No. 134 - Bratton Fleming Parish Council

No. 134 - Bratton Fleming Parish Council
No. 134

No. 134 - Bratton Fleming Parish Council
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I don't know about you, but I find the Bratton News
brings a bit of sanity to an increasingly crazy world! My
head is spinning with all the elections and politics. So
nice to read about pleasant life-affirming things like
nature, get-togethers, gardening and fund-raisers.
Thanks to all our contributors for keeping me
(reasonably) sane!
The biggest News ever this time—it keeps growing and
growing! I hope you enjoy it.
                      THE COVER
A lovely drawing from Roslyn this edition. of a
spectacular peacock who lives at Exmoor Zoo. Thanks
Roslyn. If anyone would like to try their hand at a cover
design, we would love to hear from you.
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No. 134 - Bratton Fleming Parish Council
Rector’s Ramblings June 2017                                             GREAT GET TOGETHER
Carry each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2)                               Please join in our “GREAT GET TOGETHER” on Saturday 17th June
What are the marks of community? Or more precisely, what would           between 12 and 3pm. Simply meet up at the Millennium Green in
be the marks of a community which works well?                            Bratton Fleming with a picnic or even BBQ. Bring a bit extra to
While we might live in various scattered communities, the reality is     share with those who have less. You might also bring a game, face
very often that we mostly mix with people who are like us and who        paints perhaps, willingness to join in a game of rounders? Now that
share the same interests. It might be people who are members of          the election is (almost) over, let’s fine ways of coming together.
the same club, who are in the same line of work, who are the same        This event takes inspiration from Jo Cox’s quote, “We have more in
age group, who attend the coffee morning in the village, who you         common than that which divides us”.
went to school with…                                                     AND A…
Perhaps you have considered the new BBC one visual ‘idents’              Messy Church Café, Sunday 18th June, 3.45pm onwards, all
which come before a programme; wheelchair basketball players,            welcome for refreshments at St. Peter’s.
birdwatchers, mountain rescue volunteers, skaters and others. They       AND..
are ‘one’ because they share that same interest. That, according         Please come to pray for Bratton Fleming at our Prayer Evening on
to the BBC, makes ‘oneness’.                                             Monday 19th June at 7.30pm at Bratton Baptist Church – an
I would want to say that being community is not just about being         ecumenical time of prayer, all are welcome.
with those who are like us – but is living well with those who are
different and thinking about their needs as well as our own. As the
Bible puts it, carrying each other’s burdens. Putting ourselves in the
shoes of the other. Not ignoring the difference between us, but
living with it and even celebrating it.
Our General Election has once again brought us face to face with
those who are different from us. We have been confronted by
views we do not share, and experiences of people vastly different
from our own. We are again face to face with the responsibility of
our vote – do we vote for a more comfortable life for ourselves and
our families and those like us, or do we vote as members of one big
community with concern for those most vulnerable?
Being community seems to me not just the opposite of being
alone, and it’s not just about sharing the same space. When we
are alongside others and we listen well, when we see the lives and
the struggles and the joys of the other – we find ourselves
changed, strengthened and enriched.                  Blessings, Rosie

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No. 134 - Bratton Fleming Parish Council
Devon                           Protecting Wildlife
                                For the future
Wildlife trust
Barbara Fryer

Membership Recruiter     mobile 07966 502093

          Northern Devon Foodbank
   There are two Collection boxes; one in the
  Parish Church and one in the Village Stores.
   Tinned and packet food very welcome and
      taken regularly to Barnstaple Branch.
     Thank you for your continued support.

                                                                  A. W. K. WALLING, LANDSCAPING & GARDEN SERVICES
  Caller Financial Solutions Ltd
           Professional Ethical Competent                                        Specialist in Dry Stone Walling
   Wills, Making Legacies & Will Trusts
                                                                             All Aspects of Landscaping Undertaken
 Lasting Powers of Attorney Arranging your Affairs
Estate and Asset Preservation Planning Inheritance               Rockeries, Feature Stones, Patios, Decking, Turfing and Fencing
   Tax Planning Advance Decisions (Living Wills)                 Contact Andrew Kellaway For a Free Quotation 07807 281232
Business Succession Planning Pre-paid Funeral Plans
         Document Storage & Will Registry
                                                                 Would anybody like a complete
A member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters            collection of the Bratton News?
          Contact: Paul Caller                 (Dip PFA, MIPW)
Tele/Fax: 01598 710282 E:
                                                                   Please Contact Chris Lilley
Mobile: 07526 730266 W:                                   710276

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No. 134 - Bratton Fleming Parish Council
Ignite!   Youth club at Bratton Fleming Baptist Church
                     for 10-16 year olds.
Meeting fortnightly on a Wednesday evening 7:30- 8:45 pm.
 PS4, Wii, Football, Sweets, Table Tennis, Pool, Volleyball.
                     Please come along!                                    QUALITY 5* BED AND BREAKFAST

                   BRATTON BOOKS
Charles Whybrow History of Bratton Fleming is £10 and
   the Mary Orchard Pictures book is £4. Copies are
 available at the Village shop and from Charles Payne,
           Tawside, Bratton Fleming. 710493

                                                                                   BED AND BREAKFAST

                                                                We now have four award winning en-suite double bedrooms
                                                               (one can be a twin) which are available throughout the year for
                                                                 bed and breakfast in a delightful setting in about 7 acres of
                                                                              grounds on the edge of the village.

                                                                 INTIMATE SMALL WEDDINGS
                                                                We are a Licenced Wedding Venue for up to a maximum of 20
             WELCOMING WEDNESDAY                                guests for the ceremony. There are three licenced locations
  Come along on the last Wednesday of the month                      within the house where the ceremony can be held.
and meet up with old friends and new in the Wesley
     Suite anytime between 2.30 - 4 p.m. Relax                         Please call Guy or Sue for further information
    and enjoy tea, coffee and home made cakes.                                         01598 711810
 If you require a lift to and from the venue please               
                ring Gill on 710 454.                               bracken house, bratton fleming, Barnstaple, ex31 4tg

