................... 9
                                                                                   Farmington Comm & Sr Ctr
Computers & Technology............................................. 9
                                                                                   321 New Britain Avenue  Unionville, CT 06085
Cooking............................................................ 10-11
Financial & Retirement.................................... 11-13                   Farmington High School (FHS)
                                                                                   10 Monteith Drive       Farmington, CT 06032
Fitness............................................................... 13-15
Health & Wellness............................................ 16-17                Farmington Library
Home & Garden..................................................... 18              6 Monteith Drive          Farmington, CT 06032
Language................................................................ 18        First Church of Christ - Farmington
Music, Dance & Drama.................................... 19-20                     75 Main Street              Farmington, CT 06032
Nature & Outdoors.......................................... 20-21                  First Church of Christ - Unionville
Personal Enrichment........................................ 22-24                  61 Main Street               Unionville, CT 06085
Pet Care................................................................... 24
                                                                                   Irving Robbins Middle School
                                                                                   20 Wolf Pit Road         Farmington, CT 06032
Trips & Tours...........................................................25
                                                                                   Lake Garda Elementary School
Youth Enrichment Courses............................. 26-29                        61 Monce Road            Burlington, CT 06013

Notes, Reminders & Policies................................30                      Lewis Mills High School
                                                                                   24 Lyon Road               Burlington, CT 06013

                                                                                   Memento Mori Cemetery
 MARK YOUR                                                                         Main Street          Farmington, CT 06032
 CALENDARS!                                                                        Optimal Being
                                                                                   15 New Britain Ave, Suite 3 Unionville, CT 06085
 Courses will NOT be
 held on the following dates...                                                    Point Judith Lighthouse
                                                                                   1460 Ocean Road           Narragansett, RI 02882
 • September 7 - Rosh Hashanah
                                                                                   Spotlight Art, Dance & Wellness
 • September 16 - Yom Kippur                                                       1055 Farmington Avenue Farmington, CT 06032
 • October 11 - Columbus Day
                                                                                   Stanley-Whitman House
 • November 24-26 - Thanksgiving Recess                                            37 High Street            Farmington, CT 06032
 • December 24-31 - Holiday Recess
                                                                                   West Woods Upper Elementary School
                                                                                   50 Judson Lane        Farmington, CT 06032

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                                                                 REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                              3
    The Farmington Board of Education provides courses in Adult Basic Education (ABE), Citizenship,
     High School Completion Programs (GED®, CDP, and NEDP), and English for Speakers of Other
     Languages (ESL). These courses are FREE to residents of Farmington, Unionville, Avon, Canton,
            Collinsville, Burlington, and Harwinton. Registration is required for ALL courses!

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL)
Learn to speak, read, and write English with a focus on those
skills needed in everyday life. Both day and evening courses will
be offered at three levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
Registration is required for all new and returning students.
Aprenda a hablar, leer y escribir inglés en un programa
que enfocará en las destrezas de todos los días. Se ofrecen
clases por el día y por la noche en tres niveles (principiante,
Intermedio y avanzado). Matriculación es obligatorio para
todos los alumnos.
09/14 to 12/16                                   26 sessions (TTh)
10 AM - 12 PM (Beg/Int)  Farmington Library - Upstairs, Board Rm 1
12-2:30 PM (Adv)         Farmington Library - Upstairs, Board Rm 1

09/13 to 12/15                                 26 sessions (MW)
6-8:30 PM                              Farmington High - Rm 908
                                                                           REGISTRATION FOR:
Adult Basic Education (ABE)
For adults who want to learn basic reading, writing, and math
                                                                       ABE, ESL, GED® & Citizenship
skills. You will improve your life skills and can prepare to enter
a high school completion program.                                     An in-person learning model will be the
09/13 to 12/15                                 26 sessions (MW)      primary instructional model for the 2021-
6-8:30 PM                              Farmington High - Rm 913      2022 school year as long as public health data
                                                                      continues to support this model. Health trends
                                                                      will continue to be monitored and the most up-
Prepares the applicant in the 3 areas of the naturalization
process including both the application and documents, U. S.           to-date mitigation and prevention advice from
history and government, and reading and writing skills.               Farmington Public Schools, the CDC, and FVHD
09/13 to 12/20                                   14 sessions (M)     will be followed.
6-8 PM                                 Farmington High - Rm 909
                                                                          REGISTER ONLINE for all
General Education Development (GED®)
MATH/SCIENCE:                                                           courses at www.fpsct.org/fce
09/13 to 12/20                                   14 sessions (M)
6-8:30 PM                              Farmington High - Rm 906      Once your registration is received, you will
                                                                      receive a call to schedule an in-person placement
LANGUAGE ARTS/SOCIAL STUDIES:                                         assessment on one of the following dates:
09/15 to 12/22                                  14 sessions (W)
6-8:30 PM                              Farmington High - Rm 906
                                                                      • Evening - September 1 or 8 at 6 PM at the
                                                                        Farmington High School
                                                                      • Daytime - September 2 or 9 at 10 AM at the
                    VOLUNTEERS                                          Farmington Library
    Volunteers are needed for courses! Contact
     Sarah De Feudis for more information at
                                                                          If you have any questions, call our office at
      (860) 805-2499 or defeudiss@fpsct.org                                            (860) 404-0290.

