February 2021 LAWSHALL - www.lawshallvillagehall.co.uk - Lawshall Village Hall

February 2021 LAWSHALL - www.lawshallvillagehall.co.uk - Lawshall Village Hall
Coronavirus Village Helpline
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  February 2021
February 2021 LAWSHALL - www.lawshallvillagehall.co.uk - Lawshall Village Hall
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Weekly users.. £11 per hour
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Bi-monthly users. £14 /hr (+5% reduction if paid 3 months in advance)
       There are set fees for children’s
                                     2 parties available upon request.
February 2021 LAWSHALL - www.lawshallvillagehall.co.uk - Lawshall Village Hall
Editorial. It was such a grey and dull day yesterday, drizzly, then windy over-
night, and today skudding clouds, with occasional patches of blue sky and even
sunshine. Turbulent weather in turbulent times. Malcolm gives us his annual
weather summary—page 36. I love to see the flowers starting to emerge—
snowdrops and primroses in my garden as well as the over winter flowers—
viburnum and winter honeysuckle with it’s lemony scent winter flowering clematis—
freckles. What gives you joy in these strange times? I had a long tailed tit in the
garden—I’ve not seen one for ages even though they are common and yesterday I
also saw a green woodpecker. Such treats!
There are few events for the diary this month. Yet behind the scenes volunteers are
still getting on with helping the village to run. Whether active as is the village hall
committee , church council, parent teacher association, Lawshall community
Woodlands or in the background waiting as Lawshall Ladies, Tuesday club, garden
club and others. Thank you to all of you.
Contributions to the magazine are welcome from all of you. Even if you “can’t
write” (you could phone me and tell me about something). A photo a drawing, a
discovery, a poem, a joke, an observation—all are welcome.
A big thank you to those who continue to write for R&A, sometimes with many other
pressures. If anyone needs a lift to get to a Covid Vaccination appointment—do
let someone know—the coronavirus helpline is still there. Lets hope we will be in a
very different situation in a few months time. Roll on spring!  Jenna, Editor

        Contents                         22-3      Further Travels through
                                                   Assam part 6
 5      What’s On
 7      Village Hall News                25        Community Woodlands-FOC

 9      Parish Council News , MP         26-7      From the Archives
 11     Planning ; DCs p22               29        Village Hall Booking/ Pre School

 13     Helplines & Support              30        Lottery draw results
 15     Suffolk Help                     31        Book Club/ Lawshall Ladies

 17     Bird Notes                       32-3      Garden Club
 19     Tuesday Club, Litter
 21      Potholes, Foodbank              36-7      Weather December and whole
                                                   of 2020

February 2021 LAWSHALL - www.lawshallvillagehall.co.uk - Lawshall Village Hall
The Swan Inn              SEW          WHAT...... ?
                Tel 01284 828477           Alterations to Curtains
                                           and Clothes
  Our Takeaway Service Continues:
Pre-order for all items and arrange        Dressmaking
collection times to reduce crowding.
                                           by request
Collection times are Friday and
Saturday 5 -8; Sunday 12 -2pm
                                           No job too
Keep a look out for Sunday morning         small
treats –sausage rolls, brownies and
specials - Order in advance
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Dessert boxes available
Order the day before
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Email: theswanlawshall@gmail.com           For a Fast and Friendly service
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February 2021 LAWSHALL - www.lawshallvillagehall.co.uk - Lawshall Village Hall
What’s On in Lawshall in February 2021

                             This Month:
Tuesday 9th Parish Council Meeting              (2nd Tues)

                         Weekly Regulars:

  TUESDAY 5-7:30pm Fish N Chip van - village hall car park

       Outside Lawshall Village Hall

           ** Stall Of Fresh Fruit, Berries, Vegetables and Salad,
           ** Fresh Meat Van
           ** The Cheese and Pie man

   Please keep using these stalls—if we use them they will stay.

             Please avoid driving or parking on the grass
           while it is so soft after all the rain we have had.

                        Neighbourhood Watch
  If you are a resident and would like to join please find us on Facebook
  under “Lawshall Neighbourhood watch “
  Lots of useful ideas are being posted on the Facebook group—thank
  you to all those who are involved in helping our village and villagers.

February 2021 LAWSHALL - www.lawshallvillagehall.co.uk - Lawshall Village Hall
The Long Melford Practice                         Tel 01787 378226
           website : http://www.mysurgerywebsite.co.uk/ppg.aspx?p=D83014

 Long Melford      Opening Hours:W                       Lavenham       Opening Hours:
 Weekdays 8.00 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.                          Weekdays: 8.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.
 Address: Cordell Road,                                  2.00 p.m.—6.30 p.m.
 Long Melford Sudbury CO10 9EP                           Address: 36 Church Street,
                                                         Lavenham, Sudbury CO10 9SA
    Dispensary Opening Times
   Monday – Friday 8.30 am - 1.00 pm                  Thank you for your patience and
and 2.00pm - 6.30 pm                                  understanding throughout these
                                                       extraordinary times.
All flu appointments must be booked by calling reception on 01787 378226.
To protect our vulnerable patients and ensure social distancing, patients will be
allocated a time slot for their vaccination. First clinics will be prioritised for our most
vulnerable patient groups. Please do not attend outside of your time slot.
Later in the year the flu vaccine may be given to people aged 50 to 64. But if you
are aged 50-64 and in at-risk group, you should not delay having your flu vac-
cine. Visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/flu-influenza-vaccine/ for further information.

February 2021 LAWSHALL - www.lawshallvillagehall.co.uk - Lawshall Village Hall

                             – for you to use and enjoy

                             You can view or download a copy of R&A from the website.

                         Village Hall News:

While our village hall car park is being used for the Wednesday market,
we still need to take care of the building and the grounds. Some updates
and repairs are needed. Our hot water system is being updated—thanks
                        to Julian for organsing this.

 The front frieze needs replastering, and while we tried to arrange it last
year we couldn't find someone to do it at the right time. We will look again
this year. I hope this year we can see some flowers in the planters, if not
            the baskets. The daffodils could be emerging soon.

                                        As we move forwards through the
                                      year, we would love to hear from you
                                      what you would like to see happening
                                      at the village hall. How you would like
                                          to use the hall, and what would
                                              support the community.