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No. 134 - Bratton Fleming Parish Council
St Peter's Church
                           St Peter's church now
                           has a Welcome Pack to
                          give to new residents. If
                             you know of anyone
                          moving into the village,
                            could you please let          Serving the community for over 200 years
                          Eveline Bayard know so              For all your legal requirements …
                           that she can deliver a
                                                         Buying and Selling Residential & Commercial
                                    pack.             property
                            19, Fairfield, Bratton       Wills & Powers of Attorney
                                  Fleming.               Probate, Administration of estates and trusts
                                                         Agricultural & Commercial property specialists
                                                         Business Advice and Contract matters
    BRATTON                                              Litigation, Disputes and Court proceedings
  BUZZARDS                                               Debt Collection
                                                         Divorce & Family matters
Short Mat Bowls                                          Landlord & Tenant
  We meet
                                                          We are open 9.00 am to 5.30 pm
                                                          Monday to Friday
  Tuesday evening
                                                      Contact us for advice from
  7pm to 9pm and                                       our specialist solicitors
 afternoons 2pm to
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No. 134 - Bratton Fleming Parish Council
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No. 134 - Bratton Fleming Parish Council
1. Upset is not a time for making a rough guess (10).
2. I go into the midst of a lot of people and pull up (5).
3. This jollification sounds as if it could be your destiny (4).
4. Would you believe it? You’re in the money (6).
5. You can’t get control in the fast lane. Quite the reverse(8).
6. You’re in for a stretch if you pull this one (7).
7. It’s a saver (5)
8. Jubilation as railway gets points changed back (7).
9. Confusion detains something else in place (7).
10. Sores can sometimes be a welcome sight (5)
11. Makes out saying fits can be enjoyable (10)                                     Qualified Electrician with over 15
12. ….. or do you disagree (10).
13. Excited Carol’s O.K. Holding firm in a row (8).                                         years experience
14. Cork Goalkeeper (7).
15. Bury unruly Steed. So you want to know more? (10).                             Fuse board/ Consumer Unit Upgrades
16. This Royal Engineer’s a bit of a twit to begin with (6).
17. Initiate with a vital fluid (5).
                                                                                   Fault Finding & Repairs
18. After a short kip there’s nothing twice as useless (5).                        Re-Wires
19. It’s taken on the spot (7).
20. With lace this can be quite attractive (4).                                    New Builds & Extensions
21. Rarely a welcome spot (7).
                                                                                   Periodic Inspection, Testing & Reporting
22. You have one. The Queen has two (5).
                                                                                   Appliance Installation – Cooker, Showers Etc.
KWYK CLUES                              12. Makes certain terms (10).
1. Replaced (10).
                                        13. Burnt Food (8).                        Free Estimates
                                        14. Of little account (7).
2. Jumped (5).
3. Object of Worship (4).
                                        15. Relating to the Planet Earth (10).    TEL: 01598 710731 MOB: 07920263191
                                        16. Made fun of (6).
4. Excused a Penalty (6).
5. Blood Feud (8).
                                        17. Blacksmith’s aid (5).
                                        18. Went in head first (5).
6. Rank in Life (7).
                                        19. Insects’ sensitive attachments (7).
7. Tip Over (5).
                                        20. Carry. Race Track betting place
8. Held by stitching top or side (7).
9. Well liked (7).
                                        21. Apprentice (7).
10. Cockney’s Wife. Hollander (5).
                                        22. Court case (5).
11. Warmly welcoming (10).

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No. 134 - Bratton Fleming Parish Council
                     2, YELLAND COTTAGE,
                   CHALLACOMBE ,EX31 4TU

              knowledge of MF)

        call Nigel on 01598 763670
           mobile 07496380010

                            POST OFFICE
                          Behind the Baptist

                              Opening hours:
                          Wed and Fri 1.15pm—4.15pm

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No. 134 - Bratton Fleming Parish Council
                                                                                                                                                                    NEED CHARITY

                                                                                                                                                               The purpose of the Charity is to
                                                                                                                                                               give financial support to any
  CLEAR VISION. BESPOKE ADVICE for my CLIENTS.                                                                                                                 parishioner who may be
                                                                                                                                                               experiencing difficulties or
  . Independent Financial Advice . Savings & Investments                                                                                                       hardship for whatever reason.
                 . Pension & Retirement Planning                                                                                                               Every request is looked at
      . Investment & Portfolio Management. Will Writing                                                                                                        sympathetically and in the
              . Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning                                                                                                              strictest confidence and help
                                                                                                                                                               will be given if at all possible.
  . Mortgage Protection . Personal & Business Protection
                                                                                                                                                               Parishioners can contact any of
    For a full range of professional financial solutions from                                                                                                  the Trustees listed in the
            the best the whole market has to offer;                                                                                                            “What*Where”When* section of
    call me, Paul Caller (Dip PFA) on tel. 01598 710282                                                                                                        this magazine.
                 or mobile 07526 730266.                                                                                                                            WE ARE HERE TO HELP
                             I offer a free no-obligation first meeting                                                                                            Arthur Ridd-Jones (sec.)
Caller Financial Solutions Ltd is an appointed representative of Vision Independent Financial Planning Ltd who are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial
                 Conduct Authority (FCA). Firm reference number 487395. This can be verified by visiting The Financial Services Register

               N O R T H DEVON
                               Self Catering Holiday Accommodation
   Our gorgeous Holiday Cottage and Holiday Barn are nestled within 53 acres of south facing parkland.

    Love North Devon is complimented by the carefully managed organic grasslands ancient woodlands,
              wildflower meadows, a fresh water fishing lake and magical views of the valley.
                          You can stay for a Self Catering Holiday or Short Break,
                Our turn over days are Monday and Friday. Our holidays are available all year round

                                Please contact Mrs Amanda Budd                                                                                                                      01271 858677
                            Love North Devon, Down Farm, Little Bray,
                                       Brayford EX32 7QQ                                                                                                               SUPPLIER OF HOME HEATING OIL.
                               01598 711999                                                                                                                            LOCAL INDEPENDENT SUPPLIER.
                                                                                                                                            Family Run Business
                                                                           19                                                                                                                      20
                                                                     Some very fit and happy ladies from the classes.

The Friday Klub at the Kabin located near
             the Sports Club

     Youth group for ages 7-15yrs open Fridays:

  9th June, 23rd June, 7th July & 21st July
FREE Admission - Tuck Shop
                                                                 Fitness is a funny thing. It is a very personal and unique journey.
                       6pm-8pm                                   Being a Mum, it’s my ME time, a time to switch off, to connect with
                                                                 my inner self, to grow stronger happier and healthier.
       Any enquiries please contact:                             When I started out on my fitness journey, I would never have
                                                                 expected to come out the other side as a Qualified Personal Trainer
                                                                 and Fitness Instructor. I started attending classes after the birth
               Glenys: 07540 490926                              of my son. My instructor at the time said I could do what she was
                                                                 doing!!! but I was a mum! how could I retrain?
                                                                 So I took the plunge and signed up to do my qualifications
We also hire out this wonderful space for children’s birthday    and enjoyed every minute of it.
                                                                 In September 2016 I started running classes in Bratton Fleming
parties, band practice, village groups, all at very reasonable   from The Kabin located in the sports club car park. From the start I
      rates, for hire contact Annie on 07855878166               have had an amazing turn out of fabulous ladies attending and this
                                                                 has continued each week.
                              21                                                                 22
Each lady has her personal reasons for coming to class, be it for
weight loss, toning, increase fitness levels or just becoming
more active.
Each journey is an individual one, but being part of a fun friendly
fabulous group of ladies who enjoy fitness, not only motivates you,
but it gives you inspiration to fulfill your dream, whatever it may be.
I would like to say Thank You to each lady who attends for all your
hard work, great effort and the fun that you provide .
I offer a measuring service to monitor inch loss and overall at present
the total exceeds 100 inches which is absolutely amazing, and it is all
down to your hard work, nobody but yourself can achieve this.
So what have you got to lose?
New members are always welcome. My classes are suitable for all
abilities but booking is essential as spaces are limited. Ladies Fitness -
now running every Tuesday & Sunday 7pm-7.45pm
Come along enjoy your ME time and have some fun and get fit.
                                    23                                       24
M & A Services
                               ‘Home and Garden’
     Female and male team, Garden work undertaken,
 Painting and Decorating, Odd jobs, Deliveries, Pickups
               CALL on 01598 710864
  Friendly and Reliable, All work fully
insured, Reasonable Rates, Free estimates
            Mandy 07780 952434
            Andy 07748 260230