                                                                  -- Go to www.GED.com and create an account
                    Register online at                            -- Must take GED® Ready Test at www.GED.com and receive
                                                                     a score of "likely to pass" in each subject area
             www.fpsct.org/fce                                    -- Complete the process, in person, at Farmington
                                                                     Continuing Education
There are three distinct pathways for adults to attain a          -- Receive an email that you can now schedule your GED®
high school diploma outlined below:                                  test
                                                                  CT General Statutes, Section10-5(a) requires that individuals
General Educational Development (GED®):
                                                                  who are either 17 or 18 years old at the time of registration
Adults who have not completed high school must
                                                                  for the GED® must submit documentation that they have been
demonstrate, through a 4-part computerized examination
                                                                  officially withdrawn from a CT school for at least 6 months.
that includes a writing sample, the attainment of academic
skills and concepts normally acquired through completion of       17-year-olds: must submit a withdrawal form with a parent/
a high school program. Applicants for this exam must be at        guardian signature.
least 17 years of age and officially withdrawn from school for    18-year-olds: may submit, in place of a withdrawal form, a letter
at least 6 months. Individuals who pass the GED® Tests are        from the last high school they attended stating that the 9th-
awarded a State of CT High School Diploma.                        grade class they entered (or would have entered) has already
Credit Diploma Program (CDP):
CDP is a combination of teacher-led courses and an
                                                                                         MISSION STATEMENT
internet-based high school curriculum. Earn credits through        The Farmington Board of Education will provide a planned
independent study projects, community service, work                program of studies to expand the educational opportunities for
experience, or vocational training. Teachers are content-          adult learners in the areas of Basic Education, GED® Preparation,
area certified secondary educators, and our courses are as         ESL, and Citizenship. The plan takes into account the intent of
equally challenging as regular high school but are shorter in      state statutes to expand educational accessibility of offerings, and
length. If you are motivated, an independent learner with a        educational achievement as indicated by the receipt of a high
busy work schedule, have family concerns, have 4-7 credits         school diploma. This is a common standards-based educational
left to earn your diploma, you believe that earning a high         program that will enable every student to achieve rigorous
                                                                   performance standards.
school diploma similar to daytime high school is what you
want, then this program is for you!
22 credits are required to earn a Bristol High School                                NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY
                                                                   Farmington Continuing Education is committed to a policy of equal
diploma: 4 in English, 4 in Math, 4 in Social Studies, 2 in
                                                                   opportunity/affirmative action for all qualified persons and does
Science, and 8 electives. A minimum of 4 credits must be           not discriminate based on race, color, religious creed, sex, age,
completed in this program, no matter how many credits              national origin, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, gender,
are transferred from previous high schools. This program           gender identity or expression, disability (including, but not limited
is offered through Bristol Adult Education (860) 584-7865          to, intellectual disability, past or present history of mental disorder,
and has rolling admissions.                                        physical disability or learning disability), genetic information, or
                                                                   any other basis prohibited by Connecticut state and/or federal
                                                                   nondiscrimination laws. Inquiries regarding non-discrimination
National External Diploma Program (NEDP):                          policies should be directed to the Director of Special Services at
NEDP assists adults with life experiences, such as working         (860) 677-1791.
and raising a family, towards a high school diploma. All
work is done in a non-traditional, one-to-one at-home
setting. Flexible appointments are made with staff to obtain,                      DISABILITIES ACCOMMODATIONS
review, and demonstrate mastery of the 70 competencies             All activities offered by Farmington Continuing Education are
measured by this nationally certified program. Although            held at accessible locations. Accommodations for individuals
                                                                   with disabilities are available upon request. Please contact Lori
there is no age requirement, most adults that apply are over
                                                                   Wyrebek at (860) 404-0290.
age 24. High school proficient scores in Math, Reading,
and Writing are a prerequisite. This program is available
through both Bristol Adult Education (860) 584-7865 and                           GED® TEST ACCOMMODATIONS
West Hartford Continuing Education (860) 561-6900. Call            Accommodations for the GED®® test are available for qualified
to find out when the next NEDP Orientation is being held.          individuals with a disability. For more information contact Lori
                                                                   Wyrebek at (860) 404-0290 or Sabrina Mancini at the Connecticut
                                                                   State Department of Education at (860) 807-2111.
Information to the GED® Test-Taker:
This program prepares adult learners to pass the 4-part,
computer-based GED® exam to earn a State of CT diploma.                                 MANDATED COURSES
Students receive necessary instruction in 4 subject areas          Farmington Continuing Education complies with Connecticut
(Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts) plus basic       General Statute 10-73a, there is no fee for registration, books, or
                                                                   materials to any adult enrolled in the High School Completion,
computer skills to take the exam.                                  ESL, or Citizenship programs.

                                                       REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                                               5
     Per DPH and CSDE, masks are currently required inside schools, regardless of vaccination
              status. Visitors must comply with mitigation strategies inside schools.

Beginner Stained Glass                         Watercolors of Fall!               NEW        Beginner Basketry                     NEW
Sarah Segovia (R-ART001)                       ShawnaLee Kwashnak (R-ART028)                 Nancy Kalos (A-ART001) UPDATED
Stained glass is colored glass used to         Fall brings an explosion of vibrant colors    Begin exploring the work of basketry by
form decorative or pictorial designs,          that give us all a renewed spirit! Explore    weaving practical and beautiful flat-reed

notably for church windows, both by            methods and techniques of watercolor          baskets. Baskets, though often used for
painting and setting contrasting pieces        painting while appreciating New               decoration today, have for thousands
in a lead framework like a mosaic. Learn       England’s Fall Foliage Colors. Create         of years served as useful containers,
the basic techniques of the copper             paintings of Leaves, Acorns and Foliage       custom-made for the task at hand. There
foil method of stained glass. There            as time allows. Returning students            are still many uses for baskets in the
will be instruction on how to use the          benefit from additional reinforcement of      home. Learn how to make three different
tools properly and the creation of a           learned skills while being encouraged         types of baskets: door/wall basket,
suncatcher to take home.                       to explore their skills.                      muffin basket, and twill tray baskets.
11/09 to 11/16               2 sessions (T)   09/15 to 10/06             4 sessions (W)    Each class will provide you with the
6-8:30 PM          Lewis Mills High School    6:30-8:30 PM                       Online    foundational skills from which you can
Course Fee: $65                                Course Fee: $79                               go on to make several different types of
                                                                                             baskets from a variety of materials.
Moravian Star                                  Pen and Ink with                              A) Door / Wall Basket
Sarah Segovia (R-ART002)                       Watercolors                                   09/20 to 09/27             2 sessions (M)
In this beginner course, you will learn the    ShawnaLee Kwashnak (R-ART030)                 6:30-9 PM         Farmington High School
basic techniques of cutting, grinding,         From illustrations to printed media, pen
                                                                                             C) Twill Tray Basket
foiling, and assembling a beautiful 3D         and ink under-drawings for watercolors        10/28 to 11/04                2 sessions (Th)
stained glass hanging star.                    have held a place of honor throughout         6:30-9 PM      Irving Robbins Middle School
12/02 to 12/09              2 sessions (Th)   the years. In this class, participants
6-8:30 PM    Irving Robbins Middle School     will learn valuable skills of creating        A) Muffin Basket
Course Fee: $65                                a drawing and translating it into a           09/22 to 09/29              2 sessions (W)
                                               beautiful pen and ink work of art that        6:30-9 PM          Farmington High School
Zen Doodle Card Making                         will be accented with watercolors. We
Faye Tway-Grant (R-ART019)                                                                   Course Fee: $59
                                               will study the bounty of our fall foliage
Find your creative spirit and relax with       for inspiration! Returning students
                                                                                             Metal-Stamped Jewelry
Zen Doodling. Create some amazing              benefit from additional reinforcement of
                                                                                             Laurie Lynne Zlotowski (A-ART008)
personalized zen doodle cards for family       learned skills while being encouraged
and friends. No experience is necessary.       to explore further.                           Metal Stamped Jewelry Create a
                                                                                             masterpiece by hammering short
10/05 to 10/12               2 sessions (T)   10/07 to 10/28             4 sessions (Th)
                                               6:30-8:30 PM                       Online
                                                                                             phrases and names into your metal
6:30-8:30 PM       Lewis Mills High School
Course Fee: $45                                Course Fee: $79                               bracelet cuff and 2 pendants or a pair of
                                                                                             earrings. Leave with finished wearable
Amazing Alcohol Inks                           Bob Ross Paint Night                          jewelry. All jewelry is nickel-free!
Faye Tway-Grant (R-ART016)                     Alison Murphy (A-ART023)                      09/30                       1 session (Th)
                                                                                             7-9 PM       Irving Robbins Middle School
Learn and practice the different ways          Join Alison and Amy for this ‘happy
                                                                                             Course Fee: $49
you can produce art using alcohol              little’ paint night! Follow along with
inks. Create sun catchers, flowers,            Bob’s “Joy of Painting’ video to paint
landscapes, and abstract designs               a beautiful fall landscape of your very
on tile, glass, or canvas. No previous         own on a 11 x 14 canvas. The 30-minute
experience is required.                        video will be stretched throughout this
11/02 to 11/16               3 sessions (T)   2 ½ hour class, pausing along the way,
6:30- 8:30 PM      Lewis Mills High School    allowing Alison and Amy to give more
Course Fee: $65                                guidance and hands-on instruction. No
                                               experience necessary!
                                               10/04                       1 session (M)
                                               6:30-9 PM         Farmington High School
                                               Course Fee: $39