                                         Please consider getting involved.
                                                 Do get in touch

                                                    Jenna, for VHMC

February 2021 LAWSHALL - www.lawshallvillagehall.co.uk - Lawshall Village Hall
        Tel: 07754 298690
Email: greenlinetravel@live.co.uk

24 hour 7 days a week service to & from
airports, ports and local area.
Please call us for a competitive quote.
Service includes from and to:
 Stansted £58.00 Gatwick £115.00
   Heathrow £110 .00 All Sea Ports
Luton £80.00 London City £90.00Tel:
             07754 298690
                      Friendly, reliable
                          fully licensed
                          6 seater car.

                                                Kevin Seggie
                                                    Electrical Services
                                                   Bury Road, Lawshall
                                                    Tel 01284 830 786
                                                   Mobile: 07768108157
                                               Email: kevinseggie@yahoo.com

                                                    Testing & Inspection
                                                 Portable Appliance Testing
                                                    Rewires; New Build
                                                New Consumer Units, CCTV

February 2021 LAWSHALL - www.lawshallvillagehall.co.uk - Lawshall Village Hall
Parish Council Report               for December        2020

The Agendas for all meetings are placed on the P.C. website and in the no-
tice boards. The Draft Minutes, for any meetings are always placed on the
P.C. website by the end of the month of the meeting.

Babergh Local Plan: The P.C. comments have been sent to Babergh D.C.
for the Local Plan. Details on on the P.C. website.

Neighbourhood Plan: The funding has been received and the NHP update
will be reviewed in the near future.

Message from Ccllr. R. Kemp:
I am very proud of how our communities continue working together to
make sure the lonely feel connected and that those who need additional
help have received the support they need. To everyone who has helped
in 2020 and who continues to help in 2021, by offering emotional, men-
tal and physical support, I extend my sincere vote of thanks to you all,
you are all amazing! Stay safe, know you are not alone!

Precept for 2021-2022: This was discussed at the P.C. meeting on the 12th
January, 2021. Precept to be £8838.00 a 3% rise on 2020-2021. The forms
will be signed and returned to Babergh D.C.

Crime report as per the Police website: reported November 2020: 1
crime Bury Road: violence and sexual offences.

Appeal Ref: APP/D3505/W/3261326: Land North of The Street: erection
of 5 dwellings: Full report is available on the Babergh D.C. website.

BE AWARE OF SCAM: For Corona Virus vaccinations offered for a pay-
ment: You will receive notification of when you can make an appoint-
ment for this vaccination, and they are FREE OF CHARGE.

                               Dorothy Griggs - Parish Clerk 01284 830813

To Contact our Local MP: especially in regard to covid –19 issues
      James.cartlidge.mp@parliament.uk      Telephone 020 7219 4875
      Website www.jamescartlidge.com/covid-19

February 2021 LAWSHALL - www.lawshallvillagehall.co.uk - Lawshall Village Hall
                  Plumbing & Heating
          All Domestic Plumbing Work Undertaken
        Full Bathroom Installation and Tiling Service
Oil Appliance Commissioning, Servicing, Repair / Replacement
Domestic & Non-domestic Oil Storage and Supply Installation
                Central Heating Installations
                Unvented Cylinders Installed
              References Available on Request
       OFTEC Registered Technician No. 28970
    Home 01359 760528 Mobile: 07828639138
             Email: Jeremy@watersonplumbing.com

Planning Applications:          ALL PLANNING APPLICATIONS ARE NOW
                      VIEWED BY COUNCILLORS ON LINE:
Application No. DC/20/05276: Plot 1, Lambs Lane: Use of land for temporary
siting of a residential caravan for the duration of construction of Plot 1, Lambs Lane:
Application was discussed and there were no objections, application supported.
Application No. DC/00142 (received 8/1/21 added to agenda to comply with
return date:) Land at Coopers Farm, accessed by Hartest Lane: To determine if
prior approval is required for a proposed erection, extension or alteration of a
building for agricultural or forestry use. Town & Country Planning (General
Permitted Development) Order 2015 as amended in Schedule 2, Part 6. Erection of
agricultural building for hay and straw. Application discussed and there were 4 no
objections, 2 objections, therefore overall majority application is supported.
Application No. DC/20/05892: DISCHARGE OF CONDITIONS Application No.
DC/17/06174: Land South West of Harrow Green: Condition 5 (Provision of
Roads and Footpaths.)
Application No. DC/20/05905: NON-MATERIAL AMENDMENT Application No.
DC/17/06174: Land South West of Harrow Green: Substitute parking and turning
layout drawing 751-07F in condition 6 of the outline consent for 162/2020/01 as
submitted with the Reserved Matters application.
APPROVAL OF RESERVED MATTERS: DC/20/02885: Harrow Green site,
Harrow Green: Application for approved matters following grant of outline planning
permission DC/17/06174: Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale for
erection of 5 dwellings.

DC/20/05387: 5 Windsor Close: erection of single storey rear extension.
DC/20/05132: Plot 4 Lambs Lane: application under Section 73 of the Town &
Country Planning Act for DC/19/04659 for the variation of condition 2 (Approved
plans and documents.) The application was discussed and there were 6 No
objections, 1 Objection. Therefore, the application is supported. Application No.
DC/20/05190: Plot 3 Lambs Lane: application under Section 73 of the Town &
Country Planning Act for DC/19/04660 for variation of Condition 2 (Approved plans
and documents.)
DC/20/05190: Plot 3 Lambs Lane: application under Section 73 of the Town &
Country Planning Act for DC/19/04660 for variation of Condition 2 (Approved plans
and documents.)

                          Dorothy Griggs, Parish Clerk 01284 830813.