                               Nature Notes
I have picked up golf ball number 21 here in Bratton Wood. It must be about
seven miles, as the crow flies, from Portmore Golf Club.                                                  PILATES
The crow family, the corvids, are an interesting family. The raven is to be seen
in this area. It is a large bird, the size of a buzzard and often makes a
                                                                                                Bratton Fleming Village Hall
distinctive call of oink, oink as it flies over. I used to see its nest in or near                   Monday 7pm
Smythapark Wood. In recent times jackdaws seem to have increased in                  All ages & abilities welcome.
numbers in this area and many nest in chimneys. They carry twigs for nest            Bring a drink and mat if you have
building and sometimes will drop a barrow load of twigs in the chimney to get
the nest where they want it.
                                                                                     one. Wear loose fitting clothing.
Jays and magpies look quite different from others in the family. Jays will pick      Very gentle, flowing exercise where
up a large number of acorns and carry them off and bury them for winter              we all work at our own pace.
food. In Station Road can be seen oak trees growing in the hedge quite a             Excellent for those with back, hip,
distance from the nearest acorn-bearing oaks. Magpies raid nests and eat the
                                                                                     knee or related mobility problems.
eggs and culling magpies is legal and to be encouraged. The Larsen trap is
designed for catching magpies and is legal. It is a cage trap with three             Taught by a well qualified &
compartments. A decoy magpie is placed in one compartment and the others             experienced tutor.
have a door above, each propped open with perches which release the
trapdoor when the magpie drops on to it.
                                                                        Ray Steele
                                                                                     For more details ring Valerie on 01271 343944
                                          25                                                                   26
        Contact Darrin for a free competitive quote
                    01598 711885
                            27                          28
WEATHER REPORTS                                               COMMUNITY WOODLAND
As Bill had asked in the Spring magazine if anyone would be            The Devon County Show held a competition for the Best Woodland
interested in taking over the rainfall recording I thought that I      in Devon.
would volunteer.
                                                                       Terry Shapland entered the Bratton Fleming Community Woodland
I cannot guarantee that it is totally accurate but hopefully it will   in Class 3 which was for community woodland 0.2 of a hectare or
give a fair representation of the rainfall during the past couple of   over.
                                                                       Terry and Linda Shapland with Michael and Lloyd Huxtable took the
                                                                       Judges around the woodland answering questions as they went.
                                                                       The Judges were very impressed by the woodland and how it had
                                                                       been continually maintained and improved.
                                                                       On the 17 May 2017 Bratton Fleming Woodland was nominated
                                                                       best woodland in Class 3 and presented with a Dartington crystal
                                                                       The Bratton Fleming Community Woodland was nominated the
                                                                       Best Woodland Entry in the Competition.
                                                                       This was a very special occasion as the Countess of Wessex
                                                                       presented Linda Shapland on behalf of the Woodland Trustees with
                                                                       the Newman Perpetual Challenge Trophy and £50 prize money.
A couple of weather items I have seen recently on ITV were that
we have had the driest winter for 20 years and that the rainfall
during April was very low but 60% of the monthly average fell on
the last day of the month.
                                            I am writing this on
                                            the 13th of May when
                                            we have had some rain
                                            over the past couple of
                                            days so it will be
                                            interesting to see how
                                            the rest of Spring and
                                            part of the Summer
                                            data will turn out for
                                            the next magazine.
                                 29                                                                   30
News from the Exmoor Pony Centre, Ashwick, Dulverton TA22 9QE
What a month it has been!                                                  Bee friendly in the garden.
In April, we had to make the sad announcement that the Exmoor Pony         Illustration by Corinne Welch
Centre was in danger of having to close at the end of August due to lack
of funds and launched a Crowdfunder appeal to try to save it. Since
then, life at the Pony Centre has been one mad whirl of activity and we
are all quite overwhelmed by the response and the goodwill we have
received. Donations have come in from all over the country and from
Europe and the US.
One of our trustees
and our Sunday
volunteers had a
mad moment and
held an impromptu
celebration as we
passed our £20k
So many people
have offered to
organise events to
raise money for us
such as a sponsored
walk, a creative
writing course, a                                                          How you can help
fun ride, a pony handling course and much, much more. A seven year         In 2017, Wild About Gardens is calling on people to bee-friendly
old girl and her younger brother who visited the Centre are holding a
                                                                           in their gardens throughout the year, with loads of ways to get
toy sale at their school in Belgium to raise money for us.
Thanks to all our generous supporters, we will be now able to stay         involved while bees are out and about in the warmer months.
open, at least until the end of this year, which gives us time to follow   We’ll then have a final week of celebration and observation
through with new plans for additional funding which we hope will           during October. In the meantime, here's some tips for your bee-
ensure the Centre’s future for years to come.                              friendly garden:
And, of course, even in the midst of all these fundraising events and
                                                                           Grow nectar and pollen-rich plants
activities, staff and volunteers continue to care for our wonderful team
of ponies. This handling and veterinary work is vital and a huge part of   Let some or all of your lawn grow tall and some lawn ‘weeds’,
our charitable work and it’s great to see these little ponies leading      like dandelion, selfheal and daisies, flower between mowing
happy fulfilled lives.
We still have a full year’s programme of events to come including our      Build a bee home
annual Birthday Bash on July 30th and Cream Tea Activity Days every        Take part in citizen science programme, Polli Nation, and
Thursday throughout August.                                                record your bee visitors. Survey your garden or community
Website:                                       green space, make some improvements for pollinators and then
                                                                           re-survey the spot to show the difference you’ve made
                                   31                                                                      32
Eat Dirt on Exmoor 2017; Thank You Dulverton!                                                          Allotment News Spring 2017
Mountain Bike Enthusiasts from across the South West converged on                    We started to clear the ground of weeds in March and then I thought
                                                                                     that I would pull up the leeks. They were very small but we used them
Dulverton at the weekend of 4th May 2017 for the second annual ‘Eat Dirt on          all and this left another area of the garden clear for planting later on.
Exmoor’ event, organised by Calvert Trust Exmoor and supported by Exmoor             Pam and I weeded, cleared and spread compost on the plot. Steph did
                                                                                     some hoeing to tidy the area up.
National Park and the fantastic people of Dulverton.
                                                                                                                                      When our tilling area
Dismounted riders crossing
                                                                                                                                      was tidy we used the
  the Barle at the famous                                                                                                             rotovator to prepare
         Tarr steps                                                                                                                   the soil for planting. It