    WANT TO TEACH A                                Share your insterest or talents with others! Complete a
       COURSE?                                     Course Proposal Form available at www.fpsct.org/fce.
Knitting Intermediate
Linda Jorson (A-ART015)                            For more information and details about a
If you have mastered basic knitting and
are ready to expand your knowledge
                                                 specific course or trip, visit www.fpsct.org/fce.
and skills, then join this course to learn
more advanced techniques! How to read         Balloon Twisting (Ages 16+)                   Beginner Quilting
patterns and graphs, correct mistakes,        Neal Prete (A-ART028)                         Karen Kebinger (A-ART046)
combine different pattern stitches, and       Learn the two methods of twisting             The Alternating Four Patch Quilt is a
create well-fitting garments will be          balloons along with balloon safety.           fun quilt to make! It teaches the use of
taught. Choose your knitting project!         Create different balloon shapes, such as      different value print fabrics that combine
10/07 to 11/11          6 sessions (Th)      dogs, swords, and hats! Specific requests     to create an interesting design. You will
6:30-8:30 PM Farmington Comm & Sr Ctr        will be accepted as well. A balloon kit,      be taken through the steps of Rotary
Course Fee: $109 Senior Fee (65+): $99       which consists of 1 balloon pump and a        cutting, piecing, and quilting during this
                                              100 count bag of professional balloons,       course.
Magic with Everyday Objects                   is included.                                  11/03 to 12/08             5 sessions (W)
(Ages 16+)                                    10/28 to 11/18             3 sessions (Th)   6:30-9 PM        Farmington High School
Neal Prete (A-ART026)                         7:15-8:15 PM                       Online    Course Fee: $109   Senior Fee (65+): $99
                                              Course Fee: $29
Learn magic with everyday objects
found around your house with NEATO                                                          What’s Up with Art                 NEW
the Magician. Additional magic tricks         Home Decor Sewing - Pillow                    Today!
will be included. All the magic works         Covers                                        Terry Feder (A-ART002)
automatically with no sleight of hand         Ashley Parker (A-ART034)
                                                                                            Do you have more questions than
to practice. Enjoy a class filled with fun    Create an easy-on, easy-off pillow cover      answers when you look at art? In this
as you amaze your family and friends as       to change the look of your home decor         course, we will examine and discuss
well as yourself.                             in a matter of minutes.                       many art images of the 20th and 21st
10/28 to 12/02             4 sessions (Th)   10/18                        1 session (M)   centuries, including art that is being
6-7 PM                             Online    5:30-7 PM                           Online   created right now.
Course Fee: $49                               Course Fee: $49
                                                                                            11/08 to 11/29              4 sessions (M)
                                                                                            6:30-8 PM         Farmington High School
                                              Home Decor Sewing - Window                    Course Fee: $59     Senior Fee (65+): $55

 UGotClass                                    Ashley Parker (A-ART037)
                                              Create a lined curved valance, perfect
                                                                                            Beginner Knitting
                                                                                            Linda Jorson (A-ART014)
                                              for any bathroom or kitchen window.           Learn the basics of knitting - a relaxing,
                                              Materials will be mailed.                     fun, and portable craft. Leave this course
 With more than 100 ONLINE                                                                  with a stitch sampler scarf!
                                              10/19                        1 session (T)
     course topics and 30                     5:30-7 PM                          Online    10/05 to 11/09            6 sessions (T)
  certificate programs, you                   Course Fee: $49                               6:30-8:30 PM
                                                                                            Farmington Comm & Sr Ctr
   should have no problem                     Spread the Love                               Course Fee: $109  Senior Fee (65+): $99
 finding a course to fit your                 Zentangle Tile
                                              Laura Marks (A-ART043)                        Sewing - Beginner
         needs today!                                                                       Karen Kebinger (A-ART019)
                                              This is a colorful zentangle class that was
                                              inspired by the work of Austrian artist       Whether you would like to be able to
   Visit http://www.yougot-                   Gustav Klimt.                                 learn how to mend or how to make
   class.org/index.cfm/Fpsct                  10/19                        1 session (T)
                                                                                            clothes or costumes, then this course
                                              6:30-8:30 PM                       Online    is for you! Learn how to use a sewing
                                              Course Fee: $30                               machine, which types of stitches to
                                                                                            use, how to shorten and hem clothing,
                                                                                            and how to finish seams. Make a fun
                                                                                            pillowcase and a market tote to bring
                                                                                            09/22 to 10/20             5 sessions (W)
                                                                                            6:30-9 PM        Farmington High School
                                                                                            Course Fee: $109   Senior Fee (65+): $99

                                                       REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                                          7
                                               Believe in Yourself                NEW
                                                                                             Aran Cable Headband                 NEW
      Register online at                       Bracelet                                      Ellen Anne Mangiafico (A-ART045)
                                               Natalie Joseph (A-ART001)                     Have you been knitting for a while?
    www.fpsct.org/fce                          Trinhaitia Bijoux's Ms. Natalie will          Have you wanted to learn how to knit
                                               instruct you through each step of             Aran cables? Then, join us for this quick
                                               creating a masterpiece. In this fun-filled    and easy Cabled Headband class. Learn
Paint Your Pet

                                               course, learn about the different tools       3 different ways to make the perfect
Amy Casazza & Alison Murphy (A-ART024)         and their roles in the creation of this       cable for this or any other project. Other
Join Alison and Amy for this fun Paint         beautiful bracelet, a bold expression         techniques presented in class will be
Your Pet night! Using a photo, we will         of fall, festivity, and Soiree that can be    the Kitchner (for an invisible seam) and
sketch your pet on a 11 x 14 canvas and        worn in any season and will complement        how to use a lifeline in case you need to
have it ready for you on the day of class.     whatever outfit you wear. This course         pull your work back to correct a mistake.
No experience necessary!                       utilizes a hands-on, stress-free approach     Prerequisite: Students must know how
11/08                       1 session (M)     and ensures that no one leaves without        to knit and purl and be familiar with
6:30-9 PM         Farmington High School      a finished product. Come join us and          reading patterns (these techniques will
Course Fee: $50                                design your own "Believe In Yourself"         not be taught).
                                               bracelet crafted with a cord and ornate,      09/30 to 11/04              5 sessions (Th)
Origami (Ages 16+)                             vibrant beads.                                6:30-8:30 PM Irving Robbins Middle School
Neal Prete (A-ART027)                          A) 12/08                     1 session (W)   Course Fee: $95      Senior Fee (65+): $85
Learn origami using dollar bills, napkins,     B) 12/15                     1 session (W)
and paper. All the objects taught will be                                                    Beginner Crocheting
easy to learn.                                 6:30-7:45 PM      Farmington High School     Karen Kebinger (A-ART047)
                                               Course Fee: $65
12/02                        1 session (Th)                                                 Whether you are “rusty” at crocheting
7:15-8:15 PM                        Online                                                  or a beginner who wants a relaxing,
Course Fee: $29
                                               Fall Wreaths                       NEW        productive, fun, and portable hobby -
                                               Natalie Joseph (A-ART002)
                                                                                             this course is just for you! Learn how to
Point Judith Lighthouse                        Picture a handcrafted designer wreath         make delicate doilies, elegant clothing,
Photography Workshop                           hanging on your door or window                and warm cozy afghans, all while
Michele Foertsch (A-ART030)
                                               designed by you. Receive step-by-step         watching TV or sitting idly by in a waiting
                                               instructions on measuring, folding,           room. This course will teach you how to
Join freelance photographers Michele
                                               tieing, attaching, and embellishing your      make a simple scarf using basic stitches
Foertsch and Peter Rossato as they
                                               wreath in a stress-free environment. Our      and simple patterns.
guide you in capturing the Point
                                               vibrant decorative mesh wreaths are           09/30 to 11/04              5 sessions (Th)
Judith Lighthouse and other features
                                               inspired by fall, showcasing an array of      6:30-8:30 PM Irving Robbins Middle School
Narragansett has to offer. Michele and
                                               falling leaves, acorns, and more. Your        Course Fee: $85      Senior Fee (65+): $79
Peter will work with you to determine
                                               wreath will be a show stopper hanging
the proper exposure and settings for
                                               in your desired space.
your camera and assist you in capturing
photos of these breathtaking sites. DSLR       10/20 to 11/03             3 sessions (W)
                                               6:30-7:45 PM      Farmington High School
or Mirrorless cameras are required, and        Course Fee: $65
tripods are highly recommended. Any
skill level is welcome!                        Sewing 101: Know Your
10/16                       1 session (Sa)    Sewing Machine
9 AM - 3 PM       Point Judith Lighthouse
                                               Ashley Parker (A-ART036)
Course Fee: $199
                                               Have a sewing machine still in the box?
Classic Zentangle Tile                         Then it is time to take it out and get
Laura Marks (A-ART042)                         acclimated. This course will do just that -
                                               teach you how to get started!
Whether you are new to this method
of creating abstract art or a seasoned         09/28                        1 session (T)
tangler, this course will be an enjoyable,     5:30-7 PM                          Online
                                               Course Fee: $49
creative, and relaxing experience!
Create a tile that appears complex but
is very easy to design with one basic
pattern.                                              DON'T                   We encourage you to register early.
6:30-8:30 PM
                               1 session (T)
                                                      DELAY!                  It can often make or break a course!
Course Fee: $30