JP Services
                                             Sleepers – Timber

                                             Scaffold Boards

      Oftec oil boiler service                 Oak Barrels
     Smart heating installation
          Plumbing works
    Water storage and heating
       Appliance installation
       Emergency plumbing                      07970 559251
Heating system installation / mainte-
     Commercial and domestic

Helplines and Support
  The Village Help Group has been offering practical support to people in the
village e.g. help with shopping and collecting medicines if you are self isolating.
 Call Laura on 01284 828 477 & Food bank

If you are worried about someone's safety call
CustomerFirst (the Suffolk Safeguarding Partner-
ship) 0808 800 4005.
NHS Volunteer Responders 0808 196 3646
Domestic Violence 24hr National Domestic
Abuse Helpline 0800 2000246
Bury Women’s Aid (Bury Refuge) – 01284 753085

       Are you hurting the ones you love?
           Choose to stop. For support
      go to https://respectphoneline.org.uk or
      call the Freephone no: 0808 8024040
If you or someone else is in immediate danger
Make an Emergency Call: 999.
Financial Help
National Debt Helpline: 0808 808 4000

Farmers Help https://www.farminghelp.co.uk/ 03000 111 999

Worried about your mental health? First Response is a new 24/7 helpline
offering immediate advice, support and signposting for people with mental health
difficulties in Suffolk. If you are experiencing something that makes you feel un-
safe, distressed or worried about your mental health you can now call the
helpline on 0808 196 3494.

If you are having thoughts of suicide call The Samaritans on 116 123 24/7

Daily Hope phone line for hymns, reflections, prayers 0800 804 8044

At Lawshall Village Hall Car Park
Every Tuesday 5 to 7.30pm                        James POLLARD

                                             FRUIT and VEGETABLES

                                               10.30HRS – 12.00HRS
                                                  Stall Of Fresh
                                                Fruit, and Berries,
                                               Vegetables and Salad,

                     Fresh meat Cheese
                        Van     and Pie
                     Lee Gaught man
 Wednesdays 10.30 to 12.00             At
British Grass fed beef and lamb        Lawshall on Wednesday Mornings
 Free range chicken and pork                 range of local, British and
                                               continental cheeses.
 Plus Meat Seasonings from
      around the world                 Fantastic, award-winning local pies,
                                       using all free range, local ingredients,
          Meat boxes                   where the taste is the most important
       Delivery possible                              ingredient!

 https://www.meatandgreetbse.co.uk/            Seasonal specialities

HOME BUT NOT ALONE freephone phoneline 0800 876 6926 staffed
from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Call handlers use resources and informa-
tion from across many Suffolk organisations and specialist providers, which are
tailored to individual needs. helping the critically vulnerable or those self isolat-
ing gain access to medication or food
           Help to stay healthy - http://healthysuffolk.org.uk

                                             I have been to the end of the
    Our genius is to                         earth, I have been to the end of
    understand and stand                     the waters, I have been to the
    beneath the set of stars                 end of the sky, I have been to
    present at our birth, and
    from that place, to seek                 the end of the mountains, I have
    the hidden single star,                  found none that are not my
    over the night horizon, we               friends.
    did not know we were
           - David Whyte -                   - Navajo Proverbs -

We are continuing

       to print the magazine

        so if your enterprise

        might benefit from

        advertising with us

      please contact Leanne

     Details inside front cover.

Bird Notes        by Cliff Cooper January 2021
As the lockdown continues I have not been out of the village for any birding
at all, but nevertheless there is always something to see when you are out
for a walk or exercising your dogs.
For example, we were taking our dogs for a run in the Coldham area of the
village when we came across several buzzards in a field. They were
pecking at the ground then half flying to a new spot before repeating the
operation. I assume they were finding a few worms to supplement their
diet. I thought I ought to check out each individual as this was the area
where I had seen my rough legged buzzard previously. I followed one with
my binoculars when it flew into a tree about a hundred yards from me. As
it landed in the tree, my eyes automatically picked up another bird already
perched in the tree. I swung my vi-
sion back to this bird, thinking it
would be a woodpigeon, and there
sat a peregrine. He just stayed there
quietly and still for about five minutes
before gliding gently and effortlessly
towards Frithy wood. I would never
have seen this if I hadn’t bothered to
check out the buzzard, which was
just a common buzzard
Just a week or so ago, we had
walked round the Waspe’s large field
and were returning home without
seeing much when a rare burst of sunshine caught the pale wings of a
flock of birds flying over a field further away. Again the
binoculars came in handy as I was able to identify them as golden plovers.
They circled lower and lower before disappearing from sight, probably
landing to feed somewhere nearby. On this occasion they numbered about
twenty five, but we saw them again two days later when I counted only
about fifteen- I hope the rest had separated from the group and were safely
feeding elsewhere.

Do you need an accountant?
          I am a professional fully qualified accountant
         Available for Limited Companies & sole traders
     Can do all accounts work monthly quarterly, annually
    for HMRC taxation, VAT,
    Corporation Tax, Payroll
I charge hourly for the work done
         not a fixed fee.

     1st Consultation is free.
         Linda Claydon
     Phone 01449 737087
e-mail:- Flymelinda1@aol.com

Tuesday club
Hi everyone. I was hoping to give you some good
news about starting in March but, as I write this
looks increasingly unlikely. Hopefully, though, we
will be able to start up again in the not too distant
I am pleased to hear from the few I have spoken to,
that you are missing getting together. I must admit
it is getting increasingly more difficult being stuck at
home and not seeing friends and relatives.
One piece of good news is that I have been told that I can have the 'jab' on
Sunday morning at 9.25am, so by the time you read this I would have been
'done' first time. Hopefully some of you would have been as fortunate as I.
Marion, however, who is much younger has to wait still.
As soon as we are able to meet I will be in touch. Our summer programme
may still be allowed to run, let's hope so.               John Payne

                                              Litter Lout in Lawshall
                                           My small team of litter collectors
                                           have been active throughout the
                                           months of the pandemic keeping
                                           our village as clean as possible.
                                           On behalf of the Parish Council we
                                           give them all our grateful thanks.
Some areas are still not regularly covered so if you feel able to help please
contact me.

One very negative problem is that we have a litter lout dumping rubbish by
the water pump station in Bury Road. It started with piles of garden rubbish
and then increased to fence panels, fence posts and other 'odd job type' rub-
bish. This creates a real eyesore and needs to be stopped. I wonder have
you had a small fencing job done over the past month or so. Did the wooden
posts have metal covers at top and bottom? I guess it would be easy for you
to identify them and you would know that your rubbish was not disposed of
Steps are being taken to stop this and cameras will be fitted in the near fu-
ture by the land owner. Anglian water state they will definitely prosecute any
person identified. I understand from the environmental officers at Babergh
Council that the fine is usually £1,000. So is it really worthwhile taking the
chance? Any information would be gratefully received.