                                                                                                                                      was a joint effort over
282 cyclists took part in the                                                                                                         the weekend of the 8th
circular ride, raising over                                                                                                           and 9th of April to
                                                                                                                                      plant all of the seed
£5,650 between them, with                                                                                                             potatoes with Pam and
more sponsorship still                                                                                                                Dan tilling and Chloe
coming in. The route                                                                                                                  writing     down     the
                                                                                                                                      varieties and where
started in Dulverton and                                                                                                              they were planted..
followed the route of the
River Barle up to Tarr Steps, then up onto the moor, south east to the river Exe     We used a variety of potatoes, some
and then back into Dulverton for the finish line.                                    bought as seed potatoes and some out of
                                                                                     my potato bag from the supermarket. I
The riders really enjoyed the event. As Paul Mugenyi from Bristol said; “Thank       had been sent “Belana” in my online
you all so much for an amazing day and course. I really loved it and dare I say it   shop which are lovely and yellow so it
                                                                                     will be interesting to see how well they
was better than last year! A massive thanks to the organisers, marshals and
land owners!”
                                                                                     After this glorious and hot start to spring
As well as the fabulous volunteer marshals and helpers, Calvert Trust Exmoor         the night-time temperatures decided to
would also like to thank the brilliant local businesses and organisations whose      plummet and a bit of winter returned.
                                                                                     Our potatoes were growing very well so
support enabled the event to happen; Mole Valley Farmers, The Bike Shop              to protect them from the frost, Pam had
(Tiverton), Ivan’s Coffee, GT Bicycles, AMASS Medical and Exmoor National            a very busy day on the 24th of April
                                                                                     hilling them up. We had hail the next
                                                                                     day which was the Tuesday so Pam's hard
For more information about Calvert Trust Exmoor please contact Rob Lott              work the previous day was very
on or 01598 763221. More photos from the Eat Dirt           necessary. I went down to the allotment
on Exmoor event are available on              on the Wednesday which was really hot
Rob Lott (                                                  and sunny.
                                        33                                                                               34
Thursday Club
                                                                           Traditionally the March meeting is the Club’s birthday anniversary
                                                                           meeting, when members enjoy a bring and share lunch. This year,
                                                                           for what would have been the Club’s 34th birthday, we decided
                                                                           to take advantage of Exmoor Food Festival’s special offer, where
                                                                           some establishments in the Exmoor area were offering two course
                                                                           meals for £10 or three courses for £15. This promotion of Exmoor
                                                                           food was only during February, so the birthday lunch was brought
                                                                           forward to 16th February. We went to the Pyne Arms, at East
                                                                           Down and enjoyed most excellent hospitality. The surroundings
Frost was again forecast for that night so I covered up anything showing
through the earth. We are hopeful that we will get a good crop from        were bright, light and welcoming. We ate in a room slightly off
our potato patch when it is time to harvest.                               from the main bar area and had that space to ourselves. It was
                                                                           unanimously agreed that the food was delicious and that it was a
Lots of gardeners have been busy and it is great to catch up with
                                                                           most enjoyable occasion.
everyone after the winter. The plots are looking good and lots of plants
of all kinds are either being tilled or transplanted from greenhouses.
                                                                           April 6th
It has been a very dry spring so the gardens would all benefit from some   It had been arranged that Terry Shapland would bring some of his
good warm rainfall. We had some rain on the 12th of May so that will       bonsai trees to show the group at the April meeting, however,
help everything immensely.                                                 Terry became ill and we were going to do something else. Then
                                                                           Linda invited us to their garden to see all the bonsai trees in situ.
                                                                           At first it was felt that she had enough to do and that we would
                                                                           be imposing on them, but Linda assured us that she could listen
                                                                           out for Terry while in the garden and that she would be pleased
                                                                                                          to see us. The garden was a
                                                                                                          picture, the water feature provided
                                                                                                          soft background sounds, the
                                                                                                          blossoming trees were beautiful
                                                                                                          and those just in leaf were
                                                                                                          fascinating in their sizes and
                                                                                                          shapes. Linda’s knowledge and
We planted the runner beans on the 13th of May which has now filled
the whole of the planting area so now our jobs will be to keep the                                        enthusiasm for the art of bonsai
weeds down and wait for everything to grow .                                                              culture were impressive and, to cap
                                                                                                          it all, the weather was magnificent.
                          Bye for now, Linda                                                              We extend our grateful thanks to
P.S. There is an allotment available for anyone who is interested.                                        Linda for a truly memorable
Please contact Frank Benbow (Chairman of the Parish Council) on                                           afternoon and our very best wishes
710695.                                                                                                   to Terry for a speedy recovery.
                                  35                                                                        36
May                                                                  The Lavercombe Family
Traditionally the May meeting has consisted of a coach trip over     My Life As A Child Part 1
Exmoor, the Village Hall being used for Local Elections, but this
year there was a change of plan. Matthew Webber has a school         My name is Marion Jessie Lavercombe I was born the 3rd child of George Henry and
                                                                     Mary Jane Lavercombe in a village in North Devon called Bratton Fleming. I had three
transport contract and was unable to take us during term time. At    Brothers -Sam, Frank and Percy and 4 sisters-Dorothy the eldesthen I came next then
the time of writing it is hoped to arrange a trip during the Half    Vera and Ivy and Aline. A cousin called Trixy came to live with us when she was quite
Term break, so the account will appear in the next edition of the    small as she lost her parents.
Bratton News.
The Thursday Club meets on the first Thursday of the month, at
Bratton Fleming Village Hall, from 2 – 4 p.m. New members are
always welcome, or anyone can come as a guest if they are just
interested in one of the topics. Posters are displayed around the
Village in advance of the meetings or a list of planned events can
be obtained from Jane Sexon on 01598 710712