CAREER DEVELOPMENT                                                COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY
Networking Your Way to             NEW        Intro to Computers                              Excel for Beginners
Success                                       Jennifer Wollman (R-COM043)                     Jennifer Wollman (A-COM006)
Jonathan Childs (A-CAR012)                    For new computer users, this course is          This course is for beginners! Learn the
Not sure how to build a professional          based on the Windows 10 operating               basics of creating spreadsheets in Excel.
network? Or how to find the hidden            system. Learn about the hardware,               We will cover such topics as entering
job market? This course will teach you        software of a computer, basic                   data, formulas, formatting cells, adding
about informational interviewing and          network connections’ Windows 10                 sheets, sorting, and simple totaling.
networking. How to talk with people           desktop, start menu, files, folders, web        11/08 to 11/15              2 sessions (M)
about your job search. This course also       browsing, password safety, and basic            6-8 PM            Farmington High School
explores how to research and organize         troubleshooting.                                Course Fee: $59     Senior Fee (65+): $55
your job search and utilize the internet      11/16                          1 session (T)
to identify job leads and company             6-8 PM             Lewis Mills High School     Intro to Google
information.                                  Course Fee: $29                                 Jennifer Wollman (R-COM030)
09/23                       1 session (Th)                                                   In the Intro to Google course, learn
6-8 PM                             Online    iPad for Beginners
                                                                                              how to use and customize Google
Course Fee: $29                               Richard Scalzo (R-COM045)
                                                                                              Chrome™, Gmail™, get an introduction
                                              Is this your first tablet? Do you want to       to Google Drive™, including Google
LinkedIn Overview                 NEW         get the most out of it? In this course,         Sheets™ and Google Docs™, Google
Jonathan Childs (A-CAR014)                    learn the differences and similarities          Calendar™, as well as how to find and
Learn the basics of LinkedIn, how to          between it and a computer. Gain                 use the help feature for any questions
navigate the site, and the importance         confidence with your new technology             you may have in the future. This hands-
of having a profile. Develop a profile        and find out about everything you can           on course is designed for the novice
and conduct effective job searches and        do with it.                                     with little computer experience.
networking.                                   11/02 to 11/23               4 sessions (T)    09/28                         1 session (T)
10/07                       1 session (Th)   7-9 PM             Lewis Mills High School     6-8 PM            Lewis Mills High School
6-7 PM                             Online    Course Fee: $79      Senior Fee (65+): $69     Course Fee: $29
Course Fee: $15
                                              iPhone for Beginners                            Advanced Google
Written Correspondence             NEW
                                              Richard Scalzo (R-COM044)                       Jennifer Wollman (A-COM031)
Create a Powerful First                       Is this your first smartphone? Do you           Google can help us perform more
Impression                                    want to get the most out of it? In this         quickly, efficiently, and effectively
Jonathan Childs (A-CAR013)                    course, gain confidence with your new           with its many available features. In
Does your resume need some fine-              technology and use it for more than just        this advanced course, you’ll build on
tuning? Or has it not yet been created.       making phone calls.                             your current knowledge and further
This course will help you build a stronger    10/05 to 10/26               4 sessions (T)    explore the features and functions of
resume. We will also talk about cover         7- 9 PM            Lewis Mills High School     Google Drive™, Google Sheets™, and
letters; thank you letters and references     Course Fee: $79      Senior Fee (65+): $69     Google Docs™, as well as delve into
on how to make a great first impression.                                                      the additional capabilities of Google
                                              Social Media for Beginners                      Gmail™. This course is hands-on and
09/30                       1 session (Th)
                                              Richard Scalzo (R-COM046)                       designed for someone who has taken
6-8 PM                             Online
Course Fee: $29                               Facebook,      Instagram,       Twitter:        the Intro to Google course or has
                                              social media is a way for people to             previous experience with Google.
Interview Like a Pro               NEW        communicate and interact online. Get            10/25                       1 session (M)
Jonathan Childs (A-CAR015)                    informed, be entertained, and stay              6-8 PM            Farmington High School
Whether you are new to interviewing           connected with family and friends.              Course Fee: $29
or have experience, there is always           11/30 to 12/21               4 sessions (T)
something to learn. Brush up on your          7-9 PM             Lewis Mills High School
interview skills, learn how to answer         Course Fee: $79      Senior Fee (65+): $69        EARN YOUR HIGH
those hard questions, learn about                                                               SCHOOL DIPLOMA!
behavioral interviewing, and have an
opportunity to practice in a safe setting.                                                     FREE courses for residents
In addition, get pointers on virtual                                                           of Farmington, Unionville,
interviews and how to handle them.
                                                                                               Avon, Canton, Collinsville,
09/16                       1 session (Th)
6-8 PM                             Online                                                     Burlington, and Harwinton!
Course Fee: $29
                                                                                                         see page 4