Community Café
                      Lawshall Village Hall
             Open Weds from 10.30am – 12.30pm
                           Eat in or take-away
                        The following will be available:
         Various teas, coffee & hot chocolate
         Veggie and sausage rolls
         A selection of home-made cakes and cupcakes
           *The food choices will grow as the popularity increases*

                              Covid update

   The café will open again once the current government restrictions
                 allow cafes and restaurants to re-open.

                     For your safety and confidence :

     A one-way system is in place. Please wear masks until seated.
     There is a sanitising station on entry to the hall and you will be
   asked for a contact name and number in line with ‘track and trace’.
             All tables and chairs are sanitised after usage.

We would love to grow this Community Café into a thriving hub that will
benefit the local community well into the future. This will only be possi-
ble if you come along and support us. There is endless potential for this
                 great venue, please come and use it!!!
Come and support us and let us know what you think.
If you would like to get involved, volunteer or have any ideas then please
contact me: Lindsay Bennett: 07827323711 lindsaybennett@btinternet.com
               Cakes and savouries available to order any time

Pothole reporting—is really easy. I’ve just reported this pothole in
Donkey Lane near to Rookwood Hall, Stanningfield, which seems to be
deepening and expanding rapidly.
Though as it is a on small, country road it may not take priority despite its
rapid progress and threat to take over the whole road!

Food bank update!
We have lots of canned items including, tomato, mushroom soup and
chopped tomatoes. Other items include tea, coffee, pasta, rice, pea-
nuts, longlife milk, toilet rolls, dog food, childrens canned food, self
raising flour and soap.
As always we are here anytime anyone needs anything.

Please let people know that the food bank is here to help people.

Please call the pub on 01284828477 to arrange items to be delivered.
If we need extra items donated I will message on the village whatsapp
and post on Facebook—Lawshall Neighbourhood Watch.
                              Thank you, Laura
PASSAGE THROUGH ASSAM AND BEYOND                       part 6 by Leanne Hornby
I would say that the whole trip was interesting and educational. India could be
described as chaotic, colourful and filthy – no refuse collection and rubbish is
dumped at the side of the road or at the edge of the river for the buffalo, dogs,
goats, pigs, cows, rats, children and beggars to pick through.
Kolkata Flower Market. Most of the flowers are for festivals which regularly

A siesta with a
couple of
friends after
The poverty is
dreadful, so
many people,
especially chil-
dren and
women sleep
on the pave-
ments. It is so difficult to pass for the debris and stall sellers, that many people
use the road where they face a precarious journey competing with the suicidal
motorists. The pavement is not just a passageway, but a place where life is
lived. Being a woman out there is definitely dangerous. I expect you already
                                                       know this but when a woman
                                                       marries in India she
                                                       becomes the slave of her
                                                       husband’s family. She
                                                       moves into the home of her
                                                       husband and becomes a
                                                       skivvy to the rest of the
                                                       family. If she has the misfor-
                                                       tune to become a widow she
                                                       and her children are thrown
                                                       out on to the street, one rea-
                                                       son why there are so many

widows with their children living on the streets. Every day in the local paper
there would be news of a rape, and several tourists were raped when we
were out there. Although Peter and Ahmed always kept close to me I can’t
say that I ever felt safe in public except when we were in the army compound
buildings. I was harassed by one young male, but fortunately I have very
pointed elbows which he felt. At the Oberoi Hotel there were several soldiers
complete with machine guns and automatic rifles protecting the hotel
courtyard as there had been an insurrection some two weeks before we
returned to Kolkata from Secunderabad. Their presence made us feel a good
deal safer.

The caste system is still very predominant in the country. The higher castes
have replaced the British in their attitude towards the lower castes. We were
pretty horrified at the manner in which those in the military and managerial
hierarchy addressed their subordinates. To say that they were talked to and
treated as though they were lower than animals would not be an
exaggeration. We found their attitude offensive but were not in a position to
say anything.

India is an incredibly noisy country. I expect that has a lot to do with it being
overpopulated. The only time we experienced peace and quiet was on the
Brahmaputra. Kolkata, Secunderabad and Hyderabad were horrendously
busy, noisy and chaotic. The traffic has to be seen to be believed – no such
thing as holding a licence to drive a car – and it shows. You don’t drive your-
self you have a driver and if you saw the condition of the roads and the driv-
ing skills involved you would see why. The traffic goes all over the road,
blowing their horns all the time without ceasing. If a vehicle decides to travel
on the other side of the road it will do so and it is up to you to avoid it. Pass-
ing another car is some-
thing around which night-
mares revolve. Travelling
in a tuk tuk (3 wheeler
taxi) is taking your life in
your hands but it was fun
if you like living danger-
ously. There is no such
thing as any form of trans-
port being overloaded in

POST OFFICE NEWS update         for Chadacre Ward:
NEWSPAPERS available for delivery
Mobile Post Office Tuesday mornings Stephen Plumb. email:
           09.30 to 11 am           Stephen.Plumb@babergh.gov.uk and
The builders are still here and will
be for another 2 weeks.
                                        Michael Holt. email: Mi-
Hopefully by then we will have a
better idea when we will be able to
                                        Dcllr Stephen Plumb holds a Ward
re-open again.
                                        Surgery in Glemsford every 3rd Friday
                                        and everyone is welcome to attend with
Technical issues will need to be        any queries or questions.
addressed soon, and re-installing
all the equipment, so fingers           Cllr. Plumb is willing to hold a Surgery
                                        in Lawshall if there are enough people
crossed for the end of February!         interested in this. If you would like this
                                           to start in Lawshall please contact
Caroline & Daryn                           the Parish Clerk. Dorothy Griggs
                                                       01284 830183