The Thursday Club’s
April meeting visit
to Terry and Linda’s
garden to see their
bonsai collection.                                                       The Lavercombe family outside the White Hart at Trixie`s wedding.
                                                                     Back Row Left to right Dorothy, Ivy, Lilly, Percy, Marion (Jessie), Sam, Grandad
                                                                     Parridge- Front Row Mary Jane (mother) Bill (groom), Trixie (bride) Dad (George)
                                                                     and Aline who married Lionel Bale and lived in Beara Lane.

                                                                     We all had a very happy childhood although times were hard with not much money
                                                                     coming in. My dad was a postman and a tailor; he used to make all the Boys clothes,
                                                                     and clothes for the men and boys of the village. My mam also was a dressmaker and
                                                                     she made all our girl's clothes. We were all very smartly dressed and I don't know
                                                                     how they managed to keep us all looking so nice with so little money. We all went to
                                                                     the village school but before we went we all had our little jobs to do. Our mam would
                                                                     wake us up quite early, and the first thing we had was a cup of tea with a piece of
                                                                     bread to soak, no biscuits in those days. After we got washed which was in a bowl of
                                                                     water on the back kitchen table we had some lovely porridge or some bread and milk.
                                                                     My dad was always down first; he would have to light the kitchen range (which was
                                                                     always shining black) to boil the kettle. We had to fetch our water from a tank down
                                                                     the road in buckets or cans, which was hard work.
                                37                                                                            38
There was no water indoors and weekends we had to fetch enough to do the washing
on Mondays, which was quite a lot. Besides our own washing mum used to take in
washing, which we girls used to fetch from the village, and we all had to help with the
ironing with flat irons which we used to heat up on the hot range. The washing day was
hard, no soap powders, we used yellow soap and soda, and used a scrubbing board to
wash the clothes.
We only had a small house in Rectory Lane with 3 bedrooms. The hoys slept in one, we
girls in the second one and mam and dad had the other one. My dad used to grow all
the vegetables for us in the garden and the manure he used was from our toilet. We
had a wooden one with a bucket which dad used to empty at the end of the garden
mixed with the peelings from the vegetables and pig manure as dad kept a pig in a shed
next to the toilet. We also kept chickens. I always remembered when dad had a pig
killed and watched the pig man scraping it. Mam used to make what they called a
"bloodypie" I can't quite remember what it was like, but the pork we used to enjoy and
mam made all sorts of things with the innards.
There was a little stream a little way up the lane where we washed all the pieces of the
pig. Mam made lovely sausages and we called them black puddings. We had a long
white scrubbed wooden table in the kitchen and we used to sit on a long stool to eat
our meals and at night we used to sit around it and play cards such as spoof snap and
others. We also had games to play such as snakes and ladders and ludo and tip the
button into the cup.
We had no electric lights, just an oil lamp in the centre of the table, and to go to bed or
anywhere else we had to use a lighted candle. It was always dark and miserable to go
out doors at night, no street lighting and in the winter it was horrible, always so very
                                                                                                                                                 "Bratton View"
cold. We always had tons of snow and it laid so thick my dad had to keep a shovel inside                                                         Bed & Breakfast ...with a
the door at night, as he often had to dig the snow away before we could open the door.                                                           difference !!
We all suffered with chilblains on our feet and hands. They used to swell up and itch                                                             Angela and David welcome
like mad. I’ve seen my brothers throw their boots across the floor in their temper; their                                                        you to" Bratton View"
feet swollen so much and so sore they couldn’t get them on. Sometimes at night we
                                                                                                                                                  We provide Bed & Breakfast
might run out of water, we would carry a lighted candle in lanterns to find our way to
                                                                                                                                                 in a completely self
the taps. I was always afraid of the dark and I was sometimes sent to get some milk. I
was always scared stiff, one would hear all sorts of funny noises and owls screeching.                                                           contained part of our lovely
The summers were always lovely and sunny and we always went somewhere on a Bank                                                                  detached house at Farm
Holiday. Places like Ilfracombe, Lynton, Saunton Sands and Westward Ho! On our long                                                              Gate with fantastic views.
summer holiday, Mam would pack up a big hamper of food and drink for a whole day                                                                  With its own front door
and we would go to Parracombe on the little train that used to run from Barnstaple to                                                            opening onto superb views
Lynton and we would go on the common to pick whortleberries. We had great fun, we             from your own patio area " Bratton View" offer you all the independence, privacy
would eat a lot and our tongues and mouth would be stained blue, we all got in a mess.        and space that you might usually associate with self catering accommodation
We had to watch for wasps, my brother Sam sat on a wasp’s nest, I can’t remember
                                                                                              with the added advantage of Bed & Breakfast.
how we got away from them. When we got back home, Mam used to weigh the
whortleberries and we would go round the village selling them by the pint for sixpence,                           Tel 01598 710095
everyone loved them.                                                                            
Part 2 will follow in the next edition                                                                See us on tripadvisor
                                            39                                                                                      40
The Bratton Fleming Life                              Peter Wilkinson Electrical
                          Drawing Group
                                                               Mobile 07899808027               Tel 01598 710883
                  meets Thursday evenings 19.30 till 21.00
                                                                        Moorland Cottage Bratton Fleming
                  at The Kabin that is situated in the
                  Bratton Fleming Sports Club car park.
                                                                  Domestic           Commercial            Agricultural
                  New and experienced artists welcome.                   All jobs large or small undertaken
                  It costs £6 a session and please bring all              Part “P” registered With ELECSA
                  your own materials.                                 e.mail:

                  For further information please contact
                  Louise (07758077089)
                  or join our Facebook page Bratton
                  Fleming Life Drawing Group.

      SCHOOL PTA                                                     4th Saturday of each month in the Village Hall
  * FORTHCOMING EVENTS *                                                            10am ~ midday
               All Welcome                                                   A wide range of produce and crafts
         **************************                                     And a warm welcome from the Kitchen Maids
            SUMMER FAYRE                                       Cafe, serving Full English Breakfast, hot bacon rolls, tea, coffee
       Friday 7th July 3.15 – 5.00pm                                           and a delicious choice of cakes.
For more information or if you would like to
 get involved with the PTA please contact
Melissa Sloman (Chair) on 07958 800614 or
                      41                                                                       42
Suppliers of British Made Cast Iron
                                                                Air Bricks, Floor and Wall Grilles,
                                                                 Farm Grates, and vent plates for
                                                                 property restorers across the UK.
        Member of the Institute for Animal Care and Education
                                                                    No order too large or too small.
CANINE BEHAVIOUR and THERAPY                                     Items in stock for immediate delivery
Including Psychology, Nutrition and Exercise
                                                                Telephone Adrian or Order Online
Jill Ridd,   Down Farm,     Bratton Fleming
Tel 01598 710396

               SERVICING and REPAIR
   As well as servicing I also refurbish and
    supply agas, rayburns, and oil tanks.

    I’m Oftec registered and take pride in my work
               Anthony Smoldon
        T 01598 763727 M 07866 542535
                                 43                                                               44
       EVERY WEDNESDAY 9.30AM – 11.30AM
      The group caters for babies and toddlers from
     birth to 5 years old allowing them to play with toys, enjoy new
                             sounds and make new friends.
                We begin our session with free play and a craft
                   activity. Then it’s snack time, then there’s
                   always time for some more play! To end our
                  session we have a sing along and story time.
      Babies aged 0-6 mths - £1 ,Toddlers aged 6 mths – 5 yrs -
     £2.50 with 50p for an extra child/sibling. This includes a cup
     of tea/coffee with a biscuit for us grown ups and a healthy
     fruit snack with a soft drink for the little people
     to give tired tots (and mums) a mid morning

     A brilliant way for meeting other parents like you
     and for starting to socialise your baby or toddler.
                   For further information, please contact
                Bratton Fleming Pre-School – 01598 710019

      I heard from someone that the timetables have
         changed slightly. If anyone notices they are
        wrong, please let me have a copy of the new
         ones. I don't use either so I could be out of
                 touch. Thanks          Lesley
45                                   46
We can help you get Out & About
                   Go North Devon (GND) provide a range of transport and
                   mobility services in a largely rural area for people who have
                   problems accessing services and local facilities due to
                   disability, ill health, frailty and rural isolation as a result of the
     lack of private or public transport. Our clients have both physical and
     sensory disabilities and are at a time in their lives when a bit of extra help
     and support is a necessity, not a luxury.
                                                             GND services include the
                                                             door to door minibus
                                                             service known as Ring &
                                                             Ride      for     essential
                                                             shopping into Barnstaple
                                                             or the supermarket, the
                                                             Go Out & About Club
                                                             for outings and the
                                                             Shopmobility        service
                                                             which provides the loan
                                                             of     wheelchairs      and
     scooters along with volunteers who act as shopping escorts or sighted
     guides. Long term hire of manual wheelchairs and a portable scooter is
     available if you are going on holiday.
     GND is also working in association with the North Devon Cancer Care
     Centre Trust to provide car transport to patients attending NDDH for
     chemotherapy treatment and local hospitals for oncology related