                                             Cheesemaking - Mozzarella,                     All About Flavor: No-Fuss, Plant-
                                             Lemon Cheese, and Coulommiers                  Based Cooking for a Healthy
                                             Rosemary Aldridge (R-COO007)                   Weight
                                             Making fresh, soft cheese at home is           Jeffrey Tyler (A-COO013)
                                             easy and fun! Learn the process and            Plant-based, whole-food diets improve
                                             equipment needed to make mozzarella,           individual health and the planet’s health.
                                             lemon cheese, and coulommiers.                 These classes present tasteful, easy-to-
                                             09/28                         1 session (T)   cook dishes to help you adopt a healthy,
                                             6:30-8:30 PM   Lewis S. Mills High School     plant-based diet that can satisfy any
                                             Course Fee: $49                                appetite. While teaching the recipes,
                                                                                            we will also talk about how plant-based
                                             Cheesemaking - Ricotta,                        diets can improve your health.
                                             Mascarpone, and Feta                           A) How to Cook Tofu, Tempeh, and
Foodways at Stanley-Whitman                  Rosemary Aldridge (R-COO008)                   Seitan - Plant-based diets get protein
House with Dennis Picard                     Making fresh, soft cheese at home is           from many sources. Across the world,
Stanley-Whitman House (A-COO009)             easy and fun! Learn the process and            diets make great use of tofu, tempeh,
Dennis Picard will share anecdotes           equipment needed to make whole milk            and seitan, yet most Americans have no
about New England colonial life while        ricotta, mascarpone, and feta cheese.          idea how to cook them. Learn to cook
demonstrating how to start a fire and        10/05                         1 session (T)   and enjoy these staples with simple
cooking either in the hearth or on an        6:30-8:30 PM   Lewis S. Mills High School     dishes: Baked Orange Tofu, Tempeh
                                             Course Fee: $49                                Chimichurri, Hawaiian Barbecue Seitan
open campfire.
                                                                                            Tacos, and Berry Mousse.
A) Food Preservation - Learn how to          Pizza Night - From Dough to
“put up” foods and join in on the food                                                      B) Italian Favorites - Italian classics
                                             Dinner                                         modify to plan-based dinners with
preservation revival. We will be drying,     Don Dickey (A-COO015)
pickling, and preparing for storage                                                         great success. This class presents three
                                             The foundation of a great pizza is the         standard dishes that would keep even
vegetables and fruits for the coming
                                             dough, and Don probably knows more             your Italian father-in-law happy: Plant-
year as well as creating seed packets for
                                             about dough than anyone else in town!          based Lasagna, Eggplant Parmesan,
next year’s garden.
                                             Learn how to make delicious pizza              and Tofu Piccata.
B) Hearth Cooking: Butter, Soft Cheese,      from scratch. We will cover classics like
Soups and Stews - Demonstration                                                             C) Asian Night at Home - Many of us
                                             Neapolitan-style pizza Margherita and
on how to cook a stewed soup, bake                                                          love Asian food but don’t know what
                                             diversions like white (ricotta) pizza and
Johnnycakes, make churned butter, and                                                       to do without chicken, pork, or beef.
                                             green (pesto) pizza too. Also, learn about
herbed Farmer’s Cheese with herbs                                                           This class highlights three classic Asian
                                             Sicilian-style pizza and what makes it
from the museum’s Dooryard Garden.                                                          dishes that use no meat but provide
                                             different. Lots of topping options will
                                                                                            excellent flavors that can make you
C)     Hearth     Cooking:       Colonial    be available that both vegetarians and
                                                                                            forget about animal proteins. The dishes
Thanksgiving - Demonstration on how          meat-lovers will enjoy this course. We
                                                                                            we will make include Vegan Wonton
to cook a colonial Thanksgiving dinner       will even make great lactose-free pizza!
                                                                                            Soup, Orange-Ginger Quorn, ‘Not-Beef’
featuring chicken (much more common          Come alone or with a friend to share
                                                                                            and Broccoli.
than turkey historically), Hasty Pudding,    the fun. Enjoy this “participation type”
and roasted root vegetables at the           hands-on course.                               D) French Stews - French cuisine
hearth in the Whitman Tavern!                11/18                       1 session (Th)
                                                                                            includes some wonderfully comforting
                                             6-8:30 PM    Irving Robbins Middle School     and flavorful stews. Clever tricks make
D) Open Fire Cooking: Revolutionary                                                         these two classic French stews plant-
                                             Course Fee: $35
War - The Colony of Connecticut,                                                            based and still satisfying for dinner on
originally known as the Connecticut
                                             Homemade Pierogi                               a cold night: Meatless Cassoulet and
River Colony or simply the River Colony,                                                    Bourguignon without beef.
                                             Debbie Barbiero (A-COO013)
sent many regiments of its men into the
American Revolutionary War and was           Join Chef Debbie and learn how to              E) Bundle - all 4 classes
the site of several over-wintering camps.    make Pierogi, also known as Varenyky.          A) 09/30	                   1 session (Th)
Come and learn about what the troops         Pierogi are filled dumplings of Eastern        B) 10/07                    1 session (Th)
were promised as their daily rations and     European origin made by wrapping               C) 10/14 		                 1 session (Th)
what they received.                          unleavened dough around a savory               D) 10/28 	                  1 session (Th)
                                             or sweet filling and cooking in boiling
A) 09/26                   1 session (Su)                                                  7-8:15 PM                          Online
B) 10/24                   1 session (Su)
                                                                                            Course Fee: $25
C) 11/21                   1 session (Su)   10/07                        1 session (Th)
D) 12/19                   1 session (Su)   7-9 PM                              Online    E) 09/30 to 10/28          4 sessions (Th)
                                             Course Fee: $30                                7-8:15 PM                          Online
12-4 PM          Stanley Whitman House                                                     Course Fee: $89
Course Fee: $25

COOKING                                                                  FINANCIAL & RETIREMENT
Breads of Italy: Rosemary
Focaccia                                           For more information and details about a
Don Dickey (A-COO014)
This course will take you on a quick
                                                 specific course or trip, visit www.fpsct.org/fce.
bread trip to Italy as we make the famous
Italian flatbread know as focaccia. Our       Social Security Timing                       You Need to Have an Estate Plan!
bread will feature a topping of fresh         Michael Alimo (A-FIN031)                     Learn Why?
rosemary and extra virgin olive oil (with     Electing Social Security can be one of       Brendan Daly (A-FIN008)
coarse sea salt if desired). The instructor   the most important decisions as you          Did you know that if you don’t create
will help beginners overcome yeast            approach retirement. During this course,     an estate plan, some of your end-of-
anxiety and expose seasoned bakers to         learn how to potentially maximize your       life decisions are dictated by the State
a new recipe and technique. Enjoy this        social security benefits. We will discuss    of Connecticut? Take back control and
"participation type" hands-on course          spousal benefits, widow, divorced, and       decide how your estate is divided,
where each student will take home             single claiming concepts. We will then       who is responsible for your care, who
bread fresh from the oven.                    put social security into the context of      gets custody of your children, and so
10/14                       1 session (Th)   planning to share with you how getting       much more! Learn from an experienced
6:30-9 PM    Irving Robbins Middle School    the most out of this retirement benefit      elder law attorney about important
Course Fee: $35                               can also help your retirement plan           documents EVERY ADULT should have,
                                              succeed.                                     such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney
French Macaroon                    NEW        10/04                      1 session (M)    (POA), and healthcare directives. Walk
Masterclass                                   6-7:30 PM                         Online    away knowing what these all documents
K. Khan (A-COO037)                            Course Fee: $19                              are for and what you need to do to create
Learn the fine art of baking these                                                         them. Arm yourself with information
                                              Empowering You Through                       about the probate process and how
light-as-air French delicacies known
worldwide as French Macaroons. These          the Probate Process                          it works. Even if you already have an
scrumptious, almond cookies have a            Amanda Gilbert-Largent (A-FIN001)            estate plan, there’s a good chance it
crunch exterior and weightless chewy          Death in the family? Want to protect         needs updating. Students will receive
interior that can be filled with anything     your loved ones from the evils of            an easy-to-understand estate planning
from buttercream to caramel to tangy          Probate? The Probate process can cause       guidebook written by our attorneys.
curds or even ganache.                        confusion and stress during a sensitive      11/04                       1 session (Th)
11/16                        1 session (T)
                                              time in your life. Attorney Amanda           6-7:30 PM                          Online
                                              Gilbert-Largent will guide you through       Course Fee: $19
6-9 PM                             Online
Course Fee: $30                               the steps of the Probate Process, and
                                              introduce you to the precautions to take     Savvy Social Security Planning
                                              to give your family the peace of mind it     for Baby Boomers
                                              deserves during a difficult time.            Retirement & Money Strategies (R-FIN004)
                                              10/18                      1 session (M)    The rules for Social Security change
                                              6-7:30 PM                         Online    often so what you thought you knew
                                              Course Fee: $19                              may be different now! When should you
                                                                                           take your Social Security? How do you
                                              How to Find, Get & Pay                       apply? What impact does your spouse’s
                                                                                           Social Security have on what you