  Excelan Chauffeur Services

 01284 789503 & 07816663542
Quality and affordable travel Providing
                              service a Quality & Affordable Travel Servic
Vehicles include the BMW , Audi & Jaguar   XJ Sovereign Long wheel base
                                     Mercedes Benz
         Airport Transfers * Airport
                             Seaports  Transfers  * Seaports
                                         * Euro Star  Terminals* Euro Star Term
                   * Weddings          * Corporate
                                 * Bespoke          Travel * Social & Sportin
    Lawshall to Stansted   £70 *to: Stansted £60 * Heathrow £110 * Gatwick £12
   Heathrow £120 * London
                      Luton £90.
                              £115 + congestion * First hour waiting free & £18 pe
          London £125.        Credit & debit cards are free of any transaction cha
  Credit & debit cards are free of
                       01284 706133 * 07816 663542 * www.exce
       transaction charges.
  Licensed by St.EdmundsburyLicensed by St. Edmundsbury Council
   Council & enhanced criminal CRB (criminal records bureau check).
                       & enhanced

      records bureau check
                         Member British Chauffeurs Guild & Federation
                                       of Small Businesses
Lawshall Community Woodlands

                            Forest for Our Children
                  February in Golden Wood
We are all well aware that life continues to be far from normal, but it is en-
couraging to see people out enjoying Golden Wood for their daily exercise.
The days are still short, and the weather has been anything but pleasant,
so ground conditions continue to be very muddy. Care is required when
walking the slippery rides.
The benefit of short days is that wonderful sunsets can be enjoyed if the
weather decides to be fine, and it was great to see a photograph of one
such sunset, with Alfie the dog and owner taken on the Hauswin, in the lo-
cal paper.
                                              Despite the lack of Sunday
                                              work parties taking place some
                                              management continues.
                                              Those visiting the wood may
                                              have noticed a little hedge-
                                              laying going on. This work was
                                              started a year ago but had to
                                              be suspended because of the
                                              first lockdown. It seems quite
                                              incredible that we are still deep
                                              in the grip of the pandemic al-
most a year on. Solo working is the only safe way to carry out any tasks,
so progress is limited and slow, but time is not in short supply.
In addition to the hedge work, bird boxes have been cleaned out and old
and decayed ones replaced with new ones. More will be put up within the
next few weeks. This will allow some of the birds that feed in the woodland
to nest among the areas of young trees that are still very many years away
from forming natural cavities that birds can take advantage of.
         Visit our Facebook page for more news and pictures.
‘From the Archives’ February 2021
        Last month I met some newcomers to the village and they asked if there was
a book about the history of the village. Sadly the answer is no, just various articles
in odd publications, and of course the internet with Wikipedia (https://
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawshall) being the main source. Another enquiry about the
school history has really made me realize how good it would if someone, who has
the time and interest, could start working on a definitive history of the village and All
Saints’ school and the three churches in the village.
       Some of you may not know that we have a book about Frithy Wood which
was compiled by my husband Grenville in 2017. It includes a wealth of information
from many contributors. I have written the chapter on Cultural and Social History
and maybe I could include some of the sections in this newsletter. I know that
many villagers do not know about this book.
        If you would like a copy they are £10 and I have copies. The chapters cover
flora, birds, butterflies, bats, archaeology and much more. The school head Clare
Lamb and other local people have contributed. It’s a real eye opener as to the im-
portance of this ancient woodland and the book reflects the many hours of research
that went into compiling this important document.
        There are some significant trees in the wood including two Wych Elms which
are about 200 years old. There is a 75 year old crab apple. The most impressive
tree is the Hornbeam. It’s a single coppice stool which could possibly be up to
450 years old.

    There are maps of Frithy Wood in the book.
    1611, 1752 and the one on the right is 1884
    and shows all the standard trees in the wood
   at the time. The trees mentioned above will be
                     on this map!
While I was ‘digging’ out documents for the school I thought I’d share the
photos below. They were taken of the school when it had a bell tower.
The water pump was just by the school gate and the photo was taken by Mrs
Nancy Lay, her husband was the head teacher in the 1930’s. The caption for
the photo is ‘The Pump, sometimes it does, sometimes it don’t!’ There were
also stocks in the school grounds, but hopefully they were not used for the
The first school was built in 1820 on the site of the workhouse, the workhouse
is shown on a map of 1752. What remains of the present ‘old’ school building
and school house was built in about 1871 for 150 children at a cost of £1,117.
The drawing below is dated 1871.

  If any of you have photos of the school or information that we could
                copy for the archives please let me know
                   Elizabeth Clarke – Lawshall Archives Group
                     & Local History Recorder 01284 827275
Alexander Technique for everyday life
                     With Andrea Walsh MSTAT

Alexander Technique helps           About me
you regain the poise, balance       I live and work in Whepstead. I teach the
and alertness needed to tackle      Alexander Technique both one-to-one
the business of living your life.   and in groups. I undertook a full time,
It improves posture and pain        3-year training course, in order to qualify.
and stiffness in the body which
                                    I have been teaching the AT for 11
are often caused by habitual
ways of bending, sitting,           years. It is my sole occupation. I am a
standing, walking, running etc.     member of STAT (Society for Teachers
Once those habits are               of the Alexander Technique). I am fully
addressed and ‘unlearned’,          insured.
everyday movement become            I offer a 20-minute online meeting (or
easier and lighter.                 a chat on the phone) to answer any
                                    questions you may have or to find out
                                    more, without any obligation.
                                    Jack Stern, Spinal Neurosurgeon: ‘97%
                                    of people with back pain could benefit
                                    from learning the AT – it is only a very
                                    small minority that require medical
                                    intervention such as surgery.