     For further information please visit or call
                                 into our office
         Open Monday to Friday 9.15am to 4.00pm (closed Bank
        Go North Devon Ltd, The Shopmobility Centre, Albert Lane,
                            Barnstaple, EX32 8RL.
                For bookings and enquiries, please telephone
                               01271 328866
     Registered Society IP27719R (charitable status)
47                                           48
Don Bailey and Son
                                                                                   01271 344881
                                                                                Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers,
                          Devon Community Together
                           Energy Efficiency Initiatives                             Dishwashers, Cookers
Smart Meters Energy Saving Network                                                     All Models and Makes
Devon Oil Collective     Making your community energy wise To find out        Dyson and Vacuum Cleaner repairs
more, please visit our web site:                                                Friendly Family Run Business
                                                                                No VAT and Low Fixed Labour
Call us on 01392 248919            Email:

                                    49                                            50
Welcome to news from Bratton Fleming Community Primary School.
Bratton Fleming now has 5 classes and 123 pupils on roll. We are really looking
forward to the new pupils joining us in reception class in September. They
provide a very successful Breakfast Club and After School Club running 8am to
8.50am every morning and from 3.15pm to 5.30pm every evening.. Many
children use this very needed service and we know parents really value the
care the team provide. As we had a lovely new double classroom built last
year, we do however, HAVE SPACES in every year group throughout the school –
so if you need a place for your child, please contact the school and we would
love to show you around.
                                                                                            Exmoor Fascias Ltd, trading since 1988
We are thrilled that our recent OFSTED inspection resulted in the school
staying a GOOD school.. The inspector commented that "the leadership team
have maintained the good quality of education in the school. Staff have the           Windows & Doors
same high expectations of all pupils. Behaviour is good because pupils are            Conservatories
treated with respect, dignity and kindness." As headteacher I am extremely            Hygiene Cladding
proud of the staff and pupils. We are so pleased with what the inspectors wrote
about leadership, educational opportunities and our work with the most                Full installation service.
vulnerable pupils. Bratton Fleming is a very special school.
We are very excited to have just launched our new website. We hope to use it
to keep parents up to date with news and events as well as provide a great deal
of information. The new site is also mobile phone friendly so is much easier to
access than our old one. Please have a look and let us know what you think!
                                                                                                                         Rainwater Systems
This term our learning is centred around a Science theme for all pupils, looking                                         Round • Square • Ogee
at what makes our planet unique. Our Y3/4 pupils have been on a very
                                                                                                                                     Fascias
enjoyable residential to the Calvert Trust, where they climbed, rode horses,
swam and problem solved during a very busy and tiring week. We are already                                                           Soffits
organising our next residential for Y5/6 in November where they will be                                                              Cladding
spending the week in London visiting the Shard, the Houses of Parliament, art
galleries, a theatre show and eating out in a restaurant! What wonderful               Visit our webpage and view all the latest brochures:
experiences they will have.
We always we pride ourselves on our achievements in sport. Recently we won          
gold at the winter games in cross country, we won the Y5/6 football                                Showroom & Trade Counter:
competition against feeder primaries from Park and Pilton secondary schools,                         Rolle Quay, Barnstaple, Devon,
we have strong links with Tarka Tennis, and every child has the chance to go                                  EX31 1JE
swimming and enjoy gymnastics at Falcons Gymnastics. We also have inter
house cross country competitions which are lots of fun! We hold our annual                         Tel: 01271 321600
sports day at the Bratton Sports Club and have past pupils from Pilton CC
returning to support us with the busy event.                                                Email:
We wish all the dads reading this a very special and a happy Fathers Day and
wish you all a wonderful summer term.

With best wishes
                     Sue Denham (headteacher) and the Holywell Team
                                     51                                                                           52
  * Qualified, friendly and experienced staff
  * Open weekdays 8am – 5.30pm (term time)
  * Funding available for 3/4yr olds
  * Approved setting for 2gether funding for 2yr olds
  * 30 hour free childcare entitlement

                                                                           CROSSWORD SOLUTIONS
                                                                           KWYK 1. Supplanted. 2. Leapt. 3. Idol. 4. Spared 5. Vendetta. 6.
                                                                           Station. 7.Upend. 8. Pleated 9. Popular. 10. Dutch. 11. Hospitable.
                                                                           12. Conditions. 13. Overdone. 14. Trivial. 15. Terrestrial. 16. Teased.
                                                                           17. Anvil. 18. Dived. 19. Antenna. 20. Tote. 21. Trainee. 22 Trial.
                                                                           CRYP 1. Estimation. 2. Hoist. 3. Fete. 4. Credit. 5. Overtake. 6.
                                                                           Elastic. 7. Store. 8. Revelry. 9. Instead. 10. Roses. 11. Satisfying. 12.
                                                                           Contradict. 13.Oarlocks. 14. Stopper. 15. Interested. 16. Sapper. 17.
                                                                           Blood. 18. Napoo. 19. Penalty. 20. Neck. 21. Freckle. 22. Crown.
 A happy and nurturing environment where children grow and
                   develop as individuals.
                                                                                                                   Arlington Court
            For further information or to visit our setting:
Fawn Lodge, Station Road, Bratton Fleming, Barnstaple, N. Devon EX31 4SB
      Tel: 01598 710019        Out of hours: 07855878166                                                       & National Trust
                          Email:                                                        Carriage Museum
                  Ofsted Reg. No. EY422560   Company Reg. No. 07205614

                                      53                                                                      54
D K Rural Plumbing & Heating Services                       We welcome any contributions to the magazine, so please
                                                              contact me of you have any writing, photos or poems...or just
      Oil Fired Heating Engineer Oil fired technician
                                                              ideas!                     DEADLINES
Full servicing and repairs to domestic oil fired                             18th August 2017; 17th Nov 2017
               boilers and heating systems
                                                              If anyone moves out of the village and would like to stay in
           Installation of oil fired boilers, full            touch, please let me know and I can e-mail you a copy in PDF
                                                              format.                                             Lesley
         heating systems and oil storage tanks
          All other plumbing work undertaken                                    Advertisements in the Bratton News
 For all enquiries and free no obligation quote please call   Prices for advertising are (For four issues):-
                                                              1/4 page(40mm by 125mm) £12.
     Darren Tyas on 07939112094                               1/2 page( 85mm by 125mm) £25
      Email:                        Full page( 185mm by 125mm) £50
                                                              Should you be able to produce your own ad on a computer then
  DK Rural Plumbing and Heating                               please e-mail it to Lesley - Cheques
                                                              should be made payable to BRATTON FLEMING NEWS and sent to
                                                              me at “Tawside, Bratton Fleming”.        Charles Payne

                                                                                                            ASH DISEASE
                                                                                                      Reporting suspected cases
                                                                                                      If you think you have
                                                                                                  spotted the disease, report it
                                                              BRITISH RED CROSS                                 to :
                                                              Struggling to cope in North Devon   Chalara helpline: 08459 33 55
                                                                If you can help for just a few  77 (open 8am - 6pm every day)
                                                              hours a month and really make a                 or
                                                                    difference to someone,
                                                              please contact Rosalyn Pascoe on
                                                                       01392 353282