                                              for Care
                                              Steve Rubin (A-FIN018)
                                                                                           collect? This course covers not only the
                                                                                           basics of Social Security but also reveals
                                              Nursing Homes can cost over $15,000 a        strategies for maximizing your benefits.
                                              month but is not always the only option.
   There are over 100 ONLINE                  Learn about the different available care
                                                                                           We will discuss how to minimize taxes
                                                                                           on Social Security benefits and how to
       Career Training and                    options, and how to pay for them while       coordinate your Social Security with your
     Development courses to                   still protecting your assets.                other sources of retirement income. We
                                                                                           welcome your questions about Social
    choose from. There are 12                 11/04 
                                              6-7:30 PM
                                                                          1 session (Th)
                                                                                 Online    Security benefits as you explore your
   sessions per course over a 6               Course Fee: $19                              options in making this financial decision.
   week period. A new course                                                               11/10                       1 session (W)
       begins each month.                                                                  6:30-8 PM
                                                                                           Course Fee: $19

      Visit www.ed2go.com/
                                                   Per DPH and CSDE, masks are currently required inside
    farmington or careertrain-                     schools, regardless of vaccination status. Visitors must
   ing.ed2go.com/farmington                           comply with mitigation strategies inside schools.

                                                       REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                                        11
What is a Trust and Do I                      Medicare Basics .... Get the Facts!           Financial Strategies for
Need One?                                     Dan Dempsey (A-FIN015)                        Successful Retirement
Brendan Daly (A-FIN010)                       This course will help you learn more          Valenti Wealth Management (A-FIN003)
In this course, we will explain how trusts    about Medicare and your health plan           This in-depth course offers retirees,
are created, the different types of trusts,   options. During this course, learn the        or people thinking about retiring, the
and go over who you should choose             differences between Medicare and              opportunity to plan for a comfortable
to participate. Walk away knowing             other health coverage, what is Original       retirement. Learn strategies designed to
how to use trusts to minimize and/or          Medicare and are there other options,         help generate a steady income, protect
avoid taxes, protect assets, keep public      is Original Medicare enough health            your assets from erosion, reduce taxes,
benefits for loved ones with special          coverage, what are Medicare Parts A,          and provide a more secure retirement
needs, and how to avoid probate court.        B, C, & D, are prescriptions covered,         for you and your spouse. Designed for
Leave this course with an understanding       how much will it cost and are there           retired individuals and couples, and
of how to use these powerful planning         deadlines to enroll? Become educated          those planning on retiring in the next
tools to your advantage.                      on Medicare Advantage Plans, Part D           five to ten years. You will also learn how
11/18                       1 session (Th)   prescription drug plans, and Medicare         to make the best use of your employer’s
6-7:30 PM                          Online    Supplement plans. The advantages              retirement plan, evaluate lump-sum
Course Fee: $19                               and disadvantages will be discussed           distribution options, potentially reduce
                                              in an easy-to-understand manner. This         estate taxes through proper estate
Tax-Free in Retirement                        course is designed to be informational        planning, and various types of annuities.
Michael Alimo (A-FIN032)                      with ample opportunity for individual         In addition, we will cover Social Security,
Taxes have been a concern for many            questions.                                    Medicare, and ways to provide asset
Americans for decades now. With rising        10/05                        1 session (T)   allocation to properly position your
deficits, debt on the federal, state, and     6-7:30 PM                          Online    assets to your objectives, risk tolerance,
municipality level where does that leave      Course Fee: $19                               and prior investment experience.
the taxpayer? As we head towards                                                            09/22 to 10/13             4 sessions (W)
retirement most Americans have                Planning for the Future of Your               6:30 -8:30 PM     Farmington High School
squirreled away a fair amount of assets       Loved One with Special Needs                  Course Fee: $50      Spousal Guest: FREE
“tax-deferred”. Learn how taxes can           Stuart Hawkins (A-FIN021)
change the outcome of your retirement.        This course educates families on the          Building Wealth in the             NEW
We will discuss current tax law, potential    importance of planning for the future         Stock Market
changes to tax law, and strategies to get     of their child or dependent with special      Andrew Lavery (A-FIN013)
as close to “tax-free” in retirement as you   needs by addressing these vital issues        Do you want to invest in the stock
can. Samples of retirement analysis and       ensures not only lifetime care but the        market but don’t know where to start or
strategies to transition to a more favored    quality of life for your loved one. Topics    how to pick a good company to invest
tax position with your savings and “tax-      covered include; Special Needs Trusts,        in? In this course, learn how to evaluate
free” legacy concepts to consider.            Guardianship, Conservatorship, SSDI,          a company to decide if it is a good
10/06                        1 session (W)   SSI, Medicaid, Medicare, Protecting           investment or not and how to determine
6-7:30 PM                           Online   Government          Benefits,    Financial    the fair value of the company.
Course Fee: $19                               Security/Funding Options, ABLE Act,           11/09 to 11/16              2 sessions (T)
                                              and Letter of Intent.                         6-7 PM                             Online
Empowerment Through Planning                  10/07                       1 session (Th)   Course Fee: $15
Steve Rubin (A-FIN017)                        6:30-7:30 PM                       Online
Learn how to use legal tools such as          Course Fee: $15
Trusts & Healthcare Directives to protect
your assets and maintain control of your
healthcare decisions.
09/30                       1 session (Th)
6-7 PM       Irving Robbins Middle School
Course Fee: $15

       If Farmington or Region #10 Public Schools are closed for the day or close early, Farmington Continuing
     Education courses will NOT meet. If Farmington Public Schools have a delayed opening, courses WILL meet
     (unless told otherwise by the instructor). In case of a delayed opening or early closing, cancellations will also
     be announced on TV channels NBC and WFSB. Canceled courses are postponed to a later date. Trips do not
                                             follow this cancellation policy.