How might learning the AT           Sessions available by Zoom.
ameliorate back, joint pain         Gift vouchers available.
and other musculo-skeletal
                                    Tel: 01284 736807 07949 083629
It has helped millions of people
world-wide to overcome back,        andrea@alexandertechniqueworks.co.uk
neck and joint pain; muscle
tension and stiffness; poor         https://www.facebook.com/
posture; breathing and vocal
problems; anxiety and stress-
related conditions.
Village Hall Booking:
 For meetings, classes, gatherings of no more than
          30 people under Covid guidance
              Specific conditions apply
Let’s hope we can soon start using the hall again for
 meetings, small gatherings and the community café— socially distanced
                                of course.
Hiring Charges:
£14per hour for Lawshall Residents:         £17 per hour for non residents
        * projector available on request          * WiFi now available

Please contact booking secretary: Sharon Marshall on 01284 830182
email: shazy68@hotmail.co.uk

                We had to wait a little longer than planned to return to Pre-School
                for the start of the Spring Term but some of us are now back at
                Pre-School (for three days a week for the time being).
                Mother Nature had left a present for us in the Pre-School garden –
                the water at the top of our outdoor sandpit had frozen into a solid
                sheet including bubbles and leaves. Our small world penguins
and polar bears loved playing in their new habitat and we loved painting the larg-
est piece of ice with our poster paints and seeing how the colours mixed together
to make new colours.
If anyone at home would like to make their own ice decoration then you will need
to collect some leaves (from your garden or when you go on your daily walk) and
put them in a shallow dish with some cold water. Leave the dish outside on a cold
night or ask your adult to put the dish in the freezer. Don’t forget to put one end of
a piece of string in first if you want to hang your ice decoration up! ( feel free to
send pictures of your ice sculptures for the magazine, we’d love to see them, Editor)
We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has already donated to the
Pre-School GoFundMe page. Pre-School is a self-funded organisation and char-
ity, and our Pre-School committee has been unable to carry out any fundraising
events to support the Pre-School and our curriculum during the current Pandemic.
If you would like to help us, the link to our page is –
If you would like any further information about the Pre-School please feel free to
contact us on 01284 827588 (please leave us a message if we are having too
much fun to hear the phone) or e-mail us on lawshallpreschool@hotmail.co.uk

Lawshall Village Hall Draw Results January 2021

      First Prize £50:        78     Suzanne Ricketts
      Second Prize £20:       382 Wendy Harris
      Third Prize £10:        262 Ursula Matheson
      Fourth Prize £10:       426 Colin Smith
      Fifth Prize £10:        253 Mrs H Bird
If you would like to support your Village Hall lottery
          please contact John Chappell on 01284 830530
    or download the application form from the village hall website at

             Two people who would have won in August
  missed out as they hadn't paid, so make sure you can take part.

                                                   Firewood Logs:

                                                            £7.50 per bag
                                                     or truckload of 1.25cubic me-
                                                                tres £85
                                         Larger loads available. Out of season and
                                            unseasoned firewood at a discount.
                                                      Call for details.
                                          Free delivery within 5 miles of Lawshall

                                                       Digger Hire:

                                             Driveways, paths and flowerbeds.

                                         Ponds dug or cleared. Grass cutting. Pad-
                                                   dock maintenance.

                                         Groundwork & footings. Ray Debenham,
                                                Coopers Farm, Lawshall.
                                            Tel 07908 656098 01284 830262

Lawshall Ladies Book Club
In December we managed to hold a zoom meeting with just four of
us able to participate. It was nice to catch up and have our two
penneth on the Covid restraints.
           We did also discuss the book, Once Upon a River as
           far as we were able given that I seem to be the only one
           with too much time on my hands to have finished the
           book. However, comments were very favourable in that
           the book was well written and a good story. It was set in
           the late eighteen hundreds on a country stretch of the
           River Thames.
The main feature was a Country Inn which was famed for its
customers abilities to tell stories. On one particular night, a man
turned up at the Inn soaked to the skin and in a very poor state. He
was carrying what was initially thought to have been a dummy but
turned out to be otherwise. The story evolved to include several
different characters whose lives had been touched by the river in
various ways. There was also myth and superstition regarding the
Ferryman as well as social history relating to the lives of the various
characters and also some racism which at that time must have
been quite unusual in a rural area.
I had not initially thought that I would enjoy the book
but I did. It was again not a book that I would have
chosen which again reiterates the joy of a book club
taking you out of your comfort zone.
January's book is Zigzag by Ben Macintyre. This is
a true story set in the War about a spy. The lady
who chose this book has a family member who new
the main character so this obviously adds a little
more interest for her.
Lawshall Ladies still remains a hope in the distant future - who