                             55                                                                  56
Bratton Fleming Website -                                                     WHAT * WHERE * WHEN
                             Parish Council
                                                                      Chairman:                                      Vice Chair:
 Page on village history, the parish council (agendas, documents      Frank Benbow (710695)                          Brian .East     710955
 and minutes of past meetings) and Bratton News (including the        Peter Freeman 710993                           Nikkie Henry 710410 (work)
                  current issue and older issues).                    Michael Huxtable (710727)                      Paula Kellaway   (710437)
    Sections for local businesses and organisations are under         Terry Shapland (710518)                        George Tribe   (710456)
                                                                      District Councillor:       Malcolm Prowse (710533)
development, if you would like your business or group included in
                                                                      County Councillor:             Richard Edgell (01769 550242)
                           these sections
                                                                      Clerk to the Parish            Terry Squire (710526)
                   please email Pete Laurie at:
                      Parish Tree Warden:            Ray Steele (710213)
                                                                      Millennium Green              Malcolm Prowse, Arthur Ridd-Jones, Terry
                                                                      Trustees:                     Shapland, Pat Stamps, Rob Bawden, Terry Squire
New     campaign        to                Community Transport
                                          organisations need car     Community Woodland Group Terry Squire (Secretary 710526)
encourage carers to take
some time for themselves.                  and minibus drivers        Bratton Fleming Relief in Need Charity Trustees: Mr Arthur Ridd-Jones,
                                                                      (763334) Mrs Sylvia Sparkes, (710203) Mr Terry Squire, (710526) Mr Michael
Carers in Devon are being                                             Huxtable, (710727)
encouraged to apply for a grant in         For more information                                    Shops and Services
a new campaign.
                                             about Community
                                                                      White Hart Garage          Mon – Fri 8.30 - 5.30pm
Anyone who would like                     Transport groups in your    (01598 710521)
advice on caring and to learn               area please contact:      Outreach Post Office       Mon 9.15 -12.15, Tues 9.15 - 1.15,
more about the help that is                                                                      Wed and Fri 1.15 - 5.15
available should contact the                                          Post-box Collection        Mon.- Fri. 4 pm only
Devon Carer centre on 08456       Tim or Jo, North Devon              Times:                     Saturdays 12 noon No Sunday Collection

434      435    or     v i s i t Access to Services Project           Bratton Stores             Mon. – Sat. 7.00 – 7.00                                         (01598 710410)             Sun 9.00 – 12 noon
                                                                      Fish & Chip Van            Fri. - 4.30pm – 7.30pm
                                            01271 866300                                         Junction of Main Road & Furze Park Road
                                                                      Green/black Wheelie        Monday. Alternating green or black bin
                                      or email        Bin Collection             (See local press for arrangements following public holidays)
                                         or .          Recycle box collection Tuesday
                                                                      Compost Material may be left on the top recreation field car park. Please
                                                                           tell Terry Shapland (710518) how much (free) compost you take
                                                                      Coal Deliveries:           Wed:               Way Fuels (01769 572010)
                                                                                                 Thurs:       Charringtons (01271 374311)

                                     57                                                                        58
Football Club:   Usually 2nd Tues. in month. 7.30 p.m.
   THE PARISH DEFIBRILLATOR IS NOW FIXED ON THE WALL                                           New name of club - Haxton Rangers FC
                   OUTSIDE THE SHOP                                                            New Chairman - Mark Bithell (007775847174)
Times               12.05PM - 1.05PM                                          Ladies Netball   Secretary:    Suzie Parkin (763545)

Poltimore Arms      01598 710381                                              Pre-School       Fawn Lodge. Mon to Fri 8 am –5 pm during term
                                                                                               time. Manager Lynn Gresham
Taxi & Private      Webber’s (01598-763467)                                                    Pre-school contact: (710019)
Hire                                                                                           Out of hours (07855 878166)
School              Head Teacher:      Mrs Sue DENHAM (710337)                                 Treasurer Annie Jones (710907)

School PTFA         Chair   Melissa Sloman 710665                             Toddlers         Village Hall: Wednesdays 9.30am - 11.30am
                                                                                               Contact: Bratton Fleming Pre-School (710019) Out of
St Peters Parish    Services: 9.30am Sunday Club in the Wesley Suite                           hours (07855 878166)       First Session Free
Church The          9.30am
Anglican—           2nd Sun All Age Service, 1st & 3rd Sunday: Holy           Cub Scouts       Weds. 6-7.30pm (Term time only)
Methodist           Communion; 4th Sunday Morning Worship.
                                                                                               Contact Andrew Gibbs 01598 763304
Church:             Rector: Rosie Austin, The Parsonage, 1 The Glebe
                    (711962)                           Village Hall     Booking Secretary: Tracey Tapp (710436 )
                    Methodist Minister: Revd. Robert Manning, 54, Moor Lea,   Committee        Chairman:          Terry Shapland (710518)
                    Braunton, EX33 2PE. (01271
                    812574)                                                Meetings 2nd Thursday of the month at 7.30pm

Baptist Church      Services: Sundays 11.00am & 6.30pm Sunday School 10am     History Group    Lizzie Bethune (710709) - archive material, maps
                    Bright Sparks: Mon. 6.30 - 7.30pm                         archives.        Charles Payne (710493) - Books for sale, photograph
                    Ignite Youth Group: alt. Weds 7.30-9.00pm                                  collection
                    Tumblin' Monkeys Youth Night: 2nd & 4th Sunday 8pm
                                                                              Thursday Club    1st Thurs. in month, 2-4pm Village Hall
                   Voluntary Organisations and Clubs                                           Excursions: 3rd Thurs. in month when arranged.
                                                                                               Contact:     Jane Sexon (710712)
Gardening Club:     Chairman:                   Duncan Armitage (710757)
                    Secretary:            Lizzie Bethune (710709)             Reading Group    Contact      Daphne Dallyn (710158)
                    Brian Williams, for Shows and summer outings (710452)                      Monday 7.00pm in the Village Hall
St. Peter’s         2nd Wed. in month, 2.30pm. Members’ homes.                                 Contact: Valerie May (01271 343944)
Mother’s Union:     Chairperson:        Sylvia Sparkes (710203)

Short Mat Bowls     Village Hall Tues. 7– 9pm, Wed. 2-4pm
                    Contact: Chairman: Barry Reynolds (01598 763736)          ENTRIES FOR THE “WHAT’S ON” OR “THE DIARY” SECTION OF
                    Secretary: Val Shillito (710430)
                    Match Secretary: Julie Harding                             THE BRATTON NEWS (AND WEEKLY ENTRIES IN THE NORTH
                                                                              DEVON JOURNAL COMMUNITY PAGE) SHOULD BE MADE TO THE
Sports Club:        Club House          (01598 710865)
                    Chairman:                 Malcolm Prowse (710533)                      EDITOR, LESLEY MCLEAN 710115
Cricket Club        Chairman:                Richard Burge (710275)
                    Secretary:               Ms Rosemarie Hunt (710570)                           _______________
                    Fixtures Secretary: Mrs Hillary Ayre (710352)

Tennis Club:        Contact:     Nick Loosemore (01271 850552)