FINANCIAL & RETIREMENT                                                                                                 FITNESS
The Truth About Medicaid Rules               BollyX
and Long-Term Care Costs                     Nikki Moore (R-FIT017)                             FITNESS COURSES
Brendan Daly (A-FIN009)                      BollyX is a Bolly-wood inspired dance-               Fitness courses can be
Learn the truth from an experienced          fitness program. We combine dynamic              strenuous. Consult a physician
elder law attorney. Walk away                choreography with the hottest music
                                                                                               before enrolling. By enrolling

understanding how you can properly           from around the world. This cardio
protect your life savings, as well as how    workout cycles between both higher                    in these courses, you
Medicaid can help you pay for long-          and lower-intensity dance sequences               indicate you have no physical
term care costs. Learn strategies to         to get you moving, sweating, and                   conditions that would make
protect your money should a crisis arise.    motivated. We embody the infectious              your participation hazardous to
Medicaid’s confusing rules, what it takes    energy, expression, and movement of
                                             Bollywood, and aim to expand the reach                     your health!
to apply, who can help you complete
an application, and much more will be        of fitness to more people worldwide.             No Bones About It                 NEW
covered.                                     09/13 to 10/18              6 sessions (M)      Nikki Moore (R-FIT018)
11/11                      1 session (Th)   5:30-6:30 PM                        Online
                                                                                              Has your doctor told you that you
6-7:30 PM                         Online    Course Fee: $79
                                                                                              have osteopenia or osteoporosis? Are
Course Fee: $19
                                                                                              you worried about your bone health?
                                             Zumba® Gold
                                                                                              Join this small group strength training

ABC’s of Government Benefits                 Cassandra Williams (R-FIT046)
                                                                                              session that utilizes exercises to improve
for Your Loved One with Special              Perfect for active older adults who are          your strength, balance, and agility. We
Needs                                        looking for a modified Zumba® class              will be standing and lying down in this
Stuart Hawkins (A-FIN020)                    that recreates the original moves you            class. A strength class is a primarily
This course will provide a greater           love at a lower intensity. The design of         anaerobic activity that uses weights,
understanding       of    the    various     the course introduces easy-to-follow             resistance tools, and one’s bodyweight
government benefits available to your        Zumba® choreography that focuses                 to induce muscular contraction, which
loved one. It will discuss in detail how     on balance, range of motion, and                 builds strength and endurance of
to qualify, manage and best utilize, and     coordination. Come ready to sweat,               muscles.
preserve benefits such as Supplemental       and prepare to leave empowered and
                                                                                              09/13 to 10/18             6 sessions (M)
Security Income (SSI), Social Security       feeling strong. The course focuses on
                                                                                              4:15-5:15 PM                       Online
Disability (SSDI), Medicaid, Medicare,       all elements of fitness: cardiovascular,         Course Fee: $79
and the ABLE Act.                            muscular conditioning, flexibility, and
                                             balance!                                         Essentrics® - Release, Rebalance,
10/19                       1 session (T)
6:30-7:30 PM                      Online    A) 09/21 to 10/26              6 sessions (T)   Restore for Strength and
Course Fee: $15                              B) 11/02 to 12/07              6 sessions (T)
                                             7-8 PM      Lake Garda Elementary School        Debbie Trovato (A-FIT001)
ABLE Accounts: How Someone
                                             Course Fee: $65     Senior Fee (65+): $59       Want to age backward, the essentrics®
with a Disability Can Save for
                                                                                              way as seen on PBS? Essentrics®
Their Future                                 Body Sculpting                                   release, rebalance, restore will release
Stuart Hawkins (A-FIN022)                    Nancy Pandolfo (A-FIT030)                        tight muscles and tension, rebalance
Now with ABLE accounts, individuals          Body Sculpting is a cardiovascular               your joints and restore the strength
can save up to $15,000/year in tax-          strength training class that shapes and          and flexibility of all your muscles and
advantaged savings accounts. Learn the       tones the entire body and helps prevent          connective tissue through *eccentric*
ins and outs, and pros and cons of this      osteoporosis. No dancing, jumping,               stretching and relaxation. We have
exciting new planning tool, and its tax      or jazzing, just results! Accommodates           standing and floor exercises for all
advantages for individuals and families      beginner to advanced fitness levels.             fitness levels. Bring a mat and a small
with special needs.                          Work out at YOUR own pace!                       towel, we will give you a stretch band.
10/27                      1 session (W)    A) 09/13 to 10/25           6 sessions (M)      PLEASE NOTE - Students can choose to
6:30-7:30 PM                      Online    B) 11/08 to 12/13           6 sessions (M)      attend this course either online through
Course Fee: $15                                                                               Zoom or in-person.
                                             4:30-5:30 PM                       Online       09/16 to 11/18          10 sessions (Th)
                                             Course Fee: $69      Senior Fee (65+): $65      6-7 PM Online/Farmington Comm & Sr Ctr
                                                                                              Course Fee: $109  Senior Fee (65+): $99

                                                  For more information and details about a
                                                specific course or trip, visit www.fpsct.org/fce.

                                                      REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                                          13
                                                                                             Yoga with Weights                   NEW
      Per DPH and CSDE, masks are currently required inside                                  Christine Bailey (A-FIT043)
      schools, regardless of vaccination status. Visitors must                               Grab your light dumbbells and yoga
                                                                                             mat and join personal trainer and
         comply with mitigation strategies inside schools.                                   registered yoga teacher Chris Bailey for
                                                                                             fitness and yoga fun via zoom! In this
Yoga                                           Pilates                                       course, we will engage our muscles in
Migdalia Merriman (A-FIT004)                   Rob Schrader (A-FIT013)                       Hatha yoga poses and the movement of
Focus on the basics of yoga - for all ages     Exercises focus on the core muscles           weights to tone and sculpt. We will move
and conditions. Increase your flexibility,     which include the abs, back, glutes, and      deliberately and mindfully and, since
reduce stress, and bring a sense of calm       shoulders. We work to create balance          breath awareness is important to both
to your busy life. Yoga will tone the body,    and strength in your trunk and loose,         weight training and yoga, we will be
discipline the mind, and improve your          limber limbs. Pilates strives to makes        incorporating breathwork throughout.
overall health. Each session includes          you strong and long while improving           Practice will be well-rounded and
stretches, simple breathing techniques,        balance, coordination, and posture.           include stretching and deep relaxation,
and relaxation. Wear comfortable               Every part of the body gets worked and        so have a blanket and/or pillow nearby
clothing, have a yoga mat and firm             you’ll discover muscles you never knew        for support and comfort.
pillow available, and do not eat a big         you had.                                      A) 09/11 to 10/30           8 sessions (Sa)
meal before class.                             09/14 to 12/07             13 sessions (T)   9-10 AM                             Online
                                               6-6:45 PM                          Online    Course Fee: $89      Senior Fee (65+): $69
A) 09/08 to 10/20            7 sessions (W)
B) 10/27 to 12/15            7 sessions (W)   Course Fee: $129
                                                                                             B) 11/06 to 12/18           6 sessions (Sa)
                                                                                             9-10 AM                             Online
6-7:15 PM                          Online     Core Strength                                 Course Fee: $69      Senior Fee (65+): $65
Course Fee: $99      Senior Fee (65+): $89    Rob Schrader (A-FIT017A)
                                               This functionally fun class provides a
Cardio Fitness                                 complete workout that will help tone
Rita C Johnson (A-FIT012)
                                               and reshape your body. You will use
A friendly exercise program that               light weights, bands, and your body
combines low-impact aerobics with              weight to improve strength, flexibility,
stretching, strength training, and             balance, and stamina to sculpt and tone.
routines to improve flexibility, muscular      09/16 to 12/09            11 sessions (Th)
strength, balance, and cardiovascular          6- 6:45 PM                         Online
fitness. Previous punch cards purchased        Course Fee: $119
can be used.
A) 09/15 to 10/22       16 sessions (MWF)     Zumba®
B) 11/01 to 12/10       16 sessions (MWF)     Cassandra Williams (A-FIT022)
                                               Perfect for everybody! Each Zumba®
9:15-10:15 AM
                                               class is designed to bring people             !FIT Happens!                       NEW
First Church of Christ, Farmington                                                           Mary Yabrosky (A-FIT045)
Course Fee: $125                               together to sweat it on. We take the
Senior Fee (65+): $119                         “work” out of workout, by mixing low-         YES! Getting FIT can happen! This
PunchCard (20 punches): $165                   intensity and high-intensity moves            course offers instruction in overall
                                               for an interval-style, calorie-burning        toning, strengthening, and cardio with
Bellyrobics                          NEW       dance fitness party. Once the Latin and       moves commonly used in a wide range
Rima Riedel (A-FIT046)                         World rhythms take over, you’ll see why       of fitness programs such as cardio
Discover the “ins and outs” of the ancient     Zumba® Fitness classes are often called       kickboxing, circuit, boot camp, and
art of belly dancing while firming, toning     exercise in disguise. A total workout,        more, all while moving to the beat of
and, whittling down those areas of             combining all elements of fitness –           the music! Class formats will start with a
major concern, such as midriff, waist,         cardio, muscle conditioning, balance,         warm-up and end with stretching each
tummy, hips, thighs, calves, and arms. A       flexibility, boosted energy, and a serious    week but will also vary in content so you
low-impact, high-energy cardiovascular         dose of awesome each time you leave           won’t get bored on your journey to total
workout, belly dancing can also improve        class.                                        fitness!
flexibility. Learn the steps, rhythms, and     A) 09/23 to 10/28          6 sessions (Th)   A) 09/13 to 10/25         6 sessions (M)
various styles as well as several fun          B) 11/04 to 12/16          6 sessions (Th)   6:30-7:30 PM
routines! For the ultimate in fun and                                                        Farmington Comm & Sr Ctr
                                               7-8 PM                                        Course Fee: $69   Senior Fee (65+): $65
feel-good fitness, belly dancing can’t be
                                               West Woods Upper Elementary School
beaten!                                        Course Fee: $65   Senior Fee (65+): $59      B) 11/08 to 12/13         5 sessions (M)
10/04 to 11/29               8 sessions (M)                                                 6:30-7:30 PM
6:30-7:30 PM                         Online                                                 Farmington Comm & Sr Ctr
Course Fee: $75      Senior Fee (65+): $69                                                  Course Fee: $59   Senior Fee (65+): $55