.I often find that February is a miserable
month. We have all had enough of win-
ter and just want spring to arrive. It may
be the shortest month, but it seems to
go on forever. I often use this month to
start planning a border or bed and there
is a lot to think about before introducing
your plants of choice.
If you are building or replanting a border,
the first thing to consider is the aspect.
By this I mean which way does the border face. The direction it faces plays a
big part in deciding which plants will thrive through the seasons. For instance,
an east facing border gets early morning sunshine. A fruit tree or a camellia for
example would not work here. If there is an overnight frost followed by early
morning sunshine, any blossom on the fruit trees and the buds on the camellia
will scorch and fall off which means extraordinarily little likelihood of fruit or flow-
ers. So, it is not just a case of creating a bed and throwing your favourite plants
in. You must do your research first.
Another thing to bear in mind is the type of soil that you have. Is it Acid, Alkaline
or neutral? There are numerous testing kits that you can buy to test the alkalin-
ity of the soil, but you can often test the soil simply by looking around other gar-
dens nearby. If there is an abundance of healthy Azaleas, Camellias and Rho-
dodendrons about, then you can safely assume that the soil in that area is
acidic as these particular plants thrive in acidic soil. You also need to see what
type of soil you have. Is it clay, sandy, chalky or good loam? Again, plants can
be fussy when it comes to soil types. You can change the make up of the soil
by adding good compost, well-rotted manure and lots of grit etc so that it best
suits your plants of choice. It is far more difficult however to change the acid
How much sun does your border or bed get and what level of protection does it
have from prevailing winds? You can create shelter with your planting, even
creating micro-climates with simple addition of hedging, walls, trees and shrubs.
If you have the patience, take time on a sunny day to watch the area around the
border to see how the sun hits it and when.
So, we have chosen our spot and dug out the border. Perhaps we have treated
the soil in readiness for planting and now we just have to choose what to plant
and when. There are so many different planting styles that I could not even be-
gin to list them all but there are rules that are best followed. What plants do you
want? Are you looking for colour, scent, movement, structure or even a mixture
of them all? Some colour schemes work and some simply do not. White can be
a difficult colour to include in a border unless you are looking specifically for a
white border. Some pastel colours and32blues will mix well with white but other
deeper colours will not work well and your border would look disjointed and
awkward. Purples work well with yellows and oranges or you may want a hot
border incorporating reds, yellows and oranges. However, rules can be bro-
ken, and you may choose a whole array of clashing colours. The choice is
yours, but I would suggest separating those that clash with a good splash of
green provided by evergreens and foliage plants.
Other things to consider are shapes and sizes. Not only shapes of the plant
itself but also the shapes of the foliage and the flowers. If you plant a range of
plants that all grow to the same size and shape, then your border will appear
a little boring. What size will your plant reach once it has fully matured? This
is important to consider when setting out your planting design. We would all
love an instant garden but buying fully grown and healthy plants can prove
awfully expensive indeed. Read up on the expected plant size and mark off
an area that size in your border to allow for it to grow to its full potential. Of
course, this may leave your border looking a little sparse when first planted
but you can always fill the gaps with annuals in the meantime.
Most borders benefit from having a main specimen plant or shrub as the focal
point and this would normally be a larger plant. Everything else can then be
planned around it. This could be a tree or large shrub or evergreen. It could
also not be a plant at all, but a sculpture of some type. Larger plants are gen-
erally best placed towards the rear of a border or centrally in an island bed so
as not to block out sight of other plants.
The final thing to look at is timing. Your border will change with the seasons
and careful planning will help in making sure that you have year-round inter-
est. Some people are happy to have a border that looks fabulous all summer
but lays bare during the winter months. That is fine as at the end of the day,
this border is yours to do with what you will. Timing also means when it is
best to plant certain plants. For example, roses are best planted as bare root
plants during the winter and to do so can also prove much cheaper. Summer
planted roses need much more care and attention to survive.
So, the do’s and don’ts of creating a border are as follows:
    Do choose plants to suit your soil, aspect and situation
    Do place plants in threes where you can for best effect.
    Do consider colour plans
    Do try to create a theme to run through the border for added interest.
    Don’t choose plants with identical shapes, sizes and plant growth.
    Don’t create a border with lots of sharp bends or acute angles
Finally, don’t be afraid of getting it wrong. Plants can be repositioned if neces-
sary and some will probably fail and die. That is part of gardening and it hap-
pens to the absolute best gardeners all the time. This all sounds like a lot to
take on board but it is February after all!
                      Happy gardening Dave Henderson
  Oil Boiler Specialists
  Oil Fired Boilers Servicing.
       Boiler Breakdowns.
Boiler Installations and Repairs.
     Oil Tank Installations.
     Radiator Power Flush.
       General Plumbing.
        Heating Systems.
  Domestic and Commercial.
 24 hour call out. Fully insured.
      Call: 07740 272791

Lawshall Weather Summary 2020 December

This month was both colder and wetter than this time last year.
Rainfall was 35% higher, covering 3 more days than in 2019.

Total Rainfall: 122mm in 17 days; 2019 was 90mm in 14 days

            Stowmarket 10 year average is 52mm in 11 days

Daytime average temperature:              7.1    2019 was 8.3

                   Stowmarket 10 year average is 6.9

Highest temperature:                     12.1    2019 was 11.2

Night-time average temperature:           3.2   2019 was 3.5

                   Stowmarket 10 year average is 1.6

Lowest temperature:                      -1.3    2019 was -0.4

                 All temperature figures are shown in ºC

Storm Bella hit the UK on the 26th and 27th December causing most dis-
ruption in the North of UK but creating rain and freezing temperatures
here in East Anglia.
A twelve month comparative summary of our weather appears on a
separate page of this magazine. From next month I will be using
figures from Brooms Barn Met Office – 6 miles from Bury St Edmunds –
as indicators of the East Anglian average taken over the last 20 years.

                                   Malcolm Edgar

Take the first step in faith.
You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

                       - Martin Luther King Jr. -

Lawshall Annual Weather Summary – 2020
        Av. Day Temp     Highest Temp     Av. Night Temp Low Temp      Rainfall mm

                               All temperatures shown below are in ºC

January     8.7 (6.6)       12.2 (10.8)      4.8 (1.9)     0.7 (-2.7)      55 (21)

February 9.8 (11.4)        13.8 (18.0)       3.6 (3.8)     1.0 (-1.6)     89 (25)

March      11.8 (13.3)     16.1 (19.3)       3.5 (5.4)     0.7 (2.1)      21 (43)

April     18.9 (16.9)      25.8 (26.4)      6.7 (5.4)     3.3 (1.1)       23 ( 5)

May       21.9 (19.1)      29.7 (25.4)      9.3 (8.9)      3.1 (3.6)        2 (13)

June       22.4 (20.9)      30.9 (31.1)     12.4 (12.7)    6.9 (9.1)      101 (98)

July       22.4 (24.8)     33.0 (37.0)* 13.5 (15.2)       10.1 (11.1)     62 (40)

Aug.       24.5 (25.4) 35.4 (33.1)          15.1 (14.4)    9.4 (11.7) 146 (36)

Sept.      20.1 (21.3)     28.4 (25.6)      11.3 (11.7)     6.6 ( 8.1)     43 (50)

Oct.      13.4 (14.2)      16.6 (18.6)       8.5 ( 7.9)     5.9 ( 3.4) 105 (100)

Nov.      11.5 ( 9.3)      16.3 (13.6)       6.4 ( 4.7)     1.4 (-0.1)     37 ( 89)

Dec.       7.1 (8.3)       12.1 (11.2)       3.2 (3.5)     -1.3 ( -0.4) 122 (90)

* Highest temperature ever recorded by the Met Office in East Anglia

Average Day Temp.16.0 (15.9)              Average Night Temp 8.2 (8.2)
Stowmarket Av.          13.7              Stowmarket Av.     6.1

Total Rainfall in mm                                                      806 (649)
Stowmarket Av.                                                            614
                    All figures in brackets represent 2019

Temperatures are about the same as 2019 but rainfall increased by 24%

Sponsors: Adam Kemp BA Hons
                                               DipPFS Cert.CII (MP&ER)
Richard Kemp                                   AMAS Investments Ltd (Director)
County Councillor                              Please contact for free financial
01787 378149                                   and mortgage advice 01284
                                               724013 opt7 07988 961240

 DK Domestic Appliances Ltd ~ Your local independent retailer

                Stocking New and Reconditioned Appliances.
         Fast and Guaranteed repair service for all makes of domestic appliances.