                                       59                                                                    60
DIARY                                 Thurs 27    7.30 pm          Gardening Club.              Village Hall
Sun   11   9.30 am         All Age Service          St Peters Church    Sun   30 9.30 am             Service                      St Peters Church
Wed   14   7:30- 8:45 pm Ignite                     Baptist Church            3
                                                                        Thurs     2- 4pm             Thursday Club                Village Hall
Sat   17   12 - 3pm        Great Get Together on the Millennium Green
                                                                        Sun 6     9.30 am            Holy Communion               St Peters Church
Sat   17   7pm             Quiz Night               Sports Club
                                                                        Wed    9    7:30- 8:45 pm Ignite                         Baptist Church
Sun   18   9.30 am         Holy Communion           St Peters Church
                                                                        wed    16   7.45pm        Parish council Meeting         Village Hall
wed   21   7.45pm          Parish council Meeting   Village Hall
                                                                        Sun    20   9.30 am          Holy Communion               St Peters Church
Thurs 22   7.30 pm         Gardening Club.          Village Hall
                                                                        Wed    23   7:30- 8:45 pm Ignite                         Baptist Church
Sat   24   9.30 - 12 noon Craft Market.             Village Hall
                                                                        Thurs 24    7.30 pm        Gardening Club.                Village Hall
Sun   25   9.30 am         Morning Prayer           St Peters Church    Sat    26   9.30 - 12 noon Craft Market.                  Village Hall
Wed   28   2.30 - 4 p.m.   Welcoming Wednesday      Wesley Suite        Sun    27   9.30 am          Morning Prayer               St Peters Church
 Wed 28 7:30- 8:45 pm Ignite                        Baptist Church      Mon    28   Bank Holiday
sat  july 1-5 pm      Clay shoot                    Beara Down Farm     Wed    30 2.30 - 4 p.m.      Welcoming Wednesday         Wesley Suite
Sun 2     9.30 am                                   St Peters Church    sat    2
                       Holy Communion                                          sept                 Festival
Sun   2    from 12.30      dog show                 Beara Down Farm     Sun    3    9.30 am          Holy Communion               St Peters Church
Thurs 6    2- 4pm          Thursday Club            Village Hall        Wed    6    7:30- 8:45 pm Ignite                         Baptist Church
Fri   7    3.15 – 5.00pm PTA Summer Fayre           School              Thurs 7     2- 4pm         Thursday Club                  Village Hall
Sat   8    9pm             Live Music “Garden Club” Sports Club         Sat   9                   Gardening Club                 Summer Show
Sun   9    9.30 am         All Age Service          St Peters Church                   101 is the number to call to contact your local police
                                                                                   Call 101 when it’s less urgent than a 999 call. 101 is available
Wed   12   7:30- 8:45 pm Ignite                     Baptist Church                 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will replace 08452
Thurs 13   7.30 pm         History Group            Village Hall                   777444.
                                                                                   What does it cost to call 101? Calls to 101 (from both
Sun   16   9.30 am         Holy Communion           St Peters Church
                                                                         landlines and mobile networks) cost 15 pence per call, no matter what
wed   19   7.45pm          Parish council Meeting   Village Hall         time of day you call, or how long you are on the phone.
Sat   22   9.30 - 12 noon Craft Market.             Village Hall
                                                                               FEELING SAFER                        FAMILY MEDIATION
Sun   23   9.30 am         Morning Prayer           St Peters Church              Women’s Aid
                                                                                  01271 370079                        01271 321888
Wed 26     2.30 - 4 p.m.   Welcoming Wednesday      Wesley Suite          N Devon Council 01271 25757 
Wed 26     7:30- 8:45 pm Ignite                     Baptist Church            Police 08452 777444
                                   61                                                                          62
                         Twice a week and by arrangement, Bear Street Pharmacy
Prescriptions           delivers to homes within the village, free of delivery charge.
                        For those living outside the village, items can be left at the
                        Post Office. This service applies to prescription items only.
                        Non prescription items may be included within an order.
                        Phone no. 01271 342549. Allow 5-7 days.
                         If you need to get to hospital or to a doctor but can’t find
Doctor/Hospital Car     transport, please contact one of the volunteers listed below.
Service                 Geoff Bayard   710716
                        Daphne and Norman Dallyn 710158

DEFIBRILLATOR           At the village stores is the defibrillator box.

                  Neighbourhood Watch
Trish Brock,              E. Humphries, 10 South View 710208
                          T. Squire, 2 Threeways 710526
                          G. Tribe, Stoke View 710456
(01598 710700)            B. Williams 9 Meadow Close 710452
                          K Meakins 19 Homer Close 710648

'ICE' - In Case of Emergency Store on your mobile
 phone the name 'ICE' and your contact’s number.

                                   63                                                    64
                                         TARKA LINE TRAINS from May 22nd 2017
                                            Barnstaple - Exeter, St David’s Monday - Friday

     B'staple      07.00         08.43 09.43 10.43 11.43 12.43 13.43         14.43 15.43 17.08 18.13 19.16 20.24 22.16   00.05 *

     Exeter        08.07        09.48 10.48 11.48 12.48 13.48 14.48          15.48 16.48 18.30 19.25 20.18 21.34 23.16   01.00 *
                                            Exeter, St David’s - Barnstaple Monday - Friday
     Exeter        05.54        06.47 08.31 09.27 10.27 11.27 12.27          13.27 14.27 15.27 16.57 17.57 18.57 21.00   22.52

     B'staple      06.59        08.01     09.39 10.35 11.35 12.35 13.37      14.37 15.35 16.35 18.07 19.13 20.08 22.13   23.59
                                                Barnstaple - Exeter, St David’s Saturday
     B'staple     00.05 *        07.08   08.43 09.43 10.43 11.43 12.43       13.43 14.43 15.43 17.08 18.13 19.16 20.24    22.18

     Exeter       01.00 *       08.16 09.48 10.48 11.48 12.48 13.48          14.48 15.48 16.48 18.22 19.25 20.18 21.30   23.26

                                                Exeter, St David’s - Barnstaple Saturday

     Exeter        05.54        06.55 08.31 09.27 10.27 # 11.27 12.27        13.27 14.27 15.27 16.57 17.57 18.57 21.00

     B'staple      06.59        08.07     09.39 10.35 11.35 # 12.35 13.37    14.37 15.35 16.35 18.07 19.13 20.08 22.13

                               Barnstaple - Exeter, St David’s Sunday Exeter, St David’s - Barnstaple

     B'staple   10.00   11.26 13.24 15.23 17.20 19. 20 21.30              Exeter     8.41 09.53 12.03 13.59 16.04 18.04 20.01

     Exeter     11.11   12.32 14.33 16.31 18.23 20.27 22.42              B'staple    9.54 10.57 13.14 15.15 17.17 19.09 21.15

                                         * Fri night/Sat morning only  # to September
                            Phone 08457484950 to check for changes, connections or stops on this line.
                     SPORTS CLUB
        We have the following sports & facilities
   Football Cricket Pool Skittles Tennis
            Table Tennis Snooker
      & a function room available for hire
We are open Monday-Thursday 5.30pm-11pm
  Friday, Saturday & Sunday 5pm-11pm
      Friday Happy Hour 5pm-7pm!!
Open earlier when sporting activities are on!
Membership prices: £15 per family (with a max
 2 adults any number of under 16s), £7.50 per
 adult, £3 per junior (under 16s) Membership
       runs from 1st November each year

For further information pop into the club or call:
      01598 710865 or Annie 07855878166

Registered CASC Number: 02965

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