                                               Tighten & Tone                                  Simple Stretches with
        SCHOOL                                 Allison McClain (A-FIT016A)                     Chair Exercises
      CANCELLATION                             Get the endorphins flowing in Tighten           Amy Perales (A-FIT023)
                                               and Tone. A Pilates-based class designed        Experience a soft, simple stretch for
  Online courses WILL be held on               to strengthen your arms and back using          the mind and body. Lose yourself in
   inclement weather days when                 2 lb. weights, trim and slim your middle        the music as you stretch from head to
 schools are closed. If an instructor          through a series of mat-based exercises,        toe (part of this course stretches in a
    needs to cancel a course for               and lengthen and define the lower               chair). This course is wonderful for those
  personal reasons, they will notify           body through bodyweight resistance              who are less mobile and not as flexible.
 registrants and the course will be            to improve balance and stamina. Top             Come exercise in a setting with support
            rescheduled.                       off a successful class with a rewarding         from other participants.
                                               full-body stretch to seal in all your hard      A) 09/13 to 10/18           6 sessions (M)
                                               work.                                           B) 11/01 to 12/06           6 sessions (M)
Muscles in Motion                              09/15 to 12/08               12 sessions (W)
Lorie Bernard (A-FIT002)                       5:45-6:30 PM                          Online   12-12:45 PM
This course consists of a short warm-up        Course Fee: $109                                Spotlight Art, Dance & Wellness
and stretch followed by weight training                                                        Course Fee: $59      Senior Fee (65+): $55
designed to strengthen and tone major          Zumba®
muscle groups and increase bone                Alyson Grisham (A-FIT021)                       Beginner Tai Chi and Review
density. This is a full upper and lower        Zumba® is a dance-based fitness course          of 24 Form Tai Chi
                                                                                               Cynthia Hoag (A-FIT044)       UPDATED
body workout. Learn skills to enhance          that uses a combination of Latin and
your overall balance and strengthen            international music. It’s a cardio-based        This course is for beginners and as a
your back. Gluteus and abdominal               workout that offers some components             review for those students who have
muscles will be stressed. Flexibility,         of resistance/sculpting training to tone        taken the 24 form class before. All
breathing exercises, and relaxation will       your entire body from top to bottom             movements will be reviewed, explained,
complete this dynamic workout.                 and from the inside out. It’s fun, easy         and practiced in class. Tai Chi is a
A) 09/13 to 10/27        13 sessions (MW)     and a type of exercise you will want to         relaxing exercise consisting of a series
9-10 AM                             Online    do every day. The music, the steps, the         of slow movements that give a sense
Course Fee: $129    Senior Fee (65+): $115    moves, and the feel are unlike anything         of balance, clarity, and relaxation. Tai
                                               you have ever experienced before. The           chi helps to relax the body and mind,
B) 11/01 to 12/13        12 sessions (MW)                                                     improves flexibility, and helps regulate
                                               course is designed for everyone. If you
9-10 AM                             Online
                                               can move, you can Zumba®!                       the breath to create more vitality. Learn
Course Fee: $119    Senior Fee (65+): $105

                                               A) 09/15 to 10/27            7 sessions (W)    the complete sequence of the Tai
                                               9-10 AM                              Online    Chi 24 Form, as is practiced in many
Yoga with Lorie
                                               Course Fee: $75      Senior Fee (65+): $69     countries as a daily exercise/relaxation
Lorie Bernard (A-FIT006)
                                                                                               regimen. An 8-movement QiGong set
Yoga draws the mind inward awakening           B) 11/03 to 12/15            6 sessions (W)    is also taught along with the 24 form.
energy through coordination of breath          9-10 AM                              Online    The focus will be on shifting the weight
and movement. A combination of Hatha           Course Fee: $65      Senior Fee (65+): $59     between steps and the coordination of
yoga postures will teach you how to be                                                         movements. A short meditation will be
fully present in your body increasing          Chair Yoga with Chris Bailey                    done at the end of class if time permits.
strength, flexibility, range of motion,        Christine Bailey (A-FIT042)
                                                                                               A) 09/22 to 11/03           6 sessions (W)
and skeletal alignment. Yoga focuses           Using a chair as a prop, we will explore        B) 11/10 to 12/22           6 sessions (W)
on both the mind and body and is a             fun yoga poses, including Seated Sun
proponent of physical healing while            Salutations, Seated Warrior I, and many         6-7 PM          Farmington Comm & Sr Ctr
reducing stress. “All the flowers of           more in this ONLINE course. Being               Course Fee: $69     Senior Fee (65+): $65
tomorrow are in the seeds of today!”           seated and supported in our practice
09/14 to 12/14              13 sessions (T)   allows us to explore poses more deeply.
9-10 AM                             Online    Practicing together, though not in the
Course Fee: $129    Senior Fee (65+): $115    same room, will bring you connection,

Total Body Barre
                                               movement, breath, and a welcome
                                               break from your daily routine.
Allison McClain (A-FIT010)
                                               09/13 to 11/22              10 sessions (M)      Courses offered for residents
Total Body Barre combines strength,            4-5 PM                               Online     preparing for the naturalization
endurance, and flexibility for a complete      Course Fee: $115    Senior Fee (65+): $105     process to obtain U.S. Citizenship!
workout designed for maximal toning
and sculpting.                                                                                            see page 4
09/13 to 12/06              12 sessions (M)
5:45-6:30 PM                         Online
Course Fee: $119

                                                         REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                                         15
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