¤ Washing machines                          Large showroom at Finbows Yard,
¤ Tumble Dryers                              Bacton. Stowmarket IP14 4NH
¤ Dishwashers
                                                 Open Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 10-2
¤ Electric cookers

¤ Fridges/Freezers                         Tel: 01449 780398

                                                       Based in Lawshall

                                                  Contact Tim Cox on:

                                            M 07776205346             T 01284 831042


                       Village Hall Management Committee
                      Chairman: rotation through committee
         Secretary: Rosemary Riches. 830757 richesrosemary32@gmail.com
          Treasurer: Leanne Hornby 830895 leanneandpeter2@gmail.com
  Caretaker & Booking Secretary: Sharon Marshall 830182 shazy68@hotmail.co.uk
        Committee Members: Ian Carrington 830497, Ian Copping 830430,
       John Chappell 830530, Julian Delefortrie 830544, Jenna Kitchen 830022
              Lawshall Parish Council www.lawshall.suffolk.gov.uk/
       Chairman: Andrew Irish 827500 Vice-Chairman: Trevor Elmer 830870
    Clerk: Dorothy Griggs 830813 Councillors: Ray Debenham 07908 656098
                    David Griggs 830813 David Page 830968
                  Laura Williams 828477 Karen Whordley 830316
      District Clllrs : Stephen Plumb. email: Stephen.Plumb@babergh.gov.uk and
                     Michael Holt. email: Michael.Holt@babergh.gov.uk
                        County Cllr :Richard Kemp 01787 378149
           Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Mrs Pamela Pope 830716
              Contacts: Ros Debenham 830640 Dorothy Griggs 830813
             Village Clubs and Organisations—held in the Village Hall
      Lawshall & District Carpet Bowls: every 2nd and 4th Mon 2-4pm ; info 830693
              Tuesday Club: 2-4pm every week, info John Payne 830466
                     Lawshall Ladies : 2nd Weds of month, 7.30pm
            Table Tennis last Friday of month, Contact Julian on 830544
 Not in VH: Coldham Hall FC / Cricket - Contact Chris Toole; loftytoole@yahoo.co.uk or
      Ben Atkinson on 07921 837296 www.hartestandcoldhamcc.blogspot.co.uk
                           Lawshall Postal Collections
   Coldham, Mon-Fri 4pm, Sat 7.30am. The Glebe, Mon - Fri 4.30pm, Sat 11.30am.
                Lambs Lane/Rectory Corner, Mon - Fri 9am; Sat 7am
 Donkey Lane, Mon-Fri 4pm, Sat 11am. School/The Street, Mon-Fri 4.30pm; Sat 11.30am.
                                NO Sunday collections.
 Chambers Bus Times route 375 ~ Lawshall to Bury: Alternate Weds June 10th on
    From Sudbury bus stn 09.30, Lawshall School 10.12, arriving BSE Bus stn 10.39
   Return from Bury Bus Stn 13.00, arr Lawshall school 13.27, Sudbury bus stn 14.10
                   Felix Sudbury Bus Timetable (Thursday only)
   Leaving The Street at 9.40am & return trip leaving Sudbury bus station at 12.45pm.
                     Library Van Email: help@suffolklibraries.co.uk Tel 01473 351249
Route 7: Thursday 11 February, 11 March Free Church 9.50 ~ 10.20am,
Swanfields 10.25am ~ 10.40am & Village Hall car park 10.45am ~ 11.25am.
    Route 10: Melons Green, Tuesdays 16 February, 16 March, 13 April 12.50-1.05
                                  Refuse Collection
    Early every Monday or Friday morning alternating weekly with blue bin & black bin
         (Tuesday/Saturday morning collection
                                        39 in week following a bank holiday).

            All Saints’ Primary School 828223 * Pre-School 827588
                 All Saints’ Church Revd Jeremy Parsons 846166
      Catholic Church 01284 754358 * Free Church, Paul Mitchell 828694
            Village Hall Lottery Co-ordinator: John Chappell 830530
   Local History Recorder, Lawshall Archives Group: Elizabeth Clarke 827275
                      Willows Residential Care Home 830665
                         Green Light Trust Office 830829 *
Lawshall Community Woodlands - Forest For Our Children - Debbie Thomas 827470

                      The Swan Public House 828477
           Newspaper delivery - Sicklesmere Stores Ltd 01284 386303

          Excelan Chauffeur Services 01284 789503 / 07816 663 542
                     A1 Cars 24 hr Taxi 01284 766777
                        Greenline Travel 07754 298690
                          Traveline 0871 200 22 33

              Anglian Water emergencies / enquiries 0845 7145145
                 UK Power Networks Emergency number: 105
                   EDF Electricity emergencies 0800 7838838
                Babergh District Council Helpline 0300 123 4000
                      Suffolk County Council 0345 606 6067

                        Police: Bury Police Station 774100
                           Crime Stoppers 0800 555111
           Police HQ main switchboard (non-emergency) 01473 613500
   contact baberghwest.snt@suffolk.pnn.police.uk Tel 101 or 999 for emergency
      Suffolk Fire Service 01473 260588 e-mail : fire.admin@suffolk.gov.uk

                    Citizens Advice Bureau 01284 753675
                       Samaritans 116123 (Freephone)
              Bury Train Station Customer Service 0845 600 7245
                       BBC Radio Suffolk 0800 1412121
                       Tourist Information 01284 764667
                      Bury Leisure Centre 01284 753496
                           Bury Library 01284 732255

               Local Doctors: Glemsford Practice 01787 280484
                     Long Melford Practice 01787 378226
            Mount Farm Surgery, Moreton Hall, Bury 01284 769643
            NHS Direct 111 for urgent (non-emergency ) medical help
            West Suffolk Hospital switchboard 713000, A & E 713333
              St Nicholas’ Hospice 766133. Patients’ Line 725700

     Local Vets: Swayne & Partners (BSE) 701444, (Melford) 01787 370773
                     Eastgate Vet Group (BSE) 753961
                      Moreton Hall (BSE) Vets 747000

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